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Twenty-Seventh Year.
Rock Island, Illinois, Monday, November 26. 1877.
Established Oct 18, 1851
' i I IVP U 1 ti OIL UCTO. W
nnmiTt.njn ...
tta. Car, BtmkUUi ft all larvtatw
lik iMNrnofcUar Omni
at ta mi in n, i win, m reMtji
TnUgraph4i to tht Sock IilatidAr gut.
It is not a vile, nauseous comnoiind. which
Imply .purges the bowels, but a safe, pleasant
remedy, which Is sure to purify the blood, and
thereby restore the health."
"Strlkeaat the root of disease bj purifying
the blood, restoring the liver and kidney to
healthy action, invigorating the whole system"
"Doe not deceive invalids Into false hopes by
parking and creating a fictitious appetite, but
smlsts natnre in cleansing and purifying the
whole system, leading the patient surely to
perfect health."
"Was looked upon as an experiment for some
time by some of onr best physicians, bnt those
most incredulous are now its most ardent friends
tnd supporters, and are prescribing it is their
'Instead of being a puffed np medic!ne,lt has
its present astonlshinr sue
worked its way np to
blood, stomach, liver and kidneys, of what
cess by actual merit, in curing all diseases of the
blood, atom
er nature "
"Is acknowledged and recommended by phy
lelns to be the best partner of the blood yet
dli-covered, and thousands speak in ita praise
who hare been restored to health by them.'
Comments of leading Newspapers on
Hop 15 Uter m. ,
Test Hep Cough Cure & Fain Relief
For sile by all Druggists. ,
e . 7 ' 8 9 0
XT avb trovei. raoM ins most
XX ample expei Hieo,an 'n ire snccesa. uapU,
1 rouipu xouc
i?0WlV"! ' iw
iiiicient nud Reliable. Tbvv are the oulv
medicines perfectly r.duptetl to popular use so
mmpie mat mi.tuicpi vuinKit im uinue in tunn?
tliein ; so kumilesa U3 to he ti"e from danger ; and
so efficient u to be always n-lmb'.e. They Wvo
the highest commendation fioia all, and will
always rentier sututfaetion.
No. Cures.. Cent.
1. Fvw, Congestion, Inflammations, . . 25
3. Worms, Worm Fever, Worm Colic, . . SS
8. Orylm;-Colic,orTeetbmgof Infanta, . 25
4, IMarrhera., of Children or Adults, . . 25
6. lyeitery, Oriidiit;, liiliousColic, . . If
6. t'iiolera-Morbn, Vomiting', ... 25
7. Consjhe, Cold's llronohitw, . . ..25
8. Neuralgia, Toothm-he, Facenche, . 25
9. lleadxhti, Sick Headache, Vertigo, . 25
10. Ijrapepsia, liilious htomah, . . . . 25
11. Wnppresaed, or I'oinful Periods, . . 25
U. Whites, too rrofnso Periods, . . . . 25
la. Crown, Cough, Uiiiicult Breathing, . , 25
14. Salt Khenra, 12rybipvlus, Eruptions, . 25
15. Rheumatiem, lUieumntic Vnins, . . 25
IS. Fewer and Ague, Chili Fever, Agoea, 50
17. Itle, blind or bleeding, ...... 60
18. Ophthalmy, nnd Bore or 'WWW Eyes, . 50
19. Catarrh, acute or chronic. Influenza, . So
30. XVhoopiug-Cont;l, iolent coughs, . 50
21. Asthma, oppressed Ereathinir, ... 60
32. Kar IHadiargea, impjiirod bearing, . 60
23. fcreful, e n ! n nrexi pluml. Swellings, 60
24. Ueneral lability, physical Weakness, . 60
25. lropy and scanty Secret ions, , ... SO
26. ftoa-Mckneas, sickness from riding, . SO
27. Kldney-IMsease, Gravel, ..... 60
28. nervous isebilily, Beminal Weakness
or involuntary aiscnargcs, ..... 1 w
29. More Month, Canker, ... .60
80. I'rlnary Weakness, wetting the bed, . 60
SI. Painful Periods, with Spaama, . . 60
32. THsease of Heart, palpitations, etc.,. 1 00
S3. KpUepeey, Bpnams, St. Vitus' Dance, . 1 00
84. Diphtheria, ulcerated sore throat, . . 60
ti. C'hroaie Consrestlons and Eruptions, 60
Vials, 60 cents, (except 24, 82 aud 33), . (100
Case fMorocco) with above 35 large vials ttn
Manual of directions, . . . $10 00
Case (Morocco) of 20 liiore virjs and Book, 8 00
hingle Boxes and VitiN as nlove.
Aar These remedies are sent by the
ease or single box to any part of the
country, free of charge, on receipt of
price. Address
Muohmeyopathic Medicine Co
Office and Depot, 109 Fulton afreet. New Yoik
Sold in Rock Island by Benser Thomas, Otlo
Grojso, C 8peldel, and K. Brennert mwf
The Ausable Nails
are Hammered Hot, and the
Finishing nnd Pointing
are done Cold, thus Imitating
the Process of Making Naih by
Hand. Quality is fully Guaranteed.
Tot eale by all leading Iron anil hard
ware houses.
