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Twenty-Sixtli Year.
Bock Island, Illinois, Saturdav, September 15, 1877.
Established Oct 18, 185)
in ill ,
Railroad Time Table.
41 9.00 . m. ; 4:S0 IMtt.; andtt:85p. m. Trains
arrive from west M above,
At 5:40 a.Jm.; 10:10 a. m., and 8:00 p. to. Train
arrive from the east at above.
pouuhcd .
Day Express snd Mai' 9:05 a a :00 An
MttrhtExpross 1li:lS r m 5:50pm
The tiltfht express leaving Rock Ti-land every
Sunday night at 10:15 connect withtho train arri
ving in Ctucairo early Monday moraine. No lay
over check given on throng'i tickets from Rock
slana to Chicago. Toror.gb. tickets only god on !
At 8 r0 a. m. and 6:15 p. m. dally,
4t9:Wa,m. daily, and 9:13 p.m.
btxeliho mnrs lxati
at 4:30 p. m.
At 10:40 a.m.
Thro'hFht 50 a.m. Oalva Ac. 1:3s a.m.
MlAEx. 8 -00 p.m. Mail & Ex. 1:05 p.m.
Oalva Ac ;30p. ra. ThrohF'ht 4:00 p.m.
rnu iw pa tram mates close connection at
fislva with C B A Q for potnta west: arriving at
Galestmrg at 5:00 p m; at Burlington 7:15 p m; at
Keokuk 6:85 pin; and at Unincy 9:40 ptn; also
making close connection at Peor a with I B W
ana i r w roads lor all points east and south.
0 Q O Cf - O O
t 7WefrapAf to A BodtTtland Argu:
Bucharest, Sept 14 Friday night:
A correspondent writes as follows: "1 left
battle field before Plevna at noon yester
day. The two redoubts, taken by Gen.
Skokeleff on Tuesday evening, were held
twenty-tour hours, W ednesday the Turks
made six attacks, and finally, about six in
the evening, drove bim out - He lost three
cannon which he had placed in the re
doubt, U asked for reinforcements sev
eral times, but Geo. Levitsky refused
them, thinking Gen. Skobeleff had
enough men -to hold ihe redoubt. Fi
nally, Gen. Krieloff on his own re
sponsibility, sent the remnant of a
regiment which had attacked the lower
The Ausable Nails
are Hammered Hot. and the
Jlimshing atllfr Pointing . redoubt near Vlevna, and whose effective
socz island ft kes:eil CO.. fi. s.
Leave RockTsland at 9:00 a.m.. and 4:00 p. m. Ar
riving at Cable at 11:10 a. m., and :00 p. ni.
Crave Cable at 6:80 a. m., and 19:45 p. m. Arriving
at Rock Island at 8:90 a. m., and 3 :00 p. m.
No. 1.903 Second Ave N. side Union Square,
Merchant Tailors I
assorted stock of
and French. Cassiraeres,
Diagonals, Worsted Suitings, Beavers, ,
Doeskins, etc., etc.
UPA.l work guaranteed and prices reasonable.
ClT?rTTl A rpTYWr
In Wall Street.
500,000 b as been made ia a single investment
$liM. This ox coarse is au extraordinary ocenr
rence: but ordinarily 5 can realize say (25,000.
Kvuu sums as low as (1 can be safely invested,wbcn
tavnrable result can show a pront of fo.uiu.
Circulars giving fnll information sent free by ad
rtressine TAU)R A CO. Bankers.
No. 11 Wall St., N.Y.
S25,S5Q,S1GD, S20Q, S50Q.
Th reliable lionse of ALEX. FROTH IN Oil AM
ft CO.. No. 13 Wall street. New York publish a
handsome eight pace weekly paper, called the
Weekly Financial Keport, which tcey send free to
any address. In addition tf a large number of edi
torials on financial and olher topics, it contains
ery full and accurate reports of the sales and
standing of every stock, bond and security dealt in
al the Stock Exchange. Messrs. Frothinoham A
Co., art; exten-ive brokers of large experience and
tried integrity. In addition to their stock broker
sue business, they sell what are termed "PrMHgeH"
of "Puts and Calls," now one of the favorite meth
ods of legitimate speculation. Their advice is val
iialile, and by following it many have made for
knes. New York Metropolis.
Cement, Plaster, &c.
are done Cold, thus Imitating
the Process of Making Naite hi
Haiul. Quality is fully Guaranteed.
For sale by aU leading Iron ami hard
ware houses.
' 85 Chambers St., New York.
that the Arabians attained a height In the knowl
edge of medicine which caused the whole world to
wonder and admire. With them the science of
chemistry had its birth, and it is, theretpre, not at
ail strange that a people so eminently snccessfnl in
I the healing art, and so persevering and daring in
character, should, by actual and untiring experi
ment, discover remedies far surpassing in efflcacy
all others, for the cure of those diseases incident to
tnemirom tnelrmodeof life. The greater part of
their time being spent Jn hazardous and bloody
warfare with the ditfe.-ent tribes, they were subject
to th most violent attacks of rheumatism, paralys
is, neuralgic pains, and various inflammatory dis
eases, as also the most horid wounds, sprains brui
ses, tumors, swellings, diseases of the joints, etc.
