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Twenty-Sixth Year.
Rock Island, Illinois, Wednesday, March 21, 1877.
Established Oct 18, 1851
Railroad Timo Table.
Lcuve Rock IslHiii at !f:0O a. in., and 4:0) p. in. Ar-
riviug at Cable ai 11: 1U a. m , aud 6:00 p. m.
Leave Cab.e at 6:30 a. m., and 12:45 p m. Arriving
at Kock Islauu at B:So a. in., and 3:00 p. m.
K. K. OABLL General Manager.
Eastern Bi. 5 V) a. m. Mail & Ex. 1:02 p, ntf
Mail En. 140 p.m. Western Ex. 5:r5 p. m.
Way Freight 6;20 a. m. Way Freight : p. m.
TheB:00a. m, tram makes close connection at
alva with C B A Q, for Aledo aud Keithsbnrg,
also at I'eoria with P P & J, (or Jacksonville, Spring
, old, St Louis and all points south and southwest,
arriving in St Louis at 7:00 D m.
The 1 :50 train makes close connection at Qalva
with CUiUKIC for the west; arriving atQulncy
at !f:45 p in., also at Peoria with I B 4 W, and T
& W'., for points east and southeast,
J. It. Hilliakd, Receiver.
J-. V. Mahonbt, Geti'l. Tk'l. Ag't.
At 8.85 a. m.:4:30 p.m.: and 10:00 p. m. Trains
arrive from west as above,
sotvn nlT TRAINS lsavb'
At 6:25 a m.; 9:55 a. m., and 6:00 p. ro. Train
arrive from the east ae above.
ST. LOUIS. E032 ISLAND ft C2I3A30 B. S.
At 8 05 a. m. and 7 :00 p. m. dally,
At 9:90 a. m. dally, and 9:20 p. m.
At 5:10 p. m.
At 9:00 a. m.
nv0 .. - t"w. I. i . -f
V --.jr-jy
6 6 7 ' 8 9 10
Telegraphed to the Rockltland Argus.
COAL VALLEY 111171179 008 TBA1NS.
7:u5 a. h.
li:00 M.
10:30 A. H
8:30 P.
Day Express and Mai: 8:85 a m 6:00 p
Night Express 10:05 r m 5:55 ah
No. 1,903 Second Ave N. side Union Square,
Merchant Tailors !
assorted Block of
The Ausable Nails
w-w -m -wr - 1 .1.
are jianirnerea jiot, ana me
Finishing and Pointing
are done Cold, thus Imitating
the Process of Making Naih by
Hand. Quality is fully Guaranteed.
For sale by all leading Iron ami hard
ware houses.
35 Chambers St., New York,
The standard remedies for all diseases of the
lungs are Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup, Schenck's
See Weed Tonic, and Scuenck s M anprake Pill,s
aud if taken before the lunge are destroyed, a
speedy cure is i Acted.
To these three medicines Dr. J. H. Schenk, of
Philadelphia, owes his unrivalled succss in the
treatment of pulmonary disease.
The Pulmonic Syrup ripens the morbid matters
In the lungs; nature throws it off by easy expect
oration, for when the phlegm or matter is ripe a
plight cough will throw it tT, the patient has rest
and the lungs begiu to heal.
To enable the pulmonic syrup to do this.
Scheuk's Sea Weed Tonic must be freely used to
cleanse the stomach and liver. Schencks Man
drake Pills acton the liver, removing all obstruc
tions, relax the gail bladder, the bile starts freely
and the liver Is soon recieved.
Kcheuck's Sea Weed Tonic is a gentle stimulant
and alterative; the alkali of which it is composed
mixes with the food anil prevents souring.
sists the uigwHtutn by toning
healthy condition, so that
"Washing-ton Gossip.
Washinuton, March 21. It ws de
cided at the cabinet meetine to-dav to
send a committee or prominent public
men to Louisiana before taking final action
in the affairs of that state.
The comptroller of the currency has
declared a dividend of 10 per cent, in favor
of the creditors of the City National Bank
of Chicago.
Washington, March 21. The cabinet
took a recpss, after which the discussion of
southern affairs was continued. There is
an expression of anxiety on the part cf the
government to reach a final decision as quick
ly as possible and it is believed a Louisi
ana commission will be decided upon.
Affairs in South Carolina will be speedily
Washington, March 21. The cabi
net held a long session to day. The
southern question was long under
The question of calling an extra session
ot congress will be considered,
Numerous telegrams from prominent
persons iu INew Orleans, Charleston and
other southern cities have been received
at tne executive mansion and by private
citizens asking early inform ut'on as to the
decision of the government in the southern
rred Douglass was at the executive
mansion io-aay with a delegation or color
ed people, paying their respects to the
A delegation of Irish citizens are at the
executive mansion awaiting the adjourn
nient of the cabinet to present their claims
to prominent representation in the admin
istration of national affairs.
