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Nascimento Hats.
fgTFall styles now ready. Prices the Lowest.
1804 2 I A.ve . Hock Island.
We arc just in rieeipt oa fw
Remarque Proof
The edition is sma'l wbich mases them rare and valuable to the
Our line of Mouldings foi Fall trade is now
complete. They w ilt bear inspection.
1705 Second avenue.
tew. Si bleak's P.iDHlniaa team tke
Swedish Lathera Church, and the
Ituna Therefor-The Results.
An unfortunate condition of affairs has
prang up in the Swedish Lutheran
church at Qalesqurg, and one that in a
great measure complicates and Interests
the people of the congregation of the
same denomination in Holine. Rev. Mr.
Nybladh was, by action of the synod of
Holme recently expelled from the church
in that city, of which be was a member,
and barred from attending Augustana
college. The reasons assigned by the
committee for this action were "too io
timate associations with a woman while
attending Augustana college, and irreg-
larities in his money matters." The dea'
cons of the Galesburg church have since
taken this matter up and peremptorily
discharged Mr. Nybladh from the pasto
rate, and are preparing charges which
ill be finished aoon and will in sub
stance conform with those preferred
against the gentleman in Moline.
lne action ot the ecclesiasts appears
not to have met with the approval of
all the members of the flock, and a
large mass meeting including many ladies
was held at the republican headquarters
at Oalesburg Tuesday evming to make
some arrangements for Mr. Nvbladh's
future and to prove to him that he still
has many friends remaining in the church.
A committee was appointed to investi
gate his debts and settle them if possible,
and another committee was commis
sioned to mnke arrangements for Mr. Ny
hladh's entrance into Knox College. A
subscription was taken up during the
meeting which resulted in the rais
ing of $315 for. Sevt-ra! speeches
were made by different persons and
nearly all soundly rated the deacons for
the hasty steps which they took in dis
missing him from the church. Mr.
Nybladh also made a few remarks
and closed the meeting with prayer.
Mr. Nybladh is reported as saying that
he wished to have the affair investigated
relating to the woman. He says he has
tried to find the woman referred to, as
well as the committee who brought up the
charges, but has failed so far in doing so
He denies his associatiou with her in any
way and that 'he committee had no cvi
dence for that of which they accused him
concerning the woman. As to the money
affairs, he admits peiog in debt about
ftlOO, but avers that it was necessary in
debtedness connected with his course
while at Augustana college and since
attie Viek.ra 1 Her Sew Play Km a
ltreidea liaeeeas Coaatnx Enter
tainments. A large audience turned out to greet
the popular soubrette and specialty star,
Hattie Vickers, at Harper's theatre last
night, and it is a misfortune that an
actresa who has made the impression
that Miss Tickers has in her original
"Jacqnine" in Rock Island, should re
turn as the centre of attraction of
such a pack of stuff and nonsense as
that in which "Cherub" abounds. It is
not a little surprising that a woman of
Miss Vickers' gifts should link her name
and reputation to such a tiresome, trashy
conglomeration. When Miss Vickers de
parts from the little Dutch girl a char
acter written to suit her peculiarities, her
racineas of talk, her vivacity and fun-
she loses her charm, and the only really
enjoyable feature of last evening was one
of the familiar song and dance selections
from "Jacquine," who is always wel
come, and in which impersonation Mattie
is the female Emmet; but "Cherub" has
not "caught on." The support was gen
erally weak.
The largest and costliest troup of ani
mal actors on earth appear at Harper's
theatre tonight and tomoirow night with
matinee tomorrow afternoon. Lovett &
Johnson's equine and canine paradox ar
rived by special car this morning, and the
first of the unique entertainments is to
be given this evening. The Dayton
Journal says:
For good, genuine fun, the Lovett A
Johnson Equine and Canine Paradox,
now appearing at toe Grand opera house,
is an exhibition that alt should witness.
It is a great show, pleasing alike the old
and young. The fourteen ponies are very
handsome, and go through a number of
pleasing end difficult movements, elicit-
ng rounds of applause. Romeo and
Juliet are rare ssecimens of the Shetland
pony, and their teetering act is extremely
pleasing. The fifty dogs do all saris of
tricks and are alone worth the price of
The "Fireman's Ward" is a spectacu
lar and interesting drama tojbe presented
at the Turner Grand opera house, Daven
pott, Sunday evening. The great suc
cess it has met everywhere and the lavish
praise hetowtd upon it by the press,
attest its dramatic eicellei.ee.
