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The Daily Augtts.
Monday. October 11, 188fi.
For Treasnrtr,
KorPnpcrinttndtT.t of VnWW Instruction,
For Conmi3.
For Representative,
cor STY.
For Co-iDty Jud-'e,
For fount y C.o:k.
For (Vnntv Tiertim r,
Hahpkr" Thtatre Schoolcraft, I'Ois A
Shortis Min-rr Is. .nUiv, Oct . U.
VL't of Sin," TiH'sdav and Wctln-j'il iv. Oct.
IS ni-i 1 .
"Polk Visfrt PirkVs." Salitrdiv, Oft. 1(1.
T h k Ch k a o White Si ock i n ts li a ve
aata cautun J the lfueciiinnpinnhip.
The season trtiiltti nn S?aluniny. Chicii;.
his 90 cams to her rrt-tlit. v.xn Detroit
next w tih ST.
A Michigan City touti iiis been driven
insane hy base ball. lie guv his after
mnim up to Irjiu lo keep srore and his
nv-rnini;- to riv-wilim: hi l'ok keeping
with that in ins daily np-'r.
I'ahsox MoutiAN in his dump speeches,
invite. foreign, labor t thU country to
compete with Amriean workmen. It is
not likely thit the laboring men of Rock
Ul.tud county wilt support a muti who tie
sires their places to be taken by foreign
ers. Xevek was a speaker in better trim to
interest and luM an imdiemv. nnd never
was there an audience more eauer to hear
what was to be said, than were both
speakers ami audience last eveuiujr. Mo
bile Disputed.
The above refers to the republican
meeting held &l Moliue last wck. The
Dt-yptttcfi must have momentarily forgot
t -n itself to speak the truth so plainly.
This is rou'h on Morgan; even his own
organs confess there is nothing the mat
ter with his thi-'at. Morgan has talked
m re in lh last month than be would in
the, ministry for a year, and in the open
air besides. There is nothing the matter
with his throat, whatever. Mri'an is a
canting; hypocrite.
Riekt-r or Tanner.
Spnnsflt'id Ue-i-ter.
Either Mr. Hkker or Mr. Tanner will
be elected to the office of state treasurer
at the general electiou next mouth.
IV fore the voter casts his ballot it wii
be well for him to consider the character
and record of each of the two men.
John Tauner is now. and ever has been,
a im re machine politician, of small calibre
and nothing else. Vpon his return from
the army, according to his bitigranhy as
published iu the republican papers, he
did nt, like nearly every true soldier,
seek by industry ami good conduct to
make an honest livelihood; but, on the
contrary associated with street and store
loafers, doinz nothing but getting into
broils with his fellows, the result of one
of which was that he killed a man, for
which act he was tried and found guilty,
aud would have been scut to the peniten
tiary, had he not secured a new trial at
which the witnesses against him failing
for some reason, to appear, he was ac
quitted. The state of society in Clay
couriiy was not then what it is now. and
i; is little wonder that he was t levied cir
cuit clerk nd afterward sheriff; and it is
Mill less of a surprise that by the expen
diture of ihouiiandsof dollars by the re
publicans he was elected to the office of
senator the distrtel was a close one.
and the sending of (..'ulloru to the senate
was of more importance to the party
ihau anything else. His appointment as
L'mted States marshal was made because
a more willing tool fit" the ring tlinn
Wheeler was needed in that ofhVe. Ib
is now nomiunUd for the oflix-e of tn us
urer because the ring which has so long
speculated on that otli e think he is the
iimM available m in who eoul 1 be select
ed for their put poses. Tney could not
ue the plain, honest Genu tn, Charley
jJeeker. and hence ihey slmghter d him
I ntt rring that a democrat should be
eh'cted rather than that they should not
control the office if it should be in repub
lican hands
Mr. RicUer sprang from the p.-oiiie
An honest German lad. he cam-: lo Illi
nois nearly half a century ago und
sought work at what. ver was honest.
H i saved his money, wa? careful and fru
gal in his habits and is now recognized as
one of the best business men in his cily,
while his name is known very
where in financial circles to be
the tuonyui of integrity, lie is
not apolitical) iu any sense of the
term in fact he is as unfamiliar with
everything like machine iiietlmfl.Viis it ie
possible for a man to bt. He lias nc.er
broken the laws of the land, he was never
tried and convicted of any crime.
1 f lie is elected t reasurer the
office will not be prostituted to the
use of a speculative ring it wid not be
controlled by a lot of politicians, but will
lie controlled by an honest, pure man,
who will administer it in the interest of
the people.
li is between these two men Kicker
and Tanner that the peoph- mum ehooM
It is sale to say that there wcie not a
bid I' dozen delegates in the republican
convention who would turn over to John
Tanner one fourth as much of their own
money as theie always is in the state
treasury, if they could find a man like
Mr. Ricker to entrust it with. The del
egates voted for Tanner, but could give
no fair reason why they should prefer
him to plain, honest Chailey Becker.
Aside from all political considerations,
there is no comparison between the two.
The one is a mere machine politician of un
reliable traits of character, who would use
the office, should he get it, in the interest
of a rintr. The other is a man of exper
ience in financial affairs a man of high
reputation all over the west, a man whose
honesty and integrity has never been
questioned, a man who would take pride
in conducting the office in the interest of
the people of the State of Illinois.
Reuben Briner is but 7 years old, but
he has a mania for burning everything he
lays his hands ou. If Mr. Blaine is look
ing about for a confidential clerk he can
not do better than hire Reuben Briner as
Rubinstein, the pianist, has a grea!
weakness for gntrci of chance
Secretary Whitney Answer to th Ay
peals of the Knights of Labor.
Washington City, Oct, 11. A letter was
received at th navy department Friday
from Secretary Whitney in response to the
appeals of the Knights of Lalwr and other
organizations and from individuals asking his
interference to secure the retustatemeutof dis
charged employes of
the Washington
navy-yard. He au
thorizes the reply to
al! suchappenlsthat
he himself will not
interfere and will
ii"t i term it other of
ficial of the navy
department to inter
fere or ex-n ie any
influence in the mat
ter. The res. -risibility
for th1 removals,
retentions and Ri
iiitm; nf at ttie
navy-van t must In
left i-ntnv!vwiih the
KKCKETAP.T WH1TTET. officers of the Yard.
v. ho are directly responsible for the work.
The f orem :i of the buivfiiti which hi t? con
tinued mut be uninterf 'i-e 1 with in their ae
rion. in this matter, and wilt Ik h.U a-.-cotint-ible
f.r removals an 1 aopointnv-nrs. The
ieervtirv says that lie is pleased to l - rn t hat
th" displaced workmen w ho are competent
nil! be iven t!w pivt"etve9 in alt eases in
making appointments, aid that a l:trj pr
sion of ihm will b iv-employeii when work
isacmeiv resuoi -1, btit fnrther than t his he
an express no d-x-ision an I iie no order as
!o who shall and who shall not be employed.
To t:fflish mnri!s fn Irelaml.
