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Twenty-Sixth Year.
Rock Island; IUinois, Monday, Mar cli 19, 1877.
Established Oct 18, 1851
Railroad Timo Table.
Leave Rock Island at 9 :00 a. m.. and 4 :00 p. m. .Ar
riving at Cable at 11:10 a. m., and 6:00 p. m.
Leave Cable at 6:80 a. m., and 19:45 p. m. Arriving
at Rock Island at 8:0 a. m., and 8:00 p. m.
, . , It. R. CABL1), General Manager.
PEOHIA & eo:e island baiiwat.
Eastern Ev. 5 50 a. m. Mall Ex. 1:02 p, ml
Mail A Kb. 1-40 p. m. Wentfra m. F.:rs p. m.
Way Freight tip) a. m. Way Freight 8:i5 p. m.
Tin) 6:00 a. m. train makes finite connection at
alva with C B V O, lor Alerio and lie lihslmrg,
also at Peoria with P P J, for Jacksonville. Spring
ft I'M. St Ijoule ami nil point, snulh and southwest,
arriving l-i bt Lul nt ":''0 ) m.
Hie 1 :MJ train wakes clone connection at Oalva
with O B & Q K R. for the west: arriving HtO,uincy
at !l:45 p m., alto ut Peoria wi'h 1 B Ac V, aud T
PA W'., fur i oints end ami sou.heasl,
J. U. Hh.i,iari, Receiver.
,1x. V. Maiionct. UeuM. Tk'l. Ag't.
nosss NAILS
d wjfg'rt ia
6 . 789 0
ojicaso. eocx islasl & ?Airic b. s.
At 8.35 a. m.; 4 .30 p.m.; and 10:00 p. m. Train
arrive from west as above.
t 6:85 a m.; 9:55 a. m., and 6:00 p. m.
arrive from the east a above.
At 8 :05 a. m. and 7 :00 p. m. dally,
At 9:) a m. daily, and 9:) a. m.
snsLnra tbaihs lxatx
At 5:10 p. m.
At 9:00 a. m.
The Ausablo Nails
are Hammered Hot, ami the
Finishing and Pointing
are done' Cold, thus Imitating
the Process of Making Nails by-
Hand. Quality is fully (fuaranteea.
For sale by all leading Iron and hard
ware houses.
35 Chambers St., New York.
7:05 a. m
l:00 M.
10:80 A. U
8:30 p. x.
Day Express and Half 8:85 am 6:00 r
Mght Express 10:05 p 5:55 am
No. 1.908 Second Ave N. side Union Square,
Merchant Tailors !
assorted stock of
and French Cassimeres,
Diagonals. Worsted Suitings, Beavers,
Doeskin, etc., etc.
fSAU work guaranteed and prices reasonable.
Tailoring 1
No. 20 East IUinois St.,
Men's Fine Woolens!
The standard remedies for all diseases of the
lungs are Schenck's Pulmonic Strup, Schknck's
See Weed Tome, and Schenck s Mandrake Pill,b
and if taken before the lungs are destroyed, a
speedy cure is iffctod.
To these three medicines Dr. J. H. Schenk, of
Philadelphia, owes his unrivalled suces9 in the
treatment of pnlmonnry disease.
The Pulmonic Syrup ripens the morbid matters
In the lungs; natnre throws it off by easy expect
oration, for when the phlegm or matter is - ripe a
slight cough will throw it i ff, the patient has rtst
and the lungs begin to heal.
To enable the pulmonic syrnp to do this,
Schenk's Sea Weed Tonic must be freely used to
cleanse the stomach and liver. Schenck's Man
drake Pills act on the liver, removing all obstruc
tions, relax the gall bladder, the bile starts freely
ana the liver is soon recieved.
Sct-enck's Sea Weed Tonic is a centle stimulant
and alterative; the alKali or which It is composed
mixes wi:n me ioou ana prevents souring, it as
sists the digestion by toning np the stomach to
healthy condition, so that trie toon ana tne fai
ic Syrnp willmitKe good Diooa; men tne langs
, and the patient will surely get well if care is
taken to prevent fresh cold.
All who wisti to consult nr. tcnena, eitner per
sonally or by letter, can do co at his principal office
corner ol bixtn ana arch Ms., fDiiaaeipnia. every
Hchenk's medicines are sold by all aruggists
throughout the country.
Telegraphed to tht Rockltland Argut.
