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The Daily Argus.
THUR8DAY, JUNE 18, 1885.
Only Denijerattc Dally in ine Klerentn Con
gressional Dulrict.
Sditob awn Pnuiin.
irneiu paths or ioci isuis cm asb covm
Arfrai Block, - - Opp. Post Office.
roiKurnni um !
DAILY IS'i eenta per week, or SO eenta per
month, delivered by nmeri to any prt of me
WEB KLY (2,00 per year. portaire paid.
The doctor at hia last weekly dUtriba-
tion, left a aoD with Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Beeding and also with Mr. and Mrs. Louis
Mr. John Cady found hia father's
health improved and is expected home tos
day. '
Xo more cases of measles are reported
in this section and the afflicted ones have
An Old Lady Fockd ih a Will Near
Illinois Crrt, and Her Subsequent
Illinois City, June 18.
An old German lady, seventy nine
years of age, who lived with her son,
The Mexiean Financier is not impress
-A favnrahW bv our 8outh American years of age, who
Trade Commission. It says: "That corns rist Rudenberg, about half a mile from
mis-iion visited Mexico and gathered about
this place, was found in a well located
I near the dtvallino- one dav last week.
as much information here as a keenwitted I clincintr to the windias rope with her
New York editor could collect in a few 1 head just above the water. The unusual
hours' study of th'e trade statistics be- noise tHit sue maae auraciea me notice
.. .. . .... of some of the family who were at the
tween the two nations. The cost of this bwn ftnd on gom? the well found her
roving comxisston is, of course, a mere jtt tne condition described. Being res
bagatelle to so rich a nation; but, as the cued, medical aid waa summoned and
people across the border would say, 'It is everything was done that could be for her
not brines,' Iftbe "keenwitted New -Zi
ork editor" kuows no more of interna- remain unsolved in connection with thi
tional trade affairs than lie docs of Ohio case: Did she accidently fill into the well,
Baron MantenflTel Cloaa His- Career
Kalaer William Prostrated British
Political News The Cholera at
Madrid Kioto la Austria.
politics he would be obligod to surrender
to the junketing commission.
Berlin, June 18. Field Marshal Baron
von Manteuffel, governor of the provinces
of Alsac and Lorraine, died quit suddenly
at Carlsbad, at which place he was sojourn
ing for hU health, at 9 o'clock Tuesday
morning. The news of his death, following
so closely on that of Prince Frederick
Charles, has greatly shocked tue emperor,
fie is much prostrated, aud saiJ, in a mourn
ful way. "All my friends are dying." -
lEdwin liana Charles, Barou von Man
teuffel. was born Feb. 2L 1SU9, at Magde
burg. At toe age ol 17 he entered a ngt
meut ot Prussian dragoons, and in 146 was
made an aide-de-camp of the king. Ue
became a colonel in 1854. and was
employed on various important dip
lomatic commissions, in ioji u
attached to the office ot the minister of war,
in the capacity of chief of the personal
division. In loW he became successively
lieutenant general and adjutant general.
While holding taese positions he became io-
A atNooi.AR warfare has begun to be I
wuged between physicians and apothe-
or did the let herself down bv the rope volved in a duel witn a councilor
with thrt intpntinn tf Hnwnmi, liora lf ? of the tribunal of Twfcten. Alter
Tha ii., .,,..i,: n ... I the conventiim of Oastein ManteuttVl
;!,r "rT"" n K.aii, Ugaia rame to the Iront and was appointed
Creultetl. 1 mnA n.ilitnrv mivmnr nf Krl,lAfiWio
The storm king reigns in this region of Hs subsequently sent to Hanover and
o.onntrv at nre.ont nH th. m,nA k. commanueu a u.ymou minor '"s
. f . " -1 '' " " .
. , a. . t .1. 1 . - ..
canes in Brooklyn, many oi iub lunui-r i oeen testing its power on various occa
now mix and pispense the medicines Isions, but no material damage was done
whirh their nrescril.e. without extra chitrire xceP' tb overturning of an occasional
,:, i,.,i.!.i , i.;. hy shed Di scattering rail fences in
'""" " " various places. No damage has been
innovation is the desire to retaliate upon done to crops except making the ground
the druggists, who prescribe for all or-1 unfit for cultivation by being so wet. The
dinary ailments and who extol the virtues farmers are now waiting for a chance at
the weeds in the cornfield, which are tak
ing advantage of the wet weather.
The third quartctly meeting of Tavlor
Ridge charge convened in the Methodist
Episcopal church of this place on the
13th and 14th instants. The people had
I - - l. ! ' . 1
extortionate and that they have begun to T r' wuraiiiiing in a nouse
3 6 newly decorated with wall paper and a
u u,,:.i,v,uo ... .v.c. i neatly paintea ceiling principally the
pone an inevitable reduction . ll tnreat- I work of the ladies.
ens to be a bitter and malodorous quar-
of patent preparations, thereby diminish
ing the fees of the doctors. They assert
that tlie diuggists' average profit on pres
script ions is upward of 300 per cent. The
druggists retort that the doctors' fees are
rel, although it is not likely to rage far I
and wide throughout the land. Brooklyn
is a curious and peculiar town.
The following changes in the Postal
Law will take effect July 1st:
Pre-emption, June 18.
Fii.e weather.
Farmers busy.
Business dull.
Mumps all the rage .
The measles still in the neighborhood.
von r alkenstein. vvrwn tne tatter was
called to Bohemia in ltS0 MaoteutTel as
sumed the command of the army of tlie
Main and directed the operations aeainst
the German southern states. He has been
blamed for the teventy ot the measures he
took aeainst his defeated countrymen. Thus
did he demand 60,000,000 francs as a war
contribution from the city of rrantrorc,
who corporation nrererred Deing pu
tared to contributing this amount.
The war was over. Manteuffel was sent
to Si Petersburg. In the Franco Prussian
war be was In command at ueiz, laou,
Amieua, Rouen, and won the battles of Port
Noyelles and Bapaume. At the cloe of tile
war he was appointed commander-in-chief of
the army of occupation, and promoted to
the rank of field marshal in 1M73. In
1880 he became coventor of Alsace-Lor
raine, and at first showed himself liberal-
minded, but bis tyranny soon took tne
utioer hand and he made himself odious to
the people, whom he governed in a brutal
and arbitrary lasnion.
