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xocx islajtd,.... xuuzaroxs.
Satnrltj. November 13. IS77.
It will ty to keep your Harness in cood
condition. Use Frank Miller's Prepared
Harness OH.
iTke Official Betnraa. '
The returns of the late county election
were canvassed, in the county clerk's office
ast evening, and are aa follows: ' ' H
In from One to Twenty Minutes,
After reading th. advertisement need any out
Suffer with pain
It wm the flrtt and 1
tht Instantly stop the most excruciating paint
ailavs Jn(lammation. and cures Congestion
whether of the Lang, Stomach, Bowels or other
glands or organ, by one application
do matter how violent or excruciating the pain, the
Rheumatic, Bed-Kldden, Infirm, Crippled, Nervous
Neuralgic or prostrated with disease mar suffer,
am a tntixo tuim to a sevirjx tubs.
Niw Yobk, Jan. 4, 1877.
DsahBir: Having for several years used your
medicines, donbtinly at first, but alter experienc
ing their efficacy with full confidence, It is no less
a pleasure than a doty to thanafally acknowledge
the advantage we have derived from them. The
pills are retorted to as ofter aa occasion requires,
and alwaya with the desired effect. The Ready
Relief cannot be better described than it is by its
name. We apply the liniment frequently and free
ly, almost invariably finding the promised "Relief"
Truly yours, (signed) THURLOW WEED.
lit. KiCWIT.
Radway's Beady Belief
Inflammation of the Kidneys, Inflammation of the
Bladder, lnnammauon or the Bowels, t'onges
tlon of the Lanes, Sore Throat, Difficult
Breathing, Palpitation of the Heart,
Hysterics, Croup, Dlptheria. Ca
tarrh. Influenza, Headache,
Toothache, Neuralgia,
Khoumatism, Cold Chills
Avne Chills.
The application of the Keady Keller to the part
or parts where the pain or difficulty exists will of'
ford ease and comfort.
Twenty drops in half a tumbler of water will in l
few minutes cure Cramps, Sprains, Sour Stomach
Heartburn, Sick Headache, Diarrhoea, Dysentery,
Qoitc, wiua in tne ttoweis, ana an internal rain
Travelers should always carry a bottle of RAD'
WAY 8 READY RELIEF with them. A few drops.
In water will prevent sickness or pains from change
of water. It Is better than French Brandy or filt
ers as a sumaiani.
Fever snd Ague cure? for fifty cents. There Is
not a remedial agent in the world that will cure
fever and ague, and all other malarious, billons,
scarlet, typhoid, yellow and other fevers (aided by
Railway's I'ills)so quick as Radway's Ready Relief.
Fifty cents per bottle.
Stronr and Pure, Rich Blood Increase of
Flosh and Weight Clear bkin and
Beautiful Complexion Secured to all.
Beat prints. 6 cents per vard at Wivill
& Co's. . . 9-d2t ;
For Rent A good house two blocks
from the postoffice. Inquire of F.
Ludolph. 8dlw
Parmenter & IIaas, Lawyers, loan
money on real estate and attend to Ger
man business. Room IS, Postoffice block,
Rock Island. 10-20d-Bw6m
We would call special attention to the
advertisement of Dr. Groves' Heart Rem
lator on Becond page as being a great
remedy for Heart Disease in all its forms.
All kinds of House and Sign Painting,
Graining, etc., with neatness and dispatch,
Give me a call. Shop on Eighteenth
street, above Third avenue.
sep3-d3m C. Juerqins.
Wide Awake Ball. The annual ball
of the Wide Awake hi.se & hook & ladder
company occurs on Wednesday evening.
Nov. 2Htb, at HiUier's Hall. Music by
John Biehl s orchestra. 7-1013415
Dime Savings. Housekeepers who
study economy in small things should use
Dooley's Yeast Powder, the best, because
perfectly pure; the cheapest, as every
package is full weight.
Wanted. A young roan who can de
posit for security $600 or $800,or lend same
to emDlover on good real estate, unin
cumbered, or go par -nrin butiness, wants
a situation. Address,
Willing to Work, Rock Island, 111
New Goods.
Zimmer & Stegeman, merchant tailors.
have again received what fall and winter
force us to like the choicest woolens, the
finest cassimeres. W hosoever likes to fee
warm in frosty season, call and get an ele
gaot suit promptly made to order. lOdtr
We Can't Talk without showing the
condition of our teeth. Lvery laugh ex
poses them. In order not to be ashamed
of them, let ns use Sozodont, which is
sure to keep them white and spotless, and
to give fragrance to every word we utter,
"United we stand," as the joined frag
ments said to Spaclding s Glue.
