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Km day. November 5, 1885.
Home of the tragedies of real life in the
metropolis are stranger than any fliction.
More than a generation ago a man, whf
whp known asa banker in Louisville, Ky ,
mm l ied a beautiful woman of Umt city,
l.y whom he hail iu a few years six of ilie
most beautiful d.iuhtera. Me was indul
gent to them in a degree which was the
marvel or lue cly in which he lived; he
lirouht litem in comparative ignor
ance, llnmth nil were unusally bright.
One tiny during luc war he was suddenly
compelled to k . vu Louisville and fly t
Canadn. Th. n it came out that he had
robbed a L'niM 3utei paymaster, named
Cook, of $HI5,0'0 at cards, and his wife
learned for the first time that his business
of bunking involved simply the keeping
of afiiro bank. Site concealed this 1 m t
from her children and fled to New York
with them to hide in that great metropo
lis. She succeeded. She reared these
girls in an exemplary way, notwithstand
ing Rite wiik compelled to receive from her
dishonored husband the fruits of his
swindling at cards. She bore it for
years until she had married oil nil of her
six daughter; then she refused further
aid from her husband. All this tune the
children remained in ignorance of their
father's character and business and were
proud of him. Suddenly, a few years
ago, ho died, and the New York papers
told the true story of his criminal life,
and the daughters learned what their
father had been. One died from the
Bhock. Three others withdrew themsel
ves from all aecpiaintanee with old
friend. One, whose husband was eiH
ly fond and proud of her refused to let
her hid.; her head in secrecy and pine a
wuy. The other, her father's favorite,
and who had more than her share of
family pride, and who had not i litre
tjie iiily twitted her handsome husband
with the luet that he was "in trade,"
while her father was a banker, in the first
ahuck of the relation of the real charac
ter of her father abandoned her home,
turned to dissipation in drink to some ex
tent and to gambling desperately, and
finally, in the course of onlv two yeais of
shame, lias descended to the low level of
the mistress of a faro banker.
B ill Boom Manners.
Ureal changes have taken place in the
last decade, and nowhere is it more
noticeable than in the ball room. Hall
room eliipielle has undergone a complete
evolution. No young lady now when
lo-ked to dance nys, "You make me look
cxeruciiitiiigly happy" as formerly m
"you do me proud." Thesu expressions
arc scarcely ever heard now; instead, she
nays, simply and naturally, "You hot
your booth I'll waltz with you," "Ureal
Scott! I'm so sorry, but I'm engaged to
that old duller, Simms," or "that young
fool Junks," as Hie case may he.
On the other hand, no gentleman apt
preaches a lady as if he waB shying up to
u balky mule, saying: "Angelic being,
may I have the extreme felicity of gliding
through this waltz with your" or: "Do
not, I l eg of you, render me inconsolable
or plunge me. into the depths of despair
by refusing me this dance." He now
waves all hih Mown, hyperbolical terms,
and says in an easy, oil -hand negligent
manner, ami eyeing her condescendingly,
as if ho was taking an inventory of her
charms: "Ifullo! Miss Klopp, shall we
skip out among the dancers?" or, luim
uiilly: "What do you say to a prance
around the room? Feel equal to the ex
ertion, eh .
A man uve. 50, although he inuy uK
ways have been au inveterate wU,er and
may still be a pretty fair partner, is never
theless apt to be n little still in the joints.
Such a mnn should choose the youngest
and uimbhst lady in the room for a part
ner. The ball room is essentially the place
for n dancing man, whose intellect has
dropped into bis heels, to shine.
Formerly a lady who was led out by a
man who proved to know as much about
dancing us a Hottentot does about run
ning u steam engine, was expected to take
all the onus of the failure upon herself
for fear of wounding his amour prtipre,
and say "I'm a wretched dancer, and if
you'll excuise me, I think I'd better sit
down.'' Now. i- she is so unfortunate as
to have a parser a man whom she
Hods, ulter a few turns around the room,
is doing most of his dancing on her feet,
ignoring the floor altogether, she stops
instantly, exclaiming in a loud tone, as
she muUes for her chaperone. "What
ure you trying to do vault over the
orchestra or climb a lire escape?" This
instantly reverts all attention to him and
pievcuts him from victimizing any other
young lady.
Young ladies who object to having one
arm held out and woiked up and dow n
like a pump handle by their partner dun
ing the waltz, stop short, in the middle of
the floor and In gin singing "The Old
Oaken Uuckel' suggestively. Men who
have left callow youth far behind them,
and nre whirling round with bread and
butter loveliness fresh from the school
room, try to come down to the level of
their partners ins lend of dazing political
economy and ethical culture as formerly,
resurrect their college learning and ad
dress them something in this style: "Have
you the new umbrella of your old cousin's
grandfather?" T which they, as a rule
respond: "No sir. I have the old umbrella
of my new aunt."'
"Uood! can you tell me what monarch
Inst his slippers in Mount -Klim? or what
did Mercury sled from Apollo?"
All this is not only harmless hut in
si motive, and indeed it is the only style
of conversation which is entirely good
form in a hall room, between a man who
is on the shaky side of time and a young
Y oung men of twenty or so, fresh from
Yale or Harvard, are apt to confound
their partners, and it must he confessed
dazzle them at the same time, by asking
them if they do not thing It surprising
that astronomers have not made greater
progress, seeing that the children of re
mote nges were familiar with it, whether
she doe not thing Juvenal surpassed
Voltaire in the keenness of bis satires?
She may reply that she likes juvenile bet
ter than adult satire. Omn Orimt.
"Who did you say is to he the next
Presideut ?'
"Oh! I don't know and don't care. I'm
not looking for the President I'm hunt
ing for a pain killer." 4 'Ah, you've only
to ask at the next cornor for Salvation
Oil, it kills pain every time."
There are about 42,OOO,t0O cattle on
farms in thie country and 10.0OO. O00 on
ranches and ranges. The increase has
been more than three fold in the last ten
Constipation. Oyspepsta and Indiges
tion cund by using Suedd's Little Man
drake Pills. For sale by Hartz and
THE NEWS V.t fcftlEe.
PifU Vl.y, V'., was a Insy place fiur
twn yii.ra j r. La t wetjk the but family
mo v.j I away.
A Montana bachelor, worth $75,000, give
put.lic nuticd tbat b will noon come east on
tins Uu nt of a wife, -
The Linton Cutlery work at Canton,
Ohio, were dft-trojed by lire Ve-lneiay
night IIS.UUO; jnsuranco, $7,000.
A rni plarei switch derailed a train near
IM.miiv-t.r, Most., Wednesday, an em
pl'tye biitij fatally hurt Heveril paweo
dcr wove vhhtly injured.
Sir W ill ifiai il irt J)yke, Thief becretnry
for Ireland, in a poech Tuesday said the
Conservative! were deter mined to avoid
coercing Ireland if p suble.
A woman fn Louisville dropp&j a handful
ot nickels into a itreet-car cash-box last
week, iu the belief that it was a receptacle
tor roi'wionary contributions.
