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Widneslsj. Juno 6, 1S77.
Compound Fluid Extract
Tlil Preparation contains no narcotic or Injurious
drug. Nor la It quack nostrum, recom
mended for every disease ; but for such
diseases aa are here enumerated, viz: for Dis
eases of the Bladder, all Diseases of the Organs,
weakness, Jtc, whotber in male or female, no
matter of how long standing. It allays pain and
Inflammation, which other remedies Invariably
cause, and Is pleasant to the taste.
It U gratifying to the proprietor of these medi-
clnes to be able to state that It Is now nearly SO
years since they were first Introduced; during
which time the have been extensively need In
various parts of the United States, and have given
to patient and practitioner the highest degree of
satisfaction in the various cases in which they
have been employed ; whether in town or country
hospital, or private practice, they have invariably
given the moot decided and unequivocal satisfac
tlon, and produced the most salutary and benetlcls
effects. 'NumeroBi letters have been received from
ome of the most distinguished Physicians in the
country, and from the Professors of several Med
leal Colleges, all recommending in the highest
terms, the value of these medicines, and their so
periorlty over other preparations for such com
plaints as the proprietor I ecommends., ,
These medicines require considerable care in
the preparation, and tho employment of different
menstrua in successive operations to toko up the
extractive matters, and In consequence are most
frequently improperly made, and not unfrequontly
much Impaired, if not rendered totally inert by
injudicious and unskilful management of those
nnacqnalnted with pharmaceutical preparations.
Numerous preparations of Sarstparllla and of
Bnchn, and various mode of preparing them
have been given, all of which, of course, will differ
according to the mode of preparation which each
Individual may adopt. It is, therefore, of the
highest consideration and importance to the pub
lic and to the faculty thai there should be standard
preparations of uniform strength, and possessing
the most advantage. To effect this, and obviate
the inconveniences alluded to, I have made a
number of experiments to ascertain the most
effectual means or extracting the virtues of Sar
Biparllla and the Buchu, and to dli'dnver the most
eligible form for their exhibition. The experi
ment have resulted most favorably, and It is with
much pieasnre I now offer to the public and the
faculty my Compound Fluid Extract, which
contain all the virtues of the medicines, and are
the most active preparations of cither which can be
Two tablcspoonsful of the Extract of Zarsapa
rllla, added to a pint of water, 1 epual to the Lis
bon Diet Drink, and one bottle is fully equal to a
gallon of tha Syrup of Sarsaparilla, or the Decoc
tion, as usually made.
Compound Fluid Extract
For purifying the blood and removing all diseases
arising from excess of Mercury, chronic consti
tutional diseases arising from an impure state
ol Ihe Blood, Ac, 4c; and in especially recom
mended for Scrofula, Tetter and Pimples on the
Face, and all Scaly Eruptions of the Skin.
AH Druggists Everywhere.
Take No Other.
Price $1 per Bottle.
or Sis for $5.
Delivered to any -address, seenrely packed from
Describe your symptoms in all communtca'ions.
Cures guaranteed.
Advice gratis.
Medical depot, l(MSouth Tenth Street, beluw
Cheatuut, Philadelphia.
Bewaie of counterfeits and unprincipled deal
ers, who endeavor to dispose of their own and
"olher" artluleg on the reputation altaiued by
Uelmbold's Genuine Kxtract Buchu, Extract
Sarsaparilla, and Improved Rose Wash.
Successor to and Manufacturer of
Genuine tfrejeratisrs !
The WeatharTo-Day.
The following shows the temperature
at Th Argus Office to-day as . in
dicated bv thermometer :
7 a. . 78 a above serol It n, M above sere
I a. ii,703 ' " r.m. 85o "
It will pay to keep yout Harness in good
condition. Use Frank Miller's Prepared
Iarness Oil.
Tablo cutlery, spoons, castors, etc.,
ower than elsewhere in the three cities
at May Bros. 6dlt
For Sale A fine country residence, with
choice surroundings, etc. This frequently
means that the occupant wishes to regain
health: because a residence in a malarial
district will induce blood poisoning, and
hence disease. This can be most expedi
tiously counteracted by the prompt admin
istration of Dr. Bull's Blood Mixture.
Curtain Pleasures Vanish when the
teeth decav. viz: The pleasure derived
from eating, the pleasure arising from
the consciousness of possessing a sweet
breath, and the pleasure of knowing that
a smile in partiog the rosy lips reveals new
beauties behind them. Render these
leasures perpetual by the regular use of
ozodout. What bpaldinit s Olue has
joined cannot be put asunder.