Daniel Sinclair has been reappoint d
postmaster at Y inona. Minn.
quarters and to drive her out ot the reg
iment. Fourth. That he tfst reflections on her
character in speaking to the chaplain o!
the garrison aud had insisted on his noi
st..img at his place or hoiuitig religious
services there.
The fifth and sixth specifications cover
ubstantially the same ground.
Seventh, Heno said to Lieut. v allaee
that Mrs. Hell had better cease fighting
him; her character was vulnerable and he
could easily blast it.
Lichth, Afterwards he publicly humil
iated Mrs. Bell by giving orders that she
hould not play the organ at divine service,
and threatening to stop service if she were
llowed to play.
The prosecution called Mrs. Bell, Chap-
am w ainwrignt, uapt. uenteen, Laeut.
Wallace and others, and clearly estab
lished each specification. The defense had
ittle evidence to offer, the accused not
being allowed to testify nor to produce
witnesses against Mrs. Bell's character.
jX Gov. Davis summed up the case for
veno and was answered by lsarr, alter
which the case was taken under advise
ment and the verdict will be forwarded to
army head quarters. The general opiuion
is that Reno will be found guilty and dis
missed the service.
It as-
ur the stomach to a
the food and the 1'ul-
Detratidinff His Creditors and Abandoning
a Wife and Twelve Children.
Iowa Cm', March 21. There is much
Diagonals, Worsted Suitings, Beavers,
Doeskins, etc., etc.
t3Th work guaranteed and prices reasonable.
t-H-V, nmA Prenrri Ca!:iTneres monic yyrup willmake pood blood; then the lnngs feeling here over the absconding of Chris-
EnglxsH ana i rencn tassimeres, , K d tUe , t , ly gel well lf c.re Phi ton d
ago to sell a laree lot of cattle. Not re
turning and not having been heard from,
djttctives was put on his search and infor
mation received to day leaves no doubt that
he has gone south with a Chicago cyprian.
lie leaves here a wile and twelve children
tie has lived nere many years, and so won
the confidence of all the community that
he was enabled to secure large credit. So
far, to day, nearly $2U.OlO of attachments
have been filed against his property, which
is not worth oyer sU2,GU0. It is believed
his liabilities will reach $25,000.
Tailoring; !
No. 20 East Illinois St.,
Mens Fine Woolens
heal, and the patient will surely get well if
taken to prevent fresh cold.
All who wish to consult Dr. Schenk, either per
sonally or by letter, cuu (in no at his principal office
corner of Sixth and arch Sta., Philadelphia, every
Scheuk's medicines are sold by all druggists
throughout the country.
0 L
(new edi
tion) illus
trate d
Model Love Letters-Art of gaining love and mar
rying who and when you please How to be liana-
Borne Uures ior iiuimreu ui ura..., .. - .
new secrets, arts, mysteries, money-making metn
od, Ac, that all should know. .Mailed free to any
address by the UNION PUBLISHING CO., New
ark, N. J.
Van Schiack, Stevenson & Reid, Wholesale Agfs
Chicago III. Sold iu Hock island by John Bengs
ton and F. U. Thonius.
Why let aches and pains yotir temper spoil?
A cure is sure by using
Reime's Magic Oil !
RENNE'S MAGIC OIL cures Rheumatism,
KliSNK'S MAGIC OIL cures Neuralgia,
KENNE'S MAuIC OIL cures Sprain-.,
KENNE'S MAGIC OIL cures Bruises,
RENNE'S MAGIC OIL cures Colic,
KENNE'S MAGIC OIL cures Cholera Morbus,
RENNE'S . AGIO OIL cures Coughs.
RENE'S MAGIC OIL enres Sore Throat.
"It Works like a Caarm.
Dayton, Ohio, August 27, 175.
"Messrs. Wm. Resne & Sons.
Gents Pl'-ase send me at once bv express one
dozzcu bottles large size Magic Oil. The Magic oil
does indeed work like a charm. Six years ago
mother hart a full wincu came very near n Bulling
dually. She recovered her health in some degree
during the year following, but she sustained such
severe injuries, especially iu her spine and left arm
lid shoulder, that she was almost helpless. Ho
ping a change of climate might be beneficial, the
spring of the second year after her fall she went to
t tlca. N. Y., to visit some relatives. While there
she obtained and used some of your Magic Oil ; it
relieved her almost immediately , so much so th t
she came home very much improved in health and
strength, aud hy the free use of the Magic Oil she
is now enioviug "better health than she has known
for ten years, aiid has recovered entirely from her
injuries. Mother lias so
A Murderer Lyn.ch.od.
Augusta, Ga,, March 21. Edward
Weils, the negro who murdered Wm
O'Brien in Burke Co., was taken from
jail at Waynesboro, last night and lynch
ed bv a crowd of unknown men. H ell
confessed that he murdered O'Brien t
obtain possession of his goods.
Hayes's Brother-in-I.aw Declared Elected
Columbus. March 21, The general
assembly in j int session to d?y declared
Stan! -y Matthews duly elected U.
Tire and Deatli in Washington.
