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Friij. Attest 17,:i37T
Those who expectsd the war la the east
to cause an immediately increased demand
for American breadstuff's, as well as an ad.
vancein their price, have thus far been
disappointed. England has certainly im
ported more wheat Ind floor since Russia
declared war aeainst Turkey than before,
but Russia at the satno time has increased
its exports of these same commodities to
England in a wonderful degree. For in
stance, the return of the British board of
trade show.that the importations of wheat
frem Russia into England , durinc the
month of June last amounted to $5,140,
000, while duriog the corresponding month
of 1878 their value was only $863,000.
The London Economist, in discussing
these figures, attributes the compartively
large supplies of wheat recieved in Eng
land from the east, "to the effect of the
war in hastening the dispatch of all availa
ble grains from the disturbed territories,
some of it coming by rail through Germany
by the way of Marseilles." "That it was
the war," the editor of the Economist
continues, "and not the recent rise in
prices which gave this impulse to the con
signments of grain from abroad, may be
gathered from the fact that the month's
imports ot whtat from the undisturbed
countries, notably America, are much less
instead of greater, notwithstanding the
high prices." Another cause assigned for
the increased exports from Russia is the
depreciation of the domestic paper money
in that country, Paper roubles, which
were worth thirty pence each in exchange
able value wnen the war broke out are
worth only twenty-four pence now a dep
reciation ot 20 per cent.
Editor Roberta Defends hia history
From The Utlc Herald.
The Hartford t'ourant, in a.very cordia!
notice of an address delivered atOrislany,
takes exception to the statoment that at
FortStaowix the stars and stripes were
"for the first time raised in victory over
British colors;" and adds that "other rec
ords hare it that the order creating the stars
and stripes was not promulgated until later
and that the first unfolding of that flag was
at Burgoyne's surrender."
On the 14th of June, 1777, congress for- i
mally "Rrtolwd, That the flag of the
thirteen United States be thirteen stripes,
alternate red and white; that the union be
thirteen stars, white in the blue field, rep
resenting a new constellation." Thus it is
indisputable that the stats and stripes had
been adopted as the flag of the republic
before the siege of Fort Stanwix. It is not
claimed that any official order on the sub
ject had been received at that frontier fort
on thi oth ot August, 1777. ism tne tes-
timouv of Colonel Willett. who led the
sortie, in his published narrative, is posi
tive that the stars and stripes were floated
abovo the British colors on that day. IIj
also states that the flag was made of shirts
of tho garrison and a blue camlet cloak
captured from the British at Peekskill; and
a daughter of Gen. Schuyler is authority
for the statement that the red came from
the cloak of a woman in the fort. Al
though "the order wa not promulgated
until later," and although the flag was not
furnished by the War Department, the
proof in conclusive that the stars and stripes
were lifted in triumph at rort Manwix on
the Cih day of August, 1777, and Burgoyne
did not surrender until more than two
months later. The only pattern the gar
rison had was doubtless the resolution of
congress, and that enhances the credit of
Ganscvoort and his men who first lifted the
stars and stripes in victory.
The New Craze.
From The Troy Whig.
But if Congress will take into its posses
sion ull the great lines of road, the railroad
managers will be men appointed by gover
nor and the railroad caVital will be the pro
perty of the government, The danger ap
prehended by the Tribune could not arise,
for the government would own and control
the railroads. The vast power of railroad
corporations would be extinguished
for there could be no longer any such
corporation!!. In Russia, in Germany
inPlfcigiuni and in trance, railroads are
owned and operated by government, with
what profit to the state treasuries we do
not know, bat with great advantage to the
public. Our government could take the
roads and issue to the stockholders a cer
tificate entitling the holder to a certain
number of shares, and guaranteeing to pay
to the holder four per cent annually for
ever. The stock would become a favorite
investment. It would not be necessary for
the government to purchase every railroad
lu the country. The trunk roads, however,
that crocs the continent, great lines travers
ing the stutes from east to west and north
to south, ohould bo under the government
l-W I II
Engineer Bonghton'a Good Record.
from th Bvrinalltld Henubllcan.
Engineer Albert Houghton, of the Hart
ford Mad retires from active service Sarur
day, having done constant duty on that
road ince 18,r3, and driven the eastern
owl from New Haven to Springfield for
sixteen years. He began on theNorwic
and Worcester road in 1841, running an
rniffinn 1 1, n ri f'm 1,1 M? tn ' r. 7 an f),n tin Una
seen thirty-six years of railroading, the
severalties ot which have finally compelled
hiili to give up at the age. of 57. There
has never been an accident to the train
while his hand was on the throttle. He
was off the track but once. He is to take
charge of the oil rooms at Hartford.
Real Estate Sales.
A. P. Cutter to Nazro Reynolds, the w.
of lot 11. and the is. i of lot 10. block 9.
