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Satckoatt. December 8.
About the only people who are dissat
isfied with the president's message are the
republicans. Thal'i all right. It was
not written to please them.
KtLSAra baa actually challenged Sulli
van to fight, and the public conld not do
better than get ita cyclone pits in read!-
f tbe wind storm that i sure to
Wotru) it be so very strange of Presi
dent OIawa).. i . ., i
u were mi ue ine aamncrauc
-w uBuiuavg in iovr veriainiy
the policy of the party will be tbe policy
marked out for It.
For Downright CtuaedneM and Cold Kill
ing It Had No Equal -Tho Gun Settled
All CUpntes It Wu Death to Bo
Oki hundred nearo women dressed In
men's clothes Toted the republican ticket
Pitt county, N. C, at the recent elec-
on, ana yet the republicans are howling
er the suppression of the colored vote
' the south.
nTC,L... .
ouiuui says that Blaine
jMot want the nomination for the pres-
mj in 1884, and produces a letter
she Maine statesman to prove it.
orunatelv old Tern mn AA nnt "hum
thi. j-.r r "
i "A fi'c wieiter," as the writer requested, and
' .ij T , today the set of self immolation of tbe
S V ""Tnan from Maine stands forth in all its
uuumty ana grandeur.
V f
t 1 an
Tbbrk is nothing in Presiden t Cleve
land's message to indicate that his in
ret m public affairs has diminished I
tide in conseouence of his defeat
Iterances on the leadioe Questions
ie day are as clear and incisive a
and with even hlnw h oiriV. ,i,
J1 J on the head. Evidently his
career in the Held of statesmanship has
only just commenced. His opponents
will find it a much more difficult matter
to keep him down than tbev imagine.
Mrs. James Q. Blaine, Jr ,has finally
decided to go upon the stage as a means
of livelihood, having been dropped by
the Blaine family and no longer living
with her husband. Of course, this is a
5tir concerning which the public has
no interest, as it is a purely personal af
fair, but it is hard to retrain from com
men tine upon the injustice of condemn
ing to a life of toil and privation a young
woman against whom there is no charge
except that sbe has incurred the enmity
of her mother-in-law. Young Blaine
position in th? whole matter ra simply
contemptible snd he cannot be regarded
with too much scorn. Whatever bis
father may be as a politician, he would
never have acted thus as a husband and
a man.
A Hod Hone For Harrlwon.
On a flat car which passed through
Rock Island on aa early morning frei:
train yesterday, was a sod tioue which
Is being sent to President-elect Harrison
from Loup City, Neb. It h a great ad
vertiaiog scheme for the Nebraska tow
and is built on a Union Pacific car. The
house is embellished on its journey by
two paintioga, the work of a Lincoln ar
tist, illustrative of the history am
growl b of rteorasrta One aide is cov
red by a cauvas, 5x10 feet, which rep
resents an em mi grant party on the pra-
lies of Nebraska twenty-etebt years ago.
They are traveling iu their old fashioned
prarle sch no oners and are engaged in
skirmish with the Indians. Across thetop
of the picture are the words "Nebraska
in I8ft0. The other side is covered wit
a canvass painting of ttie same size, rep
resenting a farmer engaged in harvesting
his fields of golden grain with all the ma
chinery of modern times. In the dis
tance are seen his meadow and pastures,
and his flocks and herds, with a large
and handsome farm hnue and spacious
barn in the background. Across the top
of this picture are tbe word: "Nebrask
in lSSS." Besides these pictures are
number of banners, five by eight which
fly from different pirts of the car. One
says: 4'In I860 Nebraska had 28,841 pop
ulation and 5.00U.00O miles of railroad.
Another says: "Loup City, the seat
Sherman county, Nebraska, sends th
offering of its respect and esteem for tbe
Cbnreh srrietH.
At Trinitv church, Rev. R. F. Sweet
rector. Services tomorrow, tbe second
Sunday in advent, at 10:45 am. 12 m and
7 pm. At tbe chapel at 2 30 and 7 p
At the First M. E church.preacbina at
10:45 am and 7 pm, by the pastor,
the Rev G W Oue. Morning subject:
"Come and See." Evening subject:
"Sinai and Calvary." Sunday school at
9:15 a m, J. F. Robinson, superintend
ent. Young people's meeting at6:$0p
At the Twentieth street Evangelical
Lutheran church, at 10 a m, Mr. A. Aui
stein, student of theology at Springfield,
111., will preach. There will be no ser
vice Id the afternoon or evening. Tbe
Rev C A Mennecfee, who was the first
pastor of the cburch on Hampton Bluff,
will officiate on Sunday at the dedicatory
services of the remodeled church edifice
At tbe Central Presbyterian church,
the pastor. Rev A. B. Meldrum, will
preach morning and evening. Morning
subject: "The Increasing Church."
Evening subject: "My Falhera God."
Sabbatb school and pastor's bible class
at 9:80 a m, W H Hatch, superintend
ent. Young people's meeting at 6 p m.
At the Broadway Presbyterian church,
the Rev. W. S. Manjuis, pastor, will
preach at 10:45 am., on "The Excellency
of the Knowledge of Christ." In the
evening he will preach in the Presbyter
ian Cburch, Davenport, and there will be
no service In the lirowadway church.
