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ToosUy December 13. 1S77.
In from One to Twenty Minutes.
After re ad In 2 th.s advertisement need any oca
It wu the first and ii
last Instantly stops the most excruciating pains
allays Inflammations, ana cares Congestions
whether of the Langs, Stomach, Bowels or other
glands or organs, Dy one application
no matter how violent or excruciating the pain, the
Kheutnatic, Bea-Kiaaen, inarm, crtppiea, Nervous
Neuralgic or prostrated with disease may suffer,
New York, Jan. 4, 1877.
Siiibu: Having lor several years used your
medicines, doubtinclv at flrst.bnt after exoerienc
Ing their efficacy with fall confidence, it Is no less
a pleasure than a duty to thankfully acknowledge
me advantage ws have derived from mem, tb
pills are reported to as of ter as occasion req aires,
and always with the desired effect. The Ready
Relief cannot be better described than It is by its
name. We apply the linlmsnt frequently and free
ly, almost Invariably finding the promised Relief"
Truly yours, (signed) TUCRLOW WEED,
Dr. HiDwii.
Radway's Beady Belief
anamination of the Kidneys, Inflammation of the
Bladder, Inflammation of the Bowels, Conges
tlon of the Lungs, Sore Throat, Difficult
Breathing, Palpitation of the Heart,
Hysterics, Croup, Ulptherla. Ca
tarrh. Influenza, Headache,
Toothache, Neuralgia,
Rheumatism, Cold Chills
Ague Chills.
The application of the Ready Kellef to the part
or parts where the pain or difficulty exists will of
ford ease and comfort.
Twenty drops in halt a tumbler of water will in a
few minutes cure Cramps, Sprains, Soar Stomach
Heartburn, Sick Headache, Diarrbcea, Dysentery,
Colic, Wind in the Bowels, and all Internal Pains.
Travelers should always carry a bottle of RAD
WAY 8 READY RELIEF with them. A few drops,
la water will prevent sickness or pains from change
of water. It Is better than French Brandy or Bit
era as a stimulant.
Fever and Afcue cure? for fifty cents. There Is
not a remedial agent in the world that will care
fever and ague, and all other malarious, billons,
scarlut, typhoid, yellow and other fevers (aided by
Runway's Pills) so quick as Radway's Ready Relief.
Fifty cents per bottle.
Strong and Pure. Rich Blood Increase of
Flesh and Weight Clear Skin and
Beautiful Complexion Secured to all.
Sarsaparillian Kesohent
Has made the most astonishing Cares; so quick,
so raold are the changes of the bod) undergoes
under influence of this truly wonderful med
icine that
Every Day an Increase of Flesh and
Weight is Seen and Felt.
Tho Great Blood Purifier.
VKNT communicates through the blood, f-weat.
Urine, and other fluids and juices of the system the
Vigor ol Life, for it. repair, the wantee of the body
wuu new and sound material. Scrofula, Syphilis,
Consumption, Glandular Diseases, Ulcers in the
Thrust, Mouth, Tumors, Nodes in the C-Uauds and
other parts of the system. Sore Eyes, Strumorous
DlHcliurges from the Kan), and the worst forms of
Skin Dioeases, Eruptions, Fever Sores, Scald Head,
Rinc Worm. Salt Khenm. Erysipelas, Acne. Black
Spots, Worms In the Flesh, Tumors, earners in the
Womb, and all Weakening and Painful Discharges,
Night Sweats, Loss of Sperm aud all Wastes of the
Life Principle, are within the curative range of this
wonder of Modern Chemlvtrv. and a few davs use
will prove to any person using it for cither of these
lorms ol disease its notent power to cure them.
If the patient, dally becoming reduced by the
wastes and decomposition that are continually pro
gresning, succeeds in arresting these wastes, and
repairs the same with new material made from
healthy blood and this tho SARSAPARILLIAN
will and does secure a cure is certain; for when
once this remedy commences its work ol puritlca
tion.aud succeeds in diminishing the loss of wastes
its repairs will be rapid, and every day the patient
will feci himself growing better and stronger, the
food digesting letter, appetite improving, aud ileub
aud weiL'lit iucruusine.
