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The Daily Aegus.
WEDNESDAY. AUG., 19, 1885.
The "Octoroon" tonight.
Money to loan on chattels 228 Main
treet, Davenport, Iowa.
Forepaugh's combined railroad shows
are exhibiting in Davenport today.
Dr. J. W. Stark, Dentist, 1723 Second
avonue. dlvr.
All those who wish to see the races at
the watch tower next Saturday should se
lect their seats early.
Advertise in the balf-centaword col
limn of the Akgus. It will pay you.
Add Weaver sings between acta at the
opera bouse this evening.
Dr. McCundlcss, dentist, corner Third
avenue and Twentieth street. if
Hacks connect with the Rock Island &
Milan Street Railway company at Milan
for the camp grounds.
Get your awnings, tents, wagon cov
ers, etc., of G. II. Young, 117 Main St.
Laveaport, Iowa. apllSdlf
Mortimer & Weaver both appear in the
great southern drama the "Oetoroou" at
the theatre tonight.
Mr. Lute and Miss Laura Bowlby, of
Cincinnati, Ohio, are visiting Will W.
and Sam S. Bowlby.
August Herkert left for Clinton, Mo.,
Monday, in response to news of the death
of his oldest brother who resided there.
Messrs. Cooke, Corns.Don and Knocke,
the "song birds" of llock Island county,
returned last evening from their trip to
Spirit Lake.
The fascinating southern drama "The
Oetoroou" will be K'wn by the Mortimer
& Weaver coin puny at Harper's theatre
this evening.
Ex-Aldernmn I). Stephens returned last
evening from Iowa City, where he has the
contract for erecting a high school build
tog. R. J. McGee has sold his residence
property on Twentieth street to J. W.
McCabe for a consideration of $J,2(M(,
and invested in Xebra.sk lands.
Hon. J. 11. Murphy, who has been ab
sent a couple of months in California uml
Colorado, arrived at his Lome in Daven
port yesterday morning. He will hi
present at the convention in Cedar Rap
ids today. '
Mrs. Olille Abel Haas left for Balti
more mis morning. sue wilt appear in
rord s opera company in tliat city nexl
Friday evening, in a leading role in Gil
bert & Sullivau's opera of the "Micado.'
Davenport Jiemurrnt.
Messrs. Edelman & Walter opened a
saloon this morning ou the northwest cor
nerof Second avenue and Fifleeuth street,
where they propese to keep a good stn.ik
of everything peculiar to the business.
Qive them a call.
Mr. F. A. Phiileo is in the city on
few days visit among relatives and
friends. Mr. Phiileo is located at Wayne,
Wayne County. Nebraska, and any one
contemplating purchasing hmd in that
state could undoubtedly guiu considers
ble information from him in regard to it
II toe author of the communication
sent to this office concerning the assault
t the Bremen's picnic at Moline last Sat
nrdaj, will send his name to us, his arli
cle will be published. Anonymous com
munications find no consideration in tin
Columns of the Aruuh where the name o
the author is unknown to the editor.
Capt. Pierce, engineer on the steame
Re bs took, received this morning a letter
from J. H. Kerr at Fort Worth Texas
tendering Mr. Pierce the position of first
engineer iu the waterworks there, so it
appears that Mr. Kerr has accepted the
superintendency of that institution. Mr
Pearce is undecided as to whether he will
accept or not.
Last evening George W. Parker, keepe
of a drug and grocery store at Moline
came before Justice Cooke iu this city
and confessed judgment on two notes,
one in favor of Dart's Sons, of this city
for $200 and one in favor of Alvin Hull
for the use of William Jackson, assignee
for $44. Constable Larkin levied on the
store at Moline.
doing tait.
Mr. W. E. Brooks, accompanied by
bis wife and daughter, leave tomorrow
morning for New Hampshire, their old
home, on a six weeks' visit among rela
tives and friends. This is Mr. Brooks
eighteenth annual visit to his old home
He will try his luck catching trout in the
New Hampshire mountains while he is
The residents in the vicinity of Eight
eenth street and Third and Fourth ave
noes are greatly annoved because of
thriving field of burdocks, not two blocks
from the business portion of the city,
On a breezy day like this the pestilence is
scattered broadcast all over the neigh
borbood, causing just aggravation. The
Held should be mowed down and the
f weeds rooted out entirely.
