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. worihv. IT Sfcoodaveiiue.
ATTOKSKY AT LAW. Office In Rock Islacl
, . Naliuual Bank Builuhtg, Hock ieland, ill.
1 over po-toffice, Moliue, liliuois.
E. W. HURST, !
l Offire in Maeonir 1 vm(i h!ov-U. over itor.k In-
i-ii!.! N'ationn' ii in k. tinr
t?ep uwtr
T. RWRENKT. O. L. Vi!.ii;r
Hi'e iu Ui-ntotiV block, Kocu isiauu. 1 . ..
Inland, Illinois.
Eoi f.Ti. iU
otiry P'lVii-. .J.
t'ons. (rilm, Unfit .
Hf. wirt V'nti;:",,ury. wonn v.taia'
W"n!fl, l'htJ ,111 ?-VeriT-?entl: M?;.
The Rors f-l:ir;a TUu-Y Aiwrst: p'jhiK-iiw,
jtrwile PosurTicu. lie-: i'"r.vrilfi"ir au-iu'-A :n ;
Tr.e Kori i-Wr.-i H'.vLV Anu:
ewry Friday. A-lnr .ie!irii;it.:ii: in cur
ium wi'h i'a- :it.!L!l.;u-ur.
ottered, lor salo represented
as good as tiis Famous
(.to on established fact that Hood's Sar
6:ip:irilU has proven an invaluable remedy
in many severe cases of rheumatism, e3ect
ing remarkablo cures by Us powerful action
in correcting the acidity ot the Mood, vliich
is th cause ot Uio disease, and purifying
and enriching the vita! fluid.
It is tcrtainly fair to assume that wliat
Hood's Sarsarariila lias douo tor others it
will do lur you. Thirelorp, it you suffer
the, rains and aches o ilietuaaibiu, give
this potent remedy a fair trial
A Fositlvo Ciiro.
" I was troubled very much v.itli 1 iteuma
tism in my hips, aui.ic.4, and riu. i
coul.1 hardly v.aiK, anri v. as c. indued to tuy
bed a s, id dial of the time. Being rec
enrnemitd to try llust" tfenaparlila, I
took four butties .:..! am perfectly well.
1 cheerfully rce.'insie'-d li'M-d's Pjrsararilla
as oil? ot the b.'st ami perlfiers i:i the
w..rld." V. F. Yoox, Eiwiiiitigtoa, lil.
For Tv.-eciy Years
1 have been afflicted v.-ith rheumaliln. Before
13 1 f-nnd no reii'-f, b.it I 'U-n
lietuin taking Hood's Srsafitriila, and ii i.i.;
i;;o more p;ed than all tlio ether medicine J
ever had." II. T. BiLfOJt, Shirley. Mas.
-I suffered from wh.d tl'.e, deetors called
nvjscular r.ieiin:.i:lm. I ti'.-k liood's S;.r
atrllla and a:a cti.rely c:irL" J. V. A.
iiioL'i'Fiv.T. iftier carikr, ( Im ago, 111.
Vfo sh iil be kni to sei:d. tree ot eharuc
to ail v.ho tiny tii :re,r lie. 1; eoiaaiirmi; ii.ai.y
itiditi-jnal siateiuei-'s oi cut a l y
Interesting Letter to The Mao u fact arers'
Kecord from Hon. William I. Kelley of
Voiinlvania-rBiriuingham's Iron In
dustry The Colored 1-aborer and th
White Cotton Grower.
Bai.timokk, Md. Dw. -'4. The United
Press is unkbttfi to Tha Manufiicturers1 Reo
onl for a conv of a letter received from H m.
William 1. kt'Uey, of Pennsylvania in wbieb
he jrives his tiS-servaiions of the resours,
progress, :ml -rosvts vt the south during
Lis iwenl vi.sit Lo '1 ennes.-e-, an l Alubatnu,
an-i otiiT s jutl-.oni fctate. Mr Keiley savs:
"i I'.avo points of t omparison in viWd
reeollet't ions of a visit to these states in l$i7,
of trips to Morula in li7I, aud to Macon and
ArliixitR i;i The progress in wealth, in
,!d by Kit (:
.'.vlyC. I.i
oscs Cno I
a vtetira
Mm wie s is
And like ell Counter -Kviuiurkable
l, A,Tr -OF
TliC UI'.-. J
:;. if.,
Aud III: i .t
them X&Ssfy
Pai.Oct. 2U , TiS
i.l.:e.- i
raLt.i, 61
ktiiney ai
k hci la.i..
.1 iiver tnn
I.. A'!
itef! !
nltrs. in.-
.'.diiita t.' fc
-: -1 haw I.
!.:,-.;.' and liver
.'!! ii tti l le'U-i:-ues,
. : v- ::n l.iiy in
:.ie llie
. j,i:. . - wi.ii !i w)
i e ; I- ..;., n 1'. r
in. neu
in t: ::nv 1ae ul'
Atlih'i.inTi ln;s
; t lie lia"a ILS. d
eak oi it n:erit.
-l I ..!.. Si..' 1
How Much They Earn, tho Vaxos Tley
Fay and the People They Kill.
Spblsgfuld, Ills., Dtc. 27. It is shown
in the annual report ot the Illinois railroad
and warehouse commissioners that there are
fifty-eight railroads doing lnjsiness in
Illinois, and that tho aggregate number of
YVhy is it tbat three bottles of B. B. B.
are sold in Atlanta to one of any other
blood remedy, and twice as much con
sumed in the state ot Georgia as any
other preparation? No one need take
our word, but simply ask the druggists.
