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r wenty-Seventh. Year.
Rock Island, niinois, Friday, November 9f 1877.
Established Oct 18, 1861
V $osvm vJ
' rosici'8 ceo utki oil unt.
rEOSraiTlcfUIB, tcm frMtm.
I Uss, toiisi, Brtscsitis til fcntihu J
cihum. id mrtrmiw innl ;
Uss sea Mt rt It, I wlO, m rsoshj ,
it i
"It Is not a Tile, nauseous compound, which
simpiv purees the bowels, bat a cafe, pleasant
remedy, which is sure to purify the blood, and
thereby restore the health."
"8trikes at the root of disease bj purifying
the blood, restoring the liver and kidneys to
healthy action.tnvlgoratlng the whole system"
"Does not resolve iuvsllds into false hopes by
purging and creating a fictitious appetite, but
assists nature in cleansing and purifying the
whole system, leading the patient surely to
perfect health."
"Was looked upon as an experiment for some
time by some of our best physicians, but those
most incredulous are now its most ardent friends
and supporters, and are prescribing it in their
"Instead of being a puffed up medic!ne,it bat
worked Its way up to its present astonishing sue
cess by actual merit,in etirin
Diooa, stomach, liver and
er nature."
ill diseases of the
Sidneys, of what-
"Is acknowledged and recommended by phy
sicians to be the best purifier of the blood yet
discovered, and thousands rpeak io its praise
who have been restored to health by them.""
Comments of leading Newspapers on
Hop Bitters.
Test Hop Cough Cure & Pah Belief
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j " ' "'Sdvj&W 1 " "or
8 6 7 8 9 " IO
17 W Si SI ?
The Ausablo Nails
are Hammered Hot, and the
Finishing and Pointing
are done Cold, thus Imitating
the Process of Making Nails by
Hand. Quality is fully Guaranteed.
For Bale by all leading Iron and hard
ware Louses.
85 Chamber! 6t New York.
IHHMliysimH & BUM
"In the wonderful medicine to which the Afflicted
arc above directed for relief, the discoverer be
lieves he has combined in harmony more of Na
ture's sovereign curative properties, which God
baa instilled into too vegetable kingdom for heal
ing the sick, than were ever before combined in
one medicine. The evidence of this fact is found in
the great variety of most obstinate diseases which
it bos been found to conquer. In the cure of
Bronchitis), Kevr Coaihs, and the early
stages of Consumption, it lias astonished the
medical faculty, anil eminent physicians pro
nounce It the greatest medical discovery of the
age. While it cures the severest Coughs, it
strengthens the system and pnrifiou the
blood. Bv its irreat and thorough blood-nurifv-
ine properties, it cures all llomort, from tt'io
worst Scrof ola to a common Blotch, Plra
Fie, or sumption. Mercurial tiisense, A!mei;ii
oisons, and their effects, are eradicated, itnd
vigorous health and a sound constitution estab
lished. Eryaipelaa, Salt-rheum, fever
Sores. Scaly or Hough Skin, in short, all
the numerous diseases caused by bad Mood, are
conquered by this powerful, purifying, and in
vigorating medicine.
If von feel dull, drowsr, debilitated, have sallow
color of skin, or yellowish brown spots on face or
bodv, frequent headache or dizziness, bad taste in
mouth. Internal heator dulls alternated with hot
flushes, low spirits, and gloomy forebodings, ir-
rcmilar appetite, and tongue coaled, vou are
suffering from Torpid Li ver. r Rllloao
Iinss." In many cases of Liver Coin
plaint" only part of these svmptoms nrc ex
perienced. As a remedy for all such case. lir.
i-icrce's tiniacn Medical uiscoverv nas no equal,
as it effect perfect cures, leaving Uie uvi
strengthened and healthy.
WE DAILY HEAR of the moat astonlahlncr rnres
being effected by that great and popular medicine,
we 1 genuine H G. FARRKLL'4 ARABIAN LINI
MENT, and we can trulv sav.froni our own knowl
edge, that no medicine ever discovered has per
formed the same wonderful cures, that It has, both
ia man and beast, and it is equally good for both,
which makes it so truly valuable. It is therefore
hailed by the suffering as the greatest blessing of
the age, and no one would ever allow hlaisslf to be
without this sovereign balm, who had once wit
nessed its magic power over disease, and its won
derful potency in relieving pain, however severe,
in a few minute' time. We earnestly desire you
to call upon the ajrent, who will furnish you, f tee
of charge, a small book containing, besides other
valuable information, a larg list of certificates
from many of the most respectable persons, of
cures effected by this celebrated medicine, which
surely are enough to convince the most skeptical of
its transcendent virtues. We notice several certifl
cates of rheumatism cured after the patient had
suffered every thing but death for five to twenty
years. Also cases ofparalysis, or loss of use of the
limbs, where the flesh bad withered, leaving noth
ing apparently but dried skin ann bone, presenting
so horid a spectacle that their FRIENDS LOOKED
UPON TagM. APALLKD while physicians pro
to relieve. It is the most efficacious remedy known
for borne, sprains, wounds, bruises, chilblains.
nenralgia, toothache, bites of insects and reptiles,
sore throat, sore or weak eyes, tumors, sun pain,
etc., etc.; and is used with unbounded success in
most of the ailments of horaes and cattle, such as
sweeny, fracy, sprains, bruises, wounds, stiff neck
and joints, lameness, swellings, galls or chafes, sore
eyes, partial blindness, etc. If used in the begin
ning of fistula, poll-evil, ringbone and spavin, it
will luvariably slop their further progress. Every
family should keep tkis valuable medicine on haud
ready for any emergency.
