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The Daily Argus.
Tuesday, October 19. 1886.
For Treasurer,
Vor Superintendent of Public Instruction.
For Congrow. s
tor Be preventative,
For rcinty J urtee,
For County Olelt.
For Sheriff,
For County Treasurer,
Fi-!(lirM.'' "t'onieily Meals,' one week, com
mencing Tet-d:iy. Oct. Vi.
Hrmorrallr ant lNMlle'
Hon. William 11. Neeoe, member of
congress, will address the people at the
following times and ithiee. viz.:
Tiitsiliv tvonin. Oct. 19, at Conl Val
Wednesday evening, Vict. 20, lit Port
Thursday evening, Ot. 21, at Keys
Friday evening. Oct. 22. Ht Diury. in
Providence Baptist cliuroli. near school
house No. 2.
Saturday evening. Out. 23, at Moline.
tvime of the f.iliowirjj; gentlemen will
a. e.niipnnv .Mr. Neeee at each meeting,
viz : K. VV. Hurst, J. T. Kenworthy, W.
II li'intly, H 0. Connelly. Euaeuc Lew
is M. M. (.'orbett, L. 0. Blandine;, Wm.
Mi Kniry, J. M. lielieker, and such of the
candidates as can attend.
v.ith nod speakers will be held the next
week as follows, viz. :
Tuesday evening. Oct, 26, at Stevens'
school house, ill Hampton.
Thursday evening, Oct. 8, at Center
s hoo! house. South K'tek Island.
Friday even:ni Oct. 29, at Rapids
Saturday evening. Oct. 30, at Moline.
Monday evening. Nov. 1, at Rock Isl
and. Our friends in the various places
named are requested to make alt necessa
ry arrangements for these meetings, and
get out as many people as possible,
liv order of county committees,
Aii;. Ul'Esim;, C'h'm. lem. Com.
M. T. Stafford, Ch'm. People's Com.
The leyi-lative canvass is in a very
peculiar and complicated condition in
this district at the present wiiting, demo
cratically speaking. The opposition to
Mr. John T. Kenworthy, the regular
democratic nominee, among the democra
cy of Henry county, yesterday culmina
ted in an open revolt, in an official sene
at least. The Henry county democratic
committee met at Cambridge to discuss
the senatorial and legislative question,
and two members of the senatorial com
mittee. Messrs. L. C. Blanding and Wm.
McEniry. conferred with them that is
they were present at the meeting, but the
bulldozers of Henry county ran things
to suit themselves. After a strong de
bate, and notwithstanding the protes
tations of the Rock Island gentlemen, the
county committee of Henry adopted the
Rewired, That we approve and recom
mend for the suffrages of the democrats
of Henry county, the senatorial and leg
islative nominees of the convention held
at Orion, namely: Marx I). Ilauberg, for
smator. and John T. Piatt, for represen
tative. This is an open declaration of war up
on Mr. Kenworthy by the democracy of
Henry. Whatever influence the county
oominittee wields will lie cast for John
Piatt. This is coutemplible, ungenerous
and unprincipled, and can but redound
to the discredit of the democrats of that
c lunty. They do not fuht Mr. Ken
worthy on personal grounds, however.
They charge tiieir grievances lo the dem
ocratic party of Rock Island county.
The sore-headed leaders over in Henry
want to chastise the democrats of this
county for a fancied wrong, and they
imagine this is their golden opportunity,
and Mr. Kenworthy is to he the victim.
The Allocs is glad the Henry county
men have shown their hand, even if They
have degraded themselves in the eyes of
all true deui'jrrats. We know where lo
place them now, and Mr. Kenworthy and
his friends will act accordingly.
It l Our llerrt to Urfrat Hob.
William H. Ttrece?
Unxliville Times.
As one who was among the tirst to re
spond to the call of our country for sold
lers to put down the rebellion, and
among the very last to leave the field, I
teel thut I Lave a right to advise my fel
low soldiers as to their best interests. I
have always been a radical republican.
and am the same to-day, and expect to
live and die in the front ranks of the par
iy But we as soldiers have great inter
. sts at 6Uke. We have claims to look
i.flt-r; and if we have not we know of
uiauy who have; and the best way lo
leach the departments is through the
member of congress from our district,
provided the member is in sympathy with
mm- administration, otherwise there is no
one to try lo t fl'ict anything through hi
:, ucy.
Mr. Neeee has shown himself the true
: i ml to the soldier by personally work
ing up a great many claims to a success
I ill issue. He has had experience of two
terms and is thoroughly aeuuatnted with
:M the routine busruess uf the pension
othee. Being on the committee on inva
lid peusions, and chairman of the sub
committee for Illinois, he has full author
iiy to examine personally all evidence
hied, aid to recommend and demand
special legislation where it may be neccs-
saty to secure favorable action on deserv
ing claims. No soldier or widow, or or
phan of a soldier, ever applied to him in
vain for assistance in pressing their claims,
and he has been successful in a large ma
jority ot the cases he has called up, and
his services have always been given free
ly and without regard to the political af
filiation of the soldier. Many of us
who have had our claims drag alone for
weary years have reason to thank him for
getting them passed upon and always alt
lowed; and now, when we need help the
most, shall we defeat him and send up a
new man whose influence with the depart
ment would not be sufficient to get a
claim harried up in the lcaslT
JHe enn do ns Wore good there than any
new man Uf whatertsf party, and we want
MB m! H set tK; wn? eei sup w
The majority of pension claims that were
easily proven have been passed upon, but
there are many thousands yet fully as de
serving that are "hung up" on account
of some technical point that can not be
proven for some reason, perhaps, the
witnesses are dead or cannot be found.
These require special work, and perhaps
a legislation will be required to overrun
some of the absurd decisions of the vari -ous
commissioners and clerks who have
set themselves up as judges of the law.