Tax Notice. Notice is hereby given
that the tax sale for the taxes of 1876 will
commence at 10 o'clock. June 11, 1S77.
Large tax payers are requested to hand in
their lists that receipts may be made ready
for payment Our list being very large
wo would ask those who can to call at once
and pay their taxes to avoid a rush during
the last week of payment.
S. R. Porter, County Collector.
Rock Island, May 25, 1877. 25d&wt
Wednesday, June 6. John Ragan o
Iowa, but at work near Preemption, was
jailed last night by Policeman Gorman for
being drunk. Justice liawes hned mm
15 and costs. Paid and discharged.
Frank W oods was arrested this forenoon
by Policeman Feeley for creating a row at
Sickle's boarding house, in tho lower part
of the city, last night. As he was drunk
when arrested he was jailed to allow him
to sober up.
Daniel Edgington, of Edgington, was in
the city to-day.
"Uncle" John Warner will leave this
evening for McGregor, Iowa, to purchase
3,000 tons of sand to be used in the manu
facture of glass at our glass factory.
Mr. C. Winter, of the Keue VoTks-
Zeitung, and John Seighartner are also in
Qainty, attending the "state saengerfest
which, tha telegraph says, is a grand sue
Tie Eufortl Tlovr Worke.
On next Saturday evening the Buford
Plow Works will slut down for the usual
three weeks' summer vacation.
The members of the ''Plow Works Be
nevolent Society," an organization com
posed of workmen of the factory, wi
hold a x ceting to-morrow evening to make
arrangements for the sixth annual pic ni
of the society, on Green island, on Wed
nesday next, the proceeds of which will
go to the organization.
BuMut"s is still good, especially in culti
vators, though the works are not crowded.
A car load of cultivators was shipped to
Texas to day.
Odd dishes of all kinds at a sacrifice an
May Bros. Everything merited in plais
figures and, now selling at wholesale price
at r-Jtail. Odlt.
Tke Lumber Prospects.
At the request of Davenport lumber
men, a meeting of saw mill owners of this
yicioity was held in Davenport yesterday
afternoon, the object of the meeting being
to take necessary steps toward advancing
the price of luoibcr. Owing to the ab
aci c J of Mr. J. S. Keator, of Moline,
nothing definite was done, but it was de
cided f iat the price ought to be raised.aDd
several of the mills will do so.
Mr. Weyerhaaser, of Weycrltauser &
Denkman's miil. was interviewed this fore
noon, lie stated that the lumber pros
pect was duller than ever before; that
tha rivers above were all falling again ; no
logs could be floated out; and that there
ere not enough logs out to run the mills
on the Mississippi three weeks longer.
For the past week all the mills in this
vicinity, and also all tdong the river, have
only been runnine with half a force of
men. The Stillwater Messenger and Mr,
Weycrhauser's private correspondent re
port that there is no prospect for the usual
June rise, and everything looks discour
aging. Mr. V will leave on Monday to attend
a special meeting of the Mississippi Log
ging Co., to be held in the company's
office at Beef Slough on the 18th.
A despatch from above says:
The water in the St. Croix and its
tributaries is falling fast. The amount of
logs in the main boom from the late rise is
15,000,000 feet, and the amount below the
boom 3,000,000 feet. The boom started
on May 25th, turning out 1,500,000 feet a
day. A few log are runnimr into the
boom from the Yellow, Clam, Nameacoy
gin, Tamarac, Kettle and Wood rivers.
The river has declined three feet at Tay
lor's Falls, and is falling rapidly. But a
few more logs can reach the boom on the
present rue. The drives on all streams
are uncertain, unless we get more rain.
Fair short logs are selling at ?8, loose,
below tLe Loom.
It is to be hoped that our mills will pro
cure enough logs to enable them to run
the balance of the season for to shut
down during the coming month would be
a great misfortune to a large force of la
A Point on Which the "Doctors Agree.
Physician who have tested Hostettcr's
Stomach Bitters concur iu representing it
to be an eminently safe stimulant, fur pref
erable to the ordinary liquors of commerce,
not only because it is medicated, but be
cause it is infinitely pure. Its alcoholic
basis is the finest old rye, and this is tem
pered and rendered medicinal by the cura
tive ingredients of botanic origin which it
holds in solution. It has often, been imi
tated, but never rivalled, and is to-day .'J30
leading tonic, diuretic and aperient cf
America. Malarial fevers are prevented
and remedied by it, and it is a thoroughly
reliable medicine In cases of dyspepsia.
constipation, liver complaint, rheumatism,
gout, nervousness, urinary and uterine
affections. It improves the appetite, in
creasing the bodily stamina, checks pre
mature decay, and as a sustaining and com
forting cordial for the aged and infirm is
What are They Going-to Do?
