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A '- (II :
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'in order to meet lone felt want for
hmt nnd yiortable PLATING APPA
with which anyone cun y,o the nne
lift, wn vrii and Nii-ki le tVfcTiwn nn
Chains, Kinos, Kniveh.Kohks andSroif1 "me
made tlifi above low-priced set, coup"? p'
Tank lintel with Acid-proof Q16nt.
Three cells of Battery that will rteoitt$":"i'y
weights of metal a day, llun;ing Barn, '. ""Id
Solution, one quart of Silver Solution ft balf a
gallon of Nickle. Also a box of Biuiiflft"8
that will ive the metal the bright and In lunap
ienrance of nni-hed work. Kenienila) tiiese
oluiions arc not exhausted, but will f'anj'
aiuinbcrnf articles if the niinjde book !"-Jrnc"
tioiu - fotbiorml. Anv one ran do it. Worn,
an'M n-.irL- Cn ETIftu Panto V43 VVlli
fend Six ('mains or Kim. thai can be Plntec
and sold for Two Dot i.aiis more than' ,w'l10..
uutilt cRti. Our book, "(OLD A S
SOU "1UK J'KiU'LK," which offer
Inducements to all, sent 1'bbb. 1 fin
fan be returned ami exchanged for mo
VAM'e. JtKMKU ::!. thin is a irn
Id outtti
and i will warrant it, or it can be retuj
at my
it ne. ill he sent c. O. !.. if dat o, nin
(ceeiplof Si, SI, balance to be collrclif(l "en de
livered. Next Kizeoallif, with Tank f u
ithn, on-
h 15,00. TKYIT, lTullita over 3
Hook sent free. Aildi'c:H
96 unit m l'ulton St
Aftmufele model f surcEST
Klhtkh- I.aup, w BarrKBY,
Stash, tli.onii, Pi.atb BtiusKit,
Wim. Kte.. wilh ii i lotions for
initios iu perfect op&ion, will be
sen, l"ot jmid, for 60 llt!-
ii KiilionStJ'ci.v jork.
wT"2-I VSnrifyf'oBLOt-Orreira.
PWl toe e tiVER .n. KiOMEYS,
ViMa : Rw-rouu the EEAiTS
l.'H .l lUfrinR nf vnnTH. Dvs-
p. r-;l- V.;artof Apoetitn,
iS2 JWed. "ones, mnselesand
T5?- In rves receive new lon.v.
Mji.!l-.ciis tbo mind and
i .... - M'l.rin I'ratu I'o-wer.
i"'" 4.."-f- . n.-ji-oei eoniplahiln
. "iH- !.elrexwlH
O 111,;
t-n, ll'"'-' onlv 'ld
-1. j.'ouotexperl-
r "ilKUM TOOK."
i:ul h.ioruiatioo.11
be mm
iC'irreu by
ol:ni: 'j
ill vtr.e-.
lCKlltnreol Illinois.)
M.tosP. M..and on Taef
I are! s.iri,ny Kve!iiiifcp nuiu i v
A. s o'c.oek.
y. llo on EocobHs t the rtta el
i pi ;sa;. per Annoni.
Aiin racoivofl in amounts 01 $1
ftni Upwaras.
sm;riTV andadvantaoks.
..rv'ePTO?'-tot the Trustees to respon
t the rl.iposiU'.-fl. Theodlcerfare prohlb
l.irr.iwmi; hi. y ol Its moneys. Minors
i, lw.me:. ;r n exted byKpcclal law.
P tKKi. 3. rt , O HBM.ipi'1,, J ,,7i uviu . h ifhf
tn..Vice rresi'lent: J. r. HEiNwT,:asuicr
lnlTPiieB:--S W. WheelDCK, rurier PKinnar
r ,l,di.l). Nf''on ;nes'.cr. ll rt . v;anaee, t;.
Illmitr., A. 8. Wright, f. r. Hemuway, Jf.nn
Gl-xl I. M. Chriry, O. H. Stoddard.
The only eharceren SavtiiK Bankm Riirli
llanr.Oonnty anir-iwy
1 c.;
r i
- i .i Mr. ,t,J .M, - ,4 i 'n. w!4
Onthe Inpi'l ttU' box is an inclined oover which
orevsnts the raiiufrdin onterinc: attached tn the
covew.on t-ii uirtj-bottom, are springs which keep
thenialwava tloneik When the too cover closes
it strikes li. fl m is! von know that your pane
liasijome. Itjisdiif iinit invention of the age.
The Allot s is.'thfijtSeut in the eity for these bos
cm. They iiritKiwiHied to the Annus subscribers
at a very low gbritor
Warmuted ahgoluielff pvre
-Cocoa, from which the excess of
Mimes ihe Urenth of Cocoa mijtcd
with ritareli, AiTowrootor Bugar,
and is therefore tr more economi
cal. It is delicious, nonrisliing,
at rengtbeuing, cosily digested, and
admirably adapted for invalid
well as for persons in health.
Hold by Grocers everywhere,
f , BAEEO. CO.. Dorchester, las:
j 'r''-', Dejtlera In
Do t and Green Wood.
iC iisQ?end a Haulliu; tU kinds
jeVt-ijiWK . : orof .. trent on MoBna
f e.
jt may be
! li.
j I . t Pa'at Cast anil Wroipt
I, Ircii Fende!
