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cKOriissioNAi, ai:is.
KY M' '"Nee i" K'xk Island
'Li'ltoi I'llll'linf.'. 1-lBnit. IP.
y V" l,AM-'lli('fl Willi
-, -v nnul 1 venue, m
J. T. Ken
a. c
,rH AM ('l'NKU.iK AT I.AW.
. lil. lllliiv in Post ollic.' Bni ll
" ,uiu'i, IIA l..-uilr' Vault, KnninH No f
" novSt-ilnty
.,,s-, C. I.. WA1.K.KK.
mi-M VS AMl'l'I NSi:l.l,Ons AT LAW.
;;,,:, 11 in"i"ii id"'. Km Inland, III.
n '.! , M i 'I'.-uijili- him k, over Uork la.
, ",, i:.m. k. l!.-k I Kluiul, III.
jrt. !M. tfOKBKTT,
, Nih' V T LAW'. SWieiior ini ftdiHvry uiul
,r, i':'''. Mvlrmts. umus mm coll
,!(,... lli.f.l .1 - lilOi li. i'il HVt'IHHI, ilVt'l
t, i 1 1" i iiir-' oov -.tl-diy
I' M-rmt.l Avenue, over
1 Wn!., it'H'k ( Irtltd, lllllii.is.
;i viis oii:i(Toi:v.
1 ll S, Wnl t'lit tl -lie
! ,1 t 1 At II I.KI(h.
i v. hit' mil utit-i t.
,NM -.0 0111 HVt'llllf-.
A it.ii s ; published every
i U In .r'u hint k, op
.:vi 'ti-ni ' medium in the
Gowlp About OffldM Appointmenu-
Mormona A V
retty lUmance Logs
nd the Military CommittM-Not
for Ah Hin-KUlfc
! U
it T t ll'tl
-I .h!'-llM'
vi.v Aiiui'; iHihlir-fn'd
ili'iinr; iiu'iii hi mnmM:-
l-.l'i -c( ohm nvt-tiiM.
mm savins bank
i i eet'Kiur ol IIHnoii.)
r H. M..nd on Tn
v oil. ire frmu 7 to
l- i . ?r. iposUs at tho ntf) of
r-'oivert m araountpot $)
:i.u) Upwards.
NI 1) V A NTAGlSft.
,i w.ijof tin- Truster i resm
t '!, I'm- itiirert.mre (irortitdlod
!.. rtiiy ol lis iu4'J f. MIUr Hint
: ,ni!trli i h','-tfril lW.
N . V iiTr-un , I'rrcMri.i :Jitili
l i - tU It! ; i?. li SWBNW . I'nt-UitT
:. '-lttii I'luvM. H V.'!nt)i'f. i.
. S. Wrirlit, K. H' liinwuy. -lotin
' iri-ly It. Sto.liiliril.
i ' v c ii i i Ti 'I snviiu'? ttmikitt ItiK
i -unr-Mwy
' . li. V. I'l.KA V Kl-AN
urance Agents
-I 'I'll K - ll-NIITi'V Pl.o-K.
.o-;rfc ISLAKD, ILL.
1 - I'riHiii'tly AiliUHU'il uiid triln
uilorool lv 1 lie leadinir lloXflw in
Iliprmrfl lr ihf (invrrniiirnt t li
Mil Wr ih- Inilian 4'4iiiiiniiiioii.
Ultll K 1 1 Ell ll'N
aking Powder.
1!" l.v Tiejulinpr Gro
m ana Medicines,
I)! Hi;
' 'i , l A vi 1 iicnntl Tfiilli tri't,
ti;.M,,n- rjircfiilly compounded ljr rfg
'... hi, ..1- iily-iS-itly
1 hi id (Jreen Wood.
' ii .11 n. 1 In Hitulliil! of all iintln
' hi-. i.irii.Tiif -''ilh ulrfi-t. on Mollr.i
I li pli'inf No 1H7
VAsni!OTOii Ctty, Sept 15. -The im-pi-on
pmvails that the present week win
e chanjfe, in various lmporUntofflw ami
that the settlement of the Chicago internal
revenue Cnllm-tihip contest will be -apple
mented by similar .linpoMtion of the collect,
omiiip, in New York city, oonceruing which
the M,riig.le has been quit, as fiercely
waged and pn,veJ equally emharrassine to
the administration a, that of Chicago. Only
tlnrtoen inU.iiml revenue oolleetorshius now
mmniii t.t l-u Mil I t . r
uv unniocratic liiciin
in-, anions tliwii HHvAml in ti.u int..:... . .
v..w luwiim til
iwk and Feuiuiylvauia. There is
1 pi-eure U displace Mr. W01 thin
ton., proprmtiir of The Boston Traveler, who
i the R ipublinm incuuitieiit of the collector
ship of oust mis at that city, and
Msiuachusetts Dainocrats are becom
ing very impatient over the dly
for which sum of the lead
era are depose 1 to hold Secretary Endicott
responsible. It is autad at the White
House, however, that Secretary Endicott
has not inUirlered in this matter. Assist
ant rWotry Porter, of the -tate depart
ment, has Iwnn busily engaged making up a
slate of about 1(H) consular appointments,
with the view, as support, of sending them
u their posts before tho winter sets in. An
nounccnienU of these appointments are ex
pected shortly.
