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A Stew High Nrhool Bulldlnc-What
the Board f Education Nhonld
and Will Do.
Since the proceedings of Tuesday
evening's meeting of the board of educa
tion became public, there has been a good
deal of speculation as to whether or not
a new high school building would be
built, as talked of, and if so, what it
would be like, how much it would cost,
and where it would be situated. The
board, of court, has not jet adopted any
plans, but public sentiment seems to
favor a twostory brick structure, about
seventy feet square with basement.
From $15,000 to $18,000 would be ade
quate to erect such a building, make It
substantial and modern in its construc
tion, aud conveniences.
The location will probably be on ttie
lot occupied by building No, 4. the gar
ret of which has been used fur years foi
high school purposes. There is roou.
enough for it there without discommod
ing the present building, and under such
circumstances Principal Hatch might re
main at the head of both schools, as he
is now.
The ancient structuro n ow used for
both high school anil lower ynvlu pupils
was built wny back in 1857, and no one of
the present xeneratifin knows whit it was
instructed for. It is a clumsy cumber
some, ill-dcvsied inslitulion a disgrace
and an eye sure to the city If it were
not as U'.'ly us it H a cyclone would have
6truck it lonu ago for it towers up above
all other earthly ob ject It is in the bunds
of the who l aiiMiorili though, aud
consequently must be put to the best use
The prospect of a new high school
buildiug will be hailed with delight by
patrons of our public school system, to
whom our present stiuc'.ure has been
a source of drcid and anxie'.y all these
The Rare at ttenetteo.
Yesterdny was the big day at Oeneseo
races. Tha entry of RMman's Patti P.
in the 2:34 class and Swanson's Sport of
Moline in the 2:35 class naturally arous
ed local interest and though neither
horses gained particular distinction the
friends of both were their to applaud
their efforts. Wednesday's unfinished
three quarter mile run for a purse of 1 50
was finished. Swipes taking first money,
Broker second, aod Hyderabad third. In
the 3:34 trot, purse $300. Billie White
won first money. Marvel second, and
Monitor third. In the 2:33 pace, purse
8300, Charm catitured lirst money and
Starry West second III the one mile
run, purse $230. Bob Swim took lirst,
Hyderabad second, and Top Sawyer
Ihird muuey.
WilviM Will Drive Hlni.
Ueputy Sheriff Silvis, seeing the notice
of Supervisor Norton's horse in Wednes
day evening's Arm's, decided to look the
animal over, and as a result he now owns
him. Norton did not let the horse go
without a sigh, although he received
$500 for him. "Sharp" has been looking
for an animal that could throw the dun
iu the eyes of other roadsters for some
time, and now that he has one, be will
make it lively for any prestimptuus
steed. His will be a good horse to get af
ter criminals.
Kev. R. O. Pearce is recovering from
his attack of erysipelas.
Ex-Mayor E. P. Reynolds is quite ill
at his mansion on Moline avenue.
Ben Harper, Esq., is improving rapidly
under treatment at the Ocrmau clinic
across the river. His complete recovery,
is certain, as evurybojy will be nli ase l to
Yesterday, Mr. J. T. Dixon was driven
to the Oer mini clinic at Davenport, where
on effort will be made lo.bii;l l,..ij't
he,,,1,.iTen has been failing for soinj
' At the Theatre.
Another good bouse was present at
Harper's theatre last night, during
the fourth performance of the Four Em
crald Comedy company. Everybody
went borne more than pleased, and to say
more than everybody knows about the
merits of this company, would be impos
sible. There will be three more per
formanccs tonight, tomorrow atternoou
and evening with a change of pro
gramme each time.
Miss Amelia Littig, forty years of uge,
died at her home corner of Fifteenth
Street and Sixth avenue at 6 o'clock this
morning. She was born in Rick Id aud
and lived here all her life. Consumption
was the cause of her death. The funeral
will lake plice tomorrow afternoon at
4 o'clock, from St. Mry's church
JobD Kittell died al his residence 1224
Sixth avenue, at 6 o'clock lust evening.
He was about sixty years of age and
made his livinir as a slieet laborer.
The Tlnit to the Poor Farm.
The supervisors and their friends who
visited the county poor farm, were royally
entertained by Steward and Mrs Robert
son, and the day was spent pleasantly by
all. Deputy County Clerk Cooks sang
several happy airs, Supervisor Charles
Engel recited some poetry, and old Jor-
don Uray, the bootblack, who isau insane
inmate, sang a few pieces.
