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The Daily Aegus.
Monday, December 27, 1886.
The government Laving recovered a
judgment for over $16,000 against Ben
Butler, that distinguished leader of the
"People's Party" is more couvineed
than ever that Mr. Cleveland's adininis
tration is a colossal failure.
Tub Vermont senite has defeated the
bill granting municipal suffrage to women
who are taxed on property, ba voie o!
18 to 12. Tffo senators announced that
they would vote for the bill if the amende
ment limiting the suffrage to taxpayers
and making a distinction between women
and men could be reconsidered.
Some of the more sluggish members oi
congress predict that little can he dmu
during the session beyond the passage of
the appropriation bills. Others equally
wise say there is more chance for woik
during a short than a loog session, ami
they expect to be very active fivm bow
until the fourth of Mirch. In fa -t, there
is little temptation to demagom and
talhin for votes now, and there U no
reason why this congress should not do
more in January and February than in a.i
the previous months of its life. Thy mem
bers are all either elected or defeated ioi
the fiftieth congress, and mere pnini
maneuvers will not affect them Tien
by the committee work hitvian been (i ine
last session bills -ire ready for n- ii'Mi.
and leyfelaiiou is .n excellent p ositi.in U
be pushed to eomj-Ieiin.
The ded leiti-r s lltt, vviiio'i tcs tms,
in Washington just before Christina-; iueh
year, is no in prore. Inst ie the h c
tion room two platforms c .!n.'-.i.
of plain bords thrown lengthwise i,vet
some "carpenter's burses" couJiMife the
funeral bier of the dead leUt-r f-;1.; i--which
are arranged in various sized white
bundles of mysterious appear nice. Willi
the caution, "Remember, we Joi.'i i gr
antee the contents of any of liiex'- p.. k
ages,1 the auctioneer mounts hi s;,u: !
and calling for the first uumVred urti ).
proceeds to excite the ti v
audience with the familiar cry. ' il u
y're thirty bid; live "II ink- h: h.t .-'.
you make itV" The fa--t tlt. t hv ; k
aes are not open and the only ;! i ...
their contents to he hail U the hfl-t' ceil
matter of fact descripLi-.-u in n.r eii
alogue, such a(i,tO"iii liu!i and -ios. of
pins." adds an interest to the sdr, us i
is something of a lottery. tVw ptmtr.s
ers have the rf-i !".;.:' r i.'r u-o cin n
their packages to tl;e ujuiii.ve ir-.Zv- oi
the people, hut Ct'iiiLiil their curi. .-.!" by
furtively teeliu the tut-kaire uriiil U-
fiud a favorable ofi(,,r.i...i! y to tetire !.) a
distant comer ami s.itrv iii-covr v-hul
Dame Fortune ha.s l.ro.iiihf them
Dr. FtiWAito McUlynn is ou; of the
ruost distinuuihed Caihoitc eieruv men in
New York city, that tirviv stronghoi-1 of
the Roman Catholic chur.-h. At tiieeom
mencenient of the late (rorg-; campaign
he entered heart and .-on I into the r.'iiiv
of the soeiahs'.ie ie ider. Orttng to his
eloquent tongue- and pen :.n l wide per
sona! infloi-nce.it s.tl'o lusiy tint
George was m.-re ii;iti:V.I f"r hij en- r
mous vole to r Mc ilyiiis s .ulv mwy
than to h,y other r i'i'-r Tav :. nr
professed by tieore. hjwev-r. .iv
widely al varianc;- with the dvlit;u'- oi
the Catholic rhuivli that Dr. tt.-iliymi
has been summoned to Rum- ! ;:it-.w-.r
for his acts. This oiiiy rtroth.r pr"i
that the Catholic i-'.an:;. ".k- ihe
most conservative inlim iu-- its Aiiuri.-Ti
This has been conelu-.iv.-iy -iiown ti:r-(in
out the labor disturhallrch of r f-;
year, and also iu the social !dii; ion.
It is not so many n.rs UhI ii:- li-i-man
church Was looked upon by n.-tiiv
welUto-do people !!m- it.it unit t'!t.:n:v
of free institutions. Now this very
class is compelled t ree.oL'ii:. il ;;s ihr
most conservative s.jjeir y in cxitence
and the stronirt-st foe to e!V" un di m
Ahst;rptivi t'owcr of th-i !-iiu.
Theahs.riitivc:om'rof tin br;ii:i U, in -uiT
ofitsphaK-s.au interest iug stti"Iy. A n-ilu-fL
well-eiinitl prentlenum thrown f u- any
length of time into the wviety of n 1 . of
Kin i-talk in. unjrrainntati-'iil fr-oj,... t;;,
einusiy ncifiiin's mhh- of t J i i- (i i.!-;
habits of fniivt-rs;itio;i, yinl nnt't .-1',-.- ...
it U.-ii fane lVi!i'l in his pr.ij-f -)!'!
eociery calls hnatt' ait I ;n to ir. 1 t--.-.
stance of nyoii!i4 man w:ns' .ii:'.t;i: . a.i.
a literary eh-o-jn -r Iff tr.-(. d i.i.u- ': . .
justly. upon th-purity ot tii.,tJi. i Im) i, f).ii
tng with him way a mutt. a- r iu!';Ui.M.
clay heaefoptrt! an ciiir:iv?!ir-nt hi a i -,-ofliee.auo'
in th lint-uf luMiu v h.-Ti-.i-1
ttl to mod and answer n.utiv liiitnln-.i ;
tho pnvit majority of whii-h a:- iilv-s rau
missives from iprnorjint pcop!.-u si,,;;:,
original Ideas nf oi-tifnriipliv.
At theendof ayrr I r;--Tiv..l l-iu-r if:
tbr ynung m:m. lis expiv-;;!iK v.-'-re in -
iiutaiH1 inin-t iily coti'-h'-o!, an.J ni;iuv :-un
words were nusi-:l..i m a uia::;i : (h it t-. .ulA
have been inenioua were it i:-t ; o atr-v j
1 met thcyouns man ami m- ntUmci tin.
letter to uira 'na kindly spirit of. uatnre.
Ho became ; 'iii;uit mid 'ieur.tm-. . my
stateiiH-nt as alrsurd. I thow;-:! Lhu hh 1. t r
aim vpiujiirci io laiu nie rmn:ai pne--y ir-
pponsii'l tor tin; SH'ii!i; i'--iiv of ,U
lect HeaketJ for the remedy. I told I
iiwi tj.-ie was iioii'. umer rnan wJ: -control.
inar tie was in the pot.it ion of arni: ;;n',
man auroundil hy e il as.-j;:-iut p v
possible tnptvRTVR hisseli-i onti ol and :vii:,
with but nt of theuL L. K ui,
Clobe-I)einocrat .
Why Itonfc Knees Are J,ost.
To one unfamiliar with Ijoutin, it secuif
strnngo that some ocu-smen cannot pull a
well in a race as they can when pr:i-;ti. -m?.