Biver Hipk'ti
The river is stationary.
The Pittsburg is due down the first
thing in the morning.
The Sidney is reported up Friday ev
Gillespie & Harper, of Stillwater, have
sold the steamer Glcumont, recently built
at Dubuqne,
The Quiucy Lumber company has sold
the steamer Tiber to Charles Mead, Mr
Kelly and other rivermen of Stillwater
As tho result of the investigation of
the sinking of the raft boat, Lily Turner,
by the raft boat C. A. Cowles, Inspectors
Girdon and Scott find that the pilot!
failed to signal properly, to be on the
lookout, or to regard each other's signals
until too late. They have revoked the
licenses of Albert W. Hill and Alex.
Laodrosb, pilots of the Cowles and Tur
ner, respectively, and suspended the
licenses of D. Dixon and E. C. Law.mas
ten of the two vessels.
Great Conncil of the United States to
be held at Klmlra in September
Representatives Front Illinois.
The next great council of the United
States, Improved Order of Red Men, will
be held in the wigwam of Massasoit
Tribe, No. 14, at Elmira, New York, at
tbe 9th run, rising of the eighth sun corn
moon G. S. D. 394." Thus reads a circu
lar which has been received by A. E.
Knickerbocker, Esq., of this city,
who is one of the most promi
nent members of this worthy Bocietv
in the United States, The state of Illi
nois will be represented in this important
gathering by Mr. Knickerbocker, of this
city, as one of the supreme officers, and
by O. N. Scott, Esq., of Bloomington,
great representative of the state.
The appended programme will be car
ried out in the hunting grounds of El
Monday's sleep, visitation of Great
Chief to tribe in the city.
Tuesdav s sleep, reception of Great
Council at opera house.
Wednesday, visitation of principal
points of interest in city.
1 hursilay s sleep, parade of order
Friday, excursion to Watkins Glen.
The officers of the supreme council of
the United States are:
Great Incohonee Hon. W. fl. Hv-
ronemeus, Nashville, Tenn.
Great Senior Sagamore R. S. Gre
gory, Munice, Indiana.
Great Junior Satramore Louis Beck
ardt, Bridgeton, New Jersey.
Great Chief of Records 0. C. Conlev,
Great Keeper of Wampum Joseph
Pyle, Wilmington, Del.
Great rocakken L. Kosciikr.mz, Port
Jarvis, N. Y.
Great Minnewa--A. E. Knickerbocker,
Rock Island.
There will on this occasion, be a gieat
gathering of Red Men from all over the
country, and Mr. Knickerbocker enjoys
the distinction he has attained in the or
der as being a member of the Great Coun
cil. The society is a commendable one.
and much good must come of its great
councils and tribe nieetinirs.
School Manors.
Pursuant to die call of Presidem Sin -
nett, all the members of the board of ed
ucation were present at the roll cull last
evening, for a special meeting.
Mrs. E. P. Robinson was assigned to
the eighth grade at building No. 1. at the
samu salary as that paid last year.
Miss Liua Buford was granted aii in
detiuite extension ol this vacation and
Miss Sallie Ilillier was appointed to till
the vacancy at $"" per month.
The committee on furniture reported
that the desks ordered at the last meeting
were in readiness to be put into place.
The committee on fuel reported that
W. Egyleston had deliveied to the seve
ral buildings 7.595 bushels of coal, and
lecommended that an order of $759.55 be
drawn in favor of W. H. Emerson & Co.,
payab'e August 1, 183(5, in payment of
said bill- The recommendation of the
enmmittee was approved.
The commitim; on repairs was author
ized to put a new plank walk on the
north side of school lot No. 4.
The committee ou finance reported that
Hie $2,0(M bonds maturing August
1SS.1, bad been redeemed, as authorized at
the last meeting.
The hoard decided to use a copy book
of home manufacture instead of the one
now in use, whi':h will prove a great sav.
ing to the pupils, as well as furnishing a
book better adapted to the purposes for
which it is used.
It was decided to order a revision of
the Franklin fourth and fifth readeis
now in use.
JSills to the amount ot iMSy.o'J were
Police Poima.
