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Twenty-Sixth Year.
Rock Island, Illinois, Satardav, March 2-4. 1877.
Established Oct 18, 1851
Railroad Wiv.v hbie.
leave Rock Isbin I El :"0 a m..'ud 4 :i . la. Ar
riving at CuUe at 11 a. in , aud 0:00 p. m.
Leavo Cnli.t at 6:30 a. m., and 14:45 p in. ArriviDg
al Rock lslaud at S.20 a. in., and 3:00 p. in.
R. K. OABLL!, General Mauager.
?ecIa st bock island sailwa?.
Bastern Ki. 5 50 a. m. Mail Ex. 1 :t p, nil
Mail A Ki. 1-40 p.m. Western Ex. 5:55 p.m.
Way Freight ;20 a.m. Way Freight 3:25 p. m.
The 6:00 a.m. train makes close connection at
alva with C B & for Aledo and Keitbsburg,
also at Peoria with I P & J, for Jacksonville. Spring
(1 eld. St Louis and all potute south and southwest,
arriving !n St Louis at 7:00 D in.
The 1 :50 train makes clone connection at Galva
with C B & O R K. for the west: arriving atOuincy
at Vt:4r d in., also at Peoria wiih I B & W, and T
P& W, for points east and ioiiihea9t,
J. It. Hilmakd, Receiver.
J-. V. Mauonsy, Gen'l. Tk't. Ag't.
At8.35a. m.:4:30 p.m.: and 10:00p. m. Trains
arrive from west as above.
flllllta WEST TRAINS LflAVB'
At 6:25 a ra. ; 9:55 a. m., and 6:00 p. m. Train
arrive from the east at above.
At 8 05 a. m. and 7:00 p. m. dally,
At 9:90 a m. daily, and 9:20 p. m.
At 5:10 p. m.
At 9:00 a. m.
5 6
Telegraphed to the Hock Island Argui.
7 V" 8
It is Either an Even Thing1, or .in Favor of
7:05 a. m,
1 J :00 m.
10:30 A. M
8:30 p. v.
Day E x press and Mall .
Night Express
..8:35 A M
.10:15 p u
6:00 pm
5:50 am
No. 1. 903 Second Ave N. side Union Square,
Merchant Tailors !
u 1
n assorted stock of
English and
French Cassimeres,
Diagonals. Worsted Suitings, Beavers,
Doeskins, etc., etc.
tAU work guaranteed and prices reasonable.
The Ausable Nails
are Hammered Hot, and the
Finishing and Fainting
are done Cold, thus Imitating
the Process of Slaking Naih by
Hand. Quality is fully Guaranteed.
For sale by all leading Iron ami hard
ware Houses.
35 Chambers St., New York.
The standard remedies for all diseases of the
lnngs are Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup, Sohenck's
Seb Weed Tonic, aud Schenck s Mandhake Pili.,8
and if taken beforo the lungs are destroyed, a
speedy cure is effctcd.
To these three medicines Dr. J. II. Schenk, of
Philadelphia, owes his unrivalled eueesa in the
treatment of pulmonary disease.
The Pulmonic Syrup ripens the morbid matters
in the lungs ; nature throws It off by easy expect
oration, for when the phlegm or nialtir is ripe t
plight cough will throw it " ff, the patient has rest
md the lungs begin to heal.
To enable the pulmonic fyrup to do this.
Schenk's Sea Weed Tonic must be freely nsed to
cleanse the stomach and liver. Schenck's Man
drake Pills act on the liver, removing all obstruc
tions, relax the gall bladder, the bile starts freely
and the liver 18 soon recieved.
Schenck's Sea Weed Tonic is a gentle stimulant
aud alterative: the alkali of which it is composed
mixes wi:h ihe food und prevents sourinir. It as
sists the digestion by toning up the stomach to a
uealtuy condition, so mat the rood aud the 1'u I
monic Syrup will make good blood; then the lnngs
heal, and the patient will surely get well if cans is
taken to prevent fresh cold.
All who wish to consult Dr. Schenk, either per
sonslly or by letter, can do so at his principal office
corner of Sixth and arch Sts., Philadelphia, every
Tailoring; !
Schenk a medicines are sola Dy
throughout the country.
"It "Works like a Charm.'
No. 20 East Illinois St.,
Men's Fine Woolens
. . . mil C-s l (new edi-
I fWLUV" 8 'lilt It- tionlillus
I 1 1 y r n ii iiui uLttit.d-
Slodel Love Letters-Art of gaining love and mar
i u-hi-n vim o ease How to ne nauu
-f, .,e'ures for hundreds of di-eases: also many
- uri.. mvsteries. money-making nietn
i. . .1. ..n .i.,."i,i bmu- Mailed tree to any
address ' hy the UNION PUBLISHING CO., New
ark, N.J. '
Tf vnn have irot Rheumatism.
