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Xbwi&iy. StptemtiT 13. 1S77.
In from One to Twenty Minutes.
after reading th. advertisement need any one
It wm the firat and U
lht tntantly atopt the moat excruciating paint
allay inflammation, ana cures longumionR
whether of the Langs, Stomach, Bowels or other
elands or organs, by one application
no matter how violent or excruciating the tain, the
Rheumatic, Bed-Kldden, Inflrm, Crippled, Nervous
Neuralgic or prostrated with disease may suffer,
Niw Yobk, Jan. 4, 1877.
Dt ah Silt: Having for several years used your
medicines, donbtlngly at flrst.but after experienc
ing their efllcacy with full confidence, it is no les
a pleasure than a duty to thancfu'.ly acknowledge
the advantage we have derived from them. The
pills are retorted to as of ter as occasion requires,
and always with the desired effect. The Ready
Relief cannot be better described than it la by its
name. We apply the liniment frequently and free
ly, almost Invariably flndlug the promised 'Rpllel"
Truly yours, (signed) THURLOW WEK1.
Dr. Radwat.
Hadway'8 Beady Relief
Inflammation of the Kidneys, Inflammation of the
Bladder, Inflammation of the Bowels, Conges
tion of tke Lungs, Sore .Throat, Difficult
Breathing, Palpitation of the Heart,
Hysterics, Croup. Dipthcria. Ca
tarrh. Influenza, Headache,
Toothache, Neuralgia,
Rheumatism, Cold Chills
Ague Chills.
The application ol the Ready Relief to the part
or narts where the pain or difficulty exists will of-
Rock Island conntv opposed to the dictation
and supremacy ot the Republican party; all who
Republicans Looking aftr the Inter- administered; the one is too poor to under-
ests of th Workingmen. 1 stand or know anything of the mysteries
'It is the boast of the Republican I of finance, because the godliness of labor is
"party," says the Union in its issue of ihe his glorious inheritance, and the other is
13th, "that it is a party of equality and generously permitted to invest his capital
justice, and derives Us strength from the ia such manner that it shall escape all
intelligent farmers, mechanics, and labor- J municipal burdens. Such manitest imi-
ers of the land." I tation of divine eaualitv and iustice is the
As an illustration of the equality and rich inheritance and perfect crown which
justice so boastfully proclaimed, the same 1 the party of equality and justice on earth
issue of that high-toned sheet publishes offers to the workingmen as their reward;
the adoption by the City Council of an which "God and humanitv" are willing to
tios of honest and competent nvm to office: ail I ordinance so intensely in the interests oil bestow for their docility and their votes.
? "?Y?l"e'"D ncn-'",y "?T the Mm class and o directh, adverse
nHuung me people luemseives, win ensure great-1 u r -r J i i. n 3 J
er economy in pnnllc affair. :aU who are opposed L0 caviiallsts and bondholders, that all and ench the .blood, and you
ail n.mi nn cranta tnn mo Atn m rnnnnn-i - . mi nr ro tFAtinian roirn etrin Iioaoda i ir
" " " ' - mw V , - , , . , - . si i . , i 1 Will uui lo iiuuuiuu nit i-i on lu uiocao
lie credit for the l;nent of corporations; all wno iaDOriDg men OUgnl at 0OC6 tO nocS 10 tne Tn1i. Jtnm MirtnrA ia lrnrusn n Iw
rA ,nnr.uj.d t i..iHnT, in th ititpwmt of bond-I . - . .1 cull 8 isiooa mixture is Known to De a
holders and capitalist, as against the laboring and Republican standard and acknowledge its never failing remedy.
doni, goodness
classes, are requested to meet in Delegate Con-1 an(J intelligence,- 80 tO Say, all that is
vcnuoD, ai me voun nuuee, iu tuc tnjf ul uv
Island, on
Wednesday, Septembor 19. '77,
for the purpose of nominating candidates for Conn
ty omcers. '
The offices to be filled are :
County Clerk.
County Treasurer.
county ajuage.
Coanty Coroner.
Conntv Snnerintendent of Schools
The Convention will also transact such other
buBtness as may .In Its judgment, be deemed proper.
