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4 t:
Iniprovrd rtwm of nanafaftnre at
the Rvrk litlanit Cilass. Works.
An improved process of glass blowiog
has been introduced at the Rock Island
glass works, and the success of the new
arrangementjs assured a3 a result of the
extraordinary floe quality of glass turned
oit yesterday morning, when the im
proved methods were tried for the first
Mr. P- L. Mitchell, after diligently
seirching all 07er the country for modes
of producing a clearer glass than tbe
coaipany hid been previously enabled to
turn out, ran across a Frenchman not
long since, who claimed to have the rem
edy desired, and during the summer and
fall cessation of work at the factory he
was permitted to pat in his invention, by
which the blowing is done by artificial
gas, and the company is so well satisfied
with the result that the Frenchman's pro
cess has Iifcn adopted, which in the fu
ture enables the Rock Island gjfis works
to produce a5 clear, clean and bright a
crystal as there is made anywhere in the
And while Mr. Mitchell and the others
of the company are to be coni'ruulated on
the result of the experiment, they are to
be commended loo, fjr the verprise
they have manifested. If all u. T'.ock
Wand V industries would make an cxamnie
of this, there would be no reason for goirg
abroad for products which are made at
home. With these advantageous facilities,
the U)ck Hand window glass works ex
pects to double its busins the coming -.
season, and it deserves to.
A samule of the gliss blown by the
new process may be seen, at Mike Ma
ium's Tivoli HH on Second avenue,
where inspection is invited.
Poller I'olntH.
For being drunk aud disorderly. Jus
tice Hawes imposed the following fines
yesterday morning: Michael Singer,
John Garvin and James Mizner, $3 and
costs; Jas. O'Brien, $5 and costs.
Henry Harden the railroad brakeman
of Od&alaosa, Iowa, who stole Mrs. Mc
Guire's purse in a street car a few weeks
ao, plead guilty before Jude Adams
yesterday afternooa, and was fined $25
and costs and sent to jail to board it
A desperate fight between three coal
miners, who broke into the house of John
Fezltr, near the cross roads, between
Davenport and Blue Grass, occurred Sun
day night, in which Ftzler shot and prob
ably fatally wounded James Bell, one of
the miners.
John Case, of Port Byron, who was
sent to the penitentiary a year ago for
concealing stolen property, and whose
sentence expired a short time since, was
in the city yesterday morning. He thinks
prison life wrought a great chance for
the better in him, and speaks in high
terms of the treatment he received while
October and the 1'atholfra.
In tbe Catholic church the month of
October is especially consecrated to the
devotion of the rosary, and on the first
Sunday is celebrated the feast in com
mrmorution of the battle of Lepanto,
which broke the power of the Turks, a
victory which is ascribed to the advocacy
of the Virgin Mary . Pope Leo XIII. has
renewed the prescriptions of last year
concerning services for this month. From
October 1 to November 2. five decades at
least of tbc rosary, with the litanies, are
to be recited evpry day in all parish
churches and in public sanctuaries dedi
cated to the Mother of God, as also in
other churches to be selected by the ordi
There died quite suddenly at Rural las
Friduy afternoon, Mrs. Emily Cheney
ag"d seventy one years. She was bora
in Cham paign county, Ohio, was married
in 1S40, and two yev, Mcr eauv? to
Rock Inland couuty. She leave-, four of
six children boru to her. The su.viving
urn Mr-". Kd McCartney, of this city,
Mrs. Robt. Coffee, of Eldora. Iowa,
Mrs. L MvlzbT. of Rural and Alanso P.
Cheney, of Rural. She was an aunt to
Mr. John A. Wilson, of Rui.il. Tbe
fun-ral occurred Saturday w ith interment
at Marjniug cemetery, near Suediaa
A Xntting Party.
A pleasant day was that spent by a
nutting party from this city, which went
to the beautiful farm of J. H. Wilson, near
Coal Valley, last Saturday aud spent the
day. The party went in single buggies,
and left the ci;y at 9 in the morning, re
turning at 7 in the evening, having en
joyed a picnic dinner in the woods.
Those who composed the party were Mr.
and Mrs. E. AV. Hurst, Mr. and Mrs. J.