Loxm-vx. Oct. 11. It is assertvd by The
Daily News that the ivenmient ha.i a bill
m conrsf of inspiration by wliieh four ctmn
?iLs are to le estabhshe-d in ln'land ftr the
puri of letaslatinj; for the four prminees
if that country. T(ki OMtn- ils are to deal
with all lrih matters that are now dealt
with at Westminster and fully mets th ex
pressed desires of the Fartiellites s far as the
lireiJtioti of Irish uffaii"s is eoiicernol. exeept
that it does uot provid-. for a Kirliament at
IhibEin. Lord Harrington, it is said, eheer
fullv supjnrrs it. Tivj News expresses the
be lief that Mr. ChamU'i lain isthe real author
yf the scheme, and that the Parneliites will
reject the bill with contempt. Comment nig
eiitorially on this bill Th News says: The
government are sanguine that they can carry
the bill. It is osible that many literals
will supiKrt the measure as a welieome in
tallmeiit. If the bill iasses, all the world
will know that Ireland owes it to Mr. Cilad
tone btin in the initiative, and to that
In Itohall of Colored tin tnnits.
Indianapous. Oct II. Col. Alex. Jones
icoloreil) is in the city, and will spend several
weeks in the state laboring in behalf f a
noveinent intended for tlw benefit of the peo
ple of his ra'.-e. He says there is an organiza
tion ia Washington winch has beeu formel
within the last two months for the purjiose
f diwrinr an exihlus of eolore I petple fiMiu
thesn!h. Kn-d I Mi-las is president. Kiitor
Cromwell of The l'eop's Advocate stvrt-tarv.
:i:vi A. .it. Liapp. cx-puttlie printer, treasurer.
The plan i- to locate tin- enngrants iu eo!on-l
Ci'louies of about twetlty-tive w heivver de
sii able and suitable location-. -an Ik found.
Ctl. Jones says the work will b. conducted
syt'-inatieaUy ami i'rsisi!tly ui:t:i all wh'.
want t" come north have done so.
An Alleged 1'ltit Ii-eovereil.
London, ". t. 11. An alte-.si plot ta- sa-
smate theeuip'ror of Austria and d.-str.iv
the city of lemia has lnndiseovvi"el. ( --t
I was the date iixil, and large '.ju:iniiti" of
dynamite are said to hae tieen lonnil in th
in ighlorho.il of the ialac; of Nru.. nbrunn
and b-neath the bridge which tlie empi-ror
tosn .kuiy. 1 ubne buildinff were to lnw
lieen blonii up and tirniier yards lind miuuI
taiiiHiusIv with the kilim of Frances Joseph.
lu-jge nninbers have Uvn nrresUil, but ttw
riu.;ladn-s are said to have escaped to Ger
many. Slitrnum Hi-htips I';mfoitel.
W.smvir. Cirv. iter. II. It i- mi 1 r
sUnil that the presilnt has pHr loni-l iliree
Mormon bwhtips who wer. i invi- t'-d in n
zena, nariy two yars ago, f,ir prat-tiein
p'lvganiv. It se'm. thai an iitw!--eful
tbo t wji- made to try th-defend.uit.-. nud 'i
the F. Inoittfl- hr.v.atid this failiiii;. tln'v wen
indited and con i te 1 nn l--r th- territorial j
laws for unlawful rohabitjitioa. ll is -ud
t lie attorney neral deeded the a ttoiiof:
rite tei ntoretl jud ;s iu unp ing .-nii-nce
iltt al, and the pns tl.-ut therni 'm do-ei-ttd
a p-irdou to e i-u- l.
fir. K'ill "nli- ttpli'in.
I'frruoiT. n t 11. l'nM I- n John h"it.T
a d, of The li iIi Nat : nai leagin. ha utg la-t
wek issue-1 h le't'T ''alhiig for the e-taoli-h
uietit of ;tn anti-' Mi"u fund lor the r.-hel ot
evicted Jn-.li t'n-i'its ha- toil'iwed O up with
a i-lter rec'ived by the H-v. Iir. lie .My. na
tioual treasurer of tti 1 ag-i. iu uiiu h he
iti'-lo-es a draft for fo.on, his j-i son.d sub
s. riptioii t-t the fund thn s artd.
'hai-le-tn A;in Nliat.cn.
t'l'AKLF.sr-'N. S. I'.. f'.-t.U .-Th-n Were
three i-ht shock--here -.hi'-i- midniiiJ Kn
u:iv iiiudit. th- tir.-t ." : at 1 .4 . Lh s ond
at" -ill 4. and the third at .V:1 Saturday
morning. No d.t.'t'ii1 e.a d.ne . and all die
h r k i !V -o slight Tu,it many :i did
not It el t tlelll.
Si nalor MiHver'rt Lift.
NMk'SH. Wis., O -t. 11. Senator Sawyer
hn.- made known t hi, most nit iinat- fntid
hi., intention of p t sentiug udkohwi;ha
public library and fire proof bui'ding, the
latter e.,d'.ng hhi.OlHI. Y:i s.-nat..i-is now
1ih,Uui; tor a suitable site lor the en-' t i'n .
t-bv same.
lit presHin iu tlic Cotton Tr:nlc.
Lo.MXix. U-t. 1 1. Tin eotl jn li-.' 1- at
Loltim is verv inu h depn'd. F- ur iin!!.
ii.ive shut d- -vii aiVopthe'- and tsv.-U v-l i;ee
!f-r-. en:p! 'Vi'i' ;ver l,iSK hasi-.b:. ar
"Mi:oiu but !:ree day in th? wevk.
How Itakiiis Powders are Jlafli.
While rival companies are disputing as
to what ingredients are lo be found in
the "ber-t baking powder.' the public
will be interested in the following defini
tion uf these now indispensable articles,
as ejven by Applcton's Cyclopedia, the
acknowledged American autboritV:
"The best baking powders are compos
ed of bitartrate of potash (cream of tar
tari, tartaric acid, carbonate of ammonia,
and soda bi carbonate, bound together by
a little slarch."
Ex Senator Bruce, uf Mississippi. nA
he is going to prepare a lecture on his ex
pcrience in the senate.
Dai by Propbylacuc Fmut.
(iiveH prompt and permanent relief in
burns, scalds, chilblains, venomous stings
or biles, cuts and wounds of every des
cription. Jt is invaluable in Bcarlet fever, diphs
Iberia, small-pox, cholem, yellonv, lyphus,
typhoid and other fevers.
For sick-rooms, to prevent the spread
of contagion, il is the best disinfectant
Hon. Alex. II. Stephens. op Oa.
Darby's Prophylactic Fluid is an article
of little cost, hut great value. Its do
mestic as well as medical uses are nums
erous while its specialties are most won
derful. No head of the family should
ever be without it.
Miss Alice Longfellow, eldest daughter
of the poet, bus gone to Paris.
Ho Trouble to Swallow,
Dr Pierce's "Pellets" (the original "little
liver pills") no pain or griping. (Jure
sick or billious headache, sour stomach,
and cleanse the system and bowels. 25
cents, a vial.
Mr. Labouchere states that Prince
Henry of Batteuburg finds his allowance
so insufficient that many of his personal
needs must be supplied at the expense of
bis wife.
The warm weather often has a depres
sing and debilitating effect. Hood's
Sarsaparrilla overcomes all languor and
A CUuinn of Scoundrels "Who Were
Trnstetl Too Implicitly A Chieajfo
Thief of Coarse t aps the- ( lima and
ieti Away with Nearly Half a Million
Other In esitlarit (es.
