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Twenty-Sixth Year.
Rock Island, Illinois, Thursday, June 28, 1877.
Established Oct 18, 185)
Railroad Time Table.
caicASO.socs xslaxs PACinc s. s.
eoiwa bast tbaiks uiti -
At 9 m.;4:S0 p, m.; and :35p. m. Trains
arrive from west as above.
it 8 49 e 'en.; 10:10 a. m., and 6 :i0 p. n.
arrive from the east as above.
wusheo j or blued:
wistim? uinoar bailsoad.
n Express and Mall :05 a x :0O am
Mi?ht Express.. ...... ,..10;lS?i 5:50m
The night express leaving Rock Inland every
Sunday nlht at 10:15 connects with the train arrt
vine in Chicago cany Monday roorniiiir. an lay
ever check given on throng tickets from Rock
Hand to Chicago. Tnrongh tickets only good on
It 8:00 a. m. and 6:15 p. m. dally,
abrivi ran sr. louis
it 9:50 a. m. dally, and 9:15 p. m.
it 4.S) p. m.
A.t 10:40 a. m.
fec&ia & mczIsiaxs sailwat.
Pattern Ei. 5 50 a.m. Mail A Ex. 1:02 p,
Man x El. l '40 p.m. western Kx. 6:5 p.m.
Way Freight 6;20a.m. Way Freight 3:25 p.m.
The 6:00 a.m. train makes close connection at
alva with CBtU, for Aledo and Keithsbnrg,
a'so at Peoria with P V 4 J, for Jacksonville, Spring
eld, St Lonii) and all points south and southwest.
arriving in at Louis at t:cu p ra.
The 1 :50 train makes close connection at Galva
with O B & i K R. for the west; arriving atQuiocj
si :45 p m., also at Peoria with I B & W, and 1
V fc W., for points east and soatheaet.
I f f f f If
The Ausablc Nails
are Hammered Hot, ami the
Finishing and Pointing
are done Cold, thus Imitating
the Process of Making JVaik Ly
Hand. Quality h fully Guaranteed.
For sale by all leading Iron ami hard
ware Louses.
35 Chambers St., New York.
Telegraphed to the Rockleland Argut.
Leave Rock Island at 9:00 a.m.. and 4:00 p. m. Ar
riving at Cable at 11 :10 a. m., and 6:00 p. in.
Leave Cable at 6:30 a. m., and 13:45 p. m. Arriving
ai Kock Island at 8:30 a. m., and 3 :00 p. m.
So. i.9m Second Ave N. side Union Square,
Merchant Tailors ! j
assorted stock of
EVERY FAMILY should at once procure a bot-
ue oi me great Araman remedy lor man ana oeasi,
called 11. G. Faiikkll's Arabian Liniment. It al
lays the most intense pains in a few minutes, re
stores the synovial fluid or ioint water, and thus
cures stiff joints ; it penetrates the flesh to the bone,
relaxes contracted cords, cures rheumatism and pal
sied limbs of 30 years' standing; also tumors, swell
ed neck, enlargement or the glands, and Is the best
medicine for ailments of cattte ever discovered, cu
ring sweeny, spavins, splint, and all diseases which
require an external application.
Sun Pain ot 10 tiahs" standing cured by H. Q.
Fakbell's Arabian Liniment.
Mr. n. G. Farrell, Dear Sir: I had beon afflicted
with the "Sun Pain" for the last ten years, I could
never get relief except by bleeding: but bv the use
of II. G. Farrell's Arabian Liniment, applied over
the temples about three or four times a day, it -as
entirely removed, and I have felt noth ng of It tincc,
I went into the stable cue night to apply it to a
norse's sore leg, and Doing very lame ne slummed
and fell against my legs, crushing and bruising
hem so badly that they turned black as my hat
rendering them powerless. 1 applied yonr Lini
ment, ai'd was well enough in a few days to go
aonut asatn as usual, xaisocrusneo my nncer in
a shocking manner, by letting a back log f nil upon
it : yonr Unimem soon neaiea it np, inougn
and Trench Cassimeres, iHc.ptri.co,m
John B. M'gek.
London, June 28. The Times says the
neutral states are painfully interested by
the report that the Russians have been
violating the laws of war, by the infliction
of wanton injury. If they deliberately di- i
rected their guns against the consulates
and defenceless parts of Rustchuck their
guilt is surpassed only by their tolly, and
that folly would be all the more glaring
because, if as reported, they continued to
.fire on the English consulate after the con
sul hoisted the American flag. It is
strange they would haye gone out of their
way to assail a power peculiarly friendly
to themselves, it is difficult to believe
the Russians would have deliberately in-
niciea sucn outrages, and it is well to re
mem tier that similar charges invariably
accompany every bombardment.