Thompson & Wells's add. to R. 1 dated
July 23, 1877 lor. $125. vv -
J. F. Abbott, ct al, by master, to Nazro
Reynolds, same as above, dated March 27,
A. t. Cutter to S. Is. Stoddard, Pub-lot
10. block 17, Old Town. Rock Island.
dated July 23, 1877, for $13.
John li. Corker to Nazro Reynolds, the
w. i ot lot 11, block Thompson & WElIa's
add. to R-1, dated March 27. 1877. for $1.
Virgil Warren, et al to Nazro Reynolds.
same as above.dated April 28,1877, fort I.
Chas. II. Dibbern to Perry II. Davis,
lot 7, block 7, in Reynolds, dated June 7.
1877, for $100.
C. R. Ainsworth to Cornelius Lynde
out lot 14, sec, 86, township 18. ranee 2
w li. I. dited Jan. 12 1875. for $24,000.
Lemuel Andrews to Cornelius Lynde,
part oi sec. oo, township is, range Z w.
R. I. dated July 25, 1875, for $2,500.
Osborn & Curtis to Cornelius Lynde,
lot 6, block 48. lower add- to R. I. dated
Oct 1. 1876, for $125.
R. H. Quincy to Chas. A. Jarvis. the
w. 13 feet of lot 2. block 3, Thompson &
Wells s add. to R. I. dated Aug. 4, 1877.
A. J. and E. A. Hempstead to Lyman
A. Luis, part of sections 26 and 2, town
ship 20, range 2a Cordova dated July
21, 1877. for $20,000.
Henry Ogden et. al. to Francis Black,
lots 4, 5 and 7, block 2; lots 2. 3 and 21,
block 4; lots 2, 4, 6 awd 15, block 5; lot 14,
block 11; lots 2, 3 and 4, block 14; lot 8,
block 15; lots 7, 9 and 10, block 16; lot 6,
block 21; lots 4 and 13. block 22; lot 9,
block 23, and lot 11, block 17, all in Hamp
ton, dated Aug. 1. 1877. for $350.
S. L. Brethun to Francis ".Black, lot 8,
sec. 8, township 18, range 1 e Hampton
dated May 15. 1877. $900.
Sarah A. and J. II. Wolf to John Liston,
out-lot 44, sec 25, township 19, range 1 e
Port Byron dated June 18. 1877, for $200.
Geo. Schilinger to Christina Shew, the
s. of lot 8. and all of lot 9, block 9, in Wm
Marshall's add. to Cordova, dated Aug,
4. 1877. for $25.
Edward Palmer to Benjamin Palmer,
the nnd. J of w. i of lot 16, block 3, J. W.
Spencer's 8d add. to R. I., dated Oct. 26,
1S72. for $500.
J. S. Keater to S. W. Wheelock, lots 2,
3, 4 and 5, block 7, and und. i of lots 6 and
7, Pitts, "Gilbert & Pitts's 2nd add. to
Moline. dated" May 1. 1875. for $1,000.
Lena and George Saoha to Conrad
Grantz, lot 7, in Bell's add. to Moline, and
a racel of land measured by metes and
bounds, dated July 17, 1877, for $10.!
It. II, Quincy to Fred, II. Kaupke.
tract of land by metes and bounds in
Webber's sub-div. of lot 23, sec 35, town
ship 18, range 2 w Rock Island dated
Aug. 11, 1877, for $3,000.
J. S. Smith to J. C rtewlan, the s. w
of the n, o. I of sec. 3, township 17
range 1 wMoline dated March 22, 187
for $3,500.
Cornelius Lynde, Jr.. commissioner of
the estate of J. 11. Case, to Sarah L,
f aylor. the undivided 1 of lots 2 and 8
block 72, Lower addition to Rock Island
the s. 4 of lot 8. block 9, Spencer & Case
addition to Hock Island, and part of sec
tions 29, and 30, township 17, range 1 w
Coal V alley dated June 15, 187, for $1
Margaret Shields and husband to Yv m
Mneller, lot 4. Docley's addition to Rock
sland. dated Feb. 15, 1377, for $1,400.
Thoroughly Cures Diseases of the Skin,
and Remedies Rheumatism and Gout,
Heals Sores and Abrasions of the
Cuticle and Counteracts Contagion.
This Standard External Remedy for Erup
tions, Sores and Injuries of the Skw, not only
ISHES arising from local impurities of the
blood and obstruction, of the pores, but also
those produced by the sun and wind, such as
tan and Ireckles. It rend's the cuticle
and being a wholesome beautifier is far
preferable to any cosmetic " '
All the remedial advantages of Sul
phur uaths are insured BY the use of
Glenn, s Sulphur Soan. which in addi
tion to its purifying effects, remedies and pre
it also disinfects clothing and linen
and prevents diseases communicated by
It .dissolves Dandruff, prevents bald
ness, and retards grayness of the hair.
Physicians speak of it in high terms.