:1 w 2 w S w4 w 5 w6 p, Total
. Judqe. I I
Adams, B .1 1S3 90! 148 58 ISO ifi 595
Blandlng. I.S JS7 l40i 155 69 69 801 ' $19
Atwood,W.. 73 63 118 12S 96 Ul 7
Treaiurer. I
Crotnpton, R 100 82 1S6 57 181 451 651
Porter, 1 159 166 173 72 3 8 6S4
Gnnnell. W.. 81 88 111 151 98 13 491
Cook.B...... l?4i 105 118 48 190 m 559
Timm. 1 1291 116 188 Ti 6. 17 535
Stafford, W. 89; 62 172 158 103 IS 596
Sturgeon, R. 158! 134 800 65! 114 40 711
Kirkpatrick,! Wi! 87 108 6f 89' 87 423
Kramer, W.. 77 55 105; 151 129 11; 688
Morris, R.... I 151 110 158 94' 125 50 6S8
Harris, W.... I 107 96 139: 165! 118 15 636
County Judgt.
L Adams, R
VMBlanding.I ,
W H Atwood, W..
County Treasurer.
S 8 Crompton, R
BR Porter. C
O Gnnnell, W...
County Cterb.
J V Cook, R
M Stafford, W
Supt. SchooU.
M M Sturgeon, R
A Kirkpatrick, I
W A Kramer. W
W G Morris, R....
F H Harris, W.. .,
For Appropriation
1 pr 8 pr
149 853
113 191
880! S06
8801 348
l'! 809
145 801
14! 831
848; 323
893 859
66! 80
180 175!
818 899
181 800
.... 814
, Turner dance at Turner hall to-night.
The Murphy movement has struck
this city.
-The danciog club of '77-8 met at the
residence of Mrs. C. H. Smith's last even
ing. ...... - , ,
Farmers, in the city to-day, say laree
841 quantities of potatoes have been frost
bitten, and will have to be ted to the nogs.
A new survey of the C, R. L & P. is
being made. ; The surveyors have been at
work in the vicinity ot Geneseo for the
last few days. ,-. "
Last Sunday night the residence of J.
C. Wallace, in Monmouth, was entered by
burglars and robbed of about $500 worth
of jewelry and clothing.
A boy named George W. Wayward,
a step-son of H. W. JUliot, who keeps a
fish market, informs the police that he
was struck over the head with a whip-
tot'l I stock by a man on horse-back, at the head
m jof 17th street yesterday, and then robbed
804 J of about $3.
486 TH,tt i-Vilr Talon I PdArin fftilrAfij)
B2?lcomrjaov will shortly commence the erec-
? I tion of an enrine house in this place, i It
i - . .
is to be located between the two tracks in
77 their yard just west of Exchange street
and will be 28 by 65 feet in size large
tenougn to nouse rnree engines, rruui
S this we judge that the present arrangement
8c5 I OI running tueir ireiguis iruui twu uucii-
tion, so as to arrive here late at nignt ana
leave early in the morning, is expected to
be permanent. Galva Journal.
t c a &
e nan
5 . aw-.o'o ?
: 3f?:
. -i ...... .
! tv'. I '. I I ' I
5r b
? 5f
: : i M o: : Atwood.
e&.4La:Gxi'$ziK. .c tt v Porter.
cAoob;')jMou'S2 Crompton.
: : : : : : Gnnnell.
c . ggg a CD" ;
S S g " -2 2 gagftgSSgj
2 ft S 3 2S StnSSS SSS5
New Livery Stable.
James F. Copp desires to inform
friends and the public that he
opened a livery and sale stable at the
Btaod formerly occupied by A. Henry, 3d
avenue, between 16th and 17th streets,
where he will be pleased to See all the old
customers and as many new ones as ehoote
to favor hiua with their patronago. Funer
als promptly attended to.
James F. Copp.
Rook Island, Oct. 27, 1877. tf
g ti. as
Dental Notice,
Notice is hereby given, that -Drs. J. V.
Stark and W. T. Magill are our only
licensees for the use of Rubber as a base
for artificial dentures, in Rock Wand, 111
All persons are hereby cautioned against
rjurchasinfir rubber dental plates ot aoy
Has tnado tho most astonishing Cures; so quick, I parties not licensed of this company, as by
.HE? the reader tbemseives equauy
i,.iniht (liable to nrosecution tor infringement. A
n .n Tnn, rf VIouV. nnd reward will De paid lor information mat
Sarsaparislian Hesohcntl
to A,
s z s.s H s ? I a ls tt f J 2
k- " 1 CO a
OS ftft OD - t- C' fir
1 CD
Sturgeon. S
i S
Ag'st App.