If vnn have ml, 'Neiirflltria.
J .. .. ............. i i ) f J' 1 T
U5t Kt.iE.3 J14U1V.
If von have pot Colic or t'raMis,
If von have trot anv kind of Ache or Pain.
USK KL..t!i 1'Al.N-lilL.Ijt.Mi MAlilU
Trv it. and vou will be surprised at the. beneficial
effect derived from a thorough aud faithful use of
this popular remedy. It is purely vegetable ; sale
and cluau to use internally ar externally.
Syracuse. ?, i..luiy 2otn, ist.i.
Wm. Renne & Sons, PittsBeld, Mass.
SrRs As a duty, as well as a privilege, 1 wish io
commend to those unacquainted with its healing
qualities you r "Pain-Killing Magic Oil," to be
tacks of bowel difficulties, to be. applied exter
nally, as a counter irritant, and internally as an
anodyne and healer. Also for fresh wounds. Having
tested it, especially on the cuts, bruise ana strains
I received in the terrible calamity at the Central
Baptist church, June aa, in, in oeuau oi an
tnlngs which are good, aud truly useful. 1 subscribe
myself, fc'raturually yours, Kev. U. A. Slzeb.
Is a purely vegetable and general family remedy.
Keep it in the bouse to use in case of emergency.
Try it internally. It cure Cholera Morbus, Diar
rhoea, Pains in the-Stoniach, Indigestion, Coughs,
Sore '1 hroat. Colas, &c.
Use it externally. It cures, Cattarb, Sprains,Cuts,
ttniises. old Sores. Headache. Toothache, and in
fact almost all the aches aud pains nesh is neir to.
Sold by all dealers In Medicine.
London, March 24. -The thirtv-fourth
University boat race was rowed this morn
ing at an early hour and the course was
the usual, on the Thames from Putney to
iiiortiaKe, auanco lour miles and two tur-
Of the Cambridge eight, six Darticirjated
in last year's contest, while of the Oxford
crew four were ancient mariners, but the
coxswain was a novice of the Thames.
London, March 24.-9:45 a. m The
U myersity boat race was first announced
as a victory for Oxford bv less than half a
length, and the extras of this afternoon's
papers also announced that Oxl'ord won,
but the Western Associated Press repre
seutahve has a telegram saying the race
resulted in dead heat.
T ...... T . T.
uusuun, iiiarcn zi, iu a. m.. It is
now regarded certain thatthe race was a
dead heat. Ihe coxswains, judge anduin
pire will meet at 2 o clock and decide
whethei Oxford won or th"? race was
i i i fp i ...
ueau-ncat. ine reason lor tins is the
ambiguous form of r!ie judges' decision,
namely, dead-heat by to yards."
hile the number ot spectators was
(or a university race, comparatively small
there were enough to make what wouh
be an immense gathering elsewhere. The
weather was favorable yet rather cloudy
ihe atmosphere kept the sun and Loudon
ers away. Ihe start was made at o:27
i he uxtora took water first ana were
eight feet ahead in half a dozen strjkes
1 his lead they held to Duke s Head where
Uani bridge drew ud and were even terms
halt way between the Head and bimmons
yard. Off this yard Cambridge got a lead
of about four feet which positions were
maintained at London Boat House. At
this period in the lace Cambridge rowed in
better form. At Chaven cottage, six fur
longs from the starting point, the boats
were about on a level. Oxford now forged
ahead, and when ahout a mile had been
rowed, led by about one third of a length.
At Crab Tree Oxford led by only a lew
feet. At the Distillery, somewhat over a
mile and four furlongs from the starting
point, Cambridge ouce more showed in
front tome two or three feet. At Oil
Mills, two miles and slightly over a furlong
from the starters' boat, Oxford drew up
alongside. At the bottom of Chiswich
niijt Oxford was again in Iront, being
better together than Cambridge, who
seemed much troubled, as the water at
Chiswich Church, three miles, had been
rowed over and Oxford had increased their
advantage to two-thirds of a length, and
the race was appareutly no longer in doubt.
Rounding the bend into Horse Shoe Reach
the water became smoother and Cambridge
gained upon Oxford, but the latter drew
sway aud were nearly a length ahead off
Bathing Place. Nine furlongs from the
winning point Cambridge made another
effort, but only reduced Oxford's lead to
two thirds of a "length and went past the
judge's level amid a scene of the wildest
excitemcut, time 24 minutes 10 seconds.
The judge declared the race o be a dead
heat. Mr. Chitty wits umpire. Just at
While Ilart Oxford's number 1 broke his
row lock but was still able to row.
