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socr xsiiAvs lunrois.
Wednesity. Augut 29. 1877.
Lttnch. -The finest lunch in the citv at
Ffcil. Hein'e. Oysters, and other delica
cies. Drop in and try it. 26-dtf
The Fresh Fragrance of Soaodont.
renders it the most agreeable article ever
used as a tooth wash. It has none of the
acrid properties of the astringent tooth
powders, and instead of contracting the
gums, it renders them firm and clastic,
Breakage is immaterial if vou have
Spalding's Glue at hand.
Fire Alarm Notice. At 7 p. m. on
Thursday, August 30, a fire alarm will be
sounded on the new bells or the rirsl,
Third and Fifth Ward hose houses, to test
them previous to their acceptance by the
city. By order of the i ire and v ater
Committee. James Johnston,
29d2t. Chief Engineer,
Compound Fluid Extrac
Many Persons Killed, Browned
You can save Money by using Doo
ley's Yeast Powder, for less butter,
flour, eggs, etc., are required to accomp
lish satisfactory results, lhis is uot
needless hap-hazard statement, but a fact
verified by the experience of many thou
sand families. Try it and prove the claim.
J. W. Stark, dentist, hasremoved.fitted
and furnished new rooms, three doors west
of Rock Island National Bank, 2d avenue.
(Gayford's new block), where he will be
pleased to see his old customers and as
many new ones a9 choose to favor him with
a call, dtf.
Sunday School Fic-Nic.
The Sunday schools of the Fifth Avenue,
and Ninth Street M. E. churches, and
Greenbush Mission, will hold a pic nio on
Green Island, this week lbursday. lhe
boat River Horse will leave the ferry land
ing at 9 o'clock and the water works at 9:30
the morniDg ot the pic-nio. ait
Henry County Fair.
The Peoria & Rock Island Railway Co.
will sell Excursion Tickets to Cambridge
Aiitr. 27th to 31st inclusive.
Reduced Rates on Stock and other
freight for Exhibition.
22 td C. S. Walker, Agent.
The Weather To-Day.
The following shows the temperature
at 1 he Argus Uffice to day as in
dicated bv thermometer:
7a. M.fiOS above Kero 1 19 m 83' above sere
9 a. " "18 P. m. 83 5
As will be seen by the telegrams on the
first page of this paper a terrible accident
occurred on the C, R. I. & P. road, near
Altoona, Iowa, 8 miles east of- DesMoises,
and 168 miles west of this'city this morning
The particulars of the accidfnt, received
by private telegrams, are very meagre,but
rom tnem it appears that the evening
passenger train from Chicago, last evening,
was thrown from the track three miles
west of Altoona, by the washing out of a
bridge and lengthy trestle work, and the
whole train, with the exception of the sleep
er was thrown down into aiaging torrent
caused by heavy rains during the night,
The unfortunate passengers were either
killed outright or were drowned and many
were wounded,
The train from the west, which should
have been here this morning, had a nar
row escape from running into the same
death trap. It crossed a bridge two miles
and a half west of where the accident
occurred, and within half an hour after
ward this bridge was also washed out
and the train is now between the two
As soon as news of the accident reached
Davenport, Supt. Kimball procured
special train, and summoning Dr. Peck,
the company's physician, and several other
physicians, started for the scene.
Among the injured reported by the
telegraph, who live iu this vicinity, are
Mrs. Emma Babcock, a school teacher, of
this city; Mrs. MellC.Follett.of Moline.and
J. S. Ferguson, of Andulusia. It is also
said a man, with the name of "J. S. Fergu
sod" in his hat, was killed,
Pretty muddy. .
One horse was lodged in the pound
ast night. .
The river is rising slowly and river
and saw mill men are happy.
Citv Engineer Bovnton has opened an
office in Star Block, near the city clerk's
Policeman BreDnan and wife will have
the sympathy of all in the death of their
infant son. See notice.
A clergyman of ordinary abilitieslask-
ed for a license to preach. "J grant you
permission, ' said his Bishop,
refuses it"
Richards & Sohbbkck's Drag and Book Store
mmnaiiK First National Bank, where all orders
can bo left for the Abgus, and where all Moline
J. Beardslee. Busi-
anded in by nosn to en
eare publication the same day.
business is transacted by O.
ness notices should be nan
tgyThe new military company meet to
morrow night.