For App'on
The following is the total vote of each
candidate, and the majorities.
Blanding 1760
Adams '. 1889-129
Atwood 1211
Porter 1931 41
Crompton 1890
Gunnel! 1039
Timm 1784
Weight is Seen and Felt.
The Groat Blood Purifier.
VlCNT communicates through the Blood, Sweat,
t'rlnn, ami oilier fluids and Juices of Hie system tti!
Vltfor o( Ufa, for It repair the wastes of ibe body
with new and sound material. Hcrofula, Syphilis,
Cnusuinntlon. Glandular Utseasea. Ulcers in the
Throat. Moulh. Tumors, Nodes in the Glands and
alher parts of the sysm. Sore Eyes, Strumorou
lir.liruvn from the Kara, and the worst forms of
Skin Diseases. Kruptlons. Feer Sores, Scald Head,
Rintr Worm, Salt Kheiini, Erysipelas, Acne, Ulaek
Spots, Worms In the Flesh, Tumors, Camera in the
Womb, and all WeakeniiiK and Painful Discharges.
NlL'ht Sweats, Loss of Sperm and all Wastes of the
Life Principle, are within the curative rango of thl
wonder of Modern Chemistry, and a fewdavsuse
will prove to auj person usint; it for either of these
Cook 1857 ,73
will lead to the conviction of any parties of Stafford 1194
unlawful use of our patent. Miss Kirkpatrick 1469
Boston, Nov. 5 1S77. Sturgeon 2073604
8-dlw JOSIAH KACOS. ' 1 Kramer liy&
Treas. Uoouyear l'ental v ulcante jo. 1 Morns 2o2T syb
Against appropriation
The WeatnerTo-Day.
The following shows the temperature tor appropriation 29S
at Tue Argus Urrat to-day as in
dicated tv therniouieter :
7a. H. 80 above aero li M 86 3 ahove erc
9 a. . S90 " ; 8 r. a. 42 " '
Buy Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup. It cures
California Su relay Train
The train from California going East, via
Chicago, leaves this city, to-morrow morn
hKi.oniln j reduced bv the I ins? at 9:00,
on that are continually pro- Alsn.thf! train from the East for Omaha,
sunulm thn sums ari f ii nuw
healthy biood-and this the sarhapakillian leaves this city to-morrow evening at 6:00.
lliauil aocs secure cure iscenaiu; iornen
loruia of disease its potent power to cure them.
If the imtleut. daily becoming reduced by
waste and decomposition that are continually pro
"The office of B. D. Butord & Co.'s ex
tensive plow works in this city has recently
baeo enlarged, and yesterday was the firBt
day the new ihce was used. Mr. B. D.
Buford, the president of the company is
highly esteemed by till the employes of the
works, and iu order to manifest tbeir ap-
An unoleasant passenger in a street car
is a crying baby. In such cases Dr. Bull's
Baby Syrup should be given to the attle
sufferer to e&se its troubles. 25 cents
Halford's Leicestershire Table Sauce
From the Omaha Daily Ilerald
For many years the Worcestershire
Sauce held the position in this country o
being the best and only palatable sauce
made. About ten years ago Mr. We,
Ilalford conceived the idea of making a
sauce which would supercede the Worces
tershire Sauce, which was made in Eog
land and exported to the United States.
At first he had a very up hill road to trav
el, for the English sauce had such a hold
upon tho people (hat he found it a difficult
matter to get any one to even try his
sauce, and he tolls us that for several
months after its introduction into the New
York market, the grocers would not keep
it. so determined were they in their oppo
sition to an American table sauce. Very
soon the Ilalford Leicestershire Table
Sauce gained a foot hold, for the people
g tried it and found it not only equal to, but
superior to the Worcestershire Sauce,
which cost more than double as much, and
now everything is changed, and the fancy
and staple grocers keep the Ilalford Sauce
in stock all the time.
The sales of the second year over the
first after its introduction were from $12,
000 $18,000, and they have tteadily in
creased in the same ratio ever since.
The Ilalford Leicestershire Table Sauce is
put up in half pint and pint bottles, with
handsome engraved and illuminated labels,
and in suoh shape as to suit the convenience
of the trade. We have had several years
experience in the use of sauces, relishes,
etc., and have yet to find anything equal to
bis now famous sauce, bo popular has it
become that u is largely counterfeited in
appearance and in the style of the pack
ages, therefore we would advise all to ex
ojine the bottles and see that they bear
he nan;e and trade mark of ihe Ilalford
Sauce Co. before purchasing.