The Postmaster General's Bale About Ap
Washington, March 19. Postmaster
General Key. in reply to a letter of Sena
tor Merriinao, asking -for iofoimation in
relation to the distribution of patronage ic
ne fotitn says when a vacancy exists in
any office connected with the department
in the southern states preference will be
given to a Republican, all other things be-
nr equal- nut should it be lmnosfib e to
find a Republican who will be satisfactory
o a large majority of the neonle whose
1 : v .1 m
uuuiiesa is tiirecuy aiiectea bv the an-
nointmcnt, or in case of a contest for an
office then I Bhall not hesitate to sieb aside
and select the person who,in my judgment.
will give 6atislaction to the business inter
ests of the community. While I shall at
ways be glal to receive the advice of sena
tors and representatives in congress touch
ing matters of this kind yet 1 shall not
consider myself as in any way bound to
act upon it. My desire is to do the great
est good to the greatest number and to
this end I shall always be glad to have
your co-operation.
Wanted to Go Back to Prison.
NEW YORK, March 19 Christian
Hansen, who was arraigned in the police
court for burglary, said he attempted it in
order to get in tlie penitentiary, Gmver
nor Hayes bad pardoned hitn out of the
states prison alter 10 years service ot a
20 years term iu Columbus. Ha then in
tended to live an honest life but his friends
would not recognize him; he failed to get
work in Cincinnati and rittsburg and was
now a mere wreck, He said he had lived
in the gutter and been kicked about. "1
dread to kill myself and so with the horrors
of prison life still before me I am obliged to
eo back; there is nothing else left for me.
Hansen, later, said the crime for which he
was convicted was robbery of the fcirst
National bank of Cincinnati of $40,000 in
How Gov. Hampton Proposes a Peaceable
New York, March 19. Governor
Hampton, of South Carolina, has given a
guarantee to the president that if the
troops are withdrawn no violence will oc
cur or be allowed, but that he will proceed
against Chamberlain by legal means only
and under a statute enacted by Republicans
in 1868 to enable them to nut out some
Democratic incumbents. This statute pro'
vides for the summary eviction of any per
son intruding himself into public office, by a
circuit iudge. The party evicted under
such warrant is authorized, by the statute
to assert his claim or pretensions in the
courts it lie wishes, but he must give way
first and at once, on issue and presenta
tion of warrant, to the officer elected.
Ballroad to the Black Hills
Omaha, March 19. The surveying
parties for the Black Hills routes of the
proposed Union Pacific Branch road, are
now being- formed. A surveying com
pany has been organized for the purpose
of completing the survey of the Omaha
and Republican Valley railroad, which
will probably start to-morrow.
Model Love Letters Art of gaining love "d mar
rying who and wheB you please How to be hand
oine (!urw for hundreds of diseases; also many
new secrets, arts, mysteries, money-making meth
ods. Ac. that all should know. Hailed tree to any
address by the UNION PUBLISHING CO., New
ark, ri. J.
Fine Cut Chewing & Smoking
rinr hrvnitx nf rhnwlni? are the Fountain, Cloth
of Gold. Old Congress and Fomm.
Van Schaack. Stevenson & Reld. Wholesale Agt'i
Chicago 111. Sold in Rock Island by John Benga
ton and r. n. J nomas.
Why let aches and pains your temper spoil?
A cure is sure by using
Reiine's Magic Oil
RENNE'S M AGIC OIL cures Rheumatism,
RKNNK'S MAGIC OIL cures Neuralgia,
KKNNE'S MAGIC OIL cure Sprains,
KENNK'9 MAGIC OIL cures Bruises,
RENNE'S MAGIC OIL cures Colic,
RENNE'S MAGIC OIL enres Cholera Morbus,
RENNE'S ...AGIC OIL cures Coughs.
RKNES MAGIC OIL cures Sore Throat.
"It Woeks like a caabm.
Dayton, Ohio, August 27, 1S75.
Messrs. Wx. Renne & Sons,
Gents Please send me at once by express one
dozzen bottles large size Magic Oil. The Magic Oil
does indeed work like a charm. Six years ago
mother bad a fall which came very near n suiting
fatally. She recovered her health in some degree
during the year following, but she sustained such
severe injuries, especially in her spine and left arm
nd snouidr, that she was almost helpless, lio-
pinfT a change of climate might be beneficial, the
spring of the second year after her fall she went to
L tlca. N. x ., to visit some relatives. While there
she obtained and used some of Your Magic Oil ; it
relieved her almost iinuiediatel , bo much si tu t
rflie came home very much improved in health and
strength, and by the free use of the Magic Oil Bhe
is now enjoying better health than she has Known
for ten vears. aud has recovered entirely from her
injuries. Mother has so much confidence in your
Magic Oil that sne win not dc witnoui 11.
r. . ... T I ' T1 T
itespecuuuy yours, jumki-u a.
Some folks seem lobe proud of telling how"lame
their shoulders are" of "mv crick in the back" or
i have got the Sciatica" and delight in bragging
that "nothing can cure me!" but when we such
,'awful folks" to use RENNE'S PAIN-KILLING
MAGIC OIL, faithfully, we not only cure their
lameness and charm away their pams, but we ac
tually take all teat kind of "brag out of them !" and
they frankly cwn np and say, "It works like a
charm." Sold by all Druggists, Merchants and
Grocers. Call for Renne's Magic Oil where you
usually trade.
