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VOL. XXXV11. NO 41
RIVERSIDE OAKS, all sizes,
all sizes, for Hard Coal.
A fine line of
Soft Coal Base Heaters.
WOOD STOVES, all sizes and patterns,
I5"Tha best stock to select from in the city, at
DAVID DON'S, 1617 Second Ave.
. 0. HOPPE,
No. iSoS Second Ave.,
Davis Block,
Moline, Illinois.
Telephone 1053.
Steal Fitters.
A complete Block of
Pipe, Brass Goods, Packing,
Hose, Fire Brick. Etc.
Sole A pent, for
We g onrantee eery mie perfect, sir' win prnd Caps,
Twenty day', trial, to responsible parlies.
Safety Heating Boilers, and Contrac
tors for furnishing and laying
Water, Gas and Sewer Pijie.
1712 First Ave.,
Rock Island, Illinois.
Tclepuooe 1146. Kcmdeuce Tulepbooe 100.
Is that misery experience: when we und-dt-nly
become aware that we poswee a
diabolical arrangement rail-a a stomach.
The Ptomacft i- The reservoir from which
every fibre and tisaae mast be nut! rithed,
and any trouble wi th it io soon felt throngl.
out the whole awem. Among a dozen
dyspeptics no two will have the smn: yre
dnmioaut symptoms. Dyspeptics (f active
mental power and a biiiotis temperament
are enb ect to Sirs HkaDachk; those,
flhv and ptileemutic havt- Const, ex ios,
while the thin and nervons are abandoned
to gloomy foreboding. Some dyspeptics
are wonderfully fonretfnl; others have
great irritahlliu of temper.
Whatever form dyepepais msy take, one
thing 1b certain, the cndkbltino
Cause is in the Liver.
and one thins more is equally certain, no
one will remain a dyspeptic who will
whe Tmror of Black Mountain Old Aba
Lockhart Puts Hla Wlta to WorkA
Battle More DpTal Was Never Be
fore Beheld.
- A dssperate and almost indescribable bat
tle between a horde of rattlesnakes and a
btmeh of bogs occurred a few days since on
Abe Lockhart s place, at the foot of Black
mountain. This branch of the Allegheny
has been lung noted as the home and rendez
vous of thousands of black and rattlesnakes
of the dusky brown species, which have been
looked upon with dread by the hunters from
the fact that they have always been ex
ceedingly aggressive and dangerous. For
years this mountain has been the terror and
dread or the people of the vicinity, and it is
seldom that any traveler or hunter has bad
the temerity heretofore to cross the ridge at
or near a certain point, so numerous and
deadly have been the poisonous reptiles.
out that has all been changed, owing to
the fnct that old Uncle Abe Lockhart has
imported from North 'Carolina a bunch of
the long nosed, lank, long legged species of
bogs, which from their elongated personnel
hare been identified under the title of slug
diggers. Uncle Abe had been so pestered and
annoyed by the army of snakes whicb in
fested his farm that he put his wits to work
and finally hit upon the happy plan of im
porting his lank and bony swine, which have
had the reputation of being inveterate ene
mies of the snake family. He hauled over
the mountains twenty-two big, bonv hogs of
the species abovo described, and placed them
in pens, where he kept them well fed and
When the old man had concluded that his
muscular pets had become sufficiently accli
mated and at home be released them from
their pns, and early in the morning, while
tt was j et cool and the snakes were still half
benumbed or asleep, he went up the mountain
to a spot where he knew the reptiles dwelt
hy the thousand. All along the pathwav he
dropped grains of com until he reached th
side of the snake pit, a sunken spot in the
side of the mountain, containing about half
an acre, here he threw down a bushel of
loose corn, and, together with the boys,
Jim and George, took shelter in low trees.
W ithin a few minutes the satisfied grunts
of the porkers were beard as they followed
the trait of corn, until the whole drove
of hogs broke into view from the under
brush. They carce on until they arrived
at the pit, where they stood for a min
ute or two until the old boar, an im
mense fellow, came up, when he took the
lead and went granting down the bank into
the pit All the other members of the family
followed, until the twenty-two hogs were ail
within the small amphitheatre of a half acre.
The hogs quickly picked up the corn, but by
the time tbey had thoroughly cleaned it the
snatrts nmn'wii hv thA host, nf thm mnrnintr
It Will Correct I sun and the noise of the porkers, began to
SSSidltV Ot t Off I POear from the crevices. A dozen, then
Start the Liver to Working, boar gave a shrill, infuriated squeal, when j
the wboe drove 01 nogs was among its ene
The Moline Wagon Co.,
Manufacturers ol FARM, SPRING ana FREIGHT WAGONS
A fui: anil romutete line of PLATFORM arid other Spring Warnr?. pp pc Sally adapted to the
csivrri tra- m cuptri'-r wor mans nip n. nn en i'iiiTSntiet, rnc List tree on
ap, hear ion See Hie M - ii.l.N ri AtinV l.e::.rt- (.ii-rtiaadi--.
