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"The Daily argtjs.
FRIDAY, AUG., 7. 1SS5.
By th Mayor A Proclamation.
XiToi'iomn. (
Rock Island, 111., July 19, 1835. f
THE CITY COUNCIL having Uken action
looking to commemorative service In honor
of the nation's tllustrlons dead.
Commander of the Union amies and twice
elected President of a nnlted country, it be
come me, as Mayor, to recommend:
That all citiiens abstain from their nsoal
vocation and close their workshops and
places of business on Saturday, August 8,
1', the da; of the funeral;
And that members of oar military and
civic organizations and s -cieties make ar
rangement to join in the procession and at
tend the memorial services at the Bock Isl
and County Soldiers' Monument,
By the Mayor:
Kobeht Koehur, City Clerk.
"Wihen saily th thermometer
At ninety holds its place.
And with your hat of straw you fan
Yonr much perspiriBg face;
When every inch of clothit g you we it
Is sticking to your form.
How soothing 'tis to have a friend
Inform you 'It is warm'."
Money to loan 228 Main street, Dav
nport. Iowa.
Another shipment of hammocks just
received at McCabe Bro.'s will be sold at
the same ridiculously low prices.
Dr. J. W. Stark, Dntist, 1722 Second
Avenue. dlvr.
Advertise in the half-cent-a-word coK
amnof the A rocs. It will pay you.
McCabe Bro.'s store will be closed from
1 o'clock until 4 p. m., during the Grant
funeral obsequies tomerrow.
Get your awnings, tents, wagon cov
ers, etc., of G. H. Young, 117 Main St.
Davenport, Iowa. apllSdtf
If you want to have all the city news
you should have the Daily Argus sent to
your house. Il always contains all the
news up to the time of going to press,
nd written np in a spicy manner.
A late shipment of the veiy choicest
designs in new embroideries, now on sale
t McCabe Bros'.; nearly 10.000 yards,
owing to the late shipment tbev will re
ceive a rebate of 17$ per cent, on which
they are hppv to offer the same discount.
Band Tournament.
At the band tournament held at Gene
seo yesterday, the First Regiment band,
if Chicago, carried away the first prize
-200 and the Moline Light Guard band
won second prize $140. O'.her contest
ants were the Galva cornet band and Gen
seo cornet band. Mr. S. T. Bowlby, of
This city, was one of the judges. $
Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Mar
riage of Mr. and Mrs. B. G.
Pearce Last EveningA Fit
tint AddressList of
Ill ta Chicago.
1-Ir. Tt Crampton is in receipt of a let
tier from Rev. R. F. Sweet, dated St.
Luke's Hospital, Chicago, which brings
the sad intelligence of the serious illness
.it that institution of Mr. Sweet's mother.
She was taken sick with apoplexy on the
train, and although better at the time of
writing, was still dangerously sick. Mr.
.Sweet expresses bis regret at not being
able to be in R ick Island Sunday next as
ie expected.
Orand iiconion
To Muscatine and return Sunday, August
3, 1885. The fast, favorite steamer, Jo
sephine, B. A. Conger, master, Sim
Woods, clerk, will leave Rock Island at
3:30 a.m. The Josephine will tow the
-elegant excursion barge, Billy, on this
trip. Music by Biehl's Rock Island Ar
senal band. Tickets for the round trip
.50 cents. A jolly good time for all.
Geo. Lamost, Agent.
Hon.teh.ola Farnitore for Bale.
Having relinquished the idea of house
keeping, I wish to sell articles reserved
for that purpose, consisting of bed room
sets mahogany with marble slabs one
dinner set, gilt aud white French china,
pictures, two stoves, curtains, sideboard,
:lock, etc. So. 15(6 Second avenue, oext
to Doellinger's old stand.
it Vk. S. W. Blackmas.
Buford Post 0. A. R
Members will report at Post rooms at
one o clock p. m , tomorrow (in uniform
if possible) to observe memorial services
in honor of General U. S. Grant. Visiting
comrades and soldiers generally are invit
ed to participate witn us. By order of
U. Bowmah, Jr.,
Post Commander.
M. W. Bcboh. adjutant
i. o. o. r.
