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The Daily Abg-tts.
Wednesday, December 1, 1886.
8ijN8 of life are visible at tbe capitol.
: Some of the more industrious congress
men have begun to prepare for the corns
ing session There have been preliminary
meetings of ccrtnin committees or rather
of quorums of certain committees, and
the preparation of bills has begun so that
the nccessiry business may be reached
with as tittle delay as possible after tbe
assembling of congress. As usual it is pre
dicted that very little beyond the money
bills, which are necessary for the expense
of the government, will receive much at
tention this winter. Many earnest, tun
scientious legislators intend to do more if
possible, but np to the present time con
gress has found itself too lazy in the lone
sessions anil too buy in the short, to ac
complish anything.
In the report of Postmaster Gt'ncral
Vilas, which was made public severul
days ago, it is shown that the United
States leads all tbe world in its mail fa
cilities, and in the number of letters sent.
The letters mailed in this country during
the year were more than were mailed in
France, Germany and Austria combined.
The number of postofflces iu this country
now is 53,614. The report also shows a
great deal in the line of reform. Oitiog
to the reduclinn of the rate of postage
on second class matter and iIip enlsr;;!--mentof
the unit of weight for first class
matter, the expenses of the postal ilt
psrtmeot were expected to exceed i!i
revenue for the fiscal year ot' 1SSS a:
least f 9.UO0.IXH). A ilerrensA if expen
ditures, however, has made the actual
deficit f3,0UU,0UU less than lti.it, ai:d the
deficit for the current year will be still
less. Figures show that the net increase
of revenue in the department was 3 2 per
cent, and that the volume of business by
which it was gained increased over 7 per
cent. That is another proof, which com
mercial and other statistics establish, tiifc'
there has been a steady return of business
prosperity duiing the past year and a
half. That is the way ia which the
country goes to ruin under democratic
rule, which must be very depressing to
the republican prophets of evii.
Some of the secondary bureau chiefs
and department officials arc falling into
the habit of padding their annual reports
with newspaper puffs, extracts from the
letters of friends and other testimonials
as to tbeir efficiency, much in the manner
of patent medicine advertising. This is
very properly stigmatized 'by the N.-w
York .S'kjj as a ridiculous practice. The
San instances the report of one head of
a department in which ct Jess than
twenty-one pages, orone-Sftlt of the en
tire report, arc devoted exclusively to
compliments and flattery of tbe commis
sioner, all prinwd at lue expense of the
people. The report of another high
official has a page of the same sort of
stuff. We agree with the Sun that the
proper judges of the efficiency with which
the officers of the departments do their
work are, first, their immediate superiors,
and. behind tbem. thy peopb who are
taxed to pay the salaries. The opinion.
of subordinates, admiring personal
friends, volunteer correspondents and
rural newspajiers are not required ia the
annual reports. The administration
ought to put a stop promptly to this ri
diculous practice.
Knclish Official Conrtew.
Gen. Anson G. McCook, who haa been
traveling in Europe on bis weddinp trip. rn-t
with a rebuff in tbe English house of coin
mons at the opening of parliament whrh is
characteristic of EngUu official courtly
The general happened to he in tbe douse of
parliament on the day Itefontheopeninp and
it occurred to him incidentally thut without
waiting on the American minister to secure
the courtesy he would wait on tbe clerk of
the house of commons and so secure the favor
from an official of the corresponding rank
with his own. Ho accordingly wrote on bia
card, on which was printed plain Anson G.
McCook. the title "Clerk of the United States
Senate, and sent it in to the clerk of luo
house of commons.
After ho bad been waiting pome time a
flunkey came, out and called out his name.
When the general responded the, f!unk-y
asked abruptly: '-What do you want with
with tbe clerk of the house of commons"
The general answered that ho Uvit ed
to see the opening of parliament, Tne
flunkey went away and remained some time.
When he came back there was the same call
for '-McCook," and when he stepped forward
he got this bort. curt reply in three words:
"No room, sir." Some men would have !een
angry, but it was not so with the g-n-raL
In telling of it to a friend he said: "I pre
sume if the clerk of tlie house of commons
ever comes to Washington and sends in his
card tome I shall rush into the lobby, seize
him by both hands, take him into my private
room, fill him up w itfc goc-d whisky, and then,
if he wants to seethe senate at work, and
there are no vacant scats, I shall probabiy
give him my own chair and sta-id up nryself.
In any event I will show him a bit of Ameri
can hospitality." Xcw York Tribune
A Bouquet for the ftoltan.
On the recent occasion of the anniversary
of the accession of the sultan to ihr throne
Count Abraham Cauiondo showed his loyalty
by offering his majesty a bouquet of ncirly
four yards in height and two and ono-half in
circumference. The structure represented a
lemon surmounted by a crescent inscribed
with the name of the sultan on ono bide in
French and the other in Turkish. The sultan
was greatly tou- hed by this sign of devotion,
and caused the eight men who had carried the
monster bouquet to the palace to be ade
quately rewarded. Tbe construction of the
htuquet occupied eight persons for a whole
week. Foreign Letter.
Rewarding the Delta Natives.
The natives of the Lena delta who be
friended the Jcaimctto survivors were them
selves in many instances at tho point of
starvation when Lit.'tit. Scheutze, of the
United States navy, visited them to distribute
the presents sent by congiess. They received
him tumultuously, and shot off their guns in
his honor. llanter's Bazar.
Baron von Faber in Clover.
Baron von Falter was in clover the other
day. He owns the far-famed Faber pencil
factory at Knernberg, and was celebrating
the 125th anniversary of its founding. Hun
dreds of congratulatory t?legrams, written
with TabJPs," reached him. Sew York
World. i
Thomas F. l-fendd, Lincoln's body guard,
fe still on attache of the White House.
Id tbe treatment of all nervous acd
muscular diseases, such as rheumatism,
neuralgia, sciatica, tic douloureux, semi
crania, &c the value of Salvation oil
cannot be over-estimated. It kills pain,
Price twenty -five cents a bottle. --
Michael Munkacsy goes into raptures
over the beauty of .New York women.