Sabbath school at 9:10 a m, Dr. J. W.
Stewart, superintendent. Young People's
meeting at 6 :15 p. m . Topic God's
Commands, Deut x:13. Miss Florence
Stewart, Leader. South Park Mission
school at 2:30 p. m.
At the First Baotist church, H. C. Le-
land pastor, services at 10:45 a m and
7pm tomorrow. Rev. J. C. H. Read
will preach in the morning and the pas
tor in the evening. Subject: "The Seek
tng Savior." The evening service will
be opened as usual with a season of song.
Sabbath school 9:80 a m, J. W. Welch,
superintendent. Young people's meeting
at tJ:lo p m. For tie m Street en a Del.
Dr. Weidner. of Augustana college, will
preach at 8:30 p m. Sabbath school at
2:80 p m, Paul Keller, superintendent.
Nobody ever knew of a tougher town than
Newton, Kan., was in the early days of its
existence. Nobody knows of a more lovely
or more peaceable city than that same place
today. In the spring of 1871 the terminus
of the Santa Fe railroad was at Emporia, It
was determined to build to a point seventy-five
miles further west The object was to catch
the Texas cattle trade. On the 14th of April.
1871, the wnter reached the banks of Band
creek. Two men were found camped there.
There was not a foot of lumber in what is
now Harvey comity, Kan. These men were
the pioneers of the town that Capt John
bebastian alterward named Newton.
Six weeks later there was a population of
nearly 2,000. The history of the town for its
first eight months is a story of lawlessness
and blood that has never been equaled on
this continent. Other places, mining camps
and cattle towns, have kept up the music of
the pistol a greater length of time, but for
downright cusscdness and cold killing fiew
ton wears the belt. As soon as it became
known that Newton was to be the end of the
railroad for a year, and that it was to be a
cattle shipping point, whisky sellers, gam
blers and thieves nocked there by hundreds.
Of course many respectable men, seeking
legitimate business, went there, too, but the
great majority of the new comers were
They migrated there for the purpose of
robbing the cowboys and cattlemen. For
mouths it was a never endinir battle between
these law breakers on the oue side and the
men who knew no law on the other. From
first to last thirty-six were killed with their
boots on. At least a dozen gambling houses
bad places on tbe main street, keeping their
doors wide open day time and night time.
Sunday and all tbe time. One of them, the
"Gold Room." was capable of holdine 500 or
600 people. Every known kind of gambling
was practiced. A si-rht was seen in this
place one Sunday night that is not often wit
nessed. A Methodist preacher went to the
boss of tbe place, "Doc" Thayer, and re
quested permission to hold divine services.
it was granted, and with every gambling:
table running, tbe bar sending out its liquid
hell, that preacher, the Kev. Mr. Hahn
stood up and told the story of the Man of
rsazareth. Before he had finished his sermon
a quarrel arose at one of the card tables and
a man was shot. A detailed account of the
killing and murders is not intended. If
gang of cowboys rode into town the smallest
provocation would set their guns going, and
going to till.
A bond election was held. Several special
constables were appointed for election day.
One of them wis a Texan named Martin. At
the polls there was a quarrel between a bi
irishman, who went by the name of McClus
key, but whose real name was Arthur De-
laney, and the special constable, Martin. The
result of that quarrel was the death of eight
men and one woman, and the wounding of
just an equal number. After the election
was over McCluskey and Martin met in the
lone Star saloon and renewed the quarrel.
A proposition was made and accepted to go
out on the street and settle it with the fist
Both men laid off their belts and startsd for
the street Martin, however, had a run hid
den in his boot, and just as the door was
reached he went down after it, intending to
kill the Irishman; but McCluskey was too
quick for him, and, taking the gun away
from him, shot him dead. McCluskey eave
nimseu up anu was acquitted, aLartin had
of Inends, and they vowed vegeance on
ms slayer.
The death of Martin led to what has al
ways been known as the "big killing" in
Newton. There were three dance halls
across the railroad track in what was known
as "Hyde Park." In one of them the "big
toiling" occurred. McCluskey was a hanger
on at one of them. Martin's friends swore
they would kill him and all that took bis
part. Martin's friends got the worst of the
fight. It was known by both sides that the
fracas was likely to happen on a certain
night. Toe engagement took place accord
ing to programme, McCluskey was killed
early in tho fray, two holes through his
necit ana enoagn lead scattered around
through his body to make any one who digs
him up after a while imagine that he has
struck a paying lead mine. A man on the
McCluskey side shot nine of the long horn
crowd and did it in a novel way. Knowing
that the fight would occur, this man, Riley
Dy name, went prepared to make himself
felt He had four six shooters on him. At
the first pop of a gun he deliberately walked
up to a Texan and shot him in the eye; then
running bis two arms between the arms and
body of the dead man, be made a human bar
ricade and shot at will from a safe ambush.
After tbe fight ended he went out, mounted
a horse and left The dead at the big killing
were speedily disposed of, tbe wounded
taken care of.