Not only does the SansxPARtLUAN Resolveht
excel all remedial agents In the Cure of chronic,
Scrofulous, Constitutional and Skin Diseases, hot
It is the only positive cure lor
Kidney and Bladder Complaints,
Urinary and Womb Diseases, Gravel, Diabtites,
Dropsy, Stoppage of Water.Incontluuance of Urine,
linuht s Disease, Alunmtnuriit, and in ail cases
where there are brick-dun deposits, or the water is
thick, cloudy, mixed with substances like the white
of an egg, or threads like white silk, or there is a
raorlild, dark, bilious appearance, and white hone-
duiit denoelta, and when there is a pricking, burn
ing sensation wben pausing water, aud Pain in the
Small ol the llack aud along the Loins.
lumor oj VI lears Urowth Vured vy
Kadway s Resolvent.
IIkveiu T,51ass , July 18,18ii9
Dr. IUdwat: I have had Ovarian Tumor In the
ovaries and bowels. All the doctors said "there
was no help fir It." 1 tried everything that was
recommended, nntuotning helped ine. I saw your
Kexolvent, and moiigiit 1 would try it; tint bad no
I took six bottles of the Resolvent and one box of
laitn in it, oecause i naa Kuuerea lor t waive years,
Radway's Pills, and two bottles of your Ready Re
lie! ; aud there Is not a sign of tumor to be seen or
felt, and 1 (eel better, omiiner and happier than I
have for twelve years. The worst tumor was in the
left side ol the bowels, over the groin. I write this
to you for the benefit of others. Yon can publish
i. ; ..... i ... ii i r v i ii n irv . i it .
lb il juu iiiiuuGt;. UAi a u
Ann, Arbor, Mich.. April 30. 18T5.
" Dn. RaDway Kind Sir: I have been taking your
R'folvent, Regulating Pills, and also nsing the
iWH.iy ueuei anoui one year 'or ovar.an .tumors on
ttiu abdomen wlilc1 ue mos imminent physicians ol
our meoicai conei rprououucea incurable.
Tliey were like k.ts on a tree. When I was fit
ting In a hair tliej hung almost to the floor, and
my weight was ilTo pound when 1 commenced with
your remedies, and now it is 210 pounds, but they
are uoi an gone yci. i nave laaeu twenty-lour Dot
tles of Insolvent, nine of Relief, and twenty-four
noxes oi mis. l get tne medicine Iroin U. Urrn
vim. ricase send me your Mok "f alse and True.
Another Letter from Mrs. C. Krapf.
August 18. 1H75.
Dn. Radwat Kind Hir: I take the liberty to ad
dress you fain. My health is greatly improved
by I lie nie of your medicine. Throe of the tumors
are entirely gone, and the fourth is nearly so.
urojwy is goue, neattn stiu improving, and my
weiuni tirureuniuK uvry iusi. i nave li au a great
iiianj can. mis nssniiuur 10 inquire ol the wouder
ful cure your medicine Iiok done for me, one from
unlo, oiiu from Canada, thren from Jackson, aud
quit number from this place. Yourn with re-
tpect, nits. V. KRAPF
We are well acquainted mth Mrs. Krapf. She Is
au eptliiia'ile lady, and very benevoleut. She has
been the means or selling many bottle, of the Re
solvent by the drngetat of Ann Arbor to persons
aillicied with internal tumors. W e bave heard of
oine woudeiful cure effected by it. Your re-
pec'.luliy, tlilUlJAUU K UO.
