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' Catarrh is inflammation of the mucous
membrane. altemUd with increased secret hut.
Thus eatanh may affect the Jje.nl. .limit.
Btomaeli. l-mwls. or any part of the i-l
where the imu-mis nun-bram is Miml. Hut
c atanh of the head is by far lite mot common,
eomins on s pr.iOiully thai oft.-n il pn-s-enre
imt M.cted till it 'his "
firm hold on iisvin..... I- i "
mid, or a ., (-, ss..m of vMs. nUtml with
Impure Wood.
WH.-I. ..ly rH..Wi-Hfl is CX-
milm-lv d!u:rri-atdf, -.mhmiik flow f ,.m the
n..Hym-sof the ihrnat, headache, loss of
PjK-tite, n'iiiin ;unl buzzing nuiit-s in the
can. eii Howl's h:trap:iriIU m;:y be
foui.d a prompt and pcnuiim-nt eure fur
eal.iirh. It pm Hits and e,in-hrs the Mm1.
lu-s and rcbuiUK Ihc Uiscastd nn nstnane,
and thi soon cures the (Iim-hm-. At tli-s;t!ne
time it lefie-ln s and tunes (lit- whs!r sslem.
The ri'iii.uk.ib'.e stnvfss ef Ihi 1 1' uli.-u-Titethcine
eirtsttes it to -tr cnninteim-. (iivt
HfHrt"s S;tvsap.nilla attml.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Iil tit-MMi-iiita. ?1 . ' fr fi Prefi.ireil nny
b C. I Him if A 0.. A'thci Hrtes. I-ot-U. Ma.
IOO Doses One Dollar
Li- Tried in the Crucible.
Atinnt twenty years ar- I disTiweivd a lift!.- pore on my cheek, and the doctors pro
nonnced It cancer. I have tried a ntiratuT of iiy. U lan. . bin withf.tj t rr-cei.ine aiiT jx-ma-Bcnt
benefit. A-n.m:: l!ir number were cm; or two p.rialis(s. Tfit- rtt- iltrine tney ni !ifd
WJ like fire tn tl--- r,. eauMii Tint n-e I -niv :i t.irciit.T.t i n the iriu rs tf-:t:ii what
S S. S. hail diw f.lr r siiinlalii i ,r,H ,, 1 1 .1 ...!, -:i ,.n,e. 11. n.ri I liwus.-.l
tne HTimrt iKimi- pie lit i'lithtr. i;.:i, e
cealta iim hnn nt rr tr,, time year- 1 tan a li irt.hii: fmm aim f!.n e;.i,l i,.ina
nally. I ted a severe pim in mv hntw. After taktiis in ImtN-s of s s tin , ,,u-t. !. rt
me mid i erew st, inter than 1 hail h,-eii furs, viral vear, Mv la.aer ha iiealeil uvi i all l.ut
a little uul ahout the sit of a lil dime, au.1 u is ratiijlv 'disai'inrariii.-. 1 nould adviM
wjr aae with cancer lo pve h. s. s. a fair trial. '
n . , . Mks- KACY J. McCONAL'UUKY, AnUe Grave, Tipiiecanoe Co., lnd.
rue in, ISHti,
Swift', Stieeiflc is entirely vepetahle. and seems to cure canrrrp bv forcinc out the impn
iui from the bluud. Treatise on BI.kh! ami skin I itsriiae mailed free
THE SWitT bl'EClFIC CO., Drawer 3, Atlanta, tia.
I'KOFUSMtMAl. t'Aitl'.
I TTtiK.UBY AT I.AW-ilnVe with J. T. Ken
V worthy. 1745 S. rond vmie antr-l-dwrim
A TTOHNKY AT l.W. ufttre , Ho. k l?laml
A National Bank Builduia, Hoct. Island, 111. i
l.llH AT I W-
1 over
po-roill('e. Mo,in, tIhnoi.
tn Mti-onic Temple block, over Uork hv
land Nn.ioT.al li;in k. Rock Umi, III.
rH'D - dwtf
iiOfflre id B ntoo block. RtH-k Islam!, 111.
MKICItKK I 0. liLAkniOlir:,
hiHint'of all kiii.l fH)'i( itt'.!. Koni 4, First
Nafio t;ti SniiR Riiitilmj P. o llos t '.l. Rock
inland. IIMiioitn. Mi-is-lwiy
TTORNEY AT LAW. Solicitor in Chancery an
ik Notary Puolir. Ahutraeli, Loati- aul eoliee
tion. O'D a. d flltxk, sid avenie, ovim
Biknr .tt-wi-lrj- ftor nov-2l-diy
WollT. Tht- .1118 Vf ntn ' h -ireel
Th! Rfrk Inland Hailt Awrc; j'iih!i-Mdever;
eventni:, ('indaj ('rented t in Areas hl(rk, or
potte Poftotfice. Btfrt idvrtiitiiii: mc'tium in thf
Tne R-tck llaoi Wbbivi.t Ar;-!'-; putMihed
cverv F-nlav. A iti'; joh d c j trum nt m ( imec
lion with the en ah-bmvriT.
(OharTtiTert hy tneLetrWatnrt of Illti-oip.)
'pen daily tmm SAW to -1 P. M.,and on Tne
flaf and Satnrdajr Bvealnk. from 7 to
8 o'c'ock
latsrai lbw'! ca DepaiUi t th rt o
1 per ZvoX. w Assam.
Deposits received in amounts of $1
and Upwards.
The private p"0(ajrt.yot the TrunteGB 1 tvbp-iu
atbte to thi.- dp7!itoni. The offlcerparo pr-iilb!ted
rorn borrowing any of It moneys. Minor ma
married wonu'r. protected bycpcctal taw.
OryirrK': S. W. Whbbi.ocr, PrWdent Jim
flooo, Vic.1 Piv-irient : C. F. Hbmbhwat. Tahiur
Trlhtee-': 8 W.Wbwlock, P irter Skmnar
C. W.Lobdell, Nelcon Cht-iter. H W.f.andiw.r
T Grantz. A. S. Wrlhr, c. f . Hemnwiiy. John
G'H"' . .T !, (hrUty 0. H . Htoddard.
yrh:oi4y chartered savlni; Bankn Rock
viand Oonntv.
rnr' without Miiicine.