M. Montgomery, Mr. and Mrs. W. S.
Knowlton, Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Fraz'rr.
Mrs. C. W. Hawes, and children, Miss
Kate Hawes, Mrs. W. H. Gest and chil
dren. f The Soldier' Hume.
The dedication of the "Soldiers and
Sjitors home." which is being provided
by the great state of Illinois at Q iini-y.
will commence on Tuesday. Oct If. and
will continue for three days Pirns are
being matured by Ihe people of Q ii.icy
which will make it a mem-.irable event.
Lag'in. I'diiicr, tlgles'iy. Black, Culiom
ami other noted military aud civil leaders
will be there and take part in the exer
ciics. The "Slow Seven" who located
the homo will also join tbe procession
and take a square meal in the only town
in the state which was thoroughly satis
fied wilh their labors.
one to H ork.
The striking miners in the upper end
of the county have all resumed work, the
owners of the mines having split the dif
ference with them and given them Z
cents per bushel. The miners asked 4
cents, whereas they were being paid 3J .
This was the basis upon which Silvls
Bros, settled at the outset. The terms of
settlement are satisfactory to all.
The H. K. t'linrrh.
At the conference of Ihe M. E. church
at Peoria today. Rev. R. G. Pearce was
nssi need to Kormal, III., and Rer. T. J.
IiHckey come to Rocfe Island:
Coal Valley InrtulKen In a Hurt orCoa
llacrattoa The Ylliase l,iss,
laHDranee. Kte.
Coal Valley, Oct. 12. The heaviest
fire that has ever visited this place oc
curred last evening about 6:30 o'clock.
An old gentleman was lighting the lampi
in Guisler 's old saloon building. As be
reports, tbe cbandaliers fell to the floor,
aod tbe explosion set lire to the building.
When it was discovered, all efforts were
made that could be to extinguish the
flames, bat to do avail. The building
stands opposite the R. I. & P. depot,
within a'oout forty feet of II. Ciughey's
dwelling bouse on the west, and adjoin
iug a lot of frame buildings about tix
in number besides several old stables in
the rear. The heat was very great. The
wind was blowing toward the 11. I. & P.
depot, and it was with great difficulty
that it was saved only by the exertions
of the tiiint. Del Morgan. Mr. H.
Caughey's house was saved by the exer
tions of its occupants. Two frame
houses were owned by Mrs Guisler and
feter Mulvaney. Th'ev were very dry
and the flames extended rapidly over
them, and in an hour they were most
ly consumed. The furniture was near
ly all taken out of the buildings that
were burned. The occupants were Mrs.
Guisler. David Moran and Peter Mulvan
ey. On east of the burned buildings stands
L. B Thomas' brick stove bouse; rt was
occupied by Battersby & Sons as a general
merchandise store. Here the fire was ar
rested as it has a zink roof, but it
was thought it could not be and the
cowls were taken out, which arc dam -aired
considerably. Sir. Carghey also
took the furniture out of his house, and
it :s damaged greatly.
The Itiscue hose boys from KocH
Island ' ame oil', but the tUnies nt-ie well
extinguishe. when they arrived, but
under the Hani Chief Frank knox.
they put the machine to work and did a
good job in drowning out llie smould
ering ruins. All of the neighbors dii
nobely in helping to arret the names.
Battersby & Sons we "cd with
with Looslev Jc Co , for 1.5:l". anil
with E. W Hurst for 2,5O0. in all $4,-
100. The stock was worth abou'
000; the value of the burned I .B
is about $1,000; the owners los.; Hhoot
an equal amount, $500 each. It L -.-
for them as their homes are destt .
Caughey's damages are considerable i
The budding was the one that the fall
election was to have been held in. It
will be changed to the Odd Fellows and
Masonic hall. One election notice was
burned, but new ones will be posted
uotiug the change
The ringing of the bell in the Rescue
hose bouse was the first intimation in
this city of the conflagration ' hat was
going on at Coal Valley. The boys of
lh:s company turned out promptly and
were reinforced by members of the oVuer
companies and with the Rescue curt Hiid
the city fire engine proceeded to tbe R ,
I. ifc P. depot, where Superintendent
Sudlow bad a train in waiting to convt v
Chief Knox and his men to Coal Valley.