The Institute.
The annual teacher-' institute of Rock
Island county opens in the high sciiool
buildiug iu this city next Monday after
noon. It will lie couducted by County
Superintendent Southwell, assisted by an
able cors of instructors. Mr. Divid
Felinley, of Carroltou. arrived in the
city list evening, and Principal Hatch
and Robert Harper are also here.
i"natv Veterans' Beanlou.
The Rock Island county Veterans' as-
niRitnn hn decided UDon a reunion to
be held in this city, September 13 aud 14.
At a meeting of Buford Post to make
arranirementa. Col. D. O. Reid was elect
ed, presiding officer of the occasion, and
Thomas Campbell quartermaster, each
Oplnloaa of Chlraso Papers on the
Passaic or the Amendment In
the Senate.
The Chicago Timet, in Bpeaking of the
senate action in adding the Hennepin
canal amendment to the river aud harbor
bill, says.
Perhaps the strongest testimony to the
merit of the project was afforded by the
course of the individuals who are popu
larly understood to represent the interests,
of the great railroad corporations in the
senate. Such men as Ingalls, Sherman,
Plumb and Edmunds were active in their
opposition, and spared no effort to defeat
the amendment. The Missouri senators
fought it because they are possessed of
the idea that the canal, if constructed,
will injure the interests of St. Louis.
This idea has taken deep lodgmeut in the
St Louis mind, but. as Senator Allison
showed yesterday, it is a fallacious one.
It arises chiefly from the habit which the
jealous Si- Louisans have formed of look
ing upon everything that is beneficial to
Chicago as necessirily detrimental to
their city, out this is a narrow and mis
taken view, and the opposition of St.
Louis to the canal project is short-sighted
and stupiJ. The benefits that would
flow from the construction and mainten
ance of the canal would not be confined
to any locality, but would be diffused
pretty equitably throughout the country
Chicago would share them, of course, but
so would St. Louis, and her fierce antag
onism to the scheme has no basis in rea
son or common sense.
The action of the senate of course af
fords no guarantee that the appropriation
will be finally carried. The fate of the
amendment in the house is somewhat
problematical, although the indications
point to favorable action bv that bodv.
The real danger point is at the white
bouse. There is decidedly a probability,
rendered stronger by recent actions of
the president, that he will veto the liver
and harbor bill. The measure contains so
many extravagant and utterly indefeasi
ble appropriations, aud is so heavily
laden with jobs of various degrees of in
iquity, and it is quite likely the president
will feel constrained to disapprove it,
notwithstanding its meritorious features.
Its passage over a veto is not to be an
ticipated. If an appropriation for the
Hennepin canal could be provided in a
separate measure, there is no reason to
doubt that it would receive the assent of
the executive. If the project is finally
killed, therefore, it will have to be at
tributed to the bad company in which it
is travel iu.
While the Inttr(kftin thus alludes to
the passage of the bill:
The Heunepin canal amendment to the
river aod harbor appropriation bill was
adopted in the senate Tuesday by a vote
of thirty-one to twenty-two. It is
significant that the states of New York,
Illinois. Michiiran, Minnesota, Iowa. Ne
braska and Wisconsin were solidly for
the aiiien dine lit. New York has by ex
periment demonstrated the value ot
writer transportation and the other stales
are in the group to be most benefited by
the construction of the proposed canal.
Boomed for the Rrnrh.
Forty six uieuiliers of tbe bar of the
Seventh judical district across theiiver
met in non-partisan convention at Daven
port yesterday, the counties of Muscatine,
Scoit, Clinton and Jackson, which comp
rise the district, being represented.
On motion the convention recommend
cd three persons to all the political
parties and to the people of the district,
as suitable candidates for election as
The committee on resolutions reported
the following, which were unanimously
Wiiuhkas, A precedent has obtained
for many years in this judicial district,
with rare exceptions, to appoint and
elect judges without regard to their poli
tical affiliations; and
WlltKfcAS, A non-partisian bench is
best adapted to promote purity and in
dependence in the administration if ju
dical affairs.
Therefore be it
Ketolred, That we. members of Ihe bar
of the Seventh Judicial district of Iowa,
recommeud that the precedent of non
partisan nominations be continued, and
to that end we suggest that the KmiX; ii'i
their conventions make m ",fr,TrIoi,.no f.,r
judicial POiiionirfVtive of lhe parIy
affiliations,,,, call(iltei, lin,i
svtv hereoy recommeuu as competent
anil proper persons for judges of this dis
trict: William ''. Brannan, of Muscatine
county. .