L Cheapcif. Pence in tie World
ir i j
l s I - for E'sidence or ulmetery
I I J J - V ' Lots, i
M f 2 Made my Heighbesircd.-
I l ' t rrf AH ids of ITtON and JiACWNK work
tfc done prom J.' and satisfaction guaranteed.
Ill Write forpiccs. ;
lllf ftoWNING BROS-.
111 Jl;'.' "-liiCOELTTRUB
mm v.
Some Iiiterostins GUiapsus of Vh
Groat Japanese Capital.
One of t!ic Periodical Outbural ol
Heathenism A ESnndred Thovi
Rand Lanterns f-wayln;; in tiie
Kreczc A Storm.
Tokio (Jtipiiii) I3ttiu.j
Thon? are poriotliral ontliursts of ncatlion
ism amou"; tij Janauoa iK'siilo ibtiir anin:
western nation, (.hie is inijiivssetl with this
more than ever at the time of somo rvnl
festival. With nu!ern Jami'jso gwv rally !
a religions ol'scrvance becomes a jreteNt t'oi !
a holiday. Tn-Jccvl, s iiMmrrfiis imv 1 hoir ;
fniit's beconio that many Janes-3 h-ivo wc.
Meauhat eerUin of t)io:n ar.j fr. A t'.w
dfiys agt, on the occasion ot" oi;o of the-f
holitiays, I askcii a wi-y inti'dicnt Japan st
what it co.mmeiiioratod, and lie rei.Iiwl: UI dc
not know, I mt I think it refers U) fsonu? tiling
eonnectiOii with the founding of thu joveni-m-nt".
To tho masses theje days nsu.i!!y
in::n a gotnl time; to the enrjienters, papM -hanrs
and sho;-ke:'H'rs a hrisk trade' t'.
the jHnpris'tovs of tea-house and brothels ti
jtftvfiHrt ru-'h of cn.to!i, and to the priests Un
skillful ar"rui !' many thousands !
homely eopifrs that dno fva JvWs- into th
eoHVi's ii tin .ilmost banUrupl and pur
1'imetory pri.-itfwd.
One of thev nLivaU, al.od in th. nat;.
to-i'!iv' niatsiiri, is held ut Kand::t in ti.eo.y
of Tokiit. Ti.e pfej'.t sh,v to hein on
i-'uethiy and 'u.ji iiitie thi-c.i days, l-;it by
Saturday nitfht vhe p-pui:it;tm Lad ineit-au.t
by .,0,n. . Tho people, nu'U, women and
clu'dfcn, crtine by rail, by eurtines, by jin
rieislm, and mi foot -to thect ue o feHtiviVi;--.
Kvery av.iiJnbi sp-it wa, erowdetl, and tin
immense tfiron hW.iyod to and fro, jtst3iiiu
each other ttx theii eil'urt to reach the center
of attraction. One must come to the-
Oiiental Un.ls to find a crowd. lSumVr
never seem to int-rfeiv .with pleasure. The
tn thousands may swell to tho twenties, and
from tliis to l I;e titties, witlmnt inconveni-1
enw, 'lias 1 dee t Tha pennar arraiige-
nient of th-- cities where there an no sido-
alks, !tnd all the street is thus us"d for
easure pifp-vies It a! due to the tx1-
culinr conitniet ion of tho hoioea, the whole
front and parti tit ?ns be in,.? mtvalde. It U
owins also to the yimpi 1 food and culinary
arrangemoiit whieh r.iako tha feodiiig oi
20,(HK ietple nit ea-y tv,k.
From Asakua to Kauda and titenco to thf-
castle, a distance ft ten miien, stretcbud turn
porary balconies iuit nnder tho e&v&s of the
heavy-roofed hou-fes, thut oil within rniht
se the countless iunt witiiout. A
hundrvd thousand laiuoriw swayed in the
brcezd from tho oavtvs of hoiusos, swung
across streets supportei by tho slim bamboo,
over arched entrances with dancing waves
of light, giimiu:reti ui tho tree-tojts, and
glinted from some pleat-uro garden wliere tin
sound of voice and thito with the monoioiiouv
hum-hmn ot" the sfuuuou, the Japaiirsti gui
tar, iloated out r a the evening air. It
nfti gurgwMW sceue, hut tl:e lanterns east
such a weipl, f:u!atieJigutovernll that but
for the surging crowd wo midlife fancy tht
ghosts of tho d-'parted ( Vieutals were abroad
in veiy fact. It was a beautiful scono. Tht
pii'.sh of souwMiinaturo cataract as it tumbled
over tno yova teiieat: t.intastic iuiu
mingled with the minor thud oi' tie old torn
pie drum, and gave us renewed visions o
Arabian lights.