We need a friend at the front, and Mr.
Neeee has so far shown his friendship by
his sci ions, and we will further our inter
ests if ws stand by him. . . .
Personally I have nothing to gain by
advocating the return of Mr. Neeee to
congress as my pension was allowed long
before he was a member of the house. I
have watched him closely since he has
be&n Ih-ITtj, nd speak my sentiments
wln I aislrl1 that from my knowledge of
hrsorirs(''!'ii-the past I feel safe in advis
ing my soldier friends not to oppose his
re election. I do this entirely unsolicit
e3 ami wlthoutlne desire or hope of any
reward other than tis?that e will, if
elected, still help to push all deserving
In conclusion I wish most emphalically
to state that I do not champion the cause
of (he Democracy. I do not for a mo
ment endorse the administration or any
part of it. I know Mr. Neeee and be
lieve him to be thoroughly honest and a
friend to the soldiers, and that he will
help us. What his war record is. nr
what he has done in the past, does not in
the least affect us now. What we want
is present help, and if Mr Neeee can do us
more good at Washington than any other
man, why then let us send him back.
A Soldier
Namely, to Knt---VhieagoM Res
ttrarantM A Better Hay Coainx
It iH Hoped.
Chicago Herald
Some serious individual asked once if
life was worth living, and the answers to
the question have been many and diverse,
but one of the most pungent responses
was: ' It depends upon the liver." The
point would have been lost but perhaps
the prosaic truth would have lieen pre
served intact if the answer had been: "It
depends upon the digestion." One of
the most critical times in a man s life is
when, without chart or compass, be sets
sail upon troubled sea of city restaurant
life. It is an interesting occupation
this diurnal dining of ours and it seems
to lose none of its prestige as the years
come and go. Whether it be a sorry
crust or a costly spread it matters not for
the hour if appetite is king; but. for the
future, each man should be on his guard,
and when it comes to what he eats then
put prudence and intelligence on picket
guard and challenge every comer.
Our Chicago people are good livers.
Our climate is a rare appetizer, and, bid
ding dyspepsia seek a more congenial
clime, your Chicago man or wo
man eats well, and heartily, and ju
diciously, and is none the worse for
it. But there are many men and wo
men who live too far from home, or
are too busy at the noontime hour to
go home, or that prefer for any number
of reasons to live at the restau
rant. The restaurants in this city, as a
whole, are not what they should be, not
what they could be, not what the patrons
ought to demand. The city is lamenta
bly behind in this respect. More money
could be made, more satisfaction could
be experienced, more stomachs could be
relieved from risk if the restaurant keep
ers of Chicago would resolve to pre
sent better bills, cleaner appurtenances,
swifter service, more wholesome cook
The day w ill come when the maynifi
cent opportunities in the line uf game
and fish, Iruit, farm products and meat,
which this county offers, will find ample
results in a better class of restaurants
than the city now has.
Tariff Revision.
The New York Worlil, in reply to a
favorite declaration of the supporters of
war duties in time of peace, that "if the
tariff is to be revised it must be revised
by its friends rather than by itscnemies:"
Well, the tariff has been tinkered and
revised by its friends, the extreme pro
tectionists, three or four tim'S since the
close of the war, and what has been the
result? The schedule of dutiable articles
still includes over 4,(MH) items. The aver
age ad valorem duty last year was over
4t per cent, which is about 2 er cent
less than the highest rate of the war per
iod, and nearly 4 per ceut. mere than it
was before the last "revisiou of the tariff
by its friends" in The amouut of
revenue received from duties last year
was $13,000,000 greater than was collect
ed in 18S6, when the war taxes.were at
their highest point.
It thus appears that the "revision of
the tariff by its friends" has neither ma
terially lessened the taxes nor reduced
the revenue. It is not high time to have
a revision that will revise, and a reduc
tion that will reduce?
Tinnr at a Cliiiieati Urstauraut.
W'itiuii the past two months several prom
inent persons have given select dinner parties
at the Chinese restaurant in Itlott street,
Oue given by Comiucujore Thomas J.Falls,
formerly rajieriutendunt of the imperial ar
seuiil at Tsin-Tsin, cost Fulls fliiO. There
wre twelve at the tattle, inludin six China
men, liirdn nests, sharks' tins, driwl 1 trusts,
bamboo sprouts and smoked and pn,ssed nits
from tbe -Celestial shores are said to have
leen on the hill of fare. The commodore
wuxed enthusiastic in praise of the rats. Ho
has lived nearly twenty years in the Chinese
ornpire. He says that Americans have very
little idea of the care taken by the Chinese in
racing rats for the market. They are taken
from the nst when young, and brought up
on a diet of milk and rice. A delicate air
planti: fed to them for a week before they
are killed, wtiieh imparts to the nwh an ex
quisite llavor. To um the commodore'
words, '"The dish i as far suiwrior to a
squirrel pot-pie as a tig is to a jiaw paw." Ho
puppies were served at the Falls dinner, to
the apparent disappointment of his Chinese
puestti. The wines and liquors wore of
Celestial brewing und distilling. The dinner
wound up w iUi copious libations of rice rum,
which wound up the intellects of four cf th
guests. One, a noted shipbuilder, wound up
in tlie police court on the f ollowing morning,
and paid $10 tine. tVw York Cor. Pioneer
The Cost of a Great Naine.-
A great name is the condensed essence of
years of toil. It represents hard work in a
garret days of hunger perhaps and hours of
utter desair. A II through years of uurecog
nition the artist bas toiled on. At some period
there conies the turning point. Perhaps the
exhausted frame gives way and the unknowii
toiler sinks into a nameless grave, jMrhaps h
utrikes an idea, works it out, and the pictnra
commands the attention of the world.