Tile Hearths,
Tile Facings,
In great variety at
Cor. Twentieth Street and Third Ave., Rock Island.
lei anil Restaurant,
est Side Market Square,
the Urges Dining Room io the tri-citlea sealing capacity 230 persona.
25 cents buys a good wholesome meal
25 cents pays for a nights' lodging in clean beds,
j, City Boarders at reasonable rates. -
A" oust come sober. C. D. GORDON. Proprietor.
"M" V17.T?TITT"R.V.
puiobing, Steam'and Gas Fitting
m Steam Pumps, 'Inspirators and Ejectors.
SubL, n ud Lead Piw, Pips Fitting sad Brass Goods of every deecriptioa.
- ana ratting ot all kinds, ,iraim Tile ana Hewer Mpa.
OOce ud Bhop Ho. S17 Eighteenth St. ROCK ELAND, ILL.
i ,-..r-r r I "SUkJi ouu uucbvii wcioi uutnin! n Iljei 1-
Dtuiuat-iKCAUO -.rtl-ro wrirlwvi thir lithe hvliefi from
foul gases, all I their holes and looked at the porkers with I who are to be introduced, and turning at the
At One Time One ot the Hoat Beautiful
Women In Europe.
I do not think that the present generation
of young royal ladies can present as exquisite
types of loveliness as did that now passing
away. Twenty -five years ago the empress
of Austria, for Instance, was simply dazzling.
she would have been noted for her beauty
had she been a barmaid or a ballet girL The
slender, graceful figure, the finely molded
features, the large, brilliant dark eyes, the
beautifully formed head crowned with a
wealth of black silken tresses, all went to
make up an ensemble of physical perfection.
I saw her once at that period, when 1 was
staying at the Archduke Charles hotel at
Vienna. The radiant Elizabeth came there
with her imperial husband to call upon the
Countess of Flanders, the sister-in-law of the
king of the Belgians. She passed in front of
a large window opening upon the balcony.
and on that balcony was stationed a party f
Americans, one of which was myself, all
eager to catch a glimpse of the famous royal
beauty. With true queenly courtesy she
tused for a moment on beholding the
group, and stood there for a brief but ap
preciable space of time, as if to say: "You
wanted to see me here 1 am r l hen, with
a stately inclination of her beautiful head,
she turned away and rejoined her husband,
leaving everyone of the spectators in rapt
ures with her loveliness, bhe was attired in
a costume of transparent muslin and Valen
ciennes lace, with a broad sash in violet silk
thickly embroidered with steel spangles.
From beneath her compact little turban hat
there fell at the back of her head a mass of
black, glossy braided tresses, coiled round
and round and confined in a net of purple
silk. A simple dress enough for an empress
to wear while paying a call on a princess,
but its very simplicity only served to enhance
the splendor of its wearer's beauty. Of late
years the empress will never consent to sit
for her photograph, and dislikes extremely
to be gazed at in public, sure tokens of the
waning of her once resplendent charms.
She was the one beauty of her family,
none of her three sisters, the queen of
Naples, the princess of Tburn and Taxis
and the duchess d Alencon, being in any
way remarkable for their good looks. In
deed, the last named princess was positively
plain. A good deal of regret has been felt in
Austrian society that the emperor had not
selected Princess Helen, now Princess of
Thurn and Taxis, as she is a very brilliant
conversationalist and is fond of music and
society; wh-reais the empress dislikes even to
show herseif at the opera and really cares
for nothing except riding and hunting. She
is growing rather old to indulge in this
last amusement, being over ol. But she pre
serves many of her charms, and especially
tne shapeliness of her figure and the luxuri
ance of her long, thick tresses. At the court
concert given at Vienna in honor of the em
pernr of Germany, she created a profound
sensation by her coiffure. She wore her hair
falmig unconfirmed at the back, in long masses
over her shoulders and studded with stars of
diamonds held in place by slender,. concealed
wires. This "Berenice coiffure, as it was
called, wdl greatly admired, no less than its
stately wearer. The empress is said to be
the queeuhest royal lady in Europe to be
hold. It is a sight to see her at a court pre
sentation, passing down the line of ladies
How man? people who are suffering
from blood poison the world knows not
but read the following letters and you
may be interested:
Baltimore. Md., Jan. SO, 1887.
I bare been a sufferer for six years with
catarrh, ulcerated sore throat and rheu
matism of tbe chest, from blood poison.
About four weeks ago I was passing the
Botanic Blood Balm store No. 8, North
street, Baltimore. I went in and con
suited your agent about my case. He
gave me one of your B. B. B. "Book of
Wonders, which I read. I called in a
few days afterward and got a bottle of
your Botanic Btood Bhlm -B. B. B. I
am now on my third bottle and will say
that I have felt a marked improvement
since tbe third day after commencing to
use your medicine. I now have no trouble
from my throat, and bare improved so
much in every way that I am sausned
that by the use of your medicine 1 will
soon be all right.
