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Train Ltave for Vklatm.
. 7;4am
.. 8;IOam
.Hi: IS a m
,. i:lijm
10 :-! p m
. fvrifta m
. ft :45 a m
. 8:511 a in
. 4.4npm
. ti :!it p m
. 7 :"1 p in
LaSalV Passenger..
Arrive from VhifKjO.
I.nsnlk' T'asseuke
,.- h'lV't't fit if.
i ?" Leave,
Thv KxjnKi ami Mail m K:tfia m
Nielli Eapre-n and Mail (i::Fi p m p m
$ Iny Express 5:-?Ram
. Kx (' Ka( 7:05pm
N KxjTt-M :&2pm 10:55 a m
f. Council IKHff.
Pav Kxprem und M:iil 5 : .'5 4 in
Ails til io I'.iMH'iiuitr fv.r.5 a ih
, Ni:ht Exprcnh h :3r p m
(.-.til p m
7:;i5 a nt
WWon ria Wt'tttin-?.
J The Fin- Fly S p m ia:l
quit, Moline Avtiiti .
I. V. COK, AwnMtfir.h Island.
:S.' a
T .11 a
1.1! "Hi
. N'l I'
, W.Viifi Ki'n'-.". ...
"Mf1in 1'a." n.j.T. ...
' .,' .arl : .v-rniti.i I ili'i
sax l-oni. K.tHt. Kx
Denver K in. t'Hv li
3:. HI i.
7 ::ts p .
!1 O.i i.
.S II. I
ITSTKK, Asian.
J:ilU UiO, iHLVY.U klllS 4 ST.
.."tvi'! ... . -i:i:, am Arrm
f " ii.:S. m
f Ki. v.-.,in. -J im . in
Fl .V:C'im !r-.n a m
''H i- iiii'iroit:i'iam
E I), .f . II"
1 0:3 1 p ra
. . . . ti.it.l a m
!:;v ID
tv.lo p ra
'.t:"5 p m
Depot Twentieth -I reel,
-.' . (-".I'i: i . r tt'mrB ro thh kht and wbt)
(i 111 V. V
: 4C I' '1
' Kr.
i iti'-i..
.Tit. . .
Wan. ...
4oci i n
?:10 a
4 : r.
I. H. S (VJ A.
li'M'KWri.l., Aijrllt.
It A. LI j W AY,
Tr tiii-. .-iv( K .
a. in. W'ny ) ritrht.
J tr " F.ft Kvprcr-t.
l,tt p m :ifi-l K
? Tliroiich Km ; -lit
V ' - Tr;iint nrrivf W
. in. Tlirutt rh rrt-iu'tii
I.V p. m. l til :i'i-l i-.i'ii -
" VW " Fl-t K;.r '.
- " W iy l-'r-i-f-
: Thv Pa-t Krrn;-.-., ( - i-iti
! m. arrivi1- .'t l'f.ri;i !:.':'
ttlft p. in.. :lf I )"'(" ttui 4 l;
o. m., Mt-t'i ;..M p. in . -i
"A Nl.tml
I . t Sin".
lit "1.1
-l"' p. tn . an;)
k imv. M.tUij'.'
"tlf I all p lint-
Mr r'!tllort('Hi ti
(i. t'l p. III.. .11
. frr"- M.uit,' ll.V. p. I!!
- Htlti'l-'l.
Ttli- 1. H p. in. trs-fi
Wv.i will r. it .v :
(ti!'lnit :it 4.-f- p. hi .
Keokuk. W.i 1 p. m , -ti"
l Arnvi'i : at -in .
Joan "' I'Mi with i'i (.
tor I'i !i iTijufi-. -"I"
-Win f"r t Ii" i- l-"! mi i
. iTi'M' ti m i
atoaa-i i w -i- tr . i , v
, 'I mi: :
' I.':
iki.i; ,1,m,
'. IV W.
tlii re with all l.i
NNK'TMNS. .ni l
li. I
l"ti'l Tki. Aill.
1 I' ion Itvive- ,. .'ory ,1 1
, The"! VI p
ttwpt ni.l i
v : .v Till-:
and QT. PAUL
. ' own- 'iit l ')f"fif'-'- ri- irly Vf" ntli- of ihur
jfhlv cuiiip. 'l r i.ci in llliii'Ji-, Wi' onJ!ii. Iuw,i
-,14ftn,ie'"t a'i',1 f iiiti.
tt ttv .S)i rt Li. if? itni U st ti u Ik-
tw'ffi all priui ipil point in (lie X-tUi-w'st
mid Fr West.
For m uh
fr- i hi etc
- Of rll-r Cliir i
. to amy r t'lr
M'Ti-f ti'ilt'-t. ritt
apply ro tti-r nii
. I'.ltll K:(itHuy or
in Id.- (ri'(t(
SttU'1 ti,- t'jiin l i.
'ft. MH,I,K!;.
r.A--i ' -n'l Huii.-
. is.
Jen. Pa--, ft Tkt Ay.
f.Ki. If. IIIiAFFOIiD.
t AVI On. Pa".. Am
IfSIS. WlsrilM-!!.
IWrnr ri ti.-. in rr-r'Tt-ncc to Spcchit Excir
9km, iiui-i of i:iiM. an totip'r it.-ms nf intT'-!
fneornicrrioti wirh thf 'fii-aLti, Mtlwunkee si.
rani Kulvty, pirate r.-f-r to tlit lutal col'imnfid
: IhteuaptT
The Line selected by the U. Cov
to carry the Fast Mai.
Th Only Thiouy
""'h its own 1mcl, biwocn
St'"' t-V vviy of Omnha, Pcil( Junction, fttrhLon q,
n njai v,irjr. it triors" all of Iho rx (jtwat btatM,
. With bmnch lm.i to th.n important citt.t and towns.
H tun .v.,y ilay m tn,.- yeai Itom on. to thin elegantly
q-uppeij thiouh tn,n. ..1 ,t, own tiacka between
Chicago and Denver,
" Chicago end Omaha,
s Chicago and Council Bluffs,
. Chloago end St. Joseph,
Chin.. Chicago and Atchison.
; Chicane. -
fWia and Counci?01"1 c,t
Peoria and Kansas ci?;
I Peoria and St. Loui
nd St. Louis
j oi. louis and Omaha
i . St. Louis and St. Pau,
l uouls rnd Rock Island.
iSt. Louis and Chicago,
h Kansas City and Denver.