T ll il farman In tKia OwflAn OVA nlAmmn
Anv artlrlp in a newtmnnpr nr nlhAr I .. . . . r a
- J l , v. . i , 1 1. 1 w AArn tha aannnrl time
nnhlication mav he marked for nhserva-1
' j -- Tl-1.M 111 . I. . r,
i nn rtivnt hi vritlpn f,r nrinlo.l nr.k "m c t-cicujaie lue ruimu:
without increase of postage. Whv not have B Picnic at n0Ie f
2. All newspapers sent from the office Dick W hitsitt gave us a pleasant call
of publication, including sample copies, I Friday while home visiting his folks.
vi nuts ncui iruiu a news Byency 10 i k. Snider started Monrlav tn vat
tuai BUDscriDera thereto, or to otner news friends and relatives in Kansas.
Mrs. L. Hammond is improving the
looks of her town property bv lavios a
new siuewaia.
agents, shall be entitled to transmission
at the rate of 1 cent per pound or frac
tion thereof, the postage to be prepaid.
3. The weight of all single rate letters
is increased from one half of one ounce
each, or fraction thereof, to one ounce.
The same increase of weight is allowed
for drop letters, whether mailed at sta
tions where there is free delivery, or where
carrier service is not established.
5. A special stamp, of the value of 10
cents, may be issued, which, when at
tached to a letter in addition to the law
ful postage thereon, shall entitle the let
ter to immediate delivery at any place
The Connelly school opened again to
day. It has been closed since last ThureN
day, June 11, on account of the mumps.
The strawberry and cream festival for
the benefit of the Kpiscopal church on
Tuesday evening, was well attended and
a very enjoyable time waa had. We have
not heard how much waa made.
The M. E. Sunday school celebrated
children's day last Sunday. The church
was beautifully decorated with flowers.
containing 4,000 population or over, at- An interesting programme was earned out
coramg to the leaeral census, or within by the members of the school in the ev
one miie oi tne postomce coming wiinin eningr.
tue provisions oi mis law. wuicu may, in Te 8(X.iabe hela in HammonH hall nn
manner w ucs.gua.ru as a .pet .. WedneSuay evening for the benefit of the
noli ucro rm ra (hut atts-h Dnania II I . . "
. i .. ,, . , v r. ' Presbyterian church proved a success
was had. The sixty-seven dollars that
were cleared will be used for the repair
ing ot tue church.
7 a. m., and midnight; that a book shall
be provided in which the person to whom
the letter is addressed shall acknowledge
its receipt; that messengers for this siie-
cial delivery are to be paid 80 per cent of
lhA fiiAA valtlA nf till tlkO blumita I
and rppnrderi in a month nrovuleil lhat I ""
the aggregate compensation paid to any I wra is growing splendidly.
uue person lur suuii service hubii nut ea-1 vv . jonnsion 9 wile lias gone On
ceea fdii per month, ana provided lursi visit to friends in Pennsylvania.
it. .a .1 t.. j,.t: .tt
tuai me regu.auuns lor ine ueiivery ui F C- Dorsey of Chicago, bought ao-
mese specially siampea letters snail in no other carload of horees 8nd suipped them
nj iulmiviv nnu mi. piuu,vuEii,ii j thlg Week
interfere with the
of letters as provided by existing law or
Interesting Oossip fkom Ri'kai. Town
ship Crop Prospects.
Rural, June 1'3.
Another wedding in the near future
Strawberries are plentiful aud very
A number of Ruralites attended the re
gatta at Moline on Saturday.
Frank Wilson sold four fine calves to
James Cook for $200.
Harry Simmons, of Ruck Inland is rus
ticating in Rural.
Miss nillier's school closes in a few
days with a picnic in the grove.
Lewis Wilson attended a fine stock sale
at Aledo, where he bought a fine calf at a
reasonable price.
Two weeks ago communion services
were held at Beulah church and Mr. Don
aldson'a little baby was baptized.
Sir. Charley Shy re lost a little girl a
short time ago with scarlet fever. The
family have the sympathy of the com mil
Mr. O'Brien has bought a house and lot
in Rock Island, and expects to move there
next Marco. Kural will lose a good cit
John Bosom's team ran away lust
Thursday with the harrow, doing no seri
ous damage.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Wilson are visit
ing their daughter. Miss Carlson, at Alex,
andria, Dakota. They will be gone about
ten days.
Crop prospects are good. Corn is look'
ing well considering tlie time it has been
Mrs. Amanda Marshall's new residence
will bo ready for her to occupy by July
G. W. Rathbun, of our village, is holds
ing evening street lectures on subjects
taken from the bible.
Some of our citizens boast of new pos
tatoes and peas, but we are inclined to
believe their boasts are fishy.
M. C. Bennett, of L. C. Dessaint &
Sons, of Davenport, and wife, spent a
few days with A. P. Marshall last week
Frank Hamblic, of Rock Island, one of
the old time boys of Cordova, was here
on a short visit last week
Our liverymen. Spoon & Tavener are
doing a thriving business. They are men
well calculated for the business.
Mr. J. J. Johnson, of the Port Byron
Lime company, reports the lime business
Quite a storm visited us on Sunday
afternoon last, not doing much damage
except scaring people.
W. T. King is purchasing and baline
all of tbo available straw in this vicinity
tor the urabam paper works, of Clinton.
W. C. lieany & Bona, with a small
force of masons and labo rers, embarked
(or Anamosa, Iowa, ir the employ of the
railroad company on Wednesday night
uur base ball club have received a chal
lenge from the Princeton, Iowa, club to
play a match game on the Fourth day of
The railroad company are laying pipes
from the water tank to the stock yards
for the purpose of watering stock, etc.,
a much needed improvement.
J. V. Bailey, of this village, left this
port on Tuesday morning to resume his
Queen Victoria Arrives at Windsor Tb
New Cabinet.
