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rfy I WcV
Tlmraiay. March 22, 1877.
In from One to Twenty Minutes.
fter reading th.s advertisement need any one
EfcvV. O W. A. Y
It was the first and is
that luttantly stops ttic most excruemtiu:,' pains
allay luilaiuruations, ana cures i ougertioiis
wtiother of thu Lungs, Stomach, Bowels or other
gland or organs, oy one appiiranon
no matter now violent or excruciating the pain, the
Rheumatic, Bed-Kiddeu, Intlrm, Cnpplod, Nervous
Neuralgic or prostrated with disease may sutler,
New Youk, Jan. 4, 171
DbauSih: Having (or several years used your
medicines, douullugly at first, hut alter exuerienc
lug their elhcacy with full confidence, it is no less
a pleasure man a duty to tuanxlully acknowledge
the advautage wo have derived lrom them. The
pills are, retorted to as ofter as occasion requires,
and always with the desired etlect. Th Ready
Relief cannot be better described than it is by its
name. We apply the liniment frequently and free
ly, almost Invariably finding the promised Relief
Truly yours, (signed; TUURLOW WEED.
Dr. Radway.
Badway's Beady Belief
latlaramatlon of the Kidneys, Inflammation of the
Bladder, lotlammalion of the Bowels, Conges
tion of thu Lung's, Sore Throat, DIlHcuIt
Breathing, Palpitation of the Heart,
Hysterics, Croup. Diptberia. Ca
tarrh. Influenza, Headache,
Toothache, Neuralgia,
Rheumatism, Cold Chills
Ague Chills.
The application of the Ready Relief to the part
or parrs where, the pain or aimcuily exists win of
(ord ease and Comfort.
Twenty drops In half a tumbler of water will in a
few minutes cure 1 ramps, sprams, sour Momacn
U-artnuru, me ueaaacne, Dtarmtva, Dysentery
Colic, Wind lu the. Bowels, ai.d all Internal Pains
Trav-lers should always carry a bottle of RaD
WAY 8 READY RELIEF w.th them. A few drop-
In water will nreveut sickness or imins trumchaii
of water. It is better than French Brandy or I'll
lrs as a stimulant.
Fever and Ague cured for fifty cents. There i
not a remedial" agent lu the world that will cur.
fever and ai.'ne, and all other malarious, billons'
scarlei, typhoid, yellow and other fevers (aided by
jiauway-s t'ins)so quicK as Kadway'g Heady Kelu I
ruty cents per bottle.
Strong and Pure, Rich Blood Increase ol
Flesh and Weight Clear Skin and
Reautiful Complexion Secured to all.
Sarsaparillian ResoWem
Has made the r.iost astonishing Cures; so quick,
so rapid are the chaue of the hods undergoes
under thd influence of this truly wouderful med
icine that
Every I 'ay an Increase of Flesh aud
Weight is Seen and Felt.
The Great Blood Purifier.
VENT communicates through the Blood, Sweat,
Urine, and other lluids and jiiicea of the system the
YL'or of Life, for It repair the wastes of the body
with new and found material. Scrofula, Syphilis,
Coiisiuiiptioti. Glandular Diseases, Ulcers iu the
Throat, Mouth, Tumors, Nodes in the lauds aud
oilier parts of the system. Sore Eyes Struinorous
Discharges from the Ears, and the worst torms of
Skin Diseases, Eruptions, Fever Sores, Scald Mead,
King Worm, Salt Rheum, Erysipelas, Acne, Black
Spots. Worms In the Flesh, Tumors, Cancers In the
Womb, and all Weakening and Painful Discharges.
Wight Sweats, Loss of Sperm and all Wastes ef the
Llf'.' i'rinclple, are within the curative range of thir
wonder of Modern Chemistry, and a few davs use
w ill prove to any person using It for either of these
forms ol disease its potent power to cure them.
If the patient, daily becoming reduced by the
wastes and decomposition that are continually pro
gressing succeeds in arresting these wastes, and
repairs the same with new matt rial made from
healthy blood and tills the SARSAPAKILLIAN
will and does secure acure iscertain; for when
once this remedy commences its work of puritica
Uot). and succeeds lu diminishing the loss ol waste
Its repairs wil. he rapid, and every day the patient
win leel himself growing he.ltcr and stronger, tin
food dl.'ef ti'ig better, appetite improving, and hesh
aim weight increasing.
Not only does the Saiisai'aiiili.ian Resolvent
ee.el all remedial agent lu the l ure of t hrouic
Scrofulous, L'oiistitutioiial and Skin Diseases, but
it is the only posit tvu cure tor
Kulitq aud Madder Complaints,
Urinary and W.nil Diseases, (iravel. Dialects
Dropsy, 8 oppaguof Waler.liicuitliuuauce of Urine
origin s i i.iease. Aiiiumiuuri.H, una in all cases
where there are brick-dust deposits, or the water is
thick, cloudy, mixed with substances like the white
cil mi f ;V, cir threads like; white silk, or there Is a
morbid, dark, bilious appearance, and white bone
dust dejHMj its, and w hi u there Is a pricking, burn
Ing sensation when passing water, aud Puiii iu the
Small of the Back and aioii; the Lulus.
Tumor of 12 yearn' Grmcth Cured by
Iinilvoay i Jujiolcent.
