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A Home for Soldiers and Sailor to be How the "Glorious Fourth". Will be Annual Report of the Board of Direct-
Erected by the State Rock lsl
aatl'a Ad f aataree as a Site
tor Sack Location.
The passage of the bill for the erection
of a soldiers' and sailors' home in Illinois,
shows that it is not the intention of
the people of the state, that her heroes
Celebrated ia this Region Not
Much of a Demonstration
In Rock Island. ,
rectors of the Rock Island public library
Tomorrow, the one hundred and ninth I has been filed with Ciiy Clerk Eoehler.
anniversary bf American Independence, The ; '
will see but little observance in Rock lals finances
and. The citizens of Rock Island have are shown to be as follows:
shall be compelled to go to the poor house . A:ann.,n uhr.n tht. loM. ???!??
.. .. .. . I"" "r""' I Total expenditures i,wn
Mr. and Mrs, Robert J. McOee will
leave for Chicago this evening on a visit.
Mrs. J. Z. Mott has gone to Genesco to
spend a week with relatives.
Capt. C. W. Durham arrived in the city
The annual report of the board of di I today to spend the fourth at home.
A Feed
org The Receipts, Circulation,
Finance and Attendance.
Uill for &rintoTajTfflsSl
Wholesale Dealer in
when old age overtakes them, ana J -ear. and the patriotic people will have
have not a place in which to lay their (0 g9 elsewnere if wisn t0 celebrate
oeaa. me 0111 received we fi" the day as it should be. It will bo a hoi-
I aemocr&w ana reptuiicM wwi " i jjay
m creuu o w natc. P'1" , 15 ROCK ISLAND
I . . .. OAA .a. .f 1
less man rorty nor more ov . because u hai been M orJained by the
land shall be purchased on woica w cod ..;., ffoVernment. But patriotism
Another larce invoice OltllOae struct the building, ine Arovernur . . .b remembrancea of one hundred
appoint seven commissioner n. yearg ag0 appcar t0 have pag8ed frora the
to seieci vue uuu.c. .u mmds of the majorily : mt cilj and
is done tne coventor is w . appoint iuree
-of which -
We have sold over 200 this
season, has just been re
ceived at
H -s
ri a
PpC at
d (Oil
2 H I "
H M 5
trustees, who shall be a body politic and
shall supervise the construction of the
building, receiving specifications, advert
tiling for bids, and the like. The trus
tees are invested with the usual powers
in regard to the admission, maintenance,
and discharge of inmates. After the
building is completed the legislature will
have to make the usual appropriation for
its running expenses. There is already
some discussion as to who the commis.
sioners and trustees will be. Tho loca
tion of thesite is also a subject of interest,
and it would be well for Rock Island to
put forth every effort to secure the loca
tion here.
There is little doubt but that one of the
commissioners will be chosen from Rock
Island, and in view of such probabilty, an
informal meeting of representative citi
zens was held at the office of the Missis
sippl Valley Manufacturers' Insurance
company yesterday, for the purpose of
agreeing upon some qualified person to
be recommended to Governor Oglesby
for the appointment of commissioner. W.
B. Ferguson was made chairman, and
J. F. Robinson acted as secretary. A
committe composed of Messrs. J. M. Bu
ford, T. J. Robinson and J. V. Stewart
was appointed to draft a suitable petition
to the end above mentioned. This com
mittee immediately drew up a petition,
but left a blank space for the name
of the commissioner, and it
the only observance of the most glorious
day of all the year, will be a general ces
sation of business aud closing of the
county and city offices. The postofflce
will be open from 8 to 10 in the morning,
and then close for the day. The freight
and genera! offices of the railroads will be
closed, but passenger trains will run as
usual. ; , ,
a demonstration on a grand scale has been
arranged for, the exercises being in charge
of Woodmen camp of that city. The
following will be the program:
The Home Camp will assemble at their camp
room at 1U o'clock a. m. . shari). and rerjort at
lii :46a. m. at the corner of Sixteenth rtreet and
Third avenne. Vlelllnir camua and nehjhbort
will assemble at trie name piare.
The formation will be at 10:30 a. m.. aharn.
Sixteenth etreet, with the right reeling on Third
avenue, in the following oraer:
oieo s L.igai uuara nana.
8peaken In carriagea .
Kork Island Camp.
Milan L'atnp.
Davenport Camp.
Lyon Camp.
Visiting Cnmp.
Viattinjr. Neighbor!