Yet it is a tact that Mime mcij :,n:m ti -v
control of theiiiwlvi-j ia p. nif-e. They l:uv."
plenty of strength, Lut an-imt able to exert
it They them lvs uumf, explain why.
They simply lark heart. m?d i; l-a tliem lots
of races. St. 1'auJ I'iouLcr Frcsa.
-IrFft-musenm in an Arizona, tov,-n are pre
served the head i of seventeen Aiiaebis.
Dr. J. C. Webster. Chicago, says: T
coosidcr it valuable in many forms of
In Cheyenne, Wy. T., a Maltese cat
drives the cows to and from the pa&tures
as successfully as a cowboy can.
Give the Hice Coil crri age-spring a
trial. Nothing else in the world in the
shape of a spring touches it. It baa all
the good riding qualities. It combines
every essential of a perfect spring. The
roost skeptical admit this on trial.
' President Washington made a point of
'ninf on codfish erery Saturday.
Trial of th? Rioters at Bay View -le
velopmfint Amaa; Kuiijlit of l.sbor of a
Hankering f.tr l'oniIeriy''i Sr.tS j The
Kecord of Strike.
Milwaukek, Wis., D-c. 27. There wx
but a short session of court in tho V-: ie'
riot cases Friday. Bat it. ai sutiieient f ti
the statfl to rest its casa and t:t incfu! tds-j
a sensational scene. The tetiiiioay of M-iy r
"U'alhber and others was taken, and th..-u -
controversy fook plieo b-tween Ju Ij St l;s
and tfie conn! tr tLe defend -is ! ;he!hvr
the gathering of men at th-i Ki View iniih
was an unlawful Theeourts;titl
tho evidence already pr-j -nteii shw-.il the
character of tm assembiaf, au'l ha would
lrmit ttt'3 ilefeitsa to call six witnesses to
provo th contrary, but eouiil not s;iy that
tlielr testimony woaM change his views on
the subject. Mr. Murphy, of tho Ui?!Vae,
"I have not intended to question that th-r?
was a riot out there; but what I have ques
tioned, and what I distinctly question r.w,
in the faee of the court and all courts, is t':e
K'ality of the homicide that were commit
ted out there by the p-jliee.'
The ('our; 1 shah tell tho jury that tht
question ot' whether the militaiy had a risrht
a right to fire, whether tliey wor jutiliablo
t nut, is not fa them, 'i he question unly Ls
as to tho riot and who participate,! in it.
My own judgment is tht the sheritl and
governor dhl the sheriff esj?eeialiy act with
great moderation and great eare. Ho said,
in answer to your question, ho did not call
u Kn the governor, and refused to do it, tho
first liny, Uieau' he was in hopes, with the
power nt his command, ho could keep the-.se
p-fple under coutro!: that it grew su much
wor- he made a formal dem.ir.d upon tht
governor, ;is it was liis hity to do, relue
t;iTil!y, l-i;t he did it. The governor came
hjr. and. i think, (lid his whol-j duty.
yr. Murphy More t-x.
'the (A urf I dou't think he di.L 1 think
it won 1 1 h:ivo b?u a mrey, not only to
t!iose p'r-,o::s, but everytxiy el, if the
Kesiusliti guards the first day, instead of fir
ing into thj air, had fired into th-j crow-L
kisasyvere remo-dy a deplorable tiling to
happen in any country; but it ihk? soiti-.- ('
the ip.rfilions of surgry prompt and s--ve;v
31 ir.-t, but saves a world (S" i n.yLle mid
sull'-ring afterwai'th Iut this iu a in.ater
Mr. Ebt-ets That is true, and perhaps on
that dav, under tho law, they would ha'
been jastified in shooting, because tin- .sheriff
hhiiM,'it ordered the crowd to disperse. ( h
the second day I dou't understand anything
of the kind was done.
The Court That was not neeessarr. Proc
lamations had boon issib'U by th-s mayor, the
inilitaiy t:dieil in from the country, and the
whole avaihb.' force of th- polio and mili
tary in the city had ku in use b- foie. Thy
ni'-b was trying to create a dUtfirb.m- e, to
put it mildly. Th- authoiities interfered,
ae.d tho severer the uieasiu'es th r (utter il
was f -t llii'in.
Mr. ICbb.'ts-.Ml we have ot to do is to
show thai the..w defeii lant In 1 no;lji.g to do
with it.
Tile Cmi t That is it, sir.
Movement of Knights of Laltur .:iin.t
Their i liief Other l.ihor ws.
Vhu-aokumt , Jje . -7. Th- organ t.:
tho w.rl;iiig!;i -n in tliiseity, Tliy T-jesin, i-i
isu1 Saturday s.is in a:i editori i:
"Frifin the numb-jr of 'secret eirtMilar p;ib
lihetl by t!to head oi ths n ibio ord r it is to
lv mf'-.'ST.-d thnt the di-tingui-hnj gentleman
is trying to in ik-j it appar a: I 'a-l that he is
e iriuag hi-- pri'ieely s-ilary --""'. 11 ' a year.
Many a pixu- Knight tf Itb if ii"t an tu
v. rge of sUiVatiou. i-; o'lT;ny n t eirtMag
more thai; eaiigli t k-vp Imj tv and sjul r.
g.'tlvr during ihis Thru-tuns s 'a.- i, whiio
ii h- a is of th- ordi-r are r.'V'ii! - in a!! h
luxurie-; thir prhi-'!v salari"s a If ord. T-i"
oih'-iat- certainly have b.'ttere i th--; r eundi
lio:). i'ii- on th1 itv's-onif.s."'
Nr.w V-MiK. IVe. St. --The !Si;tr says (hat
dt -tt isti- d Kiifghts of Labor are moving
f'M- nnM;i..r goii-.-ral asseinblv of the ordT.
If re.juii'es nil fipj'itea'ioii from f,1 1 -;it live
ei-tr:-1-avmbiies in liv'e wij-nj-ate to
er.ii !i--h a convenlioTi. The ftni!!. . s i
t. I e v. tiling to sign an aj'pl!e;ttnii ari N.
Ci.i.-ago; Xo. 1 ."!'. :i-arfw-t Uriwr-.i, t,
N.-vv V'.'i-U; Nit. li:J. fpi Comi-'ctieift . N.. ;n.
i Mti-s.fiiut'tis, an t atiotiier w-X M'.'.-;h--J,
T!i ':hi.m1s fur the a; 'iie;itioit v ill b.- H'.tt
Mr. P.
.-.v-i.-rly is phiyin- the ds-s-t, p;trii'-ti-ri
regard tj prohibit mg t-. dh"-i !u lor
I'i the C;ii-'ago , nan hi: 'the
iy )-ir'n't-1 to u not spei.'iii.'d,
U, iA to Ik- No. -it,f this city.
th- de
A 3Ie'tiK of Workmen and Cpi-itors
'onie.- tu Agrt'MtiHi!.
i'i rrstii its. I'.'c. The cike syn 'ic;b
and ;t-cinpJi'ves held a cmiiV.'r-Ni'1.; ;i' ,
I . idnya; 'Jie Ollieeof the NVj.-i,,-"!,..
