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Twenty-Sixth Year.
Rock Island, Illinois, "Wednesday, , June SO, 1877.
Established. Oct 18, 1851
... . . . 1 : - '
' t i
11 "
Railroad Time Table. ;
CII0A30.S95: ISLAND & PACITIS fi. 2.1
it 9 .00 a. m. ; 4 :30 p, m. ; and :86p. m. Train I
arrive irom west at above.
At6:40a.Jm.; 10:10 a. m., and 6:00 p. m. Train
arrive from the east aa above.
Day Express and Mali 9:05 am 0:00 am I
nigni nxpresa .10:15 p m 5:50m
iu uiui, express leaving kocr island every
Snnday nijht at 10:15 connects with the train arri
ving in Chicago early Monday morning. No lay
over checks given on through tickets from Rock
miana 10 Chicago. Tnrongh tickets only good on 1
At 8 :00 a. m. and 6 :15 p. m. dally,
At 9:90 a. m. dairy, and 9:is p.m.
At 4:30 p. m.
At 10:40 a. .
Kastern Kv. 5 50 a. m. Mall & Ex. 1 :02 p, art
yvayrreigm o,ua. m. w ay rreignt s.-fap.m.
The 6:00 a. tn, train makes close connection at
alva with C B & Q, for Aledo and Keithsbnrg,
also at Peoria with Pl'AJ, (or Jacksonville, Spring
eld. St Loais and all points soath and southwest,
arriving In St Louis at 7 :00 p m.
The 1:50 train makes close connection atQalva
with C B & Q K R, for the west: arriving atQuincy
at :4S p m., also at reoria with I B A W, and T
r x W ., lor points east and southeast,
B 6 7 8 9 10
ji Q O O
The Ausable Nails
are Hammered Hot, and the
Finishing and Pointing
are done Cold, thus Imitating
the Process' of Makina jVails bv
Hand. Quality fully Guaranteed.
For sale by all leading Iron and hard
ware houses.
35 Chambers St., New York.
E ER FAMILY should at once nrocureabot
tie of the great Arabian remedy for man and beaet,
called 11. (J. Farrkll's Aramah Liniment. It al
lays the most intense pains in a few minutes, re
stores the synovial fluid or joint water, and thus
cureB stiff joints: it penetrates the flesh to the bone.
relaxes contracted cords, cures ruen matisni and nal-
siea uniDS oi xu years' sianaing; also tnmors. swell
ea neck, enlargement of the giands, and is the best
meuiciuu tor unujeMiB oi cauie ever aiscoverea, cu
ring sweeny, spavins, splint, and all diseases which
require au external application.
Svn Pain op 10 years' standing crnED bt IT. G.
I akucll's Arabian Likiment.
Mr. It. Q. Karrell, Dear Sir! I had been afflicted
with the "Sun Pain" for the last ten vears. I could
never get relief except by bleeding; but by the nse
of H. t. Farrelrs Arabian Liniment, applied over
tne rc-mpies anout three or Jour tunes a day, it was
entirely removed, acd I have felt nothing of it t-inco.
I went into the stable one night to apply it to a
norae s sore teg, ana oeing very lame ne siumnied
and ful; against my legs, crnshing and bruising
them sobudlythat they turned black as my hat.
reuderiiig them powerless. 1 applied your Lini
ment, and waa well enough in a few days to go
AVU .TTTST TtKCKTVKlV A LARGE AND WELL "bout again as usual. I also crushed my finger in
S3CZ ISLAND k CO.. S. fi.
leave Rock Island at 9:00 a.m.. and 4:00 p. m. Ar
riving t cable at 11:10 . m., and 6:00 p. m.
Leave Cable at 6:30 a. m., and 13:45 p. m. Arriving
ai uoca isiauu m o.vj a. m., inai:m p. m.
No. 1,908 Second Ave N. side Union Square,
il assorted stock of
English and
French, Cassiineres,
Diagonals. Worsted Suitings, Beavers,
Doeskins, etc.. etc.
flTA.l work guaranteed and prices reasonable.
Odd Fellows, Masons, Drmds, Knights
Pvthias, lied Men, Temperance, and all
other Societi is.
Gold and Silver Laces, Fringes,
836 Main Street, .WORCESTER, MA SS .
Extract of Roots
The attention of Drnggist and Beer Makers is
called to the above named preparation. One of the
healthiest nnd nleasantert beverages known is
made from this Extract.the reputation of which has
been well established for over : years, and the in
creased sales for it in those loeaiities where it has
been used fully indorse its merites. This Extract,
from whii'h the popular Beverage known as
is made, is put up in bottles at 2rc, 50c., f 3, and in
half L'allou and gallon cans $5 and 10 each.
which makes respectively. 10. 25, SiO, 4"0 and J
gallons of Beer. General Depot,
btii Hudson Street NEW YOKK
And sold by all Wholesale Drngflets and Tatent
Medicine Dealers at manufacturer prices.
