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,4. June 35, 1377.
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"The boys against the office" is the
way they played that game of ball on Sat
arday at the pio-nic of the Buford Plow
factory on Offerman's island. Somehow
the office are deluding themselves with the
belief that they beat tho boys. To settle
this question we give the score just as fur
rushed by the umpire as follows:
Shop Runs 27. Errors 17.
Office " 28. " 42.
Take It Home,
The Union attempts to be facetious over
the meeting in Hillier's Hall on Saturday
evening. Why did it not tell how many
were present at its Court House meeting.
It is now said that Jim Montgomery did
not sign that call that it was gotten up
and his signature forged in the Union
office, but Jim happened down that way
by accident, an unusual direction for him
to go on Saturday nights, and went in and
fathered the Union's bantling. Jim is
yery convenient chairman to have.
Fred Conway, of the Iowa Coal Co
Desmoines.is in the city on a visit to friends
Mayor liutler returned this morning
from a week's trip to CliDton, Dubuque and
F. J. Wise, general agent for Rhorer.
Christian & Co., St. Louis, manufacturers
of the Charm baking powder, was at the
Sharper House to-day.
II. C. Connelly, Esq.. and his soD,Alvin,
expect to leave on Wednesday evening for
Darned, Kansas, to take auother look at
that beautiful country before finally de
ciding upon settling there. Mrs. Conney
is very ill, and this may delay them, but
it is thought she will recover sufficiently
to allow their making the trip.
Joseph II. Kerr intends to leave for
Brown's Grove, Pawnee county, Kansas,
on Wednesday evening, in company with
Wm. F. Norrisand wife, to take a look at
the country, with a view of settling there.
We would be sorry to have Joe move away,
lie is a goi citizen. aud then they'd miss
him in the Fourth ward Democratic meet
First Class Goods.
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Board of Education.
There will be a Citizens Meeting this
evening at the Court House to select can
didates for the Board of Education. This
is as it should be. In the selection, the
choice should be made exclusively in the
interest of the schools and for the com
mon benefit of all. Anything like clique
or partisan movement should at once be
suppressed. Let the common consent of
our citizens make the choice simply and
olely upon the grounds of fitness for the
office and willingness to perform the
duties of the position intelligently and with
out prejudice either sectarian or religous.
It is not necessary to a proper under
standing of our position on this question
tnat 1HE A EG us snouid enter into a
lengthy discourse about the nature or ob
ject of our public schools. Schools are in
stituted by the state because it is thought
that an intelligent and somewhat culti
vated peoples are essential to the perma
nence of our form of government. They are
intended to be so orgauized that they shall
be of common benefit and objects of com
nnn interest, All classes are therefore
taxed lor their support. All are expected
to have a voice in the election of Bchool
officers, and all ought to feel interest
enough to participate in such elections. I
Everything not teudiog to the one object
of having good schools whouM be carefully
avoided. Upon this point hinges the
whole subject, and here is where The'
AltOUS stands. For this single purpose
we have always contended, and have ever
favored the election of good men who take
an especial interest in having good schools.
It is to such and such only that we would
entrust their charge and management.
Lei this evening's selection be made irre.
spective of any partizan feeling, let it be
done upon the broad basis of general in
terest and public welfare, let the candi
date be men of intelligence, public spirit,
and houcst friends of the schools, and we
hall give them hearty support. We don't
care a fig whether they are Democrats or
Republicans, so that they ar good men,
well qualified, fair minded, aud are ehoeep
and elected upon their raerits and for their
personal qualifications. But we do un
qualifiedly object to our schools being run
in the interests of party, or sectarianism,
or to their being made the instruments of
designing men tor the furtherance of cor
rupt and jobbing purposes.
MENT. . .
No Lives Lost.