85 Chambers St., New York.
H. O. Tarrell' Arabian Liniment.
This Celebrated medicine, alrilfnllv Mnnnuil am
It is of the most healing balsams and penetrating
oils, caa never fail to cure almost every affliction
that could be alleviated by an external remedy. Its
superiority over all other Liniments is proven by
in miiwuiuug cures u penorms, ana Dy tne great
and constantly increasing demand. Thore haa bee.n
I sold within the past year more than Turks Million
or Bottlks, and there can be bnt few persons toned
who do not bestow upon it the highest praise for
the rare virtues it possesses. Nothing, perhaps,
since the creation of the world, has been so succes
ful as an external remedy for ail nervous diseases,
as this wouderfnl curative. When applied, it in
stantaneonsly diffues itself through the whole sys
tem, soothing the irritated nervts, allaying the most
intense pains, ana creating a roost delightful sen
sation. Read the following remarkable cure, which
can oe aueaiea 10 ny nunareas, who were fully ec
quainted with the whole circumstance.
My daughter, when six months old, was taken
with a swelling in the tonsil, which grew larger
and larger, til' when six years old she bad great
difficulty in swallowing her food. Every niffct
watch was kept, fearing she would suffocate. The
neat doctora attended her bnt could give no relief
I took her to the most eminent doctors in the East;
they said there was no help for her but to outgrow
u. vt un a saa neart l returnee, norae with ner,
when she became so much worse that the doctors
had to be called in again: they decided that the
tonsils must be cut off, as the only moans of giving
reLef. My wife wonld not consent to tnis, and she
determined to try your Liniment, which gave re
lief the very first application, and by a continued
use she entirely recovered. She is now ten years
old and fleshy and healthy as could lie desired.
Your Liniment is also the best in use for sprains,
bruises, cuts, bums, headache, etc.. and it will re
move me most fcevt re pain in a few minutes, it
also enred caked odder In my cow in a few days.
reona, in. u;u. ruitu.
The public are cautioned aeainst another coun
terfeit, which has latelv made iis appearance, called
w. a. trarreii's Arabian Liniment, the most danger
ous of all the counterfeits, because his having the
name of Fan-ell, many will buy it in good faith,
without the knowledge that a counterfeit exists,
and they will perhaps only discover their error
when the spurious mixture has wrought ita evilef
The Pennine article la mannfactnred onlvbvH .
(3. Farrel. sole inventor and proprietor, and whole
sale druggist. No. 17 Main street, Peoria, Illinois,
to whom all applications for Agencies must be ad
dressed. Be sure you get it with the laiturs H. ii.
before Farrell's thus H. G. FARRELL'S and his
signature on the wrapper, all other are counter
Sold by all druggists and by regular anthorixed
agents throughout the United States.
iar-nce as and N cents, ana J 1 ner nottie.
AGENTS WANTED in every town, village and
hamlet In the United States-, 1n which one is not al
ready established. Address II. G. Farrell as above,
accompanied with good character, responsibility,
Schenck'a Pulmonic Syrup for the cur
of Consumption, Coughs and
The great virtue of this medicine is that it ripens
the matter and throws it out of the system, purines
the blood, and thus effects a cure.
Schxnck's Sex Wbxd Tonio, pob ttie Ours or
Dyspepsia, Ifdigkstion, Ac.
This Tonic nrodncea a bealthv action of the
stomach creating an appetite, forming chyle, and
caring the most obstinate cases of Indigestion.
SeaxNCK's Maxdbakc Pills, ron thx Cubs or
Liver Complaint, &o.
These Pills are alterative, and produce a healthy
action of the liver, without the least danger, as
Oreat Damage to Property. -'
Richmond, Nov. 24. Late dispatches
from Lynchburg state that the water is
withio fire feet of the highest poiot reached
by the flood of 1870 arM at a stand.but the
indications are of more raid.
On the Chesapeake & Ohio road trains
will be running as usual Monday. The
Danville road is considerably damaged by
the Roanoke river. The South Side and
Atlantic, Mississippi & Ohio roads are
badly washed. The Dan river, at Dan
ville, is very high and heu&es along the
banks are being washed out. The James
river at this point at 6 P. M., was eight feet
above high water mark and still rising at
the rate of a foot per hour. The wharves
in the lower part of the city are submerged
and arriving steamers are unable to dis
charge their cargoes. The merchants
along ihe river are moving their merchan
dise to high points, in anticipation of a
great increase of the flood when the waters
trom above Lynchburg reach Richmond,
which will be to morrow morning.
A tug boat was Buck by being dashed
against the pier head. Ooe hundred and
fifty cars and extra locomotives are busy
at the wharves ot the Chesapeake & Ohio
railroad removiog f reight. 5
Midnight. A dispatch iroiu .Lynch
burg statee that the river there is nearly
as high as in 1870. aud the bridges are in
imminent danger. The damaee to prop
erty is very great. The water has risen
17 teet since last evening.
The same dispatch warns our people to
prepare tor the coming water, and that
the danger catiool be exaggerated. Ad
vices from Cbarlotteville report much dam
age along the Kivaona river. The Char
lotteville woolen mil's were considerably
The washing away of the embankment
on the Stanton river broke down the tele
graph lines. The mail train south on this
road did not Uave Richmond to-night.