.ii'im H. yrn as pr.'sident. of tut v.nk
jfiers c'tunuitteo, prc-ienJed th" d.-mand- vt
and -rat d tiiat i;' th d'iu:ind w-v n-inM-d
ihe M.'ierV twsKMiiiou ronvftt ion. imj'-v
m s--s;'r.i at Kver-"U, -h-uid d v;d- on a
stnlie, it wuuid b- g.-riMMl throughout tlte
region, and that th - Knights.' JJ.ii,..(- vim! i
join in it.
Tiie syndicate then submit; -d its proposals
and the workmen's committee held a private
consultation, and thmliv aecepii d. An
agreement was then sign? bv b eh pn-ius,
the workmen agreeing that no further de
mands be made until thrt s lling price ot eoke
Li-advam . d. and that no Jural strike Ik:
allowed w ithout an order from t!c ex'-.-utiv-Imanl.
Tee huse nnt and pnej of tire co.d
were lefl to be wttlod at v;vl wurks iude
priidenMv. subject to the indorsement of the
extern ivt- Utard. The other uVnmads w.-iv
waiv- d by the work:un.
Meptiu" of riicrtt:o flutter llasont.
C'lin-Atio, Ih-c. tli. A meeting of the
Master Ma -inn association was h-dd at the
biiiid'-rv exchange Tu sduv to discuss the
question rf sending n delegate to the I to; ton
coavention and to take some act ion to effect
a combmation of the masters of the build in-r
trades of this city. The meeting wa ; not
very harmonious. It was decided not to
s ml a d 'legate tu Poton and nothing was
done in regard to th? combination of master
builders. The report that the master ma
siu? were disat tidied with the eight-hour
day and itit-mded to return to ten hours was
pronounced untrue by leading members of
the association. Under the esistiog condi
tion of things a return to tea hour.-i n j, pro
i:o:iated impossible.
Strike on tliv lteadin Line.
PniLAOELi'iltA, Djc. )Tt. Tue engineers,
liremen, train hands nnd coal heavers em
pUmsi by the lteadiug Itailrood company
at the coal wharves at Port Puehmond, who
have bch dis-vitisliinl over the reemt rules of
the company, and w ho returned to work
Thursday, again struck Friday morning,
mill trams were reported as badly bloeke.1
b-rw -..it iiie s-imyikdl I i.ls and i'.t Hn h
!H"!id. Nm h -h ) ar- lv;ug in doci-.s
waiting U recdv.4 tuir cai g'-.-s ot oal.au I
from pr-f.jjr, iude-ati i.-is they will roth
loaJ.'id bjr -)'-ni tna-.
The L'i(ii4viiii i Nashville Strike.
Lo-;jvu.lk, Ivy., l. j. i'no .,rrik-j of
brakt-uin on the, l-ui;vitH & Nxshviil r.iil
road i -muns in s(. fi -rio a'.ity. 'iui tr,iia
itiii.L: up to,- tiie vntih adneslay stili stui.i
iu the yards, with n fr.v mad up sinvj tti m.
Thy road issfted au ultimatnui to the striker--Thtir?day
night, requiring tlwm to ropirt
for duty by 1 o'clock Friday or consider
thenuclves dinchargeLt and call for timir
tima. This th- strikers iguored. Tlie road
ofiiciaU will ucdt ravor to hira ne w men, but
thus far have not bwn nbld to start a truia
DemamltU Lew Work and Mur Haea.
Boston-, Dec. The South .Boston rail
road employes. Ktnghis jf LsIkh- mot Thurs
day night, and adopted a list of twenty d
mandx A committer was apivnut.'d to pnv
sent tho list to the president and directors,
Friday, with instruction; to givo tho com
pany until Monday night to reply. The com
raitteo ia to report at 10 p. in. on Monday.
Ten hours a day and au mcrciso in wags is
Ifaiierott, rhn Historian, Amoti; thn
YfMiisslert ticut Phil Sheriibia"
latest :ipfMres a Tin Trampet, Much
ti His lia-t'lyV lelighH?l An Itupr
laitf I'?nt leeiniilt Tile Silver Or
tfi ate.
Wasiuvotox City, !?. 'SI. Sucre! ary
an 1 Nit". VViii'mv givo the champion
C!.t is;m is tre jiarty fr thir children Wt
ii.;y nfterri'j)a, and seventy children shtrt
the pie isure with the threo y 'iug Whitueys.
Many grown p'.-oiil beside the parents of th
hi "tv ehildrea were ask i, so that it wns
alm ost a double party. 5 Irs. Whitnev pj-.v-ivd
the g:i"st in the front drawing-room
in a eharming tea-gown of pal; btuo satin
and erea:u biwade covere! with large bou
que'.i of flowers. Tho portieres to the hrg-)
brill room wer elosoly fastened, but when
all th e mpany had come and 5 o"eiock bad
stnuk the curtain? parted and revealftl
fairy laud. The great, shining tree reached
V the evibn of the ball-room, and was so
(overeti with s rings of silver and gold and
copor balls silver images, stars and toys,
and clou U of tinsd, and scores of can lies
th:tt no .ire euuld S 'm th-; original branches
of fo!i;ig-v
The ltt!i.- ehortors from St. John's sang
Ch.riftnvis .-ainls. while the children walki
nde.iiriiiglv ui'oinid the tie'. Miss Howard
and M;ss K'ovelh assist e J S"cietary AVIiit
nev in giviig each HiiM two pnp-T numbers,
and as those ti'imbei-s were called the boys
"ii one side of the tree : ud the girls on the
other hml a rain of br-insUftit gifts timt only
a fairy godmother could have provided. The
girU h 'd ii:t!e breastpins, rings, bracelets.
vm;iigr!ies, t"'ins, worfc-)Kves, handk or
eiiiefs, and ph it-rapn case, jrfum - eas-s,
and the mo-ii in-g-iiious deviivs in pretty
I o;idru ix'Xes. The bovs hud knives, wliU
tles to a, drams reins. ivnti:i--.n--s and in
nuineiMbie ttengs. AH h.id eormicopms of
candy and big favors that, held tissue-paper
turnes, ia v. Ideti l); -v dmcc-1 merrily alter
al: the i:u m l-ors wei-o vdl.'d and the caudles
; w.-iv slowly rmlF-d tit wi'b a wet sponge
j -n a i.ole. 'i'hey dmieed. their
i .T;.-kers l.Jew their horns, and ha i a r.--!
I o- I lijj. ill suppT time. fc-'wine
, v, u.'.gvr.Ts were silhled with glee that they
j ' : i-' -i to c ji-ii.-rs and siltntiy hiigg.l their
t i:-'-e;ures.
Miv. C;eve;;n I wa- pieventctl from attetid-
ng. but her cousin. May Cad man, came
with Mr.;. Ltui mt, and later went home
web Mis. I'ulsom. Seeivtarv and 5lrs.