3 2 J n. m. At a meeting of representa
tives of crews the judge stated that he
never wavered (rotu his decision, that "the
race was a aeaa near, i tie race is pro
SaT'Servieea at all the churc'-ies t -
morrow as usual, except at the Methodist,
where the quarterly Sunday School cou
cert will be given iu place of the usual
evening sermon.
Brk.Aspirant3 are plenty for the collec
torship and other offices of profit, but
where can be found competent men who
will accept the offices of justicas? We
should have good men to audit town ac
counts if no other purposes.
jJST'Messrs, Gould & Co., the popular
Moline clothiers, have secured the ser
vices of B, P. Anderson, an aristic cutter
of high reputation. Mr. Schuitheis will
also continue with the farm, which, with
Mr. Anderson, makes this rAe'place to get
clothing made in first-class style. The
reputation of Gould & Co., is already
well established and now that they have
engaged Mr. Anderson the house takes
the lead of all competitors. All orders
will receive prompt attention, Satisfac
tion both in style of "make up" and fit
guaranteed in all cases. 24d3t.
ft5The usual routine was not mater
ially varied yesterday iu the closing up of
the winter term ot the public schools.
Your reorter had time to call at but two
rooms. The highest, under the immediate
supervision of Miss Cooke, where all the
higher branches are taught, one class of
which will graduate with the following
spring term. Room "1," in which Miss
Mary Cornwall is teacher contains children
from 8 to 12 years of asre and was notice-
Religficus Notices.
Services at ihe Baptist church tomorrow
at 10.45 a. in. and i.) r. m.
The usual Sunday School services at ihe
Christian Chapei, m nheast corner of 15th
street, and 3rd avenue, to-morrow morning
at 0.15. C immuoiou service after Sunday
Scaool. Regular prayer-meeting Wednes
day evening at 7-30.
Rev. S. Hunting will lecture in Llil-
lier's Hall en Sunday afternoon at 3l o'clock.
Subject ChaDning and Unitarianism.
The Unitarian Choir of Davenport will
5th Ave. M. K Church. Morning
Subject, 1 am come that they might have
life. Theme, Christianity a rule of Hie.
Evening The gas fixtures having been
repaired, evening services will be held, as
usual. Subject for the evening discourse
The religion of blood. All are invited.
able for the systematic aud orderly mail
uer iu which thoy conducted themselvei.
Miss Cornwall possesses a peculiar faculty
for handling childreu, not only in preserv
ing order fiud attention but iu gaining the
respect and love of the little ones, whom
she moulds as she chooses without the use
of the proverbial birch. A map of Moline
was very acurateiy drawn from memory
upon the black board by a child 8 years
old, who could name every street and tell
very nearly who occupied every house.
The names of Lucy Wheelock, Mary Ede
and Samuel Montgomery were printed in
larg3 capitals upon the board, underneath
which was written, "luOin deportment and
scholarship." It was surprising to see
the order which was preserved at recess
in going from the various rooms to the play
ground. Each room filed two abreast
first to their wardrobes, then, preserving
the lino, marched io order to the yard.
B-A fair audience greeted Prof.
Richards last eveniug at the Congregational
church, and jt is safe to say that not one
went home disappointed or displeased.
The illustrations wer6 iustructive and
entertaining. Among the most novel and
highly appreciated were the beating of a
drum. suspended mindway in the room, by
electricity; displaying the name of "Wash
ington" by electric lights; burning of ice;
Crimea and Criminals.
Saturday, March 24. -It has been
learned that Geo. Mordaunt, the Daven
port forgar, now in jail over the river for
forging the name of his employers, U. N.
Roberts & C ., is an old hand at the
business; that he had to leave England on
account ot his forgeries; that he came to
Joliet, but had to leave there for the same
reason; that he then returned to England,
but was recognized and was again obliged
to leave the country; that he then came to
Davenport, where he again committed
forgery and was arrested. It is said here
that he has sent a man to his father in
England to procure enough money to set
tle with U. N. Roberts & Co., and that it
he pays up before the next term of court
he will not be prosecuted. It is said that
his right name is George Mordaunt Boen
It reports are true he is a dangerous man
to be at large.
J. hi- Anderson, once a prosperous
business man, but for the past year
poor, drunken sot, was arrested in Prince
ton, Bureau county, list Sunday night,
having been caught burglarizing the store
of J. J. Smith in that place. He is now
in jajl under $300 bonds, - and stands a
fair chance for a term in the peuitentiary.
Fred Beck's saloon in Hampton, was
entered by burglars on Thursday night
but they wtra driven off before they suc
ceeded in carrying off anything.
IX' I!)
Will positively afford relief by external
application. It cures on the instant Neu
ralgia. Nervous Headache, Rheumatism,
Toothache, Earache, and all nervous pains,
Sold by all Druggists at 50 cts. and $1
per bottle.
For sale In Rock Island by John Bengston.
For Odd Fellows. Masons, Drmds. Knights of
Pythias, Red Men. Temperance, aud all
other SocietiiS.