The intelligence was first received here at
6:50; at 7:23 an engine and flat car with
Engineer Perry at the throttle was in
readiness, aud at 7.50 just an hour after
the news was received, the Hock Island
firemen were at Coal Valley. The fire
was under good headway when the Rock
Island'company arrived, hot the firemen
from this city were not long in control!
it, and at 3 o'clock this morning le
turned to the city.
The alarm from the Seventh ward at
7:05 this morning was occasioned by the
burning ef a barn near Augustnna col
lege on Seventh avenue. The barn was
used by the Union Street Railway com
pany as quarters for the bill horses,
but all were gotte" out salely. Though
the building was totally destroyed,
the Gilpin hose company arrived in
time to rescue adjoining property.
The barn was a new one and valued
at $700. Several barrels of gasoline oil
were burned, together wilh p.iint, bard
coal and other goods stored within. The
Cables started for the fire, but I he Gilpin?
had two streams playing on the building
and were doing all that could be done. si
the company turned back The oi igin of
the file is not known.
The New York lhndd spt-aks as lol
ows ol "Wages of Sin" rimpoiv.
which appears at Hai pel's theatre to
"The TV ages of Sin has made a pro
nounced hit at the Fourteenth street the
atre. It is a strong melodrama, wilh a
powerfully told story, full of eeusalional
incidents. Tbe play is admirably acted
by a strong cast, and since the night of
its production some of the unnecessarily
long scenes have been judiciously short
ened, and the performance runs smoothly
and within a reasonable time.
Schoolcraft, Coes & Shorlis' minslrc
gave their new and novel entertainment
at Harper's theatre last evening, before
an unusually large audience. The pros
gramme abounds in new and striking
features, the singing being excellent iu all
respects and the jokes new and original.
Schoolcraft's local hit on tho "red nosed
parson," who abandoned tbe pnlpit to cu
ter the political field, brought down the
house. Shortis, the eminent banjo and
violin player, charmed the audienc",
Schoolcraft and Seaman kept up the rip
ple of mirth, and Coes maintained the
dignity. The after piece, 'D.rctor Paste
Cure." was above the average minstrel
farc.i-s. Schoolcraft, Coes ifc Shortis li ft
R(m k Island with more friends thaa when
they csmc to it, aud should they come
again "in the spring," will be welcomed .
On Saturday evening of this week we
are promised a treat in the appearauee at
Harper's opera house of the popular com .
cdian, Mr. J. B. Folk, in his famous
comedy of "Mixed Pickles." Both play
and star come highly endorsed by tbe
press of the cast, and tho comedy is said
to be one of the cleanest, brightest and
must legitimate of any now on the Amer
ican stage. The company goes direct
from here to Chicago for a two weeks en
gagement. Mr. J. V. Cook, the well
known agent, is be re in advance.
River RIplelH.
The Bparkling Sidney will be down in
the morn inc.
The Mary Morton is due up Thursday.
Hard Coat Market
Grate and egg $7.23; range No. 4, and
nut $7 50 per ton, screened and delivered
or best quality of anthracite coal.
E. G. FltAZER.
You can get cut rates over any railroad
at Blake'a ticket office 1808 Second
avenue. tily
The ( hieaeo, Burlington A Northern
to Build 400 Miles More or Track.
The special car which recently conveyed
Messrs. Stone Jfc Ripley, of the Chicago,
Burlington fc Quincy, over the new tracks
of the Chicago Burlington & Northern, re
turned Saturday to Chicago. The car is
tbe property of Mr. Stone, b it was sent
back to Chicago while Messrs Stone and
Ripley continued lheirVip oorth to tto
Canadian Pacific. It h3 been determined
by the management of the new company to
lay four huudred miles of track, and to be
gin the work as soon as possible.