Augusta, Ga., Nov. 26. Only one per
son, McLaughlin, of Charlotte, N. C. was
i -r n , I action c
fYPlflnr I "ntnTTTintlOTl I they re frce from calomel, and yet more efflca
Tliorley's Improved
Horse & Cattle Food,
commended by thousands of voluntary testimoni
als tram the best stock.
restoring a bealthv action of the liver.
rhese remedies are a certain curt for Consump
tion, aa the Pulmonic Syrup ripens the matter and
purifies the blood. The Mandrake Pills act upon
the liver, create a healthy bile, and remove all dis
eases of the liver, often a cause of Consumption.
The Sea Weed Tonic gives tone and strength to the
stomach, makes a eood digestion, and enables the
organa to form good blood; and thus creates a
healt j clrcnlatiou of healthy blood. The com
bined action of these medlc:nes, as thus explained,
will cure every case ot Consumption, If taken in
lima, and the use of the medicines persevered in.
Dr. Bchenck is professionally at nis principal 01
flee. cor. etH and Arch Sts., Philadelphia, every
Monday, whese all letters for advice must be addressed.
men In America,
what thev aav of It !
"I have no hesitation in commending it stronglv
to all stock men." Wm. Smith. "Ravenswood
Farm," Detroit, Mich.
"The animals are vc-t fund of it, and keep In
M im I .a. V.. lr n narn
among stock men, we are sure they wohid not bes-1 1 1 0 1 1 1 H STARHH GLOSS 1 1 bridges, shanties, barrels, etc., swept away
. a"Un ULU 1 by the floods. The loss of propertyjtlong
killed by the railroad train falling into
fishing creek last evening. None of the
injured passengers were seriously hurt
The mails and passengers will be trans
ferred to-night. The track will be re
paired by Monday. Floods caused the fall
of the bridge.
Richmond, Va., Nov. 25. Midnight.
The floods are subsiding in all directions.
Great damage is reported to the farming
interests on the Big and Little Sandy and
Dan rivers. All the bridges over Fall
Creek are swept away. Damages to the
Virginia Midland and Richmond & Dan
ville roads in this vicinity is enormous.
The Stanton river bridge on the Danville
road washed away last night, with a train
of cars loaded with tobacco, en route from
Danvillo for Richmond The Milton &
Southern Narrow Gauge road is greatly
damaged. No details. Reports from
Casweli county, N. C. on the Virginia line,
indicate heavy losses in that county.
IIab.per'8 Ferry. Nov. 26. Both riv
era are 26 feet above low mark, three feet
higher than in 1870. All the property on
Shenandoah street is destroyed. The water
is said to be at a stand.
Ciiambersburo. Fa. Nov. 26. There
was a destructive flood at thi place last
night, Conococheague creek rising fifteen
feet above the ordinary level, and doing
damage to the extent of $300,000 durioc
the night. This aftertoon five spans of
Cumberland v alley railroad bridge, over
the Potomac river, near H illiamsport,Md.,
was swept away. Six heavily laden coal
cars were on the bridge at the time and
went down with it.
Great Falls, Md., Nov. 26. The river
is nineteen feet.above low water mark and
still rising,
Georgetown,D.C.,Nov. 25. The river
is rising. The water is about five feet
above the wharf level.
Baltimore, Nov. 26. At some places
j between Harper's Ferry and Cumberland
the Baltimore & Ohio road-bed is ten feet
under water, and no estimate of tho dam
ages can be bad until "the water subsides
Trains due here at 8:30 last night and 9:30
A. M. and 8:30 P. M. to-day are still detain
ed at Cumberland. No trains for the west
left this city last evening or to day. Be
tween Martinsburg and Cumberland fit
teen miles of the company's telegrapl
wires are down.
Washington, Nov. 26. The Potomac
is falling and running at the rate of 25
miles an hour, bearing from above the
The Loss of the U, S. Steamer
' Huron ! -
Over 100 Fini a Wataiy Grave !
And out few Saved from the Wreck.
Washington, Nov. 25 The signal ser
vice observer at Kitty Hawk reports to the
chief signal officer at 5:50 p, m. as follows:
Among those saved from thflksteamer Hu
ron, are E. T. Warburton, of Pennsylvania,
cadet engineer; Lucian Young, of Ken-
tacky, ensign; R. G. Denig, of Ohio,
assistant engineer; G. R. Ryan and John
Murphy, ship a cooks; Carry N. Sanders,
of Pennsylvania, past assistant master:
Patrick Namee. ordinary seamen. Assis
tance is wanted immediately. The men
are only half clothed and the dead uncared
for. Seven are cow lying dead on the
beach. The others who perished are still
in the breakers. Only four officers and
thirty men were saved. The captain
perished. Lieut. Palmer's name is not
given. The saved and bodies of the
drowned will be taken to Norfolk to mor
row. The Huron is conroletelv under
water and a total lost.
r Kitty Hawk, Nov. 25 6 P. M. The
Huron baa broken up to-day, and only a
fiagment lies submerged within 200 yards
of shore. Eight bodies washed ashore;
four bodies can be seen lashed to the bow
sprit. No bodies of officers can be found.
The captain oi a gch-joner says be saw the
Huron Friday, at 4 P. u., heading east
northeast, with all her fore and aft sails
sit, the wind blowing furiously from the
south-east, i his. was the last Been or
heard of the vessel until reported ashore
at 1 :40 P. M. head on, with foremast and
main top mast and sails blown away
Captain Guthrie, who was lost from a surf
boat this afternoon, was an enthusiast in
organizing life saving crews. He distin
guished himself in the trouble with China
and served in the confederate navy.
