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TmmsDAT, Jolt 29, 1886.
TIO.V ,r
The Democratic voters of Bock lslnnd county,
are reqaerl tom.t In their respective town-hip-on
Monrtuv, Ausnst 3, ll6, to select dele-
Sstes tnthe Derioiraiic Comity ifinvention lo be
aid at the Court House in Kock Uland, on
Thi'rsdat, Auguat 5, 1886,
at 1 :30 p. m , which is called for selecting reven
delegates to th e Democratic State Conven' ion to
be belt! at Sprinnliela, Thursday, Ana-ast SHlh ;
alfojevia deltsatea to (ha 'om.'rehinriil con
vention to be helii at Monmouth. Tneiday. Si p
temher 14th. and fourteen delegare to the Sena
torial convention to be held at Cambridge, Thum
dav. Stentcmb-r : ami to to nominate candi
datei for fherifl. '"omitjr Juds. Cera. Treasurer
and Supelinteniientof Hchoola. and Transact at'h
other baslneci ai may properly come before the
The representation of said convention wilt be
based upon the democratic vote for president in
1884. and apportioned anions the s -veral
township ant) warilf in the ratio of one dc)-i:sie
for every thirty votes, and one delegare for every
fractional twenty votes and over, as shown by the
ffollowlnr olef -
Andalusia,. ......
Black Hawk
8. Hock Maud. .
Port Hyrou.
Canoe Creek
ftnfNIo Prairie..
Hampton. 11 Ivr
J t
. Moline. lt D t
1 f. Moline. HUM, S5i
. Coal Valley MS1
1 Edirinetuu 1st O ti
S l " I
Molii.e. lt Ward RS
2i " Si " I Hi
31 M ' il'2
1 Rock
4ih " ! :
Mh "1 78"
sV.ndlstW' Vi
-Jit " Ir-r,
" 3d " Ml
4th JO
I I'll 4
Mi i
' Sill " 15
' ti'h
SS: 1
Total vote S.7S0. Total delecntcs, :.
The caucuses in the different townships will be
held at -3 p. m ,aud in ftock Inland and Moline at
ViSfl p. m.
R? order o! the reme'rtie Couritv Committee.
AI'Ul's r lir KwlN'll, Chairman.
Kock Island. July 34. lHXo.
F.I,KVKTII l)t.lltM l. IU
TKIt'T. Democratic Congransional Convention at Hon
moaib. Tuesday, Sept. 14th, 188ts.
The democracy in th'1 several counties in the
Eleventh eontrressioial district are requested to
aend delegates to a convention to lie held at Mon
mouth, Warren county. on
Tuesday, September 14, ISstS,
at 1 o'clock p. m.. for the purpose of nominating
a candidate for 'onress. and to transact such
other business as inav be presented for the con
sideration of the convention.
Tile seversl cnuiili in the congressional dis
trict will be entitled to the fellowiuK representa
tion based np.n the vote c:ist for Cleveland and
Hendricks in 1HS4. as fn.loue:
ClH'NTIK. ; Votes H
kock Island 27S5
ercer l'-t4 4
Henderson 2
Warren 9BW S
Hiirfwk :7 111
VrDonoueh I7 8
Hchnyltr IK !'
"Ton! 1 ....! 41
By order of the Democratic Conirre-slonal Con
mictee, Eleventh district i.r Illinois.
chah. H. Whit,ki;m, Chuirman.
Macoxb. Ills . July . lt-tl
KTlO. The counties of Rock lal;lnd and Henry, com
prising the Twenty-tirst Senatorial liislricr, are
requested to send delegates to a convention to be
held at theCourt House in trie cityof Cambridge.
On Thursday, September 2. vm,
at 1 p. ro... for the pnroose of nominating a candi
date for representative, appotmine, a stnatorial
committee and tr tnae'tiim such other business as
any projierly come, le-fore the convention.
The baisof reiiresentut on will lie one dele ate
foreverytwo hundred v.,tes cat for clevclund
and Heinirick-' in 1SS4. and one del'-trate for every
fraction of one huii.lre I votes, as follows:
Rock Inland county 2.785 voles 14 delegates.
Henry county :,l'7ii " M
T. S. Mi. vis.
EroSF. Lawis.
F. B. Ward.
Rock Island, 111.. Inly 24. l"8i;.
The public has been repeatedly warned
that the cigarette habit is. one which
leads to disastrous results The smoker
of the ui'iDly pipe or cigr, and even the
reckless masticator of tue weed, luok
with contempt upou the unit, who ulleei
the poller cigarette. They flnu't do this
because they feel a sort ot pity fur a per
son who is recklessly injuring ids health,
but sirnplv because tbey r-L'nrd the hn'jit
as peurile. ?o doubt it is II. is feeUu
wtiicli prevents rumy persons in m utiiii:
tobacco iu this form. A receo; iuvesti- j
gator, however, has made analysis of pup-1
ular brands of paper cigarettes,, and has
been rewarded with some startling (lis j
covenes In the manufacture til one of
the best known brands he finds tint val
erian and tincture of opium are used in
large quantities to give the cigarettes
their delicate flavor and well known
soothing propertv.
Sbvriial newspapers of Lhe republican
persuasion are endeavoring to throw a
sop to the prohibitionists by ttrivocutiij?
local option as a substitute for state and
national prohibition. There it no reas
oning wliLli applies to lonal option which
docg not apuly with increased htren'th
to the slate or the nation. If it is right
for a majority of a town or vi!iai.'y to in -toifere
with the personal ibrrly of. the
minority it is equnl'y rig'it for the major
ity of the larger civil division to d tut:
same thiu. As a uutter of fact there
exists no Huch riht. The powers of
government do not txknd to the per
sonal baoitH of the pHopie. If a man pre
fers beer to lemonade lie 1ms a prrfect
riht to indulge his t ittle ho lon us it
does not interfere with the rights of
others, and neilh :r bis near neighbor nor
those at a distance stioula he permuted
lo dictate to birn what he shall or hhall
not eat or drink.
If there is ouu spot in the United
States, observes the St. Louis Republican,
that has been the subject of more repub
lican maledictions than all others, it is
Copiah county, Mississippi, tbe theatre
of the so-called "Copiah massacre" that
once formed so aauuiuary a picture in
republican campaign literature. For
five years it has been presented to the
world in the republican press ns the home
of murderers and ussassiiis, tit only for
universal execration . V'iat will be tbe
surprise of the country, then, to hear tbat
Copiah county has just pronounced for
prohibition, and ranged itself under the
banner of those surpasHiugly virtuous
and amiable person?, the teetotalers. The
campaign, which hay been yoing on for a
month amid great excilemerH, ended in a
vote last Tuesdav, with a majority of
nearly 1,000 in favor of prohibition,
"Citizens, old and youatt, worked faith
fully for the cause," says a dispatch to the
New Orleans Times-Democrat. At
Beauregard, "tbe ladies and children
turned out to Lhe polls" to assist in elec
tioneerinc; one other precinct voted slid
for teetotalism; ad when the returns in
dicated bow the county bad gone, tbe
church bells were rung, and an old south
ern caonon boomed in exultation over
tbe victory
A timely sod tjugscslive article in the
August Atlantic is that on "The Indian
question in Arizona" a topic exhaustive
ly discussed by Robert K.. Evans. In
the course of his article says: v
In reflecting on that lawless and bloody
chaos known as our Indian policy, now
existing over large portion of our
frontier, the unprejudiced observer will
be struck with the fact that the govern
ment and the nation owe themselves, the
Indian and humanity a solemn debt a
debt until now almost entirely unpaid.