A'k tbe people. They are competent
witnesses. Six bouses in Atlanta
The greatest medical wonder of the world
Warranted to speedily cure burns, bruises,
cuts, ulcers, salt rheum, fever soreB, can
cers, piles, chilblains, corns, tetter, chnp
ped hands, and all skin eruptions, guaran
teed to cure in every banuce, or mney
refunded. 25 cents per i;os For inle by
Harti Ruhnsen
' 1--
, i'4 JleCtJ' s
;,1 ll at time
Mv v.;
ed !
; it i
1 as
i He
ll.e. TliH V.a:
s.i"ii a i lie a
came rilif li:
of parties ai'ii
ilaRiiSaelurcd OMV by
m!"1 :
OVFii'liivs. -onr..ViC'
. W. Lniiil.-!
. rtmiiir, A
i.-c. I.
1.-. .'I ve.
. I'. !iJI:V.
1 mar
iry relief, fur as
livarii il was ei-i.l fi:e ram
i. k. 1 saw am the names
.'ertisei! ax having ust'd Athln
i knew, so 1 enncjuded to irive
I. After tisin it a tew davs I ie::s
T. eii an-1 have ri.it been troubled since. Oi-.e
i.,.,tlev. a;. all I used."
Last I'eiii iiarv, .!. S. Kecler. Theatrical
Wiir Maker, NJ. 1 West .Ma.iwin.liHi.e
s.i liica::i. Iik-vvasven ba.ri;.--r: iieii cith
iiiliaoirialorv rheumatism in "lie td bis
lovrlinilw. Mr. Ileeilersa.-s: " 1; 1 1 T cim
nieiiieil Ic.-i'K.tswviiins. I iliiiini.t it was
il:- ipse, '--.it the paia was too great fur :iia:.
tiieu it beyan to spread U. 111 v U z, nearly 1 1
mvkuee. th! the pain was exorw -iai in,:. I
was recom'iiended to try AtblofJiort-s. an !
with le-s than a bottle ot'thc medicine, my
rli ii::i:iTi-i;.wasei)tinJ.yi!! iv. r.t'r.iin my sy...
Uim.an I 1 have nevr'lv. i:trui:'ile-l since.''
Fverc i;rni;itsiiouiii keep Aihlupii'iros
ami ililltii'- i ills
n i be tio.i-iit 0: the
phnr.is t o., 112 :iii
sen 1 cither ( arriccA
regular pi'i e, v. isi. il
11 wlicre the'." 1 ati-1:-'U
the AUd. -
.. vclv .,ik, i:i
lie t n l e i lpt ( f
; '! 1 ii i-.r I oa!
i.ir A:
ti: v..
In.rc-. :
:i.! ti.
Wt :l,:i!i -
iv... ail: i-icij,..- i'i
t ' el :
6i -is ?Ji:fatriblc33
''0 T-IVFIi OTI, t':ia(
i iv ii i Ji' Lviix time
IT; '-fir, f''t"n!nTt"N,
vi;,i.lam dakragh ekixey.
f :u'iiv:tlui conilorL and in pro
ivfc u-.adf by those portum vf the
ctiiisitry wit 1 1 nlsich I can thu-; institute com-p;-.rinns
h;t: b..':-u niarwllous."
J u-i'Xi' iv' lk-y s:tys Unit the war had been
ih proiiai tto o:lUe of these conditions, but
.T. tbe prima! y cause, which was to he
r wi in iht-H'ouomic opinions and indus
system ih it hud domiuaW the bouth
lt. :rf the wii; undt-r which shp neither had
nor tK'sir'd io havo jmpulowa towng or n
Kre'it cilv, which hr thm hndTS regardefl,
as Jeff-(- mi had donof as $nvat sores; and
nnnti" n port' on of a speech made by bim
s !t u, ii.r, at Montgomery, Ala., Jn which
)) n iVnv.i io the vast uiinerl wealth of the
si. nth. and urg.-d it, dovelopriK-nt. The lot
tor tiu'Li coiituiui-s: l"'n view .d tho im-in--u."
development of the coal ami iron
.rn of the1 states, and the in
cie:iM' m in:titU'i and extent of
ii'dti-trmi centers 1 saw in Tennessee
aii-i Alithanui, the euanf-e wrought from
ill1!; til! now has been nsarvellrms and may
v. te loiiuidisl as tho wurk of Titans.
Tiiesvstein f raihvads that now traverses
ihe soclh .ire as m'ifect in the construction
of road-Ud. track and hridce and in passen-
! s;er cars and th moans irovitled for tbe
' i-aii-;portation of freight as those of tbe
iwi'th. La tend raid, brunch fnun tbom into
iiii'h vallevs as urn known to bo espO'
eiriilv rirli, not in iron alone, tmt
! m oilier minerals, som of which
I are found in siifh pruftiMun and such a poar
li"ii u lo s.-em ! ttuly eoloii; laws as else
v. iifiv ii'lu-tr.iit- f."
( "hatTaivwi-a is ehTraetoriTiM as a city
uh no it'dt.sti ies 3!-e widelv div'rsilied. "It
i.:;s n tamiorv Mild to 1 the largest in th-
v. 'Id,' sacs ihe writer, "and the laltor it
ej;.pi.-vs i- colored, and it, was in coimectiou
u.i'ii lite h'.'tu.-s ot tlie.' In I hirers that my at-
t. niii'ii v.a.- lir-t drau tit the striking con
u ,: r. Ift wts-a tho neat, commodious awl
v. i p.iii t. d hoine of the iiern laborer,
i, ii.t rir, . lu' ltiiii:. ai.d mechanical pursuits,
and the t':tm in which the poor white
v-overs ot v.iti.uu Uvh now, as they did tie
fore the war.