One thing which has not been de
termined yet, however, is where these
401) miles shall be built. The company
has two surveys completed, one north up j
Ike Chippewa valley and the other directly
west from Dubuque, and which of these
the road will build upon has not been
settled. If this lins is built went
from Dubuque it will be put together
just as the road east of the river, that is,
it will be built strictly for business and
not for speculation . The track on the
cast side is built to avoid great curves
and heavy grades, and they have no curve
on the road with is more than four de
grees. As a result the road is enalned to
pull much larger trains thin any other
road, and run faster as well.
The road is giving a little pleasure ex;
cur-ion to the pass club of St. Paul and
Minneapolis, which starts from there to
day, arriving in Chicago some time to
moirow. The company is grvaily disap
pointed about being unable to gel its pus
singer coaches from the Pullmau com
pany who are nuking them, and therefore
hive been compelled to postpone the
opening for passenger traffic.
Mr. E. Hoyt, superintendent of the
commissary department of the C., B. &
Q road, was in the city last week aud ar
ranged for a storage house for the pro
visions for the dining car service to be
inaugurated on the R'Kk Island division
Jetobcr 31. The store house will be in
this city and the dining car crew w ill re-siii-
here. The diner will be attached to
No 1, e- "vag in at night, and No. 2 go
ingou. . Hie morning. The car will run
only to Mc iora, where it will be switched
off and cciuu back on the next train.
A t at- Statement.
It is an open sc ret that the editor of
the Alters is the k Island correspon
dent of the Chicago 2W. The corres-
!i!uent has been writir to the Time
thiit Congressman Neece f chances of
rt-el' clior, are bullv, aud the editor has
ben republishing the letter in the Akgus
as ct'uUituing information ol value.
The "-liter of the Akoiis dors
most einpiiattcullv state that liu
article alluJ d to above, was not writ
ten by him, i. : i:.d he have anything to
do with it. And for the benefit of the
smart man of the I rUoit, who never was
known to get at actual facts in any item
of public interest until the Arous opened
the way, we will state tLnt the corres
pondence in yesterday's Ti:ru, republish
ed in the Argus of last evening, was pre
pared and written by John Corwin, who
writing up tbe most closely contested
congressional districts of the slate, and
in each instance makes a personal canvass
of the district before expressing an opin
ior.. That the Annus has again shown
its morning contemporary mat ins on,
we trust 11 win nave me cnuriesy i un
ci Ihe false statement it has made. In
asmuch as it has done an uniualiie not
only to the Annus but to its readers, it
will certainly make a satisfactory explan
ation. Keliene to an Attark.
Edi'or ,jf tb" Artiis.
Zuii'tt, OH- 11, 186 The article
in last week's r.ion from Rose Hill
has aroused the indignation of the peo
ple of "Ihe upper end" irrespective
of religion and politics, where the
Rev. W. S. Hayes is well and favorably
known, save by a vtry few narrow mind
ed partisans, who, because Rev. W, S
Hayes being a man of learning aud had
the manhood to assert his principles and
vole as be saw fil, not upon Ihe issues of
a quarter of a century ago, but those of
the present day and for the future. lie
was as a majority of our nation was, as
("Watcher says,") for "Grover." For
which "crime." as these would-be-Chrls-tians
called it, few of whom would not
contribute a cent towards bis salary, nor
attend services, and even some few I
have heard declared the marriages
solemnized by a democratic minister
were void.
Rest assured these bitter partisans
number but few of our people. We are
friendly and have a warm place in our
hearts for the scholarly minister and
charitable soldier, Kev. W. S. Hayes.
His letter will have a marked influence in
the upper end for the Hon. . H. Iieece,
whom the voters know after trial to be
friendly to measures in which the people
of this section are interested Tariff re
form, returning the unlawfully granted
land to corporations to tbe public domain
there to remain for actual settlers;
reducing the surplus in the treasury aB
tbe Morrison resolution contemp
lated, let the Bland act remain
or free coinage; liberal pensions to the
soldiers; slop the importation of pauper
lubor to our shores; don t tax fco'Tal em
loves for election purposes; reform the
civil service; liberal appropriations for
Rock Island arsenal; give to the laborer
his just hire; if tight hours hav been by
law made a day. don't ask him to work
ti n hnurs for a day's pay; and the inter
si ale commerce bill. Last, but not least,
thai I will enumerate, is tbe Hennepin
canal. B.