Beverly,. Mass .July 1st, 1Sc;;i
Dii. KATMVAr: I have had Ovarian Tumor In the
ovaries a.d bowels. All the docb-rs said "then
was no h lp for It." I tried everything that w a
recommended, but nothing helped me. 1 Miw your
Resolvent, and thought 1 wo iln try It ; hut had no
faith in It, because 1 hail sull'ered for twelve years.
I took six buttles of the Resolvent and one box of
Midway s I'll is. and two bottles of vourKeadvke
lief; ami there Is not a sign of tumor to be seen or
re It. ami 1 feel better, smarter and happier than 1
nave mr twelve years. i ne worst tumor was in the
left side of the bowels, oer the groin. I write? this
to you for the benefit 1 1 other-. You can publish
u u you cnoose. IIA.NAAU 1'. KNAPP.
Ann. Ahhoii. Mich.. Anrll Wl. lH7fi
Dn. Radwat Kind ttir: 1 have been taking you
Id-solvent, Regulating Pills, and also usiuL' the
Ready Belief about one year for ovarian tumors on
th abdomen which the most eminent physicians ol
our .li' incai t.oucL'e pronounced incurable.
1 hey were like knots on a tree. When I was lit
ting in a chair they hung almost to the floor, and
mv weight was 'J7." pounds when 1 commenced with
your remedies, and now it is alt) pounds, but they
ie nui an Kiue yei. i uavi laaeii iwemy-four not
ties of Resolvent, nine of Relit f. and twentv-fmi
boxes of HUs. I tret thu medicine from O. Orm
Till, ricase send me your book "False and True
Another Letter from Mrs. C, Krapf.
Auoist 1. 1875.
Dn. Radway Kind Sir: I take thu liberty to ad
dress you ak'ain. My health Is greatly Improved
Dy tne use ol your medicines. Three of the tumors
are entirely one, auci the fourth is nearly so
uropsy is jrone, lieuilti still lmprovtiiL', und m
wtijiui aecreasiui; evry last, i nave had a preut
many calls this summer to Inquire o; the wonder
ful cure-your medicine has done for me, one from
Ohio, one from Canada, three from Jackson, and
quite a number from this place, lours with re
pee l, MRS. C. KRAPF
We are well acquainted with Mrs. Krapf. She Is
an estimable lady, and very benevolent. She has
been the means of se lling many bottles of the Re
solvent by the druiiifists of Ann Arbor to persons
aiuicteci wiiu internal iiimors. v e have heard o;
some wouderful cures ellected by li. Yours re
spectfully, EBERBACU JSl CO,
Ami Arbor. Mich., Au. li, lf7!.
Ir. Rndway'8
perfectly tasteless, elegantly coated with sweet
Kum, purue, retrunue, purify, cleanse. and etrenuh
u. uauway s rins, lor tne cure or all disorders o
inu U)mach, l,lver, Bowels, Kidneys, Bladder,
Nervous Diseases, lleadache.Constipation. Co-tive!
ness, Indifcrestion, Jyspepsiu, Biliousness, Bilious
uver, iiiuuiiiiuaiioii 01 uie Mow els, files, arid a
Derangements of the Internal Viscera. Warrante
loeftect a positive cure. Purely Vegetable, con
lalnii)-; no mercury, minerals or deleterious druns
Hjj unserve ine loilowlne; symptoms resultiu
from disorders of the Digestive Urirans.
Constipation, Inward Piles, FullneBs of the Blood
in tne neaci. Acidity of the Stomach, Nausea,
uearimun, uisusi 01 r ooa, f ullness of Weiitl
In theStoiuach, SourKruptious,SinklniorFltmei
Injfs In the Pit of the Stomach. Swimming of the
Head, Hurried and Difficult Breatiiine;, Flutterim;s
at the Heart, Choking or Sulfocatmit Sensation
wnen lu a Lyuiff f osture. Dimness of Vision, Dots
or w eos oeiore the sijrrit, Kever aud Dull Paiu in
me iieatj, Dencieucy of 1'ersplratlou, Yellowness o
tbe skin aud Eyes, Pain In the Side, Chest, Limbs
sutiuen riusnes oi lleat Burning in the Flesh
w noses oi KAUWAl'M y ILLS will free th
-1 iroin all the above named disorders. Price
per ooi. Bold by druKists.
Warr-K.U V to KADWAYjk CO., No 33
aand.wm1"0'1'--1'11!! worth thou-
No 7.
In the summer of 1854 there came to
Rock Island a young man named Emanuel
rock I J- Pershing, seeking in a change of climate
to secure the election of men t0 reinvigorate a weak constitution. He
r Island who desire
for township officers who are competent, trust wor
thy and faithful, are respectfully invited to meet
On Saturday Evening, Karen 24th,
at 7V4 o'clock, In their several voting districts, at
the following named places:
1st Ward At the Hose Ilouse.
2nd Ward At the Court House.
3rd Ward At the Hose House.
4th Ward At the Hose House.
5th Ward At the Hose House.
6th District- -At the Cemetery School House.
and choose delegates to a township convention to
be held at the Court ilouse, on
Tuesday Evenlnff.'Marcri 27th
at tyt o'clock, to nominate candidates for township
The number of deleirates is apportioned on the
last Democratic vote and the apportionment is on
the basis of one delegate f ir every twenty-five
votes csst for our ticket, and one for every frac
tion of 15, as follows:
1st Ward iss votes, 7 deleirates.