John N. Kouers, of hcott county.
A. J. LeBlngweil, of Clinton county.
And respectfully ask an endorsement
of our action by the people and all par
The democrats across the river have,
however, called a convention, and it is
probable that they will nominate a
struigbtout ticket.
River ItipletM.
The water is now lower hero than it
has been this season.
The Sidney will be down al 10 o'clock
Sunday morning.
The St. Paul will be up tomorrow after
noon. The Mary Morton will land here for
the north at 9 o'clock tonight. She will
start over the rapids at daylight.
Toe War Eagle came up from St.
Louis yesterday. She had the Carthage
band aboard. Cipt. Jerry Wood was
pleased over his good trip, said be ex
pected to strike a piece of tolerable fami
liar scenery between here and LiClaire,
and desired to hold his bre tth as the
E.iule went by the Duck C.eck chain.
Maj. Mclvenzie, chief engineer ir
charge of the Mississippi improvement,
is in the city. He says of tbe $o,0tH) ap
propriation to improve the Duouque ice
iiaroor yet unexpended, that his design
was that the harbor was not intended for
general use, but to be simply a harbor for
boats. He cannot spend the nioucy tor
paved sloping levee such as tne city
council want, lie docs not want tu
buque to lose the appropriation, and the
5.1100 therefore remains untouched to
await developments. Dubuque Times.
Where Is Pat ?
In all the pxlilical gossip that comes
to us from every part of the state we find
no mention of the Hon. Patrick O Mara
of Ruck Island. We are in considerable
doubt as to which great political party
has the distinguished honor of claiming
this sagacious statemio feality, bin. we
are in no doubt as to the eternal ntuess
of his symmetrizine the consistency of
hi3 record by remaining parenniallv
candidate for office. Chicago Daily
Beady for Business.
Next door to the Arqus office Mr.
Louis May has opened western agency
for some of the best brands of cigars made
in this country.- They are of a New York
manufacturer, and in the hands of so
energetic and thorough a business man as
Regular July MeetingThe Business
(Official Beport.)
July 15 Board met pursuant to ad
journment and proceeded to the poor
farm. At the poor farm the board re
convened. Present, all the members ex
cept Supervisors Gould, Rosenfield,
Walker and Wheelock. Supervisor Bow
man, chairman, presiding. The reading
of the minutes of yesterday's proceedings
was dispensed with.
Supervisor Campbell moved that the
consideration of the report of the com
mittee on equalization, which was laid
over under the rules be postponed until
tomorrow. Carried.
Consideration of the allowance of fees
on account of the township election in
Drury township, upon which action was
deferred, was on motion postponed till
Supervisor Chamberlin offered the fol
lowing resolution, which was unanimous
ly adopted: Be it
Resolved. That the thanks of the board
be extended to Steward James Robertson
for the courteous treatment received at
his hands on the occasion of the annual
visit of the board to the poor farm; and
Resolved, That the board particularly
desire to express their praise and appre
ciation of the estim? ble wife of the Stew
ard, Mrs. Robertson, and her assistants,
for the very excellent repast prepared and
served the board and their guests under
her supervision; and be it further
Resolved. That the thanks of this board
are due and are hereby extended to Sups
erintendent II. B. Sudlow, of the R. 1 &
P. Railway Co., for courtesies extended.
Board adjourned until 9 o'clock to
morrow morning.
Picnics are in order.
Summer is half gone.
Fresh celery at Lamp's.
Ice cream, at Birkenfeld's.
Peach ice cream at Krell Jt Math's.
Very fine ice cream, at John Russ'.
Bisque ice cream at Krell & Math's.
Vanilla ice cream at Krell & Math's.
New white clover honey at Lamp's.
Chocolate ice cream at Krell & Math's.
Charlie Yore ha9 returned from a living
trip to Omaha.
J. F. Monger, of the Rock Island
house is in Chicago.
Races at Freeport and Peori a next
Miss Mags-le Weyerhauser is a guest of
her old Weilesley school mate, Miss
Susie Hosford, of Geneseo.
Prof. G. It H'ltisel is attending the
meeting of the National teachers' asso
ciation at Topeka. this week.
The West End Euchre club enjoyed
iast evening at the watch tower. A bas
ket supper was served.