All these diseases they were so surprisingly effi
cient in enring, that the uninitiated looked with
wonder and attribmed their skill to the powers of
Is a composition of balsams and oils, from rare
plants pecnliar to this country, and It was by the
nse of the articles composing this great remedy
that not only their physicians, but even the wild
Arabs of the desert were enabled to nerform such
miraculous cures. Tne Arab steed is world-re-
nownea lor nis oeautuul symmetry ol form, bis
nninrpassedtpeed and agility, and the incredible
fatigne it Is capable of endnrfng. Why Is it? Be-
cause from the time of his birth his limbs are care
fully watched, and upon the first appearance of
disease the magic lotion Is applied, and ench things
as confirmed sweeny, poll-evil, fistula, ringbone.
scratches, spavin, lameness, etc., etc., are nnknown.
The same result will follow in all cases where II.
O. Fan-ell's Genuine Arabian Liniment is used in
time. Therefore delay not in procuring a good
supply of It, for every dollar spent in it will save
you twenty, and a great deal of suffering, if not
your life.
strength was reuueed to 1,000 men utterly
unfit to go into battle. Even this regiment
arrived a few minutes too late and another
regiment sent from the headquarters of
tno statt to reinforce him arrived when
Gen. Skobeleff already had retreated.
The loss of these redoubts is disastrous
for Russian attack, as it seems, that the
Russians in possession of these two re
double, and Grivica redoubt, had counted
ODon resuming the offensive immediately;
This now is impossible until the arrival oi
reinforcements. When I left the battle
field the Russians were etili in possession
of the Grivica redoubt, which was under
a continual heavy fire from the Turks.
This redoubt was visited by Col. Willisley,
who says it is heaped full of dead Russians
and Roumanians.
Shumla, Friday, Sept,. 15. Osman
Pasha has attacked the Russians in great
force at Dubnit, on the road from Plevna
to Sofia, where they had fortified them
selves in order to prevent his receiving
report. The Russians were badlv beaten
nd have lost several thousand men. be
sides nine guns. -
St. Petersburg. Sent. 15. The ftus-
sian police have discovered a Nihilist con
spiracy to assasinate the Czar on the
battle field.
London, Sept, 15. A dispatch from
Ghent reports the destruction by fire, of
the military hospital. It is believed every
body was removed safely.
The Republican Nominations.
The Volks-Zeitung of this city says.
in its Wednesday's paper, in regard to the
republican county nominations:
"As to the nominations the ticket is al
most throughout a not verv commendable
one. Mr. Adams has not got the necessary
experience and firmness for the county
ludgeship; that he, after having co-oper
ated in the address of the bar against
party.nominations for the judgeship, shows
a strange inconsistency. Lie is not the
equal in legal learning to the independent
candidate, Blanding. That the present
county clerk, Cook, has been re-nominated
is a disregard to the citizens and taxpayers-
It is well known, that his deputy.
Webster, does all the business with his
assistants and that Cook knows little, if
anything, about it; also that he got more
pay allowed for assistant clerks than was
allowed before. Running against him is
Capr. August Titnui (at the request of
many friends), a man of a generally
acknowledged ability, who can attend to
the duties o( the office himself. .That he is
preferable to Cook need hardly be mention
ed. Mr. Sturgeon is competent for the
office of school superintendent.but he does
not bestow the uecessary time to it. and
therefore a change in office would be
desirable iu the interest of our schools.
Parents cannot be too careful in guard
ing the health of their Babies- Only a
good and reliable medicine should be given
to them. Dr. Bull's Baby Syrup is known
not to contain anything injurious. Price
25 cen's.
UrcHARns & SoBBnacK's Drug and Book Store
opposite First National Btnk, where aU orders
can be left for the Abqds, and where all Moline
business is transacted by O. J. Beardslee. Busi
ness notices should be handed in by no?n to en
sure publication the same day.
Jauks Ci.ark,
F. D. Meacham,
Asa't feec'y.
Manufacturers of
Louisville and TJtica
And Dealers In
The public are cautioned against another tonn
tor.Vlt, which has lately made its appearance.called
W. B. Fan-ell's Arabian Liniment, the most danger
ous of a'.l the counterfeits, because his having the
name of Fan-ell, many will buy it in good faith,
without the knowledge that a counterfeit exists,
and they will perhaps only discover their error
when the spurious mixture has wrought its evil ef
fects. The genuine article is manufactured only by II.
G. Karrel, sole inventor and proprietor, and whole
sale druggist. No. 17 Main street, Peoria, Illinois,
to whom-all applications for Agencies must be ad
dressed. Be snre vou petit with the letters tl. G.
before Farrell's ttiHS II. G. FARRELL'S and his
signature on the wrsppcr, all other are counterfeits.