Patented Oct 1H. lt7fi
On mx will curt? !
mo t oIiHtiuiite cii-e in
fonr dayt? or It hp.
Nn na-'i'uou!' d ns of cithftw, cnpaib.i or oil of
pandnlwood thit arv certain to pru.liit't -lv-1p"iwia
by destroying the coutins: of tUr nti-ra b. Pru-e
SI. St. Sold bv all driu?i:ift' or mailed on TTcit
r prim. For rurther piirtictlarn eenu
for circilar; PoBo-tir!3
" i i" : imi",:,,v i
i M It HI-. I' KUMO-k. Kiv-
ri ...rfit-S'i. nch. Etwtne
lit . -l-.rl it '.no hi .-anti.
.t!l j h. r I" iit( cSm-iiih t-
l.-n,Trr. ,., ,t,r, ,.,..(;,- .-, I.--MJllli-t- Uinp
' he &lm Ltnctrtc Co. C9 LSnHa at., Chicaflo.
may n-lwir
Tlif Waiuinr(ls a;c made with
a ltent-Wooti rinu itrong
Cft Iwiurd.-' and tcst wi-':;n in tiw
w.irld. for aalc by ail d';:Ufra.
Xakno other.
SA;iAT M'F'4i
S.liJin'-- Iricl':;nn.
may 17-dwIy
ByMr?. ANtA Kfnu. Dbphl, th? ccUl.r.itcd
tachr an! eloc itionl-t. Kive nninh.r,. now
SfimViiih T contain 11 p.n and haod
O hiVrriii '1,LV,P: - pablisUers, (P.
1 Ko,e "trPt. N.w York. tH-rii
DEAFBf ESS luCAnSE8lift"C0HKr.Tone
rI-Tr..rr1w4" .WV ,1,'af 'wontv-i-ieht
or the diy ith no bom ! t. t'r. iiww- in
by"a;8:-d:iTP theD
KTr.?- J Pl'n. Minplc ami ncctal
.tH-tnc. vA Itvitlffllt
I " I am happy to state that I used Hood't
Sarsaparilla for catarrh, with which I hare
I w-i-ii tumbled many years, and received
j treat rtln t and benefit from it. The catarrh
' was very t agreeable, especially in th
winter, causing constant discharge from my
nose, ringing noises in my ears, and pains in
the back of my head. The effort to clear my
head in the morning by hawking and spitting
was painful. My prwer advised me to try
Hood's SjirsnpHrilla,
and it nave me relief immediately, while In
time I was entirely cured. 1 am never with
: out the medicine in my luu a:, j ihitik it is
t worth its weight in $:.. Mils. iJ. IS. (iiUB,
! ;.r f:it:l.:!i direct, N. , V.!?h;i:tou, IXC
j I h. e used IbNul's Jvtrvi.u iili for
Jeatarili with very s:iiisfact4ry results. I
: liavc ii-ee:iHi more pe: m.ii'ent Knefit from
: t! :: in any oilier rnci-tiy ! huve ever
' t!itd.- M K. Kk.i, of -V. Kcid & Son,
W. i- . Ohio.
V P. '. ti t l- htdTi'-ed to t.tke ;n:y other
l-n mi :tU'ii. but I e -.Hi' t' uet
Snl.U-y ll lrit;m
' y C- t HimW A l
V. A(...OiPf,..ru .l...w.-n. MhM.
! 100 Doses One Dollar
liiul i;iv :tir- r us tu-aiiii - i:p SI -
Titli j'aiii i. t lie Mnl try ( nuiiiy a victim
ol rlivutuutinsor nt-urulirij. and lretn:cntly
otlitr li-t-;i.M.. sni li as kulney ami liver
ouni.l.tin;.-. ii'i- tliuit'i ti;uealk' t rheu
iiintiMn nr nciii :tli I'Iuh' (!iM:afes, for
tsnnir um-.vi'i.ihuiiiii' riii"n. ;irc mpiillv in-
crrairii:. ::iil in n;snv in-T;intrs arc the
ihrct-t i auM' tt nni. li sitknc which so
hnic i' rv:i 1 origin a li be run-taken lor
nth rdi.-:J.-i.fv In iiaini: i hen mat iMti, non
t ;il-;in. i k liunlai he, anil in many eases (f
kidney and liv-r troul !-s, Atliloihor h.is
wri'uirlit tnd r. limse lm have lived
it are bet tjuatiiitnl to seak nt its merit.
II. 1.. Andcrsnn.MYVe-t Lake St.. ("hi
4 ;ii:u. 111.. says: "I have hail rhemnatim ofi
and on tor manv vcar. hut never so h;u .-is
tlie last attack, t.H'if ic at that time confined
to mv Wil. and tmahle to hkvo without the
crcatost iain. Mv wife applied hot appli
cations, so hot that it would nearly Mister
me. Tliis w:u onlv temponirv relief, for as
soon as the application was odd the pain
came riizht back. 1 saw anion:; the names
of parties advertised as having used Athhv
phnros some I knew, so 1 concluded to cive
it a trial. After usin it a few days I was
well and hare not been troubled since. One
buttle was all I U'Hil.''
Iist February, J. S. Rccder, Theatrical
AVip Maker, No. 1S2 "West Madison. Office
S.t'hicaco, 111., was very badly crippled with
inrianimatorT rheumatism in one of his
loner limbs. Mr. Ilcodt
menccd by foot swelling. I thought it was
dropsy, but the pain was tm great for that
then it beran to spread up mv leg, ncarlv t
mv knee. ih! the pain was excruciating. I
was recommended to try Athlojdioros, and
w ith less than a bottle of the medicine, my
rheumattsmwasentireiy driven from my py?
tern, and 1 have never Wen troubled since.1
Everv druggist should keep Athlophoros
and AtlilophoKK l'illh, but where they can
not be boiLrht ot the druggist the AUil'
plion-3 t'o., 112 AVall St., New York, will
send either (carriage paidl rn receipt of
regular price, whnh is if I. CO per Inrttle
lor Athlophnpis am-l iitlc. tor 1'ills.
