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Wity. April 27. 1377.
Compound Fluid . Extract
The We&ther-To-Day.
The. following shows the temperature
at The Afcous Ornoi to-day as in
dicated bv thermometer :
7 a. m. 47 'above aero, 1 H 49 above aerc
9a. h, 47 o " . '. tr.m. boo "
Wivill & Co. are selling dry goods 40
per cent cheaper than 10 days ago. 27d2t
Economy is wealth, use Frank Miller's
Leather Preservative and Water Proof
Oil Blacking. . ;
MASONIC. Special communication of
Rock Island Lodge, No. 658, A. F. & A.
M., this (Friday) evening at 7-30 o'clock.
Work on M. M. degree. By order of W.
M Eph Wood, Sec'y.
This Preparation contains no narcotic or Injurious
drag. Nor U it a quack noatrnm, recom
mended for every disease; but for such
diseases as are here enumerated, vl.: for Dis
ease! of the Bladder, all Diseases of the Organs,
weakness, Ac, whether In male or female, no
matter of how long standing. It allays pain and
Inflammation, which other remedies Invariably
cause, and Is pleasant to the taste.
It Is gratifying to the proprietor of these medi
cines to be able to state that It Is now nearly 80
years since they were first introduced; during
which time they have been extensively used in
various parts of the United States, and have given
to patient and practitioner the lilt bent degree of
satisfaction In the various cases la which they
have been employed; whether In town or country,
hospital, or private practice, they .hare Invariably
given the most decided and unequivocal satisfac
tion, and produced the most salutary and beneficial
effects. Numerous letters Lave been received from
tome of the most dlstlngnlshed Physicians in the
country, and from the Professors of several Med
leal Colleges, all recommending In the highest
terms, the value of these medicines, and their su
perlorlty over other preparations for such com
plaints as the proprietor tcroinmcnds.
These medicines reqV.rc considerable care In
the preparation, and the employment of different
menstrua In successive operations to take up the
extractive matters, and in consequence arc most
frequently Improperly made, and not unfrequently
much Impaired, If not rendered totally Inert by
injudicious and unskilful management, of those
unacquainted with pharmaceutical preparations.
Numerous preparations of Sarsaparilla and of
Bachu, and various modes of preparing them
have been given, all of which, of course, will differ
according to the mode of preparation which each
individual may adopt. It is, therefore, of the
highest consideration and importance to the pub
lic and to the faculty that there should be standard
preparations of uniform strength, and possessing
the most advantage. To effect this, and obviate
the inconveniences alluded to, I have made a
number of experiments to ascertain the most
effectual nv'atiB of extracting the virtues of Bar
saparilla and the Bncbu, and to discover the most
eligible form for their exhibition. The experi
ments have resulted mom favorably, and it is with
much pleasure I now offer to the public and the
faculty my Compound Fluid Extract?, which
contain all the virtues of the medicines, and are
the most active preparations of cither which can be
Two tablespoonsful of the Extract of Zarsapa-
rill a, added to a pint of water, is epual to the Lis
bon Diet Drink, and one bottle is fully equai to a
gallon of the Syrup of Sarsaparilla, or the Decoc
tion, as usually made.
Don't forget that Epstein is selling out
his entire stock of Jewelry at net cost, to
make room for an immense invoice of
Pianos, Organs, and musical merchan
dise, now arriving. Our goods must be
told. 21d6twlt
Maj. Connelly has returned from Kan
sas, and to-morrow we will give our read
ers an interesting letter from him.
Paymaster James, of the Peoria road,
is at the Harper House, and will remain
until morning, paying off the employes of
the road.
Marriage Licenses.
The following marriage lisenses have
been issued during the week ending April
1. John Mulhern, Mary A. Murphy.
9. Abraham AshbauKh, Sarah J. Asquth.
S. William Nickol, Sarah Reddig.
4. John D. fecott, Sarah A, Cooper.
5. Peter Langhbehn, Mary Krening.
The Peoria and Sock Island Railroad.
Rumors have been rife for a week or
two to the effect that the above named
road, which runs through the center of
this' county, is shortly to be dismantled
and discontinued. It is positively stated
that the track from Cambridge ' to Galva
is to be taken up, and probably from Rock
Island to Cambridge. We are not dis-
Yesterday was pay-day on the C. R.
& P, road.
California train next Sunday over the
c. i. & y. r. it.
Heavy rain, with some thunder and
lightning, this forenoon.
-The appearance of the walls of the
Pi(tnrps i)iitnrtt frames, hrackets. wall
of whom they denounce openly as "Hayes'o surren- paper, etc., very cheap at Murphy's book
it the electoral commission had not
cheated Mr. Tilden out of his rights, the
country would have reacted from the stag
nation that now exists, and have been am
mated with a new life.