Chicago. O.t. 11. N. M. Neeld. a partner
in the will known packing houe of J. t
Feriuoii & Co. , is in Canada. He has issued
bous warehouse rei-eipt for people aggre
gating f40i,im tin has pra -tically Imrst
hu firm. The loss will fall altogether on the
banks Jbtumt on a single V'vv Ym-k liank.
"The banks fiero who lose by it,'' slid a
prominent director, "are all rich and will not
know the loss. The worst los is on a N-w-
York institutioiL Neeld left for Canada
Thursday itiiiht a:td uo on-j hxs h-ai d fna
A dad h)ss of $:J(i!),0.to is the hea ii st that
the Chicago banks have ha I in their hi.-tn y
for this loss is without nuvhopof seuiritv
The llritish liank of North America U.sui1 to
t- on the list for ft.oflO.
The tu t that Neeld's arlii"r, young Fer
gujn. did not know of tlio defalcation tn
sideivd remarkable by those fho did not
know the methods of the firm. But there is
no ouo who is familiar with Neeld
and his management who believe that
Kd Ferguson knew, until p-rhais
within a day or so, anything ot the crooked
ue-s of his sister's husband. There were eer.
tain oAhe banks who were preparing to ar
rest young rerguson Satuixlay morning; but
it is universally believed that the stp w ill
l) only a cru 1 one and is altogether unjust i
tletl. Neeld, the fugitive, was a big mac.
physically and aume-l the whole manage
ment. It is undoubUijly true that 1M Fur-cu-5"n
within a week or so must have known
of the emhezzlenieut; but it was so late that
then.' was no help for it then except to try
aud save the tirm if 1'ssibU'. That was not
Nei Id was a sp?culator on a lare scale.
H-j wa-i all the while in stocks, mid hi losses
there were h"ay. He was a bull on provi
sions during the last whirl when it was sujv
ps..f that Armour was running a comer,
and must have been a terrific sufferer. There
was nothing but amazement on the boanl of
ti-adf aiul iu Iwiik eiret-s nil da y l"Uj;.
The mvthod of the fraud was this; lb is
sued receipts to tlte Kanks on th pu k. meat,
and lard in the Ferguson house at the stoek
vards to the amount of about $40,onii. On
these he borrowed money from the banks.
A share of the tinn's hanking was done
in New York, and for that reason about
?HN,tHN) is owned at one institution theiv.
fhe Frnst National is among the heavy suf
iervr here. The tirm banked thiv. Last
month Neeld sold the stulf in his ware
houses over again to other parties
iii'l pit the monev on that. It is
said by a man who went through the ware
houses Friday night: "There is not meat
tPou.'h lefttogreu a wheel t represent
those m,ti) ot lMvipt. Ne Id was luav
up to Thursilay noon. It wits known thiw
lays ago that the firm was in trouble. No
vTih-kc-ine-vs was suspected until Friday, when
a. bank, alarmed at not finding Neeld. tried
io attaoh propel ty on which they held re
aipts and tound no projierty thcro.
.n t -Ttn Tn-aNurt-r Mmrt Over 1 ilty
One Thoti-and Iir!nrM.
Nkw Yiihk, ikt M - The Weld's I'ttts
field, Mass.. .eial says that oneofth- e
lt 1 1 nen ot the town Friday night placed ex
Tmwii Ti t asiinT t artt-r's sliortage at a few
hun.) nil dollars over $-',ouo. and addel:
"W e hpe it is all the result of bad tiookkeep
ing. but we are afraid there is a defaleation
r niisappnipriiUion of the funds." The
special further says that Carter's yearly
1-ontLs as town treasurer, treasurer of the fire
hsthet and twn collector, as far lck as
IVr, have invsteriouslv disapinretl fnmitlie
town vaults. They were in sums aggregating
iliuit f im.om for each year. Carter resigned
ihree vears agt. He had serve! as tnasurer
twvntv yt'ars. and is now To years okl. H
has been a leading m-Tchant. and was held
m high esteem up to the time nf his retire
ment from rflWv It then lieeame kniwn to
tlie sfli tm;n that he had us! personnllv the '
rH-eils of a town note for fH.ooo, but as he
made restituti'm when the matter wjls
brought to his attention nn l as he was re-irardt-d
as nnrelv carel.-s-i in his ttookkefpiug
the affair w-as overlotke! and on!v a few
h-ai d t f it. I jist winter. It. weir, ot h-r
irr"gul;iritis m the aecotutts were
found, which led to a thor
ough xammntion. Carter refnseil
to give up certain lumks whi ih uotild have
aided in th-- invMigaii'"n, an I it was al-o
(arn"-l that lie had trau-f-Tnil n-t his prop
erty to relatives an I friends. This his led
fo Carter's pre'iit -iini'ivm In for' lh - au-fhnriin-s.
lfi ho a large family. He is a
lin- ior in the FittstHd National bank and
a friMee of th. iM-t-.h:r- Lif liisiiram-e corn
pan v.
Hij Kltives .Art Kii ft.
Nfw York. Vt. 11 -The AV.-rld says th.it
Laiiui-T K. J'mes. the i-ontrolling spirit of
ih- rii-enUv e-tnbhshed "huiubr Auction
onii;iuv'" is in tiuancial trouble.
The otnpauy was started w ith a gr-at
H-'urUi and its dashing bu-iinfss ineth'xls
stru- k t-rror to tlv hearts of conservative
luniUr merchants, and thrRitene! to ruin
their old fogy trad.. Tno offices of tie pin
rn in Eleventh avenue were fitttl up in
i'legaintr. regardless of expense. Junes, who
i- net '') years o ar. was credited with un
luiiited wealth. Suddenly it tune-d out that
hi--ii;inkaeeount was overdrawn. Sheriffs have
v-iZ'il his househol i effects and are
threatening the proerty of tne Lumber Auc
tion totnpuny. A wealthy lawyer named
Ludincton, w ho had taken a great fancy to
the brilliant young financier, has indorsed
tus paper larply and is said to be resjxmsible
for part of the $"lMi.uiio worth of notes tliitt
Jones is supjiosed to have got discounted. It
is also said to have leen found that most ot
this par is fictitious, having been made in
the names of persons an J firms that never
xisted. Mr. Ludmgtou is mvestigatm the
matter and as J une.' relatives are rich, says
The World, tbp may be a compromise uf
Ludington s claims.
In Trouble and Mi.int;.
New York, f tet. 11. James If. Fdouvelt,
prominent figure in the financial world
b-re for twenty-five year.-i, has tieoome in
volved aud mysteriously- disappeared. Mr.
lilauvelt was the agent of the Union Mutu d
Insurance company for several years, and his
wealth is estimated at f iOO.OOO. He is a
mem tier of the produw exchange, genei;d
manager of the Haile (roId-Minini; company.
iml a uu-eetor of tlie C hatharn Nation:d
hank Last Monday lie told bis pal'ner, Mr.
J mid, th.it be was greatly worril nliout
financial matters. He went away and has
not lwen se since. The first intimation that
IHauvclt was involvaJ rame from an attach
ment suit brought by Hegeman & Co. on a
f:;,nou note agamst his bank account. Mrs.
lUauvelt. at hT pa'.afcial home fn Hlauvet
fill', Ivx klHivl co-i'ity, is very much di
,rtsKd. I?U'c: ives and friends ar eareh
mg for tlie missing man.
Hid the Bond In the Cellar.
