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Tneilaj, lay 15. 1877.
From tht Cincinnati Enquirer, May 8.
Nw York Statesman on the Polit
ical Situation.
An' Enquirer comtnissioDer yeste
called on Hod. S. & Cox, at the Be
called on Hon. S. S. Cox, at the liurnet
House, to obtain the result or his oDserva
tiooi in the south during the past mouths.
Mr. Cor left Washington just after the
closing of the last congress, and has viited
all the southern states, except Mississippi;
has seen all the principal men, both at the
political and commercial centers. It was
bis first trip south. . Everywhere he was
received as a friend indeed, because he had
been their friend in need. He disclaimed
in all hit speeches any sectional partiality;
holding firmly as he has since bo was
first elected to congress from the Coluiiibus
district in 1856 to the equality of the
states as the only bond of concord, somity,
commerce and contentment. Mr. Cox
plays on the alliterations, and loves the
C's. ' He became eloquent in Georgia on
cotton, in Texas on cattle, and in Arkansas
on corn! Many congressmen have grown
eloquent on the last, corn, or its essence.
Mr. Uox is a: nome on toe unto ana in
Ohio. His wile, who accompanies him,
has relatives in almost every county, and
where Mr. Cox is not connected or known
must be outside this state. His wile is
visiting her cousin, Rev. Geo. Beechcr, of
the First Presbyterian church here, aud
he is visiting his sister, Mrs. Van Renssel
aer, of this county. Cincinnati was his
home in his earliest professional days.
He was a student of Vachol Worthington
in 1847, practiced law here in 1S47-8-9 -50,
is contemporary with Judi-e Hoadly's
early days, and is as familiar with the
Starrs, Andersons, Telfords, Kings, Keys,
Straits, Johnsons, Wardens, Pendletons,
1'ughs, Corrys, et alios, as the eldest of our
bar. Many a case he has tried before
Judge Chas. Brough and Wm. B. Cald
well. He dates back to the common pleas
with associate Judges v tseman, feafhn aud
Moore, and is full of reminiscences of
"J ake Flinn." However, he never touched
politics in those early days; taking to such
studies as left him little desire for the
agonies and exultations of that political
science which culminated in the Pierce and
Pugh contest over the division of Hamilton
coanty, for representation.
Mr. Cox had many friends in this city,
among the earliest of them, Mr. McLean.
That gentleman, by the by, was chairman
, I
.i 'ii . I fnt . I i '
yetawuue, ai least. j.ne pevieuu iut
it is a public one for the call in Uctober,
is that the session will keep -right on.
You know the custom has been, recently,
to meet in December. Generally, little
or nothing is done until a week or more
after the holidays, we tried to prepare
for work in December, by provisions in
the rules and by law, for the printing of
reports, estimates, &c, The appropria
tion committee used to meet in advance of
congress, when it was appointed, and cut
out the work. But after all, little real
Work was, or is, accomplished until after
the holidays.
lieporterr-But is there net a party
rt ason for this late extra session ?
Mr. Cox It is a singular coincidence
that it comes just alter and not before the
Ohio election. This may or may not be
intended. I don't .see what is fo be
gained by either party in thus timing the
meeting of congress. If Hayes' policy
will make a split in congress in the Rep
ublican party it will appear in advance
in the Ohio election: and I rather think it
will show largely such division. Although
Ohio has hadoiuch federal patronage, its
luaw is still greedy. Even Judge Taft is
unsatisfied, From Toledo to Bellaire, and
from Portsmouth to Cleveland, the cry of
the clamorous Uhioan stuns'the air. How
can northern Ohio hold on? How can
old Ben Wade. who is in his usual swear
and tear, contain himself? And will the
Reserve be reserved ?
The currency question will be up in the
next congress, but if we were to meet in
Juno, I don't believe it would be much
discussed, or that anything more than the
silver bill brincing out the old Spanish
milled dollar and makiug silver oral,
"coin" useful in various ways be passed!
However, on silver it is hard to make a
sharp issue. We may make it when it
comes to paying the interest on the fed
eral bonds. Then look out for a big swell
of the "bloated." On the whole, I don't
sec that postponement will hurt the
Democracy, nor help its enemies. Hayes's
policy ha3 not driven one man out of our
party south whom we could not well spare.
The recruits there will be about in propor
tion to the dispensation of grub and
Reporter Will not Blaine and the rest
of the "stalwarts" make a muss?