J have taken tnanv and some good
prescriptions and medicines for this
trouble, but I think your B. B. B. the
best remedy I hare had, and I cheerfully
recommend your Botanic Blood Balm to
tbe public as the quickest and best blood
remedy I have found, after six long years
of search for health. Very respectfully
yours. JosKra W. r lowers.
210 tile m mors alley.
lay irritation
assist diges-
tioD.and at the
brilliant, shining eyes and darting tongues.
Two or three hundred snakes in a mass of
slimy, surging bodies began to draw them
selves toward the hogs, but they bad not
crawled more than thirty or forty feet away
from the crevices in the rocks before the old
end with a grand sweep of her regal train.
whose folds are never disarranged by the
action, so adroitly is it executed. Paris Cor.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
when all other troubles soon
Mr wife was a confirmed dvfDontie. Some
three yean aifo hy the advice t.f Pr. Steiner.of
AdfU'. nbv wan Induced to try Simmon. LItcbt
K atn a' or. I feel irrntefti! for the relief it hu
g'ven her. and may all who read thin and ai-
araiciea in any way.woetlier chronic orcther-
w i-o. use rim m tip i.iver neeiiiiiior ana i reei
confident hea'th will be returned to all who will
be advised. Wm M Kersh, Fort Valley, Ga.
See that ymt get the Genuine,
with red 2 on front of wrapper.
i reparea onty oy
H. ZELIX & CO.. Philadelphia, Pa.
JTbe scene which followed is indescribable.
'Me hog charged their enemies, picking
them up in their jaw? and tramping them
under foot, while the snakes shook their
i rattles and rtmck their enemies with their
fangs. The fight raged for half an hour, a
I hog retreating for a moment's rest and then
recharging into the midst of the writhing
mass, ripp ng and tramping the snakes until
the ground was literally covered with their
writhing bodies. Atone time the old boar
was almost literally covered with snakes, but
be didn t appear to care for their bites or
thir poison.
lie would reach around, catch one in his
I jaws, throw it to the ground, and then hold
lit there with his feet while he tore its body
to pieces. This he kept up for half an hour,
retreating bnt once for a breath of air or a
brief rest, when back he went at it again.
In less than an hour the bogs bad con
quered, not one snake being left alive, except
a few which bad succeeded in regaining the
Cor. Eighth St. and Third Ave., I crevices before the hogs bad flanked them.
Deeftowt Coal Mine In the World.
The Hasard collierv was opened in 1$42 bv
31. d'Andrimont. The area of its concession
is 4,1TU acres. The colliery employs 061
workmen underground and ZT3 at tbe sur
face. Its output in 1880 was 232,743 tons.
The seams worked vary from 2 feet to 4 feet
1 inch in thickness, and the coal is of a seml-
bftnmlno39 character. A notable featnre
the working of the mine is the use of the
Zft Ail WeWaMT
We will DaT the above reward for any UQT' THE ONLY
case of liver complaint, dyspepsia, sick
costiveness we cannot cure with West's I Kriliiant
XT .,,. T I Dill- K. .I..Jlw.tAn.
. Ili MHinli.t vilk Thaw era I 11..J.-UI.
purely Tegetable, and nerer fail to give I
ills, 25c. For sale by all - 11 -ill o.x
sugar coated pills.
druggists. Beware of counterfeits and
imitations. The genuine manufactured
only by Jonn u. west uo., sua w .
Madison St. Ubicago, 111.
B. B Co., AU.nU, Os:
Gents My sister was afflicted for
Dumber of years with boils scattered
about all oyer her person. They would
make their appearance every spring, and
last thtough the summer and nntil late
in the fall. Her health was sadly lm
paired, losing flesh and strength every
day; in fact, they were sapping her life.
I gave her one bottle of B. B. B , and
the effect was like maeic. produciog a
complete cure and restoring her health.
Tody she is perfectly sound snd her
health fully restored. It is without
doubt the best and most valuable blood
purifier now on the market.
U. M. aicHab.
WAYKKSBOnn, Miss., July 14, 1887.
U Don the menu of the lord mayor's
dinner, at which the premier always
speaks, there was printed, "After Salis-
bnry, dancing '
In the pursuit of the gooa things of
his world we anticipate too much; we
eat out the heart and sweetness of world
ly pleasures by delightful forethought of
them. The resuitB obtained irom tne use
of Dr. Jones' Red Clover Tonic far exceed
all claims. It cures dvspepsia, and all
stomach, liver, kidney and bladder
troubles. It is a perfect tonic, appetizer,
blood purifier, a sure cure for ague and
malarial diseases. Price, 50 cents, of
Are Diamond Dyes. They excel all others
in Strength, Purity and Fastness. None other!
are jnst as good. Beware of imitations they
are made of cheap and inferior materials and
give poor, weak, croclcy colors.