Two Chinese at Omiha have sued a paper
-r that city for damage . They claim
fl.tkX) ai compensation fi j the chargn that
t.-pro-y exi-itei iu their laundry.
A natural gas company, covering several
counLio- in 1'ennitylvania, with a capital of
ibout tft.twu.ouu, is being forrmvl. it pro
poses to pipe the pas to other state.
The fishing selioonor Oai-y Bjiraikor, of
Now London, dun., has been given up for
lo.i. KLo carrie 1 a crew of eight, several
if wln.m were citiscin of New London.
Thomas Jamn f Gairuville, Fla., is the
father of fifty-four children, thirty-three of
them Htill living at urmia with him. He had
three wive, all living at the same time.
The Union National bank, with a capital
-lock of 000, wan mfutizjj Wedtifn-
lay at It rhnioud, lad. Mr. Jesse Cates
ih president, and Mr. John K. J ones,
The continuation of tho New York Cen
tral and Wi'st Hiior.i railroads was ratified
ty tho st cijuoMera of tho former company
it a Facial meeting at Albany, N. Y.,
Hit ia is ex;rcimng a rigorous pres cen-H-rsiitp,
and lelerapli facilities are prac
tically dcnii'd to correspondent-. In Ht,
IVtersburg wnr with Austria i regarded as
certain, and bul gar m in all probability will
bo the scene of op'rutioic.
Ex-Sean tor Charle K. H'uart and wife
cute bra h I their gol leu vpJJm anniver
sary at Kalmn.-iBo.', Tttesd.iy ev-jninu. Mr.
Stuart wm n proijiinjiiL gtipportur of
Stephen A. Doulu-i. atnl w u the last Ddin
oeratic senut -r lrom Michigan.
Tiio I'hiuoBa wore expelled from Tacoma,
W. T., Tuesday evi iiin, but no violence
wuh offered. t'ijin-s- st'U'ek'epers wore
izivan alditioit:d fiimo in which to pack thoir
duls, A nunilmr of the rotugHJS are
canip'd til LuUo View, nine mile-i hOiHb ul
Dean Swift was fond of a joke. The
person atllicted with dyspepsia is unable
to appreciate tho most luscious juke. If
he would iust invest a dollar iu a bottle
of Mishler's Herb Hitters his laugh
would soon be heard among the merriest.
Charles Forrey, of Davenport, iowa,
writes: "For nearly two years I was the
victim of dyspepsia of the most pronoun
ced form. My appetite was .oneand no
mutter what I ate, the meal would always
be followed by nausea. I am pleased to
inform you that Mislilcr's Herb Hitters
very ipiiekly restored me to health."
Uerien, Norvviy, has a new strert con
slructed out of Ihu proceeds of litpior
licenses. It hears the it aim; of Dnnn
mensuel, whieb means tlroyway,
Nervous p bintaieil Meu.
Vhii are allowed it free tiitd of thirt,,
tiitt,s of the use of Dr. Dye's Celebrated
Voltaic Hell, with Electric Suspensory
Appliances, for ihe speedy relief ami per
manent cure of Nervous Debility, loss of
Vitality and Manhood, and all kindred
troubles. Also, for many other diseases.
Complete restoration to health, vior und
manhood puuranteed. No risk is incurred.
Illustrated pamphlet, vith full informa
tion, terms, etc., mailed free by address
iny Voltaic licit Co., Marshall. Mich.
deod & W.
A serious of experimerts lately carried
out upon fishing vessels in Ihe North
Sea, with a view to lightiuing them by
eleetriety, proved very satisfactory.
Southern Antidote for Malaria.
It is generally known that Simmons
Ltvcr Itegulator.'purely vegetable, is re,
lied upon to secure immunity from all
malarial disorders. That this medicine
does this is proven by its popularity, nd
any any one who has lived iu the south
has even its curative eljacts and the pro1
tection it gives against the return of this
weakening and dangerous malady. It
acta more promptly than calomel or quin
ine, without any of the injurious conse
quence following their use.
A marriage ceremony was lately per
formed on au iceberg in the A rtie Ocean,
the contracting parties being a German
clergyman and au Knglish uirl.
To all who arc suffering from the errors
attd indiscretions of youth, nervous weak
ness, early decay, loss of manhood, iScc,
I will send a recipe that will cure you,
FKEE OF OIIAKUE. Tbia great remedy
was discovered by a missionary in South
America. Hend a self addressed envelope
to the Kkv. Johki'h T. Inman, Station D
New York Citv.
Of the ltKJ.000 acres of. vineyard in
California only one tenth is planted with
the raisin varieties of grapes.
To restore sense of taste, smell or hear
ing use Ely's Cream Balm. It cures all
cases of catarrh, hay fever, colds In the
head, headache and deafness. It is doins:
wonderful work. Do not fail to procure
a bottle, as in it lies the relief you seek.
It is easily applied with the finger.
Price 50 cents at druggists. 00 cents by
mail. ElyHros., Owego. N. Y.
Gold bearing (piurU has been discoveis
cd in Hampshire County, West Virginia,
and tpuite n number of people are flock
ing to the "diggiu's."
Young and middle aged men suffering
from nervous debility, premature old age,
loss of memory, and kindred symptoms,
should send 10 cents in stamps for large
illustrated treatise suggesting sure means
of cure. World's Dispensary Medical
Association, Baffalo, N. Y.
An Altoon man. has invented a ma
chine with which he cau cut 100 heads of
cabbage for sauerkraut in one minute.
I persuaded J. W. Waltz, who has
been aullertng w-nh rheumatism tor live
months, to try Alhlophoros. One bottle
did him so much good that he is now on
his fifth bottle and is almost well. Geo.
G. Plleger, Fort Wayne, Indiana.
A Philadelphia oyetermau says thai the
bivalves should be throughly washed be
fore being eaten.
A slight cold frequently leads to con
sumption. A few of Dr. X. Stone's
Bronchial Wafers prevent it. Conven
ient to carry. 25 cents.
A package ul ulous lied up iu a monkey
skin was recently received by a St. Louis
drug firm.
How to prevent consumption! use
Liltie Giant Cough cure. Only 35 cents
a bottle. For sale bv Hartz. A: Hahnscn.
The streets of SalHbury, N. C, arc
being macadamized with gold quarts
worth $15 a loo.
For early loss of physical power. A
sure cure is fouud is Hunt's K'-medy.
Never fails.
Poultices of tar applied to the soles of
the feet is the latest remedy for rheumatism.
The Went Shore Kail way Ileal lttnonriwg
of a Couple of Territories GtCitt iiaa
Bell tun Meridian' Ueolltc-tiun-4
Industrial Item
Alhasy, N. Y., Not. 6. At tha me j ting
of New Y. rk Central stock uoMnr.f We.lnea
Jay to ratify tha absorption of tta West
Hhun railn.ail, Mr. L Marshall, a ymtng
New York lawyer, creib.Hl a ltltln stir by
sayimr: "On Ik-half of the 33 tdiarut id
Central stock which I represent, I ak if It
In the intention to con timid to ujfjrata the
West Hhure road."