Weather Probabilities.
Washington, Mar. 19. The Signal Ser
vice observations taken at 10 o'clock this
forenoon indicate the following weather
probabilities for this afternoon and to
Indications for the northwest: Areas of
snow followed by clearingweather.northerly
to westerly winds, slight changes m tem
perature aud el.ght tall followed by rising
Another Basted Bank.
New York, March 19. A Lansingburg
despatch says a notice on the doors of the
bank of Lansingburg this morning an
nounces the suspension of that institution
caused by depreciation of its assets. Ap
plicati'in has been made for the appoint
tnent of a receiver. I he loss, it any,
depositors, will be trilling.
Troy, March 19. A. D. Powers has
been appointed receiver of the bunk
Lansingbure. Liiabilitns $ txo.uoo. nom
inal assets $ 1.1 50.000. The suspension it
is thought was caused by speculation in
New J ersev Central. There is great ex
citement in Lansingburg.
Special March Term,
Steamer Ashore.
.Long Branch, March 19, The strand
ed steamer Rusland lies easy with wind
west and sea smooth. She will discharge
her cargo to-niorrow and with fair weather
may get on.
New 1 ork, March 19. 1 he passengers commend that her prayer be
of the stranded steamer, Rusland, arrived
in this city to day from Long Branch and
proceeded to their destination. Baggage
all saved.
Supervisor Reid moved that S. R. Por
ter, County treasurer, be allowed the sura
of $300 for extra services in refunding the
State tax of 1873. Carria J,
SupervisorKerr moved that the bill of L
'. Harson, for costs in criminal case be
rejected. Carried.
lhs t'oiumittee on abatements present-
d the following report which was received
nd adopted:
Your committee, to whom was referred
petitions tor abatements on tax levies
would beg leave to submit the following
report on the matters before them:
Od petition of Wm. Young for an abate
ment on the southwest 30 acres of the
southeast quar.er of section 4, town 16, 2
west, we would recommend that the assess
ed valuation be reduced $1,000. there
beitg an evident error in the assessment
The petition ot Jonathan Huntoon,
Assessor of Moline township, for the cor
rection of errors, we grant ss follows:
Abate lo B. O. treed $1(5, on assessed
value of south half, west half of lot 4,
block 4, West Moline. To Peter Olson,
abate $150 on assessed value of east half
of lot 7, block. 3. Alday's addition to
Moline. To John Lungren, abate $150
on a&sessed value ot west half of west halt
of lot 4, block 4, West Moline, To John
Nelson, abate $100 on assessed value of
it st half of lot 19, block 1, John Deere's
addition to Moline. To J, W. S. Home
abate $500 on assessed value of personal
The petition ot Geo. Mixter for an abate
ment on out-lot Mo. J4, secliou 35, town
ship 18, 2 west, we would recommend that
an abatement be granted for $1,400, said
amount being a duplicate assessment.
lhe petition ot ll. &. tjase tor the cor
rection of an error, we would rec.immeoc
that an abatement bo granted of $2,94
road tax extended in error against lot 19,
Aiken's subdivision of section 12. township
17, 2 west.
The petition of C. O. Scott for an abte-
ment on north ot railroad south half, sec
tion 18, 17, 1 west we would recommend
an abatement of $547.00 on the assessed
valne. there being an error of that amount
in the multiplication by the Assessor.
1 he pctntion ot jv l. liradley lor an
abatement on lot 14, in lot 15. and lot 15
all in section o, township u, 'l west, wc
would recomend that an abatemcut b
granted o! f l&u, ot tne assessed value on
on lot 14, in lot lo, section 'zs, 17, 2 west
the assessor of said town certifying that
there is an error therein.
The petition of William Wilverton ask
ing the county to refund to him the
amount paid by him with interest, would
recommend that there be returned to bim
the sum of $183,06, beinz the amount
without interest, paid by him at the tax
sale of 1875. on fractional southwest
section 22. 17. 3 west, said property being
then ana now valueless.
1 he petition ot fredenct uass tor an
abatement of personal tax, wo would re
commend that all values assessed against
F. Hass as agent be abated, the assessor
stating that the same was assessed in error.