Manaing, Sir. and Mi-s. Kndicott, and Fst-niatt-r
Cteucral uud Mrs. Vilas reiresented
the ealviii-f. Mr. George Btincruft cin'm. d
to b. tVv uidest boy at th-1 party, , and tax- d
Secretary Whitney with foi-getting to hang
fst'methmg nil the tree for him. A numU-r
of the diplomat i? corps were present, and
deA-lartiil tit;:tt;v(-n in ( Jertnany the tree and
croup of htvelv iittl.) ones omld not ln sur-pi-s
d. Ceiwra! and Mrs. Sheridan
b -ought their thnv little girls and the
rmy I ci 1 Siii-rid m, who drew a tin
trumpet and blew it b.ke a lor cavalryman
to his father at parent pleasure. Col and
Mr. i;onap;ir;e. Senator ami Mrs. Mph,
i Sen uor and Mrs. 51. 1'herson, Mrs. J..hn P.
j .lo::e Maj. J U'. Tucker. Mrs. .hrl.n I Cay,
Mrs. NiuhlMH And-rson. i!r. :d Mrs. loiter,
l.a-iit. nd Mr. Em-ry, 5!rs. ;t-org" li.
j !l t iug. ieti. Ha-n, Mr. 1'avid King. Mix
I li. P. Hdr, ;d Mrs. Ceckr- H were among
j !-, viOi-rs present.
Prorcs Coroon-HaiMtig hu(1 ilk Hiin
niacturin. W .sHiN;Tt'X t 'ny. Dec. 7. The exper
iments being conduct-' i at the airncuUural
iepai tuient wi;h regard to the growth and
!iia;iiKacT!i;'. of sdk i:i this country are nt
t meting a g. l deal of attention here. Silk
f .K-'-u-. r"'-iivevl fp-'in Illinois, low a, V
Oiaska and many of th states furilier south,
ne i'i -ii.-h wrf-'ct enndiiton that those who
;ire i tidying th- subject are convineei that
i.itkworuif, ca'i U; easily and prtfitdt'y rai"ti
ui this cjiiiitry. As for the manufacture of
-ilu g'oti?. ti'.iu ra-. s:ik. that is l-.ng since
proven practii-able and proaabl Senator
Merher.-tri, of .N,-v J.-r-y, Kiid m a speech
iu tite senate tliei-e wctv 1't'silk nulls in
lual stale making silk so ch-'ap tliat th-.'v
i-.-.uid s-ii"! it to Ly-m, the .enter of
-iik pi-lucii,g in Fiance, and im
the Lyui manufactureiN.
The growth nf dk m uiut'.icture is rapid, but
-t'-ady. ;ii 1 iinp.rt :u:tl export statist ic-i
show that hi a few yi-uis n- more inom y
tit be sea? abna i b-r m imif.ictnrl silk.
There i-, tm rea-ou wliv any should be s.'iit
tor raw silk coeoeus .Sir. Walker 1ms in
bis room as g.od otcy .i: grcu in th?
I niti-i Slat 's us i;vt c.nne from any
country. D:.e lot. ju-.t received from
ll-ntru", '.-b.. is partieuj.-iny riue. and the
. o-; i -:ort- i:g i- noihmg, or next to noth
u.g. 'i he agricultural depart iu it will
l,..t:!i y: i.nd iiistiuetiuii.-, and n-'aily
- verv i,.,v i:, au ( age orange hedge is
pieparmg ioebter int'j tlie business.
The Silver ei liflrate.
Wamm.ton fiTv, D.-c. --'T -The treasury
dej.arlieeiit liegau issuing l silver eertiti-r-ates
an the It-It of lad i.ictolwr, and the
;,--!t To d lie amounts t, mjtitii Two
.1 l;-r i.er cer;iii vites w;.-re lirt issued on
.- i,;' !.- Mailer, and tlie total is-ue thus
moii UN to i,i4Mt.t. Tue supply is not
i .ptai to th,; ii -in and, and tho cerfiheate- are
not yet d;sn'-:i.d from the su'o-treasuries.
They are -ii-.t : -iu.iLm from the treasury dw-p-trtni
:tt- to I H-ahties i'i all rts of the
.oiitttrv in sum-, n il exc.vtm ?..ilaot but
:1 an otdy b-vt me, of course, as the certi
iKal.N arc reu iv. In olher words, the tretr
u y .1. i-arrin ii', phtenig liie $1 and S' cct-
t He.-it s in -n;nil circulation a ra;u lly a,
p svdiX U ii -a geturul deniand is to
f'fn i-xt n' .'.ii'as',1-!, tii.'S': certit: ates will
br'di-Tvi-'o;;; d to tho ddi'.-'vat ub-trea-.urie
for i-': i- r -pur. d.
A !i-;-;si-m Involving MillimiH.
A.""!HNTf in" '.';t',', f)c. 27. Th? commis-sionL-
of p Misio.ji i'ndiy render1; I a dctsiou
ia the int.- jr' rit of th C-:-llu laid Mana
f't .-ruriu company, of Adam, Mass., which
Nsaid t- involve million? of d-dlars. The
latt.T cMury obtatiifd Iclt-rn j latent for
tii-"1 n:'i!iit'aetnr of artificial iv ry, and had
n.;ag -I -x "...nivoly in the wjrk. wlwti thi
N- w ii k c-mpaMy b up a cl itm f ir th-j in
veti'i .n, a id itinn-'dtaU'ly litigition ensue I
for the ownership of the inventio-t This b--gei
ia February, lSl, and wan coucludM
I'ndy bv a d-;ioi; of Commis-iion'u- of
Ttre;!-- ;.i :,.- en-ry, wh i holds that th
whv ; cotii.ou! had no right to tho inven
tion, aad an : t . th' rej -etiou of tho applica-
:3 IN BRiTAlM.
f:M t:ii; fin and tu (.abinet.
f.oviK)-,-. D-r. 27. In def primes t Lonl
H lis -if hi ry's iwj.iv-, Lord I! ;rfil!gfon will
retirun in Home until Sundav to await th
a.rivat -f 1'ft-iN from the prmiiii.T, whi'di
ui-" now on !.!! nay. I" may r slid on
auUioi-hy thu'. Lord H irtington has not re
ceived an invitati-i'i to miter thn enbmef,
an ! tlie l-'li.-f is growing h:.'ra that he will
not accept a e;tbin"t t.ftk-'. in spity ot tho
pn-v-eire which will und-. u'ite lly be exerted
tii iiittuce him to d -io,
Conianipnon can he Cared.
Pr, J. S. Corahs, Owensville, Ohio,
says: "I have given Scott's Emulsion of
Cod Liver oil with IIypo"ho8phitt8 to
four patients with better results than
seemed possible with any remedy. All
were hereditary casea of lung disease,
and advanced to that stage when coughs,
pain in the chest, frequent breathing,
frequent pulse, fever and emaciation.
AH these cases have increased in weight
from 10 to 28 ihs., and are not now
needing anv medicine."