When the change comes it is like the wave
of a magician's wand. Pictures that the
artist could not get a dinner on are eagerly
sought for by the dealers. Wealthy sitters offer
anything for a portrait, and his brother
artists, still at the bottom of the ladder, gaze
up and say, "Look at that fellow. He can't
point, yet everybody is running after him;"
the public thinks what a lucky dog heis, and
our abused friend, the millionaire, buj's bis
paintings. "One hundred dollars for a single
operation like that," .cried the patient. "Oil,
no," answered the surgeon, '$lu for the sin
gle operation and tfJO for the years I have
spent in learning how to Make it a simple and
tueepsRfal 9trfttion rather than acompH's.
and tWHRfn p'WlfctroU Vrm ftw
The Lost of Life Wow 1'laced at
Cattle Crazed by Drinking Halt Water
i Marine Disaster on the ItrttUh Coat
Conflagration n Maryland YeBw
Fever In Mississippi, I
Beacmost, Tex, Oct 1!'. Every small ,
craft that comes up the river continues to j
bring refugees from the flooded district
about Sabine Pass. Tbe death lift is esti- j
mated by persons w ho have been over the
scene of devastation at Taylor's Bayou, John- j
son's Bayou, and Sabine Pass, at about '-250
souls. Already around Johnson's Bayou
eighty-five coriwes have been rwovered and
fifty-four bodies, thus far, buried and sixty
six white and colored persons missing at Sa
bine. It is known that the number of suffer
ers arouud Johnson's Bayou, who have lost
everything will reach 1,200, while the Sabine
sufferers will number SOT, one-half of whom
are now in Beaumont.
The searchers for the unfortunates in the
vicinity of Sabine have become scared by
the dangerous appearance of tho cattle. The
watering pools have been filkd with sea
water and the cattle are wild with thirst. In
tel ligence has reached here that the great
gale swept over the conntry for forty miles
north of Beaumont and Orange, reaching
Jasper county, and damaging cotton badly.
Several houses in that region were demol
ished but no loss of life occurred north of the
Southern Pacific railroad.
Washington City, Oct li. Clara Bar
ton, president of the American association of
the Red Cross, has issued a call on the soci
eties in the south and southwest and along
the Mississippi river, to make collections of
money and supplies for the benefit of the
sufferers by the recent flood in Sabine Pass.
Several Vessels Wrecked on the ItritUh
Coast by IHsartron tiles.
London. Oct. I'.. The Norwegian liark
Frederikstad, I apt Bjelke, from Musquash
Uw Swansea, is stated by a telegram from
l'adtow to have been totally wrecked at Port
Ouin. Nineteen persons are reported drowned
and only one saved. Another large bark
was seen to be in terrible distress off Padstow,
the crew being huddled together on the deck.
The vessel foundered Mouday morning, and
it is believed that from a dozen to twenty
persons were drowned. The gale pre
vented the people on shore from ren
dering assistance. The cries of the doomed
men were beard distinctly by those who wt-re
watching the vessel from the shore, Hie
Norwegian lark Alliance, Capt. Amesen,
from Port Madison to the Cnitfd Kingdom,
is ashore on Doom liar, in a very dangerous
position Eleven persons are reported saved
and four missing. A Norwegian liark found
ered off Tmtagel. Wales, and her entire crew,
consisting of hfteen persons, perislied. Tun
IkkIics have washed ashore on the Glamorgan
:i iast. The Brit ish sh i p M a I len v was
wrecks! iu the British channel and twenty
ersotis were drowned. The shore is strewn
with wreckage. The bodies washed ashore
have been stripjied of valuables by wreck -
The Town of &all1iurj AltnoHt lea.trnyd
by Fir.
Salisbcrt, Md., Oct. A fire started
(n a small frame stable a 1 tout V o'clock Sun
day night and swept over the entire business
portion of tbe vill.-.ge. A brisk wind from
Ihe southeast spread the flames rapidly, while
the inhabitants stood by powerless to prevent
the destruction as tlie dry frame buildings
burned too fiercely to lip checked by the
small fire apparatus. A large number of
buildings were destroyed in which the loss in
each case will fall below $0,0mt. The total
loss is now estimated at over $.'0n,ofiiJ.
Later. The loss now estimated at fully
fl.cRM.nno. There are but two stores left,
and many people are without food and
places to sleep. The distress is very great
Yellow Fever In liiiiwipi.
New Orleans, Oct 19. -The yellow
fever scare has broken out again w ith re
newed vigor at Biloxi, Miss. There are now
at least forty ca-s of the disease at Biloxi
and several at Mississippi City, riftvn miles
distance, ll is said that lietween twenty and
thirty deaths from yellow fever have oc
curred at the places nani'M iu the pat. fw
weeks. There is considerable excitement
over the new- outbreak.
Probably Drowned.
Erie, Pa., Vt. VA From the amount of
wreckage, cabin furnittir-, ft-., washed
ashore Sunday, no doubt is left that a vessel
reported ashore west of here the night be
fore, has been wrecked in the storm. When
seen there were ten or twelve men in the rig
ging, and they are probably drowned. The
onlv clew to the identitv of the vessel is a
name board lieariug words w hich look like
"Peru, Chicago. v
A Ship on Fire.
New Yokk, Oct. 19. The ship Macedon,
from Antwerp, reports that on Sept. t-'7 she
jiassod a vessel of at tout l.-'&ci tons, appar
ently oil-laden, on fire from sfleui to stern.
Time Globe Works Destroyed.
Canajoiiakie, N. Y., Oct. 11. The Juvet
& Co. Time Globe works of this village were
destroyed by fire Monday. Loss. :j5,(.m0; in
surance, f lMKW.
The I'urcell Financial Muddle.
Cincinnati, Oct. 19. At a meeting of the
creditors of the late Archbishop Ihircvll Sun
day afternoon, ex-Governor Hoadly made a
proposition to make good his share of the
shortage growing out of the defalcation of J.