The public are cautioned against another coun
terfeit, "which has lately made its appearance,called
w. is. rurreii's Arablau Liniment, tue most danger
ous of all the counterfeits, because his having the
name o b an 11, many will buy it in good raltu.
without the knowledge that a counterfeit exists,
and they will perhaps only discover their error
when the spurious mixture has wrought its evil effects.
The genuine article is manufactured only by H.
G. Farrel, sole inventor and proprietor, and whole
sale druggist. No. 17 Main Btreet, Peoria, Illinois,
to whom an applications (or Agencies must re ad
dressed. Be sure you pet it with the letters H. G.
before Farrell's thus II. G. FARRELL'S and his
signature on the wrapper, all other are counter-
Sold by all druggists and by regular authorized
agents throughout the United States.
layrnce ana so cents, ana 91 per oonie.
AGENTS WANTED in every town, village and
hamlet In the United Mains, in which one is not al
ready established. Address H. G. Farrell as above,
accompanied with good character, responsibility,
leaving the liver
Trepared by R V. Pir.RCE, VI. Tt 8ole
Proprietor, at the World's Dispensauv,
BuOulo, . 1.
This I
.Hasal.Iniectcr, ; 1
OB' - k' : i
Consumption can be Cared.
Are the only medicine that will cure Pulmonary
Frequently medicines that will stop a cough will
occasion the death of the patient; they lock up the
liver, stop the circulation ot tne Diooa, nemorrnage
follows, and in fact they clog the action of the very
organs that caused the cough .
Liver complaint ana uyspejreia are ice causes ni
two-thirds the cases of Consumption. .Many per
sons complain of a dull pain in the side, consti pa-
ton, coated tongue, pain in tne snouiner Diaae,
feelings of drowsiness and restlessuess. the food
lying heavily on the stomach, accompanied with
acidity and telching up of wind.
These symptoms usually originate irom a uiBor
dered condition of the stomach or a torpid liver.
Persons so affected, if they Uke one or two Heavy
colds, and if the cough in these cases be suddenly
checked, will find the stomach and liver cloggeu,
remaining torpid and inactive, and almost before
they are aware the lungs are a mass of sores, and
ulcerated, tne result 01 wnicn is ueatn.
Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup Is an expectorant
I which does not contain opium or anything calcula
ted to check a cough suddenly.
ftchenck's Sea Weed Tonic dissolves the lood.
mixes with the gastric Juices ot the stomach, aids
digestion, and creates a ravtnous appetite.
When tne bowels are costive, skin sallow, or the
symptoms otherwise of a bilious tendency .Schencks
Mandrake Pills are required.
These medicines are prepara onty Dy o. 11.
Schenck A Son, N. 3. corner Sixth and Arch sts.,
Philadelphia, and are for sale by all druggist.
Tblgrap4d to tht Boek Island Argui.
war REwe, ;
Calcutta, Nov. 9? Masaulmao's ud
the countrj are much excited at the news
of RaBsiao victories; '
London, Nov. 9. Dispatch from Pera
8ayn, linazi Mukhtar - Fasha telegraphs
uoder date of November 6th that he still
hopes to be abie to holdErzerono. lie has
plenty of artillery and munitions, and
large reinforcements are on thrir way to
London. Nov. 9. The striking masons
say they are prepared lor a conference
with employers, with a view to settlement
of differences.
Arrived: SteamshiD Nevada from New
London, Nov. 9. At the Liverpool
autumn meeting to-day the great
Lancashire handicap was won by Arbitra
tor, with White Bait second, and Hesper
Paris, Nov. 9. The census of 1876
gives the population of France as 36.905,
783. Jose Olozea, a brother of the Spanish
statesman, Salustiano Olozga, and pro
gressist leader is dead.
Eemoval of Sitting; Bull and Hia Band
Tne Oil Warrior SSakca a Speech.
New York. Nov. 9. A Fort Walsh
letter dated Nov. 1st says: Sitting Bull's
future home is to be on the Deer river.