Members of Ucal Lodge, No. 608, 1. O.
O. F., are hereby notified to assemble at
Odd Fellows ball on Saturday, Aug. 8,
at 1 o'clock sharp, to participate in me
ttiorial ceremonies. All Odd Fellows are
cordially invited to meet with them. By
order 01 Chas. Guldekzopf, SI. G.,
W. V. Stafford. Rec. Sec.
Druids, Attention.
All members of Rock Island Grove,
Do. S3, U. O. A. D., are requested to
.meet at their hall on Saturday afternoon
at 1 o'clock sharp, to participate In the
funeral exercises. 5y order of
Joseph Hiker, N. A.
Chakles G. Wulff, Sec.
Public notice.
.Sealed proposals will be received at the
tiity clerk's office np to 8 o'clock Saturday
evening, Aug. 8th, 1885, for the laying
of the stone crossings in the city of Kock
Island. The city will furnish stone on
Aboard of cars at the C, K. I. & P. yards
, iy order of committee.
la Department, Attention!
The fire department will meet at Ar
rmory hall at 1:30 p. m. sharp on Satur
day, to take part in the parade in honor
of ties. Grant, by request of Mayor Mux
ock. James Johnson,
Chief Engineer.
Workman, Attention.
AH Members of Island City Lodge, No
4, A. O. U. W., are requested to meet at
their nail at 1 o clock sharp, on Saturday,
to participate in the Grant memorial ser
vices. By order or the Lioage.
Robt. H. Kobb, Recorder.
Attention Modern Woodmen.
Rock Island Camp, No. 29, Modern
Woodmen of America, are requested to
be at their hall promptly at 1 p. m. to
morrow to take part in the Urant funeral
unerases. Joint Albrecht, V. C.
If you feel nervous as to your kidneys,
liver, or urinary organs, use Hunt s Item
Last evening was the quarter-century
anniversary of the marriage of Rev. Dr.
and Mrs. R. G. Pearce. It was in res
sponse to invitations previously sent out
that hosts of friends from far and near
improved this happy opportunity of pay
in? respects and extending congratula
tions to the worthy couple. The spacious
parlors of the First M. E. church parson
age on Nineteenth street were filled with
a merry gathering, when at 9 o'clock the
anniversary ceremony was performed by
the Rev. I. T. Whittemore, of Norwood,
Mercer county, who officiated on
the occasion of the happy event
twenty-five years ago. Mr. and Mrs.
Pearce stood in the bow window, over
which were the dates "1860 188S," in
silver letters interwoven with delicate
vines and white flowers. In perform
ing the ceremony, Mr. Whittemore de
livered the following fitting address:
The clock of destiny has struck twenty-five.
The great reaper has cut a large
swath in these two and one half decades.
Great men and small men have bowed
and fallen. Johnson, Lincoln, Garfield
and Grant are no more; Scott, Jackson,
Stephens, Beauregard and Foote have
gone; Livingston, Victor Immanuel, Lou
is Napoleon and Victor Hugo in the old
world and Morse, Agassiz, Brvant,
Greeley, Seward, Chase and Longfellow
our countrymen have paid the last
debt of nature. Today our nation bends
and drops loving tears of sorrow over one
of her greatest heros, who "sleeps the
sleep that knows no waking."
"One of the few immortal names
That were not born to aie."
But, while the march of men and na
tions has been ever onward and while the
ranks of the living have been thinning,
you and your beloved companion with
firm step advance.
lour friends have met tonight to erect
an arch of triumph, under which you will
pass, but never to return.
This anniversary is a testimony of the
honor put upon faith in God, over cring
ing doubt of greatness over meanness, of
right over wrong; truth over error as seen
in your life. You have u right to this
honor: you have won and earned it; and
yet, it is not you that we eulogize, but the
Christ you have served the grace of God
in you.
On that auspicious day twenty -five
years ago when you led to the altur
your lovely Queen Esther, you were a
happy marl, aud justly proud tnat vou
had wooed and won a companion so well
suited to your pus.tioa. Little you knew
her then; now you know her well; and to
know , her as you do, is to love as none
but a true husband can. Faithful and
true has she been to you, and you prize
her as heaven's best earthly gift. She
brought as a dowry, a wealth of love.