The members of the Presbyterian
church held a meeting in the basement of ia
their building last Wednesday evening fori'
iViA nnvnnoa on eai) rip mnal-infy ftrraniTA. I
. . , ,. . . . ,,1
mentsio noia religious services in e n
main tent of Forepaugh's circus, Sunday
next. Our readers will remember there I
. . , , , . . . I
and it so happened that during the
progress ot the meeting.a book case stand-1
inr nffftlnat mi onen window was blown over
v w
luo , -v r .-w :yJ
knows wnat a &ampson itev. iur. rmaiey
is, as to size and strength, and will pardon J
the impressions of those present if they J
momentarily thought he had seized the
,r , , I
pmarsot tne edince and was aDOUt to
bring down death, and destruction upon
their devoted heads. Such a thoueht of I
i j i t, i I
, x . . ' , . . . f,o-Kf
but remembering the catastrophe of 18 5 I
when the same building was so nearly de- J
molished by a similar storm, and upon I
.o.iwm., i) i.tni nanao nf tlieir nnntnr I
, . , a 3
oeing so suauemy nuurea. mere wuwuu
excitement, men rusning rusmng miner i
and thither, a commingling of unmusical!
nrnc n1 nr.PPl-9 nil nalft whif.ri but I
one hour before, probably.had not blushed
at the praise of their own loveliness. The
rush for the door proved a blockade.
Then came the time wnicn tries mensj
souls; young and old were alike impressed;
with the necessity of making an exit an '
egress tnat snouid De doid nasty ana i
.1 1 lit 1.1 1 II.
practicable.neither stood they on the or-
j..r.v.:. :.,.. Tt,P t'n
ucru.iu.BluS. u: "r '
uiaugre his years and innrmities ot nmD,
essayed the role of ground and lofty turn-1
bhng in manner and form that wouid win
iin enthusiastic renown in tne line oi I
acrobatic profession, Through an open
window went his venerable form like swift I
shootinc meteors in Ardveu's gloomy vale-
T ;.OD X iv .lAr5ntr , ;rV.t.
iU ..j--. -.j-o " .
nmit was deemed suoume, tne nignest
of physical and moral courage. Lyen so
stood the tall and trraceful form of our I
ii , .,(,i i,a inn. I
. 4Va I
masi neigui ui a iiiauiuuuuuicu c a I
bible in hand, and amidst the wild dismay
and threatened destruction commandine got out that this was a Republican meet
silence, and in bumble imitation of the jng-and he was very sorry for it. But. s
, . ,. A , long as the rumor had been started he
august command of diety upon the stormy tn0Ught the meeting ought to nominate
sea exclaiming let there be ailence and
H,ptp ,nn 7i.v A few words sufficed to
show that the panic was causeless in fact,
that no danger was apprehended, and that
peace hath its victories more renowned
than a wind storm. The tumult ceased,
order reigned, the Kev, Ivelly once
more sought safety from wind and
rain within the bosom of the church, the
book case was righted, and the lately
frightened inmates of the sacred edifice
acain joyously and devoutly joined
in that good old doxobgy of:
"Praise God from whom all blessings
Tis well it might have been worse.
As spirituous hauors will injure men, so
onium or morphia will harmiully effect the
baby. Dr. Bull s Baby fayrup is fte remedy
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Proposition to Nominate Women.
The Argus is well pleased with the
very sensible action of those who attended
the Republican meeting at the Court House
on Saturday evening, in that they so pos
itively condemned the attempt to drag the
' . , om a
schools into polities. The proposition to
unite with the Hillier's Hall meeting in
holding a citizens meeting at the Court
House this evening, will meet with the
, , -. , .. 4,
hearty approval ot all friends ot the
schools. Tbe one meeting in making the
proposition, aud the other in so readily
accepting it showed a disposition on the
part of both to act in accordance with the
fullest and freest expression of tbe people.