He and his band will be securely guarded
by police,but the most efficient watch over
him will be that of his neighbors the Black
feet. Plain Crees, Red Deer river i much
favored by buffalo and smaller came and
Sitting Bull will find good market for skins
at Hudson Bay Co. Three days ago he
was told by Col, Mclcad that he was to
hold himself in readiness to be on the
move to his new quarters, and that the
queen had, throogh her servant at Ottawa,
provided a good home for him where he
could live iu peace. Silting Bull made an
eloquent reply, saying; 1 came to you in
the first place because I was being hard
pressed by enemies that broke their treat
ies wilh my people, aud when I rose up
and fought, nut against them but for or
rights as the first people od this part of
the earth, they pursued me like a dog and
would have hung me to a tree. They are
not just; they drive us into war and then
seek to punish us for 6ghting; that is not
houest, the queen would not do that.
After thanking the queen he said, tell
her that my people will be good. 1 will
take my people to the Red Deer country,
and now I declare before you that I will
not make any trouble or annoy you or give
pain to the queen. I will be quiet; I will
never fight on your soil unless you ask me
to help you; then I will fight. Place me
where you like, I will be at peace in Cana
da, but you, who are brave soldiers and
not treaty breakers, thieves asd murder
ers, you would think me a coward if 1 did
not die fighting the Americans; therefore.
while 1 go to lied Deer now to liv at
peace, (here the speaker almost shrieked.)
"1 will come back when my braves are
stronger; if they will not come with me 1
will come alone and fight the Americans
until death. You I love, tbem 1 hate, and
your queen's soldiers would despise me if I
did not hate them. That is all. I am
ready to bo with, you to the Red Deer.
Washington, Nov. 8 Among the bills
introduced were the following:.
4 By Beck, authorizing the payment of all
custom duties ia legal tender notes. Re
ferred to committee on finance.
By' Dawes, relating to jurisdiction of
district corts in territory of Utah in mat
ters of divorce. Referred to the committee
on judiciary.
The vice-president appointed Kirkwood
member ot oommittee on foreign relations;
In gal Is to committee on privileges and
elections, and Saunders on railroads to fill
vacancies on those committees occasioned
by the death of Senator Morton.
Mitchell, Oregon, submitted a resolution
declaring Waldlegh, of New Hampshere.
chairman of committee on elections, vice
Morton dfceased, and it was agreed to.
The senate then at 1 o'clock went into
executive session.
Washington, Nov. 9. Rev. D. W.
Harrison was elected chaplain of the house.
Swann, chairman committee od foreign
affairs, presented a communication from
the secretary of state io referrence to the
Paris exposition. They estimate the ex
penses of American representative at
$225,000. Ordered printed and recom
mitted. Swann also presented a communication
from the secretary of the state regarding
the distribution of awards made by the
convention between United States and
Mexico. Recommitted.
Atkins, chairman of the apppropriation
committee, reported a bill tor settlement
of accounts of workingmen for excess of
eight hours labor. Recommitted.
The house then went into committee of
the whole, Oox, of New York, in the chair,
on the army appropriation bill.
All propositions to the aru;y bill, in the line
of reduction or limitation of recruiting has
been voted down by small majorities. Re
cruiting ia now limited to a force of 25,-000
Welsh Confirmed as Minister to England
Washington, Nov. 9. The senate has
confirmed the nomination of John Welsh
as minister to England.
lbe nnnmmation of Win. Cassiua Good-
loe, of Kentucky, as minister to the Neth
erlands, in place of James Birney, has
been determined on by the president, and
will be made soon.
Welsh's nomination was reported from
the foreign relations committee with a
unanimous recommendatian that it be
confirmed, and it was confirmed without
debate or any dissenting vote.
i he Kcuate committee on judiciary were
to have bad a meeting to uav. but as there
was no quorum preseut, no action was ta
ken on the nomination tit Gen. Harlan to
be associate justice of the supreme court.
1 he nomination of Robert H. Crittenden
to be U. S. u.arshal for Kentucky, which
was acted upon by the committee at their
last meetioe. was reported favorably to
the senate to-day.
Political Notes'.
Tom Nast elected McCIellan governor of
New Jersey by twelve or thirteen,thousand
majority. He attempted to make game of
that peculiar domestic institution. "Jersey
lightning," and the pride of all genuine
Jerseymen resented the irrevent treat
ment of their household gdds. Tom's pen
cil if not so heavy a factor in political
arithmetic as it was. After the manner
of a rusty blunderbus, it is as likely to
knock over the man at the breech as the
Senator Conkling stood all day at the
polls in Utica, eetting an example to the
machine men, but his hyperion lock was
out of curl, his patrican nose out of joint
As to Pennsylvania, Don will say it was
Hayes, and Hayes will say it was Don; but
tbe democrats will rake in the persimmons.
Rings did not fare well in the recent
elections in Illinois. One of the worst
beaten of all the rings was the Springfield
state bomse nog, whose laboriously con
trived game to grab another large appro
priation te finish the state house was over
whelmingly defeated. The state has
nothing more for the state house commis
sioners to do. It has decided not to trust
them with the disbursement of any more
"The army is the nueleus of civilization,"
says Gen. Sherman. "'Without its pro
tection there would be a west without pop
ulation or development," This is wild
talk even tor Tecumseh Sherman. The
army at the west has on many occasions
been a nucleus chiefly for rapacious traders
and thieving government contractors and
agents. Under its protection the Indians
have been plundered, treaties with them
violated, peaceful tribes driven to revolt,
and a feeling engendered destined to ren
der the task of future negotiations with
them doubly difficult.