At your nrst charge in New Michigan,
one of the gods of "thought" was laid in
your nest your darling Willie. He
prattled and crowed, and gladdened your
hearts for a brief year and a half, but in
your second charge, at Eureka, came
your first great sorrow, as the death an
gel bore him to his heavenly home. At
Chenoa your third charge sweet little
Carrie came to stay. At Pleasant Hill
your fourth charge came Robbie to
gladden y.iur hearts and Carrie's. At
your fifth charge Pekin dear little Les
lie opened his eyes, soon to close tnem,
and "was not, for God took him." At
Washington, your sixth charge, Mary
Jane knocked.and you quickly opened the
door and bade her welcome, and she, too,
joins us in these festivities. At Wincna,
your seventh charge, lively little Kicbard
called and you said, "come in," and he
did, and is here yet, thank God. Your
eighth charge was at Dwight; your ninth
at Fairbury, where many years Before,
a large congregation met in the Metho
dist Episcopal church to bear you as the
bov ureacher. At your ninta cnarge
your brethren of conference said "come
up higher," and you were elected presid
ing elder and located at Onarga. During
the years here three darlings entered your
nest, one of whem, Johnny, was Krn to
join his angel brothers in the house not
made with bands, wmle Addie, Josephine
and Esther Elizabeth still lived.
Your eleventh charge was Peoria, your
twelfth at Galesburg, where the spirit of
your sweet Addie was called home alter
two and one half summers. Monmouth
was your 13th charge, and this the four
teenth. Four immortals safe with Jesus ;
five yet brighten "your home and cheer
your hearts.
As a reward of fidelity and recognition
of talent, your brethren have raised you
from step to step in honor and responsi
bility until Hedding college confessed the
degree which you so modestly and yet
worthily bear. And reasoning from effect
to cause my conclusions are not random,
but logical when I affirm that it is because
you have been from the first a firm de
fender of the "faith once delivered to the
saints;" loyal to your church and to your
country; that you have been raised by
your peers and superiors from one posi
tion of trust to another, till you have
reached the crowning excellence of today.
Your friends have met this evening to do
you honor. And I, as a little mouth
piece, do but voice the sentiment, not
nly of this congregation who have come
to congratulate you on this memorable
occasion, but to the vast multitude to
whom you have ministered in your
former charges. You live in their mem
ories and in their hearts. You have mar
ried their sons and daughters; have bap 1
tized and lead their children to Christ;
and when the death angel has come and
borne them to the land of the blest, you
have ministered to their comfort and
touchingly said, "I know thy sorrows.
In bow many 'revivals you have
wrought; how many souls led to Christ:
how many young lives you have shaped
for usefulness; how many young men led
into the ministry, and maidens to the
honored position of teacher; how many
home and foreign missionary hearts you
have gladdened by your loving corres
pondence, and what good your alms have
done; what grand and living influences
for good you have started by your
"breathing thoughts and burning words"
coals from God's altar from the pulpit is
not for me to mention tonight. All glory
to him who called you from the plow to
the altar, and who has made you by his
irrace what you are today.
Your record of these twenty-five years
is on high. An unseen reporter has not
missed a "local" or an "event," not a
word spoken or written; not even a
What you have said for Christ and his
church for God and humanity will
erow brighter when the stars have grown
dim. What vou have said or done for
self, will perish. 8o would you have it
"Blood is thicker than water." Blood i
tells. Y'ou have come from good stock,
from the stuff of which martyrs and cons j
lessors are made. Those Scotch ances !
tors, were they here tonight, would not
be ashamed of their son. But you, if you
boast at all, prefer to sing- "In the
cross of Christ I elory, towerinng o'er the
wrecks of time," in the "blood of the
everlasting covenant," I boast.
Throughout your long career as a ser
rant of Jesus Christ you have felt that:
"There i a destiny that shapes our ends.
Rough hew them as we will."
That destiny you recognize as the special
providence of God. That unseen eye has
watched and that hidden hand has led
and you have sought humbly but earnest
ly to follow "in the path the master trod,"
and this following has been your safety.