For liver nn1 ki'incv rH-n'Ma. rtvr-Tisln. in-
diueslion. weakness. nerviHr di'hihty. ihwascs
of umncn. eon-tipfition. hcHilwhe. unnure
wood, Ac, Athltiphonis Pills an.' uuetualcd.
m COUGHS. Oft out
iiii Si
of sweet cum-
Tin !v-rt pun, as rnl'i' rrtl fn'm n 1rM if ttio
fitti"1 mum', ci !Mi'i-r I He email Pimmm tit the
S -nOi'TM Stuli-i. I'.'iK.u- ;i liiiMiliOiiH.' exi'Cctit-
ruipr j.riM' til" Unit ! ;lte phh-rrfi pn-M a
n"'.Tiiv i'i't-!iii' i "iuIi. liii-t hii'inil.ii.'it the t.iilil
I i Idr-.T cIT ; ..iit!T.t;n' ei rott ilftil
p h'f.pnitM'. n..Inri.'(t iiiit IIil" h ill
:Z in il' -f la i-1 ii 'i! i t'r"" '"' " ,!"' t''.iMctn I'llinl
-r th" ol'l t"l I-. nl'i . . 'I' i v '.'!( Clirl'uKKr,
ifviit-atY I'KwnKT'ii i .' i' lf i ' i:ti the Hncst
oi ') rTm-Jlv fur 'mi . ' r 'tiji. hiMmm--iiib
H-.-l t .-iiiiLrfi,!,.. .... . . , r;t-,f:M.-. ;i,iVChlM I
ij .. l.U .! ' r!r., 1,.: it. l'rP.
And Hypophosphites of Lime & Soda
Almost asalatable as Milk.
Thft nnly pinaration of fOI) LITER OIL that
ran h taken readily and tolomted for W tine
hj di-lirt Rtmat -hs.
ItOKi.OIS AI.CflOS.,iNiH,,i 41
1-ltU. lFr.:MTYH-(iHS AMI Til KiTTK
M IIOS and all H AMI Ml Iiim.I'I.idc v
li' ! t'Mil it Is marrril.ius in ii f,-.,.uZ
i i'.-TiU-d and eijiiorsi-d ly Um haul i'hvittrEji
in tHe cowutiw of tiie irorltL C"
Tlie KccnnU Urcimout .and Calry Ito
uain Strikers Gnin Uack to All th
Hoiiscti imported Mtn Leaving AI
lBij Attempt to Pot non rhil Arm oar
with Stry;ltnin. V
C'HicAoo, Nov. is. There was another
large addition made to the union men taken
back to work at the stock yards Wednesday,
and notwithstanding the dimatisf action over
the contract a majority of the knights taken
have cheerfully signed it The contract was
pres-nteU by all the packers Wednewlay
inorning. Swift a: id Mori- U were the only
houses hitherto requiring oniplianco with
the i-ontnict as a prerequ.site lor re-employ-mcnt.
Many ho rvfust-l to Mgn. und quit,
subsequently obtained travel mg cards from
their assemblies with a view to seeking work
hIsc where. ISotne will go to tlie Marquis de
Mores' new iwcking bouse, od the Northern
Pa.-ifi railroad, superintended by A. C. Fos
ter, formerly manager for Swift here. Craig
& Co.'s houu, which started up on the
eight-hour and IC per nU mluctiou during
the strike, resume! the ten-hour full-pay
plan Wednesday morning.
The men who refuso to sign quote Mr.
B.irry as denouncing the contract and saying
that "the nun here will absolutely refuse to
Mgn thf ob 'ctionable agreenwnt."
'1 here wwe HKJ of the old men tak?n back
ut Kolcr's Wedntday morning, including
the titty who quit Tuesday rattier than sign
ihc contract. Armour only had room for
al,nt tifty more, and Morris only took on
two extra. The comparatively small in
crease in th" men put to w i-k acain in said
to le a scarcity of hoj.
The First regiment reeivM orders
Wpdnesday morning to retnr;i ti th city at
noon. Tlie brigndestaff will hereafter make
its headquarters at the Pull.nan building
in this city, the cavalry and Second regiment
remaining at the varus for the present. '
All Ihonov hun.la onw.l.ari hir lha PKL II
cago Packing and rYovision coHiftany, altout
in munlier, left in a lftdv Wednesday
morninsr, U-injr afraid to work without the
prottn titin of the militia.
Francis J. Blackburn, a member of Com
pany H, First regiment infantry, is dead
from the eflVcUs of a severe cold which was
ag.ravatid by wrvice at the stx?k yards.
His superior otti'-ei-s would not excuse him on
account of his cold, and one dav s dtity
picket tiiiislied him. He went home and took
totn-i lull and died.
A little Ikiv Monday f onioone ran up the
tcps u( th- Armuiir dwelling an rrairie nve
nu- tind Inn-led in package which was
wrupitoi in a yellow pajr The cink re
ct'ivcd 'he ;Hn-k;ige and notu-eit that it was
labled: "Best qimlity luckwhoat. Sample
p ickage." From the printed matter on tlie
Iapvr the cook was led to believe that it came
hum TebbettM & (ia:land, grocers, 1.7W
Watmsh avenue. When Mr. Armour's but
ler learned that the parcel had been deliv
ered he pave orders that no one should touch
it. ami ran nftex the boy w ho delivered it.
t H ei tnkin- him the lad said two men whom
he met at Wabash avemw and Twentv-flrsfc
street pave him U. cents to deliver the parcel
to Mr. Armour's cook. Later in the dav a
stranger ho had overheard The conversa
tion tt ween the two men and the boy, in
which the wont ' powon was ust1, went to
Armmr's ettice and put the big packer on
tit gu-iril.
Mr. Amour at once put the case in the
hands ( the Pinkerton detective ajjency
and. battening home, tentthe buckwheat to
an eTert chemist for analysis. The latter
reMTts that the flour contained enough
strychnine to kill a dozen families. Mr. Ar.
mours residence is now carefully gtiarded
niter dark, and no stranger is allowe! to en
ter on anv pretext whatever.
Tarty of Men Attack a "Scab" Swlt
man and On I Killed.