Oil Sund'iJ th'i time was spent m paviny
penance and purehnsmg pajxr jimyorK a!
tho temple, w hoi-v tho pri.t-i wpjm doii;g n
t h ri f t v bu-in e -s. Th. 1 pvoc t i co is for 1 1n
priests to sell a strip of pajNr with som
eharactei's written iw if, and tliese are hunp
up before the gjd, while the suppliant siimei
is quailing sake (i. e. Japanese wine or l eoi-;
at Boms stand a uttio further on. Arrange
meats had been made to far eclipse any pro
vions effort this year, though nobod7 seom-
to know whv. rorty gorgeous cars had
been made t J enter tho &rand procession
These had platforms uUut toa fe.t high
upon whieh was fastenil one of the jvttroi
gods. Ti.-eit) was Dili Iwoku, the gol ol
wealth. Ho is viry portly avA stands on
two Itags of rice, the vvndhii of weal) h it
this country. Tlu-re 8 Jlotei, tlse god m
happiness. lie is even fatter and jollier tliai
Dai Kokn. lie drurks lo inm-h, but he i-
the friend of the children, making them tops
kites and ad sorts f b ys. Ther is th.' .h;
of iiiv, which rcsehi'oles the Harpies of Yir
gil, and ther. are many olliers, Ksi.le?
bulled aneestors ami oiii. i-H of renow
There are seven patron god-; in all, six ot
thm Ixdng men. 1-U.iuten, the p.itrou of i'r.i
family And the J.'a. is woman.
Mixed up witn the--) notions of "iiy ji'c
(tnaktjs, dragons wiMi a thouwia.l heads :o
iufinitv of elawi. r;nd tail, animal the like ol
which eiv not i:i ie;ven above or earth be
neath. The cars are -leeked out with gol.i
and silver paper and lrvgl.t ornaments of tii
foil nnd gdt. i'.veiy.iiing m human form
out rf pri)portii!ti, the eye bei;;g sometime:
as large as saucors, while the form is not
more than six foot high, the people yean-
not for the rules of j;; t but for effect, ami
they get it. bright wnd early th e fo; t
cars, drawn by their shvk oxen, were r::dy
l start amid a l-'dlam of noi-o of dniii.s.
horns, flutes, tom-tom:-., triangles eymtals,
and everything else under tho Mm that ivnhi
give one the notion of a pandemonium.
Kverything as to marching was m 1 eantdu.
disorder. There was no command r, and
none but a demon with a legion of imj
could have commanded. The p!a.; Lore e
for a proeesM.ui toM.jrt and th" vr;4 thro;
moves along wish it like the i,te:: 'y i!oc. of
Thte proud pieuickrs were uesliud to
iipjMiini'ment, lor, hi! a storm arose, tht
breeze fretdiened to a gale, and the gait
strengthened to a tt ntest, and tho tempo-1
ended hi ty'luuiji. Yhosi resplendent (;:'
were in an hour's tone only hedraggb'd n.i".-,
and in thirty minu'r. ::k they were ay,
sized in the pan:: riirkcn crowd. To
to the dire calamity, the toinorary 1 ah-anin
erected for the occu.sion wert wrenched fv i:
their jilaces, while everything jimvahi -doors
fences, rotif-tiicd went thing throie,,?
the air. K(H)11h and stall erected Jo? (i..
disj-lay of wares were tumbied to the mid.!-',
of the stive t. while a flood of rain points:
over everything. After the storm ) ru:
passed over tho city it vra? found that up
wards of y.OUO houses bad been completely,
and many more rtiaily, wreck!. The i x
penses for this festival a morn ted ti oe
fU,0U0( which had beet, nuily laettged I
shopkeepers and hucks-ters, r-nd the ifai
not meeting expt'U fr; i.m; h dt lre: ?: ue-i.
Then, too, the lower ehhS's fdw.yf indulg.'
in finer cl. 'th.es at such times, mt 1 ii, is n.
nortid in the native liii-.-rs that (,f tho
poor wretches pledged their wives and chil
dren in payment of the debts thus iueui red,
another evidence of hcathenUm.
Oldest IHau in tlio World.
In the li-issin town cf rVrsran there is
now living a uiun whose age is 127, a fact ol
which there is said to exist indubitable proof.
He was wounded in the battle of Urandino
and afterward entered Paris wilh Hie alii
army. He is snpjwrte 1 by charily.
Loudon fashions for men have bauuhod
the uglv but comfortable Ulster.
lkheumatism, neuraliria nnd nervous
headache are not easily cured, ultliou"h
they are common diseases. At last t
remedy has been found in Tougalinc
which is highly recommended hy physi
cians. J. II. (inrvor, M. P., Pueblo,
Col., writes: "Am pleased with Tonga-
line. Haye frequently prescribed it with
entire satisfaction.
A new machine makes z.vOO pins a
minute, hut a well regulated family with
three or four children and a hired girl in
it can keep one machine going the year
So many sufferers from those distress
ing diseases, rheumatism and neuralcia,
have found a panace a for their ills in Alii
lophoros that it is not wonderful persons
having read of almost incredible' cures
should entertain "jn"eat expectations
when they seek relief for themselves in
its all powerful attributes. Sir. N. 14.
Ansbach, of Clarinda. la., writes
"Please find enclosed postal note for one
dollar, for one bottle o Athlopuoros, as I
cannot do without it ia the house, the
first bottle doing all I could expect."
Christian Givar.l
Oii'y a drop in the bucket,
Hut every divin will tell;
Toe bucket would xn Vie empty,
Without tho drops iu the welL
Only a poor little penny,
It was all I had to give;
Tut, as pennies make the dollnn.
It mny help some cause to live.
A lew little bits of ribbon
And some toys-tbey were not now
lint they maalo the sick child happy,
V hicii has made me happy, too.
!nls sonie outgrown gannonts
They wore ail I had Ui spare
I'ut thoy M heli U clothe, the noeJy,
And tiie iHjr ars overywh-u-o.