London, June IS. The xueen has arrived
at Windsor. Her majesty appeared to be
in good health and spirits.
Lord Salisbury has. definitely settled the
premiership. It Is stated that Sir Stafford
Northcote has accepted a peerage, leaving
Sir Michael Hicks- Beach to lead the Con
servatives in the house of commons. Lord
Randolph Churchill will have an important
position in the new cabinet Ha has
agreed to the renewal oi tne
coercion act on condition that it only be en
forced if found imperative. His action is
generally attributed to fear that Lord Salis
burr and other loaders would ignore his
claims to office, and to a desire to retard the
progress of the seats bill in order to give a
chance, it possible, to appeal to the old con
atltuenciea, which are more likely to support
the Conservatives.
Dublin, June 1 .Mr. T. D. Sullivan,
member of parliament for the county of
Yi estmeath, presided at a league maeting
here Monday evening. He said that co
ercion now was impossible. The Irish mem
berg of parliament, he said, will , treat the
Conservative cabinet about to be formed in
a manner not dissimilar to that which char
acterized their treatment of the Gladstone
ministry, if the Conservatives should treat
Ireland in the same way that the Liberal
government had done. The prospects for
Ireland, said Mr. Sullivan, were never
Ten Deaths at Madrid Mortality In the
Madrid, June 18. Ten deaths from
cholera occurred in this city Taesday.
Ninety fatal cases are reported from the
city of Murcia,
In the province of Castellon de la Plana
there were eighty cases of cholera and sixty
deaths. Thirty thousand people have fled
from Murcia, owing to the terrible dread of
the disease which has taken posseiaioD of
the people. In the city of Muroia alone,
Monday, there were, according to the latest
rumors, sixty-four new caes of cholera and
thirty-nine deaths. In the province of Mur
cia, outsido of the city, there ware fifty cases
of cholera and sixteen deaths within the
same period. The Official Uasette confirms
the statement that cholera hi raging in the
provinces of Valencia, Castellonde la Plana,
and Murcia, and in the city of Madrid. The
opposition newspapers, on the contrary.
deny that cholera exists in Madrid, and say
that all testimony regarding the suspicious
cases is insufficient to give warrant for the
assertion that they are rases of cholera.
and voted solidly for the bilL The bill pro
vides for the appointment of three election
commissioners, two to be of on leading party
and ona of the other, by toe county court,
to hold office three year. Klsction pre
cincts are to contain 300 voters when first
established, and when the number should
exceed 430 they are to be rearranged. In
these precinct) each party is to have a ma
jority of the judges in every other board.
the boards to be selected by the election
commissioners. Registration is to begin
four weeks previous to the election, and
given three days one week apart
After the ihvastigatih Is completed lista of
those suspected to be illegal votes are given
to the clerk, who are to make a careful
canvass of the precinct Then if any name
found not on tha registration lists
it U put on the suspected
list anl again Investigated. INo one
can vote whose name is not in the
registry list. The canvassing boar! is con-
posod of tUe county judge, city
attorney and board of election canvassers,
and Is empowered to open ballots to verify
returns and call and examine witnesses
The bill is made applicable to Incorporated
towns and cities and heavy penalties are
provided for violations of its provisions.
The Hacn Course and Diamond.
Kansas City. June 11 Races Wsdues-
lay re ultei as f illows:
First race, 1 mile; Santa Claus first.
Slocum second, Trix third; time, 1:4a.
Second race, IV miles; Isaac Murphy
first, Hortense second, Lady Winfrey
third; time, i-.VA.
Third race, )i miles, Ida Hops first,
Virgie Hearna second: time, 2:14,
Fourth race, 1 mile; Modesty first, val
et second, Thady third: time, 1:45H.
New York, June 11 Wednesday's races
at Brighton lieach'resulted :
First race, lmils; Billot first, Tecumsch
second, B b May third; time, 1:50.
Second race, mile: Marsh Radon first
Jacobus second, Jesse James third; tuns,
Third race, mile; Tunis first, Jocose sec
ond, Carlyle third; time, 1:19;
Fourth race, miles; Dizzy Monde first.
Tattlor second,, Uank third ;;tims, 2:02).
Fifth race, ljf miles; Quebec firs', Bally
second, Fred B. third; time, 3:01.
Chicago, June 17. League base ball
games were as follows:
At rrovtdence srrovidence 8, Philadel
phia 4; at Boston Boston 0, New York 10.
The Item from Kentucky.
Louisville, Ky., June 18. The Hall and
Jones factions of Knott county, are still
under arms, and an engagement between
them is imminent The Hall party numbers
thirty-one, and the Jones gang eighteen. All
are armed with Wiachsster rifles, and defy
arrest Monday last, on Beaver creek,
Perry Sherwood and Bill Hawk, the latter
ne of the most noted and bloodthirsty
desperadoes in the mountains, were waylaid
and shot and killed by ambushed enemies.
They both belonged to the Hail factions.
Don't be deceived by false rep
resentations that our celebrated
Name of Lucky Democrats Who WU FUENACES are Sold by anyone
Taste Its Sweets Other Official Motes olcu l,nf
Alleged Condemnation of the
Dolphin About Cuba- J0NH T. N0FTSKER,
.. av-, ,lutK ISLAM)
uaiTiBLi Jtmsl.
V" kd raoa chiciso
fan BxpressMail ,.
um. Fast Bxpreis..." S w J S'
Bureau Accommodation... 4-tw i'
Bit. L. HI IllS-flim U v
win. .B tg, k mcato JMa h.
6 K
I' 6
1. a
wa.hihow.ckt. June la-Thapresi. a" ourgo formerly sold by
dent has made the following appointments; owner CC ODencer. and BWlier K
lonn a. otano, 01 umo, minister to iuuy;
Bavliss W. Hanna. of Indiana, minister
to Argentine ReDublic: Chane3 A.
Dougherty, of Penn ylvauia, secretary
of legation to Rome; Pierce M.