St. Lorts, Dot. 11. Tien Kortzendorfer, a
young man living wi:h Ins mot I mt on Dillon
street, was arrested Friday on the stat-'nieiit
of the latter that lie bad gone on a spree and
carried off $14,000 in doted States bolide.
The lionds had been hid in the cellar, and
young Kortzendorf turned them up with the
"xplmatiou that he ha t removed the bonds
to a dry part of the cellar
KiippoAed To lie in Canada.
Minvf.apous, Minn., Oct. 11. It is stated
on tlie authority of Alderman Sly. president
if the Sly paint works, that William E
Hamilton, secretary and treasurer of that
company, is a defaulter for 4,ou0 to $5,tm
Hamilton liwpp.;ared thr-'e weeks ago and is
supi-o-d to be iu Cauela. He has a wife
ami child here.
Another ".AtMronter."
Kiocx FAi.lJi. D. T.,Uet, 11. (fmrge E.
Baldwin, lookkeeper or KuiumerK Van
Horn, has disapKM.r.d. It is allege 1 that ho
nas decamped aud taken a 1 Mint $1.00 of th
Inn1 money.
e"1" ' l
r, & Vi
V.xistljpi; K'il-. HcK H'lltti; the ;odly li!
v clplhio of thy la it leeme4 SuiH-
Cmc.i;o . Oct. finite Epfstofai genera
con vint ion, sitting as a boanl uf miasions
devott-J Friday .llternotm to li1enins toad
dn.sorl the woik in and wants of thy mis-sionai-y
jui'bctiOBi. ' Addresses were made
by I',: ho.s Hare, Whittaker, (lanvtt, Mor-ri-,
and ;ii-rs. Tin- adjournment wa
reavhed .-'t S i in.
Ki-v. Cn-tavn M. Munay of New Jersey
read th-.- lm rnmg prayer and th: Kt. Rev.
Hishop l;cl H id )hio pnwionne-d the lKne
dietton Satuniay lnomiug. Whn the house
was f .a-mally i'en-.l for business the presi
dent ame-imc.-1 varii-Ui appoiutt::ents to fill
vacanei-js in llu. .sfandiug ciinmitlees. The
SiHTt taiy read tetiram:. from the V.'oiiien's
Chvi'-th'ii Te:up rami' unions .f New Jersey
and M.i-- h'lvit -. nsgitigthe us, of unfer
menf-vl wme for s:i-lanieutal puicsty. Laid
on th:.' trd.le to U r - f -i red to th proper committee-.
lr. Davis of Pennsylvania, from the com
mittee appointed by the general convention
of I-1--', I i ptvdivide for the godly discipline
of the lai'v, reported U-nt, in atxoitlance
with th pivs-iiit canons and l-ubt ics, turthr
legis;.!ou was iM'X' diitit. Th:i report w;w
idopb-l and the committee disi-haigel
Th.- bouse cf bishops, through its messen
;'r, amvutn-'e-l its . oncurivnoe in the request
if th- hone of J ;ut ics for ju'nt fsesiionn of
the committees on canons, and also rcoust'd
t'iat a joint commit t 1 appointed to wait
upon t!ie niem'f'-s of the pro incial synod of
Canada, at pivsent m Chicago, and reipiest
ttieir pp-sen.v on the tt wr cf the convention
hall next Monday. Tins was concurred in.
Ike hou.se cf d- p'.itie., theu adjourned and,
being join -1 bv th bidiops, ivj-jlve 1 itself
into a Uatd mi.t'-iH.
T. lin William, D. D, LL.D.,the
p of (YiiMe--t i ut, who is the act
ing chairman of the
h- usi.1 of lit-hois. wis
Aug. IM, l:d
graduating vd
Tiihity co!!.-;c. Hait
loid. ut 'vi.y h" v. a.sor
d'ducil pn st m 1MI
His lib was a varied
one. In m the time be
lie '.inn assistant priest
;i Middktown, Omn,,
until, when as presi-
Tlent of Trinitv eM-
lep-. Ha tf id. he was clotted assistant
bishop ot Vniic!icuf. His printe! works
have tjeeM ipiite vohttniimns, including vari
ous Kvures on ehun h history, and the
"IVd' ll Li- u res for 1 1. '
Words ot Comfort from Cannon and Tay-ler-
Tlie t i(s .1taiked.
Salt I,kk itv. Ft ih. Oct. i The most
imHirta:tt part of the proceedings in the
Mormon general conb iriur at Cox
ville Thurvtay was 1h pr.sentation
ut an addn-s written bv I 'resident Tay
lor and Kldcr Camica. The ad ires con
P'atulatc the Mormons upm the mcn-ase nt
laith aiiM-ii ; il,- in. win h Iris nsulbil from
their pi ! -tit :cuv It exhorts tlh-m to in
tmued cSVnrt. to hv ' .iipK and cr.st out
hyjuv-i-ites and e il tl-wiv Tin ir pivsent
tionbles n?e atti t th? inltiilnn nt of
an .ne icui pjoph.i y. tJo I is on the side ol
the j ople, and tlh-y shouM lv tull of
thank -,'vifm t-r their nay bles-ius.
Th" aiMre-s ntt:e k- the courts nn I accuse
th'-iii of wnio.fiili iidniniitcriii the laws,
iwt in tlw interest of ;iippres-m;; ice. but to
perse ut i- Midividii.ds torttM-ir r-hi:i(Mi U-h-f
"Miu li,M"lv;i nn If t.tl"id'rs Ufa use of
their rt hL.ic.u-. pi iii'-ipl., and retid'-rtil erim
iitalf wlu-n ii.t I iii b nmenablc toih- law."'
ct'iitiuiic- lh-- addn.-. ludniluals who.
accordnij; to th'. c id- mi', had lived i(i
nn-11 M(e. art- pinm d to hae ("habitetl
with another, and cou icfel, even w h n the
presumption is obliterated by proof."
In com hi'ion. tlie epMU asks theeop!etr
adhere to their principles bv practicing bvs
of punt v. trusting tetndfor that deliver
am- whii h unM ultimately coma
Horrible fitatr nf AtTiir.
New Youk, tt, ll.-The ei-nimissioners
f emiriation have rweive-l information that
the grav.-s of the pauper emigrants ou
Ward's island have lieefl desH-ratd and the
Uxlies treatel in the rooV horrible nianner
by the do.-tors there. Kumon of this had
tieen lloaiinc around Castle tiarden f or soma
time wtfn Commissioner Steihenson. one of
the m.M zealous of the Itoard. reslvei to
make an investigation. He said Frnlay
ni-!it he bad secured e iil.-n- that mwdiorn
tuf anis are skin mi I. the skin buried, and
their bilh-s t toiled: that lieads, lps and
amis of C4rtiss an-cjven away as prtiwnts.
and that eotllns a:c si-nt to the graveyard
ajmost empty. Tli m ilter wii! If- investi
qatnl by tlie commit iowrs in board mee ting
next M'ind.iv.
vr I i Id Miinic for Haifa MilUnn.
Nkw Y..KK, 11 Cynis V. Field ha
sud Chirk V. Clark, president of the N,
F.nrland. raih-oud. and Frank I. Hii:siusnn,
a dirc-t'ir. for 5..V) damages and the re
covcry of l.s.'JS.i'ihi Um l and fl'.OiHt pre-fern-i
stock. In an mv, sttration bv tlie
Massaehiw-tts k-i-latun- last winter the tct
wasbronrht out that Clark and Hiiiisnu
pit l.cu;.ono ot bond- of tlie Vw-York V
Nt w England and 4'o.ii'0 (.f preferred
sto k by t Ilin (Jovernor V.obison and coun
cil that Mr Fietfl and his frien 1 . were not
prefvr p.rson to sell that prop.-1-ty. Hence
Mr. Field";, suit.