For sale In Rock Island by John Beugston.
In Wall Street.
8500.000 has been made in a single investment
$100. This of conrse is an axtraordinary occur
rence ; but ordinarily f S csn realize say $25,000.
Even sums as low as f 1 can be safely invested,when
favorable result can show a profit of $5.0' )0.
Circulars giving full information sent free by ad
dressing TAYLOR & CO. Bankers,
So. 11 Wall St., N. T.
a shocking manner, by letting a back log fall upon
our Liinimeni soon neaicct it up. tnougn.
Laballe, Peoria Co., 111. John B. M'obe,
fEsq, Barker, of Canton, HI., says:!
Mr. II. G. FarreU's Arabian Liniment has cared
some bad cases here, which every other remedy had
failed in ; one was a white swelling and contracted
cords in the leg of a boy 12 years old. The leg had
withered awav. and was so contracted that ne tiaa
no nse of it. Three doctors had tried their skill up
on it in vain, and he was fast sinking to the grave
when the hov's father was induced to try ll.U. l' ar-
rell'e Arabian Liniment. Before the first bottle was
used up he came to Mr. B.'s store, and the first
! words lie said were, "Mr. Barker, 1 want all that
Liniment you have in the store: the one bottle I got
did my boy more good than all that had ever been
done before." That boy is now well and hear
ty, and has free use of his l;gs. It is good fo.-brui
ses, sprains, cuts, burns ana sweumgs.
The public are cautioned against another ,toun
U riVit, which has lately made its appearance.called
W. li. arrelrs Arahian Liniment, the most danger
ous of all the counterfeits, because his having the
name of Farivll, many will buy it in good faith,
without the knowledge that a counterfeit exists,
and they will perhaps only discover their error
when the spurious mixture has wrought its evil effects.
The genuine article is manufactured only by II.
G. Farrel, sole inventor and proprietor, and whole
sale druggist. No. 17 Main street, Peoria, Illinois,
to whom ail applications tor Agencies must ne ad
dressed. Be snre vou get it with the letters H . G.
before FarreU's ths-H. G. FAR R ELL'S and his
signature on the wrapper, all other are counter
Sold by all druggists and by Tegular authorized
agents throughout the , nited Mates.
""Priee 35 and 50 cents, and $1 per bottle.
AGENTS WANTED in every town, village and
hamlet In the United Stalss, in which one is not al
ready established. Address H. G. Farrell as above,
accompanied with good character, responsibility,
Telegraphed to the Rod Island Argut,
London, Jane 2i A.l
Steward of the Jockey Club, died yester
day, age z.
LONDON. June 20. Thn afar
the affairs at Alexander, Barclay & Co.,
at Uuttenburg, Sweden, has been submit
ted to the creditors. The assets amount
to $950,000; liabilities $1,340,000. Of the
large foreign creditors three are in Lon
don, and one in LiverDool. The difficul
ties of the firm arose i'roui cotton specula
tion in 1875 and 1876.
' London, Juno 19. The opinion in the
Montenecrin armv is vpw ctrnns ntminct
ukovich, the leader. tr whnm the, p-
fence of Duea Pass
charged with utter incauaeitv. Some
batahions received no orders whatever,
and after the retreat from TC riat.K-a nil
cohesion of the armv seemed lost. Ad
vices report terrible outrages by the Cir
cassian population of Liberia. Towns are
sacked, women ravished, and men banished.
a reign ot terror prevails. The Kussians
burned a military hospital in Aradahan,
and 800 inmates perished.
London, Juno 20. The Paris Journal
Des Bats publishes a telegram from here
stating there apoears to be some founda
tion tor , the rumors that Iter Majesty's
government is about to apply to parliament
for the extraordinary grant of $23,000,000,
and that a cabinet council will be held to
day to discuss the question. This rumor,
wun many others, has been in circulation
at the Stock Exchange two davs. and is
generally disbelieved. No cabinet council
is announced tor to-dav. though the an
nouncement is usually made when a special
council are held. 1 he Stock Exchanee
which was stagnant, has been somewhat dis
quieted since the recirculation of the story.
uorresDonaeiits report the tiussians as
active in the country bounded on the east
and west by the rivers Vede and Aluta.
lhey are concentrating at Simnitzar. The
river there has greatly overflowed its
banks. The prevalent opinion seems to
point to NicopolU as the crossing place.
the lurks are also moving troops actively
- '
The National Bank ot Missouri Suspends
. with $2,000 OOO Deposits
bT. Lons, June 20. It is stated that
the deposits in the National Bank of the
State of Missouri were, yesterday, $2,000,
000. Included in this were $240,000
belonging to the city,and $130,000 officially
placed there by the assignees, registers,
and masters in chancery all secured by
bonds. It is claimed the depositors will
be paid in full, of which 50 cents on the
dollar will be paid very soon, the assets
of the bank being amply iufficient for this
purpose. It is also said the affairs of the
bank were examined by a special exam
iner from the treasury department a few
weeks ago, which resulted in the election
of a new board of directors. Four new
men were elected and at the next meeting
ot the board an examination ot the eouur
tion of the bank was made and it was
voted to wind up the business. Since then
no new business has been taken by the
bank. Great shriakage in real estate and
other values are the principal causes of
the suspension.