11:311 a. m.
Fourth of July Pol Pourri Og.len'e Band
Opening Ode Woodmen
Address or welcome. ...Mayor Marun bchillinger
Keoone and Oration
neaa rnyeician r. L.. Mciwnme
During the dinner the following touts will be
responded to:
The ancient Woodmen.......
Head Clerk. H. Kennedy
The Modern Woodmen .. Head Consul, J C. Koot
The Ladies Head Physician, P. L. McKlnnie
Coupling contest for the championship of the
west, between Cooper and Wehrend and Peterson
and Smith, nnder Illinois, Iowa and Indiana rules.
Oration S:S0d. m Head Consul, i . C. Koot
ti.ii,aiTMi.ii. Vrt . . ... ,no v.v,la r .i . 4t J
was immediately signed by all present; land &s. '
taca race trues, js: and is Climbing slipper;
pole, prize. $3.
The games will be after the oration, and entries
can be made by applying to the committee on the
Across the river
today a number of other signatures have
been added. A committee of five con
sisting of Messrs. Ben Harper, John
Peetz, C. II. Stoddard, Oliver Olsen and
B. Davenport was also appointed to look
after sites, and the cost of ground and
other matters tending towards furnishing
will have a grand celebration at Schuet-
zen park, otrassers Second Regiment
the commission with definite proposals Dana ana IO. a. nave arranged for a
when the proper time arrives. grand celebration, for which the follow
President Ferguson, of the Rock Island mg programme has been prepared:
Business Men's association, has called a
meeting of that body to be held in the city
I council rooms at 4 o'clock this afternoon,
when all public spirited citizens will be
present. At this meeting a candidate to
be recommended to the governor for com
missioner will be agreed upon, and other
steps taken looking to the securing of the
institution in Rock Island.
And the Grand Army ''boys," who are
always willing to lend a hand in any pubv J dancing and
lie enterprise, have decided to take im
mediate action in the matter, tor Com
mander Bowman has called a meeting of
Buford post at 8 o'clock this evening,
I when the recommendation of the citizens'
committee will be endorsed. A deleiia
tion from the post will be present at the
I citizens' meeting this afternoon, in order
that a candidate suitable to the old sol'
At 10 o'clock a. m.. street carade throneh Uie
principal business streets or the city, arter whicn
the company and band will proceed to the Scbuet
zen park, where dinner will be serv ed them.
At i o'clock p. m , snooting will begin for med
als by members of Company U.
aiso ciock ine company will give a oress pa
rade and an exhibition drill.
Concert music during the afternoon by Straw-
er's Second regiment band.
At 4 o'clock there will be a members' individual
drill for gold medals by Co. B.
At a o clock tne gold medals for best shooting
ana oesi tnumaual armed members will be
awarded before the entire audience present.
In the evening there will
grand illumination, and
the Knights of Labor have perfected ar
rangementa for a very fine attractive cele
bration at Central park. Hon. M. V
Gannon will deliver an oration and Mr.
T. L. Sharon will address the audience.
There will be a shooting match at the
grounds in the morning under the auspi
ces of the Forester gun club. Numerous
diversions and attractions will ' be pros
DIBerence , $981 II
The report of the librarian shows the
Number of rol times in library June 1st, 18R4..7.4W
Added by nurchaea SS4
Received by gift 73
Reported lost and since returned S
Worn out and withdrawn 23
Volumes lost .-. . 8
Number of volumes in library June 1st, 1836, 7,768
Total number of volumes Issued Si),S68
Average monthly use l,w?
number or davs library nas neen open lor
distribution of books during the Tear.,.. SOS
Number book borrowers registered 1,810
Total attendance of visitors... 19.351
Monthly average 3,105
Dairy average..... luo
Sunday average . SS
number oi aavs nnrary nas neen onen ror
attenoance or visitors ouring tne year. . . dou
The per cent of circulation during the
year was: rrose Action, 03.55; juveniles,
23.45, travels, 4.20; history, 5.84; biog
rapby, 8.37; essays and literature, 1.56;
poetry and drama, 1.27; religion and
theology, .16; arts and science, .95; mag
azines, 6.06.
The names of
of the public library and date of the ex
piration of their terms of office are: Dr.
C. Truesdale, Dr. C. Bernhardt Alexan
der Steel, July, 1S85; Henry Curtis, E. W.