Mike Fitzpatrick kept a dive that be called
the "Side Track." The unlucky chap that
got in there found himself side tracked until
his money was gone. Some of the decent
people were bold enough to protest against
some of his robberies, among others a prom
inent merchant. Mike did not like any in
terference with his business, and one morn
ing he loaded himself a little fuller than
usual with his vile whisky and started out to
do a little slaughtering. The merchant was
sought, but happened to bo out of the store.
alike went up tbe street terrorizing every
body and walked into a saloon. There he
saw the city's police judso, George Halliday,
and without the slightest provocation or a
word of warning be shot him through the
heart itie marshal, Jack Johnson, had
been advised that Mike was on a
ruiu and had started to capture bim. Hee-
M i lie coming out of the saloon.
Johnson took a rest for his Winchester rifle
on tbe weii curb and shot him down.. This
was Newton's last killing. In an hour after
ward toe citizens had formed a league and
the suspicious characters were notified to
leave. Ttiey left Only a few incidents are
mentioned ; only a few of the shootings de
tailed. Tom Carson, a nephew of old Kit
Carson, was sent for and came to take tbe
marshalship of the town. He stayed three
weeks. Tne toughs bad it in for bim, and to
save his life he skipped. "W ild Bill" tJ. H.
Hickox) tried to be marshal. He couldn't do
it Marshal King was kUled iu the discharge
of bis duties, and altogether it was the tough
est town on record.
The person who sees the lovely city today,
the county seat of one of tbe best counties
(Harvey) in the state, with its business, its
opera houses, its street cars, gas and water
works, and talks with its law abiding and
wide awake cititens, little dreams of tbe
scenes of blood witnessed in its infancy.
Omaha Herald.
leWuMlffl Voters
How They Cast Their
Votes on Nov. 6.
And Mnst of Them Official Vest Indulge
In a Pew Prediction Sam Cox Talk
About the Territories A Mandamus
That Vt orked Too Well The Champion
"Floater" Performance -B unary Peo
ple In Pennsylvania Alger's Ambition.
Chicago. Dec, K In the following table
official returns of the vote for presidential
electors are given for most of the states.
It shows that since lt&4 the Repub
lican vote has increased by 3S4,.S5 in the
thirty-seven states, the Democratic by 4T7,
ay, and the Prohibition vote by
while the Union Labor party gave 30,444
less for Streeter thau the Greenback party
did for Butler in 1884. The loss ou the com
bined Lator vote wil be somewhat lower
than 30,444 wheu all the returns of the
United Labor part tor Cowdrey are made
The total vote of the foar leading parties
was 10,150,74 J, atjainst 9,y8.i,y7 in lbM, an
increa-se o( Wo, 775:
Is 5a is
TT. T i -
0 co
Alabama. 57. 1W 1 T.ii0
Arkansas Z,": 8 iUt lO.GIS
California. 124.NW 1 17.7 - ft.7ti!
Colorado .((..Mil ;.7,.vi-.' l-.ioo l,ao
OouuHcticut ?4..Vli 7-i.W 4.j;i4
Delaware ItUi 4i
Florida ih ,(i Mf ;,y.. 01 4 3
Gt-orgia 41), iAA' V 0.172 136
Illinois S7i,tWti( 3lf.5.t, 2.,.'a B.4..6
Indiana iti:i,:y;t itti.oisj tt.ssi ,6in
Iowa i,.vj-. i;y.77 8.r.i0 tuor
Kansas lri-MX''.' lu-.'. 41 M'1- 3tV-'36
Kentucky i,i:h K).t 5,45 tit
Luui iana 30, il f4,SH! 1'
Maine 7;s.7:il Sit fC 2,yt 1,345
Maryland.. ftt..rtij tt,ltif 4.7tUi
Massachusetts .... lKi.447i lol.'.M) KW1
Michigan i'tt -7 sM.404 'Hi Mi 4,54ii
Minnesota 1.HJ H-V.ii yy.Wil li.i"t
Mississippi :,(.: tfis
Missouri SltU 'ti l,y.4l 4,540 1ft. M
Nebraska Wte,r.S '5.1 4K
Nevada 7.0 S.ll'Jj 41
New Hampshire. . 4S.7aj i,3.-! .flte 13
Nww Jersey 141,.J41j lM.4y.i 7.W4
Sew York (BO.SiS. fi..'.ti; 30,1 26
North Carolina... 131,74! 147,9.1:
Ohio 41ii.(54 39V..45.-.I 3. 496
Oregon 33.Ji:i 1,677 iS
Pennsylvania 5-Jt,uin 44ti.tW.-i; 20f7 3.S73
Rhode Island Sl.txW 17.oS3: l,3l
South Carolina ... Vi.7'0 65.SJ- "i
Tennesst i:;lt.yi 15t7KT
Texas SV i34.Sl 4,74'H s,459
Vermont 45,193 lfi,7ftt 1,459'
Virginia 150.4SS 151.977 1.6731
West Virginia ... 78.491 79.3'
Wteooiwu 176.553 155,ati 14.277 8,553
Total. 5,36,505 5,334,345'395,0$4l 144,33
Plurality .... 97,6WJj
from Jrfferson City that he would arrive in
uevier to-day, when me rt quest iur mmua
would be acted upon. Tbe sheriff maintains
that the cessation of hostilities is but tem
porary, and unless the governor acts prompt
ly tbe disgraceiui scenes oi nveuuesaay
n in tit will be repeated. Nothing but tbe
presence of tbe militia, be saya, wiii prevent
another outbreak, unless some adjustment of
tbe differences between the mine owners and
the operatives is reached. The tariff re
mained in fievier last night, and as far as tt
lies in bis power will see that peace is maintained.
