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Twenty-Sixth Year.
Rock Island, Illinois, Wednesday, June 27,1877.
Established Oct 18, 1851
Railroad Time Table.
eoixa x ast tjhs uatx
at9.wa. m.;:30 p.m.; and 9:36 p. m. Trains
arrive irom west as above.
eoixa wist trains lsavi
At8:40a4m.; 10:10 a. m., and 8:00 p. m. Train
arrive irom lae east as above.
Day sipress sna Man 9:05 ax 8:00 am
Mirtit ttxpress 10:15 r 5:60 pm
The night express leaving Rock Island every
Sunday niht at 10:t5 connects with the train arri
ving in Chicago early Monday morning. No lay
over checks eiven on through tickets from Rock
Island 10 Chicago. Tnrough tickets only good on
At 8:00 a. m. and 8:15 p. m. dally,
at 9 :0 a, m. dally, and 9 :15 p. m.
At 4:30 p. tn.
At 10:10 a. m.
Eastern Ei. 5 50 a.m. Mall & Ex. 1:02 p, ml
Htuasi. l'HJp. m. western Ki. B:r5 p. m.
wayrroigni o;zua. m. w ay jjreigni : p.ni.
The 6:00 a.m. tram makes close connection at
alva with C B & Q, f or Aledo and Keithsbnrg,
also at Peoria with PPAJ, tor Jacksonville. Sprine
eld, St Louis and all points south and southwest,
arriving In St Louis at 7:00 p m.
The 1 :50 train makes close connoctlon at Galva
with C B & Q, R R, for the west; arriving atQuincy
at 9:45 p m., also at Peoria with IB & W, and T
PAW., lor points east and southeast,
6 7 ft
The Ausablc Nails
are Hammered Hot, ami the
Finishing and Pointing
are done' Cold, thus Imitating
the Process of Making Nails by
Hand. Quality is fully Guaranteed.
For sale by all leading Iron and hard
ware Louses.
35 Chambers St., New York.
Leave RockTsland at 9:00 a.m., and 4:00 p. m. Ar
riving at Cable at 11 :10 a. m., and 6:00 p. m.
Leave Cable at 6:30 a. m., and 12:45 p. m. Arriving
at Rock Island at 8:30 a. m., and 3 :00 p. m.
No. 1,903 Second Ave N. side Union Square,
Merchant Tailors 1
assorted stock of
English and French Cassimeres,
Diagonals, Wornted Suitings, Beavers,
Doeskins, etc., etc.
3JA.l work guaranteed and prices reasonable.
Telegraphed to the Soekltland Argvt.l
gave notice he
the destruction
Odd Fellows. Masons, Drnids, Knights
Pythias, Red Men, Temperance, and all
other Sock tijs.
Gold and Silver Laces, Fringes,
336 Main Street, WORCESTER, MASS.
Extract of Roots
The attention of Drnfrg'sts and Beer Makers is
called to the above named preparation. One of the
healthiest and pleasantest oeveraces kdowu 10
made from this Extrart.the reputation of which has
been well extablmhed for over 30 years, and the in
creased Males for it In those localities where it has
been used fully indorse its merites. This Extract,
from which the popular Beverage known as
Is made, is put np in bottles at 25c., 50c., f 3, and in
half gallon and gallon cans $5 and $10 each,
which mates respectively, 10. 23, 9)0, 400 and 800
gallons of Beer. General Depot,
Sti2 Hudson Street . NEW YOKE
And sold by all Wholesale Druggists and Patent
Medicine Dealers at manufacturer prices.
For sale in Rock Island by John Bengston.
In Wall Street.
8500,000 has been made in a single investment
$1(K). This of course is an sxtraordinary occur
rence; but ordinarily $5 can realize say $i!5,000.
Even sums as low as f 1 can be safely inveted,whcn
favorable result can show a proOt of $5,000.
Circulars giving full information sent free by ad
dressing TAYLOR & CO. Bankers,
No. 11 Wall St., N.Y.
$25, $50,51, $200,
The reliable house of ALEX. FROTHINGTIAM
. rn- No 12 Wall street. New York pnblish a
handsome ciht page weekly paper, called the I
Weekly Financial Keport, which tbey send free to
any address. In addition to a large number of edi
torials on financial and other topics, it contains !
ery full and accurate reports of the sales and
staudinR of every stock, bond and security dealt in
at the Sun k Kirhinra. Messrs. FBOTHINGHAM &
Co., are extensive brokers of lartre experience and
tried integrity. In addition to their stock broker
ace business, thev sell whatare termed "Privilicee"
or "Puts and Calls," now .one of the favorite meth
ods of legitimate speculation. Their advice.is val
uable, and by following it many haye made lor
unes. New York Metropolis.