Sold by all nrncgists and by regular authorized
agents throticliotit the United States.
C2Price 25 and Nl cents, and $1 wr bottle.
AtiESTS WANTED in every town, village and
hamlet in the United Statss, in which one is not al
ready established. Adnress II. O. Farrell a? above,
accompanied wifh good character, responsibility,
for the Curb of Consumption, Covens and Colbs.
The great virtue of -this medicine Is that it ripens
the matter and throws it out of the system, purities
the blood and thus effects a cure.
Schbnck'8 Sea Weed Tome, ron the Cvre or
9 Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Ac.
The Tonic produces a healthy action of the stom
ach, creating an appetite, forming chyle, and cu
ring tne most obstinate cases 01 tnuigesuon.
Liver Complaint, &c.
These Pills are alterative, and produce a healthy
action of the liver without the least danger, as they
are free from calomel, and yet more efficacious in
restoring a healthy action to t'ue liver.
These remedies are a certain cure for Consump
tion, as the Pulmonic Syrup ripens the matter and
purifies the blood. The Mandrake Pills act upon
the liver, create a healthy bile, and remove all dis
eases of the liver, often a cause of Consumption.
The Sea Weed Tonic gives tone and stiengih to the
Supposed Robbery and Murder of E. i
Dyer of Pittsburgh, near Columbus,
Columbus, Aug. 15. E. C. Dyer, of
Pitisburg. drew $1,947 from the bank in
this city, yesterday, and lett for Grove
Port in this city to purchase some cattle.
This morcing.upon the river bank.six miles
btiow this city, a boy picked up a pocket
book containing a few dollars, and near by
a comb, tooth brush and part of a vest.
which have eeen identified as the property
of Dyer. Close to the place where they
were found there is eyery evidcuce of a
severe struggle and as nothing can be
learned as to his whereabouts, he is sup
posed o have been robbed and murdered.
A farmer s wife in the vicinity says she
heard ecreams in that direction.
K Murderer Arrested. Re Acknowledges
the Deed.
UMAHA, ier., iept. i&. James noa.-h,
who murdered bis traveling companion at
Brooks, Iowa, the nisht of the J 1th. was
captured at Hopkins, Mo., yesterday. He
acknowledges the deed but claims his com
pMtiinii struck hiui with k monkey wrench
and that he retaliated; that he does nut
know the name of his victim. He was
taken to the Clorinda, Iowa, jail to await
the action of the grand jury.
Weatner Probabilities.
Washington, Sept. 15. The Signal
Service observations taken at 10 o'clock
this forenoon indicate the following weather
probabilities for this afternoon and to
Indications? for the upper Mississippi
nnd lower Missouri valley: northwest to
southeast winds, rising barometer, cooler,
followed by warmer clear weather; the
rivers will remain stationary eycept slight
rise in upper Mississippi.
Akron and Portland Cements, rh;0ffi
No. 08 Market Street, CHICAGO.
E. G. Frazlcr and Port Byron Lime Association, i
ST0RAGE&.ckSS!0M i
health circulation of healthv blond. The com
btned action of these medicines, as thus explained,
will cure every case of Consumption, if taken jn
time, and the use of the medicines persevered in.
Dr. Schenck is professional at his principal of
fice, corner Sixth and Arch streets. Philadelphia,
every Monday, where all letters for advice must be
addressed. Schenck's medicines for sale by all
County Treasurer In Ohio Arrested for
Sobbing1 His) Own Office. Senator
Morton's Condition.
Cincinnati, Sept. 15. Lewis Myers,
couBty treasurer, from whose office, at
Wapakonetta, Ohio, some $30,000 is
claimed to have been taken on the night
of September the 6th, was, yesterday.
arrested, charged with complicity in the
A dispatch from Richmond. Indiana,
this noon, states Senator Morton's condi
tion is unchanged.
Grain in Sight.
The Chicago Journal says that Cnicago
elevators as per official figures contain 311,
184 bushels of wheat; 078,794 bushels of
corn: 382.578 bushels of oats; 96,524 bush
els of rye, and 189,298 bushels of barley,
making a grand total of, 1,65S,378 bushels
against 1,783,423 bushels one week ago,
and 3,130,583 bushels at this period last
Milwaukee warehouses are stored with
213,003 bushels of wheat; 19,445 bushels
of corn; 24,216 bushels of oats; 9,280 bush
els ot rye, and 123,193 bushels ot barley.
ine wneat crop ot the United states in
1873 was 281,254,700 bushels; in 1S74,
309,102,700 bushels; in 1875,282,136,000
bushels; in 1876, 256,000,000 bushels, and
this year the figure is placed at 325,000,000
Grain in New York and Brooklyn ware
houses, September 8. 1877: Wheat, 247,-
808 bushels; corn, 2,049, 885 bushels; oats,
1 23,478 bushels; rye, 37,201 bushels; bar
ley. 24.409 bushels; malt, 359,189 bushels.