Auu Arbor. Slick., Aug. 18, 1S76.
perfdcl'.y tasteluts -elegantly Cuated with sweet
If mn, purge, regulate, purify, cleanse.and slrenuh
mi. Kadway'a Pills, for the cure of all disorders of
the stomach. Liver, ltowels. Kidneys, Bladdur,
Nervous Dmuaiw, llradaclie.Cotisttpalion, t'onttve
r.ess. Indigestion, Dyspepsia, iiillou.iiess, Bilious
Fever, liillammation of the lioweis. Pile, and all
Derangements of the Internal Viscera. Warranted
loetleet a positive cure. Purely Vegetable, con
UlTilliL' no luercurv. minerals or deleterimia Hmn
tr Observe the following symptoms resulting
from disorders of the Digestive Organs.
Constipation, Inward plies, Falluess of the Blood
in the. lluad. Acidity of the Stomach. Nausea.
Uearthurn, Disgust of Food, Fullness of Weight
in mo mouiacn, raour .eruptions, emitting or Flutter
lugs In the Pit of the Stomach. Swlmmlnir nf th
Read, Untried aud Difficult Breathing, Flutleringa
at tho Heart, Choking or SuHocaung Sensation
when In a Lying Postnre, Dimness of V ieion, .Dote
or Webn before the sight. Fever aud Dull Pain in
the Head, Deficiency of Perspiration, Yellowness of
the skiu and Eyes, Pain In the Side, Chest, Limbs,
ud sudden Flushes ot liuat Burning in the Flush.
Afuwdoosof KAUWAY'B PILLS will free the
system Irom all tho above named disorders. Price
w cudu per dox, boiu Dy uruggi.ts.
Send on letter-stamp to KADWAYJ CO.,No 82
"-""" a, Aiuuriuauun worm thou
sua sui vm seu(.yuu.
Spare ribs, tenderloin, sausage meat and
eaf lard, at Gilmore's Perk House. 8-tf
It will pay to keen your Harness in eood
condition. Use Frank Miller's Prepared
Harness Oil.
fVH VV rL. mm ma mm m
i ne uoionnaae uotei, rmiaaeiDhia. is a
model establishment. It is superb in both
etyle and appointment and its table and
service cannot be excelled.
Choice Chicago caramels, chocolate
creams, plain and fancy mixed candies,
Christmas tree toys, nuts, raisins, figs,
oranges, etc. the finest line in the city, at
prices to suit the times, Freeman, Ked
b ront, second avenue, near 17th street,
ttock Island, 111. ;dt24
Freja Hall tor Sale.
On the 24th of December, the Freja
Hall property in Moline, will be sold at
auction at the Court House. Sale absolute
and title general. Enquire of Qest &
Parks, attorneys. Rock Island. 13dtd
Churchman's baking powder is the
cheapest and best in the market Is not
affected by the atmosphere. Retains its
leavening power for hours after mixing.
Guaranteed strictly pure, livery grocer
sells it; take no other. 1215d6tn
One trial is sufficient to convince the
most skeDtical of the invaluable and unfail
ine efficacv of Madame Zadoc Porter's
Curative Balsam, for the cure of colds,
couchs. hoarseness, shortness of breathing,
asthma, difficulty of breathing, huskiness,
tickling in the throat, && Diss beenm
use over forty years. Price 25, 50, and 75
cents per bottle.
The gourmet talks eloquently about
truffled quails, pate de foie gras and other
such delicacies. Pin him down, though
and you'll find he admits the supreme im
portance of good bread, biscuit, rolls, etc,
Here all agree on the basis of true gas
tronomy. To be sure of the most deli
cious things baked from flour you must
use Dooley's Yeast Powder.
The WeatlierTo-Day.
The following shows the temperature
at I he Argus Office to-day as in
dicatfd bv thermometer:
7i. v. SO above aero llr.i 6SO above aerc
9 a. m. 60o I r.u. 02O
C onfectionery at Drube's.
All kinds of fancy bakery and fresh
candies, Chicago caramels and Christmas
tree toys. 18-d3t
Marshal Hawes arrested and took before
Justice Cropper this morning, a man who
had brought in and sold a load of wood,
charging him under the ordinance for
peddliu. The court, however, ruled that
it was not peddling and dismissed him
The Baltimore & Ohio
railroad com
Mr. John W.
the twentieth
been very suc-
pany has just re-elected
Garrett as president for
time. The company has
cessful in the management of its business,
and a large part of its success is due to the
management of Mr. Garrett.