Teddy Kelly was taken before Justice
Bennet this morning on the charge of as
sault upon the person of Ira Renter last
Sunday night. His case was continued,
and he was held in bonds of $1,000 for
appearance when wanted, and went to
For assaulting Frank Barnard at the
firemen's picnic at Moline last Saturday,
Clarence Mart was bound over in the sum
of $300 this morning by Justice Bennett
He went to jail in default. Barnard is
said to be in a critical condition, blood
poisoning baviug set in.
This afternoon Officer Ilowud, of
Davenport, was in the city on business.
He was approached near the levee by
J. A. Harrington, an old offender, and
one who was sent to the county jail in
Davenport last winter for larceny, by
Officer Howard's evideuce, and he made
the assault through spite-work. Marshal
Eckhart and Officer Cary arrested Harring
At the Theatre.
The "Queen's Evidence," in which Mr,
Burton appears in one of his most sues
cessful character representations, that of
"Soloman Isaacs," was given to a fair
audience at Harper's theatre last evening
by the Mortimer & Weaver company .
This evening the company appcr iu Bouc
cicault's great southern drama, "The Oc
toroon," when Mr. Burton will imperson
ate "Salem Scudder," and Mr. II. J. Mor
timer will take the part of "Woh-we-tee
the Indian . The play had a long run in
Chicago by the Mortimer & Weaver
troupe, and is always sure to please. Mr.
Weaver will sing between acts this ev
Property for Sale.
The German Lutheran church offers
for sale its old school property, corner of
Sixth avenue and Thiiteenth street, tw
lots and tnree buildings. For terms in
quire at J . Sauerman's or C. Hansgen's.
Time limited to Sept. 1. 10-6
"I was all run down, and Hood's Sar
saparilla proved just tbe medicine I need
ed," write hundreds of people. Take it
now. 1 IX) doses $1.
Opening Day of the Meeting Near Mi
lanAn Immense Attendance
Prospects for the Week.
The morning dawned bright and fair
a morning which seemed especially de
signed for beginning the services of God
in the groves. A holy atmosphere seems
to pervade the place, a stillness
only broken now and then by
the noise of tbe hammer made by some
one who was negligent about getting to
the scene. The campers were astir eaily
this morning putting tbe finishing touch
to their tents and taking their morning
meal. Never have the prospects been as
good for an interesting meeting as now.
There has never been so many tent holders
the ground before. Every available tent
has been taken and many are compelled
to erect or bring canvass tents. The ats
tendance for tbe first day surpassed any
in the historj of the association, and if
the weather should prove fair, the latter
part of the week will find many more
people than ever before. The morn
ing service opened by prayer and singing
followed by prayer, after which the Rev.
A. R. Morgan preached an eloquent ser
mon from the text: "The Communion of
the Holy Ghost be with von all," 2nd
Cor. 13-14.
In commencing the speaker said,
First, God is material eternal
almighty. The Father is of none, neither
created nor lieotten. The Son is of the
father, not created but begotten. The
Holy Ghost is of the Father and the Son,
neither created nor begotten, but pro
ceeding from the Father and the Son
Second, for God hath revealed them unto
us by his spirit for the spirit searcheth all
things, yea even the things of God.
Elder Morgan then went on as he said to
prove God's omnipotence by saving
"neither shall I go from thy presence or
neither shall I tlce from Ihv spint.
He spoke of Ibe holy ghost as
Stift. The power came from high, but
but they were to tarry in .l:u usalcm. The
distributor of bcavenlv uil'ls cannot be u
gift in a neutral or a material sense, but
onlv in a personal, lie askel the out ss
lion: "If the holy spirit is poured upon
and imparted lo so many thousands of
believers, can it in this division be om
md the same person?" His solution
is tounil in l lie divine oiuuipies
ence of the holy spirit, lie then spoke
of baptism. baplizuiL.' them in the name
of the Father and of the Son and IIolv
('host. I hut w hich is .spoken ol here is
a li.-ibtisni into communion . Tlic.-e Hirer
iersons are eocijual and deviue. The
singular term "in the name" indicates thai
these three arc essentially one, lienl e they
that dwell in love dwell in Hod, and God
in them, and hereby we know that In
dwcllcth ill us by his spirit which he halh
given unlo us.