Ri Younar. of Geonria. consul treneral to
Bro., are now sold exclusive
ly by
St Petersburg; George W. Bavage, of New Repairs for all goods of OUr
Jersey, at Belfast; E J ward Campauson, of 1 - 0
Pennsylvania, at Naples; Francis B. Gal- manuiafiure, luunu ai
arv rf Kaar V.-irlr at T'in Ta.tvn Jamaica;
John M. Busch, of West Virginia, at Na- JOHN T. NOFTSKEE'S,
easaki: Oscar Hieclmlf. of Kansas at
Sonneberg; Richard R Stoldard. of New fJaU ancl examine OIU latest 101-
York, at Athens; Theodore W. Downs, or ,
Connecticut, at Quebec: M. J. Newmark, of pTOVeU
uoi rauo, at L,yons; nuiiam n. mousiw -
ot New Jorsey, at Beirut; J. C. Monogban, H 11 VT1 QPPC!
of Rhode Island, at Mannheim; Wallace -a- MA UUI VVM 1
Jones, of Florida, at Messina.
11:15 P. m.
10 ani ritoa Emu , '"
6:20 a. m. ... .
7:0m l. in I .'.:
TO AND 1R0 COC.VClL BLl Pr. '''
o.iaj a. ra.
4 .Uu n a
to u rao jujisr,,,,..
S :!. m.
5:i(l p. m
t Rxorefs
AtiilMla: Kx
Nitl.i Ei,ns,!,....
i' r iMeDger,.
ran Kxprtss,.
G neral Sup X
tl. r.
Slil.a .
J. t. CWiK.j;,; r;.tti,.
I V . .1 .
i. Uml Bxpres 6 ii ku
tertiDK PatwemtKr ?.. . ' a
Sieriini; arconnnodatioii'.li ::i a '
st. loom Kart Ki g-g,,,
Deliver ft Kii. 1 iiy Ex.... 4 uip
" IAi K.
" f. a
ltm We ask inspection of goods be- ter
Ft Xr Arnini fjni a ,
menta, New Goods, largest va- Fiv g umch nsam
..:.. : ,i. i.a E. U
neiv 111 tue UKiiKCi
VAJauiuroauaroa mm. u, ,a ,v.u, - - " 11:15 pin
exammers. At ues moines, xowa, kh. ioic l)UH litis lllg. iiew l ill 111 uvr- I r ' accom. i w m
oueucer m. rvice auu u. tv. omouse u
been appointed, and Dr. Ueorge r. aua ""i ""o1-
walt retained; at Dubuque, Iowa, lira.
Michael K. Connolly aud Marshall M.
Wapleo have been appointed, and Dr. John
T. Lewis retained, at Cedar Rapids, Iowa,
Drs. A. D. Poo re and Elijah W. Lake have
been appointed, and Dr. John W. LeGraiige
retained Dr. L Brown, who is appointed
ma et t tin nav hr,a,nl ail: llffnont' fnWA.
was the surgeon a-ho dressei Commissioner tsame auuress lor twenty y ais.
1- aa-
84 Lake St., Chicago,
234 Water St., New York.
'' 5 L U:
Black's wounds after tlie battle of Prairie may 36-dtaw-t&t
Grove, Ark.
The Critic says: "George A. Junks has
accepted the position of assistant secretary
of the interior department, which was
offered him by Secretary Lamar and will
enter upon his duties July L Mr. Jenks
was a member of congress from Pennsyl
vania In loiu, and was one oi tne counsel
before the electoral commission making
what many considered the best argument
on the Democratic side. His appointment is
accredited by some to the influence of the
Hon. Samuel J. Tilden.
Cancer Cured
1 u, T'
t uet Express 8 45 a
Mail and Ex ) jd p
Arrnmmotialion ....7;15p j
Way Freight d im. H
Depot Twentielh firi-n. "
Msll o:m 4. n
Ati-onunodation 4:W p a
And the Coat of the Trip Through the
State In Life and rroperry.
St. Paui' Minn., June 18. A Sibley,
Iowa, special to The Pioneer Press gives tne
following comprehensive summary of Sun
day night's storm in that part of Iowa. The
tornado entered the state at 9 o clock a. m,
at Onowa, Monona county, traveling from
southwest to northeast at the rate of about
fifty miles an hour. It reached Sioux City at
10:15 and l.omars at 1U:45. This storm
lasted about thirty minutes, and was accom
panied by rain and haiL It then veered to
the east, and we have beard of damage be
ing done as far east as Waterloo. Until
12:15 a. m. it rained, when another tornado
from the north west swept over Leraarsniore
destructive than toe first, lasting an hour
and a half. This came from southern Da
koto as far west as Yankton. The track, as
far as can be learned at this time, was in the
shape ot a letter X, with the base of the let'
ter pointing east, the junction being in
Cherokee county, where the largest amount
of damage was done. From Onawa, by
way of Sioux City, to Cherokee, it is nearly
eighty miles; from Yankton to Cherokee it
is 120 miles, and from Cherokee to
Fort Dodge it Is seventy-five mile)
This will give an idea of the storm's
planted. Rve wheat and oats promise a
good crop,
Mrs. Dave Wilson, of Geneva. Nebras I ron club.
ka, who has been spending a couple ot I An abundance of rain the past week
weeks among relatives aud friends in I has made the farmers a great deal of work
Kural, recaived word last night to return I to keep the weeds down, but will proba
home immediately, as her husband was I bly prove proverbial to abundant crops
duties with the Rock Island plow works I course. The duration of the storm
Ot KOCK island. I at Lemars was anout an nour ana a nun.
The Cordova base ball club play two Tne damage in Cherokee county will amonnt
games of ball today at Zuma one with to2J,000:in Woodbury county, fioo.ouo;
the Kami Citv and one with the Port Bvn v i, -
The steamer Charles Rebstock got wind
bound after leaving our landing last Fn-
day evening, and tied up until toward
mornint; before leaving for Clinton.
The ftl. W. A. of this village, have an
invitation from theH. W. A. of Moline, to
attend the Fourth of July celebration to
Death of ah Estimable Last at Mars
ton Nfw Arrivals at Some of the
Residences. v
Mar8ton, June 18.
Mrs. Henry Struble, of this place, died 06 he,d tbere' hnt nave not taken anT
on Friday, June 12th, of consumption, action in the matter yet.