Themanufacture of this sauce is now eu
tircly finder the control of the proprieor
and inventor, Mr. Wm. HalforJ, aud to
him the American people arc largely in
deotediortne only nrst-ciass sauce ever
made in America. The offices of the com
pany are at No. 28 India Wharf, where
all ordars and inquiries from the trade vill
receive prompt attention.
...,.,.. v, O'-
J - t --i.r:-?..:roLS-
H 1? 2
o 0
5 9t
U 1 o
nLzn &
n s
May well be called the
king or
once this remedy commences Us work of purines-I T , , rtT::il r-I ,r.i... .1
tlon. and succeeds In diminishing the loss of waste I iiarge PlfCS OI uret-s guou hi. iii prcciauuu ui inoi cuuciuau me? ucoiucu
L'os. va-st
it repairs wlli bo rapid, and every day the patient
will feel himself growing better and stronger, the
food dlertiiiK nettr, appetite improving, ana nesn
and wuitn increasing'
The Colorado petrified man will arrive
Not only does the Sarsapariixiak Rmolvent jn (Lia city Thursday November 22od and
tcel al! remedial agents In the Cure of v. hronlc, I , ...
Hcrofulons, Constitutional and Hkiu Diseases, out I be OO exhibition.
it Is the only positive euro for
Kidney and Bladder Complaints,
Urinary and Womb Diseases, O ravel, Diabtes,
llpiinav Krnir)ArM tit W m r.'r I nniiiitln iiatt of ITrlnn
Uri'ht's i tsease. Albuminuria, and in ail cases yesterday sentenced to two years 10 the
County Court.
Mathew Smith alias Patsy Brady, was
wheru there are brlck-dnst deposits, or the water is
thick, cloudy, mixed wllh substances like the white
of an exx, or threads like white silk, or there ls a
morbid, dark, bilious appearance, and white bone
dust -deposits, and when there ls a prlcklnir, burn
ing sensntlou when passing water, and Pain in the
Hmall of the Back and alou the Loins.
Tumor of 12 Years Growth Cured ly
Kadway $ Jiesotvent.
Bevcri Y.Maas.. July 18. 18AQ.
Dr. IIadwat: I have had Ovarian Tamor in the
ovaries and bowels. All the doctors said "there
was no help for it." I tried everything that was
recommended, but nothing helped me. I saw your
Kxsnivent, ana tnoagnt l woaia try it; nnt naa no
talth In It, because 1 had suffered for twelve years,
reform seliool. for stealinir six pairs of
stockings from McCabe's store.
Louis Smithal and John Rooney were
to give huu u pleasant surprise. v oil
the furniture of the office was being moved,
duriug the absence of Mr. Buford, a nam -
ber of the employes, headed by Supt.
Browne, quietly picked up and carried out
the old desk used so long by the honored
president of the company. When they re
turned they carried a handsome and
costly secretary and easy chair which
were placed in the president's position in
the office. The secretary was purchased
. ., . ?! .-Iftl
yesterday sent t me county law unui for lbe euiploye9 by Ajd. W. H. Lundy.in
0 clock wonaay morning ior nrcaitiDg into C1)iyag0 ? and tne chair from Doelhnger's
furniture store in this city. Ihe present
I took six bottles of tbe Kesolvcnl nnd one box of
Hadway'e I'll Is. and two bottles of your Keady Ke
lief ; and there is not a sign of tumor to be seen or
the tool house of the Hock Island and
Peoria road aod using a band car. The
charge was malicious mischief.
It Didn't; Work.
Two or three weeks ago Brother Kiner,
eaitor and prepnetor ot the ueneseo
was a complete surprise to Mr. Buford -
and it was some time before he could find
suitable words to express his thanks. He
is very proud of his present and we can
safely say that this little incident wil
felt, and I feel better, smter and happier than i tfews. made an agreement with the central surely have a tendency to strengthen the
have for twelve years. The worst tumor was in the 1 ' h i t- i t j i
leftside of the bowels, over the groin. I write this committee 01 the Henry COUOty greeODBCK llco vmiuu cujyiuj-cii uuj cujuivyo iu
nortv hn tuKioVi Vi dViniilil oli nn cro the I gCtUCr.
of his paper and advocate tbe
to you for the benefit of others. You can publish
It II you Choose. 11AM MAU r. KNA1T.