LONDON, June 28. After Ex-President
Grant's return from Liverpool he has no
pecial engagement until Julv So. On th
4th of July Minister Pierrepont will eive
reception at his residence exclusively to
Americans in London, when Gen. Grant
will be present. Next day ho will go to
Bucharest, June 28. Grand Duke
Nicholas, at the head of the 8th army
corps, crossed the Danube near Simnitza
yesterday, at daybreak, driving the Turks
trora their positions. Boats filled with
troops continued to cross all vesterdav
The Russian official account, dated vester-
day, says the engagement witn the lurks
is still proceeding. Nickopolis has been
burned by the bombardment.
LRZEROUM, June 28. Mukhtar Pasha
was at i enikoe on the 25th and was ex
pected with the centre at Lcwein on the
26th. The Russians were cmssiotr the
Danube last night near Sistova, not far
from 1 antra, assisted by the inlands be
tween the banks. A terrible fighting is
going on. The Turks are doiug their ut
most to resist the enemy. Another cross
ing is confidently expected at Hemunda,
opposite Nickopolis. The bombardment
ot Rustchuck continues. All the troops of
Gen, Limmerivan have crossed the Dan
be at Galatz.
That's What the Republicans
of Iowa Decided.
Every Attempt to Endorse Him was
Voted down Amid "Protests and
Jolin H. Gear Nominated for Governor,
and rrank T. Campbell for Lieut.
Diagonals, Worsted Suitings, Beavers,
AioesKins, etc., etc.
Pwork guaranteed and prices reasonable.
' manufacturer or
For Odd-Fellows, Masons, Druids, Knights of
Pythias, Red Men, Temperance, and all
other SocielWs.
Gold and Silver Laces, Fringes,
S; Maia Street. WORCESTER, MASS.
.Extract ofRoots
The attention of Drngg'sts and Beer Makers is
called to the above named preparation. One of the
healthiest und pleasantest beverages known is
Trade from this Extract.the repntatlon-of which has
Ueu well established 'r over J0 years, and tbe ui
c'reaaed f&lea for it in those localities where it has
been used fully indor?c lis mcrites. This Extract,
from which the popular Beverage known as
is made, is put up in bottles at 25c., 50c., $3, and in
half gallon and gallon cans $5 and J10 each,
which makes respectively, 10. 25, 200, 4!0 and SOO
gallons of Beer. General Depot. ,
hudbon btrwt -W YOKK
And sold by all Wholesale Druggists and Patent
Medicine Denier at manufacturer prices.
For sale in Rock Island by John Bengeton.
In Wall Street.
500,000 has been made in a single investment
tlUti. This of course is au axtraordlnary occur
rence; but ordinarily $5 can realize say fAr,oi0.
Even sums as low as f 1 can be safely invested,when
favorable result can show a profit of $."i.WKl.
Circulars giving full Information sent free by ad
dressing TAYLOR & CO, Bankers,
No. 11 Wall St ,N. Y.
TEsa. Barter, of Canton, 111., says:l
Mr. H. G. Farreira Arabian Liniment has cured
some bad cases here, which every other remedy had
failed In; one was a wnite 6weiung and coniraciea
cords in the lee of a bov 13 vears old. The leg had
withered awav. and was so contracted inai ne naa
no use of it. Three doctors had tried their still UP'
on it m vain, and he was fast sinking to the grave
when the hov's father was induced to try H. G. i ar-
rell'e Arabian Liniment. Beforethe first bottle was
used hd he came to Mr. B.'s store, and the first
words he said were, '-Mr. Barker, I want all that
Liniment you have in the store; the one bottle I got
did my boy more good than all that had ever been
dona before." That bov is now well and hear
ty, and has free nse of his ugs. It is good for brul
ses, sprains, cuts, burns and swellings.
The public are cautioned against another coun
terA lt, which has lately made its appcarancexalled
w. B. Farreirs Arabian Liniment, the most danger
ous of all the counterfeits, because his having the
name of Fanell, many will buy it in good faith
without the knowledge that a counterfeit exists.
and they will perhaps only discover their error
when the spurious mixture has wrought its evil ef
The genuine article is manufactured only by PI,
d. Farrel. sole inventor and proprietor, and whole
sale druggist. No. 17 Main street, Peoria, Illinois.
to whom all applications for Agencies must oe ad
dressed. Be sure vou cet it with the letters 11. G
before Farrell's thas-U. G. FAR HELL'S and his
signature on the wrapper, all other are cxc,nte
Sold by all drusgists and by Tegular authorise
atrent" throughout tue tnuea &taies.
s"Priee ir mid So rents, and 1 uer nottle.