A ivord now and then of comfort,
Tint eo;,t mo nothing to say ;
But the poor old tu.iu died happy,
And it helped him on the way.
find Imeth tiie cheerful giver,
Though the gilt lie p:mr and sin-i'l;
What ciotli he think of his (.hil.lioii
When they never give at all!
John Kelly.
fjoe Howard in Honton Herald. 1
Many of my readers have seen ami heard
of .I.ilin IColly, in his charitable lectures, hnl
thou ;:uii!s know nothing of him beyond the
p in i al idea that he is a rough, brutnl, foi-cn
Iiishinan, who dominates the chief fac
lion of thu Democratic party tn flti city.
X w, as it mutter of tact. John Kelly isn't
e. i u wmi 'in. Ho is neither brutal nor comse,
'.ot. on the contrary, is c.bout as mild man
i "y -il and w.-ll Udiaveii ail American lairn
citizen as walks the streets of his native
t, ami, Now York. 1 have known John Kelly
a :r:-rat unity years, and have frequently
been brought in violent contact w ith him,
but 1 havo never known him to do a rude, an
unmanly, an imcourteoits t, and he is one
of the few men in this country who have
achieved what the psalmist regards as a pe
culiar tiling m lite, having conquered his
own tongue, which, according to the in
Sipiml writer, is l etter than having captured
a city.
Mr. Kelly w as on the other side of tho
street, bow ling along at the;: rate of seven
miles an hour, when I pointed him out to
the boys. Every one said, in different lan
guae, "Do you know him, and why can't wo
speak to him." I instantly crossed Broad
way, and was greotedj with characteristic
cordiality, as were my young friends, each
of w lioui 1 introduced by name to the grand
sachem of Tammany hall. As we conversed,
the others looked on with unfeigned interest.
Mr. Kelly is nearly nix feet tall, and very
heavy built. He probably weighs, consider
ably over iHH) poiimis, and possibly S!61. He
hni; a square built head, covered with thick,
short cut hair. Uo wears his beard, which is
inclined to earrotnew, very close cliupoi.
His pictures in Harper's Weekly and l'uck
look no moro like him than they look like the
Auel (rabriel or Petrarch, tho historian.
He has a Milesian tyjie of countenance, and
o iks like a Norwegian or a Scandinavian.
His face is square, his eyes b!u,), his nose
s' niiiit, his mi'Uth well formed, his jaws
heavy, and hw chin pronouncedly heavy.
His voice is low and mehHlious, his language
is always well chosen. He produce the ini
pre:isii,n well, it you don't know bmi you
wo'.ibl think he wa-s i-imply a strnightfor
ward, intelligent, honest-meaning tanner,
contractor or man of affairs, but not in any
sens. a metropolitan manipulator.
A .oot Sermon Knt the Text!
Not long ago we heard a clergyman relate
this story, i tie ueivasct had tieenayoung
man and a wild one at that. He died as the
result of a spree. Ktill he had many redeem-
iug qualities. He was a noble-souled, liig-
heai'tsl fellow, who would do anything for a
irieud, and who was generally popular de
spite his failings. Tho church was crowded
to hi a r w hat the clergyman would have to
say. his numerous friends even threatened
an unpleasant demonstration if a lack of lib
erality led the minister into very pronounc
edly "improving the occasion." There was
ar; exjiectant hush as tho minister announced
bis text: ''Died Abner as the fool dieth."
The sermon was a tribute, eloquent and
evidi iiily sincere, to the character of the de
ceav.l. H is generous nature was expatiated
hi at length and then the clergyman
s-iiiiplv rojicatod his text: "Died Abner as the
fool an-lli." His goodness as a brother, ion
ncd friend were done full justice to and
eoc.elu lion of lliislhe clergyman again said
iHcr the text: "Died Abner as the fool
lii'-tb." Ilis public spirit, the gap his
lii'.vnl made in tho c-ommunity wore not
on.ituvloitly t close with the inevitable
vionisif (he text: "Died Abner s the fool
liii ili.'' The lnc.iii npis fded out. Oneofth
b ivs" uii.lgcd another and 1111001011 what he
tltoiiLiht of tiie seruion. "1'ho sermon," the
otii -r answered; "the sermon was lii-st-nite
but what, 11 t'xl !"
A Philosopher.
lArkunsow Traveler.)
A Littli To ck nmn sold his cooking stove
to get, money enough t take his family tc
the circus. When one of his friends remon
strated with him he said:
"Wo had 1.0 use for the stove. Had noth
ing to cook."
"But w hy didn't you buy something to oal
with the money you got for the stove!"
Thi n w,' would have had nothing to cook
itou. Don't talk to me. I'm a philosopher."
Texas Sittings: Of ail the humor of tin
rresent dnv there is nothing much bettel
tun,! a Holmes pun joke.
Never was such a - rush made for any
Drug Store as is now at Ilarlz & Bahn-
scn s lor a J rial Home 01 ir. lung s
Xcw Discovery for Consumption, Coughs
and Colds. All persons affected with
;stlnn:i, r.roncliilis, Hoarseness, Severe
Cctiglis ulTcelion of the Throat and
Lungs, can oct a Trial Dottle of this
great remedy free, by calling nt above
DriiL' Store, llegular size IplAHl.
lishop Huntington should come out to
Chicago and slaiid abfmt Clark street
iwhile before he writes another paper on
"Vituperation in Politics."