The petition of John Aster asking an
abatement of all taxes assessed against Peter
Erhardt on south one half of lot 8 and
north one-half of lot 9, block 3. Davenport's
fourth addition to Rock Island, and against
Alvis Schrader onlot 5, Weatherhead's addi
tion to Rocklsland. We would recommend
that the same be granted, said parties be
ing in charge of the Overseer of the Poor.
lhe petition ot A. lv. fmlleo ssking
the correction of an error in the assessment
of the personal property of Robert Koeh-
ler, we would recommend that an abate
ment of $300 of the assessed value he
made on the personal property of R. Koeh
ler, being in error and a duplicate assess
The petition of Mrs. Silk W eisse asking
an abatement of her taxes, we would re-
granted and
gation appear before Magistrate S wander
they will not get off so easily,
Note from Mr. "WilliamJKerns.
Mount, Ills , March 19th 1877.
To the Editors of the Rock Island Argus.
In your Saturday eyening paper, refer
ring to the question of postmaster here,
you say the postmaster&nip has narrow
ed down to two men each representing
opposite factions, L. E. Hemenway and
Win. Kerne, Aa the case now stands,
the tatter has the inside track having the
support of the '"ins," the anti Hawley
men." Iu this you are not correctly in
formed, so far as it relates to me. I am
ut now uor have 1 been for nearly eight
years an applicant for the office in ques
tion, ror all of this time I have support
ed the present postmaster, and uow when
Mr. Weils proposes to retire 1 favor the
appointment ot Mr. Hemenway to fill the
place, and 1 believe, Mr. Editor, that you
will say my choice is a wise one. As to
the anii-liawley parly, there is no such
thing here. Mr. Hawley has permanently
retired from the business of making and
unmaking postmasters, aud if his political
epitaph shall ever be written I suggest
that it may be said that here lieth a man
who broke down from the efforts of an
over-load of official patronage."
lruly yours,
Wm. Kerns.
The Abbott Concert.
Oneof the best social organizations in this
vicinity, in fact in the state, is the Sylvan
lioat Club, ot Moline. 1 his club is com
posed of the best young men in the citv
and has done much to merit the gratitude
ot our citizens tor the excellent enter
tainment given under its auspices. The
Barnabee Concert Company, was a card
tor Moline, and when the club announced
it on the bills it was liberallv praised for
the enterprise shown. Then we have had
among the lecturers some of the most tal
ented ot America s orators It was the
Sylvan Cmb, that gave us Swing. Parsons.
and others, and the public displayed their
appreciation by liberal patronage. En
couraged by the manner in which their
efforts have been reciprocated, the mem-'
bers of the club conceived the idea of giv
ing to Moline an entertainment which is
seldom witnessed outside of Chicago, or
the Eastern cities, and accordingly through
the indefatigable persistency ot Messrs.
Tillioghast, Koator and Moore, and in ad
vance of all others, the club announces a
concert by Miss Emma Abbott, America's
favorite Prima Donna, to be given on ed
nesday evening, of this week, at the Con
gregational church. Miss Abbott will be
supported by Signor Brignoli, the world-
renowned tenor, bignor rerranto. basso
buffo; Mr. W. R. Case, the eminent
Will positively afford relief by external
application. It cures on the instant Neu
ralgia. Nervous Headache, Rheumatism,
Toothache, Earache, and all nervous pains,
Sold by all Druggists at 50 ctF. and $1
per bottle.
For sale in Rock Island by John Bengston.
For Odd Fellows. Masons, Druids. Knights of
Pythias, Red Men, Temperance, and all
other Societijs.
Qold and Silver Laces, Fringes,
388 Main Street WORCESTER, MASS.
Show Cases.
(Successors to J, R. ZEIGLfcB.)
Manufacturers of
415 Hamilton Street, PEORIA, ILL
Correspondence solicited and orders prompt'
filled. LL'TKE A MEHAN.
FIELD BROS., Agents. Rock Island.
Horse Shoe Nails
All Nails are made ot the bett
and Warranted perfect and ready for driving.
tS Orders filled promptly and at the lowe
rates by
"Evidence Unparallelled in the history of Medi
cine" Over two thouand testimonials given for
the wonderful cures made by
pianist, from the Conservatoire de Paris;
and Mr-Charles E. Pratt, musical director.
llns will be a musical treat which all
should embrace, as the company is unques
tionably the finest in America. The Svl
vaa Club has been to an expense of neatly
$700 to get the company here and it is
hoped there will be a large attendance.
Heretofore it has been the custom for
entertainments ot this class to stop i I O 'A D O A DADII I A
Davenport first, and, as a consequence, a N A K.lM lAilM I A
large number have intended thcie on that 0n,,Uni UlUUfl,
account. On this occasion. Miss Abbott j
appears in Moliue first, and those desiring
to see her should go to Moliue instead of
Davenport, lor the accommodation of
Rock Islanders, the club has engaged a!
special train at an expense of $50, which !
wia convey those who attend to aud from
the conceit tree of charge. Tickets can
oc secured at ciendenln & Martin s,
Moliue, or at Wylie & McCune's Rock
Island, lor $-1.00 each including resetved
seat uoi trauspo-tation. Everyone who
can should encourace the efforts of the
Sylvan Club to provide us with first-clafs'
Manufactuier and Dealer in
Tin, Copper & Sheet Iron Ware
Roofing and Spouting a Speciality.
