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Bock Island Illinois, Moiidav, June 11, 1877.
Establish Oct 18, 1851
Railroad Time-Table. ,:r
caicAso.ssss islaxd & r:iri3 b. b.
0 BAST U.niS 1.BAVB "
At 9 00. ia.;4:30 p,m.; and :35 p.m. Trains
arrive irom westasabovev . 4 ,
At 6:40 .lm. ; 10:10 a, m., and C:00 p. m. Train
arrive irom the east at above. -
I Telegraphed to the Hock Island Argus.
Day Express and Mall 9:05 am 6:00 am I
NlKttt itiprew 10:15 p m 5 :60 m
The mgut express leaving Rock Island every
Sunday night at 10:15 connects with the train arri-
ving In Chicago early Monday morning. No lay
over checks given on through tickets from Bock
Island to Chicago. Through tickets only good on
and Tidal
At 8 :00 a. m. and 6 :15 p. m. daily,
abbitb bom nr. locis '
At 9: JO a.m. daily, and 9:15 p.m.
ssisusa tsiosra tun
At 4:8) p.m.
At 10:40 a. m.e
gattern Ei. 5 50 a.m. ail & Ex. l!02p,mv
Miuxu. ' i'4up. m. western jcr. B:op. m.
Way Freight 6;30a.m. Way Freight 8:25 p.m.
The 6:00 a. m, tram makes close connection at
alva with C B fc O, for Aledo and Keithsburg,
also at Peoria with PP4J, for Jacksonville, Spring
eld. St Louis and all points south and southwest,
irrt vtng In it Louis at 7:00 p m.
The 1:50 train makes close connection atOalva
wun UDuVtn a, xor tne west; arriving attorney
at 9:45 p m., also at Peoria with I B & W, and T
PA W., lor points east and southeast,
coil tallet HEmra cos miss.
7:05 a. a
10:80 a. n'
8:30 p.m.
v Tko Ausablc Nails
are -Hammered Hot, and the
Finishing and Pointing
arc don e Cold, thus Imitating
the Process of Making Nails by
. Hand. Quality isfuUy Guaranteed.
For sale by all leading Iron and hard
ware houses.
35 Chambers St., New York,
The most extraordinary discovery in the World t
the Great Arabian Remedy for Man and Beast
Leave Rock Island at 9 :00 a. m., and 4 :00 p. m. Ar
riving at Cable at 11 :10 a. m., and 6:00 p. m.
Leave Cable at 6:30 a. tn., and 12:45 p. m. Arriving
at kock island at :au a. m., ana a:uu p. m.
No. 1.90S Second Ave N. side Union Square,
Merchant Tailors I
assorted stock of
and Trench Cassimeres,
Diagonals, Worsted Suitings, Beavers,
Doeskins, etc., etc
ryAJ work guaranteed and prices reasonable.
R E Or A Xi I A.
For Odd Fellows. Masons, Druids, Knights of
Pythias, Red Men, Temperance, and all
Other SocietiJS.
Qolcl. and SUver Laees, Fringes,
836 Main Street, WORCESTER, MASS.
Is well known to puascss the most wonderfully
healing, penetrating and stimulating properties,
and by its promptness in effecting cures, which
previously had lesisted nil other medicines, ad
ministered by the most scientitic physicians, has
placed it far beyond any similar remedy ever in
troduced to the people of the United States. It
stimulates the absorbents to increased actiou, and
thus enables nature to throw off disease it pene
trates to the bones, adding strength and activity
to the muscles It Is powerfully anodyne and there
by allays nervous irritation,producing a delightful
ly pleasing sensation through the whole frame.
Owing to Its remarkable aniiceptic properties, it
purifies and neutralizes that poisonous, corrosive
principle which renders old ulcerous sores so diffi
cult to heal; it therefore is peculiarly adapted to
their speedy care, Ttjis Liniment from iw pene
trating and strengthening qualities has been found
to be a specific for Paralysis or Palsy, Whiteswcll
ioes and dieasd joints, and In fact all complaints
involving tbe muscular system. It has cured cases
of Rheumatism of twenty to thirty years standing,
and aifections of the Spine wherein the entire
spinal column was so crooked and distorted tbat
the patient could not walk or 'stand without artifl
cial support. N umerous cases of Palsy have been
cured when the flesh had withered, leaving nothing
but the di ied skiu and bone, and the limbs totally
without use or feeling. For children with Croup it
is of inestimable value, rubbed and bathed over the
throat and chert. If applied freely on tbe chest it
never fails to give relief in the severe coughs at
tending Consumption, Asthma and Colds. It heals
wounds speedily will cure Scaldhead, Mange, etc.