The Bettrr Hair af aa Salter fieaaaa
a Hate ar Warnlna caneeralns; tba
terrore af tke Craft.
This Is tbe sermon the wife of the night
editor of the Des Moines Leader preached
at the breakfast table the other morn
'Boys of my audience, bright faced.
aspiring youths, longing for the shortest
and quickest road to fortune, hear a short
adjuration and be warned in time. Never
be editors everybody's packing blocks,
creation's scapegoats and sway backed
pack mules. Deadhead tickets to circuses
dog shows and festivals paid for at the
rate of a 125 notice for a twenty-five
cent ticket all very well in their way;
and daily bouquets from the girls who
want to see their name in the paper, with
the 'beautiful and accomplished' swung
to them, are "just too charming for any.
thing,' but do not let them lead you iiito
that dingy den of inky horror, tread mill
labor and squandered opportunities, bur
lesquely known as tbe editorial sanctum.
Stand back! Keep out) Be bootblacks,
chimney sweeps, penitentiary birds or
members of the maniac menagerie that
meets in the gorgeous white sepulcher of
the capitol at Washington. Be mud clerks
on a coal barge, deck hands in a tripe
factory, brakemen on canal ooat, engi
neers of a one-donkey-power canal boat,
dairyman with an ox and two he goats
as your stock in trade, servant girl in a
poor bouse or in an orphan asylum. Be
stock gamblers, railroad directors, presi
dents of sausage stuffing machines, rag
venders, charcoal brawlers, chamber
maids in a liveryjstable, or policy spout
ing senators but sever, ' no never, be
editors, for half a oneMs three quarters
too much for any well regulated family
to have about the house."
We are the Western agents for the stove manufactures
of Taplis, Rice & Co., and carry the largest stock of
stoves west of Chicago. In baying of ns you virtually
buy of the manufacturers and at lower prices than any
retail dealer can afford to make. It will pay you to see
w before yon buy anything in the shape of a stove.
Opposite Harper House, Rock Island'.
New Elm Street Grocery
Have just opened a Grocery on Moline Avenue, foot of Elm
street, with a splendid line of choice
Family Groceries and Provisions,
They solicit a share of the trade and will make prices as low
me lowest. Telephone connections.
VV carry the largest and beat assorted stock of
House FurnishingGoods
111 this vicinity, and at all times and make lowest prices
Copper "Wash.
Nick 3SJ"acks.
He had been receiving $75 per munth
from tbe church while in Galesburg.
The following special dispatch to to
day's Chicago Times from Galesburg fur-
ishes additional facta in connection
it h the case:
The First Lutheran church was crowd
ed this evening with people anxious to
ear tbe charges a wains t the Rev. C. A
Nybladh, who was last week expelled
from tbe Lutheran church at Moline and
from supplying the pulpit of tbe church
ere because of alleged scandalous inu
macy with a woman while attending
Augustana college here, as well as irreg
ularities in money matters.
The Kev. M. J4t-Ison, of Henderson,
read an official statement from the church
council at Mobile, givine an account of
tbe investigation. At tbe first meeting
ins of the council, Nov. 15, Nybladh was
charged with the paternity of ihe child of
dbi Aurierson, and of haTing mortgaged
ner ms oooks ana an organ that did
not belonsr to bim. These cbareea
Nybladh denies. Two letters from tbe
woman to Nybladh were produced in
hich she charges bim with the paternity
of the child. Of these letters Njbladn
at first denied all knowledge, but at
length admits thai he read one of them.
Andrew Feteraou was delegated by the
council to viit Mrs J. A. (itrges at Rog
er's park. She and her domestic said
that Anna Anderson gave oirth to a child
at ber (Mrs. Garge'f.) home June 2S, 1886;
that the woman asserted Nybladh was its
father; that letters have passed between
Nvblauh and Miss Anderson; that the
latter had consulted a lawyer to recover
damages from Nybladh. and that a person
nswering Nvbladh's description had
called at her house Nov. 15, inquiring for
Anna Anderson. W hen confronted with
hese facis at the second council meeting,
Nov. 2B, Nybladh confessed that he had
mortgaged the organ to Anna Anderson,
and had been advised to prevaricate by a
friend, but gin denied the paternity of
the child, or ever having been at Mrs.
liaree s house.