Judge Powers f Michigan, the new chief
justice of Utah, is in the city, having been
callud by the president to talk over Mor
mon matters. Mr. Powers says that Mr
v miDiaiiii uni-i iniii.yi 10 wage as fierce a
wr as possible against the Mornmns,
and has instructed the judicial
1 'Ulcers to carry out the law to the fullest
and must rigorous extent He wns pleased
Ui hear from Judge Powers that the law
was working well, iind that polygiunLst
srent.ly fear it. A large nnmtier of leading
Mormons are now uuder indictment
among them lieiug John Taylor and
(leorge Q. t'nnnon, the latter lieiug at th
present tune fugitives from ju-tice. Judge
Powers 9ays that the Mormons geni r.illy
are rapidly recognining t!e fact that the
governuiont is in dead earnest mi thi. sub-
joct, and that tlwy only preach and pruc
tire polygamy When they are out of sight of
ilie oBiivrs of the law.
Wiieii Mr. Hrewster left the departmenl
of justice he asked only one favor i f his
successor, that to retain a certain ladv
clerk. He R.-ive his reasons why, n:id the
Contain material for a romance. When he
was a younger man, he said, lie was v-i v
innih 111 love with a girl who refuse! to
marry him, presumably because of the dis
figurement of n s face. She gave no rem-
sous but he always supposed that was her
objection to him. Sua married some nue
else, and he lo-t sight of lier until Mis.ni
after he bc5iine attorney general, when
he. received a lotUr from his old love cou-
crntulating hnu upon his appoiutmeiiL
He answered the let ter With - an in
quiry as to her circumstances utid condition
in lit lie replied that she was a widow
with a small income, but many and plnns
nut friends. The noxt letter be wrote ten
dore 1 her a position in the department of
justice, which she accepted, and which At
torney General Garland has assiired her she
will retain as long as lie is in authority.
If the senate rulo permitting the cominit
tos to continue unchanged from session to
session is followed, Gt-u. L an could not,
of c nirse, receive his old position of c. air
mail of the military affairs coiuiniMtio.
There is however, a general ilispos'tion in
the senate to have him Ins
old place, and it is now understood
that Uen. Si-well, of New Jersey, will
yield that honor to the Illinois senator. The
coincidence lending most general intere-t to
this change is tuat of the Fitz John Porter
hill, whiau is likoly to 1 one of the 1110 t
important mensures considered by this com
mittee. Senator Sewell is the fi-remo-t
cLampion and Gen. L igan the bitterest
In reply to the prote-t of the Woman's Na
tional Litur convention against the giving
oat or the washing of towels for the treas
ury department by contract, upon the
ground that it opened the way tor a
I Lines,) iuouoioly, the sei-retary of the
treasury has replied thnt this work in
several of the departments is given out by
contract aud in every case it is given to re
sp.iii'ibte sleani laundry establishments
employing American labor, and under no
circumstances wilt it be given to the Cni
nese. Miss Cleveland has len vj it:ng liei
si-ler, Mrs. Yeemans at Walmoutli. N. Y.,
mid i. expected back at the White Hou-e in
Cictotwr. It is reisirtod that she is writing
a novel. The report, is very likely trim. f"i
it she can make i,OilQ out of a volume of
sketches, ne can certainly make efi
iniicii more out of a novel, even though it
e not a very great literary acliievemnt.
She has already received nearly llil.O'.l l 011
eT lir-t IkoI;, wliich will furnish ber pin
uiomy for a good while.
Cou-rfssnun Murphy, of Iowa, called
on Secretary Manning Monday, in reference
to some appointment-, and later visited
Gen. Parks, to talk with him alsnil, the
Heiiii'i'in canaL He i very hopeful of get
ting fa vorablo action by congress this ses
sion. He thinks the new stirrer will cut
down the estimates of the cost 'Si tr C"iit .
and this wid help matters very inuclu
Well Known I,ke Kavijiatnr leail.
t'HK'Aiio. Sept la. Cn.pt. A. K. ( Ki
1 it'll, j reside..t of the Gidrich Tninsoi ta.
tioii compan.'.' died at his rsidenis, 14T4
Michignu avenue, at :3ii, Monday morning,
in the :"i'h year of his age. He leaves a sou.