Sd Ward-ll " S
3d Ward " V
4th Ward S7 " 3 "
5th Ward 143 " 6
ith Ward-M " S
The committees are requested to see that the
houses are opened, lighted and wanned for the
11. u. ih'fukd, unairmau.
Rock Island, March 23d. 1877.
P. S. Ip the 6th district the Democrats should
ehooso their annual district committee
had been connected with tho Mountain
Echo, newspaper published at Johnstown,
Pa., and his tastes naturally ran in the
direction of newspaper life. It was at a
time when the people were greatly ex
cited about "the Nebraska bill," as it was
called a bill reported by Senator Douglas,
as chairman of the committee on territories,
for the organization of the territories of j
Kansas and Nebraska, repealing "the
Missouri compromises" and establishing
'squatter sovereignty," leaving the peo
ple who should locale in those territories to
settle the slavery question for themselves.
The -Democracy of Ilock Island were
divided on the question of the propriety of
the bill, as, indeed, they weie nearly
everywhere. Joseph Knox, George
Mixter, and a lew others, auti-Nebraska,
anti-Douglas Democrats.encouraged young
Pershing to start an anti-Nebraska Demo
cratic paper.hoping thus to aid in breaking
down The Argus and also strike a blow at
Douglas. Mr. Pershing procured material
unit u f . rf n. J o tirfi t L- 17 ro not iociiintr fliA
Stf'IlfcT'! 1 aim omitvu t vrvvtvijr 'uvi, i.touiu vuv
Fourth Bard John Hughes, Joseph II. Kerr, lflrSf nimihpr on tlio 19th of September
Moses Bowen. I . ... . , , - , , ,,
fifth Ward Geo. Larnont, Joseph Illllier, Wm. I lts;4. Calling It tne KOCU islander. i 11C
H.Pierce. I . it . , PT ,
truth DistrM-HonwM Richmond, S. K. W. I omce was in me uasemeuc 01 i,emuei
Field. Henry SchrcKjder. Andrpws's bnil.linir now tho mIW nf
The Weather To-Day. 1 1 nomas s drug store. iUr. Andrews was
The following shows the temperature I nrui friend of Douglas and a true "Ne-
Virtt Ward- W. C. Blackburn, Charles Sclem
mer, Philip Sieraon.
Second Ward Ous Miller, Alex. Calhoun, Dan
Third Ward-a. D. Buford, Daniel Daly. Una
at I he Attocs Office to-day as
dieatpd bv thermometer:
7 a. m. 4i 3 above lero VI M 5'4 above zerc
9 a. m, 44o " r. m. 4'Jo
Emma Abbott in Davenport, To-night.
For the Emma Abbott concert, at Dav
enport to-night, a special car will be run,
leaving the old C, K. I. & P. depot foot
of Madison street at 7 P. M. and returning
after the concert. Fare, round trip, 2U
ceDts. dlt
braska bill" Democrat, but that,of course,
made no difference in the business matter
of renting a room for the new office.
Though generally regarded at that time
as au anti-Nebraska paper, the Rock-
Islander supported the regular Demo
cracy at all times and was always a
warm friend of Judge Douglas.
The office remained in Andrews's build
ing until Bailey & Boyle's block (now
Mitchell & Lynde's block) was erected,
when it was moved to the 3d story of that
building and there remained until it wass
united with The Arous oq the 16th of
September 1857. The Daily Rock
Islander was started iu May 1855 aud
published until its union with The Arous.
e. j. persuing.
-Mr. Pershing was born in Johnstown.
Christians urge the necessity of the bible
and religion; rationalists would rest all on
science; allopaths swear by the drug shop;
homoeopaths believe in inhmtesimal doses.
in short, the whole world is engaged in a
free fight. But they all aaree in one thing
the supreme merits of B. T. Babbitt's
Best Soap.
Health, economy and gastronomic pleas
ure are jewels in the crown ot the house
wife s skill. Make them certain by usmg p,i T, . ., ., v
only Dooley's Yeast Powder, Absolute ' a" "f y f .Tom
lull weiiilit, treat strength and purity ot "e wa a ciomj reauer.nnu uiiiem
material, and sureness of result constitute student, tor a short time he attended
this the choice of the domestic circle for the academy at Elder's Ridge, ludiana
uaaiug yuijJUSCB. if, v, ,x. ,. c r A 1 ,
1 wu, i a,, uuuci iuc tuaic ui ibCV, XA1CA..
Personal. I Donaldson, D. D. Subsequently he en-
The Emma Abbott troupe, consisting of I tered as a student Jefferson College, at
Miss Emma Abbott, Signor Brignoli, V j Cauonsburg, l'a. Hedi l not complete
Ferranti, Chas E Pratt and wife, V Rj the regular college course, but such was
Case, E J etherell and E Ashforth, New his character as a student, and bis
council to act "with the Davenport and
Moline committees. In this interest be
visited all the chief points in the north
west as well as Washington, devoting
several months' time to the project.
On September 12th 1862, he enrolled
himself as a volunteer for three years or
during the war, and was commissioned by
Gov. Yates January 17th 1863 to rank as
second lieutenant of company L. 14th
Illinois Cayalry from January 7th 1863.