Three. Men Successively Oveitome by Nol
le as Gas.
Cleveland, O , D a &.--A special from
Findlay, O , says Wi liora Li'htfoot, an em
ploye of tbe Peerless Refining company,
while cleaning a still, was overcome by gas
and fell face downward into a pool of oil.
Ephriam Weirick, who went to his assist
ance, also fell a victim to the noxious vapor.
Phil O'Connell, a third man experienced the
same result The three were finally gotten
out. Ligbtfoot is dead, Weirick dying, and
O'Connell will recover. The first two leave
families in destitute circumstances.
Considering Our Forest.
Atlanta, Oa., Dec. The American for
estry congress has been in S3ssion here, with
a number of men proviaeut in tiie work of
saving tbe timber of the country from unneo
esa: y destruction an i cultivating new wood,
present, among them Gen, Ureeiy, of Arctic
fame, Metars. Ferron and , Edgie
st on, of the government forestry
bureau; aox. U. K. rnngle, presi
dent of the congress, and others, together
with Hon. J. R. Jolly, forest commissioner
of Canada, and Prof. U. 8. Leaner, of
Russia, bearing a commits. on from tbe czar.
Many addresses were made giving practical
information as to tbe growth and care of
forest j. The congress ad jou nel yesterdaja
Knell Kays the Settlers Must Go.
Fobt 1odoe, la, Dec. 8 Richard ISnell
arrived home yesterday morning, and spent
tbe day at his office arranging terms with
river land settlers and receiving tbe con
gratulations of bis friends upon bis recent
marriage. Snell says that unless the wuather
changes he will immediately take up tbe
work of evicting the settlers, dropped during
his absence, and continue it until every set
tler bas paid for his land or has been evicted.
He thinks Cleveland will veto the bill recently
introduced in congress if it passes.
Tke Man from Backs.
A Crank Who Wants To Be
Next President
Vigorous Kealstanee to the Klcaratrua Bill
In the Houso A Fleet of War-ships
Ordered to V ayti Tlie Aqueduct Tunnel
Inquiry Further Investigation ot the
Pauper Labor Matter A Proposed Na
tional Bjtusenin Capital Flashes.
Washington City, De. 8 During the
past two or three days officials of tbe Wbite
House have been annoyed by a man who has
paid frequent visits there fir the purpose of
seeing the president. He if about 45 years
old, and well-dressed, and presents the ap
pearance of a man,evideutly a crank, in good
circumstances. Early in tbe morning and
late in the evening he appeared to see tbe
president on important business Sergeant
JohiiBon warned bim to keep away, under a
threat of arrest. He returned to tbe Wbite
Hou-w yesterday and Officer Cunningham
placed bim under arrest. He was taken to
tbe sanitary ofii -e, where be was questioned
by Sanitary Officer Frank. He gave bis
name as G. W. Jamison, and said he was
frmti Hartsville, Bucks county, Pa,
There was an election last month," re
marked the stranger.
"I believe there was," said the sanitary of
fleer. ''Wen" said Jamison, "there is a mistake
as to the titan who was elected. Cleveland
and another man ran. Cleveland was de
feated, but the other man was not elected."
"Who wasT asked the officer.
1 was," he answered. And I came here to
se that President Cleveland turns tbe office
over to me and not to the other man."
He was taken to tbe Third precinct sta
tion, where he wilt be examined as to his
mental condition.
Regrettiug That the Question Bas Taken
the PartUau Chute.
New York, Dec, 8 In an interview yes
terday Hon. IS. S. Cox said regarding the
admission of territories into tbe Union: "The
question of statehood for these mature ter
ritories will be prominent at the shorr ses
sion of the Fiftieth as well as in the Fifty
first congress. How these affairs may be
treated wbethr a deadlock will continue, or
whether any compromise will be made by
which something may be effected Is more
or less of a party question. Tuis I greatly
regret I regret it as a partisan,
and I regret it more, having in
view the future of my party, aad
tbe growth and greatness of, our country,
and especially that portion of it
wast of the Misssissippi river. Any action,
therefore, depends, so far as the remnant of
this congress is concerned, on the complexion
of tbe next house of representatives. If it be
Democratic, tbe matter will be laid over un
til tbe next congress. If it be Republican, the
stress now being brought to bear upon these
matters inclines me to believe that in the
forthcoming session some action may be
taken, at least with respect to Dakota. Dem
ocrats, in that case, would be wise to antici
pate the action, and thus save their credit. "
Cox thinki south Dakota should be admit
ted this session, and that at the next session
one of the first proceedings of the Fifty -first
congress sbou'd be to pass an enabling act
for north Dnkota.
The Chicago Billiard Touroament.