I Kansas City and St. Paul.
Unsas City and Omaha,
Kansas City and t jrllngton.
at earn ol it liinction DOInta
'"UKti Tiaim
to anj tiom point, located on it)
, eich of it. E.it.,
and Wnalem termini H
w, n uno-.a Union Dsn,
wiill,.i.l, ih. Ii .-.. r " ""'"3" na.nato
in. firncpa, L,. -"da.
W i-rancisci), Portland and City of Mexico
' Mr.. Rat.. G.n...l I.I """""
d btatea or Canada, or addfen ' " ,h
r,y b. stonf
M t Oen'l Maoaf -r.
uon i raa. gont
m'"r ' all oll.eV. "" ""'dim, and
.r.'enn,a, ro ' I h1-I""n,pt euro f ,
t" imtii com., '"S P only In
a.." , ""W '"Ml and I.i,n-n ...A
V, ' "MKIStVillT'vt . "J"'- PKICK
tt,nii)fiiTln sou
. Ufll lllllir.. Every-
Man and Beast.
Mustang Liniment is older than
most men, and used more and
more every year.
Vie formula by which Mishler't Herb
Bitters is compounded is oner two hun
ired years old, and of German' origin.
The entire range of proprietary medicines
nnnot produce a preparation that en
PUS so high a reputation in the community
where it is made as
it is the best remedy for Kidney and
I.ii-er Complaints, Dyspepsia,
Cramp in the Stomach, Indiges
tion, Malaria, Periodical Com
plaints, etc. As a Blood Purifier,
it has no equal. It tones the system,
.'rentithening, invigorating and giving
"in life.
Tti.' 1 itp .Ttirtiro ni"3'fi. rt Tjinrartcr Co., Pa., ta
il.:-1 Jurist ti,l au honored ottneij. once wrote:
" Miili'i-V Herb Blttpm to very widely known,
nnd has aeqnim) a sreat reputation for mwll
.'inril an.1 riirati-e properties. I haven! myaelf
r-tnl in my family ivveral bottlen. anil 1 am aatia.
n. il that the reputation to not unmetited.n
525 Commerce 8t.
Ur'i Pl.Wnt Worm $-iimTn)M
Is- Life
Worth Living?
That depends upon the
Liver, for if the Liver is
inactive the whole sys
tem is out of order the
breath is bad. digestion
poor, head dull or aching,
energy and hopefnluess
gone, the spirits are de
pressed, a heavy weight
exists after eating, with
general despondency and
the blues. The Liver is
the housekeeper of the
health; and a harmless,
simple remedy that acts
like Nature, does not
constipate afterwards or
requite constant taking,
does not interfere with
business or pleasure dur
ing its use, makes Sim
mons Liver Regulator a
medical perfection.
I h tve to-tetl it virtue personally, and know
thai for l)y-pepi. BillioiiMiesii and ThrobbinK
lleadit he., it is the best meilk'tne the world ever
e.iw. Hive tried forty other remedies be-fore
olniln'iiis l.iver emulator, and none of them gave
more than temporary relief, but the Regulator
n.'t only relieve! but cured.
II. ti. JoNKa, Macon, Ga.
-sweet cum-
tup fwl enm, n paihrrfti from (roo of the
fanie imnic. nn.wlna hIotih ihit Pmnll utrcunifiln the
Smithr-nt Sttiti-f. contHlnf. a tXImiilfltlnff pxpi-rto-
IHfM'Jtrly ni'-rnltm routili, tt(! RtlmultiLnfi thti mi.1
t" thr"W off I bo fnlnt nitmhrno iti .
ivliiMipiriL-Hniili. WlM'n rotiihlncrt with the hem
Iul iiiHfHiitfiiiniis rrlnctplo In thr mullotn plnnt
nf tho old Itt'ldK. prcwntu In Tavlok h HEKokkb
Known rcmniv inrt (.111111. 1 roup, wiutnpinu-afih
nnl on-iinnitlciM , ntvl m plHtHhlf. nnj chllrt 18
"'TlrW-M IO I.-IKI' flMK TMIir II r!W(lr( IOT IV fTtCtJ,
BTr.andS. IVttllur A. Taylor. Atlu.ata.CHl.
mm oinn
1 1
Almost asalatabieas Milk.
Th only preparation of COD MTFR on o,
n Ihj lken reiily Md lolerMed (or
lij drUralt Btomarhn.
sjm.ti;s ji FKt-ri(s. Asm-nii. Evh.
TIDNS, .nil all Uivriv,, i
IjUnKljJI It I. marrel ooa In It. "
8. T. WATK.NS,
ISucccaor to WATKINS V HILL.)
Dealer in
Dry and Green Wood.
Will al.o .ttend to BmhiS of ill .inds
Office t yurds. corner nf out. . .. ..
veoae. Telenhon. Nn Tew . "ST' "on?
r?a fi III ft lai
A Visit to an Indian Camp-Fire The I'e
. cnllarittea of Indian Oratory Narrative
of a Day's Experience Cnarma of a
Oiler a Voire.
Ten years ago the writer spent a year fa
the peninsula of southern Florida. In the
iruiccrwible wilds of the great everglade, re
gion there were then existing two distinot
tribes of the (rreat Seminole nation of south
ern Indians,
The laiycst tribe was rVminole propor, and
lived in what is known all over the state as
"The Big Cypress-" a dark swamp strefching
across the peninsula near the northern end of
the everglacke. There Were then several
hundred of the warriors of that tribe. The
rmaller tribe, consisting of some forty or fifty
warriors, staid on a reservation near the head
of Pease creek and the Little Outhlacoochee
river. The chief of that tribe was Chipco.
One night I had an opportunity of making
Chipco's acquaintance at the little trading
post where lived a man named Collins, who
acted as government agent We were out at
the little store in the dusk of the evening,
when suddenly two strapping warriors come
striding up to the door, and each threw down
his pack of skins, which he had brought along
to barter for goods. Both grunted out their
salutations in broken English, and seated
themselves on s log near the store, which
was located near the public road, in tho edge
nf a little clearing surrounded by the tiound
leas forest stretching away for miles and
miles on every hand.
While watching the two savages as they sat
in silence around their camp fire, I whs a lit
tle startled by a deep-voiced "Howdce" at mr
elbow, and turning 1 beheld a tall, muscular
man, of commanding appearance, with a
rather stern countenance and indescribable air
of a man accustomed to command. It was
Chipco. The other two rose at the approach
of their chief and saluted him respectfully,
saving as few words as possible, and making
themselves understood by gestures.