JSHIenry Calentzk'y left for Spring
field yesterday.
figy-The second story of Elmstedt and
but nature Okerberg s building is about completed.
fiSS-C. F. Calkins' mother has been
"That was very ereedy of vou. Tom- quite sick for eeveral days, but is some
rov. to eat vour little sister's share of cake." what improved.
lou told me, ma ma, 1 was always to take Bga-The stone crusher recently purchased
her part," said Tommy. by the city will be ready to chew up all the
It has been said that Santa Claus will rocks they will teed it on by next oaturaay.
have nothing to do with striped stockings. Another valuable improvement to
We don t know, but all that we ever saw Rodman avenue is the opening ot .Lincoln
have been pretty well filled. avenue which crosses it iust north of C. F,
Twelve stone-cutters are at work just Hemenway's residence.
below the Peoria round-house cutting stone gs-Wells street is at peace again. The
to be used on the piers of the new city familv who have annoved the dwellers
bridge at South Rock Island. thereon for 3 or 4 months, has removed to
A country schoolmaster's description the neighborhood of the Half-way House,
of a money-leader: "He serves you in the eThe room formerly occupied by the
conditional mood, keeps you in the sub- California restaurant is being fitted up for
junctive, and ruins you in the future." Ul Hannecke. who will remove his cigar
A team from the Rock Island Gun manufactory and store into it the first ot
Club will tackle the Davenport team at next week,
another shooting match at the Scheutzen bS?A man from Davenport was here
park, in Davenport, next Friday afternoon, vesterdav trying to hire Fred Caulkins
At a public contest lately held, the flat boat, and said he had the contract from
following was the prize conundrum: What the Government for cleaning the mud out
is the difference between a tenant and the of the slough.
sonofawidow? The tenant has to pay jgBinding of every description done
rents; but the son of a widow has not two at ciose figures ' at The Argus bindery,
parents, All kinds of printing cheaper than else
Superintendent Everett says that where in the three cities. First class work
many new scholars and many who left guaranteed. tf.
school before the end of the last term are jsgylf the rains do not continue and in
applying for admission to our public schools. terrUpt WOrk on Rodman avenue it will be
The indications are that the schools will rea(jy for tbe macadam by the first of next
open unusually full. weekt The completion of that much
It was in Detroit. He bad about de- traveled avenue will be hailed with joy by
cided to find some other '. girl, when she every one, and especially by dwellers upon
spoke up and said: lwilight sometimes the blun.
IE liyulluvJ ITO! !
" I" J
It will do the same work with one-half the
fuel required by other Stoves !
For Sale by FEED HASB,
tastens ner curtain witn a mourning pin.
He proposed at once, and they are to be
Mr. Geo. M. Loosley, agent for the roadl married next week.
lhe Uorkingmen s party in Uhio lias
split already, owing to a superfluity of can
didates and a scarcity of offices. One
wing is composed of Grangers and the
Accident at Cleveland.
Dr. Truesdale and Dr. Gregg were sen
for, and went to Cleveland, Henry county,
on an extra engine, this morning, to attend
one Vm. Craig, a laborer from New Or
leans, who had one of his hands crushed.
It seems his hand was drawn into a hoist
ing block by one of the ropes which tore
the flesh from the bones and, it is thought,
crushed some of the bones of the hand.
in this city, says he only sold two tickets
for Des Moines or points west of that city,
last evening and these were to strangers
who came in over the Western Union road
Mr, Fred. Hass may congratulate him
self that ho was not on the ill-fated train.
He intended to go to Des Moines last even
ing, but owing to other business engage
ments missed the train.
P, S, It is said that the Mrs, Babcock,
reported as being killed, was a teacher in
the Moline schools last year.
Compound Fluid Extract
Great Blood Purifier.
Attention, Militia!
This morning, David O. Reid.of Moline,
received authority from the adjutant gen
eral to act as mustering officer for our in
fantry company, and, according, the fol
lowing notice has been issued:
Rock Island, 111., Aug. 20, 1877.
Notice is hereby given that a meeting of
the Rock Island "Ilhnoi? National
Guards," for the purpose of electing offi
cers, will be held at the headquarters of
the company in Kock Island, on V edoes-
day, September 5, at 8 o clock, P, M-
David U. Keid, Mustering Umcer.