Mr. Cox When you find out what will
help Blaine or Morton or Conkling to
political preferment you can trace in ad
vance their political course. 1 can not see
just now where Ithese partisan rivals can
even fancy they can be helped by opposing
the JJemocratic policy that Hayes is try
ing to execute.
Reporter But does not this postpone
ment indicate a desire to try I to get a Re
publican organization of congress?
Mr. Cox There never was such a
nebulous idea. Not a Democratic member
of the next house whom I have met. or
Celebrated American
'IMIE countenance is pale and leaden-
JL colored, with occasional flushes, or
a circumscribed spot on one or both
cheeks; the eyes become dull ; the pupils
dilate ; an azure semicircle runs along
the lower eye-lid ; the nose is irritated,
swells, and sometimes bleeds ; a swell
ing of the upper lip ; occasional head
ache, with humming or throbbing of
the ears ; an unusual secretion of saliva;
slimy or furred tongue; breath very
foul, particularly in the morning ; ap
petite variable, sometimes voracious,
with a gnawing sensation of tne stomach,
at others, entirely gone ; fleeting pains
in the stomach ; occasional nausea and
vomiting ; violent pains throughout the
abdomen; bowels irregular, at times
costive ; stools slimy ; not unfrequently
tinged with blood ; belly swollen and
hard ; urine turbid ; respiration occa
sionally difficult, and accompanied by
hiccough ; cough sometimes dry and
convulsive ; uneasy and disturbed sleep,
with grinding of the teeth ; temper
variable, but generally irritable, &c.
Whenever the above symptoms
are found to exist,
Will certainly effect a cure.
iu any form; it is an innocent prepa
ration, not capable of doing the siiglilest
injury to the most tender infant.
The cenuine Dr. MVLane's Vermi
fuge bears the signatures of C. M?L.xe
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Tiieso Pills are not reconiraemiol as
a reraedv lor "all the ills that flesh is
MAG ft
r:. en
Tr7Trt VfATERony
P"- " .j i .iuj nnrpel IB C
"Most complete method
CR AN E.BREED&C0. Cincinnati
nl' Ka I ioninrrntir BfatA r.nnfra.1 onmmitr Rfi
in 1853. and. anxious to be relieved of tne wno na8 written me, but is ready to go in
raannnMihilitv. resigned the ilace ou the to our caucus. The Republicans counted
nole condition that Mr, Cox, then editor of the Arkansas members. I am jus
th Siatexnuin. shou d acceDt it and con- prom mere, ana assure you it is all moon
duct the canvass, lho election resulted
in Governor Medill's success by a maj nty
of 60,000.
After that Mr. Cox began his career in
Ohio politics, It was an unbroken success
till 1864, when he was beaten. He moved
to Now York in 1865, whence he is return
ed to congress, the last time by over 17,
000 majority. One incident of Mr. Cox's
life in Cincinnati is his early acquaintance
with the de facto president. They board
ed at th comer of Vino and Fourth,
with Mrs. t alton, who cared well lor the
young lawyers. Mr. Cox called oo Mr.
Hayes at Washington. "There have been
many ups and downs," said the congress
man to the president, "since we boiirded
tosrether with Mrs. Fulton." "Hut,"
replied the president, "you have had the
most of them." Said Cox, "You had the
last big up; the down will come altera
Reporter Our readers would not be
averse, since your travels south and the
part you took in the last congress, and as a
member or the next, to have your views
as to the postponement of the extra session
until fall, as well as your judgment as to
the organization of the next home.
Mr. Cox said that there were few Dem
ocrats who hesitated when Colonel Morri
son reported a disagreement at the end of
the last session between the two houses on
the army bill. For several yearn i Lad
offered the same ameni'meuts utruiust die
arbitrary and illegal use of the army.
Kcinemberiog the Republican prectMunts
of the Kansas times in 1356, aud later, the
splendid contest which tr.o democrats
made, led by Winter Davis, of Maryland,
in the sping of 1805 by which au army
bill had been defeated in the love of per
sonal liberty the Democracy were in no
mood, after the groat electoral frauds, to
humor any administration ?vhose best point
seemed to be that of the bayonet. Iience,
the last congress dissolved without any
provision for the army beyoud the oOth ct
Juno the end of the current year. This
was about the only courageous act of that
session, but it produced fruits. It en
larged South Carolina and Louisiana. It
led the de facto president to think about I and how forty-odd millions were
his title and the gloomy cloud over it; and and it wiH be reopened
shine. Here is a letter from a Louisiana
member, just received. He says: "There
is much kindly feeling here toward Hayes,
because he has refused to bayonet our
state government, but I propose to support
that party in the north which has always
been our friends. This is the universal
sentiment north and south."