The voters of the various townships desiring to
act under this call are requested to meet at their
usual places for holding such meetings on
Saturday, September 15th, 1877,
or at such time and place as they may decide, or
their townshlD committee mav aDDoint. for the pur
pose pf electing the delegates to which they re animated aod.encouraged by the previous
The basis of representation win ie one delegate great republican example, and enlightened
for every 50 votes cast for Samuel J. Tilden for " . ,
President, and an additional delegate for every and guided by the Wise and philosophic
fractional number over 85 votes. The basis 01 rcpre
seniation will be as follows
of City Work.
la t . . 1
anv account I As an instance 01 now mucu tne repuo-
This is the Ordinance can Par'y of ttl9 Cltv cares for tbe Iabor
Be it ordained by the City Council of the ing man. we woald just f imply ask them
city of Rock Island: That the lunding to mature how it happened that in re
bonds to be issued in pursuance ot theordi- building the bridges at Rock river all the
Island for the period of five years; and team?, and a majority of the workmen are
that the coupons of said funding bonds be citizens of Milan. Of course, the repub
received tor city taxes or licenses lor six iicans are verv gweet HDOn tnjB laboring
months prior to their maturity.
The great Republican example of ex
empting Bonds from taxation is so cqui
table, so ysf and so much m the interest
of -the people, that even our City Council,
Votes. Del.
Andalnia M 1
Black Hawk . .ISO 3
Bowling :m 1
Buffalo Prairie... 13S 3
Canoe Creek 41 1
Coal Valley ! 8
Coe m 1
Cordova H 2
Drnry 100
man to the extent of persuading him to
vote tli9 republican ticket, but when it
comes to the patronage of the party, who
ever heard of their consulting the interests
of laboring men. It is very necessary, of
course, to hold them in leading strings at
the polls as far as possible, but when there
ia YMiKli tTArlf tr a .n anil trior fr r-
teachings of the Z. adopts the when employment is scarce and wages low',
even the small beneht ot eivine it to our
Vo, DeL easy way of protecting the poor and snub-
Hampton as 4 tmg the rich.
PortsWon'.': e l Citizens of Rock Island! don't be fooled.
Kock island... iw si
Knnl 100 2
Znma ; i and that democrats are chargeaDie with
Don't imagine that it is a democratic move,
and that democrats are chargeable with
B6 the generous and liberal design of exempt
ing bond's from taxation for five years.
Let us have a little of the true inwardness
of this sagacious and beneficial exemption
from taxation, and let it be understood
For County Clerk. and acknowledged that to the itepuoiicans
At the solicitation of friends of both belongs the glory, and the authority, and
political parties, Capt. August Timm, of the wisdom, now and ever more, world
The vote on the adoption ot the ordi-
H t,riii-T c.nnntv CVntral Committee.
J. 8. DRAKK. Chairman.
toTVrnTdnropTnh.if a tumbler of water win in. Moline, offers himself asan Independent Uithout end
few minutes cure uramps, prams, our niomacu luuuuiuaie iui iuo uuito ui wuui vii
Heartbnrn, Sick Headache, Diarrhoea, Dysentery,
Collo, Wind In the Bowels, and all Internal Pains.
Travelers should always carry a bottle ol kau
WAY 8 READY RELIEF witb them. A few drops,
la water will prevent sickness or pains from change
of water, it Is better than French Brandy or 1'lt-1
tsra as stimulant.
HVvfir and Aeue cure; for fiftv cents. There Is
not a remedial agent in the world that will cure
fever and acne, and all other malarious, bilious,
scarlet, typhoid, yellow and other fevers (aided by
Railway's Pills) so quick as Radway'sKeady Relief.
Klfty cents per bottle.
Strong and Pure, Rich Blood Increase of
Flesh and Weight Clear Skin and
Beautiful Complexion Secured to all.
SarsapariUian Resohcnt
Has made the raoct astonish Ing Cures; so quick,
so rapid are Ihe changes of the bod undergoes
nnder fh liifluence of this truly wouderful med
icine that
Day an Increase of Flesh and
Weight is Seen and Felt.
For Superintendent of Schools.
At the request of many of my friends, of
both political parties, I hereby announce
myself as a candidate for the office ot sup
erintendent ot schools.
M. M. CoRrwrr,
The Groat Blood Purifier.
VENT communicate through ihe Blood, Sweat,
I'rine, ami oilier fluids and Juices of the system the
Vlk'iwol Life, fur it repair the wastes ot Ihe body
with new and found material. Scrofula, tSyphilK
(tnnsnmptlon, (ilanduiar lilseases. Ulcers in the
Throat, Mouth, Tumors, Nodes in the inlands and
nther parts ot the system, or' Eyes, btrumorous
Dlsoharire from tho Eur, and tbe worst lortns of
Skin Itiseuses, Kruitioiis, Fever Sores, Scald Head.
Kinii Worm, Suit Kheum. Erynipelas, Acne, Black
Sixils, Wornin in the flesh. Tumors, Camera fn the
Womb, aud all Weakening and Painful Discharges.
NlL'hl sweat, Lo of Sperm and all Wastes of the
Life Principle, are within the curative rouge of thie
wonder of Modern Chemistry, and a few days use
will prove to auy person using It for either of these
Legal Blanks, of all kinds for ale at
The Arous Office
It will pay to keep your Harness in good
condition. Use Frank Millor's Prepared
Harness Oil.