NORFOLK, JNov. 25. The boat Chowan
arrived at Nag's Head, furnished food and
clothing to the survivors. The officers in
charge of the boat telegraphed that he
will leave there this eveuiog, about? o'clok
for Norfolk, having on board 34 survivors
and eight dead bodies. They expected to
reach here early Monday morning.
Washington, Nov. 26. The skoal
service observer at wreck of the Huron,
reports at 1:40 P. M. no more bfniies had
Deen recovered. lie tide is running
strong northward, and it is probable i
number will come ashore further north
he sea is too high to get a bat to wreck.
he body of a colored man from the
baker's boat, was washed up during the
Deadwood, 1). T..Nov. 25. Oo Thurs
day, the outgoing liismarct coach was
attacked by Indians near Sulphur Springs
station, about fifty miles from here. They
fired a volley at the driver and passengers,
but all escaped unhurt by leaving the
coach and taking to the bluff. Th Indians
captured the coach and horses. They ran
sacked the. mail bags, and tried, but un
successfully, to open the treasury box.
hey killed two of the horses, and de
camped with the other two.
Several misers from the surrounding
earaps are reported missing, and feara are
entertained that they have t alien victims
to the redskins who are again in this
vicinity in considerable numbers. It is
the opinion of the best informed that these
ndians are part of a large body that are
movine trom the lvea i;ioua Agency to
the Missouri river.
RicHABiig & Sob r beck's Draz and Book Store
ouDosite First National Bnk. where all orders
can oe left for the arsus, ana ware an moune
business is transacted by O. J . Bcardslee. Busi
ness notice should be handed in by noon to en
sure publication the same day.
Jk Mnrnhv Pnpt Unmtt. Mlrh.
i Horse and Cattle Breeders use It, because it eWes
strength to weakened animals, improves me wina.
innreaHea the annetlte. and elves a smooth and
bIosst skin, indicating perfect health. Stock feed
ers nse it. because it will fatten In a surprisingly I
short time. Dairymen use it, because cows give
more and richer milk. Calves and pigs thrive by
Its nte. and it Is eauallv efficacious with don and
poultry.' Everybody uses it because it is the cheap
est and the best food in America. Used only as a
condiment a tablcspoonf ul to a feed, thoroughly
mixed, at each feeding. Two lb boxes retailing at
W c, or $12 per hundred lbs. For prices, etc., address,
Thorley Horse & Cattle Food Co.
100 VanBnren 8t CHICAGO.
Gives a splendid gloss and finish to all starched
goods, making them whiter and clkakee ttan
wax or anything else, ind prevents the iron from
itlcklng. Trial bottle free.
Put up In 4-ojs bottles, price 15c Sold by Gro
cers aPd Druggists.
A. I. MATHEWS & CO., B5 Murray St., N. T. -
Camplioriiie !
(a the most effectual remedy sold. Is a luxury to
use, gives the beet satisfaction, gives instant reuei.
wi 11 not grease or stain ,ine most uuiiti mint,
has a pleasant and refreshing olor. It will imme
diately relieve and cure Kheumatlstn, Chronic and
Acute; JNeuraieia ana caiarrn, uexaacne uu
dwelled Face, Bore Throat, Sprains and Braises,
Bunions and Chilblains, Eruptions of the Skin,
Pain In Chest, Back or Limbs, Barnai and Scalds.
For aale by all Drngjrists.
m quantity by their perfect purity and great
strength; the only Kinds made by a prac
tical Chemist and Physician, with scientific
care to insure uniformity, healthfulness, deli
cacy and freedom from all injurious substan
ces. They are far annerior to the common
adulterated kinds. Obtain the genuine. Ob
serve our Trade Marks as above, "Cream"
Baking Powder, "Hand and Cornucopia."
Buy the Baking Powder only in cans seci'Tcly
labelled. Many have been deceived in toose
or bulk Powder sold as Dr. Price's.
Manufactured only by
Uucogo. &. Jouu and Cincxmati.
.A. CA-RID.-
To all who are suffering from the errors and in
discretions of youth, nervous weakness, early de
cay, low ot manhood, Atv, I will send a recipe that
will cure yon, FREE OF CHARGE. This great
remedy was discovered by a missionary In South
America. Bend, a self-addressed envelope to the
Rsv. Josbph T.Inmah Station D, BiUe House
New York City,
We have now ready Giant Honzy, Gltcsbihx,
and Pirk Bath Soaps, to match the Beb Bath.
The Giants are half pounds of the finest quality,
boiled and perfumed pure soap.
Registration has been allowed in the United
States latent Office, under date Jnlr 17, 1877. and
weoffer them as the best value to be had m toilet
Made only by
For talc by John Bangs ton.
F. A. LEHMANN, Solicitor of Patents, Washing
ton D. C, JioFatentHoray ena lor virciuar
the riverlront is very extensive. There
are barrels of whisky and flour recovered
by men and boys, in boats. Tugs and
other vessels parted cables, and drifted
with the current. Communication between
Washington and Alexandria by railroad
and boat is suspended, and it is reported
that south of Alexandria there are heavy
washes on railroads.
The draw of long bridge is out of order.
The causeway from the south end almost
to Fort Runyon is submerged; the filling
in of railway washea out and the turnpik
is covered with water to a depth of severa
feet, thus cutting off travel by land..