James J. Parks. Secretary,
Davie and Jamie are dead set for some
office or some handle to their name, "and
don't you forget it."
Robbery in the Country.
On Friday afternoon, during the absence
of the family, the house of Mr. Francis,
father-in-law of Alderman M. S. O'Neil,
three miles from Milan on the Coal Valley
road, was entered by a sneak thief, and
the following articles were stolen: A gold
watch chain, close round links, with
Masonic charm, attached by a worn ring,
which had been repaired; a silver-plated,
seven-shooting revolver with plating partly
worn off; one pair of new pants, and one
pair worn out at the bottom of legs and
bound with cloth. A description of the
apposed thief is said to be, a young man,
broad shoulders, large feet, complains of
having the heart disease, and says he lives
in this city.
Sabbath School Conventions in Rock
Island County.
The committee having charge of the work
in this county is John B. Hawley. Mr. David
Hawes, Dr. C. C. Carter, Dr. J. W. Stew
art and Mr. L. W. bpencer. 1 his com
mittee has engaged Mr. Thomas Jewett
to devote two months to this duty. He
will visit every school in the county, ascer
tain their condition, the name of the super
intendento, the number of scholars, etc,
ii., ...
and tnen arrange tor tnc organization o
new Sunday schools wherever this can be
John 11. Ilawley as chairman of the com
mittee, has arranged tor three grand bah
bsth school conventions, the first of these
is to bo held at EJgington, cn Tuesday
Sept. 25; the second at Port Byron, on
Tuesday, Oct. 23; and the third at Roc
Island, on Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 19
and 20. On the Mondays precceding the
Edgington and Port Byron conventions
Sabbath school workers will leave this city
and scatter out and speak at as many
school houses as possible that evening.
liCWar 01 vOCntCnCitfi. '8 f0 be considered as a notice to a
friends of Sabbath schools in the county
to co-operate with the committee, and
with those employed by the committee, in
forwarding the work.
Searching will discover all things; and
to discover as well as remove impurities of
the blood, the bst blood searcher is Dr,
Bull's Blood Mixture.
Grand and Petit Jurors for the Sep
tember Term ot Circuit Court.
Following are the names of the grand
and petit jurors summoned for the Sep
tember term of our circuit court, which
commences in this city next Monday, viz:
Cordova, J. L. Cool.
Coe, J. L. Cox.
Canoe Creek, Alexander Ashdown.
Port Byron. H. C. TreDt.
Zuma, Samuel Wainwricht.
Hampton. Albert Wells.J. Chamberlain.
Moline, II. L. Hunter, Zacti. Einfeldt,
eroy Hoskios.
Rock Island, Alex. Steel, J. A. Boyer,
R. B. Taylor, P. Simmons, F. M. Sinnet.
Coal v alley, Lewis Ihomas,
Rural, N. B. Wright.
Black Hawk. G. W. Heflin.
Bowling, Wm. Little, Sr.
Andalusia, L, Parmenter,
Edpington, J. G. Patmenter,
AH Drnggists Everywhere.!
Ask for Helmbold's.
Take No Other,
Price $1 per Bottle.
or Six for $5.
None genuine unless in
Steel En craved White
wrappers, facsimile of
chemical warehouse, and
my preparatory stamp
Accident in a Quarry.
jibout y o clock this lorenoon an acci
dent occurred in Dr. Uordon s stone
quarry, in Sinnet'B Addition, by which
man named Hans Nelson was severely
burned about the hands and face by the
premature discharge of about three
pounds of powder. He was working alone
and had prepared aud lighted the fuse
for a blast. An open keg, containing
powder was standing a few feet from th
blast, and just as he turned to pick it up
and get out of the way before the bla
went off, the powder exploded and his
hands, arms and face were Itadly burned
He managed to get out of the way before
the blast went off, and then he found his
nlrttTiaa vara .in fim tinil tiA sirmfr? nnP cta
GeDIliDe PreD&nitiOISS ! them oS. In this condition he ran to his
I . i
nouse, near Dy, wuere me neighbors Boon
stripped him. Dr. Morey, of Moline, was
called and dressed the burns, which, he
says, arc quite painful, but not dangerous,
iUow tue powder in the keg ignited
Sucoeisor to and Manufacturer of
Advice gratis.