Th fnnpral crvia wen? hpiri in th An. A man with a boat with a medium
tinch Ranliat church and conducted hv sized cinnamon bear on board, landed at
the Rev. Mr. Fisk. pastor of the Presbv our shore lftRl Saturday evening,, much to
terian church, of Hamlet, after which the the delight of young America.
remains were interred in the Cooper cem-
The Kockton paper mills, of Kockton,
HI., have put a straw Dress at work in
our townsh ip in competition with the
Graham p aper mill at Milan, and there is
a lively skirmish between them in the sale
of the game.
etery. Mrs. Struble bad been a lone and
patient sufferer. The past winter she
spent in Chicago undergoing medical
treatment, irom which sue received no
benefit, and returned home in the spring
. , 1 131 IL.
nnimproveu. cue was vue moiuer oi nine Xhe disciples of good old Izaak Walton
Ll.'' 2.'. t"e are never so happy as when indulging in
r . "-"" , b' 1 tuejr favorite pastime of fishing. Cnfors
HtniDiewas an eariy proiessor oi ennss unftte. howeTer. malaria is freouentlv
tlanity, and the high respect with which :' a ,h n o.fnr h.
she was regarded in this community was! ... fllhora hn am-nri I n.mr.t ho voted for the meainire.
vinced by the Jarge concourse of friends their time on t,ne rmr, to be well provid- Several Chicago Democrats among them
men any aaa juanoney ueviurau uub . ura
closinz of the polls at 4 o'clock in the after
noon would i disfranchise ,' thousands of
workine people. It waa ' for thi
reason they said that they were opposed
it. The Republicans scouted this notion,
(50.000. and Ida eouuty. $50,000. This time
there are reposta of damage in Buena Vista,
Sac, Pocahontas, Cal houn, and Webster
counties, but not enough to form an esti
mate as to the loss. At Bayard and Fort
Dodge it was in the form of wind and rain,
having spent its fury.
The number of casualties, so far as in
formed, is thirteen killed, seven fatally and
fifty severely wounded.
The following damages are in addition to
those already reported: Sioux City The
brick paint works are in ruins; the packing
bouse is damaged $7,000; the Plymouth
mills stLemars damaged $10,000 and the
pas works $5,000; four freight-oars are on
their sides; the St Joseph German Catholic
diurch is damaged $10,000; the ice $25,000
the Adams Skating rink $1,500; the Rich
ards house roof gone and the rooms
flooded; the opera house is unroofed, and
needy every house is more or less damaged.
The main loss of life and destruction seems
to have been in Cherokee county, and the
news is slow in coming ia oa account of the
wire being down.
Kew Election Law for IUiaola,
Springfield, Ills., June ia By a vote
ot 78 to 54 the election bill proposed by the
citizens' committee of Chicago passed
a final reading in the house
Wednesday. Lineg&r waa the only
Collector Carter, of the Seventh Indiana
internal revenue district, has resigned.
It is reported that President Andrew
White of Cornell college is about to resign.
The Delphos (Ohio) Paper company's mill
was closed, Tuesday, by the sheriff. The
liabilities are understood to be heavy.
The "Free Navigation League of Canada'
will be formed, the object being to relieve
Dominion water routes of all taxation.
At Pekin, IlL, Tuesday afternoon two
elevators owned by C. R. Cummings and J.
dill were burned. Loss, $11,000; insurance,
Mrs. O. Dickermau, of Rockford, Ills, has
become insane over the mind-cure treat
ment, and imagines herself the mother of
Oen. Logan believes President Cleveland
a man of great force ot character, and be
lieves he is trying to give the oountry a
good administration.
Mr. Murray, the new superintendent of
police of New York city, promises to break
up gambling, Sunday liquor-sslllng, and
street-walking In the mstropolla
Miss Clara Isabella Lyon, daughter of
Justice Lyon, of the Wisconsin supreme
court, and Jay O. Hayes, a lawyer of Ash
land, were married Tuesday at Madison.
Brooklyn Is called the City of Churches,
yet Bishop Little John says the city has only
one church to every 2.624 Inhabitants, less
than any other city in the United State
Edward Nicholas, at one time a wealthy
business man ot Chicago, and sentenced at
Rockford some time ago to two year in
Joliet prison, was pardoned Tuesday morn.
ing by uoveroor Uglesby.
The iron industry in Michigan is in a bad
way. The strikes in the east have seriously
affected the market, large mines and fur
naces are closing down one after another,
and toe outlook Is on tlie whole a dismal one.
The annual meeting of the trustees of the
Illinois Wosleyan university was held Tues
day at Blooming ton. Favorable reports
were read, it being shown that receipts the
past year ware in excess of those ot the pre
ceding year.
Umpire John Valentine, whose resigna'
tion was accepted Tuesday by the president
ot the American Base Ball association.
states that in several instances managers of
clubs sought to influence him to render de
cisions in their favor.
Ex-Governor Cornell, of New York, be
lieves that the blowing ot locomotive whis
tles on the railways so much at night is the
principal cause producing insomnia, and be
wants the legislature of that state to pass a
law againt needless Llowing of whistles at
In the assembly, Tuesday, at Concord, N.
H., Henry W. Blair received ITS rote for
United States senator, and Charles Bingham
117, 1 vote being oast for William El Chan
dler. Mr. Blair was declared to be the
choice of the assembly. In the senate Bing'
bam received 7 votes and Blair 15.
League tall games, Tuesday, resulted:
Chicago 8, Detroit 6; Providence 4, New
York 3; Buffalo 5, St. Louis 0. Clubs be
hinging to the Anien. an association played
the following games: At Baltimore Balti
more 9, Louisville 2; nt Philadelphia Ath.
lotic 14, Pittsburg 1; at Njw lork Cincin
nati 5, MetroDolitan 4 (ten innings); at
Brooklyn ot Louis 11, Brooklyn 4.
It is stated that at the recent meeting of
white lead manufacturers at Niagara Falls
it was decided to form a subsidiary oil pool,
which all the corroders must join, and that
the penalties for cutting the card rates were
made very heavy. This step was taken
to evade certain "tricks ot the trade," as
buyers of wtita lead generally purchased
oil, and the dealers' "hading" of the price
ot the latter amounted practically to a cut
of the white lead card.