Mr. aud Mrs. J. G. Parmcnter, of An
dalusia, are visiting their son. E. E Pr
menter, in this city.
The Central shoe store in the Harper
house block presents as fine an appear
ance as any similar establishment in the
three cities.
Every available vacant lot in the city
is being taken for bill hoards to be spread
with posters announcing P. T. Barnum's
coming visit in August.
Don't fail to see the great Gettysburg
battle field painting now on exhibition
on Second avenue opposite Harper's
M. D. Merrill, Esq., of Carbondale,
Kan., formerly of this city, and who bas
been visiting here for two weeks, leaves
for home next Monday.
Miss Elleu Gale, librarian, intended the
meeting of the National Library associa
tion at Milwaukee this week, and ob
tained some excellent ideas iu regard to
the running of a library.
Tlie passenger and fieight war in the
northwest has been senh. ffrfil orfTtid
ftuii!ib'4WKriTutrates on the Mil
waukee ro idTo Chicago. Omaha and St.
Paul will cease.
Principal W. II. Hatch of the high
school, returned last evening from the
Ozark mountains, Mo., where he has
b eii on a botanical expedition for the
benefit of the Rock Island schools.
Miss Mary Olilweilcr, of Rock Island,
who is now visiting to Bloominston,
will make a trip to Lafayette, ind., this
week with Mr. and Mrs. Chas. E. M
Dole, of Bloomingtcn .
While the existing freight difficulties
between the great roads of the northwest
have been settled, no instructions have
yet been received in regard to resumption
of regular passenger rales.
Dr. and Mrs. MeKee left this morning
for San Francisco So attend the national
G. A. R. meeting, Dr. HcKeefbeing a
delegate. They will visit Nebraska, Salt
Lake City, and other points of interest cn
Deputy Marshal Hull was ordered by
the bead of the police force to accompa
ny the supervisors to the poor farm yes
terday, and the board politely informed
the officer that he would be welcome to
ro as a citizen, but not as an officer. So
he took off his star and behaved himself
like a man.
At 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, Jus
tice S. F. Cooke united in matrimony
Henry R. Wood, train dispatcher of the
C, M. & St. P. road at Oxford junction,
Iowa, aud Miss Josie A. Reimcrs, of
Davenport. Squire Cooke has a peculiar
ly happy way of starting these little
crafts down the rugged stream of life
Mr. B o E. Hall contemplates' leaving
soou for the east, which he bas not visit
ed for twenty-two years. He will be
joined at Watch Hill by Mr. P. L. Milch
ell and Mrs. Wadsworth, who are now
at Saratoga. Watch Hill is a popular
resort, and in visited annually by nun
dreda of seekers of rest and recreation.
Mr. R. R. Cable is among its present
noted guests.
Mr. James B. Warnock has word from
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh War
nock, that they have arrived safely at
Newtonarus. Couuty Down, Ireland,
their old home. This estimable couple
celebruted the thirty-seventh anniversary
of their marriage there last Tuesday,
July 13, in the presence of relatives and
old friends. They will return to Rock
Island in about a month.
County Building.
14 Eiio rtteraon to Josephine Peter
son, n lot 8 and 9, in block 45, lower
The Embrzxlement.
Tbe name of the travelling salesman
arrested in St. Louis on charge of embez
zling David Sears, of Milan, out of $80 is
J. W. McCartney, instead of Hanlon as
given yesterday. He was arrested by the
St. Louis police and brought to this
city yesterday morning.
Army of the Tennessee.
E. H. Bowman, Jr., chairman of the
committee on music for the entertainment
of the Army of the Tennessee in Septem
ber, has secured the famous female quar
tette and Jim Cooke's quartette of this
city. Gen. Chetlain, of Chicago, is to be
orator of the day.
Coal Valley, July 14.
Good time for baying; many folks are
Richard Caliban, Sr., was here on the
Fourth from St. Louis.
The farmers will harvest their spring
wheat and barley this week. The oats
are commencing to ripen also.
Miss Lynda Robertson finished her
school in the Kingtlon district last week.
She does not intend teaching Ihu coming
Our public schools for next fall have
been supplied with teachers. There has
been but one of tbe old teachers re
tained. They are as follows: Prof.
Mamanee. of the Geneseo Normal; Miss
Mary A. Lees and Portia J. Peters.
One day last week George Stantoo ha.il
been burning weeds. VV hen he thought
the fire amongst the rubbish was extin
guished, be commenced to plow and bis
horses got into the hidden tire and were
badly burned.
