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HOCK rutxaoxB.
Tues&ay. Asgnrt 7. 1377.
Legal Blanks, of all .kinda for file at
Th Aaaus Officii .
It will pay to keep your Harness in tood
condition. Use Frank Miller's Prepared
larness Oil.
In from One to Twenty Minutes.
after retains; thj advertisement need any one
It was the first and la
th.t Instantly etope the most excruciating paint
II. vt Inflammations, and caret Congestions
whether of the Langs, Stomach, Bowels or other
eland or organs, dt one application
no matter how violent or excruciating the pain, the
Rheumatic, Bed-Hidden, Inarm, Crippled, Nervous
Neuralgic or prostrated with disease may suffer,
New Yobk, Jan. 4, 1877.
Dn8m: Having for several years used your
medicines, doubtinnlv at first, but after ezperle
log their aftlcacy with full confidence, it is no less
pleasure than a doty to thankfully acknowledge
the advantage we have derived from them. The
Dills are resorted to as ofter as occasion requires,
and always with the desired effect. The Ready
Kellef cannot be better described than it is by its
name. We apply the liniment frequently and free
ly, almost invariably nnaing me promised -nenei
Truly yours, (signed) THUKLOW WEED.
Five smart younjr men can secure re
munerative employment at room 56, Rock
aland House. dlt
Lost. A memorandum book contain
ing some papers, of no value to any one
but the owner. Name on inside of book,
Return to, M. Frederickson.
What the Council Can do -What
Must do.
City Council Room. Rock Island,
The citv debt is more than ia ermitted Aur. 6. Council met in regular session at
by the constitutional limitation. The city z . f resent, Mayor But er, ana
council is strolling with the proposition JJaZV.
to fund this debt, and they ask the people nocfc. Absent, O'Neil and Simmons,
to vote them permission to do this, which The minutes of the last meetings were
For Sale.
A handsome six feet show caso entirely
new, tor sale cheap. Apply at Argus
Office. tf.
All persons who desire to have the grade
established for their side walks will please
apply to the city engineer or leave word
with the city clerk. 31d7t
Eadway's Heady Belie
Inflammation of the Kidneys, Inflammation of the
bladder. Inflammation of the Bowels, Conges
tloo of the Lungs, Sore Throat, Difficult
Breathing, Palpitation of the lleart,
Hysterics, Croup, Plptheria. Ca
tarrh. Influenza, Headache,
Toothache, Neuralgia,
Rheumatism, Cold Chills
Ague Chills.
The application of the Ready Relief to the part
or parts where the pain or difficulty exists will of
ford ease and eomlort.
Twenty drops In half a tnmbler of water will in
few minutes cure Cramps, Sprains, Sour Stomach
Ueartbnrn, Sick Headache, Diarrhoea, Dysentery,
Colic, Wind In the Bowels, and all Internal Pains.
Travelers should always carry a bottle of RAD
WAY 8 READY RELIEF with them. A few drops,
la water will preveDt sickness or pains from change
of water. It is better than French Brandy or it
t irs a a stimulant.
Fever and Ague cure? for fifty cents. There is
nut a remedial agent in the world that will cure
fever and airuo, and all other malarious, billons,
scarlet, typhoid, yellow and other fevers (aided by
Kadway's Vllls) so quick as Radway't Heady Reiki.
Fifty cents per bottle.
Strong and Pure, Rich Blood Increase of
Flesh and Weight Clear bkin and
Beautiful Complexion Secured to all
arsapnr..lian Resolvent
Has made the most astonishing Cnres; so quick,
so rapid are the changes of the bodj undergoes
under tha Influence of this truly wonderful med
icine that
Every Pay an Increase of Flesh and
Weight is Seen and Felt.
The supreme importance of Dooley's
1 east 1'owDER can be established by lo
gic, b or instance; Bread is the staff o:
life; Dooley's Yeast Powder is indis
pensable to good bread. Therefore this
baking powder is of great value to life. If
you don't like the logic see if the practice
don t remedy the defect.
J. W. Stark, dentist, has removed, fitted
and furnished new rooms, three doors west
of Rock Island National Bank, 2d avenne,
(Gayford's new block), where he will be
pleased to see his old customers and as
many new ones as choose to favor bim with
a call. dti.
Clergymen, Bankers, Book-keepers, Ed
itors, and others who lead sedentary lives
will cod much relief from the frequent
headaches, nervousness and constipation
engendered from want of exercise, by ta
king bimmons Liver Kegulator. It is
harmless vegetable compound: it can do
no injury: and numbers who have tried it
will confidently assert that it is the best
remedy that can be used.
The Weatner To-Day.
The following shows the temperature
at The Argus Office to-day as in
dicatM bv thermometer:
7 a. m. 740 above aero it a 85 s above aerc
9 a. m, 770 " " j 8 r. n. Suo
j Regular August Meeting--
i i port.
-Official He
ll aps iv the Ranks. The finest teeth
will decav. and drop out of the dental line,
unless due care is taken to neutralize the
impurities with which they are liable to be
Sozodont is the only preparation
present known that accomplishes this ob
ject with absolute certainty, and keeps the
enamel spotless.
Something new for the ladies at Miss
W. Peterson's milincry and fancy goods
store 1723. 2d Avenue in the way of
beauiit'ul perfume and lily white combined.