Oram in sight in the states and Canada
Sept. 1, 1877: Wheat. 4.346 537 bush
els; corn, 12,038,370 bushels; oats, 2,625,-
721 bushels; barley, 330,045 bushels; mak
ing a total of 19,976,589 bushels, agaiost
18.697.536 bushels the week previous.
Exports from leading seaboard ports last
week include 55,616 barrels of flour: 916
638 bushels of wheat; 1,188,528 bushels of
corn; 1,075 bushelsof oats; 136,257 bushels
of rye; 4,89S bushelsof barley; 1,925 bush
els of peas; 2,587 barrels of pork; 6,139,-
046 pounds of bacon, 6,4S0,119 pounds of
The New York Sun very gravely remarks
that "Ohio has been so shamefully neglect
ed in the division of federal plunder that
it is a real relief to find one of her sons just
appointed surveyor general of Montana, io
place of the old soldier, Ges. A. J. Smith,
removed. This incident teaches that if
Ohio will only be patient, she may yet get
ner shara ot the spoils. Mason, the new
appointee, is said to be a personal friend of
Mr. Hayes, and what, if possible, is yet
more enviable arelative of W. K. Rogers,
the moral Machiavelli of private secreta
Caution to the Public We under
stand there are unprincipled grocers and
dealers who palm off on unwary purchas
ers Yeast Powder in bulk, or loose, for
the genuine Dooley's Yeast Powder.
tfor the protection ot housekeepers and
thc'public generally, we are authorized to
state that the genuine Dooley's Yeast
Powder is sold io cans. Always refuse
to take it except in cans, securely labeled.
The fac-simile signature of Doolet &
Brother, the manufactures, is plainly
printed on each label.
Caucus at Reese' Hall to-night &t
Freja Hall had been previously eogaged
for a dance to-night.consequently the place
of holding the caucus has been changed to
Reese's Hall instead of Freja as was an
nounced. Let there be a good attendance.
SS5Good smokers at Buck's smoking
room, two for a nickle. 15dlt
' BMr. Yates, who has the waterworks
contract, will commence work the first cf
next weik.
S6F"Rosa concha" cigars, only 10 teals
the best flavor in the market, at J. S.
Buck's smoking room.
6yGeo, II. Edwards and wife returned
home yesterday from a summer's sojourn
among the western wilds.
J8The Pilgrim poison case will cccapy
the circuit court next week, and witnesses
have been notified to be on hand.
BTimbers for the roof arc being put
up on th Richards & Sohrbeck and Elm
sted and Okerburg brick building.
BThe "Princess" smoking tobacco at
Hannecke's is the best in the market, as
is his stock of 5 and 10 cent cigars- dl t
feaTA steam pipe bust in the Moline
ow Co.'s engine, room th"i3 morning,
necessitating a suspension ol work lor one
day at least.
Q t-Preacb.ing at the Congregational
church to-morrow by the pastor, at 10:30
m- and i :30 p. m. Morning subject.
'Saul's conversion." Evening, '"Padding
under the arm pits."
"Binding of every description done
at close figures at The Argus bindery.
All kinds of printing cheaper than else
where in the three cities. First class work
guaranteed. tf.
fSfJim Suitor was arrested again this
morning and lodged io the calaboose for
getting drunk and going to his mother in-
aw s and abusing that lad?. Jim is a
superfluity Moline could well dispense with.
tgyPeterKoeeberg and bis newly made
wife returned Thursday from an excur
sion up the Mississippi river. Mr. Knee
bzrs has a neat cottage tlmost completed
on Lincoln street, which he will occupy in a
few weeks.
E. 2,
Twelve Years
Gentlemen : About twelve years ago, while
traveling witn Father Kemp's Old Folka Ooncert
Troupe as a tenor singer, I took a severe cold and
was laid up at Newark, N. J. This cold brought
on a severe attack of Catarrh, which I battled with
every known remedy for four weeks without avail
and was finally obliged to give up a most desirable
position and return home unable to sing a note.
For three years afterwards I was unable to sing at
alf. The first attack of Catarrh had left my nasal
organs and throat so sensitive that the slightest
cold would bring on a fresh attack, leaving me
Droel rated. In this way I continued to suffer. The
last attack., the severest I ever had, was terrible. I
suffered the most excruciating pain 4 1,1 7 bead,
wm an hoarse as to be scarcel v able to speak, and
coughing incessantly. I thought I was going into
nnirtr consumption. nd l flnnlv believe tnat naa
these symptoms - continued without relief they
would have rendered me an easv victim, wnen in
this distressing condition, I commenced the nse of
luctantlv.I confess, as I had tried all theadvertised
remedies without benefit The nrst dose of this
wonderful medicine gave me the greatest relief. It
is hardly possib:e for one whose bead aches, eyes
ache who can scarcel v articulate distinctly on ac
count of the choking accumulations in his throat.
io realize how mucn renel l ontainea irom tne nrsi
application of Sanpord's Radical Cork, under
lis influence, both internal and external, I rapidly
recovered, and by an occasional nse of the remedy
since have been entirely free from Catarrh, for the
first time in twelve years.