Mr. Dopew aid it wa. "Then 1 offer a
protest UKiut tho proposal leiwrt,1 ro
turunl tho you n lawyer. II i proctfeJoJ to
argue tleit tho leaso wjw agftht-t publie
policy and tti..irefrn voi l. and that it
would depreciate the value of Central se
curities. "Uive me a list of tha stnckhul-isr you
represent," 'nervously exclaimed Cyrus W.
Kic-M; 'I will buy up ovary share of it at
the present market value." Mr. Kiehl
drew an old leather curl-ease out of his
trouvers pocket. "Hero's my rar.t," ho siid,
poking a pie or pa-UjtniarJ with his name
upon it under Lawyer Alarahnll'scont-hloevo,
"I'll give uii a cheek at .nee for every dol
lar of at.'ck you represent."
A balhit wa tukeu, ami over ftJO.OIW.OOO of
fitrick van voted iu favor of the Irwe.
Maritbair.4 a.J Imre w ro the iuly shares
againtt it His protest promptly
tabled, and the great railro:id deal was
practically cuusuinmats.l. Ctrueliun Van
ilerbilt itftio wnrd ai l Mr. M:iiMifl.U- Ktatt1-nieiit-i
ware ridieuh-us, as Central otnek ha l
been going up ever since tbo morning of the
roaai had boo.i taike i or.
Also In Cuttle, Ih Ariz nm Vo, tUo l!inl
WakiunhTon Citv, Nuv. 0. Oovonior
Tuttle, of Ariz m A, in his nioiual reorL,
suyn the developiut-nt of the mineral re
Hource of Aria ua doin untruth that the
territory affords tlm crni le't minora! Held
in the country. He etiumtes the uu'.put of
th1 ndnes for tie' year erijed, 10". ill. 18S4,
at about W,5'Hi,ui)0 silver, and toiiO.aw gold
bullion, about i;;i,T'jJ,UDO . re'i and base bull
ion, and f!J,7ui.ili)0 worth o' copper. Tho
yield of the pnis.mt year will equal that of
18N4. Cattle rnldug iu the teri-itury Is as
Kuniiii au iutpirtatioe . second only to min
ing. He think Mmro aru MM.UOO himil of
cattle m the territory now. tie recomimmu
au appropriation for the t-htkiug oi' arts-
ian wells, with a view to reclamation
of srild lanK Th) p mutation of Ari.ona
is placed ut 8l),iJt)J, and tho value of as
sessed proiwrty at 3.,uou,uuu
The govarnor in touching on the Tb lian
ijuodtloa re'ers to the "nietldlesoine cranks
and eastern t-eu ti men tu list who still behove
iu the mythical noble re I men of Oo.ipei's
novels. " The accepted conclusion now, he
ays. is that the Indium of the
far west, ure oillutr diseased,
iilthy, uon-produeing vatahonds or
cruel, treaoliornns boast of prey in human
form. He recommends the removal of the
troublesome Apaches from the Sun Carlo
reservation to tiie In nan tori'itory or some
other suitable place, or el-e the norrowin
of their present reservation, diKtirmin
them and p:aL'in them iiiiIlt military sur
KurnUlilnjc the t'nt vurse with l;n from
1'lTTSBUKO, l'a., N, v. 0. A pluut h:lS just
been conipl'tel nt McK,u-p'jrt by Hen
jamln Lth, of this ei:y, an 1 Col.
William McC-irtliy, of Maryland, for
the purpj-o of can verting natural
gae into illuminating gusaml fortlio making
of "water ga-." The productive enpauity
of thy plant i Vi.ODJ fet of gas per day. It.
has bean con -.truate 1 to fully d'ononstrate
the practicability of what i knowo as tlie
McCarthy piueess, nod early next week it
will be ('Km j j nod by several expert
who are to bo brought on
here by a hyudicate of capital
ista of New York, FailadLdphia ami liall.i
more, in tho ovdiit of their boiug satlsli-id
with its workings a perniainmL orgaui.a
tiou for the ITniti.d Kt.aUw will be formed.
It is the intention, if possible, to pipe the
gas to Mow York ami other cities.
McCleliiin's lien I1 net long To He Printed.
Nkw Youk, Nov. tt. It was recently said
that though Gen. MeClellau'n personal rec
ollections were burneit, ho had sticcaeded iu
reproducing most of them; that they would
be published soju, ana they wouta occasiou
com men t uuual to ttiat caused by the pub
lication of Mr. Ddpew's letter on the Graut-
Johnson matter. G-en. Kitz John Porter
said hi relation to tho book : "The persona)
recollections of lion. MeClellan wore nearly
all buruod; but lie did sucooed in reproduc
ing them, und, had be lived, ho would have
rewritten the whole book. The p.unra anl
records were all saveti, and only a few wuokH
ago ho was engaged on a description ot
the Peninsular campaign. A to the book
creating a stir, I can not say. but it will be
dilterent from the Grant-Johnson contro
versy. Mr. Depew's statements were not
proven. In lien. MeClellan' case every
statement is conclusively proven, ina pub
li cation of the bok is necessary to Uen.
McClellan't reputation, and furthermore, It
will set right many errors in history and do
away with many misapprehensions.
Malls and the Nailery
jPnTKiiUHO, Nov. 0. Tiie tight between
the unilors and manufacturers is UHsumitij
a lively pliane, aud important and decisive
action is anticipitte.i very soon, liierei
no indication of a weakening on tho part of
the nailers, who maiutatu that thoir posi
tion is hourly becoming stronger on ac
count of the depleted stock an 1 increased
demand. Purchasers are becoming very
impatient at the delay in having their or
defti ti led, and threaten a mrmanent m
moval of their orders. Xic 1'residnnl
btevetis, of the Nailers1 association, loavos
the city on a very important mission next
Monday. His destination Is known to but
few of the emit, who refuse to divulge it.
Tho trip is regnrded with significance by
ttia lockud out nun. Ihe price of nads ha
gone up to and tlioy ure very scarce
in the market.
Alaska a Garden of Krien.
Washington Citv. Nov. 0 tiovern..i
Swiueford, of Alaska, iu his annuel rep .rt
to the secretary oi tha interior nuntions tin1
establishmsut of several schools now in mic-
oessful operation there, and urgos increa o 1
appropriations to extend the school
system of tho territory. The gov
ernor criticisos harshly those agunu
of the govoi iuiient, who heretofore have
misrupre fit tod Aia-kaas a country where
the weather isn inclement as to prochids
the cultivation of er.p or the keeping of
domestic nuimul . No whore, hu say v hi hii
borne truvitls, fr-mi lake bu pur lor to tbs
Uutf of Mex:co, has he euen a moiu
luxuriant vegetation than m the south
eastern Alaska. Tbe hardier votat 1m
an grow to muturit. and to ounrmc-a mz9.
and the cattle or sleek an l in the be 4 pos
sible conlitlon. The dfpoit of tie gold
mines on Douglai ilaud ere repr -sonU-d as
pheuomcnal, an i the miae promise to litu j
more largely in the mining hutery of t. e
woriu tuau auy other on record.