I'.iiiniitrliaiu,' continues Mr. Kelley,
'1;;; !.! liie advantage i'hnttanooga derives
r .-ui it ihmtion on n river. It is an inter
ior town. Wheti tlw war chsed its site was-
a tcnuntles w iiderncr.i, hut it is now an in-
(i!-'iuil center, the energy of whose more
m Sytxtii udiahitantis and tho resotirre
l.. !Tiil i l.i- i' v iihui a few miles of the city
heads, v. iiu-ii tit y have piado tributary tc
ih'.'ir p:-"itv:ty, would le a marvel in any
i-Mintrv. in view of the fai
i!.;.t the uan-ow s;rip of land which
il ; v U-s t he coal ii nd ore l!s.
of li-.istoue, it i- not surprising tlmt
--n i "uine men of liurmmghan.
h 'ii'-c ;h.-tt ihev will lie able to make
n - heiii- v a-s to Mion close up the work:
I'.-uiiviMiiiin r.nd iorce her iron masters
i tn. ;r emnloves to i e .establish thein'x.-lvts
miles of track used in their operation is i are buying B. B. B. in five and ten gross
lots, and some of them buy as often as
every two months. Why these unpre
cedented sales here at come with so little
advertising? Modesty forbids us making
auyrcnly. Had B. B. B. been before
tbe public ft quarter or half a ctntuerv, it
would not be necessary to be bolstered
up with crutches of page advert&ments
now. Merit will conquer and down
$1-00 Worth $500-000
For four years I Lave been a sufferer
from a terrible form of Rheumatism,
wbich reduced me so low that all hope of
recovery was given up. I Lave buffered
the most excruciating pain day and night,
and often while writhing in agony have
wished I could die. 1 have tried every
thing known for that disease, but notlk
ing did me any good, aud have had gome
of the finest physicians of tbe state lo
work on me, but all to no eftect. I have
spent over 800 without nndimreUei. I
am now proud to say that after usirj
only one bottle of B. B. B. I am enabled
to walk around and attend to business,
and I would not take $500 for the. beoefit
received from one single bottle of B. B.
B. I refer to all merchants and business
men of this town. Yours, most trulv,
E. O.Gaba.
Waver! y, Walker county, Texas.
HeBwallowed 15
I have been troubled with a serious
blood disease for six yers. and have ex
pended ov.-r $2o0.00 for worthless rem
edies whica did me no goon, the use
of 15 bottles of B. B. B. has
about cured me doing more ood than
all other remedies combined. It is aouick
St,4U3. The capital stock of the roads has in-
ereased since JSSo to the amount of $7j4,1:;,- :
which is a gain of over 31,000,00
The gross eariunin m Illinois exceed $o5,-
000,0K. This is derived as follows: Pas
sengers, $l;.,00o,000; freights, 87,000,000;
other sources 000,000. The total operating
expenses and taxes in Illinois ware H5,0o0,-
000. torty-ume roads reportixg show aa
aggregate gross profit of over $:M,uOO,00J,
and four roads exhibit a gross loss of over
$5,000,uou The employes of the roads in
Illinois were paid the sum of .IJ.S''i it.
The railroads pud $2,3-'4,4c taxes for ISSri,
in this state. Thev carried l0,-'SS4.S.rt tons
of Illinois grain, bve stock and coal
Twelve passengers and 'i4$ other persons
were killed in Illinois by railroad accidents,
and &S persons were injured. There ware
twenty-three employes killed aui 'iO'J iiijuie i
while coupling cars.
An Ohio l.tea That Will I'.er Inflnite
Cleveland, Ohio, Usa. 27. Some titue
ago The Leader (newspaper) started a Cnnsi-mass-dirmer
funa for the worthy pour of the
city Contributions poured In and Friday
morning the fuud amounted to t.60U. At 'J
o'clocfc tiie Uistiubution ban. Th.:ns w.jre
ii,C! basket, and e&i-h basket. couttiued a
lure tui key, a pock of potatoes, a hidt'
p:und of butter, a two-pound loaf of bread,
a balf-doz m onions, thrse or four oranges,
parsley, er c. The baskets were iven out
at the gTat tabernacle on Ontario street.
A Christmas card was tied to each basket,
with directions in English, German and Bo
hemian fur cooking a sumptuous Christ
mas dinner with the. material furnished.
Some of the people who applied for tickets
I ,H,
i (i-
1 -
f. c::ni
Pennyroyal Pi!
i!ifc ;itwi :il-.va r-li:i'!e. Hewurf of wok:;
er I.AIHH?.
i Evil.!-'!"
trlttr. or inr -e t. - jr-iBj l'
i .(-r by rcoim n: iii.
r. V.tKfi. (hiir nKsit, u ;ip:1!i a
t'.Vl M-t'h-'ir. ()" "' !ii.-eh-"t
Agents-, ii-'-.n. .
9 ..... . -.- rV ,. r,,v ., .......
a.. -.,i I,... : :
lar.d ':v v. t:- .". .-',i. .-. i
i-ol tn.-v.-i.-rifi.
i;.y, sj-'-nnin
i Atuuioii a
in iniiiC:; i.car
rh.ireoa!. the
l,i-s and fchops
ita-n i.ins.
hurl i..L- ,Ln.;n in thuir t'amilir ami ill Ciih
enrrU Vnr tho Ml i ranm-atA liastR had HCPOLPH.
been piled up, and in each one was placed a laiiartta. Ala., April J, 1M0.
quart can of oysters. The crowd was very I
large, and the distribution was the greatest
thing of the kind in the history of the city.
Mrs. Victor's Christinas Fresent.
CoLfMBrs, O., D?c. 27. Governor For-
aker Saturd iy pirdaned from tbe Ohio pen
itentiary Sarah I. V ictor, tne noted pris
oner sent from Cleveland on a life sentence.