AGENTS WANTED in every town, village and
hamlet in the United Ktatss, in wuicn one is not in
r..,lv-tliliticrt Address 11. G. Farrell as abov
accompanied with good character, responsibility,
DesMoines, Iowa, June 27. The com
mittee on resolutions agreed on a unani
mous report at three o clock, and -were
ready to report. The convention postponed
its reception until the nomination ot the
ticket had been concluded. The platform
as agreed upon by the committee has on
national questions the first three plaaks of
the Cincinnati platform with a few modi
fications, none of them less radically Re
publican than the portion changed. No
mention is made in the platform of the
policy of the president, or of the adminis
tration, nor of the civil service.
After the resolutions were read Riseiv
offered a resolution indorsing the president
and his policy as an amendment to the
first resolution. This created indescribable
uproar and was received with a tumult in
which were mingled cheers, vociferous
protests and hisses. The chair ruled the
resolution as not being germain to the sub
An amendeuient indorsing the policy
and saying it would secure the results asked
for in the resolution of the report of the
committee was then offered to that resolu
tion and met the same fate
The third resolution as presented by the
committee was then adopted. After this
Richards & Sohrbrck's Drag and Book Store
opposite First National Bank, where all orders
can be left for the Arotjs, and where all Moline
business is transacted by O. J. Beardslee. Busi
ness notices should be handed in by noon to en
sure publication the same day.
meeting Monday evening
Education meeting
gThe Board of
next monaay evening.
J5Dimock, Gould & Co. sawed 117,000
feet of lumber yesterday. They claim the
blue ribbon now.
BayThe Plow City Jrs. wish us to say
that they accept the challenge of the Plow
City Srs., to play next Monday.
tS?Well8 street is receiving the atten
International Review. July August
1877 copy, will present the following con
tents: The Turks tn Europe, an article
that maintains that the only remedy for
existing evils in the east is that the Turks
must be driven from Europe. Another
article entitled, OugJtf Russia to prevail?
Also articles entitled, the Old JJutcfi and
Flemish Masters: The late world syfair;
Barrv Cornwall and some of his Content' i
porarys) The feasibility of a code of Jn-
ternational law- 1 his last is an able dis
cussion of the subject by the late ex Gov.
Emory Washburn, and especially inter
ior to men ot letters, as well as to au in
telligent public generally.
tion of Superintendent Kerns to-day. Our T)inriirt onrl T7oafiTrol
strata TOPrn never Upnr in rir-ttpronnilitinn A IUIVJ llU.ll. A VOUTU1
aJ-The excursion car was up this morn-
down a load ot children to
pic nic. A large party
mg.and took
the Baptist
JfeST'Meinbers of the Zouave company
were exhibiting themselves on the street
last evening. Those red pants and white
stockings, sashes, etc., are quite flashy.
sGpo. Loulh.the Wells street jeweler,
is raising and repairing the house occupied
by him and Charley Peal. New windows
will be put in the front and a new color
given tLe wood work.
J5"Binding of every description done
at close figures at Tue Argus bindery.
All kinds of printing cheaper than else
where in the three cities. First class work
guaranteed. tf.
JBSaP'Grand opeuing nd free lunch at
Charlie Warren's new saloon, Smott'a
addition, on Saturday night. Music by
the Light Guard band. Everybody invi
ted. d3t
fcGeo. Gould, the boy who was placed
Wednesday, July 4th, '77, Horse Shoe Nails
all the rest of the resolutions of the com--under bonds to appear before tue U.
mitt wprA arW.tP.I I S. coart, Chicago, for robbing Deere &
a. st ix.
Reduction of W,srea on
Cleveland. June, 28. The following
circular explains itself.
New iork, June 27th. To officers and
employes of the Lake Shore & Michigan
Southern R. R. Co:
On and after July 1st, 1S77, a reduction
of 10 per cent, will be made iu the present
compensation of all ofiicers and employes
of every grade in the service of the com
pany, where the amount received exceeds
ten cents per hour, $1 per day or $30 per
month. But where the 10 per cent, would
reduce the pay of hour men below 10 cents
per hour, daily men 1 per day, or em
ployes of other classes below $30 per
month, the pay of all such shall be fixed at
10 cents per hour, $1 per day and $30 per
month respectively. (biened)
W. II. Vasderbilt, President.
TIip reliable bouse of ALEX. FROTHINGBAM
t'o . Vn 12 Wsll street. New Y'ork publish a
haudsome eight page weekly paper, called the I
Weekly Financial Keport, which tttey send free to
sriT ailir.-ss. In addition tn a lare number of edi
torials on llnancial and other topics, it contains !
vjry full and accurate reports of the sales and
iuiLiiinn of ir.rk bond and security dealt in
at the Stock Exchange. Messrs. Fuothinoham &
Co., are extensive brokers of large experience and
tried Integrity. In addition to their stock broker
age business, they sell what are termed "PrivUlges'
nr "pnt nri r-ntin " now one of the favorite meth
ods of legitimate speculation. Their advice is yal-
nable, and by following it many haye made lor
unes. New York. Metropolis.