36 colors ; 10 cents each.
Send po&tal for Dye Boole, Sample Card, dirctkjas
far coloring Photos., maVfng the finert Ink or Bluing
tto era. quart, etc bold 07 irugsita or ov
WEUS, MCHXROSOM CO.. Burlington, ft.
For Gilding or Bronzing Fancy Article, USB
Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper. Only n Cents.
ame s
Nervous '
All Liver
po-nd cor-, rcy TmV
coj. sick h-tdr. we."
Mrs. aA...Trt.
Kan Jac;nttC-
"After n-icg aix bot
tles of Paine1 Cgwv
Compound, 1 am turcd
atf riieiiiTUtiiiA.1
Samubx Ht-rtrvso?.
SotKk Cornish, K.
"It h-m Hnne B
j '
000 KT KiancT m
ihao snv Otb-T -
one." Geo. AfW
Slew City, low.
"Pain'. Celery
fieacnt for ceroid In
indigestion, and bilious
ness..' Elizabeth C
Udaix, Qoecfeee, t.
A woman of Huntington. Conn., who
is only thirty-five years of age, has bad
nine husbands.
The heft on earth can truly be said of I
Ongg's Glycerine Salve, which is a sure, I
safe and speedy cure for cuts, bruises,
scalds, burns wounds and all other sores1
Will positively cure piles, tetter and all
skin eruption . Try this wonder healer.
satisfaction guaranteed or money refund
ed. Only 85 cent. Bold bv druggist'
All who desire fuli information about
the cause and cure of Bluod Poisons.
Scrofula and Scrofulus Swelline. Ulcers,
ftores, RheumHtim, Kidney Complaints,
Catarrh, eic, chc secure by mail, free, a
copy of our 32 page illustrated hook on
wonders, tilled with the most wonderful
and stsrtling proof ever before koown.
blood Balsam Co , Atlanta, (4.
Headache, Toothache, Earache,
Catarm. I rout). Fretl Biles.
Sore Hippies, Cakss Breasts, Lame Back,
R H E U 1.1 AT ! 5 hi
Sprains, Bruises, Cuts, Burns, Old Sores, it
Sold bf Orucviits. 50c. ttJd fl CO.
Best in I" Wond. TrTi-it. 25c
SO?lO POOK free.
Adtlrau WilAPU o:l CO.,
Sash, Doors, BliD'ds,
Siding, Flooring, Wainacoating and all kitds of Wool
Work for Builders.
Eighteenth St., '
Rock Islandr
etween Third and Fourth avenue,
English trade uninTi1"m is rapidly I
srowins; aocialiittic. On the citniinent to I
I a mm a "word man is tqutvalent to I
caiiiDg bin, a Brx-iahst.
Art- you diwirbed at night am! broken
of your rest by a 3ick child suffering ami
crying with pain of cutting teeth? If so,
seDd at once and eet a bottle or Mrs.
Wiuslow's Soothing Svrup for children
teething. Its vaiue it inealculabl.
It will relieve tbe poor little sufferer iin
mediately. Depend upon it mothers.
there ;s no mistake about it. It cure
dysentery, dian-hoea, remil&tea tbe atom
ach and bowtla, cures wind colic, soft
ens the gum, reduces inflammation, and
iri vet ton and entrej to the whole sys
tem. Mm. Winalow's Soothing Byrup
for Children Teething is pleasant to the
i taste, and is the prescription of one ol
j the olu8l and best female nurses and phy-
flora ana d Aadnmont excavator, an in-
&,!IlT.i.nf.,'Sf.,!l "Ciaus in tbe United States, and is for
' iBuiiiraum I iv all .Inivtnfitj thmui7hftiit
tha nntir.erv ininnAf anil trie avrai-a(np H iA. I - "
trodoced, tehieh hollow, out . space at the mmd- Prics 25 ceaU bottie-
back ol the bole much (rreater than the di- I " '" "' ' " 1
ameter of the hole. This enlarged powder J Tom King, the pugilist, who became a 1
The popular and reliable Grocer,
will sell you
as cheap as they ran be sold.
He pays'tbe highest market price for
Farm Produce,
and always has a nice stock on
J, E. Loosley & Co.,
Insurjice Agents
tyLijassi iw.mpUy adjusted and pal at thi
(Successor of Hayes A Cleave land.)
Aemaj uuuuhed lass.
Cfflce in Bengiton'a Block.
euii f fii a
60LD KEDAL,P1EI8,1878
Cocoa, trom which tliocxwuof
Ollbasbecnn-movetl. ithasmor
than thrte times tha tirengtk of
Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrow
root or Stiffar. and Is therefore far
more economical, comng it than
one ef cup. It Is deUcioot,
nourishing, WnffthMilag, ettil
dlfrettfa, and adnurably adapted
for Invalids aa well a for person.
lu health.
Sold by Grocers everywhere.
from the overpowering smell of the musky
odor that they were forced to lie down under
the trees, but they were perfectly safe so long
as the hogs were about.