Chicago, Dec. Last night tbe billiard
tournment ended with Eugene Carter victor,
he having to his credit a clean score of seven
victories and no defeats. Gallagher and
Catton finished next to him, with a record of
five victories and two defeats each, and will
divide tbe second and third money, and
Moulds and Mggiola will divide the fourth
prizs. Ihe nnale will be to-night, when
Jacob Scbaefer wiK undertake to make odO
points at the game played in the tourna
ment before Carter makes 400.
The "Q Dynamite Conspiracy.
Geneva, Ills., Dec. 8. Tbe direct exami
nation of Informer John A. Bowles m tbe
dynamite trial was concluded yesterday
morning. Attorney Donahue, counsel for
Bauereisen, cross-exumined the witness at
length, after which court adjourned until
Monday. ihe cross-examination did not
seriously affect the direct testimony, which
much Lhe same as that given in tbe trial
at Chicago, and reported in these dispatches
at tbe time.
rncleSam Wants 13,000,000.
Causes City, ev. 8. The United
States government has entered suit against
various corporations and individuals of this
Stat, aggregating about 13,000,000, for
catting woo;i and lumber ot? unsurveyed
govern ment laud. Among the heaviest cor
porations sued are the fc-areka Consolidated
Mining company, for K),tK); Richmond
Mining company, t6.2.!J,0M; Eureka & Pali
sade Railroad company, t?50,utU
yf for Sale.!
One of Ihe Russian Variety,
Short of Cash.
5 A
TH Banltonnt Lsay in Bock IilssA.
Remarked to s friend tbe otber da; that
sbe knew Kemp's Balaam for tbe tbroat
snd lungs was a superior remedy, as it
stopped ber cough instantly wben other
cough remedies bad no effect whatever.
So to prove this and convince you of ita
merit, any druggist will give you a sample
Dottle tree. Liarge size 00c and f 1.
A i
Tbe salary of tbe Fnelisb attorney
general Is 7,000. with 5.000 perquhv
lies. Tbe solicitor general s stipend Is
to.uw and 3.000 perquisites,
Over eleven million dozen of egg were
imported from Canada last year.
A Vircinia Beauty.
Porter Ashe has made up his mind that the
most beautiful woman be ever saw lives in
Richmond. Va.
. This is significant, because he was a rival
of Freddy Oebhard in the wooing of Mrs.
Langtry at Long Branch last summer, and
was tbe causa of the sentimental quarrel
which ended in Freddy's angry departure
alone for England. Ho was promptly fol
lowed by the Lily, who brought him back
amiably, and they are together again during
the actress' present tour.
That Ashe should unequivocally award
the palm of unequaied loveliness to anybody
else than Mrs. Langtry, after last aummar's
devotion to her, indicates either resentment
or outspoken honesty.
"Is it really true, Mr. Ashe," ha was asked,
"that you found such a wondrous beauty in
Virginia f
'It is true enough," be replied.
"Is she Amelie lUvesf I have heard it was
she to whom you have awarded tbe palm."
irNo. I have seen the authoress and she is
certainly handsome. Bo are a great many
Virginia girls. I don't believe there is a city
In the Union that has suob a high average of
beauty in its women as Richmond. My sis
ter is visiting there and she wrote to me that
if I would come she would show me the hand
somest woman in tbe United States. I went
not for tlut reason, mind you but I did
see tbe young lady to whom she referred."
"And her name was"
"Bhe must be nameless. I fancy that she
wouldn't care to be exploited as a professional
Mr. Ashe's use of the term "professional
beauty1 recalled Mrs. Langtry to my mind,
and 1 said: "Wall, is she more beautiful than
Mrs. Langtryr
" Yes; there is no doubt at all about that,"
Clara Bella,
To tins; In Five Towns and PromiscnotHlr
u to Politic;.
MrDDLETOWX, N. Y., Dec. The story
of the feat accomplished on Nov. 6 by tbe
champion repeater and "floater, in voting
at tbe polls of notes than five different
towns, three in Chenango county and two in
Cortland county, bas not yet been f ullv told.
It now appears that in order to make tbe
rounds of tbe five polling places be traveled
something like thirty miles, every inch on
foot ai.d between sunrise and sunset.
The reward earned by this ex
traordinary diligence in the ex
ercise of the glorious right of suffrage
is said to have averaged $3 a vote, or $15 all
told; doubtless the biggest day's wages that
tbts particular nater ever got in tbe course
of bis life. He fell under the blandishments
of tbe poll-workers of both parties, and, as it
chanced, be divided his favors quite impar
tially between tbe two presidential candi
dates. His first ballot was for Harrison, his
Second, third, and fourth tor Cleveland, and
bis fifth for Harrison again. The champion
floater is resting unmolested on his laurels,
and his exploit is recounted as a good joke
by the politicians of tbe country side.
Saaee for the Goose Proves to Be "Ptseu1
for the Other fellow.
Charleston, W. Va., Dec & The de
cision by tbe supreme court in granting the
Democratic application for a writ of man
damus against tbe ccuuty court baa turned
out to be a bad thing for the Democrats.