Nothiog like it has ever been ofiercd for
said in i his city. It is pronounced by all
ladies who have used it to be the finest
and best in the market. Your choice ot
six different odors. Call and see it, and
also my new spring and summer stock of
milinery and fancy goods, which will be
sold at the most reasonable prices. Miss.
Peterson is the only agent in Rock Island.
Trimmed hats for the next 30 days be
low cost. 6-80d&w3m
Tho Great Blood Purifier.
VENT commnnieatps through the Blood, Sweat,
I'rlue, and other fluids and juices of the system the
Vlk'or o( Life, for it repairs the wa-tes of ihc body
with new and sound material. Scrofula, Syphilis,
CnnHumption, Glandular Diseases. Ulcers in the
Throat. Mouth. Tumors, Nodes in the Glands and
ather parts of the system. Sore Kyes, Strumorous
Discharges from the Euro, and the worst forms of
Miin DisfHses. Kruntious. Fever Sores. Scald Head
Kin Worm. Salt Unburn. Erysipelas, Acne, Black
Spots. Worms In the Flesh, Tumors. Comers in the
Womb, and all Weakening and Painful Discharges.
Night sweats. Loss of Sperm and all Waxtes of the
Life 1'riuciplo, are within the curative range of this
wonder of Modern Chemistry, and a few days use
will prove to any person using it for either of these
lorms o' disease its potent power to cure them.
U the patient, daily becoming reduced by the
wanti's aud decomposition that are continually pro
cremtliiir succeeds in arresting these wastes, and
reps Irs the same with new material made from
Imalthv blood and this the SARSAPAR1LLIAN
will and does secure acure Is certain; for when
once this remedy commences Its work of purinci
tion.and succeeds In diminishing the loss of waxtes
its repairs will he rapid, and every day the patient
will reel himseir growing better aua stronger, the
food digesting better, appetite improving, and flesh
and wciL'hl Increasing.
Not only doe tuts Sahhapariluan Rksolvent
excel all remedial agents in the Cure of chronic.
Scrofulous, Constitutional and Skin Diseases, but
it Is the only positive cure for
Kidney and Bladder Complaints,
s)rlnury and Womb Diseases, Gravel, Dlnbvtes,
Dropsy, Stoppage of Wuter.Incoutluuance of Uriue,
bright s I'lseuxe, Albuminuria, aud In all cases
where there are brick-dust deposits, or the water is
thick, cloudy, mixed with substances like the white
of an egg, or threads like white silk, or there is a
morbid, dark. bllUu appearance, and white bone
dust denoMts, ana when there Is a pricking, burn
ing sensuiion when passing water, and I'ain in the
Small of thu Back and along the Loins.
Tumor of 12 Years1 Growth Cured hy
hadway $ Uesolvent.
Bevkrlt, Mass , Jnly 18, 189.
Dn. Kadway: I have had Ovsrlan Tumor in the
ovaries and bowels. All the doctors said "there
was no help for It." I tried everything that was
recommended, butuothlng helped hie. 1 saw your
Resolvent, and thought I would try It ; but bad no
faith In ll, because l naa antlered lor twelve years.
1 took six bottles of the Resolvent and one box of
Itadway's Pills, and two bottles of your heady He
liei ; ami therff Is not a sign ot tumor to be seen or
felt, anil 1 feel pettcr, smarter and happier than I
have for twelve years. The worst turner was In the
left side of the bowels, over the groin. I write this
to you for the benefit of others. You can publish
it ii you cnoose. ua..iau r. h.NAi'i',
Ann, Aiibor, Mich., April 30, 187!i,
Dr. Raiiwat Kind sir: I have been taking your
Resolvent, Regulating Pills, and also using the
Ready Relief ahout one year 'or ovarian tumors on
the abdomen whlcl- he uioi Eminent physiclaus of
our iuvnicai conei ;prououareu incurable.
They were like kjots on a tree. When I was sit
t'.nir In a chair they hung almost to the floor, and
tuv weight was 275 pounds when 1 commenced with
yonr remedies, and now It Is 210 pounds, but they
are not all gone yet. I have taken twenty-four bot
tles of Resolvent, nine of Relief, and twenty-four
boxes of fills. I get the medicine from U. Grtn
vi!l. Please tend me your bonk "False and True."
nus. c. JkKAl-r .
Another Letter from Mrs. C. Krapf.
Aitoitbt 18. 1873.
Dn. Radwat Kind Sir: I take the liberty to ad
dress you again. My health Is greatly improved
by the use of your medicines. Three of the tumors
are entirely goue, and tho fourth Is nearly so.
uropsy is goue. iieaita still improving, aud my
wuigii' iiHi reasiug evry iasi. i nave had a great
many calls this summur to Inquire ot the wonder
ful cure your medicine baa doue for me, one from
Ohio, one from Canada, three from Jackson, aud
quite a number from this place, lours with re.
ipect, MRS. C. KRAPF
The Judicial Election.
The judicial election on Monday excited
no interest whatever, and but a small vote
was polled.
In this city, John G. Glenn received
120; Charles Dunham, 22; G. G. Craig,
1, and Gabriel Boll man 1.
Moline Glenn, 157.
Cordova Glenn, 44; P. T. McElherne.
Milan P. Jacob Heverling 9; Glenn to
hear from.
He ia Comic cr towards this City, Lock
out for Him!
the law already says they may do. Grant
that they may do it, by borrowing money
and with it pay illegal city orders, and
thereby create a legal debt out of what is
now an illegal debt, or illegal form of debt.