Turnkey Muneer returned this morn
ing from the insane asylum at J ackson
ville where he had taken Miss Josephine
Peterson, the woman adjudged insane in
the county court on Tuesday.
of Sterling, lost all the hams from his
smoke house, one evening last week. As
a fresh wagon track led to Sterling there is
where the "ham fat man must meat his
Tim Riley, the color-bearer of the
Charley Gray's Estate.
The work done by this office for Charley
Gray 'a estate was ordered by Messrs.
Simonson & Stoddard, of Port Byron.
The charge is a reasonable one for the
work done, and it is a matter oi entire in
difference to The Argcs Printing Com
pany whether old Guyer allows it or
not. The parties who ordered the vork
are good for the amount. Sdwtf.
Best satin wallpaper at 15 to 18 cents
per roll, at Murphy's book store. Call and
see him. 13 deodw2w
If the Davenport DoDkey, who does the
inside of the Union, can't guess nearer the
mark than he has done as to the author of
the article in which his portrait was kindly
famished to the public, in a recent num
ber of The Augus, he will never be re
garded as a prophet, or the son of a
jThe Delinquent Tax List.
In the Weekly Argcs of this week
wui De iouna trie delinquent tax nst ior
this county, as prepared by County Treas
urer Porter, and his assistant, Mr. Robert
F. Iieid, It is the largest list ever pub
lished in this county. Those who wish
copies of it can procure them at The
Argus counting room, opposite the post
a i a .
nosed to credit the reDorts. and vet there JM1 Duliaipg peen greatly improved
, .i - .. -i. :j hv Rprprftl r-nnra nt nmnt anH nlutonnh
mnv ne sometn in mem. i la biu . - u..v
that Mr. Cable and Rock Island parties Republicans of the northwest are fullv
own three-fifths of the road, and ' that the 1 in accord with those of the east in opposing
remainder is the property ot the bond- iiayes s so-called southern policy, which
holders, in the interest or all
Mr. Cable recently bought it for about a der
million and a half of dollars a small Der
cent, of its cost. The purchaser for the
bondholders is known to be largely inter
ested in the Chicago, Rock Island and
Pacific, as are severaljof his co-ownersof the
three fifths of the Peoria road, which fact
gives some little color to the reports that
are afloat concerning the abandonment
of the latter. At different times for a
year or two overtures have been made, to
the C. R. I. &P. company to buy the P.
& R. I., but without accomplishing any
thing, for it was not wanted. But though
not a desirable piece of property to have
on band, it a is quite likely that the
C. R. I. & P., would not be averse to see
ing the P. & R, I , wiped out, and Mr.
Cable and his partners may have been
chosen to accomplish this end.
u e give the rumors tor what they are
worth, adding only this: the road is far
from being a paying one, but should it be
discontinued the blow will be severely felt
by many little towns on the line. Geneseo
Well, the rumor isn't worth a cent
Insteud of the road being "dismantled and
discontinued" it will be placed in first
class condition probably steel rails, new
ties, new rolling stock, and made a con
necting link in a new and Lst and com
fortable route to St. Louis, via Peoria.
Mr, Cable has purchased the road in or
der to do business not to stop business
The road a very valuable piece of
property, both as a link in an eastern line
through Indiana, also in a southern line
viz, Peoria and St. Louis. It is cne of
the most valuable little pieces of road in
Illinois, and absolutely essential to the
prosperity of Rock Island, Moline, Dav
enport and Milan, for it is through and
by means ot that road that this locality is
enabled to get eastern freights almost as
low as they can in Chicago. And when
the road is placed in proper condition,
and run under the intelligent and vigorous
management of Mr. Cable, with the con
nections that he knows how to make, and
run as he knows how to ran a railroad,
hi -
it win oe one ot the best paying roads in
the state. The idiotic rumor which the
Republic has given currency to has
foundation whatever to rest on.
der the car.' and, his hand slipping, he fell I
upon the track and his legs were literally
ground to pieces by the eight cars which
passed over them.
Maronev & Uenfro have "moved their
paint shop into the building lately occupied
by Newberry's feed store, on 17th street, !
bet. I turd and rourth avenues, and are
now prepared to do -house and sign paint
ing, calsoiuiniBK, and everything in that
line, hstiuiates on work given. 27d6t
U lal
A First Class Hotel.
Among the best hotels in the east is the
Bingham House, Philadelphia, This
hotel is one of the largest in that city and
is universally acknowledged among the best
there. Courtesy is the rule and not the
exception with the clerks while the table
de Kote is at all times the best that can be
FredSchuler, living two miles north and airy and elegantly furnished: some
divided into suites with bath and all mod
ern conveniences. J. H. Burgh, the
gentlemanly and obliging clerk, is one of I
the most popular hotel men in the coun
try and is on hand to see that guest? are
properly cared tor. In a word the Bing-
llayts party, wants a divorce and has se- ham is a first class house and persons visit H" HTlll ViA TrlO GfllllA wnrlr With fillP-hfllt TllP
cured the aid of Lawyer Corbett while ing Philadelphia will do well to pay it a 11 WA11 U0 lUU biUUtf WUI 11 Willi Ullt llilll Ultf
fuel required by other Stoves !