The city council, at. it 3 last meeting.
ppointed four gentlemen as health com
missioners. JNow what are these tour men
going todo? In accepting the appointment
they have tacitly agreed to perform the
duties of the office, and furthermore, by
accepting they, in fact, claim the knowl
edge and ability to perform all the duties
of their office, They are judges of the
aw in all matters that appertain to their
duties and the execution ot the same.
They possess all the police authority that
is by law and custom guaranteed to the
city. Will not the public, if these state
ments be true, hold them responsible for
whatever serious results may come from
any negligence of duty or incompetenco on
their part.. The medical fraternity agree
that one-third of all deaths are from the
diseases which belong to the preventable
causes; most of the zymotic (epidemic and
contagious) are preventable, and many are
filth disease, so called. To guard against
those seems to be understood to be the
duty of these gentlemen. In 1869 the
citizens association of New York city, said
"The daily records of the medical gen
tlemen who have carried cn the work of
sanitary inspection are full of testimony to
the fact that tho prevalence of lever
(typhoid and typhus), small-pox, infantile
diarrhoea and dysentery, with excessive
sickness and death-rates, are invariably
found associated with certain well-defined
and local conditions."
The correction of any such dangerous lo
cal conditions in this city belongs to the
four gentlemen whom the council has
named. They claim to be capable, wil
they do it? Dr. Rush one of the keenest
of observers wrote that the means of pre-
ventiog pestilential fevers is as much
under the power of human reason and in
dustry as the means of preventing ths
evils of ligKtning or common fire. So
satisfied was he of the truth of this opin
ion that he looked tor the time when our
courts of law should punish cities and vil
lages for permitting any of the sources of
bilious or malignant fever to exist within
their jurisdiction; and, we believe, it was
Florence Nightingale who taid there can
be no stronger condemnation of any town
than the outbreak of a fatal epidemic in it
Should there be one in this city, on whom
will the responsibility rest? What do
these gentlemen say to that' well defined
principle of law that whoever accelerates
death causes it ? The public will expect
these four men to know how safely to
dispose of garbage and dead animals
how to control gas companies sufficiently
. . i f a
to prevent tnem irom poisoning the air
and soil; to teach practical plumbers how
to make traps that will not permit the
sewer gases to escape ioto the bath-rooms
and chambers; and drain builders to allow
descent enough in their drains to carry
off the water; and sewer buildings to have
them so tight and with fall enough to pre
vent the escape of gas and carry off the
feculence that comes often back in airy
forms into our noses. The f tnelis of
city are not only disgusting, they are pois
onous. "The public health is
great ana material mterest, aD
to the hands of these gentl men
together with tho city council is entruste
this interest. We believe the people wi
co-operate in this work -and it should be
begun at once. To all we commend th
words of Dr. Sehenck of the St. Louis
Female Hospital, who eays:
Av 3111 the auoip i.i;ir i)J house on
damp ground; the pool, the ditbh. the gu
ter, the water course, the foul privy, th
cesspool, the drain; any accumulation or
deposit of organic matter. It you do not
place the ssej into the grouud it will not
grow; it you uo not sow you will not reap
neither will you get the geriya of disease
if you do not have around you the mate
rial upon which they subsist. Cultivate
cleanliness; the voice of God thunders a
of old "wash and be clean. ' Clean in per
sou and house; the food you eat, the water
you drink cd the air you breathe; clean
in thought tr;d n life, lhe air should be
fres from conUuilnacixin with poison
miasm, from detective drainage, daoompo
sition, waste, either vegetable or aoinju
The water should bo guarded from all itn
purities, such as are peroolated from filthy
sources, as cess pooln, privies, pig-styles or
the waste -of manufactories. Pure air
pure water, food fresh, saaj, wholesome
well cooked and taken in due proportion;
and sunlight are sources of healthful
Card from Marshal Jauuiags &f Davei
Marshal Jcnniugs, of Davenport, will
publish in the Democrat of this evening,
the following card. Mr. Jennings also
requests its publication in The Argus,
together with tho eubjoined " note from
Justice Blojd.