J, I had a severe attack of catarrh over a
year ago, utiil became so (Jeaf 1 could not
near common conversation. I sutlercd
niiilv from roaring in 111 v head. I pio-
.red a botlle of Ely's Cream Balm, and
three weeks could hear ns well as I
or could, and now I can cheerfully say
to all who arc alllictcd with the worst ol
diseases, catarrh and deafness, take one
bottle of Ely's Cream Balm and lie cured.
It is worth f 1,0(10 per bottle to any man
woman or child suffering from catarrh.
A. E. Newman, Grayling, Campbell Co.,
When theTirst Atlantic cable was open
ed cablegrams cost f 100 for twenty
words. Forty cents a word is now the
To restore sense of taste, smell or hear-
i:iL' use Ely's Cream Balm. It cures all
cast's of Catarrh, Hay Fever, Colds in the
Head, Headache and Deafness. It is uo
ing t onderf ul work. Do not fail to pro
cure a bottle, as in it lies the relief you
seek. It is easily aDohcd with the finger,
Price TiO cents at druggists. 60 cents by
mail. Ely Bros., Owcgo, N. 1.
A Brooklyn car driver's mother died
recently and left him a large sum of mon
ey, but the young man slicks to his car,
Biscklen's Arnica Salve.
The greatest medical wonder of the world
Warranted to speedily cure burns, bruises.
cuts, ulcers, salt rheuin, fever sores, can
cers, piles, chilblains, corns, tetter, chap
ped hands, and all skin eruptious, guaran
teed to cure in every instance, or money
refunded. 25 cents per box. For sale by
Hartz & Kahnsen.
The Ottoman Empire is about to take
a census, and, oddly enough, proposes to.
let the job out to the lowest bidder.
Physicians attest: - t'Colden'a Liquid
Beef is particularly useful ia Diphtheria,
I..,. j nm.l.n illuiu n
J - 'VI, 1,11 ,Tll 1(1 J 1 , D.HH
Horn Itema and Topics.
"All your own faaH- I
If yon remain irk when yoa can ..
Gel hop bittern that aevtr Fail. '
The weakest woman, smallest child, i
aiitl f-ickcsl invalid enn use hop bitters
with safety and great good.
-Old men totlemm around from Hueu-
matisnt, kidney trouble or any weakness
will be made almost new bv using hop
t3T"My wife and daughter were made
health v hy the use of hop bitters and I
recommend them to my people. Metho
dist Clergyman.
ask any good uortor it hop
Bitters are not the best family medicino
On earlh 1 1 !
Malarial fever, Asiue and Biliousness,
will leave every neighborhood ns soon as
hop hitters arrive.
"My umllur llrove the paralysis and
neiiraloia all out of her system with hop
hitlers . "--Ed . Oxiregn Sun.
iBTKeep the kidneys healthy with hop
bitters and you need not fecr sickness."
Ice water is rendered harmless and
more rcfresliiiiK and reviving wilh hop
bitters in each draught.
The vigor of youth for the aged and
infirm in hop hitlers!!!
"At the change of life nothing eqnals 1
Hop bitters to allay all troubles incident V
I Thireto." )
"Tho best periodical for ladies to
lake monthly, and from which ihey wiil
ri'tcivt: the greatest benefit is hop hil-
Mothers with sickly, frellul, nursing
children, will cure the children and bene
fit themselves by taking hop bitters daily.
Thousands die aniiHally from gome
form of kiduey disease that might have
been prevented by a timely use of hop
Indigestion, weak stomach, irregular
ities of the bowels, cannot exist when
hop bitters are used.
A timely use of hop
Bitters will keep a whole family
In robust health ayear at a little cant.
To produce real genuine sleep and
child like repose all night, take a little
hop hitlers on retiring.
tfone senuine withoat a bunch of trreen
llotis on the white label. Shun all lae Vila, poison
ous stuff wilh "Hop" or "Hota" ia their name.
When an elephant catches cold medical
treatmcotis apt to include large doses.
Perhaps the most gigantic dose was pre
pared lately in Cincinnati. Five tubfiils
filled with whisky, molasses and ginger
were given to each elephant in a show,
and the mixture was apparently enjoyed.
Can auy one bring us a case of Kidney
or Liver Complaint that the Eletric Bitters
will not speedily cure? We say that tney
can not, as thousands of cases already per
manently cured and and who are daily re
commending Electric Bitters, will prove.
bright s Disease, Diabetes, week Hack, or
any urinary complaint quickly cured; they
purify the blood, regulate the bowels, and
act directly on the diseased parts. Every
bottle guaranteed. For sale at otic, a hot
tie by Hail. & Bahnsen.
The very newest fashion, at the dinner
table in London is for the hostess to have
all sorls of quaint and curious little arti
cles containing salt, pepper, oil, vinegar,
sugar, etc., placed before her nuests fr
their exclusive use and benefit. No one
else has anything like them.
Arc you disturbed at nicht and broken
o( vour re9t by a sick child suffering and
crying with pain of cutting teeth? If so,
send at once and get a bottle of Mrs.
Winslow's Soothing Syrup for children
teething. Its value is incalculable.