Full returns from Wisconsin will not be
received for a day or two, a large part of
the state lying beyond the telegraph. The
majority for the republican governor will
probably be about five thousand,
For some weeks there was a dismal ap
prehension among the republicans that
they would lose the state of Massachusetts
in Tuesday's election. The outcome ef the
ballot-boxes proved that the fear was
not well founded, but the majority was re
duced to thirteen or fourteen thousand a
figure low enough to justify doubts as to
the future stability of the party ascendancy
in the Bay state. And if Massachusetts
should be lost, people might begin to look
next for a democrat victory io Vermont or
The political complexion of the New
York legislature just chosen is not con
clusive as to the senatorship. Mr. Conk
ft. . . . .
ung s term expires in lsy, but a new
assembly and half of the senate will be
elected next November, and the choice of
a senator will not take place until after the
meeting of the legislature thus con
structed. Still, the republicaus will have
an advantage in the majority of the hold
over senators, that may help them
materially n tne next ballot boxing is
evenly balanced.
Richards 4 Bohbbcck's Drag and Book Store
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one Agent In a town.
Illustrated Catalogues. Address
w. w. Bisnop
129 West Madison treet, CtiNJAGO.
Refer to the Editor of Auiia.
This instrument Is especially designed for thi
perfect application ot
It Is the only form ot Instrument yet invented
men uui
nasal passages, ana the chambers or cavines com-
with tt-hii'h fluid merlir.inn can he carried Ulan
and verfectlv amuied to all narts of the affected
municating therewith, in which sores and ulcers
frentieritlv exist, and from which tho catarrhal
dtscnarsre jrenernllv proceeds. The want ot suc
cess in treating Catarrh heretofore has arisen
largely from the impossibility of applying rem
edies to these cavities and cbumbers by any of the
ordinary methods. This obstacle in the way of
effecting cures is entirely overcome by the inven
tion of the Douche. Its iiko is pleasant and to
aimnle that a child can understand It. Fall and.
explicit directions) accompany each lnstru
iwnL When used Willi this instrument. Dr.
Baire'a Catarrh Remedy cures recent attacks of
fr" 9 "Cold In the Head" by a
lew applications.
Gives a splendid gloss and finish to all starched
goods, making them white a and cliaeek ttnn
wax or anything else, and prevents the iron from
ticking. Trial bottle free.
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cerg aPd Druggists.
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Camphorine !
Is the most effectual remedy sold, is a luxury to
use, gives the best satisfaction, gives instant retiei,
will not grease or stain the most delicate fabric.
has a pleasant ana reiresnine oaor. ii win imme
diately relieve and cure Khenmatism, Chronic and
Acute; Neuraleift and Catarrh, Headache and
Swelled Face, Sore Throat, Sprains and Braises,
Bnoions and Chilblains, Eruptions of the skin.
Pain in Chest, Back or Limbs, Burns and Scalds.
For sale by an urnggista.
m mm a
SyiffPTOJI 8 Frequent
headache, discharge falling into throat, some
times profuse, watery, thick mucus, purulent,
nfTnnaivo. etc- In others, a drvness. drv. watery.
weak, or innameu eves, stopping up, r uwiruv
Hon, of nasal passages, ringing in ears, deaf
ness, hawking and coughing to clear throat,
ulcerations, scabs from ulcers, voice altered,
nasal twang, offensive breath, impaired or total
deprivation of sense of smell and tasie, dizziness,
mental depression, loss of appetite, indigestion,
enlarged tonsils, tickling cough, etc Only a few
of these svmptoms are likely to b present in any
cose at one time.
Dr. Haute) Catarrh Remedy, when used
With Dr. Pterce'a Nasal Donehe, and ao
com pamed with the constitutional treatment which
is recommended in the pamphlet that wraps each
bottle of the Kemedy, is a perfect siiecittc for tbi
loathsome disease. It is mild and pleasant te
Uke, containing no strong or eauatic drugs of
pontons. The Catarrh Kemedv is old at SU ucuU,
Doucne at 6t cents, by alt Druggists.
Difficulty .Between the American Consul
and British Residents.
BAN Francisco, INov. 9. A letter to
tne unronioie trom a &amoan corres
pondent, gives another version of the re
cent events there, and states that Griffin,
the American consnl, took forcible poses
8ion of the property of G. J. Smith & Co.,
a British firm at Malalulu, for an alleged
American claim without having first sent
tne claim tnrougn tne lirmsti consul as is
customary in the absence of legal system
in the islands. The representatives of
Smith & Co., and Hunt & Cubrough, re
gained possession of the warehouse, and
the property was put under iintish sou
Pending settlement of matter, Griffin
tried to get the natives to attack the ware
house, but they declined, because he could
not raise the $2,000 they demanded for the
enterprise. A oommittee of safety has
been organized ts preserve peace.