ST. JjOCIS, June '0. me board o
directors of the National Bank of the State
of Mo., had a lone session this a, m., bu
the result of their deliberations is not yet
known, it is asserted that tnere was a
considerable amount of state funds in the
bank, but the sum is not known. The
repository of the state is at St. Joseph,
but it is believed that the baak there
divided the state deposits with other banks,
and that the State bauk is one of them.
Ex-State Auditor Johnson Comes to Grief
in Consequence.
New Orleans. June 20. Ex-State
Auditor Johnson was to-day sentenced to
the parish prison for ten days and $50
fine, for refusing to pi oduco certain books
called for, and to answer certain questions
as to their contents, propounded by the
grand jury. Johnson says some of the
missing documents were destroyed and
others were taken away when they were
expecting an attack from the White
eague m January last. In his Detition
to the court, Johnson says he could not
answer the questions for fear of crimina
ting himself.
The Doomed Molly Maguires Aristocratic
New York, June 20. --A Pottsville,
a. dispatch says the caution and secrecv
with which all matters connected with the
execution of the Molly Maeuires, to-mor
row, are conducted, are noticeable. It is
aid that the reason for it is in order that
those engaged in arranging it may not be
nown. J he sheriff, for instance, will not
tell the local reporters where the gallows
is to stand -or who built it. and when he
earned that a renorter had discovered
those vital matters, he sent lor him in
great haste and lost him a clear halt
coluruu by threatening to leave him out on
the day ot execution, in case he should
publish news so surreptitiously acquired.
Miss Elizabeth Jones,.daughter of Mr.
George Jones, proprietor of the Times,
was married yesterday to Edward J. Low
ed, ot lioston, nephew of Jas. Russell
Lowell. The ceremony was Derformed bv
Bsv. Dr. Morgan.
Rich AttPS & Sobbbeck's Drug and Book -Store
opposite First National Bank, where all orders
can be left for the Argcs, aud where all Moline
business is transacted by O. J. Beardslee. Busi
ness notices should be handed in by noon to en
sure publication the same dey. .
JKifCan you prove it?
SgyWni. Royston has returned from
New York.
SG round was broken for the founda
tion of the Congregational parsonage yes
terday. J8The Robert Ros3 was in yesterday,
with logs, and started up the river again
last evening.
JS-The C. B. & Q. officials were here
yesterday afternoon and ordered various
repairs to their building.
JBQ?Tbirty or forty Good Templars will
take a ride on the Plow City this evening.
Music and ice cream will be aboard.
wgn-ibe iiaptist testivai last evening
was a complete success, notwithstanding
the ominous weather during the day.
JSThe new water main project should
Twelve Years
Gentlemen: About twelve years ago, while
traveling with Father Kemp's Old Folks Concert
Treupe as a tenor singer, I took a severe cold and
wa9 laid tip at Newark, N. J. This cold brought
on a severe attack of Catarrh, which I battled with
every known remedy for four weeks without avail
and wa finally obliged to give np most desirable
posi.ion and return home unable to sing a cote.
For three years afterwards I was unable to sing at
all. The first attack of Catarrh had left my nasal
organs and throat so sensitive that the slightest
cold wonld bring on a fresh attack, leaving me
prostrated. . In this way I continued to suffer, f he
last altack, the severest I ever had, was terrible. I
suffered the most excruciating pain in my head.
was so hoarse as to be scarcely able to speak, end
coughing incessantly. I thought I was going into
qnick consumption, and I firmly believe that bad
these symptoms continued without relief they
would have rendered me an easy victim. When in
this distressing condition, I commenced the use of
Sasfobd'9 Radical Curb fob Catar-kh, very re
luctantly,! coniess, as l naa tried all tne advertised
renieuies without bencpt. The first dose of this
nass'ed bv the council without delav
I'rnoilm.mn V. . u ...U t,; Wonderfnl medicine gave me the greatest relief. It
1v.aL.uuuu cCCUio iuc . u.v- iu mis w hardIy p0B8ib:e fof one whose head aches, eyes
matter. . lache who can scarcely articn late distinctly on ac-
JSST'The streets aud alleys are beginning count of the choking accumulations m his throat,
nnU ..!. j 1 Q I fo realize how much relief I obtained from the first
to look clean and healthy. Street Super- application of Samkoku's Radical Cure. Under
intenaent rvems is
thorough in all he un
the Barn, as Usual, after
Horse has been Stolen.