A young man named Press Brooks, aged
18 years, son of John Brooks, of Atkinson,
while talking to a brakesman on the ac
commodation train going east from that
place on Thursday night of la9t week,
attempted to jump off of the train and had
one leg taken off and was otherwise badly
The Inducement.
The State Leader says that 6S9 people
have joined the temperance movement
and donned the "blue ribbon" in Des
Moines within one week. This can only
be accounted for from the fact that whisky
costs 20 cents a drink in that city and
very poor whisky at that. Now don't any
ot vou Les JMoraes iellow9 ask us how we
Don t Believe It.
There are a good many people who seem
to be "down on" the young man who is
acting as street commissioner and are con
tinually finding fault at his incompetency.
This is very unkind. They say the council
has. when there was anything to do, em
ployed and paid for an assistant for him;
and now, they say that the city pays all
his street car fare. This is the unkindest
cut of all, and we don't believe it. Why
should the city pay for his rides?
Maj. J. M. Beardsley is in Chicago-
business in the U. S. court.
Hon. Marcus Dunlap, of Iowa City is in
the city, a guest at the Harper House.
James Donaldson, one of the wealthy
farmers of this county, is registered at the
Rock Island House.
Daniel Montgomery, of Pteynolds, a lead
ing stock raiser of this Eectioo, is Btopping
at the Taylor House.
B. R. Cable is in Indianapolis on busi
ness connected with his railroad. J. II.
Ililliard is no loDger receiver, the sale to
Mr. Cuble having been confirmed.
Among the distinguished arrivals at the
Harper House are F. TJ. Farqhar, U, S. A.
who is spending the day on the Island, and
Robt. I. Anderson, of Pittsburg.oue of the
largest dealers in steel in tint city.
Mr. Horton J. Kinsey, of Denver, Col.,
oao of the largest wholesale dealers in the
lar west, is in the city, a guest of Dr.
Magill. Mr. Kinsey was formerly a resi
dent ol Henry county, but has been in
Colorado fifteen years. '
'How large was Alexander"
'"Tnat people called him groat."
If there is one thing more than another
that will produce a feeling of peaceful satis
faction in the breast of a city official, it is
to have a proper appreciation of his own
importance, io know that as he marches
along tho street with the working tools of
his office in his hands the insignia of rank
that littlo children hush and in a whisper
murmer ' he's the superintendent." If
report be true, this individual overstepped
his authority when he said to the workmen
in the Rock Island House barber shoo
"You cannot get a plumber in this city to
make those connections." Just sol Mr.
Superintendent. But did it ever occur to
you that yours is an assumed honor? That
in no place on the records of the city coun
cu are you named superintendent. Tis
a pleasing honor, a satisfaction, and a com
tort to sign some title to your name and
wo would not destroy the happy illusion
but in future keep within the iprovince of
the work for which you draw your monthly
Don't forget to attend the social and
oyster supper at the Broadway church to
Brace up, and prepare to swear off
Christmas the day before Christmas is
the best time.
The Y. M. C. A., of Burlington have!
secured Joaquin Miller for a lecture. He's
better than Bob lngersolk '
Full many a gem of rarest hue serene
The dark, unfathomed caves of ocean bear;
Full many a maid who toyed with kerosene.
Has gently clambered up the gold stair,
The vagrant act has been declared un
constitutiono , which is a great relief t
numerous young men without visible means
of support.
Those young ladies at church ifairs
who sell five cent pin-ousbions for three
dollars ought to be arrested for robbing the
males. Baltimore American.
In the country round about Bloom
field, Ind., hog cholera has prevailed to
such an extent that in many instances
farmers have lost their enure droves of fat,
valuable hogs.