If public sentiment has now brought
sufficient pressure to bear to cause the
government to really desire to abondon
its loog-conlinaed practice of applying
ineffectual means to solve a great prob
lem, then it must promptly and vigorous
ly do two things. First-enact an Indian
code, establish Indian courts, and enforce
their judgments by a machinery of law
especially adapted to the peculiar cir
cumstances of the case, becond Uive
the Indians land in severalty and en
courage them to become self-supporting,
independent farmers. It, after allowing
them a fair trial, they will nut work,
then punish them umler the I ml i in code
as vagrants, having no visible means of
Id carrjig out this policy Mr. Evans
suggests the adoption of a feature of the
French law, which permits an offense to
be tried and sentence imposed w ithout
the presence of the offender in court, and
making his punishment depend upon his
subsequent capture. Murder, rape and
arson he would make punishable by
death and all other offences by fine and
imprisonment. Leaving the limits of
the reservation for a long time should be
made a serious misdemtanoi in his opin
ion, and he declares that the public safety
in the west miperatively demands their
W. V. Porter has been confirmed as
lTnit.-d States justice of the supreme court
of Arizona territory.
Mr K. C. Folsom, mother of President
Cleveland's wife, left Jackson, Mich., Tuea
duy evening for Washington.
Andrew Green icolored) who killed a
street car driver, was banged Tuesday at
llenver, Colo., confessing his crime on the
A Logan club was orgauied Tuesday at
Centraha. Ills., the object being to aid in
securing the nomination of Uen. John A.
Logan in ls-li.
Samuel Fnlham's shingle-mill at Oowen,
vi;ih., with 40,uIU,tlirO shingles, was burned
MO i lay. the loss is iUO.UtX), with f lou,
tAli insurance,
.iohn CardweU, under sentonce of death
at WilkesborougrL, '. C, for assaulting his
(iaui;nter, was rescued Monday morning by
friends, who raided Iba jaiL
Jack Lernjsey, the famous pugilist, and
Miss HaRgie l.ruuy were married Tuesday
at I ortiand, Urn Dempsey retires from
the ring, and will embark in business at
Tuesday, at New Albany, InX, Professor
J. U. Strauuk killed Charles Hoover and se
riausiy wounded his lather, Ilr. Hoover.
owia; to an alleged fainilianty of young
lioover and Sirs. Strauuk.
At Louisville, Tuesday, John Koehler
killed John Carter and mortally wounded
Peter Haupt, whom he found in his wife's
housj. Koehler had left his wife on account
ot her alleged intimacy with Haupt.
In a quarrel at Washington Monday night
aoout an umbrella, I nomas L arter, a oegro.
aged 'Ah stabbed and killed Jaiues Holmes
ico.ore.il. who insisted on borrowing the
article against the wishes of the owner.
A commission has been appointed to nego
tiate with certain liidiau tribes in the state
ot Minnesota and "in Montana, Dakota,
Wasoinglon, and Idaho territories for the
reduction of extsting reservations and for
the settlement of ottier lani mattera
To a woman at Newport, Ky.,wno named
ber little daughter "Prankie Cleveland
VV inter," the wife of the president writes
"not to call the bubs 1 rankle, but Frances
cr Frank." Mrs. Cleveland states she is
never called Frankie, and that she dislikes
the nume very uiu.'b.
The running race fur double t.'uim at
Cleveland, 'iuesday, for $.srij and the
world's championship, ,was won by Mme.
Marantullc s Aiuj. Hanks ani Evergreen,
de. eating C. 3. Pierce Oscar W tide and
Lilly .May, in 1:4 4, lowering the record
: two seconds.
in a mine-breach near liarruy's station,
Pa. , .Monday uiht, Jimmy tullivau and
Mues McGui k louut t--u rounds, Mcurk
being then knocued ou:. Lumps banging
round the side ot the cavern lent illumina
tion for the conflict, during vhicb both men
were terribly beaten.
The league clubs only played one game
Tue.-dny, .New York beating Washington r?
U 1 ut Washington City. American as
sociation At Br.io.jly n Cincinnati
Iiruo.lyu :u. ;tt New or.i Metropolitan 8,
Pilt.iiijrg 1, at i'.aitunore St. Louis -,
iiaitimore 4. tuber guinea presented by
i aiu.
A Tramp 1'rmlrr Who Want the I nited
State to Fight for Him.
New Yoks, July Lft The World's Toledo
special says tbat Cutting, the Paso del
,oi to editor who wants to nave tbe I nited
flutes light Mexico un his account, has a
bacfrrecord. lie deserted from the army,
abunjoned his wife at Nabviiie, married
young IttJy at Toledo iu Jx,; without in
forming her that he was already married;
was thereupon di harmed from thd paer
on wLii-h tie was a (muter, tojn drink,
iju:ireled with M J. i.uright, candidate
lor ( onreas, un i tried to about aim aid
t ed lrotn towu to avotd arrest, deserting
his Hiie and child, if there is a war, there
will be few volunteeri from Toledo.
A Morristown, ... J., special to the same
papers says that John K Lord of that place
Knew Cutting at lui I'ao, and says he was
a tramp printer, a dead beat, and an ad
Vermont Omrlmltlr In Danger.
Washington Cut, July It is stated
thai the conduct of tae Vermont omcthoJd
erg who took mi 'to un active part in tbe re
cent 1 emovi Jitic stale convention Las been
inloi niully brought to the attention of the
piivnient by soiue of the linxton civu serv
im iflm-mer. Iu tbat event tbe president
will bivette cburgeM investigated, and it
he is c n vinced that the recent order
uuitiL.t oil' -u.ii ve pHrtiandiip hus beeu vio-iiiu-tl
ite will remove the otfemlers sumtnaT'
ily, us lie wnuld rather like to have an op
portunity of shutting tbat he meant just
tthut be said.
l'ui tlonttil liyllitt TrfHiUfUl.
ti.M.VEsTiPX, Tex., July '.ft A .wcia! vo
Tue .Vi'ws from tao Antoulo says: "CoL
?sttlxin i'lntu, furiuerly cullector of customs
at ( oiiuh Ciiriti, wuo was convicted ani
Beutt'iit-etl to two y,'nrd iu tue penitentiury
lor eiul.. Ivment wbiie in ollice, Tuesduy
nilit it'CHiveia teiejrram from tVnshingtou
buuouu ing his parJou Ly Ike presidunt.