Boston, June 20, The coroner's jury,
inquiring into the circumstances of the
burning ot the tenement on Shawmut
avenue, by whicli several Hves were lost.
on the Gth inst., condemn the insufficient
means lor escape, and urgently call upon
the city authorities to came, immediately,
such alteration in school houses,- etc., as
have been recommended by the inspector
of buildings.
An Unsuccessful Strie.
P.VTERSON.N. J., June 20 The strikers
visited the various mills to persuade the
operatives to join them. The police have
been called upou to urotect the hands at
work, 1 he general sentiment seems to
be that the strike is ill-advised. Nine-
tenths of the hands are at work.
Weather Probabilities.
Washington, June 20 The .Signal Ser
vice observations taken at 10 o'clock this
lorenoon indicate the following weather
probabilities for this afternoon and to
Indications for the northwest: Falling
barometer, warm southerly winds, partly
cloudy weather, and ram areas, probably
followed at norwestern stations by rising
barometer and colder northerly winds.
Sea Weed Tonic and Masobake Pills These
medicines have undoubtedly performed more cure
of Consumption than any other remedy known to Tne fajiuriJ naa cauSed a great deal ot C0m-
tbe American public. They are compounded olt t hnsiness circles to-dav and much
S25,S50,SiflO,S200, S500.
The reliable house of ALEX. FROTHINGTIAM
& CO.. No. 13 Wall street. New ork publish a
handsome eight page weekly paper, called the
Weekly Financial keport, which tney send free to
sny address. In addition to a large number of edi
torials on financial and other topics, it contains
very full and accurate reports of the sales and
standing of every stock, bond and security dealt in
at the Stock Exchange. Messrs. Fkothinohasi A
Co., are extensive brokers of large experience and
tried integrity. In addition to their siock nroaer
aee husiness. tbevsnll what are termed "Prlviliges'
or "Puui and CallB," now one of the favorite meth
ods of legitimate speculation. Their advice is val
nahle, and by following it many have made for
u nes. New York Metropolis.
vegetable ingredients, and contain nothing which
can be injurious to the human constitution. Other
remedies advertised as cures for Consumption,
probably contain opium, which is a somewhat dau
gerous drug in all cases, and if taken freely by con
sumptive patients, it must do great injury; for its
tendency is to confine the morbid matter in the
system, which, ot course, must make a cure impos
sible. Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup is war-acted not
to contain a particle of opium; it is composed of
powerful but, harmless herbs, which act on the
lnns, liver, stomach and blood, and thus corrects
all morbid secretions, and expel ail the diseased
matter from the body . These are the only means
byj which Consumption can be cured, and as
Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup, Sea Weed Tonic and
Mandrake Pills sre the only medic.nes which ope
rate iu this way, it is obvious that the) are the only
genuine cure for Pnlmoi.ary Consumption. Each
bottle of this iuvaluable medicine is accompanied
by full directions. Dr. Schenck is professionally
at his principal office, corner Sixth and Arch Me,
FUiladeiDbia. every Monday, where all letters for
advice must be addressed.
The Hew
Indian "War" '-29 Whites
four Indians Killed.
Washington, June 20. The following
dispatch is received by the Commissioner
of Indian Affairs from the Nesperses
agency, Idaho: The Don-treaty Indians
commenced hostilities on the i4th icst.
Consecration of an Episcopal Bishop
New York, June 20. The newly elect-
Up to date, the ICth, twenty-nine settlers ed bishop.Gregg, of the Reformed Episco-
are reported to have been murdered ana I pal church, was consecrated to day in the
four Indians killed. Gen. Howard is in 1 church of which Lev. Dr. Sabine is pastor.
command. The hostiles are about 100 1 The bishop goes to London and will head
strong, l hey are reported to nave gone tne netormed Lnurch movement in .og-
to the Salmon river country and are mak- land.
SAma powdes
ing for the Weiaser Geysers in Southern
Idaho, 1 he troops are iu pursuit, about
13 hours behind. The reservation Indians I
are true to the government. A company
is formed under the head cruet and is pro
tecting the settlement ot Kamarah and
employes. No news from Indians north!
of here.
(Signed Watkins,
Inspector and Monteth Indian agent.
stamp for confidential circular of great value.
I). (JLAllKl:., if . JiarK vuieago.