The following is a list of inini.-lcrs ho
will assist Elder A. B. Morgan during Hie
meeting: Rev. Ii. G. Fierce, li F. Tali
man, 1. S. McCown, .1. 1. Calhoun. .1
F. Robinson, P. A. Cool. .1. A. H. Wil
son, J. Biiss, 1) A. Perrin, G. .1. Suckcy,
W. J. Minium, W. R. Ames, J. A. Uia
son, W. R. Rlackwcll. W. 11. Witter, II.
Brink. .1. Wilkinson. W. G. Miller. W.
Woollcy, H. U. Metctill, W . T. Keir. J.
W. Barrett, R. F. Kaufman.
D. W. Potter, the renowned revivalist,
of Chicago, arrived today, and w ill have
charge of the altar work. J. i. Calhoun
and J. F. Robinson, of Port Byron, are
present ready for work.
Ira Whitehead is gate keeper.
J. S. Smith has charge of horses and
ExsSupeivisor Clarke, ol Howling, is
tenting ou the grounds.
Thos. McAfee has been appointed chief
of police.
A. J. Nesbit. of Aledo, will have charge
of the singing.
Rev. Henry Brink will preach this
Cyrus Valentine was wrestling with au
old pump today, getting it out and repair
ing it.
The Annus will be delivered at tents on
the grounds every evening from now un
til close of camp for 15 cents.
Be sure and ride with Souths hack
from Milan. Price round trip, 50 cents.
Headquarters at Commercial bouse.
Miss Olcthe Muse, of Milan, has been
engaged as organist; this is as it should
be. Home talent is appreciated.
Rev. G. J. Luckey, of Geneseo, arrived
on the grounds this morning. Ue exacts
to be present during the entire session.
Rev. W. G. Miller came this morning.
Heath and Clow, of tbe boareing house,
are prepated to furnish meals of tbe best
quality, on short notice. Not to be out
done by previous proprietors of their
house, they have secured Robt. David
son, formerly of the Taylor bouse, Jersey
City, who will have charge of Ibe culin
ary department. Meals during week, 85
cents; Sunday, 40 cents; boarding, $1 per
day; by tbe week $4 .
The Concert
There was a feast of melody at Free
man's hall last Tuesday evening. In it
all from first to last was plainly written
the fact that Mrs. Swan as a teacher of
music and manager of a concert has uo
equal in this region. This warm hearted
and talented lady is doing a great work
for the rising generation ot girls. Arid we
are glad to say her work is appreciated in
this community. The graduates of the
collegiate institute conservatory of mu
sic, Misses Blanche Harrington and May
Fischer, received their diplomas, which
were delivered in a neat address by Prin
cipal Thornton. The standing of both
these young ladies in proficiency in all
the details of a musical education, is very
high. Several exquisite bouquets were
sent to the young lady performers iu the
concert. After the concert there was a
delightful reception at tlte iustitue build
ing. Geneseo Newt.
3. H. Hewitt, of Baltimore, is said to
be the oldest living graduate of West
Point. He belonged to the class of 1818.
The Illinois Grant Monument Assoi la-
lion Issues a Memorial to the
People of the State.
The following memorial has been is
sued by the Illinois Grant Monument Ass
To tub People ok Illinois. .The un-
deisigned committee, representing the
Grant Monument association of Illinois.
which was duly organized under the laws I
of tiiis state ou the 23d dav of July, A.
D., 1885, for the purpose of securing the
erection, at the state capital, of a suita
ble monument to the memory of (general
Grant, beg leave to make the following
statement to the public:
In the judgment of many good and
patriotic citizens, in which this associa
tion most heartily concurs.lhere is a pecu
liar propriety and appropriateness iu the
rection in Springfield, by the people of
Illinois, of a monument in memory of our
reat soldier and statesman, worthy of his
wonderful career as a man and his great
service to his country. While it is not the
good fortune of oiircommonweallh to be
come the resting place of his inorlal re
mains, yet our appreciation of bis great
ness as a man and ol Ins worlh to the
world is none the less on tlu.t account;
and we are proud of tbe fact that when
Gen. Grant entered upon bis grand career
in the late war be was a citizen of Illi
miis. lie received his first commission as
colonel of a regiment from the governor
ot our state, and he went forth from this
city to become the greatest military
chieftain of modern times.