Reporter Who will be the speaker?
Mr. Cox One would suppose by the
constant bulletins sent out of tho ex
speaker's room in Washineton and by the
reporters at Washington where there
have been two or three members only
gathered for two months that the penny-a-liners
had settled that for some one; but
I assure you that the great body of the
members are prudent and reserved.
They intend to be wise beyond their last
experiences in caucus. They will gener
ally await their arrival in Washington, in
October. I could make as good a show, if
not better, than anyone spoken of; partly
because I never made the mistakes of
outers wnuei was in me cnair. liut i am
not going to allow the untrue and sinister
impressiou to prevail that the fight has
been won by any one. There are a couple
of score of members who, perhaps, like to
know who is ahead. They will wait to
kuow. The others will wait, for ether
reasons and motives. Colonel Morrison
aud Mr. Sayler will divide a hand-oust
vote between theaj, But the attempt to
create the impression that .Mr. Randall
has it already is already reacting; for the
members, by coiifcrringdiayj found it to be
Reporter V ill there be an exciting
session in Oi tobcr?
Mr. Cox There ucver will Ik,- jwx
never, till De facia ls euded never ! Some
oue will raise inquiry. 1'erhaps I'ack'ird
and his conspirators will let out their
damnable secrets. The best of all parties
in Louisiana concur in believing that Gov
ernor Tildcn curried the state. I cau give
names. How then can we refuse to reopen
the inquiry ? Haw often during the debate
was it said that fraud vitiates, and that it
never sleeps? Some one will mutter in
dreams, or otherwise, the story of wrong.
whether it was a motive for the president
de facto to behave or not, it certainly was
a good reason, with those cunning in state
craft, like your Stanley Matthews, fur the
recognition of an honest civil policy
toward prostrate states. Now that these
states are not ou the colored apex, but ou
the white basis now that the pyramid is
on popular intelligence aud not on
the whim of a distant execu
tive and the devices of a throng
of local mercenaries and schemes the
appropriation for tho army will keep till
October. There are a good many who
are jealous any how of any army, It
would be dispensable altogether if we
had a wise Indian system like that of
Canada. It is necessary, or a portion of
it, for the Texas border at least until
that border is pacified by the pacification
of Mexico itHeli' under a responsible heJ;
but there will be no trouble in gettiug
some .bankers in Washington, just "aero.is
the way" from the treasury, to shave and
cash the accounts .of the unpaid army
officers until the 1st of November.
Neither Evarts, nor MeCrary, nor Hayes,
nor any of the iucurnatc timidities who
hold under the defective title, will dure
disburse illegally any of the allotted pay,
or otherwise use public moneys not ap
propriated, Our -laws are btrict as to
that, and impeachment is not a hrstum
fulmen now, with the present senate
almost Democratic and net reliably Re
publican. It will not hurt much to have
the men or officers wait three or
four months for any of their pay, It is
not a bad thing to let the cabinet, as well
as officers generally, civil and military,
know that there is a power bigger than a
secretary of war or a commander in chief,
to wit: the popular breath in the federal
congress. -We want to renew the clory
of the commons, if we can, and vindicate
the ancient right to stop the supplies
for the benefit aud in the interest of lib
erty. Reporter-'But, Mr. Cox. will the new
congress do anything besides passing the
army bill? Will it keep on Bitting till
December, and then right on to the end
of the long sewHion?
Mr. Cox There is some little talk in
the newspapers, which are dried up fur
subjects since South Carolina and Louis
iana topics are done, as to , repealing ccr
tain bad aud unconstitutional radical leg
islation, as, ior instance, the enforcement
laws; but 1 have not heard a whisper as
to such matters south; nor is it just now
eagerly contemplated in any quarter.
The south is busy planting and feeling
nappy over recent events, and will not
hurry to look after any further reUef, not
Reporter W hpt will Gov. Tilden do?