TTTrtmTHfTC of Self Abuse or Indiscretion
V Iw X lltLw send stamt) for "Celebrated
Work" on Nervous and private uiseases. Address
Chicago Medical Isstitxte, 180 Sr Clark St.,
To all who are suffering from the errors and in
discretions of youth, nervous weakness, early de
cay, loss of manhood, &c, I will send a recipe that
will cure you, FREE OF CHARGE. This great
remedy was discovered by a missionary in South
America. Send a self-addressed envelope to the
Rev. Joseph T. Inman Station D.Bible House
New York City,
Gives a splendid gloss aud finish to all starched
goods, making them whiter and cleabeb than
wax or anything else, and prevents the Iron from
eticking. Trial bottle free.
Put np in 4-oz bottles, price 15c. Sold by Gro.
cers ai'd DruggisM.
A. I. MATHEWS & CO., 85 Murray St., N. Y
in quantity by their perfect purity and great
strenpth; the only kindu made by a prac
tical Chemist and Phywcian, with scientific
care to insure uniformity, healthfulness, deli
cacy and freedom from all injurious Buhstan
re Tiicv are far nurjerior to the common
adulterated kinds. Obtain the genuine. Ob-
sprv mir Trade Marks as above, " Cream "
llakino. PnwcW. "Hand and Cornucopia."
liny the Baking Powder only in cans securely
labelled. Many have been deceived in loose
or bulk Powder sold as Dr. Price's.
Manufactured only by
Chicago, Low and Cmcmnai.
w ! EantT Belief ts Toms Ken from the ef- u
r r3 r ; ... . ...... u.,ifl 1 i f.. I
W Ifiahool e3tarei. Impediments to Mar-! raj
fS m trsage removed. New method of treat- g I
W " 1 " ' ' - " ' I
J a books and circulars sent iree meeaien, i
pj ienvelopes. Address HOWARD AS-i
tn Z iSociATio:
u and professional skill. I
1 Hit xrenust Blood rcmedv ot tne ajpt. A
I Ttter, Scroiu la, Dicrrm, Roils, Pimples, avud alH
Blaod diaessec Ticid to ita wonderful powers. .
Pure Blood i the curanitp of health. Kad I
' it eureri mr boo or Borofula. J. m. Rrooiu,
k Paiti&trilU. O. ' it urtd Biv child of Frip-1
.as." Hrm. fi.SmtilMer, Lari intra. Ho. Price f 1.1
R. K. hKLLLliS t CO., Prwp'i. Piiuburarh. Pa.
Tbe Kniiin hti our Dame on bottom of wrapper.
CamptLorine !
Is the most effe;tnal remedy sold, is luxury to
use. rives the best satisfaction. rive instant relief.
will not grease or stain the most delicate fabric.
naa a peasant ana refreshing oaor. it will imme
d lately relieve and cure Rheumatism. Chronic and
Acute; Neuralgia and Catarrh. Headache and
I Swelled Face, Sore Throat, Sprains and Bruises,
I Bunions and Chilblains, Eruptions of the Skin,
Pain in Chest, Back or Limbs, Boms and Scald.
Vnr ala hv All 1 Irn 7omt
Graduates front the Naval Academy.
Annapolis, Md June 20. The con
eluding exercises at the naval academy
and the distribution ot diplomas to the
graduating class took place to-day, in tbe
presence ot a large number ot distinguished
visitors, including Presidsnt Hayes, Count
Zella, charge d-affaires Itay, and the
Japanese minister, Yostida Keonan. An
address to the graduates was mada
Chancellor Hammond, of the board ot
visitors from Iowa, and the diplomas were
distributed by Secretary of the Navy
Thompson. The number of graduates is
45. of whom the first five, or star erad
uates. are: W. i . J?ullom,New ierk: Ii
M. Witzell. Wis.: O. G. Dodge.Kas.;
Q. David.New York; A. G. Winterhalter,
Mich, There is no engineer class this year,
All that is Left of Flora Temple, the Queen
of the Turf-Only 33 years old
New York, June 20. A letter writer
who attended the sale of year lines at Chest
nut Hill farm, near i huadelphia, on the
19tb. sava there was one box stall id the
stable that was passed carelessly by, while
the yearlings was being exhibited, until a
gentleman casually remarked "what have
you got in there." The groom opened the
door and the visitors 6aw a poor looking,
decrepit old mare with eyery bone in her
body standing out as if the flesh was grad
ually wearing away, with eyes sunken and
bleared all that wag left of famous
Flora Temple, queen of the trotting turf.
Flora came to Mr. Welch's farm in October,
'64, and since then has had three foals.
The old mare is now 33 years of age, and
will soon pass away.
Judge J, W. Clark dead Georgia Finances.
Atlanta, Ga., J une 20. Judge J. W.
Clark ot Americus, died to-day.