Planters and farmers wiU find It a most valuable
medicine to ,be applied to horses and cattle foj
Sprains, Bruises, Lamenecs, Stiff Joints. Sweepey,
Dry Shoulder, Wounds, Burns, Splint. Chafes or
Galls, Hardened Rnota on the flesh, etc.
The nublic arc cautioned against another coun
ter.'.-it, which has lately made its appearance,called
W. B. FarreU's Arabian Liniment, tbe most danger
ous of all the counterfeits, because his having the
name of Fontll, many will buy it iu good faith,
without the knowledge that a counterfeit esUts,
and they will perhaps Qnly discover their error
when the spurious mixture has wrought its evil ef
fects. Tbe genuine article it manufactured only by II.
G. Parrel, sole inventor and proprietor, and whole
sale druggist. No. 17 Main street, Peoria, Illinois,
to whom all applications for Agencies must be ad
dressed. Be sure you petit with the letters H. G.
before FarrelVs tbas-H. G. FAR BELL'S and his
signature on the wrapper, all other are counter
feits. Sold by all druggists and by regular authorised
agents throughout the United TStafes.
EPrice 85 and 50 cents, and per bottle.
AGENTS WANTED In every town, village and
Address 11. G. Farrell as above,
accompanied with good character, responsibility,
etc. .
. . ja,tn.iY i
l-J,1-sr-T'T-n f. fit n.fintfi I hamlet In the United Statss, in which one is not al-
vww - I ready established.
The attention of Druggists and Beer Makers is
DuH tnth hnvi niniHd nrenaration. One of the
healthiest and pleasantest beverages known is
made from this Extract.the reputation of which has
been well established for over 30 years, and the in
ales for it in those localities where it has
been used fully indorse its merites. This Extract,
from which the popular Beverage known as
is made, is put np in bottles at 25c., 50c., $3, and In
hsir cm! inn and call on cans S3 and $10 each.
which makes respectively, 10. S5, 900, 400 and 800
gallons of Beer. General Depot,
And sold by all Wholesale Druggists and Patent
Medicine Dealers at manufacturers prices.
For sale in Rock Island by John Bengston.
Destruction by Earthquake
Wv of May 8th
New York, June ll.-TheStar and
Herala of Panama, received to-day, has
details of the disaster and destruction
caused on the south Pacific coast by earth
quake and tidal wave of May 9. The
towns of Africa, Iquique, Pinta de Labos,
Pabellon de Pica, Uhanavaya, Huanillas,
Tocopilla, Antofagasta and Chanaralal,
are nearly all destroyed. About 600 lives
were lost. The destruction of Pabelion U
estimated at $20,000,000, confined mostly
to the coast.although the town of Tarapaca,
twenty-three leagues inland, and the
villages of Picamatilla and Cauchones, far
interior, were more or less ruined.- The
shipping of Guano from southern deposits,
will be indefinitely suspended, as all facili
ties in the way of launches, chutes,
wharves, water condensers and buildings
of all kinds have been swept away. The
destruction of and damage to shipping has
Deen very great, and it was attended by
very serious loss of life.
The remainder of the account is only
for the most part an amplification of what
has already been telegraphed of the dis -aster.
It is stated, however, that at
Iquique, fire from lamrts. which exdoded
at every earthauake shock, minded with tude 64:22
the sea waves, which rushed in a huge
volume over tne part ot the town, ren
dered the destruction complete. What
the earthquake left the fire and water
swept away, while tho inhabitants fled
affrighted to the neighboring hills,
lhe damage is unrepairable. Not over 10
persons lost their lives. Eleven miles
from Iquique a splendid nitrate establish
ment of Laneava Carolina was completely
destroyed. Tho sufferings of the people
of Iquique were intense in the absence of
water, and the destruction of the rrinci
psl stores added to their hardships. It is 1
estimated the damage done in Iquique
will amounVto nearly $4,000,000. At !
Chanauya, a little town at Guano, leadiog
to the deposits known as Pabellon de Pica,
with 400 houses now has only 2 standing.
Here the earthquake was followed by fire
and waves. In one of the Guano cuttings
30 laborers were buried by the falling of
the earth. Amongst the Bhipping the
havoo was terrible.' The town of Tara
baca, two ot three leagues inland, and the
villages of Pica.Matilla and Canehones, were
more or less ruined. The loss of life is
reported as small. The earthquake was
especially severe at Chanayvay. The
earth opened 15 meters in depth, and the
whole surface of the ground was changed
At least 200 people weie killed. Bodies
were floating in the bay and. a pestilence
is feared. At Ilemeallas, a guano load
ing station, the damage inflicted was fear
ful. A wave, which succeeded the earth
quake and completed tbe work of destruc
tion, was nearly sixty feet in height.