January 31st 1864 he was commissioned
as captain (over the 1st lieutenant) by
Gov. Yates, to rank from November 14th
1863, In the spring of 1865, there being
a major's vacancy in the 14th, the offi
cers of the regiment held a meeting to
designate one of their number to fill the
same. Over six superior captains in rank
Capt. Connelly was selected, and on the
22nd day of June, 1865, Gov. Oglesby
commissioned him a major to take rank
from that date He was one of the fast
riders who helped run John
Morgan out of Ohio, In the
spring of 1867 the people elocted
him police magistrate. By the city coun
cil in the spring of 1800 he was elected
city attorney; and again elected by the
council iu the spring of 1870. In the
spring of 1871 be was selected to fill a va
cancy in the board of education of Rock
Island, and in 1872 was elected by the
people for a full term. The election wub
one of great excitement, as to th
other candidates, but not a vote
was polled agaiust Maj. Connelly. Dur
ing the time he was a member of the
board of education he was president of
the same. He declined a reelection.
The Rock Islander was an able, digni
fied, well conducted newspaper, and its
editors and proprietors men of high char
acter, always held iu great respect by
all our people. Mr. Pershing's early
death was much lamented. His surviv
ing partner, Maj. Counelly, is one of our
leading citizens, honored aud respeete
by all.
rew are aware ot tho importance 0
checking a cough or commou cold in its
first stage. That which in the beginning
would yied to a mild remedy, if neglected,
soon preys upon the Lungs. Dr. Bull's
Couch Syrup affords instant relief. Price
25 cents,
Anthracite Coal, all sizes, the bright
est and cleanest 10 the market, for sale by
h. U. rrazer. Call and examine it.
mento, from Donizetti, Dy Miss Hiinma
Abbott and Signor Ferranti.
Mr. Charles E. Pratt acted as musical
The concert was a grand success and
gave universal pleasure,
The Boat Club may justly feel proud of
the manner in which the people of Moline
have sustained and encouraged their
efforts and this closing concert was a
merited tribute to their enterprising
management. Depending from the wall,
fronting the organ, were large evergreen
etters forming the'word "Welcome," from
wbich hung the initials S. B. C-
It will pay to keep your harness in good
condition. Use Frank Miller's Prepared
Harness Oil.
Notice to Gas Consumers.
Ofpick oy Rock Island Gas Co.. )
March 21. ls"7. f
On and after the first dav of April 1877,
the Rock Island Gas Co. will furnish gas
to its patrons at $3 per thousand cubic feet
lho cotnpatiy will put up meters at its
own expense and charge tu meter rent. ,
1 arties desirintr to commence using by
the brst ot April, should leave notice, at
once, at the office of ihe companv. in order
that the company's employes may have
time to clean service pipes and set meters.
2ld3t Manager R. I. Gas Co.
York, are at the Harper Ilouse.
Also the Mendelssohn Quintette Club,
Miss Ella C Lewis, Thos. Ryan, Wm
ohultz, C N Alleu. E M Heinell, A
Ieinell and R Heunig, of Bostou.
Also R II Nickersen, Boston; Hon Ira
0 Wilkenson. F Gillmore, Chicago; J R
Heef-lien, Detroit; A Thresher, Dayton; II
I Leonard, Nw York; E Mooney,
ndianapolis: F E Kauffuian, St Louis; S
attainments in shoIarsbip,that the honorary
degree of A. M. was afterwards conferred
upon him by the authorities of that in
In 1857 or 1S58 he was admitted to the
bar, iu Rock Island. From bis earliest
years he was compelled to buttle with ill
health, and he came west, as 1 have be
fore stated, in the hope of improving bis
Fluid Lightning cures Rheumatism.
Blossbtjrg Coal at E. G. Frazer'e
Tour Taxes are Sue.
II. Heitahrends,collector of Rock Island
township, has opened an offise in Hillier's
block, over American Express offioe. The
taxes of 1876 are now due and he asks
all to come and pay. tf.
False Impression. It is generally sup
posed by a certain class of citizens, who
are not practical or experienced, that Dys
pepsia cannot invariably be cured, but we
are pleased to say that Green's August
r lower has uever, to our knowledge, tailed
to cure Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint in
all its forms, such as Sour Stomach, Cos-
tiveness, bick Headache, Palpitation ot the
Heart, Low bpints, &c, &c. Out of 30.-
000 dnzen bottles sold last year, not a single
failure was reported, but thousands of com
pliuientury letters received from Druggists
of wonderful cures. Three doses will re
lieve any case. Try it. Sample Bottles
10 cents. Regular Size 75 cents. For sale
by T, 11. Thomas.
physical condition. Books were his delight
Dirdweli, Terra Haute, are among the and the newspaper office had great charms
for him but it was too exhausting and he
was reluctantly compelled to seek a more
:ictive life. He was a consistent member
of the Presbyterian church and was most
amiable in all his ways. He was a brother
of Hon. Cyrus Pershing, lately Demo-
Examinations at our Public Schools
On Friday of next week the public
schools in this city will close for tho usual
two weeks' vacation, and extensive prcpar
atious are being made iu all the buildings
for the examinations which commence on cratic candidate for governor of Penusyl-
Wednesday ucxt and continue until Friday vania and at present a judge of his district
noon and also for the rhetorical exercises court. He was also a brother of Rev. J.
on the afternoon of that day. The irin-C. Pershing, D. D. president of Pittsburg
cipal exercises will bo in the High School Female College.
and in the First Ward buildings. In the early part of July 1860, he left
On Wednesday, the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th' Rock Island to visit his friends iu Peunsyl
and (.Uh grades, in both the High school j
and the, First ward school, will have a
writtenSexatiiination iu arithmetic, during
the entire day. There w.ll be various'
oral examination in all the bui'dings. at
the same lime, in all grades below the 5th.