Hnrst, J. II. Southwell, July. 1886; II
C. Connelly, W. II. Gcsl, J. It. Johnston,
July, 18S7. Major Connelly is president
of the board and J. II. Southwell is sec -
rotary. Miss Ellen Gale is librarian., and
Miss Grace Babcock ia assistant.
Nev Bewar.
The residents along Nineteenth aad
Twentieth streets in the vicinity of Third
avenue, are securing subscriptions for a
private sewer, and a petition has already
been prepared which will be presented to
the city council at its meeting next Mon
day evening. 'There are two places for
the sewer contemplated; one is that it
commence on Nineteenth street naar
Third avenue, and run south on Nine
teenth street to the alley south of Fifth
avenue, thence through said alley to
Sixth avenue, where, it will be connected
with the sewer ahead v laid. The other
route is to start on Sixth avenue and run
through the alley and down to the rear of
school building No. 4, thence to a sewer
on Eighteenth street. C. II. Stoddard
has already made surveys of both these
routes, but which one will be selected bas
not yet been decided upon.
Was not Hung;.
The first of the week the tele
graph Drought the tiding of a
wholesale lynching by row boys,
at Gamsvillc, Tex., in which
young man named Mohr was mentioned
Dr. J; W. Start. Dentist, 1723 Second
avenue. aiyr.
Mr. John Forgy, a prominent farmer of I
Bowling,, was in the city today.
Advertise in the half-cent-asword-cols
umn of the Arous. It will pay you.
Mr. C. B. Marshall, of Cordova, was on
the streets today.
Mr. E. Gabrielson, the Orion banker,
was in the city today on business.
Go to the Central for shoes and slip-
Fred Appelquist will have bock beer on I
draught tomorrow.
Dr. C. Truesdale has returned from his
visit to Minneapolis.
Mr. and Mrs. YYm. Bculley, of this city,
will spend their fourth in Monmouth.
Mr. ueorge Heagy, of Hampton, was
in the city today.
Mr. J. Sexton, one of the influential
citizens of Cordova, vuited his friends in
the city today.
Uet your awnings, tents, wagon cov
ers, etc., of G. U. Young, 117 Main St.,
Davenport, Iowa. apUSdtf
The weather was warming up today,
preparatory to giving a red hot Fourth of
Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and
bisque ire cream, at Krell & Math's tos
Freight Agent Stoddard, oftheC.R.
I. & P. road, is visiting friends in Min
Mr. David DonnMson will go to Lanark
in the morning, where his family have
been visiting for the past few days.
The Central shoe store is replete with
a choice stock of low shoes for ladies and
gentlemen that arc being sold at very low
Jacob Frei left last night for Jackson-,
ville with bis sister Catharine, who was
adjudged insane in the county court yes
The West End Buford club propose to I
have a recherche time on Yandever's isl
and tomorrow. The ladies intend to ex
cel all their former efforts to entertain.
Emil Ficbig, of Neustatt, Germany, is
in the city visiting his brother, Charles.
It is his intention to locate here perma
nently it the country suits him.
Arrangements were being made today
for several private picnic parties tomor
row. Several ladies in the lower end of
the city will lay a magnificent spread on
Big island.
Mr. A. 3. Taylor arrived from Lincoln,
Neb., this morning. He reports business
very fair in the lumber line, and a gener
al feeling of contentment among the peo
The Rock Island &, Peoria will sell ex
cursion tickets to all points on their line
July 4th, at one and one third fare for the
round trip. Tickets good for return trip
July 6.
Aldermen Schrocder, Schaffer and Hen
ry, of the finance committee of the city
council meet this evening to approve the
ooo v
o ou
o ou
o ou
o on
o ou
h.,.P UR
Sil illlili VUI
El- t
And the lowest prices in the city.
In calling attention to the fact that we have refitted and redecorated our
Studio, making it not only the most complete budecidedly the handsom.