Many vessels were lost here, together with
several of those on board. Two-thirds of
the town of Mesillon.es is oompletely obli
tejated. At Teocopella little or nothing
remain? of that town, lhe mine called
Lopena Blanca, four miles to southward,
sank in, smothering in it 200 workmen,
of whom 40 were Cornish miners. Cobija,
the principal town on Balenian coast, has
lost three-fourths of the houses. As soon
as this lamentable intelligence reached the
Tima government a chartered steamer
and orcaniied relief commission loaded a
vessel with provisions, elothinp, etc
together with fifteen thousand gallons of
water and despatched her on the 16th for
the south. One hundred thousand soles
- i r j . e
in saver com aiso iormea pari, or
her cargo, to be distributed, amongst the
! unfortunates. A commissiou of engineers
aecompanied the expedition, U has been
I urged by the government to recommend
the building at ruined towns on sites which
may offer greater security, more remote
, from the shore, sinca there is the second
instance of a similar calamity on positions
I actuallv occupied. Subscriptions are ue
Why Vanderbilt went to Europa Gov.
Hendricks' stay in Europe will be Short j
1.2 OO Invitations out for the Manhattan j
Club Bsception Capt. Crapo and Wife In
tboir little Craft Spoken at Bea, ten days
out. i
New York. June 11. Wm. II. Van
derbilt, who has just returned from Eu
rope, says to the reporters: "It I were
to tell the public my mission and it should
not turn out satisfactorily, the would call
it a failure, but it will-appear all in good
time. 1 can say, however, it promises to
be successful, and I feel very much en
couraged with the result of my trip. One
chief reason I had for going to England
was to see the Derby and I feel that the
sight alone of 300,000 people at once was
in itself worth a trip to Europe to see.
l,..x-uov. Hendricks says he does not
intend to be absent more than three or
four months and this time will be passed
mainly iu London, Paris, and; perhaps, in
Twelve hundred invitations are out for
the Manhattan Club reception to-morrow.
It is understood there will be no formal
address of welcome except that to be made
by the president of the club.
New York, June 11. A small schoon
er, only 20 feet long, in which Capt.Crapo
and wife are making their way to Europe,
starting from Mew Bedford May 28th,
Richards & Sohrbkck's Drag and Book Store
opposite First National Bank, where all orders
can be left tor the Asays, and where all Moline
business is transacted by 0. 3. Beard si ee. Busi
ness notice should be handed in by noon to en
sure publication the same day.
JSST'City council meeting this evening.
BgUThere was no preaching at the M.
E, church last "night.
he Moline Kiflea hold a meeting
this evening in i reja Hall.
X&ar'iiie boat race Saturday evening
was won by the Roseborough crew in
CQ-lhe work ot laying the water pipe
on Sautter street for the street sprinkler
is rapidly progressing.
Ba-ine board ot education will hold a
meeting luesday evening tor the purpose
ot considering bids lor painting the school-house.
JKaF"! he stone walk and iron fence at
the foot of Rodman avenue, which has
been wasned out ot snape by the runs.
was being repaired to-day.
EfL.There will be a case before Esquire
Mapes this week in which a well known
gentleman of color will be defendant. The
amount in question is fifty cents.
fThe game of base ball between the
fluid uanrms.
Will positively afford relief by external
application. It cures on the instant Neu
ralgia, Nervous Headache, Rheumatism,
Toothache, Earache, and all nervous pains,
Sold by all Druggists at 50 cts. and $1
per bottle. . .
For sale in Rock Island by John Bengston.
F. A. LEHMANN, Solicitor or Patents, Washlng
on. D. C, No Patent No Pay. Send for Circular.
THOSE who have suffered from the
I complicated forms of disease
Insurance Company,
HEXEI A. OiKXtY, Vice President.
Xamres Against Loss cr Bamako ly Fira.
roB polio eb A pply ? 9
Kock Island 111.
Sea Wbed Tonic and Mandbakb Pills. These
medicines have undoubtedly performed more cures
of Consumption than any other remedy known to
the American public. They are compounded of
vegetable ingredients, and contain nothing which
can be injurious to the human constitution. Other 1 ;Dg made in Lima and Ualloa for the relie
remedies advertised as enres for Consumption, 0f the distressed, lhe northern ports
probably contain opium, which is a somewhat danr I nf Peru were damaged but little
gerous drug in all cases, and if taken freely by con- Uij0Ugh the sea was running remark
snmptive patients, it must do great injury; lor its ayy njgh( the captain . Ot the steamer
tendency is to confine the morbid matter in tne j u v&eT, reported, when 23 milesXest
system, which, of course, must make a cure impoe- f Antafaeasta. coming at full speed, his
sible. Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup is warranted not . . nTnnlrelv stormed bv the shock
of the earthouaka and she remained
to contain a particle of opium ; it is composed of
powerful but harmless herbs, which act on the
lungs, liver, stomach and blood, and uiub corrects
all "morbid secretions, and expel nil the diseased
matter from the body . Tbae are the only means
byj which Consumption can be cured, ana as
Schenck 'a Pulmonic Syrup, Sea Weed Tonic and
Mandrake Pill are the only medicines which ope
rate in this way, it is obvlods that tliej are the only
genuine cure for Pulmonary Consumption. Each
bottle of this invaluable medicine is accompanied
by full directions. Dr. Schenck is professionally
at his principal office, corner Hixth and Arch Sts.,
Philadelphia, every Monday, where all letters lor
advice must be addressed.