B. Maiirux, the assignee. Judge Hoadly i
tme of the bondsmen, and the sum tendered
the creditors in the way of settlement is t'.L',
6c0. A resolution to accept tlie proposition
was adopted.
Illaiue in Pennsylvania,
Philadelphia, Oct 19 Hon. James G.
Blaine and party left hero Monday morning
en route for tlie western part of the state.
where Mr. Blaine exiiects to deliver a num
ber of campaign seeches. The memliers. of
the party were given a cordial send off.
Suieriuteudent Barry furnished for the use
of the distmgULsheU (arty trie i unman car
"Davy Crockett, which will be used as head
quarters during the entire trip.
Bfexicau Courtesy to Minister Manning.
El Paso, Tex., Oct. 19. Judge Maiming,
the new minister to Mexico, passed through
here Sunday for the City of Mexico, The
Mexican government caused a special car to
be sent from the capital here to meet hnn and
convey him thithr. There seems to be a
general wish in Mexico to bhow a friendliness
to the new minister.
11 an Ian Claims the Championship.
London, Oct. 19. Edward Haitian, the
Canadian oarsman, now claims tlie champion
since William Keacft, tbe Austialian, has
signified his intention of retiring from the
qua tic world.
An exchange Bays: "Man's average
life is 33 years." Dr. Bull's cough syrup
will always lire.
Rumelia is a Turkish coinage, and
means (the land of new Rome," that is,
the country near Constantinople. The
ou In liounmama and Koumelia is French,
and not necessary. In English it is better
to spell Rumelia and budan than Kou
melia and Soudan.
The most stubborn cases of dyspepsia
and sick headache yield to the regulating
and toning influences of Hood s H&rsap
arilla. Try it.
In tbe latest number of London Truth
there is "A Queer Story," which is plain
y meant to convey the idea that the
steamship Oregon was blown up by parts
les interested in an ovcrsiuaured cargo.
Assumed names are employed, and the
vet-eel Is referred to as the paragon.
GerOftlran'i tonf) fa nnlc", tb
Rev.l Wkt Tannage's Prophecy Tfce
;ood Time Coming.
Nkw York, Oct. 19. The Bev. T. Dt
Witt Talmage told the people who thronged
th Tabernacle Sunday : morning what he
thought of the millennium, w hich he is sure
will come within the next sixty years. AH
the great cities are to be completely changed.
He said:
; I believe what tl Bible says that all th
cities will be saved. People have a morbid
idea about the miUeuniutu. They think that
i JO' i
there will be no hilarity, that there will be
no business, no enterprise That is wrong.
Where there is one fortune made now there
will be thousands made then. All dishou
esty will lie gone, all unfairness in business,
ond men will have confidence iu one
another. There will lie grander architecture,
grander music, more prosperity. The great
est injury to business in New York and
Brooklyn tonlav is crime individual and offi
cial crime. When that day comes and 1 am
not dealing in any abstraction: it is just as
true as the Bible-all grievous taxation will
be aliolished. 1 say to yon Republicans and
Democrats, if you do not lessen taxes and tlie
expenses of government honest men will form
an anti-excessive taxation, anti-rum, anti
abomination party, and you who are now
feeding at the public crib will not be left sc
much as is given to the street
sweeiier. But iu this time of which I
tell there will lie no more criminals, no more
vice, no more appropriations for improve
ments which never reach the improvements,
but are lost in the pockets of politicians.
Th-re will be no more oyer and terminer, no
expensive imjtanehng of juries, no police
courts, no station-bouse. In that time tc
come all the haunts of iniquity will lie torn
away. There will lie no mendicants thrown
from front-door stes. no wine shops, nc
lagr-lier saloons, no distilleries. The grand
children of the woman who now stagger
down the street, followed by the jeers of men
and t toys, willtietbe respected merchants
and all this will be sixtv years from now.
Opinions f a I'arm'lltte Member of Par
liament tin Itrili-sh politic.
Washington City. Oct. 19. -The Hon. B.
T. Malloy. a memlier of th-? British pallia
ment of um- of the divisions of King county.
Ireland, and a staunch Pani 'llite, has jir-t
arrived in Waging ton to look after certain
private affairs. A representative of tlu
United Pres-i waited upon him Sat unlay
morning, and in the course of the interview
Mr. Malloy said: ''Home rule is now a cer
tainty. Gladstone has educated tlie English
people and made home rule for Ii viand in
evitiMe. Th? actual measure may N intro
duvd by a Tory admhustrntion. Wher
1 1 te .Li! ra I Iarty makes a
thing inevitable the Tory party
usually snas it up and claims the work as its
own. All parties are advancing in liberal
ism. The old Tory of twenty years ago is
rxtinct Tlie present Tory administration
has promised to introduce a measure for put
ting an end to the vast list of perpetual ten
sions in England. Of course they will b
aliolished by purchase, and the fight will be
to prevent the owners- of the perpetual p-u.
sions from getting too high a price fr them.
An ng the other pensions to to so abolished
is a large on vested in Lord , Randolph
Chun-hill's family tlie family of the duke of
FrobabUity That It Will He Contested by
the ephew.
New York. Oct. 19. Concerning a report
that Henry L Clinton and Aaron J. Yander
poel had leen retained by the nephews of
Samuel J. Tiklen to contest the will of tht
millionaire, and that those eminent lawyers
had given opinions that the document wit
iuvalid, liecause the niduary clause in
effect gives the trustees the power to nans.
tbe legatee, w hich, under recent decisions, a
testator has no right to do, Mr. Clinton
has politely bat firmly refused to "say a
single word." Mr. Vaiider-! was out ot
It is lielieved that w hen CoL Samu"! J.
Tilden and Gorge H. Til len were in ow
York last Wednesday they completed ar
rnncements for contesting their uncle's wili
and it is not improtiable that they will give
notice of contest when the document h-
finally offered for probate at White Plains
next ednesdav.