Bunging the Chinese Up by Their
Queues to Make Them Give V Their
Money Driven from m Louisiana I'arish
by Outlaws Terrible lomettc Tragedy
in Georgia Crimes of the Day.
Nt. Louis, Mo., Dec. 1. A special from
Biff Springs, Tex., says: A moat t.arii-p
robbery was committed at Jdorita, the nint
tiding on the line of the Texas & Pai-iik
railway, ten miles west of hero, at midnigUt
Jlouday night. Tbe only inhabitants of the
place are a gang -of fifty Chtneue sevtion
bands and a white foreman.
At about midnight the Chinamen were
waited upon by fifty masked men, who ie
manded their money. Upon refusing to give
up their hard-earned cash tlwy were one
at a time hung up by their queues unlit they
gave up their iuoiu-y. The rubbers, think
mp, they had not pot all the cash in the camp.
returned and tortured one of the Chinaman
by holding hiin on a hot stove until his com
rades gave up the balance of their money.
some $pt"0 iu all. One celestial hail hisqwu!
cut off and was otherwise horribly tortured.
Tio arrests have been made.
Outlaw Force a Man to Leave II is Fam
ily and Business.
LiXK Providence. La., Dc i. S. Wil
kowski, representative from West Carroll
parihh, reached here Monday afternoon.
having been driven out of his parish by a
gang of outlaws, who forced hun to taka to
the woods to escape assassination. Mr. Wd
kowski was forced to leave bis family and
large business interests at West Carroll in
order to escape the clutches of the outlaws.
He reports that about lit Sunday night his
bookkeeper, Maj. John McKay, a justice of
the peace, was shot and killed by the outlaw?
at his home, about four miles from Caledonia,
together wiu his cook. Ihe dwelling was
then set on tire and both bodies consumed.
The outlaws had previously waylaid Mr.
S ilkowski's team, returning from Ashton,
and, disappointed at not finding Wil kowski,
beat tbe driver unmercifully. Tbe three
colored men in the wagon knew the mem
bers of the gang, and they will, no doubt, be
easily identified.
A Husband, "Wife and Brother Fatally
Wounded in Georgia.
Iron-ton, Ga., Dec. 1 W. A. Baldwin,
employed on the Georgia Pacific railroad, re
oently married a Miss Moore, whose brothers
were violently opposed to the match. Sun
day afternoon the youngoxt brother went to
Baldwin's bouse to induce his sister to return
home. A quarrel endued during which
Moore drew a revolver and fired twice at
Baldwin, inflicting dangerous wounds.
Baldwin fell to the floor and, lying on his
back, began firing at his assailant Mrs.
Baldwin then rushed between the infuriated
men to stop them, but in an instant she fell
to the floor, pierced by three bullets, each
one of which had inUictod a fatal wound.
Moore was finally shot dead by Bald v in and
the latter is dving.
Nvvcii Mi-n Taken from Arkansas Of-
4-f-nand Strung Fp.
Four Smith, Ark., Dec J. Bud stair
Mauce Barnes, Bill Brown, and Frank Moore,
cliarged with robbing Overstreets' store in
Chickasaw county, were expected here Mon
day, but the officers did not arrive with
theui, ami now it is rumored on good author
ity that the four nieutioned and three others
were taken from the officers by vigilant,
near BurnevilW. Chickasaw nation, and
. On Trial for Mnrdering Hi Boy.
Lafayette, Ind., Pec. 1. Tho trial of
John I'ierson fori hp murder of his 1 "-year-old
boy was begun in the Boone circuit court at
Lettanon .Monday morning. The trial is ex
citing conid-rable interest. n A us;. CtUast
rVreoti wbippwl the boy and chocked him
everely. Tbe boy left borne a tout H oVlock
;u the afternoon and went to his grandfath
er's, atout six miles distant That night his
throat became sore, ami on Sept. 7 lie died
of ulceration of the throat. The' defense
makes the point that traveling caused him to
become overheated and caused the throat
trouble, and that whipping hud nothing t.i
do with it.
A Baltimore Lawyer Assaulted.
Baltimore, Dec. 1 Mr. Oliver T.
Hock, a prominent lawyer was assault! and
badly beaten at his office Tuesday, on North
Cal vert - street, by Ed ward Mintwberger.
The assault grew out of a divorce suit in
which Hock was counsel. . Mintzeberger
claims that Mr. Hock attempted to blast hi
sister's reputation and defame the fair name
of his mother, hence the cast igat ion adminis
tered. Mintz'-berger is hJd to await the re
sults of Hock's injuries, which are very seri
ous. The affair is the talk of tbe town and
hai" created a decided sensation.
A Shortage in His Aeconut.
Tnuiakapolih, InL, Dec 1. A. G. Kist,
a farmer linng near Warsaw, Ind., acted a
Indian agent at the Pawpaw agency, Indian
territory, six years since. It has been discov
ered since his retirement that a shortage of
$:-i,(HXi in the agency accounts existed. Suit
has been Iwgun here in the federal court
against Kist and his bondsmen. His defense
is that he inadvertently receipt" I for sup
plies which he never received.
The liaily Item.
Penvep., Colo., Pec. I. A report lias
reached here from Fort Collins that F. L.
Carter, manager of tho North Poudre Canal
and Land company, has mysteriously disap
peared and lias not teen or heard of
since last ilmrsday. It is snpjtosed he has
alscondel, leaving an indebtedness in the
neighborhood of $215,000, all secured except
Killed II is Brother-in -Law.
Williaysbcbg, Ky., Dec. 1. Lewis
Smith, a locaP desperado, shot and killed his
brother-in-law, James F. Brafford, at Wood
bine, Saturday night, because Brafford in
terfered to protect Smith's wifo from her
husband's abuse. Smith narrowly escaried
lynching. Brafford was postmaster and
school commissioner at n oodbine.
Maxwell KespltetL
ST. Louis, Mo., Dec. 1 An extension of
time from Jan. 7 to Feb. i has been granted
tbe attorneys for Brooks, alias Maxwell, the
murderer of lTedr, and Inyo Lhmyck and
Chio Goon, the Chinese murderers, Ifl which
to prepare their transcript of the testimony
tor their appeals to the supreme court
BariiM and battle Burned. .