Prices-25 and 50 Cents per Cake; per
vox (if Cakes), 00c. and $1.20.
K B. Sent by MalL Prepaid, on receipt of price, and
5 cents extra for each Cake.
Black or Brown, 30 Cents.
C. I. CRITTESTOJ, Prop'r, 7 Sixth If.,I.T.
forconstant nse in the family. Absolutely pure and
th mint airrueahla to nse. nd the additional
advantage of being impregnated with the greatest
known anti-tcptlc and disinfectant Salicylic acid,
ria Tlnilv naa nrevent contract ion of contagirus
diBea?ea and the baneful effects of sewer gas, mias
matic and malerial exhalations. It is a special ooon
to School Children who are constantly exposed and
to Infanta. Prevents contrac Jon of skin diseases.
Keeps the Skin Soft and V hlte and f rcvents
Chapping. Indorsed by the medical profession
Most economical. 20 cent a cake; S cakes for 50
cents. Sample cake sent postpaid fo 8 cents.
For eala by Drnegists and Grocers.
Thk Bkvmly Co., Agents, Chicago.
Superior to any Eneltsh or American. A DIPLO
MA was awarded to this Magnesia, by the American
institute m ikm. . ,
Thia very useful and elegant r reparation is used
as an aperient antic-acid in dyspepsia complaints
attended with acidity with very great Denent. li
has the advantage over common Magnesia, in being
dissolved, and therefore not being liable to accu
mulate iu the bowels. It is decidedly superior to
Carbonate of Soda or Potash, ou account of its
aperient a nalitv.
This solution oi KtagneBia is xouna particularly
beneficial as a Dleasina sedative and aperient, in ail
cases of irritation, or acidity of the stomach, f ebtlle
complaints, infantile disorders, or sea-eicknese.
An ounceortwo of this eolation speedily removes
heartburn, acril eructations and sourness, or irreg
ular digestion.
The solution is of itself an aperient, but its laxa
tive properties can be much augmented by taking
with it, or directly alter it, a mile lemon jutc, mix
ed with tasar and water, or even with cream of tar
tar; in this manner a very agreeable eft'erreseent
draught can oe saxeiy taken at any time curing i
fever onsthiret. I
The antisceptic qualities of this solution, o win'
to the presence of so much carbonic acid, have been
found very valuable in putrid and other fever. As
a lotion for tho mouth, it sweetens the breath, and
the Magnesia cleans the teeth from tartar. . -
The solution has almost invariably succeeded in
removing fits, spasms and headaches to which deli-:
rate persons are subject from acids and crudities of
the stomach and bowels.
' he attention of the pubMc is particularly direct
ed to the following certificates of physicians and
other persons who have used the Magnesia :
N KW HAVEN, i'eh. 2i 1869.
SODukbar. Esq. Dear Sir: I most cheerfullv
accord my testimony in favor of your "Fluid Mag
Desia." I have never found anvthin? so nleasant
and effectual for correcting acidity of the stomach
and curving headache arixinie therefrom. It is re
sorted tb by several members of my fami!y when
ever suffering as above, and always with great pat-
ibiai.uon anuinsiantaneoug renei.
X ours truly, Johw A. Blakk.
The subscriber havin? nsed the above article in
his family for some years, is happy to endorse the
lepiiraony oi air. make in lis javor.
Hartford, Conn. Bv. Johs Orcutt.
Providbncb, No. , 1S48.
Mr O. S. Tunbar. Dear Sir: I am happy to
hear that yonr preparation of flnid Magnesia i
coming into general nee. While it is morn econom
ics than other preparations ot Fluid Magnesia, I
have found it vastly more efficient, and not only an
antiseptic and anti ocld upon the stomach, but a
very considerable tonic. It Is a beautiful medicine
for the bowel derangement which so often afflicts
vonne children, and for female of debilitated and
sour stomachs, particularly those enciente, it is
invaluaMe. Being a scientific preparation and
open to the profession, it needs only an acquaint
ance to become with them a favorite medicine.
W. Gbosvenor, M. D.
S. O. Dusbab. Dear Sir: I have been some time
m the habit of prescribing the Flnid Magnesia pre
pared by yon and 1 prefer it to the Kng ish prepara
oi its cheapness ana us xuperior
riespecmiiiy y.-nrs, c.
M. S. Pbrbt, M. D.
Square bar Soap is the most economical to nse. Preniuz and wrannin INI nf nit nnttih!. liAn. . .
Soap, but are done to make it look attractive and salable. -fVoer & Omtnblm Original Mottlri
s?fMm Soap is made of Med Oil, the best material known for producing a hard, serviceable and
effective Soap. It is cut in one-poond bars, of convenient and economical shape, and aot wrapped
The style in which this Soap is cut and packed saves all useless expense, enabling ns to sell a sutierinr
Soap at muek ien per pound than yo are now paying for an inferior article. Every bar of the eenuina
ii HUMAN." Take no other. Sold everr.hor.