EvtRY FAMILY should at once procure a bot
tle oi me great Arabian remedy for man ana beat,
cauea u. ii. akbkll'b Arabian liniment, it ai
lays tne most intense pains in a few minutes, re
stores the synovial fluid or joint water, and thus
cures stiff joints ; It penetrates the flesh to the bone,
relaxes contracted cords, cures rheumatism and pal
sled limbs of SO years' standing; also tumors, swell
ed neck, enlargement of the glands, and Is the best
meaicine ior aliments oi cattte ever discovered, cu
ring sweeny, spavins, splint, and all diseases which
require an external application.
Sun Pain of 10 years' standing cured by II. G
Farrell's Arabian Linibekt.
Mr. n. G. Farrell, Dear Sir: I had been afflicted
with the "Sun Pain" for the last ten years, I could
never get reltef except by bleeding; but by the use
of II. G. Farreirs Arabian Liniment, applied over
the temples about thre or four times a day, it was
entirely removed, and 1 havefeltnoth.ns of it since.
I went into the stable one night to apply it to a
uoree's sore lefr, and nelug very lame be stumbled
and fell against my legs, crushing and bruising
them so badly that they turned black as my hat,
rendering them powerless. 1 applied your Lini
ment, and was well enough in a few days to go
about again as nsual. I also crushed my ftneerin
a shocking manner, by letting a back log fall upon
it ; your Liniment soon healed it np, thouixh.
LaSallc, Peoria Co., 111. John B. M'gee.
fEsq, Barker, of Canton, 111., says;
Mr. U. G. Farrell's Arabian Liniment has cured
some bad cases here, which every other remedy had
failed in : one was a white swelling and contracted
cords in the lea of a bov 12 years old. The leg had
withered away, and was so contracted that he had
no use of it. Three doctors had tried their skill up
on it in vain, and he was fast sinking to the grave,
when the bov's father was induced to try II. G. Far
rell's Arabian Liniment. Before the first bottle was
used up he came to Mr. B.'s store, and the first
words he said were, '-Mr. Barker, I want all that
Unimeut you have in the store ; the one bottle I got
did my boy more good than all that had ever been
done before." That boy is now well and hear
ty, and has free use of his l3gs. It Is pood for brui
ses, sprains, cuts, burns aud swellings.
The public ar cautioned against another coun
terfeit, which has lately made its appearauce.called
W. B. Farrell's Arabian Liniment, the most danger
ous of all the counterfeits, because his having the
name of Faritll, many will buy it in good faith,
without the knowledge that a counterfeit exists,
and they will perhaps only discover their error
when the spurious mixture has wrought Its evil ef
fects. The genuine article is manufactured only by H.
G. Farrel, sole inventor and proprietor, and whole
sale druggist. No. 17 Main street, Peoria, Illinois,
to whom all applications for Agencies must be ad
dressed. Be sure you pet it with the letters 11. G.
before Farrell's thss II. G. FARRELL'S and his
signatnre on the wrapper, all other are counter
feits. Sold by all druggists and by regular authorized
agents throughout the l nitert States.
fcigTrice 25 and 50 cents, and $1 per bottle.
AGENTS WANTED in every town, village and
hamlet In the United Statss, in which one is not al
ready established. AddresB II. G. Farrell as above,
accompanied with good character, responsibility,
Ska Weed Tonic and Masdbakk Film. These
medicines have undoubtedly performed more cures
of Consumption than any other remedy known to
the American public. They are compounded of
vegetable ingredients, and contain nothing winch
can be injurious to the human constitution. Other
remedies advertised as cures for Consumption,
probably contain opium, which is a somewhat dan
gerous drug in all cases, and if taken freely by con
sumptive patients, It must do great injury; for its
tendency is to confine the morbid matter in tLe
systaji, which, of course, innst make a cure impos
sible. Schcnck's Pulmonic Syrup is warranted not
to contain a particle of opium; it is composed of
powerful but harmless herbs, which act on the
lungs, liver, stomach and blood, ana thus corrects
all morbid secretions, and expel all the diseased
matter from the body . These arc the only means
byj which Consumption can be cured, and as
Schcnck's Pulmonic Syrup, Sea Weed Tonic and
Mandrake Tills are the only medicines which ope.
rate in this way, it is obvious that they are the only
genuine cure for Pulmonary Consumption. Each
bottle of this invaluable medicine is accompanied
by full directions. Dr. Schenck is professionally
at his principal office, corner Sixth and Arch Sts.,
Philadelphia, every Monday, where all letters for
advice must be addressed.
London, J une 27. A Ki :stpnrliA rlia-
paaCa0a..LMS evenin. Tchemvodn
and Medude nave been evannnfod Tele
graphic communication with Babadjjh
stopped at seven this morning. The Cos
sacks were at Popal. eight miles from
lenernavada. The Roumanian cabinet
favors the Roumanian army crossing the
Danube with the exception of the minister
for foreign affairs who strenuously opposes
such a 6tep.
i'ARIs, June 27. The eWtinns am
postponed till the 14th of October.