janrtlren .Tim a fi Infitnrln Jo-on Inn.,!. Plow Citv'a and the Rock Island bovs Sat- Catarrh, and have
' I, ... . m -.r.. I r.'TTl (d 1
urday, resulted in a victory tor JVloiine.
Score 16 to 12. The Plow City's have the
ball which they won from Rock Island,
painted and covered with the name "Plow
City neatly printed thereon, and keep it
on exhibition at Efflund & Young's, their
EgL-Suturday morning James Howard,
a man about 65 years of age. while in the
yard in front of his house, was siezed with
a paralytic stroke, lie was carried into the
house and remedies applied, but remained
speechless throughout the day. Yester
day he was somewhat improved, and it is
believed will be able to be around in a few
B?iA hen there is any hard cases to
handle Marshal Wells can stand off and
say "Go in Bill, and strike him," but
when a tame bird is caged and there is no
risk to run, as was the case with Vincent
Parker, Saturday, leller must take a back
seat and allow that important personage
to show his authority and get the credit
for having caught the terrible robber.
Parker was in Teller's hands when Wells
with not so much as "by your leave," nor
a word of explanation, slipped the hand
cuffs on to the prisoner and marched off
with him; and then had the cheek to re
mark to a person that evening that "ho
guessed Bill was mad about something,but
he did not know what.
A Drug- Store Burglarized.
Some time during last night burglars
entered Clendenin'& Martin's drug store.
and carried off three revolvers, part of a
box of cigars, three pocket knives, one
opera glass and $3 or $4 in change, which
was in the drawer m all amounting to
about $35. This morning the west win
dow on the north side was down at the
ton, and boxes standing beneath tho win
dows on that side of the house showed
that bothwindows had been tried. In
entering, they had to climb over shelves
which had been put up to within 18 inches
Meeting of the New England Society of
Boston, June 11. The first annual
meeting of the New England Society of
Friends held outside of Newport. Rhode
Island, for 200 years is now being held in
Portland, Maine. Leading members of the
society throughout New York are pres
ent. The society of friends numbers
60.000 members in the United States,
with 662 church edifices, $4,000,000 in
i church property and 6.500 Sunday school
scnoiars. xnere are U,UUU members in
Great Britain, and churches and foreign
missions in many of the European states.
Services continue till Wednesday.
Xake Steamer Burned at Detroit.
Detroit, Mich., June 11. About 9:30
ast evening the steamer R. N. Rice, of
the Detroit & Cleveland line, was dis
covered to be on fire while- lying at the
dock, foot of Shelby street, and before the
re could be brought under the control of
the fire department, the steerage aft and
forward cabins, with their furniture, were
estroyed. lhe hu.l and machinery are
uninjured. .Loss $30,000 to $35,000; in
surance, $25,000,
Damage to Railroads by the Flood- All
Trains Running into Memphis Stopped.
Memphis, June 11, The flood in Wolf
river has caused a break of Qver a miie on
the Memphis & Louisville R. R. and now
there are.no trains running on any of the five
roads leading out of the city. The damage
on the Little Kock road will be repaired to.
day and trains are expected to go out this
Weather Probabilltlea.
WASHiNGTON,Juno 11 The Signal Ser
vice observations taken at 10 o'clock this
forenoon indicate the following weather
probabilities for this afternoon and to-
Indications for the northwest: Station- of the top of the window, and in so doing
ary or lower pressure, stationary or higher knocked down some picture frames and
temperature, variable winds, mostly from 1 books, leaviog unmistakable evidences of
the north, partly cloudy weather and areas
of light rain.
their place ot entrance. As yet no trace
of the thieves has been found.
Patal Accident.
As Joseph Cunningham, a man about
60 years old, who has, for some time, been
Assassins at Work A Barbarous Murder
The Assassins Captured.