Onr-Aoo, Nov. 1 s -Perry O'Meara ad
mitted to a party of strangers with whom he
was drinking ruesdav night in tne resort
known as tlie "Alcazar,'1 on State street, that
he was a ijike hhore switchman. "Then yon
must lie a scab," remarked one of them, and
w hen they reached the street O'Meara was
told he w.-is to have a thrashing. He drew a
revolver and retreated. The small crowd
follow'1, he tiring as he ran. One of his
pursuers, who said he was sh it, persisted un
til he came very near O Meara, who then
shot at short range. They both fell into an
'xcavation, from which O'Meara scrambled
inland was arrested. When the stramrer
was lifted nt on the patrol stretcher he was
found to te dead, shot through the heart-
bis mv w "mid. w llliam Kellv, one of
O'Meara 's pursuers, and who had been work
ing at the stork yards as a non-unionist d,ir
im; the strik1, was also arrested. The dead
man is supposed to have leen a Frenchman.
The Patrons off Husbandry.
Philadelphia. Pa., Nov. IS. At Tues
day's session of the convention of the patrons
r husbandry, Mr. w. A. Armstrong, of
ew York, of the committee on education
rtad a paper on education wliich received
much praise from all present. Governor
lioby, of Maine, introduced a resolution ask
ing the executive committee to report at the
annual meeting of tlie order some plan for
Mie purchase ot a lot in the city of W ashing
ton and seciticatiuns for the erection of a
suitable building for the national irranee.
The resolution was referred to the executive
committee for action. A report of the com
mittee oti pood of the order favoring some
plan by "hu h Vnited States penators should
be elected by the dire-t vote of the people
was adopted. Memorial services were then
held on the death of Hon. H"nry Ashbauirb.
f Missouri, late lecture of the national
grunge, and pirn. e.. u. lhoinpson, ot Dcla-
are, wite of the state master. . .
Will Ite Asked to KetKa.
New YoiiK. Nov. IS. It is said by mem
bers of Ir Justin Fulton's Centennial Bap
tist church in Brooklyn that Mr. Fulton will
n Friday night bo asked by the prudential
committee to resign. A strung party in the
hurch are opposed to him on general grounds.
The immediate cause of action, however, is
uiuoge used bv bun ui a recent sermon in
tended to throw doubt on the celibacy of the
Catholic clergy. He is also accused of fals-3
accusations against Miss Donnington, the
uug lady who was the object of paternal
interest- on the part of the late Jeremiah
Counsellor, of Newark, unknown to the lat-
b-r s family, and who is now a member of
ove of the leading families of the church.
Accident at a Fire.
Baltimore. Nov. 18 Fire broke out
u edneiay afternoon in the bouse of Bur-
rouch Bros., t ainden street, near Pratt
manufacturing cliemisto. and caused a loss of
J.,(KKi. While No. 2 truck was elevating
one oi lis lauuers , tue ladder fell bark ward
with its freight of four firemen. Charley
Grund, of No. 'J engine, wa so badly in-
jurexl that he died in fifteen minutes. Henry
:yan and :Japt Marster, of No. 2 enpine,
were badly injured. Frank Kerr, of No. 9,
had his leg brake.
Mr. Asa B. Rowley, druggist, was in
duced to try some of the 1'aiiiloD catarrh
ure by Lib customers, after several cliy-
siciuus predicted bo would soon Lave
consumption from an aggravated case of
catarrh. Ho sayE "The result was un
precedented. I commenced to get well
after the 'first application,' and am now,
after a few weeks, entirely cured." Paptl
lon (extract of flax) catarrh cure will do
all that is claimed for it. Large bottles $1
r sale at drug stores. Sold by 11. H.
No drawiog loom is complete without
bra.-s peacock having a genuine display
f feathers.
The greatest medical wonder of the world
Warranted to speedily cure burns, bruises.
cuts, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, can
cers, piles, chilblains, corns, tetter, chap
ped hands, and all skin eruption, guaran
teed to cure in every instance, or money
refunded. 25 cents per box For sals by
Htrtr ik Rahnsen
An interesting letter from Mr. John W
Weeks, euperintendtnt of DeKalb Ynu
per home:
From a feelioe of eratitude and a de
aire to benefit others, 1 voluntarily make
this statement. 1 have great reason to be
thankful that I ever heard of B. B. B.. as
I know what blessing it baa been to me.
I have Buffered wiih Bronchial catarrh
for & number of years. Six months ago I
was taken with severe pain in tty right ear
which in a few days began to discharge
matter, with terrible and almost unbear
able palpitation and all sorts of noises in
my bead. In ten davs after the com
me nee merit of disch arge and pain in my
ear I began to grlow deaf and in six
weeks I was so deaf that I could not hear
I was then compel ed to use conversa
tion tube, and it wasboften thai I could
not bear with the tu ae. I then com men
ced taking is. Is. B tig ml the running in
my ear ceased runniut in five weeks, and
can now bear withompthe the tube. Mv
general health has rocovercd, palpitation
ceased, and feel like a new being, and
appreciate the benefit I have received
from B. B. B. (made at Atlanta, Ga )with
gratitude to God and thankfulness to the
proprietors for such a medicine. I cheer
fully recommend it to all who are afflict
ed with deafness and atarrh. Try it;
persevere in its use and cou ft ill be con
vinced of its value .
John W. Werkks.
Supereptendant DeKalb Pauper home,
Decatur, Ga . May 1. 1fNfl.
I hive been a sufferer from Kidney and
Bladder troubles for several years. 1
have lntclv bad what is termed Kright'n
Disease, and have had considerable sw IN
ing of my legs and shortness of breath
The urea has poisoned my blinul also. 1
secured and am using (B. B. B ) Botanic
Blood Balm, and finds it acts powerfully
and very quickly, and I am dcliyhlid
with its effects . I had previously used
a large quantity of vaiious advetiiscdi
remedies, and sevcial eminent physicians
also waited on me, but B. B. B. stands
at the top.
John H. Martin
Hock Creek' Ala., May 4. ISNti.
All who liirc full infoinmlion hIxiii
the raust! and cunt ;of I'Ihmi l'oisonn,
Scrofula and Scrofulous Swellings, Vlcerx,
hores, Hheumatism, kidney ( omplauil
Catarrh, clc, can secure by mail. free, a
copy of our 33 page Illustrated Book
Wouders, tilled with the most wonderful
and startlinc proof ever liefore known
Address, Blood Balm Co..
Atlanta. 0'a
For sale by T. II. Thomas.
Dr. Schwpinrurth has presented a tine
collection of Greek costumes of the fifth
centuary to the Anthrapolocical Mu euui
at Benin. They were found in graves in
Arsino, and are remarkably well prcscrv
To Etr is Human.