Then the Rev. Lindehlad, of Moline,
and the Rev. M. Rnnceen, of Chicago,
accompanied iNybladh to Mrs. Uargei
house, and both she and her do
mestic recognized Nybladh and were
quite positive that he was the
man who called at the house inquiring
for Anna Anderson. His hair, they said,
was shorter when be first o.lled. but tbe
council, in its third meeting, Nov. 27
reported that It learned frem Galesburg
that Nybladh had his hair cut before
making the first visit to Mrs. Garges'.
Tbe committee also saw tbe Chicago
lawyer who collected the money for Anna
Anderson on tbe mortgage on the organ.
At this third meeting the council, think
ing tbe proof conclusive in spite of Nv-
bladb s dental of tbe paternity of tbe
child, expelled him.
The reading of this statement to the
congregation tonight produced a deeo
impression and was listened to with deep
interest. The only thine that Nvbladh
can do now is to appeal to tbe confer
ence. He left here last night, saying that
be was going to Chicago to see Anna
Anderson and get from her a written
statement affirming his innocence. His
friends here say that nothing more will
be done until the statement it) forthcom
Pavlna Material.
The Davenport Democrat- Gazette favors
brick as a paving material in preference
to asphalt, cobble stones, cedar blocks or
other wood pavement It Bays:
Public attention is turning to brick as
a substitute for stone and wood. It has
been in use several years at Bioomington,
111., and also in Virginia with most satis
factory results. Clay is the ore all u mi
num. and when properly mixed and vit
rified, becomes an igneous rock, unaf
fected by heat, water or frost. It fa a
greater resisting power against shock than
granite, it is homogeneous, slightly elas
tic; has tne grit which will bite steel or
Iron; will neither act upon or be acted
upon by horses' shoes; has a more per
fect bearing than stone; can belaid more
compact; is noiseless, dustless, non-ab
sorbent, and therefore healthful.
From a sanitary standpoint impervf
ousness to water and moisture is an all
important requisite of street pavement.
Every sanitarian is cognizant of the dan'
ger from soil eontamination and pol lo
tion; that a filth sodden soil has a bad
influence upon health by tbe effluvia em
an a ting therefrom. The constituents of
street filth are multifarious excreta and
unne of animals, garbage, kitchen water,
house slops, human excreta solid and
liquid. With a pervious pavement this
foul mess is washed and soared into the
soil, exposing welts to pollution, and
dwelling bouses to poison by ''ground
assortment, quality and prices it always pays
to trade at
Mis V,
Louis Eckhart
The Illinois State Boird of Health's
Discovert.--. Partial DtsKaosia of
the Dread Disrafie.
Following the example of a number of
states of the northwest, the Illinois state
board of health has issuid a circular re
latiog to diphtheria. Tbe ground is taken
that it is a contagious disease, tbat is one
capable of being conveyed from a person
suffering with the disease to a healthy
person. It is, therefore, preventable.
and the success of efforts at prevention
depends upon a knowledge of the modes
by which it may be conveyed. For prac
tical purposes these sre as follows:
1. By immediate contact with tbe ex
halations, discharges, etc., from a diph'
theria patient.
g. By contact with such emanations
through the medium of air and water.
The circular says:
The obvious deductions are. on the one
hand, to destroy these emanations or to
render them harmless, as promptly as they
are produced; and, on the other, to se
cure the utmost attainable punty of air
and water. Ihe specific instructions
which follow have reference to those two
modes of prevt-ntion and should be care
fully observed by everv family in any
community where diphtheria makes us ap
pearance. And the very same precautions
that prevent tbe spread of diphtheria or
scarlet fever will prevent the spread of
small pox.
Small pnx.typhoid fever and diphtheria
are filth diseases produced by filthv sur-
roundioes, bBd water, bad air and bad
food. Of course the lives of cleanlv peo
ple who live in :leanlv abodes and pay
every attention to sanilationare exposed
to the contaginn.and when coming in con
tact with it take the disease. But these
diseases originate as we have stated, and
can all be prevented as we have stated
Because diphtheria finds the maiority of
its victims among children, there is not
tbe same attention given to precautions
Bgainst its spread aa there is, for exam
pie, in the case of small pox And yet
there is every reason to believe that the
Bpread of diphtheria mav be effectually
controlled by a proper observance of
proper sanitary precautions.