Ann, Aubob, Mich.. April 30. 1875.
Dn. Kadwat Kind Bir: 1 have been taklui; vour
Resolvent, Regulating I'llls, and also uslug the
el anoui
iteudy Relief
it one year 'or ovsritn tumors on
greenback pnncipla, while in return be
was to receive 700 new subscribers. The
paper was changed, and came out as the
the abdomeu which he mosiemlnent physicians of I TTpnrn (Inunfii Inrluxtrial Advocate find
r"'-1.U1D. . ... , ! J-l.
They were like a. au on a tree. When I was sit-1 Jew, DUt u:e UU Buoscriuern uiuu tcouie.
ting in a cuair tne nung almost to me noor, ana , ... i, M. Tr:u0- ranntViaH-a tha
mv weight was 875 Dounds when i commenced with and this week Mr. lviner repudiates the
yoar remedies, and now it is sio pounds, but they reenback party and will hereafter "paddle
are not all gone yet. I have taken twenty-four bot-1 ? v , v
lies of Kesolvent. uine ot iteiiei. ana twenty-iour l " tauuu.
boxes ot nils. I iret tbe medicine iromu. uren-
vlll. 1'lease send me your book "Kalse and True."
MK. C. IkltAt'r.
-fLiofVter Letter from Mrs. C. Krapf.
August 18. 1875.
Du. IIauway Kind Sir: I take tho liberty to ad
dress you again. My health is greatly Improved
bv the use ol your mcdlcltiua. Three of tho tumors
are eutiruly none, and the fourth is nearly so.
oropsy is gone, ueanu sua lmnrovlnir. and mv
weluh' decreasing evry fast. I have had a great
mauy cans tuis summer iu inquire ot tne wonder-
Parties wanting tbe bept soft coal self-
feeder, should buy the V ictoria. It s the
heaviest and best made. At David Don's
Second avenue. dwtf
Scarlet all wool flannels from 25 cents up
at Wivill & Co s. 9 d2t
The Victoria has taken the first pre
mium at the Dubuque, Des Moiffes and
bt. Paul fairs as the best soft coal self
feeder. For sale at David Don's, dwtf
That Wife of Mine.
Have you read "That Wife of Mine'
for sale at Crampton's? It is the coin-
fill cure your medicine has done forme, one from naninn of "Thit Inihnnd of Minp""and U
Oblo, one from Canada, three from Jackson, aud Pamon 01 Anal ""SUaua Ol iUine ana 13
unite a number from this place. Yours with re-1 the bast book of the two. bv the same
KATF. I jj.j.... ....
We are well acquainted with Mr. Krapf. hhe is uuulur BUU uculLUleu to tue Bame parties.
anestlinatile ladv.aiid very benevoleui Bhehas ye wiH say confidentially to our lady
boon the moans of selling many bottles of the Re-1 '
oiveut by tho drugirists of Ann Arbor to persons j readers that if they have any difficulty in
auiicieu wun internal tumors, n e nave uearu Ol
some wonderful cures effected by It. Yours re
spectfully. EHEUBACI1 & CU.
Ann Arbor. Mich., Aug. 18, 1475.
managing the head ot the family or it
there is any growling on the part of "that
husband" about shopping bilk, baby car
riages, number of domestics employed, or
Abo.ish.lng Wharfage.
The bill of Senator Windom, of Minne
sota, introduced in the senate, would seem
to have for its object the exempting
steamboats from wharfage taxes. Its pro
vision exempts "all vessels belonging to
citizens of the United States and trading
at ports within the United States from any
tax, charge or toll for levee Or wharfage
for landing at or transacting business t
across or on any public wharf, levee, dock
or pier constructed or maintained by any
municipal corporation, or in which any
municipal corporation may have any pecun
lary interest. The bill applies to vessel
engaged in the coasting trade, but its pur
pose seems to be mainly to relieve steam
boats from wharfage charges at towns and
cities at which they mav laud. If tho
proposed bill should become a law, steam
if that husband of theirs persists in running
M, B.4MNKN I . jy. . , , ,
- . .i . - . t ..i..ni i ... i i ir ( i ' i ( " , 1 1 1 1 v 1 1 1 M iKKiir. irfnri ir nnn I a v ir I I I i , . ,
ltriMCb.T -lc.n,iui vvMhcu WliU J " 1 1" - .w. I IinnTfl WCIIlld ntVA ft riirhf ti Itinfl of i.