Stkacfse, N. Y., Pec. 1.- A number of
barm on the stock farm of I. W. Allen at
East Syracuse, together with fifty-seven
bead of cattle, a large amount of hay and
grain, and a quantity of farming miplements
were burned Tuesday morning. 'iWtosii
Is a very prevalent and exceedingly diss
agreeable disease, liable, if neglected, to
develop into serious consumption. Be
ing a constitutional disease, it requires a
constitutional remedy like Hood's 6&rsa
parilla, which, acting through tbe blood,
reaches every part of tlie system, effect
ing a radical and permanent cure of ca
tarrh in even its most severe forms Made
only by C- I- Good & Co., Lowell, Mass.
Tbe .botanist of tbe agricultural de
partment baa made a report on the Arid
Region, but fails to throw ariy light upon
tbe extreme changes in Atlanta and Pro
vidence. A comfortable carriage is more admir
ed by the user, and brings more fame 10
tbe maker, than one that doesn't ride
easily. Tbe llce Coil spring makes a
carnage 1 comfortable ati-i durable aud
cheap; 4 It beats tbe world on springs.
Get it of any carriage dealer, or of tbe
Rice Carriage-Spring companv. Pi Its ton,
Mr. Manning C onfined to Bit Bd with An
Attack of riieuinouU.
St. Loti3,Mo., Pec. 1. The following tele
gram was Monday sent by Gin. A. G. Green-
wood, of tlw ( it v of -x int. wbt is now
in this city, to Minister Manning at Mexico:
i?r. Lovih. Mo., Nov. 3', i.sisii fo Minis
ter M a ms i N . : N e w sia r rfj wts tc
your detnm-'itt are widely circulated. 1 have
contradicted them. If you wish to make any
explanitory staieuifitt, telegraph to the
(iluto Vh'mocrat, St. Louis, at the expense of
that jwper. A. . Greenwood.
In resKns to the invitation contained in
the above, the tollowmg dispatch was receiv
ed Monday:
City of Mkxico, Nov. issi'i To Gen.
A. G. Gkei nviooo, 4-are of Globe Democrat:
If you mean that the reports are disgra'e
ful to niv character or jtositio'i thev are un
true. I caught a severe cM, wvnt to my
apJirtmeut, Uhk a stimu'ani, aud have been
confined to my vulh p-.ieumonii ever
since. My phsti.ia.i isstili hftending me.
T. c. Manning.
How Frauc-is P.ilni Bisp'tses of an K
s!:te of 7,000.0410.
Petu;v.t. Mi-.-b . P. c. 1. ThewUlof the
lata r rancis Valius U si ill .a.-vt'illv guardei,
but the sui'suiutial featUf-es of tt h ive leak&l
out through a jnrson wiio has sit ri the instru
ment. It is said to leave the 7, 00:1,001) es
ta te to t he t wo cbib iren, M iss lot h i lie
Palms and Francis F. Pal.ns with but few
other dt' vises. A brother of the deceased,
who hhs livei in New Orleans for many
years, in poor circumstances, is given f.000
cash Numerous Catholic tn vvolent and
church institutions receive i.,Nt, the
whole not aggregatiug over ? 100,000.
With this deduction, trifllug as com
IKin.nl with the wholt tlie vast estate
goes to the sou and daughter. The provis
ion to tho children gives them what is techni
cally known as an estate entail. That is, the
property goes to either on. the death of the
other wit bout issue. By this means the
daughter would hold her vast estate condi
tionally. It woul'l he available for her own
use and for her children, but she could not
will it or make other disposition jf it in case
she did not marry. The son is already mar
ried, and has several i hiklren, so that the en
tail would nt apply to his case. According
to tbe wiil M.ss I alms and Francis F. Balms
each becomes worth over tOuo.OHO. Their
property consists of valuable pine lands in
aim wt every county in the sdate, exteusive
residence property in Detroit, anl also a
large amount of stoi k in tho most prosper
ous corporation in the city.
A ? Ihuu outt-letelj' Wm ked
way Tracks Nurpt Away.
New York, Dec 1 A special from Co
lumbia, S. C, says: The new dam which
has just ben finish- d at Langli-y cotton
mills, on tlie line of the Charlotte, Columbia
& Aug.ita riutroa1, pive way Monday
aflermxiu," and it is again almost a complete
wreck. Tlie water ruslted through in a
flood from the pond, sweit away half a mile
of the track of tbe Charlotte, Columbia &
Augusta railway, nud badly damaged the
tra.-ks of the South Carolina railway. All
the new aud expensive work recently com
pleted on th former road is totallv ruineil.
ami it will Uat least a week before the liain
ages can 1h? repiiml. The aivideut is
ascribed Uavioient slvl; of earthquake,
which is reported to have be?n felt in that
locality Sunday night, U is belie vsj that
this shoek was sumcientlv strong to shake
away the foundations and en use the stmct-
ure to break lose. Ihe waters flooded all
th adjacent country ;uul did much damage.
l'rotolaut Smiflay-S'hnl Convention.
MilwaI'KIX, Wis., Dec 1 A large
numlwr of deleat s hj i ived in the cif v
Tu"sduy to attend th" nnmcii U iscnsin
staie l'rottlJin! Sunday -s'htx--l convention
whieh otenei Tus.iav evening, .'it the First
Bajtist church, under the presidency of B.
F. Jacolts, chairman of the executive com
mittee f the International Sunday-school
association. Among thos:v. ho will partici
ate in t'.ie prcwivdings are lushop C. E.
t hf ney , of t "hicago, and M i.ss lb th, of
Lynn, Mas.;. The convention will be in ses
sion for three duys, dcrinp; which a large
number of pipers on Sunday -schfttti topiis
will be rend and delegates electtsl to tho
iuh-nmLi-jnai Sunday-sv h-jol convention,
which meets in Chicago next June.
A i ltii'ao Joiirnaiist Marrieil.