Richmond, Nov. 26. The Petersburg
& VVeldou railroad bridge at VVeldon. N
(J., is gone, also three spans of the Sea
board & Roanoke railroad bridge at the
same place. The Roanoke river is very
high; water risen three feet since 7 this
morning, and it is expected the last Darned
bridge will be entirely swept away. Trave
is interrupted. .
St. Lotjis. Nov. 26. A special from
Matamoras, Mexico, of yesterday's date
savs the trooDS which left the citv of Mex
Ico some days . ago un-er command of
Gen. Trevcno. for the Rio Grande, are
not to reDfl the Uunited States troops,
but to co-operate with the United States
authorities in maintaining peace between
the two countries. In consequence of the
presence of Gen. Escobedo on the Texas
frontier, with all his staff officers, evident
ly to inaugurate a revolution in fayor of
Ex-President Lerdo. about 700 regula:
trooDS have embarked at Vera Crux to be
! used in repelling Eseobedo's forces, should
I he attempt to cross into Mexico.
Weather Probabilities
Washington, Nov. 26. The Signal
Service observations taken at 10 o'clock
this forenoon indicate tbe following weather
probabilities for this afternoon and to
Indications tor the northwest; rising
barometer, colder northerly and westerly
winds and partly cloudy weather.
Another Defaulter.
Boston, INoy. 26. J. H. Jones, Jr.,
wool broker, disappeared ten days ago,
liis name is now connected with a series
of alleged dishonest transactions by which
several firms have been victimized to an
1 amount estimated at $60,000.
Boston, Nov. 26. The captain's clerk
on tne Huron, was John A. uil'ette. ot
Maiden, tiis name was not on the list as
he entered after it was made up.
Fortress Monroe. Nov. 26. Admira
renchard is on the U. S, tteaoier Pow-
attan, with the other vessels he had dis
patched to the wreck of the Huron off
Kitty Hawk at daylight Sunday. The
rowbattan left for Hampton uoad.i at 1 P
M. and anchored at midaight. The For
tune went down to liody lsund, skirting
the beach, looking tor tbe wreck.. jaot
Stoddard, in the Baker.followed the beach
down and found the wreck about 8 this
morning. The sea was running very higl:
and there wa3 no possibility of landing
Signal officers were sent to the Baker, and
in this way communication was had with
be snore, ana we learned that one
nunarea ana fourteen were drowned, and
but thirty were saved, ot whom four were
officers. Admiral Trenchard then ordered
the Swatara to remain and bury the dead
when a landing could be made with safety,
Uapt. btoddard remained to wreck tb
London, Nov, 26. A special from
Constantinople says the sultaa has ex
pressed his intentiou to treat separately
with Czar, lie abandons all idea of ap
plying to any foreign power for media
A special, from St, Petersburg says Rus
sias newspapers profess a strong desire for
peace; there is much talk of direct nego
tiation with the porte, and a probability of
such a sentiment is said to crow daily.
Russia is reported making special exer
tions to secure.at any rate,England's exclu
sion from negotiations. Nobody here gives
much heed now to talk of peace.
A lvussian otncial dispatch aonounces
that tbe Russians on Saturday captured
the fortified town of Etropol with a trifling
loss- The Turks fled in disorder.
Attacked by Indiana Klsalnff
"Evidence unnarslleled In the historr of Medi
cine" Over two thousand testimonials given for
the wonderful cures made by
Washington. Nov. 26. Wadleigh, from
committee on privileges and elections
submitted a report accompanied by a res
olution declaring W. P. Kellogg entitled
to a seat as senator from Louisiana for six
years, lrom iilarcti 4. lou. tie asked
present consideration ot resolution, but
objectiou was made by Merriman, Withers
and others, and the resolution was laid
over until to-morrow.
Merriman submitted a minority report
signed by Hill, Saulsbury and himself, in
favor of sealing Spofford. Ordered
printed- House hill repealing the re
sumption act was read by
titles and referred to committee on finance.
Anothsr Marine Disaster.
New York, Nov. 36. The steamer
Vera Cruz, reports passing acBAmerican
man ot war bark, hove to 65 miles south of
Hatteras. Nov. 24.
New IfORK, Nov. 26. The commandant
of the Brooklyn navy yard says the tor
pedo boat Alarm, reported . lost in the
terrible gales of Friday night, while on
her way to Washington has not yet left
the lower bay. -
. Tbe Oregon Senatorial Case.
San Francisco, Nov. 26. A Portland
dispatch in the case of H. N. Stiles, on
trial for penury, in connection with the
Grover investigation, says tho jury stood
eleven for conviction, and one for acquittal,
and were discharged. A new trial di
rected in the case of W.B. Higby.indicted
for subordination and perjury, in same
connection, is Bet for the 27th inst Im
portant developments anticipated.
Other Disasters.
Elizabeth, N- J.. Nov. 26. A con
struction train on the long branch road,
looking for washouts, on Sunday, found
one near ooutn r Amourg, which was
thrown from the track, killing three men
and injuring four.
Abbott concert. Congregational
church, Wednesday evening, Nov. 28.
46yMrs. John Holt is reported very ill
with heart disease.
l3"The gas party triumphed at the
ibrary board meeting Saturday evening.
fAbbott concert, Congregational
church, Wednesday evening, Nov. 28.