In the house of commons this evening,
CowaD, radical reformer, a member for
tor jNew Uastle on Tyne,
will, to-morrow, ask about
or uustchuk.
Consulate and whether it is a breach of
international law. Th. (rmjmU at. Rnst-
chuk are drawing up a protest against the
uussians Bombarding their residences as
being against all law. The object of the
bombardment is to save a regular sieee.
London, June 27. Hampton won the
Northumberland plate, at the New Castle,
on Tyne, race.
London, June 27. Latest advices re
port the Russian centre has been rein
forced by the twentieth division from
Kars, 1800 men detached from the center
have advanced to Sarakamyah. The
.iurisa centre, remtorced by a
division oil 8 battallions, has advanced 2
miles in front oi Leivin where the Otto
man headquarters still remain. The
Turkish right is stil reported pursuing the
Russian left. Intelligence received at
Erzeroum states that the Russian bom
bardment of Kars is slackening.
The Presidential Party, and its Doings
Boston, June 27. The President's
party left the state house for Harvard
Uollege this a. tu., amidst the greatest
enthusiasm ot the assembled multitudes
and with an escort ot militaiy bands and
troops. Sec y Kvarts was the only one of
the party who is absent, he having gone
to New Haven to attend Yale College
commencement; he is a graduate of that
The decorations were treneial and in
many places elaborate. The procession
upon reaching old Cambridge passed up
the square and around the c muioo to the
west gate of college yard, the escort salu
ting, bands plaving, and chimes in neigh
boring church pealing national airs.
Students and candidates for degrees stood
in rank as the party proceeded to Massa
chusetts Hall, where the corporation fac
ulty and distinguished graduates of the
college were assembled; the students
meanwhile favoring the president and
cabinet, especially Secretary Sohurz, with
peculiar Rah. After a sLort interchange
of civilities the procession was formed,
headed by President Hayes, escorted by
President Elliott, of the college, followed
by the members of the cabinet, and ac
companied by Fellows of the corporation,
candidates for degrees, and graduates gen
erally, passing around the quadrangle to
Saunder theatre in Memorial Hall, where
the commencement exercises took place.
Ho Choice Yet for Governor.
Chicago. June 27. A sDecial from
Desmoines to the Journal Bays: This
forenoon John II. Gear is ahead for gov
ernor. Ine race is between him and
Sherman, as Dr. Ballord withdraws. It is
thought that James F. Wilson will be the
dark horse in the case of a failure to
nominate Gear. The following were
nominated for the stats central committee:
W. W. Jenkin, of Jefferson: H. C. Carr.
of Cedar; Jacob Rich, of Dubuque; O. W.
uamson, ot Harden; U. S. Jiauruan of
Lime;D.J.Eldridge,of Monroe; W.H.Ber
ry, of Warren; Geo. A. Morse, of, Adams;
and W. R. Duffy, of Sac. Over 1,200 per
sons were present in the convention. Gov.
Packark is occupying a private box. He
will speak this evening.
lection of Officers.- Grand Army Reunion.
Providence, June 27. The national
encampment of the grand army or the
republic resumed its business in Infantry
Armory Hall, this morning. The election
of officers was completed as follows:
Senior viceeommander-in-chief, ColElisha
H. Rhodes, Rhode Island; junior vice
commander-in-chief, Capt. Wm. Earn-
shaw, Ohio; chaplain in chief, Rev. Jos.
v. Lovenng. Massachusetts; surgeon
general, Dr. James Watson, Chicago.
Weather Probabilities.
Washington, June 27 The Signal Ser
vice observations taken at 10 o'clock this
forenoon indicate the following weather
probabilities for this afternoon and to
night :
Indications for the northwest: Falling
barometer, warm southeasterly winds,
partly cloudy weather and ram areas
probably followed at northwest stations by
rising barometer and colder northwest
RirnARna A Sorrrkck's Draff and Book Store
opposite First National Bank, where all orders
can be left for the Arous, and where all Moline
business is transacted bv O. J. Beardslee. Busi
ness notices should be handed in by noon to en
sure publication the same day.
Three Men Drowned.;
Harrisburg, June 27. This morning
four men named Covert, Fetter, Dunkel
berg, and Eichelberger while fishing from
a boat fastened to the dam in the Susque
hanna river near Clark's ferry, were swept
over the dam and all except Eichelberger
were drowned.
Catholic Fountain.
Philadelphia, June 27. The Catholic
centennial fountain at Fairmount park will
be formally transferred July 5th in trust
for free use of American people. Gov.