Kedlo.1 depot, KMHouth Tenth Stn'et, betow Nels0D do08 not know Ue is 33 yearS 0
C&At&ut, FMUdelpMa.
age, and has a wife aud one child.
Buffalo Prairie, V. H. Kistler.
Drury, J. LeQuatte, Sr.
Rock Island. First Ward, E. II. Barker;
Third Ward, Charles llansgen, Julius
Mulack; Fourth Ward, Chas. M. Kinsky;
John Oloff; Sixth District. J. B. Wells,
James Msnly.
Moline, Charles Quinlan. August Jors,
Geo. Flickinger, Owen Murray, D. W,
Hoon, Aug. Lindgreen. Jerry Carney.
Aucust Colson, August Meidke, M. Sulli
van. John B. Peterson.
Coe, James Hewitt.
Port Byron, J. F. Hobart.
Canoe Creek, John Brandt.
Hampton, H. R. Fitch, D. Altaian, J.
P. Lemon. Louis rleiling.
Rural, hamuel Adams.
Coal Valley, William Boyle, John Ev
Bowling, O. B. Ilazen, Harvey Gregg
Andalusia, Matthew Robinson, Gilbert
Buffalo Prairie, Henry Zeieler
Drury, Geo. W. Gidley, Wm. Buckley,
Jr., Geo. W. Lsfiex.
Rook Island, First Ward. P. J. Wagner,
Jas. M, Buford, Anton Deisenroth, Henry
Guld'inzoph; Second W ard, M. Frederick
son, Chris. Haborloh; Third Ward,Danie
Dailey; bixih District, Russell root.
Moline, 1 red. Ilunfaoon, John Rauscl
Gustaf Hukanson, Wm. Grantz, Simon
Kerns, Wm. Dusenberry. John S:rossel,
S. A. Luthrop, C. J. W eander, BeDj.
Keator, . (j. Urithn, .Jr. A. Mcalman.
Coe, Hiram Spaid. 'James Dnugal.
Zuma. W. H. Moody. Charles Filbert.
John Cowley.
Port Byron, John C. Thomnson. James
L. Huct, Alden Cutherland, J. G. Wil
Hampton, F. M. Smith, Isaac Keller.
Coal Valley, John M. Bowen.
Black Hawk, Samuel Baker.
Buffalo Prairie, L. C. Elliott.
Drury, J. A. Bower, Peter Bowen.
The grand jury has been summoned for
Monday; the first panel of petit jurors for
the 15th, and the second panel for tbe 24th.
other of demaeoues, and each can be
trusted to demolish the other.
The Baltimore Sun is not satisfied
with Mr. Key as a prodigal son. "Perhaps
he would more resemble the prodigal," it
Bays "it he had returned to his father
voluntarily and not postponed his confess
ion of sins till he bad been collared and
brought home b$ force."
Fourteen men are at work on the 27th
street ditch. In the present condition of
the city's finances the work there is wholly
unnecessary and should be stopped
especially as the ownership ot that street
is in litigation, between the city and Ana
wait, Denkman & Co.; although the im
provement is badly needed. ,
"Heaven tempers the wind to the blown
lamb like me," said a philosophic young
lady cne blustering day last week: "the
same gust that blows ones's skirt around
so fearfully, blows dust into the eyes of
the young men who stand on the street
corners, and, anyhow, my feet Mid ankles
are good."
The new Kentucky legislature will
staud one Granger, nix Workingmen, five
independent democrats, thirteen repubh
cans and 113 unadulterated democrats, in
the lower branch, and thirty seven demo
crats and one republican in the upper.
This does not look as if the Bourbons were
an extinct species in that section yet.
-Two convicts named Comstock and
Thomas, while at work at the quarry con
nected with the state prison at Anomosa
Iowa, Friday afternoon, tried to escape.and
Thomas succeeded in getting away. Com
stock was snot through the head by the
guard, who discharged his rifl.3 at consi-
erable distance away, but brought down
the "bird," who is not expected to recover.
Thomas is still at large, and a reward of
$50 is offered for his capture.
The Vint shingle was hard aground
on the rapids the other night, and Captain
Ben was on the roof yelling to the mate
and crew to "heave the spars. ' A dance
was going on down in the cabin, when a
big, red nosed woman with a baby in her
arms appeared on the roof and startled
the drousy, captain by saying. "Cap. "the
dance is goin' on, an' Becky Ann is down
there watin' for you to come an' dance that
set with her, an' as we don't be-long to a
class o' people to be fooled by anybody, I'll
jes say now, that it you don t go down an
dance that ar gal o mine into a good opin
ion of you, I'll lay this baby o' mine down
on the roof and jirk you out of your shirt."