The Laxt Mptke.
Ilartzell, the silver tooeued orator an
general manager of the Union Street rail
way company, made a feeling address to
liU employes at 12 o'clock today, at
which time he drove the last spike con
necting the company's line of road. He
was again and ngaiu cheered by the em
ployes numbering about 100. Hartzel! is
a favorite among tbc laboring class. The
company's force is now cut down to about
twenty men who are retained to finish
the work. The fir3t car will be ran over
the entire road tomorrow.
Call on John Varasr k Co.
for yonr bard coul, pure Lehigh, all
grades at the lowest market, prices. Give
them a call. Office nt 1808 Second ave
nue, and Kroger's old stand on Twenty
fourth street. Call and seethe samples.
Telephone 1196.
Wm. McEniry,
Attorney at law, loans raooey on good
security, makes collections. Refereuce,
Mitchell & Lvnle, banker's. Office in
post office block
An Independent Citizen or Bewlln
Olvea HI Opinion or the Part-on.
To the Editor of the Argus:
Bowi.ino, III., Oct. 5 The Union of
last week, in speaking of your reference
to Morgan's prohibition record, says "he
did not have a jng at the Coe fair, nor a
keg of beer in tbe tent at the encamp
ment on Vandruff's island." In reading
this I was led to believe that tho idea
conveyed was that the candidate in oppo
sition to Mr. Morgan had whisky at the
Coo fair and beer at the encampment.
Now in justice to the opposition candi
date, I must say the reference made by
the Union, is slanderous and false in the
extreme. It is my pleasure to be ac
quainted wilh Mr. Morgan's opponent,
and it was my pleasure to meet him as lie
drove on the grounds the only day he
attended the encampment and to be
in -his c.iuipany a good part of the
afternoon, and I know that he did
not have auy spirituous liquor of
any kind on ttie ground. Anyone that
says he did tells a falsehood. The Union
is trying to do just what Morgan is doing
straddle bis (Morgan's) prohibition
record hut it should tell the truth. If
you. Mr. Editor, will look up Mr. Morgan's
record on the temperance question tor the
last ten years and compare it with hia ac
tions, you will find that he has always
been as inconsistent as at present.
When we first learned in this section
that Mr. Morgan's health had broken
down, we were very sorry, anil sympa
thized wilh the man. We were sorry to
lose such a valuable man in tbe church,
but we arc tired of his cant: "I am broken
down in health and must quit preaching."
Is it impossible for a man in as poor health
as he claims to be, to do the amount of talk
and speech miking he is doing? Ce r-
taiulv he roust have made a mistake when
he made that assertion, or else his health
has greatly improved lately. So sis one
w ho votes as he pleases and would be put
dow n as a Doubtful.
Tiilors wanted at once, at Hoppes'.
Two more weddings are on the tapis
for this month.
Liberman is sole agent for the Dunlap
Clias. Houston of Edgingtou,was in the
city today.
Mr. aud Mrs. W. P. Quayle have gone
to Chicago for a few days' visit.
The democratic city committee meets
at the Jefferson club rooms tonight.
Oysters bv the can or dish, at Krell &
Trade at Llovd & Stewart's, the men's
furnishers and hatlers.
Ovsters scrvtd in all styles, at Krell Jc
Math's oyster parlor.
Low premium loans, by tbe li-jilJin
Association, Tuesday Oct. 19th.
The largest lino of vjli-es and club
bags in the city, at Liberman's.
New goods arriving every day and more
to f'dlow. at Lloyd & Stewart's.
Division No I. A O. H.will have
lo-ir first aunual ball at Armory hall, No-
vtmlier S.
A teachers' certificate has been issued
to Miss Addie Rowland, of Jluscatine:
For reut A suite of rooms suitable for
man ami woe Inquire at o. 1414,
Third avenue.
If you like oysters, drop in and try
lish of the best New York counts kept
in the city, at Krell A Math's.
Mr. John Hays, one of the respected
and influential fanners of Buffalo Prai
was in the city today.
Lost Envelope containing money, 1
draft and check and address of loser upon
envelope. A suitable reward will be
paid for Ihe ictura of same.