Editor Democrat:
Deau Sir; I feel called on to contradict
an untruth'.u! statement, which appeared
in the R. L Uiuon, of June 5th. I pro
nounce the whole matter & fabrication and
a yery lame get-up to viudicate any thing
or asy person. And the chap who has
produced the yarn must certainly get the
oredit of possessing a flexible memory,
something on the India rubber style
something capable of an undue exteusion.
and a strong memory, with a vivid recollec
tion of remembering things and matters
that never occurred or never shall, 1 be
lieve, as every truthful person does, that
the only - possible mode of arriving
at the truth in kny caaefs by telling the
truth and the whole truth, which has not
been done in the article in the Union
The suit of $100, as gotten up against me
by Messrs. Lundy & Coyne, has been with
drawn by their own counsel, the plaintiffs
paying coat? accruing, which the signature
of C, Gf Blood, P. M., will amply testify,
a true copy of which is annexed hereto.
I now emphatically state that I had not
the mcst remote idea of withdrawing said
suit, even if it could be attained by
the payment of a solitary Dickie. I be
lieve I performed an honest duty in vin
dicating one of onr city ordinances, and
will do so again if the case presents itself.
This circuitous movement, trying to bolster
up a case, the merits of which the public
can iudge, is utterly futile and only dis
plays the weakness ot the cause it seeks
to uphold.
I uow ask your forbearance for this
sg'.by statement, Mr. Editor, but know-
yo to be a voucher for truth, I re-
i Jt,up, yours respectfully.
Lp. J. Jennings, Marshal.
. Lundt & Cojmu J "
Edward 3. Jennings. )
Entry on the docket, suit dismissed at
plain tiff '8 cost. C. G. Blood, J. P.
Breakfast and dinner set, yases, chan
deliers, lamps, chimneys, etc., at pet
wholesale prices, at retail. . May Bros.,
cor. 13th street ui 2d lYt&ae, Gdlt
But very few farmers in town to-day.
The country roads are in very good
Justice Cropper was not in his office
to-day. He went a-fishing.
1 Emil Koehler, the down-town drug
gist, has just had a handsome $425 soda
fountain placed in bis store.
Teachers' normal drill for Mercer
county will be held in Aledo from July
30th to August 24th, inclusive.
John Robertson, a good fellow and
formerly a photographer in this city, has
established a photograph car at Reynolds,
The dinning car on the west end of
the C. R. 1. & P. road between Atlantic
and Council Bluffs began running yester
The whistle at the water works has
been repaired and ' when Supt. Cramer
gets it properly "tuned" it will be the
oudest and most stirring whistle in this
vicinity. It was repaired by Jjred. tiass.
The engineers at the water works
complain that there is a sickening stench
comes from the refuse which was thrown
on the river bank from Gilmore s slaugh
ter house last winter and they, want the
nuisance abated. .
Lewis Wilson, Esq., of Rural, was in
the city to-day, and reports crops as
ookmg fine in that part of the county
He says that many of the farmers were
obliged to plant their corn two or three
times, but it is all right now.
Mayor Butler stated this morning that
he had already received petitions from a
number of property owners asking that
the council again extend the gas district
in certain localities, as they are willing to
pay the gas tax if they can procure the
The managers of the "moonlight
party to ureen island, this evening, say
that the postscript "tickets $2, inclading
everything" means "all you can get,"
dancing, refreshments, etc., etc. .(iood
enough and there v. ill probably be
large party.
-Supt. Everrett wishes us to say that
Strasser s band, of Davenport, will furnish
the music for the commencement exercises
of the graduating chss in the Centra
Presbyterian church to morrow evening,
and tnat i4orey rolsom s band will furuish
the music tor the reception at the High
school on i riaay eveniDg.
-(Jounty treasurer i'orter is now re
ceivmg taxes at the rate of $1,500 per
day and besides this he is, at the request
of property owners, preparing receipts for
three or four times that amount, and they
will be paid before the day of salethe
11th. lhe delinquent list, however,
will be larger than last year.
Strawberries sold at from 10 to 20
cents per quart to-day; new cherries, the
first of the season, sold at 20 cents per
quart; new cabbace $1 per dozen; beets
50 cents per dozen bunches; new potatoes,
o cents per pepk; and peas and beans,
60 cents per peck, Geo, Henry had the
first consignment of cherries,
Jim Hardin, engineer at the water
works, will soon have those deer horns put
up over the front door of the engine room.