Sea Weed Tonic and Manheake Pills. These
medicines have undoubtedly performed more cures
of Consumption than any other remedy known to
the American public. They are compounded of
vegetable ingredients, and contain nothing which
can be injurious to the human constitution. Otbsr
remedies advertised aj tnrt for Consumption,
probably contain opium, w hich U a somewhat dan
gerous drug in ail cases, and if taken freely by con
sumptive patients, it must do great injury; for its
tendency is to confine the morbid mattering;
systam, which, of course, mns. make a cure impos
sible. Schenck's Pulmonic Syrnp is warranted not
to contain a particle or opium; it is composed of
powerful but harmless herbs, which act on the
lungs, liver, stomach and blood, and thus corrects
all morbid secretions, and expel all the diseased
matter from the bod . These are the only means
hyj wUch Cgnjnmp'tian can be cured, and as
Schencks Pulmonic Syrup, Sea Weed Tonic and
Mandrake Pills are the only medic'.nes which ope.
rate in this way, it is obvious that they are the only
genuine cure for Pulmonary Consumption. Lacn
bottle of this invaluable medicine is accompanied
by full directions. Dr. Schenck is professionally
at his principal office, corner Sixth and Ar. h S;a.,
Philadelphia, evsry Monday, where all letters for
advice must be addressed.
Another Daring1 CoaciC. Robbery
Wyouunff Territory.
HAT Creek, N. J. June 2$. There
was another coach robbery last nieht. The
stage from Deadwood was stopped near the
Cheyenne river and both treasure boxes
were t?ken. The passencers were not
molested. The road agents sent word by
the driver to the managers of the stage
line tc 3end them a pair of gold scales, as
dividing dust with a spoon was not always
satisfactory. A detachment of 20 cavalry
men, under Lt. ReyuolJs.leit Ft.Lawrence
this morning in search of the robber3.,
Mr. Cutts.of Mahaska,oflered thelfollow-
ing resolution:
jitsolved, lhat the so called southern
policy which has been inaugurated and
pursued by the present national adminis
tration is in accord with the principles of
the Republican party.
Ihis was received amid general tumult.
Dr. Beardsley, of Des Moines county,
moved that it be referred to the commit
tee on resolutions.
Merriam, of Keokuk county, moved
amid great excitement, that the resolution
be tattled. Adopted by about a three
fourths vote.
The oommittee on resolutions, to whom
the amendment to the first resolution was
submitted, at this stage returned with a
recommendation that the amendments be
indefinitely postponed.
Jno. II. Gear was nominated for gov
ernor on the second ballot. lion. Frank
T. Cam bell, of Jasper county, was nomi
nated for lieutenant governor on the second
The convention then adjourned sine die
Gold Award.
New York, June 2S. The $ 1,003,000
treasury gold, to-day. was awarded at
05Q1 to 10514 per cent.
9th Avenue and 20th Street,
"Arrangements for good music, refreshments.
etc., nave Deen made.
Strict order will be observed.
All are cordially invited. 23 30
All Nails are made of the best
and Warranted perfect and ready for driving.
S Orders filled promptly and at tha lowest
rates by
Co.'s post office box, has taken himself out
of town. lie takes a philosophical view of
the matter, choosing to let hU father pay
$200, rather than . pine in durance vile for
a few months.
jScJohn Stein, a man living on Lincoln
avenue in Hilt's addition, applied to over
seer Hissch yesterday for assistance from
the county. He has been confined to bis
bed with hin ioint disease for several weeks I Cramps, Pains, Diarrhoea and Dysentery are in
and will be lor some time to come. lie
This elegant preparation is prepared from the
TBt'E Jamaica Gineer, combined with choice aro
tnatics andeenuine French brandy, and is vastly
superior to every other Extract or Essence of Gin
ger before the public all of which are prepared
with alcohol by tne old process.
Cholera Morbus.
To all who arc suffering from the errors and in
discretions of youth, nervous weakness, early de
cay, loss of manhood, &C-, I will send a recipe that
will cure yon, FREE OF CHARGE. This great
remedy was discovered by a missionary in South
imcrirA. Send a self-addressed envelope to the
Rev. Josipb T. Issian Station D, Bible House
New Y'ork City,
j? "wis )k 9
QNETH1RD1S saved
Gives a splendid gloss and finish to all starched
goods, making them whitkb and clearer than
wax or anything else, and prevent the iron from
sticking. Trial bottle free.