A preventable disease which, not in
frequently, causes a greater mortality
than typhoid fever, small pox, scarlet
fever and measlts combined, and which
during 18 I. caused 51.33 out of everv
1 ,000 deaths from all causes in the United
States, and which has caused nearly that
proportion (51 out of every 1,000) in the
state of Illinois, certainly demands the
best efforts of all interested in its sup-
nression, and this tbe more imperatively
sioce its treatment is as yet, confessedly
The Cathttlle uharca', Thanbazl vine;.
Pope Leo has issued as order whereby
he requests all Roman Catholic priests of
th world to observe Monday, December
31, as a dsy of thanksgiving in honor of
the completion of his graud jubilee
Tbe order provides that on that day a
special mass of thanksgiving be said to
the Almighty for all Bis favors bestowed
upon Bis servants; that from the end of
the first mats till the last, or during the
entire day, if found suitable, that the
sacrament be exposed to the veneration
of the public, tbat a public service be
held during the day when appropriate
prayers may be offered and especially the
rtcitation in common of the rosarv, after
which the "Te Deum" should be sung,
followed by the "Tan turn Ergo" and the
Oremus" "Deus cojus misericorilise
concede nos," followed by those for the
pope and tbe church, after which the
proceedings may be adjourned.
Dressed poultry at Long's.
Nice bananas at C. C. Truead ale's.
Choice oysters and celery at Long's.
Nice fresh lettuce at F. O. Young's.
Choice Forida oranges at C C Trues
8pinach lettuce and Cauliflower st
A new stock of fresh mixed nuts at F.
Q. Young's.
John Hacsch, of Preemption, was in
the city today.
Nice turkeys, chickens and ducks st
C. C. Truesdale's.
Mr. Geo. Hedill, of Omaha, is visiting
his parents at Milan.
Found A parcel of shirts, cloth, dress
goods, buttons and shawl. Owner may
find the same at the A rocs office.
Mr. P. Lillis has been entertaining as
a guest his cousin, Wm. McEniry, city
attorney of Kock Island.- Clinton Hem.
There has been no change or improve
ment in the condition of Editor HcQlynn
of the Holine Ditpatth.iu the past-forty-
eight hours.
Reserved seats for Imperial quartette
concert next Tuesday evening, may be
obtained at the usual place on Saturday
Iron moulders' union, No. 230, will
give a benefit ball at Armory hall this
evening. Admission fifty cents. No ob
jectionable parties admitted.
There is displayed in one of the win
dows of Clemann & Salzmann's store one
of the handsomest suites of furniture
ever brought to Rock Island. It is msde
of solid mahogany, inlaid with oearl and
Charles Betman was held in bonds of
$500 by Justice Kramer at Davenport
yesterday afternoon for participating in
the saloon row at Davenport early yes
terday morning. Winter, who did most
of the shooting, fled, and is at large.
Officer Cary had Wm. Kilmer and Geo.
Blanchard before Magistrate Bennett this
morning for creating disturbances about
Barper's theatre last night. The prison
ers, both boys, were fined t5 and costs,
which was suspended during good behavior.
Mr. E. B. Barker fell off the roof of
his ice house in the lower end of town
Wednesday afternoon, dislocating his
left wrist and suffering a dislocation and
compound fracture of the right wrist.
Dr. Plummer. Sr., attended the sufferer,
and hopes to restore Mr. Barker to the
full use of the injured memberB-
It is amusing to tee people with their
face drawn as if they had swallowed a
feather and it was tickling their lungs
and they would be happy if they eould
oniy sneeze, now, mere ib n uceu ui
"making faces." A bottle of Dr. Bull's
Cough Syrup will draw your face back
into a smile.
Two Nights One Matinee,
Dec. 7 and 8.
Matinee Saturday at iSO r. u.
Lovett &. Johnson's
50 Ponies and Doea. 40
The Greatest Animal Show on Earth.
AiiMISSinN-Nights,lH,nd 35c; Matinee,
10. SOandJOc.
S9See the Grand Parade Fridsy noon ; Ponies,
Dog. and boiu in and drawing Carriages Bug
gles, Wagons, Dog Carta, etc.
Turner Grand Opera House.
Matinee and Evening,
SUNDAY, DEC, 9th, 1888.