Now the organic law of the city, Article
IV, Eection 4, says: "The city council
shall have control cf the finances of the
city, and shall have power within the juris
diction of the city, by ordinance: first, to
borrow money on the credit ot the city.and
issue the bonds of the city, therefore," etc.
Under the provisions of the law of
the state, in force July 4th, 1873, among
other things it is provided that "No oity
shall hereafter contract any debt without,
at the same time, providing for the annual
levy and collection of a direct tax suffi
cient to pay the interest and the principal
when it falls due.".
It is therefore the clear intent of the law
that no city can borrow money,as has been
done in this city on warrants, but must
borrow on its bonds and that in issuing its
bonds must provide for a "direct annual tax
sufficient to pay the interest and the prin
cipal when it falls due." To meet and
comply with this understanding of the law
Alderman Lundy has introduced the fol
lowing ordinance:
"An ordinance creating and providing
for the maintenance of a fund to be known
as 'Rock Island liquidation fund.' "
Be it ordained by the city council of the
city of Rock Island:
;Sec. 1. That in accordance with the
provisions set forth in See 4 of Article 4,of
the amended city charter, granting to the
city council power and authority to provide,
by taxation.a fund, to be maintained by the
treasurer ot the city's funds, distinct and
separate from the taxes collected for gen
eral disbursement, or incidental expenses
incurred in the management of municipal
matters, and to be kept sacred and in
violate fjr the sole aud specific purpose of
retiring at the time of, or prior to matur
ity.the interest bearing bonds of the city,
there be assessed against the real and per
sonal property of the taxpayers, residents
within the corporate limits of the city ot
Rock Island, and oollected therefrom an
nually the sum of $6,500, until all bonds,
warrants or other evidences of municipal
indebtedness shall have been retired or
Sec. 2. That, after the passage of this
ordinance, each annual tax levy made
against the taxable property situated with
in the corporate limits of the city shall in
clude for liqidation fund the sum of six
thousand five hundred dollars, ($6,500,) and
shall be regarded as a special tax and be
collected with the general fund; and, on its
receipt from the tax gatherers by the city
treasurer, by him be set apart and re
linquished for no purpose except that set
forth in Sec 1 of this ordinance-
Resolved, That the president of the First
National Bank.Rock Island National Bank,
and the Peoples' National Bank be consti
tuted an advisory board, and that they be
consulted as to the investment of the liqui
dation fund or its disbursement, and that
the council will not retire or purchase any
bond or bonds without first having con-
ulted the advisory board, and that to
them (the advisory board), in conjunction
with the mayor ot" the city and the chair
man of the finance committee,be intrusted
the negotiation of any and all bonds now
outstanding or that may hereafter be is
read and approved.
A petition of E. C. Cropper and S. F,
Cooke asking that the city police suits be
equally distributed between the nve Jus
tices of the Peace was referred to Police
Committee on motion of Alderman Lundy.
A petition of A. Peterson and others
asking that suitable crossings be made
over the Chicago & Rock; Islands railroad
crossing between Moline and Rock Island,
was referred to the btreet and Alley Com
mittee with power to act, on motion of
Alderman Lundy.
The Bridge Committee, as heretofore
instructed, reported having made aeon
tract for stone at $3.80 per cubic yard, and
the work to be done by day labor.
1 be following resolution was passed on
motion of Alderman Lnndy:
Resolved, That the Keokuk Northern
Line Packet Company be allowed to land
at the city levee within 200 feet next east
from Nineteenth street for the term of one
year from April 1, 1877, paying therefor
the sum of $300 and to be in lieu of
wharfage dues for the season of 1877,
On motion of Alderman Davis the fol
lowing resolution was adopted
Resolved, That the sidewalks ordered to
be built by the ordinances passed Sept. 4,
and Nov. 3, 1876.be constructed under the
direction of the Street and Alley Com
mittee, with or without letting by contract,
as shall seem best to them.
An ordinance was, on motion of I.
Huber, unanimously adopted, providing
for the construction of a sewer on Twenty
third street from the south end to the
Mississippi river, to be composed of nine
inch vitrified sewer pipe, to be paid for by
special assessment.
The following resolution was, on motion
of Aldernian Lundy, adopted:
Be it resolved by the City Council of
tho city of Rock Island, ThatFrazer Wil
son, J. R. Mills and L. B. Ilcqua, being
three competent persons, be and hereby
are appointed to make an estimate
ot the cost of the improvement con
templated by an ordinance of said
city, entitled "An Ordinance for
the construction of a sewer .in Twenty
third street, including labor, material and
all other expenses attending the same, and
the cost of making and levying the assess
ment therefor."
asking that Fifth avenue between Thir
teenth and Fourteenth streets bo filled up
bo as to be made passable, was referred to
the Street and Alley Committee on motion
of Alderman Carse.
A petition of E. D. Sweeney and many
others asking that H. C. Bettle be appoint
ed a special policeman, was laid on the
table on motion of Alderman Huber.
Alderman O Neil offered the following
Resolved. That the sum of $400 be appro
priated for the purpose of grading the side
walks on Sixth, Seventh, Twelfth, Thir
teenth and Fourteenth streets and fill the
same with rattiings. Adopted on motion
of Alderman Schlemmer.
John L. Reed, CUylClerk.