Those who absent themselves from the
Court House this evening either take no
interest in the schools, or must be satisfied
with whatever action taken. A full and
free discussion of tbe situation can do no
harm. Believing, as tbe ARGUS does
that a very positive majority of tbe citizens
are earnest supporters of our system of
public schools a t-ystem upon which, to a
a very large extent, depends the intelli
geuce and usefulness of American citizens,
the meeting must be productive of good to
the school. It is desired that there be
a large attendance, especially as a strong
and probably successful attempt will be
made to nominate two women for members
of the School Board. There are strong
arguments in favor of this, to our city,
new departure, and hence the importance
of a large attendance and the widest range
of argument. If the discussions and the
action of the meeting this evening be
independent of all prejudices of politics,
reliiiioa, sex or condition, aud only locking
to what, under existing circumstances, is
best for the wchools, then 8cJ; c.c'ion will
assuredly be endorsed at the polls. Art
the duties of tbe school board such that
women can perform them better, or as well
as men, ie the question to be decided thja
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plexion? Simple -by using Dr. Bull's
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jts characteristic flavor, and place in the
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lence. Every JJayor as represented, of
great strength, and perlea purity. or
a . i. . i . J a
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tracts, and feel eure that they will give
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The Court House Meeting.
The meeting at the Court House Satur
day evening, called by J, M, Montgomery,
Cbmn. Rep, City Com." was a very slim
affair, The meeting was called to meet
at 7.30 o'clock, and at that hour The
Argus reporter arrived but found only
the sheriff and the Union reporter present.
The three waited patiently, and finally,
about 8 o'clock, D. P. McKown and Frank
Pbilleo came in but seeing only the three
present, they walked out again.
About 8.30 o'clock A. F. Fleming came
but soon left, with the remark that he
was going up to the other place Hul-
1CT S Hall,
JamesM. Montgomery,
- r, i , few minutes later.
ne wanted to know "where allSthe con-
vention was and nobody answering him
I he walked out.
About 9 o clock a dozen persons, who
had &980mbled on the steps below, came
in. and before they could leave, Montgom
ery called the meeting to order and stated
us ODiect to nominate two memoers o
. board of educati0D- IIe also nomina.
t.A D Trnesiiaia aa chairman.
Dr. Truesdale arose and "respectfully
declined" to serve giving as his reasons
" was aireaay amemuer 011 n ooaru
and then, he understood that this was t
RepuUican meeting. "If this is true," he
gaid, "and the meeting intends to nomin
ate party men, then I decline to have
anvthine to do with it."
Montgomery then nominated Geo. Mix
. na -i,-:.-..-,. Mr. Mixter de-
cliried for the same reasons, as those given
by Dr. Truesdale, except that he was not
a member ot the board.
Montgomery then nominated S.S.Guyer.
Quyer also declined-saying he was not in
favor 0t this being a liepublioan meeting
He also advocated the selection of women
to fill the oihees on the board.
S. r. Cooke was finally induced to
accept the chair, and J.J. rarks (as
usual) was shoved in as secretary
J. M. Montgomery moved that the
meeting proceed to nominate two candi
dates for the office ot board of education
Dr. Truesdale moved as an amendment
that a committee of three be appointed by
tne cnair to comer witn tne miner s nan
a V f -.1.1 tT-ll" 1 TT I
meeting, to see if some compromise could
not be effected by which a joint meeting
could be held to nominate candidates.
Motion, as amended, carried
Joseph W. Brackett opposed anything
that would make the convention appear
. .... -
Judge Guver also opposed any com
promise, and said that if the convention
nominated women nobody could say that
lUB meeuug waa xvepuoiiuau one
Brackett moved that the motion to ap
: . cou.miUee Ke reconsidered. Motion
lost, and the chair appointed Messrs
ueorge Mister, u. L. Mitchell and James
P. Taylor as said committee and they
llijuicuiiiicij i?iAVVA LLlcil uuia auu piaucu
for lliilier s Hall
David Hawes said that, somehow, it had
candidates ot its own, and not play second
nddle to anotner convention
James M. Montgomery arose and said
he bad never made a speech in his life and
he didn't expect to then but he wished to
make an explanation, lie said 1HE ARGUS
had charged him with having called a Re
publican meeting, but he couldn't see
where it found the grounds for making
those charges. He was not personally in
terested in the schools, except that he
would like to see them prosper, and when
two or three of his mends requested him
to call a meeting, he did so, but having
no other thought about the matter than
that it should be a meeting of the citizens
and not a Republican meeting.
(juyer was then requested to spout ' on
the "woman question." He arose and
said he believed he was the only lady's
man present, ana ne was proud ot it.