There is a movement on foot to organ
ize an athletic club in Rock Island, and a
meeting will be held tonight to decide
Lost Gordon setter dog. Duke; black,
w ith tan points. A libtr.il re aid will be
paid for his niiiru to A. B. Rodman or
C. W. Negus. RocK Island.
Charles McIIugh the ever affable,
jovial, genial, genteel, jolly, gentlemans
ly night clerk at th: Harper house, is of!
od a snori trip to iiiicis un-i Milwau
Paul Keller, the popular grocery dirk.
so long with C. E. Hawlcy, has entered
the employ of Trucadalc & O'Connor,
and is succeeded in his former place by
Mark Lloyd, re cntly with C. H. Reed on
the avenue.
Dr. C. C Carter leaves lbursduy even
ing for New Yoik City, where he takes a
special course of study, spending ths
w inter in the clinics at the hospital there'
He will return home by way of New Eng
land about Februury 1, aud will probably
be better off in other ways than profe
Mes-srs. W. C and Frank P. Welch
will leave this week for the west on a
sort of prospecliog tour in search of a
business location. They expect lo em
bark in business in some growing west
ern town. Thiy have lived in Rock Is!
and for a long time and will be eadlv
missed by their many friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Clias. Myc is, and wife,
and Miss Cullie Myers, of Beaver Falls,
Pa., are in tlr.- city na a visit to tbe
family of John T. Miller, also Mr. II.
A. Irvin of the same place. Mr. Myers'
father is a wealthy shovel manufacturer
of Beaver Fulli, aud he i-counseled tfilh
the factory.
A Good Investment.
Anyone who has ever dealt in land,
knows that no investment of money will
so surely and uiiicklr Yield a return, as
such a venture if careful! v made. To
the absolute safety o" a government
bond, is added a profit far in excess of
raU) of interest which can be oblaimd
on any safe loan. In Kansas ami Neb
raska especially lands arc raiding in value
very rapidly and with a steady growth
which gives assurance of stabilily. The
giKid seasou and the great ti le of iinmis
gralion into these slates has made invest
ment there doubly safe ami desirable.
The climate of Southern Ncbruska and
of Kansas, fiee as it is from the long
rigourous cold winter, added to a soil
unsurpassed for richuesa and productive-
capacity, has made possible the wonderful
development of these states. 1 o tbe far
mer the; hold out special inducements
Cheap land, easvterm of purchase, good
markets and varied products enable him to
own his farm at a smaller cost aud wilh less
labor than is required to pay rent for the
land he occupies here, or the interest on
the money he has invested in it.
If you are looking for a safe place to
invest money, where it will pay you I
lame and sure protit, or if you are a farm
erand want a farm of your own, cull on
me and see what 1 have to offer. I will
make the visit profitable to you. Office
over American Express office, Rock Is
land, lib Hvii,i,s Johnston.
Col. Wallace has returned from his trip
Mr. Chas. Atkinson has a visitor in the
person of bis brothel. Rev. Dr. Atkinson,
of Portland, Oregon.
A clerk in the pension office, Mr.
Frank B. Cnrlis, is visiting at Dr. Mc
Kinnie's There is lo be a people's meeting at
Carbon Cliff to-night. Good speakers
win ne on nana.
Several of the Moline Plow Co.'s office
force are up on Pency's slough wilh Levi
Cralle, fishing or cutting bait as the case
may be.
Howard Marlin, for a long time driver
on the Moline & Rock Island streetcar
railway, left for Los Angelos, Cal., on
Saturday, where his father resides.
Prepare for the hook and ladder boys'
dance on Oct. 23. This is their first an
nual dance, and will no doubt be largely
It is expected tbe Union Street Car
lino will be finished through about Sat'
urday, so that next Sunday we can if we
wish ride down to the lower end of Rock
Island from the cemetery gate, for five
A well known citizen of the Fourth
ward had a conversation with the defeat
ed candidate for sheriff four years ago,
soon after election, as follows:
Why, Mr. K , even my friends in
my own ward went back on me.
No tbey didn t, Mr. M ; no thev
didn't; vou didu't have any."