Mr. Cox You will have to write to
Colonel i'clton. He is again iu the field
to organize the new bouse -writinz letters
to members for Mr. Randall. Why he
does it you may guess I cau not. It was
not Mr. Uandall'ri running which put
Tilden in I They helped in Hayes. What
the devil Colonel Pulton means, utiles-; he
is preparing for the next presidential
campaign. I don't or can't surmise. I wish
Governor Tildeu would call a halt on him.
The members had little help on the count
little advice which was opportune in
our emergency from that quarter. If it
is not presumption to dictate the organiza
tion of the house, then what is it? But,"
said Mr. Cox, in conclusion, T have come
out ol my travel a little weary of politics.
I thought as all political Ohio had been
scLt from the state to Washington.! could
rest here, see my old friends in this state
and thence to my homo iu New York. I
have been led to talk at length on our
situation, because it will save time. Our
arty should bo an army of observation.
et tne Reitublicaus dvelon their 'new
strength, if they have any. If they get
on our track and come freighted into our
depot, all ritfht. It wou't hurt us. It is a
tribu c to Democratic sense, aud should
lead to our ascendency into power. We
should carry Ohio on it any month in the
year irrespective of congressional meetings
and debates. The question ever recurs:
Why why has this policy of spite and
swor 1, unrest and hate, espiouage and
spoliation been kept in power lor twelve
year.", and only recanted in the face of the
worst fraud of the ages, while the return
ing I .cards aud electoral commissions of
evemsting infamy are fresh in our mem
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Gentlemen. I have been troubled with Catnrrh
for several years, but by the use of iyour remedy it
has been trreatly relieved. This summer 1 have
been entirely free (from it. I make use of it iu my
mini i y tor colds in tne neau, ana una it an etiectual
remedy. I can confidently re.cinmeud it to all who
are similarly alllicted. Very truly yours.
October 2(1,1874. GEO. W. SlIATTUt K.
In the Use of this Kemedy until Cnrei.
It ocntains the Great Healing Ele
ments cf Plants in their es
sential forn as Obtained
by Distillation.
CatarTh, iu its extent and destructive force, stands
next to Consumption, aud is closelv allied to it:
for in certaiu constitutions the transitions lrom one
to the other is oflly a question of time. It is there-
lore a sinpuiar ttilnp tuat tliose afflicted wnh it
should not make it the object oj their lives to rid
tliemselves cf it. A single bottle of any remedy
cannot, in thechrouii tNg, effect a cure, nor eveu
bring the system ruder its influence fully. In
many such cases the bom s and cartilage of the
nose are eaten away, the organs of hearing, of see
lug, and of tasting, so art ec'ed as to be rendered
useless, ihe uvnlva so nlougated and inflamed as to
produce a constant and distressing cough. The re
turn to health must necessarily lie slow, under the
most favorable circumstances, when so seriously af
tl cted ; but as the eviden :e of its great value oaily
comes to baud, we become more and more satisfied
mat mere does not exist a case of Catarrh that can
not be cured by a judicious and persistent nee of
Santokd's Radical Cube fob Catarhh Tha re
lief in every case obtained from the first dose U an
indication of what it will do when the system is
brought constitutionally undents influence,
t Sani-okd'm Radical Cuke is sold l.v all whole
sale and retail druggists throughout the United
States. Prlce$l.
:mp, for it is made of PI RE F
the natural healing Qualities of ttie
For the Laundry or Toilet is EQUAL to White ('uBtik- Soar
KT4RLE OII.M. nnl .v tho came Drocesa. wliii.li retain all tl
oils. It cents SO nidi E.K.VS than the imported article that it is rapidly couiiug iutu gemra!
household The n--' uf Coi okfi Soaps ig comiemiitnt by Physician aa liable to pnluce "skin
dirwar-os. The 11 KIT V of Ihe Wbtte siojau rnlrr Ita um perfectly harnileaa. Made
only by Pboctkk Si uamdle, Ciuciunati. iSold by all whole. ale and retail grocers.
Eagle Anvil Works !
!TorlB77. .
4 r IN
Philadelphia Lawn. Mower, 20-inch Cat.
Ahead of all Competition !
A ftepreaaed, in-ltulile state of mtad
weak, ucrvouH, eihntiat'-f feeltni
no energy or animation J ( confused
head, weak memory, often with de
bilitating, involuntary discharge. The
consequence of excesses, mental overwork or
iudiscrotiona. Thia AERVOt S DEBILITY
finds a sovereign cure in BtlTI!IIKETS,
noMtoi'ATiac srjEciric, is, as.