Carroll, of Maryland, and Gov. Hartranft,
of Pennsylvania, will make addresses.
Attn. Inst. Homeopathy.
Long View. N. Y. Jun$ 27. The
American Institute ot Homeopathy in
its second day's session has a large at
tendance of members and delegates.
Yesterday, President Frauklio, of St.
Louis, delivered the annual address,
Robbery in a Sleeping' Car.
Toledo. June 27. Mr. Budd Morton
of New Haven, Conn., had his pocket
picked last night of $5,700 in exchange and
currency, wlnle in a sleeping car, between
Decatur, III. and Fort Wayne, Ind.
Bombardment and Surrender of Acapnlco
to Diaz .
San Francisco, June 27.--We have
news from Acapulco that on the 16th int.
after a bombardment of nearly ten days,
by Diaz, with the gun boats, Alvarez
capitulated. He surrendered the fort with
two hundred and fifty men to the naval
forces, who thereupon entered the town;
the terms of capitulation are yet seciet,
the opposing armies are holding high
carnival in the streets of Acapulco; arm
in arm they are drinking and carousing
and apparently are tho best of friends.
Alvarez has gone over to the army.
Residents of Acapulco are as yet undecided
whether to leave the place or not; they
have so far escaped serious molestation,
but have announced their intention of
appealing to the U. S. if they are subjeoted
to insults or hardships of civil war.
Withdrawal of the Fast Train on the Fnn.
Philadelphia, June 27. The fast
trains on the Pennsylvania 11. It. are to
be withdrawn Monday next, when the
schedule of May 15th will be restored.
Accidentia! Death in a Sngar Refinery.
urooklyn, June zi. three men were
killed in Ackerhausen & Schofers refinery
by the falling of a sugar panto-dap.
Philadelphia, June 27, Harry and
John Spittal and Samuel Watson, boys,
were drowned at Willow Grove.ycsterday.
SfBaptist pic nic on Mud island to
SThe C. R. 1. & P. train from the
west was an hour late this morning.
HgySonie fences on Atkinson street are
said to be two or three feet outside the lots.
fiST-Marshall Wells now says that he is
goini to lowa City hiaiselt to investigate
the Eibemg matter.
aST'Superintendent Kerns' street gang
was removing the loose dirt from tne
macadam on Main street to-day.
8Surveyor Gordon, was surveying
Rodman avenue, under the direction of
the mayor and street committee to-day.
J5The Sylvan boat club boys were out
in their four oared barges last evening;
each with his "little bunch of sweetness by
his side."
IgrThe Swedish M. E, church has
been handsomely painted and grained in
side, and is now receiving an extra appli
cation of oil and lead.
S?A Zouave company has been formed
to participate in the 4th of July battle.
They will meet for drill at Freja Hall to
night and rnday night.
J8S?When the books are open for sub
scription to the capital stock of the Moline
& Milan Dummy Railroad, let Moline
capitalists secure a fair share of it.
JBfeST'.Kichards & bohrbeck will Iiave a
specimen of "Night Blooming Cereus," in
full blcom, xin exhibition at their store
this evening. It is quite a uoyelty.
JSST'Binding of every description done
at close figures at The Argus bindery
All kinds of printing cheaper than else
where in the three cities." First class work
guaranteed. tf.
S"Andrew Johnson was arrested, by
Officer Teller, last night, for being drunk
and lvine in the street. Magistrate Swan
der assessed him 7.50. the payment of
which was guaranteed by J. Elenstedt, ind
he was discharged.
a"Cant. Tinim left last night for
Milwaukee, Wis., to arrange for the en
tertainment of the Moline delegation of
Turners who attend the 22od festival of
the Turners' societies of the U. S., to be
held in Milwaukee July 18th to 23rd.
While people were assembling at
the bridge last evening to witness the boat
club boys, a man, apparently crazy.started
across the bridge. He had nearly a hun
dred yards start when the guard discovered
him, but he gave chase and brought him
BQyAnother letter was received from
the Lyons B. B. Club last evening, stating
that the funds to defray the expenses of a
base ball tournament bad been raised, and
our boys will at once bo into traiuing for
the occasion. They challenge any club in
the three cities to plav a came next Mon
day, on Mud Island.
BSaT'The notorious brick building near
Half way house, is again inhabited. Last
Sunday night a party of Moline bloodi
created quite a disturbance there, but.
being so far from any of the policemen's
beats, no arrests wre made. The names
of the parties are known, however, and
may figure conspicuously in a police item
in a few days.
The Plow City.
ine steam yacht rlow Dity is now in
perfect trim for excursions. Pains will
be taken to insure the comforts of passen
gers. Jjiberal discount to Sunday schools
and societies. 15d3m
This elegant preparation Is prepared from the
true Jamaica Gineer, combined with choice aro
niatics and genuine French brandy, and is vastly
superior to every other Extract or Essenee of Gin
ger before the public all of which are prepared
with alcohol by the old process.