Shop cor. R ck River and Dock Sts., Rock Island.
Sixth and Last Entertainment of the Sylvan Boat
Club Course.
Third and Final Appearance in Moline, after Eight
leare oi me ruccessiui ana Brilliant loung
American Prima Dcnna, MISS
Emma Abbott,
House-keeping, we hav for sale a whole set of
Including everything from the parlor to the kitch
en, all complete and nearly new, having been uBed
but a few months. The above household goods
ill I.. ...u t. ,., . r,XK-n ALT T II BIB VALUE,
as the owner 1 going to California in May. and the
, ae sola, r or particulars miju're ni
property must I
this omce.
t and at reasonable terms,
instruction piven on all kinds of Instruments.
Hmiil-niiarterB at National Saloon, on lsth street.
between First and Second avenues. Orders may
he also sent to Post Office box 1.413. i-n03m
i no;-u tar KeuieelT ror Wf .;nr vi iotignsj, -u,
) Jrop. Hoar nws . inn imifr i rou msui
! -"ItHavod ttAM I.lvsMB uf UlT two CblltiniO." si. f
K Venmsn. I-on P. O. 111. "It CUr! IDT Wtff 1
r eft terrible d when every Lb Jos else full 1
r aa4 b ic. Mfturhoff. A lies ban T CUT. fa. frtoo
f rV- and If lOUT druggi" 4oo't k?p It, teed far 1
i!"t. PUturynrgh, Pa.
Camphorine !
Is the most effectual remedy sold, is luxury to
use, gives the best satisfaction, gives instant relief,
will not grease or stain the most delicate fabric,
has a pleasant aud refreshing o lor. It will imme
diately relieve and cure Rheumatism, Chronic and
Acute; iSeuralma and Catarrh, uezoacne and
Swelled Face, Sore Throat, Sprains and Bruises,
Bunions and chilblains, fcruptions oi tne bum,
Pain in Chest, Back or Limbs, Barns and Scalds.
For sale by all Druggists.
Washington Gossip.
Washington, March 19. U. S
Marshal Fred Douglass to-day received
his commission. He was an object of very
great attention from the crowd visiting
the state department
Several southern delegations remained
in W ashington urging the president to
make certain appointments. To one of
these the president to day said he would
take his time to answer the applications
made to him.
Gentlemen from the south who have in
terviewed the president in the interest of
the recognition of Nicholls and Hampton
are very hopeful that this week will ter
minate ail anxiety on the.supject
the taxes for 1876 be abated on lot 5, bit ck
2. in Pitts, Gilbert & Pitta's addi im to
Moline, she being the wife of an insane
man with quite a large family entirely
dependent on her efforts for their support.
lhe petition of John Dickson for an
abatement on land Sec. 23, 17. 2 west, we
would rerommend that the same be not
granted, in the absence of evidence show
ing any partiality in the assessment
lhe petition ot Mrs. Mary Morris we
wuld recommend be not grauted, lor
the same reason.
The petition A. D, Hull we would recom
mend be not granted for the same reason.
Continued to-morrow.J
Wednesday Even'g, March 21.
Assisted by the follow:ng distinguished artists:
SIGNOR BK1GNOLI, the renowutd Tenor.
SIGNOR FERRANTI, the famous Basso-Buffo.
MR. W. R. CASK, the eminent Pianist, f mm the
Conservatoire de Paris.
MS. CHARLES E. PRATT. Musical Director.
Admission fl. -including reserved I seat. Sale
of seats commences Monday at 12 o'clock m., at
Ciendenin te Martin's bookstore, Moline. and at
Wylie McCune's bookstore. Rock Island.
For the special accommodation of Kork Island a
special train wiu carrv ticket holders to and from
Moline without additional charge. l"dtd
Gives a splendid gloss and finish to all starched
goods, making them whiter and cleared than
wax or anything else, and prevents the iron from
sticking. Trial bottle free.
Put np in 4-oz bottles, price 16c. Sold by Gro
cers aicl Druggists.
A. I. MATHEWS & CO., 85 Murray St, N. Y.
A Dishonest Bank Officer Gets Ten Tears
Philadelphia, March, 19. Samuel
Carey Ball, lata cashier of the HMboro
National bank, has been convicted of
i embezzlement and sentenced to ten years
Fatally Burned.
New York, March 19. Dennis Deane
aged 75 and bis sister aged 56 were fatally
burned this morning by a tire cn Uherry
One of the Washbnrns Dead.
liOTON, March 1. lliX tiov. H.mory
Washburne died Sunday.