Buf liens pHral yr.ed In Gttlveston.
tiAi.VESTON, Tex., Nov. tl The strike in
auguratei by the K insula of K ibor con
tinues, arid, as far as known. n, ttep toward
arbitration or a wttleinenc of the dUlii u!ty
has been taken by either Kile. Nt freight
ha arrived here, and tl-e Mi.-nuri Pacifiu
clHcial have iustruetod th;ret u itry ngus
to reoeivo no rotton fur KUiptu 'tit to ihi
city. Ten foreign stemuerr pirnady loaded
are lying idle iu the bay. Humors are cur
rent to tUo viTci't that Mm ex
ecutive committer of th Knights t f
Lftb.r will ordr a peroral strike
all over the stale, flood order prevails
though tlie streeti aw er .wUi with sirik
er. The ezacu tve cmmitt-'.? have de
tailed 200 Knijhti of J-iauur to ai l th po
lice in keeping th peace. Hjveniccu hun
dred men are idle and the printer are
roundly denounced by the KuigUti because
they will not ouit work.
FerseeaUns; Oerinan-Americans.
Wahujnutoh City, Nov. A Iufor
mation has raace.1 here that the
Austrian Hoverument, in imitation
of the government of north Germany,
has issued a decrpe relative to
tier man-American residenU in that country
who have not performed military service.
The decree threatens the pen alt b of the
law to German-A rueric.M who have re
turned to Au tria, if their conduct Is
not satisfactory. Our stats depart
inent has received neither otticial nor un
official advices as to this decree. There ia
no naturalization treaty itweeu the United
tSUtes and Austria, and German-Americans
will be practically at the mercy of the
Austrian government
Htftiiie-ptn ChdhI CuiamUtloo.
CniCAOo, Nov. 6. The Hennepin canal
com mis ion met at the Grand Pacific Thurs
day morning. It was decided to change
the name from the M ich igan aud
Misbiftdppi Canal Commis-iion' to
the "Lake Michigan and Missis
sippi River Canal Commission." A
committee with Murry Nelson ai chairman
was appointed to wait ujon the Mis issippi
and Missouri Valley Trudj a-ttociatiou aud
a k the presence of that body at the session.
Cougrehitman Murphy say the prospect for
the cannl are brigiit; that tha president is
favorably dispose I, and Gen, Newton, chief
of engineers, think-i it the mor.t important
work now before the coitfitry.
Warned to Let Ah Hia Alune.
Oi-VsiiiA, W. T., Nov. 0 Tue mob has
lixjd upm the (iih iust. lor the expulsion of
the Chinese Iroui H.atUe, and Governor
(Squire has issued a proclamation warning
alt persons iu the territory against
I tart ici put ing iu any riot or inciting
a riot; calling upon the sheriffs aud
other officers churguJ by law with the duty
of keeping the peace to secure all Chinese
residents from as ault, and asking all good
citizens to aaht them iu eo doing. The
governor concluiet with au appeal to all
citizens to preserve the good namj of the
territory and suppress iw'l lawiesneis, and
so avid the iiitorftfrdiice oJ United Mtate
Hprlug-er Kp mks lor Vlueoiit.
Washinotun .t-iTV, N 'v. 0. It is under
stated that Cont e sumn H.r inger, of Illinois,
will present a written statement to the
pro i lout, in which be will deny
emphatically that he owns a dollar's
worth of property in New Mexico
und that his sou was ever appointed to
othVe by ex-Judge Vincent. He will say
trial, ex-Judge Vincent's father was hii fam
ily physician; that he knew young Vin
cent aw bright, honorable fellow, who, aftr
bdnj; admitted to the bar, went to New
Mexicoto practice law, and that he believes
Vincent1 conduct in New Mexico was per
fectly upright.
Taxation of Insurance Companies.
Chicago, Nov. ti. At the. session of the
state revenue cotnmisdoo in this city Thurs
day, after an exhaustive review of the his
tory of iusurance legislation in the state,
Mr. BissaU declared that in justice and
tipiity the lusurance companies should be
"taxed on net receipt 4 only, by which we
mean tnat in any given year, from tha
gros premiums received in the slate we
i-hi mid be permitted to deduct the lose-
paid during the fame period, and the tax,
if any, should than be levied upon the re
mainder. Mr. Ulsseii supported bis view
with an imposing array of figures.
Dividend hi Broken Banks.
Washington Citv. Nov. tt. The comp
troller of the currency has declared divi
dend in favor of tlie creditor of insolvent
national banks as follows: The Richmond
National bank, of Richmond, Ind., a third
dividont of 0 per oant., making In all 3:t per
cent. ; the Hot Hprlugs National bank, of
Hot Hpriugs, Ark., a third dividend of 3u
per cent., making iu all 70 per rent, and
t'ie Marine Natioual bank, of the city of
New York, a fifth dividend of o per cent.,
making in all 40 per cent
Tronic In Uiseased Hogi.
Hhhingpikld, UU, Nov. 0. At the moot
ing of the Illinois live stock commission,
Wednesday, resolutions were passed stating
that there is traffic carried on in thin otute
in carcasses of hog- t.iat have died of hog
cholera, and warning the guilty par tie i to
cease the shanuful businosi.
Canadian I'aclBe Froflts.
Ottawa, Out, Nov. 6. The Canadian
Pud lie railroad reports a net profit of 3,
H!,Ol)0 for the nine months ending Hopt ao,
au increase of SS0 per cent over the enrre
upending period of 18S4. This showing is
the result of operating its eastern division.
Fly-Wheel on the Fly.
Philadelphia, Nov. rt. About 10:30
Thursday morning, tha lare fly wheel in
the Times finishing works, Hamuol La tic
Hon!' proprietors, on St, John street below
Girurd avenue, bunted. Portions of the
rim passed through the room of an adjoin
ing house, in which a woman and her three
children were floated. All escapid injury
except the baby, which bad its head cut,
and was otherwise injured. Another por
of the wheel entered the building of the
Midnight Yern company, 1150 German
town uvenue, but nobotly was injured by
the falling missile. The engino-room of
the Tinns Finishing company, is a com
plete wrock
I'rlzes at the National Horse Show.
Nkw York, Nov. . At the natioual
horse show Wednesday, in the com
petition between mat che J pairs of
mares or geldings 4 year. oil and
over, the first priz i was awarded
to Breeder James Trowbridge, of El Paso,
ills., aud the second prize to Breeder James
Turner, of Grlnuell, Ills. Horses-of-alU
work First prize was won by Chris Hos
wurth, of Cleveland, Ohio, with the brown
gelding Prince.
Soldiers Mar Vote (a Knjciand.
London, Nov. tt. Tho courts have de
cided to allow soldiers occupying separate
rooms to Vote at the coin ina elections.
The Sttv brook. Ills.. Murder.
Hloomimiton, UU, tfitv. 0. Wednesday
moruiug Ur. Harvey U Harris the alleged
iiHirdeier of I)r. G. W. barton at Hiy
brock, was indicted by a special grand jury
for manslaughter. His bail was lined
Thi.r-day by Judge Reve. The hulict
ment U a a Inprise to almost everybody, a
the shooting was regarded as a ouol and d
LbtMMte niurdur.
niortellty Itt Bftontreal.