The first pair he received are carefully
wrapped up in tow and stored away in
a safe place aad Jonly confidential friends
are allowed to gaze upon them. This is
the pair which cost Jim $?,S5 express
Henry Hudson,' a farmer iu Bowli3g.
was at the glass factory, this forenoon", and
purchased a !ar;:e glatg globe which he
will fill with alcohol and preserve a double-bodied-eight-legged
one headed-two-tailed
pig which was regently born on his plaoe,
but did not live. He will preserve it un
til he can dispose of it to some showman
and he thinks "there's tnillious in it"
The water works cooiojittea from
Memphis will be in this city to morrow to
inspect' our watfjr works machinery.
Memphis expects to put in a pump with a
ca'pacity of G.000.000 gallons every 24
hours, and the comtuittps is ipsppptiog the
pumps ot the lloliey Manufacturing jo
with a view of purchasing one of their
The number of Opium and Morphia eaters
in this Country alone, would equal in size
an immense army, to what extent tne de
sire was ingrafted in thee unfortunates by
the early administration of tho deadly poi
sons named, it is not difficult to conceive,
Dr. Bull's Baby Syrup is the remedy for the
diseases ol Babyhood, contains nothing in
jurious to the weakest infant and is Abso
lutely safe under all circumstapecs. Price
0 cents.
C. R. I. & P. B. R.
Annual Meetin j-Election of Birectors
and Officers.
The annual meeting of the stock holders
of this popular road was held in Chicago
to-day. The result was learned at a late
hour this afternoon by special despatch to
The Argus, and is as follows:
W. L. Scott, Ja Gould.
Sidney Dillon, R. R. Cable,
H. If. Porter, C. R. Marvin,
A.U. Dulman, F. II. Tows.
David Dows, H. Riddle,
II. P. Fowler, F. Lawes.
Benj. Brewster,
President, H. Riddle.
Vice1 President, David Dows.
Treasurer and Secretary. F. II. Tows,
By this it will be seen there is no change,
The electiou of Mr. R. R. Cable, of this
city, as a member of the bssrd of directorp?
will be especially gratifying to everybody
id this vicinity, and is, as well," a deserved
compliment to his superior abi'ity and ex
perience as a railroad manager.
Kethodist Excursion frcm Kewanee
and Vicinity.
TL ! YT .
1 ne excursion irom .ewanee and vi
cinity, under the auspices of the Kewanee
M. E. church, arrived in . this city about
11 o'clock this forenoon, and consisted of
seven loaded coaches and one flat car with
an awning. By actual couot the excur
sion numbered 01 persons, excluding
chfldren-in-arms.. The gentleman having
the matter in charge were Rev. N. Spur
lock, tjie pastor, and Messrs, H. C. Par
ker; H. L. Gould, C. S. Wentworth. J. II.
Pinney and C. N. Whitney, editor of the
Kewanee Cojtfifr, The excursion left
Kewunee at 7:30 o'clock this morning.
Upon arriving here those who brought
lunches proceeded to Court Square where
they enjoyed their dinner under the "coo!
shadows of the trees, while others repair
ed to our hotels and boarding houses,
a large number stopping at the Harper
House, and over 100 took dinner at the
Rock Island House. After dinner many
of the excursionists procee3ed to Rock
Island Arsenal by tram, while others pro
cured carriages. After viewing the many
objects of interest to be seen in this vicin
ity the party returned home, late this afternoon,-all
appearing well pleased with
the trip. '."'..' .
Amongithe excursionists was Mr. C.
Bagsett, editorpf JhelKewanee, Indepeif
The residence of Win. Church, Tin
North Henderson Township, Mercer
county as burned on the 30th, with its
contents. UauBe unknown, i ne ounaing
was insured for $1,000. There was a hign
wind at the time, and the house was en
tirely consumed in half an hour after the
fire was discovered. The family was en
gaged in planting corn, in a field close by,
and saved nothing but the. clottung tney
had on. ,
Attracting much ArrENTioN.-Among
adics and gentlemen of refinement, Dr.
Price's American Perfumes are attracting
much attention. His Floral Riches is in
deed a toilet luxury. In the sick room, a
disinfectant gratefully refreshing to the in
valid. In the bath, reviving. For the
handkerchief, a presistent. delightful per
fumes. Dr. Price s Floral Riches is rapid
ly superseding the use of other Cologne
and toilet waters. Dentists, clergymen,
orators, and professional men will be pleas
ed with it.