Chicago, Nov. 9. The first Btory which
reached here concerning the bamoan is!
and trouble was-that the German and
British consuls resident at Samoan, had
been levying heavy rates of taxation and
fines upon the natives, averaging five dol
lars per male capita; that the natives bave
sent McCloud Camia, secretary of their
state, to negotiate u treaty by which tbe
islands might be placed under the pro
tection of tbe United Statec, which treaty
they unanimously favor. Ihe report con
tinucs, that on Sept. 21st an Englishman
named Hunt, with an armed band,forcibly
entered the American consulate, drove
Griffith, the consul, out by force and gave
tbe archives to Captain Wright, an Amer
ican. Hunt threatened the consul's life if
be raised the American flag. Griffith fled
for Bafety to a French gunboat in port,
whose captain kept him for four days,
when the native authorities agreed to pro
tect the American flag, and Griffith was
sent ashore with a guard under American
and French flags. The assailants have not
vet been discovered, and a circumstantial
account of the matter has been forwarded
to Washington.
Fight Between Mexicans and Indians.
GXlviston, Texas, No 9. -A San
Antonio special says, information received
here that on the 9th of October a party of
Mexicans, eighty beven in number, under
command of Don Narcisco Arrago, of San
Carlos, of Mexico, had a battle in Texas,
near Guadalopo mountains with a party of
Indians who had been depredating in
Mexico, near Chihuahua, killing six.
bucks, capturing six squaws and
sixty-eight head ot stock stolen from the
reople living near San Diego, in Mexico.
These Indians were from Fort Stanton
reservation in New Mexico, on the Amer
ican side of the Rio Grande, The Indians
killed were provided with reservation
blankets and other articles from lbe U. S.
government. The scalps were taken to
Del Norte, in Mexico, as was the stock,
which was identified by the owners of the
1HB Argus job Printing Kooms
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A Railroad President Arrested for Tearing
up track and impeding' Traffic.
Newport, Vt, Nov. 9. The trouble
between the Passumpaic and South East
ern roads is further advanced by the arrest
of Emmons Raymond, president of the
Passumpiac. His hearing takes place this
afternoon. The charge is for causing tne
tearing up of track, impeding traffic and
transmission of U. S. mails.
Camden, N. J., Nov. 9. The carriage
works of Charles S. Caffrey burned this
morning. Loss $1 00,000 ;insuxed $81,700.
Weatasx Probabilities.
Washington, . Nov. 9. The Signal
Service observations taken at 10 o'clock
this forenoon indicate tbe following weather
probabilities for this afternoon and to
Indications for the upper Mississippi and
lower Missouri valleys: clearing weather,
cold northerly shifting to warmer souther
ly winds, rising followed by falhog barom
Seoovsrlng tie Cable.
Portsmouth, N. IH., Nov. 9. The
steamer Mima, succeeded yesterday iu
picking up the broken ends of the direct
cable, and buoyed tho same. Tbe wind
was blowing heavily at the time and the
cable parted again, breaking the grapnels.
Operations will ba resumed as soon as the
weather permits.
Hot to get Sick.
Expose yourself day and night; eat too
much without exercise: work too hard
without rest; doctor all the time; take all
the vile nostrums advertised, and then you
will want to know
Which is answered in three words Take
lop Bitters! Seejother column.
That wasting form; that glassy, ex
pressionless eyel I hat fitful starting
eep 1 That picking of the nose with the
thin fingers ; all tell in plainer language
than peB can describe, that worms are
killing your child, whom you can save by
the timely use of Van Deusen's White
rv orm uoniections, ana tor wnicn we give
yon five good reasons for using:
1. Children eat them as they do candy,
2. They drive out worms thoroughly
without pain ;
3. Cleanse the stomach completely ;
4. Cure bowel and teething complaints;
5. Restore health and vigor give lus
tre to the eye and cheerfulness to the
Never give your children Colored
worm candy.
If the merchants in your place have not
an Deusen's Worm Confections, insist
upon tneir sending to us or where they
purchase their medicines, and get them as
they will save the lives of your darling
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Sold at every store.
The Moline guards fiance at Armory
nail to night.
fA mule team, harness and wagon
were sold at auction yesterday for $56.50.
g-G. W. C, R. W. Crampton, will
deliver a lecture at the Congregational
church this evening.
tigy Jacob Hager and Miss Emma Fer
ris were pronounced one by Magistrate
Swander last evening at the 'Squire's resi
yGo up to the congregational church
to-night and get a dish of oysters for 25
cents, or all you can eat from a well filled
table for 50 cents.
tgrThe police found a man under a car
on tne side trask last night, in such a po
sition that he must have been crushed had
the cars been moved.
jjST'Mr. M. O'Suhvan, of Davenport, a
barber of Beveral years experience, has
leased Frank Pershing's barber shop and
will continue to run it io first-class style.