Cholera Morbus,
Cramps, Pains, Diarrhea and Dysentery are In
stantlv relieved by it. It will render an attack of
Cholera Morbus impossible, if taken when the symp
toms of this dangerous complaint first manifest
Cramps and Fains
whether produced by indigestion, impropper food.
change or water or aiet, too tree indulgence 01 ice
water, exposure to sudden changes of temperature,
are immediately relieved by it. One ounce added
to a gallon of
Ice Water
and sweetened, forms a mixture which, as a cool
ing, healthy aud refreshing Summer Beveraee, has
no equal. Barrels of ice wate, prepared In this
way, may be drank without the slightest injury ;
and happy Is the man who nnds In this a substitute
for spirituous liquors. Its value to the Farmer, the
Mechanic and Laborer cannot be over-estimated
it IB so cheap as to be witbin tne reach of all; so
finely flavored es to be enjoyed by lovers of the
finest liquors.
nail mm
Flatulency, Sluggish Digestion, want of Tone and
Activity in thv Stomach and Bowels. Oppression
after eating, are sure to be relieved by asiujrle dose
tuken arter eacn meal. A great want exiets lor a
Restorative Stimulant
free from serious objections, yet palatable, even In
viting to the sensitive palate, which will create no
morbid appetite for itself, and operate as an assis
tant to digestion, as well as perform the functions
of a stimulant. Such we confidently believe is to
be found in
an tlegant combination of theTrue Jamaica Ginger
with the Choicest A romance. It is beyond all com
parison the most healthy, invigorating tonic and
stimulant befo.e the pnblic. It is earnestly recom
mended to the weak and nervous, to those recover
ing from debilitating diseases, and to the aged, to
whom it imparts warmth and vigor.
(Jtr-rjrt REWARD will be paid for a bottle of any
tbvsUU other Extract or Essence of Jamaica Gin
eer if fouud to equal it in fine flavor, purity and
prompt medicinal effect. Largest, Cheapest and
Best. Take no other until you have given it a trial.
Sold by all Wholesale and Retail Druggists, uro
cers, aud Dealers in Medicines. Price, 50 cents.
Dealers should purchase original packages of one
dozen to obtain the trial bottles for free distribu
tion. WEEKS & POTTER, General Agents and
Wholesale Druggists, Boston.
Horse Shoe Nails
All Nails are made of the best
and Warranted perfect and ready for driving.
Orders filled promptly and at the lowest
rates by
Millwrights !
Contractors & Builders
To all who are suffering from the errors and in
discretions of youth, nervous weakness, early de
cay, loss of manhood, &c, I will send a recipe that
will cure you, FREE OF CHARGE. This great
remedy was discovered by a missionary in South
America. Send a self-addressed envelope to the
Rev. JosirH T. Inmah Station D, Bible House
New York City,
mm B
fjl, Nji, YA tj "' JT- ftUr Liver PU1. bv. uk1 l.,r Thirty jer.
L V r W; 9tni1iinl BeOrnlT Tor th cur of I.lTBr Complaint. M
Q NSfcV.-. rfv ' 0 -TH- CoiUveneu. 8rt Hndacti. all ltmut M
Jf M 2L VWa 1 Bi.DU ot th Liver.
CJ tSr M " Seller' Terlftie. h rt Worm
J; -V, . 4 . MtroTer."exill4O0 imrto. llr worm from m?
M h to . Tl. ! cb 1W. 8 Jr. okl. Wm. .r,.r. Su LouL, Mo. Pri
Gives a splendid gloss and finish to all starched
goouB, making them whiter and cleabeb ttan
wax or anything else, and preventa the iron from
sticking. Trial bottle free.
Put np In 4-oz bottles, price 15c. Sold by Gro
cers apd Drngcista.
A. I. MATHEWS & CO., 85 Murray St., N. Y.
W , hbt!v Bflllaf to Tonus lias from the ef-1
. . 1 T... - 1 O0.-1 0 lifo I
j X w lecis 01 trroro nuu uupcd m tn j -HI
fH Minhooi Eertorod. Impediments to Jlar-jra
J m nape removed. New method of treat-! g
U IH, menu newauu reiui 0i
J ; Books and circulars sent free insealed
Vm An TuKtttiitinn liaviniF a
Ihitrh rermtation for honorable conduct' 0
lauQ proiessiouai skiu.
Annual Report of tne C. B. I P. E B.