, 'Madam," said Captain Ben "this boat's
hard-aground on a bar and I want you to
understand that I'm as fond o' dancin' with
a cedar-nosed, wolf-eared gal as anybody,
but I won't shake a darn foot with Becky
Ann until I get this boat off; and. rather
than be jerked out of my shirt on her i.c-
JJSMapnus Epp has secured the ser
vices of John Cole, an old hteamboat
cook, in the place of Wm. Hawthorn, who
will again return to tho river. Mr. Cole
thoroughly understands the art of catering
to the tastes of the most fastidious, and
will not allow the reputation of the Euro
pean restaurant to wane.
ZThe Union this morning, gives the
population of the city at 6,409 the ficures
of H. L, Bullen's census report. As tbe
report docs, not include a large portion of
District ISo. 1, township 1, it can hardly
be called a fair estimate, as with the
omitted population, included, the increase
would be probably 1,000 additional. But
then, it is about as near correct as the
Union generally is.
No one can develop the grace of meek
ness by listening to a crying Baby. Stop
its lrctfulness by curing the Colic with Dr.
Bud s Baby hyrup. Price 25 cents.
Weddiag- Presents.
The irrepressible Epstein, with his
usual enterprise, has just received an im
mense stock of solid silver-ware suitable for
wedding presents, which for beauty o
desien and artistic workmanship are not
excelled, if equaled, tins side of Boston
Mr. Epstein has purchased this stock ex
presf ly for wedding presents and will sell
at prices as cheap as can be obtained in
Chicago or the eastern cities. Some of
the ware is very heavy and is valued in
some cases as high as $GoO for a single
niece, those who have never seen a dis
play of fine solid ware, or those desiring
to purchase will do well to call on Epstein
who guarantees prices which cannot be
duplicated in the three cities.
Death in the Staff of life. Tha
there should be death in the staff of life
seems an enizma hard to fiud out, and yet
it is so. 13y the use of deleterious miner
als in baking powders, which remain in the
bread instead of being thrown off during
tue process oi naKing, Dread nccomcs, in
stead of healthy food, an unwholesom
mass, disorganizing the system and ruining
the digesMve organs. This danger may
be avoided by using only Dr. rrico s Cream
Baking Powder, which is deemed bychem
ists to be perfectly free from all unsrhole
some substances.
Dr. Sabine's "Indian Vegetable Cough
cyrup is the infallible remedy tor coughs,
colds, hoarseness, and all diseases of the
bronchial organs. Try a bottle. For
sale by druggists generally. 6-4dly
BREN'NAN. In Rock. Island. Ills . Aurnet 29sh
1STT, John, infant eon of JohB and E len Brennan.
of cholera Infantum.
Fnncral to-morrow afternoon at 3 o'clock, from
the residence, coroer Th'rd avenue and 26th street.
Star Block, opposite Harper House.
sin ii
Eed Lead, Orange Mineral,
Potters' Lead, Zinc Paint, Putty and Colors,
09 a
V V5i'i-;'vjV".iVij'
Awarded he GOLD MEDAL PREMIUM. Nov. 1S75, liv the PitUbUTfili Tradesmen's Inlulr;al Inri
tnte. over all competitors for the BES r WHITE LEAD. fOur Price is as low a that ul anv ot'h
Corroder. Ofders Solicited. Office, No. 4i Fifth Aveuuc, adjoining Eschance National Hank -PITTSBURGH,
For Sale by T. H. Thomas, Rock Island; and C Piper, Moline.
& M
. Of London and Edinburgh,
Fire Surplus and Eeserve Fund the Largest of
any Comp'y doing business in the U. S.
. , . . , -- -
Losses Paid in 68' Years, - $25,079310.00
" 1 . . m
Applications received aud policies issued by
E. W HURST, Resident Agent.
Ask your druggist
Lightning. "
for Cram's Fluid
oouot, I'll pull ott an, give it to you," "the nPRMAM-FWHI IQH QPUf.ni
Vint" was soon "sparred off.and afloat,and w-m"ii -utu-.ui. uunuuu
Monday. Sept.-, at 51 o'clock in 1 tie morninsj
Parants aud piuirdians who wit-li to fend their
children, will phase take notice.