Y'ou may not have reached the zenith of
your usefulness. Your "eye is not dim,
nor your natural force abated." Y'ou
have not reached the "deadline." Your
best work may be before you. As you
have so tar in life kept the cross con
stantly in view, so keep ypur eye and
heart on it till death.
Twenty -five years hence few of these
beaming faces and loving hearts will be
here. But no matter. If all are doing
the master's work and living his life, and
fulfilling his will, there will be a happy
and glorious reunion, where no farewells
are spoken and no tears fall.
God bless you my brother, and you my
sister, and the children God has spared
you, and the people to whom you minis
ter. God bless you in all the twenty five
years to come, and may the warm hand
shakings and benedictions of this evening
remain in your memory as a perfume of
amaranthime sweetness and beauty.
And now as you reassume your marital
vows and join your right hands you do
promise, as God gives you grace, that
during all the years to come, you will
love and cherish and be faithful and kind
and sympathizing towards each 'other,
till the eud comes. I do hereby declare
that you have been and shall be and your
"right there is none to dispute," husband
and wife, and the blessed parents of
these blessed children, and those "beyond
the sighing and the weeping," and when
it shall be the good pleasure of your
Father in Heaven to give you and them
the kingdom and mansion the robe and
crown the harp and the white frtooe,
may you and they join with one heart and
voice in singing. Unto Him that loved
us and washed us from our sins in his
own blood and bath made us kings and
priests unto God and his Father to Him
be glory and dominion forever. Amen.
Many were the congratulations and
good wishes which the estimable couple
received, and then refreshments were
served, after which the following list of
presents were displayed.
Teaset, a dozen tea-spoons, and hi'f a
dozen knives and forks, from the First
Methodist Episcopal church: a bowl to
matrb, Mesdames J. S. McCord. D. E.
Noflsker, J. N. Spencer, and E. W. Spen
cer; pickle caster and tongues, Mrs. Wii
liam Hurst and Mr. and Mrs. E. V.
Hurst; pickle fork and rest. Mrs. C.
Wright; sugar bowl, frame and spoon,
Rock Island Ministerial Union; tooth
pick holder, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Smith.
Gaiesburg; tea spoons, Mr. and Mrs. H.
Westeman, Pekin; fruit stand, Mr. and
Mrs. H. J. White and Mr. and Mrs. H.
M. Summers, Peoria; tea, table and mus
tard spoons, Galesburg friends; fruit
knives, Mrs. Van Benscuoten. Lyons, N.
Y'., vase. Union Printing Co.; card re
ceiver, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Baker; ink
stand, Mr- and Mrs. R Crampton; decor
ated teapot, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Giles:
decorated porcelain placque, Miss Lizz e
Kenible; fruit dish, Mr. and Mrs. H.
Warnock and Mrs. J. A. Reynold; bou
quet holder, Mesdames Ann Bodley,
Huirh Stafford. Dell Walker, and Fannie
Stafford, Fairbury; card receiver and call
bell. Dr. ani Mrs. J. McKee; polished
steel horseshoe, with blue ribbon, Mr.
Valentine Dauber; and coin to the value
of $20, Mr. and Mrs. G. Wallace of Buck
ley. 111 , Rev. G. R. Palmer and Onarga
Mrs. Pearce was individually the reee
pient of an elegant gold watch and chain
from her husband and children. A num
ber of congratulatory messages were re
ceived from distant friends and others
who were unable to be present on the joy
ous occasion.
The Grant Memorial Services in Rock
Island 'Procession, Line of March,
Exercises and General
Eiver Kipleta.
A negro rouster on the steamer Pitts
burg, named Win. Jackson, was shot in
the hip by tht captain of the watch, Jos.
Brown (also colored) at 4 o'clock Wednes
day morning, while the boat was lying ai
the East Dubuque wharf. The immedi
ate cause of the shooting could not be
learned, as the boat put out for the north
soon after, and Jackson would not say
anything about it. Il seems, however,
that they quarreled some days ago, while
coming up the river, aud it is thought the
shooting was the outcome of the trouble.