All kinds of House and Sign Tainting,
Graining, etc., with neatnesB and dispatch.
Give me a call. Shop on Eighteenth
street, above Third avenue.
8cp3-d3m C. Jltergens.
All persons having subscribed for the
Peoria excursion on Sunday, will please
call for their tickets at Juliua Junge's Ti
yoli, and H, Schmidt. P. Fries & Co.
Tho meeting of the Rock Island Military
club, called for Wednesday evening Sept.
12, is postponed until Thursday evening
Sent. 13 at 7:30 o clock.
lOdlt W. P. Butler, President.
Great Bargains!
E. Krell has purchased the stock of M.
Cohn, consistine of hats, caps, furnishing
goods, etc., and will close it out by tbe
first of the tuooth, regardless of co.se. and
the store will then be for rent. lld t
form or disease its potent power to cure them.
ally becoming reoucea oy tne
wastes and decomposition that are continually pro
gressing succeed in arresting these wastes, and
repairs tne same wit n new material mnue irom
halthy blood and this the SAKSAPARILLIAN
will and does secure a cure is certain: for when
once this remedy commences Its work of purifica
tion.and succeeds In diminishing the los of wastes
Its repairs wil. be rapid, and every day the patient
will feel himself erowlns; hetter and stronger, the
food dlijestni; better, appetite improving, aud flesh
and weight Increasing.
Not only does the Bars aparilijan Resolvent
excel all remedial azents in the Uurc of chronic.
Scrofulous, Constitutional and Skin Diseases, but
it Is the only positive cure for
Kidnei; and Bladder Complaints,
Urinary and Womb Diseases, Gravel, Diabetes,
Dropsy, Stoppage of Water.Incontinuauce of Urine,
Hrlirlit's i isease. Albuminuria, and in all cases
where there are brick-dnst deposits, or the water is
thick, cloudv. mixed wilh snbsrance like tbe white
of uu eytr, or threads like white silk, or there is a
morbid, dark, bilious appearance, and white bone
dust deposit, aud wheu there in a pricking, burn
inte sensation when passing water, and Paiu in the
Sinail of the Hack and alou the Loins.
Tumor 0 12 Years' Growth Cured hy
Iiadwiy'$ Resolvent.
Be VBRir, Mass .July 18, 189.
Dit. IIadwat: I have had Ovarian Tamor in the
ovaries ai,d bowels. All the doctors suid "there
was no help for It." I tried everything that was
recommended, but nothing helped nie. I saw your
Resolvent, and thought 1 would try If, bnt had no
Peoria Fair.
The Peoria & Rock Island R. R. will sell
excursion tickets to Peoria and return at
one and one-fifth fare for round trip,
Tickets good on all trains from Sept. 11th
to Sept. 15th inclusive. Reduced freight
rates to exhibitors.
Jas. V. Mahoxet,
9-7dGt General Ticket Agent.
The Weather To-Day.
The following shows the temperature
at i he Arous Uffice to-day as
dieatfH lv thermometer :
IS i 82 above acre
8 T. H. 89
Ti. i
9 A. ,
71 o above aero
Harry Robinson's Minstrels To-Night
The ever-welcome Harry Robinson, the
"man with the silver horns," who has ever
succeeded in pleasing our people, will give
an entertainment in Dart's nail this eve
ning. His programme is entirely new,
and embraces many features never before
presented here, among them sis end men
the famous London Quartette, the quin
tette clog, etc., etc.. "with his celebrated
Helicon band, and superb orchestra, the
faith in it. because 1 had suffered for twelve year.
I took lx bottles of the Kesolvent and one box of
Railway I'm, and two bottles ot your Heady He-1 former under the direction of Leoi Wiley
felt, and I feel better, smarter and happier than 1 1 the great Comet Soloist. The Stars of the
have for t welve years. The worst tumor was in the 1
left side of the bowel, over the groin. I write this
to you for the benefit of other. Yon can publish
it if you choose. UAIHIHAtl f. 14.KA1!'.
Ann, Arbor, Mich., April 30, 1875.
Dii. Radway Kind Sir: 1 have been taking your
Resolvent, Regulating Pills, aud also nslug the
Ready Relief about one year for ovarian tumors on
the abdomen whic he mos eminent physicians of
our Medical CoIle( :prououuced incurable.
They were like kU on a tree. When I was sit
ting in a chair the; hung almost to the floor, and
my weight was 275 pound when 1 commenced with
your remedies, and now It is 310 pounds, hut they
are not all gone yet. 1 nave taken twenty-tour bot
tle of Resolvent, nine of Relief, and twenty-four
boxes of fills. I cut the medicine from U. Gren
vill. Please send nie your kauk "False and True."