There was quite a wiud on Friday
morning, followed by rain, mixed with
hail, but only lasted a short lime. The
rain did good; "he wind did hut little in
jury, but it would have been better for
crops if wc had had a good deal more
Ninie Gordon, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. .1. W. Gordon, died on the l;ith, af
ter a protracted illness of a softening of
the spine. She was a great sufferer in
the last two years. The deceased was
born July 19, 1S76, in Rural township,
and would have been ten years old in a
few days. She is the only daughter and
her parents will miss her very much.
The bereaved family have the sympathies
of relatives and Irieods. The -funeral
services were held in Beulah church.
i hey were conducted by Rev. Carson,
of Milan
Hami-tos, July 1-1 .
Mr. James Smith left for Keokuk on
Tuesday evening.
The Misses Lou Bailey and Lizzie
Graham are visiting in Muscatine.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Wells, of Chicago,
arc in town, on a visit to relatives.
Mr. Fred Chick is making some quite
extensive improvements on his residen
.Hi- Carroll incent lett last evening
for a few day s visit to Chicago.
Mr. Clarence and Miss Lena Stevens
are visiting in Orion.
The Sunday school convention, held in
the Congregational chinch last Sunday
afternoon and evening was well attended.
Walertown and the surrounding coun
try wero well represented.
The steamer West Rambo while com
ing over the rapids with a raft this
morning, was run into by the steamer St.
Paul. The Rambo lost the greater por
tion of her wheel and was obliged to lav
up. The pilot took her raft over.
Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Robinson silent
the Sunday wih friends. Mr. R. has
been traveling iu northern Iowa and
Minnesota, in the interest of n whole
sale cii;ar firm. Mr. and Mrs. R. were
their way to Maine, their former
home, for tbe summer.
John liuliiiin. tso., who lately re
moved here from Kansas, his bought the
Fullerton properly at the south end of
town. A force of men are removing the
old buildings, of Klilns . etc.. and work
will be commenced at once on a new resi
A Good Investment "
Anvone who has ever dealt in lands.
knows that no investment of money will
so surely and quickly yield a return, hs
such a venture if carefully made. To
the ubsolute safety o' a government
bond, is added a profit fur in excess of
rate of interest which can be obtained
on any safe loan. Iu Kinsns and Neb
raska especially binds lire raisins in vnluc
very rapidly ami with a sp udy growth
which gives assurance of stahility. Ihe
good season anil the ereat. tine 01 iniiniv
;ration into these slates has made invest
ment there doubly sale and desirable.
The climate of Southern Nebraska and
of Kansas, free as it is from the Ion"
rigourous cold winter, added to a soil
unsurpassed for richness and productive
capacity, bas made possible the wonderful
development of these states. To tbe far
mer they hold out special inducements.
Cheap land, easy term of purchase, good
markets and varied products enable bun to
own bis farm at a smaller cost and with less
labor than is required to pay rent for the
land he occupies here, or the interest ou
the money be has invested in it.
If you are looking for a sale place to
invest money, where it will pay you
large and sure profit, or if you are a farm
er and want a farm of your own, call on
me and see what 1 have lo offer. 1 will
make the visit profitable to you. Office
over American Express office, Hock Is-
lann, III. Savillb Joiinstqn.
Advertised l.int of Lrttrm, S.
1,1st of letters nnralled for. at the PoslotHce. at
Kork Island, ltocli i&lauu county, llltnoin, jmy
10, 1SS6.
Anderwn Mrc THmnie
A -neluausUeo
Aiitliony Ueo S
Ande-rmMi Frank A
Hoelune Wm
Bonliaui Mrs B M
Itleaer Jhco1)
Burralt V A
Hl.tmherir Mm Emma
.Tohnion Mrf A
Johnson Chas
lolillHon Mrn Painter
Lefltnirwell L L
,u-k Mr L J
l.anit W
Milclictl AmoB (2)
l nrfih v I'
Block. Newuurjrur & Vo Meecker M C
C'hmlvWm Mer.lnJoun
CarponMiss Mollic Marion P
lleau II Nobie Mil'' Laura K
Pennies Mifg Mary I'e eriwn Mr Aimie
liohletan Hoc I L. Itngslee H
I) aeon Vietor E Biley James
Elliott H W ISwanmin Chas
Flrbman Tom ftaffroiion V W
KrederieknoiiMisKTillle Hmi n U E
liabrlel llavid Klenhem Geo L
PenxiiHnn F A Smith Joe
HaaUT H O Hcotlen W T
Hill Huidie Mie W H
Haskin S F Tntch W M
HiltS tV H Thompson .1
llarte lliek Wick -rftam L L
McDonald D Wilcox Geo
HcKlliney Mrs Annette Wilson 1 C
neater aiiuiu
ronxi.Of list.
iHcnh Cilnor
tilve. the number or lue list when CHllituE for
advertised letters. C. W. dA-Wfii. . . M.