M CoiliiiatiOD!
Sensation! Comedy! Pathos I
A Tale of Misfortune. Love and Hero
Prices as usual.
Special Mention.
Call attention to the following
New American Black Silks, warranted to weir at
$1.15, $1.38,
Superior in weight and finish.
White Blankets 85c per pair.
Scarlet Blankets $3.75 per pair.
Dress Flannels, double fold, 25c.
Serges, 50 inch, 49c.
All Wool Tricots, 36 inch, 35c.
Eitra large Turkish towels, plain, bargain at 25c
CLOAKS You will find Garments and prices ia Cloak
department that will interest you.
Dress Goods Remnants in great variety
at about one-h
Lodge ElenloBft.
Tri lodge. No. 57, A. F. & A. M last
evening elected the following officers for
the ensuing year:
WM J F Robinson.
BW-TF Cary.
J W John Bollman.
Treas H Burgower.
8ec W B Pettit.
M B C H C Cleaveland.
Auditor Etias P Pineo.
Last evening Island Cut lodge. No. 4,
A. O. U. W., eletted the following offi
cers for the ensuing year:
P M W Thomas Bollman.
M W Russell W Barth.
O-Will A Robb.
Guide Chu Toennigea.
Receiver Jonas Bear.
Financier A W Tanner.
Recorder R H Robb.
I W Dmiel Thomas.
O W William Clinebell.
Trustee William Gahacen.
Med Ex G G Craig.
A PhlltMAphlfal VlfW.
The vast majority that goes to make
up the public, take political victory or
defeat philosophically and in a good bu
mor, remarks the Geneseo Xcvm. Nothing
is more admirable in the cosmogony of
our little universe than the universal
good nature of the American public
While it may be alow with sympathy and
tears, it is everlastingly ready with hip,
hip, hurrahs and laughter. It reminds
us of Ella Wheeler's most famous verse:
"Laiurb, and tbe world langha with yon ;
Weeo. and v wP aloiie :
For th sad old eirtfa mast borrow her mirth.
cm ill u-oaoie enoagn 01 per own.
The American public is just our kind
of a fellow. We are hale fellows well
Hi Namo Was Hill.
It is not often iat Henry N Willey. the
polite ami affa Jo clerk at tlie Grand Pacific
is noniuu'ried by nnv png or trick perpe
trated l.y tin.' woull ie tunny guests that
quarter themselves at tiiis popular hotel, but
ooe evening last wetk te w cs compelled to
own up beaten. A serious looking individual,
on who, it would roem, did not even know
tbe nature of a j-Ue, came in with aachel
and umbrella, and, taking tbe pen tbe ever
ready Willey always hands with a bow and
a smile tbat twists his blonde mustache into
aeroljati contortions, he made mno perpen-dic-olar
dashes on tbe reiiister. It may be
said right here tbat Mr. Willey has tbe repu
tation of knowing every body, but it is only
hi cunning that has earned it for him. He
always watches a man registering, and has
accustomed himself to reading letters upside
down, so that wnen be catches tbe first few
letters of a man's name be fniesses at tbe res4
and when tbe guest has finished writing and
looks up iir. Willey at once calls him by his
name, laoujih he appeal's to be looking at
anything else than tbe book. In this way it
makes no difference if a man comes there for
the first time in his life, Mr. WiUcy will sur
prise him by putting out his band and calling
tbe proper name.
Kjn tbe occasion m question, however, Mr.
Willey was done up; he bod never seen the
man before and be eon Id not make anything
out of the straight lines. With his pet
flourish be swims the register around and
said W bar price room do you want Mr. ,
Mr. f r.y tbe way, what do those lines
mean, anyway? Migot I ask your name!
lOh, excuse me, said the stranger. 'I neg
lected to finish my signature," and, taking
up a pen. tn&ae a horizontal dash at about
tbe middle and in between the first three pair
of uprights, when tbe signature read, "H.
H. Hill." Mr. V llley owned that for once
that he was beaten. Chicago Herald.
Wednesday, Dec 12th.
John Clinton Hall
Supported by
In the Bert American Sflelo Drama ever written,
a Beautiful Play, 8npernly Mounted sod mag
nificently acted. Its Featore? :
The Explosion of Ranch 10.
Snow Storm in the Rockies.
A Western Court Scene, and
Tbe Great Fire Scene.