est in this vicinity. We also wish to call attention to our display of hat
Photographic work, all recently produced and containing many novel and
pleasing positions and effects of light and shadow, varying in size from a
miniature up to 16x20 inches. We bave been assured by old and compe
tent critics that it is by far the finest display ever made in this city. 0ur
artistic success is largely due to the fact that we make a greater effort to
exeel than to undersell, and we bring to our aid such experience as can be
gathered from 17 years of continuous service (having begun our Photo
graphic career as a mere boy in 1867, since which time we have not lost six
months either by Sickness or vacation) our long experience enables us to
appreciate the importance of scenic effects in Photo art, hence our operat
ing room is fitted with a mass of accessories, consisting of stone wall, bal
ustrades, stone and rustic bridges and fences, boat, rocks, pond containing
water lillies, stairways, screens, and a variety of back-grounds, posing
chairs, table statues, vases, or what the Chicago Photo-Bureau says, ia un
equalled in any gallery in this vicinity, but We plainly say (and it is i
matter easily demonstrated) that no gallery in this contains one-half of the
amount of our instruments; we don't boast that they were bought in a rem
nant sale and used by predecessors for 25 years. On ran contrahy, our
instruments are of the latest improved makes, contaniing among others the
Voigtlaender Enryscope and Dallmeyer Instantaneous Lenses. These two
Celebrated Lenses cannot be found in ant Gallery in this city but
ours. A pleased patron is the best advertisement and we strive to secure
the advertisement by the excellence of our work. In order to better secure
satisfactory results, every patron is given a show of three or four nega
tives, diflerent positions, and all of these proofs are shown, and should any
improvements suggest themselves, resittiugs will gladly be made free of
charge. Gallery corner 18th street and 2nd avenue, Rock Island.
' Manufacturer and Dealer in
We manufacture all our own Clothing thus saving a wholesale
dealer's profit of which the customer gets the benefit.
A large and fine stock of the
Jest pitting Qoods in the Qity.
at prices defying every and all competition.
S3" Don't fail to call and examine our stock.
No. 1628 Second Avenue,
Directly opposite the Rock Island House.
J. E. GOLDSMITH, Manager.
as one of the victims. This caused con
be music, siderable anxiety to N. R. Mohr and fam- D1'ls 10 Dssed upon at the next Mon
ily, of this city, as their son, Louis, a boy d? evening's council meeting.
16 years of age had run away from home I The mil board fence around the vacant
a short time before, leavine the imorea-1 property, corner of Second avenue and
sion that he had gone to the wild west, I Sixteenth street, has been set back twenty
and in the direction ot Texas. Today, feet to prevent accident in case of the
however, Mr. Mohr received a letter from boards being blown down by the wind,
his son dated Marysville, Kan., in which I The Rocfc Island & Mercer County will
he states he is doinz well and eniovincl xil excursion tickets to all stations on
Z Idiers as well as to the citizens generally v'1ed for tbe entertainment of the large
may be chosen. Thus a candidate will be
agreed upon, for whose appointment all
I the citizens of Rock Island, irrespective
of party or society, may work in har
Hon. H. C. Cleveland arrived home
All those intending to get one 'rn Springfield this morning, and to an
v. a v a v. I argus reporter saia ne Denevea it tne
vi tucorj ouii3 uau. icuct
call at once before sizes
are broken, as this
ia probably the
last lot of the
: n: ' season.
crowd expected at the park. The Knights
of Labor possess the peculiar faculty of
making things agreeable for a multitude
of people and their efforts tomorrow will
be no exception.
the day will be fittingly celebrated. In
the grounds near that city tbe people from
proper course is pursued bv the citizens a" me aJ0,B,nS country win join in ex
nf TWlr T.l.n1 inr-.tinn nf h. mm ercises, consisting of boat,' sack and
for this city will be secured without a wheelbarrow races and fireworks. Ora-
amiht Mr rweiant it he t,t oriron tions win te ceuvereo Dy j. i. iven-
to Governor Oglesby about the appoint- wormy ana timore uurst, ot tnis city.
ment of a member of the commission from AT G1""tSEO
Rock Island, and the governor remarked tbere win some excellent horse racing,
that he would be ready to give the matter and competition drill in which tbe Rod
his attention in about a week, as his time man Rifles win uke Part and a general
tbe roving life on the plains. So he is not
hung yet.
A Colt.
Mr. Arthur Burrall is the possessor of
a fine bay fil'y colt, which was foaled last
night. Her dam is Psyche, a bay mare
sired by Goldsmith's Abdallah 164; son
of Volunteer 55; son of Ryskyk's Ham
blelonian 10; 1st dam Coquette by Amer
ican Clay 34; son of Cassius M. Clay, Jr.,
22. Her sire is Almont McGregor 1775,
son of Robeit McGregor 647; dam Alice
B., sired by Almont 33; dam Mag Coop
er, by Ashland 47, son of Alambnno
Chief, also owned by Mr. Burrall
pedigree of the colt argues well for its
future greatness.