State treasurer luufroe has leturncd
from Ner York, where he exchanged one
and a-balf millions lieorgia sixes, tor
Maoon & Brunswick railroad. Endorsed
sevens are iu the hands of New York
SSyMoline is bound to be the center on
the 4th of July. Besides what the citizens
are doing, neighboring towns are arrang
ing to cooperate and celebrate here.
JSQT'A meeting of the Moline Rifles, G.
A. U., and all old soldiers, is called for to
morrow night, at Freja Hall, to perfect
arrangements for the 4th ot July celebra
tion. BKThe election for a member of the
board of education is attracting more
attention than has usually been the case
in the past. It is a healthy indication to
note a lively interest in school matters.
Binding of every description dona
at close figures at The Arous bindery.
All kinds of printing cheaper thah-clse-
wherc in tbe three cities. First class work
guaranteed. tf.
BE. A. Edwin, a barber, employed
by Uharles ickstrom, was arrested to
day by Marshal Wells, on information from
Iowa City, lbe prisoner professed not to
know the cause ot arrest nor could our
reporter learn it lrom the officers.
JSf3The article in last night's Argus,
relative to the school board election, has
had the enect to stir up the animals im
mensely. Some ot them are wrothy this
morning. lhey tremble at tne prospect
ot Mr. Bulleu's election., knowing that he
s a man they cannot bulldoze, or lead
around by the nose at will. Let every
mau in favor of retrenchment turn out next
Saturday and defeat the ring.
JSThere was a fair audience atTimm's
Hall last evening to witness the perform
ance of "On Hand ' by John Thompson
and bis superb dramatic company. The
acting throughout was good, and those who
were in attendance were well repaid for
time scent To night is the last appear
ance in this city, and those who fail to be
present will miss a rare dramatic enter
tainment. There will undoubtedly be a
crowded house this evening as companies
ot this class do not often visit Mohoe
EaSThis aftcruaon Barney Cleveland
was arrested upon complaint of Lena Clem-
mons, alias, Mrs. toy. by Constable fish,
and taken bctore Magistrate Swander
The evidence was that Barney had been
scaring Mrs. Foy's child, and she had at
tacked him with a board, when, he turned
upon her and struck her three or four
times. Barney was fined $5, and went out
to eet the money when tho reporter leu.
ureat interest was tafcen in the trial, one
lady holding an ancient looking chronome
ter timeinc the witnesses closely.
Suie doubts having been expressed
as to the legality of the mayor to cast a
deciding vote, that functionary consulted
Judge Ira O. Wilkinson and received the
following reply. Eugene Lewis, Esq., city
attorney, gave an opinion virtually the
same as the one given below. Following
is Judge Y llkinson s opinion:
Hock Island. 111., June 16, 1877
S. W. Wheelock. Esq.. Mayor. &c.:
Dear Sir, The question submitted by
you to me, viz: Whether the Mavor of
your oity has a casting vote in case of a
tie in the City Council on the question of
the passage ot an ordinance, has been con
sidered by me with some care.
Section 19 and 29 of chapter 24 of the
revised statutes ot 187 1, for the mcorpo
ration of cities and villages under which
your city is incorporated, seems to me to
be decisive ot the question, and alarms
the right of the Mayor to vote iu Buch
The 20th section makes him a member
of the City Council, and Section 19 pro
vides that in case ot a tie he shall give a
casting vote.
W bile there are other sections of the
l&w that are wordy employed and seem
ingly in conflict with these sections, yet I
thiuk they are only seemingly so, and that
a proper construction of the entire act
must give to the section named an unre
stricted applicatioji and operative in the
case presented. In conversation with
Mr. Gest as to the opinion given by him,
and the accordant one of Judge Pleasant
in a somewhat similar question arising
u. s. logo's , 1.12 them in no wise adverse to the views pre-
Kewsi l.ii
lis influence, both internal and external. I rapidly
recovered, and by an occasional use of the remedy
since have been entirely free from Catarrh, for the
first time in twelve years.
Respectfully yours,
Waltham, Mass., Jan. 8th. IS70.
P. S.-I purchased the Radical Cure of GEORGE
II. ROGERS. Druggist. Rumford Building.-
Meeting- oi Associations.
Chicago, Juno 18. The manufacturers
of straw board throughout the United
States met here to-day and forumd the
American Straw Board Association: fixed
a uniform schedule of prices.and transacted
other business.
The American Nursery mens' Associa
tion began, a three days' session hereto
A Recommendation.
Washington, June 20. it is reported
that tho secretary ot the treasury, among
recommendations in his reports to con-
cress concerning the bureau of statistics,
will suggest that it be reduced from a
buicautoa division of his department.
A committee is uow investigating the
For Catarrh.