Another Letter from Mrs. C. Krapf.
Aboust 18, 1875.
Dr. Radway Kind Kir: I take the liberty to ad-
rlr.'.. Villi Meruit, v Itnnltl, li. n...il. 4 ... t
by the use of your medicines. Throe of the tumors I the pant year in the office of Gest & Parks,
are vimreiy kuu", buu hot lourm IS Hearty SO.
profession are in this troupe. All who
wish to enjoy a first-class eutertainment
should go to Dart's Hall to-night.
Clint. Parkhurst, formerly city editor on
The Argus, and lately a member of the
Davenport bar, has started for California,
and will again embark in journalistic work
in the Golden State. Clint, has ajarge
number of friends 'in this vicinity, who
would be pleased to hear ot him as a
millionaire. Tue Arous wishes him the
best of success.
Sam. McLain, a young man, well known
in this city, where he has studied law for
and .
started for Ottawa loat evening to undergo
an examination for admission to the bar.
After his admission he will form a partner
ship with an old and established lawyer at
Paxton, Ford county, and bis friends here
uropsy i gone, neauu sun improving, and Jny
weigh' decreasing evry fast. 1 hove had a great
many cans mis summer 10 inquire 01 tne wouder
ful cure your medicine has doue for me, oue from
Onto, one from Canada, three from Jackson, aud
quite a number from this place. Your with re
spect, MitS. C. KRAPF.
Wt am well arniinlnted with Mrs. Krnnf htm ta
an estimate lady, and very benevolent. She ha I predict for him a successful career
ueen me means 01 selling many uoutee oi me lie
solvent by the drugitists of Ann Arbor to persons
aflllcted with Internal tumors. We have heard of
aonie wonderful cures eilected by it. Yours re
spectfully. KHERBACn & CO.
Ann Arbor. Mich., Ang. 18, 1S7S.
Ir. Rndway's
perfectly tasteless, elegantly coated with sweet
gum, purge, regu late, purify, cleanse, and strengh
eu. Radway's Pills, for the cure of all disorders of
tbe Stomach, Liver, Rowels, Kidneys, Bladder,
Nervous Diseases, Headache, Constipation, Costive
nes. Indigestion, Dyspepsia, lilliousness. Bilious
Fever, Inflammation of tne Bowels, Plies, and all
Derangements of the Internal Viscera. Warranted
lo effect a positive cure. Partly Vegetable, con
taining no mercury, minerals or deleterious dram.
IfT Observe the following symptoms resultlug
from disorders of the Digestive Organs.
uoiiaupauou, inwaru riles, Fullness of t
In the Read, Acidity of the Stomach. Nausea,
Heartburn. Distrust of Food. FnllnnM of Weight
In the Stomach, Sourruptione,HlnkingorFlntier
Ings In tlie Pit of the Stomach. Swimming of the
Head, llnrried and Difficult Breathing, Fluttering!
at the liean, Choking ot Suffocating Sensation
when In a Lying Posture, Dimness of Vision, Dots
or Webs before the Sight, Fever and Dull Pain In
the Head, Deficiency of I'ereplratlon, Yellowness of
tbe skin and Kyes, Pain in the Hide, Cheat, Limbs,
nd sudden Flushes of Heat Burning in the Flesh.
A few doses of HADWAY'B PILLS will free the
system from all the above named disorders. Price
U cents per box, Sold by druggists.
Rend one letter-stamp to RADWAYJA CO., No S3
TTrrvo bw, ew iora. uuonnauon worut utoti'
and will bm sent yon.
Mr. C. II. Stoddard returned, this morn
ing, from Bloomington, this state, where
be had been with his daughter Anna, who
remained there, and will attend the State
Wesleyan University during, the coming
school year. Mr. Sjreports that the fall
term of the university opens with an un
usually large attendance, and, owing to the
rush, he was compelled to wait two days
before he could gain admission to the
treasurer's office and' pay his daughter's
Judge lustier, supervisor from Buffalo
Prairie township, will leave on Wednesday
evening next for Greensburg, Pa., his
former home. lie had intended to start
on Tuesday, but remembering the demo
cratic county convention the next day, his
love of the democracy, indueed him to
postpone his trip. The judge came to this
county from Greensburg in 1839; visited
his old home in 1856, again in 1863, and
now, he says, he will make - his third and
last visit. The Argus wishes him
pleasant visit, and a safe return.
nance was as follows;
Yeas Alderman Lundy, Simmons,
Davis, and Warnock 4.
Nays Alderman O'Neil, Schlemmer
and Woods 3.