Washington, March 21. A fire in tl
coufi ctiotiary store on D street last night
dais-aged the building considerably an
of Wm
caused tho death, by suffocation,
Grupe, the proprietor.
Xney uon c iiive m isrury v ownsnip.
To the Edirors of The Argus:
You will please wtic that the bull
I Zers, Dau'z and Iv.pping. are not
itizens ,.f Drury towuship. but live in
Buffalo Prairie towmhin. I he land in
.. t 1 h ft 1 f "
dispute also lies in nunaio riairie town
ship. Yours. Silas Drury.
JSi-The board of highway commission
ers met yesterday at J. p. m. I resent:
Jenson, Harwood and Heck. The reports
f the overseers of highways were pre-
ented and placed oa file, their accounts
udited, and orders drawn for balances as
follows: J. G. Heck, district No. 2, balaute
i.0; u. Jj. Hunter, district :no. 4, bal
ance $21; J. W , Dewrose, district No. 5.
balance $14 50; Geo. W. Heck, district
.So. 3, balance S 13.50. lhe bills of Q
Cinfeldt for $152, for labor on roads iii
lames Brit'.on, $9, for
The Argus obtained
oni Justice Pinkley.
its information
The Bon Steps into His Father's Shoes.
IIaruishukg, March 21. In joint con
vention of the legislature to-day DonCamer
on was declared fully elected U. S, senator.
Fine Cut Chewing & Smoking
Mai'ic Oil that she will not be without It
Respectfully yours, JosKi'U E. Dixson.
Some folks seem lobeprond of telling how "lame
their shoulders are" of "mv crick in the back" or
'I have got the Sciatica'' and delight iu bragging
that "nothing can cure me!" hut when we such
,'awful folks" to use KENNE'S PAIN-KILLING
MAGIC tHL, fuitufully, we not only cure their
lameness and charm away their pains, but we ac
tually take all teat kind of "brag out of them !" and
they frankiy cwn up and sav, "It works like a
charm." Sold by all Druggists, Merchants and
Grocers. Call for ltenne'a Mugic Oil where you
usually trade.
The Grasshopper to be Enquired About.
Washington, March 21. Prof. C V.
much confidence in your Rilry, f t:ite entomologist of Missouri, Prof.
Cyrus Thomas, state eutomologist of Il!i
m.is, acd Dr. A. P. Packard, of the Amer
ican Naturalist. Mass.. have been appointed
U. !. entomological commissioners, to
enquire into the character aud habits of the
grasshoppers and other destructive insects,
which have created tor several years so
much ravage in agricultural districts in
the west.
district No. 3., Mrs
district io. o, were allowed and orders
drawu on treasury for the same. Th
being all the busines, the board adjourned
until Saturday, March 31st, at 2 p. ui.
Wm. Turner, Town Clerk.
fiDeruty G. M. W., Gregory. P. M.
W., Morris, G P., J. II. Porter and D. O.
leid, Guide, went up to Hampton last
night aud installed a new lodge of the A.
O. II. W. Riverside No. 02 is the came
of the lodge. There are 48 names on the
charter, 2G of whom were installed last
night, and the ba'ance will be at the next
meeiing of the lodge, hollowing are the
tficers: P. M. W. S. S. Crompton; M
W. Henry Albrecht; G. F. Job Su.-
ton; O 11. C. Fullerton; 11.--C. C. Cox;
r. J. H. lhomas; liec. hamuel llcagy;
J. W. Julius Skinner; O. W. Geo. Mo
Nubuey. Meetings will fie held Tuesdav
of each week at Odd Fellows' Hall, over
Heagy & Stoddard's store. After th
initiation exercises tl;e new lodge gave
surper at the Cook House, in which thirty
or iortv participated. Messrs. Gregorv
.Horns, rorier and lveia had quire au
eventtui ride coming home, several time
entiling very near going over the bank
into the river, on account of
tiou ot the road by the heavy snow.
fiiefThis city has for several years en
joyed the luxury of a "board of health,"
but the negligence of said board of late, has
led to an inquiry into their duties and au
thority. which discovers the f'aot that uo or
dinance was ever passed creating such an
office; hence they have no acknowledged
authoritj or specific duties, and cannot be
censured it they relume (which they do) to
act. The attention of Mayor Wheclock
has been directed to this matter and he
has requested Dr. Morey to draft a code of
ruhs for the government of such a board,
and defining their duties. A very import
ant feature ot this plan, as projected by the
doctor.is a system ot registration ot deaths,
marriages and births. Under the present
management a person may die aud be bur
ied iu Riverside cemetery and the authori
ties know nothing, comparatively, about it,
leaving an opening for the easy disposal ot
the results of ciiu;e. If a certificate cf
death lrom a practicing physician were re
quired before interment in Riverside, there
would doubtless be less deaths registered
as "sutumcT complaint" and "chronic dia
rhoea." A Card from Deacon Richards.
To the Editors cf the Rock Island Argus.
Messrs. B, C. Keator and W m. Moore
of tho Sylvan Boat Club complain that
Deacon Richards ordered the bills of the
hoiuia Abbott entertainment torn down.