Land I-aitrrM ( ominitled for Trial.
Ennik. M. II. In the court of jutty ws
si iu.i Fn Jay at N' B market-on -the-Fergus.
Mr. 11 niiett. the chairman of the renins
bo.inl of guardians and six other gentlemen
who have id nt ihVd t h-m-4lv.v uh the Na
tioi:tlis uKOenu nt i-cmmitted for trial
charged with unl'i luMv au--ng the er-i tion
ol Luis in the land- of seveuil l indloids who
wen.' havim- troubl.' with their tenants, th- ir
obj-ct U'lii; to intimidate the propn "tors.
There were reUa-ed ou bail.
Senator Tike IN ad.
Fkanki.in Falls. N. H . it. ll. Austin
F. l'ike. C mted Wat is senator from NVw
Hanijishnv. ibetl -uddmlv here Friday. He
was Isorn tct. hi. 111. und alter serving sev
eral terms in the kgif-lalme was elected a
representative to th- Forty third emigres.-,
serving from IW. I. 1 I. to Mmvh '. IS-V
He was el ited to the Cmted States seiMt to
' 1 K H. I'.ollms, und boii his se?t Itec.
:i. I!. Hi, (.(J1 w,,uld haveexinre-1 March
3, T".
Hint at an Kviethiu.
Dublin. Oct. 11. W hile the eviction of a
farmer named Tnmorue, living near Mill
town, Mai-Hay, was in progress Fridav, the
neighbors of Trcmoroe gathered in fonvand
made a dtsperate attack on the evu-ting
party. An emergency man had hts ear
severed from hit head by the blow- of a stone
thrown by one ot the attacking party. Two
arrests wtre made.
French Hepiesenti'liv tnjAiiKTiea.
Faris, t. t. II. Vice f 'resident I'e La
Foigeand M rpull"r, of the chandierof de
puties, have lit'ii nppi)iub.t to represent the
chamlier at the d'"bcatnn of the statu" of
'Liberty" in New York harbor.
Called for a Statement.
Washington City, K t. b.TU com
troller of the ti-easury has called ujion the
uational Iwiks for a statement show ing tlear
condition at the close of business on Oct. 7.
kath uf a lriiir.
Hkrun, (K't. 11. The d'ath of Friiuv
Galmsahn is auuotincHl. He was born in
IM4, and was a memlier of the upjvr house.
Making a New Npanhdi MinlMiy.
Mairid, Oct. II. Senoc Sagasta, ctin
tinder the queen order is reforming tb
Time tried and true is Dr. Eigelow's
cure, which combines the good qualities
of all the best cough remedies, without
the defects of any of them. It cuies
promptly and permanently coughs, colds,
croup, whopping cough, influenza, broni
chilis, hoarseness, incipient consumption,
and all throat and lung diseases, healing
the lungs. Safe and pleasant for child
ren. Price, 50 cents and $ I, of Uruir-glatft.
lit. i;-v. ,
foui lll i''l
'''' ?
4c r J' .'o
Spies, Farsors, Fltlden, Sihnuli, Linus,
Knxel ami vIse!ur t Lie on the lial-lowait-ibe
;ds Fifteen YeaiH In the
Penitentiary -Siieerhr of Kbdden and
Painons A Seuatian.
Chicago, Oct, It Fiel n s spee. h Fri
iay liefore th eri iwiin! onrt was nut fbi-islu-d
until ?.:"iU p. m. H elo-d as fol
lows; To-day aathe Irea-jtiful autumn sun kisses
with balmy breen1 the th-n k of every fi-oe
man I stand here never to bathe my head in
its rays again. I have loved my fellow-men
as I have loveed myse'f. I have bat'-d trick
ery, dishonesty, an I jt;u.sti e. 1 he nine
tevnth tvntui-y i-omuots tlie crime ;f killing
its best friend. It will live to npent of it.
Hut, as I lwv e said before, if it will do any
ood. 1 freely give myself up. Itru.it the
time will come when there will Iw a ! tetter
understanding, inorc !ntlliireme, and above
the mountains of imipittv, wroiu; and t or
rupthm. I hope the sun of rihteini.iness and
truth and justji will come to bathe in its
balmy licht on emnut ipated worM. I thank
your honor for your attention.
Albert K. Farsens was the lust to speak
which arraiiKment was made at his own re
qmst. He liegan, as Fielden had, with a
poetical quotation, entitled "Ihvad is Free
1om,' the last verse of which was:
Hreak this tw-fo!d yoke in twain!
Itnak thy want's etislaviru; chain.
Hreak tb.y iihiviry's wa-it in dread;
I! read is freedom freedoms breiuL
He said the poem enibjmUes the hoiie aud
need of the woikini; eia,s i of the whole
world, and then said th- dMinushiu-; char
aoteristic of the trial ha I Kn its heat and
passion: "ou ask me nhv sentence of death
sluatld not lw pronounced Uvm me, or, what
is tantamount to the same thin;:, you a-k me
why yon should give m" a new- tml in or'lr
that I mi-Jit establish mv inno'-eii'-e and the
.aids of justice be snliserved. ! answer to
your lieu or. and say that this veiiint t the
verdict of jKission, born ui pav-um, nm tuml
in jmssion and is the sum totality ot the or
anized p-ission of the i it y of t'hica:o. For
this reason I ask your sie-pension of the
sentence and a new trial. " He th u declare I
that he had some knowledge of the
lalior movement in the connti v, obtnine-1
from exierience and stu lv. and that in wh it
he should sav reeanlint; thu subin t be
would s-eak the tnith. though his tongue lie
torn from his mouth, '"so help me iod." He
then nave a definition .if a wa woi-ker, and
said there were Hv.-n.diH of them in this
country, and he had undertaken to advocate
their cause. The t'hicao t'itmns' ass-n ta
tim was flamorinu for Lis bloml and tho
blood of his fellow pnyoners, and the judge
stood iM-tWei-n w ith the iviised scales of jus
tice in his bands, and he warned the judge of
the danger in this cf committttur in-
liciai murder, had lieen dme manv times
lief ore. The exevutien of the ii isnei-s as the
ae stood, wcul'l le judicial inunler. The
trial was conducted ly a mob a mob
that was howhu tor victims. The
persecution had b.ei a capitalistic (vrseeu
tion. He then went into a ro icw of the la
bor question and the opprcsdon of monop
oly, ds lan-1 hmisclf a Socialist and ital-r-itil
the Siviabslic view of the cause of the
want and misery an I can- am p,Kr p,.
ple. He deniel that N-iahsm a lvo ate I
blmtlly striking at machinery or at proprty.
ind said that it was the ni' th-Ht of usire
ihesf things tltat SKiahsts a"Msl. He
livw a pitiable pi. tun of Inld labor, and
said: We plead for the little ones; we plead
for the helpl.s,; we plead for th' oppreHL
Wes-.-k li-'bwss f.r lliocse who are w innI ;
we .vk kiiuwli-b' and mtdli ;.-iice lor the
ignorant; we se-k hb.-rtv for th-- slave; we
seek the welfaiv of every huuia:i lH-iug.'