Rock Island Library Board Meeting,
The library board met in regular
monthly meeting last evening. Present,
Messrs. McMaster, Steel, Gest, Sweeney,
Truesdaleand O'Neil. Absent, Messrs
Connelly, Curtis and Speidel.
The reports of the librarian! for the
months of June and July were read and
ordered filed. They are as follows:
Jnne. July.
Total attendance visitors ,587 8,50
Diily average 100 100
Snndav average 19 29
June. Jnlj
trose Action 85a 8c
Juveniles 204
Travels i
History 4.4
Biography '?
isays and general literature 80
Poetry 1
Arts and sciences 13
Totals 1,329 1,381
The president and secretary were ir
structed to give the librarian and janitor
vouchers for their monthly salaries here
after, without further order of the board,
but all other bills must be presented
and passed upon at regular meetings.
The following bills were allowed:
MitcheH & Lynde, account
Argus Company, priniing
Rock Island Uaa Co. gas
Mies E. tiate. librarian
Mies L. Murphy, assistant librarian
Ueo. Murphy, janitor
O. A. BaruhHrt, printing
Wylie & McCune, books
..f 41 6.28
.. 11.00
.. 4 80
.. iiO.OO
.. . 15.00
.. 8.00
.. T.50
. . 64.40
As spirituous liquors will injure men, so
opium or morphia will harmf ully effect the
baby. Dr. Bull s Baby feyrup is the rem
edy for the baby. It is free from opium.
Price 25 tents.
The telegraph of this morning gives the
following account of a cold blooded mur
der which was perpetrated near the little
town of Gilson, Knox county:
On Sunday a tramp entered the house
of Charles Belden, at Gilson, this state.
The family, on returning from church.
found the house open. Search was made
and the tramp found m a corn held near
hy, who immediately opened fire with a
revolver, instantly killing Mr. Belden,
mortally wounding Mr. Charles McCowen
and wounding Mr. James Packerel in the
leg, also a boy named Keoter in the foot,
which will have to be amputated. The
whole populace is in arms and after him.
yet without hucccsh.
I. R. Wilder, a resident of Kuoxville,
arrived in this city this morning in search
of the murderer. He says that the fel
low is coming this way as he was seen in
the vicinity of Rio, Knox county, last
evening. He is described as being of
medium height about 5.8, heavy set;
broad, square shoulders; dark or black
curly hair; full dark beard; had on dark,
ribbed pants; dark brown coat; toes of
shoes or boots boxed and ribbed; bouts
or shoes "'run over."
Mr. Wilder says that on Friday or
Saturday night of last week this same
tramp burglarized a gun shop in Elmwood,
Peoria county.and carried off six revolvers
and one doublo-barrelled, breech-loading
shotgun. He was followed to Gilson by
the deputy sheriff, and there can be no
doubt but what this i3 the same fellow who
committed the murder, as he threw away
a shot gun after the shooting in the corn
Mr. Wilder also gives a detailed account
of the shooting affair. He says Mr. Be!-
He are well acquainted with Mrs. Kranf. fcha la
n estimate lady, and very benevolent. She has den first approached the fellow in the corn
solvunt by the druggists of Ann Arbor to persons
afflicted with Internal tumors. We have heard ot
some wondenul cures ettected bv It. Yours re
Ann Arbor. Mich,
i Augj 18, 1S75.
perlect'.y tasteless, elegantly coated with sweet
gum, purgu, regulate, purity, cleanse, and atrengh
en. Uadwuy's Fills, lor the cure of all disorders of
the Stomach. Liver. Bowels. Kldnevs. Klmlrlr
Nervous Dmuasi-i, Uoadache, Constipation, Costlve-ness.liidlgt-stlou,
l)yBppsla, Biliousness, Bilious
Fever, Inflammation of the Bowels, Piles, aud all
irernngcuieuui 01 me internal Viscera. Warranted
jo enect a positive cure, rarely Vegetable, con
taining no mercury, minerals or deleterious drugs,
ID uiiwrn me loilowtng
lie Blood
Ueartburn, Disgust of Food. Full
in tue Htomach, Hour Kruptious, Hlnklng or Flutter
ing in the Fit of the Htomach. Hwlm,,,in .h.
Head, Uurrted and Difficult Breathing, Flutterlngs
at the lleart. Choking or Suffocating Sensation
when In a Lying I'osturo, Dimness of Vision, Dots
or Webs before the Blent. Fever and Dull l'i i
the Ilwad, Deficiency of Perspiration, Yellowness of
the skin and Eyes, Fain in the bide, Chest, Limbs,
nd sudden Flushes of 11 eat But-nint? In thu Kl..h
A few doses of HADWAY'8 J'lLLH will free the
system iroui an tne anove named disorders. Price
sa cents per dox, boiu Dy druggists.
Bend one letter-stamp to HADWAY1& CO., No 82
WarranHu. New York. Information wortn tuou-
wua sui am hu yuu.
from disorders of the Digestive Organs.
Coustlpation, Inward Files, Fullness of th
In tho Head, Acidity of the Htomach.
field. He was on horseback, and the
tramp was walking and dodging among
the corn. Mr. B. commanded him to
halt." lie turned, and, drawing a re
volver, said, "Halt yourself, you of
a "and fired, the ball striking the
horse in the neck and then entering Mr.
B s head, killing him instantly. About
this time Packerel and the boy, Keoter,
came up, both being mounted on one horse.