But it is positively inexcusable to admin
ister or take narcotics or potent sedatives
to relieve tranquility of '.be nerves, the
easily discoverable cause ttf which
simply indigestion, llostettei's Slnmach
Billets is the remedy indicated
when the nervous system is weak.
and consequently super sensitive and un
tranquil Braced and quieted bv this
superlative tonic, tho system obtain:
needful repose at niabt. dvspeptic qualm
cease to disturb the stomac h, and mental
inquietude disappears. The habit of the
body becomes reirular. the liver and kid
neys are healthfully stimulated, and bod-
ly or mental exertion ceases to be i
veatisome and difficult task. Neuralgia.
rheumatism and malarial disorders, and
kidmy troubles, are entirely eradicated
by tbis matchless mvigorant and regul
An Orient lirer of 8.51KI tons were
launched at Govan the other dav. She is
the largest vessel that has been built on
tbe Clyde this year.
If yuu arc suffering with low aud de
pressed spirit, loss of appetite, "eneral
debility, disordered blood, weak con
stitution, headache, or any disease of a
bilious nature, by all means procure a
bottle of Electric Bitters. You will bi
surpnseu lo see tlie rapul improvement
that will follow; you will le inspired
with new life; strength and activity will
return; pain and mierv will cease, and
henceforth you w ill rejoice in the praisi
of fciectrie Bitters. Sold at hftv cents s
iottle by liartz it Bahnsen.
Square dinner plates grow iu favor, and
the newest are a perfect study of artistic
Raironi ! Dilitated Men.
luu are allowed a free trial of thirl
days of the use of Pr. Dye's Celebrated
Voltaic Belt with Electric SusiH'nsory
Appliances, for the speedy relief and per
manent cure of Nervous IMtilitv, loss of
Vitality and Manhood, and ull kindred
troubles. Also, lor many other diseases.
Complete restoration to health, viiror and
manhood truaranteed. No risk is incurred
Illustrated jmmphlet, with full informa
tion, terms, etc., mailed free by address
ing Voltaic Belt Co., Marshall, Mich.
dcod A w.
Solid silver, gold lined cigar cases are
seen among "suitable prrseuls for a gen
I was troiilik-,1 with Chronic. Catarrh
and gathering in my bead, was very deaf
at limes, had discharges from mv ears.
and was unable to brealhe through my
nose' Before the second hoi tie of Kly'c
Cream Balm was exaimted I was i tired,
and to-day enjoy sound healh. C .1.
orlnn, Vii Chestnut street. Field M in
uter, Philadelphia Pub. House. P.i
Uuckhurn umhrfll nrl CHnv-lmniite?
lire causing the Brummt Is todisosrd silvtr
The Rice Coil is the simplin! nml m.Ki
lillowy spring in the world. It iiiljuts
well to varying loads iierftcilv. TIiut
people rcrricd with as oiuch case as
oDe. It gives better satisfaction than
any spring made. All carriage dralers
have it, or you can order of the Rut
Carriage-apring company, Pittston, Pa.
Unmounted photograph of ci 1. In:,i il
pamlincs must now lie around loose in
tb parlor.
The restoration to health of our child
we considered uncertain. When, two
weeks old she caught cold. For tt months
was not able lo breath through her nos
trils. Upon useing Ely's Cream Halm her
difficulty is removed; she breathes natural
ly. Mr. A. Mrs. J. M. Smith, Oswego,
N. V.
Advanced Rwetls havethp n.mo nf thi.
club in the lower left hand corner of their
visiting cards.
The question of a proper food lor in
fants interests all mothers; especially
those unable to nurse their offering.
Mellln's food possesses all Ihc requisites
as a substitute for mother's milk, and is
highly commended bv the medical faculty
of both Europe and America
Professor P. T. Rhermau has reft Har
vard for the Johns Hopkins university.
In Obstinate Ihdigkstiuk.
Dr. F. G. McGavock, MeUavock, Ark.,
says: H gives ate pleasure to gesr
testimony V Its beneficial actio" 'n otwti-
sale indigejiion."
Axe you disturbed at night and broken
oi your rest by a sick child Buffering and
crying with pain of cutting teeth? If so.
send at once and get ft bottle of Mrs.
Win slow 'e Soothing Syrup for children
teething. I Is value is incalculable.
It will relieve the poor little sufferer im
mediately. Depend upon it mothers,
there is no mistake about it. It curee
dysentery, diarrhoea, regulates the stom
ach and bowels, cures wind colic, soft
ens the gums, reduces inflammation, and
gives tone and energy to the whole sys
tem. Mra. Winslow's Soothing Syrup
for Children Teething is pleasant to the
taste, aud is the prescription of one of
the oldest and best female nurses and pby
sicians in the United States, and is for
sale by all druggists throughout the
world. Frit e 25 nts per bottle.
fcb-28-m-w-s ml ;
The three-buttou cutaway coat worn
by gentlemen for morning dress this
season looks better than it did, as it is cut
lower down and a little longer than it was
last winter.
Core of Liver Complaint-
Iowa Falls, Habdin Co.. Iowa, Jane 8, 18tt5.
I have heeu using Alkock's I'oroua
plasters for four years, and think I could
not get along without them . For a lonu
time I was afflicted with a pain under
my right tdumlder blade; I also bad con
r-iderable diflculty in breathing. 1 ap
plied nn Allcocks Porous plaster on my
back, and one on my chest. 1 kept chang
ing them everv four davs. and at toe
end of three weeks whs entirely cured.
E S . Stevens.
Cuiliirms buiIh hiu slill niaik' like
womi-n't) dresses. The most favored
menu fr misst'H nre polonaises, R'ding-
ti's autl -ot8.
W. W. Heed, druggist, of Winchester,
lnd., writes: "One of my customers,
Mrs. Louisa, Pike, Bartonia, Randolph
Co., lnd., was a long sufferer with con
sumption, and was given up to die by
her physicians. Sue heard of Dr. Kiic's
New discovery for consumption, and be
gan buying it forme. In six months'
lime she walked to this city, a distance
of six miles, and is now so much improv
ed she has quit using it. She feels she
owes her life to il." Free trial bottle at
Ilartz & Bahnscu's Drug store.