Best tint wall paper at 12 cents per roll
at Murphy's book store. 13-deodw2w
Additional Licensee.
Andrew Schneider.
8 wan Swanson.
Joseph King.
Chas. Youneberg, $10.
Julius G. Junge, $1(J.
waoohs 3.
Frank Burke.
M. T. O'Brien.
Chas. Buncker.
Albert Stoiubs.
Beuj, Wilson.
Scotching Malaria. It is a fact wide
ly and amply attested that where the pow!
erful and pernicious drug, quinine, and
other mineral poisons, administered as
remedies for fever and ague and bilious re
mittents, fail to yield more than temporary
relief to the sufferer. Hostetter's Sto
ruach Bitters scotches those tremendous
epidemics most thoroughly.and by strength
ening the system and regulating its func
tions, protects it against malarial attacks
No resident of a locality where the above
maladies prevail, or where they are likely
to break out in consequence of the poison
ing of the atmosphere by noxions exhala
tions, should iailto take practical cogni
zance of the above important truth, and by
a timely use otthe Hitters avoid the rava-
Lawyer McElherne will look after Mary's
interests, she being detained at Joliet by
the state.
The avalanche of extracts from Re
publican newspapers reproduced in The
Argus in regard to Hayes's course must
make any Republican party man sick of
him and sick of the fraud which made
him president.
A Galesburg youth invested a dollar
and a half in a New York firm to discover
"How to appear well in society." The re
cipe which he received by return mail was
short, simple, and easily understood: "Al
ways keep your nose clean, and don t suck
more than one finger at a time.
Senator Allison, who hails Irom the
banner state of Iowa, which gave the lar
gest maionty in the union for the Repub
lican ticket in November, being at Wash
ington, declares his people are against the
course pursued by the administration and
will signify their- displeasure at the first
Last Sunday night some of the jail
birds in the Monmouth jail again tried to
escape, lhis time they sawed a binge on
tho cell door to get into the hall. Once
in the hall the eld hole is still available,
No one knows how thty got a saw. The
only utensil yet found with which they re
moved the bricks is a spoon. They declare
they will yet get away.
i he children are doing their best to
destroy the young trees in Union Square
by bending and twisting them about and
swaying them to and tro. Better put a
stout picket fence around the square and
keep everybody out of it until the people
get ready to build a city hall there and
improve it with walks, fountains, lawns
and flower beds.
The London Spectator says: "Most
dcodIo when Ihev marry are the unfortu
nate recipients of a vast quantity of what
can only be described as ornamental rub
bish, procured at a large cost from divers
fashionable establishments lor the encour
agement of bad taste and waste of money
Surely there must be few of us who have
not groaned in our time under this plague
of ormolu, and been finally crushed by the
arrival of a seventh blotting paper or
twentieth inkstand.
lhe rumors tLat Air. iiayes s con
science is driving him to the point of re
sicn'iDc his office must be considered with
many grains oi allowance, lo suppose
that his conscience now is any tenderer
than it was when, tacitly acknowledging
the frauds of his title, he inveigled the
house of representatives into recording the
Real Estate Sales.
Joseph Blocklinger to Joseph Anton
Blocklinger,part of lot 5, block 62, in Lower
add to li. I. dated April 20, 1877," for
Margaretha Boh to Catharine Brant et.
al. part of sec 35. township 19. range 3 c
Coe dated April 26, for $275.
John Bleur to Jacob Sutter, lot 6. block
52, in lower add to R. I. dated April 26,
1877. for $1.
For Sale by
Star Block, opposite Harper House.
Fluid Lightning
cures nervous head-
Boschee's German Syrup can now be
purchased right at home, it is the most
successful preparation ever introduced to
our people. It works like a charm in all
cases of Consumption, Pneumonia. Hem
orrhages, Asthma, severe Coughs, Croup
and all other lhroat and Luog Diseases.
No person has ever used this medicine
without getting immediate relief, yet there
are a great many poor, suffering, skepti
cal persons going about our streets with a
suspicious cough, and the voice of con
sumption coming from their lungs, that
will not try it. If you die, it is your own
fault, as you can go to your druggist T.
11. Thomas and get a sample bottle for 10
cents and try it; three doses will relieve
any caso. Regular size only 75 cts.