(Jim Parks Are the ladies? AnnlauseJ
I Ie then nrooeeded to rive his reasons for
wanting women elected to the board that
,t was beinr done at other places and was
a success; that nearly all ot our teachers
were women, and that he thought two
women on the board would be a benefit to
tbe schools.
Thomas Thornton opposed the nomioa
tion of women, and thought that if tbey
were elected they would soon run the
1 1 3 I .
u "
referre(j t0 tue time when ourEehools were
conducted by women when, as he said,
they wera a disgrace to tbe city. He also
dvocated the reduction of salaries of the
school officers from the superintendent
d0WDn(j saii that when labonnir men
were working 10 and 11 hours for from 75
cents to $1.25 it was time that public
anairs were run on a more economical plan
tbe laboring man could not afford to pay
tve taxe8
Dr. Truesdale arose and said that Mr.
Montgomery's apology for caliinir the
meeting was entirely satisfactory to him
but he did not believe that the people gen
erally wanted to bring politics into school
matters and he did not believe Mr. Mont
gomery did but. when that eentleman
signed that call as "Chmn. Iiep. City
Com," he branded it as a political conven
tion, He closed by saying that "as soou
as we bring politics into our schools down
go the schools."
Dr. Truesdale also opposed tbe selection
of women to 11 the vacancies on the board
not because he did not think they were
competent, but thought it would be an ex
periment which he did not like to attempt
at this time -when there was so much
opposition in our publics schools.
The conference committee here returned
and reported that the Hillier's Hall meet
ing bad agreed to meet this convention
and the meeting then adjourned to meet at
he Court House at 7:30 o'clock this evening
"Jttaking' Old Bones."
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Ccre by Contact. Many would bav
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ForTiiirty Years. The dark-eved and
lovely daughters of Spanish America
have used Murray & Lantuan's Florida
Hater as their only cosmetic and tOl et
perfume. It is the most fragrant, as well
as the most lasting of all Floral Waters.
and possesses refreshing and invigorating
properties not contaiued in any Other pre -
paration of the kind.
or sale bv Perfumers. Drueeitts
and-Fancy Goods Dealers.
Since the opening of the new and excel
lent Hotel Devonshire, opposite tbe main
entrance of Grand Central Depot, first
class accommodations at reasonable rates
can be bad in this most convenient locality.
tiy all means stop at the Hotel Devonshire
on your nest visit to the city of New York.
Passengers arriving .in New York by
way of the Grand Central Depot, will find
the new and comfortable Hotel Devonshire,
which is opposite the main entrance on
42d street, the most convenient and inex
pensive place to stop. It is a modem
hotel, and first-class in all appointments.
r Important to Persons Visiting New
Vork. One of the best kept aud most
conveinieut Hotels for Merchants and
others to stop at when in New York is the
Grand Union Hotel, nearly opposite the
Orand Central Detot, kept on tbe Euro-
pean plau you therefore only pay for
what you get. .hverythiog is first class,
and prices moderate, adapted to the Btrine-
ency of the times. You save the ex Dense
of carriage hire, and by leaving your bag
gage check on the counter ot the Hotel,
your oaeeaire win ne aeuverea in your
u . ... : i . r. it.
luuixiD, jfuccu? unuuico uiicr ino arrival
oi tne cars, tree ot expense. Ye advise
you to give the Grand Union a trial
A Valuable Medicine. Buchu in
various forma has for many years been one
of the chief articles in the Materia Medica
for the treatmeut of certain diseases,
among which are chiefly those affecting
the urinary, digestive, and circulatory or-
gans. The difficulty that Was long ez-
penenced in obtaining a preparation of
this valuable drug that could always be
relied upon for uniformity in strength and
absolute purity led to the introduction of
Helmbold'8 Extract Of Buchu, which for
the last quarter of a century has been ex-
tensively used both by physicians and in
bouse aud family practice, and with very
gratifying success.- This medicine, like
every other valuable thing, has been imi-
tated, and those who have use for it will
uo wen to see mat tne ootain tne genuine
""Helm bold Buchu," the only Dure and
I yf "- "ill
will do the same work with one-hall the
fuel required by other Stoves !