Kansas City, Dec '.The First Con-gregatiou-d
chureli was, crowded Tuesday
afternoon with the ehu of this city to wit
ness the nuptials of Ms EMora 8y mie Maim,
daughter of Col. J. A. Mann, manager of
The Journal, and Mr. Chaiies ii, Nixon,
mnsical critic of The Chicago lntr Ocean,
ami cuisiu of th? Hoi:. AVil',i,-im I'-nn Nixon.
Six hundred invitations had tjeen issued and
nuuierour- guests were present from Chicago,
Cincinnati, St. Louip, and other cities. After
the ceremony a brilliant reception was held
at the reidencj of tlie bride's parents, ami
later th1 happy couple kt on a southern
tour. Tho presents were extreme y numer
ous and haudsutuc.
MrwH-MeetiiiR of tbe thnr Tarty.
New Haven, Conn., Djc I.Over- :!,000
people assembled in the ciH;r.a house here
Monday night, the occasion liag a mass
meeting held by the Labor party. Hankers,
merehiUHs, mauutactururs and politicians
weie among the audience, which alsit in
cluded a U'.unlier of ladios. , The chief speaker
of the eremiig was Henry George, who de
livered aifwldress so ting forth ths ideas so
frequently uttered duruig ttu rucont muni
ciuii campnigu iu New York citv. The ad
dress was listened to with tho clovst attcn.
Uou, and was frequently appiaude4.
licdiduy irurion Hatch.
Chicago, Djc 1. The Chicago commit
tee of thr Central Traffic association has
fixed the following excursion rates for the
holidays: Tickets good to return up to and
including Jan. 2, lt7t to le sold I tec. 24 and
25, at one fare and one-third for tlie round
trip; good to return up to nud including
Dec. 27, I!, tobe sold I tec. 24 and 25, at
one limited fare for the round trip; good to
i return up to and including Jan. ;t, ISStl. to be
I sold Dec. ol and Jan. L, at one limited faro
(or the round trip.
W. W. Reed, druggist, of Winchester,
Ind., writes: One of my customers,
Mrs. Louisa, Pike, lUrtonia, Randolph
Co., Ind., was a long eullerer wilb con
sumption, aud was given up to die by
ber physicians. She beard of Dr. King's
New discovery for consumption, ami lie
gan buying it 'for me. In six months'
time she walked to this city, a distance
of sii miles, and is now so much improv
ed she bas quit using it. She feels sbe
owes ber life to it." Free trial btfttle at
Hartz & Bfthntwm's Drug store.
Count Moltke invariably begins each
day wKh a visit to bit wife's tomb, a
practice be bas observed -ever tjaco ber
Tbe restoration to health of our child
wo considered uncertain. When two
weeks old sbe cautrht cold. For 18 months
was not able to breathe through ber nos
trils. Upon useing Ely's Cream Balm her
dtfficul ty is removed ; she breathes natural
lv. Mr! &. Mrs. J. M. Smith, Oswego,
N. T.
P :
Crank Mho Insist on KuitriBg. Hei
T House lVlthout Knocking"
Faiioesvilijb, Ohio, Dec. 1 About one
year ago a man was arrested in Cleveland for
annoying Mrs. Garfield. He was sullen and
refused to talk. He was seut to an insane
asylum. Monday another crank, Labrande
A. liedde, was arraigned in tlie probate
court here on a charge of annoying Mrs.
Gar hid and her daughter Mollie. Anonym
ous letters were sent Mi's, and Miss Oarfleld
and last August Bedde entered the bouse
without knocking and revealed the author
ity of thn letters by asking why they had not
been answered. He was ejected by Mrs.
Garfield's son and went off swearing, He con
tinued writing, and last Saturday a gain en
tered the housa and askod to see Mrs. Gar
field. He was-turned away, but soon re
turned with another letter. Mrs. Garfield
tokl him she wished no further correspond
ence with him. Th-i alarm wa-i then given
and he was arrested. The man ia a Holland
Dutchman, ;W yeai old, uf pleasant address,
and good education. He ha worked as a
farm hand. He eWiuis to act from heavenly
inspirations, an I, .save in that particular, hw
conduct towards the G.ii lleldv was perfectly
sane. His letters to Miss Mollie Garfield
were atfectiouate in tone, i nd asked the
privilege- of visiting her dead father's
library. He was scut to tlie uisatic depart
ment of the iniirm.iry.
The AVoum-ii'm 4'hristiati Temperance
Vniou Has t ause for JtrJoicinR.
CniCAiiO, Dec. 1. At the national con
vention of the Women's christian Tempr
ance union, held in Mbmeupolis, Minn.,
Oct. sZ to 2ti, lJ-Ni, an address to all Knights
of Labv, trades unions, a:ui other labor or
ganizations was orderefl. The address has
leen issued. It njoic in the vorkmgmen's
platform, which pivnciiuos f' mutud
lielp, and which rcconiw.- neither s'x,race,
nor creed, nnl espe-i:d:v th;tt featm of it
which tends to elevnt- won.-u industrially,
and which advocates fttaMng ih-, billot in
I heir hands. As temper.m'V AiouK-n,"1 the
address continues, "w are ;;i,td to note your
hostile attitude toward the saloon, and read
with joy the vow made by tho new offi, eri
of the Knights of Labor to U? total alUiu
ens during their term f oin--v."T The 1Im
quesliotj is touched upon in this way:
It is not overproiiuct iou so much a under
conumption that grinds the faces of the
workingmen. The 1.4iMi.oiai,(VM annua lv
drawn, chiefly from tho pockets of working
men, by siiixiukeepcrs and t igar -ileal--rs
means less fl.-'ur in the liarrel. les-. coal in the
celhr, and less clothing for the laborer's
Coal to IW Adduced.
Ntv. YiRK. IVc. 1. The H raid says:
''There is to le an immediate advance of
from 2. to :;o per cent, iu bituminous coal.
The price is to l- put higher than it has been
for three ytai-s. Two great combinations
have been fcrnn'-l to control the (ntire soft
coal Otitput of th country. Tiiis n:vni a
riso of 0; cvuts i.-r t'n to th retail con
sumer. A DKMI.