Allasrt W . and a widow. Mr. G odrieh
was taken ill with a fever on Aug. -7 la-t
and has lieeu confined to bis bed ever since.
He had Isten a sufferer iroin neuralgia, und
it is thought that th disease un l. ruiiumi
his con -t. tut 1011 and made him an ea.sy prey
to the febrile attack.
A Wonderful Discovery.
Consumptives aod all, who guQ'er from
any affection of the Throat anij Lungs,
can find a certain cure in Dr. King's New
Discovery for Consumption. Thousand
of permanont cures verify the truth of
this statement. No medicine can show
such a record of wonderfuhcures. Thous
ands of once hopeless sufferers now
gratefully proclaim lliey owe their lives
to this New Discovery. It will cost you
notliine to nive it a Dial. Free Trial Hot-
ties at Marls: At Kahnsen's Drnir Store.
Lartje size, fit Ml.
ltcv. Anthony Atwooil. of PliiladeK
pliia, says: "Muni's Kidney ami LiverJ
Itemed v has cured my wife of dropsy 111
its worst form."
4-A written ffliarantee ol cure Riven In ov,rv
esse nndertMken. Mm A II consiillations l-'rerf uir
SiaetsMl. lir. Clarke 8 tVlerirateil tteoli MiC
V riliuirs fin plain envelopes) two .laaiw
r.B.ttAakK. a. n.,ist so. lkst. inn 10. ,,
lint is f .tliirrur
f&ff'Fl V,ifc'.! mi'Cmis nwinliraii.
rttfF.,!rSiktlk i'eie-rally original ini;
t,i".r.M rjji) . .he nasal a.,,
f .ntl& - .
wsii CI ;r-ITjVJi a li" iiwiiiiianniij; ii-
Hi7-;'1-hi:s5,. !N tsir-m-liolit iii Hit
MCffiH J'iJtM :van. Kr,..nlt,iss,ii,
'O .S il semis form a lull
sd sj: i Hiiiousviriisaliiiig tl
I- sP X.-J m.-llilir'HIIIMM llllillir.
Syirlsiill lliwlich the ili
;if1ive tirHin, Cir
nnhtit: t hi- liliMnliun.
v. 1 Vvaw. Balm m
v-SA. L;tin,Mi an Hi:0lc
ith r prc;mr:iti(iis A jiAriit l' i Hjiplii-d into
eac.it instil rt lit-M's iiiu .it onvt nn't-aiik' In
II -1'
Il i'lnanss tlie Mvuil. Allnvs
I tl:)lii;ilHil. Ilt'.-iles liitJ oon's.
UomIkii'S I he i'ltsi'S (if Taste,
?ni el 1 . IKiiiii!
A Tlniroiio-li
Tivatmein will lllie. Not
f .i ,.i"u' o
Nnsn i Its
rsie. :il ill ,iki Is. h liinil
I'.i.v r.ti-
live iil
unters may he
Executor's Notice.
t'.li,,i 1J1 St,niilrcri.T flt;ct;aifd.
' ' ' r ! ''in-1, tiHviin' hv.n tiiiiftrl Exc
11 !"i will 'iiij I.Umci.l of .KliZiltn-th
' r. tut or ii,,- ((.iinty of lnrk Ifiumi,
1 '"' t".'1. c.-n il, ht-rciiv give in t thai
Ji'l" n ti f.,r,. i tu- county court of Loch
at Hit: nrtkf of the ckrW of cutd
" h" ctly nf U k Hlnd. Ul UiV N tol:r
, "" ti.snl Mi mm I m- in OrtolVr n-'Xt, at
lltl1 it'i in-ooii tuivin! cliinui aainl Hid
11 ' " 'i in, ti -ii,,! rt tnicHit rt t Mttt int for the
' "f li.f in : tin- .tm.-iiiiiii-.t.Ml. Ail pcion ti
- mi rotate- are mUi'iitd U make
, I'lnut ii! lo hi' lindr rltfllU.
'"""'Hulayiif AimiiHt A. !., 1HH5.
JOHN ASTKK. Eieeiitor.
m A u ito j.rcsf rviUftn f one of the nw:t
f '"ii .mil stiri .-sslnl s rciilial's in the l'.
a. 'r iff curt- of AervrtM N-Ulii(y.