Chipco threw down a long buckskin hag
and began to empty it. What was my sur
prise to see that the bag contained gophers!
There were ten or a dozen of the rough look
ing oM tortoises in the sack, and it must have
weighed between 10!) and 10 pounds.
The old chief spoke a few words to Collins
and myself, and then invited as to sake a seat
by the camp Are. We did so, and then, at a
sign from the chief, tho younger of the two
warriors, who, as Collins told me, was young
Tigertail, a son of the noted chief of that
name, arose and began to relate the day's ex
perience in the Heminole language. Collins
iiiterpreted portions of it in whispers, ami I
found that it was quite commonplace, but I
can never forget the impression it made upon
me, delivered in the manner peculiar to the
The warrior stood up, straightening himself
to his full height, and with arms folded and
head erect, he began to detail the occurrences
of the day. The moonlight fell on his hand
some features, bringing out every detail of
the striking profile, which would have made
a study for a painter.
In a low, subdued voice he began. First be
told of the early start he made, and, by ges
turps, indicated that the sun was just rising
As he proceeded his voice rose with the sur,
and from time to time he raised his brawny
arm and pointed to the quarter of the heavens
where the sun was at the time the incident
occurred which he was then detailing. I was
lost in amazed wonder and aitmtration, but
this was only a prelude. His auditors showed
their attentiveness by occasional grunts, but
not a word was uttered until he had com
pleted his tale. At the close he sat down, and
the others mildly applauded him by favorable
comments oh his speech.
Then the other warrior, who was called
Tustenugge, and who was the rightful chief
of one of toe petty clans of the Big Cypress
tribe, began in thesamejuanner and repeated
his adventure, which v,Tre similar to the first
because they had traveled toeether. Collins
afterward toM me that this vouner man had
been defrauded of his cmeftainship by a po
litical rival, ana Baa lew tbe tribe and at
tached himself to ChipcCs band.
tux cadknccb or ittoian oratory.
n hen he had concluded, the chief himself
arose. I can see him now as he stood there
the moonlight, bis manly form clad in a semi
savage dress, and his head poised as proudly
as any knight of old, and the fierce flashiiu? of
his eye as he gazed at tbe distant lake for an
instant, the silvery moonlight adding to the
wejrdness of the scene. He was then about
30 years of age, and the firm mouth, hurh
bred nostril and magnificent physique of the
man inspired respect in those who came in
contact with bun.
By the low. soft voice In which he beean
understood that he started at tbe first blush
of dawn, fifty miles away, near the shores of
the great Ukeecbobee. His intonation was
clear, his enunciation pert ect,and the rythmic
meioay or nls voice reminded me of the dis
tant sound of a finely toned organ. Klowly
ne ascenaen tne scale, and I could tell pre
cisely when the sun rose, by the inexpressible
waie ot gianness in which his language was
piH-nea. nurner and hurber grew bis voice.
and the rare chords and cadences could have
made the fortune of the more cultured
brother, could he have poietessed the power to
imitse mem.
He told us how be struck a lone dry level
and how thirsty he became, and how he
searcoed tn vain for a pool or rivulet of water
and how he grew fatigued, and the game bag
grew so heavy that he bent beneath Ha
weight. How the great drops of prespiration
gathered on his brow, and at last with a ma
jestic sweep be pointed directly upward, and
at the same time burst into that glad tone
again, which indicated that he succeeded In
finding water. His voice was now pitched in
its nignest Iter, yet there was no harshness
discord In the tones, to jar upon the intensely
mgn strung nerves of the interested listener.
Ihere was an instant's pause, and then I
could observe a slight lowering of his voice
the sun started in its downward course.
Lower and lower it sank as the sun neared
tbe horizon line, until, depicting his adven
tures in tbe darkness, his voice was almost a
whisper. But the most wonderful thing was
the tone that bis rich voice assumed when
describing the rising of the moon. I never
again expect to hear anything so expressive
as tne tones of the chiefs voice, as be depicted
it, so subtle, so natural, so weird and tin
earthly, that I could understand him, al
though I dirt not know a word of tbe Ian
guage. Finally be wound up when he get to
..ie .nmm nis arrival. There were half
dozen complimentary grunts, and then he r
turned his seat Cor. Atlanta Crntstltutioa.
The Mitatrtan's Favorite Gondola.
Richard Wagner's gondola is now for sale
in Venire. It was given at his death tr
his favorite gondolier, who, findinc
tant all relics or the com poser are eager),'
nought by enthusiastic Wagiienans, hop
to realize a consi tiers ble sum by selling a h
ui important souvenir. Inter Ocean.
Free beer is to flow from thr. monster tun al
"iMdelberg during tbe fifth centennial of the
tlay Jfever Sufferer. The number of
people anoually afflicted with this moat
annoying nialari j seems to be greatly oo
me increase. - The editor of this
journal is an annual victim, and, with a
view lo discover a specihe cure, has tried
numerous rcruedien. Of these. "Elv's
Cream Balm" is by all odds the quickest
and most satisfactory, two applications
grcauy anaying uie iisosl symptoms in
the nose and eyes. We would recom
mend its use by all subject to hay fever,
uu we maaiy near unsolicited testimony
lo its t'fflcienrT in our own c.aae
Media, J'.. Record.
Tbe jealous rivals of Omaha, infuriated
at its prosperity, hare taken to calling
no luuauiuauiB ismanog8.
I have been a Hay Fever sufferer for
three years; have often heard Ely's Cream
Balm spoken of in the highest terms; did
not tike much stock in il because of tbe
many quack medicines. A friend per
suaded me to try tbe Balm, and I did so
with wonderful suceesa.w-T. 8. Okrh
Syracuse, Jf. J. .
the world ll old and the world is co! 1,
And never a day is fair, I said.
Out of tbe heavens the sunlight rolled.
The green leaves rustle above my head,
And the sea waj a sea of gold.
The world is cruel, I said again.
Her voice is harsh to my shrinking m.
And the nights are dreary and full of paia
uui u& uie uaraness sweet ana clear
There rippled a tender strain; '
Rippled tbe song of a bird nsleep,
That sang in a dream in a budding wool
Of shining fields where the reapers reap,
Of a wee brown mate and a nestling brood
And the grass where the berries poop.
The world is false, though tho world be fair
And never a heart is pure I t-ai.1.