The Clinton county.'Jowa, supervisors
favor the abolition of the office of county
superintendent of schools. Rock Island
county might well dispense with their's, as
the office is merely nominal.
The Red Ribbon movement didn't
take deep root in Galesburg. The Press
says the only effect was the starting of
several new saloons. Bad for Galesburg,
Aw tKa laAnpAv rr-Vi ef Avfarl . V m nwram ant
James McFarland, the conductor who
fell from the caboose of the train that was
wrecked in the bridge accident, died at 2
o'clock yesterday afternoon, from injuries
received in his back. He leaves a wife and
four children.
-That Idiotic "Eli Perkins" tried to
bulldoze conductor Martindal, of the
Western Union R. R., on Monday last, by
endeavoring to ride on a Milwaukee & bt.
Paul pass. Mr. M. was not to be bull
dozed; he took Eli by the collar and was
about to eject him from the train when
Eli "put up the ready." Savana Times,
A benevolent grocer, seeing a skele
ton of a cat slink across the shoo, bawled
out to his boy: "Didn't I tell you to teed
that cat a nound of beef a day till she
fattened up?" "You did. and I gave her
a pound this morning." "You did, eh?
Gimme that cat." The cat was placed
upon the scales and found to weigh exactly
a pound. "All right, my boy, said the
grocer; "there's your pound of beef, but
wnero's your cat?"
Some incautious temperance lecturer
has intimated that the Cambridge ladies
are not all models of temperance, and the
gallant Prarie Chief comes to their rescue
as follows: Who are those women of
Cambridge that are in the habit of using
strong drink r is a question that has fre
quently been asted during the past week.
It there are any, they are not generally
known, and we are of the opinion that the
assertion is a base slander.
It is a sad sight to see an intoxicated
person on the street, llow much more
so la it to see a dull and siokly baby ren
dered so by the use of dangerous opiates?
Dr. Bulls Baby Syrup contains nothing
injurious and may be given to the most
delicate baby. Price 25 cents.
Facts and Fignrea Won't Lie!
Eklund don't have to advertise his
veracity under the head of "solid truths.
because the .people know he sells goods
just as represented, and he challenges
other dealers to duplicate his prices in the
three cities. Read these figures and be
convinced. This is no laimbug announce
ment, but a solid tact. He is selling
ladies solid gold band rings at SI, child
ren's at 25 cents, gentlemen's solid gold.
real stone cameo rings at $3.59, ladies'
solid gold cameo seta, $7.50: ladies' solid
gold neck chains $4.5, misses $2.5;
ladies solid gold guard chains $20; ladies
solid cold, patent lever watches $18;
gentlemen's solid gold cased Elgin watches,
$29 silver cased $9; ladies' solid gold sets
of jewelry $4.75, plated 85 cents; solid
gold front, misses' sets $1.25, ladies' cuff
pins 75 cents, and gentlemen's cuff but
tons $1; silver thimble 5 cents; silver
plated casters $1.50, sets of teaspoons
$1.25, tablespoons $2,75, forks $2.75, and
napkin rings 15 cents each; triple plated
knives $2 50 and desert knives $2.25
per serT
Indisputable Evidence!
I. Epstein don't have ta publish a"price
list of "snide goods" at seemingly low
figures in order to attract customers. His
prices are to low, and his goods so far
superior to others, that persons visiting
his store readily discern the difference and
seldom leave without purchasing. He
don't advertise solid gold watches at $18,
because the honest goods cannot be sold
for that money, and he don't keep "snide
stock"' on hand. Hh is, however, selling
genuine goods at prices which cannot be
duplicated this side or Chicago. He buys
strictly for cash and of the manufacturers
direct. He don t eeleot his stock trom
drummers' samples, representing third
class houses but direct from first hands,
thereby saving hit customers the usual
profits made by middlemen. Lpstein s
reputation is too well known to need any
comment. His business enterprise is not
an experiment, but an established fact.
Neither does he go around town whining
about hard times. He believes in driving
business, and when other dealers are
whitling chips, or looking down their nose,
he is kept busy waiting on customers.