I wns troubled with Chronic Catarrh
and gathering in my head, was very deaf
al times, had discharges from my ears,
anil was unable to breathe through my
nose- Before the second bottle of Ely's
Cream Balm was exausted I was cured,
and lo-dav enjoy sound healh C. J.
Corbin, 923 Chestnut street, Field Man
ager, Philadelphia Pub. Home, Fa,,
Knn to Ean'i at th'.cio and C inhered
iu viiiu Two m il-i PaS A Clever
iurc by th I liUeitinis I'air am! Frail
Woman uu V- iil::i-;cou4 Assistant of
thn Detective.
('Htr.K i'.i, f
f-. I'oiviji.;, S ii ir-
'Vj lliUU'ha
t's;:i'-s-.'jr ntKi
IJllii :illd Ir.i.l
by a dmM I,
.Vt,0 "', .Hid yt
.--.-The 1 mi.,
.v oi-ini'n-;:
,'i this ev''i:i:j
d U a tr.vKi
:s an Adam-
ua ih? ri-.
r;ii"ko rtial wairiiU'ivd
.vviiym-in m:i robin 1
Imkfrtrti'j Natioua!
lft4tit'V-j -!i'V ;in-si- t the W-Mt
thi onn who cominitb'd th art and two of
hts "piis"1 whi ia:'tteiK-itctl in t'.w rublvcy.
Th t iiptif'' is o:w ut th.; c!-'Vrest tver
inad iu th-! mi l iU of cma, and the iiii
ruvt'lia of til'1 mi -.tv-rv that hurrouud-Ml t!i
r'b!;cry btrs nit tt. ivputation oi th-i
acent'y whoso oK'iativis have quietly ait 1
effectually shadowtd tl;.; train-robb ts. Tho
guilt -f the men uud-.-r arrest on-i of whom
is "Jim"' Cummin who bound and a-jcu'd
the express in -ss-i:.4''i-, F theritiham is
proven byoTi-l al; r--a onabfe d-u;lt, nnd
about -i,tW i rvi'Veivd, b;hi;
luiotd on hi p rsi'it, whiUi he w,b
stuandf ring iKvishiyhis dl -'Jeii 'jr-iius with
one of tlm deiiu-ni'iude who w.:-. a r-.'.iideiit of
a house of asi;;iat!-n oo the v.s' .t t-iU: Tiit
detatk of tlio cut-:- and thn n;ui!s uf tlm ao
coinpUees ot Cusiuiriiu-.i aru it-t Known to
more than a ha:i df...-u of rittkerton's
shrewditnt detecti vs. ii-id as tlie ju inern
weiv taken to ir. t- 'a'o:! th?t-arly tiiiin
last evening by Vi'trua A. 1'i'iLertoo. I Jli
ert I'nikt-rtoii, Chiri-s AVapo -ii t ; n, an l
others, iio inforniat, i:i as t wli:-t part thev
plaved pn-a- and siii.-e-i i 'a: torbo robbr'ty
can b: iiS''er tallied.
"For the s-i'hO realms the iiettt;U ot the
rapturo aro not- jaiiif p-M er: i .tt it i
k-iown that K -b- I'ia'r. rum. tii" New
ork liianas1!" ao-t
to thii city aU.".' :
elrar-eut features v.-j--.
haunts of his b v!:. .t .a
winj was iuquUitiv hi- ,
CtiUfueteribtlt' urbia:ty t:::
eonie up tose h'.w '"in 1
itiu along." Mo t i
i. -wevL-r, and uasiibru
fiou with somy uf tV
-rtuM sialt. Final ly t
out unioug a s-le'-t
wre on tho tra'-.-;
tilings and his eon federate:
t'i:i and his men had tra. v.
sniiri and Kans-is, and mi
Viiikerton m i io i! -d
UilllgS find b.-en k t. .r i:
ri'putttbie Wi'iivtn i:i Sr.
haiid-JOUie, nnd 'i:i::or r's
uahKt with hr. bu: ai t t
eaivfnl to k'Vp av.av i'i-.-She
was kept undt-r a 'i
.:-jii v, came
mv. ;.o. liis
si) r.r'iuiid tlie
'-, Ul 1 t" iH!V ("it
i lii r- iy v. .-!
i h. h:rl Siin( !v
Hi;-:1;' ilsiiy v us
I u i-".vr l.m
I i.l ci o .n-uir i
i i.'-if. m tho Titik
i.e S'.-r.'C b-ak-.-l
tv.v thnt tlicy
' "Jim'1 Cuui
i. K-hert rinivor
l ! ;m ail over Mis
liis iuve.s!igatioii5
-ry t.h-tt Cu'.n-
n liiV W ilil a Ol-
I. 'Ui;. Slio v.u-i
).;. , ' -imii-3 inf.it
( t-l'birv lu vva-s
n h,'v t'j; n tiiuf.
.it '!i, ii-vovt'r.
i v,; m i !". At
t'l'i ;i'cio:i wa
. v ttivs t!i it th
.;! to Ohc.t-.i.
;-. si)' t 10 fll'lirn.'
, it'vo-i'paMf d
Mi. l.itk 'if !!
''i-.no;:i-. lidy
and for a month n pr --y
the end of tliaf I'.-.ui 1. -U -r;
informeii by o;i- h i
woman was prvp':i t ;
This arou.-e-J t.'e -.:-)''.;:.
detective, and it ! ;l.
hei-e by oaeot hi m a, b.
als- buttnwil el pi i; u
"Arriving in tlu- -vy i
friend -A.-iv lii.'at.-.t I' f -Hon
h'nv and ! ii -
without U-itu; ti.i !-.-v d V
:il'o the exp.-v-tat...;, .ii !!
his suNirMinat.-' n r -d
loin;;-; joiiiM.i his ia -. : . , .. i
ea. ous'il. Cil .! .., -
wtuiethin was u :i ; i
diyliht, and h-- ..-: I .
exc-pt aft-T d ok. . i
never l'Ktsij;:it o b-, '
not want to arr-r ;.-s : n-; i
his p;irtmis. Tii- y ! i hi-o
out,' an i wh.-n th--y ; i i
in Piukcrbm's sw.- a-i ...x
irtermwn went to tlio a-:
i i t r:i-
-,S !-tlt.it
ft tll'h-K..'
i .m. !:. w.i
''i. v, ho J id
y h:s lrm;;
a iinis.. an l
fount 1 Cummi'is with hi-, u .:n-m,
tlio woman, too. wer. lak -a n-t'--
(i:t'-i!y to tl..-
i'":Uil .TV 'IMl.',
' a --l-it"fri..vit
Tink-'i-ton sIa!!i!l'. ' i1
and wh-'ther or no! b
is mt known. (n ti
was I'tnno n-.i:. : .o t,,i-. m
'! .0 ttli
Ir-iv i
jisMti to be art tt" th
"Last f VHiiiut; t l.i-'. t,
M-eneV oilier f. w
n'ns. handentV-'.l, ' .n .-..nip ,:: v v.-itU t u .
of th- I'ink-rton . . . U : ,,i
mie of them. '!) p'.r,- v., . .ni-a t.. t: .