The pipers were delivered at the chapel ex
ercises, wiuco take place at Jl a. tn ,
and in tho preseiuv of the frreat
lai-ons o! other convicts. Mrs. Victor
is one of the most not xl of Ohio convict,
and few in the country have received bo
much attention from the press. For many
vears, as eaeh Christmas approached, she
bus busied htrst it in gettur; little notions iu
readmess iu the nope that she would be par
doned. She had made- similar preparations
thin venr to meet and remember her friend.
Her crime was the poisoning of ber brother
JS'i7, in order to get his life insur
ance which was made for her benefit. Sh
was sentenced to be hung, but became insane
before the day of her execution, and tho st u
teuce was commuted to imprisonment lor
life. Later an accidental fall restore! her
reason. She has always maintained her in-
r.cxreuce and doubts as to the correctness of
the chemical examination of her brother's
body is the prin'-ipal cause of her release.
Hnw a Humor Out Abroad.
New York, IKc. '27. A rumor in Walt
street, Fri lay, that the emperor of Germany
was dead, proved to he without foundation.
The origin of the report was traced by a re
porter through several brokers to a gentle
man m a brokers oftico in Mroadwav, who
admitted saving to a friend on oieiu:i:
telegram: "The emperor William ,i dead."
This was intended as a joke. The friend
rushed out and repeated the statemout, and
in a few minutes the i urnor of the emperor's
death had leeu printed as part of the news
by the various ticker and bulletins.
Prizes for Horticulturists.
B.TSTOX. Dec. '27 The will of tlw late
Hon. 1 ii r shall P. Wilder gives to the Massa
chusetts horticultural society $l,tXN, of
wtucn the annual income is to tie given
Demonstrated Kent.
Sparta, Ga.. May 15, 18S6,
Bioid Baim C o.
You will please ship us per first freight
one cross B. B. B.
It gives us pleasure to report a good
trade for this prepbration. Indeed it
hiis far eclipsed all other blood remedies,
both in demonstrated merit and rapid
sale with us.
Rozieb & Vakdrmax.
A Michigan woman kicked a bear to
The restoration to health of our chiid
wo considered uncertain. When two
weeks old she caught coM. For IS months
was not able to breathe through her nos
trils. Upon useinir Efy? Cream Balm her
difficulty is removed -, she breaches natural
ly. Mr. dr.'Mrs. J. M. mUU, Oswego.
N. Y.
The Moline Wagon Comp5)
no fee'! t isi42i?u:; isii. , xaan.
CHia izr.'.tl. ( Ch.cas; it. dark lit.
am eh
I WMi! I
. -7 r?
' &rr rzk i - v.r A ? BOW??- . i Al: -" 1.5
Manufacturers Farn, SpriDg and Freight Wagon:...
A ful! and ;onif.lelc line ol Platform and otlier Spkiku Wagons, especially adapte
to the Western Trade, of superior workmanship and finish.
CIlluttraitid Price Lit 'ree od aipiiCRtion. See tlie Moliut; Waon before purcharin iw.
Metaphysician or Mind Cure,
Diseases of
f.vi :. s cf lil
all Kinds Successfully Treated.
:cc;s U 'd V
All who defire full information about
the caute and cur; of Plood Poisons,
Scrofula and Scrofulous Swellings, Ulcers,
Sores, Kheumati.sm, Kidney Complaint,
Catarrh, etc.. ca secure by mail, free, a
copy of our 32 page Illustrated Book of
Wonders, tilled with the most wonaertui
and fartling proof ever before known.
Address. Blood Balm Co.,
Atlanta, Ga.
For sale by T. H. Thomas.
Tid ad pernors who by ihei
dance nr Folly s: .-r,y j.-!
ipon trieuiieives the cvu
ipoa the heeii of fun,: . r
aauire, should coiiult i l,s
once. Ke mem tier! Ner .
with-iit drcHn-.si or ilelttiit
power ircatc'd scien.tifi:3!;
never failing success.
Wtiat you bave t.!tca or !.:.
W The terr'blo poist.
bad blood and skin tit .
r. tied without m?ti!'. Hf i
horrible disease. I:
treated, curses the pre.; .
All unnatural d.
wuhout iiinirance io bus.;
Ii)th true cous.ilt eonlui
experience important. A nn ii-r, j;.iaramee
of cure gi'en in every c ut-e ui:u r taken.
MT'ufferers tsti any ! n.u te dlr.case wite
History and Sviiipioins y. r tiniily.
Cast solicited wj.i;i i.int.ri ht re cu;c.
Chronic, NervttUf -nii Ii!s..!te -:.y
iii .pe n exhaustive sytn j i4:n.i4!oitt.j i
io stuoy your own case,
nr hy letter, free.
rh4u5tnd cured. OtK
vat. 4Those contempi
Dr. Clarke's celebrated niin
each isc, both a sc., fstsmi'
caseconRuIt UB.CIARIii
may !ve future suffc'rinai a:
year to life. Medicines sei
exposure. Hours, S to 8 ; v
Funxsutawney, Pa., has acrow tbat is
fonder of chewing gum than is a Boston
iir). He steals pennies and buys it from
a grocery nr. an who knows bis weakness.
The complaint of thousands suffering
from asthma and colds, is they cannot
sleep mirbls. Try Burk's White Pine
halsatn. It is the best preparation known
lor all lung trouble. Price 50 cents
Ail peopie lock attractive when their
color and complexion is clear. If your
skin is sallow and you are bilious take
Little Apricot pills they will cure you.
Price 2. cents at Harlz & Bahnsen .
Bark's White Fine Balsam-
Fi'r the positive cure of coughs, colds
and croup. We know of no way to make
it more emphatic than Burk's White Pine
balsam leads alt other cough remedies.