Mclntire & Co.,
"Will place on their counters
Monday Morning, June 22, a
fine line of Summer Silks in de-
their line at one and one third fare for the Sirable Shades at the very 10W
round trip. Tickets good for return pass- cost of
age July 4th only. Trains leave Rock 04. ppWTS PER YATLTJ
These Silks were bought at a
sacrifice from a large concern
Island at 9:10 a m. and 6:30 p. m.
Tbe Rodman Rifles, Rock Island's
crack military company, will astonish
the meek eyed citizens of Geneseo to- who had too many.
$9i35i .
Including two sets of Buttons.
Special Attention
is called to our
Sailor Suits
For little Uoys, which are
" genuine bargain and the
was occupied at present in signing
bills and other legislative docu
ments. Mr. Cleveland feels confident
that Rock Island will have tbe
new institution if the city wants it.
The movement in this regard has there
I fore been none loo soon, and if the city's
desire for having the home located here is
properly expressed, we will bave it with-
I out a doubt The city possesses peculiar
I advantages for the home excellent water
supply, abundance of coal, the best rail
and river communications that could be
desired, besides tbe natural advantages of
the country areund about us. Let no
work be left undone that may tend to
wards securing the location of the sail
ors' and soldiers' home at Rock Island.
the demonstration will be general. Tbe
oration of the day will be delivered bv
Fred Heinz, Esq., of Davenport, and
there will be other appropriate attractions
and exercises for the many who will visit
the city on the occasion.
There will be a picnic at
and excursions will go by river every few
minutes duriug tbe day.
will be visited by several private picnic
parties, were the day will be quietly but
I no less appropriately celebrated.
Ktvar Kipieu.
The St. Paul ought to be here this af
ternoon for St. Louis.
morrow by their splendid military bearing
and gilt edge trimmings. Drum Major
Stoddard will do duty ns a private on
this important occasion
Superintendent S. S. Kemble returned
this morning from Chicago, where he has
been in attendance upon the sixteenth
m. I annual meeting of tbe Illinois Society of
school I'riDcipals. lie reports a large
and enthusiastic meeting.
Mr. August Huesing was fined 5 and
costs by the magistrate the other day for
neglecting to abate a nuisance, and $5
and costs for covering a vault with lime
No such opportunity has been offered
this season. Every yard worth from 40c
to 60c, and wc wish customers to exam
ine silks sold elsewhere before calling.
New and elegant line of lawns
just opened in new and desira
ble colorings.
White Goods
are moving nicely. In fact this
season has been our best for
several years, which leads us to
infer that we are headquarters
on White goods.
igfCall and examine.
ThesparklingLibbieCongerwillbeup and boards, without first removing the
e. hTcollins,
. ttsf
at 4 o'clock this afternoon.
The Sidney passed up early this morn
ing with a big trip, tvery berth bad
been tr keo before she cleared the port of
St. Louis.
The race horse Mary Morton will be
down at S o'clock tomorrow morning.
The Mary Morton arrived in St. Paul late
Wednesday afternoon, and the St. Paul
got there during the evening, and turned
around and started back. The Morton,
however, waited until her regular leaving
time, at 11 o'clock Thursday morning.
contents. An appeal was taken.
Capt. W. II. Tierce went down to An
dalusia today to take charge of the ferry
boat tomorrow at that point. Tbe fourth
of July celebration at Andalusia is ex
pected to draw scores of festive Iowans,
and it is mee), that a good man should be
at the helm to pilot them over the river.
William Dunckhorst has closed his res-
Unrant and coffee house, corner of Third
and Scott streets in Davenport for two or I
three months, in order th it necessary re
pairs may be attended to. Jy2dlw
Well's Fire and Water Proof Paint and Wood
CF Repairing and Painting of Old Shingle Roofa a specially.
Residence eor. 5th Ave., and 20th St., ROCK ISLAND,
june 19-dlm
II U vs.
11 a or.
R& 0 Og 5
ever offered for the money in
: this city. "
Tht Postoffio.
"I will have the contemplated changes
in the interior of the postof&ae completed
by Monday," said Postmaster Hawes in
I answer to an inquiry on the subject. "I
will not interfere with the general deliv
ery windows, but will close the stamp
I window and combine that with tbe money
order department." This plan will meet
with tbe hearty approval of the postofBee
patrons, and will be much better than us
ing the stamp window for the general
delivery, as was suggested by the inspec
tor who was heie a few weeks ago. In
order to keep within the reduced allow
ance for clerk hire, Maj. Hawes was com
pelled to relieve James I. Beardsley from
duty the first of the month.