They also commanded bim to halt, but he
answered them iq the same manner as he
did Mr. Belden, and then firing, killed
tneir uorBe. lielore they could regain
their feet he had shot tbem both, but their
wounds are not fatal Mr. McCowen then
ran up and fired one shot at the tramp,
which missed him. The fellow turned on
him, and, again repeating his answer to
the demand to halt, shot him through the
breast near the heart, from the effects of
which he died at 11 o'clock yesterday.
Every shot tired by the tramp took effect.
Jt is to be hoped that the scoundrel will
be arrested and dealt with as he deserves.
Fight Between Four .Brewers,
.Which Oiic is Badly Cut with
a Knife.
A fight occurred, between 11 and 12 o'
clock last night, near Wagner's brewery,
in which four brewers participated. The
names of the parties arc FraDk Weiss and
Jacob Mangel, on one side, and George
and John Mueller, two brothers, on the
other. It appears that the row grew out
of a quarrel between these parties, which
had taken place a fewdays ago. Since
then Weiss and Mangel were discharged
from Wagner's brewery, and lest night
they returned to get some clothes, and
while there commenced to quarrel
with the Muellers, and finally dared them
to go outside and fight. Outsiders quieted
the men, who were pretty drunk, and they
walked off. When George and John
Mueller started for home, however, they
again made their appearance and followed
after them. Somebody called out "'They've
got a knife," and at this the Muellers
stopped, picked up stones to defend them
selves with, and told Weiss and Mangel to
go home and cease following them. They
replied that' they would if the stones
were thrown away. John Mueller
dropped his and at that moment the two
men made a rush for his brother. He
joined in, and then the fight became gener
al. While all four were on the ground to
gether George Mueller called out, "Jim
cut!" and then Weiss and Mangel ran off.
George was taken to his home, near the
street car stables, and Dr.. Craig called.
It was then found tVat he had received an
ugly'gash, nearly six inches long, on his
left side; one on his shoulder, and another,
and the most dangerous, being the deepest,
on the right side. John also received a
gash in the back, Besides this they were T
bruised about the head and face.
Weiss and Mangel were arrested at the
Union House by Deputy Blackburn and
Policemen Metsch, Eosenfield.and Gorman,
and lodged in jail. They .are also badly
bruised about the bead and face. When
arrested both had bloody knives in their
They were brought before Justice Hawes
this forenoon, but were returned to jail to
await the result .of George's injuries.
It is thought he will be able to appear on
Friday. State's Attorney Parmenter
prosecutes and Chas. W. O'Neil defenes.
"To Do as Folks or Fashiok Do." in
one respect at least.you must use Glenn's
Sulphcb Soap, which is immensely pop
ular among the elite of society, and de
servedly so, for it is the most salutary of
beautihers and purihers- bold by all
Hill's Hair and Whisher Dye, Black
or Brown. 50o.
Printing, Binding and Blank-Book work
specialities at The Argus Office. No
pains will be spared to please customers.
o&tiBlaotioa guaranteed. tf
An ordinance was, on motion of Alder
man Davis, adopted, providing for a side
walk on the south side of Seventh avenue
between Twentieth and Twenty-first streets,
of the width of 5J feet, to be paid for by
special assessment.
Maj. J. M. Beardsley presented the
papers and claim of Mrs. Nathan Stephens
against the city for damages sustained by
her husband in consequence of a defective
sidewalk. Referred to the Finance Com
mittee and City Attorney, on motion of
Alderman Davis.
Alderman Lundy offered the following
ordinance, which was adopted by ayes and
Be it resolved, by the City Council of
the city of Rock Island, that section 2 of
an ordinance to regulate the liock River
bridges, and prescribing the rates of toll
over the same, be chauged so as to read
"Any person crossing said bridges either
enteriug or going out of this city with any
wagon, carriage, cart or other vehicle, or
riding any horse, mule, or ass, and who
shall have paid the above toll may. upon
his or her return, cross said bridges free
of toll, and the budge tender shall provide
suitable tickets or cheeks to be furnished
to persons crossing said bridges who may
wish to return.
The following bills were read and re
ferred to Finance Committee, who re
ported them correct and they were ordered
F A Cramer $275 00, sN Brady 31 00
Geo Simmons 2 35, C Becka 5SC5, G K
Lambert 4 70, W II & C T Webb 10 20,
D D Cornell & Co 9 00, Hull & Baker 7 00,
May Bros 1 HO, J. L Heed 15 85. E Frsok
1 75, Wylie & McCune 12 95, Wylie & Mo-
Cnne 1 00. Coal Valley Mining Co 159 25,
Union Printing Co 56 60, UCrampton 1620,
Keator & Co 245 93, Keator & Co 1 1 8 27, K
G Vrazer 9 75, E S Glaspell 47 75. E & G
Ph.llips 23 00, Stephens, Larkins & Co
37.20; Rock Island Glass Co. 8.30, B D
Buford & Co. 2.75, J M Grinnell 49.50,
Thos Ilogan 31.12, Thos O'Shea 31.50,
Dave Coughlin 34.50, Tom Slatery 35.25,
M Kunzman 36.75. Pat Maguire 35.25, J
Fotherineham 36 00. D Shehan 33.75,1)
Egan 35 25, M Mehan 32.25, M Rice 1.50.