China tea Bets at priees 40 per cent.
lower than usual retail rates at May
Bro 6dlt
A Scke Thing. Dr. King's Syphilitic
Remedy is warranted to cure Syphilis -in
the primary, secondary and tertiary stages,
and in all its varied and complicated forms.
and will cure the worst cases of venerial
diseases, cases which . have resisted the
treatment of the most eminent physicians
of America. ' It cures the first stage and
heals the ulcers in a few days. .It cures
ulcers in the mouth, nose, throat, head,
arms and legs ; also, hard pains in the
bones and joints, swelling of joints, syphi
litic rheumatism, etc.. in a short time,
Price, $5 per package. Sent everywhere
by express. A treatise on sexual diseases
free. Sent mailed for two stamps. Sold
by Dr. J. Dinsbeer, 505 North? Seventh
street, St. Louis, Mo. Cures guaranteed
or the money refunded. Dr. Dinsbeer
makes Chronic Diseases a specialty. If
you are afflicted, with no matter what, call
or write, lor sale by all druggists,
Fluid Lightning instantly cures tooth
aohe, .
Lodilles Headache Specific, wil
actually cure nervous and sich headache in
less than 25 minutes. It is pleasant, it is
harmless and it is particularly emciacious,
Only 50cls a bottle at Bengston's drug
lhe celebrated reona show cases
cheaper than apy other in the market
Quality guar&nted. W orkmansbip un
surpassed. Rob't G.Luike, manufacturer
Peoria. Ills., fcield Bros , agents, Rock
Island, Ills. 5-10dly
Ladies throughout the American and
European Continents have testified to the
excellent remedial virtues of Pozzoni's
Medicated Complextion Powder, It im
ports to the skin a beautiful transparent
whiteness, makes it delicately soft and
smooth, removes freekles, tan, and allays
ail irritation, bold whulextiie and retai
by J. A. Pozzoni, St. Louis, Mo., and by
E, Breunert, Emil Koehler, C. Speidel.'and
lienser & 1 nomas, Rock Island.
Miss: A Word is Your Ear. The
next fine afternoon that you saunter out
uy a box or blenns Sulphur Soap
That admirable purifier will remove eveyy
one ot those pimples which detract so
much frcm your beauty, Depot, Cnt
ten'op s, o. 7 Sixth avenue.
There is youth in every bottle of HlLL
Hair Dye.
For Thirty Years. The dark-eyed and
lovely daughters of Spanish America
have used Murray & Lanruao'w Florid
VV ater as their only cosmetic and toilet
V-erfume. It is the most fragrant, as well
as the most lasting of all Floral Waters
and possesses refreshing and invigorating
properties not contained in any other pre
paration of the kind.
isgppor sale by Perfumers. Druggists
and ancy uoods Uealers.
Dunbar's Wonderful Discovery 1 Bethesda
aaineral Spring; water.
Waukesha, Wis.
This water is the acknowledged cure of
tue ;stra?Jg!j!e and incurable disease known
as ilright's disease, uunietes.aropsy, brick
Just deposit, inflammation ol the neck of
the bladder, alkali, and gouty swelling.
ror the Jiverit is unsurpassed, it will a
lay all inflamatiun (if the kidney and urinal
organs in twenty-four hours giving imme
dig,te fejief; also, in rearltt lever it pre
Vt'Dia ttie j,i4uer from popsesiiiig, and re
moves all traces of albuuieneria, it will
give relief in all cases of hih (ever. lias
never failed to do what is claimed for it.
Col. Richard Dunbar.
Waukesha, Wis.
For sale in Davenport in any quantity
by Emeis & Co ,and by druggists through
out tqe lyorld. 5 19d&wly,
: .
Howe s concentrated syrup, th? great
blood purifier, and ague cure and tonic
bitters, cau be had of Ucpgetoo and
Thomas. '
Popular illustrated book (2G0 pages) n
Manhood! Womanhood! Marriage!
Impediments to Marriage; the cause and
cure. Sent securely sealed, post-paid, for
50 cepts, by pR. C. Whittier, 617 St.
Charles gtre'et, $t. JjOu, 5o., the great
specialist. Head his work,
Such a combined effort upon the parfrof
all its attachees is always made to please
its guestr, that the visitor to the Colonnade
Hotel, Philadelphia, Pa., is pretty Bure to
Since the opening of the new and excel
lent Hotel DevoQshire, opposite the main
entrance pi' Grand Central Depot, first
clasa accommodations at reasonable rates
can be bad in this most convenient locality.
By all meaus stop at the Hotel Devonshire
on your next visit to the city of New xrorlc.
The Grand Central Hotel, New York, is
a model establishment. It 13 superb in
style and appointment. In size and capac
ity for accommodations it has no eaual.'