That Uascally Idaho Postmaster.
San Francisco, June 1& Postal In
spector Ley bolt ot this city, has received a
dispatch that Isaac N. Hibbs, ex-postmaster
at Lewiston, l iaho, who issued money-or
ders to himself for over $20,003. was ar
rested Wednesday at Harris ton River, Brit
ish Columbia, len thousand dollars were
foand on his person.
who assisted in the rites oi Dunai. ed against this infection. They can feel
Mr. David Mayhew jumped from a perfectly secure if they keep Mishler'a
wagon attached to a runaway team Friday Herb Bitten on band. It is invaluable
last, and fractured his leg near the ankle, I for malaria, chills and fever, ague and all
tut is doing well. complaints or a similar nature.
Not for 8al, and Uncle Sam Won't Buy.
New York, June 18. The Herald's Mad.
rid correspondent telegraphs that the re
ports of Spain having sent He nor Batanero
to Washington to negotiate the
sale of Cuba to the United
States are utterly baseless. The
correspondent reports the following re
sults ot conversations with leading Spanish
statesmen of all parties, Senor Elduayen,
secretary of state, said: "No ministry would
be permitted by the Hpanuh people to seU
Cuba, under any circumstances. This gov
ernment has neither official nor private
knowledge of Senor Batanero, and has no
agents in the United States except
its legation. The deficits in Cuban rev.
enues furnish no excuse for a sale.
All Spaniards would gladly pay Cuba's
debts if necessary to prevent a sale. It is
not possible to express in too strong lan
guage the impossibility of such a sale." Ex
Prime Minister Sagasta said: "The mere
suspicion ot negotiations for the sale of Cuba
would probably cau-e a political revolution.
Senor Moret leader of the advanced Liber
ais, said: "Neither party could be induced
to sell Cuba."
Ine Heralds Washington special says:
Your correspondent is able to say on the
best authority that President Cleveland and
the administration are entirely and abso
lutely opposed to all acquisitions of terri
tory, whether of Cuba or parts of
Mexico, or else here. The presi
dent feels very strongly and posi
tively on this point He believes we
have now as much territory and as large a
mass of illiterate and incongruous material
in our population as we can safely manage.
He Is totally oppose ! to an aggrandising
foreign policy, and believes that we have
work enough to do at home in reforming
our home administration. '
Mrs. Olive Hardinan, an old resident of Wallon
county, and a lady of culture and prominence, ha?
this to say of the treatment of csnrer with swift's
Over Bflei n years mro s cancer mde Its appear
ance on my fare. It was treated wllh plaster.
and the core come out. 1 lie msce neaita up aner
pome time, and seemmely my face was well.
However ma few vears it relumed attain with more
vinlenre than ever, ll eave me a ereai cieai oi
pain. The former remedy seemed to do it no
food. Knowing tne disease 10 run in ine lumiiv,
avintr had one sister die with cancer. I became
serimislv aiinrehelisive of mv condition. It
tinned to increase In siie and virulence. 1 almost
gave up all hope nf ever been cured The tihy
sirians advised the nse of the knife and caustic.
This was more than I could hear, and refused to
have It operated upon in that way. All 0II11
remedies were used, but the cancer continued I
frow worse. The pain was excruciating, aud my
life was a nuruen. in inis exirenuiy, my son. nr.
Hardman, recommended me to try swill s pe
c itlc. It w as the last resort, but I was so preju
diced against the nse of patent medicines, and
esneclallv this one. that 1 hesitated some time.
At last 1 pave my ronaeni. noi oeneving mere w as
any virtue in it. The first bottle only increased
the size of the sore and the discharge from it.
and hence did not inspire me with anv hoi. On
taking Ihe second bottle there were signs of ini
provement, and my faith strengthened just in
proportion. 1 used Ihe Specific as a wash in the
treatment of mv cancer with remarkable success.
I apnnged the sore with tne medicine diluted wim
a little water. It softened the scab, cooled the
face and relieved the ut hing sensation. The tpol
on my face began to decrease, as well as the dis
charge, and hope sprang up in my heart, l onld
it lie. I asked myself, that I was at last In he re
lieved of this disease! It has given me so manv
dark hours in the past that the idea of being well
aeain almost overpowered me. There was a con
test between hope and fear for a long time. It
was a lone nteht of weening, but toy came with
the morning. There is nothing left to mark the
place nut a small scar, and 1 reel mat it is impo
Bible for ine to express my gratitude for this great
deliverance. 11 is a wonnenui medicine.
Mas. Olivb Uaudmsn, Monroe, ,a.
Jan. 9. ItSi.
Swift's Specific is entirely vegetable, and seems
to enre cancers by forcing out the impurities from
the blood.
Pcrid for honk on Bhtod and Skin diseases. It is
mailed free. Ths Swirr SPKt iric Co.
Drawers. Atlanta, (ia.
f 111,
II. I ,
It owns and onerates neurit-!
nnglily equipped road in Uiihui
jvmnesoia aud iiabota.
It is tlie Short Line Hiul Best l;.,ute 1
tween all principal points in u,(. xro
west ami Far Wrst.
For mtns. time tables rsi.o ,
freight, etc . apply to tbe
of the Chicago, Milwaukee & m, cmi i;
to any railroad agent antuln-rr .1.
States or Canada.
f I'S-sps a, i
I I. I. 1
General Manager,
Ass't ien'l Manager.
I- V. il l ARi'KNTU:.
(it-li Pass. 4 Tkl An
'E) H Hn.U'Ffillli.
Ass'Hien. Pa-s, .4,-,
Wis, 1. SMS.
t-For notices in rft-n tne to M,
siuiis, changes of lime, ami other itini-
in connection it Ii the ( tin ai" Mi;vt.,,,
Haul Railway, pliai-e refer 10 iU. I... , ,
this paper.
1 i m.
llllDII:' 1)1
hhe It. O. and O. 11.