After vanquishing tbe army of snakes tbe
porkers lay down among tbe dead bodies of
the enemies until they had sufficiently
rested, when they again aroused them
selves, and, led by the old boar, tbey began
to root up and turn over the rocks, every now
and then exposing a rattler which had hidden
his body away from his porcine enemies.
When a snake was thus exposed there was a
rush, and in a jiffy that rattler was torn into
little bits too small to recognise.
In an hour and a half not a living snake
could be found, and the bot-s were, to all ap
pearances, as sound and hearty as ever.
Uncle Abe then picked up his corn sack and
made a trail of corn back to tbe house, but
tbe hogs did not follow, seeming to prefer the
flesh of tbe snakes to tbe com. Ever since
then the drove of hogs have remained in the
mountain, coming home only to get a change
j of food, and where once no man dared to
tread there is now not a rattlesnake to be
found. The pigs had cleaned them out.
Uncle Abe save there were not less than five
hundred rattlesnakes killed in that single
fight, and not one bog was hurt. Ciuciaiiau
Wouldn't Be Outdone.
Another story which Gen, Sheridan was
fond of telling at tbe dinner table, after tbe
I coffee had been served and the ladies had re
tired, went somewhat like this, I am told:
There was a xealous chaplain of tbe Army
of the Potomac, who bad called on a colonel,
noted for his profanity, to talk of tbe reug
! ions intereste of bis men. After baring been
politely motioned to a seat on the chest, the
chaplain began:
'Colonel, you have one of the finest regi
ments in tbe army.
"1 believe so," said tne colonel in reply.
"Do you think," pursued the chaplain.
l "that you pay sufficient attention to tbe re
ligions instruction of your menr
'-Well, I don't know," doubtfully replied
tbe colonel.
'A lively interest has been awakened is
the Massachusetts," tbe parson went on
to say. "The Lord has blessed the labors of
his servants, and ten have already been bap
'is that sor excitedly cried the colonel.
and then turning to tbe attendant, added
"Sergeant major, nave fifteen men detailed
immediately for baptism; I'll be blanked if
I'li be outdone by any Massachusetts regi
ment." Piew ork inbune.
chamber is found to greatly increase tbe use
ful effect of blasting and also tbe proportion
of round coal. It is used in six seams in the
colliery, and has also been adopted at Lens,
France. The coals are not brought to the
surface of the shafts, but only to the level of
400 feet, whence an endless chain road, two
miles long, extends to Bar Bonnet.
The baint Andre du Foiner mine claims to
be the deepest coal mine in the world. It
has a royalty of 804 acres, and a yearly pro
duction of 300,000 to 250,000 tons. There are
two coal drawing shafts, the one 2,952 feet
deep, the other 3,063 feet deep. The first
shaft is being deepened to 3,149 feet. Each
of the pits is ventilated by a Ouibal fan work
ing in a second shaft A remarkable feature
in the working at these mines is tne compara
tively low temperature experienced. Tbe
maximum temperature is 75 degs. Fahr., and
it is very often considerably lower; tbe air
passing along tne "face" is not warm. This
tends to show that elevation of temperature
is by no means the greatest obstacle in work
ing very docp mines. Age of bceoL
bonk maker after he whipped H ten an
left a fortune of nearly $2 75,0 X).
Doctors' Bills.
Nearly all diseases oriifinate from in
action of the liver, and this is especially
tbe case with chills and fever intermit
tent fevers and malarial disease. To
save doctors' bills and ward disease, take
Simmons Liver regulator, a medicine!
that increases in popularity each year.
and has become the most populsr and
best endorsed medicine in the market for
the cure of liver or bowel diseases.
Tblkoraph, Dubuoue. Iowa.
IntoUigetK of Whale.
Whales are very human and very knowing.
t o. 1 have seen those gigantic whale moth
ers sporting with their calves and rolling in
clumsy play with them within pistol shot of
the schooner. A whale has some senses finer
than ours. They seem to have some sort of
electric communication between them.
though for apart. At times, if one whale,
though half a mile from his companions, is
struck, the rest seem instantly to know it,
and dash madly off. A whale in swimming
leaves a slight ooxe or streak of oil behind on
the water's surface. The whalers call it the
"slick. Now, this "slick does afford some
sort of communication to the whale when it
is touched by any foreign substance, and tbe
whalemen in their boats will avoid crossing
it wben they see it, for it seems as if it con
veyed warning to a whale they are desirous
of approaching.