All la bat Oca.
The assessor's books from Canoe Creek
and Rock Island townships were handed
in to tbe county clerk's office today.
Reck Island shows the assessment this
year to be 13,888,087, which ii $43,151
Installation Ixerciaei.
At Ucal Lodge, No. 608, 1. O. O. F.,
officers were installed by D. Q. M., James printer's devil is going to celebrate the
Ko Paper Tomorrow.
Tomorrow being a national holiday, no
paper will be issued from this office. Tbe
Abous force from the editor in chief to
Hons HomberlEe.
House numbers, in a variety of styles,
for sale at my shop. .No. 1615 Third av
enue 16 Swks Chas. Fiebio.
On Fourth Avenue between Twentieth and Twenty-first Sis.,
Recently refltted, refumlnhed and now the Sneat Parlors weat of Chicago, p.,,1. IJ-intl II"
Dealer in Books, Stationery, Ciltara, Toya of every dencrintion. etc. i.Ul.l. '"""i
F. Van Horn, last evening, as follows:
N. G., Chas. Ouldenzopb; V. Q., C. Ein-
feldt; Rec. Sec, W. V. Stafford; Cond.
S. J. Woodin; I. G., J. C. Lafrenz; O. Q.
Wm. Sehnert-.R. 8. N. G, W. W. Scott;
L. 8. N. Q., J. J. Albery; R. S. V. G.,
E. H. Guyer; L. S. V. G., E. Lieber-
knecht; R. S. 8., A. Young.
Officers elect of Island City Lodge No.
4, A. O. U. Wm were installed ast even
ing as follows: P. M. W., John Evans;
M. W., F. A. Andrews; F., John G. Bet
ter; O., A. W. Tanner; recorder, R. H.
Robb; receiver, Jonas Bear; Fin., John
T.St. Clair; G.. C. E. Biddison;!. W.
D. Latter; O. W., Robert Bennett. Dep.
uty Grand Master James Blaisdell offi
ciated, assisted by Past Grand Master G.
A. Solander and Grand Guide A. W.
Bowen. -
Mosenfelder & Kohn,
The Reliable One Price Clothiers,
1729 Second Avenne and 120 Eighteenth j
St, between Crampton's Book Store!
and First National Bank.
A very excellent treatise on Asiatic chol-
greater than last year. The large increase era has been received at this office. It is
is accounted for by tbe Immense amount I a sort ot sketch of its history, nature,
of Improvement in personal property dur-1 early symptoms and preventive manage
ing the year. Canoe Creek's figures are I ment. The work is edited by Oscar C,
$100,174. which is less by 17,000 than in De Wolf, A.M. M. D., commissioner of
1884 The assessors' books are all in health, Chicago, and ia a valuable article
now except South Moline. 1 for avery household. .
glorious dsy of American independence,
and we advise everybody to do likewise.
Sealed Proposals.
Sealed proposals for the erection of a
hose house will be received at the city
clerk's office until 4 o'clock p. m. Mon
day July 6th, 1885, said building tt be
built in occordance with plans and specie
fications now on file at the city clerk's
The committee reserves the right to re
ject any or all bids.
S. J. Collins,
Chairman Fire and Water Committee.
Foarta of Inly Excursion
To Credit (or Offer-man's) island. Steamer I
and new barge will run every two hours,
commencing at 9 a. m and touching at I
both Davenport and Rock Island. Amuse
ments, dancing and good music; 30 cents I
for round trip.
Grounds open for the season for school
and society picnics. . frahklasd,
P. O. Drawer C. ., Rock Island. HI.
Baford Post. O. A. K-
Special meeting this evening at hall.
Business of importance. Sharp atten
dance desired. E. H. Bo wit ah, Jr.,
Post Commander.
M. W. Buboh, Adjt,
Dr. McCandless, dentist, corner Third I
avenue and Twentieth street. ti
Market Square,
(late occidental.)
Transient Rates, .......
Day Board, - -
Board and Lodging, -------
VTbe Bar is stocked with the choicest Wlues, Liquors and dears.
11 00 per Day ,
4 00 iwr We'll
4 50 " "
FRED APPELQUIST, - Proprietor.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars,
-Licentiate in pharmacy,
And Toilet Preparations,
Corner 2nd Ave., and
7th Sts.

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