It tones tip the system, arrests d;chk y dispels
tho mental gloom and despondent. "nu rejuvo.
nates the entire system. It ia perxectly harm'
less and always eticient. Trioe $5, for a packape
of five boxia and a large $2 vial of powder, which
ia important in old, serious cases ; or Jl per single
box. Bold by ALL Druggists, or sent by mail
on receipt of price. Addreaa IXUJirilKEYB'
No. B63 tnoADWAr, If. Y.
perSwjATKe dvttiiHttiaut.
Eight Sizes lor Hand Use.
Weighing from 28 to 55 lbs.
Three Sizes for HOUSE POWEB.
Thes nr.rivailed Machines completely distanced
all comp titiou in the great six mouths' trial ou the
Cen:e..uial Grounds, at Philadelphia, in 1876. In
that memorable contest the leading Lawn tiowcas
of the Unite States were represented, bat so mark
ed was the superiority of the Philadelphia, in
point of case of management, lightness of draft,
non-liability to get out of repair, durability, and
excellence of work performed, that the highest
awards were unanimously given them. The
amount .f work performed by them during that
trial was equal to.. ten years1 ordinary wear, and
yet at the cise, the Machines use-were in as good
working i onditiou as at the commencement.
Patentees aud Manufacturers.
bead for SeacnpUvo Catalogue with price.
Afford the most Grateful Re
lief in all Affections of the
Chest aiid Lungs,
Messrs. Weeks & Potte :
(Jentlemen. Haviuj? for many mont' s past suf
fered with a very lame sidacailed by my physician
Chronic fleuoisy, caused by a former injury and
str.iiu and for which I used many prescriptions and
uuimeni, as wen as me so-canea raeuniauc cures,
without the least beuent.my physician recommend
ed oue of your Coujns' Voltaic Plasters, which
to my great surprise, relieved the pain aud sore
Dens linOBt immediately, and 1 have been able to
attend to my houi-ebold adulrs ever .-iuce with per
feci ease aud comfort, whereas before the applica
tion ot your lnvaiuahle planter was scarcely able
to do anything. I consider them Uietimtble. and
shall with pleasure recommend them to ihe afflict
ed. Yours respect lull v.
Oklano, Me,, April 21, ldTti.
There is no n.edical or protective appliance that
will prove so gratof-tl aud eriect'Ve in Tickling
Coughs, Irritation and Soreness of the Chest and
Lungs. We believe them capable of preventing se
rious diseases of these organs. ,
Sold by all drucirisis for 25 cents. Sent oh re-
ceipt of 23 cents for one, $1 35 for six, or tor
twelve, careiuny wranpea. ana warranted perfect
bj WiXlia&i,OTi'liUt,PropriUli!j6Uix,M.j.
Established 1843
Made at the oldest Anvil manufactory in this
country. All English Anvils, after a time, become
hollowing on the face by continued hammering in
use, on acconnt of the fibrous nature of the wrought
irou causinsr it to "settle,'" under the steel.
lut the body of the Kagle Anvil being of crys
tallized iron, such settling cannot occur; and the
steel face therefore remains perfectly true. Also,
it has the great advantage, that being of a more
soi.K material, and, consequently, with lets re
bound, the piece forged receives the FULL effect
of the hammer, instead of a part of it being wasted
by the rebound, as with a wrought iron Anvil.
More work can therefore be done on this Anvil
with a hammer one-fifth lighter than required for a
wrought iron Anvil which ia more elastic.
The working surface is tn one piece of J essoins
Best Tool Cast Stekl, accurately ground, hard
ened and given the proper temper for the heav
work. The horn is oftongb untompcred stee'
The cast steel surface ie warranted to be
onghly welded and not to come off.
I'lUCE LIST. OCTOBEit 1st, 187G.
Anvils weighing loo !b. to 8(io lbs. il cts per lb
Smaller Anvils, ("Minims.") from $ -J.75 to $8 each.
10 inch.
14 "
12 "
14 "
10 "
20 "
Cl4 inch wheels.
A Lady,
One Man,
A Lady,
A Youth,
One Man,
28 lbs..
55 " .
34 " .
87 " .
41 " .
46 " .
50 " .
61 " .