' 1. 0. 0. F., Attention.
All Odd Fellows of the three lodges of
Rock Island Rock Island lodge, JNo. 18,
Hecker lodire. No. 113, Heal lodge, No.
608 are respectfully invited to attend
ihe funeral of our brother, reter otein.
Funeral at 2 o'clock tomorrow. Jrom real
dent on Third avenue and Twenty-sixth
E. . Parmenter, attorney at law.
Makee collections, loans money, and will
attend to any legal business intrusted to
him. Office, postoftlce block, Kock Isl
and. Ill- ds&wly
J. H. Sale, the new druggist, presented
the boat club with a box of real Havanas
last night.
Bernard Deene, of Cleveland, Henry
county, was down today, purchasing
lumber to build a new school bouse in
Hanna township, for which he has the
Ed Garrity has gone to Chicago to at
tend the funeral of bis father, who died
very suddenly on Wednesday. Two
weeks ago when Mr. Gairity was up
home, his father was in good health.
The Big Four of the Sylvans left on
the 6:59 train yesterday evening for Min
netonka, Minnesota, where they will be
on good waters to meet the St. Paul and
Winnepeg boat clubs, and conquer
Geo. W. Woodward, for several years
foreman for the J. 8. Keator Lumber
company, and ex-alderman of the Fourth
ward, was in tbe city on Wednesday
night, and took in the races at Geneseo
This is tbe way Charley does it. He
handed, in a quiet manner, to Fleming
four checks of $25, and each to be given
to the Big Four. No man in the city
takes greater pride in the success of the
boy6 of Moline, in anything, than C- H.
The weather signals on the postolllcc
are interesting the people very much, and
the alventot the flag is looked ior every
morning with anxious eyes. So far they
have hit the weather to a dot, anil if they
continue to do so. this innovation on our
former administration shall resound with
credit to the present incumbents.
Tlieyconiinenced blasting rock and em
ployed more teams and men on lhe pond
this morning. It is said they have only
about $15,000 to expend, which will be
all used up in two or three weeks anil
then the woik will not be completed.
Some one ought to go to Washington,
explain the circumstances, and get an
other appropriation at once if it is not
already attended to or we shall have a
cabbage garden in the pond in a year or
two more of this half-wuy of doing busi
For County Jnd.ee. .
After consulting with manv of my
friends throughout the county, I have
concluded to announce myself as candi
date for couuty judge, and request tbe
support of my friends.
E. H. Johnston.
Port ByroD, III , July 12, lSbll.
Public Nonce.
Anyone bavins business with the Akoi-s
office after ti p. m. (in the event that the
office is closed) will please call at Wil-
mans & Gait's news stand in the postofflce
bnilding. who are authorized lo transact
business of every nature for the ArmI's
Insure in tbe Boylston Insurance Co. of
Boston, Mass., organized lST'-i. Aswlts.
nearly $l.tHK,iKHi. E W. Hurst, agent
Office over Rock Island National B ink.
Geneseo Eaces.
Ail who attend the races in Gen -co
Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday and Fri
day of this week can return to Hoik lsl
and on the S oil train al excursion rates.
Baria & Babcock, Dentists
No. 1724 Second avenue. Special atten
tion p:iid to saving the it -itur.il teeth ami
inserting tiN'tli without plates.
You can j
at Blake's
;et cut rHW over any rmlroad
ticket office 1SU8 Sce-ond
Great Battle
will he mi cxhiMlion
Corner Second Ave., and Six
teenth street,
iiitdi r a Mammoth Va ilion, comniencinji
and will remain for a few days only.
It is a beautiful painting, -til fe?! in
length and lb' feet in lii-ijjlilh. a
copy of the
Great Original Painting
ol 4
ll appears not as a painting but as na.
lure ilsclf, and the lii;lil of the great
tent gives the tittle villase of llct
lysburg and all the sunound
ing country in
Nature's Ow n Lo-liiiess.