Tbe object sought by the Democrats in get
ting tbe decree was to throw out the vote of
the Lewistoa precinct, which gave nine Re
publican majority, ibis was done 1 burs-
Yesterday the county court likewise threw
out Coal burg precinct, which gave a Demo
cratic majority of twenty, and Mctrinnis,
Republican, for congress, is therefore one
ahead. The Republicans last night were
Jubilant, and predicted that before tbe last
has been beard of .e mandamus busin
McOinnis would have a iargur majority
than was ever credited up to biuu
He Hakes Some Predictions an to What the
Kepubltcas Will io.
Washington City, Dec. 8. "You can
look out now for the money to fly,' said
Senator Vest Thursday. "Tbe Republicans
have got everything and they will make
appropriations rigbt and left. They will
pasB tbe service pension bill, which will use
up at least 1.0,000,000; the Blair educa
tional bill, which will absorb about $7d,00u,
000; tbe direct tax bill, which will amount
to nearly $'4),0',0,000t and tbe Lord knows
bow many otber bills in the same line. They
will prouably run tbe expenses of the gov
ernment up to 1100,000,000 within two yeara
Ibey will soon get nd of the surplus. That
will not long be a standing menace to (ien.
Harrison's administration as it bas been to
Mr. Cleveland's. The Republicans will, no
doubt, call in the SMOOu.OOO now out in the
national banks, and that, with all the ex
travagance of appropriations, will bring
about well, 1 shall not continue the sub
ject further. Wait and you will see."
What Alger U "Laying For."
Washington City, Dec. 8. Representa
tive Cutcbeon, of Michigan, is a personal
friend of Gen. Alger and is on confidential
terra with him. He said yesterday:
I think (hat a cabinet portfolio will be offered
Gen Alger, but 1 am satisfied that he will not
accept. Tbe fact is that he has by bo means
given up the idea of the presidency. His chances
for H2 are very good. Entrance Into the cabinet
would Jeopardize them. If be were in Mr. Harri
son's cabinet and a a-ond term for the president
were proposed lien. Alger could not, of course.
go before the convention.
The flower trade of London is
mated to amount to $5,000 a day.
Ordered to Pttt Vp the Rates.
Sew York, Dec. S. The eastern agents
of all the southwestern roads have received
orders to restore rate to the old brdule.
The advance makes first-class freight fc'-fri;
second class, fi. 12; third, t'.TS; fourth,
$l.4S; fifth, l.S(; Sixth, U!'; seventh,
lhe restoration took eliect to day.
Tbe rates prevailing lately were as much as
40 per cenL in some classes below tlie above
"Bnitft-ry Joe" Finds a Caterer.
BALTiMORa, Dee. . "Hungry Joe" was
arrentt'd in New York on suspicion ofhaving-
buncoed o:d Vtuham Hansmer m Balti
more a we-k ao out of $0,0)0. Mr. Ban
semer, a liveryman nam Payne, from whom
the bunco man hired a team ou tbe day of
the swindle, and a detective went to New
York at noon identify tbe suspect and iden
tified bim.
Jacksonville Is Probably Healthy.
Jacksonville, Fia., Dec. 8. There were
no new ca-ies nor deaths from yellow fever
reported yesterday. There was a heavy frost
in the morning, and it is generally believed
that no more cases of yellow fever will occur
this season. Indications point to tbe arrival
of 4,000 or 5.000 people here on Dee. 15.
Tlie Thief Who Robbed Mrs. Potter.
Washington City, Dec. K Attired in a
handsome walking-gown of dark-green cloth.
Mrs. Potter tripped lightly np the steps of
the police court building yesterday in com
pany with hei manager and Mr. Bennett, of
tbe Arlington hotel, and enrered tbe dingy
court-room, which wasfllled with well-
dreswd people anxious to see the lady with
out the intervening glare of a row of foot
lights. IShe was there to prosecute Joseph
Brown, alias J. o. Buck, the thief who robbed
ber room. She identified tbe jewels found
on him, and the judge sent bim to tbe grand
jury under $10,000 bonds, and later in the
day the grand jury returned an indictment
against htm.
Tke President Goes Hunting, Too.
Washington City, D. 8 The Post
says: "While President-elect Harrison bat
been tramping over tbe Indiana prairies bag
ging quail and prairies chicken with bis new
bammerless shotgun with mlaid stock, Presi
dent Cleveland bas also been shooting. His
gun may not be as fine as that of the president-elect,
but he bags considerable game.
One of the attaches of the White House, Mr.
Loefflur, knows the best hunting grounds for
squirrels in this part of tbe country and be
took tbe president up into a patch of woods
above Bright wood tbe other day and to
gether they soon bad a dozen 'Squirrels, of
which nine were brought down by tbe president.
Legislation on Undesirable Immigrants.
Washington City, Dec. 8. The house
committee on the importation of convict
labor, at a meeting held yesterday after
noon, decided to send a sub-committee to
Pittsburg,Pa.,and Providence, RI , to inves
tigate tbe questions of convict labor, and im
portation of insane persons and paupers.
After tbe return of tbe sub-committee, a
bill will be drawn up. practically on the
lines of the Oates bill, introduced in tbe
bous on Monday la-t It is already agreed
by the committee that a tax greater than
that now imposed should be exacted of im
migrants. Tlie figure of $.0 per bead is
Plumb and the Metal Srhedole.