Will positively afford relief by external
application. It aires on Jhe instant Neu
ralgia, Nervous Headache, Rheumatism,
Toothache, Earache, and all nervous pains,
or a tiv Mimn
Sold Ly all Druggists at 50 cts. and $1
per bottle.
For sale in Rock Island by John Bengston.
"The Best is the Cheapest.1
The Grand Central Hotel, New York, is
a model establishment. It is superb in
style and appointment In size and capac
ity for accommodations it has no equal.
It was the first leading hotel to lower its
rates from $4.00 to $2.50 and $3.00 per
day. Its reputation is unsurpassed, and
it receives fresh endorsement daily from
thousands of its guests.
Sulphur and molasses, the old fashioned
internal remedy for the Itch, is obsolete.
That and other obnoxious Fkin direases
are cure in half the time, without dis
ordering the stomach, by Glenn's Sulphur
Soap, the great external anti-scorbutic.
Depot, Cnttention s, No. 7 Sixth Aye. j
The tints produced by Hill's Instantan-!
eous Hair Dye are like those cf nature. i
Represents the following Old and Reliable
ges of maladies so disastrous to the physi
cal constitution, lhere is not in existence judgment ot the electoral commission, is to
a finer tonic, corrective and defensive cor- suprose that abuse of a man's conscience
Light, airy, and cheerful, centrally loca
ted, and carefully managed, the Colonnade
noiei oners unequalled inducements to
Philadelphia visitors.
Compound Fluid Extract
For purifying the blood and removing all diseases
arising from excess of Mercury, chronic consti
tutional diseases arising Irom an Impure state
oi the Blood, Ac, Jtc. ; and is especially recom
mended tor Scrofula, Tetter and Pimples on the
Face, and all Scaly Eruptions of the Skin.
AH Druggists Everywhere.
Ask for Helxnfcold's.
Take No Other,
Price tl per Bottle.
or Six for $5.
The Difference. Dr. Price's Extract
of Vanilla is made from the true V amlla
bean, and possesses in a concentrated form
the fine flavoring principle ot this fruit.
Consumers should remember that most of
the so-cailed extract of vaoilla in the mar
ket is but an imitation made from the
tnnqua or snuff bean, many pounds of
which can be purchased at the cost of one
pound of the true vanilla bean. While
Dr. Price s Extract V amlla has the fane
delicate flavor of the fruit, others will be
found to hive the bitter, rank taste of the
snuff bean.
Best brown-back wall paper at 5 cents
per roll, 'at Murphy's book store. Give
him a call, 12deodw2w
Some of the Greatest Rascalities of
the world are achieved by the use of im
pure and poisonous materials in articles
of current use. It has been the noble
aim of the manufacturers of Doolet's
Yeast Powder to make an absolutely
pure article, which should be born to
every household,. Little more than half
the usual quantity, and makes the most
delicious bread and pastry,
Delivered to
any address, securely
packed from
Describe your symptoms In allicommunica'.ions.
Cures guaranteed.
Advice gratis.
Medical depot, 104 South
Chestnut, Philadelphia
Tenth Street, below
liuwaie of counterfeits and unprincipled deal-
era, who endeavor to dispose of their own and
"other" artlulus on the reputation attained by
Hclmbold's Genuine Extract Bucbu, Extract
BarrtaparlUa, and Improved Rose Wash.
Successor to and Manufacturer of
Genuine Preparations !
The Moulders' Explanation.
i'o the Editors of the Rock Island Argus.
In reply to your editorial in last eve
ning's Argits concerning the trouble now
in B. D, Buford & Co's Plow Works we
would like to make the following state
There have always been more or less
nnn-union moulders working at the Buford
Plow Works. Union men have never
interfered with those non-union men. !
You stated in last evening's Argus that
trouble commenced last week because the
superintendent employed a non-union man
and that the union men attempted to drive
him from the foundry by ridiculing him,
claying tricks upon him and finally nailing
his hat to a post. We will state that ;this
non-union man who had his cap, in place
of his hat, nailed to a post was one of the
oldest men working in the foundry. Union
men had nothing to do whatever with
nailing his cap to a post. Furthermore
they have discharged a man that does not
belong to the union for nailing up the cap.
Nor have union men ridiculed him or
attempted to drive him out of the shop in
any way whatever. We would further
more state that we have never interfered
with the management of the shop nor dic
tated to them who should be employed and
who should not or how much each man
should receive or much work he should
do. etc.
We did not knoiv there was any trouble
existing in the shop until Monday after
noon, when the superintendent gave orders
to the foreman to discharge 3 men. He
then came in the shop and nailed up a
notice, "Union men not wanted."
Ic justice to ourselves we would say that
whatever there was done in regard to play
ing tricks, it must have been misrepre
sented to the superintendent and we, ' the
union men, were perfectly innocent of the
charge. The Union Men.