: ""'ihitai.l. U -..i . -...,1 wnt
if u f.j.vnl,,! l-'ie. lr.m!iits can till it
on a r tu.
inji,. - - v. ..nut
'7. i , LR I-F.CinBE8 (nine weekly!
ahil eml ah Meiilmlr tiHVe
l"lrr.. u,;r ,.,-, . . ..... ,
HI IH'ikv u .. nrmu.u l n.M.l nt-ul.
wu..p i" '"iiimnerH who hae uot hart the
'1'iilvip 7. , 'aatic lutrnctliu. Ker circn
P r, Luiver"'tvofVa.) to Johm B
rro Com. and sit. U. d-w-lm.
Ilouble 1neeily In Massachusetts.
WokCKSTKR, Masa., Sept. 1". William
H. Taylor, ai;ed 4d, shot his wife ami him
self at their home on Penn avenue Monday
nomine;. J loth are unconscious, and are
orobably fatally wounded. Temporary in
sanity, caused by recent Illness is supposed
to be the cnu e. Mr. Taylor is a native of
Webster. Mass. They leave two children, a
girl of 1J and a boy of 10 years.
The Clmlera 'liefiort.
Ma own, Sept 1& The aggregate num
ber of deaths from cholera in the infected
districts ol Snain is rapidly dei reasuii;. Kor
the twenty-four b urn ended Mou.lay noon
the official report was 6S) deaths and l.Ulti
new cases.
One Thousand ColHers Out.
AKKON, Ohio. Sept 15 One thou aud
miner of the Silver Creek district eut out
alonduv iiioruiim against a reduction of 1U
cania. as lately exunwded by the Miissdloo
omuici miners. Silver Creek is worked by
Akron uuerators.
lilt: lr:UUlltl.E VUAIX
Wliicii scrofula lias upon the system must
be arrested, and the hlood nitisl lie pun
ned, or serious consequences will ensue.
For purifvitifr and vitnlixinf? effect",
Honrt s Sarsannrillft has been found super
ior to any other preparation. It expels
every trace of impurity from the blood,
and bestows new life and 'vicror upon
every f limit ion of Hie body, euabling it to
entirely overcome disease.
A Maasachusetts woman recently put
Paris green in ber husband's soup "just
for fun " to she sail. but lie discovered it
before he tasted the soup and selfishly
refused to contribute to her enjoyment.
V k Pat.Oot3Slh.l8S3.
Undo only of Ihp flnet nml noKiinnl.
lly ui l.lnsa lor it IttiNlautliuj; IichU
Evorv trood thins is Counter
feited, and consumers are CAU
these Chimneys made of VERY
POOR GLASS. See that the exact
abel is on each chimney as above.
The Pearl Top is always clear and
brig-nt Glass.
Manilla?! nred OXI.T ly
I'lftibnrKh Lend 4AlaiM H'orki.
sent-!' ilei.de IV
The Acme Ledircr
Mrs. Dr. Keck will be in personal attendance at her Medical Infirmary Sept.
.and for the following ten days.
Second Letter from an Illinois Lady,
Skymouu, Clmmp:iip;n Co., 111., Jdne, IS.-!.
I want the public to know how I have improved under the treitmeut
and by the advice of Sirs. Dr. Keck. To the surpise of friends and
neighbor I am up and doin a part of my house work, after so many
years of iuabilily to do anything and so much suffering. Can be up all
day without lying down to rest even; those terrible bad feelings have
nearly all lef l ine: I am fleshier than ever in my life before, have a good
appetite, and feel as though life is worth the living; I am not trmthled
, any more with Unit cold clammy sweat and have no more long, sleep
less nights, but cun go to sleep as soon as I retire, and sleep weli all
night. 1 took the Irian at Seymour and went to Champaign to see Dr.
Keck, a short time ago, reluming home the siime nay, mid walked
from the depot an eighth of a mile to our house: this was a great
Ihintr for one who had fol years been pronounced hopelessly incurable.
Mrs. Keck being the only one who gave me hope. People whom I
have not seen (luring the years that L w as confined toniy bed now stare
at nie as I bey weuld one from the dead. 1 earnestly advise the afflicted
to go to Mrs K. ck, and by following her ad vise implicitly, as I have
doiie. they will, without doubt, be greatly benefitted.
Respectfully, Mtts. Wm. A.ndkuson.
Corner Sixth and Brady StsM DAVENTOIiT, 10.
(nnutv.tiins and .Examinations Freu Chronic Diwhscs SpcriHltics, Catarrh,
IVafness, Throat anil Limy; Troubles, Diseases of ihe Lim and
Kidneys and all Female Complaints.
The Doetor's UemarkaMe Snoeeas warrants ilm mont ski pltoal in applying tor mfor
formation, which will be cheerfully Riven; in the treatment of nearly 2,(HiO patient in the pant
jear, our record nhow a greater per centals uf hcnelits than the fume numht-r iiwler
any other nystem of medicine. lieinemUT thin facl.