2Md3t W. G. KOESSLEE, Teacher.
Rpwant'a"New Imnrowd" Reese'a
IUV V-.,.... A,!.,.-,Kt. Ct..n.;l I .tt arm
tntintr ttn niarnf nil other;. 1 hev can
.ne lormeti into smut 1'iatcs or uwn as
Sinele Letters. KBUVCEO IN I'RICE.
ITRADEMARK.l Everybody will buy them. Can be sent
by mail. Inks and Brushes and everything in Stencil stock.
Snle manufacturer of the wonderful " lil-ONDlN GYRO
SCOPE," and 50 other Agents' fast setting articles. " Fortune
Chart," etc. Gyroscopes mailed for 25 cts. Sample Chart, 35 cts.
Send postal card for full particulars. N. B. 1 have arrance
ments made and can furnish promptly any article wanted by
agents or consumers, of American or Foreign make.
U. li. UK V ANT, Sole Mfr. 10a Waslungton-st, Chicago.
Beck Island County Bible Society.
At the meeting of the Rock Island
County Bible Society, in the United Pres
byterian church last Sanday evening, the
following officers were elected for tho en
suing year:
President, Rev. J. A. Revnolds.
Vice Presidents, Rev. T. II. Hench, and
D. P. McKown.
Secretary, E. W. Spencer.
Treasurer, Dr. J. W. Stark.
Directors, Rev. T. N. Hasselquist,
Augustana College; VV. Hoffman, Epis
copal church; A. K. Philleo, Central Pres
byterian; Dr. T. W. Stewart, Broadway
Presbyterian; D. P. McKown. Baptist; E.
D. Sweeney, Methodist; John Koch, Ger
man Presbyterian; Henry Brockman,
German Methodist; Hugh Warnock,
United Presbyterian; P. 1. Mitchell,
Christian, aod H. O. Sleight,Congregationa).
The report of the treasurer showed that
the receipts of the society for the past year
wore $853.33, all of which has been ex
pended except $10.84, and the society still
owes tbe American Bible Society $124.34
The books on hand at the beginning of
the year amounted to $655.94, and there
have been added $960.61 worth, making a
total of $1,520.55. The books sold, given
to the destitute, and delivered to branch
societies aggregato $771.40,- leaving the
Executor's Notice.
The uuclcreigned havine been appointed Execo
tor of the lat will and tectament ot James Oopp,
lula of tbe county of Kock Inland, State of Illinoip.
deceased, hereby gives notice that he will appear
before the county court of Kock Island county, at
the office of the clerk of said conrt, in the city of
Kock Island, at the October term, on the third
Monday in October next, at which time all persons
having claims againut (aid estate are notified and
requested to attend, for the purpose of having the
same adjusted. All persons indebted to said estate
are requested to make immediate payment to the
Hated this 27th day of August. A. V. 1H77.
9 2!d3twlt Executor.
Legal Blanks, of all Jdnda for ala
value of the books now on hacd.at $755.09, Tss Aequs OiTici, - , - , .
Captain Ben rushed down stairs, seized
Becky Ann, and shouted, "Oq with tho
dance," but he kept his shirt on.
l . oonieniner has opened a grocery
t-tore cn 7th avenue, between 14th and 15th
streets, where he will be pleased to see all
his friends and the public generally. A
full stock of all kinds of groceries con
stantly on hand, and at 'offest market
prices. 29 d6t
Auction Sale of Millinery.
Miss Jennie McCoikindule is making
her arrangements to leave for Scotland in
two or three weeks, and will dispose of her
entire stock of millinery, in as few days as
possible. The goods, of whiah she is is
suing descriptive circulars and hand bills
to her friends and tbe public, include a
splendid assortment for ladies to choose
from, and it will be long before an oppor
tunity to buy so cheap presents itself
again. Beginning at noon on Thursday of
this week, W. II. Lundy will put up the
stock at auction until it is all sold. In the
forenoon, of each day. Miss McCorkindale
herself will sell to those ladies w'jo prefer
to buy privately and thus make a better
and more careful selection. ' rhs means
busineoB, and it will be profitable to ladies
to note the fact. The fixtures are for sale
and will be sold cheap. 28d2t
That Insidious Toe to Health.