Put ud in 4-oz bottles, price l&c. soio uy uru
ccrs and Druggist.
A. I. MATHEWS & CO., 8r. Murray St., K. Y
fects of errors and abuses in early life.!
Impediments to joar-
3 i nuge removed. New method of trrat- g
Hooks and circulars em irec m -
. i . .1. ill- . ,JT. AO
- a (envelopes. Address mj v nnu a-sj- ,
S 2 IMITATION, AWN.Xinth &t.,Phiia-!H
03 S'delphia, Pa. Ah Institution having a;"
r3 high reputation for honorable conduct O
Oi... ...,.t,m..UL!ll
iuu iuierDiifiw -"
Slerl' LivT r.ll 0v looa lor i airvj jc.r. . i
SlAD'lunl ReniMy for tneeureoi raipiiui.
CoNUveneM, Sick ueaaaeac, w an veraugw- j
vrailfnm. tbe rrat Worm De-1
. . ..iu aoo larve. live worm from BIT 1
a ..n ..w Wm. ftarver. Bl- Louts. So. rnce l
(Mb 15c it your drugniu Ana' I r tlwm. m
thm. B C. SF.l.l.F.HS k OO , TOP" l-moorrn. r
St. John's Coieg Alumni Society- Tbe
C K I. Pacific B. E. Mortgage Bonds.
New York, June 28. Bishop Rose
crans was elected yesterday president of
the society of the Alurtmi ot iSt. Johns
I'ordhaiii, governing commissioner of
the stock exchanee, recommends that the
Chicago. Rock Island and Pacific R. R,
mortgage bonds, 6's of 1917 coupon and
registered, and the stock of the Brewers'
& Grocers' bank, of this city, be placed on
the regular list.
A Sharp Confidence Man.
New York, June 28. John Alfred
Thircetts, late of 23o west 14th st., is the
name of the society man charged recently
with robbing those who made him their
guest. It turns out now that Thircetts'
confidence qualities had a good deal to do
with his admission into tne houses ot tne
wealthy. He has fled from the city, but
tot before confessing his guilt.
Sale of Blooded Horses.
Cincinnati, June 28. There was a
very large attenaance yesteruay ac o.
Alexander s sale ot blooded horses at .Lex
ington, Ky. The great feature of the sale
was 5 Yearlings, the get ot the celehrated
horse Lexincton. W. II. Johnson, of
Nashville, purchasing one at $3,100. The
total amount realized by the sale is $lb,
Conklicg, of New York, is advertisirg
that he intends to oppose Hayes, but n g
body knows, yet, what othce he wants. J
It is said the reason Hayes want-t to
keep the office-holders out of politics,is the
fear that if they go in, they will go in against
A farmer in the vicinity of Muscatine
sold his crops iu the field for the large sum
of nino dollars. It had "passed under the
rod" of Monday's storm.
Swindler is the name of a Kansas
City tailor. Few tailor are so appropri
ately named, ii-.t. And that s the name
of a Davenport musician. How about
The Philadelphia papers are advocat
ins the introduction of "the needle in pub
lic schools." The boys who prrctice with
bent pin have beeu preparing the way for
this innovation.
Women type-setters are not so good
at deciphering manuscript as men, it is
said, because they wiil not apply them
selves so closely to it. Ex. But that's no
reason why they would not make good
has a wife and child, the wife is nearly
worn out with caring lor him and they arc
indeed deserving of county care.
The Plow City;
The steam yacht Plow City is now in
perfect trim for excursions. Pains will
bo taken to insure the comforts of passen
gers. Liberal discount to Sunday schools
and societies. 15d3m
Hodman Avenue.
Yesterday, Surveyor Gordon, the mayor,
and street committee, surveyed and staked
off Rodman avenue in accordance with the
ordinance passed at the last council meet
ing. Commencing at the corner of Park
and Rodman, taking in the whole of the
lot on which stands the old Holt store
building; thu? straightening the street and
making it 80 feet in width. It is hoped
that this will be pushed rapidly to comple
tion, but if exhorbitant prices are asked
for the land needed, it may yet prove a
failure; a9 the city will not ray more than
a fair valuation lor the property.
stantlv relieved by it. It will render an attack of
Cholera Morbus impossible, if taken when the symp-1
toms of this dangerous complaint nrst manifest
Cramps and Fains
whether produe3d by indigestion, impropper food.
change oi water or diet, too free indulgence oi Ice
water, exposure to sudden changes of temperature.
are immediately relieved by it. One ounce added
to a gallon of
Ice Water
and sweetened, forms a mixture wh"ch, as a cool
ing, healthv and refreshing Summer Beverage, has
no equal. Barrels of ice watc, prepared in this
way, may bo drank without the slightest injury ;
and happy is the man who finds in this a substitute
for spirituous liquors. Its value to the Farmer, the
Mechanic and Laborer cannot be over-estimated.