Dog collars of pearls, moonstones and
garnets on velvet are rapidly increasin;
in fashion.
Tbe Ki on earth can truly It? maiil of
tiring tilycenm? alvp, which is a sure,
sate and specify cure for cuts, bruises,
scalds, burns wounds and at) other sores
Will positively cure piles, tetter and all
skin eruption. Try this wonder healer.
Sniisf action suaruuleed or money refund
td. Only 25 rents. Sold by druggists.
Fashionable note-paHr has now a col
ond border, just like inournin-paiier,
onlv no! black.
To alt u tio an suirorlng from llio prr-irsnnt
iD'hiretlons or ynulh, ut-rvoua weaknoss, enrly
to.-,iy, l.ROf TH.inhooil. 1 will Konl a rtvln
Ihntwlll rureynu.I T.EE (IFCHAKHE. ThtSRn-nt
mnt'ity was iU;5rovtrel ty a ml-wlonarj' in South
Anirrlra. S'n-t a S''lr-alln-sset envM(iH loihe
IUV. .losira T. IN MAN. Slalifn IK Xe Vork City.
Sunshade lamps standing eight feet
high are the craze, even at the prevailing
high prices.
In the pursuit of the good things f
his world wo anticipate too much: we
eat out the heart and sweetness of world
ly pleasures by delightful forethought of
them. The results obtained from the use
of Dr. Jones' Bed Clover Tonic fur exceed
all claims. Il cures dvspepsin. and all
stomach, liver, kidney and bladder
troubles. It is a perfect tonic, appetizer,
hlood purifier, a sure cure for agae and
malarial diseases. Trice. 50 ceuts. of
Men Think
they know all about Mustang; I.ir,
l'ment. Few do. Jv'ot to know is
not to have.
New Advertisements.
-A piHTiTe tic man. to represent
ir mourn him expfiiM'; cHde
r.; every mie h'tvn ; outfit ami iiart irn lar fi-ee
nov-i-(3in Huston.
I A DIGS wiintei
d 1n
p Tea Clubpi for onr
liPtire Teat- and t'offt-v
A lio-t of iiM-fdl irii-
l from a irreiuintuf. Send f-T I Huh
iratea rnre annfremnim l.ir-t. SPitt iai. Offkr
wry tenth perttii ilmt juwers lire ailvvr-
ment. We 111 tend fkkf. ime imtiml nf i hixr
ira. fltj'irr-"
nov--tiwani Hutun. Mas
A lit of Hlftt; Tn-wnat'. 1fviHii1 int,. sT JTF
.IMf fftt 1M. HI tH- Kl-flt lltl Mill, .,
lo tlioe who want tt eir adverflsiii to pav. w
n nflYr uo bt-tu r mt diiim for tlioroiiirh Rnit f
l tlx. work llian fllf vnrioli H.-i-tion. of ot.r
Ifn l.oc.il l.i.t. GEO. P. ROWELL ft CO.. "
Nt-wsininT Alvi:rti(ini; Burt an
HI siinic'ttri.-.'t, Nw York
IISW rxi HW B l.OWKI.I, iV A
rVrirapJirF.il ADTTRnsiKti ltrHRAtt (M fpttn-e
t !rte1i. whrr lulvrr- m Maa
t !rptit wttfT odver-
Ii.-im: ediitr'i"isj tntiy
19 lusum lux il ux
can leaui the exact cost
of any proposed line of
advertising in American
papers by addressing
Geo. P. Rowell&Co.,
Newspaper Advertising Bureau,
lO Spruce St., New York,
--n'i i'T-ts. for 00-Pn. n Pamphlet.
i'rfwripuon ( apiiTsioiAQ who
UtMing fptnal (iis a.v. Hap
lneo preecnbtHl in huudredsof
oat as an unfailing monthly
remedy, rieaaant. safe. efft
ual. ladtts ask Tour dmjEtnst
fnrlVnn proyal W afern, lake no
HuVJitutc. SM partirului
StmifL Vrire- 1 rur k
A4drsa Vrua t'aemcu, Co., 1 to li-.-w vd sl
Sol.! iu Kttrk Ihiami bv Mirxlia.il pi-i .r n.
per Uoarw' lriig 9 tori:.
en icbi r en sr Aitni.
KC A frvorif pre-ri if one f the nrr
fnw trurori) frr ih-' cihc 4 n?ffn tt-bllllfr
moI MnnoiHirt, U'rikiH' 1" tivny. Scut
TYxiitLg Lrart for Vfticayo.
P Bienger... j.
LsSalle Faseepyer
Arrive t rum Chicago.
PafPtDger ,
Lapalle Panst'iiker
. 7:40 a in
. P :10 a in
. f Ah p Di
.10:'2sp in
. 5:90 a m
. S:5Ua ui
. 4:4 p m
. t:SS p m
. 7:04 pm
10 :40 p ill
A'linfiflfi City.
Pay Express and Mail .V5t).m
Night Eipree and Mull 6:45 pm
Dny Exprctts ft:? am
Expre-t Pant 7:ltSpni
Night Ext tvm fi:32pm
Day Expri'Pfand Mall 5:.'5.ini
Atlantic Pai-ct-nyt r s:5! a it.
Night Express 6:35 v tn
Wilton iia MwaJuu.
The Fire Fly.... 8:an v ni
Depot, Molinc Avenue.
. F. COOK, A fiMfrwt h
11:00 pm
5:40 i m
7:35 ft m
01 IB
( HICAU0, IH Hl.lMJiyX it U l.MT.
M 10 P.
11 . A. N.
tr a
A. K.
si l.iii. Kxnrp.p . . . d 1H a i.
Oi nvt-r Hun. fcx.. I aif.
St. I rtni. Fact R 9 2, p. ,
P lit FHSMMi.'nr ... I :15 v. M.
S . mill I'a-si'li e 4 Vt a. M.
Siernnr HuttM-nrf r t :m r. n
1": IH e. m.
11 ::! A.
II. P. irsTBU. Aceut.
ciiK AW, ilwa( KIt: a sr. pail.
U-av?fj 7am ArriTf" K llipm
" Il''1 M " " .... K Ml ti m
ft. Accom. i ii'ni .ID nirn
Ft. Ac com HSum ....... ti :10 p m
K. 1). HOI.MliS, At'ent.
Dt'iw' Tweatieth Ptrfet.
f-t Ksi-rc-tt. :if, , m. nr. p. m.