Mrs- Pardon at Pw York.
Sew York, Oct. ".. Mra A. R. Par?om
lectun-d at Clarendon hall Sunday to a largt
and orderly audienee, including all the An
archistic lights, male and female. She de
seribed the events which led to the condem
nation of her husband and bis friends, auu
gave her reasons for Udieving that the sen
tunce was not in accord with the evident
nor with justice. Ttie meeting adopted a res
olution characterizing the trial as a farce and
th-.- proHfc-cd executions as judicial murder.
Everything passed off qmetiy.
lSlarked Each Other's Etes.
Dublin, Oct 19. Mr. McCarthy, secre
tary, and Mr. Croakley. auditor, of tlie Skib
lierwn brauch of the Irish National league,
foug ht ou Saturday, at the conclusion of the
regular mating, because Croakley had
charged McCarthy during tlie proceeding!-
with having misappropriaW tlie funds.
Each bad an eye blacked and was otherwise
disfigured w hen the crowd interfered and
prevented further damage, both tarties will
now go iuto court.
tiiven Notice, of a Kiot.
London, ( ict. 111. The councilor the Social
Democratic Federation of London informs
the city commissioner of police of its final
determination to enj-aps in a demonstration
behind the lord mayor's pnx-ession in spite of
all opposition that may be otTered. It is
thought thut if tlie decision is adhered to, a
collision Is'tweena mob of rioci.-iltsts and the
police will be inevitable and a In not will
A Great liiz-Fighter l)ciwl.
New Orleans, Oct. lit NVhael McCoole.
the ex-champion prize-tighter, died at the
Charity hospital Sunday evening. He was
born in Ireland 47 years ago and came to thif
country when a boy. settling in St. Louis.
His first proniinen'-e in pugilism was gained
by his defeat of Hill lllake in which was
followed by his victory over Tom Jenniiiugs.
Mr. Editor- Many of your leaders
may be benefited by the knowledge of
such an excellent remedy as Dr. Jones'
lied Clover Tonic, which produces the
most favorable results id disorders uf the
liver, etuinach and kidneys, and is a valu
able remedy in dyspepsia; also, debility
arising from malaria or other causes. It
is a perfect tonic, apietizcr, blood puri
tier, and a sure cure for ague Price 50
Matthew Arnold, the philosopher ap
pears at Mount Desert wearing a cordu
roy coat, wide trousers, bear kid gloves,
patent leather shoes and a Scotch cap.
A. B. C. Cranston, floor-walker for
Stern Brothers, 32 West Twentysthird
street, New York, together with bis wife,
was troubled with malaria for upwards
of two years. They were both entirely
cured by taking one or to Brandretb't
rills every nixhtfor ture m0Dtni with
out inUrtarln'tl Tllh tN!f Uhof 6ti)0U!
Isold !11M,
Vt '$ i &
The Episcopalians fnd CofcregattonaUsts
In ftessliHs at iThicag . ttf .
Chicago. Oct. 19. The house of deputies
of the Protestant Episcopal church resumed
its sitting Monday morning. The committee
to which was 'refected the '-resolutions and
memorials relating to missionary work
among the colored people recommeiided the
adoption of a resolution to the effect thai
whue the convention recognized the ooiiga
tion resting upon the whole church to aid in
the education of these people they should
leave the control of the work to the bishops
of the respective dioceses.
1 he report of the committee on exiienses
was to the effect that they had found the ac
counts in good order, and recommended the
re-election of William W. Astor as treasurer;
report adopted. The committee ou canons
reported that, in their opinion, the existing
canon as to the registration of birtlis, mar-,
nages and deaths was suflk-ient and that
further legislation was inexpedient; reitort
adopted. The committee on charities re
ported that jo,uou had been expended duruig
the past three years toward the relief of aged
The CongregatiunalUts.
Cihcaoo, Oct 19. The impending con
flict in the Congregational council over the
Andover post-obit probation dogma was
foreshadowed in Professor Egbert Smyth's
historical sketch of that seminary delivered
in the council Monday morning. He said
that there never bad been in the history of
the institution a more sincere and
earnest Christian work than at the
present time. He also asked the
council in the impending trial of some of the
faculty for their advanced ideas to judge
them not for what they said but for what
they hoped to accomplish. The conservative
element of the council did not lose the oppor
tunity of applauding Dr. Smyth when be
touched on the probation question as a "dan
gerous subject,"
Congee-rating a ItUhop.
Chicago, Oct 19. Rev. Mahlon Gilbert
was consecrated assistant Episcopal bishop of
Minnesota by Bishop Lee, of Delaware, in
this city, Sunday, assisted by Bishop Knick
erbocker, of Indiana, and Assistant Bishop
rotter, of New York. Bishop 'inttle, of Mis
souri, was the preacher.
Lavk of Approprlatluns Forcen a Gun
Factory to the Wall.
Boston, Oct W. On Saturday the South
Boston Iron works, the famed (run factory of
the country, suiended operations on account
of the inability to pay its workmen. A force
of men, nearly S-jO in number, all of them
expert iron workers, and some of them the
bst and most reliable Run constructors in
the country, are thrown out of work. For
the past six weeks the men have re
ceived no pay. and Saturday evening a
committee from the Kuurhtsof Labor waited
upon the son of 1'resideut Hunt, who was
the only person in the office of the company
to whom an appeal could be made, and de
manded an explanation. Young Mr. Hunt
ahntst wept as he explained to tlie commit
tee that the government owed the works 75,-
CK1U for rifled cannon, cartridges and other
work performed of lute, and as the appro
priations were not furthcoming, tho re
sourcfcs of tlie company were almost ex
hausted and work woukl have to stop.
Mis. Cleveland and Literary Life.