The "calf" sometimes lagged a few yards
behind the "cow" while our boatjuwere in
chase, and if by accident our boat header put
his iron into that calf the mother instantly
knew it, and then, and not till then, would
she turn furiously on tbe boat. Wben she
was roused man was no match at all for
for her. For wounding her calf a "cow"
chased one of our boats ashore, and for an
hour she lay "on and off,n blockading their
port of safety and waiting for them to put
off, that she Slight have another whack at
tbem. They did not put off until aha had
gone. Freutice Muliord in ISew York Star.
anrofnrpdi tSTABusHtu 1851 1 leeso.
auretunb.j chicagof 1119. iciarksu
Tae Regular OldEslatllstcil
h stilt Treating with the Greats
CMcJraE and Private Beess.
hood. Failing Memory, Exhausting Drains,
Terrible Dreams. Hesd and Back Ache anrt all
the effect -eaditiK io early decay and perhaps Con
sumption or insanity, tre?Ted scicnt:iicaii l y new
i-5YPH1U1S nrnl ali bad rtJOOd and SUB
Diseases permanently cured.
At KIDNEY and URINARY complaints.
Gleet, Gonorrhoea, Stricture, Varicocele and
all diseae of the (jenito-rrinary Onran cured
promptly without injury to Stomach, Kidneys or
other On!.
f No experiment. Age and experience
important. Consultation free and sacred.
rSend 4 rmcs pmutfc f r Celebrated WorkB
on Chronic, Nervoua and Delicate lta.
Those cnntemo'aiine Mamace wiwt for Dr.
Clarke's celebrated miide Male ami Female, each
is cents, both ; centt (stamp!. Consult (he old
Doctor. A friendly letter or call may saw hinir
autf'hng arid shame, and add (rnlrlen yea? to lite
rBook "Life 'a (Secret. Errors." so mitt
(stamp). Mrdirine and wiitin sent everywhere,
secure from exposure. Hours, 8 to & Sundays
9 to is. Addreu
F. D. CLARKE. M. D.,
186 So. Clark St, CHICAOO, ILL.
.1 IIBSrW jaw Siiiis!.Si5(3a?Wt'i 'A y.snuiiij"L
Health is Wealth I
Duck shooting is now at its height in
Missouri. The streams and lakes are ov
ert d with these birds now on their south
ern migration.
To protect the public from imposition,
Pond's Extract is told only fn bottles
with landscape trade mark on bnff wrap-
Tbe Royal Glass Eye.
Young men in America who go in for sin
gle eyeglasses simply because it is done by
distinguished Individuals whom they have
seen or heard about will be cheered to learn
that Prince George of Greece has taken to
wearing oneaud that tbe crown prince of
Sweden is imitating him, though neither of
these royal young gents is troubled with de
fective eyesight. Itoodou Cor. 2ew ltork
Haipions Hot Coffee
Five Cent Luncb Counter.
A full line of
jnst received.
Corner Ninth Street and
. Fourth Avenue.
Comfort Uaaor ib. Wa'stbsnfl .
Tbe call of tbe stomach most be
aVatmni Maple
To .How prejudice or Ignorance to get
swered even at tbe cost of subsequent the better of good judge Brent. It hu been
conclusively proven that constipation.
bad Breath, dyspepsia, kidney affections,
and all diseases of tbe livar. stomach and
bowels have bean ram) by simply taking
Binmona Litver Regulator. It is harm,
less, not onpleaaant, and easily procured,
so there is no reason to be ignorant of
tils remedy we especially commend to
your notice ror trial.
discomfort. How to make digestion a
regular sequence of the satisfaction of
appetite so long baffled medical invest!
gation that it was almost given up in
despair, and dyspepsia viewed as well
nign incurable, tiostetter s stomach Bits
ten came to the rescue of the dyspeptic,
and upset the theory of incurability. If
u be used with persistence, and common
sense in diet be not constantly violated.
the bitters will most certainly restore
fi vo h D.va.4
(I ':'
Vsai Coastal 0.'
on re of tiowrrrliee. and
Uleet. I praserlbe it and
foel aate in rainmns-
Inij n to all sufferers.
(feertor, IU.
PWCB. 1.M.
Sold by Draggiat.
Tbe Eiffel tower is now 583 feet Inch.
vigor and tranquility to tbe stomach snd The remsing 400 feet will be com Dieted
constant regularity in its digestive func- I in January.
rirms 1 ne nvsnemie won naA. tt a..t wm-.m
matksallv soon ceases to suffer after din- The average length ot life is on the in-
I ner penalties, and enjoys comfort under crease. The science of medicine hat made
the waistband between meala. A bene-IK" progress; many aiaeases are now
Iflcent change, truly, and one that is aided controlled that were formerly thought in
by a sedulous avoidance of .indiscretion curable The greatest discovery is Dr.
in estine and drinkine. Consti nation Bigelow's Cure, which cures eoasump-
biliousness, nervousness, malaria, kin- tion in stages that other remedies are of
ney troubles and debility are email v reme IO benefit. Coughs ooWs, croup, whoop- rofaatdtu.