Thb Peebxess.
The Gem
iff if
m S c so .
i, il k U L E
0 'm - S
" 5 pcj -
0 ! 2 e
v o"Z " a
bfija g.2
B ,a:of
2.3 3
Patent. Allowed. Pateut Allowed.
'"N. B. A fn'l line of samples sent by express
on receipt or $3.25, with privilege oi returning oy
paying express charges both ways.
"The Luxury."
L Smm
Brussels, Three Ply and Ingrain, also. Stair Carnets
Velvet Ruga, Crumb Cloths, Oil Cloths, etc., very cheap at the Old Place
Carpets carefully packed arid sent to any part of the U. S. free of charge.
Send for Price List. J. A. BEND ALL,
tion on account
laxative qualities.
Will positively afford relief by external
application. It cures on the instant Neu
ralgia, Nervous Headache, Rheumatism,
Toothache, Earache, and all nervoHS pains,
Sold by all Druggists at 50 cts. and $1
j per bottle.
For sale in Rock Island by John Iiengston.
Manufacturers of
Diamond Wire Window Guards
Fire Guards, Selves, Riddles, Screens of all Dcscrlp
I tion, and Wire Work generally.
f Office, 507 Second Street, MILWAUKEE, WIS
t3fAl8o sole Agents for German Inseet Powder
i I J I rv
68 4 TO W. Monroe Street,. .CHICAGO, ILL.
" " Manufacturer of
Office for the North west of Dr. Bly's Celebrated
Patent Limbs, as tne foilowiS ill show:
Rochistcb, N. Y., Sept. 1, 1874.
Robert Baty, Kbq.. Milwaukee, Wis.
Dear Sir: You are the only jarty authorized to
make my Patent Legs in the Northwest, there be
ing no one in Chicago authorized to manufacture
any of my patents. Yours &c,
Bly's limbs manufactured oc Government orders.
Apparatus for Shortened Limbs and allDcfornil
ties. For particulars address
105 Wisconsin Street Milwaukee Wis.
Important to Persons Visraxo New-
York. One of the best kept and most
conveinient Hotels tor Merchants and
others to stop at when in New York is the
Grand Union Hotel, nearly opposite the
Grand Central Depot, kept on the Euro
pean plan you therefore only pay tor
what vou met. Everything is fir9t class,
and prices moderate, adapted to the strine
encv ot the times, lousayethe expense
of carriage hire, and by leaving your baft-
gage check on the counter of the Hotel,
your baggage will be delivered in your
rooms, tilteens minutes alter the arrival
of the cars, free of expense. We advise
you to give the Grand Union a trial.
How it is Done. lhe nrst object m
life with the American people is to "get
rich : the second how to get (rood health.
The first can be obtained by energy
honesty and saving; the second, (good
health.) by using bREEN 8 AUGUST t LOW
ER. should you be & despondent sutterer
from anv of the effects of Dyspepsia, Liver
(lomnlaint. Indigestion. &C. Bnch as bick I the manufacturer ot B . T. Babbitt's
HPttdnp.ru F r, tatinn fit th Heart. Konr periecieo anu now oncis to iae pumit
Stomach, Habitual Costiveness, Dizziness Th9 Finest Toilet Sa03 in the World.
of tho Head, Nervous Prostration, Low
Spirits, &c, you need not suffer another
Is The Champion
Tin other SoaD in tnis country u
so serviceable to Housekeepers, and
so well -worth, their attention.
P vis's 0. E. Saleratus,
Is the genuine pure, healthy kind
mat every gooa pa.su y wwa. "ecus,
to insure complete success.
Try these lionest articles.
Sold by Grocers Everywhere.
lianf'd tyTAS. PILE, HewYcrk,
"Unrivaled for the
roilct an i bath.
No artificial and
deceptive odors
a to cover con
.Sand delete
ingredients. Ai
ttir years of scien
Utic experiment.
Best Soap has
day. Two doses ot August Flower will
relieve you at once, bample bottles 10
cents. Regular size 75 cents. Positively
sold by all first-class druggists in the
United States.
Only the purest vegetable oils used in its manu
For Use in the Nursery it has no
Worth ton times its cost to every mother and fam
ily in t:iirlBteudom. Sample box, containing 8
cakes of li za. each, scut free to any address on
receiot ot 75 cents Address
jjrorsaie oy an utmzeiMH afi
Nervous Debility.
A depressed, irritable state of mind; a Perfect ToUet'SoaD.
jak.- nervous, exhausted feehne: no en- x .v Jr
Ms dill SUU Tenderly Anxious for Hal
tead. From the Chicago Tribune.