Mail unit Kv m. 1 -tf, r. m.
fr)mniniMtio:i ,t .15 i. 'MIIa. i,
Wy FrtitUt, 6 .'hi a.m. J.'tip. i.
c CI.E iu AM H.
Mf.l !-:lil a. m .;" r
A cvramoiiatioii 4:""' r. i. H H) a. h.
F. H. hoiKiTRit,. A:;ent.
Train ( nve Hrtk l-Un-J
H, m. Wuv Pretjrhr.
1. p. m. Mail and Km
1.S Through l'"rt'ii-ht and At Ofinniixltttmu
Traiua arriv al Hm k I--l.inil:
.W a. id. Thrniiyli Krcitlit ami Ax(mmrwIiition
2 4 p. m. Mail and Kxprt-pp
S.M " Fatt Kspn-M.
4 mi Way Fremitt.
Tlie Fapt Kxpkkhj. K in ri K.t k 1 -lain! at H
m. arrives at I'rnria li. !t) p. in,, at .VnnL'tiHd
t.fip. m.. at IVcatur 4.tttp. m .Tut Kn)!)villt! 7.(j0
n. m., AlitmT.iii p. m , sr. ahii- p. in . and
Ti'irr Haut' ll.Wp. m., The Smb Oak Maying
hi lh Best and (jrn hKUT r.mtf tu )! pini
The I.mi p.m. ttain nrtlii" l"re rtiiiTertiim al
ialva with C. li. A Vj. fr poiiit- noi; arriving at
(5l pl'iin at 4.i.S p. m.. ai Itnrln cl'-n ti in p. m..at
Krttkuk lH.i't p. in., and r intnry PMC p. m.
Arnini: at Peoria al ts. t'i ) m . iimkini: rlot
'iintTtiono wilh the I. It .t W nd T. P A W.
frr Indisnaptdif. ronnet Oh there witu all fati
rj.in for the ra-t atnt Mntli.
hv ao low at hy any oth-r route.
R. n. CARLE, It. C. M'uCMtorsK,
Ocn'lSupt. Gn'l Tht. Au1.
The6!Hip. ra. AratrntntMatton ie:ivpM-4ry daj
exrejti eundaY.
Own-and one rater- n-.triy 5 500 mile- of tl:m
tuiihly equipped road in MliiuM. Wieeonin.
Iowa. Mibsoiin. Minu-uta .tii;t li.ikota.
It is ihc Best Dinrl U-mi.- IhHui ii all
principal point?? in the Nri,wv-i. Suuth
wiM an 1 1'iir West.
Pi-r m ih, time H'1'. -, f .t. - ,,f ;,;i.s.,0 Hnd
frucht. etc.. applv toihe niMr- .-i -i.ttiiMi a--ent
"f lt'e'l,ira-o, Milwa-.Ke. A M l(ailw.-iv .r
loany railroad aent anywhere in ihe VVerld.
C.eneral Man.-i-er, r,vn. Paw. Tkl ap
J- V. TIH'KKK. ;ko. U. HKAFFoKlt.
An't 'len'l Manne r. .?t t;en. P..-,.. At
MlLWAt'liCE, WjM'UN-lN.
Fur notiet p in reftr-Tu e to Spt-nal Kxcnt
nafi. chanL'- of time. andottRr it. in .tt mt'Tefl
m cnum-ction with thf i-li:rHL-o iiiwnut.i v & M.
Paul Kailw.jYtit M-1. i,T i sv ..ri , lI-uiuh of
iQTLapi-r.: flf
iho Line select nil th Gov'
to carry ri-f? i-ast
Either by way ot Omnh-i, F'ncttc J rh Of
Kaibti City It Tt3k.i.. all vf tnn - . , . m
W'th b'incn :nM t, se i,fpo,t.,.t i tewni.
: nra iC7 in n y, n tiw OT 1M tlremlh
quppi Ihrpugh Irsu.s it. own l-i:lii o.,n
Chicago and Denver,
Chicago and Omaha,
Chicago and Coi.';cii ClufTs,
Chlcaf.-o and St. Joseph,
Chicago and Atchison,
Chisago and Kansas City,
Chicago and Toncka,
Chicago and St. L juio,
Chicago and Dubuque,
Chicago and Sioux City.
ieorio and Council ElufTs,
Peoria and Kansas C!ty,
Peoria and St. Lo-.tis,
St. Louis and Omaha,
St. Louis nn.1 St. Paul,
3t. Louis ond Rock. Ibland,
St. Louis and Chicago,
Kansas City and Dr;ri"or,
Kansas City and St. Pa j!r
Kansas City and Omaha,
Kansas City and t Arlington.
Oirec) C?fin.i-tion rrnji t .h t i:t J'.ncl-.fi point,
.vih Th,nv.gh Tim, to nd tiom point, located Oft it!
t tch Ot itt B4.CI.I Ctii. M WcLfn U'mlnl H
in.ctt Gi.nil Ur.on IVprr. wnK Th.ouph Tr. n to
tod tom all point, in tho United Stale. ar.J Canada.
It if tho Principal Linn to
San Francisco, Portland and City cf Mexico
For Tickolt. Ritst, G4r,ont Intn'tnatton, tc Iwrvd nH
th Burhnsrton Hcut. wll on ny Tu tai nt n Ut
Untied Slatvfl or CniU. of Jdfc
Aut Qtnt Maoayw, o.'l Him. Agoitt.
VKd for ornr 25 jo.in Willi anal nui-rnwliy tlio
rlTiclll of Paris. Now York ai,J tjmfrw and
ninrlor to all olhtni furtlio i rointit cure nf all
t,lwnt or of Iiidk utamlinj;. l'ut up only in
tMsll.iil.iii-,.nliniii(.'M('. miI.iii.j. u Mm H
S 'KNT, MAKISli lilF.M 'i'Uli UUEAl'tST
tYoparol by
rt k CIS,
rTiMiLr"''111"11 "
The Moline Wagon Comp'y
ivjoijirvii;, x ra '.two i
Manufacturers Far a, Spring aud Freight Wagons.