New York, June 1 1. Letter from Par
aguay says President Gill and his brother driving C. F. Calkin's team, while return-
W llliam were murdered in a most barba- iaK irom Ruck Island with a load of house-
various and
assumed by
tried many physicians and
remedies without relief or cure, await the answer
to this question with considerable anxiety. And
well they may ; for no disease that can be men
tioned is so universally prevalent and so destruct
ive to health as Catarrh. - Bronchitis, Asthma,
Coughs, and serious and frequently fatal affections
of the luugs follow, in many cases, a case of simple
but neglected Catarrh. Other evmpatheuc affect
ions, such as deafness. Impaired eye-sight and loss
of sense of smell, may be referred to as minor but
nevertneiess serious resnlts ol neglected Cutarrn,
bad enough in themselves, but as nothing com
pared with tne aaneetous affections 01 tne tnroat
and lungs litely to iohow.
IT can be cured. There is no doubt about It, The
I immediate relief afforded by Sani-obd's Radical
Cube fob Catarrh is but a slignt evidence 01
what ma v follow a nereistent use of this remedy.
The hard, iucrusted matter that has lodged in the
nasal passages is removed with a few applications;
the ulceration-and inflammation subdue and
healed ; the entire membranous linings of the head
are cleansed and punned. Constitutionally its
action is that of a powerful purifying agent, de-
atroying in its course through the system the acid
poison, the destructive agent in catarrhal diseases.
IS a local and constitutional remedy, and is ap
plied to the nasal passages by insufflation with
Dr. Sanford's Improved Inhaling To be, which
acconrpanies each bottle free of charge; and
internally, or constitutionally, where, by its action
on the mucous coatings of the throat and stomach,
it frees the system from the poison generated by
Catarrh. Until this result is effected no permanent
cure can be made. Thus tbe united action of this
remedy is superior to ail others or combination of
Sanford's Radical Cure
HAS worked a revolution in the treatment of
Catarrh. It has demonstrated beyond all donbt
that this disease, even in its severest forms, t,
curable, and that comfort and happiness may be
mace ti toliow years ot misery, yetrs 01 eunermg.
by a persistent use or it. Tne metnoa 01 treat
ment originated by Dr. Sanford, viz., the local and
constitutional, by a rem-dy prepared by disti'.la
linn, is the only one ever offered to the public that
will Dear trie test 01 time.
Sanford's Radical Cure
Is Prepared by Distillation.
rVERYDlant and herb that vields Ita medical
L. essence to it 1 placed In an improved still and
there mingled with a solvent liquid, which, by heat.
is made to pass over into tne receiver, bearing witn
it tbe healing essences or juices of these plants and
herbs, free from every contamination, pure and
colorless. Thus tbe active, medical constituents
of thousands of pounds of htrbs may be condensed
into a very email compass, in mis way ax
fobd's Radical Cube is divested of tbe nauseating.
worthless features of all other remedies, while its
curative properties are increased tenfold. It is
positively the greatest medical triumph of the age.
HorseShoe Nails
All Nails are made of the best
and Warranted perfect and ready for driving.
t3BT Orders filled promptly and at the lowe
rates by
Millwrights !
Contractors & Builders
Of all descriptions of
Draulotsand Specifications for Flouring Hills
Saw Mills, Distilleries and Gram Elevators nrade
out on short notice. Are prepared to take con
tracts for building and machinery, and give pe rson
al attention to a he details of construction. Re
pairs of all kinds .omptly attended to whether or
dered by mail or in person.
At the old stand of H Brooks, (new No.,) 525 No
IS S. Washington street, PEORIA, ILL
A HrfreM Lork-Bnz.n4
almost Btatkraarv for five minutes. The
passengers believing she had struck on a
reef, soundings were taken immediately,
but no bottom was found at 20 fathoms.
roua manner, ine president was at borne
with his family when he was surprised and
killed by a band of assassins, headed by
Colonel Gorbura, and Commanders Mor
ales and Godey. In a subsequent engage
ment with troops Gorbura and Morales
were made prisoners.
Tne Murderer Fletcher Hanged Large
Coal Strike at Pitts ville. Fa.
Pbiladelphia. June 11. The execu
tion ot Geo. W. Fletcher for the murder of
James Hauley, in Nov. 1875. tu)k place
at Moyamensing prison at IU to-day.
PoTTSYIU-E, Pa., June 11. Eleven
hundred employes, in seven collieries, of
Lehigh and Wilkesbarre companies, have
struck against a reduction ot wages.
London, June 11. The Bulgarian
legion in Roumania numbers 10,000 men,
half foreigners, and especially Servians.
The insurrection in Sukurakaleh is spread
ing. Commanders are vigorotpsly attempt-
-1 ing to cut off tho Russian communications.
It would appear tne rtussian points ior
under43 years crossing the Danube will be the chasm
stamp for conlidential circular of great value.