THE citizens, legal voters of the town of Rock Is
land, in the county of Rock Island and State of
Illinois, are hereby notified that the Annual Town
Meeting for said town will be hvld at the following
places, to wit :
For that portion of said town situate within the
limits of the First Ward of the city of Rock Island,
in eid county, at the Hose House in said Mrst
For tht portion of said town eitnate within the
limits of the Second Ward of the city of Rock Isl
and, in said county, at the Court House in said
Secoud Ward.
For that portion of said town Esiluate within the
limits of the Third Ward of the city of Kock Island,
in said county, at tne liose House in said 1 turd
For that portion of said town situate within the
limits of the Fourth Ward of the city of Rock Isl
and, in said county, at the Hose House in saul
Fourth Ward.
For that portion of said town situate within the
limits of the Fifth Ward of the city of Kock Island.
n said county, at the Hose House in said lifth
And for the remainder of said town and all that
portion of said town situate without the limits ot
said city of Kock Island, at the School House in
Districi N'nmber Two, in Township Number Seven
teen, north of Range Number Two, wert of the 4th
M,. n the TH1KD D AY OF APRIL, A. D.. 1S77.
being the FIRST TUKSDAY in said rr onth, for the
purpose, among otherthings. of elecling the follow
ing oltlcers for saiu town:
One Supervisor,
Two Asistant;Supcrisors.
One Town Clerk,
One Asset-sor,
One Collector.
Five .1 unices of the Peace.
One Commissioner of Highways,
I wo Overseers of Highways.
Also, to vote on the que.-tion of changing 1he
place ot holding 1 own Meetings, and lor transaci
i g the nii-cel!;oieous business of said town, to the
Court House, in sai l town, a request for that pur
pose by twenty-five (25) electors having bt r. tiled
with the Town Clerk of said tow n.
Aud for the transaction of such other business ae
may, in pursuance of law. come before said meeting
wneu convened : whic i meeting w ill be called to
order between the hours of nine an- ten o'clock in
the forenoon and be kept open until six o'clock In
the afternoon.
Bv order of the Board of Supervisors of said Kock
Is and county, all miscellaneoee business f ir said
town win n : transacted at sail eciiooi non-e in
D strict number two.
Given undermv ban at the Town of Rock Island,
this 21st dav of March, A, I).. 1S77.
d2wl "THOS. A. JOHNSTON. Town Ch rk.
Will positively afford relief by external
application. It cures on the instant Neu
ralgia, Nervous Headache, Rheumatilm,
Toothache, Earache, and all nervous pains,
Sold by all Druggists at 50 cts. and $1
per bottle.
For sale in Rock Island by John Bengston.
manufacturer or
For Odd Fellows. Masons, Druids, Knights of
Pythias, Red Men, Temperance, and all
other Societies.
Gold and Silver Laces, Fringes,
aS6 Main Street WORCESTER, MASS.
Show Cases.
(Successors to J, R. ZEIGLBE.)
Manufacturers of
NAIL il 111
il5 Hamilton Street, PEGFIA, ILL
Correspondence solicited and orders prompt;
fj'.led. LUTKE A MKHAN.
FIELD BROS., Agents. Rock Island.
Hoise Shoe Nails
AU Nails are made ot the lest
and Warranted p: rfect and ready fordr.ving.
Ej?" Orders filled promptly and at th lowe
rates by
At the request of many friends, I hereby an
nounce myself as a candidate for the office of Town
ship Collector, suVject to the decision of the Re.
publican Township Conveu'ion.
Our brands of Chewing are the Fountain,
of Uold. Old Congress and Forum.
i Heller t ouch Syrup i ih Mot and most J
l iot,ular Keiurir for Uit' tjtirw ni tonana, v-oioi.
i Crone H utriMMt , and l.uiis I ruumi i
It huvfd the Lives oi two cunurea.
E Vrtiiman Ivinr P. O. IU. "It CUfJ BIT wife
rafatrihi ooid when verr thlnir Ue full-
A w K MiurhcfT. AheEbanr CUv, Pa. Price
50 d Si. I' y,ir 'Iruggia dou keep It, oA tor T
f u r PKI.l.KHS ft n. Pmpfl. Plttqrgh, P '
Weatlior Probabilities.
Washington, Mar.2l. The Signal Ser-
vice observations tasen at iu o ciock inis
forenoon indicate the following weather
probabilities for this afternoon and to
Indications for the northwest: South
erly to westerly winds with nlwly falling
barometer, stationary or slight rise id
temperature and partly cloudy weather.
I n,.iw.Ueeiiiii.'. we have for sale a whole set ot
j:-.. .ii,irr rrnm the narlor to the kitch-
en, all complete aud nearly new, having been used
hut a tew monius. i ne irane uuu.
will be sold for less than onb-hai.f tiibib valoe.
as the owner is going to California In May. and the
prooerty must tae sold. For particulars inquire at
this office.
and at reasonable terms.
inHtructions criven on all kinds of Iustrnmenta.