It will relieve the poor little sufferer im
mediately. Depend upon it mothers,
there is no mistake about it. It cures
dysentery, diarrhoea, regulates the stom
ach and bowels, cures wind colic, soft
ens the gums, reduces inflammation, and
gives tone and energy to the whole sys
tem. Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup
for Children Teething is pleasant to the
taste, and is the prescription of one of
the oldest and best female nurses and phy
sicians in the United States, and is for
sale by all druggists throughout the
world. Price 25 cents )Hr bottle.
fob 38-ni-w-s m 1-y
One can hardly imagine an Knolislmum
dining on a Ice; of mutton which came
frozen from Buenos Ayres, but the thing
can be seen any day now. Shipping fro
zen enrnasscs of sheep is now a regular
business, and as there are lllO.IMXUXk)
sheep in the Platte district, it is likely to
A Care cf Pneumonia- ,
Mr. D. II. Barnaby of Owcgo, N. Y.,
shvs that his daughter w as taken with a
violent cold which terminated with Pneu
monia, at,d all the best physicians gave
the case up and said she could live but a
few hours at most. She was in the con
dition when a friend recommended Dr.
Vrm. Hall's Balsam for tho lungs, and ad
vised her to try it as a last resort, and
was surprised to find that it produced a
marked change for the better, nnd by
persevering a permanent cure was ef
fected. A deaf mute, who is blind, attended a
religious service for deaf mutes in Baiti
more a few Sundays ago, and was made
to comprehend life entire service by a
deaf mule who interpreted by certain
pressures on the blind man's hands.
Origin of Ammonia
Ammonia is obtained in large quanti
ties by the puticfaction of the urine of
animals Encyclopedia Rrittannica.
Every housekeeper can test baking
powder containing this disgusting drug
by placinr; a can of the .''Royal" or"An-
drews" Pearl" top down on a hot stove
until healed, then remove the cover and
Prove it by the above test jn26dwlf.
A movement is on foot in Pittsburg to
secure the passage of a law compelling
tho plugging of gas wells not in use,
which will thereby, it is said, save mil
lions of feet of gas which are now being
wasted .
No Other Flatters Do Tuis .
Benson's Capcinc Plasters stimulate the
circulation and expel disease. They stop
all pain. 2oc.
Bethlehem, N. A., with 1,200 inhabi
tants, has six postoflices.
Attend Kales
at moderate charges, or
Receive Consignments
and make prompt return.
Saeoni Aventu BOCK I8UITD LL.
Confectionery !
Ko,. 1109 Third Ave.,
WM. BiM, Proprietor.
- t9Bread dtlivarad to lay part of Ua ity.
. ajT-dij
By virtue of an Fxecntion and Fee 15111 No.
5B4il, issued out of the clerk's office of the circuit
eourtof Rock Island county, and state of Illinois,
and to me directed, whereby I am commanded to
make the amount of a certain jir'gmeiit recenily
obtained aprainst. bonis V. Rekiiart in favor of
Elizah&th Rosenthal out of the lands, tenements,
eood and chattels of the said defendant, bonis V.
Eckhart, I have levied njion the following prop
erty, to-wit: Lot 5, in block 7", in that part of the
city of Rork Inland known as thechirastinr lower
addition, all in the city of Rock Island, cmnly of
Rock Island, state of mines. Therefore, ne
eordingtosaid couincind, I shall excise for sale, at
pnbllc anetion, all the riht, title and interest of
the aliove named Iinis V. Kekhfirl in and to the
above described properly, on Monday, the '.Ith day
of December. ISSt, at 3 o'clock p. m.. at the north
door of the court house ia the city .if Koek Island,
in the county of Rork Island, and slate of Illinois,
for cash in hand, to satisfy said execution and fee
Dated at Rock Island, Ibis ll!b cav of Deeeieber,
A. 1). mSl. , J. M KliTK'Ki::!.
.s'.'iil.T of Jott I-lmiJ County.
Master's Sale.
Rock Island t'oiilily (
In the t'iicuii t our! In Cbaiici 17.
(leore II. Maisli vs. Henry I'lueLri 1. Mar:;:irel!ia
Fluegcl and Vt iiibmi L. V'oyiu, Forecloscire
tlereral No. 2T'2. 1
Notice is hereby jt'Ven that by virtue of n decree
of said court, entered in the aliove enoih il cause,
on the llth day of October, A. 1 , I 'M. i shall,
on Saturday, the 111 day ot J.".ii:riiv. A. It. ! -r,. at
the honrof one o'clock in ihe ai'ieinooii. at the
north ibsir of the court (neise. in Ihe cily nf Itork
Isblllil,: faid counlyor Uoek Island. lo sa'.i-fy
said decree, sell atpabiic vendue to the biliest
bidder for ea-h. -tho-e c:'rl;iin parcels ol
land, sintare in the euiciiy of lick Isiaud tuni
slate of Illinois, known :md tiescrilied as follows,
to-w t:
The soieh half of the noil'i iast fraetlonai
quarter ol section nine i9i. and tie- south half ot
Pettlfer's Ulrtnd 111 said sectinn icue iVH. all in
toivnibi!i seveuleell 1 !7.l norlh of raliL'e I'.w) C-.l
west of ihe rourUi nnueipal nieridem.
I)at-d ai Hock Hand, Illinois, this i."iih day of
November, A. 1). 18S4.
IM'NRY CI I1T1S. Jr...
Master iu Chancery, Rock Island county. HI.
Parks & Pleasants. Coalpit's Sol'r.
Assignee's Sale.
Statu of Illinois, I . .
County of Rock Island, (
In the County court of said cjuaty, December
Term, A. ti. itni.