NELS40NVIU.E. i thio. D s ; V. IV
Bi-ooks, Jr., of th. firm of U . i. Iir.h l;svt
Him, among tlv inrv-est coal op. nitoi ni the
valley, said Tu-d.iy ih tt th:-rc uas no truth
in the s!nleiuent th'it til1 opr.'dor-! were
forming a soV,-.i,il to advance Ihe
price ol cml 2" (r--"iit.. a!th .!ih they have
kmn for some tune n ;. ing to raist the price
from lo tc V,1, cents t,in, li!it have len
misuccestfu!. ' niter Cniits. ivasiirer f
the ColumUi-i ' ii-x ki-i C-d arid Inm
cimaiiy. at Columbus, emphatically denies
tlieiriilh of thest' i v. ib- jwv thet this is
a sensational xa.ary ttint !;,-t worth deny
ing. The lii'iKlrtrks Moipinient FuihI.
Indiana mus, Ind., Dtv. 1 The Hen
drieks monument conjaiui?.' has in dvpout
about $10,110. Th" co:n:u:tte aaticipaUt
from collections already at hand and trom
promises Ulie-ed bi In goo-l that it will have
at its disposal HM wit h w hich to construct
a mouument. It w ill require Urns to collect
the twlance, but the commit tvj that it
may begin active op.;rati.ns in tlie spring.
Nearly aii of tlie mn t received has beii
collectod iri Indiana. Tiv largitst contribu-
tiou from nliruvi vvas ioi from Washing
ton. A l il.c tniuilt tirni tssiUi.
Cincinnati, Dc I. S:npi y, Dtisy A
Co., the bt dry -imkIs tirm c-;eupym tlie
innnense store bniMmi at the southeast cor
nel of Fourth ;md tln. ss;nel for the ben
efit of creditors aitinl noon Tuesday.
Ouray SbipK, the se.'iioi meiub.r of th?
tinn. ai-o assigned. It is it;iiDtatetl that the
a.sreu.,f th--fi'iit v.:ii rca-'h f mt.oo't. and
tho .f tlie iu livniual Liabtlithv
n ill bo lacgt y in excess nf theass'ts, Tlie
linn has bet-it einbarrassel sc-mr weeks.
TlinUe's AaiifM fart'slr..
C! in x ATI, lkc. 1. -C'.iy... Ii. Thobe
has sjg'iei his statem lit of tho grounds of
cciitest wiih John G. f jirlisle. Ii alleges
th.it 1,tto legal v.ft-s f..r him were ivt
countHi ; objects to tii- "to of Trimble
comity which siti.ni: driisie, "7o; Thiie, ;)
b"iii; cxuntetl lsjcau1 -f illegality ; jro(esu
against the alleged dctor.njr ol tlie ret urn -i.
t'arroU, with Mr. CaJ'i isle's kuovvi dge,
and other things of the same general effect.
A victory for Thobe. on any uf ins jsnnts will
seat him.
l'.easlcy Takes tlie Sent.
Tkrre Hai'te, Ind., 1'.-. I. Th re
count of votes cast, in ti;i-i count v f"" joint
representative, petitioned for by Itownmg,
ii'public:m, who on th,' f;ic? ot th-1 returns
was defeated by 'il majority, was lini.-htl
l'nelay morning. 1 tea-lev, 1 Kmoerat,
cninil ft- flontii-Mi h:i,l t in n...l. ..
county in the distru::. The K -publua:is
hopd to gain enough in thi: county to give
Ihe tarty a majority ot 'J mi jeint ballot in
"the legistnturu.
Jiijiiuetiuii frocccdint; Tiled.
Imi NAPfM.is, r.H". 1 - A. Gretn Smith,
presidenr pro tern of th? snrd.?, Ttiesdav aft
Kin fiirri injuncti'tii ptucee. lings t.- pre
vent the secivt irv of state from interfering
with the returns of e!ccli"ii or lieutenant
governor. He claims the right to th - lieu
tenant governorship himclt and his contest
will be carried through the supivme court
before the legislature conveno?.
The Act rest Was Demented.
Sandusky, OI.fr, lVc. , A post-mortem
examination was held Monday morning
on the remains of Mis.t Aiicia iMniglass, the
actress found dead in tho woods Sunday, but
the coroner dos not indicate what he sus
pects. The husband is here, and savs she
was demented and had leon wandering about
unul she laid down and hed iu tie- woods.
Awarded 9F5,H?0 l.iiinuKna.
Mh.wai kee. D f. 1. Willi mi Kulil. re
cently of IV-nna, 1:1s. , was a'-iiil-tl J.V'KM:
daniajres by tbe jury tit tli I'MiwJ Wlrtlvs
court Im&lay morning, kubl va nrreUf 1
here four yt-ars ugo un-.i b-I.I tt months on
the e-hargt thalMie wa-i th ii":f,fit.s Imii
Williams of tbe Jsse Jaiu.'s khi ;. Kuhl w
well eoum-cted in llliit'Hi
A nioetiriK to orattiza a Nat-oual colored
bnso ball league will be bftl i t.t Pittsburg
U8C H.
PspiloD (extract of lias) Kkin Cure is
superior to ail tbe much Ldverused skiu
beautifiers with tho ailvantae if buioz
beneticial, and nol like the o;intral pre
paratiuns usuulv sold uhi h are very
poisonous, It will removv all inflamma"
tiorj. c Latin 2; and roti;hiit$s of the gkin,
sunburn, freckles and unseemly blotches.
and leave the cuticle fuir and soft as an
infant's. An actual necessity for the
complete toilet table. Lurce bottles only
tl OO, for Bale at drug stores. Sold by
il. 11. Uetianto.
A bier nopher Bi;uke was killed recen
at Daytona, Fla.( in whose stomach was
lound a tnree-iooi rattlesnake, still alive.
The gopher was over bix feet in length
Tbe question of a proper food tor in
fants interests all mothers; especially
those un&ble to nurse their onscrinz.
Mellin's food possesses all ihe requisites
as a substitute for mother's milk, and is
highly commended by the medical faculty
of both Europe and America.