Kock laLANo, April 27, 1S77.
The Arc us gives all sides a show and
if the union men who were questioned by
one of our reporters on Wednesday had
given him the information he sought it
would have been laid before the public
that evening. They did not choose to do
so and now they find it necessary to"rise and
explain." Whether it was a hat or a cap that
was nailed to a post,or cot; or whether ev
ery word said was technically correct or not,
is of no moment. The fact remains that
union rules caused the trouble, as we are
informed by parties who probably know.
And we repeat what we have often said
before, viz: no co-operative cr trades'
anion or association should attempt to dic
tate to employers how they shall manage
their business. If employes and employers
can't agree let them separate, and leave
employers the undisturbed right to employ
whom they please. and leave those who
choose to work a chance to, at any price
, they please.
Best gilt wall paper at 50 cents per roll
at Murpjy's book store. 13-deodw2w
Epstein is daily leceiving bis
8toc of pianos and organs which
he will sell at prices lower than
tyer before offered in Rock Island,
Being the agent for the celebrated Weber
and Emerson pianos and all the first-class
makers of organs ha is prepared to offer
better inducements to the publ;c than can
be obtained elsewhere in the tjree cities.
It is no trouble to show goods at Epsteins,
courteous and obliging clerks always in
attendance. 21d6twlt.
Wivill & Co. have knocked them all on
prices. Call and see them. 27d2t
Best yellow back wall paper at 8 cents
p3r roll, at Murphy's book store. Call on
him. 13-deodw2w
Realizing that Epstein possesses unusual
facilities for purchasing his goods by pay
ing cash for them, and getting his stock
direct from the manufacturers, com
petitors in the three cities bow to the ine
vitable and daily see their customers
thronging the Star Block jewelry empori
um because his prices at retail are lower
than Pome other dealers can buy for at
wholesale. Watches and jewelry of all
kinds, everything first class at net cash.
Don't forget the placo Epstein's, Star
Btock, Rock Island. 21-d6twlt.
Best white-back wall paper, at 10 cents
per roll, at Murphy's book store. Go and
see him. 13-deodw2w
Gold aud Silver Watches, plain and set
Gold Kings, Jewelry of all kinds and
styles, and everything in the line at Ep
stein b Star Block. 21d6twlt
Wivill & Co. is the place to boy goods
at bottom prices. 27d2t
Wall paper cheap
at Murphy'j book
I. Epstein don t fear competition
irom any dealer 10 the three cities. Com
petitors may endeayoi to hoodwink their
customers into paving old time rates frnm
force of habit, but once you visit Epstein
tho difference in cost ot everything from
a gold watch to a silver thimble becomes
apparent- The throngs that daily crowd
bis mammoth jewelry emporium fully
attest the sincerity of his statements.
Gold and silver watches, plain gold and set
rings, plain and tancy sets of jewelry and
eveiythiu? in this line at net cost to close
out. Epstein is also in receipt ot bis
spring stock of silver plated ware bought
at lowest wholesale prices for cash, which
he oners to customers at same rates at re
tail. This stock is the finest ever offered
in Rock Island and was made especially for
ftpsteio before be determined to go into
the musical instrument and merchandise
exclusively. If you want first class goods
at net cost oi manufacturers can and ex
amine Epstein s stock, Star Block, Rock
IsUod. ISdtf
softens it, when all experience teaches
that it has precisely the opposite effect.
That was a good joke on three of Rock
Island's nobby young men yesterday
morning, who took Johnny Weyerhauser's
yacht and proceeded down the river for a
quiet sail, but after going nearly to the
mouth of Rock river couldn't get back
' didn't understand the working of the
blamed thing" and they had to footg it
home, and afterwards hire two men to
bring the yacht back. They had lots of
Weyerhauser & Denkman have, with
out doubt, the most complete saw mill in
this viciuity and make nearly twice as
much lumber as any two mills in this city,
Moline or Davenrort, Since the mill
started this spring, with the new and im
proved machinery which was put in during
the past winter, they have cut on an aver
age about 140,000 feet of lumber per day.
The firm employ about 200 men. 95 of
whom are engaged entirely in the mill.
The following divorce cases are on the
docket for the May term of our circuit
court, viz: John JM. Ktsksdden vs Harri
et Kiskadden; Nancy Crnxen vs William
Croxen, sen.. Margaret Kock vs Andrew
lock: Mahnda J. Dennison vs Philip E.
Jennison; Jennie beidig vs Wesley Red-
dig: Uric (Joborn vs Milden -Ooborn,
John Moeller vs Sophia Moeller; Timothy
Riley vs Mary Riley; Emma A. Iteming
vs John E. Fleming; Margaret llammel
vs Emanuel llammel, and Josephine Ha-
ger vs Jacob liager.