In Wall Street.
500.000 has been made in a single Investment
in an extraordinary occur-
r-"" i . ..n.o B2S.0O1).
mAI.IVliAJ JJALU-H" ?! ?e' Be"d ast nd west of the Turkish Quadrilateral,
xji. I . ... . , - , ,
and that wnue tne eastern comma seeps
in check the Turkish forces massed in and
about the fortress, th western column will
end stamp for "Cblbbbatbd i act as a Held army, operating against me
WobiT' on Nervous and Private Diseases. I flarlk or rear of the Turkish position.
Shurman Won't Pardon any Criminals.
Chicago, June 11. Lt. Gov. Shurman,
now acting as governor of Illinois, refuses
to entertain any applications for the pardon
ol convicts, lie takes the ground that
although be has the power of pardon, yet
he would not be justified in exercising this
power when Gov. Cullom is absent from
the state for a few days only.
The Kaging- Missouri.
Omaha, June 11. The river has risen
12 inches since Saturday, and is now 17
feet 6 inches,) and about stationery. At
Sioux City there is no change since
Saturday. At Yankton it has risen 5
inches. It is falling at Bismark.
moving blocks, Saturday evening about
4.o0 o clock, in some unaccountable way
was precipited under the wagon and both
wheels on one side passed over him, one
across his neck, breaking it instantly, and
the other crushing his right leg. The body
was taken in a street car to Mr. Calkins
store in Moline where an inquest was held
Coroner Vermillion being sick .Magistrate
bwander empaneled the following jury:
ir. . VV. Morey, foreman. Geo. b.
Pingree. C. Y. Wortiuan. J. Schwartzen
burg, J. G. Wells. N. Sinith, G. Hender
son. YT. Benson, J. Henderson, E. A,
Mapes, W in. Turner, C. F. Calkins, who
returned the following verdict: "We
find that the deceased Joseph Cunningham
came to his death from injuries acciden
tally received by being tnrown irom a
wagon, the wheels thereof passing over his
neck." Deceased leaves a wife and three
children. Que, Mrs. Abernalhy, resides
in Moline. and a son and daughter in
V llmington, Ueleware. t uneral services
were held at his late residence last night,
and this morning the widow started with
the remains for Wilmington, Deleware,
where they will be interred.
The "Lilly."
Mouse. 111.. June 8th. 1877.
Totneicaitor 01 tne Argus,
Each package contains Dr. Sanford's ImpDved
Inhaling Tube, with full directions for use in all
cases. Price J1,00. For sale by all wholesale and
retail druggists throughout the United States
WEEKS & POTTER, General Agents and Whole
sale Druggists, Boston.
Show Rooms, 21 Maiden Lane, N. Y.
Factories, West Meriden, Conn.
An Electro-Galvanic Battery, combined
with the Celebrated Medicated Porua
Strengthening Plaster, forming the best
Plaster tor pains and aches in the Y orld I
of Medicine.
As a erand curative and restorative agent is not
equalled by any element or medicine in the his-
tory of the healing art. Unless the vital spark has!
fled tbe Dony, restoration by means oi electricity is
possible. It is the last resort of all physicians and
surgeons, and has rescued thousands, apparently
dead, from an untimely grave, when no other
human agency could have succeeded, this la the!
leading curative element iu this Plaster.
a am
Manufacturers of
Plated Tea Sets
. 1
TTTrifHTlirC' of Self Abuse or Indiscretion
V Aw A AAliW
The picnic, yesterday, at Gilbertown, I pharamacy their healing
under the auspices of Geo. Adleman,l?r'ie8are!?CI?!ie?Ttenfo
The healioz properties of our own fragrant
balsam and piue and the gnms of tbe East are too
well known to reauire description, xneir erateiui.
nealing, soothing, and strengt ening properties
are known to thousands. When combined in
accordance with late and important discoveries in
and strengthening prop-
tenfold, in this respect our
Plaster Is the best In use without the aid of elec
Mbdicai, IHSTITUTE, 186 S. Clark St.,
To all who are suffering from the errors and in -
The line chosen, lor the operation of tbe
western column, is a most advantageous
one. for alone it lie some fair roads over
the Balkans one from Pleona to Sofia,
and another from Sisbova over Sitka pass
EeusamssC oI youth; nervoi; weakne, early de- toward3philipoliP. Though the Turks are
FJJiu"?,mln:K anrofito$5W I p.av. loss of manhood, &c, I will send a recipe tbat I outnumbered by the Russians, and a -.
-Circular, giving ."?"ui"7,, I wU1 CQre J00 rREH or tUAKUJS- iUls though with their greatest exeriwna tney
dressing TAY fi w.ii t . tni.V. I remedy was discovered by a missionary in South 1 :ii fioa.celv be able to oppose anything
v. . , - , , v I - . -. n .