The wounded man' was tnken to Mercy
hospital in Dubuque by the Diamond Jo
The dredge boat Little Giant was taken
under the bridge by taking down the
crane and boring a bole in the bottom of
the boat, allowing four feet of water to
enter the hull, and letting her down just
low enough to pass through. She was
sent here by Haram & Linehan, of Du
buue, to work for E. P. Reynolds & Co.
Tae steamer Entna. after delivering the
dredge boat, went down to the boat yard
and took four barges to Keithsburg, 111 . ,
where they will be used in building the
bridge there.
The Linehan Ferry company, of Du
buque, have had their transfer steamer,
Wm. Osborn. on the ways here for the
past month, and carpenters under charge
of Kahlke Bros., are putting in a new
hull. They expect to launch her next
Monday. When complete she will go to
Keithsburg and they will put on the
steamer Northern Pacific for a thorough
overhauling. Capt. D. W. Linehan is
down at the yard overseeing the work.
The steamer Silas Wright brought up
two dump boats from Keithsburg and de
livered them to the dredge boat here.
Bart E. Linehan was a passenger on her
to this point.
The Mary Morton, of the famous Dia
mond Jo line, departed for St. Paul yes
terday evening. She had a full cargo of
freight and every cabin was engaged.
The Sidney, Capt. James Best, follows on
Saturday, at 4. p. m. St. Louii Globe Dem
ocrat. The Mary Morton will be here Saturday
There is a good stage of water at this
point, but above Dubuque the river is
low and reclining.
Dr. McCandless, dentist, corner Third
avenue and Twentieth street tf
Tomorrow afternoon, the appointed
time for the consigning of the honored
remains of Gen. U. S. Grant to their final
resting place, will be a solemn occasion
n Rock Island, and preparations now in
progress point to one of t most impres
sive and imposing demonstrations the
city has ever known. In compliance to
the mayor's proclamation it is hoped and
desired that all business men, merchants
and manufacturers will close their estab
lishments, lay aside all thoughts
of work and political strife,
and with oae accord pay the
last tribute to the nation's distinguished
dead. To the end that their employes
may join in the national observances,
many of the large business houses have
already signified an intention to close for
the day at 11 o'clock in the morning.
This morning a representation of all the
banks in the city met at the People's Na
tional bank, and it was formally agreed
that all the banks should close at 11:30
in the morning and remain closed for the
rest of the day. In accordance with
the following order the postofflce will be
closed between the hours specified there
in: Postoffice Department,
Office of the First Asst. P. M. Gen.
Washington, D. C, July 29, 1S85.
Order: In recognition of the nation's
loss in the death of General Ulysses S.
Grant, and in participation of its lamen
tation and expression of reverence for his
honored memory, all postoffices in the
several slates and territories of the union,
are ordered to be closed between the
hours of one and five p. in . on Saturday,
the 8th day of August, appointed for the
celebration of his funeral obsequies.
By order of the Postmaster General.
A. E. Stevenson,
First Asssistant Postmaster General.
The couity and city offices will be
closed after 11 o'clock in the morning
and business in general will suspend.
Today considerable additional draping
is being done. The court house has been
hung in black and many business blocks
along the line of march display the in-
signa of mourning. During the hours of
the funeral the bells all over the city will
toil and minute guns will be fired on the
government i-iand.
The order of the commander in chief
of the G. A. R. relative to the memorial
services concludes: "Consciously march
ing over the road where only his foot
prints linger, and toward the goal he has
now reached, his comrades of the Grand
Array make to his memory their last fra
ternal salutation. It is recommended to
department commanders that a day be
announced in orders upon which the
posts in their several jurisdictions may
meet in open session, or otherwise, that
each comrade may have an opportunity
to pay the tribute of respect his fuil
heart prompts. Let the colors at nation
al and department headquarters and of
the posts be draped, and the usual b&de
of mourning be wort by all comrades for
sixty days."
will form on Union sbuare at 2 o'clock in
the following order:
City Marshal with Platoon of Policemen.
hief Marshal U. C. Connelly and Aids.
Chaplains Kev. I. W. Bead and Rev. J. H. Wright.
Vikst Division.