Gold and Silver Laces, Fringes,
380 Main Street WORCESTER, MASS
'Shew Cases.
(Successors to J, R. ZEIGL152.)
Manufacturers of
Hoise Shoe Nails
All Nails are made of the le t
cport. The appliances used iu these
illustrations constituted a tine display;
some of them being rxhibiti. -us of exquisite
workmanship. ihe only thing which
occurred to mar the enjoyment of the
evening wore the irrepressible jacks, found
in aouust any assemoiao nowadays, who
ke"p up a continual braying and whistling.
Ibis was carried on to such an extent that
the lecturer ftlt compelled to reprove it.
characterizing it as" "extremely vulgar
which is stating it in mild terms. ihe
pct'i le guilty o! t hi rudeness should never
purchase tickets or be r.dmitted to anything
hut a circus or a minstrel show. Two or
three persons with well developed muscles,
large bumps of combativeness and a good
Fine Cut Chewing & Smoking
All ye Hen, Wcmsn and Children,
Van Schaack, Stevenson & Reid, Wholesale Ag'ts
Chicago, Ills. Fi-r sale inJKock lsiana Dy u. prol
an, and E. lireuucrt.
. rn ti r
Our brtnds of Chewing are the Fountain,
of Gold. Oid Congress and Forum.
popular It-'fliedv 'or ui- "i vi.ii, y,.,
Croup. hoarWTWV ami I-miff TronMwfc
. .1 .,..,1 I. ,.- f -n. to eftlldreQ " J. &
J of trrtble when every thins ele full-
F r v V MmirhOfT. A H'lJ'nariT r. rnue
r " cut I u-uu a, , f Vif mV-nrffh P 1
I Hmise-keeuinir. wo have for sale a whole set of
Including everything Trom the parlor to the kitch
en, all complete and nearly new, having been used
but a few months. The, above household goods
,.111 K. ,Orl f., ,a Til IN OKK-IIALP TIIBIB VALUE.
. i.o to California in May. and the
iropert.y must We sold. For particulars Inquire at
this ofllce.
nounced the grandest ever rowed.
Another Euaor About Oakley Hall.
New York, March 24. No more suiU
against Tweed will he brought to trial. It
is definitely settled that in a few day
Tweed will be released from custody- The
pending suit against Sweeney is also in
course of arrangement and a son in law of
Richard B, Counelly has gone to Europe
expecting to secure a settlement for that
distinguished exile. The total amount to
he obtained by the city from the settlements
with all the members ot the ring is not
expected to exceed $1,000,000.
New York, March 24. Ex-Mayor
Hall has not the money ueededto purchase
peace and has gone to Europe.
Weather Probabilities.
Washington, Mar. 24. The Signal Ser
vice observations taken at 10 o clock this
forenoon indicate the following weather
pi'obabiliiies for this afternoon and to
Indications for the northwest; Light
sucw followed by clearing weatner, in
southern portions and clear or fair weather
in northern portions, with northerly winds
dunne day, followed during Saturday
night by winds shifting to east and south,
falling barometer, and low but slowly
rising barometer.
.if bubbles,
by a loud
sound club could be made very usi
among portions oi some auoiences mat
gather at public entertainments in Moline
Have you risen fom your bed after u short sleep
to find yourself nearlv suffocated with Catarrhal
matter in sonrnow head and throat? Have you
noticed what a depressing influence it esireises on
the mind, blunting its faculties, besides enervani
the bod v as well? How difficult to i id the head of
this fonl matter all can teMify who are mllieted
with Catairh. How difficult to protect the system
against its- further Dro"ress towards the lunirs and
bronchial tubes, all physicians can testify. It is
terrible disease, and cries out for relief To 1
freed from the danger of suffocation while lyine
down: to breathe freely, sleep soundly and undis
turbed : to know that no poisonous, putrid matter
defiles the breath aud nndermines the sstem: to
know that the body does not, through its veins.car
ry the poison that is sure to destroy, is indeed
blessing To purchase immunity from such a fat
shonld be the object of all afflicted. But those who
have Iried many remedies and physicians despair of
reiiei or cure. 1 ney heoome incredulous. v Itn
snrh the K i:g array of testimonials from our best
citizens, physicians and druggists in favor of
Sanford's Radical Curs
Mnst conviifee them that it possesses "reat merit
while the new aud original method of l:s prepara
tion when studied with the disease satislies the
mind of auy reasonable person that its method of
cure is the true one.
Sanford'e Badicai Cure
Instantly relieves and permanently cures everv form
of t atMrrn, from a simple head cold to the ulcera-1
the stage, together wi;h all its sympathetic dis
eases. Sanford's Badical Cure
215 Hamilton Street, PECFIA.ILL
Correspondence solicited and orders prompt",
filled. LUTKE & MEUAN.