America. Bend a Beii-aoorcEsea epyeiuiw nxke an equivalent lorce. uour corps con
Rbv. iQ$tj T, lNka'sr station d,, Bible House centrate(j by the Russiaus cn that side,
New York City,
Th reliable bouse of ALEX.. rKOTBiKuiiAa
AIno. 12 Wall street. New York publish .
handsome eigni pag ,
Weekly Financial Keport, which tbey send free u
any address. In addition to a large number of edi
torials on financial and other topics, it contains
Very full and accurate report of the sales and
tending of every stock, bond and security dealt in
at lhe Stock JCxchange. Messrs. Fbothinhab &
Co.; e extensive broker, of large penence and
ainUKrlty. U'2X&
It -'Pute and CaTi. o one the favorite meth
pds of legitimau, speculation. Their advice is val
uable, and by following It many have made f or-
nes. (. New York Meuropoi).
' New York 2tar2xet.
Stsw Yobk, June 11.
G-ld-1 05.
Money 1V4.
Governments Weak.
7. S. Bonds cent 5-30's 1881 1.14i:
" 18B5 old. ......... 1.WS
u i B.w
4 1867.1 1.14
" 1868 ....1.1&
V. S. 10.40'J 1.12
NewS's 1-10
Currency 6'a ., l.Sj
Wheat Qvlet and firm ; light export milling de-
Thus combined we have two grand medical agents
In one, each of which performs ita function and
unitedly produce more cures than auy liniment.
lotion, wasn, or piaster ever neiore iuiwuaurai m
tbe history ol meaicine. lry one. mice, so
Sold Ibr all drusirists for 25 cents. Bent o re
ceipt of 35 cents for one, (1 85 for six, or (2.25 for
twelve, careiuuy wrapped, ana warranted peneci
by WEEKS & POTTER, Proprietors, Boston, Mass.
" , . , .,i , y, I mand ; No x Milwaukee 1 TO; red held at 1 75.
yet by taking a central position by Plav- Corn.8hade firmer; not active; 55K6o ,
to all starched prussia, which ia to remodel the famous
cxbabeb than I institution dating from the beginning of
Gives a splendid gloss and finish
eoodu. makine them whiter and
IrVinp. Trial liottle free.
Put uu in 4-ez bottles, prlee 15c. Sold uy wo-
cere and Druggist.
A. I. MATHEWS A CO., 84 Murray St., x
88 A 70 W. Monroe Street, CHICAGO, ILL
Art tt, Ro.W 60: old price. 1160
A II ta si 4 a(frpft.t redaction. All Scale
nina and Bela. with the help of the mon
itors and batteries, they may throw con
siderable obstacles in the way of crossing.
Beblin, June 11. A bill, introducing
a new system ot puuuo instruction m
or anything else, ana prevents the iron from fcja cenlur? baa just been pompleted by & July.
. ' I . . r k:u .1 Corn-
Oats Firm ; 386i western mixed and state.
Pork Steady ; 14 1014 ia.
Lard Steady ; 0 0010 00.
Whiaky 1 12.
Chicago Xtlarttet
Chicago, Jane 11.
Wheat Strong and higher; 155 cash: 153)4
r r t a T -sr
nerm tiannecke aodJ. i. Petersen, was
well patronised and a pleasant affair in
every respeot. hverybody seemed to en
joy it until a sudden heavy rain ended the
pleasure at an untimely hour. Tbe first
opportunity was seized by the pleasure
seekers to get on board ot the "Lilly,"
and when on the way, the managers of the
boat coramitted a grave injustice towards
the then already thoroughly wet passen
gers by letting a stream ot water pour
down upon them from a hose. And while
writing the above, I hear the fact re
peated, that during a former trip the
"Lilly" landed ber passengers, regardless
ot ladies and children, at the landing above
Dimock, Gould & Co' a., mill thus ; forcing
them to walk home over a road, which it
is almost impossible for men to cross in
last evenings mud and weather Is this
not heaping one outrage upon aoother.and
should it remain uncnticiied f Did not
up this ferry.and are such actions anything Moline Wagon Compy,
but unjust? Passenger,
Ice Pitchers, Castors,
Coffee and Ice Water Urnsf
Spoons c Forks,
Pearl, Ivory and Steel Handled
KNIVES. &C &C, &C.
UTThese Goods can be fonnd at all First Class
Deader in Plated Ware. In purchasing call for
Show Cases.