At this point headed that h U p-rmitttd
conclude S:itmbiv. and the court uraiite!
Il nxpist and adjourn d.
arsns ontinuel hi. sj,-eeh Saturday
ra truing and civatel a st'ii.ition in ts-urt
by waving:
ho ttrst tvunsit..l vi.ilem? Was it not
Torn Si'It wIm first said: tiive them the
rifle kv'K-r Was it nt The Tribun e which
first sari: tii-e them a s'iee of lreal with
rychnineon itr And thv have d ne it.
Smop that time they hayj lNn adnunistrini;
the strychnine, and tli- 'have cast th hand
en na.b-s as nmnsePed by The Times. And
here, your honor, ! proclaim that the
hand-grenade thnw-n af the hay market
on tin niht of the -lh f May was' thrown
by tlie hainl of a mono)ohst cipirator s'nt
nun me state or ew rk lor ihe siwh-'
pnrpo-4- of breaking up the eie.hi-h.air mow-
ui"nt and tirmirui- t-ifs men to the pal lows.
i air honor, we aiv the victims of the tout.vt
n 1 blackest conspiracy that was ever pntx
mo i in i ne aimaioi iinte.
At alut 1 o'clock Farsonsaikeil that court
adjourn for an hour. Jeietiarv ndux-l and
tld him to proceed. 1 'arsons then said he
would speak for two hours more.
lien Farsens had riai-hdspeaktni;. Ju-Le
Wary pronounced the death sentence on Au
cust Sp-s, Mieha-! Schwab, Albert H. 1'ar
n. Samml FHden. lxiis Linjzg. Uerge
fcneef. and Adoiph ischer. D.v. :i wils the
lay set for the exe-aition. t.tscar Nctle was
sentncel to spiid tit teen years m Johet (en
Tlie svne was one of thenuist impretsive
ever w itne.d in a coivt of justuv. The es
Hiemeur outside tlie building w a- of most
marke I iuir n-ter. and so end- ihe s uesof
a trial wh ,s importance h i-, hi 1 iioepl iu
the amia!s of Auire an bito v
The I'roposed Kxerution lV'nounced.
Mit.w ackkf. Wis . O l. U At a larc-lv
attend-! met ting Friday ni-iit. llolrt Schtl
ling. state organizer of th Knights of IalKir,
denouiK-ed the pi-optwd execution of Chicago
Anarchists as an outrage as inf anions as the
hanKin- of John Brown. He -aid 1K- did not
1 relieve in Anarchism, but r-ympathie! with
hociaiists. i he sentiment met with uproar
ious applause Ir. m tb-se pint. manv of
whomjucie Knights of jiUr.
The i. rant Monument at 1 bici-o.
Chi. aoo. im ll. At a m-.vtinz ot the
tnisl'ivof the tyrant monuui- nt fund held
Friday, mo lei No. i submitte ( by Louis T.
licbis.-o of Cincinnati, was awarded tir-t pre
mium. iOO; inoiiel .). la, bv, Limes Ma
hoiiy 'f Chicago, the seotid pr,mintn. -!.
Blldlll Mlel No. 10. y K C. P"t,-rof Ko-trtl,
tlie thud pre iMum, Th1 -n' t for
the st ;i tite has not et Iwn award-I
Third Indiana ( ar.itrv Kentiiuu.
Imman Mu is. Ind . 0 t 11 The surviv-
tncinN rs of theTlurd In.li.ma cavalr v.
will hold their annual reunion atCoimeis
viiK O-t. 14 ami 1: . Heilu.r.1 ratr-s have
been serurtslover the J M. & I . the Vm
tvnncs. the Vamiaiia. the Air hue, and the
C, H & I nwds. The jH-ople d l.'onuei-s-lHc
arc l rejiarinir to eivo tbv aoldiet a
hcai'v c!ctne.
Ittisinen Faitiiren.
Hkw York. Oct. 11. There were )!
failures thrtuhout th- Cntt"l tM.it
and Canada reported during the Inst sven
days Tins i; at tout th average mmitw-r of
failtLies of tlie past six or seven we'k
( lurerinn Hntencd tw Hung.
Kiphnonp, Va., Cat IL .Tuveriii wax
Saturday w.is eutencoi to be hanged ou
ler. 10.
Everv one has a will n.l a mind to
think forhimscll, yet many will to about
hackinir and coixdiimr moil friend tc
commends Dr Hull's Couuh Syrup for
that cough.
On the door of Prince Uisiuark's study
at Fricdrichsruhe are notches indicating
the height of al! the members of the fam
ily. Cur. of a Coram.
Maccdou Centre, Wnyue Cj.. N. Y.
PebroarT SS. ISH5.
Some years ago I badly strained my
stouacu picking cherries. SDd haTesutlcr-
ed greatly ever since. Nothing has been
as beneficial as Allcock g Plasters. 1 bey
entirely cmed mo of that trouble. I
have also been afflicted with a lame ankle,
but these plasters soon enabled me to
walk. I recommend them whenever I
have an opportunity, as I hove found
them Tery useful for ocr ten years.
Allcock's Plasters have always done me
the greatest service, and I am every day
more and more convinced tbat no house
bold should be without them.
Mrs. 6 vela A. Bins.
I nm first cousin .f Hip. late Ex-(iov-
ernnr Alexander H. 8i plirns. ami liava
licin postal cli rk on different rmlnnds
since 1868. For ten jrsis I have Ihd
a sufferer from a cancer nn mv face,
which prtw wcr?e until thv iii-c lnirL'? nf
matter rteerae profuse and rerv uffen-
tive. I In rame tlMiroimlily dif;int(il
nith l'!oo1 puiitit-rs aud prnttoiinetd
them huml'U, s I hml tiinl ninny
witliuul relief,
Finally 1 was induced to vsr li. B. B.
which was nliout the l"t of Kilmiarv,
and conlmtiril its use until the lattei p-.irl
of April. The olfensive (lisiliailie Je
creflstd at once auj the hardness jiround
the cancer disappeared. It improved my
genet nl health and I rapidly gained tleslj
and strength. The discharge gradu-illy
decreased and Ifce cancer became less snd
lifs in size until nothing rcmnips except
a scar to tell the tale of a once danger
ous cancer. All who have se-;n me since
I have commenced the use of 15. B. 15.
hear testimony of my great improvement,
and the scar on my lace Miows that il
cured the cancer. I Hml that IJ. B. B
comes suuarelv up to what it is leconi
mended, and I cannot pay too niurh in
praiso of this wonderful medicine. 1
have tried tin m all, hut It. li ,B. stands al
the top as a blood purifier.
The above is copied from the " A'Ih ns
(da ) Banner-11 'utrhnnni. being the vol
untary language of Mr. Jains A. (iiccr.
"Mr. iirccr is an honest, upright citizou
of A'hens, who had h had canc. r, and
his numerous friends thought tint he
could not live very long, as the cmeer
was gradually sapping tlicfoiiiidaii.nl of
his constitution, hut now looks well and
heart v"
Several physicians have pronounced
my disease blood poison, caused bv paint
or lead in the paint, hut lin y Id noi
cute me. Last Minimcr I nail rightnt'l
bottles of a largi ly ndn rtiseii bin d medi
cine, w hich did mo no more good Hi m m
much water.