The ordinance offered to the City Coun
cil is in the handwriting of Mayor Butler,
and originated with him and his advisers.
As it was originally written it provided the
exemption from taxation, not for five
years, but for the whole lifetime of the
bonds. Upon a strict party vote the
Council would be equally divided acd the
Mayor would have tbe casting vote.
If he could have held his party friends,
in the council to strict party action he
could have carried the measure of total
exemption from taxation by his own casting
vote. The limiting of the time of exemp
tion to five years was a concession to the
unfeeling stubbornness of the democratic
members of the council, who were so un-
pardonably ignorant of the great blessings
which would result to the poor taxpayers if
the rich bondholders could only get hold
of the bonds of tin1 city totally exempt
from any taxation, new, heuceforth. and for
all lime to coiiiO. How could it be of any
consequence to tbe poor laloriug men and
small t?xpyers, who m;ver have any
mouey to speak of, whose little property
pays but suiall taxes, and who don't com
prehend and understand great measures of
finance and administration, that these
bonds should be exempted from taxation.
Their share of taxes is so indifferently
small that one bondholder or capitalist is
equivalent to eleven poor men. Of courf e,
in money matters numbers are ot no ac
count, the great omnipotent bondholder is
worth a dozen of them, and his wishes
must be consulted and his views prepon
derate in equal proportion. Let the gov
ernment consult with and take care of the
rich, and the rich will take care of the
poor. A republican aamimstration oi the
general government exempts bonds from
taxation because "it is the party ot equal
ity and justice." For the same reason,
the noble republican administration of this
city follows suit,and the workingmen are ex
pected to approve their action, because the
Union says to expect that they will dare to
question the acts and the integrity and the
heavenly wisdom of republican leaders and
newspapers "is to accuse the workingmen
of stultification, or to use an expressive
vulgarism, of 'going back on themselves.' "
Don't forget it, workingmen, when the
tax collector is gathering in your taxes,
that although the burden is grievous and
labor scarcely commands daily bread, you
have the immense consolation of knowing
the republican party is the party of equal
ity and justice, because the Union says so
and you know how it is yourselves, for
have you not been living under republican
rule theso many long and exuberantly
prosperous years. Oh, yes! by all
means exempt bonds from taxation,
the laboring men hold so many of those
precious documents.
From the statements of parties who
are believed to know, there are ntty
or sixty thousand dollars of water works
bonds held by certain bondholders, citizens
of this city, upon whioh not a cent of taxis
paid. Does the ased and energetic repub
lican assessor of this city know of any
capitalist holding water works bonds?
And will he be so kind as to inform those
who have to pay their small and insignifi
cant taxes why no one feels the necessity
of listing bonds as a part of their assessa
ble property. It may be "the party of
equality and justice" considers all bonds
are (or ought to be) exempt from taxation,
and in case they are pot specifically made
so by law that they cau be made so in fact
by tbe intentional acts of republican offic
ials, for they certainly are part and parcel
of the administration of this great equality
and justice which is the corner stone of
that noble party that takes such lively in
terest in building up the workingm en's
temporal and financial welfare, and the
acts of all such officials must perforce par
take of the perfection and inscrutable
wisdom of the great "equality and iustjee"
party itself.
j.arice uiesaea are tney wuo are per
mitted to live at all, and the working man
who is too poor to own a bond, and the
tender hearted merciful bondholder who
does own them, share alike the beneficient
blessings of wise and benignant laws justly
own unemployed citizens is ignored and
citizens of another state given the prefer
ence. We say to the laboring men of this
city, that while they are looking around to
find excuses for deserting the only party
that ever practically befriended them,
it would be prudent and proper to look a
little into the proceedings of these very
exemplary good republican friends of tbeir's
right here at home. That very nice young
man, the nephew of an old public teal
sucker and the seven by nine republican
editor, may be the sweetest of sycophants
so long as they can hold their own little ax
to the grind stone, but with all their
professions of ardent love for workingmen
they don't advise the mayof and council to
furnish our own city laborers with work in
preference to citizens of other places. Oh
no, that don't concern the sharpening o
their little ax.
Harry Robinson's minstrels in Dart's
Jail to-night.
Don't tou want about $20,000 worth
of the, new city bonds ? w w
Dedication, banquet and ball at Odd
Fellow Hall this evening. . . ,
Democratic primary next Saturday
evening at the court house.
Citizens wishine to invest their money
in the new city bonds should leave word
with Mayor Butler or the city cleric by tne
15th. : ; - 'i I'
Congressman Hiram Price, from the
district across the crtek, has secured the
appointment of Robert, son of Dr R. J.