Bervooi DeDilitated Man.
foil are allewed , a frm trial of thirty
dayt of tho use of I)r,- Dye's Celebrated
Voltaic Belt with Electric Bu&fieneory
Appliances, for the speedy relief anil fer
mauent cure of Nervous Debility, lose of
Vitality and Manhood, and all kindred
troubles . Also, for many other diseases.
Complete restoration to health, vigor and
manhood guaranteed. Ko risk is incurred
Illustrated pamphlet, with full informa
tion, terms, etc., mailed free by address"
ing Voltaic Belt Co., Marshall, Mich.
deod & w.
A few days ao, as a machinist in the
South Florida railroad car shops at San
ford was making some repairs on his en
gine, he was confronted by a ground rat
tler which had clawlcd into a long-bolt
hole to keep out of the wet.
Can of Liver Complaint
Iowa itali-s, Hardin Co., Iowa, Jane 8, 1885.
I have been using Alloock's Porous
plasters tor four years, and think 1 could
not get along without them . For a long
time I was afflicted with a paiu under
my right shoulder blade; X also bad con
siderable diilculty in breathing. 1 ap
plied an Alicock's Porous plaster on my
back, and one on my chest. I kept chang
ing tbem every four days, and at tbe
tnd of three weekB was entirely cured.
E. S . Stevens.
Two Italian sawdust swindlers robbed
a New Haven peanut peddler of $S64 by
olferiog him a chance to make (30,000
out of nothing.
"Why sit doubled up like an old man,
my boy! What's iheumatism! Take the
good the gods provide thee, and send
twenty-live cents around tbe corner for
a bottle of Salvation oil and you'll ride
your bicycle to morrow."
The properties of Misbkr's Herb Hit
ters are wholly medicinal. It is com
pounded on scientific principles upon a
German formula, 200 years old J" Clergy
men, temperance people, and all other
classes w ho oppose strong drink cn prin
ciple, endorse ami recommend our great
nouselioli! remedy. It is a sure cure for
kidney aud liver complaints.
Emperor William ha contributed 50,-
000 marks to tho fund for the erection of
Luther monument iu Berlin . -
tiii: iNiT.ii m
.wliiiK ifqinliiian -Nowsisajicr
THK rVTI-'Ii CO! AN ha- from ih.? Urtinritac h--B
I It i ih itih-iM-inf o tt?itl i-f ".ts f' r M b"
jtf -h." Ir rr, o'p vin t,..n t.i An:' '--sn lrior. Ar,ii
iftln' iiion thtt r. :i r t- for An r-itrf -m: lit.:
t"ifK MiiT'ii. l.v b.t tt cit ik-:). "it tfu
i)io, noi'ib to inf niii tf.6: Iff ni.nrv hi ol m
rf a-:11 he In thr MiRfiM)ipi nllf v. i-i 1 tOic
nrt atfrtni.Hiv: m t' oj, p-v-ttion to the unholy al!:
.Pin l-ittfinri .lit- :i'.:.ity .jKut' of New li Jit
1 HE INTK-t OCKAN im etftr.. -tlv tn lvor o t!i-
JfT'ill!i-Ti prvrtj bet -); it b-'j,v-n Ihr princ'i''''
'i itiat p.tnv ft!" ctirxt-rr. ni i.i;t, tior.'ij
led nut. tht-y i m bnt rittM th rlyltt n.1
!" tfae inter oi ihe whotn v "pi1 H tn " '
OMOfr, lii i;1 ;iilnwr. but ie niwnvw tfl'lv f
'.'noi.nrf H-iuhii. ai ftnmj Iiin, n.iior in int
ir l-'v. plnoon.
TMR M fcK OCKAN U nl-v rmiiitaMitM "-.-j
b-' Ihi- nr, who.'oopftrdized tlit'lr li es (o p"jtt i
: rt'in n.-nirM trenm, whi.h it nn neve, n pv
,n.1. consqiiratlv. h artvoratfKl th eabhh
iPe-ot of Soldii-B- Homoe n1 the etiKrunt-tii o'
tuvh pen Mod lens as would leave IjO disabled "
-an in wttnt.
As & Newwaper THB kNTE OCR.VN t: a-t ex
llcd In the UniU'd SUates Aside ftom ih- sorvic
f the Asnorlated Pren, in whlrh it hajda e mom
hertihjp. tt keeps a lare body of Spe-?i ("orr
poniienw. both in thia couniTV nd m tbe -ic
W IKIiK connet-tJriff ttn ChM-afro office with "' ASH
NOTON tuid NEW ItJKJi. in both of whicb cti.icf
I ha SPECIAL NEWS ECKEAVS end matntalnt
Branch Offlces.
"be Da' Inter 0oean
Ispublinbed every day in the year
'Mf-f, tlfliisilr 1 Sillil3V, - - $ Sj'i'l jiff w
" Sin-lii incised, - - - Rut) " "
Jbe Semi-)eGily Jntcr Ocean
tn published oia MONDAYS tvrd THVPSDATS, ant!
coQUaiiis tne avs conaenea trom me Lnvny.
Anion other features. THB SKMI-WEBKU
' hit tbe SermoTia of Prof Swine aud other lead
ng Miui.-.ters ot Cliicaco.
T-e V?ecllif Inter Qcean
paper went oi isifK torn.
Is iH"A. before the reduction of posUiee. It piud
r POSTAGE ON C'l Ht'U LAT t C N iilono ovei
i-2t. OOO.
I rit. t. 9 I .OO Kr Ytfiir.
tv.rv effort 1 naed to mafce THT; WFFK1.T
me that run be taken into any family with prufl ta
ach of ita members. The Storlef" and other liter-
wry feature ei are from the pens of the ablest nn4
e- r.pprox-ed wnters Among them are wi
HVf'TT. Mlf5S PHFI.PS. MISS .1 E .T IfiTT. aitd
BOVKSKN. SlliNLY l.U&KA. and E. P KOK.