Tu,..,tv-s.-e-.p 1 'f ) .'a V,. ,U-v
i.-rj-i wishing t-i .;t.,-i - -.- .
ttl- L llii 'II Ia!ut(. a j-1 IS. W.'ilt l'.
Tw' nty sM-.nvt t-.-T . !..;, - ; th- ir
pi i-i'iiir.-i on bur 1 .U'i-.i i aia aad w.-tit
toXi. L hik"
Deetileft A;aii H Littler.
SrRii;FiKi.n. I !-.. ; - 'l'.. 'j"ia:-.;
d'sinei ani dilate cu i i y ,.i r. ii
d"ivd iJ.s d-'ri-i-.n tn :..; . t 1 avi,i 1.
l.:ttl-r npriiii '- Wn'ia-n J. .it'-.-iui otins,
slate lion e ( itoii;--.:i.ne; "-. i;ciV!t ris ih -''orltts-,"
easL', J i. ..-!i' ii i-n- i-i .;.-ar-p.
I nil's b:U for tma.-.t :..i '.-th -r t.t-
riy.:sor tlK'st.--t to en j ...lt ,,,0.11-,-
M.i.r.- Irom inaKin, :. ii
loiii-hi'rs fur any i.-st'it-e ;i
e.Ttam e'ntru' t fr pla-ei-nt
corm-ia rep;'i-ti , .v 11
1 sf t,"e state htnw iei tjv-l
e.ht t'ituens tt th si:it .
oid frotu iisln bn- t'r; ;t t.u
MUHi.-y appropriate.! t.rr i . ;.
a arriM::;
T.''l im-lri- ;
111 p:llil.'U !
J lii,!:r lion:
ii;: t;itlit s o
s; an-1 il -n-i
i liny ot Hi.
11:; Hi.- Uit-
h.piist'. I'iu- d.'ei,si..n i, ;u : J ui:- j.,id
a.vt Ih't st.atui-s may 1,0 up.
Tlie Virst. cf tlo- s
J'owaal, 'u. on Tu -s't iv i -,
aad a hi.i'le runn'r, 115. "'u
.ben were coasting, ciii-i I
f..rva; thef.nt of tw.. h-i
1 1 inn w as iustantlv k h ;
:i .i.n.
: At North
iu- i.i-.t.. av...i
i.-ii tie.. .-Nil-..it'i
l':-i -l-::'u!
i-. K 1.1k-si.-d;.
.'' l.-.V H.l'lli.l
hi- l.-v I--! -..:
h irf. p 'rtinps
'III i.:'i,l'i ;n-i
r . riislie.l. 'i'ue
t hampnoy, 1:, -.it
anot'i ( mime I Stoic n a
f itaUv. ihree -f his r.i-s
Ins b.niy a round Iik r-o.jtu-).
other two boys Wk i' i ln niMil, but int seri
ously. ;bis F!irtirii to Mm( tlown.
rUlmnttE, Ml., I.c. it. -Th- ln5s
maimt'a'-f nrio.2 firms of liak-r Ilros. aa I
Swiurh'll ffri-w. bavesiirnel an areeni nt to
the.ireet that they ido,. !-.!, iav. Dec. Si,
draw the fires an l shut down f ku- f icrnrie-i
if their employes do n t n "p! a ivdm-iton
of I" p'r evnt. an t allow two .ippreuti-'t-s to
each bins!-. Tit men ar- d.';rmine:I th.it.
they will atvept mi rtMii; t.':i; neiUier wilj
they jrrant the msi,alia:iou of a iy molt' ap
prentices. CiMlbl Not Stand tbeMiiM-k.
Max'nfielo, tai(i, D.-c. S At S o'clock
i-i-Klay liii.rmii u i -y- .-..':.;
I'aias was struc-k an I iu.l-.utii-train
at t! A-pol. Tlier. iiii
l ied home where th" bny'iiei:.
seriously ill. She w.-issl sn..:-;:
rihle tidings that h"i- dea' :i r
alter. The lather is a ee.v mo: :
lake Sllarii'- ( :i-.
'EW YollK, Dei'. h.
the mo-ii.ii tar a .hair- i v
boy nauieil
kiile l by a
its were ear
T ua.- lyii.--
1 by the n-r-
l.lt.e.1 shoiliv
r ot 01-isOlLV
I- IIBlviit
.1- in eas-.
iwfor Ju
Jake Sharp will t..- a:-.
Barrett next- Ve.lt.e-i..y
Good Hews from "VVasnmcton.
One application well mblu-.i in of Sal
vation oil cured mc of rheumatism iu the
arm, of two moniln stuiidiiiL. I never
intend to be without it. II. li. KitAMKit,
234 1st, St.. 8. E., Wasiiin-i.-m, I). C.
W. P. RuweU, of Iliversiiie. Cal., has
sold his crop of orange" on six acres of
land at S5K per acre, the buyer to lake
the fruit on the trees.
Mr. T. W. Atkins, Girard, Kan., writes:
'I never hesitate to recommend your
Electric Bitters to my customers, they
give entire satisfaction ar.d arc rapid
ellers." Electric Hitters are the purest
and best medicine known and will poai.
tively cure Kidney and Liver complaints
Purify the blood and regulate the bowels.
No family can afford to be without them.
They will save hundreds of dollars in
doctor's bills every year.
Sold at fifty cents a bottle by Hartz &
A Valuable Medical Treatment
The edition for 1887 of the sterling
Medical Annual, knowo as Hosteller's
almanac, is now ready, and may be ob
tained, free of cost, of druggists and gen
eral country dealers in all parts of the
United Slates, Mexico, and indeed in
every civilized portion of the Western
hemisphere. Thia almanac has been
issued regularly at the commencement of
every year for over one fifth of a cen
tuary. It combines, with the soundest
practical advice for the preservation and
restoration of hen lih, a large amount of
iuUreflling and amusing light reading,
and the calendar, astronimical calcula
lions, chronological items, &c, are pre
pared with great care, and will be found
entirely accurate. Tbeisnueof Hostel
ler's almanac for 1887 will probably be
the largest edition of a medical work ever
published in any couutry. The proprie
tors. Messrs. HosUttertfc Co , Pittsburgh.
Pa., on receipt of a two cent stamp, will
forward a copy by mail to any person
who cannot procure one iu his neighborhood.
Mammoth snow balls cover the Prairie
in Brown county, which were rolled by
the wind during the late snowstorm
while the snow was damp. Marvelous
weather in Dakota.
tnvic iu auTHEsa.
Are you disturbed at niht una broken
of your rest by a sick child sufiertnii and
crying with pain of cutting teeth? If so,
send ttt once and gut a bottle of Sirs.