FIELD BROS., Agents. Rock Island.
and Warranted perfect and ready for driving.
W Orders filled promptly and at th lowe
rates by
Evidence Unparallelled iu the history of Medi
cineOver two thousand testimonials given ior
the wonderful cures made by
Or Matchless Liver
Manufactaterand Dealer in
in, Copper k Sheet Iron Ware
Roofing and Spouting a Speciality.
Shop cor. R ckRiver and Dock Sts., Rock Island.
-i a a5 X4
Three thousand bottles sold
each year by one store m
Phoenix Manuf 'ing Co.,
Manufacturers of the Celebrated
An article excelling in Labor having and Dura
bility for nee on Stoves, Ranges, Grates, fcc.
Perverting tiie Public Schools to TJn-
Z.awfu.1 Uses.
School officers should remember that the
public schools, supported by taxation upon
ail the people, are established for no other
purpose than to teach the common
branches of an English education, aud that
no political or sectarian use can lawfully
be made of them. Years ago the
Republicans interrupted our school exer
cises one hay for a political purpose. The
Argus exposed it, and it has never been
attempted siDee,
This winter Mr. McKown, a member of
the school board, used the schools for a
sectarian purpose, and if bi3 act has been
disavowed by the board of education we
have not heard of it. Unless it is disavowed
the people will probably want to know why.
The bible is used in our public schools,
and the board of education seems to lack
the independence to assert the principle
that the schools shall not be used for any
purpose not clearly authorized by law.
lieligious sects are ever seeking to use
the public schools for aa illegitimate Qcmfnrd's Ra.flifta.1 fhlTA
Campliorine !
fs the most effectual remedy sold, is luxury to
use. gives the best satisfaction, gives instant relief,
will not gTease or stain me mosi uencaie iuuric,
hu a rtn Monnr ftiio rerresnin? oaor. 1 win imuie
rtinti-lv relieve and cure Kheuinatism. Chronic and
Acute; IseuralL'ia and Cutarrh, Ueidache and
Swelled Face, Sore Throat, Sprains and Bruises,
Budioiis aud Chilblains, iruptionB oi the &nu,
Pain in Chest. Back or Limbs, Burns and Scalds.
For sale by all lirnggists.
JOHN B1EUER, Leader.
A and at reasonable terms.
inlrmKtlnn p-iven on all kinds of Instruments.
i ,. um.ru at National Saloon, on 18th street.
hetweeu First and Second avenues. Orders may
be also sent to Poet Office box 1.413.
12-lUd3m '
Gives a splendid gloss aud finish to ail starched
goods, making them whitbb and clearer ttan
wax or anything else, aud prevents the Iron from
eticking. Trial bottle free.
Put up :n 4-oz bottles, price 15c. Sold by Uro-
cets and Druggists.
A.I. MATHEWS & CO.. 85 Murray St., Y.
In Wall Street.
$500,000 has been male in a single investment
10U. This of course is au extraordinary occur-
reUCe , DUt omnium J c n;iiBc Miy (w,Mf.
Even earns as low as f 1 can bo safely invested.when
favorable result can snow u prom 01 a otm.
Clrcu'are giving full information sent free by ad
dressins TAYLOR & CO, Bankers,
Heavy Failure in New York.
New York, March 24. Walter C.
Adams, agent far the Star Line of lexas
packets aud commisnon merchant, lol
Pearl street, has failed; liabilities $60,000;
assets valued at $300,000. A large part
of the iud-::b:educss is held by creditors io
Europe. The main cause ot failure was
I bad faith of European correspondents, by
which a large quantity of merchandise was
thrown on Mr. Adams's hands in Belgium
and OermaDy.
Relieves in a short time the very worst forms of
Nervous Headache, Neuralgia, Tightness across the
Temples, Ringing Noises in the Head, and Wake
fulness. Sanford's Eadical Cure
Cleanses the nasal passages In a simile application
with the admirable Inhalei, which accompanies
each package free of charge, and is more servicaMe
than any oilier lorm 01 muaier.
Sanford's Eadical Cure
j Removes by a single application the hard, encrust
td matter from the uose, opens up the nasal Das-
sages, allows ttie sufferer to breathe Ireely and en
joy for the first time the pleasure of a full breath.
Sanford's Eadical Cure
Allays pain, inflammation, and soreness of the mu
cous membrane of 'he nasal passages. It is the
most soothing, healing and grateful preparation
ever app led to lucse lnnaiued sunaces.
Sanford's Eadical Cure
Is also taken internally, where, by its action on the
blood in elimina ing from the system the acid poi
son always present In Catarrh, U atlects the whole
Sanford's Eadical Cure
Thus becomes a powerful purifying agent in over
coming toe poifouous actum of the rotten matter
that lias during sleep, dropped into the throat and
mingled with The contents of the stomach, to be ab
sorbed into the system.