JKirMne commissioned officers are or
dered out for drill by Col. Butler.at Armoi y
Jail, to night.
rg?Five secret lodges, composed of Odd
Fellows, Druids and Workmen, will hold
a union sociable in Dunn's Hall, Wednes
day, Dec. 5th.
BMrs. Mary Prazier has lain very
sick fnf a few very days at her residence
on Edwards street. She was reported
better yesterday.
fifiSAbbott concert, ConcregatioDal
church, Wednesday evening, Nov. 28.
SThankFgiving services will be held
in the Congregational church next Tburs
day morning at 10 o'clock. Rev. G. F
Lid be Id will deliver the address.
BSiThe tramps who wera entertained
at- the city s expense over &uaday, re
marked this mornin that tbey would have
some boots before they left Moline. Look
out for them.
The M. fc. church was crowded last
evening to hear President Evans, of Hed
ding college. lie handled the temperance
question from a financial stand point, and
produced some very able arguments.
iiaiFAf'ter a short address by Rev. Lin
field upon Sunday school matters yester
day. the Baptist society lifted a collection
of $6 for bunday school expenses. This
is pretty good for these hard titue
Abbott concert. Congregational
church, ednesday evening, Nov. 28.
JggT'Binding of every description done
at close figures at 1 HE ARGUS bindery
All kinds of priotiog cheaper than else
where in the three cities. First class work
guaranteed. tf
"Johh Baston was arrested Saturday
night for being drunk and wandering aim
lessly around town. This morning Magis
trate Swander fined him $5 and costs. He
stated that he lived at Carbon Cliff, and
was let off on promise to send the money
within a week.
fSsT'Nels Gustaffson, a Swede man who
lives on tbe bluff and works at Dimock,
Gould & Ca's, was picked up out of the
gutter last night in a drunken stupor.where
he had fallen and cut bis forehead on the
rock9. Officer Olson took him t Dr,
Morey and bad the bruises dressed, after
which he was taken home. A more sorry
looking sight would be hard to imagine.
JB"In justice to Dr. Wesael, it should
have been stated in the article in Satur
day's Argus relating to the corpse which
had remained uninterred several days
awaiting tho attending physician s certifi
cate of death, that he last saw the patient
on Oct. 24th, and that the death occurred
Nov. 16. As far as can be ascertained no
blame for this outrage on decency attaches
to any physician.
4TayAbbott concert, Congregational
church, W ednesday evening, Nov. 28.
5&Among ave tramps which were
before Magistrate Swander this morning,
was Geo. Henry Robinson, a boy 15 years
of age. He says he was brought out to
Wmterset, Iowa, about a month since, by
the children's home society of New York,
and was hired out to a man at that place,
with whom be remained but two days,
when he started on the tramp. When he
was eiven some breakfast, he said it was
the first he had tasted for three days.
J-Mrs. Calentzky. wife of William
Calentzky, died this morning at 10 o'clock
intheoith year ot her ace, at her resi
dence on Main street. She has be?n sick
for six weeks, and tor the past four days
has been gradually sinking.until this morn
ing when the end came. Affection ot the
spine is tje reported cause of her death
Funeral Wednesday, Nov. 28th. at 2 o'
clock P. M. The remains will be interred
in Riverside cemetery. Mr. Calentzky
has the sympathy of a large circle of
friends in his bereavement.
JKayAbbott . concert, Congregational
church, W ednesday evemng, Nov. 28.
The Great Blood,
Liver and Kidney Syrup
FENTON'S matchless Blood. Liver and
Kidney Syrup has MADE MORE WON-
iicnrUu sv KiiiB, ror t"e time u naa Deen
before the American people, than any
heretofore known.
Thirteen years experience with thli
matchless syrup gives us confidence to
IN THE WORRD." It will positively
cere SCROFULA or KINGS' EVIL in its
worst forms. SALT RHEUM. ERYSIPE
affections, ULCER. OLD CHRONIC
tbb FACE or BODY, DROlt , OUT,
PLAINT cured as if by magic) ACUTE,
WEAKNESS of the parta.General Debility,
Scaortn-ocs Conscmftiom &c.
tested by man; of the beet Dhvsiciaua and
citizens of Cleveland (now thirteen years.)
as well aa u ed In their families and
throughout adjoining States, aud has
based upon ITS MERIT ONLY, without
the necessity of puffing. Unpabat.lelbd
in tax History of Mbdicine.
Wa ChIllxnqs the Wobmj to Pro
duce its Equal, or Show as Manx Won-
oertclCtibes Performed." I
We positively gnarxniee a perceptible I
and continuous improvement where the
Syrup is faithfully and persistently used,
and when enough medicine la taken, a
permanent and lasting cure.
it is upon tne intelligence and eood
sense of people, their judgment and desire
to sustain a real it good medlctne, we rely.
sen a ior one oi our circulars ana see the
wonderful cures performed "at home in
ilev-land and elsewhere" bvthe GREAT
Sold by Druggists, generally.
Price one dollar per bottle. --Six (at one
time) for five dollars.
Prepared by
Fentcn Manufacturing Co.,
Office and Works, 39 Academy Street,
Railroad Time Table. -
at 9.00 a. m.; 4:30 p.m.; and 9:85 p. m. Trains
arrive from west as above.