AU Uie ifsdinc features ofthe oaner nhirh hai
be continued and improve, and notbing will be
ien unuirar J n tne irom rank IkS ABOUND,
There J e ffrei-.f demar.d from all parts oi the
wniry tor a r.'nwt but cheap Hiniory of th
r.nei S'taten Mont of aurh booka are no Inrtre
nl (-xpenaive an to be out ot the reach ot most
arr llirs 1 et every boy and frirl tmghi lo be fan-.il
ar with the history of thetr country. It can herr,
'y fail lo make them better ctt'r.enw THK INTKR
lCKAN haa malt special arranijemontB by whict
I'rou-nV History of tlm I'nilol Stales
nan be offered with THK WEEKLY INTKR OCEAN,
one year, at the very low rate of
For both tte history and paper.
BltOWN S HISTORY is n well written atorv !
ir country, front the enrlient aettlement to 'ihe
.jvesont day It is c-l printed in clear type, ti
toon wnne piper, nna nounti m ctotn. It contaiia
nore than m aty rtAi iuns and over biX
HUNDifliD PAt'.iiS.
;;;.t: kvhki:. ofi: tutu.sn .0.0 fiftv cfj, 7.
up fur tU.- )fi)-rr One l'rfit mnl thr History, lunh to ft
$1 00 per year, and any per bod aendlim tour yeR-ljr
Aiibecrlptiona tor tbat i-dicion, awcoiupamed by the
fUU atibMcripttoti price -FOl'R lOLLARS- we" will
lendtnem A U(MT or THt HIETOKY r KEE AI-
in tat ajy boy 01 fftrt cau wcurr four ub?cribert,
d In thie way obtain awipynfihw valuable book.
; iu 1 r.-c "f J in: -sr. vi- , ft t r 1 x i t: t: m k x
rf n:o 11 s tisiof: r or my rsiiKfl sta fl y
TWO ')...! lis AMI .V.V,7 )'( ft.'. is.
Rample copies of any -Klttton of TrIB 1NTK&
OCL' AN will b- sent on application.
Remittances may be made at our -Hk. either b
dealt expresa. poaiotf.ee ordnr, esprawa orwx
poatat notes, oi1 rertlred latter. Moiey enl p
any other way la at tbe rix of Uie pereoa sending
R6 Ma.1taon Rt . Ch-fairo
Absolutely Pure.
PThi powder never varwi. A mnrrel of poni
ftrenarUi and whoieanmetMM; mor ecooomiea
than the ordinary aindn. aud cannot he ml ir
competition with the mnltitufte of low tent, itiort
weight alara or phoephate powders. Poi4 oniyi
can. RoYALBaJtmoPowDBRCo., Iu WaliS
Mew York.
y (' rtOYAL (CWKJ
in rcF'i 1 S5tasli:se! ) iasSo.
OHUL Chicagc. ill. J Clark St.
1 Tho K.'gakr, Old-EEUlliahcd
is still toeaticg t iti the gresUst
mil all persons who by thctr own acts cf Impra
dncont Folly at Any prr-fi ol lite have l:i ought
Jpoa .thcneres th wi effects ol(uinj; closely
upon -ihe be,5 oi frm rs-in ot thr laws ol
mature, should cotTsitit the crle' rat d Ir, t 'litrkt: at
oure. Rt'ineiattHrl Nprvou lijtsen (wwh or
wiih'mt dream-. or rtWtiUty and U-.s ot nerve
power trcjted sciratifically by raw' mrttiMs u)i
iivtr faiini r.ucc-::i. It nrstrs r.o ditlerence
irliatyou ivc Uktn or wiu) has 1-ilcii 10 cure yuu.
XvTht-torrthr pofu of Svpliilis and all
bail blol -nd akin OtKviifres, coraplctety eradi
c ited without mrrcury, Kt me nibt-r tht liusooe
horrible di&eat, if mlrcteil cr im(irop'.rly
tr:a.cd, curatis ti.e t-ttt &id coming g;i:era:icr;s.
dAH unnaluittl (!icitarj.s cuied promptly
without h:uiiran;t; lo busirfis. No exjx nDicius
Kith exe misuU conlUienii tlly. Jle :nd
etperieiii-e important. A wrilk n oaranteo
At curwgiren in vry litidertaltci'.
StfT(rcr from ,my lironh dirseafee w-ttc
Ilisttiry and $yitiit-ips of .tir case plainly,
t a-es solicited whi'-h -.j,. n iiavc L.iitd to cure.
9SScnitost.tmj.-. T- r c?lttrati-4l worka nn
Chrohio, Hervoua and Ii IU ate DiMraws.
have an fXliatiMive sym jtoni;Motoi ty ahuh
ii study ycur own chm. ('i;tutiii;ittr.is 'personsily
or t-y letter, fpoe). on.iiti tc ld Itortt.r.
Thousand cured. Oilic- rrH patlora pri
rt. Tt)ose c.ntnii'l,,Mr.p Man inge wd L.r
hr Clare's . .-clel-rMted cuM. . M:.l j.ni I VliiMle.
c i-h isc, h-th ?,:., i5t f mi. .. Heti,ref'nti'i:c ycur
seconMih IHt.CI.HUr: AfmndlTlrttrirrall
nay srve f-jturf Miit iMii; ao.i 1. m.c tt-Udd g.ilden
ears to Lie. Mtdu ir-.-s ent evervwln-rc iirHrt-ni
xioturo. IJ..IK-, s i-, : :. tj 1. 12. A di
F. D. CLARKE, M. D.v
186 So. Clark Si,, C-Vco.UW'
U iranl btix'"!1 and M t
y pure r?:tilal')e for
li-lit tiUr-,y all CUt
c:i;o. Try it om e,
t onfectii-nt r.
Zzn-. ritislt C-CBiplucte. A Sreat Kidney
The only perfect subr.titute Ior Mother's
milk. Invaluable in Cholera Infantum
and Teething. A prc-ditiee'ed food lor Oys
pepticst Consumptive;, Convalescents.
Pertect nutriert in all Wasting f1! senses.
Kequirea tor oookinc Our HooYe. The Care
and) Feeding of Infants, nusl 'ree.