Mourad Bey ilalstead in IrinkinK about
as it there were no 'Oail ilamiltons," nei
ther any scalping-knife in the world. The
unhappy man has been persuaded to un
suHpiuion without a doubt, but some of these
days he will leave hia unguarded hair open
to attack, there will be a war-whoop and a
flushing of steel, and Mi as Gail, wiping
her reeking knife, will remark: "And one
makes seventeen." Perhaps, though, Mr.
llalstead'a sorenity is the offspring of a
The country's political demagogues are
now trimming their sails for the "labor
movement." If the honest working-class
know what is best for their own and their
country's good, they will steer clear of
these fellows.- Chicago Journal.
Isn't it about time some of our local
politicians were filling themselves with this
kind of 'wind to blow off at oar county
election this fall? We are offering two to
one the Republicans of this county will
try thair humbng on our workingmen
side of 60 days.
A leading Pittsburg lawyer has notified
tho city that claims against it amount
ing to $156,000 have been intrusted to him
t 11 . S"h r . a
ior collection, uoe ot tne local papers
estimates tne liability ofthe county at
$114 per voter in it.
weak.- nervous, exhausted feeling: no en
ergy or animation; confused head, weak
memory, often with debilitating, involun
tary discharges. The consequence of
excesses, mental overwork and indiscre
tions. This nervous debility finds
sovereign cure in nusiPHEEYS homeo
PAxmc specific, No. 28, It tone up the
system, arrests discharges, dispels the
mental gloom and despondency, and rejuve
nates the entire system. It is pertectly
harmless and a.ways efficient. Price $5,
for a package of five boxes and a large $2
vial ot powder, which is important in old,
serious cases; or $1 per single box. Sold
by all druggists, or sent by mail on receipt
of price Address Humphrey's Ilomeo-
pathio Medicine (Jo., PJo. 109 rultonbt..
N. Y.
rC"yae .rt;( adferusemeut.
Excuiaioni to tha Socky Mountain
The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Rail
road has arranged with the various rail
road liues in the country for special round
trip rates to the Rocky Mountains, and
Tirst atnone the requisites of the toilet is a good
article of Soap, but to procure it is not always an
asv matter. Many of the most expeDtdve Soaps in
the market are made from coarse and deleterious
materialx, and tbeir delicate coloring and fragrant
oertume too often conceal the most repulsive Im
purities. The disclosures recently made public
regarding this ouiiject are positively startling, and
deserve serious consideration. Sceuted Soaps are
now known to be extremaly objectionable, especial
ly if applied to the head ; injuring the hair, Irrita
ting the scalp, nnd inducing severe headaches. The
character of the ingredient may be inferred Irom
the statement of a ifentlemen who makes the scent
ing of boaos his hunines: he recently declared that
pen one engaged In this employment were short
lived ; from seven to ten years being the longest
period during which the occupatiou could be fol
The difficulty of procuring a perfectly pure arti
cle of toilet soap is at last obviated, however.
thanks to the enterprise and chemical skill of Mr.
B. T. Babbitt, of New York, the world-renowned
Hoap Manufacturer, whose immense establishment
is by iar the greatest of lhe kind iu the United
Htates. The renown of Mr. Babbitt's various pro-
auctions nas lor many yeais ocen wiaeiy aissem
toated, but this latest success is the appropriate
crown to the numerous victories already achieved
After rears of patient labor and scientific expert
ment, Mr. Babbitt has succeeded iu perfecting the
eomposirion of the flrest toilet soap ever Intro
onced. The principal ingredients are the purest
vegetable oils; the manufacturing processes are
entirely new and original, and the result is simply
" ,.,.r.i r wl l uni)a.lcieu in this oepartmotii oi inausiry.
U3B secure" me IOllOWing rates to Uenver. I "B. T. Babbitt's Toilet oap"is the trade mark
iOiuraao oprings, uanon wuy, rueulo and
return: from Kansas City and Atchison,
$45; St. Louis. $50; Chicago,$G5; Quincy,
$50; Cincinnati, $05; Buffalo, $75, and
correspondingly low rates from all points
east, north and south. Ihese tickets are
good for 00 days, and to stop at all stations
west ot the Missouri river. Tickets are on
sale at all principal stations throughout
the country. This is the new route to
Denver through the garden of Kansas and
Colorado. Send for maps, circulars time
tables, etc., to I. J. Anderson,
Gen. Pass. Agent,
Topeka, Kan
JBSajrB'iDding of every description done
at close figures at J iieArous bindery.
AH kinds of printing cneaper than else
where in the three cities. First class work
guaranteed. tf.
by which this elegant toilet luxury is designated,
and for applications to tne delicate akin of infants.
children and ladies, it is altogether unequaled in its
emollient properties, 't his bono is not perfumed.
tne ingredients Iteing of such absolute purity as to
require no aid from chemistry todistruise inferior
materials. Toe most renoea taste considers the
absence of artificial perfume the perfection of
sweetness, and this peculiar characteristic of B. T
Babbitt's Toilet Soap renders it the most healthful
and agreeable article of the kind ever manufactured.