A North Henderson correspondent of
the ijralva Journal says: ' lhere was an
exciting trial here a few days ago between
seven sulky plows. 1 he Butord, Evans.
Skinner, Davenport, Canton, Moline Plow
Co., and the Deere (Gilpin). We are told
that the Bo. lord and Deere are the two
best. The Buford ia made at Rock Island
and the Deere at Moline."
oy the tailing of a large rock in one
of the coal mines in Rapids City, on Thurs
day, James Berry, a miner, was severely
injured the rock striking him in the back
breaking several bones, though the spina!
column is not broken. Dr. Morgan, of
Port Byron, attends the injured man, who
at last reports was in a precarious con
On V ednesday night of last week
the 18th, the house of John Muhlenburg,
: Ti: . i a
iu Xiitza lownsnip, mercer county, was
struck by lightning. The house was al
most demolished: a dog under the house
was killed, and a bed post splintered by
me nuia, out, strange ta say, neither Mr,
m., or uis wue, occupying the bed. were
injured, except a slight shock. The house
was a new one, and the couple had but
recently been married.
vir. a. ljonceDauffb. a resident o
y . ...
agington, while going from Milan to
Andalusia, accidentally shot himself with
a revolver, the ball entering the left leg on
the inside, just above the knee-cap, then
ranging down to the calf ot the leg, spun
tering the bones considerably, and inflict
ii r-r
ing a severe ana ugly wound, lie was
taken to Andalusia and is now confined to
bed, and under the care of Dr. Cozad.
who says he will be able to save the limb
but that Mr. Loogebaugh, in. all proba
bility, will be crippled to some extent,
A fatal accident occurred about two
miies west oi rrinoeton, on the railroad
Sunday night, resulting in the death of
very promiment young man named Fran
Wolfersberger. It seems that half a dozen
boys had taken a walk down to the Bureau
railroad bridge, and about 7 o clock
freight train came along bound for Chicazo.
and as it moved slowly over the bridge the
boys thought they would jump ou and ride
up to town. All of them were successful
but crauk, whose body swung around un
Howe's concentrated syrup, the great
looa punner, and ague cure and tome
bitters, can be had of Bengston and
Ahmed to the Teeth. Is a very com
mon expression, but we think armed to
mbellish and rreserve them to a ripe old
age is decidedly more beneficial and ap
propriate this can only be done by the
fragrant "Sozodont." For cleansing,
beautifying and preserving the teeth.
sweetening and purifying the breath, it
has no equal.
rozzoni s tjhemical Hair Restorative, to
preserve and beautify the human hair.
W hat it will do: Prevents the hair falling
out. increases the growth and beauty ot
the hair, retains the hair in any desired
brm, prevents the hair from turning
grey, prevents and entirely eradicates
dandruff, heals pimples and keeps the
head delightfully cool. The hair becomes
rich, soft and gloscy. Perfectly clean and
n'lll 1 .'1 ori1 lvn 1 . r. . a n r. n n . n '. - . -
mil UUl ouu IUC liai, LIUSSCBCC UU ClUUlnlle I U I m -mm m - . , -
fragrance and as a dressing has no equal. K hi A I i wi I A I IV.
Insurance Co.s.
And will issue Poliaies in any of them at
as LOW A RATE as the risk
will justify.
.Etna, Hartford : $ 7.115,624
Hartford, ' 3,273,809
Phoenix " 2.407.581
National, 1,040,524
Orient, " 77C.179
Atlae, " .... 44,809
Ins. Co. N. America, Philadelphia 6,601,883
Franklin, " 3,352.865
Fire Association, " " 3,778.651
American. " 1.2SO.970
Home, New York 6,104,6M
Niagara, " 1,442,445
ample experience, an entire success. Simple,
Prompt, Efficient and Reliable. They are the only
medicines perfectly adapted to popular use su
simple that mistakes cannot be mado in usinK
them ; so harmless aa to be free from danger : and
so efficient as to be always reliable. They nave
the highest commendation from all, and win
always render satisfaction.
Nos. Cures.. Cents.
,1. Fevera, Congestion, Inflammations, . .
5. Wornu, Worm Fever, Worm Colic," . .
3. Crying-Colic, or Teething of Infanta, .
4. Diarrhoea, of Children or Adults, . .
6. Dysentery, Griping, Hilious Colic, . .
6. Cholera-Morbua, Vomiting, ...
7. Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, . . . .
8. Neuralsrta, Toothache, Faceache, . .
9. Headaches, Sick Headache, Vertigo, .
10. Dyspepsia, Bilious Btomach, ....
11. Suppressed, or .Painful Periods, . .
12. Whitea, too Profuse Periods, ....
13. Croup, Cough, Difficult Breathinpr, . .
14. Salt Khenm, Erysipelas, Eruptions, .
15. ltheumatiaui. Rheumatic Pains, . .