It is so cheap as to be within the reach of all; so
finely flavored as to be enjoyed by lovers of the
finest liquors.
Millwrights I
Contractors & Builders
Of all descriptions of
AXill IVTo-oliinery .
DrattSfitsand Specifications for Flouring Mills
Saw Mills, Distilleries and Grain Elevators rj ade
out on short notice. Are prepared to take con
tracts for building and machinery, and give person
al attention to a., he details of construction. Re
pairs of all kinds .omptly attended to whether or
dered by mail or in person.
At tne old stand oi u moots, (new no.,) sw ro
t8 S. Washington street, PEORIA, ILL
Address Lork-Bnx.S04
Interesting Letter from Kapids City.
Special Correspondence to The Argus.
Rapids City, III, June 27.
T. YiHiams had a horse killed by
lightning during the storm, of Monday.
J. v, Doremus, proprietor ot the fine
floating photocraphic gallery "Success"
took a view r f the Williams' coal shaft
to-day, with the
Flatulency. Sluciish Diststion, want of Tone and
Activity in th Stomach and Bowels, Oppression
after eating, are sure to be relieved by a single dose
taken alter each meal. A great want exists for a
Bestcrative Stimulant
free from serious objections, yet palatable, even in-1
viting to the sensitive palate, which will create no
mofoid appetite lor itself, and operate as an assis
tant to digestion, as well as perform the functions
of a stimulant. Such we confidently believe is to
be found in
Show Rooms, 21 Maiden Lane, X. Y.
Factories, West Meriden, Conn.
an Uegar.t combinition of theTrue Jamaica Ginger
with the Choicest Aromatics. It is beyond all com
... . . . l uuiiFuu luc luuat li 1 . i n , , iuvii;ui(iu iuuh; auu
. engine putting in 1 stimulant befo.e the public. It is earnestly recom
cars, lie takes one ol uuehnst s store,
dumps, boat and house, and also on.e of
the village. He has been three years on
the river, starting from Minneapolis, Minn.
The Gulf of Mexico is his ending point.
lhe crops are recovering somewhat
from the heavy rain storm of Monday,
and unless we get more rain, will not be
materially damaged. Corn, though small,
looks well, and if it will only get dry
enough so it can be worked out will be a
fair crop.
The Methodists commenced a basket
meeting, camping out on the bluffs near
Gilchrist & Co's coal shaft, on Friday
next, extending, tor the precent, over
mended to the weak and nervous, to those recover
ing from debilitating diseases, and to the aged, to
wnom it imparts warmtn ana vigor.
CRfif REWARD will be paid for a bottle of any
vbvJUU other Extract or Essence of Jamaica Giu
ner if found to equal it in fine flavor, purity and
prompt medicinal effect. Largest. Cheapest and '
Best. Take no other until you have given it a trial.
sold Dy ail nolesaie and Retail Druggists, uro-
cers. and Dealers In Medicines. Fnce, 50 cents.
Dealers should purchase original packages of one
dozen to obtain the trial bottles for free distribu
tion. WEEKS & POTTER, Ueneral Agents and
W holes-ale Druggists, Boston.
(f CSM)
Manufacturers of
Plated Tea Sets
members of the board of education.
Mr. Blaine is said to have made up Sundav.
his mind that the Republican party does We will soon have a hotel here, the
not like the policy o; the president. Mr. want of which has long been felt. Mr.
Blaine makes up his mind without suthciect Frank Jones, who owns a nice lame house
date possibly; for it grows less clear every in a convenient location will open in a few
day that the president has a policy. days.
"Boy," said one of our citizens to a R. Fitzgerald who has a bad rose cancer
la who had iust emerged froni a hair- on his cheek, and who was in Rock Island
pulling match with another boy, "do you recently under Dr. Plummer's care, has
raiHrlGIZ Ice Pitchers, Castors,
Weather Probabilities.
Washington, June 28 The Signal Ser
vice observations taken at 10 o'clock this
forenoon indicate the following weather
probabilities for this afternoon and to
night: Indications for the northwest: statJoLary
or lower pressure, winds generally shifting
to southeast, warmer, partly cloudy
weather and rain areas.
Kayea and. Party Still on tbe 'Wing'.
Providence. June 28. President
Hayes and party left Boston, in a special
train at eight o'clock This morning, for
Providence' At Mansfield the train was
met by a committee of the Rhode Island
emslature. and alter exchange ot trees
nps Mr. Ti hnehast, ot tha committee,
made a speech of welcome to the president
and party,
A Kobner Shot Dead.