And lo! the clinging of white artm Uire,
The innocent gold of my baby's Lead,
And tbe lisp of a childish prayer. '
Overland Monthly.
Monotonous urk of I',lie lHn i,.,,,.
The Delight of "Crank Labor."
.ne convicts weso mitvho.l into a lar'e
yara ana lnrma.1 three ndej ot a squaro.
auiuuiug uuuuv nve leet apart, facing in
ward. Near one end of tho line was a pyr
amid ot twenty -four pound cannon liall
In the center of the square stood the otlicer
or guard, vv lien all was ready he gave the
oruer, "une, wnen every man moved hide.
ways five feet to the right, which bi oui;ht
the man at the head of the line opposite the
pyramid of uaiu "lwo." I'. very man
stooped down Without bending the knees
the first man taking a bull from the pile'
the others going through the motion, till a
uau reacnea mem. "auree. ' ihj men
moved back to theirorigmal places. "Four.
1 bey stopped aud placed the ball upon tbe
ground, not being allowed to drop - it. Anil
so on the movement continuiM, the ordcra
quickened at the will of the guard till tbe
balls were all conveyed through ths line and
piled up at tne other end.
ll required Dut a lew minutes of these
rapid movements to bring every man into
state of profuse perspirat.on, showing that
tne laoor was or the severest kind. A short
time was allowed the men to rest, when they
were agmu cauea 10 order, and, by the
same movement tbe trails were relumed to
tneir original places; an i so on tin ou-liout
the day these cannon balls were passti for
ward and back, with no object only to fur
nish labor for the men.
In the prisons established upon the soli
tary or separate plan, where the convicts
work in thir cells, they have what they
called the "crank lubor," an iron cylinder
or dram two feet lou and eight en or
twenty inches in diameter resting uton
leg A spindle or shaft is pissed through
the drum, with a crank on one end for turn
ing it Attached to the spindle within the
drum, which was tilled with sand, were Hat
arms making it necessary to use considera
ble force to turn it a dull. uavv dra" 4
dial attached to the machine registered tbe
numoer ol revolutions the cuuviet had
mada From x,0W to H,0 was tin usual
daily stint Can one imagine a inure terri
ble situation for a human being lo bo placed
in than to be shut up alone in a cell ten feet
square, and from morning till night com
peUed to turn a crank attat bed to such an
infernal machine, with no results, nothing
accomplished, no object, no hoj except to
complete his task, for upon that depends bis
supjwr of gruel?
The Ilrilliant I'ltilosopher of resslmUm.
The man who makes pessimism a study is
not always mentally the healthiest in the
world, rlyron is an example of the rule
and Schopenhauer is an instance still mora
pertinent This eminent tiermaii, born in
1TTH, lived for his philosophy aud not by
it His life was regular and easy, if not
Insurious. His daily routine was to iwr
take of his co:tee in the morning, to write
lo take his exercise, to read the newspapers,
play the flute, eat his dinner and go to the
theatre. Vet he was ot a melancholy tem
perament, bad-temtiered. easilv frightened
and very distrustful. He kept his accounts
in (ireek and Latin, that they mi-lit not be
understood by those about hiln. If he re
ceived a letter he feared to open it, lest it
snouia reveal some bau new
He took the mot extraordinary precautious
against accidents and disease. He lived in
the first story, that he might more easilv
escape in case of lire. He trembled at the
contact of a razor not his own. When he
traveled he carried his own gluss, fearing
tbe leprous contact of another's li. His
Hold was always kept carefully concealed
and his bank-notes were disguised liy mi...
ing them with his medical prescriptions ami
miicellaneous paMr.s. Such aas the brill
iant philosopher of pessimism w hose works
are better known to day ;md have a greater
influence than those of any philosophical
writer of his own or any other nation. His
is the secret leaven working iu thj discon
tented to ",n Francisco t'hronielo
The Country iM-WApaper t Arkansa.-.
To write lightly, think deeply; to write
heavily don't think at all. The man who
with a desperate mental effort vaguely re
members some old idea expressed in aca
demic groves where sublime cranks imnicd
in learned reverie, and who puU it on iiamr
in such awkward anil conlused oxpr.'ssiou
that its source is almost hidden, fan. ies
that he has accomplished a great work : and,
the editor of the m iga. ine, noticing that it
is badly written with a miill non which has
an inqssdiment in its s)ieech, decides that
me article is a masterpiece.
rreshness and clearness of stvle for
ami originality or tnoughi, avail nothing
wiw uie eiiiuH- woose leet are in the inn d
streets of the present, and whose no"e ii
thrust between the leaves of a mouMv man.
uscript of the past The country newspa
per or Arkansas u not ran liy this kind of
an editor. He casts no eye on the past; he
looks to the future, to to ni ui-ow whon
uncle ,'lDner Uoyle shall coma in with
dozen eggs and a tieck of new nntntrai
araiinwH i reveler.
To Suit tile Minister's Conri-nio.-ici-.
'UUW,10J -uei, iiiq peonie ivemii to stii.lv
the nomenclature of this creat coiimI.i v ih..lr
will tie puzzled considerably to tell where
some or tne names came from. t,uite likely
tbey will go clear away back centuries Ix-
fore 4'.l and prove that America must have
neen known to tho ancient Assyrians. There
win oe lots or lun for lie? future ar -h , ol
oglsla Ihere is a station on ono of the
railroads, and a town with a church, a sa
loon ana tne usual camp followers of ci
li.a.ion a,l.ll. 1
n.,.vo urois iue cupuonious nn.mo
ot r.ltopia the ancient tiieks muy ir
naps be held responsible for this iu the
lulure, but the .plain fact is th it a congreg v
tion and a minister wandered out to that
place and found it all too inconvenient to ad
dress their religious re)rorts from a plact
bearing tbe name given to it bv t.h mi.
of "Hell to Pay." so thev chnt.,i it i..t
Eltopia. San Francisco Chronicle.
Ild Ilia; llnalnean Selne l;sj;..
A darky did a big business selling
Osborne the other day at J cents a dozen.
He was able to a.,11 a good many at this
figure by olTerin? as an induean,nt . i
the privilege to tbe buyer of throwing them
at his bead thrust through a bole in a
awavata vuicago neraia.
Of the ninleenla century, can truly be
said of Papillon (extract of flaxi "skin
Cure. Thousands testify to its wonder
ful curative powers in se"eminrlv boneless
cases of Eczema, Salt Rheum, Erysipelas
ana every kind of skin disease. Mr. O.