Springfield is indissolubly connected
with the names of Lincoln and Grant, the
two men upon whom the loyal people of
the nation relied iu Hie late great struggle
for national life. A graceful people have
erected in this city a monument to the
memory of Lincoln, worthy of Ins name
and fame. Is it not, then, titling that the
people of Illinois should unite in building
here a suitable monument in memory ot
Grant, that the state may properly com
memorate at the ca'.ntal, its two grandest
Senator Cullom' the president of the
association, has designated a gentleman
in each county in the state to take charge
of the work of raising funds. There
should be no dilliculty or delay in obtain
ing the necessary amount. A systematic
plan should lie adopted in every count v.
city, town and community, to give every
person au opportunity lo contribute
Our state contains three and a half mil
lions ot patriotic people. I hey appreci
ate the services rendered by I, en. I, rant
to his country, lie is placed in history
as the greatest soldier of the century, and
was the pride ol the brave men who !ol
lowed hiui during the lale war. We es
pecially appeal to our fellow citizens who
were in the military service of the court
try, ami glouficd in the courage, patriot
ism, resolution and military success of
the greal leader of the I'nion army, cm u
and all, lo contribute something toward
this work of love. We appeal, also, lo
Ibe cilia iM w ho were not. soldiers, bul
are today enjoying Hie hem-tils ,, (ir.mt's
The various civic orders are requested
lo vooeratc iu the collection ol funds,
especially religions bodies, lodges and se
cret societies, as well as lalioi organi.as
lions and all other associations.
The newspapers of Hie slate are ear
nestly requested to give publicity to this
movement and to open subscription lists,
at their respective olliccs.
lint for hj' iMiiuii army which In- led ou
in linal victor), the country would not be
united and prosperous as il. is today. The
smile of hemiiccttt M-'tec, Hit evidences of
thrill ami comfort all over the land would
not today be the Ima-t of Hie American
-oplc. if the union bad not been pie
served by the valor and patriotism i f
Grant and bis army.
This association has been organized lo
inaugurate a labor of love in which it i
believed the people of Illinois will desire
to share, and stands prepared at any lime
to surrender i s trust. Wc therefore call
on our fellow citizens, one and all. lo
contribute something to aid in the- crce
tion of the proposed monument. Organ
ize in your respective counties, cities and
towns in your own way, and let us all
unite in rearing such a testimonial to the
memory of our illustrious fellow citizen
as shall bear witness through all time to
our appreciation of the value ol bis life
and services lo humanity and lo Ibe
world. John M. Pai.mf.k.
1. T. LtTTi.Ki:.
At the last meeting of the association
held at Springfield President Cullom re
ported that communications had been re
ceived from various portions of the slate,
in reference to the erection of a inonu
mcnt at the capital of the stale in memo
ry of Gen. Grant.. The secretary was in-,
structed to have 5. (Mill copies of the
memorial printed and distributed
throughout the state, with blank subscrip
tion lists, and the association decided
that it was important lo inaugurate n
vigorous canvass of the slate for funds
Notice to Cnmrartors
Sealed proposals will he received at the
office of the cily clerk of Hock Island,
III., for the construction of a bridge
across Rock river, near Milan, 111. rriid
bridge to be either combination or iron.
144 feet long; roadway 0 feet. Bids to
lie received until '2 o'clock p. m., August
22. 1885. The right to reject any or all
bids is reserved.
M. M. Bitiiios.
John C. Lm-uknz.
Bridge Committee.
To A 11 Peiaoua Wkoin it May Con-era.
Public notice is hereby given that at
the first meeting of the city council of thi
rdly of Rock Island. 111., held ten days
after the dale hereof, to-wit: on
the Silt b day of August. A. !.,
1885. J. W. Harlzeil or the Union
street railway company will appear be
fore said council at its rooms iu said cily
and' present its petition a-sking tor the
right to construct ami operate a street rail
way, om the cast, limits of the city, along
Seventh avenue west, lo Twentieth street;
thence north to SiUh avenue; thence west
to Nineteenth street; (hence north lo
Third avenue; thence west to the West
end thereof . J . U . I1aiiT7.kll,
Rock Island, III., Aug. ltl, 18S5.