Though specially desirable for the use ot ladies
and children, this Boan is equally appropriate for
gentlemen s toilet, and as It makes a heavy lather I
u is amo one oi tne nnest soaps tor narberc use.
It is junt being placed upon the market, but the
demand for it will soon become general. N. Y,
For Rheumatism it may be acute or chronic or
inflamatory rheumatism. Tic Doloreux. Toothache,
Headache, Earache, Inflammation of the btomach,
Bowels or Kidneys, Sprains, Strains, Lame Back,
Bruises, iSenralgia, cramps. Burns, Bcalds, Mos
quito Bites, ti tint'" of Poisonous insects, C'hilbain.
Deafneos, fenistroKes, soarness ana fains in tne
feet. Legs, Joints, etc.. Lameness, Swelling of the
Knees, Feet, Legs, Frost Bites, Chappea Hands.
etc. And m all cases where there is pain or dis
tress, if applied over the part or part., will afford
immediate relief.
Tho best and the strongest Liniment In the world
Prove it yourself by a trial. Order with cash
promptly filled. Price 50c and $1 per bottle. Great
reduction ot price to tne wholesale trade. Agents
wanted in every city and town.
Ibis valuable .paan destroying remedy should be
in every fnmily. the timely use of this medicine
has saved the people an immense amount of eu air
ing aud tboiikaiids ot dollars. Its efficacy as an in
stant relief .tor pains ot every description, has b-
come thoroughly tested. It has proved a potent
remedy for horses, curing tnose animals speedily oi
colic or bots. Hundreds of references could" be
given where ihese noble animals have been saved
by the timely use of this preparation.
trurchasers of the celebrated medicine de
scribed in this card will be sure and not be put olf
with interior or unknown articles. Jf vou cannot
find what yon desire in one store, yon will at anoth
er near oy. Take only tne gennrae. rnce only
5'Jc ana j,i per Dome. Address ail orders to
A. li. VOKDICK.,
Chemist and Druggist, St. Louis, Mo.
Price 50 c and $1 per.Bottle
If not sold by yonr Druggist or storekeeper, we
will iorwara by express to any adores.
HiU Dozen, lakok 5.00
75,000 BOTTLES
Sold in 1876 of This Liniment.
St Charuss. Mo.
VordlcVa Rheumatic Liniment is wonderful. 1
waylaid tin for 18 weeks; tried everything I was
told : doctors could do nothing for me, until I was
told to try one bottle of Yordick's Celebrated Rheu
matic Liniment. It cured me, and I must give it
au the praise, mj case is too long to ten you an
here. Address me and enclose etamp aud I will
ten you an about It. lours truly,
Prop, of Washington House, corner Clay and Sixth
streets, St. (Jnarles, juo.
St. Loots, Mo,
it is a sure cure for neuralgia.
John Powzbs
St. Louis. Mo,
It cured my back. I suffered a great deal.
Jouhathan S. Rudolph,
St. Charles. Mo.
I sell it now, Oxo. F. Bobkkeb.
I recommend it to everyone. It always helped in
our family. Mas. Fobstku,
six Mile House, west st Lome.
St Louis, Mo.
I can recommend VordickV Rheumatic Liniment.
I never saw any Liniment to beat it.
l ours truly, Daniel mscl.
St. C ha bleb. Mo.
I recommend it to everyone for the above com
plaints. This Liniment has done great, wonders.
Yours turly, FitED Hackman.
gT. Louis, Mo.
I can recommend Vordick's Rheumatic Liniment
as one cf the greatest Liniments the world can pro
duce I had a very sore hand, sprained while
catching a fly ball. Yours truly,
Catcher of Red Stockipga Base Ball Club.
St. Loots, Mo.
I always keep Vordick's Celebrated Rheumatic
Linimei.t,in the house, it is a good remedy for all
it claims above. U U Gather,
St. Louis Four-Mile House.
I recommend it to all afflicted. It is a friend in
the house, Yours truly, Kith Chapman,
Wakrinton. Mo.
It is a great Liniment for all pains. It makes nc
difference where you have a pain, it will cure it.
Yours truly, Uenbt Rowa.
Califoknia, Mo.
It Is a great remedy for Rheumatism and Neu
ralgia, I say it will cure every cose.
I am yours, John Howard.
Wentzvillx, Mo.
' I sell Yordick's Rheumatic Liniment in my store.
Thev all praise it every day when they come to me
for it. Yours, Uenbt Wepkrkempeh.
, Thousands more of testimonials, but space docs
not allow more.
Jefferson Avenue and Benton St. ST. LOUIS.
fold by all Rock Island Druggists.
Comfort, Durability and Cleanliness.
Also the "Domestic," 3 Row Spring Bed.
808 State Street
68 Bowery, .
Send lor price list.
4-ton Hay Scales, $60;'old
Centennial Exhibition Prize Medal Awarded
Eagle Anvil Works!