The IVrmaneury of Iter Cures are Proved by the following Letters, and many
Similar Letters could be Given, did Space IVrmii;
Head Two Letters From One Lady.
Champaign Comity, 111., i
Di-ar Mr-. Pr. Keck: Having Wen four month!
iimlcr yo r treat tin nt and Iteina very much iin
provetl, I will tell the puhlic tttHMif my case. 1
was very weak and thin in tit hp. Was oh)ij:cd to
he down ttmmu'h the tiny, and could j-careeK walk
ahout the hono: my lunw w ere very weak, and
pained e a jrtnd deal, and lor a year ami a hall
liatl routined ami ranged a trooit tieal ot matter.
1 bad no appetite and a weak Momach with tiioat
"hilt and much pain in my ruck and d raiitlemenl
i itoueH. am now mucn etfroia'cr. have tain
d iutT thirteen iniiiiiUk m tier-It, can walk a nulc
Mini a halt t'iisily wilhotiVr;itit,ue, ud feel well in
vet y wjiv ; my coiiiitt ha? left me. Hint I have no
p.iii:tt nil in m lilies tHick or Himvlierc; i iiae
I appi'i iti' mid iiiticfiton. ami coiiMiii-r my
itupmv iiienl very pret linilei your treatmeiii;
iti lonner uoc'oi raid i cihihi ne nut avcryiev
mon ?, af my cae w:s etnMiniption, antl ve
nA iImmil'IiI. hut v'Mi hat d.'lj-ed mc very ri; i ft
:ind in tvery w:i.y. Vonrlri nd,
Anna Aimiu.
IHsi.ti m, rhnmpain Countr. 111.,
AiitfuM -4, ISSj.
To tii p. Pit. i ir: 1 wt-h to (l:ite Ihnt in the siim
n)r nf 18i. 1 wac treated by Mih. Dr. Keck for
oiimi nipt ion Hiid wa cured r-onmt ami w ell. My
treat ntt-tit o-enpH-d alMit eiuhl mouth!. Since
m recovery have tu'coine very rtted and
flron, and 1 now enjoy trood liettlih.
KespectOlH, ANNA AlAIK.
Second Letter from an Iowa Lady.
Confirming a Itemarkahle liecovcry.
To the Pi:ni.ir: The heneflt? I received at the
h:tinU or Mi. Or. Kwk lasryear -till remaiuwitli
tne. And other permanent benelitn have alfo
heen adiied to them hy further following her ad
vie. I now eujoy tie iter health than 1 have known
in many ye:irn. There ir no return of the (rouble
from which J)r. Keck re ne tied me, and which were
ciiume'ated in my card of lad October. Nor i-i
there of Ihe tumor she removed in march, ISM.
1 um do in.' all my housework, ami on July 13ih 1
took up my carpet, crulled two floor, churn 1,
sroi lltree meaU with all other hotiwehold duties
:nul felt no rmd result. And most Itiankful to
kiiul Piovipence who Hat made Mrs. Keek His
powerful iiistriiiiu nt for ikhI. Respectftiilv.
Mr, C. E. Hakk. wife of A. J. liarr.
WehsterCity. la., July il, lMisS.
X Late Witness.
I have been treated hv Dr. Wrn. Keck and the
betieutH I l ave received from her advice and
treat ment are i underfill: 1 liatl snlftnd f rem ca
tarrh for over twenty years: it li d effected my
whole syMeni very hrtdly. I had polypus in my
nostrils so l could noi . oreaine t nr-muii tnv nose
ttiew she removed hy luediome not h:iinir per
formed any operation, lean now breathe freely
through my nose. My seti-e of smell if. now re
tiinniit'. winch left me twenty years ac; she hai
done more tou ard reiiio iiti my tOlitrrh ttinn ')
the physicians 1 ever hod; m lirain wa- diseased
and 1 hail been insum ; at independence as
I u in for eii-ht months, :id 1 feet sure would he
there no it il were not f..r lit.' Ivnctits I n-ceiv
d from her; I io not now time ihe atnma thai
have suffered w ith foi lour yeir. neither do I
s:ilTer Willi die nnseiy Mid pniti in my lef' Hide
andsph'en. M v kidne s were had.y di-e.te-t ;
vas bo:it d slid my lier waf anVeted : I eii;h.'il
:i L'leal ti-' I fi:t.! now tl o-e syui,loin have niotl
riir-appeiirt i : i en hi;-iily ci.mi.fnd tin- lady
a-a i h-inn. Wu.im W- l-cvu
ehd v l ily, M y J v: .