On Thurrday, there will be written ex
animations in geography in the 6th and j
7th grades, and iu English grammar in the'
8th anil 'Jlh grades. Various oral exam
inations in all grades below the 6th.
Friday forenoon there will be oral exam
inations in all grades including the High
The programme for the rhetorical exer
cises on Friday afternoon has not yet been
vauia where he died suddenly at the Con
tinental Hotel, in tho city of Philadel
phia, on Sunday, July, 22d i860, iu the
twenty-ninth year of his age. His remaius
were taken to Johustown, and there de
posited beside those of his kindred wlio
had gone before him to the silent laud.
Rev. Franklin Moore. D. D. then of
Philadelphia, since deceased, who knew
Mr. Pershing intimately, and wlio was in
his company but a few hours before his
death, thus wrote of him :
"His noblest memoir is that which is
written on the hearts of those who knew
and loved him well. They will often sor
row that one so good, so gifted, wen: down
to the graye so early. His death, which
completed, but it is expected that the pro- took place somewhat suddenly, was hko a
ceedings wil! be unusually interesting to
the parents and friends of the scholars.
The Latest Sensation in Milar..
Aud now it is certain that Milan has as
sumed metropolitan airs, also that her
young ladies are up to the times. One of
the most unlookcd for events occurred
Wednesday an elopement -well planned,
well executed, the old folks completely
out-witted, the young folks have it all their
own way. and net off in cood stvle.
Among the many fine looking young ladies
of Milan, well educated, well raised, of
excellent parents, moving in the best cir
cles, a tenchcr iu the schools, universally
admired, was Miss Becca Ilonens, daugh
ter of G. II. Ilonens, post master at
Milan. he came to this city ou the tcu
o'clock tr; in,and at about the same time, one
Amasa f'mith, Esq., a young man of
great prc;ensious,known as "Jim Downing,
the ticket of leave man" as reudered by
the Milan Theatrical Tr oupe, the same to
which that dead-beat Harty Smith belong
ed, came to the city iu a livery rig, which
he didn't even pay for. Ou the one
o'clock train Ilonens, paler familias,
came. lie visited the clerk's office aud
learned that the young folks had secured
a liceuse three hours the start! What
could an auxicus parent do? What did
he do? Went home, while the elopers
were left to tread unmolested their way
of grace, or more piobably of disgrace.
It is to be hoped a good ending may
follow so bad a beginning. The next sen
satiou from Milan will probably be a
shooting scrape.
If you have any magazines.or newsppper
files you want bound, or any old books you
want rebound, take them to The Argus
Bindery. awt
translation. He walked and "talked up
to the time the summons came for him to
depart aud be at rest. He reached the
margin of the lone dark river of death on a
Sabbath morning, when he was attiring
himself for church service. He crossed
that river with a triumphal Lbound."
Myj Counelly was born December 22d
1831, at Petersburg,(a villag3 ou the great
National Road. 3'3 miles west of Cumber
land, Md,) in Somerset county Pa. lie
attended what was then known as a sub
scription or pay school, in his younger
years, afterwards the Somerset Acadamy,
and after quitting this received instruction
from a private tutor. When 18 years old
he entered the Somerset Visitor printiug
office, then printed aud published by Gen.
A. II . Coffroth, from whom he received
persoual instruction. in the art of Iprinting.
! . . II, Coffroth has been in congress, was
one of the pall bearers at Lincoln's obse
quies,in Washington, D.C.; was a candidate
for governor in the late Democratic (Pa.)
convention wbich nominated Judge
Pershing. lie and Judge Pershing
read law together with Judge
Jere. S. Black. Coffroth is now a leading
leading lawyer in his region.l When 20
years old Maj. Connelly became one of the
editors and proprietors of the Beayer
(Pa.) Star. After filling this position be
tween 2 and 3 years,ho came west,arriviog
in Rock Island February 18th 1855. From
tins aatc uq'.u oepteuioer lsov, he was
connected with the Rock Islander and
Argus. He commenced reading law with
Judge J. W. Drury. in this city, in 1856,
and was admitted to practice in Janu
uary 1860; was elected justice of the
peace (defeating , M. D. Merrill and J. C
Starr) in the spring.of 1861, To aid in se
curing the location of the Arsenal in Rock
Island, iu 1 801, he was appointed on the
committee from. Rock Island by the city
The limma Abbott Concert.
The Congregational church in Molino is
quite a neat little opera bouse, seating 800
to 900 people all good seats; and it was
crowded and the aisles filled with chairs
on Wednesday eyening for the closin
entertaiument of the Sylvan Boat Club
Some 200 were present from this city and
tiuite a delegation from Geneseo. Th
audience was a very fine oue.
Some 8 or 10 years ago Miss Abbott wa
assisted by Moline people to get up
concert there in aid of her desire to go
abroad to study music, and having som
warm personal friends there the Bo;;
Club was, on that account, enabled to ge
her troupe on easy terms.
The train from the tast, on which the
troupe were to arrive, being an hour late,
the people were, during the interim,
entertained by music from the church
organ by Mr. Charles Hubbard, organist of
the church.
W. J. Eutriken Esq., president of the
club, then briefly and appropriately reca
pitulated the work of the club for the
season, and warmly thanked Rock Island
and Geneseo for libera' patronage.