HAS worked a revolution in the treatment of Ca
tarrh. It has demonstrated beyond all doubt
that this disease, even in its severest forms, is enre
able and that comfort and happiness may be made
to lollow years or misery, years oi suttennjr, Dy a
persistent use of it. The method of treatment or
iginated by Dr. Sanford, viz: the local and consti
tutional by a remedv prepared by distillation, is
the only one ever offered to the public that will
bear the test of time.
Sanford's Eadical Cure
Is Prepared by Distillation.
EVERY plant and herb that yields its medical
essence to it i placed in an improved still and
there mingled with a solvent liqu id, which, by heat.
is made to pass over into the receiver, bearing wun
it the healing essences or juices of these plautsand
herbs, free from every contamination, pure and
colorless. Thus the active, medical constituents
of thousands of pounds of herbs may be condensed
into a very small compass. In tnis way an
i-oiiu's Radical Curb is divested of the nauseating
worthless features of all other remedies, while its
curnnve nroporties are Increased tenfold, it is
positively the greatest medical triumph of the a,e
Each package contains Dr. Sanford's Impoved
Inhaliug Tube, with full direc'ions for use in all
cases. Price f 1,00. For sale by all wholesale and
retail druggists throughout tho United States
WEEKS & POTTER, General Agents and Whole
sale Druggists, Boston.
Hoise Shoe Nails
All Nails are made of the best
and Warranted perfect and ready for driving.
Orders filled proiriptly and at the lowe
rates by
ill Wrights
Contractors & Builders
Of all descriptions of
DraiQts and Specifications for Flouring Mills
Saw Mills, Distilleries and Grain Elevators ir ade
out on short notice. Are prepared to take con
tracts for building and machinery, and give person
al attention to a., he details of construction. Re
Dairs of all kinds .omutlv attended to whether or
.dered by mail or in person.
At the old stand of 11 tfrooki. (new No..l 525 No
Ifl 8. Washington street PEORIA, ILL
Andres Lor-k-Rni.SIH
AN Electro-Galvanic Battery, combined with the
celebrated Medicated Porous Plaster, forming
the grandest curative agent in the world of medi
cine, and utterly surpassing all other Plasters here
tofore iu nse. Thev accomplish more in one week
than the old Plasters in a whole year. They do not
palliate, they ( lbe.
lift ufnunrnrin nriirrw m
h iiuiautnruL nt.iwi.uii
Messes. Weeks & Potteb: Gentlemen, Tour
Collins oltaic Plaster is a wonderful remedy.
I have suffered with a weak and painful back more
tnan eigbt years before l sent for your uollmt. Vol
taic Plaster. The pain reached from my back to
my sides and hips. My left side and hip are fee'ing
very well, but 1 tnina l require another Plaster for
my right side. I am so much improved that I can
walk and stand, but before I got your Plaster I was
nnaoie to want or stanu.
Respectfully yours.
Lynchburg, Va., July 22. 1876.
P. S. Since I finished my letter some of my
neighbors have come in aud wish me to send for
some more of your Plasters. I am recommending
them to all my friends. Please send me six of your
Collins' voltaic piasters. i.neiosea nna si.zs.
Mrs, Gouman
S7i0ic Rooms, 21 Maiden Lane, IT. T.
Factories, West Meriden, Conn.
Manufacturers of
i Plated Tea Sets
More Xeg-&1 Eobbery oi Poor People.
New York. June 20. The Rockland
savings band, W. Caufield, president, and
11. r. iMlis, secretary, has suspended pay
Mail Sonte to tne Black Hills.
Washington, June 20. Contracts
were awarded to-day for mail service to
and from the Black Hills,for nine months.
Printing, Binding and Blank-Book work
specialities at The Argus Office. No
pains wnl be spared to please customers,
Satisfaction guaranteed. tf
Sold by all Druggists for 45 cents each. Sent to
any part of the United States and Canadason receipt
of 25 cents for one, $1.25 for six, or f-i.-iS for twelve
by WEKKS & POTTER, Proprietors, Boston.
tuutd uasnarsQ.
New Torls Market.
New York, June
Will positively afford relief by external
application. It cures on the instant Neu
ralgia, Nervous Headache, Rheumatism,
Toothache, Earache, and all nervous pains,
Sold by all Druggists at 50 cts. and $1
per bottle.
For sale in Bock Island by John Beugston.
Gold- 1 05?;.
Money 1V.
U. 8.
Bonds 6$ cent 5 SO's 1RM
" " lt5 mw.
' " 187
Currency 6's l.S2?
Wheat Dull ; nominally nncbariged : No 8 Chi
cago 1 bl : No 2 Miiuaukee 1 6uai (&.
Cora Active: 4c higher; new western mixed 56
Oan-Ouietj mixed western and state a0igfl3;
Po.k-Flrmer; 14 C0S14 23.
Larl Firmer; 911.
Whisky 1 11.
Very truly yours, Ira O. Wilkinson.
Tne Flow City.