All other cites at a neat redact ion. All Scale
Warranted bend for circular and price list.
Vegetable Compound
. Established 1S43.
Made at the olden Anvil manufactory in this
country. All English Anvils, after a time, become
hollowing on the face by continued hammering in
use, on account of the fihrous nature of the wrought
iron cansinir it to '-settle," under the steel. I
Kut the body of the tiagle Anvil being of crys-
wi.Mxen iron, pnen seining cannot occur; ana tne
steel face therefore remains perfectly true. Also.
it has the great advantage, that being of a more
solid material, and. consequently, with less re
bound, the piece forged receives the FULL effect
ot the hammer, instead of a part of it being wasted
by the rebound, as with a wrought iron Anvil.
more woric can tnerefore oe done on this Anvil
with a hammer one-fifth lighter than required for a I
wroneht iron Anvil which is more elastic !
The working surface is in one piece of Jssor's
best tool uast Stkel, accurately ground, bard
enea and given the proper temper for the heav
work. The born is of tough untempered steel
The cast steel surface is warranted to be
oughly welded and not to come off.
PRICK LIST, OcromtB 1st, 1876.
Anvils weighing WO lb, to 800 lbs. cts Dcr tb.
Smaller Anvils, ("Minims.") from $2 75 to f 8 each"
Dooley's Patent Combination
best in the world. The inventor has used thia
law fjaa m aa. mwm a a m a I
B. I BAH3I ll IMPW Yfirk l.ltV Pioded Hair ie lor 87 years with benefit to the
III UHUBi I I $ CW I Ul r UUVi hair, and no injury to his health : proof that it is
r tmm mm r the on,y true Jid perfect Dye, Harmless, reliable,
K ES E IT'S instantaneous. No disappointment: no ridiculous
Legal Blanks, of all kinds for pale at
Tm A&rjcs Orricx
The Greatest
Age. No Shuttle,4
no Bobbin, no ra-'
ileal ik.rnmn.J
Cial SdooI direct.'
Smakes the ' Lock
jStitch," and the
i Ornamental "C-'
ble Stitch." Has
it Self-Actyuating
3 Tention. Liber
al, Discounts to
good and relia
ble Agents. Send
ti. DrlAlfZT ft CO., 744 BroKlwajjlTXatyJ
tints; remedies the ill ell ecu of bad dves : leaves
the hair soft and beautiful Black or Brown. Bold
and properly applied at BATCH LOR'S Wig Fac
tory, No. 16 Bond street, N. Y, bold br U drug
Is sufficient for a washing of three to four
dozen pieces, and with one-third the time and
labor, since, by soaking clothes with a solution
of it, very little rubbing is required.
Ring-Worm, Burns, Chilblains, Itching of the Head
and all Eruptions of the Skin, Face or Body imme
diately cured by Batchelorg Curative Oiuunent.
Sold wholesale and retail at Factory, No. Id Bond
street, and by all druggiete.
for the Hair. ' The Best HairO'l lu use
Sound, Healthy Gnms, Breath Fragrant as the Rose
ecared by using W. A. Batchelar's Dentifrice. Sold
wholesale and rtsll at Factory, No. ltt Bond street,
N. Y. and by all druggists. ,
Blacker Ert wn for tinting thea.
Whiskers or Mustachols without greasing them.
Sold wholesale and retail at factory, 16 Bond BV
New York.andbjaUdruggiaU. AakXarthen.
All Female Complaints !
A Remedy that is rapidly taking the place of all
other Preparations for the
Cure of all Female Weaknesses !
This Compound, which ourelT vegetable, has
entirely cured the most stubborn cases that have
baffled the skill of our bent physicians, and thous
ands of persons who were considered as incurable
before this remedy was discovered have been re
etoied ;o perfect health by its use.
Worth $1,000 in a Single Cass.
BtTRtrNGToif, Vt , Dec. 15tb, 1876.
Whs. Ltdia . PinKcTah :--It is with nlmnni
that we are able to eay that in every case reported
to ua your Vegetable Compound has given uni
versal satisfaction. One gentleman told us to-day
that it had done his wife a thousand dollars worth
of good, aa be eznressed it. Our customers with
out a single exception, speak of it in the highest
terms of praise. Ton are at liberty io make use of
this in advertising if von choose. Yours verv re
spectfully. H. B. STEAKNS & CO., Druggists.
tSTbe Pamphlet "Guide to Women" will be
sent free to any address by enclosing stamp to
Lydia E, Pinlcharn$ Vegetable Compound
Is sold by all Druggists at $1 per bottle. Whole
sale Agent George O. Goodwin & Cq No. 88
Hsnover street, and Carter. Ilairia Hauler. No.
S.NB Washington street. Boston.
Put up in boxes containing 95 lbs, each.