Head-quarters at National fcaloou, on 18th street, I
between First and Second vennes. Orders may
be also sent to Post Office box 1.413. la-iauam
Stitched Skeleton Lotta
Tour attention Is respectfully solicited to my
new novelty iu a Stitched Skeleton Bustle, now
ready, without Clasps, making a Bustle or Hoop
Skirt, a finer arilcUi that At the fancies and wants of
the trade, in their nuperb stitch wire cover, finish,
avoidance ot clap and iiausii surface, which cut
and wear the underwear resting thereon, and ad
joining. 'I hey are radically new, and strike every
ve with their superior excellence, at prices which
Him ilium i l
Camph.orine I
Is the most effectual remedy sold, is a luxury to
use, gives the best satisfaction, gives instant relief,
will not grease or stain the most delicate fabric,
has a pleasant and refreshing o lor. It will imme
diately relieve aud cure Uheumatism, Chronic and
Acute; jjeuralgla and Catarrh, Ue2dache and
Swelled Face, Sore Throat, Sprains and Bruises,
Bunions and Chilblains, Eruptions of the Skin,
Pain in Chest, Back or Limbs, Burns and Scalds.
For sale by all Drnggista.
Gives a splendid gloss aud finish to all starched
goods, making them whiter and cleaher than
wax or anything else, and prevents the iron from
sticking. Trial bottle free.
Put np 'n 4-oz bottles, price 15c. Sold by Gro
cers aDd Druggists.
A. I. MATHEWS & CO., 85 Murray St., N. Y.
Preparing' for City Election in St. Louis
St. Louis, March 21. The Democrats
and ltenublicacs held conventions this a
in. to nominate candidates for mayor and
citv officers. lioth conventions endorsed
lleury Overstatz, the Independent candi
date for mayor, by large majorities. It is
not unlikely however that this action will be
renudiated bv larce numbers both lie
publicans and Democrats both of whom wil
probably nominate tickets,
.'his is not true. 1 did not order them
torn down but n 1 had done so 1 had a
perfect richt to do so, the control of the
fence having been accorded to Richards &
Sohrbeck, from the time it was bu It uutil
now, with the express understanding that
no bills should be posted on it, not even
their own, which rule they have strictly
adhered to. When the tills were remov
ed, (not by tne,) Mr. Klmsted did not give
them permission to put the blTls there.
Deacon Richards feels go malice towards
the Boat Club or any ot its members, not
even the impetuous youths who have as
sailed him with threats and maligned him.
thinking that on reflection they will be
ashamed ot the part they have played.
Leaviug the public to judge where the
spirit ot meanness and mahc2, rests,
I am yours &c.
J. S. Richards.
P. S. The fence is still under the con
trol of li. & S.
Another South Carolina Conrt Decides in
Tavor of Hampton,
Charleston, S. C. March 20. Judge
Reed, in the circuit court, to-day rendered
his decision in the habeas corpus case, re
leasing ITynn ou the ground that Cham
berlain lias no authority as governor
l he decision concludes as tollows; l am
ot the opinion that W ade Hampton was
made governor in the state otlSouth Caro
lina through the ballot box, in accordance
with the constitutional election held on
the Till of November last: that he quali
fied. if tnt followed in letter the spirit and
intent of the constitution ou the 14th o
December last; that he has been since
that time and is now tho lawtul governor
of South Carolina, and should be obeyed
and respected accordingly. It follow
from these views that D. H. Chamberlain
was not governor on the 3d of January
1877. the date of the commission of V
T. Dover as a trial justice for the city of
Charleston, and that his appointment and
In Wall Street.
8500,000 has been made in a single investment
$ Hit). This oi course is an exiraoroinary occur
rence: but ordinarily $5 can realize say 25.000.
Even sums as low as i cun no sateiy investea.when commission were with iut lawful authority
Circulars giving full information sent free by ad
dressing TAYLOR & CO, Bankers,
Have you risen fora your bed after a short sleep
to find yourseif nearly snrtocated with Catarrhal
matter in jour nose head and throat? Have you
noticed what a oepressing influence it exercise on
the mind, blunting its faculties, besides tnera mg
imay as well? How niniculi to i id the head o:
tins foul matter all can testify who are Htilicleri
with Catairh. How difficult to protect the systi
against u- further i rogress towards the lungs am!
hronch'al tubes, all j hysicmns can testify. It is a
terrible disease, and cries out for relief. To be
freed from the danger of suffocation while lying
down: to breathe freely, sleep soundly aid undis
turbed: to know that uo poisonous, putrid matter
denies the breath and jndermines the sstem; to
know that ibe body does not, through i's vtius.car
ry tne poison that Is sure to destroy. Is Indeed a
blessing To purchase immunity from such a fat
should be tl e object of ail afflicted. But those w ho
have tried mauy rmedi. s aud physicians despair of
rei ii or cure, i ney become incredulous. With
such the p.iig array of testimonials from our best
citizens, physici.iiis aud druggists in favor t f
Sanford'B Eadical Cure
Must convince them that it possesses great merit.
while the new and original method of iis prepara
tion when studied with the disease satisfies U.e
mind of any rcusouab.e person that its method of
cure is the true one.