MnNTKKAL. Nov. 0. The statement of
mortality for the five weeks ending Oct 31
Rhnw.-t l,;t0l douths in this city from email
pox. Of those who died, 1,21 were French
Canadian'. Forty-Hve caett of smalt-pox
were verified We Inesduy. There are at
present receiving relief from the city l,Uol
lersou There are .V7 J cases of small-pox
among thee persons.
Th Hellen ?fjrstery.
BAhton, Masa, Nov. 0. A. L. Mellen,
of Baltimore, whose name has been so un
pleasantly associated with that of Mr
Cool id je of this city, htA employed able
counsel iu Boston, who will tight the case.
He declares there is nothing' iu the case.
His sou's wife is bow living at her father-in
law's hotel.
lrooraaCI nation and needier.
Nkw York, Nov. Heury Wierd
Heechr had his valuable gold wntch stoien
by a pick pocket as he was entering an
elevated railway car Toes lay. Hi went 1o
pdit he i.1 quarters an t gave such a god
description of the wjtcu (hat lui ector
Hyriies tniukii it cunoertainiy be recovered
All Sorts of
hurts and many sorts of ails of
man and beast need a cooling
lotion. Mustang l iniment.
Take alt the Kidney and Liver
Take all the Blood purifiers,
Take All the Hiieumalic reinedkp,
Take all tbo Dyspepsia rnd Indigestion
cures, '
Take all the Ague, Fever, And bilious
spec i tics.
Take all the Brain and Nerve force
Take all the Great health restorers.
In short, tako all the beat qualities of
an incse ana me beet
Qualities of ail tho best medicines in
the world, and you will find that Hop
Hitters have the beat curative quali
ties ane powers of all concentrated in
And that they will cure when any or
all of theae, singly or combined. Fail I !
1 1
A through trial will give posilive
proor oi mis.
Hardened Livsr.
Five years ago I broke down with kid"
uey and liver complaint and rhcumutism.
Hince then I have been unable to be
about at all. My liver became hard like
wood; my limbs were polled up aud fil
led with water.
All the best physicians agreed that
nothing conld euro me. 1 resolved to try
Hop Bitters; I have used Beven bottles;
the hardness bus gone from my liver, the
swelling from my limbs, und it has work
ed a miracle in my case; otherwise X
would have been now in my grave
J. W". Mohky, Buffalo, Oct. 1, 1881.
'T was rirHKeed down with debt, poverty snd
ttniUTiiiic for yuan, cttuseu uy a bick i amy uuu
liiri.- hlllH ffir doiitoriiiif .
1 wan coiiiph-ti'ly (Nbcoii raged, until one yt-nr
aj"o, by tlie udvice of my pax! or. 1 commenced
lining Hop UltterH, and in one month we with all
well, und iiuiiu of uu have wen a wick (Uy itx i3,
anil I want to Mtiv to all i'xor men, you cim ket-p
your ratMhtis wen a yrar won iioi. muermtirieM
limn one diulor'i vinit will cost. I know it."
Prosecute the Swindlers.
If wlif n vnit I'jtll fnr Hon Hitler (see arfen elut
ttrof Hop on the white table) tbe drii(;tflit hHiidn
out any ntuflcalkd C. 11. Wamer'a (ierniau Uop
Bitters or with other "Hop" name, refine It and
alum that dnitHt art you "would a viper, and if lu
ll an taken your money for the Bluff indict him for
tne rrauu ana tue nini rer uu; uumaK"" mr mr
Hwindle und we will reward you liberally for tlie
Bee U. 8. Court injunction Kaint C. P. War
ner, Itt'Hilinji, iMli ltltruil, aim an in tmit'tmieii.
ayeutc, tiruKuiHtn, anu oilier ituituuim.
A short distance from St. Paul is a
point where the observer can look into
tive countries. A town has been lately
started there, which it ia expected will
some day rival tit. Paul and Minne
apolis. A Walking Skeleton.
Hr. E. Springer, of Mecuanicsbur";,
Ha., writes: "I was afllicted with lung
fever and ahsccss on lungs, and reduced
to a wtdkiiK! Skeleton. Got a free trial
bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, which did me ao much
inod tbat I bought a dollar bottle After
using three bottles, round myself once
more a man, completely restored to
health, with a hearty appetite, and a gum
in flesh of 48 lbs." Call at Hurt. &
Buhnscn's drug store and get a free trial
bottle of this certain cure for nil Lung
Diseases. Large buttles $100.
A New Jersey farmer, having no faith
in banks, went to the field to plow with
3,500 iu his poeket. The money drop
ped out and ho plowed it under. It
took him two days to lind it.
I had a sevcro attack of catarrh over a
year ago, and became so deaf I could not
hear common conversation. I suf
fered terribly from roaring in
my head. I procured a bottle
of Elv's Cream Hulra, and in
three weeks could hear as well as I ever
could, and now I can cheerfully say to all
who are afllicted with the worst of dis
eases, catarrh and deafness, take one
bottle of Ely's Cream Balm and be cured.
It Is worth $1,000 per bottle to auy man,
women or child suffering from catarrh.
A. E. Newman, Grayling, Campbell Co.,
Steps are being taken in Ireland to
prevent any further decline of cattle in
terest In that country. One of the plans
proposed is to establish a dead meat Irude
with England.
Mr.T. W. Atkins, Girurd, Kan., writes:
I never hesitate to recommend your
Electric Bitters to my customers, they
give cntiitt satisfucliou and are rapid
sellers." Electric Hitlers are the purest
and bent mediciuc known and will posi
lively cure Kidney and Liver complaints
fnrity the mood and regulate t no ooweis
No family can afford to be without them
They will save hundreds of dollars in
doctors bills ever? year.
Sold at fifty cents a boltkv by Hurlz &
The Sabbath is held in such great re
apect at Thurso, Scotland, thatthecero.es
tery is not allowed to ho opened on that
day. Even burial is considered a dese
cration. Bucklen's Arnica Salvo.
The greatest medical wonder of the world
Warranted to speedily cure burns, bruises,
cuts, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, can
cers, piles, chilhlaius, corns, tetter, chap
ped hands, andall skin eruptions, guaran
teed to cure in every instance, or money
refunded. 25 cents per box For sale by
II art Z Uahnneu
Miss EuimaThurshy uses und recom
mends Dr. X. Stone's Bronchial Wafer's.
Pleasant to take. Give tone lo the voice.
25 cents. Druggists.
Hum's Itemed y is purely vegetable, and
is made expressly for all diseases of the
1805 Second Avenue,
Has juat received bis
Fall Woolens,
-consisting of
The beat to he fouud In Ihe Market,
comprising all the
Novelties of the Seasou
And prices Ihe lowest fur first
class work.
('urn without Medicine.
Patented Oct. 1. lf-Ttt.
One box will cure the
mot! obstinate case in
four day or lvna.