P. Algier, of Hartford, Ohio, tried every
thing be heard of or saw recommended,
and suffered five years with Eczema until
be found Papillion Skin Cure, which
cured him. Large bottles only SI (K). at
drug stores. Sold by U. H. DcSanto.
Eveninf; high schools are now nrnviilt d
for cities of 50,000 or more iniialrttnls
in Massachusetts.
The createst medical wonder of the world
Warranted to speedily cure burns, bruises.
cuts, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sorts. ea.n
cers, piles, chilblains, corns, tetlur, cht-p
ped hands, and all Rkin ernptir.ns, nimriin
teed to cure in every instance, or rnnpj
refunded. 25 cents per hnx F,r nale by
Hartf A Rahnf n
The Voice of the People
The people, as a whole, seldom, make
mistakes, and tbe unanimous voice of
praise which comes from those who have
used Hood's Sar&aparilla, fully justifies
the claims of the proprietors of this great
medicine. Indeed, these very claims are
based entirely on what the people say
ttoous c-arsaparilla has none fur them
Read the abundant evidence of its cura
live powers, and give it a fair, honest
ir. (Jlatlstone may be overwhelmed
in llritain but a New Jersey poslofflce
has just been nauied after blai.
Albert Emmingcr, Covington Ky., was
atliicted with catarrh three years. He
fays: "Alter IryiD" every known patent
medicine w hich 1 saw advertised, none of
which -helped me, I tried Papillon (extract
of (lax) Catarrh Cure as a last resort. It
has made a complete rure, and is worth
its weight in gold. I will give you other
references from parties who have been
cured. It is no experiment, but a posi
tive cure." Large bottles fl.tKI at II.
II. DeSatitn's.
Ex-Secretary Kobeson is reported lo
be losing health.
.1. L. Norton Carroll, residing at Far
Kockaway, (Jueens Co., N. Y., was so
crippled with inll iniinatory rheumatism,
of ten years' standing, that he bad to use
crutches. Id: was completely cured by
taking (wo Ilninilreth's Pills every night
for thirty nights, aud will answer any
written or personal inquiries.
wr!il n guarantee ol core piv n in -vor;
tMi'u:ruir;cii. a tr-All coiipii Lillnnf, 'rtu n,
.Ti"-riu. nr. t,iari,f: h t iicnratt'd Hcul
lUinjisOii i.l.iin euvrloptsl two ntampa
KU.tMlthK. DH18 tto.t LiHK6T.ntt -JO
. . pi i
Cares Female Cenwlalnts. AGreatEdney
.i.niu nt Car?.
i -lire f.tr Aiue -r
Ni-m-altiia, fcy- iatiiM,
i. S.-iiii-t I - t ti n
ftud has fired m.-ri p.-i-MMis In
i II,.. o, ,M. ,1 ' St i.ii'ttii . ' stti.I
a tin V' ..Mii.i.nst. Q r p C CT Tlioi.tv disw-ivtT
.f ibe 1'..(,..!.,.ik OCUht I V,,,. ;. whi.n.
in ci "i ;'it iii..r-,' trfjuiiled w ith Rheii-
tboiisiin-lvof t-nrt-.l i '.i t it 1 1 1 Write t'ltrtt'stinionf.i's
lid fl.il ! e f 11 .'. T im:i .,,y : i ,X.v 'or .tm. !i-l
v dni- i-l-. A-t; i.-r- W.v hl-io tieS:.V 1 1., x" w,i
if i' no t.iii.r: fr ..'i,.l in n- V. JS.lli;cni.'
SALICYLIC A Al'F-t. CO., Lnwdwav.N.w .rk.
dv Acurr or chronic
3AB.fi cir IUSC
Pert rmtprt.il, pprfert fit., rriuald any f r or ffishop;
ril';,,.al;'i,t'',!" l kenone unless stamp'!
Slioe.w.rrain- d.' Con-
ri-ss. liuiinn an J La.-e.
1 you entriot jretlhiw
Hmes 1 1 Oitl ai iliers, sena
ii'l tr-c's mi f .stat canl
W. 1. Douhus Itrock-
Baking Powder,
nrlonr-d hr I lie Iradintr Hotels In
flit i taimiry.
lrovoil by flin (larr-rsinrnt 4'hp.
"r inc iiiinun oiiiminiou,
tHIM I-V K AI.III l.l lst -s SOIUS,
n.tiil.li.lii.,1 ligg. M'W VDRK.
Pennyroyal Pills.
N'l le an.f aln-fiys n'li.ilde. He ware of wortiilkho
in.ilal.otis; ltih-pem.abeforI.AI)IKS. Ask your
, ,,,, nhfsrr.u s r.M.i iKH and take
no t. or m lose ic. ttatupa) to tin for partic
iilar" in htt.r tty retrn mail.
-i-'IH Madisou Siiare, Philadelphia Pa
Trade ?upidlvd by l, KO. C. titHlHWiN o..
W huksale Agents, Hostim, Mass.
UBiversiir of Virginia.
Werkiy ' be-in S .Inly, Jsji. ami end Hi ll SepU'Ul-
bi-r. Have proved of Mirual hm'.-lr-t. to students
w ho dt-siKtt to pursue tin ir Slli.lii s :il lliin .lmihor
Law j-Vhmds; xd. t.t those wh propose to read
prirateiy; and :i I, to prac Kioiicrs who have not
ti-ul t tie adant;ieof svi-lemalic inslnicl'on; for
circular apply (P.O. tniverstty of Va.l lo John
It Winou. PniLCom. and Mat. Law. mtt dwlm
hurt lines are e.ir!v made bv sucfesr-fitl ojn ra-
tors it, stocks, srain and ol.
I bet e iitv. Rim.ous freMUei.Uy p.iv ftom $'tH lo
S-.MO or more on each ',v0 iniesied.
Reliable correspotidetils wanted. Addr us for
circnlatM, WILLIAM K KH'M AK0S.
Hanker and Broker,
jiiu-T dw Uroaiiway, New York.
! 'i-T.. -lTl'. -i T,":,?!i'v.::nlE ere r.ia.lo Willi
( .-VX-I,' H ntat-''? full. 1'ilt: Strrir..;:-
c- r e,t K,MUnna pn; i wiiiciu in ma
S.)i ld. lor Eilc i.y all lf-.-.l3.