For Sale by FRED HASS,
Star Block, opposite Harper House.
Red Lead, Orange Mineral,
Potters' Lead, Zinc Paiut, Putty and Colors.
g Pgr ffrtiS4?s. At S -
Awarded he GOLD MEDAL PREMIUM, Nov. 1S75, liv tbe PittsbnrfrU Tradesmon's Industrial Iu-;i
tnte. ovur all competitors for tbe HES r WHITE LEAD. Our Price is as low a that of any cth r
Corroder. Okdkrs Solicited. Office, So. 43 Fifth Avtuue, adjoining Exchange National Hank
For Sale by T. H. Thomas. Rock Island; and C Piper, Mollne.
hTtie Best is the Cheapest.
J. u.
Represenu the lollowing Old and Reliable
Insurance Co.s.
And will issilfi Pnl;5is in nn aP tViom ot
A RATE as the risk
will justify.
.(Etna, Hanford
IlarUord, '
Pha'uix "
Orient, "
Atlae, "
Ins. Co. N. America, Philadelphia
Fire Association, "
American. '
Home, New York
Niagara, "
0. 700.000
1. .000
I Westchester.
Northwestern Nat. Milwaukee. Wis.
I American cent. St. Loui, Mo.,
I St. Louis,
I St. Joseph, st. Joseph, Mo
1 Firemen's Fund, San Francisco, (Uold.)
queen, England, (Gold) is.i3no,noo
Scottish Com'i, Giaecow ii,njo.kx)
British America, Toronto.
Royal Cauadian, Montreal
Allenianuia, Pittsburgh, Pa
Millville Mutual, Millvllle, N. J..
Lycoming, Muncy, Pa 5,350,000
H. W. Passenger, Hartford 500.000
Conn. Mutual Life, Hanford 50,000,000
Total Assets Represented $125.6 J0.000
"The Best is the Cheat est."
flMI & CLEuMAl
U 118, Lite ailQ ACClQeilt.
OldNe w YorkiTJnderwriters Agency. . . $ 3,500,000
Old Continental 3,010,000
il '
1 Old Phoenix 2,7y2.O0O
old Howard, organized isis soo,ooo
German-American 2,250.000
I.ivernonl . Txinrion f:l.,l. - tVOilO imn
Rovai. of London' ... 20.000 mm
Imoeriai.of Londgn..., 13.000,000
Northern, of-London . , 87.000,000
Girard, of Philadelphia.... i,ooo,oo
St. Paul Fu-e and Mariae 1,000,000
Traders of Chicago soo.ooo
Atlantic, of Brooklyn 457,000
Amazon, of Cincinnati, Ohio 955,000
Khode Island Association 1,500.000
Wetern.f Toronto 1.500,000
FV,rficld' Connecticut, 305,315
Commonwealth, of Boston 435,834
Revere'of Boston 268,375
Travelers' Accident, of Hartford 3,700,000
Washington Life 5,500,000
Total Assets $119,933,024
I . '
&g) SS ti Lxa a
Have rr.ovEi rr.cor the mopt
nmfile experience, an itnire success. fiir.f.li-,
l'rouspt, EUicii utiiuJ K-. Iial le. They are the only
znedicine9 perfietly iuiuptej to popular use go
simple that tnistukca cannot be made in. using
them ; to harmless as to be free from danger ; and
so efficient oa to be always reliable. They have
the highest commendation from all, and ifiU
always render satisfaction.
Nos. Cures.. Cents.
1. Fever, Congestion, Inflammations, . . Si
2. W or mi, Worm Fever, "Worm Colic, . . S5
S. Cxjin;-Colic,orTeetlungof Infanta, , ii
4. IMarrlioea, of Children or Adults, . . Si
t. Iyenter j- Griping, Bilious Coiic, . . 2
C. CHolera-Morfous, Vomitinsr, . . . Ji
7. onjjhn, Colds, BronflutLs . . . Si
8. IVeuralRla, Toothache, l-'acpsche, . . 2S
9. Headaches, Sick Headache, Vertigo, . 25
10. Dyspepsia, Bilious btomach, .... 25
11. Suppressed, or Painful Periods, . . SS
12. Whiles. t(o ProfilRft PeTinda . . 0.
13. Croup. Couirh. l'illicult Breathin:
1 14. Malt Itlieiim. trrsipelas, Kruptions,
IS. Ithcuinaliam. Kheumntic l'.uus.