16. Fever and Ague, Chill Fever, Agues,
17. Piles, blind or bleeding,
18. Ophthalmy, and (Bore or Weak Eyes, .
19. Catarrh, acute or chronic. Influenza, .
SO. WhoopUig-CouRh, violent coughs, .
oppresseu iiimuung,
21. Asthma.
22. Kar Disc har area.
23. Scrofula, enlargi
impaired hearing,
srlands. ttweliuurs.
24. General Debility, Physical Weakness. .
25. Dropsy and scanty becretions, . . . .
26. Sea-Sickness, sickness from riding, .
27. Kidney-Disease, Gravel,
28. Kervous Debility, Seminal Weakness
or involuntary discharges, ..... 1 00
29. Sore Month, Canker, ... .50
30. Crinary Weakness, wetting the bed, . 60
31. Painful Periods, with Bpasms, . . 60
32. Disease of Heart, palpitations, etc.,. 1 00
83. Eptlepsey, Spasms, St. Vitus Dance, . 1 00
34. Diphtheria, ulcerated sore throat, . . 50
S5. Chronic Congestions and Eruptions, 50
Vials, 50 cents, (except 25, 82 and 33;, . 1 00
Case (Morocco) with above 33 large viols and
Manual of directions, . . . $10 00
Case (Morocco) of 20 large vials and Book, 6 00
Single Boxes and Vials as above.
4Xo-These remedies are sent by the
case or single box to any part of the
country, free of charge, on receipt of
price. Address ,
HuomyoSpathic Medicine Co.,
Office rnd Depot, No. 562 Bboadwat, Nxvr Yoax.
for sale y a-ii jrujin.
old in kock island Dy censer s, i nomas, uuo
Grojan, C Speidel, and E. Brennert rawf
Manhatten, " S50,653
Westchester, " 861,401
orth Western KaL Milwaukee, Wis.,.. 877 ,193
American Cent. St. Louis, Mo 747.46-!
St. Louis, " 347,001
St. Joseph, St. Joseph, Mo 40,245
Home, ColumbuB, O ; 484,822
Firemen's Fund, San Francisco, (Gold 703,623
(ineen, England, (Gold) 11.422,571
Scottish Com'l, Glasgow 10,661.291
British America, Toronto
Royal Canadian, Montreal
Allemannia, Pittsburgh, Pa
Millville Mutual, MiUville,N. J
Lycoming, Muncy, Pa
It. W. Passenger. Hartford...
Conn. Mntnal Life, Hartford
Total Assets Represented ....$118,088,490
Beal jfisiate.
Price 50 cents and $1 per bottle,
all druggists.
Sold ly
Fopular illustrated book (260 naeesl on
Manhood! Womanhood 1 Marriage!
Impediments to Marriage: the cause and
cure. Sent securely sealed, Dost-paid. for
tu cents, by La. u. Whittiee, 617 St.
Utiarles street, fct. Louis, Mo., the great
specialist, ttead his work.
Mothers can secure health for their
children and rest for themselves bv the
use of Ca8toria, a peafect substitute for
Castoria Oil. It is absolutely harmless,
and is as pleasant to take as honeyi For
W md Colic. Sour Stomach. Worms nr
t-onstipation, tor young or old, there
nothine in existence like it. Itia
it is speedy.
Caked Breasts. Rhe
S y iwviwivui
welhnjrs, bpraios, Stiff Joints. Burns,
Scalds, Poisonous Bites, and all flesh, bone
and muscle ailments, can be absolutely
cured by the Centaur Liniments. What
the White Liniuient is for the human
family, tha Yellow Liniment is for spa vined,
galled, and lame horses and animals.
Loan Agency,
1 9 II A"e rm In McUenry- Co. Ilta. Good I in
laU provements. Tries 94,700
1 9 Q 1 9 Acre Farm In Mr Henry Co., Ills., 2J4
Iwv I W miles from Wooistock.
Fries 94,000
0 H Acre Farm in Story Co., Iowa.
OU pries $2,500
I Kit Acre Farm, Franklin o., Kansas.
10 If rice$4,
QQ Acre Farm, Lyon Co., Kansas.
Lliti Acre Farm, Whitetldtf
TUU Sterling.
W1 9 Ae Farm, Kock Island Co , Ills.
I " C iPrics 4,8O0
Qctl Acre Farm, Atchinson
Acre Farm. Douelas f Jo.. KanKas.
Fries $3,500
Acre Farm. Sumner Co.. Kansas.
Fries $1,600
Fries $1,300
Acre Farm. Dnnclaa C.n . Kansas.