1'lalu wuut wiien iin rjceiveU tba UUpaicu. "
Kiiittiu strikvn Ai-irn wd.
llAzi.r.TiiK, la., July 'St. Hix of tbo
riotous strikers at Delano were arrested and
broiigiii bere in irons Tupiday. Tn-o of
tueiii me cbiffs of an Auarcbfet Wud cen
ter. it is thouut tltat tuere wilt be no
moru tiouble.
Mr. Asa B. Rowley, druggist, was in
duced to try eome of the Papilon catarrh
cure by 'his customers, after acvcral phy
sicians predicted lie would soon have
consumption from an aggravated case of
catarrh. He shjs; "The result was un
precedented. I commenced to get well
after the 'first application,' and am now,
after few. weeks, entirely cured." Papil
lon (extract of flax) catarrh cure will do
all that is claimed for it. Large bottles $1
for sale at drug stores. Sold by II. II.
Interest Ins Figure from Consul Wood
n the Subject Further Conference
Or Jered by the Sen at on the KtTe
and Harbor Hill DlnK n the Hoom
Capital Motes.
Washington City, July 21. A. B. Wood.
consul at i'undee, Scotland, writes to the
state department a very interesting report,
wuii-h U published ia the June reports bear
ing ou the in uresis beld by foreign, and
especially Knglihh corpomtions in Ameri
can investments His stateoients regarding
foreign investment in the land and cattle
business in this country are especially in
teresting at this time in view ot agitation
throughout the country and in congress
hostile to alien acv(uii-ement of public land
Mr. ood says that the nnt cattfo and land
company formed in the Lmted Kingdom
for operations in the I ntted .States was the
frairie Cattl company of Ediuburgh, eKtab
limbed in lU. The success of this com
pany was so great that the formation of
other companies of the same kind was
very rapid, and Dundee became soon inter
ested in the Texas Land and Cattle com
liany, the Matador, anil the Hunafor Land
and Cuttle company ; also in the Arkansas
allev Lund and Cattle company, the l'ow-
der Itiver Cattle company, and at fcldin-
buiir the following coninaniea were formed:
The Caiifoinia 1'astoral and Agricultuml
company; the Missouri I,ant and Live
Stock compimy; Montana Sheep and Cattle
company ; I rmne Cattle company, and the
iSwan Laud Cattle company. A summary
of the statistic of ist shows the foilowin
facts regarding the land held, capital m-
Testei, etc., by these companies:
T"tal otpiUl hivrstrtl (MOt)Ut) l,"M.'N
Tolsl nuuititT ofiMlllt; . tt,'.Ol:i
Tutal tli i rs in lNv i tn.,3!'J
Ttiiaimrif Uvld liy thi coinn mies :
Le:.s il .4.v.;
(U ft'i) y.tllri.Ni
Averittje vnlualion of heril (iMiils jn
cu.k'tli The average coet of the land to these com
panies was $.4'J per acre, and the average
rental ol teased lands is about cents per
acre, loo average dividends of these com
panies in were S 4-10 per cent; iu 1M,
0 1- U per cent and iu 18v5, 4 U- I per
Mr. "Wood says there ii no trustworthy
data to show the amount of laud held by
foreign mining companies The Clarendon
Land and Investment Agency company
have H,OUu arret, in Texas in fee, and hold
JS,T0 acr-s under lease. They have also
'JO.tKtt acres fenced in. The British Amer
ican 1-and company have upward of WJ.OOJ
aires. The Kast h'lorida Land and'roiluce
comjtany have .,fKj acres of fai auag land
in rlonda. J'he Florida Land and Mort
gage company have "J,;XK),000 acres in Flor
ida. The lmh-American Coloniution
company owns IS, V' acres in Murray
county, Miune.ota. The Santa Fo Land
company owns i,:;iH),i.W in the county of
Sattta l e, .Nw lexu-o. The North Auier
can Ijtud and Timler company own a lurge
tract in Louisiana. It is estitnated that
these companies hold alto
I nited States the follow iur.
retber ill the
( 'win 4.
Ou the i;iver anil Harbor Llill-The Work
in Senate mitt Hoiitf.
Vasimgton Citv, July 'Jli. Tbe senate
remained in executive session alt Tuesday
Ktiernoon. A large number of contirma
tioub in unobjected cas were mr.ie while
tue nomination ot (.'ltnton iios tte, to be
postmaster at IeKalb, liia, wa rejected.
Koctte at the tune of lien. Grant's detoat
in wrote an article violently attacking
the general. an4 this beat bis continuation.
Wednesday McMillan reported that the
conference commuted on tue river and har
bor bill were unabte to agree, iu that con
nection the cba.it laid before tbe senate a
message troai the houe to tbo eitect tbat
its conferees had be n instructed to insist
ou striking from the bill the items as to the
i'o; tage Lake and iake Superior Ship
canal: tbe Lake Michigan and Henne-.an
canal, the Sturgeon bay and l.ake Michigan
bbip canal, tbe Mississippi nver
improrements and the l'otomac river im
provemenLs. McMillan questioned the jiar-uau-eblary
riht ot tbe lioue to give taese
i us ructions and remove the conterence
Iroiu beiug "a lull an 1 free conterence-"
tie said Lhe senate coulen-es, however, had
concluded to "waive' tbat question as tbe
estiuu was so uear its clode, and as the in
terets ot the country required action on
tbe bill. He tbeaetore moved that the
senate insist ou its disagreements, and agree
to the conterence asked by the houe.
A long and spirited achate ensued, the
tenor ol which showed tbat tbe senators did
not deem it .roper for the house ot repre
sentatives to ask for "a full and fiee con
ference,1 after binding iu con feres band
and toot Finally Allison o tiered a resolu
tion that tbe senate refuse to acceed to the
request of the bouse lor a further conference
roup ed as it is, with instructions to
the house conlerees in regard to certain
items, ingalls said he should regard the
resolution o.lered by Allison ns a summary
aud tinal deposition of the bill Allison
linuliy withdrew bis resolution and tbe sen
ate adopted another resolution insisting ou
iu amendment and agreeing to a further
conference, and Messrs. McMiliau, Conger
aud ltaitsom were reappointed conferees.
'ihe lort ib cation appropriation bill wae
then taken up tor eouaideraliuu.
AVashim.ton City, July 'JO. Tbe house i
Tuesday agreed to Hiacock's resolution !
itnkiu out of tbe river and harbor bill
the Hennte amendments for Mississippi
river improvemeut fictu tbe Ohio to tbe
head of the passes. Tbe Northern i'acitic
01 fi'iture bill was passed, after subitituiing
the house hill tor that of the euate, and
tbe tenate inUT-Mate commerce bill was
taken up in the motion to substitute tbu
houBO bill (or that also. Pending consider
ation tbe houste adjourned.