V (-H4iISI.il W Jtt'I'O CO .
ii r-0'jl.i.c. E Sasiatr, Michigan.
miiy 17-dwly
f j-". f ---iHfiTtt1t1irV
jr. O I"1' '-rr.-t :,.,( r
I-"... . .. WK..1 '-.KlXTt.K TO
Pat i trt .
I Kii'ir'tmM-w Imcrovko
con- f" lo'B'pits.it.tl.J, Mnilhmpcurrr
rtr.r- --ylrV ey-f-c-tt.; ih vAU all imk ran.i
tHriB. V- in lit-aitli A"d t)iri.oiiRfrei(gih. E
iriit -lItin.iiii,Tn c"..ri!-.,((n(l m
. W ort.V. Miiii, f,fr
currmti oi
G treat! 1 tnvt. wqv n t v
BmimiTBi'in, nrM rawttper
Uw. -r.lt il iritmpliiet'. Uina
. It9Uallet.,Chicao.
jnniM-niiycfin ti in inr.-vin
The Sande-n El : trie C
may 17-dwly
l F H F V S i!" C&CSEBand CUiK, byow
IHI flttfg.l!.. was deaf twemy iyht
VTOrs-, Ir.: it. d by most of Uie noted sjiectallsts
of thodajf with no benclU. futv4 hitunetf In
three tn.uth.?', and sinw then hundreds of ottierc
by same preset b a plain, simple and wuccossf nl
ib st.. w York City. m5-dt-t--8
... &URL CURE. fuS
Itni44lcti fteitrf I
1 .-ty :,.,. n,,h '.,..iu
rlnnii- !,!ii iim;iti rn, i,nti
Un-ie V-r. K. ;l,Iil,mi
.-;ir.--.r;il. li-.l ;
By virtue of an Execution and Fee Bill Jo. WW,
i exiled out of the clerk'i-office of the circuit conri
of Kock nind coast;, and state of Illinois, sod
to me directed, whereby 1 am commanded to make
the Amount of a certain judgment recently ob
tained agaiuet The Kotk Kivcr Nalyition and
Water Power Company, in favor of D. B. 8ar?
Sons, out of the laud, tenements, poods and chat
tela of the raid defendant, Tbe Kock River Nav
igation and Water Power Company, I have levied
uponthe following property, to-wit:
All that part of lot three (3) io the minthwett
quarter of section foiirU'en(M, township seTfn
teen i IT) north, rane two (21 wrft-t (according to
the aBiCLBor plat of 1870) whith lies oo the nor'h
aide cf the canal at now located over, u(mii ami
acrorfB said lot, contiininp one and thirty hnnd
rt; thtt (1 and 30 W) acret- (alw described as fol
lows, to-wit: BejrinniDtt three and ervrntv-fuur
(9 and 74-100) chains north o! the southwest cor
net of said lot ibree I3 and rttnnfne thenre north
three bnndted and thirty-six (JWtit feet to the rittht
ofwayof the Rctk It land A IVoria railioad;
theme south-easterly alons said rtirht of way
four hundred and forty feet to (he canal rieht of
way; thence westerly two hnndted and ninety
nine feet (3.H) to theplace of be?innini;) nlno, all
Interest of said Kock Kiver Navigation and Wat
er Power Company, in, and to any and all damp,
canalc id strnctures created of in any manner
apper; ling to tmch dams, canal, and the water
power created by the dams lu Hock river In said
enmity, between ine town of Milan, formerly
Camden, and section 14 in said towti?hip on the
north shore of said li'K'k river, as well as all in
terest in the water power by said dams, canaland
appurtenances created or appurtenant In naid
Rock river and the inland thereof, iu r-aid Hoch
Island county, tofjetber w ith all riirhts and privi
leges of and bvlomrim: to. and the franchise of
said water power company. Also, the follow inn
di icribed tract, to wit: heinnnimr two and Ufly
Itve hundredths (S 55-lfl0 chains north (variallon
6 ) ol a etone nioniiment at. the sontheawt corner
of lot one (1), in the southwest quarter of section
louneen (Hi. in town-nip seventeen 117). north
ranie two (i) went of the 4th I'. M., according to
ine aur-essor s piai oi jrv.ii. ami runiitug tnntce
sotrhHis east (variation s (three hundred and
seveniy-sis 7n feet: thence north sKlv-five
and one-half deirrees (fi5ls east five hundred
and one .M1) f,;et; thence north twetttv four and
one-half decrees, (?thj ) nest sisty (IHM feet,
thence sontli sixty-five and one-half defree.
vriyf j nun i our nunarea ana n'iiij ae (1-F1
feet; thence north eighty -two decrees. t4)
west three hundred and Cisty-six (fiJ fvt. and
tnence souih sixty one (fill fee', to the place of
uiHi'iuui. aiho,hji i merest eim rifrii oi tne sam
Hock Kiver Navigation and Water Power Compa
ny, m and to tiie canal, one hundred MtDi feet
wide from the upper or eastern and of the tract
last above described, eai-leilv to the main channel
of said Itoek Kiver. above said dam. all situated
in Kock Island comity. Illinois.
Therefore, aecordtnt' tn said command, I shall
expose lor sile. at public auction, all id- rij:ht,
title and interest of the above named. The Koel;
Hiver Navigation and Water Power Conipanv,
in and to the nl.ie tleteribet properly, on
Friday the Hh day ol .Tnly. P-., at 1 o'clock r.
r ., at the north dnr of thecmirl house in the city
of Kock Island, in the county nf Kock Inland ..nd
stte of lliintiis, for c.'h in hand, to satisfy t-aid
exeeiiiion and tee hi I.
Dat-d at Hock Inland, this tub day of July A.
.IllHN M. ItKlll'KKH.