It was the first leading hotel to lower its
rates from $4XQ to $2.1(0 and $3.00 per
aay. ;ta reputation ;a tnsurmssea, apg
it receives fresh endorsement daily fropi
thousands of its guests,
A Valuable. Medicine. Buchu in
various forms has for many years been one
of the chief articles in the Materia Medica
for the treatment of certain diseases,
among which are chiefly those affecting
the urinary, digestive, and circulatory or
gans, i he difficulty that was long ex
perienced in obtaining a preparation of
this valuable drug that could always be
relied upon for uniformity in strength and
absolute purity led fo. the introduction of
lielmbold s extract 01 uchu, wiich for
tho last quarter of a century has been ex
tensively used both by physicians and in
bouse and family practice, and with verv
gratifying success.--This medicine, , like
every other valuable thing, has been imi
tated, and those who have use for it will
do well to see that the obtain the genuine
'Helmbold Buchu." the onlv Dure and
reliable preparation. -
Notice to Contractors.
June 9. at 13 M.. for the erection of a or.tinnl
bnilding, corner of 12th street and 9th avenue. The
plana auid specifications can be seen from 8 to IS
o'clock of each day, at the offl-e of the Board of
Education, Poetofiice block. The right to reject
any and all bids is reserved by the Board.
. - . o. w. McMASTER.
President Board of Education.
Rock iaJttd, MJ &l, ISTWtd. T
TjBJE most
It will do the same
fuel require d by other Stoves !
For Sale by FEED HASS,
:Star Black, opposite Harper House.
ninnijni! n a iim t m it
Red Lead, Orange Mineral,
Potters' Lead, Zinc Paint, Putty and Colors,
aS -
Awarded Me GOLD MEDAL PREMIUM. Nov. 1875. l.y tbc Pittsburgh Tradesmen's Indulrial IEtl
tnte. over all competitors for the BES 1 WHITE LEAD. "Our Price is as low a that of any other
J? Solicited. Office, No. Fifth Aveuue, adjoining Exchange National Bank
1 loBUKiiri,. .-. . f EJJ
For SIe hy T. H. Thomas, Rqcfc Itlaad; and C, Piper, Moline.
in quantity by their perfect purity and great
strength; the only kinds made by a prac
tical Chemist and Physician, with scientific
care to insure uniformity, healthfulness, deli
cacy and freedom from all injurious substan
ces. They are far superior to the common
adulterated kinds. Obtain the genuine. Ob
serve pnrTr,ad Miks a abpvq, "Cream"
Baking powder, 'Hand and Cornucopia."
Buy the Baking Powder only in cans securely
labelled. Many have been deceived in loose
or bulk Powder sold as Dr. Price's.
Manufactured onlv bv .
Chicaoo. St. Louis and Cincinnati.
"The Besf is the Cheapest.
J 1
Represents the following Old and Reliable
Insurance Co.s.
And will issue PoKsies in an? of them at
as LOW A RATE as the risk
will justify.
.-Etna, Hartford 7,115,65
Hartford, Z,KZ,sii9
Pbrenix . 9,407,531
National, 1,(540,584
0rienf. 776,179
Atlae, , .... , 41,809
Ins. Co. N. Ameilca, Philadelphia ..... 6.601.8S3
Franklin, 8,352,805
Fire Association, ' ' 3,778,651
American. h 1.280.979
Home, Bfew York...... 6,104,651
Niagara, 1,442,413
Mauhatten, $m,(Z8
Westchester, " 801,401
North Western KaU Milwaukee, Wi.,.. 877,193
American Cent St. Louis, Ho., 747.48S
St. Louis, ; M7'm
St Joseph, St. Joseph, Mo 420,846
Home, Colnmbns, O 484 93$
Firemen's Fund, Saa Francisco, (Gold) 703623
Queen, England, (Gold)..... ijsaj
Scottish Cam1!, Glasgow.. 10,661,294
British America, Toronto. G69 080
Royal Canadian; Montreal .. 833,639
Allemannla, Pittsburgh, Pa ..... 848 373
Millville Mutual, Millville, N. J 1,442,987
Lycoming, Muncy, pa.;. ,
R. W. Passenger, Hartford 400 000
Conn.Matual Life, Hartford. . 44,030,146
, im A'.eU Birafflnte4.MM.jW8,os8,49Q
work with one-half the
ample experience, an entire sacceis. 6im plel
l'rompt. Efficient and Reliable. They are the only
medicines perfectly adapted to popular use so
simple that mistakes cannot te made in using
tiiem ; bo harmless aa to be free from danger ; aa
bq efficient aa to be always reliable. They bave
ths fcighest commendatioa rom all, and rift
always reader satisfaction,
Noa. . Cures.. Cents.