Kaut, purgs. regulate, purify, clean., and trengh- arrlnnJ carelesslv where ha will irpt hold L i i , -
a. itadway I'liis, lor the cure of all disorders of arounu careiessiy wnere no win get hold hvharves along the river, and receive and
i ' uiscnarge ireigui on ana across tuera iree
la Tula Louisiana? fronj any charge or toll.
lxraniremsnu of the Internal Viscera. Warranted InOUllOn SOUiehOW labors Under the
Broadway Presbyterian church, Rev,
tn Stomach, Liver, Bowels, Kidneys, Bladder,
Hurvous Diseases, Headache, Constipation, Costive
ness. Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Biliousness, Bilious
fever. Inflammation of the Bowels, files, and all
Qal Viscera. Warranted
KS no tXSf&JxSZZ. impression that this is Louisiana, and that
t tr Observe I
from disorders I
W'liT'lf TmPtom " Hampton is a bnlUozed parish which it can iroaiway rrespytenan church,
ot the Digestive organs. j . v . ... T. II. Uench, pastor. Services at
, Inward I'lles.Follneaa of the Blood tbrOW OUt at pleasure I hlS kind of nun A u n,l 7 8ll p
Acidity of the Stomach, Nausea, , , r . A. M.ana l.aui.M.
1- . , t , 1
in liumu. AcmiiT 01 iae niumica. nsuiem.! , . .. tt .
ueartnnrn, uisgnat or rood, Fuiinesa of Weight ,OU3DUU'J' luaaca ius opear more The service in Christian chapel to-mor
ntnurpito7th Provided auch a thing is row will be held at 10,45 A. M. and 7 P,
iiad, uurriod and Difficait Breathing, fluttering possible, than it has heretofore appeared, rreaching by the pastor, bubject lor the
t the lleart. Choking or Suffocating Sensation . , , , , pvpnin discoursf "Th Affnfo nf th
... . . e r v mw J V IVHIU V.IOH III t, ' . ; n , I . J - .
tore tne Blunt, rever ana Hull fain in I ir . . iiuiv ouiui iu uuuvwmuu, jx coruiai 10'
yuuucaua ui labujiuu, uujo vi wuum are l vitatioo to all
.. . V -W .B I
me nest men in umi pawn, etooaupat Central Presbyterian. Preaching
polls and worked all day against Mr. 10.45 A..M. and 7 p.m. Communionjin tht
Crompton. It is a very sad sight to see morning. Kev. W. M. Ferguson, of Ohio,
the Union "taking on" so over the defeat wUI s8lat tne pa8tor
of its candidate, for whom it tried to Legal Blanks, of all kinds for -ale at
sacruiie ail its oiner candidates. I liil A&aus Uiticx,
or Webs before the bl(Lht, Fever and Dull fain in I
the ueaa, Ueuclency of Perspiration, Yellowness of
tho skin and Kyes, Vain in the Bide, Chest, Limb,
and sudden Flushes of Heat Burning in the Flesh.
A few doses of RADWAY'S PILLB will Iree the
system from all the above named disorder. Price
4a cent per box. Bold by druggist.
Heud ona letter-stamp to KADWAY.Jfc CO., No S3
n.".nok,jnw ivim liuurmBuoB worm taou
saw wui sent too.
For Sale. A good family horse and
buggy. For further particulars call at this
othce. 20 -dtf
Howe's concentrated syrup, the great
blood punner, and ague cure and tonic
bitters, can be had of Bengston and
The Colonnade Hotel, Philadelphia, 13
model establishment. It is superb in both
style and appointment and its table and
service cannot be excelled.
Dr. Sabine's "Indian Vegetable Cough
byrup is the infallible remedy for coughs
colds, h oss, and all diseases of the
bronchial organs. Try a bottle. For
sale by drugcists trenorally. 6-4dly,
Please remember that Lodille's Head
ache bpeeiSo prevents as well as cures
headache. Price 50 cents.
Durangs Rheumatic Remedy is taken
internally and cures without fail. Sold by
ail aru?g:ts in nock island and Moline.
Shop Lifting.
Mrr, Jaue Kennedy, alias Welch, who
runs a small shop in the lower part ot
Molice, but who spends most of her time
peddling dry goods and other articles in
this vicinity with a horse and buggy, was
arrested, With her daughter, aged about
16 years in Davenport yesterday afternoon
for "shop lilting." Quite a large quantity
of dry goods and notions were found in
Mrs. Kennedy's wagon, and both mother
and daughter had numerous handkerchiefs,
gloves, and stockings concealed in their
skirts, which they had stolen from Briggs'
wholesale notion house, over there. They
arc now in jail. It will be remembered
that Mrs. Kennedy was indicted for burg
larizing Boseborougb's grocery store in
Moline, a few months ago, but escaped
conviction by claiming that she had pur
chased the stolen goods from a stranger.