Crucibles ot all Sizes I
Cleveland Now receiving or
rtders hy mail every day from
an pans 01 me country.
nerewmi are a lew oi me
many certificate and letters
received hundreds of which
we couid print, if necessary
to show Fenton's Matchless
Liver, Blood and Kidney Sy
nip is appreciated at home
and extending over the whole country, upon its
"merit only." And we claim without fear or favor
it is the best family medicine in the world, and
iruarantee it the best blood and liver and kidney
svrno ever produced. Send for circulars, read and
judge for yourself. We will be plvased to send a
circular to auy person who writes ior one.
Extracts from ltters received.
RHEUM AMISM Some six months could not
walk without the help of a crutch: tried phvsi
cians and many kinds of advertised cutes without
benefit. Six bottles of Fenton's Matchless SyrriJ
cured me. capt ueo hand
SALT RnETJM- Eight bottles made a perfect and
permanent cure.
Capt Thomas Pesmngton.
SCROFULA From infancy was treated bv th
best physicians and took everybody's cure, Tw
bottles'Matchless Syrup cured me.
Mil Eliza Jones,
SCROFULOUS NECK Eight years cured b
Fenton's Sarsatarilla, after trying nearly every
other known remedy. John MctjisiTY.
Conductor S L rf: M S It R, Cleveland, C- I Diar.ntsand Specifications for Flouring Mills
SALT RHEUM eleven years all over mybody;isw Mills, Distilleries and Gram Elevators irade
took all the), i-.- emedies adv.-nised, and in the t on short notice. Are prepared to, take con-
hospital. New j k, twenty weeks; could not get . iracie ior nuuaing ana maenictry. ana give pt .tou
r.nredf six es of Kent-, n's Matchless S Trim i 1 attention to a., he details of construction
Millwrights I
Contractors & Builders
Of all descriptions of
iJLilL TtXneliinei'y .
Stitched Skeleton Lotta
Ynnr attention Is respectfully eonciieaio my
...it i KTtTf-iiicD Skeleton Bustle, now
readv without Clasps, making a Bustle or Hoop
Skirt a liner article that fit the fancies ana wants ui
th.. tr,,rt.. In their snucrb Btltcn wire oovbh, uuiou.
avoidance of clasps p.ud harsh surface, which cut,
andw KAB the underwear resting thereon, and aa-
'II...., . .o roi u. V DHW. ana liriKC l-,uit
eve w.th their superior exueneiiec, Ui7t
cannot fall to atctact me aueiumu - ,r
.,, ,,,.,).. .. ill . ..riect sizes, styles and leugths. Financial
Thee, and all oast makes ol Iotta buwm, uraw,
cUulin r the stanoakd Numbers 3sauu Be, are now mrw-- f the sales and etanding of
Ferry H. Smith for Mayor.
Chicago. March 24. The Democratic
City Convention this afternoon nomiuated
Perry II. Smith tor major. I he vote
stood, Smith, 128; Colviri, 41; Doolittlc, 1.
Hauk Bookeeper Sent to Jail for Bob
New York. March, 24. Whiting, the
bookeener of the Brooklyn Bank who rob
bed the institution of $160,000 dollars has
beeD committed for trial. He 3tul refuses
to say what he did with the missing $10,
000 alleging only that he spent it.
S25,S50,S100,S200, S509.
reliable honee of ALEX. FROTHiNWuaai
...mt.ii u. TUour Vnrk. nub ish a hand-
;U1 Report, which they send free to any ad- to
m a.idiinn to a l.rge number ..f editorials
Ward Beeclier and His Entbasiastic
New York, March, 24, Henry Ward
BeecherJ returned last evening from his
western lesture trip escorted from New
Brunswick on the Pennsylvania R. R. by
an enthusiastic party of Plymouth church
Dishonest Santt Cashier.
Rnsmv. Marr-li '2X Alhert Brown.
The reliable house ofAv.i. f"""" casl aer of the First iSational bauk. Spring
W wan Bi., nw r:' i:w"w. fi.lJ Vnrmonr uA tn hf. a rleFau ter
the amount of $30,000 dollars.
purpose. In Davenport some over-zealous
school teachers commenced the use of
Moody and Sankey hymns but the board
of education promptly asserted the principle
that the schools should not be used for
sectarian or reugtous purposes. inc
Davenport Democrat says:
Ihe statement made iu this morning s
Gazette that the Moody song book had not
been used in the schools is an untruth. It
has been used, aud that repeatedly and
And a correspondent of the Democrat
In the opinioD of a large majority of the
tax payers of Davenport, our public schools
are cot maintained for the purpose of incul
cating theology, much less that taught by
such mercenaries as Moody and Sankey,
If any songs ore necessary in our public
schools, let the children be taught the
natriotic hymns of our ountry. If
religious songs must bd sung, give
parties and sects a change, lorn
wrote a tew hymns, uive the children a
couple of them on Monday: then on Tues
day have a few Jewish hymns rehearsed;
on Wednesday give the Catholics a chance;
devote lhursday to the Presbyterians,
Congregatioualists, etc., Friday to the
Mormone, (w have a Mormon church io
the city) and on Saturday have a special
meeting for the instruction of the children
in '"Hail Columbia, the M arse liaise.