Winslow's Soothing Syrup for children
teething. It value is incalculable,
tt will relieve the poor little sufferer inv
mediately. Depend upon it mothers,
'here is no mistake about it. It cures
lsf nti ry, diarrhoea, regulates the sto.n
v and bowuhj, cures wind colic, eoft
t thv gume, reduces infiamrnalion. and
rivvs tone and energy to the whole ays
u 01. Mrs. VYinslow's Soothing Syrup
for Children Teeth in.: ip V'ita&iot to the
taste, and ia the prescription of one ot
ti:e ul.ii --t aud b?st femaie nurses and phy
Sifians in the t'tiiUal Sthtes, and it for
:h!e by :-.!! druuitv rhrcuehout tin
world, t'ihe 2) cet-tv pet boitk.
feb-i-m w - m l v
A St attie merchant onh red n articip
worlh ?o from New York receuily. f.nJ
whet: it arrived in Seattle, vU the North
em IVihV, he pud S7.3o l ij.rerst'liai-.;
to et it.
A. Manvel. Ass't Supt. fc (i. P. At..
C . U. I. V. P. K. H , writ en: For twen
ty years I have hetn aUiicb-d with S,d;
Hheiim iu a most Feiious form. Durhiir
the winter i-eason, my hands have l-rn
in such condition that I whs unable to
dress or undress myself without aslst
'Htuv. nnd I have not bad gloves or band
age oil my hands for about 'four mouth?'
until I be tun using Pajdlton (extract ol'
tla.') Skin Cure. I certaiidv think it 1ns
cured mv bunds." Lrg botiltsoiilv $1,
fit li. Ii! DeS:mtoV.
It is ii'purUil th:it a ln r.l of liulT-ilocs
arc ixrzinij wilhiu a rii'iiiH of KH niiii.;
fri.m Mili-s Ci'v, M T. Tin; cowliovs
Imvc m I'ai ki pi all hilruili rs away fn.ui
lclii'iile jt'rsni;s. nntl h!i wlioc sys
liniH have hiron:e iltbilitnti'ii, miij
Iiimi in mini U.at Simiiion Liwr ii'-uu-I
iliT is nut a drastic, purlins aieiiicii.c.
docs nut weaken or deplete the fysloru us
othor purgaives di, but aels genlly. It
will inviorte like a ylass of wine, but is
no intoxicalinjr beverage 1o !eud to in
temperance; will promote digestion, dis
sipate headache, and generally tone up
the dvstem.
lion. Alex. II. Stephens, ot Ga , says:
"Mmuions l.iver regulator is tniitl uud
suiis me belter than more active remedies. '
The baelieluis :it I.tilo St
flub, ami they wir sifely pit
, lr.vc
for ha
limrnws, Kalattiazuo, Mieh.,tes!-
J. V.
ilies: l'..r more than live jeurs. a inem
h. r of ir.y faiiniv h.is b t a i.lliieted wi:h
II. v h-.-v, r enln. l..t. 1,.!,. i.i 1 f-.H in
a h.,ekii.a eotifil.. Kvvry remedy proved
full it-- TSot half a bottle 01 f apillon ex
iniet of llax) C'ati.irh ure had been ued
ht f.'ie the coitah eutiit ly disappeared,
and i;i-t.erMl relief followed. Il is simuiy
wonderful," Lanre bonks only ijl Oil,
for s:.!e at Druir Hi.ro.
A lUV-ptMlInl
cii!.n was rcciTilly
riiirii v.v.iT Sia I. iii?
Tiie ideate! fueof Aintra a tx-nple i
viiMiiiipuoii; , is vieuilis uuniuer many I in rnr.iii-.-ii.ni wioi :lu
tiioiisands eaeli vtar. I'liv.iiciaiis an-1 1 pl il-y. pie. r
dnu;i;it have nl last found a remedy
i,ii !i lliey feel ju-tilii-.d m reccoinmend-iii!.-.
This is Ir. Di-i lo s Cure, which
i-iires coiisuiiipliou in sliies that oilier
remedies are of no benefi!. It euro
ociy'-.s, colds, and aU throat and lun
diseases speedily and safely. Price TiO
i .tits and 1, of druiruisls.
t'usler county, Nebraska, has a pcsl
ollii e called Stop, which is a short di:
ti.ncc from another called Hell.
The best on earth can truly la- said
iris.'2's (iiycerine Salve, which is a sun
safe and speedy cure for cms. bruise:
sohIi-s, burns wounds and all other sores I
Will positively cure piles, tetter and ail !
skin eruption . Try this wonder healer
Saiisfai lion truaranleed or money refunii
"A. t ti!v 2.') cents. Sold hv dniimists.
The various mining companies of Lcad
ville w ill pay over haif a million dollars
in dividends this month.
Jleliin's Komi, the only perfect sub
stitute for mothers milk, is recommended
by our most, prominent phvsieiaus as the
best nnd safest food for infants. It con
tains no farinaceous matter, which so
ofien produces disorders of the stomach.
The grave of Hans Maksrt nt Vienna
wns profusely adorned with flmveis on
All Souls' Pav,
i": -tt -i
Absoiutely Pure.
Tlii powiicr iwvtMr varies. A marvel of prcritj
strcnih and whole' ncfns-fp; icori cconoaiics
than tlie oniinnrv kiiidt and c&unol be eold is
ooiniJr-i'tlioa with the multitnie of lowteM, abort
weight alum or phosphate powder. 1-toH onli
com. KotaL Bakis&PowdbbCo., lt WalJ8n
Trains Ltavt for Chicago.
P cnger 7:40 am
" !0:lSm
LaSalle Paeengvr 5:46 i ra
Pa e!ier ltk:i-' p ra
" ll:u()pm
Arrive from Chictqo.
Pant-Dger t 5:' a ::i
" 5 :4b a tn
LaPalle Paeaenkr r 8:50 a m
PaiigHnyer 4: l in
6:-i m
" .-. .. T:t4 p m
A'anaas City.
Lcnre, Arrive.
Day EsprosaDd Mall S:6ilam IMin
Nltti Exptert ami Mail 6;l"i p ir. 10:i p m
Dny Es.rc- 5:55 a m
Kipres Fat 7:115 p m
Nii;UtEspres6 6:3ipm 10:55am
Council Llvjr.
Day Exprp and Mail :i5aia ll:0-lpm
AtKntic Paecenger .VUi:di
Night Eiprtt :35 p m T:85 a m
Wilton tin Zl'itcatint.
Tb Fire Fly 2;.'f0pm li-m m
I eiKJt, Molir.e AvcniK1.
J. V. JOOK, Aamii . H k Wand.
7:2" . .
. r. M.
I P. w.
11 is iv .
4 -V. I. M.
4 r5 l.
. ":ul A. s.
1 ci!' ETyrec
IV nvt-r :C.;. 'itv Cr..
it. I r.ni. Fe?l Kt
-t. P nl P:sic.riir ...
S . Paul Pa-eii t
i'. rtiriy f'lMii.'l T
Mfiliu Acom.iiodiiliou
5! p .
II l" A. M.
a-sij a s.
S Tj A. K.
1 "Ml l- !.
?- . X
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Trair arrive at tU '-k I'di-.' :
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Own- a&d oiii-r.-cuuliiy
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st and Far W
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LliSC'S, IGWA, riSSOUiil.