Respectfully vonrs,
Waltham, Mass., Jan. 8th, 1976.
P. S.-1 purchased the Radical Cure of GEORGE
H. ROGERS, Drnggist, Rumford Building.
SULrnuR's the thiug to banish
eruptions, complexional blemishes, sores,
gout and rheumatism. This great
remedial agent is effectually and inexpen
sively embodied in Glenn's Sulphur Soap,
which is just as beneficial as costly sul
phur baths. Sold by druggists.
Hills Hair and Whisker Dye, black or
brown, 50c.
Rock Island Market.
Rock Ist-AND, Sept
Winter Wheat flour, $ bbl. wholesale.
Patent Flour. "
XXXX Sprinir, " " ' ..
Second quality " "
Kye Hour, rt arncr's Mill
Cornmeal, "
Retail one dollar above these prices.
Good Minresota XXX Warner's Mill, retail
New Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes ..
White Beans (navy)
Eggs ft doz
Butter Choice Dairy, lb
cneese, n
Honey , ,
7 00
8 00
8 00
5 00
4 00
4 40
tl 00
1 00
30 80
1 00
1 50
For Catarrli
HAS worked a revolution in the treatment of Ca
tarrh. It has demonstrated beyond all doubt
that this disease, even in its severest forms, is cure
able and that comfort and happiness may be made
Io follow years of misery, years of suffering, by a
persistent use of it. The method of treatment or
lginsted by Dr snford. viz: the local and consti
tutional by a remedy prepared, by distillation, is
the only one ever offered to the public that will
bear the test of time.
ganford's Radical Cure
Is Prepared lj Distillation.
EVERY plant and herb that yields its medical
essence to it I- placed In n improved still and
there minded with a solvent liqnid.which.by heat,
is made to pass over into the receiver, bearing with
it the healing essence or juices of these plains and
herbs, free from everv contamitiHtion. nure and
colorless. Thus the active, medical constituents
of thousands of pounds of biros may be condensed
into a very small compass. In this way Sak
foud's Radical Ccre is divested of the nauseating.
wonniess leaiures Ol an otuer remecoes, wniie its
cur itive properties are increased tenfold. It is
positively the great' st medical triumph of the age.
Each package contains Dr. Sanford's Imprred
Inhaling Tnbe, with full dlrec'ions for nse in all
cases. Price f 1,00. For sale by all wholesale and
retail drnggists throughout the United States.
WEEKS & POTTER, General Agents and Whole
sale Druggists, Boston.
Gives a splendid gloss and finish to all starched
goods, making them whiter and clearer ttan
wax or anything else, and prevents the iron from
sticking. Trial bottle free.
Put np in 4-oz bottles, price 15c. Sold by Gro
cers and Druggists.
A. I. MATHEWS & CO.. 85 Murray St., N. Y.
in the frmteit Blood nemeav ol tne affe. A
rrtler. Hcrofula, I'lcere, BoiU. Pimplu, Mid all"
Rlnnrt it hah, Tlia to its wonaerim powars.
Pure Blood tbe gumrsnt of bollh. Head :
' It ovred mxj aoa or KKiroiBia. f. nrov,
Patrnmiiu. a. " II ourad kit oblki f Urtlv- 4
B."Mri.ll.9m4luer. Larimm.Pa. PrtM $1.'
L K. RKLLKR8 CO.. Proc t. PUMborih, Pm.
b genuine nan mr name en bottom of wrapper.
IIarrisburg, Sept. 15. The Phila
delphia & Erie mail train north, due at
Munci, L a at 7:45, collided with a freight
train near there this morning. The bag
gage and express cars with their contents
were destroyed by. fire. Ihe express
messenger, Jacob Stimmon and the
engineer, Wm, Attick were burned to death
in the wreck, lwo cars were ournea
I and several coal oil tanks were also burned.
Murder In a Hurry to Die.
iRASBURG.Vt.Sept. 15. The jury in the
Hayden wife murder case rendered a ver
dict of murder in the first degree. The
prisoner requested immediate sentence and
execution. The sentence was deferred.
Is the most effectual remedy sold, is a luxury to
use, gives the best satisfaction, gives instant relief,
will not erease or stain the most delicate fabric.
has a pleasant and refreshine olot. It will imme
diately relieve and cure Rheumatism, Chronic and
Acute; Neuraleia and Catarrh, lle2daclie and
Swelled Face, Sore Throat, Sprains and Bruises,
Bunions and Chilblains, Eruptions of tne &Kin,
Pain in Chest, Back or Limbs, Burns and Scalds.
For sale bv all Tm(rBistt.
More Conscience Fond.
Washington, Sept, 15-. The Secretary
of the Treasury received to-day from New
I ork from an unknown person $7,551 tor
an error in income returns for '65 and '66,
and omission m 70, and he placed the
same to the credit of the conscience fund.