M irehal Dr. P. (jrejr and Aid?.
Rodman KifU-s.
A rt i ly Company.
All mernhe-s of the Grand A'my and all Old
toljiers Reidin? in or Visiting in
the County.
sKCOXD Dmsios.
Marshal, Aluennan M. M. Bri2ir? and Aide.
The Maor. Alilermtn aud ali other city o3icia'.s.
Kepre-enlatives of the Preis.
Judges atd County uraoiaii.
Rnck irlantl County Bar Aiioctat'on.
K'cli Inland County Medical Society.
Th Library Biiani.
Board of Education.
P.epr.'sentatives of AasintanaCollese.
Rock X land Bn-ineae Men's Association.
The Fire Department.
Marshal Cpt. H. C. cleavelani and Aids.
Musonte Organizations.
All Odd Fellows.
Knights of Pythias.
Improved Order of Red Men.
Modt-rn Woodmen.
Ancient Order t'nlted Workmen,
United Ancient Order Druids.
Knights of Labor.
Knights of Honor.
Rock Island Turn-tiemeinde.
Marshal John W. Welch and Aids.
Old Settlers' Society.
Tonng Men's Christian Association.
Independent Order B'rai B'ritl.
Ancient Order Hibernians.
St Patrick's Benevolent Society.
Western Catholic Cuion,
Order Railroad Conductors.
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers.
Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen
Bro'herUood of Brakesmen -
All other Organizations. Benevoient aud Chaistian,
wisniuz to join in tne rrocession.
Citizens at Large.
The formation of the procession will
First division, form on Second avenue,
right resting on Nineteenth strest.
Second division, form on Twentieth
street, right resting on Second avenue.
Third division, form on Third avenue,
right resting on Twentieth street.
Fourth division, form on Nineteenth
street, right resting on Second avenue.
fcacb division will form in a column o!
fours, and will be in line read; to march
at 2 p. oi. sharp.
The procession will move down Seo
ond avenue to court house square, where
will be those of the G.A. R. ritual. Com1
mander Bowman, of Buford Post, offlciat
ing. Rev. I. W. Read will be chaplain
and deliver the address of the day. Other
speakers will be heard if it is the desire
of the people to prolong the exercises.
The "Q." Endeavors to Reach St. Pan!
A Line in Progress-Kchoes
From the Rail.
A circular signed by J. M. Forbes,
chairman of the board of directors of the
C, B. & Q-, officially announces that "an
organization is being formed by Mr. A.
E. Touzalin and associates, to be called
the Chicago, Burlington & 'Northern
Railroad company, the object of which is
the construction of a railroad from Ore
gon, on the Chicago & Iowa railroad,
and Fulton, on our own line, to a junc
tion at or near Savanna, in Carroll coun
ty, 111., and thence up the east bank of
the Mississippi river to St. Paul." The
circular adds:
A joint traffic contract will be made
between the Chicago, Burlington &
Quincy railroad company and the Chica
go iSe Iowa Railroad company, on the one
hand, and the Chicago, Burlington &
Northern Railroad company on the other,
to run for twenty years, and providing,
among other things, that the Chicago,
Burlington & Quincy and Chicago & Iowa
Railroad companies shall devote one half
of the estimated net earnings annually on
all business to and from the Chicago.
Burlington & Northern first mortgage 5
per cent bonds at not above 105 and ac
crued interest. In case they cannot be pur
chased at that price, a sufficient amount
of bonds to absorb the fund shall be
drawn by lot and paid for at 105 and ac
crued interest. The bonds, when so pur
chased or drawn, are to be converted into
the capital stock of the Chicago. Burling
ton & Northern railroad company at par
and then canceled. The Chicago, Bur
lington & Quincy railroad company guar
antee that from the time of the comple
tion of the line to St. Paul the amount
annually invested in the purchase of
bonds shall be less than $100,000.
The length of the new road will be
about 360 miles. The capital stock now
to be issued is fixed at 90,000 shares, and
the bonds at $9,000,000, or $25,000 per
mile of each. It is estimated that the
proceeds of these securities will be suffi
cient to build and equip the road and to
pay interest on bonds during construc
tion. President R. R. Cable, of the Chicago,
Rock Island & Pacific road, left last night
for a three weeks' trip through Oregon
and Washington territories. He goes by
the Northern Pacific, and will return by
the Oregon short line .