The steam yacht Plow City is now io
perfect trim for excursions. Pains will
be taken to insure the comforts of passen
gers. Liberal discount to Sunday schools
and Eocieties, lodom
Chicago Mar&et.
Cuicaoo, Jnne 20.
Wheat Lower: 1 45 cash: 143 July: 1 4V Aug'
Corn Weak aud easy; 45 cash; 45ii4574 July;
A August-
Oats wean ana lower; sari casu; Din juiy.
Rye W.
Harlev Easier: No 3. 37.
Pork- Strong and hieher; 13 00 cash; 13 05 Aug.
Lard Strong ana nigner; 8 U5 casn ; a to Augi
Whisky) 07.
Hogs Receipts 9,000; market active and prices
hifrher: lieht 4 702)4 SO: heavy mixed to packers 4
0fif,4 95: heavy to shinners 4 MJta 10.
Cattle Quiet and unchanged; receipts 2,700;
butcher's aud stackers 8 50&5 00; fair to medium 5
2"5 60; good to choice 4 T55 10; choice to extra
5 KJ&5 25.
United States, Canadian and General
Patent Solicitor,
Civil and Hecoanical Engineer,
Office, Federal Buildings
B-anchcs in Toronto and Ottawa. Canada ; London,
pans, rsernn, etc.
The 25th Anniversary of the Shields
Auburn. N. Y.. June 20. Thecele
bratioa of the 25th anniversary of the
Shields Guard attracted large crowds, and
waa narticinated in bv Gov. Ikobinson
General Shields. Wade Hampton, M
Pomeroy and others, who made epeeehea.
St. Louis Market.
St. Loci. Jane 20.
Wheat -F-ssier: N6 3 red fall 1 28'4 bid cash
Corn Opened easier; closed higher; 41V cash.
oata Firmer; &i nia.
Rye el.
Wbisky-1 07.
Pork 13 40.
Lard Nominal.
Hogs Receipts 8.5000; firmer; 4.45 00.
Milwaukee Market.
M'lwaukee. June 30
Wheat Lower; closing steady: 1 47 cash : 1 43
July ; 1 32 August; No 3, 1 31ft.
Cora Steady: 454.
Oats Firm; 86ft
Rye $. .
Barley 0. ' T
A He&icine of Many Uses.
A medicine which remedies dyspepsia,
liver complaint, constipation, debility, in
termittent and remittent fevers, urinary
and uterine troubles, depurates the blood,
counteracts a tendency to rheumatiim and
gout, and relieves nervousness, may be
truly said to have many uses. Sach an
article is Hostetter'a Bitters, one ot the
most reliable alteratives of a disorderly to
a well ordered state of tbe system ever
prepared or . sold. It has been over a
quarter ot a century before tbe public, is
endorsed by, many eminent professors of
tbe healing art, and its merits have re
ceived repeated recognition in the columns
of leading American and foreign journals.
It is highly esteemed in eyery part of this
country, and is extensively used in South
America, Mexico, the British possessions
and the W est Indies. If its increase in
public fayor in the past is to be regarded
as a reliable criterion of its gain in popu
lanty iu coming years, it has indeed
splendid future before it,
AU Patent matter promptly attended to on rea
sonable terms. Correspondence conducted either
the English, French, German or tbe Scandina
vian languages.
The Sherman House, Chicago, defies
competition m the matter of the table in
variety, excellence and mcsty ot prepara
tion. It has over 100 rooms supplied with
baths sod closets, and a fire-alarm and fire-
escape io every zoom.
Insurance Company,
SlXrT.Ti T. SKIDXORE, Presldest.
HOST A. OAKL1T, Vice President.
l- Ice Pitchers, Castors,
Coffee and Ice Water Urnss
Spoons Sc Xorlieu
Pearl, Ivory and Steel Handled
KNIVES. &C, &C, &C.
tSJ"These Goods can be found at all First Class
; Dei.trs in Plated Ware. In purchasing call for
Show Cases.
In the City. Send for Price List.
J. E. BERRY, Prop.,
90 State Street,
(Successors to J, R. ZEIGLfcX.)
Manufacturers ot
lascres Aaia:t Iocs cr Saca ly Fire.
. Hock Island Ills.
ith day of June, 18T7, at the Court House, in
iue vii j 01 nocK idiaua. an etecuon will be held
for Two Members of the Board of Education,
which election will be opened at eight o'clock in
the morning and continue open till seven o'clock
in me afternoon or that day.
Dated at Rock Island City, this 12th day or Jnne
1877. , .
By order of the Mavor.
dUW JOHN L, REED, City Clerk.
21b Hamilton Street, . - PEOBIA, ILL
Correspondence solicited and orders promptl
filled. ROBERT G. LDTK.lL
riELDIBROS., Agents. Rock Island.

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