Stitched Skeleton - Lotta
Tour attention Is respectfully solicited to my
new novelty in a Stitched Skeleton Bustle, now
ready, without ulasps. making a Bustle or tioop
Skirt a finer article that fit the fancies and wants of
the trade, in their superb stitch wins cover, finish,
avoidance of clasps and harsh surface, which cur
and wkab the underwear resting thereon, and ad
Joining. They are radically new, and strike every
eve with their superior excellence, at prices which
cannot fail to attract the attention of buyers. They
are made in all correct sizes, styles and lengths.
These, and all past makes of Lotta Bustle, In
cluding the Standard Numbers lis and 5e, are now
ready, in superior workmanship, forming a com
plete line ot styles and sizes in Punier, Trail and
short lengths, which will compare favorably with
those of anv other manufacturer.
Diplomas have been awarded my goods each year
"'"ceyiiVjitroduction, by the American Institute
ofittCAGO,. Medal and Diploma by the Centen
105 E. 2d 8
tEsT- AGBNlQi White street. New York; 801
Served Him Bight.
Philadelphia, Pa., March 19. John,
alias "Cooney" Welsh, age 23, was fat
allv stabbed last night, while he and two
others were earroting and robbing Pat
About Politics and one Man
ANTKILL,N, II.. March 19. Two young
men, named vjampneu ana uaney, noisnea
Andrew ickstiom is likely to
make the race for collector in spite of op
position lrom the managers, mere are
a number of other good Dames mentioned
and among those on the list is D, V. YY it-
ter, a prominent German.
J8"The winter term of the public
schools will close rriday, of this eek.
with public examination in all
departments, and, in the evening,
a lecture will be given for the
benefit of the high school by Dr. Rich
ards, at the Congregational church. Sub
ject; Recreations ot science. lhe lec
ture will be illustrated by the most bril
liant experiments in chemistry, magnet
ism aud electricity, vt. iucnaras re
cently delivered a course ot lectures in
Kock island and Jfavenport and is
thoroughly.fam'diar with his theme. The
illustrations are excellently given and
have the admiration of all who have at
JBcarOn complaint of Jonathan Han
toon, Officer Olson procured warrants tor
Charley Johnson, August Anderson, Gust
lienson. Charles Viele, ii red Anderson.
Gust Peterson, Albert McKeever, Charles
Waincr, r rank Herbst and Stephen v iele.
New "ST cm Sxarliet.
New Tons, March 19.
Gold 1 04.
Government Shade lower.
S. Bonds TP cent 5-SO'a 1881 1.12H
15 old l-tTIH
1XW5 n. w 1.08i4
" " 1867 Ill
" " 18S 1 ixix
U. S. 10.40'a i.nqj
New 5's i in
Currency 6's 1.23J4
Wheat Dull: 1 02 Chicago; nominally: 1 40
1 42: Milwaukee 1 421 43.
Corn Steady ; new western mixed; 54V(aaO
old ; do 56 58.
Pork 0,utet; 14 6014 75.
Lard Quiet ; 65.
In Wall Street.
9500,000 has been made in a single investment
. UK 1 Whi. nf emirse 1h hi) .vtrnf.rrlf n.rv .1
rence; out orcnunri.y can rea use-say r,wu. mcal discussion to-day by the former wnono ne arrested, anu urougui ueiore
Even sums as low as 1 can be safely invested,when I iwiiuw" uk. uowuii J M . canrlpr thU mnrninir Mr
...ki ,it ... hn . r,r, f i or atr L-lnir Railpv and Baile v shootine CamD- Magistrate ewanaer, mis morning. Air.
k.n AanA Huntoon testified that stones had been
thrown at his house by some one, and
Iti,...: .n.i, Jon. in Nom ITomn. 1 22 windows broken out: that he did not
.hiro Ani7i TIibpo ia ft wll known make this complaint for the purpose off
town named Antrim, aud this is probably
the place.ED. Argus.
Chicago Maritet.
Chicago. March 19.
Wheat Quiet; shade higher; 1 23U cash; 1 23V
April; 12T2 May.
Corn nrmer; e casn; i-.siq,a May.
Oafc Weak; easier; 3 14533?4 cash ; 35k&35?4
Itye uDcuuugeu.
Bailey Easier; $H.
Pork Firm; higher: 13 874 13 90 each: 1410
M y. .
Lard-P rm; higher; 9 30 cash; 4iH May.
Whisky-1 15.
Hogs Rrceipts 7.500; ective; higher; light 525
5 85; packers paying 5O05 8O; heavy to ship
pers 5 35SJ5 60; Philadelphia 5 75.
Cattle Firm; receipta 8,500; inferior 2 503 00:
sto kers3 004 09; butchers' 3 5i 25; good 4 60
(&4 90.