It is no wonder that people complain
of hard times when they pay a doctor bill
tvtrv few months, amounting to several
dollars, instead of keeping on hand some
pru- ; - - -
Itr.uT t
of the oi J
ic;t.-e (villi (.r
tjii..L"s -ana ail A " 'v -vW
r.f.l,:- er.ii- "
N'l til 'T :.'.C. IS. .Mmm.-, 3
iiv. Aue atMl MTCome and eee o.
Have received their-
Boots and Shoes,
Wliicii have been placed at very low
1 704 Second Avenue.
Veterinary Surgeon,
l folcen
F. D. CLASKE, W. D.,
186 So. Clark St., Ch'csgo.iU
Catarrh 0
JpftiSaUA! linn HchU
unirth fbe head
s Inf.amma-
1'iti'B the sen
of lisle, hear
Iirijes for pears an.i American Rrais, and j reliable medicine like Burlt'n Wbite Pine
.i '. 1 )'"
I, BAM j
Cocoa. fu.
Oil h.1.-. fHirt;
tiiKfi th-- a.'
,i v. i. it L;: et
r-. o'.'-a- it I-'
i.ii.v, sj'ain nf "annishni and
' ores ul in tbt
i Iroiiaion, are pro
hv, and the woo.1
uiily fuel ucd iu
is durived frojn
The WutMltack
L-ouipauy cv.u over
1 uid, iu which
f brwn and red hem
eiuiar and nniEOietic
i:u-i't hme.stone anil &iemmj;ly
ii;.'XiiiiUni.ibu: ui'pii- ot wuou and coLiug
ct sal. 'I'hift s-uiupatiy has dctcrmint?d tc
i-.iiii met. two iiirtiafcs for the nisnufaciure
of coLc ti 'in us a pivl. miliary fU p to the s-
iiniifii-- icpr"
tC. i'-.-Mii JVl iHI'
to tbi American iwmologicul society frl.uio.
of which the income is to be offorwi in
Wilder medals fr objects of special merit;
also ?4,ft.t) tor the general purpose of the
TUh Iteaf 3Iute Munlur.
RALKKiii, N. C, Dec. 'Jl. The body of
Miss Turhntjn, who was murdemi by her
ieaf mute lover, Ringham, a ivw days ajio,
has been found. There was a bullet in her
brain and a stab in her ivk. and the buz
airds had eaten her eyes anJ tongue on;..
Otherwise she was carefully disposed with
ber hands ovyr her breast. The murderer's
whsreabouti have not been diwrovered.
, 11!
ttobh.itini'Mit I'v tli-1 ton
euL pat tii-s of ioU'Viv
lure th" pveduuo.i
Anniston hs u."
pat iy tic imlep
and I
that th
r hjd
booiit1 r.nd
I liave U en n;
is hardly ti
I Will, 1.. V-.IC
1 on; ol the
pia itini; cnl d'-vMpm. -.it
d i'ii'-tiy ti;;it iu nam.,
tzed by th.' ppnhn ctr, it
decade., sihaii iiavvpas-etl, ic
ren'.arknbio centers f iron,
A Victim of the Pool-Kuotn.
Nfew York, Dec. 27. Henry Oldenburg,
of Brooklyn, furmerly a produce deaier, com
mitted suicide Friday by jumping from a
ferry ioat into tne river. Belore jumping
he tiXik off bis overcoat and threw it on tue
deck. In a pocket was found a note, written
by Ol'-loiilerg. saying that he wus no good to
himself or family, and waj'ain all ni.'u to
keep nivay from horse races and piMi -rooms.
Stahlit'd tiicttt Tiiuen by !ritte.
Sal:m, Mass.. Dec. -7. Nel! Hubbard, a
notorious character, was ttuhb.:J tif;ht
times by her husband, Wiiiiain fciiiauuahan,
during a quarrel Friday evening. Tne latter
as arreste l.
balsam that would cost them but 50 cents,
and perhaps cure three or four colds.
Sold by Hartz & Bahnsen.
Baik' White Fine Balsam.
It will be found equally efficacious in
coid.e and coughs of long standiug. re
lieving the diMrvss and restoring the
ihro&t to its normal state. For saie by
Hartz & Bahnsen.
Hartz & Bahnsen would recommend to
you Little Apricot pills. They are uar
an teed lo cure dyspepsia and all dise.es
arising from a deranged stomach Tbe
use of the pills occasionally will keep off
sick hc&aacle
Miss Jennie Vaughn has personally
cultivated a fibrin in Butte county.
Dakota, this year, and at odd limes has
aUingled her house.
rr T,
c r ii-
jfeMirii..liel!. A
hAY-FEVE P.'.Ml've Cure
Craam Balm fiw ca.neii an e: -':.. re,iuUlioE
wiierev?ikiawn.di(ii'lac'mi.8liiib rri parafions.
A panicle 1 applied into earl, u.i-nl relieves
pain at once, is aereeable tn ii-. T'u Wc. at
firuK(ritd. ot bvroail. tjnd for i irdiiMr.
KLT BKOTnBi.PraL-iM. . X. T.
101 '.tie OuTario Veleriuary College.)
Havini; bail Twelve yp.nre practice, I am pre
pared to treat all
Disea ses of Horses and Cattle.
Charger Reasonable. Calif aucriiid to night or ay. Cfflci- a! Zwkker 1 Frick'e Livery stable.
Telephone No. 1163. ROCK ISLAND. ILL-
New Hardware Store,
MOTT & UDDERS, Proprietors.
JSfA general line of nard'.vare,
and Carpenter's supplied.
A specialty of Shelf goods
Telephone No. 1142
M. MAGRUM, Proprietor,
Second Avenue,
Opp. Harper House.