1'i.t E 'iss. Set; County lows, f
NovemtH-r ir. lvt:. f
For tin' lHiieiititf theptthiic I am willing u ni;ike
known an aeconul of m hum sickness. I suffer
ed for many jeurs from catarrh, also from the
most seere h- adaehes. di.ziness and ear IrouhVs
a ml al-o daily dulls, aid c.i'anh lexer and last
liiii cold sweats, and these same occurring every
nirhl so thai. I became so nervous J could not
sleep. I suffered from chronic, dxspepsia and
stomach complaint; n-y liver and kidneys were
disordered ; m Ini so weak that my bieaih was
shorl and painful, and my heart also greatly
troubled ine. I had no appetile and wa constant
ly snfferiHL' front liatuleiicv and from a bitter taste
in ihe mouth, and ll this'liine my hands and feet
were covered wde a cold sweat. When 1 placed
myself in your cate I had been for nine weeks
Ih d-ridilt u and for six mouth uu-ihle h jro to
town; and for two years loo weak to do any
;vork. I had employed a number of I lie hest phy
sicians, hut urew ton-lanllv Weaker. My f.uuer-'n-taw(Mr
clilichiinci r:illed on von on Deeem
ln r 1S-1, and ymi v isited me nt my home. You
asserted that yon could cure me if I followed our
directions; 1 did so, and in eiuhl weeks t was able
to call on yon in Davenport, and Vuii have visited
nie only once.
Ail ihe above named sysptom- haeeiitirely dis
appeared, and with joy ami platitude hi know 1
edu'e Iheiire-tl srood you havedoi-e me. 1 feel like
k new man. sirom: ami sound, am aide logout
ami work dailv. een in the col.je-t weather, and
for all this 1 am .ndebted to Mrs. lr Keck. Ker
your fiiend. John Hhuxssekht.
See the loetor. FREE OF CHARUE, at ber Mfdieal Inilnnary, Davenport.
N. B -
V'orthe relief and cure of vsi hption, Athma, Unfisi hitim. Hat
Kevkk. Catakkh, nnvrns Pkostuation. Ftc.. K c. Send stamf for
Medical b.Hik of over U0 panes on "HOME TRfcATMEMV' contiiui-
i,,glMJLs,K"u" Kens iurU.a Medidainl hr6a lutirniary,
AM nuH 4fiS RKuAllWAf. HrllLWACKE! W1S-
The msl eTteiistvti iiwiitutioM in the I nded suites for the treatment of
.nnnAliin riitiriorn We refer, hv permission, to a few oi
UnnUlliU UldCAorO- onrpainms: too I. ri. manager of
ii'ecks Mm. Aiitwaukee: Kev. K. D n id I. tt estern I mon, w is.; Mrs. -I.
.,-iF. Morse. Oshkosh. is.: tieo. It. Pratt. Meiia-ha, Wis. ; W . II Kill-. M
. Krooklield. Mo.: C. Mackenzie, t'hica-ro. Ill Mrs. S. K. hllsworih.
l1.lm n. Wis Mrs. Klizatnlh WihhI. Kvniisiile. Ind.
-Our tVt.KN is satelv sent anvwln re in the I'nited Mule-, onuda or Furope by ex
Plain, easy, complete direction with each t real an nt. niar-it-uwiy
A ileiee for keeping siinll .Hid transient ac
count-; the latent and herl: aneee-silv to eeV
hti-ine-s man; unexcelled for sirenirth, beauty
and eonvenieiii'e.
souie of the ativ ni(:n:"- In Im- denied from Ihe
use or (his Ledger are:
1 All Ihe onall act ount ire hv Ihemselves in
a i-iife pl.ire ami m-uleoiii nt bill form, with one lo
three w ritimj;- - ived .
For collt-etion the tiook tu t v hi' carried In
the w t.et . 1 1 Die bill i p ud it i lorn out ; if not
it is ready for '.lie in M time.
Land for sale on Six to Twknty Years lime.
M"" $250,000 00 TO LOAN in amount? to suit on Furm vmperly. ' to 7 per cent
ii. ai i-.Aiv
In the
riMitn furnierlv olvnnied a K
roiiferliiiiierv liv Frank Math. jivj. i
rTlte he-t ef Beer. Wine.. I.iqilir and ClLMrs eeiHlantlv on han.l
No. IK Twenlifth Street.
a(,.-.HU '
ed .
When parties .ill t.
the hdi ividv lf t
piy. in irh lime is
i- receipted.
The bediler I1
ne-s but cm hi
nv business miui win
tuactical ami time sa nr.
ford io pas- ltd
ih n-k. as tin
not imilfd lo -iny speei d hii-i
use ) io a. I ant lire in auy reiad
is ihe lookout for
inventions cannot af
without a trial, which involves
bill.- furui-hed are iiloue worth I he
lor the t urpo-es ol hill heads or Mfite-
County Rights for Sale.