4John P. Osland was arrested by
Officer Corney yesterday for being help
lessly drunk. Magistrate swander fined
him $5 and coBts. Promised to pay io one
week and was Itt off.
"A marble was shot through one of
Pierce brothers windows yesterday by an
urchin with one of those sling shots. The
arrest and infliction of a fine on a few of
them might have a salutary effect. .
"John Palmer was arrested yesterday
tor beiug drunk and exposing his person.
He was taken before Magistrate bwaoder
and fitied $5 and costs, which was sus
pended on condition that he leave town.
KaFEdward Morton and George Bausch
were arrested by Marshal Wells last night
for fightinit. This morning Magistrate
Swander fined Morton $3. and as Bausch
proved that he was only defending himself
he was discharged..
JBSy James Pierce returned from Padu-
cah, Kentucky, last evening, where he was
summoned last week by telegraph, to his
father's bedside. His father died of pneu
monia a few hours before he reached
SgCharles Gustafson will open his new
saloon, corner of Henry and White streets,
with a mtgninjeot tree lunch this evening.
Excellent music will be furnished by the
Moline Light Guard band. An immense
time is anticipated.
XSfEmma Ferris, the girl who attempt
ed suicide by taking laudanum, last sum
mcr, filed information with Magistrate
Swander yesterday, that she was soon to
become a mother, and that Jacob liagar
would be the father of the child. Hagar
was brought into court and the case was
matrimonially settled.
JEOwing to the condition of the streets
and the state of the weather, there was a
small altepdance at the Good Templar's
installation last evening. So much victuals
were left that they will continue the sup
per to-night, at the close of R. W. Cramp
ton's lecture.
ST John Brady was arrested bv Officer
Teller for disturbing the peace, entering
houses and threatening the inmates.
Magistrate Swander fined him $5 and
costs. iNo money, and was sent to the
calaboose. Brady is a hard one. and
prides himself on being a terror to tbe
Railroad Time Table.
si3Aao.socr islasts nemo s. &
, eoia cast tbjux uavb ;
at 9.00 a.m.; 4:30 p.m.; and 9:85 p. m. Trains
arrive from west ai above.
r soiire wnt taints luti
At 8:40 a Jm.; 10:10 a. m., and :00 p. a. Trala
arrive from the eaataa above. .
Day Express and Mafl..... .9:05 a u S:00 am
Nleht Express 10:15 r 6:50 rM
The night express leaving Bock Ifland every
Bandar night at 10:15 connects with the train arri
ving in Chicago early Monday morning. No lav
over checks given on throogh tickets from Bock
aland to Chicago. Through tickets only good on
this bam.
nta south mm uavx
At 8 15 a. m. and 6 :45 p. m. daily,
at 9 :45 a to. dally, and 9 :30 p. m.
At 4:80 p.m.
at 10:40 a.m.
Thro'h F'ht 6 50 a. m. Oalva Ac. 1 :36 a, m.
Mall A Ba. S-O0p. m. Mail A Kx. 1:05 p.m.
GalvaAc 8;80p. m. Thro'h F'ht 4:00 p.m.
Tbe t :00 p m train makes close connection at
Galva with CBAQtor points west; arriving at
Galesburg at 5:00 p m; at Burlington 7:15 p m; at
Keokok 9:39 pm; and at Qnlncy 9:40 pm; also
making close connection at Peor a with IBs W
and TP tW roads for all points east and sonth.
&0CS ISLAND k miS CO., 2. B.
Leave Rock Island at 9 :00 a. m.. and 4 :00 p. m. Ar
riving at Cable at 11 :10 a. m., and 8:00 p. m.
Oeave Cable at 6:30 a. mM and 19:45 p. m. Arriving
at Kock Island at 8:90 a. m., and 8:00 p. m.
In Wall Street.
f 500,000 has been made in a single investment
100. This of coarse is an extraordlnarj occur
rence; bnt ordinarily $5 can realize eay $23,000.
Even snms as low as f 1 can he safely invepted,when
favnrabl? resnlt can show a profit of $5,000.
Circulars giving fall Information sent free by ad
dressing TAYLOR & CO, Bankers,
No. 11 WallSt ,N. Y.
I The Severest
Ever Experienced
oa tlx
B. F. TIESCE, JJf. J., Prop'r,
- . . - BUfFAI.O, N.
Manufacturers of
Diamond Wire Window Guards
Fire Guards, Selves, Riddles, Screens of all Descrip
tions, and Wire Work generally.
Office, S07 Second Street, MILWAUKEE, WIS
tsT Also sole Agent for German Inseat Powder:
To all who are suffering from the errors and in
discretions of youth, nervous weakness, early de
cay, loss of manhood, Ac, I will send a recipe that
will curs you, FBEE OF CHARGE. This great
remedy was discovered by a missionary in South
America. Send a self-addressed envclcj e to the
Kiv. Josiph T. Uxan Station D, EiL.e House
New York City, ,
Impfored" Rw'
Letters ar
ieri. 1 hev can
'Wles or lifted as
Sine le Letters. REDtrcau IH l-Kit-iu
Erervbodr will buy then. Can tie lent
by !. lnk.ilB..he a yh'tj? "Sum ell ocx.