Pries $1,000
Co., Illinois, near
Fries $14,000
Thoroughly Qjres Diseases of the Skin-,
Beautifies the Complexion, Prevents
and Remedies Rheumatism and Gout,
Heals Sores and Abrasions of the
Cuticle and Counteracts Contagion.
This Standard External Remedy for Erup
tions, Sores and Injuries of the Skin, not only
ISHES arising from local impurities of the
blood 4nd obstruction of the pores, but also
those produced by the sun and wind, such as
tan and freckles. It renders the cuticle
and being a wholesome BEAUTIF1ER is far
preferable to any cosmetie.
All the remedial advantages of Sul
phur liATHS are" insured by the use of
Glenn's StfJohur-Soan. which in addi
tion to its purifying effects, remedies and PRE
VENTS Rheumatism and Gout.
It also disinfects clothing and linen
It dissolves Dandruff, prevents bald
ness, and retards grayness of the hair.
Physicians speak of it in high terms.
Prices 25 and 50 Cents per Cake; Per
Box (3 Cakes), 60c. and $1.20.
N B. Sent by MaiL Prepaid, on receipt of price, and
5 cents extra for each Cake. ..
Black or Brows, 50 Cents.
C. I. CRITTE5T05, Prop'r, 1 Sixth Av.,11.
S'tock Faim.
Quinine can be taken without tasto by
mixing in Quinine Elixir." Cheap. Bet
ter than pills. Drueirists keen it. For
sale by the ounce. Manufactured by
Aiiane. woodward Co feona, 111..
v 6-I7mwf&wly
Helmbold's Buchu. Helmbold's
Buchu has long been known as one of the
most valuable medicines attainable in cer
tain classes of diseases, such as dyspepsia,
chronic rheumatism, dropsv. cutaneous
affections, and especially affections of the
urinary organs. As a diuretic, it is supe
rior to almost any other medicine in use,
and the great care with which it is pre
pared, the absolute purity ot the prepara
tion, and the diligence used in the seW.tinn
of the crude material, have made it known
tar aud wide-as a reliable and effective
preparation, and one that can always be
used with safety and benefit. The great
success of Uelmbold's Buchu has led to
the production ol many spurious prepara
tions, which arc made cheaply and placed
upon the market to be Sold on the reputa
tion acquired by Helmbold's original pre
paration. Parties who desire a really good
medicine should be careful and use Helm
bold's only.
Acre. IT arm r'allawv Co.. Mo. Stock Farm
Price $15,000
Co.. Mo. Splendid
Price f 10.BW
OA Arm 14-nrm T?n fn .. "Michigan, adioinlne
0 U F.erlln. P rice 5,000
LA-wt)s in all the Wkstkrh States will nill for
Ck hot part Cash, and vlme on the balance.
Hot'ssa and Lots in Rock Island nd a number
r,f other places lor sale or excnaugeTor lands.
"Call and get prices and location or lauds.
Kock inland. 111., Aug. 28, 1876.
. DIED.,
CORKER On Friday morning, April S7th, 1877.
a v o clock, at bet parents residence on Milan
roaa, L.ucy fi-nzaoetn. eldest danehrer of John r
aad Santo. S. Corker, in her loth yr,
ttiO mm. iffi
Stitched Skeleton Lotta
our attention Is respectfully solicited to my
new novelty in a Stitchbd Skeleton Bustle, now
ready, without Clasps, makinsr a ! or noon
Skirt a liner article that fit the lancic and wants ot
the trade, in their superb stitch wins covkh, finish,
avoidance of clasps aud habsh surface, which cct
auu inn uuuerwear resting uiertoi. una aa-
iu"""S. iuejr mrv radically new, ana strike eery
eve with their superior excellent, at vrin a which
cannot fail to attract the attention of buyers. They
, " '""w sizes, styles ana lengths.
These, and all past makus of Lotta Biwi lx, in-
...uuiuii me DiiKDAiiD vksbbs 3s and 5, are now
ready, in superior workmanship, forming a com
plete line ot stylos and sizes in Panier. Trail and
snort leniftns, which will compare favorably with
those of any other mannfaotmvr .
Diplomas have been awarded my goods each year
since their introduction, by the American Institute
nUlBxhibiio"e " oam bythecenu n-
in quantity by their perfect purity and great
strength; the only kinds made by a pra
tical Chemist and Physician, with scientific
care to insure uniformity, healthfulness, deli
cacy and freedom from all injurious Bubetan-
ces. They are tar superior 10 me cuium"..
adulterated kinds. Obtain the genuine. Ob
serve our Trade Marks as above, "Cream I
Baking Powder, "Hand and Cornucopia. I
Buy the Baking Powder only in cans securely
labelled. Many have been deceived in loose
or bulk Powder sold aa Dr. Price's.
Manufactured onlyby
Qeai iX Jwm end CwcwwU.

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