Many peculiar points make Hood's Sar-
saparilla superior to all other medicines.
recultar In combination, proportion,
and preparation of higredjents, V
Hood's Sarsaparllla possesses JT
the full curative value of the rf
best known remedles,
the vegetable king- saV S dom
Peculiar in its S JUY strength
and economy -X f Hood's 8ar
saparilla Is tha only medi
cine ofr' which can truly
besaidj Mine Hundred Doeoa
One V-aO S Dollar." Medicines in
larger and smaller bottles
aJk require larger doses, and do not
produce as good results as Hood's.
S Peculiar In its medicinal merits.
Hood's Sarsaparilla accomplishes cures hith
erto unknown, and has won for Itself
the title of The greatest blood
purifier ever discovered."
I'eruliar in its " good nat
borne," there Is now
of Hood's Sarsaparilla
Lowell, whei
than of all
Dr. B . C. Wert's Vfrre and Brain trmrtment- a I
iniaTanteed wctfic ror brnteria. dlaxines. oon-
vulsionn, flta, nervoos nearalala, heaiarhe. ner-1
Tons pmttratlon caated b the ae of alcohol or
i tooacoo. waKeruinrns. aieniu ntmreaston.aoiteB-
ing of the brain waiting In hmnity and leadiug
to miMrr, aeav ana aeata. prematare old age.
barren news, inaa of power in either arc. Inrolua
tarr Iwaaea and epennatorrtioea oansed by orar-
exertton m tbe Drain. eeiT abnac or over indni
gence. Each hoi conulns one month utreatmenL 1
91 a box, or ctx boxes for ffi, sent br mail prepaid
on recei pt 01 pnee .
To rare sny cas. With each ordrr received hy
oaforatz boxes, accompanied with fs, we will
stnd the Dnrchaaer oar written tniaraniee to re
fund the money If the treatment does not alVct a
core. Guarantees lsaed only hy Marshall ft
rustier, Harper doom arog store, eote agents.
, kock isiaaa 111.
(Chicago, Bock Island ft Pacific and Chicago, Kansas A Nebraska By.)
It mn'n lines, branrhBS and extensions west, northwest and southwest
Include Cbicacro, Joliet, Ottawa, Peoria, la Pall e, Moline, Rocs: Island in
ILLINOIS Davenport, Muscatine, Ottumwa, Osatalooea, West Liberty, Iowa
City, Des Moines, Knoxville, Winterset, Atlantic, Audubon, Harlan, Guthrie
Centre, snd Council Bluffs in IOWA Minneapolis and St. Paul in MINNE
SOTA Watrt own and Sioux Palls in DAKOTA Gallatin, Trenton, Cameron,
St Joseph, and Kansas City in MISSOURI Beatrice, Fairburv, and Nelson
in NEBRASKA Horton, Topeka, autchinson, Wichita, Belleville, Norton,
Abilene, Caldwell, in KANSAS Colorado Sprinsrs, Denver, Pueblo, In COIX)
RADO. Traverses new and vast areas of rich farming and grazing lands.
affording1 the best facilities of Intercommunication to oldr States and to aU ,
towns and cities in Southern Nebraska, Kaneas, Colorado, Utah, New
Mexico, Indian Territory. Texas, Arizona. Idaho, California, and Pacific
coast and trans-oceanic Seaports.
Of Palace Coaches leading all competitors In Fplendor of equipment and
luxury of accommodations run through daily between Chicago and Colo
rado Springs, Denver and Pueblo. Similar MAGNIFICENT VESTIBULE
TRAIN SERVICE daily between Chicago and Council Bluffs (Omaha , and
between Chicago and Kansas City. Elegant Day Coaches, Dining Cars,
Reclining Chair Cars (PREEi, and Palace .sleeping Cars. California Excur
sions daily. Choice of routes to and from Salt Lake City, Portland, Los
Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and intervening' localities. Quick time,
prompt connections and transfers in Union Depots.
Runs superbly equipped Express Trains dally each way between Chicago,
Rock Island, Atchison, St. Joseph, Leavenworth, Kansas City and Minne
apolis and St. Paul. The Favorite Tourist Line to the scenic resorts and
hunting and fishing1 grounds of the Northwest. Its Watertown Branch
courses through the most productive lands of Northern Iowa, Southwestern
Minnesota, and East Southern Dakota.
travel between Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Lafayette, and Council Bluffs. Ga.
Joseph, Atchison, Leavenworth, Kansas City, Minneapolis, and St. Paul.
For Tickets, Maps, Folders, or desired information, apply to any Coupon
wau au aaua viurau ajkairo VI SOII atjs( wi BruuiVDB
General Xanairer.
Oral Ticket Fsas, Agent.
sold In
it is made.
other blood
Peculiar in its
record of sales
do other preparation
attaioed such popu
larity In so short a time.
and retained Us popularity
and confidence among all classes
people so steadfastly.
Do not be fodoofd to buy other preparations,
but be sure to get the Peculiar Medicine,
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Sold by mil druorlru. fUatatforli. FrepareSoalr
by C. I. HOOD a CO., AsotWariM, Low.U. SUaa.
100 Doses One Dollar
(Charted by the LfcgiMatTjre of Illinois.)