Sole niMiufecturet of tn wonderful BLONDIN GYK
SCOPE " sad so other Agerrt elHne article. Fortune
Cnr?'"" 5 cts.'sM.pij Chart. ck,
6ed JoSi rd frfcUl particular. N. B-f hj rr.n2.
rnttmade aad can furnish promptly any article wnueUfc
Scents or consumers, of American of Foreign mane.
, C SitfAOT, Soto at. WaUuaglea-at, CalsMrt.
rTfe. Bryant's "Nw
rrfrtilA talent AdiuataWe SmimmI
1 IKIAISs. Jl m ....... ,1,, ,,!. all oil
rir'Vl. be formed into Solid 1
F. A. LEEMANN, Solicitor of patents, W-aMng
ton J. C, No Patent No Pay Send for Circular.
Chicago. Nov. 9. Last Bight s storm
on tbe lake was tbe severest experienced
this season, and the boat bouses belonging
to clubs here which have withstood
previous storms, were beaten to pieces by
tbe waves.
Tbe IUiooia Central track was torn up
for some distance along the lake, and is
not vet passable. Fortuoately most of the
sailing vessels where in harbor, having
been driven in by previous accidents. The
few that were outside were roughly ued
bv wind and wave, and one small craft
went to pieces on the shore.
And Placed ia the Hands of a Beceivsr.
Concord. N. EL. Nov. 9 -Tbe Carroll
county five cents savings bank at W olf-
boro. is to be placed in the bands ot a re
ceiver. lucre is a large denciencv Detween
liabilities ' and assets, -besides shrinkage
UDon securities. The bank has been
brought to its present condition through
bad management on tbe Dart ot John vv.
Bracket, cashier, and through the neglect
i of trustees to perform their duues.
of one of the Bin Grass Bsglon
Stock M2i.
Cincinnati, Nov. 9 Benj. Groom
cattle dealer, Clark county, Kentucky,
tiled a petition in bankruptcy yesterday
liiaDilities Z178.54B; assets 130,270 in
laoas ana cattle. V arious Danks in
Lexington, Frankfort, Paris, and all
tnrougn tne ttiueurass region are among
the creditors.
Telegraph Briefs.
In the bilKard tournament which is be
log held at Murray a billiard rooms be
Louis, Thomas (iallagher, champion
Ohio, beat Anthonv Ilyser, of Indiana,
mi - a . -
inursaay nignt, in a rrencu carom
game by a score of 500 to .4.
Ihe case of Senator Patterson, requi-
aitiou haviDg been made for hitu by th
governor of South Carolina, was before
Judge Humphreys on a habeas corpus.
Jt. iv. rhoenix, of liloomiogton, owner ol
a celebrated nursery ot that city, bled
petition in baokrupty last evening. Lia
bilities, siou.ouu. llis failure is conse
quent upon that of Weed, reported last
Returns up to midnight lastnight near
ly complete, from every county iu the
state, with the official vote of 13 counties.
show a majority of 9,662 for Noyes, demo
crat, over Hart, republican, for state
Important to Persons V isitino New-
Tork. One of the best kept and most
conveiment Hotels for Merchants and
others to stop at when in New York is the
Urand Union Hotel, nearly opposite the
trrand Central Depot, kept on the Euro
pean plan you therefore only pay for
what you get. Everything is first class,
and prices moderate, adapted to the string
ency of the times. You save the expense
of carriage hire, and by leaving your bag
gage check on the counter of the Hotel,
your baggage will be delivered in your
rooms, fitteeDS minutes after the arrival
of the cars, free of expense. We advise
you to give the Grand Union a trial
Th" reliable house ot ALEX. FROTH INGHAM
fc CO., No. 12 Wall street. New York publish a
handsome eight page weekly paper, called the
Weekly Financial Report, which they send free to
any address. In addition u a large number ot edi
torials on financial and other topics, it contains
very fnll snd accurate reports of the sales and
standing of every stock, bond and security dealt in
at the Stock Exchange. Messrs. Kbothik a bam A
Co., are extensive brokers of large experience and
tried integrity. In addition to their stock broker
age business, they sell whttare termed "Prtviliges"
or "Pots and Calls,' now one of tbe favorite meth
ods of legitimate speculation. Their advice Is val
uable, and by following it many have made for
uner. New Tork Metropolis.
Dealers in Stock Privilef es, TJ. S. Bonds, Cotton
and Miscellaneous Securities, ete.
The greatest opportunity ever before of
fered for investment.
1000 dollars made from investment of
200 dollars in 30 days. Smaller amounts
invested will pay in proportion.
Investments large or email can be trebled in 30
We sell or FUECHaSi as desired 5 shares of
stocks and upward on margins of from one to two
per cent.
fW Letters of Credit and Drafts payable in any
part of Europe and America, Issued for the con
verjleuce of travelers.
Full Information sent on application.