. 22 (m
. I" "0
. ("I
. 22 "0
. 24 M
. 2ii W
. 22 W
8!4 inch "
30 " With Draft Rjd, Light Horse, 315 " f lim W
30 " Shafts aud Seat, " 350 " 11 Oil
36 " " One Horse, " 450 " 100 "0
Warranted to work as represented when properly managed.
When ordering Machines mention width of cut and style.
GRAHAM, EMLEN & PASSMORE, Manufacturers.
No. Kil Market Street, j. PHILADELPHIA
aetifi:al liuls
Dooley's Patent Combination
- Manufacturer of
Office for the Northwest of Dr. Ill y's Celebrated
Patent Limbs, as the following will show:
Rochester, N. Y.. Scut. 1. 1874.
Robert Batt, K.-tj.. Milwaukee, Wis.
1)eab Sik: You are the only party authorized to
triahe my Patent Lege in the Northwest, there be
ing no one in Chicago authorized to wauuf acture
any of my patents. Yours &c.
, Lilt. ULI.
Bly'e Limbs manufactured oc Government orderf.
Apparatus for Shortened Limbs and all Lk-foriuit
nes. or particulars address
105 Wisconsin Street Milwaukee Wis.
mis, EYE.
Put up in boxes containing 25 lbs, each.
These Toe -Calks are made from Steel converted
from carefully selected brauds of Norway and
Swedes Iron by a special process which ensures the
utmost ease in weioing, together with tht greatest
UUiOUliliJ iu weir,
For sale by all iron, steel and hardware dealers
throughout NewEugland Manufactured solely
"i v. r.iunioasiu,
8(i0 Dorchester Ave., South Boston, Miss.
PSEY & L00MI3, Prcprietcrs. M
j I thorough and complete course in
j and the preparatory English branches.
terms reasonable. NUiht s.'nooi i-m
ohertoMav 11 18dt
Patented July 2s., 1871. Reissued May 13 1
1873, and J uue 9th, 1874.
In this strap the liability of the leather to
stretch auu bei ome loose and poro'i ia pre-1
vented by a patent nou-exteubible base.
winch supports the leather and secures
this style with a single tod. double rods, and
wood frames, aud it tend that it shull,in qual
ity, compare favorab'y with our other well
known brands. -
' . , Manufacturers,
Special Advantages.
i. Eight eminebt Profeesore as Ihstructors.
The Beet and mow Kb" eant Rooms in the West.
i Boarding Club. Good board (1.80 tn 2 a week
t Three First class pentnea eoustantlv employed
5. Superior individual instruction in MoVk-keep"lng.
-(.Commercial Law. Invainabk' to business men.
r. Comaerclal Arithmetic, thorough and practical.
. Vnequaled advantages for learning Telegraphy.
.Scholarships good iaPorty Colleges. .
tn. These ad vantage are possessed by no othe
School. Address
. . t Davenport, Iowa
13J Piaoe state where fou caw thi csxd
best in the world. The Inven'or has used UiiS
spieuded Hair Dve for J years with benefit to the
hair, and no injury to bis health; proof ihat it i
the ouly true and perfeet Dye, Harmless, reliable.
liiftauLaiicotis. . No disuppointment ; no ridiculous
tints; remedies the IU etlecta of bad dyee; leave
the hairfcoft and beautiful Black or Brown Sold
and properly applied at BATCULOR'S Wig Fac
tory. No. lt Bond street, N Y, Sold by all drug
Ring" -Worm. Burn,Cliiiblains. Itching of the Head
and all Eruptions of the Skin, Face or Body iumie
diately cured by Batchelor' Curative Oititm-'W.
Sold wholesale ai.d retail at factory, No. Hi BoDd
street, and by ail druggists.
for the Hair. The Best Hair O-viu nse
Sound, Healthy Gums, Breath Flagrant as the Rose
aec.red by using W. A- Batchelsr'e Dentifrice. Sold
wholesale aud rlil at Factory, No. lit bond street,
N. V. and by all druggists.
V. A, B'tfCBELIR'S SE tniWl
Black or Er wu for tinting the Ila
Whiskersiir Mustachois without greasing them.
Sold wholesale aud retail at factory, lti Bond Si
New York, an.l by ail drusrgit. Apk fo' il;-;i .
1 mJ r&, Wi
The Most Reliable Dry Hop
Yeast in Market.
For sale by all first-class Grocers.
Factories at Peoria, ill. : Detroit, Mich,
loo, M Y., and Toronto, Ontario.

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