"Watch on the Rhine," "The Wearing of
the Green," "The White Cockade," "The
Peacock Feather," or anything else that
may be proffered by any uational element
represented in our midst. What is - sauce
for the goose is sauce for the gander.
ready, in superior workmanship, forming a com- and a" rnXd security dealt in at the Stock
Plea line ot styles and eiz.es in Pat. et ;ail and every stock, Xsrs FROTIIIN OH AM & CO , are
short lengths, which will compare lavoraDiy wuu
thus.- f w dthpr manuf nr.tnrer.
Diplomas have been awarded my goods each year
since their introduction, by the American iiui.utv
oil, i., ana Meuai ana uipioiuu uy iu wu
nial Inhibition.
A. W. THOMAS, t White street, New York; 801
Exchange. ,t " n. and tried in-
extensive DroKero o. vtprll(,e busi-
tegrity. In audition io uie.r p,,". cTr "Pntt
n.. ihey sell what is termed "Fnvileges or r ra
- ' . . - A th. fatrnnw nibiuvu. ui
nrt cans." nowouc w i...hu .t,
gitimate epecalation
C. B. & Q. Stock
New York, March 24. Chicago, Bur
lington and Quiucy rau up to 103(l03i
Bank Beserves.
New York. March 24 Bank Btate-
is valuable,and
raV.Png?t Zn,' have made lortunee.-LNew j mVerve decrease $843,325.
yo ateiropoiia-i
Is a local and constitutional remedy. It strength
ens the system by Internal use. while endeavoring
to throwoff the disease, and soothes and heals the
inn ;med uaeai surfaces by direct application.
Sanford's Hadical Cure
Is a great and reliable medicine, and when every
other remedy is tried and found wanting, thle, by
it immediate beneficial effect, passes at once into
favor, which it retains forever alterwards.
Each package contains Dr. Sanford's Improved
Inhaling Tube, with full directions for nee iu all
cees. 1'rxe, Jl. For sale by all wholesale and
retail druggists throughout the United States.
WEEKS & 1'OTTER, General Agents, and Whole
sale Druggists, Boston.
nent cure.
Saturday, March 24. "West" Ileddig
was arrested and iailed last niaht by Police
man Metsch charged with disorderly con
duct. He was drunk at the time. Justice!
Pinklev fined bitn $10 and costs. No
money, Sent back to jail.
THEY contaiu the grand curative element. Elec
tricity, combined with the finest compound of
medicinal gums evei united together, it therefore
seems imt ossible for thim to fail in affi rding
prompt relief for all pains aud aches.
"Ihe Best Plaster."
Messrs. Weeks & Potter, frentlemcn , Please send
me six Colliut, o.taic Plasters. Send by return
n ail. I think they are the best Plaster I ever used.
Please find money inclosed.
Milford, Del., July, 18TG.
"An Excellent Plaster."
Messrs. Weeks & Potter, Gentlemen, Please send.
me aiiother Collins' Voltaic Piaster. 1 find them
to be au excellent Plaster, the heft that I ever
used. I am sorry that the druggists heie do not
keep them , F. M. SNIDER.
Broadway, O., duly, 1W78.
S id by all druggists for 25 cents. Sent on re
ceipt of 25 cents for one, il 25 f..r six, or$2.25 for
twelve, careluiiy wrapped, ana warranted periect
by WEEKS & POTfEU. Proprietors, ISoston, Mass.
At the request of many friends, I hereby an
nounce myself as a candidate for the office of Town
ship Collector, subject to the decision of the Re.
Legal Blanks, of all kinds for -aIe at I
nnhlican TownshiD Convention.
Thi Argus Offick I dtt forey folsom.
cured me. Geougb3 own, Cleveland, O.
FEMALE WEAKNESS som six years; used ev
ery alterative known; tried the climate from Min
nesota to Texas ; could get no relief; after a few
month's use of Fenton's Matchless Sarsaparilla was
cured completely,
Mrs Aty li , OhioJSt, Cleveland. O.
RHEUMATISM Dr. Fenton: Having been laid
up five weeks wiih Rheumatism, and spent dollar
after dollar, my physician told me it must wear
off; got up aud on crutches as many more weeks;
was advised to get six bottles of Fenton's Sarsapa
rilla. Five bottles cured me completely. 1 freely
recommend the Matchless Syruo as a sure cure for
Rheumatism. Yours truly,
W. II. Rates, Cleveland, O.
"Thousands Hear Testimony."