Mf"The-Tiv . !.:'' has UTeiy t-t;i traf ru,tJ a Vzlzce equaling in every respect the finef
fialoor'E Cr.:cen -'.iTHiiEj ;u!y'h:rt h ie !hrf cities . A Emt'erof Merhanicalt'em
kei p tue t-t'tsthi-ha;-ut ixvi ;n"rui ilit- not wiatht-r. Tie Liquid Rt?freeluaent
diFpnte(l a! iltif e?iaiiiishmen: ir in keejurifc' wnfc iit jrrand improvement.
Aji elegant luuch scrvt'd t.VLry moniinii. All klntls of Sandwichee
served of; thorl votice.
can leani the exact cost
of any proposed line of
advertisinsf in American
papers by addressing
Geo. P. Roweli Co.,
Newspaper Advernsir j BureJiu,
IO Spruce St., New York.
:rt"ts. for "OO-P-- i--.;rnphle.t.
1 M
.tin' r--woraa
Fob Ar,D
S.!1 ir.Itock Ir
per House (iriii: -T
I - : - : Vl''t.viiiiJ'Ui'
l t !....,.r:Mm.risnr
v.-sboans arc mmte vitu
z Ient-M'o:l rira. TheStroip
Z'l i-'-.ar-i- best TVuat;rB ia tha
r,,;i:i. Sjrr sie by cl! cieli.s.
: ..innnti!.
may lT-dwly
lCrWSrrC Its cinses, and a nw and snc-
1 K (ILi-Mj coi-sful CUPE at yon r own
1 1 hom'. hv one who wa deaf twenn'-eiht
jJ yeare. Trcared by Duwt of noted tpeciaiiu
without henrilt. G'ur&f htKtf in three months,
and since tlit-ji hundreds) of others. Full particu
lurs fct-ut on application
T. b IMC.E, No. 4! Wept iJlstSt., N. Y. City.
Parts of the Body Enlarged. Oevelooed nni
mnsngtbeiied. tiitnple.luirin'rjj. Bore Sl M'reattuent
Full iarticalar, tettimoniai,ic, maiid maiad, iree
To enly perfect substitute Ior lvotheffl
milk. invaluable m Ctiole fnfiintum
uid ToethlniT. A rri'-rti-vs-t tl for.:', ior Dys
peptics Cohsumpt'vos Convaiescents.
Ft-rf. r-, nutrient m al! Wasting Pisejses.
fcequirn CcchUiir Our Bo):-:, The Cafe
and Foeding of infants ine-:- '"
UOuIBIt. GUODALiS 4t CO.. EohWu. Matl
Two-ston- brick bniinecP honie. irontp two main
Jtr-cts. Crowins Countv Seat. Kan
Sas. 5 OOO iopuilioii SVili pl-11 hilrnwure
aiuimiiii.nit.iit buinen. Part cuih. part lonl;
timi'. Eitahiihi-cl fight Team. Annual eaie
Box 554 ST. ,)I)SKI'U. MO.
Currpnt t .;ir.-ir.
ITianrntiy f trc-iij'i (-" :"
The &Mdeii tfeciric 'v"
may 17-dwly
, .T . ifh'lilfti-dthm'
"j I i il.-. Mt;-'v or
V! I'i IriOiH tO
!!. - N.' ' I'iI-R"Vrl
i ; ' ritf ti',Qt?rwrj.
" ,-:r;--v.t'l Ki.'r
'. I :.Vr l'- I', A K N KSfe . Itis
(f..'iin i! i.-ltirt!HS 1
: . -.i."v jiil.Tt'fur
rcliiC ..: i' ''Bii;.
'.. W. ri'.( t-N'p r-
. tfiictnttJl.'. WIP
- w i i u s t . , C h ic a go.
stetl ami kinilrc t inil'.:stries
(liost- WtitHlertnlfy eti.h.we.l S
Ahiii.-ini.t a!nl T.-iiii..v. ''
to Ih fouml in
A II.i.11ijK Mt moral,
fciofx CfTV, Ioa, Di-c. -4. The Woman t
Christian Tiinijierani-e union of Sioux City
has nrpinize:! tin ineori 'iration for the pur
po-eot tnitUi!iiaJna'i:iiK'K m.-uiDriai uun-nng.
ltUatli of u Art
i'lTlLAJii'-LPHlA, Pa.. Itoc. CT. Mits LiHie
Hinton. the actress, dietl Fri.luy nij;rit at her
i;her'.-i resilience in this ci:y, of typhoid
a-JUiuonia. urter a bnel iiiueaa.
i t.
ifiiii i
(nr tins inii'iw was bought
nesil.tv a rahiiibio pro'tynt tin enr
ii' 1'i.M-Ci' and 'VHiith tets, '.Mxl.V
A tiiii!.hnr et.itm nut lei! than J.VW, -,
t.. l.n' trerteJ Ut tiie memory o;' lt.'v.
(hor-i C. Hadiiook, wiio fell iu the lino nf
las duty. Aug. i. at the hands of the
f-itloon conspirators. Anions the iueorpora
tois aide from leading teniiK'ranee women
oi Si. tux City, me J. Khen Foster, of Cim
tou; Mi-. M. J. AMrii'lt. of Cedar Kupids,
ani Mrs. Jsa.!"- S. S;rull-, t 1'Mnrs,
win- ot the ii.emU.-r ot euiiruis f ruin thudis-
A Ilaco far in, OOO Arranged.