'tiff nf ltork li-hnnl fntlnlv. TUill'il
Hy virtue of a Special Execution and Fee Kill
o.liOW, iued out of the clerk's ortice of I lie
circuit com l of Rock Island conntv, and stale of
lllinoir!. and to nie directed, w herebv I am com
manded to make ibe amount of a eertain Itnlir-m-ni
recently obtained aain-d, Moltne Bm:t:y
Ctinipany. in favor of .1 L. Hm y & Co.. out of
the lands, tenements, jinnds and chattels of the
-aid defendant. Moline Kinriry Com pan v. I have
lev ifil upon thefollowintr prorr(v. ttvwit :
Th.- cast () f.-ct lot No. 3. and west f el lot
5. in the ManiifHctun r't addilioii of the MoIIiip
Water Power Company, in section o. HI. in
tinvnhii nnmber eiL'hiefu ( lt. north ramre No
1. west of the fotirih Othl P. M.. in the county of
Uoi k Island and state of Illinois, except im: and
ret rvinirtherefnmi the ii::ht to mf a strip of
ground ten (10) feet in width across Ibe extreme
southerly part of said lot hereby conveyed for n
railroad i rack, and to permit others to u-e the
same, and aid party oF the first part hereby civ
and grants unto .aid party of th secoi'rt part, its
-nceeMtrs and a-smtis, the riidils of draiime
from sait! l it herebvconM-y d. into tbe tail-race
north of faid lot ; also the riirlit and privilege of
layiitr a water pipe f "Cin said lot hereby conveyed
into t-aid t .-til-race and drawing water 'therefrom.
Therefore, aecordinjr to taiil command. I nhatl
expo-e f(r cale, at public auction, all the riuht,
title and interest of the above named Moline Hii1:
ay Company, in and to ibe above de-ifri bed prop
erty. on Friday, the 3'th day of .Inly, IHsii, at S
o'clock p. nv, at the north door of the court house
in the city of Kock I -land, in the county of Kock
Islnnd and state of Illinois, for cash in hund, to
satisfv said execution and fee bill
lated at Kock Island, this ;uh d.-iv of ,ttilv,
! did i-dieiiff of Rock Island County. Illinois
Estate of Christian Schafcr. deceased.
The under si sued, havinirbeen appointed admin
istratrix of the estate of Christ an Schafer, late
of the county of Hock Island, stale of UMnoW,
deeeascd. hereby gives notice flint she will np(eai
before the county cinrt of Rock Island emmiy. at
Ihe oftlce of the clerk of said court, in the cit'v of
Kotk Island.nl ihe August term on the Third Mon
day in AiJL'iiet next, at which time all person hav -in
elaim airaiust snid estate nre not i tied and re
qrieHed to attend fir the purpose of having tbe
same adjusted. All pi rnont indebted to said es
tate are reqaested to make immediate payment
to the nnd rs'aned.
nmesJ thib iMh dav of .Jm,,. A n.. ln.
jun-2tvd3w Administratrix.
Estate of hiirmct Pttt r Nisn-n deceased.
The nndfrslfHied. harir l''ii apiHunted Ex
eeutrixof the last will ami tof-t intent of biL"ncr
Peter Nissen tale of the county of Rock Island,
stale of Ulmois. deceased, herebv aives notice that
she. will appear liefore the n.untv court of Kock
iFfciii.i ,."',Unlv, htthe office (f th cletk of said
court, in the i itvV-f Urf k Island, ot tbe An :ii-t
term, on the Third Monday" TT(-)"P"-t next, at
which time all persons having lUiffP -:,iu?t
said estate are nolthed and rc)'jcsMm to attend
tor tne purpose ot hiving the same adjust
JUI persons indented l said estate atv re.piestt-d
to make imnn mate pnnunt t.i the midorsiam d
l:it"d this CHh dav of .tune. A II
j--Wd M Alii A F. MSSliN, Kxccutri.x.
1 li 4 per cent per annum, three nuiiillis
to a Lifetime in duration on eoml
securitv. '
ff f wills-riireoneKKl'NSW'iCK'Jl-THA
VC IiKUBtlJt and one ITALIAN KK1
TJ J (itoss ItliM), the next ndemoti-m
F of which noon t.ikes place. Kvery
Bond participates in four Kedemption Orau iiil-is
.iiiiiiiany.ann nn more inanon ciiatice tnohlatn
a rrenimmof from ji.hruo ItHi.tmo, as interest
on the Investment, and the tKnd at all times aw
worth their face valne, and must be rvdccincd by
nieir respecuse t'overntiienis, i lie some as our
I nuert Males (Htveriimciit P.ottds. No lilauks
no lisk whatever, and Hundred of opportuuit
of redemption, with premiunfv ranui (rom W
WfliBMMi--tv.mj Lire be.ni: one or the largest
l-remiums. t3 w ill M cnre one of thtse Imtuls for
e next retlemption.
Remit -1 bv Mucev Order. Draft. W,-.'i.rer. ,1
Letter r KXpress. Ilalanre pavabie m monthly
instalments. U. S liovornmeni liondson month
ly pa mi uls.
Aunresijjorcircnlars. etc..
C. W. PttSTKIi. Ranker.
jun-3-dw 41 Kroftduay. New York.
Passage Rates Reduced.
Itatcri ol napsaL'f lo or from
New Yolk, Glasgow. Liverpool, Loniloii-
derry or Bclf.ist,
I'sIiIiib, (45 and f 58 Si roinl I Iuks, $30.
MHniKhii '(114 OF KtiJII-. ' (mm N, York,
WcdtM-wdav. Jnlvd'. Ainr IH. f.'i.t 1:. i-i
Saloon P)ime, (60 (70 awd (SO. Nt'conil riaVs
nu'eraxe oiilwntd or nrvpaid, i-hIkt
senrir,. (20.
For Rooksof Tonri. TirL.-i. o...th..r 1.,......
lion.a.iplv lo MkNIikhson limil'ii mis i i.l.
tmto. or UI.1VEK 4.U.SKX. Kotk Islaml. ill.
Cnre wit bout Medicine.
Patented tel. t. IKTi
0.n bx will cure el
mo t ob'tiuatctcasc in
f.iur days or lens,
it imsciiims viMH'h Ol rillU'lli., C Hlt..t or Oil of
ndalut-MHi ihit an- certain to im-dnce dsit, sia
deist pm it.t- IK,. roiUim of the ttlutimcl. Pri. .
r.tn ny ail flniL'li'sIs or mailed on ree
I (HI r.t-CT;ll
i once, ror itirthf-r nartici arts ix-nd
ioi cireniar: i mh-'x l.va
vr m John si r et N w . ."rk H - t.
!y rr. Assa Hamuli, i Erin., the r..l,hr.iliil
'afiwr aii'1 ()oc-iiioiii.r.. Kiv,. .,i,nk.
ri'rdjr. Kath one eontsina 128 iL'tn and lianl
fOTir Ir iKrerlpll rmn. Flln- onl li tvnts . a. h
Ailtlri-s'J . s. tiflll.VIK nul,li.lrr.
box ruTl 3t Km rlren. New York. SliiSw
A Inorip prrn.rt titrn "f ortu ef ihe mri
noted :ird h ftiitf i- t v
fi'-jw ri-iired, for the cic M i'.- (b,i;y.