She will probably "go up" this time, however.
The celebrated Peoria show cases;
cheaper than any other in the market.
Quality guaranted, Workmanship un
surpassed. Uob t ti.LiUtke, manuiacturer,
Peoria. Ills., Field Bros , agents. Rock
Island, Ills. 5-10dly
Wanted for Arson and Murder.
Constable Cunningham, of Keitbsburg,
arrived in this city last evening looking tor
a woman named Neilson, who is wanted in
that place for Betting fire to a hotel and
barn there several years ago in which two
boys were burned to death. Her accom
plice had recently been captured in Mis
souri, by the father of one of the boys, aud
he informed on Mrs. Neilson. The officer
proceeded to the residence of her daugh
ter and daughter-in law, on Third avenue,
between 8th and 9th streets, but Mrs. N.
bad received warning, and bad departed.
The Favorite.
1 wo of the celebrated and favorite 700
pound No, 6 Climax soft coal base
burner stoves were sold to the Milan Paper
Co. yesterday, and will be used for heating
the mill. Nob, 1, 2 and 3 are for private
dwellings and the others are for stores.
shops and mills. Up to 3 o'clock this
afternoon Fred Bass had sold 12 of these
stoves to-day.
That wife of mine was out promenading
last night with that hired man. Smith
had Tom's wife, while a striped stocking
in bloomer and a dish brim hat was escort
ing my grand mother up and down Fifth
avenue, when up stepped my mother-in
law and said they all do it; paper 50 cents,
They shipped off two car-loads of Vic
torias yesterday. Five hundred and fifty
a s , w
sola this season. dwtf
Popular illustrated book (260 pages) on
Impediments to Marriage; tbe cause and
cure. Sent securely sealed, uost-paid. for
50 cents, by Dr. U. Whittier, 617 St,
Charles street, St. Louis, Mo., the great
specialist. Head his work.
Indorsed by tho Medical Fraternity
popular in every circle, found everywhere
Glenu's Sulphur Soap is undoubtedly the
most popular runner, remedy tor skin dis
eases and injuries, and complexional beau
tiner in America. Bold by all Druggists.
Hill's Hair and Whisker Dye. Black or
Brown, 50c.
The richest, most lasting, yet most deli
cate of all perfumes for use on the hand
kerchief, at he toilet and in the bath.
delightful aud healthful in the sick room,
relieves weakness, fatieue, prostration,
nervousness, and headache. Look out for
counterfeits; always ask for tbe Florida
Water prepared by tbe sole proprietors,
Messrs. Lanman & Kemp, New York. For
sale by Perfumers, Druggists and Fancy
Goods Dealers.
Uuo trial is sufficient to convince the
most skeptical of tbe invaluable and un fail-
in e efficacy of Madame Zadoc Porter's
Curative Balsam for the. cure of eolda,
coughs, hoarseness, shortness of breathing,
asthma, difficulty of breathing, buskin ess.
tickling in the throat, && Has been in
use over forty years. Price 25, 50, and 75
cents per Dottle.
- f ' '-
. Tor it received
Were Sold in this City last
Season by
Opp. Harper House.
Acknowledged to be the best there is made, fr
Ecosomj, Derail. it) and general Gg(! Qualities.
It will Bake aid Ooeli with 1-3 les fde! thai, auj
other oak Stove in the market.
For Sale by j . FEED HASS,
Star Block, opposite Harper House:
Absolutely Pure.
Manufactured, with special rvfe-ence to supply the demand for a uniformly Dure aud reliable article.
?at up fall weight, and contains the exact strength of a pure baking powder. Made from Standard
Grape Cream Tartar, is free from any injurious substance, and perfectly wholesome.
Every Grocer who sells it Is authorized to guarantee it in every respect to customers.
Medal aaa the following' Xteport received at the Centennial Exposition Eeceired the
Highest Award of any goods of thia class.
"JVo. 239. Globe Nail Co. Horse Shoe Nails, Pointed, Polished and f inished.
of merit."
DANIEL STEIN'METZ. Philadelphia, Chairman, 1
J D. IMBOOKN, Kichmond, Va ,
CHARLES STAPLES, Portland, Maine,
G. L. REED. Clearfield, Penn.,
DAV. McHARDY, Aberdeen, Scotland,
I). DIE KEN BACH, Germany.