The Highland Gun club of th.s city
beat the Orions on Saturday. They shot
at Peoria black birds, twenty yards raise,
ntteen runts each. 1 here were ten on
each side. Moline score, 84; Orion score,
SO. The shooting waq not extra on eith
er side, as Si out of 150 is nothing to
brag about.
Mr. Warr, at the republican meeting
last week, introduced Mr. Morgan as a
man too good for the position he has had.
and proposed to enlarge his field of use
fulness. If the gentleman is too good to
be a soldier of the cross, how would he
look as a bang man, or an auctioneer of
some poor man's donkey.
The boarders at Win. Mueller's seem to
be as happy as clams and deserve the I
name or nappy lamiiy. iney nave nne
singing and performances not much ex
celled on any stage, nearly every evening.
Last Saturday it was very laugu provok
ing. One of them is certainly a musical
It was seventv-one days yesterday since
ex-postmaster D S. lit men way was hurt
by a fall from his buggy on the island,
and be has not stood on his feel since
nor changed bis position on his bed,
where he still lies bound in splints. His
health and spirits are excellent, ana lie
will soon be up and around.
Doctor Kate Bushnell, one of Ihe dele
gates lo the W. C. T. I. convention.
spoke in the Methodist church Sunday
evening. She gave a very interesting ac
count of her visit to China, where sbf
lived three years, telling of their customs
and habits and said she was very kindly
treateil there. She gave a good report
of tbe people of that country, from which
it could be inferred that there Is a wide
field ready for the christian sickle aud
anxious hearts prepared for the seed of the
true doctrine. W ben she l.'ft for home I
hundreds followed her to the port of
shipment, beggins: hi r not t leave, but to
leturn and remain with them for ever.
The unfounded charge in an item in
the Union that Sharp Silvis tried to in
timidate the workmen who bad slruck for
better wages during tbc time the Central
street car railway was being built iu this
city, should be contradicted, lor some
people may believe the foul aspersion. A
cenilcman connected with the Ilcpublir.m
at the lime told the w riter yesterday that
Silvis was never there in any capacity
Lwhatcycr, aud that he had ample oppor-
tunitv to see him if be had been there.
The matter of protecting the scabs who
were brought here to fill lbs strikers' places
could not be avoided. Sheriff Relicker
was up most of the lime in person, and
had special deputies lo asMsl
him to maintain what was then and is
now the law. Mayor Schillinger made a
speech to the disaffected persons at that
time, advising them to lake the 1 Ho per!
day ottered bv the contractor from Mus
catine, which they did not do. This
is another instance of the false, un
fair and disreputab'e means used by the
ood, morality party to defeat a political
Dissolution Holies.
To whom it mav concern: On the 22d
of September, A. D., 18S6, the firm of
bchillingrr & Trumblc, boiler makers of
Moline. dissolved partnership. Thomas
Trumble assuming all liabilities aud is au
thored to collect all outstanding dcblsl
Martin Schillinger,
Thomas Tiu mele.
Moline. Ill, Sept. 27. lSblj.
Thomn.8 Trumble will carrv on the boil
er making business at the same -place
and boges to aerit a continuance of the
patronage heretofore given tbe arm.
Demoeratic and People's Meetings.
The following meetings will be held
this week by the democratic and people's
parties :
Cordova, Thursday evening. Oct. 14.
Hillsdale, Friday evenin;;. Oct. 15.
Hampton, Saturday evening, Oct.
16. Speaker: Hon. W. H. Neece.
Democratic City Commute)
Iuxk Islakd, ill., Oct. 11. All mem
bcrs of the Democratic city committee
are requested to meet at the Jefferson
club rooms tomorrow evening at 7:30
Important business-
W. II. Ll'KDv, Chairman.
llano tt Babcock, Dentitu.
No. 1724 Second avenue. Special atten-1
lion paid to saving the natural teeth aud
inserting teeth without plates.
Iusure in the Boylston Insurance Co. of I
Boston. Mass.. crjranUed 1S72. Asseilsl
nearly $1,000,000. E. TV. IIuisl. stent.
Office ovpr Rock Island National Bank
f. C. KNEI.L,
12 & 13.