The concert was then opened by Mr.
Wm. R. Case with a piano solo, followed
by Signor Ferranti with a comic song,
which was vigorously encored, and a por
tion of it repeated. Ferranti is a good
basso and comic actor. Signor Brignoii,
the ancient tenor, then sang iIn terra ci
diuiso" and for response to encore sang,
with pretty effect, "Good-bye, Sweetheart,
Good-bye." No- 4, for tho close of
the first part of the concert, was
"Rohtrto toi que j'aimc," from Meyer
beer's opera of "Robert le Diable," sang
by Miss Abbott. Her appearance on the
platform was greeted by great applause
and as she came to the front she was pre
sented with a large and beautiful boquet
which she received with evident delight.
We were told that it was from Mr. and
Mrs. S. W. Wheelock, who are old friends
of Miss Abbott and at whose house she
stopped eight years ago when her guitar
was her only companion.
In response to the encore she sang, with
much sweetness and sentiment "Auld
Ijang Syne." The applause which follow
ed this showed how the hearts of the peo
ple are thrilled by familiar and popular
music. The applause did not cease or
abate uutil Miss Abbott reappeared, when
she was presented with au immense and
exceedingly beautiful basket of flowers.
In a mass of immaculate white blossoms
were tho initials S. B. C-, representing ti e j
Sylvan Boat Club. On the side.in artistic
letters, of evergreen, were the initials E. A.
Emma Abbott. It was interesting to see
her turn and look at it that happy, satis
fied look was equal to a song. It was plac
ed in a conspicuous position on the piano,
and greatly admired by all. In response
to this second call Miss Abbott sang the
familiar old psalm"tune "Guide Me, Oh
Thou Great Jehovah." People who bad
heard it in church hundreds of times never
knew how it could affect their hearts till
then. Many au eye sparkled with a tear
and the audience I seemed melted by
The second part openedby a fpiano solo
"Invocation, Danse de Saturnalesf
from Massenet, by Mr. Case, .and in
response to an encore that gentleman won
fresh laurels in his wonderful manipulation
of the instrument, greatly delighting many
present who are considered critics of good
playing. No. 2 ofthe second part was by
Miss Abbott "Let Me Dream Again,'1
which, of course, was encored, when she
gave " Within a Mile of Sdinboro," to the
great delight of the audience. No 3 was
by Ferranti.an aria: Cenerentola" and 00
recall he gave a selection from "Gernfle
Gerofia" which so pleased the people that
he was compelled to repeat it. Brignoli
then sang "T'Amo," but gave no sign in
response to the encore. The old man was
tired aud probably wanted to go to bed.
The concert closed with the lively and
pleasing duet "La Figlia del Bcggi-
Colds and Cough. Sudden changes o
climate are sources of Pulmonary and
Bronchial affections. Take at once
"Brown's Bronchial Troche," let the
Cold, Cough or Irritation ot the Throat be
ever so slight.
The Grand Central Hotel, New York
exhibits thesecret of its great popularity
and success, by wisely maintaining its ol
standard of excellence since its reduction
from $4,00, the old rate, to $2,50 and $3,00
per day.
Hard Coal at Frazer's warehouse on
he levee.
The Only Remedy. Those who suffer
from foul breath are open to tho charge of
carelesuess. It is an offence that can li
specdilv abated, as a single bottle ofth
fragrant Sozodont will unmistakably ac
complish the work. No toilet table should
be without it- It will preserve and keej
the teeth white, and the breath pure an
Spalding's Gluo, who would be without
Red Lead, Orange Mineral,
Potters' Lead, Zinc Paint, Putty and Colors.
ft LI 7' v
" ,Q- iff' . 5 v
rait k T'Kri ti Wr K , - W I I
X. .. - 'S X? (-.
Awarded the GOLD MEDAL PREMIUM. Nov. 1875, liy the Pittsburgh Tr-ucnmcirs liulufiriiii I i.-ti
tntc!. ovor all coiiiDctitorB for the lKS V HI 1 15 Lr.AU. t uar rnce w iu - ium 01 ny 1 u.,
Corroder. Oiciikkh Solicited. Office, No. 42 Fifth Avenue, adjoining
1 rW?
Exchange National liauk
The Best is the Cheapest,
J. M. BU
Represents the following Old and Reliable
insurance Co. s.
And will issue Politics in any of them at
as LOW A RATE as the risk
will justify.
Blank Books made to order at The
Argus Bindery. dwtf.
.Ulna, Hartford
Hartford, '
Phivuix "
Orient, "
Atlai, "
Ine. Co. N. America, Philadelphia
Fire Association, "
American. "
Home, New York
Niagara, "
Manhatten, "
Westchester, u
North Western Nat. Milwaukee, Yi.,..
American Cent. St. Louis, Mo.,
St. Louis, "
St. Joseph, St. Joseph, Mo
Home, Columbus, O
Firemen's Fund, San Fraucisco, (Gold)
Queen, England, (Ooldi
Scottish Com'l, Glasgow
British America, Toronto
Royal Canadian, Montreal
Allemannia. Pittsburgh, Pa
Millville Mutual, MillvJle.N. J
Lycomiutr, Muucy, Pa
K. W. Passenger, Hartford
Conn. Mutual Life, Hartford
Total Assets Represented..