These Toe-Calks are made from Steel converted
from carefully selected brands of Norwav and
Swedes Iron by a special process which ensures the
utmost ease in welding, together with the greatest
durability in wear.
For sale by all iron, steel and hardware dealers
throughout New England. Manufactured solely
860 Dorchester Ave., South Boston, Mss.
Show Rooms, 21 Maiden Lane, 2f, K
Factories, West Meriden, Conn
U er and Ironing Board. Most perfect, durabls
and cheapest ironing-board in the world. Alway ;
ready for use; neer's no adjusting: fits any shift-never-out
of order. For sale by all Grocers and
Hardware dealers.
GREEN BROS.. Manufacturer.
159 LaSalle Street,.... ..CHICAGO.
a r -.i i u r . ,. i s y 'if
iff ''Aj ?
Plated Tea Sets
,jr W;
: 'M
V s--- j . f
z n
Opposite C, B. & Q. Depot.
Anderson & Smith, Proprietors
ElevftLth and Market Streets,
First & 2nd Floors, $3.00 per day; 3rd & 4th
Floors $i,5U per day.
ccrlis Davis, Proprietor.
East corner Public Square,
Chas. A. Dkanb, Proprietor,
Ratea reduced to f2 Ot ; 4 50; f 3 00 per day.
Chestx. at Street, opposite Independence Hall,
S. M. HEULINGS, Proprietor.
Daily Allocs kept on file.
Chas, Rsqnier, (Clerks! ' Ben. W. Swope
J;U. Bebbt, Book-keeper.
Walnut Street, Bet 6th and 7th Streets,
Jwly C. S. GREEN, Proprietor.
ST. LOTJIS,... ; ..MO
IN order to meet the wants of the transient pat
rous of this Hotel, rates have been reduced to
4.50 and fi.00 per day, according to location of
rooms. Its eminent standing will he fully main
tained in every particular.
L. A. PRATT, Proprietor.
Opposite City Hall, Park, Court House, and New
foet Office.
AH Modern Improvement, including Elevator
Rooms, $1 per day and upwarde.
T. J. FRENCH & BROS,, Proprietors.
St .
Special Advantages.
I . Right eminent Professor as Ibstructors.
i The Best aud most Elegant Roorua Ju the West..
4 Boarding Club. Good board 1.60 to $x week
. Three First class Penmen constantly employed
i, Superior individual Instruction in Book-keeping,
il. Commercial Law. Invaluable to business men.
T. Commercial Arithmetic, thorough and practical'
. I'nequaled advantages for learningTelegrapqi'
? Sc,b"lMhip good in Forty Colleges.-. .
10. These fcdvantagea are posseMed by no otha
School. Address
.. Davenport, lowt
t2svPleieUU where you law thin card.
Ice Pitchers, Castors,
Cofee and Ice Water Urns.
Spoons :: Ac Forks,
J ' - Pert,T.Tory and Steel Handled
SaSTThese Goods can be found at all First Class
DeaA-xs iu Plauid Ware. In purchasing call for '
rr Wilcox's otjadruple plats-sj :-
4-UdJ" '
J. F. ANTISDEL Proprietor.
The present proprietors of this Elegant Hote
have spared neither money or pains in furnishing
and improving the house; and with the improved
Otis Elevator, recently put in it cannot be excelled
for convenience and comfort to the traveling public
Corner oi Chambers. Street, and West Broadway,
First-class accommodations for 400 gueeta. Loca
ted conveniently to business and places of amu-e.
epota pass the
iU lied and decorated.
mente. Cars from a) 1 de
from 11 to fs per day,
;pou pass the door. Jto'jms
Newly and handsome)' f ur-
N. Huggins, formerly of Manba ten Uo'wL S. J
Hugging, formerly of Lovejoy's Hotel.
Oppoelte Grand Central Depot, on 41st and 42d Sts.
bet. 4th and 5th Avenues, New York.
The Hotel Dxvokshibk is a new first class Ho
tel, elegantly furnished and well ventllattd. Every
room is bright aud checriuL The hotel is a modern
structure, built expressly for a first-class houje.and'
has every modern improvement. It is conduced
on the European Mao, at moderate charges.
Persons visiting tut city will save carriage hiie nd
secure the best accommodations for the smallest
caot. by stopping at the Hotel Devonshire.
FourthlATe. Cor. S4th St,
New York City.
American and European Flan.
The central location of the "Ashland" makes it
a very desirable place for strangers, being one
block from Madison Park, also Broadway, and only
short distance from any of the principal placet
of amusement.
By taking either S3d St., cross town, or Fourth
Avenue Street l ars, access may be had direct from
the door, to any part of the city. ;
will be found in charge of the office, where he, has
presided for eight years, aud wili not fail to give
satisfaction to guests.
Room and Board f 2,00, $?,50 aiid $3 perCa
lioona 21 penLay and Upwards.
HH. BROCKWAY, Propnetec

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