J McGinley 33.37, D Wilkins 33.37, J
liooney 31.87, M O'Brien 1,50. Wm Uee
Ion 28.87. Pat Cornell 27.00, M Manahan
27.75, J Shean 21.75, J O'llarran 22.50.
J Egan 11.75, J 0 Bailey 10-00, W M
Bailey 7.50. M II McCarty 7.50, L Schaab
68.25, J Russeil 46.50. F Norris 43.00.
Nels Johnston 14.25, J lleiftor 13.50, M
Broderick 5.25. T Fuller 4.50, J L Reed
35,75, John Reddig 01.90, Stewart &
Montgomery 26.20, Churchill & Sweeney
17.25, Frey Bros 3.15, M A Barnes 1.95
M Frederickson 37,80, Alex Steel 4.95
Dart & Gregg 2.20, A Loeb 34.50. W J
Kerr 6 00, J h I'erkins 93.96, O
Total $584.32
The following standing committees were
appointed for the ensuing year:
Finance Curtis.Connelly and Truesdale,
Executive Sweeney and Gest.
Books McMaster, Sweeney and O'Neil,
Repairs Steel and Speidel.
It will do the same work with one-half the
fuel required by other Stoves !
For Sale by . FEED HAGS,
Star Block, opposite Harper House.
Pennsylvania White Lead Works.
The Original "B. A. FAHNEST0CK LEAD.'
iff"1 h
How can 1 have a clear and brilliant
complexion? Simply by using Dr. Bull'
Blood Mixture and observing the rules
PHILLEO. At Port Bsn-on, 111., on Monday, Aug"
;, 1S77. of an afectton of the brain and proairalion1
D. V. Pnilleo, in ihe 74th year of his ag.
The f aneral took place m Tort Byron at S o'clock
thlg (Tueaday) afternoon.
Mr. PhUleo wan a brother of A. K.Plilleo,of this
pity, and waa one of our oldest and most recpected
citiicne having come to this county In 1834. He
never married. He owned property valued at abou1
We Defy the World to produce a
medicine that takes hold of, rheumatism
equally to Dur;ings Rheumatic Remedy.
Sold by Bengston.
Titcouib 17.00, Pat Carey 5,00, J F Van
Horn 0.00, C Fiebig 6.00, C llaberlah 6.00
M Haymaker 6.00, R Bollman 12.00, D
McCarty 6.00, H liansha 6.00, A Altimus
6.00. S S Hull 6.00. C W Hawes 75,00,
W C Blackburn 58,33, J Brennau 50 00.
Pat Fcely 50.00, G L Gorman 50.00: C
Mitsch 50.00; Jo Rosenfield 50.00, T Boll
man 50.00, Thos Yates S.43. D Carnahan
45.00; J L Keed, City Clerk, 100.00: G 1
Boynton, Uity Engineer, 83,33; W C
Blackburn 9.40, Hull & Wright 10.50
Dan Daley 2.00, James Warden 1.00, C
W Hawes 3.00, Joseph Dittman 16.40
Jasob Eyans 1.50, Wm. Bell 40.00, John
Astor 5.00, Illinois btreet LamD Co.
777,15, Rock Island Gas Co. 250.36, Argus
rnnting kjo. oo.DO, JUoline iiock Island
Street Railway 15.00, S W McMaster
25.00, C W Hawes 6.50, F Wilson 75,00,
W Luys 6.00, Thos Fuller 13.00, Lewis
Long & Co. 336.57, E S Glaspell 79.50.
Total amount, $4,718.43.
Reports of officers for the month of July
were read, iound correct and ordered filed
Cornelius Lynae submitted a plat of his
addition to tne City of Rock Island, between
seventh and mnth avenues and Twenty
seventh and Thirtieth streets. Accepted
and ordered nied
J. W. Spencer submitted his plat of sub
division of out-lot 6 to his third addition
Accepted and ordered filed.
Alderman Schlemmer moved to ohang
thfl location of the lamp on the Bouth-east
corner of Fifteenth Btreet and Fourth ave
nue. Refered.to the Fire and Water Com
Adjourned to meet again at 7:30 o'clock.
In the evening tbe Council met according
to adjournment, f resent, Mayor Butler,
and Alderman Carse, O'Neil, Lundy,
ocoiemmer, xiuoer, uroots, uavis and
Warnock; absent Aldermen Simmons and
Alderman Lunday offered an ordinance
creating and providing for the mainte
nance of a fund to be known as the Rock
Island Liquidation Fund." Alderman
Carse moved to postpone it indefinitelv,
The ayes and noes were called and resulted
as iouowb:
Ayes Carae, Brooks, Davis, Warnock
Noes O Neil, Lundy, 8chlemmer, Hu
ber 1.
The mayor reserved bis vote on the
question for the present.
k A petition of A. F. Cutter and others,
In 1844 the B. A. FAUNESTOCK & CO., brand of W hite Lead was flrtt offered to the trade aid
waa soon acknowledged aa the Standard fob Purity, Whiteness, Covirino Properties and
Durability, which position it atill maintain.
On January 1st, 1806, the brand waa changed to
which change was considered necessary to protect purchasers against imitating and closely rescmbiius
NOTICE. Having recently entered largely into the refining of Pig Lead, our Patrons will hereaftt r
in order to avoid confusion and insnrc prompt attention to orders and inquiries, please address to C. F
ol. inuMMirg, ia., an cominanicaiioDB relating to tne fAH.XESTUCK, HASLEiT
and all products of the PENNSYLVANIA WHITK LEAD WORKS,
Pittsburgh, Pa., Feb. 29th, 1879. J. K. SCHWARTZ, Pres t.