Or Matchless Liver
Three thousand bottles sold
each year by one store in
Cleveland Now receiving or
ders by mall every day from i
lall parts of the country.
Herewith are a few of the
many certificates and letters
rectited hundreds of which
weeonid print, if necessary.
to show Kenton's Matchless
Liver, Blood aud Kidney Sy
mp is appreciated at home,
and extending over the whole country, upon its
"merit only." And we claim without fear or favor
it is the best family medicine in the wor d, aud
guarantee it the best blood aud liver and kidney
syrnp ever produced. Send for circulars, read and
judge for yourself. We will be pleased to send a
circular to any person who writes ior one.
Extracts from letters received.
RHEUM AMISM Some six months could not
walk without the help of a crutch; tried physi
cians and many kinds of advertised cues without
benefit. Six bottles of Fenton's Matchless Syrup
cured me. Cam Geo Hand.
SALT RHEUM- Eight bottles made a perfect and
permanent cure.
Capt Thomas Pennington.
SCROFULA From Infancy was treated by the
best physicians and took everybody's care. Two
bottles Matchless Syrup cored me.
Mrs Eliza Jones,
SCROFULOUS NECK Eight years cured by
Fenton's Sarsaparilla, sfter trying nearly every
other known remedy. John McGisitt,
Conductor cj L M S R R, Cleveland, C-
S ALT RHEUM eleven years al over my body;
took ail tne jL i . emecies advertised, ami in the
hospital, New o k, twenty weeks; could uot get
enred; six es of Fentn n's Matt bless Syrup
cured me. Georges own, Cleveland, O.
FEMALE WEAKNESS som .tlx years; need ev
ery alterative known ; tried the ciimaro from Min
nesota to Texas; could get no relief; after a tew
month's use of Fenton's Matchless Sarear-arilla was
cured completely,
Mrs Att B , OhloSt, Cleveland. O.
RHEUMATISM Dr. Fenton : Having been laid
up five weeks with Rheumatism, and spent dollar
after dollar, my physician told me it must wear
off; got up and on crutches as many more weeks;
was advised to get six bottles of Fenton's Sarsapa
rilla. Five bottles cured me completely. 1 freely
recommend the Matchless Syrno as a sure -cure for
Rheumatism. Yours truly,
W. H. Bates, Cleveland, O.
''Thousands Bear Testimony."
SCROFULOUS SORE LEG twe4ve years, cured
by Fenton's Sarsaparilla.af ler trying various noted
Diooa remedies.
Capt. IIeset Palmer, Akron, O.
SCROFULA, five large abscesses on body, could
not turn in oeo ior weeas, cured oy r onton s sar-
Sarsiparilla; had expended over one hundred dol
lars previous lo UBing the Acme or .Medicine, "ifen
ton's Matchless." C. Field.
Sodus Point New York.
SCROFULOUS NECK, a number of ulcers, open
for nine moiuue ; naa me Desi ineaicai advice in
Cleveland, O. A friend sent me Fenton's Sarsapa-
nua, .twelve Domes niaae apericct and perma
nent cure. W. II. JHEARS.
North Bloomfield, O,
Camp Brown, Wyoming, Dec. 26, 1874.
RHEUMATISM Dr C F Fenton: The six bot
tltts Sarsaparilla sent me in July laf t. cured me of
Rheumatsem, and only used five, (one got broken.)
I had it lor tour years, ana spent nearly one tnona
and dollars, wetb the best doctors in Montana Ter
ritory previous I have got two more customers
Plea.se express me eighteen more bottles to South
Pass. .Enclosed find the greenbacks. Write me to
Camp Brown, as before. i ours truly,
Piicenix Manuf 'ing Co.,
Manufacturers of the Celebrated
An article excelling in Labor baving and Dura
bility for use on Stoves, Ranges, Grates, c.
Crucibles of all Sizes I
ill wrights !
Contractors & Builders
Of all descriptions of
rVJL ill Machinery.
Disroots snd Specifications for Flouring Mills
Saw Mills, Distilleries aud Grain Elevators B ade
out on short notice. Are prepared to take con
tracts for building and machini ry. and give p -son-al
attention to a. be details of construction. Re
pairs of all kinds .omptly attended to wheth.r or
dered by mail or in person.
At tne old stand of 11 Brooks, (new No.,) 525 No
t . Washington street PEORIA. ILL
Address Iwk PoT.JtOl
Hill Builders & Furnlslieis
Manufactnrersof Superior
favorable resnlt can show a profit of t5 000
Clrcu ars giving roll tniormatlon sent tree ty ad
dressing TAYLOR & CO, Bankers,
no. ii wan at x.
Coal Sales.