VV'eduesdny O'Neill of Pennsylvania
made a personal explanation to tbe effect
that Keagau, after having agreed in com
mittee that be would not call up again dur
ing tbe eemion the inter-state commerce
bill, hod done so Tuesday, and thereby put
him (O'Neill, in an embarrassing position
be having told a number of members of
the house tbat tbe bill would not come up
until next session, borne little debate en
sued, during which Reagan said he was
urged to take the action be did by many
memlKTs, and the matter was dropped.
Itolinan tubuiitted a conference report on
tho legislative appropriation bill reporting
a subHtantial agreement on all matters ex
cel ting the item for tbe payment of Bena
torV ciorks. L'on this item Holmao said
tbe senate was tirni. Me moved that th e
house recede from its disagreement to the
amendment. After a spirited de
bate the motion was agreed to and a fur
ther conference was ordered.
Tbe house tbeu went into committee of
the whole on tbe sonata amendments to the
sundry civil appropriation bilL The
recommendation of the committee on ap
propriations wtre agreed to, until tbe silvor
certificate clause was reached, when Bland
of Missouri oflered an amendment provid
ing tbat the certificate:! Bhalt be issued on
all the standard silver dollars in the treas
ury and paid out on the expenditures and
obligations of the government, and when
reeeived iu tlie treasury shall be reissued.
Bland's amendment was rejected, and tbe
clause as amended by the committee on ap
propriations was agreed to.
tiiveii to the Public,
Washington City. July ay. The in
junction of secrecy has been removed from
senate committee reitorte on the nomina
tions of Kobert Black, collector of internal
revenue of tbe First district of New York;
John A. bum van, collector of internal rev
enue of the Second district of New York
John Finn, postmaster at Winneshiek,
Iowa ; and ou the changes of postmasters at
Brownsville. Mo., Higginsvie, Ma, and
Bt. Louis, Ma The several reports
maintain tbat the charges were
made upon partisan grounds, and for tbe
purpose of giving place to Democrats. Tbe
on the removal of Postmaster Wells
at tit Louis is very lengthy, embracing the
statement made by a commission of poet
office inspectors designated to examine into
the condition of the office. The report con'
eludes as follows: "The service of tbeoflioo
ddring Mr. Well's administration has been
efficient; his account correct, and the only
faults found with him are those which ap
peal to the noblest sentiment ot manhood."
Cutillrnieil by the Senate.
Washington Citv, July a). The senate
in executive session Monday confirmed the
following nominations of postmasters: Illi
nois E. MeClung, Fairfield; (J. W. An
drews, Murpheysburg; A- Knyder, Areola.
Minnesota D. ii. Clary, Jsloepy Jye. In
diana W. Hb Armstrong, Koitomo; J. K
McDonald, Ligonier; J. b. Ruger, I-afay-
ette; W. Huber, Lawrencebttrg. Michigan
F. Chapman, rentox V isconsin &. L.
Harknesa, Berlin. Iowa J. 1L VallU-nk,
Mt Pleasant; T. Bowman, Council Bluffs;
l. W. Flowers, Newton; i fci lieardsley,
Unnnell; J. Fin,j7 lecorah.
Ite -elvers of public moneys J. J. Hoge,
Kooneville, Mo.: 1. W. liutchinson, liis-
mark, D. T. ; O. F. MacOonald, tit. Cloud,
Mina; I). K McDermott, Benson, Minn.; is.
!i Smith, Devils Lake, D. T. Collector of
internal revenue (x. M Davis, Fourth dis
trict of Michigan,
Nominations Sent in.
Washington Citv. July The
dent sent to the senate We Inesdiy th-i fol
lowing nominations: Alvey A Adee of
the District of Columbia. now third assistant
ant secretary of wtate to lw seonwSissist
secretary of state, vice William Hunter,
deceased; John B. Moore, of Delaware, to
La third asnijtant secretary of stnte; K.
Spencer I'ratt, oi' AlaUima, to ba minister
resident and consul general of the I nited
States to rersia, vice rrederick H. in-
ston resisued; (ieorge E. IorenA,. postmas
ter aVToledo, Ohio; Llmer A. Howard, of
Fairtleld, Iowa, to W agent for llw Indians
of the J'iaia Hgemy in Ari.ona.
Continued to Next SeMion.
AVAsmmiTOS Citv, July St. The senate
committee investigating the charges of par
tisan management of the pension oil ice un
der Col. Dudley, in the absence of Commis
sioner Black, the witness unier examination,
agreed upon a resolution Wednesday morn
ing continuing the investigation to the next
sossion of t oagress, and authorizing a sub
committee to lt during the summer vucatiof:
and examine witnesei
The N;ival Increase Hill.
WAsHiX iTi'?' City, Jay IK The sen
ate naval appropriations committee
Wednesday decided to report favorably the
ir at increase bill with a proviso that none
orthe money appropr.aied hall Im ex
truded abroad.
HrHvr !lii-ai lilitre.
Chicago, July '.. Ihe harles W. Al
len company, manufacturing ping, fine cut,
and smoking tobaccos, at the northwest cor
ner of Canal and Monroe streeU. surprised
the business community by failing in busi
ness. The establishment, winch is one of
the most extensive in the west, was closed
by Deputy Sheriff I
liabilities are est in
ibran.it Tuesday. The
laied at liri.o 'ii, and
Mr. Allen says the 1;
isse?ts will cover Ihem.
Mr. Alion come hek
and has done an
o with excellent credit
extAiiisive business, the
yearly sales reaching ?1,.khi,(U
1 ho com
uilt te as
any had 4(u cuiptcye. who
much surpi isel at flue su-Uea turn in all air
Hh the tiusiness comuiuuitv.
Short on Kear Admiral.
New YivK. Ju'y JS. Tho Tribune says
that l ommo lore iv L. 1 rame has been se
lected by .-ecretary Wnitney to command
the outb Atlantic sjua lron. As there r.re
nvt enough rear admirals to command all
the squadron, a commandant had to Ik se
lected from the list of commodores, and
there was mm h strit among oilicers of that
grade to secure Itne pri e. Commodoi-e
braine leaves for :io .liiiieiro Sept. lie
is -'. years old, and is at present president
ot tbe Utard of insiuctors of merchant vm
els in New ork-
The K ce Trai-k.
Saratooa, July -V. The races Whines
day resulted: First race.purse $ uHi,i'or : y ar
oids, I miie; freciosa won, r'anaum sxud.
Kfkman thirl; time, i ;4. econd race,
pur-$i U agss. 1' mi es; Frank i B.
won, issie eecon I, Saltpetre third, time,
i t.', 'lhird race, pure . o, 1 mile and 70
yauls, all ages; Swift won, I Himatum ec
ond, MrtV Lady third; time, 1: ' Fourth
r.Hce, gi'ibng purse O i, all i:ge-i, 4 mile.
Little Minnie won, I rani; Ward second,
li.-ti:o third; time, 1
Another thwincr d.