Who Ever Heard of a Woman Horse Thief?
Council Bluffs, Aug. 15. A woman,
riving the name of Jennie Snyder, from
Moline. Ills., was arrested here yesterday
on charge of stealing a horse and buggy at
Davenport, Iowa. Ihe property was re
covered at the same time. This is the
first instance of a woman being arrested
for such a crime.
That Disease Breads Disease.
Is a notorious fact. It is therefore ofvital
importance to check maladies in their birth,
ere they have a chance to develop other
and more dangerous disorders. As a
weans of checking complaints which, if
allowed to proceed, finally disorder the en
tire system, Hostetter's Stomach Bitters
a medicine the use of which cannot be
too strongly urged upon the sick and feeble.
The physical functions are regulated by it,
it insures the acquisition of vigor by the
debilitated, and it substitutes a cbeerful
condition of mind for gloom and despon
dency. Dyspepsia, constipation, liver com
plaint, and kidney and bladder troubles
yield to its remedial influence; it counter
acts a tendency to gout and rheumatism.
and invigorates the nerves. Moreover, it
is derived from purely botanical sources,
and in tnis, as in every otner respect, is
superior to the mineral remedies of the
Diamonds and Pearls. Eyes bright
i t i j i i
as aiamonas snouia oe supplemented vy
teeth white as pearls, and this latter ele
ment ot beauty can be secured by using
Sozodont If brushed at night and morn
ine. this fragrant vegetable preparation is
guaranteed to preserve the soundness of
the teeth, and prevent thtir turning yellow.
Each day, in all dwellings, Spalding s
Glue is needed.
in quantity by their perfect purity and great
utrength; the only kinds made by a prac
tical Chemist and Physician, with scientific
care to insure uniformity, healthfulness, deli
cacy and freedom from all injurious substan
ee. They are far superior to the common
adulterated kinds. Obtain the genuine. Ob
serve our Trade Marks as above, " Cream"
leaking Powder, "Hand and Cornucopia."
liny the Baking Powder only in cans securely
labelled. Many have been deceived in loose
or bulk Powder sold as Dr. Price's.
Manufactured onlv by
Chicago. aSu Lcml and Cincitmali.
Of Chicago, Ills., j
We have the CHOICEST and LARGEST stock
of FINE WOOIJiJS in rALb Aii bii"'"
weights for u j'IUMLKN eversnowu uuuti u
oof oa this continent. -LADIES'
RIDING HABITS and Servants' Livery
made to measure.
SHIRTS made to measure.
"Wedding Toilet a Specialty. 5
T.C.O ittvt DISCOUNT on all garments
paid for within five days from receipt of goods.
tSTClergymcn 10 per cent, uibcouui. ,
tjuircc im-i STANDARD THE HIGHEST. I . .j t T.",nlr, J
ttM Hit SWT DISCOUNT till bepLlst. Unc u -u
He Probably Tells the Truth.
New York, Sept. 15. Tweed was be
fore the aldermanic committee aud gave
some further testimony regarding the ring
frauds and legislative crookedness in con
nection therewith he said he knew of cei-
tain senators being bribed.
Funeral of rather Mooney at Hew Tore
New York. Sent 15. The funeral of
Rev. Thos. Mooney, the well known pastor
i of St, Bridget s Catholic church, who died
Thursday from injuries received by being
thrown from his carriage, occurred to-day.
There was an imposing ceremony.
Wabash Avenue cor. Monroe, VHICAGO,
West Foint Candidate.
Omaha. Sept 15. An examination of
youn9 gentlemen for the appointment to
n - - - . aw m i fir vi
West romt, iroro congressman w eicr,s
in tbe
Wakely, of this city.
pes He
Apples 2 00 bbl
ttaaisne " bunch
Rhubarb 25 " "
Turnips 25 " "
Beets 25 "
Peas B0 $ bu.
String Beans 50 "
Peaches 60S0 box
Blue Berries 4 90 bu
Watermelons Tr3 1 00 $ doz
Cattle Common, per ca t. 8 003 50
Hogs Live, per cwt 4 T5
Calves Live, per cwt 4 005 00
Sheep Live, per cwt 4 50
Lard 1012V4
Green Cured 6SW
Dry Flint 12
Green Country 7 8
Green Calf 1011
Damaged, scored or grubby X price,
Branded, 10 c off.
Chickens, live 2 25. 50 doz
Timothy, ton $5 00 00
Pratric, " s r.a4 so
Slousrh, " 8 CO
Hickory, cord B 25C15 50
Oak , " 4 5U&5 00
Market Square
At Yards
The commendations of those who have
been its guests is the best advertisement
for the American House, Boston. Ibis
great Hotel is centrally and conveniently
located, is supplied with ah modern lm
provements and is a most desirable bouse
tor visitors to Boston. '.:..