The battle scenes though sad, are sim
ply grand, and portray the valor of our
brave bovsJictter than can ever be told.
Descriptive Lectures will be given every hoar.
Open from 8 a. in to 1J p. m.
Admission 25c. Children 10c.
Immaciilata Conception
Conducted by the
OF TUE 15. V. M.
Offer to young tadU-p crtTV faculty of Bi-yuirin
a morou'j; mimhm mm moral naurauon in
Kteuctioii itre given In Cltw-ioii Mii.lit-A. Miir-tt1,
Painting. Drawing, etc.. -fit c li-t.uit attention i
paid to Home ami Sm-ial Culture
The recitation h'tllp an Inniiftied itli elaiMl-
aru iceograpiiic-itl. historical ami xooteicnl cunrin
and nil other neci-ry nnplmnct ir Die mr
po-eor inelrnclton A Hurary oi uritinint., imti
ical and tnicf lljimxiu work in oon to the oil
nil, wliofte mind are tltuw roiined by a judicious
comvetif readiniir
Ait elinriml four-stonr tiiui(im na neon rccm
lr erecfeJ. modern in all it app-ointatenr., tiior
..ii.ri.iir vuniihii.- in -it ml thmiihout with oteam,
Uiltlte-J Wltn iXftB auu HtllHUItO Willi urn nuu u.iu
wui-r. All the eurroundiutfH conduce to the hiirn-
ent excellence and place Ue Institution among Hit
be! or it kind.
The next session open
Monday, September 6, 188G.
ratslocoefi containing full particular! it.ay be
obtained by aaureiwiug
I.cut Conception At adkmt,
Davenport, Iowa.
Estate of Pbiiatider L. Cable, Deceased.
Th undprftitrned. havin been appointed Ex
ecutrix-of the last will and teatameot of Philander
L; Table, lnte of the county of Rock Ifland, mate
of Illinois, deceased, hereby give notice that she
will appear before tbeotmtT court of Kock Jul
and county, at the office of the clerk of aaid
ftitirt. in the citrof Bock Island, at the ieptenj.
h tmm. on the Third Mondav in September
next, at which time all persons uavlDg claim
against saW estate are notified and requested to
attenu ior me purpose or uavui uie pameaui ni
ed. All persons indebted to said estate are re
quested to maae immediate payment to the Bu-dersia-necT.
Dated this 15th day of July. A.I)., 1886.
july-HJ-d3w Executrix
1626 Second Ave.',
under rock island house.
Wall Paper
Elegant Line
Lowest Prices.
Spring & Cord
Best Kinds,
Very Cheap.
r lxtures.
Curtain Rolls
Large Assort
ment, Rea
sonable, and
Picture Frames; Cord, Wire,
and Nails in great variety,
at prices that can't
be beat.
t3T"No trouble to show soodt?.
It is a losing game,
Own a Farm. Be Indedendent.
In the Garden Spot of tbe World.
We sell the finest Agricultural
Lands at such figures and
on such easy terms that
almost any one who
has ambition t!an
become a
Pkopkkty Holder. Ovr
Leave Rock Island in the evening and
arrive at the lands in
IOWA and
the next morning
Wc ask only
oo per Acre
down, balance in ten yean. Four rail
roads render it impossible to locate
yourself more tian eight miles
fioiu a station.
Tare Refunded
to buyers. Kound trip cheap rate ex
cursion tickets. Write or call on us
for maps and date of next es.
Sc Matthews.
I'ost Office Block,
Telephone No. 1 It'll.
Thi: Aboci her'afierill nublih In this col
umn all a ,T,Ttii-nient'' f L.'Kt, Found. Vor Kent
For Sale. Bo-nt or Kimhii. Wanll. and similar
noticed, hi lh- low rale ot on half a otfit a worit,
acli turnre a. wont, but n.i advertisement lti
tlino leu retilK
m proved Iowa Farm. Security 3 to ft ttweMhe
loan, and inspected in each c;ie. Completed
tanc always on hand for tale. Sizes of loan
$200 to $10,000- Timc ti loans ft years. Only
choictla handled. References and details
;rivcn on application either in person or letter.
11. M. HEM KY, Attorney at Law.
iU Main St.. Pnvcnport. Iowa.
(Ikavel for sale
-uxinc, etc., iinii!? done: bntton hoK-i worked.