I have used (inly two bottles of 15. B.
B. and am pmud lo say that I have ic
ci'iveil greater lieneht from them than
from the i j jlitcen, and nm now rapidly
rceoveiiti':. There t-; no tee-tton ahoiii
the snpetiotily of IS. B. 1! over all
blood remedies.
L'l.-i I!eVno,ls street. H'. If. W ly.
Au'iia, tin., April "1st, 1-Mi.
All who desire full inforinaiion ahout
the c:mse and cure of I'lood I'oisons.
Scrofula an i Scroluloii-Swellings, Tin rs.
Sores, lilieiiniati-in. Kid he; Complaint.
Catarrii. ete .etn secure bv mail. tr. ii
copy of nurSJ pate llhistr'itcd Book ol
Won.lt rs. filled with the most iv.m.l, ilnl
and startling proof evtr before known.
AUiircts, tiloocl Hilm I n..
Atlanta, iU.
For sale bv T. II. Thomas.
The story conn - lioin While Suhihiii
Springs. Va.. Hiatal a lianipiignc nilv
theic a voting inaiti, d I.nlv ot fa-hion
pulled off her slipper ami. lilling it illi
chamca-rnc. C.iVe it lo a olin. I;iw, r in
the p ut; and heipiaffcd it down.
II. ut. A; Baling, n can always Is it Ind
upon, not only to carry in sl.u k the best
tit every thing, but to secure the Agency
for sii. ii articles a hse well known mer
it, and ate popular with Hie people,
thereby sustaining the reputation ot b. nig
always cnlcipti-sing, ami ever rclnble.
Having secured the Agency for the cele
brated Dr. King's New 'Discovery for
Consumption, will sell it on n positive
guaranlcer. It will surely cine any anil
every affection of 1 hroal. Lungs, ami
Chest, anil to show our confidence, wc
invite you to call ami get Tra! Pontic
r ree .
Thomas Brooke of Dcs Moines, low
writes to the HV.'r accepting Ihe offer
of Hie sum of f I. hKI "to any one wii
will slide down the exterior of the Wash
ington monument without scratching it,"
A Bcamifol Present.
The Virginia Salt Co.. of Xcw Haven.
Conn . to introduce Virginia salt into
every family are making this grand offer:
A crazy patchwork block, enameled iu
twelve bcautilul colors, and containing
the latc-t fancy stilt lies, on a large lith
ographed card having a beautiful gold
mounted ideal portrait in the center,
given away with every 10 cent paikagc
of Virginia stilt. Virginia salt his iio
cnual for household purposes. It is the
cleanest, purest ami whitest sail ever
seen or used. Helm uibe r that a large
paikagc costs only M cents, with the
above present. Ak your grocer for it.
California lias the youngest telegraph
opeiator. it is believed, in 'this country.
She is Nellie Welch, eleven years old.
ami she has full charge of the otb-e al
Point Arena.
In Ihe pursuit tif the goo ) things o!
his world we anticipate too much; we
eat out the heart mid sweetness of wotld
ly pleasures by delightful forethought ot
them. The results obtained from the ust
of Dr. Jones' lied Clover Tonic farexc I
all claims. It cures dyspepsia, and all
stomach, liver, kidney and bl.ol.lt r
troubles. It is a pt rfct t tonic, appetizer,
bl.iod puriller. a -uie cure for anue and
malarial diseases. Price, of cents, of
Two Atlanta lovers went lo Westmin
ster, S. C. w ere mariii d and returned to
Atlanta the same evening. The marriage
is "Dill to take chVct" for two years, an.l
all concerned in it are bound to secrecv.
Mr I!. F. Nour.-c, central We.-tern
agent Kual Baking Powder Co, writes:
"I b;ive nt vt r found so great results from
physicians' prescliplions and altcutlauce
upon our children, as I have after a few
day's use of Papillon (extract of Max)
Skin Cure. I cannot describe lo you
medically what il has done for us. but
can say that years of treatment have not
been accomplished whit Papillon has
done after a few applications." Large
bottles onlv $l.tH al Dtug store.
'i ROrALStK.S y a
Absolutely Pure.
This iKiwder never vanes. A marvel ot nariij
Gfrensrta and wholesnmeneH ; mora economic
than the nrdintry kinds and cannot be eold ir
otimtUUon with the muHitndo of lowteit. sliorl
weight alatn or pho.hie powderc. SolH only
cans . Rotm. PowpmOq., 1- WU B
?ew Tck .
, -
,Br r. 0 to ted SoICou(a m f
trouble artcj yy,rrv,) and Waih StcT11o
ifore-ffoubt. tia any otW da. Jthlnn
fcecause fAa Soa, isnt right, he Uud alt
over a1Som.e soa, lvt SCeft n ktcU whenJvt
6een jrtriri warm. Tomakt nxothus K,,Iwt
iWd aNEWsoaji for laundry and tffcfc ..,,,
t sooj andcUjft.Tvi named it SflNTl ClRU$
W..rflirbankfo. of Chicago,!., j I , '
make.f hrmi and. ckIIU ' f
grocers sell t 0uri j,
rit;t TunhAnklrCoMeUtliem
JVort'f youtrv it forficsafce
cfvour OLD TRIE NO
Nfw Advert iscments.
A lM"f l'iri uptva,.,! vt ilivid. il into sTATKS
M sK(.TI"NS will Ik.' hmiI n nii.Iuaijon
In ilfi-c lm want t! cir 8'1vt nit inc to ay. wp
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f i tif wcik tli;t!i tit- ,-triuti" cflifnis if iur jpe-I.-.
i I..h il i.m. GKO. P KUWKI.L ft CO.,
t- -i-ni't-r t vniMiiu liurt'Hii
Hi &-riitf stirrf. New orb.
rrny T! ffTTi i on
liclB Al'VUiTIKINrt lrRF.A" ll" 8rniC5
L-c Uii.ua lor
can lea. ii the exact cost
oi any proposed line of
advertising in American
papers by addressing
Geo. P. Rowell & Co.,
Newspaper Advertismvj Bureau,
lO Spruce fct , Now York.
r"t TV' for 'OO-Par.r; I'ampbltt,
' Pi v'.
Ckanses the head
Allays Inflamma
tion. Heals sores.
Kcslorcs the sen
scs of taste, hear
ing ami Smell. A
Quick lielicf A
h Y-i-tVER lVsiiive Cure
Crea'l! Halm'-i- -:i":ci an tmiahJc rcp'itjtii'ii
wlicrvv-1 L,!i i' !. l'-t! n :iu s!l .ith rpr piMii in
A pir'i'i.' ai l ';- ! Hito .-ft i ti't-til r:litv.-
jttin al i'!i . i- ::' (n i. c J'ricf Vc. st
iirtn.'--i-l- !-i -n pi. S-t!-i f.r i 'rcular.
ELY t'li'H'HI'i.S. nru-:i:t.hMi:o. N. Y.
Tnr M ""---rJ maun.
Thfcui nerfect subrtitute t Mother's
milk. TnvaKuiiie m Cholera Infantum
fvnrt TthtnK. A r-d'sesitHl food lor Dys-
pent les. Consumption, Convalescents.
lvricct nutrient in all Wasting Diseases.