At S:40 a m. ; 10:10 a. m., and ceo p. m. Train
arrive from the east as above,
Day Express andllalf..... .9:05 A 6:00 am
NiehtExpress.. .10:15 r n 6:50 rM
The night express leaving Rock Ieland every
Sunday night at 10:15 connect with the train arri
ving in Chicago early Monday morning. No lay
over checks given on through ticket from Bock
aland to Chicago. Through ticket only good on
ST. L07I3 0Q? ISLAKS S. S.
At 8 :15 a. m. and 6 :45 p. m. dally,
At 9 :45a.m. daily, and :30 p.m.
At 4:80 p.m.
At 10:40 a.m.
Thrd'hF'ht 6 50 a.m. Galva Ac. l:Wa, m.
Mail & Ki, S-OOp.m. Mail Ex. 15 p.m.
Galva Ac 6;30p. m. Thro'h F'ht 4:00 p.m.
The 2:00 p ra train makes close connection at
Galva with C B AQfor poll ta west; arriving at
Galesbnrg at 5:00 p m; at Burlington 7:15 p m; at
Keokuk 9:25 pm; and at Quincy 9:40 p m; also
and T P St W roads for all points east and south.
Leave Rock Island at 9 :00 a. m.. and 4 :00 p. ro. Ar
riving at Cable at 11 :10 a. m., and 6:00 p. m.
Ueave Cable at 6:30 a. m., and ls:45 p. m. Arriving
at Rock Island at 8:90 a. m., and 8 :00 p. m.
S25, SSOSIQQ, S2Q0, S50Q.
Th reliable house of ALEX. FROTHINGHAM
A CO., No. 13 Wall street. New York publish a
handsome eight page weekly paper, call-d the
Weekly Financial Report, which they send free to
tny address. In addition to a large number of edi
torials on financial and other topics, it contains
tery full and accurate reports of the aales and
standing of every stock, bond and security dealt in
at the Stock JCxchange. Messrs. Frothihohajc &
Co., are extensive brokers of large experience and
tried integrity. In addition to their stock broker
age business, they sell what are termed "Priviliges"
or "Puts and Calls," now one of the favorite meth
ods of legitimate speculation. Their advice is val-
aaDie, ana ty (oiiowing it many have made for
ones. New York Metropolis.
Exquisite Odors. Tho & merican Vet-
fumea made by Dr. Price are really ex
quisite, and are becoming tbe favorite per
fumes for the handkerchief and toilet.
His Floral Riches surpasses in rich, fresh.
fluwery Iragraoce, any ther Coloerra or
toilet water; while bis pet Rose. Alista
Bouquet, and other haskerchiei extracts
are really the sweetest scents in tbe market.
Extract from letters received.
RHEUMATISM Some six months could not
walk without the help of a crutch : tried physi
cians and many kinds of advertii-ed cures without
benefit. Six bottles ot Fenton's Matchless Syrap
cured me. Capt Geo Hand.
SALT RHEUM- Eight bottles made a perfect and
permanent cure.
SCROFULA From infancy was treated bvthe
best physicians and took everybody's cure. Two
bottles Matchless Syrup cured me.
SALT RHEXTM eleven years ail over my body :
took all the best remedies advertised, and In the
hospital, New York, twenty weeks; could not get
cured; six bottles of Fenton's Matchless 8Trup
cored me. ueorsb brows, Cleveland, u.
FEMALE WEAKNESS som elx years : need ev
ery alterative Known ; tried the climam from Min
nesota to Texas; could get no relief; alter a lew
month's nie of Fenton's Matchless Sareaparilla was
cured completely.
Mas att a , Ohio t, Cleveland. O.
"Thousands Bear Testimony
SCROFULOUS SORE LEG twelve years, cured
by Fenton's Sarsaparilla,af ter trying various noted
oiooa remedies.
Capt. Henry Talker, Akron; O.
SCROFULA, live large abscesses on body, could
not turn in Dea ior weeks, cured oy Fenton's Sar-
Sarslparllla; had expended over one hundred dol
lars previous to using the Acme of Medicine, "Fen
ton's Matchlaes." C. Field.
Sodns Point, New York.
SCROFULOUS NECK, a number of nlcers, open
ror nine montns ; naa tne nest meaicai advice in
Cleveland, O. A friend sent me Fenton's Sarsapa
rilla. Twelve bottles made a perfect and perma
nent CUre. W. H. MEAR8.
.North BloomfleUl, O,
Camp Brown, Wyoming. Dec. 26, 1874.
RHEUMATISM Dr C F Fenton : The six bot
ties Sarsaparilla sent me in July lae t, cured me of
Kneumatsem, ana only used five, (one got broken.)
1 naa it for lour years, ana spent nearly one thoua
and dollars, wsth the best doctors in Montana Ter
ritory previous I have got two more customers.
Pleane express me eighteen more bottles to Sontb
Pass. Enclosed find the greenbacks. Write me to
Camp Brown, as before. ours truly.
FEMALE WEAKNESS, of seven years etandine
cured by the nse of oue and a half bottles Fenton's
uatcblees sarsaparuia. Mrs. y -u. Sims.
Port tlope, Mich
SALT RHEUM eighteen Tears: used all the do
ted humor cures without effect ; six bottles Fenton's
Matchless Sarsaparilla cured me; It Is a dead sure
cure. r c mood, annuo, t.
Every person should read this carefully.