No nawaouw ? of ciibuhM. rnDaibn or nil of
!Hiid!voot that are pertain lo proaure d v wi,ia
Sold hr alt drugtrlfits or mailed on receipt
oi prire. ror rartner pantciiars teuu
Tor circular; r u box l-vn
i John street, New 1 orfc.
nvdyr BS John street,
Absolutely Pure.
'I'M puwdfi- ni'ver vrii. A iniirvcl of purity,
ftrciiylh mid wlicilvftr.tiU'iii-HH ; morn i-'Coliniiiit'iH
Oiitn Uu iriii!iry kimin, and cunriDt bi etilil in
compflitiiMi wilh tlit? iiiultiluiU' of lv Ifft, aimrt
wt-ilit ul urn or (ilin-plidif inmiU'rii. AViil only in
atnn, KoyaI. Bakinu I'mvm it t'o., HHi Wall St.,
Nuw York
Diseases are IVcv.iienl all over the World
I am fl iiiilivi- of Knt-'liiuil, and while I win In
that cuiifit i y I contracted it terrible hlimil p.iihim,
nnrl f(ir two year.- wan niiilor treiilmctit t nn uiit
door pttlii'iii a NoitinL'Iuim Hospital, Kiihiiul,
hut wuh nol ( iii'ctl. I HiitTereil the ntont iiy.iniititf
ptiiiiH tu my litMKi-, niul Miifcovnietl with wirt'c nil
over my hotly iiu-1 ImiiIm. 1 It ml vitIIo anil deaf
nnHi". with niirliJil Ioh nf Kiirlil. hvi-rr puiiw hi my
head anil , i le . which m-uriy run nit cniy.
I IimI nil li'opi- in Umt lounliy. und hulli'd for
AmeriiH, und w nt tivtitud itt lttnr-c'i It in thin
Oily, tlf Wi II Hr- hy H ic 1 1 1 1 m i 1 1 1 plivficiHii In New
York Imvinu no i-.nnifciimi w ild nit? ho-piinlf.
i Jiw the Hdvci liHi'iHi tit tif Swifl'x S pet-die. and
I determined lo ;ivi it it trinl aw h lill rci-iirt. I
hiiil given ii l nil hope ff hfiii.y cuied, n I h:td
tfunp throtiL'uthtt hinidHof Iho ht't inrriin.nl men
In Notliimhtnn :iml New York, I took ix botlleH
of H, 8. S, nini I cim :t? with irrefit joy titnt they
have cured me enlirelv. 1 inn a found und well
uu 1 ever wtitt in niy life.
New York city, .Itine 11 !i, ;s"iS.
In the life, ii ml lie If wh'e w l)
inemhcrf it ; hut
uitetl hlouit plai
In March itt year ( 1S-.1i, I euiitt
Kiiii.iind heiiiLT in Savaimtilt.
nt the time, 1
went into tin hospital there fo) I
rrrtimetit ; 1 Hit IT
iii ul the us in e
r the treatment
ered vertr niiich from rlieiimulif
Mine; I diil not eel Well tunic
there, nor wan I eurecl hv Hny of
I have now teken seven holllert i
nml inn Hound und well; it drov
through hoilw on ihekin.
Jersey Cily, N. ,1 , Aiitf. T, ltW
Ihe uiial nieiiiiH :
f Hwlft'w Hpecilir
' the poioil out
lAN I. K A HV.
Twoynirn tiio I enntrictetl blood piiinnu; nfler
tiiljin' prcseiiiitioiiFi fnnii the he id ph viic;iii
here und at Dallas, 1 eotielinled tovihit Mot Sprint;
und on reucliiin; Texnikmia a doctor recominctnl
ed me to trv Swift's Sperille. iipsiuinK inn lliul it
would betie.it me inon.' tlt.in lht Sirimrn. Al
hud produced 1:1 efil lmli'e in mv hnek and che!.
and Dud removed all the hail utT n.v hi ad. ! 1
bewail lo hintiove in a week's time, and Ihe sure
hctrnii to heal, un 1 were (-nllrelv t-'ime jnlde of
eilll weekH. WILL .IU.MKN.
Purler I'nloii l'tits. Depot,
rbi-n, Texas, .I'llv 13, ISS5,
Trent lue on Blood and Skin lise'Hen m.'iihil fie
TlIK SiUlT M'KCiHi'Co., IM.iVli i "I. AU.du
Uu., No. Km V,'4;ld St.. N, V
" 1 nrho all ever!" What a common, ex
prevsrori; and how much it tTieaqs to rrianu
i poor sufferer ! Those aches h,ave a
:r,ULG, and r.ore frequently than isgenr
;rii.j tiufpeeted, tfie cause is th.e Liver or
Iv'dneijti. No disoare is mote pamful or
.-'r;ous thaq th.ose, aqd no rerriody is so
iT.initJt an,d effective ns
!o reioodij l.i-i yet been, disrovcrel
fi so ofloi-tive ir all KIDNEY AND
t-h"., nqd not it is 6'mple end rarm,
1 iicicqr jijd nied'cal skill have
i..oii-bined Wif.Ii uorjderful Lucros trjosn
IjCH br, whicl .'i ."it ore I ft '3 piovidod for tlie
i nre of d.oiie. It Etrength,ens aqd in
v goratc. tc who'c surtGin.
Hon, Thuddf uu Ptevoiin. tin dif-tiiipnlnlipfl Con
Kn SKinni), iinc- wruto U' u fellow inember who v;tB
Miitld'imf tmii indiirehtiuii and kidney disewi;
" Try MtHlile, b Her It Hilteiv, 1 IM-Iievti It will euro
you. I haw jMd ii for both ft.diKetliuti audat!tv
ttoti of tlie kidiieyn, and it Ih tlie dkihI wonderful
con. 1. iiitt.ui of inedicinul lu rlw 1 ever saw."
&yf Commerce St., Philadelphia.
Farkcr's PJeas.mt Worm Synjii Never Taili
Unprecedented Sihtcss! 410 Pa I it' tits
now under Trcutnunt! 6l Turned
uwny It 3' him. Pronounced
English Specialist,
Cor. FifTii ani Brady Sts.,
Al the request of tiis many patient", hnn arrsiiir-
ed to proline inn Mtav until in vo.
AlM'hroidr ami iJnnijf NUndlnK IMneaft-B m.e
re in-fully t rested.
yon art- doing wll under lb rare of your
nw ii phyfieisn, do not rrlllon me, n our jimv noc
if to treat thn-te who rannot find relief nlherwifa.
CtiNMt'l-TATION rl(KK. ffle hour from
V a. m., to li m; 1 to 5. and tiro n p. m.
(Pi r y CCC CAUSE! und CURE, hy.one
UtnT HbWW who wh dt-Kf leiiiy-eil.l
yean ; treated by ffltml of Ut uoted special tvts
or the dav with no w-iieflt. fund hitmtf(J' ia
three, months, Bnd ince ttien hmnlrfdl of others
by nme pmcem; a plain, xirople and enoreifful
home treatment: add race T. S. PaUJ:. Uiit
ttfUi at.. New York tit?. epl SS-dlm
I ?$a I
tt "
Second Letter from an Illinois Lady,
SEYMttCK, ClimnpiiiK'u Co., Ill , Jiim 1tS.