Sanford's Radical Cure
Im-tantly relieves and permanently cures every form
of Catarrh, from a simple head cold to the ulcera
tive stage, together with all its sympathetic dis
Sanford's Hadical Care
Relieves in a short time the very worst forms of
Nervous Headache, Neuralgia, 1 lghtness across the
Temples, Kinging Noises in the Head, and Wake
Sanford's Hadical Cure
Cleanses the nasal passages iu a sin jle application
with the admirable Imialet, w inch accompanies
ca; h package lree ol charge, and is more sci vicable
bau any other lorm ot Inhaler.
New York Market.
New Yokk, March fel
Money 2;.
Governments Shade lower.
0. S. Bonds tiJ cent 5-20's ltHl
1M5 old
18b5 UiW.
V. S. 10.40's
New 5's
Currency Ca
Wheat Firm: No 2 Milwaukee 1 45: No 1 Minn-
in store 1 48; No 2 Chicago 1 43.
corn Firm ; new western mixed ekkqjs. ; old MS
Cuts Firm; western mixed and state 8954.
Pork Firm; 14 75&14 80.
Lard Firmer; 9 9u.
Sanford's Sadical Cure
Removes by a single application the bard, encrust
ed matter from tne nose, opens up the naal pas
sages, allows the sufferer to breathe freely aud en
joy for tne nrst time the pleasure of a full hreatn.
Sanford's Hadical Cure
Allave pain, inflammation, and soreness of the mu
cous membrane of lhe nasal passages. It is the
most soothing, healing and grateful preparation j
ever apptiea 10 inese innameu sunactB.
Sanford's Radical Cure
Is al-o taken Internally, where, by its action on the
blood in eliminating from the svstem the acid poi
son always present in Catarrh, 't affects the whole
constitution. i
Sanford's Hadical Cure
Thus becomes a powerful purifying agent Id over
coming tne poisonous action ol tne rotten matier
that has during sleep, dropped into the throat and
mingled with the contents of the stomach, to be ab
sorbed into tne system.
Sanford's Radical Cure
Is a local and constitutional remedy. It strength-
ens the system by internal use, while endeavoring
to throw off the disease, and soothes and heals the
infl.med nasal surfaces by direct application.
Sanford's Radical Cure
Is a great and reliable medicine, and when every
other remedy Is tried and found wanting, this, by
Ita immediate beneficial effect. Dasses at once into
.1.134 favor, which it retains forever afterwards.
....1.08V4 I Each package contains Dr. Sanford's Improved
...l.llfn I inhaling Tube, with full directions frr nee iu all
. . .1.13l.g 1 cuses. Pr.ce, (1. For sale by all wholesale aud
i-Hr retail druggist throughout the United States.
-1.10 WEEKS & POTTER. General Agents, and Whole
1-23'i ile llrutreist. boston.
'Evidence Uncarallelled in the history of Medi
cine" Over two moueana testimonials given ior
the wonderful cures made by
Or Matchless Liver
Three thousand bottles sold
" -yX each year by one store in
t'leveliiTin nu P.iivinn nr.
sr.Tf Qers oy man every day from
.all parts ol the country
Herewith are a tew of the
many certificates and letters
receivedhundreds of which
we con id print, if itecessary
to show Fenton s Matchless
Liver, Blood aud Kidney Sy
rup is appreciated at home
and extending over the whole country, noon iu-
"merit only." Aud we claim without fear or favor
it is the best ftimlly medicine in the wor.d, and
enarantee it the best blood and liver acd kidney
syrup ever produced. Send for circulars, read and
judge for yourself. We will be pleased to send a
circular to auy person w ho writes ur one.
Extracts from letters received.
RHEtTMAM ISM Some six months could not
walk without the telp of a cruteh; tried physi
cians and many kinds of advertised cures without
benefit. Mx bottles of teuton s Matchless Svrur
cured me. Capt Geo Hand.
SALT RHEUM- Eight bottles made a perfect and
permanent care.
SCROFULA From infancy was treated by the
bi st physicians and took everybody's cure. Two
bottles Matchless Syrup cured "me.
Mus Eliza Jones,
SCROFULOUS NECK-Eight years cured by
Fenton's Sarsatarilla, sfter trying nearly every
other known remedy. John McUinitt,
Conductor sLirJIMtK, Cleveland, C
SALT RHKUM eleven years a'l over my body:
took all the ). i: emedies advertised, aud hi the
Hospital, New o k, twenty weeks ; could not get
cured; six ..es -f Fent" u's Mati bless S rrup
cured me. GkokgeB own, Cleveland, O.
FEMALE WEAKNESS som .six years: used ev
ery alterative known; tried the climate from Min
nesota co Texas; could get no relict; alter a lew
month s use ot r enton s .Matchless sarsaparilla was
cured completely.