Dr Fenton. Cleveland. O. Dear Sir: Five years
atro, men in Brazil, outn America, l there contrac
ted a disease that nearly cost me my lire. I waa
seven months in hospitals Spanish Brazilian and
Buenoa Ayree but to no purpose. I then went to
Cienfuegos, Cuba, aud spent sixty-four days in the
military hospital. The doctors told me if I had any
friends I had better make my way to them. The
Ahirican Consul sent me to New York. Last
Spring it came on me again, rest in the night was
out of the question. A friend In the St Charles
Hotel here (Detroit) advise n Fenton's Matchless
Syrup; I sent for six bottles. I have only tiken
four and am perfectly welL I must say it surprised
me, and ail that knew the condition I was in for
five years I freely recommend Fenton'a Matchless
Syrun above any blood pnrfier in the catalogue of
Detroit, Mich. . E. McKitterick.
We intend to publish more wonderful evidence.
Hold in Kock island by John Cengs ton, E Bren
nert. T H Thomas and E Kcehler.
Western Agents, Van Schaack, Stevenson Reid,
Fenton Mfg Co., Proprietor!!, Cleveland, O.
Dealers in Stock Privileges, U. S. Bonds. Cotton
and Miscellaneous Securities, ete.
The greatest opportunity ever before of
fered tor investment.
1000 dollars made from investment of
200 dollars in 30 days. Smaller amounts
invested will pay in proportion.
Investments large or email can be trebled In SO
We sell or purchase as desired 5 shares of
stocks and upward on margins of from one to two
per cent.
y Letters of Credit and Drafts payable in any
part of Europe and America, Issued for tLe con
venterce of travelers.
Full information cent on application.
35 ft 37 Broad Bt.,
. O. Box 2485, NEW YORK
Near Gold and Stock Exchange.
New Sf orH Slariiet.
New York, Nov
Mney 4tt
Governments Finn. '
U.S. Bonds lilii cent 5-SO's 1881 ,
" " lns m w...
M " 186T
" " 1868
U. 8.10.40'S
New B'e
Currency 6's
Wheat-l2c better; 1 Sl-al 82 No 8 spring
Rye Unchanged.
Corn c better; 6164 mixed western.
Barley Quiet and firm
Oats Steady ; prices unchanged.
Pork Quiet; 13 90.
Lard Firm; 8 40. ,
Whisky Unchanged.
.1.05 V
Chicago Marttet.
Cuicaoo. JIov. 86.
Wheat Stron?; higher and excited; 1 llfcash;
1 10H Dec; 1 1U1 lov Jan
f'orn btrong and higher; 49H cash ; 49 Nov; 44
Oats Firm and higher; 26 Vi cash; 25 Dac.
Rye 56.
Pork-Firmsr; U87K&11 90 cash; 1185vear;
12 00O18 50 Jan,
Lard-Firmer; T 87H7 90 cash; 1 807 82 yr:
7 85 bid Jan.
Hogs Receipts 10,000; doll and weak; light 4
254g0; mixed heavy packing 4 264 80; heavy
shipping 4 854 45.
Cat'le Medium to choice to shippers 4-00Q4 99
Wednesday Eve'g, Nov. 28th
A 1
u y
Concert Company.
Manufacture ra of
Diamond Wire Window Guards
Fire Guards, Selves, Kiddles, Screens of all Descrip
tions, and Wire Work generally.
Office, 207 Second 8treet, MILWAUKEE, WIS
tTAlso sole Ag sts for German Insect Powder
Manufacturer of tbe
Favorite Bauer Pianos.
Indorsed by 20,000 Families, Artiste and Musical
PIANO IN THE MAR EAT. A fall stock of
Also, Agent for the Celebrated
Knabe Pianos I
Corner State and Monroe streets, (Palmer HousO
A Rmlvanln Rittnv
ts imbedded in a Dedicated
planer, and, when applied to
produces a mmtant eumu of eUctricitv.
Spinal IHJicmlty, Ktnoma IMnm, or FemxcOt WfAmZl
BTwknown. lUefieetsaranurlcaX. fioid bv Dnmiu.
or sent by mail on rscelpt of 60 cent.
WabaelMtm, Chicago.
Proprietor, 163
Under the direction of tbe American
Bare u of New York.
CARDS, 85 White and 5 a'l different, with
your name thereon, for 10 cents and 8c stamn.
by return mail, sure W. C. CANNON,
71 Washington Street, BOSTON, MASS.
'; ; :: MISS -,
Emma Abbott,
The RenowneCl American Prima Donna,'
' Assisted by
W.H. STANLEY, the favorite English Tenor.
8IGNOR FEESANTI, Prince of Buffo.
MATTHEW ARBCCKXE, the great Cornet Solokt
HEKK ROBVN, the brilliant jonn Pianist.
POPULAR PRICES. Reserved Seats $1 09 and
( ceoia, according lo location.
Tbe sale of reserved seats will be pin on Thursday.
Nov- 8Sd at 9 o'clock A M at C'.endenin & Martin's
Drug JStore, Moiine, and Wylie & AlcCune'e Rock
Island. . .. . .
tTThe Steinway Piano nsed by this Company
vu vbv jbubiv swn w tfoua jioji, vavenporfc.
Dart's Hall.
Tuesday Evening, Nov. 27th.
Master Band of the Wcrld
la an elegant, chaste and inapproachable
gramme of novelties.
secured at Crampton's Bookstore.
1 CHAS. B. GRISTS, Agent.

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