Kew York, June 18. The Times says the
Baltimore & Ohio has come to an agreement
with the large foreign holders of Ohio &
Uissiaaippi securities, and after the election
of directors in October the latter road will
not be controlled by the Baltimore & Ohio,
A Sort of Fresh Water Dolphin.
Washington Crrv, June 18. The board
appointed by Secretary Whitney to exam
ine the Dolphin, has made its report declar
ing the ship bad, and as a dispatch boat an
absurdity. ISbe did not make the required I
fifteen knots, even on the alleged successful 1
trial trip on the sound, and she proved her I
structural weakness even in smooth water.
Mot one of the board believe her to be sea-1
worthy, and the.board ie of the opiuion that
the government is not bound to accept her.
1ew 1 okk, June la. A United Press re
porter called on John Roh, the ship
builder, Wednesday, to ask him what he
had to say in relation to the repert that Sec-
cretary n hitney s examining board had I
coudemne l t he Dolphin. Mr. Roach said be I
had no official information to the effect that I
the Dolphiu bad been condemned by Mr.
VV hitney a board, and it would be unreason-1
able to expect him to reply to a comment on
a report, "tlie oHicial existence of which 1 1
know not of. w hen I see the official report."
continued Mr. Roach, "it will be time tbec
perhaps to ask me what I have to say."
washisotom ittv, June la. Secretary
Whitney Las ordered that the dispatch
steamer Dolphin be docked at Kew York I
for tbe purpose of having her bottom ex-1
Hough nn the Grancer Department.
Washington City, June IS. First Comp
troller Durham has disallowed the accounts
ot ex-Commissioner of Agriculture Lorine.
aggregating $J0,S,W for expenses incurred in
the purchase of seeds, eta Dr. Loring and
bis bondsmen will be held responsible for
the amount The first comptroller also de
cided that Prof. Riley cannot legally re
ceive pay for his services as entomologist of
the department of agriculture, and at the
same tune as curator of iii-ects at the na
tional museum.
Minister Lothrop Off far ltussla.
New York. June IS. Mr. O. V. N. Loth-
rop, United States minister to Russia, ac
companied by his wife and two daughters.
sailed for hurope Wednesday morning on
tbe steamer Ems, of the North German
Lloyd line. A number of his friends came
to see him off.
The Grant Trophies at Washington.
Washwotok Crrv, June I & Fifteen
large boxes containing the relics presented
to the government by Mrs. Grant, have
been received at the war department. It
has not yet been decided where the gifts
will be finally placed.
Sullivan "Climbed Down."
Phixadelpaia, June IS. Slugger Sulli
van tried to force bis way into the entrance
of the American association Tuesday, and
because the policeman would not allow him
to get ahead ot his turn he told him he
would "break him in two," and announced
who he was. The officer drew his revolver.
cocked it." walked up to the champion and
told him to take bis choice of getting into
line or being killed on the spot The bruiser
willed ana walked in line as meuuy as any
Father, Mother, and Three Bisters Dead.
Mr. David ClavpooL formerly Sergeant'
at-Arms of the Kew Jersey Senate, and now
Notary Public at Cedarville, Cumberland
Co., N. J., makes the following startling
statement : My father, mother, and three
sisters all died with consumption, and my
luugswere so weak I raised blood. Nobody
thought I could live. My work (ship
8iuithing)was very straining on me with my
weak constitution, and I was rapidly going
to the grave. Yliile in this condition I
commenced using Mishler'a Herb Bitters,
and it saved my life. Bemuse it was so
difficult to get it in this little place, and I
had improved so much, I stopped taking it
for a time, and the result ia that 1 have
commenced going rapidly down hill again.
Somehow, Mishler'a Herb Bitters gives
appetite and strengthens and builds me lip
as nothing else does, and I must Lave a
dozen bottles at once. Use this commu
nication as you please, and if any one wants
to be convinced of its truth, let them write
me and I will make affidavit to it, for 1
owe mv life to Mishlers Herb Bitters.
The secret of the almost invariable relief
and cure of consumption, dysentery, diar
rlina, dyspepsia, indigestion, kidney and
liver complaints, when Mishler'a Herb
Bitters is used, is that it contains simple,
harmless, and yet powerful ingredients,
that act on the blood, kidnevg, and liver,
and through them strengthens and invigor
ates the whole system. Purely vegetable
in its composition ; prepared by a regular
physician; a standard medicinal prepara
tion; endorsed by physicians and drug
gists. These are four strong Jioints in favor
of Mishler's Herb Bitters. Mishler's Herb
Bitters issold by all druggists. Price $1.00
per large bottle. 6 bottles for $5.00.
Aftk four drtmist far BtISHI.FB's Hfrb Brrmtfl.
If be does not keep it. do not take anything elsa. but
end a noxral csni tu MI8H1.F.H Hekb B1TTVH4 Co.,
aav iunimerca, oiiwui, ruuauaiiuju.
PnOKTEfT RfitTE T't Tilt
Trsitif lesve Hoi k a,u,()
4. ui a. in. W ay r'riiclit.
S.4T, " Faft Kxim"-s.
1.4 p. m. Mnil and Ktprrw
8.M1 " Through Freight anJ Aii .tijiii,.J:,.,i,
Trains arrive at I!,h k Nlaml:
2 30 a. m. Through Freight ani Av,.ni;nr.,Ut;M.
12.45 p. m. Mail ami hxpii-i'H.
ft. 10 ' Faft Kxj,rt'K.
4.UI " War Freight.
The Fast KxrniKi. leavim; 1;, a l-ini,,! a' i
. m. arrive at Peoria K'.Al p. in., at ;.r:i..' .1
l.'V p. m., at Ileratlir 4. imp. 111.. -In, ki,i utf u
p. ni., Alton t.'-H l. III., M l.mii- VI:, ,. in . aU
Terre Haute 11, r (1. tn., The nauk Oav. 1nk i,;'
this the Hsst anil Urn KrT route to aiij..ii,'-
The 1..10 p.m. Ir-iin nnkf d'p r, ,i.t,e' t n,t. 1'
(lalva with t. H A ij. f,,r iiii!i Hi-t: artivit,!' .