In the matter of the voluntary assignment of II.
d. aurora a (jo.
In Dursnance of an order of thei-ourl made and
entered ill said mailer oil the Wd day of Decem
ber, A. 1 , ISM, notice is hereby given liial on
Wednesday the -.list day of January, A. 11., IhsTj,
at the hour of ten tie) o'clock a. 111., at the uortb
door of the Court house In the city of Hock Island
in said contiiy, the undersigned. James M. Bu
ford, assignee of said R. D. iluford & Co., will
sell at public auction lo the biehest bidder for
cash in hand, subject to the approval of the court,
the following described property, to-wit: "All tin
notes, accounts and claims designated nnd de
scribed in the petition and the exhibits thereto of
the undersigned Hied in said court on the 2-.M day
ef December, A. D., 1-84, ami now 011 tile iu said
court, and also certain capital stock in the Bufnrd
A tleoriie Implement company of Kansas t'ity.
Mo, of the face value of three thousand dollars,
and in the Must, Bufnrd & llurwell company of St.
Paul, Minn., of the face valueot iwenty thousand
dollars in paid petilion and exhibits described,''
and also the following described real estate, to
wit: All the riL'ht, title and interest vested in the
undersigned by the deed of assignment herein
from said B. 1). Iluford Co., in andto the follow
ing described real estate, lo wit : Lot four t-li in
block four i41 in the town of Buxton in the
county of Trail and territory of Dakota; also the
southeast quarter tV of section num
ber thirty 01) in township number one
hundred UI'), range fifty-two t.'i-'i; and
the north east quarter of section number
thirty-one (31) in said lownship one hnndn il (1001
situate in the county of Turner in said territory 0!
Dakola; also the north-east quarter ( '-4 ) of Ihe
north west quarter (i.) and the north west quar
terl1) of the north-east quarter (liil of section
eleveu (11) in township ninety-one Oil), north
range twenty-seven (-17), west of the liflh (-'-tin
P, M., in the county of Humboldt aed slate of
Iowa; also the north-enst quarter il4) of seelion
number twenly ('.Ml) in town-hip number eight (SI.
ranetive (51 east of the sisih (hi b) 1'. 31 ., in the
county of Lancaslerand state of Nebraska; also
the north-west quarter (') of section thirty-four
(Ml ill township twenty-two north range
three (3) east in Ihe county of Ripley and suite of
Missouri. and Ihe south-west quarter v1) of the
eouth-eastqnarler()4 of section iwenty-seven c-'T)
and the west half (Hiof the north-east quarter )
of section thirty-rour i.Hi 111 -am township twenty-two
(4J) in said county ot Ripley and state ol
Missouri: and the west half (HI 01 me souin west
quarter (1) and the north-east quarter ) of Ihe
sonth-west qnaner 14) aim ine soiuu-wcsi
quarter (H)of the north-west quarter (141 of sec
tion tweuty-eix (26) in said township twenty-two
(22) in said conntv of Ripley and stale of Missou
ri, and the east half )of lot eight (St in block
seven (7) in the Chicago or lower addition to the
city of Rock Island in the county of Rock Island
anil stateof Illinois.
Dated this d day of December. A. !.. Ps-1
Assignee of IS. IV P.ufnrd & Co.
V. H. Gest, Atl'y for Assignee.
SS i Lit n
It contains fn jurum intrn .lionN.
Ii Icsvt'H no ii'lrli rioiis sulft;i)it ir tl1! bri'.i ia
ell purcgraiH.'-Croiim of Xai-Ln aiul Ai..ia i'iv;crs
It rwtrrwt". tlio flour Vip hl-hW 1nnu.aitc;-u-ftitumn
rt'ie't'ii in tlio !ru;i m hf wh-:i '
It umktw a ln'th-r and lklner tii.-rui; ia.m any
otiiur baJiiii iow Jcr.
EsUbllshet! 1S-29. 55 1TL1 ON ST.. X. Y.
For sale bj all lea ding
dec 10-
'ctirfmtrAerrfTca nivstw,
CuE4u, afar VMna.
UrUtai tweaUmpafortVlebrated il edioal Works,
Address, F. D. CLARKE, 13. J.,iiobcutij
Clark Street, Chicago, Iu.
Veterinary Surieon,
Will attend to all calls for my services. I'est .
references given.
AnnRtss, . - l)KlO, ills.
sepl dtf
The old Fire and Time-Tried companies Re
Ratea as low as an Reliable Company can adord.
Your Patronaae ia SoliclUal.
Brf Office in Argua Block.
Dealer in
Flour and Feed,
Also Mannfactnrcrof all kinds of
Picture Frames
In Gilt, Plnsh and Walimt.
f"Ee-(iil(Jiiig a specialty.
. No. 1706 Third Ave.
Plain and Ornamental,
Ii itnjrfiT.il
?13 SevtuteeatU St..
ct 30 dam
I V& -4 Vi i
ca n
'l ,
TONGA is a nrnduet of the Tonca or Friendly Atti rr,r.vinced, sfb-r testine it, thut Tokgauhb
atlve properties have ln-en tlio-ne-tbly tested. r"" o'k Os'ik&S M Durbar,. 111.
ftWCVrvVvWO f ,akcn "iternally, and pro-; K.1VC TWOjluWB in Krm ,na Indam
VV.yAWV(, dneea no unpleasiult efteets. InatoI. jiheuamlivm. t.iih tb wry bert resolls.