Uavin?. durlne the oast vear. increased the facilities and nrodnr.t of the PENNSYLVANIA umiitc
LB AD WORKS, we are prepared to furbish promptly, either director through the leading Wholesale
Dealers, the
We Invite the attention of dealers to this brand with the ILmtnrHnrp that nnfllU. - - ' t .:
be maintained at it old standard of strict purity and excellence. C. P. WELLS & CO
i-iTTSBUHOH, January, ltni. Office 42 Fifth Avennp
TFor Sale In Root Islaud by JOHN BENGSTO ; and In Davenport by Dessaint & Nnttii",
Ask your
drugpist for Cram's Fluid
Howe's concentrated syrup, the great
blood purifier, and ague cure and tonic
bitters, can be had of Bengston and
cannot be anything more exquisitely deli
cate for perfuming the handkerchief than
but its great and distinctive property is its
adaptability to the uses of the bath. It is
the only perfume that we know of espec-
n this wny; the power it has of imparting
to the waters of the bath great soothing,
refreshing and invigorating f fleets; is
peculiar to itself.
A Sure Tiling. Dr. King's Syphilitic
Remedy is warranted to cure Syphilis in
the primary, secondary and tertiary stages,
and in all its varied and complicated forms.
and will cure the worst cases of venerial
diseases, cases which have resisted the
treatment of the most eminent physicians
of America. It cures the first stage and
heals the ulcers in a few days. It cures
ulcers in the mouth, nose, throat, head.
arms aud legs ; also, hard paius in the
boses and joints, swelling of joints, syphi
litic rheumatism, etc., in a short time.
Price. $5 per package. Sent everywhere
by express. A treatise on sexual diseases
free. Sent mailed for two stamps. Sold
by Dr. J. Dinsbefr, 503 North Seventh
street, St. Louis, Mo. Cures guaranteed
or the nney refunded. Dr. Dinsbeer
makes Chrouic Diseases a specialty. If
you areamioted, with no matter what, call
or write. I'or sale by all druggists.
Dr. Sabine's "Indiau Vegetable Coueh
cyrup is the mtallible remedy for coughs
colds, hoarseness, and all diseases of the
Ironchial organs. Try a bottle. For
sale by druggists generally. 6-4dly.
The celebrated Peoria show cases
cheaper than any other in the market.
Quality guaranted. orkmanship un
surpassed. Rob t O.Lutke, manufacturer,
reona. lils., tield Bros, agents. Rock
Island, Ills. 5 lOdly
Popular illustrated book (2G0 pages) on
Impediments to Marriage; tbe cause and
cure, bent securely sealed, Dost-paid. for
50 cents, by Lr. U. VV hittier. 617 St,
Charles street, St Louis, Mo., the great
specialist Head his work.
Pazzoni's Chemical Balm Llair Restor
ative. To preserve and beautify the
human hair. What it will do. Prevents
the hair falling out Increases the growth
and beauty of the hair. Retains the hair
in any desired form. Prevents the hair
from turning grey. 'Prevents and entirely
eradicates dandruff. Heals pimples and
keeps the head delightfully oooL The
hair beeomes rich, soft and glossy. Per
fectly clean and will not soil the hat Pos
sesses an exquisite fragrance, and as
dressing has no equal. Price 50 cents and
$1 per bottle, Sold by all druggists.
The Colonnade Hotel, Philadelphia, ia
model establishment It is superb in both
style and appointment and its table
service cannot be excelled.
Important to Persons Visitino New
xork. une or the Dest kept and most
conveinient Hotels for Merchants and
others to stop at when in New York is the
tirand Union Hotel, nearly opposite the
Urand Uentral Depot kept on tbe Kuro
pean plau you therefore only pay for
what you get h very thine ia first class
and prices moderate, adapted to the string
ency of tbe times. You save the expense
ot carriage hire, and by leaving your bag
gage cnecK on the counter of the Hotel
I . r -
your paggage wm be delivered in your
rooms, fifteens minutes after the arrival
of the cars, tree of expense. We advise
I you to give the urand Union a trial.
lue joesi is uie uneapest.
Fire, Life and Accident.
Old New YorloUnderwrltcrs Agency.
Old Continental
Old Phoenix
Old Howard, organised 1825
Liverpool & London A Globs
Royal, of London
IniDerial, of London
Northern, of London
Girard, of PhiladelDhia
St. Paul Fire and Marine
Trader of Chicago
Atlantic, of Brooklyn
Amazon, of Cincinnati, Ohio
Rhode Island Association
Western, of Toronto
Fairfield, of Connecticut.
Commonwealth, of Boston
Revere, of Boston
Travelers' Accident, of Hartford. . . .
Washington Life 5,500,000
Total Assets $119,933,524
"The Best is the Cheapest,
j. n.
Represents the following Old and Reliable
Insurance Co.s.
And will issue Poliaies in any of them at
as LOW A RATE as the risk
will justify.
jEtna, Hartford $
Phoenix "
Orient, "
Atlae, " ....
In. Co. N. America, Philadelphia
Franklin, "
Fire Association, " . -
American. "
Home, , New York
Niagara, "
Manhatten, "
Westchester, '
North Western Nat. MUwankee, Wis.,..