All orders prom (illy rilled. Price of Ledger,
wiih l.tnu hill heads, neatly printed. f'l.Tw
AM orders lor the l edger, and nil reilests foi
tounl ne-hts, must he iuldnssed U
AKn-Ken li. KiK'k Island. HI.
The Bmn Hmzts
Are si'li-leivliiii:. thus r.-'iiiii mif Hie least jhis le
uiiii.unl ot ulii nli.'li: eaiivini; tire villi eerlaliity,
and sisiiniie rliYl imil-niiily "t lemierliire.
They iln lies mill t!ie eli. aiie-l cmitc omawi'liiat
mil fc ml M-rf.'iine.!inl Mil 1 ii' il. villnsit wi'it,sni 'ie
lir odi.r in fie leiii-e. ainl ensily iay fur llilin
vlyre hi winntf e"al 1'ilK M '" nraraMiV
Write to or call urn o .KVLW
(,en t Air'ts. Ki l.uKe ,sin-ct, Chicanu. 111.
jilly 6-dlm
Yeierinary Surgeon.
e ill altm.l to sll r:ll! fur mf sen il es. Best of
referent en siveii. f
AmntKss. 11K10N. ILIS.
l.l -!!
. imi
Confectionery !
No. 1109 Third Ave.,
WM. SEIUEL, Pnirieto.
pr"Bred dUvered any part of the city.
1 8 12 Second Avenue, Rock Island.
CifTilsemr, Kulmbacher and. the rlnest domestic Det
at anv hour. Telephone i:S.
on Urautrht. All kinds of Sandwiches m
JOHN VVE5TPA Prnnriftlnr
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars,
Island I il.
r Wl'
Wines, Liquors, Beer and cigars,
No. 1310 Third Avi nne. Hook Inland. Ill-
1 lilnijlace ban neua retlled tai refurnislicd and b now one of tne bcl Salonin! in the ciij.
Luncli every inorullil!. 'UIH'
TON( A is a product of the Tonpa or Friendly Am r.mvmeed. aftr trinitJt. that TooAi.rNie
in nitt-amNiH' nwintiii, ana also in Musciiur nlieu-
D13U: lu.- WALXKB tJOLEH, AI. U.t tit. IxmiS, Mu.
Hfo testd ToKUALrnr in newnl cuibm of Nwi
raigist. It riven me iwriw-t HJitmfiietiun.
C. B. OtiiHANDfcB, M. D., Fairliary. HI.
'tA. niMtt,rv KatsiiniAiiistm u it h Dm vorv hoot iHlt
Itslnnds. where it has lonir been ustd aa a vuf- Pt"iHi dcidBd nd marked curative pmitertH
U'lbluremeily by the naLive.
YA"Vff& a cimiuiid of Toncn with
SVWVVVWVt ot,i,er iutnvdieuia whose ir
Ktivc properties have btxu thonmphly tested.
v rfV 0 " w100 internally, and pn
VkAVvC duee no umdetiiiit etiw-tj
it contains no Opium or worphne j n. iak m. v . vwideroouk, in.
A. A. MEL LIER. Stole Prtuwt. wh 71 wuim;toV AVKNrK. HT rorna
W ell's Fire and Water Proof Paint and Wood
lflteiiairiiie and raintint; nt Old shingle Koofii a specialty.
lteiddenee eor. 5th Ave., and 20th St.
ans S-ilSin
No. IU''G .... . . . Moline Avenue,
On Saturday Evening, Sept. 19th, 1885.
t:T"A Grand Luuch will be spread.
ept H dly
GRUPE & MURRAY, Proprietors.
00 Brady Street, Davenport, Iowa, 20 years practice, makes all
private diseases a specialty, such as Stp7iil's, Gonorrhcea, Gleet,
Stricture, Impotency, Spermaiorrlia'a, all urinary troubles arid
mercurial ailections of the throat, skin and bones.
Cancers, Tumors, Piles, Catarrh and all chronic diseases treat
ed successfully. Consultation and correspondence free.
The Moline Wagon Comp'y
motj iixt jta.:iiiT3aro is
Below the C. K. I. & P. Depot, Moline Ave . Roek Island. III.
liufKirted and thunesiic B-er nd Wine. Fine Ulwor? nd Ciyira l - .yg on hud jim an-1y
Dr. E. F. FISH,
92 Wisconsin St.,
Oiven to Throat ftnd Lun rnrniilaiiit. Difase-i
jieottliar to Women. Private Diiseaw of
both Sexen: nil Skin l;isordera.
Hour-8 to 10 A. M., 2 to 3 P. M-,
7 to 8:30 P. M.