SCROFULOUS SORE LEG twelve years, cured
by Fenton's Sarsapaiilla.after trying various noted
blood remedies. i
Capt. Hekbt Palmek, Akron, O.
SCROFULA, five large abscesses on body, could
not turn in bed for weeks, cured by Fenton's Sar
Sarsiparilla; had expended over one hundred dol
lars previous to usiDg the Acme of Medicine, "Fen
ton's Matchless." C. Fiki.d.
Sodue Point, New York.
SCROFULOUS NECK, a number of ulcere, open
for nine months ; had the oest medical advice in
Cleveland, O. A friend sent me i etitou e Sarsapa
rilla, Twelve bottles made a perfect and perma-
Vt . 11. JMBARS.
North Dloomfield, O,
Camp Bbowk, Wyoming, Dec. 26, 1874.
RHEUMATISM Dr C F Fenton: The bIx bot
tlos Sarsaparilla sent me in July last, cured me of
Rhenmatesm, and only ueed five, (one got broken.)
I had it for lour years, and spent nearly one tnoue
and dollars, weth the best doctors in Montana Ter
ritory previous I have got two more customers.
Plea.se express me eighteen more bottles to South
Pass. Enclosed find ihe greenbacks. Write me to
Camp Brown, as before. V ours truly,
J li. WooDBurr.
CONSUMPTION Dr. C F Fenton, Dear Sir:
Mv wife was sick two years with cocsunioiion. we
paid out over one thousand dollars aud received no
benefits ; 1 sent for six bottles of your Matchless
syrup: ene tooK u up ana supposed nerself cured.
One year from this time the felt it coming oi
sent to Capt. John Varner, of Cleveland, to send me
six more bottles, which completed the cure, for
wnicn we in an k you, ana wisn to say to an, we De
lieve it the best Renovator aud Blood Purifier in
the world. Truly, your friend.
Capt. Uknby Brock, Port Burwell, Ont.
F KM ALE WEAKNESS, of seven years standing
cured by the use of one and a half bottles Fenton's
Matchless oareapaniia. jnB8.n H.Mxs,
Port Hope, Mich.
SALT RHEUM eighteen years: used all th-j no
ted humor cures without effect -. six bottles Fenton's
Matchless Sarsaparilla cured me; it is a dead sure
cure. Jr v good, rjuuaio, n x.
1 Every person should read this carefully.
Dr Fenton. Cleveland, O. Dear Sir: Five years
aco, then tn Brazil, houtu America, i mere contrac
ted a disease that nearly cost me uiy life. I was
even months in hwpitals Spanish Brazilian and
Buenos Ayrc-s but to no purpose. I then went to
Cienfueg.js, CuUa, ui i d tpeni s:xly-four days in the
military iiosinuti. ins coo;ors ioiu inelt i had auy
friends 1 had better make my wy to them. The
Am-.iican I'ousul stit me to New York. Last
Spring t' came on me again, rest iu the night was
out of the question. A friend in the St eharU
Hotel bcre (Detroit) advised Fenton's Matchless
Syrup; I sent for six bottles. I have only tken
four and sti perfectly well. I must ay it surprised
me. ecu st mat kuew the condition I was in for
five yei.r?. I freely recommend Fenton's Matchless
Syruo above any blood pnrfiar in the catalogue of
medicines. Yours respectfully.'
Detroit, Mich. B. McKhterick.
We intend to publish more wonderful evidences.
Sold in Rock Island by John Bengston, E Breu.
nen, i a i nomas ana m ivcenier.
Western Agents, Van Schaack, Stevenson dr. Held,
Fenton ji ig Co Proprietors, Cleveland, OP
r or
pairs of all kinds .omptly attended to whvth
aerea by mail or in person.
At the old stand of H Brooks, (new No..) 525 No
16 s. Washington street PEORIA, ILL
AddreTfr Put SH
Mill Builders & Furnisher
Manufacturersof Superior
Steam Engines,
French Buai Miiistoiie?.
"EverythW in our ".Ir.e mads andsold Kius
rated Catalogue of Machii ery.lSODapcs.sentfiC,
on application
Dooley's Patent Combination
Put up in boxes containing 25 fcg, each.
These Toe-Calks are made from Steel converted
from carefully selected brands of Norway and
Swedes Iron by a special process which ensures the
utmosf ease in welding, together with the greatest
durability in wear. - -
Forsalebyall iron.ateel and hardware dealers
throughout New England. Manufactured solely
by - C. F. DEWICK 4 CO.,
USO Dorchester Aye., South Boston, Mass.
tuce street, Philadelphia

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