Chicago, June 27. The annual report
of the Chicago Rock Island & Pacific
Ilailroad just issued shows the total dis
tance of road owned and leased by the
company is 1,003 miles; the gross receipts
from this for last tiscal year were b,yii,-
C56; operative expenses and taxes were
$3,533,194; net earnings $3,384,462; de
ducting the dividends, interest on bonds,
and other accounts, leaves a surplus of
43182 dollars. The present balance,
including the income account, is 8,187,534;
last year it was $49,000- More persons
were carried tnan uunng me preceeaing
year, resulting in au increased revenue of
nine thousand dollars. The freight was
slightly increased, but the earning?, owing
to Iowa grauger law, decreased $413,000.
Effects of the St. Jonns Fire, Preparing
to Rebuild Registration of Missing-
CHiiaren Supplies, c.
St, Johns, June 27. The work of tear
ing down walls and opening vaults and
sates continues. I he contents generally
are in bad condition. The Western Union
teleeranh company are preparing to erect
building, Ine principal
A JXule That Works Only One Way
The St. Louis Republican makes the
following sensible observations in regard
to Secretary Sherman's persistent efforts
to give all the choice plums to the bond
One ol tho reasons given by Secretary
Sherman for holding that the 4 per cent
bonds now being issued are payable in gold
and uothine else, is that gold is being re
ceived for them, and it would be unfair to
tav them in a metal less valuable than is
exacted for them. But this is not as
effective an argatnent as the secretary
imagines. Let us remind him of a little
historical fact direct to the point; when
the five-twenty bonds, sixteen hundred
millions in amount, were issued during the
war, they were sold for greenbacks, not
one dollar of gold was ever exacted for
them. By secretary Sherman's rule.then,
they ought to be payable in greenbacks
independently of tLe fact that tbey were
payable in greenbacks, by the letter and
spirit of the contract; but in 1869 Mr.
Sherman, as senator from Ohio, voted to
piy them in coin thus denying to the
people the benefit ot a rule which he lays
down for the advantage of the bond holder.
"Making Old Bones."
People who neglect their minor ailments
rarely lire to make old bone The secret
of hale and vigorous old age, lies not only
in taking care of one's health in early life,
bv the observation of sanitary rules, but
Mr. Henry Ward Beecher has gener
ously stepped forward and given the He
brews a certificate of good character. lie
the Hebrews reciprocate the compliment?
Mr. Beecher has seen the time when he
needed a little certificate. Perhaps even
yet he is not quite up to tho standard of
Saratoga morals a la-llilton.
If success depends upon health surely
health depends upon pure blood. Dr.
Bull's Blood Mixture maintains the blood
In a state of purity, and health is the
Of all descriptions of
New "St oris Market.
New Yobk, June 27.
Gold- 1 0r4.
Money 11!4.
Governments Firm.
D. S. Bonds U cent Md's 1 1.14
lStto old l.u
" " 115 new 1.09J
" " 1S67 1.1214
" . ISoS ..1.15
O. S. 10.40's l.li'4
i-;wo uu , i.- ..
Currency 6'S 1.S27. haB never mnriemnd a
Wheat Light demand : No 2 Chicago 1 (821 63;
No 2 Milwaukee 1 601 70.
Corn Active; shade firmer: new western mixed
Oats let; mixed, western and state 341657:
white 43&63.
Pork Dull; 1150.
Lard Steady; 9 124
Whisky 1 13.
Chicaoo, June 27.
I4G cash; 141 July; 1
LSntsa having The ddeed bdidonS f"?.? W,beQ ?e
away for new buildings I he eas com
nanv promises cas inside of six weeks
in quantity by their perfect purity and great
strength; the only kinds made by a prac
tical Chemist and Physician, with scientific
care to inaure uniformity, healthfulness, dell
fiwrlom from all injurious aubetan-
Ti.ov nr far mwerior to the common
o,ini,o,tl kinds. Obtain the genuine. Ob-
. TVo,i ATarir. above. "Cream
t;i.; tw,!,... "Hand and Cornucopia."
n v. T.ir;r. parlor onlv in cans securely
labelled. Many have been 'deceived in loose
or bulk Powder sola as i;r. rn o.
Manufactured only br tt-.t-
sTrfrcfVE & PRICE,
CWcfflfiO. St. ttw (Sacitiaott
CamptLorine I
Is the most effectual remedy sold. Is a luxury to
use, gives the best satisfaction, gives instant reiiei,
will not grease or stain the most delicate fabric.
has a pleasam ana reiresninc oior. it win imme
diately relieve and cure Rheumatism, Chronic and
Acute; Neuralgia and Catarrh, Headache and
Swelled Face, Sore Throat, Spraiiw and Bruises,
Bunions and CUllDtains, i-ruiuuu. 01 uie on in.
Pain in Chest, Back or Limbs, Burns and Scalds.
For sale by all Drngelsia.