Washington City, Dec 8. Senator
Plumb, speaking of tbe amendment to the
tariff bill introduced by him in tbe senate
Thursday, said to a representative of tbe
United Press yesterday:
There is do great difference of opinion among
vie peopte on our sine or the chamber on the sub
ject of the metal schedule, or any other feature
of the tariff hill. We are all striving to Attain tlie
same end. 'Itu amendment which 1 offered yes
terday affects the hieheHt rate in the schedule of
duties. I think the finance committee u prepared
to amena uw Hcoeauie. i do not say the com
mlttee will agree to my amendment. I do Dot
think it is prepared to go as far as that. But we
will arrive at some agreement.
Much Opposition to lhe Senate Measure In
the House.
Washington City, Dec. 8. The Nicar
agua canal lull was considered at length in
tbe house ye-terday, and much opposition
developed to the incorporation a proposed
in tbe senate bill, tbe measure under debate.
Amendment after amendment was proposed.
all with tbe purpose of tieing up tbe com
pany to very close quarters, and preventing
any possibility of the canal costing the
United folates anything, if some of them
were not intended to make tbe measure
intolerable to tbe company, which
last was intimated in the debate by the
friends of tbe bill. The usual claims that the
whole thing was a stock-jobbing affair, that
it was unconstitutional, that the government
would finally have to pay for the work, etc..
were made by the opposition, and Holman's
amendment, amended by Cobb, providing
that under no circumstances shall the United
States be held to any liability, and reserving
the rUbt to repeal or altr the act and regu
late the tolls, wns adopted without trouble.
Tbe friends of the bill claimed that it
would revive our shipping interests and give
us the key to the South American trade.
Spinola said the language of the bill was
similar to that used in the Centennial expo
sion bill and tbe government had been
obliged to make that appropriation goo-L
Heed sai i that the gentleman was as much
out in bis history as be was in his law.
O'Neill of Pennsylvania said that tbe Cen
tennial loan was paid by tbe people of Penn
sylvania and not by tbe government
Hoi man s'ud the bill was unconstitutional,
and that if passed in its present shape con
gress wonld be asked in less tlian fcen years
to guarantee the bonl,andsoon. Tbe bill was
left uncompleted, with enough restrictive
amendments adopted to make it very doubt
ful of passage this sessiL-ii.
To Be Made By t'ttcle Sam In Order to
Bring; Haytl to Terms.
Washington City, Dec, S. Orders were
issued yesterday afternoon to the command
ant of the Norfolk nav yard to prepare the
United Slates steamer 0sppee for sea serv
ice as soon as possible. It will take a little
longer to do this than it will to prepare the
vessfW now at New York, but it is thought
the 0-sipp"9 can he fully prepured to follow
tuem to Hayii within a few days. She will
lie sent to Port a ti I'rini-e unless something
happens in the mean I ime to render it unnec
essary. The ships at New York which have
been ordered fitted for sea are the Yantic,
Galena, and Richmond. The cause of this
navl activity is the case of thesteamer Hay
tien Republic, the American merchant ves
sel hih has been seized by the government
of Hayti for rendering assistance to the in
surgents in that island. Secretary Whitney
scys tbe seizure was unjustifiable, and Hay ti
must release the vessel.
A telegram from Boston savs: Orders
having been received from Washington
for all the naval recruits at the Charlestown
navy yard to proceed to New York, 144 of
Ibem left yesterday. Their ultimate des
tination could not be learned.
Who Is Willing to Swap Her Lucre for a
Title About an Overcoat and a Broken
Match A Tonne Woman's Ietrnctlve
Rae A Great Penchant for Husband
Two People Who Doat on Matrimony.
N'ew York, Dec. 8, The latest noble.
man to come across the sea to pluck away
the fairest flowers is Prince George ErutolT
de Qourie, of Russia, and dame rumor bas
been whispering that be was to wed Mrs.
Henry Turnhull, a rich and beautiful di
vorcee. A hitch in tbe interesting progress of
this match seems to bave occurred somehow.
He came near marrying lira Frank Leslie
in London. Bhe rejected bim finally and he
went to Parts and laid siege to the heart of
Mrs. Grace TurnbulL She wanted time to
think about it, but wben she came to Amer
ica he followed her, arriving here in Octo
ber last. He and Mrs. Turnbull were much
in each other's society. Rumor has it that she
bad accepted him. An overcoat was the
cause of tbe breaking off of the match. During
the last cold snap the prince ordered a
new, seal-lined overcoat, to cose $500. The
order was booked, but his highness was in
formed that cash was necessary. He con
fided to the exacting man of business that
he was about to wed a very rich woman,
and that tbe marriage settlement ould
amount to about $15,000 per year for the
husband's pin money. The furrier warmly
congratulated his bigbnesi, and invited bis
distinguished customer to a champagne
luncheon. It was arranged that the coat
should be started at once, and that tba
prince should biing in a document signed
by tbe fair divorcee, giving the details ol tbe
marriage settlement, upon tbe strength of
which credit would be given.