Mas att 13 , Uhiolt, Cleveland. O.
RHEUMATISM Dr. Fcnton : Having been laid
Hanufactuier and Dealer in
Tin, Ccpper & Sheet Iron Ware
Roofing and Spouting a Speciality.
Shop cor. R ck River and Dock Sts., Kock Island.
Phoenix Manuf 'ing Co.,
Manufacturers cf the Celebrated
An article excelling in Labor Saving acd Dura
bility for use on Stoves, Ranges, Grates, S:c.
Crucibles of all Sizes!
Millwrights I
Contractors & Builders
Of all descriptions of
Jieriuts and Specifications for Flouring Mills
Saw Mills. Distilleries and Gram Elevators n ade
e ' out on short notice. Are prepared to take con
tracts for building and maehini v. and give pc -son-
ai attention to a., he details ol construction. Re
pairs of all kinds .omptly attended to wheth.r or
dered by mall or in person.
At tne Old stand ot II isroofcs, (new No.,) 5-5 So
tfi S. Washington street PEORIA. ILL
I and void.
No. 11 Wall St , N. Y.
The reliable house of ALEX. FROTMNGHAM
Afn i4w,iki Vpw York, nublish a hand
cannot fail to attiact the attention of buyeis. TUey 1 some eight-page weekly paper, called the Weekly father.
are made iu all correct sizes, styles and lengths,
These, and all past makes of Lotta Bustle, in
cluding the Standard Nvmbeks 8e and 5s, are now
ready, in superior workmanship, forming a com
plete line oi styles aud sizes iu Punier, Trail aud
short lengths, which will compare favorably with
those of any other manufacturer.
Diplomas have been awarded my goods each year
since their introduction, Dy the American institute
The Specifications Against Beno.
St. Paul, March 20. The specifications
against Major Reno are as follows:
First. That Reco beinc commander at
Fort Abercrombie, called at the quarters
of Mr3. Bell while her husband was absent
in New York at the bedside of his sick
and took improper liberties,; at-
Financial Report, wwcir wnw"- to draw her to his person
on Pnancial aud other topics, P contains very full Second, Being repelled, he Stepped m
and accurate reports of the sales and standing of gl(je .l- 8t0rm door, and when Mrs. Bell
every sioca. Donu auu swum j " v w, u-v
Exchange. Messrs. rnuimi'tuui ai kj , .c i K-uU,u
hrokers of lartre experience and tried in-
tecritv. Tn addition to their stock brokerage busi
ness, thev sell what is termed "Privileges" or "Put
of N.Y.,and Medal and Diploma by the Centen-1 and Calle," now one of the favo'lte methods of le
nlal Exhibition. 1 intimate anocnintion. Their advice is valuable.nnd
A. W. THOMAS, 91 White atreet, New York; 801 h f,olJwing it manj aaye made fortunes.-lNew
itace street, Philadelphia. ior metropolis..
out some time alterward
caught her hand and renewed his attempts.
This outrage 8he reported to ms wite.
Third. Reno afterward threatened to
make it hot for her, because she didn't
iovite him to a social gathering at herisoa&sss
Chicago Mamet.
Chicago. March 81.
Wheat Excited ; lc higher; 1 24 bid cash; 1 25
April ; 1 asft ma May.
Corn Easier; 39 cash; iiJi May.
Oats U nchanged.
Pork Strong and higher; 14 10 cash ; 14 31 May,
Lard Strong; fcc higher; 9 50 cash; 9 60 May.
Whisky 1 05.
HogsReceipts 11,000: market active and higher
light 5 255 40; puckers 5 2i05 40; heavy to ship
pers 5 505 70 : Ph ladelphias 5 755 ' 0.
uatt le tteceipts o,uw , milk rair- - n uu
tochoice4(jOS5 75; mediam 4 124 50; inferiors
25ts2 73.
St. Louis Market.
St. Lotis. March 21.
Wheat Higher; No 2 tall 1 f bid cab'u ; 1 53!4
Corn 3WS36'4.
Oats Firm 35 asked ; 3314 bid.
Whisky-1 05.
Pork Higher; 14 50.
Lard-Higher; 14 50.
Hoes Receiuts 2.400; lower: light ehippineto
good Yorkers 4 35a4 90; bocon 4 655 00; butcheri
THEY contain the grand curative e'ement. Elec
tricity, compiled with the fluest cou,pouud of
medicinal gums evei united togtlner. It therefore
seems Impossible far them to fail in all. rding
prompt relief for all pains aud aches.
"lhe Best Plaster."
Messrs. Weeks & Potter, Gentlemen , Please send
me six Collins' Voltaic Plasters, iicud by return
n an i tniuK ttiey are tne utst l'laster l ever used,
Fiease hud money inclosed.
Milford, Del., July, 1S76.
"An Excellent Plaster."
Messrs. Weeks A Potter, Gentlemen, Please send
me another Collins' Voltaic Plaster. 1 tiud them
to be an excellent Plaster, the beet that I ever
used. I am sorry that the druggists hete do not
keep them. F. M. SNIDER.