A lady writes us: 1 suffered iutenrly
from an attack of pleurisy. My nurse
obtained a bottle of Kenne's Pain-Ki iing
Magic Oil, applied it as directed; in tht c
hours I was entirely cured. I would
recommend to ladies the use of ilenne's
Magic Oil as invaluable to relieve pain and
suffering, aud as being neat and delicate
to use and worthy of your confidence.
Keep it in the house for use.
For families visiting Philadelphia, no
more cozy, home-like quarters, combined
with excellent service, unexceptional
cuisine, and moderate prices can be found
than at the Colonnade Hotel on Chestnut
Glenn's Sulphur Soap? Firstly it is
endorsed by medical men as a disinfectant
deodorizer, aud remedy for local diseases of
the t-kin. Secondly, it is an admirable
article tor toilec use. Thirdly, it is ineX'
pensive. Depot, Crittenden's No. 7 Sixth
Beautify without risk with Hill's Instan
taneous Hair Dye.
Popular iiiusfraled book (2G0 pages) on
Manhood! Womanhood 1 Marriage!
Impediments to Marriage; the cause and
cure. Sent securely sealed, Host-paid, for
ol) ceuts, by Dr. C. Whittier, C17 St
Charles street, St. Louis, Mo., the great
specialist. Ucad his work.
... 11.422.571
... 10,661.2.4
. . 44,CiJ.14ii
Have troyed, rr.oM the most
ample experience, an entire success. Simpl",
Prompt, Efficient and Reliable. They are the only
medicines perfectly adapted to popular use su
simple that mistakes cannot be made in usins;
them ; so harmless as to be free from danger ; and
so efficient as to be always reliable. They have
the kighest commendation, from all, and will
always render satisfaction.
Nos. Cures.. Cent.
1. Fevers, Congestion, Inflammations,
2. Worms, worm lever, Worm Cone, . .
8. Cryimj-CoHc, or Teething of Infants, .
4. IMarrhoea, of Children or Adults, . .
5. Dysentery Griping, Bilious Colic, . .
6. Cholera-Mortons, Vomiting, ...
7. Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, . . . .
8. Keuralpla, Toothache, Faeeache, . .
9. Headaches, Sick Headache, Vertigo, .
10. Dyspepsia, liiliooa Ptomaeh, ....
11. Suppressed, or Tainful Feriods, . .
12. Whites, too Trofnse Periods, ....
li. Croup, Couph, Difficult Breathing, . .
14. Salt Khcnm, Erysipelas, Eruptions, .
15. Kheuinatism, Rheumatic Pains, . .
16. Vtver and Ague, Chill fever, Agues,
17. riles, blind or bleeding,
18. Ophthalmy, and Soreor Weak Eyes, .
19. Catarrh, acute or chronic. Influenza, .
20. Whooping-Coiu?h, violent coughs, .
21. Asthma, oppressed. Breatliing, . . .
22. Ear Discharges, impaired hearing, .
23. Scrofula enlarged glands, Pwellines, .
24. ftreneral Debility, Physical Weakness. .
25. Dropsy and scanty (Secretions, ....
26. Sea-Sickness, sickness from riding, .
97. Kldnev-Dlsease. Gravel
28. Nervous Debility, Seminal Weakness
or involuntary disehnrges, ..... 1 00
29. Sore Mouth, Canker, . ;.
80. Urinary Weakness, wettingthe bed, . so
31. Painful Feriods, with Spasms, . . 50
82. Disease ot Heart, palpitations, etc.,. 1 00
83. Epilepsey, Spnsms, St. ltus Dance, . 1 00
34. Diphtheria, ulcerated sore throat, . . 50
85. Chronic Congestions and Eruptions 50
Vials, 50 cento, (except 2s, 82 and 33), . $100
Case rMoroeeo) with above 35 large vials ar.l
Manual of directions, . . l"
Case (Morocco) of 20 large vials and Book, b 00
Sinsr'. Boxes nnd Vials as above.
These remedies are sent toy the
esse or single toox to any part or the
country, free of charge, on receipt of
price. Address
HuPomyoSpathlc Medicine Co.,
Offise and Depot, No. 562 Bboadwai, New Yobx.
For Sale toy all Druggists.
Sold in Rock Island by Ben-er & Thomas. Otto
Grojan, C- Speidel, and E. Breunert tuwl
Howe's coucentrated syrup, the great
blood purifier, and acue cure and tonic
bittera, can be had of Bengston and
1 horn as.
Fozzoni's Chemical Hair Restorative, to
preserve and beautify the human hair
hat it will do: Troveuts the hair falling
out, increases the growth and beauty of
the hair, retains the hair m any ucsired
form, prevents the hair from turning
erey. prevonts and entirely eradicates
dandrun, heals pimples and keeps the
bead delightfully cool. Ihe hair becomes
rich, soft and glossy. Perfectly clean and
will not soil the hat, posseses an exquisite
f ragrance and as a dressing has no equal.
f rice 50 ceuts and l per bottle, bold by
all druggists.
Intermittent Fever is bo common m
the country as scarcely to need- comment.
The causes which produce it are such as
cold, irregular living, over exertion, low
spirits, night air, exposure to miasmatic
exhalations, &c, In large cities where
edge tools and agricultural implements are
manufactured, the grinder protects his
lungs from the. iuiurious effect of the dust
flying off the grindstone by wearitig a
respirator. The coal miuer ere he descends
the shaft provides himself with a safety
lamp to guard against fire damp. Now it
is equally necessary for those who are
brought in contact with any of the causes
leading to intermittent fever, to provide
themselves with that well known and
highly fsteemed remedy agaiust it, the
Home stomach Bitters.