MoNCTON, X Is , July 'A report is
circulating here that tne American schoner
N. J. Miller, Capt. lict:son, whirh arrivetJ
off Hopewell i ape on Tburs iay last, was
seized ty tbe authorities tor an alleged in-
f i action of the custom laws, i he c:iptair.
is cliargeil by outsi ie iarties wiib bawn.
muscled a ouautity or wal paper purchased
in JmisIou into Canadian t-ort. VVbeti tbe
scbooiifi" wa wurebed liOtbing a- fouail,
She was tormally seiid, houtvr iiud
placed under guard.
The Idjiltilititt Amoinit ti I.oo4t,ooo.
New York, July The l.jrg-r ti 1
best known cbemical niamuectu; tng i,rin in
Brooklyn, Martin KalbfJ'i.ii-b s sons,
gooe into tbe hand of William Iirvk!M, a
.New York merchant, of 45 UiiiF street, who
was appointed re"eiver, and who is one of
the heaviest creditors. The liabilities nre
given at $1,0Jd,Udt, and tho assets at l,.VHl,
UUil. There was a lack of harmony among
tbe members of tba firm as to the conduct
of the business.
Mac'kay4 Irish Miner I'ml htlii.
New Yokk, July ill. Four hundred
Irish t'atholic miners of Idaho Springs,
Coin., have petitioned John W. Mackay to
remove T. F. OHhiston, the manager of tbe
mining tamp there, Wcsu.-e, es alleged, he
will employ no Irish in tbe min Osbis
1011 is a CorntbmiuL
Ely's Ckea Balm was recommended
to me by my druggist as a preventive to
Hhv r tver. Have bct n usinij it as direct
ed since the 'Jth of August and have
found it a specific for that much dreaded
and loathsome disease. For ten years or
more I have been a great, sufferer each
year, from August 9th til! frost, and have
tried muny alleged remedies for its cure,
but Elys Crenm Balm is the only preven
tive I have ever found. Hay Fever suffer
ers ouht to know of its ttticary.
F. 15. AlxswoKTil,
Of F. B. Aimmvohth & Co., Pub
lishers, Indianapolis, Ind.
Senator Sawyer discards his vest in
warm weather, preferring comfort to
In tiie pursuit of the good things of
his world we anticipate too much; we
eat out the heart and sweetness of world
ly pleasures by delightful forethought of
them. The results obtained from the use
of Dr. Jones' Red Clover Tonic far exceed
all claims. It cures dvspepsm, and all
stomach, liver, kidney and bladder
troubles. It is a perfect louic, appetizer,
blood purifier, a sure cure for ague aud
malarial diseases. Price. 50 ceuts, of
HpaiD will try to sell $60,000,000 worth
of forests and build a navy with the
Hay revar.
I can recommend Ely's Cream Balm for
Rose Cold and Ilay Fever. I have beeu
a great sufferer from these complaints
and have used it- I have recommended
it to many of my friends for Catarrh, and
in all cases where they have used the
Balm freely Ihey have been cured. T.
Kennedy, dry goods merchant, Ithaca,
N. Y,
The Maoris of New Zealand are re
duced to less tbaa 45,000, and will soon
become extinct
The warm weather often has a depres
sing and debilitating effect. Hood's
Sarsaparrilla overcomes all languor and
Harry Hill man Says He Saw Spies Light
the Homb and Hand It to Hthnaubelt,
Who Cat It Into the Hunks or the
- Police Other Testimony.
Chicago, July 2a -The most sensational
testimony yet given in tbo trial of the An
archists was that given by 51. 4L Thonip
son, an employe of Marshall Field & Co.,
Tuesday, lie said he was at the ilay
market meeting and while there saw tipiea
and Schwab and a third man whom he did
not know, go into an adjacent alley where
Spies gave to the third mun something
which tbe latter put into his right hand
coat pocket Thompson could not st what
it Spies gave the unknown, but heard
Spies ask Sthab: -Do you think one will
be enough? Miiad we not ietter go and get
four)" A Iso at another point he heard
Schwab say: "When they come we'll give
it to them;"' and heard Spies reply, "I don't
think they'll bother us; they're too much
afraid." All three then went to the wagon,
from which tho speakers addressed the
Mr. Cirinnell then banded Thompson a
photograph and asked him if be recognized
it 'Ihompson examined it care iu lly aud
slowly and emphatically said it was a pict
ure of the third nutu in the alley that night
The photograph was one of Sclmautieit,
who was arretted shortly alter the not aud
baited out, but who forfeited his bond and
can not lie found. He U txdieved to be the
bomb thrower. On criws examination the
witness stood firmly by his u-sinrny. The
defense say they can pioe tint Spies and
Schwab always talked ugdh?r in (erm;in,
whereas Thompson said titey talked English
while converging in th- a;iy-
Wednesdar morning Ang-t H.-un, a
printer in the employ of Wt hrer V llans,
corner of Market and Kan iotph Erects. wa&
the first witness. Jle testified that he set
up the ciicnlar which conwnel the May
market meeting. richer wrote the tier
mm part of the circular m witness' sight.
on a d-sk in bis ntlice. l he bottom line
reatis: "Workingmen. arm yourselves and
come in full for e.''
Ullicer M. H. Siaik, bMitied to tin img
dynamite in The AHeit;r Zeitung oili-je on
on May - Neet told him it was the stulT
they had for cleaning type. Hugh Huene,
an Inter Ocean reporter, ga-. e a detailed ac
count of his interviews with Fieldeii, Spies
and Schwab in the Central station on the
night ot the dh of May.
harry L. HiUturtn, a painter, doing busi
ness at oO North Ann street, gave most sen
sat ion al testimony, lie went to the Hay
market ou the utght of May 4 about 10
o'clock. He was on bit way home, but SLe-
ing the crowd at De-pL-unes street and the
Haymarket, went to learu the cause. He
went to the alleyway near besjdaines street
and stood lose to a lamp u th- at Bide
of a wagon.
' What diil you see.'" asked Mr. Cnnuell.
'I aw a gentleman name 1 t-ieldeu. Ho
was t-peakiu;. i sltp; in, E,ie aileT
south of the wagon. at;d w.i there but s
lew moments when I saw some ptrtiesin
converation. After a nioiuei.t or two a
man got oil the wagon and came toward
the group in convr-ation. 1 bry were
stau'iing on tbe souls hide of ttioalliy. ile
struck a match and toticbel o.i s-methuig
witii it and biud.d it to anoihr m in.
The obio t which he bndei to tne other
resMtuble l a tin mn. In lighting it the
mau tom'hei oil' mtdhing atta-.-bet t it
and it si. .le i Tin? mn to w hom tie ob
jeel wa given looi t.vt or thu-e j-tejis aud
cast it tutu the tr.
Tbe witness was thtn hmded a pay
graph and asked if tht wavthe man.
" t'liat ift th'J man wh t'irev; the U.iub
out o:' the alley-way, " sii I the witness.