I waul the public to know how I have Improved under the tiettnietit
and by the ml vice oi Mrs. Dr. Keek. To the surpise of friends nml
ucighhorB I am up and doing a part of my house work, after so niHiiy
years of inability lodo anything and to much t-utlViino. bo up nil
day wilhout lying down to rest ven; those terrihle had feeliims have
nearly all left me; I am fleshier tiittn ever in my life before, Imve a tftod
apitelitf , and feel hh though lilt in worth the living; I um not tnuhled
any more wilh (hat fold clammy sweat and huve uo moic loni;, tdYcp
le88 nicbts, but can no to sleep us soon as 1 let ire, ami sleep well nil
night. 1 took the Irian at Seymour ami went to Champaign to see Dr.
Keck, ft short time ntjo, returning hoitiu the same nay, itnil wulked
from the depot an eighth of a mile lo nur house; this was a i; re tit
thing for one who hail for years been pronounced hopelessly ineiirul)e,
Mrs. Keek bein- the only one who pivo me hope. P ople whom
have not seen during tin- years tlmt 1 was iutined lo my bed now state
at me aa they weuld one from thedeml. 1 eamesily advise the allliete.i
topnto Mrs. Keck, aud by following her advise implieitly, a 1 have
done, they will, without doubt, he greatly tveuefitlcd.
Kespcetfully, Mus. Wm. Anukkwis.
Corner Sixth and Brady Sts., DA V EN POUT, IO.
Consultations and Examinations Kre,o -Chronic, Diseases Specialties, I'ntaiih,
- Deafness, Throat and Luug Troubles, Diseases of the I.ivct and
Kidneys and nil Pemalo Complatiils.
Tlie Doctor's Heutaikahle Success warrants the most skeptical in uppl.vini; 'tor in for
formation, whlrh will he (dieert'nlly iven ; in Ihe tri al men! of m arly --'.it hi pal irntf' in tin' pat
j nur, on i reionl kIioh a treal er M'i i eiit:iue of heiielil- I hnn I he l'iiin, mnuher iu dei
uiij other system of tiled k ijio. ifenu-mlier tin- fa t.
The Pciuianetiev of Her Cures are Proved by the li.iltiwtu Letters, and many
Similar Kellers could be (liven, did Spu e Permit;
Head Two Letters Fmni One Lady.
I'KKtiTl m, C'liiimptiitrn Cotintv. Ill , l
Aumift 17, jVsj. f
Dear Mrs, Pr. Keck : 1 1 living been tmir montlis
under yovr treatment unit licin very tuiii h im
proved, 1 will tell the public iihotit my rape. I
'h very weak and thin Inllesn, Was obliged to
lie down through the day. and eotild fcitn-i-ly walk
about the homtti ; my Iiiiih were very weak, ami
pained n e a ood dent, mid for a year mid a half
1 hud couched ami rained a ool ileal of matu-r.
I had no apietil anil a weak rtoinaeli Willi bloal
1 1 1 ir and intu li pain In my bo-k und tleniiiiri'ineiit
oi boivel. 1 am now niiich Ktroner. have pain
etl over thirteen pounds inllet-h, ran walk ti mile
ami a hall easily w il limit fa I iue, und feel well in
every way; iiiy"coiij.di lias left ini and I have no
pain at all in my limn lan k ur imyw here ; 1 have
a (food appetite and iIIk i-lioti. and eoiir-ider my
improvement very preat iimler your treainient ;
my former dueior said 1 could live but a w-ry few
niuiiM s, hs my case wan cotiuiuiil ion, and so we
all tbonybt. but vnn have helped mc very rapidly
and in every way. oiir friui d,
Anna Auaiu.
I'ksothm, ('hiunpiiit;n t'oiintv. 11 ,, l
AuKU"t 1. ISW5. f
To the Prune: 1 w i'h lo male that in the sum
iner of lsSU. 1 w;is Healed by Mi. Dr. Keek for
(.oiisiiinptimi and w:i cured mmiiiiI ami weil. My
treatment occupied alum I eibt inuultis. Sim t
niy recovery I have becuine ery lugged and
tronjj, und 1 now enjoy oml heolt h
Kcspet'ifiilly, Ansa Adah:.
Second Letter from tin Iowa Lady.
t'onllrniiny u Ueliwukable hect.Miy.
To tiir PuBi.fe : The benefit? 1 received nt the
hands id Kirs, lit. Keek lasr year still remain witli
me. And other permanent hciictlls have ai-o
been added to lliem by fnrllier fullinvltif; tier ad
vice.. I now enjoy beiler health Iban 1 have known
in many yoar. There 1 no ret um of the hvutde
from which Ur. Keck rescued tne. and which were
ennme-ated in my card of 1in-t October. Nor ii
there of the tumor die rciimvcd in March, ls.l.
I tun doiiin all m v lionvework, and on July i:nh I
took tip niy carpel, -rnit.hcd two lluurH. ehnrn- il.
U'"t three uichIp wilh all oilier hoiivehold dnticx
mid felt no had result. And most tliuikfii! In
kind Pto ipeiiee who has made Mr.-. Kim k
powet fill insti iiii i nl for L'oml. Ui -pec (fully,
Mr. ('. K. II.MOl, wife of A. .!. IJarr.
Wehater City, la., -Inly -Jl. isti:.
the Doctor. VHKK OF t HA Htil). at hi-r Meiiit-nl Itillrnmrv. liivpnpnrt.
ewing Machine Room
Third. Ave., and Twentieth St., ltuek island, 111.
First Cass
Of various kinds uhwitx on hand. II will pay .V" b call anil cc ti-i. Payment
livery Muchine. ThonniL! lily Warnoilcd.
We Repair all Kinds of Machines,
Keep Oil. Needles and Mipplit-s for all kirn's of M.-n li ines. in fact have a (mucimI f'i in;; Machine
mid Supply Home. We ay a;;aiii,
f'F'ft will pay you lo come und see- tis.
Best Quality Egiind Orate,
Hange, Nut', and NoJ,
All the Best Quality,
Extra Cilrtnyt1 on lilt oriU r ll.i;n a Kjii.
Now is
feome and aft' lis.
Martin, Woods & Co.,
117 East Second Street, - Da vhncoiit, Ia.
Wholesale Fruits, Nuts, Etc.
' roininhA!on and atoniec. a.'i-iJh r..r it... r .t..ir..t,.,i
II. P. Stani.ky'8 Sons "first quality" Alirhigan and N. Y. Ajiples.
npecmi HLiviiiion kihii 10 i;ur j.uau oniera.
Attend Salen
al modei ft le charged, or
Receive Consignments
ami ntkv iirompt rrlurti..
modA annul ROOK 1RLAKII ILL.