Moline Wagon SH0VLflSES'
i Setters Liver ruii ftftvo woa ior lainy J' " J
i uuMard KaBedr tot im ear m w vonpnuub i
CMIiTMWM, Bc Hitowiw, auu mt i
iim Y - If n are. the rmt Wvrm De-1
f- reiMiM 400 larn. Kw worms fnun my
P-T'o W. Barrer. St. Lout. Mo. Price 1
J . it . if .nr drusTtfltl flOO I Keep mem, Kiu ir i
Camplxoriiie I
Is the most effectual remedy aoid.w luxury w
-i .k kut .atUfuctlon. viveii instant reliel.
vill not grease or ewtu xj...
has a pleasant and refreshing olor. It will lmme
diately reliev and cure Rheumatism, Chronic and
Acirte ; neuraisia ana vi"" -v
b welled Face, Sore Throat, Sprains and Bruises,
Bunions and cnilDiains, arupuuu ji u
Pain In CheB Back or Limbs, Burns and Scalds.
Kor sale by all Drngirttta. ,
snoeial commission, liy tbe new but a
classical tendency of liberal instructiop will
ht somewhat modified, while, regarding
elementary instruction, an advantage has
been derived from the American experi-
onpA nf free schools
Vienna, June 11. The Danube sud-
deny rose yesterday, overflowing its banks.
The rise was caused by melting snow on
the Carpathian Alps. This will again de
lay Russian operation3.
London. J une 1 L--In tbe boat race, on
the Thames, to-day. for 200 a Bide, be
tween T. BJackman & Thomas Higgins.the
latter won on a foul. The course wa from
Pntmv to Mort lake.
Constantinople, June 11. Moukhtar
Pasha. June 9th. telegraphs: The gam
son of Kars made a successful artillery
anrtie and oursued tbe enemy. Admiral
Mustapbas states that five Russian torpedo
boats were destroyed m the attack; on tne
Turkish iron clads at Sulina, at the
mouth of the Danube.
For, Sale !
Calves, at my stock farm, at Longyiew. on Rock
aiver. 4 miles above Milan, and 114 miles from
Coal Valley. Will be aold low. - I
Hotel Bn led,
Augusta, Me., June 11. The Mansion
House, outbuildings, and six horses burned,
Loss $25,000; insurance $15,000.
Crn Firm and higher 49 cash ; 4I July.
0ts-Firmer; fTH casu; 3. Jmy,
Rye Uacbanged
Kurlev Hnrhaned.
Pork Firmert shade better; 12 85 cash; 13 00
Aneo.t- I
Lard Firm; ahade Mgber; 8 8254 cask; 8 85
July; 8 95 August.
vt away l vi.
Hogs Receipts 6,000: quiet; firm ; light 4 654
75; common to choice heavy 4 604 90.
Cattle Active and higher v fancy 6 4K3v&5; Ialr
ty) gooa5"60a5 9U. ' '
St, Louis Market.
Sr. Louis. Jane 11.
Wheat Advanced sharply; No 3 red fall 19
cash; No 8, 1 801 80.
Corn Higher; 44 casn; bj jaiy.
Oats Fl-mer; bid,
Rye 65.
Whisky 1 07. ,
Pork 13 85.
Lard Nominal.
I Hags Receipts 8,000: higher but slow; light to
good shipping 4 354 tO; packing tftK&S 0ft T '
Milwaukee Market.
Mt.wACKBB. Jane II
Wheat Strong and higher; lt65i eaeh;l&84
July; 141 August.
Com 44.
Oata Firm; 87.
Rye 68. - .... - ,
Barley 69.
Notice to Contraclors.
I June 14, at 13 M.. for the ereotioa of a school
building, corner of 12th. street and 9th avenue. The
plans and speclflcationa can be seen from S tM
o'clock of each day, at the offl e of the Board of
naucaiion, roctottice hiock. J be right to reject
any ana an nias is reservea oy tne uoam.
President Board of Education
Kock island. May 81, 18T7.dtd
i z j n
to xarm, ouruig auiu xreigiiL
Chanfiel Ice 1
V. .:. ... ' ... , JZTTSSs
In the City. Send for Price Lift.
J. E. BERRY, Prop., -,
90 State Street,
(Successors to J, R. ZEIQI.bS.'
Manufacturers of
Farm Waefons.
fERS0NS wishing B Pure Quality of Ice can have
I It delivered in quantities to suit by leaving or
ders at Bengeton't Drug Store
EepeciaU? Adapted to the Western Trade of
superior workmanship and finish. .
tnilustrated Price Llat free on application.
, bee the Moline Wagon before par chasing others
21b Hamilton Street, i - PEO&IA, ILL
Correspondence solicited and orders prompt! "
ttlled. .ROBERT G. LCTKE.
FIELD.BROS., Agents. Rock Island.
Warranted band lor circular and Pca uab

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