Biiat Racine
The Irrawadi Canoe club will give
three races at Black Hawk's watch tower,
next Saturday, August 21. Six canoes
enter into the race. First race, single
paddle: second, a tandem race, and the
third an upset race.
B- Davbniiirt.
Superintendent Rock Island & Milan
Street Railway Co. 2t
In Rostov, Russia, there is a society of
child murderers, who, acting as nurses
poison children to spare them the trouble
or life.
The New Direct Line anil When It Will
Be Completed A Rock Island
Contractor Honored.
E. P. Reynolds, Esq., returned from
Chicago this morning, where in the Grand
Pacific hotel yesterday, the contracts were
let for the construction of the new con
necting line of the Chicago & Burlington
system from St. Louis to St. Paul. Mr.
Reynolds was honored iu receiving one
of the contracts for the construction of
the new northern liues. The contracts
let are for the new track extending from
Oregon on Rock river and Fulton on the
Mississippi to St. Paul. E. P. Reynolds
& Co., of this city, are to have that por
tion from the Wisconsin river souh 100
miles, and I). C. Sheppard & Co., of
Minneapolis, from the Wisconsin river
north, with the exception of thirty miles
near Winona, Minn., which is m charge
of W. H. Spoll'ord, of Winona.
There are ;JG0 miles of new track lo In
laid, of which more than half is in chargi
of E. P. Reynolds it Co. The new line
will follow the east bank of the river be
tween the bluffs and the water all the way
from Fulton up to St. Paul, thus viewing
some of the most magnificent s -encry
that the country affords. The work will
cost the compan y $10,000,000.
In conversation with an Auous repor
ter this morning Mr. Reynolds said oper
ations would commence immediately, and
one year would find the line in readiness
for use. "The contract," said he, "is
one of the largest ever undertaken in this
section of the country, and when the job
is compU lod it will give to Hie Burlington
system the only direct line from Oregon,
III., lo St. Paul, as well as the only
through route from Saint to Saint. It
will fill up the gap between Savannah and
Fulton, in fact when finished, it will be
the making of one of the most c :tensive
connecting links in the country."
The firm of E. P. Reynolds & Co. have
reason to feel gratified, if not flattered, in
receiving this important contract, espec
ially where there was so much bitter
competition. The firm is to do mote than
half Hie entire wink, and propositions for
the Work, and inducements for receiving
il were made from every state hi the
Union, the best known contracting linns
iu the country sending iu bids, it was
nothing more or less than the fame which
Mr. R -y nobis has achieved as a railroad
contractor, which secured lor linn this
wide distinction .
The Chicago, Burlington & Northern is
virtually the Chicago. Burlington &
Ojiincy, although many are interesed iu
the new project who have no connection
with the great "Ij " route. The corpora
lion litis purchased the tights and privi
leges of the Winona, Alma A Northern
and now- lias a clear i,a, to the Minne-o-
la metropolis.
Bargains in Gilt Wall Paper.
are wlMog color bioiw.es, usual
nan 40iis. Ii 5ilcls, our price
-.Mi ls, lo 2"ets. e are selling embossed
gill and solid gold gonial, embossed pas
pi is, u-uai price from 75cls. to? 1 25, our
price from 4Vls. lo (tai ls., call early as
these prices are hound to sell these papers
quick. Jonx CMi..iioN V Son,
512 Ibadv St.. Davenport.
The cheapest place in the
three cities to have your boots
and shoes repaired or made is
at the Central Shoe Store.
Eor Sale.
Twenty head of young steers. Enquire
of .1. K. Crouch, one half mile west of
camp grounds.
IU. MS - In lliH-k Island. :.l (he resilience or
liiv i:uvitU. cor hit if T wenl i.-lli street Ttlirtt
avenue, Nc.'ii let fet r. Frederick. fn of Mr.
and Mrs. Henry illins, atieii 1 jeur. 4 mouiii
:uui i:i (Imj ,
Fiim-rul sit "2 v. Thiirsi:iy from the family
)l.o!osAl.s lull olihNANeK MTl'LItO.