New York, March 19. The Delaware,
recoverrae carnages, or because ot any
ill-feeling toward any of the boys, but
merely to make an example ot them, so
that all the youths might know there was
a law to protect property, and that it
some eight-page weekly paper, called the Weekly r,act wna & Western Railroad will sell, could be enforced. They range in age
nc1?' MS TLTibiirf lffiSs on the 28th inst, at auction, 100.000 tons from 8 to 15 years, and when .questioned
on Pnancial and other topics, l' contains very inn i 0 gcrantOn COal. l Dy me court pieau gumy iu iu cuigc,
and accurate reports oi toe eaies ana standing 01 1 . . fjn account of the tender years Ot some
tve.'7"to?k' m I Government Suit Settled. nf them. Magistrate Swander. after irivinir
Axcaanue. mewsro. c a aaa -- v w - , o '' D
extensive brokers of large experience and tried in-j BOSTON March 19. The SOlt Of the them a fiCathlDg reDfOOf aau exacting
The reliable house of ALEX FROTHIN GH AM
& CO..-NO 12 Wall St.. New York, publish a hand
St. Louis Market.
St. Lovis. March 19.
Wheat - Higher; 1 52 April: No 8, 1 43 May.
Corn Nominal
Oats Firm 33 asked ; 33 bid.
Whisky 1 05.
Pork Higher; 14 87.
Lard Higher; 8 87.
Hogs Receipts 2,000; steady aud unchanged.
CONSUMPTION. Dr. C F Fenton, Dear Bit:
My wile was sick two years with consumption, we
paia oui over one inousana auiiars ana received no
beccnts; lsent for six bottles of your Matchless
Syrup: she took it np and supposed herself cured.
Oua year from this time she felt it coming oi.. I
sent to Capt. John Varner, of Cleveland, to send me
tlx more bottles, which completed the cure, for
which we thank you, and wish to say to all, we be
lieve it the best Renovator and Blood Purifier in
the world. Truly, your friend,
Capt. Usnrt Bbock, Port Burwell, Ont.
FEMALE WEAKNESS, of seven years standing
cured by the use of one and a half bottles Fenton's
Matchless aarsapamia, mm. w a. mat,
Port Hope, Mich
SALT RHEUM eighteen years: used all the no
ted humor cures without effect ; six bottles Fenton's
Matchless Sarsaparilla cured me; it is a dead sure
cure. If C Good, Buffalo, N Y.
IK very person should read this carefully.
Dr Kenton. Cleveland, O. Dear Sir: Five veara
ago, then in Brazil, South America, I there contrac
ted a disease that nearly cost me my life. I was
seven months in hospitals Apanish Brazilian and
Buenos Ayres out to no purpose. I then went to
French Bun Millstones,
tJP Evprvthli'wtn
rated CaUWuft of MfirhiT-M-v
on appHcAtlon ' "
Dooley's Patent Combination
Milwaukee Market.
M".wacbek. Mi.rch 19
Wheat Quiet: steady: 131 cash: 1 29V4 Anril :
183i4 May ; No 3 119.,
Corn 39H.
Rye 60.
Barley 73.
At the request of many !friends, I
neueX"nw Marsh & Co. promises of good behavior in the future, BtMmce myself as a candidate for the office of Town-
Imate speculation. Their advice is valuable,and 1 00(J8 nM been settled by the payment of gamins in Moline that deserve punishment) publican Township Convention.
S$EF' tortw-u, 1 130 0 and co8Ujj f0f like offense8 &Qd 8hooJd a geoODd deie. I M - t 0ret folsom.
Cienfuegoe, Cuba, and spent sixty-four days in the
military nopuai. i ue ooctors told me if 1 but! any
irienua i uau ueiicr bisks my wsy to them. The
Am-ricau Consul sent me to New York. Last
bpruig it came on oiu again, rest iu the tiitrlit was
out of the question, a friend iu the St i harh-s
Hotel here tDetroit) advised Fenton's Matthless
Syrnp; I sent for six bottles. I have only Uken
four ard am perfectly well. I must say it surprised
me. aid aa that knew the condition I was in for
five yetre. I freely recommend Fenton's Matchless
8yruo above any blood purnar in the catalogue of
lucuicmce. muni respevimuy.
Detroit, Mich. S. McKitterick.
QWe intend to publish more wonderful evidences.
sold in kock island by John Bengston, E Brea
nert, T U Thomas and E Koehler.
Western Agents, Van Schaack, Stevenson Reid,
Fenton M'fg Co , Proprietors, Cleveland, O
Put up in boxes containing 25 fts, each.
These Toe-Calks are made from Steel converted
from carefully selected brands of Norway and
Swedes Iron by a special process which ensures the
utmost esse in welding, together with th greatest
durability in wear.
For sale by all iron, steel and hardware dealers
throughout New England Manufactured solely
880 Dorchester Aye., South Bo. ton, Mass.

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