I-Wt HuMbMMl. UVKkRewnyl Vm: S' f.t
Jdii WRp $ Z0- 1 - -4
The Moline Wagon Comp'y
Manufacturers o' Far j), Spring and Freight Wagons.
A full and I'omplt te line ol 1'l.ATKti iim and oilier Si iiinu Waoons, tf iieeisl'j adapto
to the Western Trade, of superior wnikiiintisl- ip and rinili.
t:4IIIurilrali'il l'rico l.iwt 'fi't oil itj'i.lti ntliin. Si' I In Mi'lin,' i:oii In fori' fi'iirliioiliii olhl .
ewing Machine Room
Third Avf., aiidTwenlietli SI., K k Island, 111., and !Wl
J'rudy IStit'ct, lavt'iijioi't, Iowa.
ijSPTt-rinH and juices defy coiiiiit'titinii.
All kinds jf Machines Rcpiircd vv Warranted,
Oil, N i ll- l i I nr.inli !. t.it all kin l if H - ii k..,,i .ui -i,.
ti-'ome and see us.
'ur. Ftmiih ,vc. J.n k I.ilnn.l t.i.j. SI. Mary's Cliuicli,
Keeps, on litmil m laruPHSKorlineui of l'mvir li.nilis. Wax Cumlleci, lievotionttlx,
Stationery (looilsof nli kiinls, rieture Fiii'mi'", Kle.
f1?"Siili ril.li.ir.rrti iti'tl lor Ilti-nnairi. l if,- .,1 I 1ni-l Ht:,l Ni M i- :i:r i : timl M.-iirnlltn. at
I'iiMi-Ik i- i.-ii,.-; t 1. 1.
r"n u ij1 "r
M. MAGRUM, I'topiiL'tor,
SKto.Ni). AviiNUK. ()pp. Harper House.
The 'TftoLl" !i.h In'ely b- n lr,iri-f rmed into :t I'.ilrio- ri i ti it lt in t v.-ry re-i-ef-t the 'i
saloottMn l tiiea-o and:ipa-; in.- :ii-v:iiini: iti
he.-p tin-t-t:ii)lt-limeiit e-iol durmir Hie
o'-p n-i m .u nil;- eM.iiili.-l:mei;l it-
An ekLMiil lunch tened .er
EXCHANG l) 11 A L, U
lii'lo'v the C. It. I. A; I". II, pot, .Aluline Ave'., Kot k Island, ill.
Inirlt'd ana l)m.vln' Iki-r and Hi,,,., Kin,' liIiil.m ami Ci'ny al .nyBon hand.
go .X-S' " ' '""V""' i,,'-v' ' 1 -'-r of ,llr ,..
Social Gatherings, Picnics, Excursions, Parties,
Kit'., Willi WANT
At ;! lw nite. -Ii.hiM c ,.
No. foil Fonrili A venue." V
Pi aUr in Si'li,.,! "Station. n. Toy,.. I', nf, rll.nn ry, Ci:'ai. , Ir.
tiK dMirnwiPHj
l TT
$ytMm'V$f i n oh us i f !
VaSVVorthmMAIUertl.,.'. ( IF 4') i
MiaimsTSfiyiukHaic.ohc i.wi f
By rraaon at. W e.mtral potaltion nntl clomiii-li'tion to oil prinrinul liroa Kot trrd
odt,Bt, initial aiiri terminal pjiat.i, cop.ftituteM tho moat Important U'ld-conn-nent.il
link in tmit evau :n of throuirh trannportntton v. Iilr li lovitcu Eind lacili
tates travel una tniftic between cities of tho Atlnntln nnil p icitlc ConFts It
Ih nlso the favorite anri lient rout u find from points J&ifC Northootit anu
boutlieast, and eorrtK-spondin'r points 7 est. Northwost end Southu-t-st.
Tlio Kock Island p,-fltm Include in it i main lino pint brunches. Chlnotro
Joliot. Ottawa, La H ills, Iwriii. 0:, Moline mid Hori 1, land hi lUinofB:
M-ivenpoi-t, Muicauno, Wa-'iiHrxton, I'liinlelrt. Ottumwa. Okalor r Weiit!
i,ibotty, I, v,a Ciij-. IVs fw-onc Iiiduinola, Winu-rpot. Atlantic. Knoxvillo.
Audubon, Harlan. Guthrie (-.ntr-o r.nd Council Bluffs. In Iolva- Urlfi'lu
Trenton, C.iiaeroti aad ls.ns.i Cay, tn Ml.'uH; Leavenworth end Atchison
r? K-?sm: A"K'rt l-IIinneipohs ana rt. Paul, in Minnesota; Watertowu In
Uakota, and hundreds cf UiterinedUto cities, towns, villages and Kt7.t:cro.
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Atluaan, are also run tne Calobrated Iteclinina Chair Cars. -
SiSS. JT "Pd f!lvor'te "is botwoen Chloatro and Minneapolis and St. Paul,
Tnd Wrn?;1,10"8 ,'iads "? -Dnio11 D,!0 f,,r a" Polnts thoTerrttortos
Si iSy1"0"1' v,ir m rout' Past Express Trains are run to tho
,1 V1 ae?7- Bumni'jr ivsons. picturesque localities, and cumin and flsh
i.n?KfTr?imiai'f, ,OW!4 i"1'1 Minnesota. It is also the most desirable route to tne
110 o.o.hcat tLel,l!kn,Uti P-Jitonl lands of interior Dakota.
.i!0T5other DIBEor LiNil via Seneca and Kankakee, has been openov.
sSSSSm meI?rpo,rt' owft Rieiinond. Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Lalayetto and
J.v,-1 5 . ? ? a.ISft" c'1 y' Minnewpolis and St Paul and intermediate points
iict2t ..taJi,'1 i,n,0,rni,',ion "wj'1"' Folders, obtainable, us well r-.t:
by addsrii prtaclpal Otacos in the United States and Canada: or
R. R. CABLE, ( : E. ST. JOHN,
-i)t nd Gnl Msntow tbipna '.,ntt Ticket tni ftnmr Aqes!. CWea-n
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Boots and Shoes,
Wliii-li liavt' lift;,! placed at very low
I 70. Sccoiul Avenue.
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