Mar;io;. 111., Aug. o.
Mr. Garber overheated several horses
last week, one of which died.
Sons were born to Mr. and Mrs. Hatch
and Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Marston, Aug. 3.
The hum of the threshing machine is
heard in this neighborhood ' for the first
time today.
Rumor whispers that one of our young
men is to be wedded to a lady in an ad
joining town across the line.
John Lenz is in Nebraska looking for
a suitable place to ltcate. If be is suc
cessful in finding one we shall lose one of
our finest farmers and best citizens.
There was an ice cream festival at the
Antioch Baptist church last night with a
fair attendance. The proceeds are to go
toward painting and kalsomining the
The corn prospect has undergone quite
a change during the past month, and with
a favorable fall the crop will be the best
for years. The frequent showers which
were detrimental in haying and harvest,
and the intense heat at times almost in
tolerable are responsible for the change.
The enterprising young man, Mr. A.
V. Elliott, who dealt so extensively in
rabbits last winter at Marston, has located
in BaSalo Prairie, where he will probably
be glad to greet all his old customers.
The market just now is rather dull, but
with the approach of cold weather an
upward tendency h looked for.
Tbere will be a picnic on Credet island
on Sunday, Aug., 9 1885. Bleuer's band
will furnish music on the boat, also for
dancing. Steamer with barges leave the
Diamond Jo landing, Rock Island at 10
a. m., 1 and 3 and 5 p. m., from the plow
factory at 11 20 a. m., and 2 and 4 and 6
Attention, Knights!
8t. Paul Lodge So. 107, K. of P., meet
in regular convention Friday even'
ing at 7:30, sharp. a
Coal Valley, Aug. 6.
The extreme heat last week was verv
oppressive on both man and beast.
Misses Mamie and Lillie Lee, of Cable,
are here visiting friends.
John r. Hass is furnishing the brick
on the count v farm for the coal shed and
The steum thresher could be heard and
the clouds of e moke seen the latter part
of last week, in the country.
John O. Johnson, one half mile morth
of here, bad a horse drop dead in the
reaper last Thursday.
There has been a move here to change
the postmaster. A petition was circus
lated last week in favor J. W. Gordon.
Mrs. Herman Nitz has been quite sick
for the past eight days, but is now im
Miss Mary F. Harris left on last Thurs
day for Emporia, Kan., where she intends
to remain for about a month.
D. R. Mirbenrr passed through here on
Saturday on the afternoon train. Mr. M.
has been an a lecturing tour. In a month
he will commence school in Orion, as
principal. ;
We have copious rains following the
intense heat, which may wurk against the
grasshoppers, as the oats and grass are
cut now. I hese destroyers will, if not
thinned out by some sweeping cause,
go on the corn and do some damage to it:
The corn has improved 25 per cent in the
last two weeks, and if these little hoppers
do not injure it we bid fair to have a good
In calling attention to the fact that we have refitted and redecora- if
Studio, making it not only the most complete but decidedly the hinH- '
est in this vicinity. We also wish to call attention to our display 0(
Photographic wore, ail recently proaucea ana containing
pleasing positions and effects of light and shadow, varying in s;ze ,3'
miniaritra tin trt 1ftT2rt inr.hpflL W hAVA hppn aoaiirAri Ktr r.A , fti
""'l-v--- -r - u; "iu ana COm.
tent critics that it is by far the finest display ever made in this city n
nrttatin cmvaaa ta larorplv Hiia tA thA fapt. that wo mat-a a 'Jl'
oiauuu wuv.v." a--j - gicaier effort
arnul fliiin In ,mtaroAli anil wo hpincr one tiri annh - I
gathered from 17 years of continuous service (having begun our Pi,
graphic career as a mere boy in 1867, since which time we have not lost
monms euuer uj sicauesa or ikiuuuj our luug eaperience enables
aopreciate the importance of scenic effects in Photo art, hence our or
ing room is fitted with a mass of accessories, consisting of stone wall k4 i'
ustrades, stone and rustic bridges and fences, boat, rock3, pond contV
water lillies, stairways, screens, and a variety of back-erounHs
chairs, table statues, vases, or what the Chicago Photo-Bureau says is -equalled
in any gallery in this vicinity, but We plainly say (and it i!01
mutter paallT rlpmonstrAtenl that no crallprv In thia rnnfama l. .