V,'-:!, i-trz I -.- .sc.- tn---,-..'t c : a. .--J Tr-A:-
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-, ";.r:.:i ;nt-.-t ii ir.-i-e c-ve. its ovi -.iac.;i i.a;w3(,-i
"iiioaso and Denver,
Chicaso and Omaha,
Chlcapo r.nri Counci' GiafT;,
Chicago nril St. Joseph,
Chicago and Atiniscn,
'iiVuzsp and Kns-s City,
Chicago erst! Tcr.--k3,
Chic 3
- iona and C,
Peoria sr.c!
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fi.i.y.ir- ".,.
-.1 St. t-V.tis'.'
St. (.ojis sr.a O-nai-iu,
St. Loy.s a ::i St. Pau!,
3t. Louis Rnd Rock !ii:.nr!(
St. Louis end Chicago,
Kcnsas City arsci Donvo-r,
Kansas City arid Si. Pau!,
Kansas City and Omai-i3,
Kansas City and t,.irl!ngtun.
Oi'rct C.finsct.n n..d at F.C1 of Jo. cl pwr.:(
w h Tl.-oygh Tram. 10 rd t.t? po.r.i. lac.i.O on m
in ."civs.
At tich of e. tevp-al Els :n .tl VVri'c.n t.-ininl i
zmr cis in G.and Union D.pr.'i w-lh Th.ouh T,a na to
and Tux-., all poi.-u in li.e U il.d StalSE ana Csrua.
It .& th. Pnncipal Lir.. to
Sii) Francises, PG,'t!a:d and City of 'itiits
Fot Tii.h?t. Rars- GBr-ef( Inrrriai, tenrj:rg
thv Bjrifigton Kout. tal) on ny Titket Aj dnl in m
United Slates ot Cartdut. Of (Od'hti
Gan'l Mpept. Gan'l Ptn. AmkL
UBed forovr 25 years wi:h preat a-wMhy the
rficiaus of Paria, Kcw IVa-i id l i-niou and
aaiieri. to al! vilvn trtlw j r .mj't rttre of rU
camrt.r-wrntororioDKsiiniint:. m o:iy in
tiiauan-jtiicaconiaiuiugf 'tiihult).o-ch l iil V,
p CfcSTS. M AK iNti 1 HKM Xai: i.liKAJ'lib-T
Fnfparcd by
t-i :. .-ir:.' 5,5;i0 in: el '
I t,.,-i in il -. i ;,.-,.:,-: i
Vii..-.ii: I'.sK..; i
lie-:t Hoi rt li.ilil.- 1 . ! iv. .-n
; the N--rll:A. -. Soh::i
Will U VM
tX Vt F) Cn a p Liaaalius ji -s
ft'"?.,. :,Ar
f x
115 nncl 117 Wo l 2nd St.,
liuv.-li.nv oi.e.i. i the iiiiit .,:,i1i.li;!e sti.i-k t.f FINK CLOTH
!.NG iiii-i t ) FA'TS' FL'liNi.-UIXa t.iOODS tuut was
. Vt-;- shi'Wii in tlii iiiL.i kor, tiuit
;:irr,ii:sl ;,! ;-!.. ,- .l-.i!..-.
-' f.- i IK f-5"..
-. is -: ha-.-
f ij.-tvi' iil. .-iw;:t...J a iSjM'i-i:i! I.- ar.nn'ut f-r closing tt
O'iits ;m-l Kii-i-;. whiTt-i:! you o;iii fin ! iic.ii.l w.-;iri!iir goods fur
Mfii. Boys. ;r.,i i.'hiltlivn. in all Kizes. thrse pooJs are re -iiiictnl
one-tftirth tn i.n.:-lialr' nf i!;e orilnjil jtritv. ami marked
in phiin ligui-Hji.
15!ankets, Blankets, Blankets,
KAK035te i"b.!&AV hgiiiiAV FRESCKT. -3
wrt-. s i fri2 p- rpille
r VfS?A 4-, hse 6 -a .1 W B i 6 U BR&-
VCjvt:vV- ' " i: !'::,- a n-tnr. l ilmir. B--.wktajf. Mn-tlninz or Jovali.:
. f'S'iA.T.i'-tvV K,K' '" H.T tort II.
"v-WtV-rrJ- ' .t"F i ta'aiujiK-. : !rl f 111,- K.irl.l.
i - rSaKS Vs nsisJt:sis vS a it ? AGES
. 1 1 --.4:J
li.. VViJ.COX.
C.r. Koai'ii Av.- . a:i T i::v f.,:i.:i, K- , uld Maud
r-r.-.r z 7 . i
I'ori.fr Thiril Avt-n:;ij
t io .ui
At the Davencort
A-:v r is riierr-s.
Shorthand Writing
T-i!'-!'; !.v iiti.il, i -unsr t-i- n , i
Sii Till if-1 I.r ni'.:' i :t MJ!'. ' inr "I
" ."-. . ! Si-r.irf M -. .-; Vt,:',,!
C-n it:; l!ii ;;l i,i'."iU-.l ;nfnir t ..i
p. --i'u l.m ii ;c.'li-.ii -ii A:u- ; i!.v.
--Ji-- w-
; ami Iimf tjj.. .led (ItPiu fi i' .-!jjt tit caii
(uco;f;ir to WAThlSS Jt H1U.,1
Iry and Grch Wood
)Clc at yard, corner of CJ-h tr( ot Mo!'' c
f7Q,le-. JlePbaiie 'o. 1J7; order may be
left auitliur place. oct-fc-dif
I Uyf Flour ,-i Sii' fi.iiiy.
5 '
t' - ''. - H-r ftx a.
t - si .-ti-- - r?
,i: .) :.-. mil ,i.iisi--, r li. . M....:.al. Bank.
JOHN o. FKEER rr.ij.iieLor.
Mni ; ic::ii:--iv.
Ei'.IJANDT, l'r-jprie:..r,
a;:.! Tv cuiv-fourth rri:i.
L"n;uir ilt- ikr.
Business College,
tEKi IAI. 1-iW.
-Vi.Ai Hi"
urNt'A . IAVVKS f rop'tr
-.a e t,i:v satciiday from New
Y.-ik to
;i,AM,(HV AMI I.OMMl.MlK.'iKY.
li.il.'-uf ) F.'iLTi1 lo or from
New York, tifiuw, Liverponl, Load.iu-iU-rry
or JkUanl.
-'-i ;.ij.-, (r n jmi-i, 920-
" Hrafu i-'i-tl :it k.w.-M raf- s tire
f .1- ',.1 tii:ic',,v Hi Ln-iainI, Sio:Jaii ami
I'm iS.'.kn.if Ti.iir- Ti. k.-i- nrntlu'r infurms-
l ti.-!.,i. .p v i. HKNDKI.-i-N IWdTHEHS, till-
Attend Sales
;.i Sj.wKiv.i- ci a-C8, or
Recsiv o Goiisinraents
Superintendeut of Buildings,
E.dndgc Block. Cor. 3d nd Perry St.,

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