Nkw Yokk, Oct. 19. A Chicago special
to The world says it
is asserted that Miss
Cleveland has ceased
to edit Literary Life,
the Chicago journal
on which she has been
engaged for some lit
tle time, and will sue
the paper for breach
of contract 8 b e
claims, it is said,
larger Mir re of the
fttov vi-KYELAND. prise than has been
aeeortled her. Mr. Elder denies thtt any
such rupture has occurred. He is going east
to se? Miss Cleveland and arrange f- the fu
Liquor lealers In Convention.
Chicaoo, Oct. VS. Th national conven
tion of distillers, brewers, and wholesale and
retail wine, spirit and beer dealers, opened
Mondav morning at the Aladison btreet the
atre. The object of the convention (wluch is
held in respon- to a call signed by several
hundred hrms and individuals ldentined witu
the liquor traflic in all parts of the country!,
is to form a national organization for the
purpose of combatting the agitation against
the liquor interests, which for years has
been carried on hy the rrotntutioulsl party,
and more recently by the anti-saloon Repub
licans. Counterfeiters Captured.
Si. Thomas. Out, Oct 1! Samuel C'liss
old. (leorte Carey ond John Walker, mem-
-bers of a gang of counterfeiters who have
been flooding letroit wnn uan American
and Canadian coin, w ere raptured here Mon
day. Clissoki and Carey made their escape
but were soon recajKurea. j ne omcers lounu
in their place of business a variety of tools,
crucibles, moulds and batteries and a quan
tity of finished coin was found in Carey's
jewelry store, iney nave been operating for
Heavy Frosts In Massachusetts.
Sandwich, Mass., Oct 19. The thermom
eter at Cape Cod Sunday morning registered
below :JU degrees. Heavy frosts are reported
in many towns in the upper part of tbe state,
doing much damage to the cranberry bogs.
Many of tbe berries were saved by flooding.
but it is estimated that three-fourths of the
berries remaining on t he bushes are ruined.
Replying to Sir IVilllam Harconrt.
London, Oct. It). The committee of the
land restoration league, replying to Sir Will
iam Harcourt's letter advancing tbe theury
that rent is partly interest on the value of
the land for which rent is paid, maintains
that the suppositious case put forth by Mr.
Harcouit represents the exception rather than
t he rule.
JitKt to Keep Their Hand In.
Belfast, Oct Ht. About midnight Satur-
uay night a mob couected in the streets and
liegan throwing stonea indiscriminaMy.
1'heir conduct wasiparently aimless and re
sulted in little damage. The police charged
upon the crowd and dispersed them with
utile uimcuity. une man was arrested.
Henry George to Speak or Hurd.
ClNCHTNATt, Oct 19 A dispatch to The
Times Star from Toledo seys: "Henry George
the free trader and candidate for mayor of
New York, will come to this district in a few
days and make four speeches for Frank
Maryland's Governor Married.
Cajibridos, Mil, Oct 1!). Hon. Henrv
Lloyd, "governor of Maryland, was married to
Miss rlettie Ntapleford, at half past i o'clock
Monday morning In Christ P. E. church,
ttev. ineodorer-. Darber, of tins place, off)
Mr.T. W. Atkins, Girard, Kan., writes:
'I never hesitate to recommend your
Klectric Bitters to my customers, they
give entire satisfaction and are rapid
sellers." Electric Bitters are tlie purest
and best medicine known and will posi,
lively cure Kidney and Liver complaints
t-uriiy uie uiooa ana regulate the bowels.
No family can afford to be without them.
They will save hundreds of dollars in
doctors bills every year.
Q..1.1 ot Art- ....... 1 TT .
k unj tnia a uoiue oy juariz tic
Joe Jefferson is writing a book, but is
not very communicative is to tbe nature of
the work in detail.
The restoration to health of our child
we copsidcred uncertain. When two
weeks old she caught cold. For 18 months
was not able to breathe through her nos
trils. Upon useing Ely's Cream Balm bet
aimcttn j is remoTem she brealhte nattlfttl
I am flrsttousin of thejlate Ex-Gov
ernor Alexander H. Stephens, and have
been'postal clerk on different railroads
since 1868. For ten years I have been
a sufferer from a cancer on my face.
which grew worse until the discharge of
matter became proluse ami very offen
sive. I became thoroughly disgusted
with blood purifiers and pronounced
them humbugs, as I bad tried many
without relief,
Finally I was induced to use B. B. B.
which was about the 1st of February,
and continued its use until tbe latter part
of April. The offensive discbarge de
creased at once and tbe hardness around
the cancer disappeared. It improved my
general health and I rapidly gained flesh
and strength. The discharge gradually
decreased and tfce cancer became less and
less in size until nothing remains except
a scar to tell the tale of a once danger
ous cancer. All who have seen me since
I have commenced the use of B B. B.
bear testimony of my great improvement,
and the scar on my face shows that it
cured the cancer. I find that B. B. .B.
comes squarely up to what it is rccom
mended, and I cannot say too much in
praise of this wonderful medicine. I
have tried them all, but B. B II. stands at
the top as a blood purifier.
Tbe above is copied from the Atheus
(Ga.) Iinnner- Watchman, being the vol
untary language of Mr. jan es A. Greer,
"Mr. Greer is an honest, uptight citizen
of Athens, who had a had cancer, and
his numerous friends thought that, he
could not live very long, as the cancer
was gradually sapping the foundation of
bis constitution, but now looks well and
hearty. "
2 AGalNBT 18
Several physicians have pronounced
my disease blood poison, caused hy paint
or lead in Ihe paint, but they could not
cure me. Last summer I used eighteen
bottles of a largely advertised blood medi
cine, which did me no more good than so
much water.
I have used only two bottles of B. B.
B. and am proud to say that I have re
ceived greater benefit from lliem thflti
from the eighteen, and m now rapidly
recovering. There is no qecstion about
the superiority of B. U. 1J. over all
blood remedies.