....... u it i laiTAnnnvl no a tninsntn-
man in tbe navy. D U N h K
Wait & Walker, at Reynolds, have aUU 111 1 Lll i
large force of carpenters at work on a
building in which will be placed a large
hay press. The building will be 62 feet
square and 40 feet in height.
Under the head of "Remarkable" the
Kewanee Independent says: "The Rock
Island Union, in a brief paragraph, give
the principal points in the new constitu
tion of the state of Georgia without a
single word of abuse."
The lawn party on the Mercy Hospital
grounds, in Davenport, yesterday after
noon and evening, for the benefit of
Magdalen Asyium, was largely attended
by the elite oi this city, and many who had
purchased tickets werennabe to attend.
All whs were present pronounce theanair
decided success financially and other
Two ladies, in a buggy, were driving
along Second avenue last evening, and
when at the corner ot Jlitghteenth street,
their horse ran over Mr. Henry Dart, who
was crossing the street, and being near
sighted, did not see the animal in time to
get out of the way. His miuries were
slight. There was considerable excitement
over tbe arlair tor a tew minutes.
-Many of our workmen complain that
Davenport teams and Milan workmen are
employed on the repairs on our city bridges
at bouth llock Island. Mayor Butler
should see that when efficient Rock Island
teamsters and laborers can be employed
they should be given the job m, preference
to outside workmen. There is considerable
grumbling about this matter, and the
mayor would do well to inquire into it.
Isaac B. Lambert and Daniel McFar
land, two young and promising attorneya
of Peoria, and a bummer named "Dock"
Palmer, have been arrested in that city for
attempting to swindle an old lady named
Koezier out of an 80-acre farm. As all
of the young men tell different stories
about the transaction, and Mrs. Koozier
tells an entire different one from all of
them, the casebooks pretty blue for the
May well be called the
m ihbi
: "... :..s
y m
li- 3 ....
For it received
Were Sold in this City last
Season by
Opp. Harper Hott;.
Special Meeticg---Of5cial Report.
City Council Room, Rock Island,
Sept. 12, 1877, 7:30 P. M. Council met
in spscial session. Present: Mayor Butler,
and Aldermen O'JJeil, Lundy, Schlemmer
Simmons, Woods, Davis and Warnock
Absent; Alderman t-arse, lluoer and
Mayor Butler stated the reason for cal
ing the meeting was to take action cn th
subject of dividing Rock Island township
into two separate townships.
The following resolution was offered an
carried.on motion ot Alderman Schlemmer
Be it Resolved, By the city council ot
the city .1 Rock Island, That the bard of
i I -a 1 I t
supervisors ot tne county o m.k-k lMumi
bo requested to t.rgauizo the territory em
braced Within the Ijuats it the city t!
Rock Island as a separate town.
Alderman Lundy t ilVred the following
ordinance which was adopted bytheloi-
lowing vote, uu motion of Alderman Davis:
Yeas Aldermen LunJy, Simmons,
Davis, and Warnock 4.
Nays Aldermen 'O'Neil, Schlemmer
and Woods 3.
Be it ordained by the city council of the
city of liock Island: That the funding
bonds to be issued iu pursuance of the
ordinance passed Sept. 6, 1877, shall be
exempt from taxation by the city of Rock
Islaud for the period of five years; and
that the coupons of said funding bouds be
received for city taxes or liceuses for six
months prior to their maturity.
The commissioners appointed to examine
and make estimates ot the cost ot con
structing a sewer on Twenty third street,
reported that a sewer made of nine inch
pipe, as named in specifications, would
cost about $3,625.08; but that the res
ident property owners on lwenty third
street preferred a stone culvert, 2j foet
bottom and 3 feet high.
Alderman Davis moved that the report
be accepted, and that the City Kngineer be
instructed to see said property owners and
make an estimate of the cost ot such a
sewer as they want Carried.
An ordinance for the construction of
thirteen additional sidewalks was read.
Alderman Lundy moved its adoption.
Alderman O'Neil moved to amend by
referring it to a committee of two Coun
cilmen. O'Neil's amendment was lost by
the following vote:
Yeas O'Neil, Woods and Warnock 3
Nays Lundy, Schlemmer, Simmons and
Alderman Lundy's motion was then
Alderman Lundy moved that the City
Engineer be instructed to have stone
broken by the yard, thus giving employ
ment to laborers out of work. Carried,
John L. Reed, City Clerk.
St. Louis Pair.
Rock Island, Sept. 1, 1877.
Round trip tickets from Rock Island to
St. Louis and return, will be sold by the
C, B. & Q. road during the present month,
at $10.80 each, on the following dates:
Sept 10th and 11th good until Sept 17th.
" 24th and 25th " " Oct 1st,
M 29th to Oct. 6th (inclusive) good
until Oct. 8th.