KtM'K lsi.ANl ArSF-SAI..
ifitfK Isl.AM), !l,i. , ftfff J0, 1 SST
SKAU'.I) TKOl'OSAKs. in triplicate. iion the
hluiik firms furnishetl from this otlice onlv will
lie reei-iuil t this Arsenal until 1 o'clock "l M.,
on Till UMlAY. AUilM' -in. iss:,. at n hit-lit inn
the w ill he pttliliclv oeiieii, for f urnixliiit! the
following ehifM-s of supplies, in such (inutilities
and :et kucIi limes durim.' the tibial Tear ending
rliinc Jtt). 1SSG, as the 'oinmandinir (ttlieer of this
Arsenal may require. i,: iJhinkels. Black-mi th's
Tiwls. Forage. S !ver, 4Jo!d. Sleel. Tin. Itrass.
imn t'opiK'i and ilras l(iets and. Burs: Iron,
ltr.i-s mid 4'oppcr win; Nails, Screw.-, Tacks.
i;-t(s. Nuts. Leather, Thread. Koi Uiick, t'anus.
Mls. rtieiiiicils. Caper, rlenin and roli-hun.1
MaletiaN; Tool. Files, Ac, Ac.
All ariieles ill he snhiecled lo a riiid inspec
hoti. full compliance with the spt'ciiications Mill
le insisted upon, and no ailich s of inferior
qitalily v ill he ucccpied .
The ;overnnieni reservos th rilit. to reject
any or all proposals, or pails thereof. A prefer
ence w ill he iriven lo article of domestic produc
tion ami manufacture, coudiiious of prices and
tpiality hein,' equal.
Forms containiuir instruct inn to bidders, ttenpy
of this advertisement, hiank form of proposals.
and j-pecMieahoii for supplies, with column for
uncei- to he tilled m 1y the bidder, ran Ik had up
on ;tpp!ie ition hy mail or in mtsoii to the' under
signed, ami samples of tho hiipplies au he seen
at this Ar-enal. bidders are requested to he
present Ht I lie o;e)iin!f. Kiivt lopes cmlainme
proposal sll Mthl he marked "J'roposals for Ord
nance Supplies. M and addressed to the under-
-"I Ct ,t. Col. of Ordlisuce, I'ouimiMidimr.
Thai l.y f.ir
The Largest and Finest
11 UK K N N N II T U PK Ri
ll 11 l;KK MNMI T I! li IlKR I K
I! II li K N N N II T I! U R R f.
1 ,1IO
1 o
U1IR fl'P I K
-Is to be found at-
A Feed Mill for GrmfliDg all kinfls n
11 r n
II II ltl! R
11 It R
1.1,1,1.1. OOO HUU K B
sept :i eodly
In calling attention to the f:tct tluit wc lmve reliited :ll r
Studio, making it not only the most complete hut dc( i ,,
t-st i u una vic.iiiiijr. nc uiau v isii to i 1111 iiticunon lo it)- ,
Clioloo-rotiie work, nil recently ni-od-.iei-it -mil ennt.,;,,;
,i. ..,,!..,. ,,.;ii,.ny ,,i,,i ,.ir..,.iu , r i;,,i,i ,i ,i,...i
llllin:il lire up 10 ni;u incurs. ve nuve men assured ,v
nil I. till H'n unit it i ity lilt uie iiiiest u jspm v ever lU.UH' m 11 :
..-.i:.. .....o ; i..,..i ,i i., n... f..,.i H..1, i
..... .I , ... .,.,)! .,,,,1 r;,... j.. , , ". "r l
i-ai.c-i mail i" . ,.,t ..u- ,mii ,tiu mii-ii t jH i,.ir).
giithered from 17 yenrs of continuous service (Imving ..,,lt,
graphic career us a mere hoy in 1H57, since which time ue u Jj''
months either by sickness or vncution) our long expciicii, ,.
luiprecinte the importance of scenic effects in l'hoio art, lii'iici',,,.
ing room is linen whu a mass 01 accessories, consisting (l
uauades, stone and rustic bridges and fences, Wont, tnck
wilier inner, sum n s, sc.icciis, itiiu u variety ol Iiuik - aroint U
..I...:-., ,..i.i.. w,. ...... .... ...i... i. ii.:. u. . ..
cii'inr,, mine nidiie n, v.iim-s, im n 11:11. tur nil .il;o I nolo lilin- tii..