Open daily from B A M. to 8 P. M .. aad oaTaes-
uaj ana setaraar nTfninm irutu 10
8 o'clock.
Interest allowed on Des posits at the rate
of 3 per Cent, per Annum.
Deposits received in amounts of
f 1 and Upwards.
The private property of tbe Trainees n repon-
I s!ble to the depo-itors. TtaeofBcer are pmhibi-
I ted from borrowing any of Its moneys. Minors
ana atamea women protect, 07 special taw.
Omcia:-4. W. Wh.:kucsl President : Join
Goon, Vice President ;C. P. IIeiivit, Caabief.
mrsTsas: s. w. w tMetocsroner rainnr,
O. W. Lobdell. SelMm ClMter. Tl. W. Caadee. O,
T Oraoix, a. 8. Writ, C. 9. Hemnwsr, Joba
Good: J. M. ChrlUr. C. H. Stoidard.
W-The only chartered savings Bank in Reek
siana joanr.r.
Qhancert KOTICB.
Rock Inland (Jouhtt. f
In the Circuit Court, Jannary Term, 8SS.
Lain B. McCaU vs. David H. McCaU-Ia Chia-
AffldaTitof non-rwidence of David H. MeCall.
the above defendant, tufine been flled tn the
ciera s ooce or tat ctrean eoort ef saw eoaoty,
notice is therefore hereby given to the said ooa
reotdeat drftmlaat thai the eonpUinant find faer
bill of compialnt in said eoan, oa tlwcaaarery
aide thereof, oa the Twentv-sevent 4ay of No
vember, 1688, and that therevnon a summons
weened oat of said eoort, wberebi said raH la now
pawling retaraaoia oa tae am Monday la 1
month of Jaaaarr uezt. aa Is bv law reonlred.
Mow, anless you. tbe said aoo-reaident defea-
aant aoove nameo, anaii penriMaiiy se ana sppei
befafe-said eirealt coart. oc tha llrat dav of tl
next term thereof, fie be holdan at Bock Island ta
and for aaid coucv. on tha first hlondav m Jaa
aarr next, sad pVead, aaawer or demar ta the said
complsiaaars bill of coas plaint, the aaste and the
mattera aad tbe mattara and thinn thepeln rhanr-
ed and stated will be taken aa confessed, aad a
decree enured asaiaat 70a according to the pray-
valoin thetr compleatnn ehnojd fveenr a
4f the hiteK imported aud aaaiilaioiial acknowl
eogaa aa me neu
Ooarattted to Im norfortlr barleTta. IroDrrorrtl
h'x. durmlilt ati1 lovi-ibla. For Sale eTr)rwbre
Prlre. Cde and OOc ar Wjk. Aa oor
draggiat tor K or write for post,. aaaipa boa So
J. F. LLOYD A CO., Sol Impsriart.
WT mm SS Vfwahlngtwa 1HrU rtllCAOO.
Fob Saxb bt tsb Foixowixe Dbcobibts
Uarsball A PUher,
Hartz ft Baknsen,
and Frank Nadler.
I diable with this line restorative.
Subscribe for tbe Daily Argus.
I iBf cough, bronchitis, aad all throat aad I
J lung diseases speedily and safely. . Pitoo
SO cents and tl. of druggists. 1
Bock Island, IDs., Xovamber 17, a., D. Is-.
- ClwkoT saMdnattOoat.
X. w. bobst, cownt's not,
or thf I.ier Habll. pMitlTrlv Carea
Sy adanialMtrriag Dr. Uainea
Tt fan he etven la a oD of oaiTm or tM withnnt
tha knowledga of the peraoo taking It ; taaoaotntalr
bannlMa. and will effect a permanent and speedy
eure.wbHhrtb oatcnt la a znodrrai drlnkatr or
an aicolKMlc wreck. ThmiMndof drunkards hava
oen made temperat men wbo have taken Oolden
4pciAc Id thrtr rt'ff wltboot tbeir koowladga
and to-daF bUeve thy quit drtnktng of their own
freewill. IT N'KVRlt FAI1A. Th avatarm one
Impregaatod with tha Hpnrtrie, It bacocaes aa attar
unuaaai 1.11117 tor me nqnur appauia io axis'.
For aala by T. H. THOM Aftand UABUl
jriDuaa, iiruggtata, umcm. laiaaa, Ula
our stock of-
--School Shoes-
1622 Second Avenue.
(Formerly of Coal Valley,)
Dealer in Choice Wines, Lipors
No, 1717 Second Avenue, Rock Island.
And Dealer in Mens Fine Woolens.
1706 Second Avenue
rLaXLr I
And Dealers iu Flour, Feed, Baled Hay and Straw, Crockery
Glassware, Cutlery, Etc.
f-njnip Agenej aad tealtuae to as) partot Enrope.
Ml aad 10 Ninth Street, Bock Itknd, J
(a -

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