35 ft 37 Broad St.,
P. O. Box"24S5, NEW YORK
Near Gold and Stock Exchange.
PUes-Itdiing Piles
Positively cured also Blind and Bleeding
Piles, Fistula, Salt Rheum, and all dis
eases of the Skin, by the use of
Itching Piles is generally preceded by
a moisture like perspiration producing a
very disagreeable and distressing itching,
particularly at night, alter getting warm
in bed. No humbug as a trial will prove.
For sale by all respectable druggists.
xtOSSHAN & MCtVlNSTRI", Hudson. .!..
Sent by mail for 50 cents.
For sale by all Druggists in Rockllsland
ruller & Fuller, and VanSchaack,
Stavenson & Reed, Chicago, wholesale
Taketi Up.
I weighing about 135 lbs., each. The owner can
have tbe same by paying cost, etc.
Mrs. Jones1 place. Cemetery road.
Rock Island, Nov. 9th, l877,-d3t
CARDS, 25 White and 85 a'l different, with
vour name thereon, for 10 cents and 3c stamD.
djt return mail, sure w . J. uaw.un.
71 Washington Street, BOSTON, MASS.
New Style Dilating Boots.
We have now ready Giant Honbt. Gltcekihi.
and Pink Bath Soars, to match the Bis Bath.
The Giakts are halt pounds of the finest quality,
boiled and perfumed pure soap.
Registration has been allowed In tbe United
States atent Office, under date J nlv 17, 1877. and
we offer tbem as the best value to be bad in toilet
I soaps.
Made only by
For sale by John Bengston.
So. 1.903 Second Ave X. side Union Square,
Merchant Tailors !
assorted stock of
and French Cassimeres,
Diagonals, Worsted Suitings, Beavers,
Doeskins, etc, etc
tVA-l work guaranteed and prices reasonable.
I Mannfactnrer-of
Ji artificial limbs.
Office for the North west of Dr. BIv's Celebrated
Patent Limbs, as the following will show :
RocrntsTBK. N. Y., Sept. 1, 1874.
Robert Batt, Esq.. Milwaukee, Wis.
dsab sin: ion are the only party autaonzea to
make my Patent Leers In the 'Northwest, there be
ing so one in Chicago authorized to manufacture
any oi my patents. l ours Ac,
BIt Limbs mannf aetnred oc Government orders.
Apparatus for Shortened Limbs and all Dcforml
des. For particulars address
105 Wisconsin Street Milwaukee Wis.
Cement. Plaster, &c.
James Claek,
. President.
Aset Secy.
Mannfactnrers of
Louisville and Utica
And Dealers In
Stud abovt
with outline of
foot stanain.f
boot with the ease in getting off and on and the
comfort in wearing of a laced sooe : is water tight to
the top and cannot run down as it is held up over
the swell of the calf by buckle and strap. The la-
cine in front (over water-tieht tongue) elves per'
feet control of the lit over the instep, holding the
foot firmly iu pla e and preventing all chaflnir.
They are made with broad Scotch soles and low
broad heels: hob nails on heel and ball the nails
are all rivited to be sole so that it is impossible for
them to come out; maae ot oest Knglisb gjain
leather, oil finished and water-proofed, either in
red or black, with or without hob nails as ordered
Take measures as directed Vita care and a fit and
satisfaction will te guaranteed or money refunded.
Pi ice, $14,00. Can be sect by mail, singly postage
73 cents aaaiuooai or cy express, v. U. v., every
waere. Aoaress,
801 Broadway, Nw isi.
aj aienuon uus paper.
As the time approaches for the renews! of sub
scription , TUE SUN wonld remind tbe friends
and well wishers everywhere, that it is again a can
didate for their consideration and support. Upon
its record for the past ten years It relies for a con
tinuance of the hearty sjmpathy and generous co
operation which have hitherto been extended to it
from every quarter of the Union.
The Daily Stjh is a four page sheet of 28 columns
price by mail, poet paid, 55 cents a month, or If 6.50
per year
The Sdkdat edition of Ths Scr is an eight naze
sheet of 5A columns. While givi&g tbe news of th
day, it also contains a large amount of literary and
miscellaneous matter speciai'y prepared lor It.
Tbe SrjHDAT tuv has met with great success.
Post paid $1.80 a year.
The Weekly Sun.
Who does not know Ths Wkeklt fcn? It
ctrr.nltee throughout the United States, tbe Cana
das, and beyond. Ninety thousand families grvet
its welcome pages weekly, and regard it in tbe
editorial, agricultural, and literary departments
make it essentially a journal for the family and the
nreeiae. Te.ms: Uks Dollar s year, post paid.
This price, quality considered, make it the chean-
est newspaper published. For clubs of ten. iih
$10 cash, we will send an extra copy free. Address
Akron and Portland Cements,
No. 98 Market Street, CHICAGO.
G. Frailer and Port Byron lime Association.
. J 'it i ia-- i f
.it i . jjjyi
"-' f, hi ni,-...,. in 9f "T

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