He claims to haye and is prepared to
prove that his stock is the largest and
most completf in the city. All goodf
first class; no "snide Btock,"' but genuine
articles which are sold as low as other
dealers sell the "'mixed sundries." A
trial will convince the most skeptical that
the place to get real bargains, and first
class goods is Epstein's, Star Block, llock
Now is the Time to Subscribe to
Frank Leslie's Svsvax Magazine.
The January cony, a vwst hrilliant lloli-
day JS umber s now ready. It contains some
exceedingly pretty illustrations and ac
counts of "Uhristmason the Alps." "Christ
mas in Norw8y'"Chri8tma in Jerusalem."
A large number of highly interestine arti
cles, paragraphs, etc., on welcome and
tamely subjects. Music, Poetry, Fun,
Science, Art and Fiction, all embraced in
12s pages. It has in all 100 neautiful illus
trations, including a fine steel plate engra
ving of Rev. C. F. Deems, editor of the
Magazine. We do not know of any
monthly journal, published either on this
continent or elsewhere, better entitled to
the large share of public favor bestowed on
this valuable publication. It is of decided
interest to everybody, old or young, grave
or gay, and it is a marvel of cheanness.
Present your families with a subscrip
tion FOR 1878. The annual subscriotion
price is $3; single copies, 25 cents post-paid.
Address orders to Frank Leslie. 537
Pearl street, New York.
Long indulgence in over eating or drink'
ing pioduces a disorganized liver, and all
the evils attendant upon such derange
ments; depression of spirits, habitual
costiveness, nervous exhaustion, indiges
tion; pain in the head, with nausea; full
ness of stomach after meals, dullness,
general debility and languor. Seek relief
from Simmons' Liver Regulator.
"It is a very valuable remedy for dys
pepsia, sick headache, torpid liver and
such like disease. W. S. Holt,
President of S. W. E. E. Co., of Ga."
Richards to Sohrbkck's Drug and Book Store
opposite First National Bank, where all orders
can he left for the arsus, ana wnere au jioiine
business is transacted bv O. J. Beardelee. Busi
ness notices should be handed in by noon to en
sure publication tne same uay.
lfi?The Turners cleared over $800 at
their fair.
Jacob Kissel commences his temperance
work at Reese s Hall to-night,
IfiyA new meat shop has been opened
in Calkins block, Mam street.
figpFresh home ' made and factory
candies, suitable for the holiday trade, at
Pierce Bros .
ISy-E. (Jkerbere has taken possession
ot his new store and will be ready to attend
to customers to morrow.
tfConsiderable time was wasted this
morning in shoveling mud from one side
of Main street to the other.
IST-The Lafayette club, whose rooms
have been in the Keator House for the
past two years, has disbanded-
J6FAn interesting feature of the Union
Social at Dunn's Hall, to-morrow night,
will be an address by Mr. Job Tumey.
Bg2SCandies at Wheelosk's bakery.
Seven and one half rounds for one dollar,
Three and thren fourths pounds for fifty
cents. -
fHt was a kitten that got her throat
cut this time. She Came up last Thursday
evening on the same car that he sent down
his locals to the press.
Ladies' while looking for Christmas
gifts for your husbands and sweethearts,
glance at J. S. Buck's stock of pipes, cigar
cases and holders, etc.
jtSfEmerson Bullis took a change of
venue from Justice Mapes to Magistrate
Swander. and the case is slowly progress
ing, with a probability of lasting a day or
Ifiy-Nason & Jeweft's stock of candies
cannot be beat anywhere for yanety
freshness and quality, and those oysters
on the half shell are not to be found else
where in town.
SBinding of every description done
on close figures at The Argus bindery
All kinds of printing vfeeaper than else
where in the three cities. First class work
guaranteed. tf
J5W. G. Morris has 33 tickets for the
Belshazar concert for sale, and a plan of
the opera house so that seats can be se
lected. The tram will run to Moline at
the close of the concert,
JKgyGould & Co. have the finest line of
Christmas presents in the city, consisting
of gents and ladies ties, silk handkerchiefs,
gents pins, all kinds of gents under cloth
ing, and the best assortment ot suits and
piece goods to be found any where.