To John Biley. No 4. Kant 28th Htnet. New
York City, New York:
Hy order of the City Cmniril of (hi- pity of Ho-k
lflHiid. you are hereby notified Ui till Unt three ti
four i4t, Ave (M. nix (fit, vvin (7) and elyht (81
hi hlork forty three (), In Ihe 'IiU:mko or Lower
Addition to the city of Hock Island, to b line drawn
from a -mint on the Mititli fide of catd block tw
f(-et helow Hip grade ftahliclipd for Sixtli nvenne
opposite said block, to a line 011 tlie north fide of
Kit it) block lliri'fi feet foe'ow the urnde ef laliliehed
for Klfilmveniie opifit caid block, within tn
iiot dnn from lliis dle. '
fit ten Hi tt notice ii coniidied with, within tbe
the time t(-cifled. trt will bi tHkeu Ut fill tho
same at your ewne. '
Iatdat Kock Island, Hl., thif Sltlurfnj of Oc
tober. A. 1SH.-,, S
LOl ls V. ECKHAHT, City Manhal.
1885. SICLER'S
P. P. P. P'S
Popular Pullman Palace Parties.
Crand Excursions
Will fTilcro. St. Paul and i. I.ot.1.
fi.r m Aagele., San PraoplM andllonib
ltjHS. For nanlcul.r. .ddnw.
M. C ISLI1B, Msumer 61 Clark Sk CUcas)
A Lute Witness.
1 havo been treated hy Dr. Mrs. Keck aud Ihtt
henelli!- 1 lave recidwd from Iter inn ice mid
treatment are 'underfill; 1 had HitTcicd fn in ca
tan h for (oer twenty yeaif; it Ii d effected niy
whole bjleiu ery badly. 1 had poh pu in my
no.-trils mi l could not breathe tbroiii mv nose;
these kIio 'removed by niediidne noi htnlntr per
tormed tiny operation, Ivan now bpeiu he freely
lliroiitfh my noso. My senne of utile II Is now re
liiriiliu', which left me twenty years apt; tdie ban
done more tow tit d remo in mv MHarrh than it
the phyMciamt I ever hod; my brain was diseased
and I had been insane; was at independence ady
tum for eU'ht imaitb. and I feel sure I would b
there now if il were not for the hem lit 1 lecei
ed from her; I do not now have the athma that
hate Milleied with for four years ; neither do 1
snit'cr w itli the misery snd pain in mv left Hide
aud spleen. Al y kidneys weie badly dieiiHeil; 1
was bloated und my live r war n Heeled ; I contieu
a ureal de l and now those sympionm hae mostly
disappeared; 1 can highly iveoionieud lliis lady
us a phjsii ian. William W. 1 i nk.
We hater cilv. -May ;!ll, 1SS',
ili.t'i; (Jiias
tt Cotintv Iowa, t
November ii, lvi:i. j
For the benelllor the public 1 am w ilhm; to make
know ii an aiToiini of my loin; sieknesri. milter
eil for many yearn fnuti eae-irli. iiIhii from il.u
iuor-1 sew-re h adaclaf . ilixiueH and ear tnuili't-H
and alno daily clnllrt, ai d ca arrb tev. r aud liisl
inu' e.dd swe its. und lhe-e same occinriiitf e-ry
ni-jlil so lhat 1 became hi i.ervoii: could not
slee. 1 Buttered fnm clin.nic dsiepsin and
slonuich comilaiut; w v b er and kidneys were
disordered; my Im so weak that mv hiealh was
.-linn and p.iiiiriil. and iny heart nl-o n-Htly
I run hied inc. I had i appchle mid w as constant
ly siilliriiiL1 from il.iiiil. n y and I coin a hitler taste
in the moiitli. ainl i lhi time my hnuiK and feet
were covered wile a cold sweat. When I placed
myself in ymir cate 1 had been for uineweeka
hed-riddeti and for six mnlh' unahle to o to
town; and for two ye:ti too weak lo di any
.v ot k. I had cm), loved a Lumber on lie tu t phj -s'lciaiM
. bill j'rew cnusliimlv wenker My fat net
. n law i Mr. .si hbcliihii called on you on' Kecein
her '-.Ii. IM-t, and or isil. d tne at mv home. You
a--ciled Ilia) yon ci.ulil cure me if 1 hdluwcd your
ilireciions; I did s.. and m eiuht week- I wuh able
t.. e .ll on vnn in i;u, upon, and y.-u haie isiled
me onl once
All Ihe ;,b,ve ii imed sy-plni,)' hae entirely di
appeaied. and uilh iv and er ilitude ) at knowl
edge Ihet'ieal L'ond ..u h tvedolie lue. feel like
a new loan, stiniif: and -mutd. ant able to uo out
and wotk diiilv, evi'ii oi tiie Kdilit wn.Hier. anil
fur all (his mu hulehl. d to Mr-. 1 r. Keck. Kver
your ftieitd. .Ikiin 1okn ki:icht.
$7.?" ier ion.
8,00 '
Si'i eeiuil aiul iklix ci ei!.
(mli ic t.-il.eli f..i Ihirtl :iik1 s..fl W ooii.
o. o. Ti:t;KsiuhK,
At I' . i:vtreis Co.' - f Ullci
the time to .serine haigains. We
have marked our Summer Goody down
1o i i t-t in order lo clear ourselves
before Fall Hoods come in.
1 704 Second Avenue.
Teleplioiiu 11
Hayes & Cleaveland,
Insurance Agents
Fire, Life k Aoeidect Inanranco.
OKKII'K .-IlKNunrnn B1.01H.
Ail I.O-H tf iToninlly Adinxtfd ttd J'alda una
catiiK'tit ui itjMin.H li l'rr.
'iiVi 1 1 u v t ' v 1 1 1 ' 1 n:Tien.i.' rt'i"ha
, !.,"- In 1 I -llirttUI f r ma
palur tiirtyrm-wi-BH, fy ui-
.1- No
-ni.'l l.i
fri c.
r-iilit l iwrnnn. (Iiirlln
in juiMi' i li.a Kit II li.-ifil niCuNHMlltNC l'kt-4-.hin-
11 il t'ldim III ' 11- W tiwit riurh cn.ir- nn it- tm-ritS
in ,i t.i,Li.t ii.iM. 1 tit: f IVIAI.K Kr.ttMli:a nva
M KtlNW, tn.ltllAi V ami UVVA V . tllNt L
j'HON H"i . in.-c) I- KKK. Hutuatla.ni u Jio.in.
!;)l'ta: r AflFCY. no. 170 Fulton Straet. NewYork
A f..trifr prrsi ri ilinii of nnc of the most
InM-rwi'' '.tiiMvuii k en.di-.ts 111 thr lT. S.
iw rt-.;rrdl r tlf c.irr nf Sicrvani Itetollltv,
MMiihi4. Wioknew und leiiy. Sent
It pl..tn wli'"- I'n o. JJcugiosK can till it
Address Dr? WARD A CO., Louisiana, Mo.
I Nb.iiUMl.!ry. Ii.Ji.,..t.ir t-ro--. I -kit.
i lUVU.tAL tO.. tf.t &Mi . .

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