Heal Estate.
JLoaii .Aeiicv,
1011 Acre farm in Mcllenry Co. Ills. Good Tm
I L U provements. Price $4,700
Q9 4 Acre Farm in Mcllenry Co., ills., 2
100 I 0 miles from Woodstock.
Price 34,000
Oft Acre Farm in Story Co., Iowa.
0U Price $2,500
1 Oft Acre Farm, Franklin Co., Kansas.
IDU Price $4,OO0
1 Cfl Acre Farm, Douglas Co., Eanan.
I DU Price 83,500
1 7 C Acre Farm, Sumner Co., Kaunas.
19 Prife $1,600
Q ft Acre Farm, Lyon Co., Kansas.
0U Price $1,300
A It Acre Farm, Douglan Co., Kanuas.
rU Price $1,000
1 fin Acre Farm, Whiteside Co., Illinois, near
TUU Sterling. Price $14,00
1fl7 1 9 Acre Farm, Rock island Co . 111.
I llf I t .Price $4,800
OIK Acre Farm, Callaway Co., Mo. Stock Farm
ulw Price $15,000
OCR Acre Farm, Atchinson Co., Mo. Splendid
OOU Stock Fami. Price $10,800
OA Acre Farm, Kent Co., Mlchisan, adjomii
UU Berlin. Price $5,000
LANDS in all the Western States will fell lor
Cash or part Cash, and lime on the balmce.
IIouhbs and Lots in Rock Island and a number
of other places for nale or exchange for lands.
SfCall and pet prices and location of lands.
Rock Wand, 111., Aug. as, 1876.
Important to Persons Visiting New
York. One of the best kept and most
convenient Hotels for Merchants and
others to 6top at when in New York is the
Grand Union Hotel, nearly opposite the
Grand Central Depot, kept on the Euro
pean plan you therefore only pay for
what you get. Everything is first class,
and prices moderate, adapted to the string
ency of the times, You save the expense
of carriage hire, and by leaving your bag
gage check on the counter of the Hotel,
your baggage will be delivered in your
rooms, fifteens minutes after the arrival
of the cars, free of expense. We advise
you (0 give the Grand Union a trial.
FBt Freight Line for
Detroit, Milwaukee, Chicago, St. Lotus,
Rock Island, Davenport, Quincy,
And all points West,
No Transhipment.
Mark Packages
Wectern Ajrents SAMrxi. Smith, St. Lonic Mo.
F. A. Uowk.US & 95 Lake Street, Chlcapo. Ill
3ff Hufei7
suziuiun so a i
Thoroughly Ci res Diseases or the Skiv,
Beautifies the Complexion, I kevi nts
and Remedies Rheumatism and Gout,
Heals Sores and Abrasions of the
Cuticle and Counteracts Contagion.
This Standard External Remedy for l.i ::p
tions. Sores and Injuries of the Skin, n.'t only
ISHES arising from local impurities of the
blood and obstruction of the pores, but a!.-,o
those produced by the sun and wind, such as
tan .nnd freckles. It renders the ct iici.E
snd being a wholesome r.EAUT3Fi;:R i f.'.r
preferable to any co.-,mttie.
Jivnis are insured by THF, I of
(Ham's Sulphur Soap, which in addi
tion to its purifying effects, remedies and PRE
VENTS Rheumatism and Gout.
contact with the person'.
It dissolves Dandruff, prevents bald
ness, aid retards grayness of the hair.
I'Lysicians speak of it in high terms.
Prices 25 and 50 Cents per Cake: per
Box (3 Cakes), 60c. and $1.20.
N T.. Sent by Mail, Prepaid, on receipt of price, and
5 cents extra lor each Cake.
lihuk or Brown, 53 Cents.
C. I. ffiZmm, Prop'r, 7 Sixth Ay.,S.T.
The Greatest Blood Purifier known, everywhere
Cancer. Scrofula, IlnmorH, Weakness, e'c. In fact
all lilood. Liver, Skiu and Uterine diseases. So'd
hy druggists everywhere. Price $1, or Bis bottles
lor $5. C. B. HOWE, St. D , Seneca Falls, N. i .
Never Failing
Cure !
a tukiu biti r.i.s. it will cure pei
iy Chills, Ague. Sciatica, Neuralgia, Debility, all
nervous aud kidney diseases. Every bottle war
ranted give perieci Bttimiacuou. f'lcfl, or six
Domes oena stamp ior vunomo tree. C. a
HOWE, M. I) , Proprietor Seneca Falls, N. Y.
Sulci by John Bengetou and X-Tl Thomas, drug
giau, Kock inland.
it 2&??Z
in quantity by their perfect purity ami grvat
strength; the only kinds made by a prac
tical Chemist and Physician, with 'scientific
care to insure uniformity, hefllthfulness, deli
cacy and freedom from all injurious substan
ces. They are far superior to the common
adulterated kind. Obtain the genuine. Ob
serve our Trade Marks as above, "Cream"
Bilking Powder, "Hand and Cornucopia.''
Buy the Baking Powder only in cans securely
labelled. Many have been deceived in loose
or bulk Powder sold as Dr. Price's.
Manufactured onlv bv
. Ttfcogo, UU Law and Cwcuwati,

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