Correspondent please eacloee auunp,
mar l-ttwl
J.M. BcrOKU. (i. M, I.WSLII. i. K. IAHI8LK7
Bufnrd & Loosley Bros
Insurance Agents.
The old Fire mvA Time Trid eempwiiep Rf
Uatea h lo u en Reliable Compan can afford
Your Patron we i (Wiclwd.
: 0TOfflce in Aiku Block,
Munnfaeturer of all kinds of Hoi ers, I.anl jind Water Tanks. Heaters, Lard Coolers1, Smoke
aeks, hreertiiiiL', Iron Muitler Vnult hnors ami Umi Work for .lails. Parlieiilar attention tfiven li
pairing. Orders ly Mail or Telegraph uromptly Htteiuleil to. Teleplione No.
An?. Sl-tHHn 317 E. SECOND 8T-. neur Goveroment hridne, DAVEHPORT, IOWA.
jyAll letters promptly answered
Manufacturers of Farm, Spring and Freight Wagou.
A full and complete line of Platform and other SrKisu Waoonh, eKpeeiully tulapiei'
to the Western I rmle, of superior workmanship and ninslt.
tylllwirated Price Lied free on application, bee the Moline Wagon before purchasing others,
lnar lfi-ilwly
ttk- ' . -..7?
2ZCeW'7JsA& St.lUater 7 TYZf'
VIorthinrnmertLea "A . . kA
I7wv3wi o . a -l ti i nA) i s p
3grSKAHA8'c7St1f gjagja, JSt
Ct'-,-r-- . . . . '
Bv reason of lta central position and clone relntlon to nil principal linos Eatt end
West, at Initial and terminal points, conritittituu tho moet ImporUuit mlil-eonti-nont.il
link in that Bystem of tliroinrb tnumportutlon whleh invites and facili
tates travel and trnlno between citiea of tho Atlantic and Pacitlo Coasts. It
ts hIho the favorita und bent route to end from points Eaet, Northeast and
Boutheaat, and correnpondintf points W ent. Northwest and Southwest.
Tho Hook Island system includus in Its main line and branches, Chlcasro,
Joliet, Ottawa, La Salle, Peoria, Ueneseo, Moline and Rock Ifland, in Illinois;
Davenport, Muacatluo, Wasliinuton, Faiiiield, Cttiinva. Oskalocw, West
Liberty, Iowa City, Dos Mulnom Indianoln, WlnterSjt, Atlantic, Knozville,
Audubon, Harlan, Outlirie Centre and Council Blurts, in Iowa; Gallatin,
Trenton, Cameron and Kansas City, In Missouri; Leavenworth a? d Atcnison,
in Kansas; Albert Lea, Minneapolis and St. Paul, in Minnesota; Water-town In
Dakota, and hundreds of intermediate cities, towns, villages and citations.
Guarantees its patrons that sense of personal socurltv afforded bvnxnflrl
thoroutrnly bnllaMted road-bed: smooth tracks of continuous stoel rail: sub-
Btantinlly built culverts and bridires; rolllnir stock as near perfection as
uuuran skui cm mage it; tue saiety npp
and air-brakes: and that exacting discli
human skill ova make it; the safety appliances of patent buffers, platforms
exacting uiscipnne wnicn KOverna tne practical
iiior fisKXTiafciutxs uns rutiL irnnsiers ar.
i .... J. i.s. , niivA l . ii. u
operation of all its trains.
The Fast Express Trains between Chicago and the Missouri River are com-
all connecting points in Union Depots, and tLo unsurpassed comforts and
luxuries oi no rassenger Eiqiupment.
pnsed of well ventilated, finely upholstered Day Coaches. Magnificent Pullman
Palace Eleepera of the latest d"irn, and sumptuous Dining Cars, In which
elaborately cooked meals are leisurely eaten, "good DigoHtlon waiting oa
Appetite, and Health on both." Between Chicago and Kansas City and
Atchison, are also run the Celebrated Reclining Chair Cars.
Is the direct and favorite line between Chicago and Minneapolis and 8t. Paul,
where connections are made tn Union Depots for all points in the Territories ,
and British Provinces. Over this route, Past Express Trains are run to the
watering places, summer resorts, picturesque localities, and hunting and fish
ing grounds of low.i and Minnesota. It is also the most desirable route to the
ricn wheat fields and pastoral lands of Interior Dakota.
8ttU another D1UBCT LINE, via Seneca and Kankakee, has been opened
between Newport News, Richmond, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Lafayette and
', .1 in ... I 111, I."... . . n I '! . .. .......... .. .1 . n , . ' , 1 . 1 . . 1 : . . . .
by addressing
Prtlident tnd G.neral Manager, CMctgo,
G.mraJ Tick it and Fautnatr gnt, Chicaj 1

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