215 Reynolds street. V II. Woody.
Augtia, Ga., April 21st, ISNi.
All who desire full information about
the cause and cure of I'lood Poisons,
Scrofula and Scrofulous Swellings, Ulcers,
Sores, Kheurnatism, Kidney Complaint.
Catarrh, etc.. can secure by mail, free, a
ropy of our 33 page Illustrated Book ot
Wonders, rilled with the most wonderful
and startling proof ever hefore known.
Address, Blood Balm Co.,
Atlanta, Ga.
For sale by T. 11. Thomas.
The monument that is to be unveiled
this month over the crave of Lieutenant
Gorrince at Sparkhill. on the west b.ink
of Ihe Hudson, ovcrlookiug Trifpsu Zee.
is an obelisk of granite, an exact copy of
the Cleopatra's Needle on a reduced sc;ilv.
the proportions of that work being care
fully preserved.
Mr. E. Springer, of Mechatiicsburg,
Ta.. writes: "I :is arllicted with lung
fever and abscess on luni-s, aud rtductd
o i? mining Mdihw. Got a free tiial
bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, which did me so much
cood that I bought a dollar bottle. After
using three bottles, found mvsclf once
mure a man, completely restored to
health, with a hearty appetite, and a g:iin
in flesh of 41 lbs.'' Call at llartz .V
Bahnscn's drug store and get a free trial
bottle of this certain cure for all Lung
Diseases. Large bottles $1.00.
Sf-nnr Dtin Jnn l.innnl 11 ili t tnt il;i
the Dt'W Presiilont of I'bili, was born in
1840, and belongs to one of the highest
and wealthiest families of the republic,
lie is the author of the laws of civil nut
rimony and lay cemeteries in Chili, and
ne now proclaims uis policy lor a com-!
plete separation of church and tta'c.
Whit is It; Ami What it Is.
Faiiillion (Clarke's extract of tlax) tSkin
Cure, liiie many other inesthnaMe bent
tits to mankind, was discovered by accid
ent. The piopnetor, engaged in tbe pre
paration of certain plants, from time to
time noticed the effect of working in the
pulp vats on the skint If there was pres
ent any cutaneous eruptions, wsrts, ulera-
ituea or scrofulous symptoms, nil disap
peared as if by magic. After experiment
ing ten years, it has become scientific
fact and a priceless boon to the huir.au
race. From giving away a few bottles,
the demand bas increased until the sate
for the nasi two years amounts to l,o:.2,
COO bottles. Large bottles only ft. For
sale by II. II. DeSanlo.
A Iffi-Tour-nlil Tli ic tun tiirl tits' tho i1.'.
ford, asked her learner the other day if
India was our father country, jus-t as
England w as our muthrr country. "No,
ndeen,' was the answer. W hy do you i sk
that?" "Nothing only I see it's Farther
India on the map."
Can't Hake Anything Like It.
I have b?en practicing medicine for
twenty years, aud have never been able
lo put up a vegetable compound thtt
would, like Simmons Liver Regulator,
promptly and effectively move the liver
to action aud at the siime time aid (in
stead of weakening) the digestive aud as
similative powers of Ihe system.
No other remedy niibin my knowledge
can till its place. L. M. llinton. M. !..
ashmgton. Ark.
Mrs. Folsom, the president's mother-in-
law, will re ide in the White hou?ef it is
said, as long as Mr. Cleveland w pres
ident. Mie bas no other home.
Ho Trouble lo Swallow.
Dr Pierre's ' Pellets'' (the orimnal "little
liver pills") no pain or griping. Cure
nick or billions headache, emir stomach.
and cleanse the svstein and bowels. 25
cents, a vial.
Absolutely Pure.
Thi. powder never Tane.. A marvel or pnrH?
BtrentfMl anr wlioleiinmeiie.fi; more econumlcn
thniri ordinary kind., und ann(H he .old It
comp(itlon vlMi th. muHHndii or lowlt, aiion
wnight eliitn or tihoriitiaia powd.ri. oM rnliri
eiitf...ltntili Hifiis pptfp.B t");i i V!! I
rR V.NTA-Ctfli,V
Towels I soap 1napkin
For Rve Cents you can buy
VAO or A'Jt: ft) 'IfttAAiXt CO. OCAG0:-
A.. (3-. BOBHLBR,
Ice Cream Parlors, Bakery,
l.N Hi:i.1v( T.t
New Advert isomrnts.
A A .if liiHi m-v -iVtc tlhid.-l intt TATKS
AN! NrH'TlONs will bu uuit on aimhraiion
To iho- ho ;ini tl fir a'lvrrt ti'i: lo ji.iy.
cut fllt-r no hut it uivilmni for itiortfiirh at rl
ft-rttw work lli.tii tin A.irmti M-ctmii-i of our M
i.ei ..oral l.i-r. 0hO. P. ROW ELL & CO,
N v f 1'inn r A'ivcMii-iii,: Uup-iin
in Sfriifr t-tn el, N w y..rli.
tmv Tv" frmn-l cm
Hi kil l;OVJ-Xt,'0
run-Aim Adyfrtibino HnEA" O'l Kpnits
1iU!K rotn mils in:
lr tii&ue lux it
can leai a the exact cost
of any proposed line oi
advertising in American
papers by addressing
Geo. P. Rowell & Co.,
Newspaper Advertising Bureau,
10 .V-pruce St., Hew York.,
rnct t'Vts. for -UO-r.-.'.f: i'amphlet.
wmwt. . '"M Ore am Eal in
Flttl 'i-m. Us .sore,
V'i !J l...-l..r..o .1... ....
fea es f taste, bear
iing and tfmcll. A
iw t un;
Creata Balm lias smium! cuvuhtr rinui.-ttioTi
w lnn'Vi i known. ili-ul.it m: "Mi rTojvt niton.