9-ldtd C. P. Dana, Agent
Diamonds and Pearls. Eyes bright
as diamonds should be supplemented by
teeth white as pearls, and this latter ele
ment of beauty can be secured by using
Sozodont. If brushed at night and morn
ing, this fragrant vegetable preparation is
guaranteed to preserve the soundness of
the teeth, and prevent tluir turning yellow.
Each day, in all dwellings, Spalding's
Giu is needed.
Acknowledged to be the best there is made, fiir
Economy, Durability and General Good Qualities.
It mil Bake and Cook with 1-3 les fuel than aay
other Cook Stove is the market.
For Sale by FEED HASS,
Star lilocR, opposite uarper xiouse.
Pennsylvania White Lead Works.
The Original "B. A. FAHNESTOCK LEAD.'
I hereby inform my triends that I have
le-'.iveu. S nun tin iii lu.iii os!uiate at
Sim r rtine.isiNi the v . A itit,,t mmt.ui that
my bt-f'Ved brother, John Jens, was
drowned at sea, near San F ranctsco. on
November 18, lS7o', as mate ou the coast
ing schooner Sarah, fie wa 24 years of
age. Ld. Jens.
on reverse of keg.
Howe's concentrated syrup, the great
blood purifier, aud ague cure and tonic
bitters, can be had cf Bengston and
Dr. Sabine's "Indian Vegetable Cough
Syrup" is the infallible remedy tor coughs,
colds, hoarseness, and all diseases of the
bronchial organs. Try a bottle. For
sale by druggists generally. 6-4dly.
The celebrated Peoria show cases;
cheaper than any other in the market.
Quality guawnted. Workmanship un
surpassed. Rob't G.Lutke, manufacturer,
Peoria, Ills., Field Bros., agents, Rock
Island, Ills. 5-10diy
Jjodille s iieadache specific comes to
our city with a reputation second to no
other article before the public. Cures
headache in five to twenty minutes. Only
tU cents at lengston s.
In 1814 the B. A. FABNKSTOCK & CO.. brand of White Lead wa flirt offered o ttie trade, and
was soon acknowledged as the Standard poh FrKrrv. Whiteness. Covebino Properties and
Durability, which position It attll maintains.
un January ibi, ibm, tne Drand was cuanged to
wmcn cnange was considered necessary to protect purchasers acamet imitating and closely resembliiijr
NOTICE. Having recently entered largely into the-refiniug of Pig Lead, our Patrons will hereafter
in order to avoid confusion and insure prompt attention to orders and inxuiries, please address to C. F
WELLS & CO., Pittsburc, Pa., all communications relatihs to the FAHNESTOCK. TtASLKTT
SCHWARTZ and "PENNSYLVANIA AU11K LEAD COMPANY" brauds of White Lead. Red Lead,
and all products of the PENSSYLNANIA WHITE LEAD WORKS,
PlUsbnrerh, Pa.. Fob. 39lh, 18T9. J. K. SCHWARTZ, Pres't.
Havinsr, during the past year, ltcreaied the facilities and product of the PENNSYLVANIA WHITE
LK MJ WORKS, we are prepared to funiish promptly, either direct or through the leading Wholesale
ueaiers, me
We Invite the attention of dealers to this brand with the assurance that the onalitv will at all times
be maintained at its old standard of strict parity and excellence. C. I". WETIS & CO.,
Pittsburgh, January, 1S77. Office 42 Fifth Avenue.
SS?"For Sale in Rcx-k Island by JOHN BENGSTOJN ; and In Davenport by Dessaint & Nutting,
Circuit; Court.
The Whiteside liquor case still occupies
the time of of the court. David Merritt,
a witness for the defense, was the cause
of a good deal of merriment on account of
his comical answers to questions but the
thing soon became monotonous,and he was
severely reprimanded by the court.
Lafayette Robinson plead guilty to
assault upon Mitchell Huntley, and tbe
court fined him $10 and costs. He was
released as it was thought Le had been
punished enough rbeing in jail for the
past two, months.
The following orders have been entered
on the chancery docket:
Laura Beaver vs. James Beavers
Divorce; dismissed by complainant
judgement against her for costs.
Martha barker vs. VV m. Parkerdivorce
and injunction Bill filed, and on, motion
of complainant's solicitors thereonj injunc
tion awarded to restrain defendant from
disposing of real estate and government
bonds mentioned; no bond required of com
Funeral of Mrs. Mary Eaton.