There is a registration book in the court
house giving information to families whose
children are missing. Supplies are being
distributed daily to from 17,000 to 20,000
Deople. The amount of provisions already
consumed is enormous, but the stock holds
out well and is being constantly replenished.
N. JX. Leff. Dodges on Hayes' Policy.
Concord, N.H., June 27. In tho House
yesterday, Sinclair, a Democrat, introduced
a resolution of unqualified approval of the
acts of the national administration in re
moving United State's troops from, and re
storing self-government in Florida, Louisi
ana and South Carolina; and in prohibit
ing office holders from holding the machin
ery of politics for purposes of controlling
political organization, and declaring no as
sessment for political purposes on omce
holders shall be allowed. The resolution
created a lively discussion, and finally on
motion of Representative Stevens was, by
a strict party vote, referred to the commit
tee on national affairs.
monitory symptoms of bodily disorder man
ifest themselves. Indigestion, bowel and
liver complaints, are fruitful causes of in
iurv to the constitution. These diseases
should be therefore, checked without de
lay. 1 he best meaicine lor the purpose
is Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. This stan
dard preparation disciplines the digestive
organs, gives renewed impetus to the bil
ious secretive function, and exerts a bene
ficial influence upon the organs of urination.
It has no rival as a remedy tor and preyen
tive of chills and fever and bilious remit
tents, infuses vigor into the debilitated
frame, and it an excellent appetizer and
Wheat -Weak: e
254 August.
uorn -wcaK ana easy; asaeu JUiy;
oais fcasy; 35Vt cash; 33; July.
Kye uncnangea.
Barley Unchanged. -
Pork Weak and easier: 13 00 rash ; 13 10 Ang.
Lard Shade lower; 8 824cash: 8 92!4 August.
W hisky-l 08.
noes-Receipts 11,000; dull and lower; light 4
554 80; heavy mixed to packers 4 604 S5 ; heavy
shiooiritr 4 70&&4 95.
cattle tmei ana lower lenaency; receip e o .
St. Louis Market.
St. Locis, June
Wheat-Lower : No 2 fall t 8621 87 cash : 1 45'4
July; No a, l 70.
Corn utirner out slow; 40ki cash; 44S only.
Oats Dull ; 58ft bid,
Rve 53.
Vhieky-l 08.
Pork- 13 20.
Lard Easy; 8 50.
nHogs Receipt 3,300; better; 4 4034 75.
SHI Electricity
Collins' Voltaic Plaster
Cures Pains and Aches.
It equalizes the Ciculatlon.
It subdues Inflammatory Action.
It cures ruptures and Strains.
It removes pain and Soreness.
It cures Kidney Complaint.
It strengthens the Muscles.
It cures Kbenmatism and Neuralgia.
It relaxes Stiffened Cords.
It cures Nervous Shocks.
It is invaluable in Paralysis.
It curua Inflammation cf the Liver.
It removes Nervous Pains.
It cures Spinal Weakness.
It is grateful and Soothing.
It cures Epilepsy or Fits.
It is safe, Reliable, and Economical.
It is prescribed by Physicians.
It is endorsed by electricians.
Collins' Voltaic Plaster
is warranted, on the reputation of Dr. Collins, iis
iuventor, an old physician, to be the best blaster In
tu,; wuny ,n uicuiuuc, j ue uutUD Ul llic two threat
medical a'-ents. viz: Eiectrcitv and Medical Gums
and Essences, fully justifies the claim, and entitles
tuis remedy to rank foremost among all curative
tompounds for all external Aches and Pains.
Price 25 cents. Sold by all E-rupirists. and sen
on receipt of 25 cents for one, or $1 25 for six, or $2
-15 for twelve, carefully wrapped and warranted by
v ELKS & POTTER, Proprietors, Boston, Mass.
E. I iRflSSIf & CO.
We beg leave to notify the public that, as many
unprincipled persons arc circulating the story that
the Vinegar recently condemned by the Board of
Health of Washington, I). C. was of our manufac
ture, we are obliged to publish the following cor
respondence, which explains itself:
DK. T. S. VERDI, President Board of Health,
Washington, D. C. Siu: Has any Vinegar manu
factured by us been confiscated or condemned by
your Board? Au early reply will greatly oblige.
Bord op Health, Washington, June 9, 1877.
E L. Pbtjssinu & Co , Chicago Gentlemen : In re
ply io yonr communication oi mis date, l am in
structed to inform you that the Board of Health
has never condemned any Vinegar of your manu
facture, nor has complaint ever been made of the
impurity oi tue same, v ery respectfully.
o. wa, -vi. li., secretary.
We wonld also submit the following from Dr.