JfcSKTwo immense cakes, handsomely
decorated and bearing the characters I. O.
O, F. and A. O. U. D. in bronze, which
have been prepared for the union social,
were displayed in Pierce Bros' windows to
day. Their cook room is full of roasted
turkeys, meats, etc., for the emo oooasion.
I James Murray and James Smart,
small boys, were arrested yesterday for
throwing stones.one of which struck the boy,
Smith, mention of which was made in yes
terday's Argcs. They were taken before
Magistrate Swander this morning and the
trial was postponed until Thursday next.
The city of Moline has purchased a
two wheel hose carriage for the fire de
partment of that city. The car
riage is from the well known Cas
well Improved Coupling Co., of Chi
cago, Ills., the largest of its kind in the
country and is represented by Ed. P. Ro
gers, the well known traveler.
Treasury Department,
Washington, D. C, Nov. 10. 1876.
ltake great pleasure in certifying to the
emcacy ot lr. uuii s uougn oyrup, in use
in my family and as a specific for colds of
children or adults. I have found it to be
a cure almost immediate' and always per
manent. Very respectfully.
Thos. B. Price.
They shipped off two car-loads of Vic
torias yesterday. Five hundred and fifty
sold this season. dwtf
Bankruptcy is oftentimes a sort ef heed
less self-drowning. A man is crossing a
deep stream, bearing too heavy a load of
valuables. He becomes more and more
exhausted in his struggles to keep his head
above the waters. It he could make up
his mind to drop a part of his load, he
could save a part and gain the shore. But
pride aud greed conrpel him to hold on,
and he finally goes to the bottom. So in
bankruptcy. A iurmer or business man
gets into deep water. He cannot bear the
thought of losing a part of his possessions.
and so he struggles on and on, hoping
finally to reach solid ground and save all.
But be fails in the contest and goes down
a bankrupt Tbey try to bridge over the
deep place by borrowing. Such contri
vances are too often only rotten affairs that
only put off the evil day, and make the
final catastrophe only the more complete.
The sure plan, if your load is too heavy, is
manfully to drop part of it, and pick it up
some other time if you can.
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Hew to get Sick.
Expose yourself day and night; eat too
much without exercise; work too hard
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will ftant to know
how to get well.
Which is answered in three words Take
Hop Bitters 1 See other column.
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Best Soft Coal Self-Feeder
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Hard Ooall W m Hnnif STOVE I
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Mrs. Gen'l Sherman says: "I have fre
quently purchased Durang's Rheumatic
Remedy for friends suffering with
rheumatism and in every instance it acted
like magic'
C 111 1 FT 11 tt n
jjoaiue s tieaaacne apecmc cures
headache in 5 to 20 minutes. Sold by all
druggists in liock Island and Moline.
Youngsters pimpled with an eruption
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boap daily, it gives the little creatures
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rhysicians recommend it for cutaneous
Hill's Hair and Whisker Dye, Black or
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iiME i-ROOF i eeth. I he teeth may
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crust, them, no canker effect the enamel,
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Mutilated furniture is made perfect with
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Illustrated Marriage Guide, SCO pages, doth
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iSenna, baits, etc., for the most delicate in
fants, the robust, and those enfeebled It
age. It is a Specific for all Bilious Dis
orders, Agues, Colics, HeadacJies, Cbs-
tveness, ets.,
A SURE Thlvq. Dr. Hunter's Specific
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the Gonnorhoea, Gleet,Chordee,Strictures,
disease of tho kidneys, bladder and
urinary organs ot males and females.
Dr. Hunter's Specifio No. 2 is a sure
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weakness, nightly emissions, the loss of
power, caused by self-abuse or excessive
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The Best Stove in the Market.