These Nails are for sale by Leading Hardware Merchants.
Judges Group,
Pazzoxi's Chemical Balm Hair Restor
ative. To preserve and beautify tbe
human hair. What it will do. Prevents
the hair falling out. Increases the growth
and beauty of the hair. Retains the hair
in any desired form. Prevents the hair
from turning grey. Prevents and entirelv
eradicates dandruff. Heals piracies and
keeps the head delightfully cool. Tbe
hair becomes rich, soft and glossy. Per
fectly clean aod will not soil the hat. Pos
sesses an exquisite fragrance, and as a
dressing has no equal. Price 50 cents and
$1 per bottle, Sold by all druegists.
A Sure Thing Dr. Hunter's Specific
and Injection No. 1 are warranted to cure
the Gonnorhoca, Gleet, Chordee,Strictures,
disease of tho kidneys, bladder and
urinary organs ot males and females.
Dr. Hunter's Specific No. 2 is a sure
remedy for the Spermatorrhoea, Seminal
weakness, nightly emissions, the loss of
power, caused by self abuse or excessive
indulgence. Price of Dr. Hunter's Specific,
$2 per bottle; Injection, $1 per bottle.
Sent everywhere by express. Dr. J.
Dinsbeer, sole proprietor, No. 508. North
Seventh street, St. Louis, Mo. Send two
stamps for treatise. Cure guaranteed or
money refunded. Dr. Dinsbeer will treat
all chromic diseases, and furnish medicines
for less money than any other physician in
St. Louis. Write or call For sale by al
druggists, tta
Hanging Baskets, Rustic Settees, Rustic Chairs, Vases, Bird House,Stand s
Summer Houses and Rustic Fences.
Designs of all descriptions manufactured and for sale.
tThls Hanging Basket in 5 sizes, 8, 954, 114, 13 and 15 In. iu diameter ;
75c; $1.00; $1.50; $2.00; 330. Sent by express toanypartof the U.S., on
receipt of price. Send stamp for Illustrated Catalogue. .
29 Faltou Street,.. ..V.
ESfMentlon this paper.
Pennsylvania White Lead Works.
'-: 1BSV
'i?J m 11 1 1 1 i an
II ir Mini
Nature's Triumph. Nature, iu her
luxuriance, has clotbed the hills and the
dales with herb and shrub, whoso occult
natures merely require the earnest appli
cation of the scientific and inquiring mind
to reveal their curative properties, for in
the vegetable world a kindly providence
are vegetable iu their nature, and while which change was considered necessary to protect purchaser against imitating and closely resembling
quinine has been accepted as the only re- fc!"1''-
medy for one class, the extract O the hn. . NO!rlCE.-Haring recently entered largely into the refining of Pig Lead, oar Patron will hereafter
lujniymwaon, luosauiH u. lue UU- , ln order to avoid confusion and insure ommnt attention to order uri ln,nM ii.u ariilivaia to C. K
CUU plant IS rapidly taking ItS place as & SOV ? WELLS CU, Pittsburg, Pa., all conuuanications relatlhg to the FAHNKsTOCK, HA8LETT 4
ereign remedy tor other of those ills afflict uwAifri ana -pilsosylvania a una lead company" brand of wuiw Lead, Red u,
humanity. The typo of disease to which i "d W ptudu01' of tJw "HS,U,iSU whitk lead works,
testations are legion, but it 'may be started Sili the facilities and product of WiUTB
in general terms that all diseases of tbe WORKS, we are prepared U iuruisa promptly, either director through the kadiog Wholes!
urinary organs, whether caused by climate,
irregularity, or sell-generated, Bubmit at
once to the operation of its power. Helm
bold's Bnchn for all nnr.li
result of long research, and ia acknowledg- -boh jVrfuMy iwr1" f mci exc,:Uence
ed superior to all other pnparationj. " f tar x or mi in Roci iWd by joen bengstois ; and in :
In 1844 the B. A. FAHNESTOCK A CO., brand of White Lead wu Unit offered to the trade, and
was soon acknowledged as the fcTAHDAUD fob Pcbitt, Wbhbmsss, Covkriss Pbopsktiw ad
DtJBA.aii.iTT, which position it etill m-intains. v ... , , .
On Jannary 1st, 1S06, the brand wa changed to " "
Dealers, the
We invite the attention of dealers to this brand with the assurance that the quality will at all timer
C ir. wtUtiM m w.f
Omce 42 Fifth ATenue.
Davenport by Deseaint & Watting,

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