ThP(0fcnte4sl.0'Wdoe. "hike of WellinK-
mn " wit) ht introduced ir tbe nlav.
PRICKS . w. ana i.w, ku ie ai tine- i
Dingers New Art oailt-ry.
- 1"
ilver. Silver, Solid and Plated.
has a targe stock of Fine G vhIs. Prices always low; everything warrated
No. 1707 Second avenue, Rock Island.
Gold and Silver.
Another PUt PaoI.
A meeting was held at LaCrosse, Wis.
on Tuesday, te organize the Raft Pilots'
Mutual Benefit association. Fifty were
in attendance from points on the river all
the way from Stillwater to Rock Island.
CapL James Baisson, of Wabasha, pre
sided. A constitution and by-laws was
adopted. The object is to provide men
with work, and boats with pilots quickly,
and to exert an influence on wages. Per
manent officers were elected as follows
President J W Rambo, Le Claire.
Vice President Joseph Baisson. Wa
Secretary M M Looney, La Crosse.
Treasurer Vol oey A Bieelow, La
Board of Directors Thomas Dolson.
Dubuque; William Kratka and Thomas
Withrow, Lansins; Frank Looney and
r rant Vretenuaii, La Crosse.
Atl vert I r a Lint r Letter Xn. ftS.
Lint of letter uncalled for at tbe Hoslofttce at
Rock Island. Kock island coontr. Illinol,
Dec. 7. vm
Alanson Mra M Jarkson J P
Bendle JHDr JobtiDon Christ
Brown B V c o Latje Christ
Hovle K A Mi Mls Besle
Season WC(HD) Patiarson Cbatler
CraDdall J U ParteH John
Cowley J E Piatt Herman
uurnam Miss larrje k siame; i-teo
HenchyM Stebins MitoCL
Hough La I tier Young Will am
Grove Mrs J X
roraTH clam watter.
Anderson Hist Sophia
Give the nnmoer ot the Itrt when call in for
advertised letters. A HUfiSING, P. M
The Fashionable Fox Terrier.
The fashionable puppy is the bull or fox
terrier, with a decided leaning in favor of
the last. The fox terrier is, in the first place,
a dog easily taken care of, for he enjoys his
bath and comes out of it a thing ot beauty,
for his skin is so glossy. Then he can be
taught no end of very clever triefcs. Of his
abilities in the way of cat and rat catching
nothing need be said; but when he is the
smart pet of the season he is not asked to de
rote himself to such material occupation. He
i a rough, black cover piped witta
orange, for this shade is tbe color or tne
legion of honor for dogs. He has a silver
collar with his mistress1 address on it, but
not his name, for it is trusted that if he is lost
tbe ever pervading district messenger boy
will return him, and not by reason of the
knowledge of bis name strike up an acquain
tance with him and detain bim until tbe re
ward has been doubled or even trebled. Tbe
fox terrier prefers to walk, so that tbe com
ing man will not see tbe ladies of his estab
lishment carry ing around a pet dog. "aus"
Barth ft Babeock, Dentists.
No, 1724 Second avenue. Special atten
tion paid to saving the natural teeth and
inserting teeth without plates.
FARM LOANS. White and Gold. Steel and White.
in Florentine and Flat Patterns very handsome.
Burnished Bronze Mouldings,
to th
Tar Draaaaaen' Latest.
Tbe latest craze among traveling men,
according to one of the guild, is to pre.
sent their card, on tbe reverse side of
which is printed tbe following: "lie kind
to the traveling man. Be has a father.
perbaps, and a mother, who knew him in
his innocent joulh. Psrhaps, area now
in some distant village fond hearts are
beating for him, and sweet lips breathe
love's dearest prayers for bis welfare.
Therefore, lay him down tenderly; fold
his hands peacefully o'er his breast
close his eyes gently as you pnt him to
rest under tbe tranches of the weeping
willow, where the birds carrol all
through the summer days their softest
songs; but plant bim deep, plant him
The delicious fragrance, refreshing
coolness and soft beauty imparted to tbe
akin by Pozzoci'a Powder, commends it
to all ladies.
t aaaty Matlaiaur,.
5 Kufus Walker and 1 CH Read to
Charles B White, lots 1, t and 8. block A
and lots 1, 3. 3, 4 and 5, hlock B, Griffith
dc Co s addition, Moline, II.