Sas J itANfTisco, lee. 4 A great trot
ting race betnveii Oliver K. aud Harry
IViike.-i f(r .'.'f' n side was arranged
Wednesday even iny he!. ween the owners of
thise hcres. The rare wilt ink place in this
eny on .April 'Z. ami will 1p tli lwt throe
li-'at- ic tt-- . to harness. Fiv thousand dol
lars K.'i, hoi'u lieposiieil us a (on'eiu
The First Keen Twinpe-
As the season advances, the paint and
at;hw by which rheumatism makes itself
known, are experienced after every ex
po&ure. It ia not claimed that Hood's
S;irsaparilia is a specific for rheumatism
we doubt if there is, or can be, such a
remedy. But the thousands benefited by
Hood's Sarsupurilla, warrant us in urging
oihera who suffer from rbeumatis mot
tiise it before the first keen twinge.
JohnH. Phelps, of Scranton, Pa., has
a hen that steals chickens from other
Mr. Editor Many of your readers
may be benefited by the knowledge of
si ch an excellent remedy as Dr. Jones'
R d Clover Tonic, which produces the
m9l favorable results in disorders of the
Ih'er. stomach nnd kidnevs, ana is a valu
able remedy in dyspepsia; also, debility
arising from malaria or other causes. It
io h perfect tonic, appetizer, blood puri
fi. r nnd a sure cure for ague Price 50
A Suvuge Criticism.
London-, Dec. UT.Tne Daily yews refer
ring to lird Salisbury's overture to L"rd
HariJiistou says: "Hy ttiLs net of miserntth
weakness, miscuIleJ patriotism, Loni Salis
bury aekiiwledgi36 that tho Conservatives
an absolutely dependent upou tho wiil and
pleasure of Urd llaiuh!ph Ohurcuill H is
not strange that many Conservatives arc
puzzled and indignant at the feeblene.Vi of
tjeir lfailers, which must inevittbly damage
tne reputation of mo-lern Conservatism."
Mr. E. Springer, of Mechanic&buro:,
Pa., writes: "I was afflicted with lung
i'cvi-r and abscess on lungs, nnd reduced
to .1 tcidking Skikion. Got a free trial
hot lie of In. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, which did me so much
irood that 1 bought a doliar bottle After
usicg throe botln-s, found myself once
more a man. completely restored to
health, with a hearty appetite, and a gain
in fle&h of 4 lbs." Call at Hartz &
IJuhnsen's drug store and get a free trial
bottle of iiiifl certain cure for all Lung
Diseases. Lare bottles $1 00.
Buford & Looslev,
nsurance Agents.
pres. -.
Ice Cream Parlors, Bakery,
No. 1109 Third Avenue, Rock Island.
!.lv of fun of tii3.li- !U3 U' v.r.ifcr.
Btlow the C. Ii. I. & P. D jwd. M.;Ui e Ave.. Uock Island. HI.
Imported and rvBiemc Bf-tr and 'ViT::. iibcr ..vfi Co: iir si - au har.d.
Plumbing, Steam and Gas Fitting,
Knowles' Stam
Tonr i'sitretiti-i
frfc 'Off of m Arttn
I'arliitiiHuit To Be Further rroroRuml.
London, Dec. 27. It has been virtually
decided to further prorojruj parliam.-ut until
the second week in February, as Lord
Churchill alone insisted on au early meeting
of that body when the subject was last dis
cussed iu the cabinet.
Lord Colin Wantg to Try It Over.
London, Doc. 27. Lord Colin Campbell's
solicitors have applied the divorce regis
try for a new trial of is esse against Lady
Colin on the ground that the verdict of the
jury iu the recent trial was against the
weight of evidence.
A Left -Handed Compliment.
London, Dec. 27. The Times says Lord
Randolph Churchill's resignation will do
more for economic reform iu one year than
his administration would be able to do m a
Lord It and y Astounded and Irritated.
London, Dec 27. Lord Churchill is much
irritated as well as astounded at the unani
mity of Conservative denunciation of his
O'Brien Appeals to the Courta.
Dublin, Dec, 27. Over a dozen National
league meetings were held in Ireland Friday.
Mr. William O'Brien, editor of United Ire
land, has begun a legal action to recover
fr;5,bOU damages from The Dublin Express
for libel in accusing him of being a swindler
and on "Invincible. "
Henry Quirk, a Cherokee Indian in
Indianapolis, says he is a half-brother of
Stonewall Jackson, whose father was
Kictit.rd May, of Hardin county, Ken
tucky. The properties of Mishler's Herb Bit
ters re wholly medicinal. H is com
i-our.ded on scientific principles upon a
Gmnan forimiia. 200 years old. Clergy
men, temperance people, and all oilier
clanpes who oppose strong drink on prin
ciple, endorse and recommend our great
household remedy. It is a sure cure for
kidney anil liver complaints.
Bulgan Greet Alexander.
Paris, Dec. U7. A dispatch from Cologne
says the Bulgarian deputation of notables
met Prince Alexander at that place Friday.
The greetings exchanged are said to have
been most cordial.
A somnambulist in Albany, Ga., noted
ior his sleeping-walking feats, shot one
of his fingers off the other night while
fighting two imaginary burglars.
Jim McGrath, of Red Gulch, Idaho,
amputated three fingers of his left hand
which had been crushed by a falling tree.
To all vlio .ire aufTcring from tho errors and
Indiscretions ur ytmia, norvoue weakness, early
doiiar, losaof TKiniioM, tc, I will aoud a reel;
that will euro jou.rr.EE OF CHARGE. This groat
remedy waft dlsrovorod by a missionary la South
America. Send a soll-addrosaed envolope to tho
Ittv. Josuril T. IKMAX. Station D. Few Tork Ciy.
At a poultry establishment in Center.
ville, U. T., men make $3 a day picking
turkerg and i;et at 8 cents apiece.