Popular illustrated book (260 pages) on
Impediments to Marriage; the cause and
cure. Sent securely sealed-, post-paid, for
50 cents, by DR. C. Whittieb, 617 St.
Charles street, St. Louis, Mo. . the great
specialist. Head his work.
A democratic majority of forty in tbe
legislature of California is the first fruits o!
the election of 1877. It is ominous of
good, Thanks are also due to Messrs.
Hayes, Schurz, and Key for not having
taken their circus to California before this
election. If they bad been there, tbe anti
fraud majority would have become incon
veniently large. - ; " j -
New York Market.
Nbw York, Sept. 13
Gold-1 03!.
Money -2k.
Governments Firm.
U.S. Bonds V ctnt 6-20's 18S1 ..1.10
- ito ni w ...l.us
1867 1.07.
" " 1868...'. .1.09?,
U.S. 10.40's 1.08J,
new o-s i.o,
Vnrrency 6's l.K
Wheat Vic beltsr; mainly at call: 1 80&ai 31 Si
No 2 spring Sept : No 2 winter red Sept 1 40 bid : 1
Vt asked.
Corn Firmei; G&ltSS7 mixed western.
Oats- Steady: 37(38 mixed western.
Pork-Firm ; IS 25.
Lard Steady ; 9 (Hl9 02V4.
Whisky 1 12.
Chicago Market.
Chicaoo, Sept. 15.
Wheat Firm and higher; 1 11 cash; 1 074 Sept
corn Firm ana niener; 43 casn; 43ft uct.
Oats Firm; 244 cash; 24ft Oct.
Pork Weak and lower; 12 50 cash or Oct.
Lard Strong ; 7 75 cash.
Whisky -1 09.
Hogs Receipts 6.000; fairly active: light 5 50
05 ; common to choice heavy : o wots 60.
Cattle Very quiet: receipts l.tiUO; fancy 605
fair to choice shippers 4 40525; stockers and
feeders 3 00&5 00.
St. IaOtxis Market.
St. Louis. Sept. 15.
Wheat-Excited and higher: No 2 red 1 21(31 21',
cash; 1 20ft3,l WH sept; 1 l.l bid cash.
Com Easier; 4lJig,41$ cash; iita,ti Oct.
Oats Easier; 28. ,
Rye--55)4. '
WMsky-1 09.
Pork-13 00.
Lard-9 00.
Hogs Receipts WX).
Milwaukee Market.
M'twitui. Sept. 15.
Wheat-hUher; 1 11 cash ; 1 Sept; 1 03
Oct; Mo 8, 107.
Corn 4314.
Oats Firm;
Rye 58H, .
Barley 5. ,
For Sale or Exchange.
I addition cheap, or exchange It for a smaller pi ace
and eorno cat h. Imorovements new and coinnlete.
Call on me or on Connelly A McNuaL attoraeyMor
particulars. - ,
ld6t ! :v. JlM ' JOS. H.KXBB.
Horse Shoe Nails
AH Nails are made ot tbe Lett
and Warranted perfect and ready for driving.
tB Orders filled promptly and at the lowest
rates by
1 Electricity !
, N Electro-Galvanic Battery, combined with the
celebrated Medicated Porous Plaster, formina
the grandest curative ai?ent In the world of medi
cine, and utterly surpassing all other Plasters here
tofore in use. They accomplish more in one week
than the old Plasters in a whole year. They do not
pauiaie, iney ilbe.
Messrs. Weeks & Potteb: Gentlemen. Yonr
uoluns' oltaic plasteb is a wonderful remedy.
I have suffered with a weak and painful back more
than eight years before I sent for yonr Collins' Vol
ute Plaster. The pain reached from mv back to
my sides and hips. My left side and hip are feeling
very well, but I think I require another Plaster for
my right side. I am so much improved that I can
walk and stand, but before I got your Plaster I was
unaoie 10 waia or siana.
Respectfully yours,
Mrs. Richard Gormax
Lynchburg, Va., July 22, 1876.
P. S. Since I finished mv letter some of mv
neighbors have come in and wish me to send for
some more of your Plasters. I am recommending
tnem to ail my friends. Please send me six of yonr
vouins voiwic riasiere. unclosed nna Si. 25.
Mrs. Gobm an.
Sold by all Druggists for 45 cents each. Sent to
any partof the United StatesandCanadason receipt
01 zo cents lor one, f 1.25 lor six, or f 2.25 for twelve,
oy wa.ii.a.sdtr'urTEJi. Proprietors, Boston.
V,, jjt Manufacturers of
And General
l A ! I I Kl AsUaMss.a
mini mumiciy,
gpAlso.Portable Mills for Ke-
kvj 1 ni" 1 u r raiuuuugv, Brew
ery, Mall House and Distil
lery Machinery; Cast Iron
Mills for Coffee, Spice and
Farm use; Corn Sheller,
Steam Engines. Horse Powers, etc.
63 South Canal Street,
bend for circular.