16. Kever ami Ague, Chill Fever, Agues,
17. "lien, t'liivi or ueeuinfr, , . . . .
IS. Ophthalmy, ond Boreor Weak Eyes,
13. atarrii, acut? or chronic, Influenza,
20. Whooping-Cough, violent coughs,
31. Asthma, oppressed Breathing, . .
22. liar Discharges. Impaired hearing,
23. Scrofula, enlaced phiwls vreilintfN,
24. cueral Lability, I'i.ysical Weakness.
25. Dropsy and sin(y Kecrctions, ...
26. Nra-Sickness, fciokniis from, riding,
27. Jtiducy-lMtteasr, gravel. ij
23. IVt rvous Debility, Seminal Weakness
or involuntary discharges, I CO
2!). Sore Month, Canker, ... .5')
30. I'rinary Weakness, wettinffthc bed, . t'
31. I'ainful I'eriotls, vitH b-jnixms, . , SO
32. Disease of Heart, palpitations et?.,, 1 CD
S3. l:pilepey, i?)asiiis, St. itiw' J lauco, . 1 i-j
84. Itiphtheria, ulcerated soro throat, , . iii
S5. t'hronic Cougestion Hnd Eruptions, 10
Vials, iO cents, (ficvpt 2 32 and 33;, . $1 Ou
Case Jiloropco) wirh above 35 large vials
Manual of directions, . . . tint)
Case (Morocco) of 20 large rials and Book, tiOJ
bing-Ie liozes and Vials ud above.
f-Tliese remedies are sent by the
case or single box to any part or the
country, free of charge, ou receipt ot
price. Address
Homeopathic Medicine Co..
Office and Depot, 100 Fulton street, N ew York.
Sold in Rock Inland by Beneer & Thomas. Otto
Grojan, C. Speidel, aud K. Breunert urf
Beal Estate.
Loan -Aencv,
lOfl Acre Farm in Mcllenry Co. Ills. Good im-
Price $4,700
100 1 Q Acre Farm in Mcllenry Co., IU.,SH
lUU I " 0 mllei! from Woodtock.
frice $4,000
Q 11 Acre Farm in Story Co., Iowa.
OU Price $2,500
1 Cfl Acre Farm, Franklin Co., Kaunas.
IDU mce $4,000
1 Cfl Acre Farm, Douglas Co., Kansas.
IDU Prioe 3,SOO
I 7R Acre Farm, Samucr Co., Kaneae.
I I J Price $1,600
Acre Farm, Lyon Co., Kansas.
OU Price $1,300
A ft Acre Farm, Douglas Co., Kansas.
rU price $1,000
Attn Arrrt farm. VVhiliMe Co.. Illinoli". nt'ar
price 14,OO0
1fl7 1 O Acre Farm, Bock Inland Co . His.
lUl I " i Price $4,80O
Acre Farm, Callaway Co., Mo. Stock Farm
Price $15,000
OCA Acre Farm, Atchinson Co., Mo. Splendid
00U Stock Faim. Price J10.800
Ofl Acre Farm, Kent Co., Michigan, adjoining
OU Berlin. Price S,O0O
LANDS in all the Western States will sell lot
Cash or part Cash, and lime on the balance.
Hocss and Lots In Rock Island and a nunibeJ
of other places for sale or exchange for landi.
3P-Call and get prices and location of laude.
Rock Wand, 111., Ang. as, late.
OCR fl.80 AND f300 OUTFIT
FREE I Something ew: OW
one Atfent in a town.
Illustrated Catalogues. Addres.
199 West Madison street, CHICAGO
Rifer to It EJiter oi Atesa

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