1. Fe-vera, Congestion, Inflfimmattonji, . . 25
2. norau, Worm ever. Worm Colic. . .
S. CryinR-CoUc, or Teething of Infanta, .
4. Diarrhoea, of Children or Adults, . .
5. Dysentery, Oriping, Bilious Colic, . .
6. Cholera-Morbns, Vomiting, ...
7. Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, , . ' . .
8. Neuralgia, Toothache, F aceachc, ; .
a. Headaches, gick Headache, Vertigo, .
Id. Dyspepsia, Bilious Btomach, .' . , ,
11. Suppressed, or I'ainful Periods, , ,
12. Whites, too Profuse Periods, ....
13. Croup, Cough, Difficult Breathing', . .
14. Salt Kheum, Erysipelas, Eruptions, .
15. Rheumatism. lUieumatic Pains, . .
16. Fever and Ague, Chill fever, Agues,
17. Piles, blind or -bleeding, ......
18. Ophthalmy, and Bore ot Weak Eyes, ,
19. Catarrh, acute or chronic, Influenza, ,
SO. Whooping-Canghriolent coughs, .
si. Aiuuna, oppresseu .Dreaming1,
22. liar Discharges, impaired hearing
23. KcrofulsueiUarged glands. Swellings, .
24. eneral Tebility, Physical Weakness, .
25. Dropsy and scanty Secretions, . . . .
!G. Sea-Sickness, sickness from riding, .
27. Kidney-Disease, .Uravel, . . -. . .
28. Kervoni Debility, Seminal Weakness
or involuntary discharges, . . . . .100
29. Sore Month, Canker, ... ,50
50. Urinary Weakness, netting tha bed, . Yl
51. almul I'eriodr, Viih gpusms, . ; SO
12. Disease of Heart, palpitations, etc.,. 1 CO
53. Kpllepsey, Spasms, St. Vitus' Dance, . 1 00
54. Diphtheria, ulcerated sore throat, . . 50
55. Chronie Congestions and Eruptions, 50
Vials, 60 cents, (except 25, 32 and S3;, . 1 1 04
Case (Morocco) with above 35 large vials and
Manual of directions, . . . (10 00
Case (Morocco) of 20 large vials and Book, 6 00
Single Boxes and Vials as above.
Kir These remedies aire sent by the
case or single box to any part of the
country, free of charge, on receipt of
prec, A.aarsj -
meopathlc Medicine Co,
Ofljce and t)epot, 109 Fulton street, New York.
Sold in Rock Island by Benser A Thomas, Otfo
Grojan, C. bpeidcl, and E. Breunert uiwf
Real' Estate.
; L. GHniSHAirS
Hioan Agency,
mAcre Farm in AlcIIenry Ca. Ills. Goqd i.i,
provements. Price 94,700
1 O Acre Farm in McHenry Co., Ills., 2H
I W 0 I "J miles from Woodetack.
Price $4,000
Q fl Acre Farm in Story Co., Iowa.
OU Price $2,500
ICO Acre Farm Franklin Co., Kansas.
1 wu -
Price $4,000
1 Q fl Acre Farm, Douglas Co., Kansas.
I0U Price $3,500
m A ore Farm, Sumner Co., Kansas." 5
"J'rice $l,60a
6 fl Acre Farm, Lyon Co., Kansas.
OU price $1,300
Aft Acre Farm, Douglas Co., Kansas
Price $1,000
Acre Farm, Whiteside Co., Illinois, near
Sterling. 'rice $14,O0j
107 1-2
Acre Farm, Rock Island Co , IUb.
.Price $4,800
41 C Acre Farm. Callaway Co.. Mo. Stock Farm
wlw Price $15,000
Acre Farm, Atchinson Co., Mo. Splendid
Stuck Faim. Price (10.800
Ofl Acre Farm, Kent Co., Michlean, adjoining
OU Berlin. t Price 6,000
LANDS in all the Westkbn States will sell
Cash or part Cash, and time on the balance.
Houses and Lots in Rock Island and a number
of other places for sale or exchange for lands.
"WCall and get prices and location of lands.
Rock laland.111., Aug. SS, 1S76.
OOR $1.80 AND S5.00 OUTFIT
FBKfil -Something hew I Only
one Agent in a town.
Illustrated Catalogues. Ad drees
129 West Madison street, CUICAGO.
ReXer to the Edttorof swa.

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