An atmosphere impregnated with the
seeds of malaria, ia rendered harmless by
the timely use of Hostetter s Stomach Bit- oTlnlflTnol A ccnnin'ri
ters; and if a resort to this benieu crotec- Ul&lltUllUItll ASSOOltL H,
tive agent has unwisely been defered until
the fever fits have developed, it will have
tbe effect of checking them and preventing
their return. This statement is corroborat
ed by thousands who have tried this medi
cine i or f over and ague and bilious remitt
ent fever, besides affections of the stomach,
liver and bowels peculiarly rife in malarious
localities. Throughout the west, indeed
iu every part of the American continent
where malaria prevails, it is the accepted September 3. 4i 5. 6 &. 7. '77.
:!. XT r it.- -r i.. , . : '
Bpeciuc. uru tut) area ui its useiuiness I
Street Cars run from the centre of the city direct
ly to the erouDdn.
Kailroads centering in Rock Island and Daven
port will carry stock flight and passengers tt re
duced rates. .
For premium lists, or any information, apply o
U.K. McNElL, Secretary,
Davenport, low.
for Young Ladie, will open Sept. 20th,1ully
equipped for the best work.
Appiy lor lurtuer lulormatiou to E. r. WESTON,
uiu-niana jrura, ins. 7-2Tdi wlm
Open to the orld!
The 25th ANNUAL FAIR will be held at
circumscribed by tb.e limits of tha United
States, since it is widely used in South
America, Mexico, Australia, and elsel
where. ,
Howe's concentrated syrup, the great
blood purifier, and ague cure and tonic
bitters, can be had of Bengstnn and
I'lease bear in mind that Lodilles Head
ache Specific not only cures headache, but
prevents it coining on. Price 50 cents at
Bengston's Drug Store.
The celebrated Peoria show cases:
cheaper than any other in the market.
Quality guaranted. Workmanship uo-
surpassrd. Ilob't (jr.Lmke, manufacturer,
Peoria. Ills., Field Bros., agents, lloek
Island, Ills. 5 lOdly
The Human Cuticle is Sorely Tried
by disease or abrasions, but these may
easily be remedied by the use of Glenn's
Sulphur Soap, tbe celebrated antidote to
maladies which afiect the skio, us well as
to sores, bruises, scslds, gpraios, etc. Sold
by all Druggists.
Hills Hair axd Whisker Dye. Black
or Brown, 503.
Murry & Lanman's Florida Water.
l he richest, most lasting, yet most deli
cate of all perfumes for use on th hand
kerchief, at he toilet and in the bath.
delightful aod healthful in the sick room,
relieves weakness, fatigue, prostration,
nervousness, and headache. Look out for
counterfeits; always ask for the Florida
W ater prepared by the sole proprietors,
Messrs. Lao m an & Kemp, New York. For
sale by Pertumers, Druggists and Fancy
Goods Dealers.
A Sure Thing. Dr. King's Syphilitic
Remedy is warranted to cure Syphilis in
the primary, secondary and tertiary stages,
and in all its varied and complicated forms,
and will cure the worst cases of venerial
diseases, cases which have resisted the
treatment of the most eminent physicians
of Amerfca. It cures the first stage and
heals the ulcers in a few days. It cures
ulcers in the mouth, nose, throat, head,
arms and legs ; also, hard pains in tbe
boaes and joints, swelling of joints, syphi
litic rheumatism, etc., in a short time.
Price, $5 per package. Sent everywhere
by express. A treatise on sexual diseases
free. Sent mailed for two stamps. Sold
by Dr. J. Dinsbeer, 503 North Seventh
street, St. Louis, Mo. Cures guaranteed
or the money refunded. Dr. Dinsbeer
makes Chronic Diseases a specialty. If
you are afflicted, with no matter what, call
or write. For sale by all druggists.
Pazzoni's Chemical Balm Hair Restor
ative. To preserve and beautify the
human hair. What it will do. Prevents
the hair falling out. Increases the growth
and beauty of the hair. Retains the hair
in any desired form. Prevents the bair
from turning grey. Prevents and entirely
eradicates dandruff. Heals pimples and
keeps the head delightfully cool. Tbe
hair becomes rich, soft and glossy. Per
fectly clean and will not soil thf bat. Pos
sesses an exquisite fragrance, and as a
dressing has do equal Price 50 cents and
$1 per bottle, Sold by all druggists, .
i THE 2U PCv;i3 .