A p:iriiiK' applii-l mto. i.'.i no-til r Iu ve?
p.nn hi line i. is am.iV ( n-u Fun: rK at
friik'''itr. or hv m-iil. Sni1 tor cinnlar.
ELY ttlMTUKliS. tru i-.lwr-u. N. T.
TirouIv perfect sut)tltut Motrer
milk. Ii'v.uuai)le tn Cholera Infantum
nnd Toothing. A pre-tlicsi fofd tor Dys-
Penticr,, Coiisumot'vp-. Convuieceis.
irtet iiwiri-nt in all Wasting riseiisen.
liiiuii-cf no cw':inr "r ifook. The Car
and Fcedinv; Ot Infants, maUd irt.-o.
UUUBKlt, iiUOUALU A CO.. Dust on. MM.
Passage Rates Reduced
STK M EUS E KliV SATt'liPAV to.m N-w
York to
!' of ;tM:ie to or from
New York, Glasgiiw. Liverpool, London-
derrv or Ltelfast.
faMiin. $45 't Sttond i'Ih-. 830.
blcerair, oiitw:t!t or pn paid, 20
' n If it l.in. nr.ift-(-. -il Hi l-mrft rstrs (
tiatit fn'e ot rtnrvs in KiijI.umI, Srutlnml ami
Kor llo.rkof T'nir-i. Tn ..', or otlf-r infonnH
lioi. ...) tn IIMMiKNStlN BIIrHIK. 1'td-
Ci.i, or Kli LSK.V. Koi k ielaiid. 111.
I'ltr.- wit'ioiu Meilirine.
PtUMih'i nil, n;, is;ti
n lnt will lire t'l
not ohsiintlf case tn
foitnlaywor Iof.
No na'iion iIomi-s of rulK'tts, copaitta or oil of
rnl;ihvriMt (h it are rerUnn to prottitci' rivci"i'uta
tV di'.-.1roi!i'- 't.tliin;. of tin i-lomat h. 1'n' c
tvil.l ii.v :iil ih itL-jt-t'1 or niailnl on n-i-.-ipi
i liritv. Forinrthfi vMrlnilart- acini fiTfllll
furcirfular; l'Mlo i.vri I It Si If
J C ALLAN CO. Ii! flfl
IV.-.., i. ..f .. ..1.1.01 11(11 v no
nas lu.'.t n ii rp m tin, . 1
trfjititi.f t'.-mai'dis '.isa. Iia
,''&133 " pivs.-n1 in naDdwtsnf
.SN fftf.k rn.ier ns mi unfailinir monthly
5 rt-rtietl '. ricAsant safe, enVct-
JVtjv f,,r p. n?i.. nyal Wafers, tab o no
itC-1siitif.tttijie. Scaled particulars
Ad.trss Tsi'rska 'HiEMiCAX Co., liu How ani toL.
UtTuu.r, Mi'-H,
Sold in Book tiy !rrha?l ft FH- r. 'lar-
ler Uoubi! lni; clorf.
j V. Ross,
Supfriiitendrjiit of DuiUUngs,
II i'J IIT 1 111
tT Ton
Third Avenue, Rock Island.
Ot Kxery Description.
Jens Lorenzen's,
221 iiml '2'.';; Wot Sil SI.. D.-ivcnpurl. In.
(ObftrtoTiiii by thvLeglfflMurt-ot Ilttno.
oiH-n da'ty Ir.mi A M. lo P. 0 Toe?
iif and. r-atiifilriy Iivlai,.t, from 'i to
S o'i:'o- t
interei allowed on TeposlU t tho rata el
4 per Cont. rtr Annum.
PopoBite roooivod inamonatsol $1
and Upwards.
TnevrlTntei.t-oiH'rtyot tho Tr"txp li rt-ci'oi.
lfclftotho dniwlorp. Theotrio rfan protilhltfl
r!0 twmwil'g any otllp raoni'vf Minor ai !
raarrivJ wonu:. proturt d l.y rij'.i rljii k.
OFFUTttW: 8. W. Whmiiii-k, t'Uf'Jt 'it Joh
Uoon, Vice Trepidant: C V. HniiwAY. 'iIi:r
Tkihticbs: 8. W. WbiH'lock, l'orur Sfcintwr
11. W.Utthi:!!, Nelwn rinctrr. Ii W ran-V..
T.rani, A. S. Wrtirhr, t'. K. tUnniw.ty. John
O00H. J i. ChrtMy. C. 11 SioldnH.
3FTticonlyctiailftiv Kaln;t Rankin Koi
Aland Oonntv.
Josupm FlTPATRlLK.
Taki" pleasure in aimonn itu- ilitu hf lian l-n .1
Hit- well known Camden Mi'N for 1 term "f ve.ii"
i ltd han op'JW'l thm for ret eij-t of ii-fori
work anojen'.'r:.l utillni,:.
Hye Flour ;i Sjci;ilfy.
Prompt ami t-i- i' s"
.ill I- tilt
Nkw Vohk.
niy mil an.l tlu" roH"fflc.
Tlii- tl''t''l t- i'Im' of t tit" iivwt romptote it ap
l(ni(.tr :ni. i;niiinr of any imii e 111 New
Vnik i H. I-"1' roudurted on tlie
K.kitntt only One lolar 1" dy. lf niiii
iitoV .i'k frottt P.rooklyn bridge and Klrv.itetl K
H. All lines nas ih dMr. M4 conveui' iii
hotrl iu New York for inorrhint to Mop at. Pin
ing rooms, catt" and lunch counter replete
ill the lunrtee ai moderate pru-r ju-tfi-dwlv
A 25-Ccnt Book for 12-cta.
ciiDi.ni ncniTATIONS.
lime lKhiar.uh covar. PHc. Wp" g:
- .
ill 1'

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