The pbotogiaph w is that of Sebnaulelt.
"Now you av somehotv caa'.e from the
waou and lih-ei tlie iu-'. Iescnle Ci;i
man or say ii he is one ot tti- dofmdaiits.
"That is the man n.;bt theiv, ' p.Miitir.
to August Spie
"Ibd you see any ether of the i.e.'endan!
in th group in the a.t- way at that time
u 'e-; tb.it man," m;nt.ng to : i her.
-Vhat did they do iklter th bomb r jc
ploled:'' "They iniuiediateiy left th j aKt-y,"
The witness said tbe tiring bt j.au a o3n
a t, the baoib was exploded.
l)i..ilroti Viri. Ilu:
ClIKM'A, ills.. July "J'.'. SnyJr's bl'cUs,
Ino of the iinut ii:l iuiueab buildiu.
Ibe cily,
Lamed lo tUo ground at au
arlv hour Wednesday morning. Tho lire
taricd ot ii Jo 'iuesuay uiht iu the rooi
of i'. Ji. jrin'.tHC.;'s ciotuin store, in tbe
oid Luiidin:. There i no water litre, and
:orti:ua:'ly b-it htilo wind, or tiie wiiulw
town intent have frtile.i. Tht iuss-.'s amount
to titiont s-HiOjO.jc, pariia.Iy covered by in
Muranco. The btiMtiens hou.e.-s burned out
ur 1'. K iro-bci.k. W" ilium Gayma.11,
Ki oceries, Joan ii, VVeiutiiisn, hard
ware; Buir.iii .v iiaiiinier, agricul
tural lnipJeuu'iits; J. S Kt'lly A:
U, the Fanner's l-ank: .1. K. Uebl, drus-
girt, and lhe uiavcun hail. Iho losst's and
urauce so tar a a-c najnablc, are: Oebl,
iiisur;iiR-e i-J,. iK'; siaym;m. $.',": Hi;
uui autv, o v t-'Qlinat:, : -,wi; in-
suratice, -ru hx, 5-.o,o.(o; insur
ance, t-i, !. hruiiiui a l l.-adciiger Pl.C'D.
insurance "'!''; tiie Mtsanic lodhe l,-'.),
isuran e "ihe creditjrs of John li.
.Snyder owned tbi: ii'iucipal huiiiings
burned, aiii S. W. tiiil- y, o: l ouiwi! Mulls,
the others. Tne ioHe ou th-: bmluiiig.-. will
Lring tue total uj to ilit- sum naiue i. The
Exchange hotel, Baiua fa b;- k, and tbe
freight dt'i'wfc wrL hiv.i by t-p.Hd.it but wre
Only a rat tu ;l .iuKi-.
Ni;v o:ik. July - -Fringe LevpijMo, of
Ura.il, an 1 hts par; v ii vu ha 1 cvu-.iiisriii'lo
lUSiUk UboUl ill'-'
.v t ti'-iu u ; v. ith a
i ant ..lotii iy itibi.
11 ,k K) ot a very
"i'u wirt 'i ii al-
boiuti on th ; iva i ;
It wa-4 viiipnliv a t-r
leeJ tuiuii, n-. if ii .y n ' ' hs'-.t
Ututil fi oiu t i.i Je:.cnpi Kii jiivti liy t'.i
two iii-Mi li jii. it, was awM wak'i'
bottle lilit-1 wiiu .l.-tri biut;tm-a.
Kvi:i if n an e.-pi-j-iw ;t uas iiUieJ in
sit' h a position tniit it ' oii'.l I jvh iuhhv no
pat tiiulnr bai ra I woiK-t t :; t a
laih d to look for tlio 'pkvr
Voiit Ue-n.t .... to' " l..oU."
Akkon, OhK July WotL at li-uti
near Akron Veilii' b'l!iy oa tno uio rail
way, which bns l'r thr years ImM tuik-'il
attout a tb "unM:nj link in the l.niMtnor
A. t'bio fyhtem. it it iini'-tv no ituies toi:s,
running fruin AUtou to Tttitn, instoa! of to
Chicago Junction, as at lir-tt j tuooNf i. At
iftin th roatl will h.ive th h ivuutne ol
many connections, vt
ut Vbitujv Jtiticttou
liicli il wi.-utj not have
hiirit..l Auajr bv 11. I'ii.'litls.
t'HAHiuTTK, N. r., July 'i Johaeard-
wHt wbu was tt. have lert banned July
SO, lor assaul'inn bi ...au l.lr. was rescued
from jail Mouisy au 1 putled away ly a
crjob cf Mi irienda
I). A. Bradford, wholesale piKr di'iilcr
of Chaltanooga. Tunri.. ri!es, that lie
was seriously alllicted wilh a severe eold
that settled on bis lurizs; had tried many
remedies without oenetit. Beirjo induced
to try Dr. King's New Discovery for con
sumption, did so and was entirely cured
hy the use of a few bottles. Since which
time he has used it in his family fur all
coughs and coids with best results. This
is the experience of thousands whose lives
have been saved by this wonderful dis
covery. Trial bottles free at HarU &
Bahnsen, drug store.
The mean depth of Lake Michigan is
690 feet.
The greatest medical wondcrof the world
Warranted to speedily cure burns, bruises,
cuts, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, can
cers, piles, chilblains, corns, tetter, chap
ped bauds, ana all asm erupitf ns, guaran
teed to cure m every lnsian.-f , or money
refunded. 25 cents per box I For s&le by
Hartz A K&nnsen
Hsrrons De bilitated Hen.
You are allowed a free, trial of thirty
days of the use of Ir. Iyc8 Celebrated
Voltaic Belt witb Electric SuseDSory
Appliances, for the speedy relief and per
manent cure of Nervous Debility, loss of
Vitality and Manhood, and all kindred
troubles . Also, for many otber diseases.
Complete restoration to health, vigor and
manbood guarauteed. No risk is incurred,
Illustrated pamphlet, with full informa
tion, terms, etc., mailed free by address'
ing Voltaic Belt Co., Marslmll, Mich.
deod & w.
The newspapers at New Haven, Conn.,
that last year reduced their price from
three cents to two cents per copv, have
gone back lo their old price.
Testimony of the Late Chief Justice.
T have used iSimmon's Liver Hecula-
tor for constipation caused by a tempor
ary derangement of the liver, and always
with decided benefit. It is a uuod med
icine for the derangements of the liver.
such has been my personal experience in
the use of it. Hi h am Wahneh, Chief
Justice of Georgia."
California farmers are raising foxes for
their pets.
Who of us are withoui trouble be thev
small or large? The blcssiniis of health
are best appreciated when we are sick
and in pain. A hacking cough, a severe
Gold, or any throat or hint,' disea&c are
very troublesome; but all ot these may lie
quickly and permanently cured by l)r.
ljio;eIm s Cure. Sufe and pleasant for
children. Trice 50 cents.