equalled in any gallery in this vicinity, but We plainly
liliHU-i easily iieiiioiisuiiieii iu;it no ;:iiicry 111 nils colll:i!v nt. j
ainoiiui oi our lnsiruiiieuis; wc uon i ooasi mm tney vi re I i i',),! ;
riant sale and used by predecessors for S5 years. im mvn?,
' instruments are of the latest, improved ln.-ikcs. fontaniin immu r,,"
Yoiijhendcr Knryscope ami D.tllineyer Insliiiilam-otK l. -iw -s. r
t'KI.I-.llltATKl) IiUNsr.s CANNOT HI4 KOI! NO IN ANY ( i A I.I.KCV IS ik
ours. A pieased patron is the best Hdvrriiscmcnt ami vve .irjv,. ,
the advertisement by the excellence of our work. In order In l t!.
satisfactory results, every patron is given a show ol t Itn ,r
tives, dillerent positions, and all of these proofs are shown, un.l ., .
improyemcnls suggest themselves, resit timi will shelly he '
charge. Gallery comer 18th strict mid 2nd avenue. I ; ., k '
mnr M tlwly
Mclntire & Co.,
Will jdaee on their coiititHin
Monday Mokninc, .Imn1 t?2, :i
line line of Summer Silks iu thj-
c.;,...t,i. ci,.t.,o ii.. ..,, 1
oil.ltil Pliauri i. I nr ltl J I'm
cost of
These Silks were bono-lit, at. a
sacrifice from :i lai'e cnnrei n
who had too many.
No such opportunity has been offered
this season. Every yard worlh I'ihiii lit,
to tiOc. and c wish customers to cv.nn
ine silks sold elsewhere before c-iliiu"
II Oil!!! VciH-K KKKKA AM M MVP A A li 11 U.I .1. (
On Fourth Avenue between Twcntieih and Tmniv lir.i s:.
Kivnlh n-lilii-,1. r.-furiii-hi il ami mm Hi.- lin,t fUrlors v. ,,f i l,i, , ,. i , i
l,..-ili r in H,.,k. Sl:iii.,lii iy. Ci-:n. (,.) s f ..very l, -, ri.l in. ,1. . 1-vOCs I-
MM MM l- J.-KI- KKKK ICllll II
M M M M K K K 1- C I
M M M M K I! Ki: j
M UU it v ..
I'll II A A NS
11 II 4 A X X N M
KKFK II R ICl't.! 11 II A
' , i, ii
'II 111 AN K N
No. Ifi03 Second Avenue,
refine Kits A SiHTialtv.
Also Pealer iu Jlurors. Cornish l'olcs. Curl tin K'.m,,,.,. m..,,;. 1
C&'Tricis lower than the lowest. Trem.-in's Iilix k, oj.p. ComtiM-ii
"ov-ivjiy I 70 G Second avei
Marble and Granite Monumen
WSH'cial fu sions furnished or appliciiliou. Con, v, ,,,, l,.ni c cnlii
"i" Rock Island.
Plumbing, Steam and Gas Fittir
Wrimiilit. t:nr atiil l.iinl Pipe, Vi. Kitlin.. iiit lli.e.., ;., f v ,(,.., .,.;.,, :
muI I'M-kuiK r all kimU; I train Tile ami St wr 1'ijnt.
July lT-illv
dot-IB itf
Wholesale Dealer in
n I-
. "'I'
tl. ,
nini ,
1!. ,
New ami eler:int li
just 0eno;l iii uon- ;
I1h colorings.
While Got
are moving n'n el v. In
season has lccn i,m
i i i i
.---1 ill 1CUIS, VI Mi' U r-a
intVr that we are Ik
nil Wliit.e piiuls.
t,'111 .'Mid exmiiii,
n rri-i-r
I. I
A till.
A Mil. I
Manufacturer urn! Pealer in
And Dealei in Mens' I-inc Woolens
It-.licr tun! InijHtrtt-i in
Works ami Olli.-e on Kas J7lli M., opposite I'. '
Knowles' .Steam 1'iiitips, lnspiraiois aiol Kin-ter
OlUccaud 8hop I Tniid Ave., Uoi'K sl.ANf
Licentiate in pharmacy,
Dttl.l.H IN
And Toilet Preparations,
Corner 2nd Ave, and 1 7th S

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