DOLIBIK. GUODAL-f & CO.. boston. aCass.
oi CUlilUiliiil
iLa l 1 lion Heals sores.
w, . ' ...- Jr " u a
rHmimi rr ....
ses of taste, ht-ar
an 1 Smell. A
J.Y-FEVER rositive euro
CrMU Balm tr -J cmcdin enviable rvpntaiioi
wbtTPVet k!i(m...iiitH('ini:aUttth rri'pantione.
A itftrtk-le i- applied inlo eacll I1...H1 relieved
patn al once, i airreealile lo u.e Price 50c. at
(irutftriN. or bv maii. Semi f or r irc.ilar.
ELY ltUi.THKKS.I)rut'urifl,i.wei;o, N. T.
BOLD EEDAIi, rtKIS, ib-?.
Warrantod absolutely pure
Cmwb. from whjrh tbe execs of
Oil faas been remoTed. It has three
time the gtr ngih oi Cocoa mixed
with 8 tarrh. Arrowroot or Scv-Rr,
and ia tbrrefore far more economi
cal, oonting It am than we cent a
cap. Jt M (MtckHis, nouravimv.
tn ncnhctiiat', uanily ditrested, ana
admirably adajAed for invaiidB aa
well as for peraona in hvaUli.
Sold by Urwen e-tcryirbtra
r. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mass.
SAIi. KV EKY STn:DAV Iron. Ncv
York Iu
Half" of pawayt' to or from
New Yurk, Giasow. Ijivcrp.i.i!, Lontion
derrv or Urlfust,
CabittH, $45 and 955 StH-ond rtnv.. f3Q
HteeraKu-, ouiwuid or preimij, f 20
Anchor 1. int praftn ivun.'il at owi-ki rote are
I in ill free of cliarg -a In Englati'l, Scotlftttd and
Kor Itimkanf To-ir-, Tirltet. or othrr inform
lion.stipTV ti IIKVUKHNUN ItWoTllKKS. M
rato.orj F. Rt'UlNSMN. Hues Ulaitd. lit.
Pennyroyal Pills.
Safe and alwsTn reliaMe. Beware of woethubs
IniUtioiiM; ItiiliftH-ii-taitlH for I.ADtKS. Aakytwr
UruKiiint for "t'lin'HRSTitn's EKuLitm" and Uke
no otlier. or inrLw ir. (mnm6) to u for parlic
nlars ia loiter by relurn mail.
tl3 Madiaon Square. I'hiladelphia, Pa.
Trade atipplied by GltO. C. UMIWIN ft (X-4
0"holaBle Atmnte. Boston, Msec
I t "k."'o I'o.Bictaa vdq
uo ,m r )Qf. i peneuct in
treatuii; female dia asea. Hac
been presiribed in hundrols ot
cases as an unfailitijr motitlily
r(melv. lleasanl.saf.elTt
ual. Ladies ask rour drtijit
tcrPctli rrc.jaHS-'-.f.Trp, toll no
Address Ecrilili ngm.tL
t Oo., 1 Howard St
Sold in Rock Inland by Uarsh&ll tt Fisher, 4ar
pr HoTue drag store.
. TT
1 1 1 itnu
V Best Ca
1 in iin rir ). i
r ft11 a.
' -
iy j ' h :rz U
Ji' t 'M '
X X X X X K X X X X X X t K "
I i
)ia Ts-w-pi-poty u nidicy v !:- tern ' (r t -' -
Wir &e 'aj easy mK .
fTjoia liim iiovVw(fc sicW! V. l.-f ,
Wotrsker of Wvti&e?! fa'Tn Vic-OoWT JX i tij
imn Gink (Jas c)tfor o.Ug
5 he hniKchulfi rttri - ibn' -
Tor cltAi!3i'jJ every
'o tliAt Sn. "zd(e a
-With the LARUEST Stuck of-
We make ;i Specialty' of Yarns and Zephers and carry the
finest quality.
?Hei'd(iuaiteiti fui stanij.uig. Beautiful Bolting Cloths
and Plushes for Painiini;.
Siyli Bio Glove.
- ' ( ' ' '1
All lVrnL.-ht.rf wilh
u,.n(r ..ut.irMK men.
J V . y
No. 1611 Second Avenue.
tPffpectnJ attention paid Ui furui-'htni; picnic , parties, etc
Ice Cream Parlors, Bakery,
No. 11()'. Third Avenut, Rock Island.
i ff fpec aily o' alio nt ml kiyla mid to order.
Cor. Fourth Av.-.. am! Twt niy Timrth St., KSrr' 1J 8Un'
PKfOEt LOW OiknU dliv'ivil fr. tnnny mrt t ctiv
At the Davenoort
J, E. Loosley & Co.,
Insurance Agents
t$I.oese promptly adjusted ! psid tt this
(Successoi of IIito & Cleaveland )
. igencf caUbUshd IMS
Office in Bengston't Block.
i ! !.
rVbiiU I Wf.v"W.Vt-
i onS Small
No. 314 West Second St., Davenport, Jowa.
Gloves I Gloves I
For ail kinds of GIutcs ami Mi'tens call and
Over 500 different stj-les, warranted
to lit and will cot rip; gloves
for everj'bod.y, and no shoddy.
Glovff- cut to onler and repaired.
No. 1605 Second avenue, Rook Island.
rmLin;ng a Pmrlor. Llhrrjr, Smoking. Rrcltnliu or Invalid
v I'llMIC, LOI SGK, HI- U. or COITH.
fill "i11 U' -'W-a'P I -SHIPPEDtoll
for C(nlocu-. parti, of thr wurlL
lh Anlonullr (Wh link. u
.-nisi.Hn Kr. .aialinruc mM mefJtioD raniafm
t45 K. ath St., Philada., Pa.
W. P. Tindall's
Livery Stable,
1(13 and 1615 Tuird avenue,
Business College,
f Hook KsrN-.
ilAPl" C'ALCrLATlOfl.
I ,',.KK.tI-
Joseph Fitzpatrick
Take yieMM ia nouo' inn thh hi lease
the iwll Uob Cuiaden Milla for tern, of jean
and hoH-nd them for the receipt of custTO
work and general mUlinit.
Rye Flour a Specialty.
ryPromptaeM anditiilactloii will he th
ttle. ng-dwly

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