A full ami complete Hue ol I'lTroRM aiid otter Si'KiNO Wauon8, especially adaptin
to the Western Trade, of superior worknmnsKip ami finish.
tar-llltintratpd Price List 'rec on ai plirnliim. St e Ihe Mnlinc sjiim heforc inircn-.sit ner.
Metaphysician or Mind Cure,
Diseases of all Kinds Successfully Treated.
4f"Co'Ut- Htid .'ri' lie
Diseases ofHowesand Cattle.
Ctian;'f KraouaM'. fall- :i:i.cilni n m-ht or day. Oflice at Zwickt-r i KnrkV Li wry staWc.
Tckplionc No n iW HOCK ISLAND. ILL.
New Hardware Store,
MOTT & LIDDHRS, Proprietors.
SA general lin of Hardware. A sfeciall y of Sli.-lf goods
aud Caqieiilei's rittiiilies.
M. MAGRUM, Proprietor,
Second Avenue, - - Opp. Harper House.
tTThf "Tiioli" liac lately tu rn traM-iVrirn-!, intu TaUrc finsliriL in tvt-ry n citect ttif tim
talottiiriiii eiuciL'o mihI surpni-Miij: an:liniL' in iln- thrfT'tUf A number of Mv iuinica.1 Kan
k. p (he ifUhli-hmcnt (.nil dnriiii; tin- not w. lh r T)h l.ijuitl K. fr .hntt mi.
dlriM iisci al lln; tdiihehnu-m it in kwpitig witli itt- pratirt ini.rov( n;eiil.
An elegant lunch Pence! cwry mominy. AH kind of ISnndwi. hn
pcrrcd on shor! totce.
A rhir tt.i.-k -f "-r. wititf, Liqcorn tnd i.'i.ir- 'ilwy .n haul. A fair uliare of puhlic pa
'J Al OHM A T T T lAnnTT at t
nisu 11
Iklow Uic C. IS. I.
Importtd ami Ut.mci.lir Btcr and Wine, Flm-
Plumbing, Steam
Knowles' Steam Pumps,
ud Packiiit-otall Mniis; Drain Tile andStfwcr l -
Olhce nad Shop No. 217
VnSyyorlliingA.JMAIbertLea f i W
!z! fl&.Oat. h f? -JL-Z-$Jr or 1
i t ' c. Tc'fr S;Ve V u :a
j ''W ; ' I
By reason of its centml position, clow tvlHtlr-n to pvinripnt Uibs Enct of Chii
and contmuous lines at lerniinul pouita West, Northwest and Southwest- tho
only true middle-liuk in that tranacont.inertal svsteni wliirh invites and rtcJ
ltatP3 travel and truffle in either direction between the Atluntic and I'nciflfi.
Hock Island main line and bnmhM in.lude ChieaiiO, Joh", Ottawa, JL.a
Salle, Peoria, U-neseo, Molme and Kock Island, in TUmnis; Dav-nnort. Mu-r
tine, WaBhiiiKton, FairHeld. Ottnnma, O-kaloosa, West Liberty, iowa City. Drs
Moines, lndiauola, Winterset. Atlanuc, Knoxviile, Auduhou, H.irlun. U'nthne
Centre and Council Bluffs, in Iowa: Gallatin, Treuton, St. Jnseph. Cameron and
Kansas City, iu Missouri; Leavenworth and Atchison, in Kansas: Albert Lea.
JlinneaiKilin and St. Paul, in Minnesota; Watsrtown in Dakota, and liundreds
ox uitruiediat cities, towns aad villages.
Guarantees pt?"1;. Comfort and Safety to those who travel over it. Ita roadbed
is tliorouKhly ballasusd. Iu track is of heavy steeL Its bridges are solid
structures of stone and iron. Its rolling stock is perfect as human skill can mako
it. it lias all the salety appliances that mechanical (renius has invented and
experience proved valuable. Its practical operation is conservative and method-lcal-its
discipline strict and exacting-. The luxury of its passenger accommoda
tions is nnequaded in the West-unsurpassed in the worldT
- iJf HES3 TRAINS between ChicaBo and the Missouri Slver eonsts
. 52VfS?.T1&)yC,C)ACHES niK.nlnce,lt PULLMAN PALACE PAKL0&
"iiFSi0 CA.B3; elenanJ MNtNa CARS providing excellent mcalsTand
CH-AJ-aC-i0' Joshua, Ateluaon aud Kansas City-restful B.ECUNINC
tr''tif?.""19 b"tJC?n Chicago aud Minneapolis and St. PanL Over
iSii? fa.itli.Fa? EjtPress,Trains run daily to the summer resorts, picturesque
J?"i1"2s,Jad hjntinir and nshinir prounda of lows and Minnesota. The rich
whwt uelds and Kraaung lands of interior Dakota are reached via Watertown.
, AiSifi iS!?ile JSat- "'"Seneca and Kankakee, offers superior inducements
J?.?" .between Cincinnati, Indianapolis. Lafayette and Council Bluffs. St.
4osepn, Atcluson, Ieavenworth, Kansas City, Minneapolis, St. Paul and inter
uiBixiftt pointaS.
All classes of patrons, eepecially families, ladies and children, receive from
kindly attention! " k trains protection, respectful courtesy and
ir5 liSf."1 15aps- Flia-obtainablo at all principal Ticket Offices in the
United States and Canada or any desired information, address,
.";? FABLE' E. ST. JOHN, E. A. H0LBR00K,
rrn'4M,irf'r1Ctileo, UIt6M,l'g'r,C!ilcgi fiee'l Tkt. Psst, Agt, Chicago
1 lave rcttived tbtir-
Boots and Shoes,
Wliiflt liatc- titeii jilaceil at very low
l 704 ScctinJ Avenue.
Veterinary Surgeon,
(f thv Oiitjirio Vt Irrilisty Colli i;r )
Hdvim: had TvviJvt? ytwA prui-ticr. I !itn pre
phr d lo treat all
Tki.ki-ik.nk No. 1142
& P. Depot, Muliiif Ave., Kixk Mt.n.1. 111.
Lilmors aud CiKare il . .js uu h.nid.
and Gas Fitting,
Iusiirators and Ejectors.
criiitmn: R'lb'ier tio
Eighteenth St.. ROCK ISLAND, ir,L.
i t -
i '
i I
1 i'
1 r
1 l,

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