George Downing to John E Downing.
s 133 feet lot 5 and 8, block 63, Lower
addition. Bock Island, $5,000.
Catarrh originates in scrofulous taint.
Hood's Baraaparilla purifies tbe blood and
uui permanently cures catarrh. .
Taylor Eoasa lor laM.
As I wish to engage in other business,!
will sell my enure nock on reasona
ble terms.' Everything running tn first
Class oraer. js. w. &cam.
Thr Do mm Act That Appeal!
Heart and wins Money.
"Come in, old fallow ; yon need something
to warm too up. You are weak, and th
night air la bad t or a man in your condi
tion. n
The speaker was a young man who looked
like a mechanic, and be was addressing a
stout man who appeared to be aboat 50 yeara
old. They stood in front of a well known
down town bar room, tbe elder leaning
against a lamp poet. His chin drooped upon
his breast and be seemed utterly down
hearted. He looked like a laborer. When a
party of gentlemen entered the store the pair
followed them, tne young man tbe wblle
waring his companion that be woo Id do every
thing in hie power to aid bun.
I guest some ale will do you more good
than anything else," he said. The other did
not reply, but drew his hand across his fore
head and heaved a sigh. After drinking tbe
ale he grasped tbe young man's hand and
aald: "My dear man, bow can 1 ever repay
ourkiodneiBf I'm out of work and I ha vent
gotacent. Thia is the first thing I have put
in my stomach todav. I haven't got a home
orany mends tn Lne city, uod bleat you.
young man; uod bless your
Oh, that's all right," answered tba
yonnger of the two, "I'd do tbe same for any
one. Yon had better have some more aw.
I'll get you a euLper, two, I only wish I
could buy you a new suit of clothes. I'll take
you borne with aw to-night, and maybe I can
get von a Job to-morrow."
They had been talking in a loud tone and
apparentlv paying no attention, to tbeir sur
roundings. Having paid for tbe drinks, tbe
young fellow with the big heart turnei from
the bar and approached a prosperous looking
man who was reading a paper. He began to
tell of the nihdortunei of his companion and
said be wanted to start a collection for his
benefit right there. He bad not talked long.
when tbe bartender took a band and ran him
out of the place in donhle quick time. The
old man did not wait for any assistance, but
left hurriedly.
"I know that pair well," said tbe barten
der. "They are nroieanonai baggaraand are
""g plenty of monev out of that snap.
But they cant work it in thia place. The
two man didn't esem to be at all craatfaUau
on account of their failure, and went di
rectly to another bar room to try it again.
New York Tribune.
A Frenchman, who was recently sent
to the Baltimore work house, claimed to
have walked every step of the way from
Texas to tbat city.
If yon are looking for a Christ
mas present for a Lady
or Gent,
Fine Furs and
Furnishing Goods
make an elegant aa well as useful pres
ent. We have all tbe latest novel
ties in these lines. Give us a call.
Robinson & Taliaferro,
1st. Interest is ? per cent net to Lender.
M. We collect Interest witbont charge.
8d. Loans offered in eomnlrlA and iDTpator
sets hit papers st once.
4th. We exeunlne tbe records snnnslly for de
linquent taxes on Itvnds covered by oar mortgsgee.
rMta. Out eaent inspects esca farm before ws
mske a loan on it.
ftth. We mske a specialty of Farm Loans.
tth. No Da Ids or exDentw soared or as to mske
our bnrinese as safe for our clients as experience.
g-ooa laiui sua a tun can maxe 11
Wh. InTeslorscsa bs aoDDlied with loans for
f400 nd upwards.
Call or write for circular.
H. M. HENLEY. Attorney,
Rooms 30, 31 83 Masonic Temple,
Daveupoet, Iowa.
Roca unworn Ootmrr. f
In the Circuit Oourr of eaie Rock islets eottatv.
Illsabnh Bmlle; v.. i. w. Mcvahe-Ia Attaca-
Notice la hereby atvea to roe, the said I. W
MeCabe that.wrtlof ettactameat has bm. maA
oat of the office -f the clerk of the Circuit CO art
of said ceenty of Bock lalaod at the suit of the
sew iraoeiB oraawy ana agaraet toe estate of
roe. the mM t. W. McCahe. foe Four Bondreit
and Surty-Sre aollua. besides latere, directed
. uwni n .ua cuum j to execute.
era wm im eeen retaroea oy Mid aoerit; .fec
it is prouoMsd in i'okiu. J.pan, to erec
a large monument to the memory of Gen.
ted by levying oa the following described real
aetata, to-wti: aab-lot foe? 4i and all except
aorta st) feet of aab-lot three. (1). 1. R.n H.r.