Mfm 'iiS. -'?
f -aB i
TV -i
ample exj)crit:;x-, an i-nu;o nnw. Pirup! -,
l'rompt, Eifieioctand Heiwi'.e. Ti-y aretUeonljv
medicines purfi-ctly ul.;j't 1 to popular use s-j
simple that r.ii-it;tkf3 cam.ot t- uiudin usinj
them ; so harmless as to W tree from danger ; an-i
ik efficient as to be always rtlinble. They Lav.,
the fciphest commPTViatioa IVoia all, and ysU
always render satisfaction.
Nos. Cures.. Ceaf.
1. Fererg, Congrestinn, Iufl.immaHons, . . 25
5. Worms, AVorm Fever, Worm Colic, . . i5
3. Oryin-Oolic.orTeetMncrof Infanta, . . H
4. IMarrhcea, of Children or r Adults, . . 21
5. lyentery Griping, lUlious Colic, . . 2
6. t'holera-Morbtis, Vomiting', , . . ii
7. Coajjrha, Colds llronchiti., . ,
8. Neuralgia, Toothndie, I'acench . .
9. Headaches, Sick Headache, Vertigo, . J?
10. Dyspepsia., Bilious bto'mach, ....
11. Knpprcfsed, cr l'ainful I'eriods, 2?
12. V rates, too ITotuso lerKKis, . . . .
13. C'roap, Couph, Difficult Brent hinjr, . .
14. nlt Itlienin, XliTipelas, limp! ions
15. Stheumatisui, Uheumatic l'.-iiiis . .
16. Fmrsnd Ague, Chill fever, Agues,
17. X'iles, blind cr UevdiDpr,
18. Ophfhalmy, and NireorAVcak Eyea, .
19. atari li. acute or chronic, Inliuenza, .
20. Vhoopian-Couli, violent coughs, .
21. Asthma, oppress.il Brcath-nc, . . .
22. nischarges, impaired hearinir, .
2S. Scrofula, ralw-J jflaiils, FwellinRS, .
24. icucral DeliiUty, I'hysieul Weakness, .
25. Iropsjr nml scanty 8ecretions, . . . .
20. Sea-Sickness, sickness from riding, .
27. tiiilrv-liarnr. (invc!
23. Km-OBI Iebility, Bcminal Weakness
or involuntary tiistliarge.?, . . . . .IPO
10. Sore Hanlli, CHiikci, ... . M
SO. I'rinary Weakness, wettiiijrtliebeJ, . 51
31. atnfnl leriods, witU r'iKisms, . . '
S2. Iisase of Heart, palpitations etc. 1 01
J3. KDilensev. Brwsms ft. Vitus,' Dance, . 1 W
8-i. liphtlieria, ulcenU-.l soretl'roat, . . ' ,
35. Chronic Coiise0"'' n"'1 Eniptions. 5'
Vials, 50 cent, texoept 4. ZlandU., . 1 -'- '
Casa Moroccol with above 5 large vial r.-!
Manunl of directions, . . . 1" '
Case (Morocco! of 20 Ur?v xhiU azid Kk, iri
Kmple lioxes and Vial us uljorc.
c These remedies are sent hy toe
rase or single box to any part of tbe
country, free of charge, on receipt or
price Address
Humphreys' , . ,
Homeopathic Meaicino Oo..
Cffice and Depot, 109 Fulton street, Newi York.
Sold in Rock Island by Bener & Thjmaf. OV
Grojan, C ISpewlel,. ud K. Breunert tu.
F. A. LEU MANN, Solicitor of Patents. WM..mC
ton.D. O, No Patent No Pay. Send lorUrci-iUj
HENKY T. WRIGUT, A. M , f PnncipaiF.
The btftt Academy for boys in the
Prepares for anr college or for buisineeB. Lcal'
attractive and elevated. Fifteen acres of grow"
Session begins Sept. 6, 1877. Send for catalog" lw
dipt, ED. N. KLRK TALCOTr, Mwi'an rl"
Cook Co.,Uliuoie.
nnif i
one Asent in a town
lllueUated Catalogues.
139 West Madison street, CHICAGO.
Refer to theEUitor of Asecs.

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