When Viilting Sew 5! oik
6io at the newlv opened and central
ly located Sturlevant house, Broadway
and Twcntv-ninth Street. Largely re.
built; entirely refurnished; new plumbing;
new elevator, etc. Ferfect cuisine; rood
erate prices; convenient to all the eleva
ted railroad stations. Matthews & Pier.
son, proprietors.
Servo as Debilitated Men.
iTou are allowed a free trial of tkirtj,
daps of the use of Dr. Dye's Celebrated
Voltaic Belt with Electric Suspensory
Appliances, for the speedy relief and per
manent cure of Kervous Debility, loss of
VituJity and Manhood, and all kindred
troubles. Also, for many other diseases.
Complete restoration to health, vigor and
manhood guaranteed. '.No risk is incurred
Illustrated pamphlet, with full informa
tion, terms, etc., mailed free by addressv
ing Voltaic He t go., Marshall. Mich.
deod & W.
i rr
V'rouiiSt. Caf ! and !..-
au Pacaiiiir of all ..i .-. ;
nu:ps, Inspirators and Ejectors,
"i:. . :; J P.r-.r.- ti'i of every digciition: Kuobar Bo
..; vwt. pijiv.
"Si.. 2l7EUhteenth Si.. HO, K I -LA NT. TIJ
w w
Buildings, Maehn.
traits, Aninuil?
Also Electrotv;
fitrniiheil in any i. v:.
Office aod I:i'!ideucc rear o! ' .ri- iu
Brady street, uelvvei-u 4Lb aim V ..
J. E. Loosley & Co,,
Insurance Agents
CfIxM'Bi'f promptly adjosteil aud paid at this
(Successoi of Hayes & Cleavelaud.)
Agency csiabliahfu
Office in Bentston's Block.
By Mr. Asm: Hamuli. Defmi., ti;- i.t
teacher anl elocutionist. K.ve ipih
redy. Each one contain Vl i-;--''v f
tome li'honraph cover. Prtc- on;;.- -t'i
Addres J. n. UW1UVIK ru v.w.t
O. box S?ffD 81 Roee reet.?f-w V-ir:t.
bratt ii
'icrs new
tnd hun.l
en t em b
:.vr-. (P.
-&8Pni7 CHECKS in fi h-Mir, mn 3
ak n ZtfiXr day. Vms X. 11. Phila.
49.iU.filv ra. anauux.
VANHOui. Vol T1IF1L 1M
prudencf, Nt-r .oils' J-hi!ty
rured bv JVtaincNi"rt.' Ititttr
fiilr. Herb U;d. r . Phiia. P
Draft itore, ud 103) 2i are . Kork lacd.
Men Think
they know all about Mustang Lic
tment. Few do. Not to know ia
not to hate.
rMr,n.feIUr. Lea o'S , H'
m&fw l -' v h
-?rEti-EyAN6ASCTW tjif-f Jrwjai CTBWit.
A... 1 .''''' " .'.i-iii
C. "l- - -
By reason cf its central position, close relation to principal lines East of Chicago
and contianoc lines at terminal points West, Northwest and Southweet i th
enly true middie-lmit in tbe.t transcontinental system which, invites and facil
itates travel and traffic in eitner direction between the Atlantic and Pacific
Tlie Bock ls!ar;d main line and branches include Chicairo, Joliet, Ottawa, i-a
Salle, Peor.a, Ooieseo, Mohne and Rock Island, in Illinois; Davenport, fausea -tms,
Washiairton, Jfoirfield, OUnmwa, Oskalooaa, West Liberty, Iowa City, Dea
Moine3, lndianola, 'Wintarset, Atlantic KnoxvUle, Anduttou, Earlan, Guthria
Ontre asd Connc3 B!n3s, in Iowa; Gallatin, Trenton, St. Joaeph, Cameron and
Kansas City, in Missouri; Leavenworth and Atchison, in Kansas; Albert Lea,
Minneapolis and St. Paul, in Minnesota; 'Watertcwn in Dakota, ana bunareds
of intermediate ciues, towns and Tillages.
Guarantees Speed, Comfort and Safety to those who travel over it Its roadbed
is thoroughly ballasted. Its track ia of heavy steeL Its bridges axe solid
stnirtiinniif ton and iron. Its roilinsr stock is perfect as human skill can rnakd
it. It has all tie safety appliances that mechanical genius has invented. and
experience proved valuable. Its practical operation is conservauvti mm
ical it discipline strict and exacting. The luxury of its paasengar aceomrrMid
tions is nnequaled in the West-unsurpassed in the world.
ALL EXTBESS TRAINS between Clucairoai the Missouri EivCT oonajat
of comfortable DAY COACHES, magnificent PULLHAK PALACB PAJLLOS
and SLEEPING CASS, eletrant DININa C AUS providing excellent mceJa, and
between C'nicago. St. JcseLli, Atchison and Kansas City restful aECLLNUlu
is the direct, favorite line between Chicago and Minneapolis and St Paul. Over
this routs solid Fast Express Trains run daily to the summyr resorts, picturesqus
localities and bunting and fishing grounds of Iowa and Minnesota. Xhe rics
wheat fields and grazing lands of interior Dakota are reached via watertown.
A short desirable route, via Seneca and Kankakee, offerB superior inducement
to travelers between Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Lafayette and Council Biufa, St
Joseph, Atchison, Leavenworth, Kansas City, Minneapolis, SU Paul Bad inter
mediate pointa.
All classes of patrons, especially families, ladies and children, reooivs from
officials and employes of Bock Iflari trains proteotion, respectful courtesy and
kindly attention. ,
For Tickets, Mapa, Polders -obtainable at all principal Ticket OffloM ia
United States and Canada or any desired Information, address,
PrwtAGM'l K'fr.Csicigo.
GhI TkL 4 Pes. Agt, CMa
. i
U i
.'. - -
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