J 1 ; J vuc uan Ofti
amount of our instruments; we don t boast that they were bought in
nant sale and used by predecessors for 25 years. On the contrary
instruments are or tne latest improvea maEcs, contannng among others
W,lrrtlannlar PnnreliAnA anil riallmftVBr TnitantiinDniu f Anon.
fVt.s'nmTrin Lrnrra riKiiirr Bit nnwn rw ikt fli t cuv iv tit,..
the advertisement by the excellence of our work. In order to belter ser"
satisfactory results, every patron is given a 6how of three or four n
tives, diflerent positions, and all of these proofs are shown, and should
ltnproyemenis suggest meinseivea, resiuings win giamy te made free
charge. Gallery corner 18th street and 2nd avenue, Rock Island.
Mclntire & Co.,
Will place on their counters
Monday Morning, June 22, a
fine line of Summer Silks in de
sirable shades at the very low
cost of
These Silks were bought at a
sacrifice from a large 'concern
who had too many.
No such opportunity has been offered
this season. Every yard worth from 40c
to 60c, and we wish customers to exam
ine silks sold elsewhere before calling.
New and elegant line of lJ
just opened in new ami j,
ble colorings.
White Goods
are moving nicely. In fart
season has been our best
several years, which leads t;
infer that we are headquar.
on White goods,
t"Call and examine.
IIC CE J?!rC;0 OR RE AA MM M Ji ll
II U i; K irfiV UK K K AAA SI M M-
OO rk;
O OP. .
o orr;
O OP. ;
OO R i
On Fourth Avenue between Twentieth and Twenty-first Sts
Kecenny reauea, rernrrjuhea and now the finejt Parlors west of Chicaso. T? ,-,,,1-
Dealer in Books, Stationery, Cigars, Toys of every description, etc.
v Island.
Market Square, - - ROCK ISLAM). ILL:
Transient Rates,
Day Board,
Board and Lodging, .......
tSTThe Bar Is stocked with the choicest Wines, Liqnors and Clears.
II 00 per Dir.
4 00 per Wt
4 5U "
FRED APPELQUIST, - - Proprietor.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars,
. That by far '
The Largest and Finest
rrrv urbr kn "trrnTU urbr eek
r v UR KM If K 1 1 t u UR RE
8 a aa k Rv re i
-Is to be found at-
e l-dlr
Rock Island, I
M ark et Square.
fTliebest of Wines, Liqnora, Beer and Clears ai ways on hand.
Cor. Fourth Avenue and Sixteenth street,
t3Thi? Hone has been thorotiffhlv renovated and rcfnrniheii rhrnnrhnnt and i no owr
pnnlic. Boarders at rwisonail rates. Farmers will find ihis Hntclanire stopnins pV'
Wines, Liquors, Beer and cigars,
So. 1316 Third Avenue. Rock Island, life
This place has been refitted and refurnished and is now one of tne best Saloons in the city.
ULunch every morning. iune li
Well's Fire and Water Proof Paint and Woci
fF" Repairing and Painting of Old Shingle Roofs a specialty.
Residence eor. 5th Ave., and 20th St., ROCK ISLAND. El
aag 3-d2m
Medill & Whitehead,
Land for sale on Six to Twenty Years time.
t3Fk2Sn.nOn.nn TO LOAN in imoim to unit on Fafm nmncrlt in 7 nor cut.
No. xi Twentieth Stree-
EVTh best of Beer. Wines. Llouors and Cteara eonst&ntlv on hand . ' .
In Hie room formerlv ocenpled as a
Confectioner, bj Frauk Math.
Licentiate in pharmacy,
And Toilet Preparations,
Corner 2nd Ave., and 17th S&
noT-19 At

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