Aiken, of Maryland, and Dr. Mahta, of Chicago:
VJsivtRsiTY or Maryland. June 9. 1S77.-I have
this day made a Chemical Analysis of an average
sample of Pressing's Vinegar, and find it free from
all trace oi mineral acids and metauc impurities
and therefore prim. Free sulphuric acid, a very
Injurious adulteration often found in the corrmer-
cial article, is not present in mis vinegar.
w ai. a, AitutiM, i-roi. unem. and mar.
Requested by Mr. Pnissin". I subjected a sample
of bis Vinegar to Chemical Analysis, and I found
it perfectly free from mineral acids and metalic
substances with which commercial vineear is so
frequently adulterated. I can recommend It, there
fore, SB an entirely pure aod wholesome article.
r. MAliLA, rh. Dr.
In conclusion, we will add that onr well-known
brands of vinegar have stood the lest of public opin
ion for twenty-nine years, besides having receNed
first premiums at the World's Fair, the United
States Fair, the Illinois State Fair, the Chicago City
air, g.c.
Jill Machiuery .
Drav "nts and Specifications for Flouring Mills
Saw Mills, Distilleries and Grain Elevators nade
out on short notice. Are prepared to take con
tracts for building and machinery, and give person
al attention to a., be details of construction. Re
pairs of all kinds .omptlv attended to whether or
tiered by mall or in person.
At tne old stand or ii iirooas, (new ;so.,) 5?5 o
IS S. Wrashineton street PEORIA, ILL
Adriren Loek-Bnx.304
Show Rooms., 21 Maiden Lam, 2V. T.
Factories, Vest Meridtn, Conn.
ff fel 1)
Manufacturers of
Plated Tea Sets
Milwaukee Market.
M'vwackii. June 27
Wheat 1 50 cash ; 1 32!i August; No 3, 1 35!4.
Corn Steady: 46.
Oats Firm; 35.
Rye 67.
Barley- 66.
tb.aaf.it and ths beat, la lntantaoma
B it Jt.WK-- -
The Indian "War."
San Francisco, June 27, Up to the
24th the Idaho Indians were consolidating,
but have made no further strike. Tbey
are in force at Horse Shoe Bend, on the
Salmon river, between White Bird and
State creeks. The total whites in the field
number 598.
Charles Sabin, living three miles
north-east of New Boston, on the Millers-
burg road, was struck by lightning on Mon
day afternoon, 18th, while standing witbin
ten steps ot bis own door, ine ooit ap
peared to have descended an ash tree,
near which Mr. S. was standing, but left
no mark until it reached a fence post down
which it ran and entered the ground. It
seems to have divided on leaving the tree,
one bolt striking Mr. Sabin on the head,
and descending through his boot to the
SSf S'aUud Rock Island
H prodiMe. the moat ator&l ahadM o f black or brown, do
noiatain the skin, and li aasily appltod. 1 1 1 a . atandara
preparation, and a lavonte c
lot far lady or gentlfrsan.
rv wn-touitd tot-
gale 6J all frfacguta IM
O. Pro
Seduction in Coal.
New York, June 27, The Delaware,
Lackawana and Western R. R., to-day
sold 125 thousand tons of coal at auction,
at lower prices than last month, and rang
ing from $2 to $2.57 i per ton.
Simon Cameron says Ithat the differ'
ent attitudes of Hayes and Sherman on the
silver question remmdshim of the inscrip
tion on a sienboard which he once saw at
the forking of a f ennsylvania road : lake
either road you choose, and beiore you
have gone half way. you will wish you had
.taken the other.
Wednesday Eve's, July 4th
St. Patrick's Benevolent Societ
I3nickets $1.00.
Union copy.
Everybody Invited.
ul positively afford relief by externa!
application. It cures on the instant Neu
ralgia, Nervous Headache, Rheumatism
Toothache, Earache, and all nervous pains.
Sold by all Druggists at 50 eta. and 1
per bottle.
For sale in Bock Island by John Bengston.
ce Pitchers, Castors,
Coffee and Ice Water Urns,
(Spoons &c Forks,
Pearl, Ivory and Steel Handled
KNIVES. &C.V &C., &C.
tSTThese Goods can be fonnd at all First Class
Dea.tr in Plated Ware. In purchasing call for
Show Cases.
la the City. Send for Price List.
J. E. BERRY, Prop.,
90 State Street,
United States, Canadian and General
Patent Solicitor,
Civil ani Mechanical Engineer.
Office, Federal Buildiiurs
Branches, m Toronto and Ottawa, Canada: London.
Paris, Berlin, etc
All Patent matter promptly attended to en rea
sonable terms. Correspondence conducted either
in the English, French, German or the Scandina
vian languages.
(Successors to J, R. ZELGUtSL
Manufacturers ot
ilb Hamilton Street, PEOEIA, ILL
Correspondence solicited and orders prompt!
filled. ROBERT G. LUTKS.
t riELDBROS., Agents. Rock Island.

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