Absolutely Pure.
Thif n-twd.T n-viT viinr. A
tri'UL'iii and wludf"Hi-jH-c-':
lutn t:u' or Itn-iry kiii'l-. 4iil i
Harvrl of J-tirilT
iiiin' t'coiiomica
nnot he mtl t
f low tc-t, nhori
1 iii'ilti l lit"
it slum r iih.w'ii
ale -iK'l( r.
N't'if nr,( y .
Immacnlate Conception
ro!it!iicii-il hy ilu
OF TilK II. V. M.
111 I.jiII- s vrvrv far;i!;T nf icqiirind
rial" .Mi-mtl ami M.r;l Klnr:iiiun liv
M'-iuiH'ti- .ire ziwn ia t'tap-ic ii M ml Mu-ii .
INiminL. Drawing. vc. ai A I'Ui.-'.in! ail'-utimi 1
Kid to ll'inif :uuJ S.ci;it t' .llurr.
T!ir n'Citaiif'n b:tlt! art fnrnihcd with -tavl-ar.l
fi' r.-r.ti'hi-liirtoricJl ami tk'Iol'icjiI ("hart-:,
jiut iiii tiittt-r jtpi c-i-ary .i'iltanre- tor jmr
jut i nf in-ilrm li'ii A liorary of i i:i.ti'ir, t
icil .in ! iP.ic-lI.nit'onc workf if upt-n to Ttu pn
w!i.?o uiindf art- tlius n fiiH-il by a juiiu iim
tt'urrt' of rt-Hihtt.
An clviMnt fi-'ir-i-twrv bmlJiot; li.ts ln-vn rir-n!-
iy tTt-ito 1. moiler.. in a I atm.'iimnrntti, tiior
uut'liiy vi'iiUlattil. tn-Hii;i iltr.snrtioul with ptoiiin.
liudli'.l Hith it and 1 tf! if.t viiti hot and tol.i
waUT. All tin -.irro iiuh'iL?- loiuiu. t to tlie
fr-t tscclifin'c aud i!ai:o iW iu-Uia.inn :ia'Hi; tin
ii. -t vf it.-- kitul.
Tin.1 urxt ttioii opt'iif.
Monday, September 0, 18S0.
""(iUl''jut-- cniitainiit; full lurticulJrw n..iv W
iibi.tim-d Iiy addrv8iii
lavt-niort, I"a.
iChiii-UTeii yth, I.,
. o! 111!mi'.1
l.'-! ti'.m 1 A. . lo .V
I rv'TO tu
:et3rs allotroi cs SopctUa &t tie -ate a
1 ter test. ? Asatc
Deposits rdrc:ved in anion r.tfio; 1
and Upwards.
Tht- nrlvotc trotiertvof tli-J Tra?teB 1p rostHju
s'Meiolhedei oHtorp. The ottcerare nrohlbttoe
rom hrriwm" any oi it nrntiey. Miror niitf
ct:.rrled wunc;. i'roU'Clet! hy special Uw.
OrFicBBii:--f.W, Wustcioot, tTefMcttt :.Itn
Jc n, Vite FreioVw ; C. F. Hkbs?w&y. a?hUT
TKt.bTsi:-W. Wheeiock, Tarter t'kiniifit
O 'V.LM'M. Nelnon 'hcitT. U W.C'sndw.C
r (irani?;. A. S. Wriiffct, K. Ueninwfty. Johi
a-N--1..!. M. Clirlny. it. H. SKirtdarrt.
tThco1ycliftfri Savir.f Bank in Kocfc
('my Hall SrAitiv, Nr.w Yii;k.
tij'tHii-ic City Hall and th? r;icto3lfe.
This Hotel i-one of the mot eorplvte il ft-up
po n;nii-nTi and furniture of ant ihm b iu New
York city, and i1 conducted on the
only One Iol!ar ! tl y Half min
rteV wi k fnra liroowlyn hnrf-;..! a I id Elevated It.
It. All linen t'a-" the d'ir. M.1 ow Lvii'-nt
iM'lel in New Y'rk tw nierehinl lo -top a'. h it
im; io-nis, ciifcs and 1'ineh connter replete with
all lhe limine, at intle"aie prii;e.i. ju "17-dwly
11 Pi!
'f t'tire without Medicine.
S I'ateuH d IKt. Hi, lr7
ft On hox ill euro el
id mo t otUuale cato in
lour davp or le:
8! I IK'Q Soluble
MILAN d Medicutod
No ns'tRHi 1om of cii.H-lit.. ropiiiha or oil of
(aiKiaiwm1 Unit am crlain to jirodur ovpM'ai
1'V l.;lri'vinL. thf ((latjUL'i -if tttc f-touiiirh. I'l-ici-'
i ho!l Uy all inii;i:iit or niailrd im rfeM
l .in r-ceu'.
.if pricr. For furttiiT oarticdarii n'tiii
for I'lrcnSar: 1 ' Koi ir.iH
vO.r tti Jolm t.t Xorfc.
Pennyroyal Pills.
Safe and always reHahle, He war of -tortritt
imitations; Iiiaiiu-usahle forLADlKS. Atkour
Urtiirs-ft for t "Hie 11 ktk k'i Exulikh" bii-I tnko
no other, or itiehw 4r. tulatnp-J to Ue for parttc
ular? in Utvr hy reiimi msil.
Name Paper. (Hieinsnitru rmsstirAi. ro.,
A'ltS Madtpon Sijii tre, fhihidelphia. 'a.
Trade upilied ( G K . f. MIWN & -.
(mm wiLsoM
"Si-A-v-l T!se Woahhonrd t aro mad o ith
i r-S--i a ncnt-AV cmmI rim. The fctronp
fii ' Ckt loard.s and bett wsucre m tbe
world, far sale by ail deaUrs.
BiM.lJl lj n:tU' TW'H' TO..
may 17-dwly
fflow retired for tli rure- r-f aierv.ir Beliility,
iUht MwnltotMt, SV-iiUhv!.ii1 ifnxy. S':ia
d pUia scalfJ emciow i'rtN iJn'-'.-it" c:m Lit iL
ddre r. wPD C0.,-f.e"is:3.--;, Ms.
tv C. .
New Advertisements.
U iinK!!-il)le if the Di
gestion ii impaired, the
Liver inaclive. or .he
B'mcli t'nnstii-iited.
wdl cure t'"nsttpaton,
Sick lleadnchi- and Dvp
pt'pffa. It rt-t'iilMtcn the
bowels and unhi.tpthope
of feeble dioiioti hi en
joy i heir food. It ndur-
f n f vcr, vmtW thf lilond.
is invatnahie in C'le- and
InlUmiiiHtorv diM'asei.,
and ii a juefly eftceitied
AMrrh-nt for children.
Erttnoinical. reliable, cle
rant. It t-hould be found
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Imimdifih ly, NKV VOKK HAVANA t'lGAR
t'O. Nil. 1 Poiirih Avenue Niw York.