It contains no Ooium or MorphisiQ pauk. m. D..ndoreook,iiL
A. A. MEALIER, Bule Proprietor, 'iOU aid 711 WASliiJ.Cj.OiJ AVENUE, ST. LOUIS.
S. -w-
XL: .
V'-.-iry . xr-rit-n.-...
V r if:-- ii.- yi'i; .
twun:ai,v ri' ii i.t
v, i.: h iri :v if,.eid
j.-tM.rttee. h.,:,
JTl ii'M. Tl'.-u
If - :-fti'!v.
( e--f- .tl.tl liirj:-)
i -
uYe-ti dlmwom
4 i:
The Moline Wagon Comp'y
r.1 .iv. Jfc.y4frrFiy.w
jS'fKi'--r:; !.
Manufacturers of Farm, Spring and Freight Wagons.
A full and complete line of Platform and other Snuso Waooks, especially adapted
to the Western Trade, of superior workmanskip and finish.
ITIiistrnteii Price List free on ai'i'liestion. See th'i Moiine W'ajxon before purchasing others,
mar l.Vdwiy
Geo. a. Peterson, i8iS 2d Ave.
The New
!T3 '-sSa- V.'W tl'
' -
-I?. the bft S:"0 made for both Voo:
It i t 'T-fi r ai 1 . ,
fiMmB: mm
m tfr
''aT3 - ?.: -
S r Te v
L Lea
A " V -4
it " -i
j :
; peowoc-tl ,ff
r. i-u - .
31 1 0.0, ...1, - .. r
Oh2Gcc, Rccsc Island & Pacific Ry,
Being the Cre.it Cantral Line, affords to travelers, by reason of Ita unrivaled (teo
graphical position, the shortest and beet route bcf.veen the East, Northeast and
fcouthauet, and the West, Northweat and Southwest.
It is literally and strictly true, that its ooitnectlor.3 are ail of the principal tinea
of road between the Atlantic and the Pacific.
By Its main line and branches It roaches Chicago, Jollet, Peoria, Ottawa,
La Salle, Censseo, Moline and Rock island. In Illinois; Davenport, Muecatlno.
Washington, Keokuk, Knoxville, 03kaloosa, Fairfield, Ces NSolnea, West Liberty.
Iowa City, Atlantic, Avoca, Audubon, Harlan, Cuthrie Conter and Council Bluftc?
tn Iowa ; Callatln, Trenton, Cameron and Kansas City, in fjllasourl, and Leaven
worth and Atchison lo Kansas, and tho hundreds of cities, villages and towns
Intermediate. The
As It Is familiarly called, offers to travelers ct! the advantages and comforts
Incident to a smooth track, cafs bridges, Union Depots at all connecting points.
Fast Express Trains, composed of COMMODIOUS, WELL VENTILATED, WELL
latest designed end handsomest PALACE gL&CPIka CARS, and OINIMQ CARS
that are acknowledged ly press and psspie to he tha FINEST RUM UPON ANY
ROAD IN THE COUNTRY, and in which eupsrior meals aro served to travelers at
the tow rata of SSVEMTY-FIVE CEMTS EACH.
THREE TRAIM3 each way between CKKiACO and the MISSOURI RIVER.
TWO TRAINS each way between CHfOAQO and r.tlNKEAFViLia and ST. PAUL
via the famous ?
A Kew and Diroct Line, via Srneca and Kankahss, has rtcsntly been opener?,
batwee' Kewpsrt News, Richmond, Oinclnnatl, Indianapolis and La Fayette, .
and CouacII Blurts, Ct. Paul, ninneeolls and intermediate points, - " .
Ail Through Passengers carried on Fast Express Trains.
For more detailed information, soo Mapnand Folders, which may bo obtained,
r!l as Tickets, at all principal Ticket Offices in trin United States and Caoada.OfGl '
. R. CACiLE,
' Pres't A. Cen'l Manager, '
l:rom-l:!ti-.C it-t--iior i:i,'Srninae'i (!lysensinl,theear(ystfi-re3
ef 1 ' ii.-.fiin "l iiTi, A 1 'ei-. i, ti n l-'i-M-r (cut all illseases of thn
NOSE, THRO&T H'KGS CURED by a new and
kSjjKJB:irs vux tax stem.
f, nor patent medicine.
c if i--:--: ; (:!"-; to thi symptoms, what will
.r (.. ,-. . -. - :,. .-' 'It aniii h.T. Ritnult of 36
' ;i ;t MJifi'rer yoa canntit nfTurd to
O.i ;.' W' t tiiv!iir';it.'. ' rcatnicnt both
. . 01 1 LN'rriihi thn blood; and oxtornal, i
. i.i ihf ht'alina art, Bimile and ;
. - jin" ot nleiwant te use, and results raw
t ;-;: t t' vy.ir hTiu, where It fan te
: 1 fur i: l; "on ';tt.trrU contiiiniiig ruler
-p ? HffAl I Catarrh Rpocialist,
3a Wi Columbus, O.
r. - J
. -' ii lfJ., 'r,i
sir,-- " fia
and To il.-
uipuVvr Move made.-
' jasya STftte
T:i3 KiAP, Ti'AT TKS
E. ST. SQHH, v
- CfsrI T'kt A PaM'r4aft
At- Villi 'r u.., ..:! a
an i Tui-t-

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