For nUuret.,, upi'ly at toie omce. 14-44
Wanted. city rKoPERrr in
' " exchange for western lands. Will receive
jrood rr-'erlv as parr ii.iment forlann
M&IHI.I.. ltllI-.Ut.ALP
jun Itti-dtt -
PontonVe Blorli.
ditions ,o the Hty of Kock Inland on fonr year-
Want genekax agents $25
r ' week abd expenee, or B0 cents on the dot
Ur to wholesale my pood. A rare chance. No
competition, tjtiick sale. Andre
161 m with turnip, Adrian, Mich.
. C
f-l ..
rT S." PC
O Kg
M S o Jil
J -rJ Z "l!
: & -. .,-:.-;.r
Harper House Block.
We desire to call the attention of every one lo our recoil
structed gallery. We have made it the largest and numt
elaborate m this state outside of Chicago, and huye added
to our accessories and working facilities, until now mr stu
dio is as complete in every detail as money and experience
can make. We believe that, if the superior adv:nitars of
our establishment, in both facility ami aluTitv, ver"fiil!v
known to every one, it could not help but favorably" i n 13 il
ence those who, up to this date, have not favoteil u3 wid,
their patronage. We especially desire all such to visit tun
studio, assuring them that a few moments riven to looker
over our gallery and our work will be pleasantly spent ati'.
may prove mutually profitable. In a word, we desire tli
public to satisfy itself, ilmmgh personal observation, of out
superiority over all competitors. To gain litis end thor
oughly and quickly, we shall make
Durino; the ISText 15 Days, Panels
at $3,00 per Dozen,
Just half price. This special offer will close June 7.
N. E. Corner Second Avenue and Eiyhti enlh sln-n
Special offering of Ladies' Muslin Underwear at
IJt'giuning Muiui.iv mnrnin., a new nrriv.il nf Mti.-tin Uudci weir will be
Ithi'xl on siilc as follows.
Drawers beginning hs Low s J-"c- Corset covers Injm'ttnin tis I. tin
Oumitre " " 2.io. Night iln-swa ' i.V.
Skirts hciniiinir hs Lw as 4!i:.
As well as in iHrHt'r grtuh's. Snnm choice liarnins and us the egsorimmi i- n -t
larp, early scln-tiutis are advisable.
STew Oriental Traces,
New choice designs in Orientals, white and cream, thnmces. etc-, will h- Y..r.
Monday Morning.
Press patterns imit lie close J; (hey oflVr
7 Fine India Linen. 12 y.ird L'oiil, faucy emS'roMiTed T'i; former price lo..V
1 Heiue India Linen, V yard goods, and embroidered $ 'J To; former price Jft
6 Zephyrs in blue, pink, etc , embroidered t match for former price 7 "
2 India linen, embroideries to imtlch. for 1.75; former price 50
2 India linen, embroideries to match, fr J?5 25; former price fi.35.
I Itili linen, embroideries to mutch, for $2 75; former pi ice ;!.75.
Ask for Carse Go.'s $3 Shoe,
Button, Btl or Congrts.
For the money ever put in the market.
Try Tikm Axsn v,f, Convixci d
Sold only by
ItiC 2 Second Avenne, Itot k I-luo d
111k, ami If Third Ave..
Moline. Ill .
You Can
Carpets, Oil Cloths, Curtains, Rattan Goods,
Carriages and Draperies,
Kns. K-00 and 150S St'foml Ave., Rock Island.
Also one and two band FRIEZES TO. MATCH. ' 'h b,sl 'l"n'!;i,, '
Ufactnre. aekctcd with great care for
French tjk-s, inclu.line patterns for Wide Kr '-' " i- .."i-
aishtd when desired. Pr'ires moderate nn.l work guar.mt "cil.
ticw Styles of Decorated Window Shades,
Plain Shading, all colors
Shades made
er. - Hew Room Moulding on the
t"0r4CT T"t work early to aeutd Ihe nith.
Rock Island
1 724 Third Avenue.
We stand at the Lead. Fine work a spocblty. L t lies
' - done up to suit the most fastidious. We ate now prepar
' :U ed to receive all work and guarantee satisfaction.
; ; K. T. WATERS, Prop'tr.
ET Work done on ehort notice. Work colleoted and delivered. . ;
nne H tml i'"10;, . r"1"n" f"Vt rn "'
and put up in the m st siitiifarlnr.i m
(V visit ot itispeeiion invi:e.
Steam Laundry,
Mr. Hay, are aura to find a large Held.
addition to Hock island, fa.

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