TDfiy be Toin t tti
file GEO. P.
Dukeau 1!" Fj-r-ice
t-trefd), here ndvt-r-ti?tii(e
contritcts mny
ut Iliad tat ib ia
I reerniilion of aphymciau who
nasniiu a lire incoxiwrk'ncHin
treating fcnmlo disi'ass. Uag
been prescribed in huudredg of
cases as an uufailinp monthly
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ual. Ladies ask your druggist
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I)&'iUOIT, Ml"".
s-'ld in li(n k 'Riid by SliirvliBll it Kbhrr, M.ir
Jlt'l lloust' di ll' ftnre.
Eipyer on food.
Buildings, Macliitu'iy, l'ur
t raits, Animals, &c.
Also Ellcikotyi'K I'i.aths
funnelled in any immlifi.
mid Ifl'l
'lnt't. In
d'Ti e r-!ir 'if 'hri
inci'i: 4th nd 5tli,
Man Chapel,
TVtmn1rrtiil,p,rfi,"ttlt.,i'qn:i1s nnv fr or fftptifvi
"W. 1..' lion-lii .
ri'N, Itutton and l.a
I Cllt!!l''t fcVl III
from il ak'ra. n
ad'iriVt o-i postal '
ti W. 1 liounl .i, Ilruck
(in, Mut&.
Baking Powder.
I iitlorst-il by the leudinir llotcla iti
li.t' i iintr),
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tuti lor ill ludinu 4 out m initio it
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'J LaSiilio st., Chicago,
TheSanden Electric Co.
may 17-dw ly
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st.. .-w York t'itv. nrW-dt-t-s-ani
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A lVifei't Prescrr.ilive of Shinirlc Mid
pervious to water.
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iurn-nt "-'.-l- .1 iii:.;ii!.v .-i ,-t."1- if !;1 in rush.
Restiurant and Oyster DeDoi
Hkbi-mteak, Ovstkus
At ly!'ri tr il inn's VI ice. eoruar First (
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WTS-fial r.ilmitlon iraid t. furiii?lin I'
Plumbing, Steam and Gas Fitting.
Knowlts' Steam Pumps, Inspirators ami Kj.-i tors,
j. ..in:... m... i:.., J 1.... .......T. '1 Tilltilil t CuLvjl-
WrOiltfnl, I ! MM.i i.'.ii i i., ri(.e r n mi aim 'rrm
and l'Ai:auii! of ail kiuiU; Ir:tiu Tile anl Swer Pipe.
OtBee and Shop No. 217 Kuriite -.itu lt !''C HIASI Uj
At tho Davenoort Business College,
3 f
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1 ITOHNEV AT LAW. omce in Hocfe i.i,
ii National Built BdiMh.-.., Unrk ls!ti( Vl? '
ovit o-lufflre. Moline. lll!(ioi(..
e. wT htjkst,
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land Nn.Vtnnl Pan k. U
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N:liMinl 'tank lliiildin. i ft ' lvc r.r-j' l;- rt;
land, Illinois. ju-l Iwli.
A THIIINKV AT I. AW. Sn!i, .,t lt, i.,r,
iiWi b. Ilnfi. .! Kim Ii.
hjsinkss incFcroitv.
Hfcwrirt VdiitL-T" rv
M-nlfl. Chu- .11 -.,.r.H
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jfifitl' I'liPtnrp. P.. ...I
Tlie H''k NI.HH.i Witm
every Frldny. A I'Tii"
ti on with iljt- eMrj.i.r(jn.
Unprecedented Success
Cabinet Letter File.
X Kit -j-jmo Ftf,EA iui
fivi-r l.ram N ATI N A i,s
who haw tliM:anU'd thu
tin' 1i-t two ynr.
w in u-f Itv pHTHe
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I' U Hie ( hvain -r. lierau-f il ti
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1 Cut
j ity thiin niiv oih-r. s.-tid for Il!ti'trn:
io'tie. .Mau'ir.j. ti.Ti tl by
Wholr-ak- Miid Hctiiil t a
PiiU nt I'ntl mill Wrought
Iron Fence!
t Mit-Kpt's' Fenctf in tlie Woi-l
lir Kesidfiuv or C'ni-terv
Made any Keighl Dosirt cl.
rfAII kmU I Id IN nd MArllINK v.
-5'' l-r'-mi'tly :n..t .;-.;ir;;u Uiin iiaritnu id.
'A Hie for irir, s.
Kix k Island, Iu..
. . i. rs .1 .
Dr. I. G. AlH-LEK
V.mU rrM-f tfnllv aim-mjh t t
lliftt 1. f u ;md iiv'ir. thai, tit tr
f till Wind--. a tit-' uiil hrnii
Kiinr-'rv Cirftitt H. ') iv
'rit'iirt'. DiffiTini: n til al! i
In? ;rk smd nf
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(iiiidwtffry ami
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laik-d to i;
vv rvlit-f; itiaki'sa Cfcciiijiy of
Kor which hv his a uperh treHfincnt and ;
faile to euro. Yon need muTer no longer.
mi nation free, office Inurs 9 . St.. t- ti p. m.
Office and rvtnttente No. iV Rtir'H'-enih itrvet.
Iftwk Nlnml. Aatlrt'slelter Imx 1622.
apl-l'.MlH ty
Three Years of Arctic Servlc
By JI. IV. UHF.FI.Y, I.tcnt. I . Army.
IWe I.iiiIj. l'ranklin llajr Kipcdtttnn r Insl..
Tiro I vls'. .Mwif Sro. K.lfc Slcil l ortraU. orer In" l.lnttrutw
tiie UJu wi Maps and Charts. S-tlit mhi l"r "-ript,. ::
Trornsely illustrated, abounds with liTcly ileBcnptions. I hh-;o
" Ot th jii'inr volnxnra written of Tolar rTpfditmns ronf cum
lhe m tlu-ir intense nitert nd value." Vhtiapo Inter ftm.
" Thfl lvt nnnin;rv, both popular and KicutiQc, vt -North lVlar
rcs;irch." llnston ,v.iron.
" inierestut,: iiiii jotr to cover. Most amply uluttral.. A. I.
IVaufifnl a-, d Tidily filled volumes." Ciunnnati fVwV Gazcttt
iu ceiy w.iy (.atufactory and complete." -V. 1. Sat ion.
A Special Aent Wanted l Irrjr City and Town.
ISO State t , Chicago, or 713 Broadway. New York
Metal roofs. It arrests
mid is l.i
All work oiiHraiitie.!.
ir. i( t -''ir -I o'lly U un, antt i
.nd Gahk is Sk.vs;in.
Rock fsw"j- Jil'
, miit t.
it i ii I.
A A Willi I.
AAA ti H I.
A A K K 1.1 .11.
I .1 liltH
on i l'
No. 1011 Ht't'oml Avenui'
P"""". tr-
Book Kter's".
Typ WaiTiii,
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