Washington, N. J-. Jane 28. A far
mer named uranston. living near.
Ilackettstown, yesterday, shot dead Bur
ton Mitchell, who was attempting to rob
Cranston s house.
in quantity by their perfect purity and great
strength; the onlv Kinaa maue
tical Chemist and Physician, with scientific
care to insure uniformity, healUifulness, deU:
caev and freedom from all injurious substan
ces.' They are far mincrior to the common
ialtcrated hinds. Obtain the genuine, Ob-m-e
onr Trade Marks as above, "Cream
faking Powder, u Hand 1 and Cornucopia,
liuv the Baking Powder only in cans securely
labelled. Many have been deceived in loose
or bulk Powder sold as Dr. Price's.
Manufactured onlv by
aicoflo. . Lmia and C'mcwwai.
Camplaoriiie !
la the most effectual remedy sold. Is a luxury to
use, gives the best satisfaction, gives Instant reliei.
will not grease or stain the most delicate iaoric
kj . ni,..unt r..f reahincr olor. lt will imme
diately relieve and cure Khenmatism, Chronic and
A-ut. Ken roJcia and Catarrh. Headache and
Swelled ace, bore Throat, sprains auu oruisw,
Bupions and Uhliulams, Jtruptions vi me o.iu,
Pmn in Chest, Back or Limbs, Burns and Scalds.
OX sale oy an itui;eiwii.
'b': - irmi Tiff
fc the safmt sad the bent, to lnatantaneorts In i te aetton M
ttprodwmtbe met natural hadesot "black
the akin, and la anly applWd. Itlaji. ataraterd
Separation, and a f avon W npoa wery well-appointed to.
ffietor B " "'
One Honest Man Anyhow.
New York. June 28. The -$15,000 U.
S. coupon bonds lost yesterday by the
messenger of Stout & Co. have been "re
stored to tbe owner by the under ot the
Arbitrator Appointed to Sett'e a Religions
Rome, June 28. Archbishop Wood, of
Philadelphia.h&s been appointed arbttiator
in the deputed cases ot the diocese
of Pittsburg and the ancient order
expect to rove hereafter in aland of pure
delight?" "No," said the lad, "Iv'e
busted another button off n my pauts, and
I expect to get licked for it."
A r&w recruit in a Sunday school,
when asked What became of Elijah? elec
trified evrybody within hearing by Jshout
ing, in a shrill voioe, "He went to heaven
like a hovjse-a fare, you bet. All bets
i were aeciarea on, nowever, ana me con
gregation sung a hymn.
I. N. Basset, of Mercer; Jno. J.Glen,
f Warren; and Hiram Bigelow, of Henry
are ail prominently spoken ot aa candi
dates for the nomination for circuit judge.
Douglass, of Knox; Rico, of Henderson;
and Dunham, of Henry, have each been
casually memtioned as probable candi
dates. Aledo Record.
When a man jumps out of bed ia
the dark at midnight to fling a toot at an
ectoral commission of eats in the back
vard. and places his bare foot on an
eight cornered piece ot coal, his wite must
stick her fingers tightly in her ears if she
would escape bearing several pages ot
protane history in less thun, two minutes
A St. Louis dispatch says the assets
of the National bank of the state of Mis
souri will not at this time pay ten oents on
the dollar, lt will be six months belore
fiftv oentaia realized, and three jears be
fore tbe depositors are paid in full, if ever:
vet this is one ot those banks that arc
quarterly examined by a "bank examiner,'
under lui national banking law.
A beautiful Moline girl was recently
describing her E3sta upon a certain oc
casion, and eaidr "I assure you I did not
aliow the grass to grow under my teet.
Her auditors gazed thoughtfully at her
feet.and thought inwardly that if the grass
couldn't grow under the same it wasn't
because it hadn't room to,and it must be a
pretty poor seasoa So? grass,
rlr. John McArthur, lately post
master in Chicago, has been brought to an
admission, in a court of bankruptcy, that
he took $35,000 from the postal service
and converted it to his cwa use. Y ben a
Dostoffice clerk or letter-carrier converts
a few dollars from the mails, to his own
use. it is customary, and proper, to send
gone to Princeton, la., to have it taken off
by Dr. Oast, who claims to be tbe only
man who can do it. lime will tell, how
ever. Y hat Mr. Plummer can t do not
many in this vicinity can do. D. L, C.
A $GO.OOO Fire.
LOWELL. June 28. A bnck carriage
factory .oa Middlesex street burned this
morning. Loss $60,000. Partly insured.
Hereafter instead of the "Grand
Bounce" it will bo. the "Grand Union
Bounce." Tbe outcome may be a case of
the bouncer getting bounced.