Ktvjufro n.i cooVivc Our li.. The Care
una reeaintt of Infants. maiea iree
Passage Rates Reduced
!TKMEt-i i:VKI,-V JsTrittY frm Nt'
Verb in (jUMdilt 4M l,M"MKUttr.
Hnti - ut i'.iM-a;'.' to tr lr.;tn
New oik. tJia-Liuw Liverpool, London
er? v r lirl frtst,
t'il'in-, f.4d n.i $55 Sccoivi ri3. $30--1
1 tr t -RRVK .
Mv.-iu-iiij. ( ll'i iK HML' fioui Mtw Vulk,
W.-h-.-Mlav. tM H.
vhIi-.-ii t'i-s j'-. upward. eomi Tls-s
Mc.'l.ic tiulMMltt or prtl'SM. fllllvr
tM-rtiiv. $2'
For Itook-ot Tour. Ticket-, or other informi-
tion.a.tplf it HKN(KKvN lilt" T it Kh. rhi
.jyo, urOLlVBK iMi;N. li.tcL Islntid. 111.
l"nre nnhont Mtduino.
I'lUnnd M. Hi.
d Imx will cure -1
mo t o5i-tiutc case in
(-iirlav(i(ir It-sc.
No li-i ;mioii-- 1.it n( uIh-h-j, copaihi or oil of
-.Hpt ilW'm-I thlt :irc -'Tt:un lo 'n'l'.i'-f dy? pi'fsifl
hv l oiitM ij thf roniia-i t,t rh- t.'iiiacii. Vtu e
tfl.M. S'M h sll lirnKt .r ni;til-l oh rwt'ipl
of pn'. rtr IiitMui ptrtu iIad- miiu
for fin ii1. ir ; !'' Hi IVi't
Mir S--Ittliii flp-.-t Nt work.
liwn prtTil-r in hur. Iro-ts of
-a'."- s ;n untaihnp monthiT
m i tky, ;i p-r
Im I'l'KFIUkCUkKh iOt'o., I Wilowwd i:r
S-I-t in IC - U I-lan.t by Mnn-hoil A Ki-b- r. 'lar-
r.U nrc nvt villi
- ;,r1 W.iSl'Ci-a iO ill
l or calc by ail d:ili--
rSTaM? it m npimn of aphviiieiaii who
Superinternlt-nt of Bniltlirtf;s,
KldndKc BluHi, fur. 3d nd Porry Stt.,
PAVJsreitT, now,
ave keen busy CQrrVlnn
firistrnfly 8' " rnWli0n6
otnzs utti) acTL., ... -i. i
' nailed
01 Every De cription.
AX l.MME.xk .STOCK',
Jens Lorenzen's,
231 and 2J3 We.-t Sd St.. Hiveniiort. I i.
T?ikf-i picasnre in nuiMiin i'i: itni h' lnw
the well known t'ani'lrti Mill- fur a i:rni f yt-ai
art'! tiari npcneil ilicni forth-.' r-ioiit of ciistt-m
work and ncral iiulliiti;.
Kye Flour a Specialty.
trlroranta;;" and -atii8.ton uill tt- tlie
ruie. it; 2s liwiv
Hv lirtm of an ordrr and dvcrtn- of lh- u!-.-;
trnn uf tin- county cnurt of Km t ttland. I ttir t;-.
inadt on the petition of tht unit'tijint ii atinur--trtornf
thcetaeof r bar lei- Y. wan-on. ii-
cea-0.for ire to 11 n al c-uit' of !-:! tt -wMfd,
I t-hatl tn the 5iJ dav of October. A
D.. lHtt. bttwten the hours of"u-n In lh- !r:
nn"ii and Svc in iIm aiu-riiotm of -aiif tlav el! At
puhlic salt; lo the huniet-t and hi-ct biUili r, at Of
north dtir of thf court hon-t' in ajl ronnty. tl"
real estate deevribe t as follows, ro w it : ltt . jht
(Hi of Mrs. E. S. Webber's r-uh-dh is-iou i oi.t i. t
twenty-tntve (23t, in mciioii ll.nn ii
town-hipf'ihtcen (IM. TeiDiM- two f.'i w ( -I tf tl
fourth t4thl prmnpal itnihl:ui. :n ihf u'y.-f
K'Hk Ulamt. Itoek Ulan. I . . hi.h. '., Th.
khih: to W solil nibH'ri to n.t't - f 'ow r uvi
tiomet-lead in Mrs. t arotuu1 . III- widow i
4'hatles P. Swaiiron. d. M.i'd. T. rrui of t-miv-
Datfdthi 4th di of i-n mi H . l-i.
AdminMrat.iroftlH f 1 lir'.e V. Swtin
fill. d.-n'SM d.
Wi. MiHsiiis. oli.'ilor. 4-dlw
ErUieuf J.ilin Muniii, liee.H.tJ.
I'll,- imil.Tsii-neil. tuviiij: W' ll ilt)t.nTeil mll'lin
l-nal 'f lilt: eMale t.( .l.t il Mtlltin. ! el
Itie eolllltv ot l;.ek l'ali'l ''lie f liiln-"-.
I .-.i! "herehv LMVe- noil..- tlilt ll- :" ''I'.
.I..." . ....rl ., t l-i !INl
I roiintv.al tlie oili. e ..f Hi. ' rk .( "J"","
in lllf ."ly Ol l!.K l-inil.i. il i,,,
,m tlie Tliird M..,..l.,y m nei-.l..-. ;' 1
ti, ,H i..rr,.n. im.. r,:d i. u,.-
Ule nr.-neiilted n.t r.. " , (
pi " ,,lrf:;'."r: le-ieli t ",JJ-
lii.t.-meil In mil e.ll" "r' r' ,,
me.lile ... "!;" -;" ,', i!W
r.o-x "l14"
Dk. 15. G. MILLER
-.,.il.i r.-iiKTifilllv announce :.i lli iii'l- tit'l
flu-i.-.l f;ir ami near. Ih.u lie tr.-. ilirti. -ill ia-. -I
of all Kin.li-. a.-ntrt avu-l i-hr-.uif. i miilwif. ry hP-I
H'ir.-r excenleill. Te lv y.-trn (tra. II- aI 'If
; . ..r..-i,.-p llilT..rn .lh h!1 ..Ih.Til III .lli-
Ir. Htrai-nt : maKiiiL' marvei-HUi ei:r.- tiere .ule r
faikU logltn relief; makes a fneialij of
Rheumatism am N'ei'kai.ia,
For wilfh he his a IKK-Ial lr.-al.nent ami never
fail to .-.ire. V.m n e l nrl.-r .... Ini-
raltalion free. Olticu "k,..i,.,...ii, rtreet.
lllll-e an.t resider, e V'- ' . , -;22
M,-k tlnd. A Hire l' "'r lb"
a.l 19-dly
City Ham. S'akk, : New York.
H.u.ni:cCitj IIlt and lha PosKiffife.
The-Il'el ie one of the raoat romplete itH- ae
rn'mmonte and t.irnll are of nv uoi' m N
Vark cilv, and ie coiidueled on llw
Booth onlr One nollar dvy Half rn.n
"'. wakfrora BtooSlyn hrlSc and Elevated K.
( lines J" h " ' c0"t im,
hotel in New tork (or rn.rcl.anf to alo,. at. Bin
IneroomJ.cate. and lunch coontsr re-plcu -
iirtbo 10atie t mentals ntlws, ia ?
Ell '

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