Qalep-hnrtr at i.'ifi n. 111.. at lliiiliiitttr,!, r, in i ni m
tvt'okim n.i.i p. ni., and at oiiiiu-j imr, p m.
Arriving at I'eona at ti :fcl p. ni . h.hk 1.1; i,,--
connection tt ith the 1. H. A V. nti T. f a V
for lnriianHimli. cotiiitT tititf II,, n- will, n: u-
train for the eat anil noutti.
prVAsT T1.MB M'KK 10NN El T1"N. ..
at a low a ty any other rout,-
U.K. CAULS. A. N. !tH ! '
tlen'lSupt. l., 1 It! Ai'
TheaSOn. m. Ateonirootliti,-!, !',-t-wty ''o
except itnuay.
The Line selected by the U.S. Ccv't
to carry the Fast Mall.
hi3" V
Bncklen's Arnica Salve.
The greatest medical wonder of the world
Warranted to speedily cure burns, bruises,
cuts, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, can-
though tbe relations of tha two independent cers, piles, chilblains, corns, tetter, chap
organizations will be friendly.
Tbo Old Liberty BelL
Eaitimobb, June 18. The old liberty bell
left Baltimore at 12:15 p. m. for Philadel-
phi, with an escort of leading
citizens from two lare cities,
New Orleans anl Fniladelphia.
The "reclaimer ofjllbeny" was visited from
early tnorn.n.' nntil the timn of departure
by ct' I' nl pet. pie. ,
ped hands, and all skin eruptions, guaran
teed to cure in every instance, or money
refunded. 25 cents per box For sale by
Harts ir. Kabasen
Wil.LUX, I-'
i4far Twenty itr.
.'.. . :u . .J il iS --.
'111 1 , r
1 . . ! s-.. rl , r,
V.,- .art ..-Si 1 a
Have used Tongaline extensively in
neuralgia and rheumatism. Find it a safe,
easy and efficient remedy. In all cases of
neuralgia or rheumatic paint it seems to
lie a specific. C. W. Prindle, M. D.,
Grand Rapids. Mien.
Magnolia Balm
is a secret aid to beauty.
Many a lady owes her fresh
ness to it, who would rather
not tell, and carit telL
I DncaTaititd nnmamm
lohMurediftMftM. hf.
iflina the skilled bhv.
FfciciRnft. remit from
roatitful in.iincrwtlon,
too frneindulfmnre. or
overbrninwork. Avnid
the imposition at nrrfeo
ItiotM itfnediet for UteM
troublrf. G(t our Fre
Sctrruiar ana lrtmi rurk--VP,
and leni importaii,
(tuts btfore Ukuuitrfftt.
mrnt rlfrvhre. Taku m.
tJtiUKU thotjMnd, tluci
l iniiTfpre wuti uicn
1 ,m to liuiinm, or cauf
pitimor iDcunvmtcncim
Sutty aj. Fouiulrd on
-cientitic nwdical prirtci-aplfi-
Uy diretianplicMioa
I to ine mctl 01 QilrlM II a
-Dcriiie infliirncr i rlt
urai fiincttomor tht hu.
men o iron mm 19 rrftornL
1 1 tie n rmating rlcmentt
-4 lite, whirh hav hwn
I waeil rr Ri wn bark.aiid
I I he (Miient hcenHMicbPtr
lirrrnfrtn aau aexuat vutot
A Radical Ours porT.
Orpnic Weakness,
InYoung; ft Middle
Aged Men.
TrSTf 0 FOR ovtn Six
Years bv use in many
Thousand Oases.
One Month, - S3.O08
TwoMonUli. . cool
SaWMMoaUU, 7.O01
SOOU N. fTanlh fif- H r TArnu -mxrk
iiXSZ r:- rirtrmBof o,ir Aprlinnco.
Th flnlw Th.m,0h I ,n i,tl, ITS Own tdC
Eitht by wiy ot Omah Psn'ic J'-
Karuak CiTv It tfaveiiP ai 0' ir.fl
With b-tnch Imci to then in-p.--rta-t
H iun ,v it in tM ,' l ' '
quippvj through tfi'.i owi ,t own fl.as t-
Chicago and Denver,
Chicago and Omana,
Chicago and Council Biu"s
Chioapo and St. JoePn;
Chicago and Atchison,
Chisago and Kansas City,
Chicago ana topcKa,
Chicago and St. Lows,
Chicago and Dubuque.
Chicago and Sioun City,
Pnoria and Council Bluffs,
Pooria and Kansas City,
- Peoria and St. Louis,
St. Louis and Omaha,
St. Louis and St. P"1
St. Louis and Rock Island,
St. Louis and Chicago,
Kansas City and Denver,
Kansas City and St. P-
Kansas City and Omaha.
Kansas City and Burling',
Oir.ct Connection md i " "' J,jCai3 '
wiih Through Tf,n to '1 "-m
brAchs. . w.'am t',rl rt
At ch of in aOv.nl E '" " t i
conn.cn in Grand Union D.oo'S '" ...js
ld t.om all point! in th. Un.t.J St" 'nJ k
l it th fWipit Lin. to , ultj.)
San Francises, Portland and City f!
FTick.tt R.t.a, G.n.r.1 "?'?,, "
th. Buclmron Bout., c.ll o ""I
Un.hHl SutM of Cind o. ddi" . .
Dealers In
Dry and Green Wood.
Will also attend to Hauling of all lnds
Office at yards, corner of SSth street on Moline
avenue. Telephone No 197; orders may be
eft at either ulace : oct.i8-dtr
Contractor and Builder,
No. 2121 4th Ave.,'
Residency, No. ISM Seventh Avenue,
-iND "
Confectionery .
No. 1109 Tbird Ave., ,etor.
WM. 1W
-Bread deUvered to any of ' '
au(T-dly . '
imnan n !!!;,
bt gin SMIi July, ltoo, and end "i - J u l
proved of signal . ?l "?.lit 0t mLit
K to pur-ue their atudr8.ttl'w
scnooi ; mi. to i"" " ' ' ri', have w M;irtf
ly; and ad. to Pm6n nVion.
1 MiKoa, Prof. Com. and Stat.

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