Broadway, O., July. 1876.
Sold by all drnggiets for 25 cents. Sent on re
ceipt of 25 cents for one, f 1 25 for six, or $2.25 for
twelve, carefully wrapped, and warranted perfect
by V EiiiiJS S ru i ita, jrropneiore, coeton, muse,
up five weeks with Rheumatism, and spent dollar
after dollar, my physiciau told me it must wear
off; got up and on crutches as many more weeks;
was advised to get six bottles of Fenton's Sarsapa-
nila. Five bottles curea me completely. 1 freely
recommend the Matchless Syruo as a sure cure for
liheuniati.-m. J ours truly.
W . II. Bates, Cleveland, O.
"Tbousauds Bear Testimony,"
SCROFUIXlUS SOKE LEG twelve years, cured
by Feoton's Sarsaparilla.after trying various noted
blood remedies.
Capt. Henby Palmer, Akron, O,
SCROFULA, five large abscesses on body, could
not turn in Deo ior weens, curea oy renton s sar
Sarsiparilla; had expended over one hundred dol
lars previous to using the Acme of Medicine, "Fen
ton's Matchless." C. Field.
Sodua Point, New York.
SCROFULOUS NECK, a number of ulcers, open
for nine mouths; had the oest medical advice in
Cleveland, O. A f nen-1 sent me Fenton's Sarsana-
rilla. Twelve bottles made a perfect and perma
nent cure. w . 11. JHBARS.
North Bloomfield, O,
Camp Brown, Wyoming, Dec. 2(i, 1874.
RHEUMATISM DrC F Kenton: The six bot
ties Sarsapanlla sent me in July last, cured me of
Rheumatssm, and only used five, (one got broken.)
I had It tor :our years, ana spent nearly one tnous
and doiiars. wstu the best doctors in Montana Ter
ritory previous I have got two more customers.
Please express me eighteeu more bottles to South
Pass. Enclosed find the greenbacks. Write me to
Camp Brown, as btfore. ours truly.
CONSUMPTiON.-Dr. C P Fenton. Dear Si-:
My wife was sick two years with coEsumption. we
paid out over one thousand dollars and received no
oei.enus; i sent ior six oottiee oi your Matchless
syrup: sue toon n up ana supposed herself cured
Oue year lrom this time she felt it coming oi..
sent to capt. John V arner, of Cleveland, to send me
six more bottles, which completed the cure, for
which we thank you, and wish to say to all, we be
lieve it the best Renovator aud Blood Purifier in
the world. Truly, your friend.
Capt. Husky Brock, Fort Burwell, Out,
FEMALE WEAKNESS, of seven years standing
cured by the use oi one ana a nan Dottles Fenton i
Match lees sarsaparina. jubs. v m. Sims,
Port Hope, Mich
SALT RHEUM eighteen years: used all the no
ted humor cures without effect ; six bottles Fenton's
Matchless Sarmaparilla cured me; it is a dead sure
cure. r C Goou, Buffalo, N Y.
Every person should read this carefully.
Dr Fenton. Cleveland, O. Dear Sir: Five years
ago, then in Brazil, South America, I there contrac
ted a disease that nearly cost me my life. I was
seven months in hospitals Spanish Brazilian and
Buenos Avres but to no purpose. I then went to
Cienf uegos, Cuba, and speut sixty-four days in the
military hospital. The doctors told me if I had any
friends I had belter make my way lot hem. The
American Cousul Bert me to New York. Last
Spring it came ou me "gain, rest iu the night was
out of the question. A triend in the. St Charles
Hotel here (Detroit) advised Fenton's Matchlews
Syrup; leeuifor six bottles I have only t.ken
roar aea am perfectly well. I must say it surprised
me, ard ail to at knew the condition I was in for
five yetrs. I freely recommend Fenton's Matchless
8yrno above any blood purfter in the catalogue of
medicines. Yours respectfully.
Detroit, Mich. B. McKitterick.
BWe intend to publish more wonderful evidences.
Sold in Rock Island by John Bengston, E Breu
nert, T H Thomas and E Koehler.
Western Agent, Van Schaack, Stevenson Beid,
, Fenton M'fg Co-, Proprietors, Cleveland, O-
Mill Builders & Furnisher
Manufacture rcof Superior
Steam Engines,
French Bun Millstones,
Cast-iron Waiar& Gas Pipage
rEverythh'g In oar iine mad8 and sold ITias
rated Catalogue of M ichir e ry , 120 pages, sent! ro i
on application
Dooley's Patent Combination
Put np in boxes containing 25 lbs, each.
These Toe-Calks are made from Steel converted
from carefully selected brands of Norway and
Swedes Iron by a special process which ensures the
utmost ease in welding, together with the greatest
durability in wear.
For sale by all iron, eteel and hardware dealers
throughout New England. Manufactured solely
by c. F. DEWICK & CO.,
860 Dcrchester Ave., South Boston, Mass.

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