The funeral of Mrs. Mary Eaton, who
died early yesterday morning, of dropsy,
took place at 1 0 o'clock this forenoon from
the residence of Mrs. Charlotte Plunk, on
Third avenue. The services were con
ducted by Rev. J. R. Findley, pastor of
the Central Presbyterian church, of which
deceased was a member. The pall-hear
ers were Messrs. A, K. Philleo, James
Johnston, Wm. Dixon, L. B. Requa and
Robert Don, The body was interred in
Chippianock Cemetery, by theSsideJof her
son, the late Lieut, Joseph Eaton. '
British & Mercantile
bULPHURS the thing to banish
eruption?, complexioual blemishes, sores,
gout, and rheumatism. This great
remedial agent is effectually and inexpen
sively embodied in Glenn's Sulphur Soap,
which is lust as beneficial a.s costly sul
phur baths. Sold by druggists.
Hill's Hair and Whisker Dye, black or
brown, 50c.
The richest, most lasting, yet most deli-
n.at.f nf all norfn mna fVtr noa rr tha tmrtJ .
ttdLosses Paid in 68 Ye-ars, - $25,079,810.00
relieves weakness, fatigue, prostration.
nervousness, and headache. Look out for
counterfeits; alwavs ask for the Florida
Water prepared by the sole proprietors, j
Messrs. Lanman & Kemp, New York. For
sale by Perfumers, Druggistand Fancy
vrooua jeaiers.
Of London and Edinburgh.
Fire Surplus and Beserve Fund the Largest of
any Comp'y doing business in the U, S.
Applications received and policies issued by
E. W HURST, Resident Agent.
Popular illustrated book (260 pages) on
Impediments to Marriage; the cause and j
cure. Sent securely sealed, cost-paid, for
au cents, by DR. v. Whittier. 617 St.
Charles street, St. Louis, Mo., the great
specialist. Head nis wort.
Chow Cases.
F. A. LKHMANN, Solicitor of PatentB, Wa' ,.
, . , . -.vu. i,u i dj, OtUU JOT VJ' pnlar
Pazzoni's Chemical Balm Hair Restor
ative. To preserve and beautify the
human hair. What it will do. Prevents
the hair falling out Increases the growth
and beauty of the hair. Retains the hair
in any desired form. Prevents the hair
from turning grey. Prevents and entirely
eradicates dandruff. Heals pimples and
keeps the head delightfully cool The
hair becomes rich, soft and glossy. Per
fectly clean and will not soil the hat. Pos
sesses an exquisite fragrance, and as a
dressing has no equal. Price 50 cents and
$1 per bottle, Sold by all druggists. .
For Sale, l
Calve, at m v stoet farm, nt M5AM . LP
arrer.4 mil, vii.T' " ugricw, on ttocn
. ..... uv au.v. '
A 111
' JW.
E'liilH' IRK TALOTT, Associate
The bert A?" .w"HT, A. m , Principals.
Prepares for rden?,y or bo'8 ,n h Northwest.
attrScUvl I -f v,co!leS? ?;' bumneeB. Location
A Sure Thino. Dr. Hunter's SneciSc W tf nVIKhS tIlI
- a 1 1( i L- ' Til! . 1 "1 " am. a.
and Injection No. 1 are warranted to mire CookCo-lll5j,oi-
tne Uonnorhcea, Ulect,Chordee,Strictures,
disease of tho kidneys, bladder and
urinary organs of males and 'females.
Dr. Hunter's Specific No. 2 is & sure
remedy for the Spermatorrhoea, Seminal
weakness, niehtly emissions, the loss of
power, caused by self-abuse or excessive
indulgence. Price of Dr. Hunter's Specific,
$2 per bottle; Injection, , $1 per bottle.
oens every waere by eioresa. Dr. J .
rime uuiiU -it f n
Dinsbeer, sole proprietor. No- 508. North I SJSlwf5! T Purit s5reD8th ad w
Seventh street, St. Louis, Mo. Send two y pu mi P pickJei for
stamps tor treatise.
Cure cnarantpAd n.
muucjr rCiuuuea. r jyr. wmeneer will treat I ftntf I ocra tiso and tsn
aU chromic diseases, and furnish medicines I fjreei '&omeWnx
for less money than anv other nhvuiAian , R "?e AS8ntta a town.
St Louis. Write or calL For sale by al
draggiats, ;; : , &
ew! Only
IK IUoetrated Catalogue. Ad drew,
,,' -W. W. BISHOP
. lw8 Madison Ueet,caiCAGK,
Safer to the Editor ol Aoe. . , . "
In the City. Send for Price List.
J. E. BERBY, Prop.,
90 State Street,
(Saeeor to J, It. ZEIGLali.)
MannXacturere of
SridiV CAStS!
37 & Hamilton Street, - PEOPIA, IU
Correspondaace solicited and orders prompt,
filled. KOBBBT G. LLTSB.
' FIELDBK08., Agenta. Kock Ialaod.

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