A Complete List of parties usiDg the
CLIMAX can be seen at the Store of
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Ecoiomy, Durability and General Good Qualities.
It will Bake and Cook with 1-3 less fuel than ao
other Cook Stove in the
For Sale by
Absolutely Pure.
The leading American powder. Put up
Grape Cream Tartar. Makes most delicious 11
length ot time In any climate, and does not
All Grocers are authorized to guarantee il.
North British
Of London and Edinburgh.
Fire Surplus and Eeserve Fund the largest of
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Losses Paid in 68 Years, - $25,079,840.00
' i; i
Applications received and policies issued by
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Dr. Sabine's "Indian Vegetable Cough
Syrup" is the infallible remedy for coughs,
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Files-Itching Files
Positiwly cured also Blind and Bleeding
Piles, fistula, Salt llheum, and all dis
eases of the Skin, by the use of
Itching Piles is generally preoeded by
a moisture like perspiration producing a
very disagreeable and distressing itching,
particularly at night, after getting warm
in bed. No humbug as a trial will prove.
For sale by all respectable druggists.
Rossman & McKinsir v, Hudson, N.Y.,
Sent by mail for 50 cents.
For sale by all Druggists in Rockllsland
Fuller & Fuller, and VanSchaack,
Stevenson & Reed, Chicago, wholesale
Delays are dangerous. The lives of our
little ones are dear to us, and it is the
wish and hope to see thtm look bright,
and cheerful and happy.
We advise you not to give them any
of the dangerous worm syrups or liquids
of any kind or name. They are not only
bad to use and really dangerous to take;
but the stomach often rejects them and
are used with peril to those little ones
who look to us for care and protec
tion. Van Deusen's Worm Confections
are a pure white and are made from the
purest vegetable medicines. They are
the only safe and sure worm medicine
ever discovered. They have become a
household remedy, and are now sold in
every store.
Van Deusen's Confections
Are sure protection.
They bring to terms
Intestine Worms;
Cures every child.
Are tasteless, mild.
Your pets may live,
U them yon give.
Ask for Van Deusen's Worm Confec
tions, Merchants can get them at whole
sale Drug Store
Kingston, Ulstek Co., N.Y,
tsg-Price 25 cents a box"J
Sold at every store j
:,. 2 Tifrnli-"-' . .,. .
Block, opposite Harper House.
full weight and full strength, made Irom pure
ht, white, and wholesome cookery. Keeps ai;r
cake or deteriorate.
Never sold loose or in bulk.
Attorney and counsellor at law
Office in Bengton' Block, Illinola St., Hock 1
nd, Illinois. S-13dA6m
Court House. Jno. T. Kenworthy,JaB,M. Bearc.-ey-
eery and Notary Public, Abstracts, Leans and
Collects. Office Snd . Avenue, 8rd aoor eatt ol
Becgston'a Drug Store, Kock Island, Ills.
Offic in Mitchell & Lynde's block, Rock Island
111. Have complete set of Books ( Abstracie ot
Title of Lands in Hock Island County.
Wm. P. Zimmerman.
ter. Leave orders wxh Jobn Zimmerman,
Piano Manufacturer, 130 Main St., near Jr'iret Na
tional Bauk, Davenport, Iowa
Office Cor. Eagle and Illinois street, Bo-K lei
aud, Illinois. ll-lSdly
branches, also, Uas and Steam Kitting.
Call and haveestimaiesmade before orderlngyonr
work doce by other partita.
THOMAS Y Al S. (Levee. JRock Island.
V. Dauber's Old Stand.
5ew Sbocs 40 cent. Ke-ect 20 cents. None but
flint-class workmen employed. Horse-shoeing "J
al'i its branches. Interfering, Quarter Cutters, anu
Uoof-Bound Horses Cured , ,
r Special attention given to shoeing Trottors.
All work warranted. Horsemen and others mvueu
Shop-Third avenue, between 18th and 19th
street, MOCK IfaLAJi"

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