American Cent St. Louis, Mo.,
St. Ioula, . .
St. Joseph, St. Joseph, Mo......
Firemen' Fund, Saa Franclaco, (Gold)'
Queen, England, (Gold)....
Scottish Com l, Glascow 11,000,000
British America, Toronto 1,200,000
AUemanni, Pittsburgh, P 850,000
MiUville Mutual, Millville, N. J 1,500,000
Lycoming, Muncy, Pa 6,350,000
R. W. Passenger, Hartford 600,000
Conn. Mutual Life, Hartford.. 50,000,000
Total Assets Represented... $125iO,000
Seal Estate.
noMEorATuic srrcincs
ample e.pcrinx an entire onwess. FimpK
l'murpt, liffioientand ll;li;iUe. They ura the onlv
medicines irfcctly iwluptod to popular use-si.
simple that mistukrs cannot be made in using
tbem ; so harmless as to be free from danger ; ana
so efficient aa to be always reliable. They ban:
the kighest commend utioa fn,ta all, and will
always reader satisfaction.
Kos. Cures.. Cents.
1. Fers, Congestion, Inflammations, . . SS
S. Worms, Worm Fever, Worm Colic, . . S5
8. Crying-Colic, or Teething of Infants, . 25
4. Diarrhoea, of Children or Adult, . . IS
5. Dysentery, Griping, Bihous Colic, . . it
6. Cholera-.llorbus, Vomiting', ... II
7. Coughs, Colds Bronchitis, . . . . 55
8. Neuralgia, ToKhnche, Facesche, . . JI
9. Headache, Sick Headache, Vertigo, . 25
10. Xyspepsia, Bilious Stomach, .... 2 j
11. Suppressed, or Painful reriods, . . 2i
12. Whites, too Profuse Periods, .... 2"i
13. Cronp, CourU, IHfficult Breathing, . . !5
14. Salt Hhrmu, Krysipelas, Eruptions, . 15
15. llheumatism, ltheumatic Pains, . . 25
16. ver and Ague, Chill Fever, Agues, 50
17. riles, blind or bleeding, in
18. Ophthalray, and Poroor VTeak Eyes, . 50
19. Catarrh, acute or clironia, Influenza, . 5j
20. Vhooping-Coagh, violent coughs, . to
31. Asthma, oppressed Breathing, ... 50
22. Kar Disc barges, impaired hearinp, . 50
23. Scrofula, enlarged rrlands, Pwellinirs, . 50
24. (ieueral Debility, Physical Weakness. . 50
25. Dropsy and scanty Secretions, . ... 50
16. Sea-Sickness, sickness frum riding, . J '
27. Kidney-Disease, tintvi'l i
23. A'ervoni Debility, Seminal Weakness
or involuntary discharges, . . . . . 1 00
29. Sore Month, Canker, ... .50
30. lTrinary Weakness, wetting the bed, . SO
SI. Painful Periods, with Kpasnja, . .
32. Disease of Heart, palpitations etc.,. 1 00
S3. Kpilepsey, Spnsms, St. Vitus' Dance, . 1 00
Si. Diphtheria, ulon-nted sore throat, . . 50
35. Chronic Congestions sud Eruptions, 5i
Vials, 60 cents, (except 2J, 32 aad S3!, . 1 00
Case (Morocco) wiUi above 35 large vials nr. j
Manual of directions . V
Case (Morocco) of 20 large vials and Boot, 6
Single Boxes and Vials as aliove.
S These remedies are sex hy t"
ease or single box to any part of the
country, free of charge, on receipt or
price. Address
Humphreys' ,
Homeopathic Medicine Co.
Office and Depot, 109 Fulton street, New York.
Sold In Rock Island bv Benser A Thomas. Otio
Grojan, C ISpeidel, and E. Brcuncrt mwf
Acre Farm In McHenry Co. Ills. Oof Ja-
provements. l'rice 84'uu
1Q9 1 9 Acre Farm In McHeur) r Co.,l!-.'-rt
Ivv I "O miles from Woodstock. .
l'rice $4,00
80 AC" Farm in Story Co ' Iowa Prica 12,500
160 ACre Farm Frauklln Co- Ksn. n 000
160 AereiFrm' D0DI" C0" KaPric. ,3.500
175 ACr" Farm' SUmDer C" KDFrlce $1,600.
gQ Acre Farm, Lyon Co., Kansas. 1300'
Acre Farm, Donglaa Co., Kmim $1(j00
400 Whlte8,de C&ce'14'.OOOr
107 1-2 AaeFam'BockUm $4,800
3J Acre Farm, Callaway Co.,
Acre Farm-Atrhinson Co.. Mo. Pplenaj"
1 r
Acre Farm. Kent Co.. Michigan, eoj'""1"
WUU Stock Faim. Price $10,800
UU Berlin.
LANDS In all the Wmtebk Statm will ee '0I
Cash or part Caso, and time on the bsHuce.
IIousbs and Lots In Rock Island and a nnmbw
of other places for sale or exchange for lands.
3ff"Call and get prices and location of lauds.
Rock Ldaud, ill., Ang. 88, lb76. .
8 00KI FltKEl I
one Agent In a town.
.80 AND 5.00 uurii'
Something New! um,
fa Illustrated Catalogues. Address
129Wet Madison street, U11ICAGO.
Refer to tne Editor of. Asem-

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