First lime in this city of
Frank Harvey's
Presented by
The Great, The Only Original New York
Company of Sterling Dramatic
Mr. C. C. Maubury
in hio original part,
Popular Prtces-"lteerv;daeats can bs cci'red
School Books,
School Books.
Jmt received a large assortment of
School Supplies
consisting of
Slates. Pencils, Iuk,
Tablets. Blank Books, Satchels,
Book Straps, Lunch Baskets, Etc.
3!"OId Books taken !n exchange for new ones
1625 Second Ave.,
It is a losing game,
Own a Farm. Be Indedendent.
In the Garden Spot of the World.
We 8el) the tiliest Agricultural
Lands at such figures and
on such easy terms that
almost any one who
has ambition can
become a
Property IIolder. Our
Leave Rock Island iu the evening and
arrive at the lands in
IOWA and
the next morning. We aek only
i.oo per Acre
down, balance in ten vean. Four rail-'
roads render it impossible to locate
yourself more than eight miles
fiom a atalion.
Fare Refunded
to buyers. Round trip cheap rate cx
cursion tickets. Write or call on us
for maps and date of next ex
cursion. M
6c Matthews,
Post Office Block,
Telephone So. UHK
The A aoc hereafter will vabli? h hi rhi? col
umn all a iveriitcro-iit of Lost. Fimnd. For Rent
For Sale, Binpi or Rwm. Wanted, and similar
notueic at the low raw of 0f-half a cent a uwU
:acri fi;mr a word, bat do adverUec-ment lew
than ten ci r.la
Imrroved Iowa Farm?. Security 3 to 5 times tbe
loan, and tnK-cted in eaen ase. Completed
loane always on hand for Mlc. r-lif s cf loan
(200 to $10,000. Time cf loan? 5vear. Only
choicest ioant handkd. References and details
given on application either in person or letter.
H. M. HENLEY. Attorney at Law.
SHMitinSt.. Pa-enport. Iowa.
nniniltf at tbiii offl'-p.. rhesn
- ins machine with all ttie- modem Improve
memo. h.ntjuire at abocs omce.
e,i Confectionery. Toy and Notion etore.
dwelling bouse and lot, or will exchanc-e for re.i-
lenee proper? in eooa location: inr par.icnuru
address ropi oos ue,. nock imkuu. hi
exehantce for western land. l ill receive
pood ppHHitv parr pavmenl l"t land.
, " ,1,1 , PL-i IL- A I, t UiTTUE-tt-t
JH&l'll'l'. " llll lIII.-ll' U. I'" I
jnn l-dlf PosO'Ske Blo.1
dluon .olhe rityof Roek I
land on fonr ycar-
lv payment.", with interest atsii veTr.eM ftra
r i rj ti w
0.9 n h
Z J o g o
GO cd r 1
CO - s
o 3
( 'h c- c- KNELL,
ft v-CTt Furniture,
! Carpets,
lp - Draperies,
Simply Surprising.
Offer Monday morning, in connection with bargains in all Departm-iiu.
5 Button lengths, Scolloped tops, in Blacks and assort
ed, Tans and Browns, in sizes 6, i, Of, 7,
and 7 J, at
As a genuine first class bargain this bents them all. As the quantity is lim
ited but one pair will be sold to each custonn r. Special attention
is called to tbeir Dress Goods. Flannels, Yarns, Blanket",
Cloaks. Jackets, Hosiery. Cotton Flannels, etc.
Choice assortment at lowest prices.
Ask for Carse &
For the muney ever put
Try Them an
164-.' Sell!-
-i i Co
w SO
BjI or Contrress. &4?9j( iK
in the market. ilE!A '121
D be Convinced. Kr2VwMfcl I
?oni Avenue. K-Kt lelaou Ir W' r-Zjjix
Low Prices
Hats, Caps and
The cheapest place in the city to lmrchase. Li't I'.vpeices in
running my business is the seciet of my low imce?
-Is Reserved for-
Will E.
Fall and HohYay
Jewelry 0ods!
Co.'s $3 Shoe.
I 2
Furnishing Goods.
1S04 Second Avenue.

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