Vmrm wiu.ivn w to. city Ul n'C IStaaa, Uk US
coonty of Sock Island era state of Illinois.
wow. anieea yoo, tae Mid w. atcCabe shall
nenoaally be and apoear before Sae Cireait eonrt
of sale eonntyoa the ant day of the next term
taereoi, to oe aoueaat nock lalaod la aald county
oa toe am oaaay m the noata of January next,
.in hall 1 . k ..
... 1 w WV. TL, JWI.
awnt will beeateied easiest voa hi favor of tk.
emiQ puma eaa tae properly attacked sold
eausry tae aaato. wltk costs.
. . GIO. W. QAsrBLB, Clerk.
noca uarao, unno a, Dec. a im.
Antra Puaatjrze, nalatuT att'y. T-dsw
Sterling Silver and Plated Ware,
Jeweleiy, Clocks,
Gold-Headed Canes, Spectacles
Other Optical Goods
No. 1827 Second ATenue.
During NoYemrjer.
Second Avenue.
108 West Second street, Davenport, Iowa.
Ladies purchasing
will find it to their advantage to examine our stock and price',
a full and complete line of nil Millinery goods in stock.
t-Trimmed Hats from $ 1.00 to $20.00. (
New Mouldings,
Important Points are:
a good line.
Polished Oak and Cherry.
Shades, Carved and Plain same styles conbined with
Steel and Bronze very effective.
For Oil Paintings.
"Pictures mounted in first'-class style. Prices, always
It has bean our custom for years to
make a
Navan Whisky $1.50 per 6a
Special Holiday Oiler.
We intend this seasoa to ezrcl all for
mer efforts bv including, OKATtt with
every order ot a dozen Cabinet Photos,
Porceli Portra
taVSend for Price List, P. O. Box 32.
Per tbs est of Liver. l(!srfy. Blood sad Bssas
sca diKea. Tbetw ceUrbrsUaMl d lk tn fawt ta-
Ins tit- mlace of the store uiMtrffl neMdiea for
MMf IM flVH rMDiait-L M an TV mtrsut.
tore eaully laxitcm, aVbd wfictsra UMbcstUilstg
rer totndvcAd for til liKssesor tk ktdaer.
km lifer, vtK mm sette, pua m ass sskcx im
I eMe. kkf-tvntorw. fnissnnv antl bantae ssia. st the
pil of taM Motxmsck, yelsow eSia, coMed -nog,
cosbIss! an of lbs. fund after eailne. inflamm-i-Mi
of the KMateta. craeL etc.. sad as a laaulv Bill
taer bare a im swxud ba kayt im cssmj
These delicate portrsits are trratrai'T
old at $2.50 each aod we make mis ua-
uual offer believing that it will largely
ioremte oar Holiday trade, ud thus make
it possible for oa to preernt these artistic
We respectfully urge the Importance of
an early setting to avoid tbe usual Holi
day rush.
, . PaOTOOBanCU,
H.E.Cor.S3eoas are.. and llfhteeata sweat.
Directions: fevslehhesilacas.twerthrgs at
eeatane; for eyrpepela, one every any haft
etner; tor enxmer ot the tleneya, two, two
lhre.tiaMeawe.fc utUielievedt for bwd
of the Uvx, earn hilineinraa. tkreeerfoac aa iw-
The prcprirtorwm forwera theas to any address
by aaett, aa reeaipt of price.
25 Cts a Bottle
Br Osll sad fat a east
Curt Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Croup
Whooping Cough, Eptulng ot
Blood and all Diseases
ot the Longs.
One trial h aa thst Is aeeesaaiv te mavuan
yea that It te th. bett Conga Hcmedy suae, aa
neat tune Tie have tuah coM. cau ana (at
Price 10, 23 and 50 cent. ,
Call for abtalar wiaUUTrtTii. tTttraTa'Hi
aUuafactored bj
T. H. Thomas.
H. B. above tooosehhea to esj ananas at
sreatplof theorlce. .

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