New York Market.
New Yokk, June 28.
Money 11H.
Governments Firm.
D. S. Bonds 61 cent 5-509 1881
jmo old l.us
" " iyniw 1.0W4
" 1S67 1.1214
" 185S 1.15
V. S. 10.40's 1.WS
New6's 1.1154
Currency 6's 1.82Ji
Corn SliirhtlT in buyer's favor; niedera'e In
quiry; &ti for new western mixed.
itau-ruuiei; uncnangeo, -
Eork Dull; 11 40.
ard Shade easier; 9 109 13.
Whiaky 1 14,
Coffee and Ice Water Urns.
gpoona Ac Forks,
Pearl, Ivory and Steel Handled
KNIVES. &C., &C., &C.
n 11 ' TT 11.'. Til A I These uooos can nc ioonaiiuiinn-i
SjUHlila VUltiHl Jt 10.0 LU A 1 Oea.trs in navea ware, in purcnasing canior
Collins' Voltaic Plaster
Cures Fains and Aches.
It equalizes the Circulation.
It subdues Inflammatory Action.
It cures ruptures and Strains.
It removes pain and Soreness.
It cures Kidney Complaint.
It strengthens the Muscles.
It cures Khenmatism and Neuralgia.
It relaxes Stiffened Cords.
It cures Nervous Shocks.
It is invaluable in Paralysis.
It cures Inflammation of the Liver.
It removes Nervous Pains.
It cures Spinal Weakness.
It is grateful and Soothing.
It cures Epilepsy or Fits.
It is safe, Keliable, and Economical.
It is prescribed by Physicians.
lt is endorsed by electricians.
Is warranted, on the reputation of Dr. Collins, its
inventor, an old physician, to be the best plaster tn
the world of medicine. The union of the two great
medical agents, viz: Electricity and Medical Gams
and Essences, fully justifies the claim, and entitles
this remedy to rank foremost among all curative
eoiQPOiinda for all external Achea and Pains.
Price 85 cents. Sold by all Drngglsts. and sent I
on receipt of 25 cents for one, or $1 25 for six, or ft I
2r for twelve, carefully wrapped and warranted by I
vi ttk&s i run iK, rroprietors, .Boston, mass.
t Sill-
SllOW Cases,
Chicago, June SS.
him for a term of years to the state
prison. What does Mr. John McArthur
think it would be proper to do in his case?
Appoint him to a better office, probably,
as he is still one ot the laithtui,
Wheat Weak and lower; 1 42 July; 1 44 Ji Aug.
v;orn uncuangea ; 4. v'1 July.
Oats Dull and easy; 35'4 cash ; 3354 July.
Bye Unchanged.
Barley Unchanged.
Pork Easier ) 13 8754 cash ; 13 00 A ug.
Lard- Hteady ana unchanged.
Whisky 1 OS.
Cattle Receipts 18.000; moderately active: weak
and lower; light 4 554 70; heavy mixed to pack
ers 4 554 75; heavy to shippers 4 705 00.
Cattle null ana weak; receipts ,a. ,
St Louis Market.
. St. Locis. June 28.
Wheat Better for Inferior grades; No 8 red fall
1 61 70 bid cash ; 1 S35V&1 4 -laly.
Corn Higher; 40 bid cash; VxK duly.
Oats Dull; 3054 bid,
Kye-58. . .
Wbisky-1 Oa.
fork 13 10.
Lard Easy; 8 60.
Hoga Receipt 3,200 ; lower i 4. 60.
Milwaukee Market.
M'lWAUiaa. Jane 88.
Wheat Dull : lower: 1 48 cash:147K July: 1
,30H August; No3,lB3,185.
Corn Steady; 47.
Oat Firm; 3554.
Jtye 67. .
Will positively afford relief by external
application. It cures on the instant Neu
ralgia, Nervous Headache, Rheumatism,
Toothache, Earache, and all nervous pains,
Sold by all Druggists at 50 cts. aod $1
I per bottle.
For sale in Bock Island by John Bengston.
United States, Canadian and General
Patent Solicitor,
Civil and Mechanical Engineer,
Office, Federal Buildincs
Branches in Toronto and Ottawa, Canada; London.
All Patent matter DromDtlv lattended tn on rea
sonable terms. Correspondence cond acted either
in the English, French, German or the Scaudina
vian languages.
In the City. Send for Price List.
J. E. BERRY, Prop., ;
90 State Street,
(Successors to J, B. ZEIQLXS.
Manufacturers of
21b Hamilton Street, PZOFIA,IL&
Correspondence solicited and orders promptl
filled. ROBERT G. L.UTXE.
FTELDI3ROS., Agents. Rockland.

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