X. id UN
ill Wrights I
Contractors & Builders
Have rnoTED, tz.oh Tna most
ample experience, an entire rtjecem. Simpl,
Prompt, Efficient and ItelinUe. They are the only
medicines perfectly ndapted to popular use so
simple that mistakes cannot be made in uatng
them; so harmless as to be free from danger; aod
o efficient as to be alwaya reliable. They have
the highest commendation from, all, and will
nlways rtJiider satisfaction.
No Cures, Cents;
5. ers congestion. Inflammations, . .
5. Worms, Worm Fever, Worm Colic, . .
. Cry in;-Co He, or Teething of Infants, .
4. Iiarrhsut, of Children or AdalU, . .
t. yeentery Griping, Bilious Colic, . ,
6. Ctoolera-Morbus, Vomitinj?. ...
k , .IJ. 1 ' , . D"
8. rVearalrta.
D. Headaches, Sick Headache, VertiBO.
.a ti:i: n . w '
loo th ache, Faceacho,
10. Iyspepala, Bilious Stomach.
11. ft oppressed, or Painful Periods. . .
12. Whites, too Profuse Periods, . . . .
13. Croup. Cough, lilhult Brea&infr, . .
14. Salt Bhconi, Erysipelas, Krnptiaas, .
15. Rheaunatiain. Lbeumntie Pains, . .
IS. Fever and Ajpie, Chill Fever, Aram,
17. Piles, blind ox bleeding, ......
18. Ophthalm y and bore or Weak Eyes, .
19. Catarrh, acute or chronic. Influenza, .
SO. Whooplng-Coaela, violent eougha, .
11. Asthma, oppressed Breailiirur, . . .
12. liar discharges, impaired hearing, .
15. Nerofnla, enlarg-oa (Hands. Kwellinga, .
14. Cieiaeral Debility, physical Weakness. .
25. lFropsyand scanty Secretions, . . . .
16. (sea-Sickness, sickness from riding, .
17. Ktdnev-IMsease. Omrel, . . . . .
H. Oiervoaa Debility, Seminal Weakness
or involuntary discharges, . . . . .100
19. Sore Month, Conker, ... . SO
SO, Crtnary Weakness, wetting the bed, . SO
11. Painful Periods, with Spasms, . a SO
12. Disease of Heart, palpitation, ete.100
S3. EpUepeey. Spasms, St. Vitus' Dance, .100
84. Diphtheria, ulcerated sore throat, . . SO i
15. C'hronle tTongeetlona aad EraptMna, S .
, Vials, SO cents, (except 24, J3 aud Ml, . $1 04
' ' ' rAXIXT CASES. '
Caso (Morocco) with above 33 large vials an.t ;
Manual of directions. - . . . fio 00
Caso (Morocco) of 20 large viols and Book, (Hi
Single Boxes and Vials as above.
43-These remedies are sent by the
eaao or single box to any part mt the
conn try, free Of charge, on rvceipt of
price. Address .
Humphreys . , . '
Homeopathic Medicine Co.. ,
Office and Depot, 109 Fulton street. New York ,
Sold In Rock Island by Benser A Thomas, Otto
urojan, vpeiaei. ana it. nreanert mwf
Of all descrlptlons.'of
Mill Machinery.
Drccats and Specifications for Flooring Mills
Saw Mills, Distilleries and Grain Elevator irade
out on short notice. Are prepared to take eon-
tracts for building and machinery, and give p ison
al attention to a be details of construction. Re
pairs of all kinds .omptly attended to whether or
dered by mail or in person.
At the old stand ot H Brooks, (new No.,) 556 No
18 . Washington street, PEOiilA, ILL
AiMiw. Isw-)r-Hvr.ft4
1 j0 Tbj
Bryant' "New Improved" Keete's
Patent Adiuatabl. Sumeil lttm mrm
takinr the place of all other. Tfcercaa
n Krmwa into vwa nates or Mea mm
ingie utnn. KBOOCao IK raica.
ITkADS MA K.I Evenrbadr will bur theaa. Caa be teat
bjr naU Ink. ana Brushes sad everything in Stencil stock.
Sole aiaaafectuse of the wonderful " bLos'DLN CYKU-
aad 50 other Afcott' fast aelUas article.. " Forume
Chart." etc. Gyroscopes Bailed far k cts. Sansle Chart. Men.
Send postal cud for lull particulars. M. B. 1 am amoga
aaeaa aud. aad caa himish prosiptly any article wasted by
aarcaa amuen, ot Amencaa or roreira
. U BKi : ANT, Sol Mix. an Wasiutujloa-u. Chicagr,
SnowWhitsSlcss forlAundryPtrpcssa
1mm.'.'.J a I - r ' I is'
I iiiijjruvtju .. t,orn o.arcn. '
Coats bo more than the common articles called
Gloss and Cora Starch, whle are made by rottiati
the grain and restoring the putrid si all wtia poUsh
and lime.
i . FAsale ty thaTrada ge as rally, ;- "

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