Mrs. Turnbull naturally objected, and tbe
match was broken off. A gentleman at the
Hotel Brunswick, an everyday acquaintance
of the prince, said: "The prince told me that
the income of his fiancee t$so,tMr) was not
quite enough, because he was fond of the
theatre and races. He had telegraphed to
bis mother, who sent a cablegram forbidding
his marriage with Mrs. Turnbull, because
the consent of tbe Metropolitan Greek church
could not be obtained."
The prince is still looking around and his
friends are railing his attention to other
American girls with wealth and several of
them nould be satisfactory to his highness.
If be can get an American wife rich enough
and witling to marry him, tbe prince will
no doubt be married before be returns to
She liaises Cain In a Too-Gallant Lawyer
Manchester, N. H., Dec. 8. A sensa
tional scene occurred in the offii-e of Thomas
J. O'Donnell, a lawyer and claim agent,
Thursday evening. O' Donne 11, it is reported.
has been paying marked attention to Mi
Maggie Haiubiin, a beautiful bloniie. Re
cently the pleasant relations existing between
them became sundered. Lt evening the
young woman called at O Don nel Is office
an i charged him with having deceived ber.
In a brief space of time she
bad wrought herself into a terri
ble passion, and in a few rotnu'es
had completely demolished everything
breakable in the office While tbe melee was
at ita height O'Donnell's wife appeared on
the scene. With a wild scream the Httmblin
woman rushed toward ber, but was inter
cepted by the busbanJ, who received show
ers of blows about the head and face from
tbe clenched fists of the infuriated young
woman. O'Donnoil thn sent bis wife for
the police, and the work of destruction was
continued for a few minutes longer. Mi?
Hambhn was arrested and locked up at the
police. Sbe will be released without punish
ment, it is supposed.
Conclusion of the Joint Convention Elee- 1
tlon of Officers.
Columbus, O., Dec. 8. The joint conven
tion of miners which developed into tbe na- :
tional Progressive Union of Miners and Mine
Laborers bas adjourned to hold its next Na
tional meeting next February. Tbe const! :
tut ion and laws governing tbe order were
adopted yesterday. The following officers
were chosen: .President, Jobn Mcoride, ;
Ohio; vice president, Thomas W. Davis,
Pennsylvania; general secretary, W. T.
Lewis, Ohio: financial secretary -treasurer, ;
Patrick MoBiide, Hennsylvania. Three
members of the executive board, with the ,
president and s-cretary, who are members 1
ex offima form a board of five, Instead of I
seven as at first arranged. Those elected '
are James Cant well, of Pennsylvania; John
Young, of Illinois, and J. J. Fitzpatrick, of
Pennsylvania. Columbus was cbo-wn as tbe
seat of headquarters for the coming year.
The delegates nearly all left for their homes
last night.
Some Employe of the Michigan Central
In Bad Business.
Chicago, Dec. 8. Last Monday Secretary
McKnigbt, of the Central Traffic associition,
who represents Chairman Blanchard In the
letter's absence, notified Gee era! Freight
Agent Mackay, of tbe Michigan Central, of
the fact that bis depart (Went was accused of
manipulating grain rates. Tbe modus oper
andi of tbe alleged manipulation was tbe
falsifying of transfer slips by which ship
ments of grain taken direct from Chicago
elevators were made to appear as through
hbipments from tbe west, the object being to
pr tic the Michigan Central at the expense
of the otber railways. Mr. Mackay says be
knows notiiine of bow it was done, but it is
suppoM-d that winia over-zealous local freight
a4ent h the culprit, and in one case forgery
i& cbarged.
Bit Hit Ii-coverer Refuses to Give His
Name Hie "Sw;ig" Recovered.
Nashville, Tenn., Dec. 8 The man who
stole t l.i x) in silver from a lot of coin being
transmittal by express from the New Or
leans mi-it to the treasury at Washington
Litv has been found, tbe money recovered,
and the man release 1. H. C. Fisher, super
intendent of the Southern Express company,
worked up tbe case, located the man, and
recovered the money, finding it in a trunk at
Bowling Green, Ky. Fisher flitly declines
to Rive the man's name, saying it is his first
otfeuw; tiiat he is of good family, and as toe
muuey has been restored there is no use say
ing anything more about it.
They Are Coming, Blr. Harrison.
PrrrsBDRG, Dee 8. The Times prints re
ports from correspondents in twenty-four
western counties in Pennsylvania, giving the
number of Republicans who will become
candidates for postofilces under President
Harrison. Thirteen hundred and eighty-six
candidates are reported by 200 correspond
ent, being an average of seven for each
All Quiet, with a Tendency to Farther Ont-
Macon, Mo., Dec 8 Advices from
Bevier, the scene of the labor disturbance
Wednesday nuht, are to the effect that all
is quiet and that tbe orders of the sheriff and
fn flu wmtan.ltnr fiwrai bi llMtl nlT the
streate after dark are beine obeved. Adit The Indians of Oldtown Island,
Gen. Jameson .telegraphed Sheriff Lydia bave organized a prinUnR firm.
Daneing Caused His Downfall.
Washington City, Dec, 8 Frank W,
Adams, a clerk in the Wasbintrton Citv noet-
offlce, was arrested Tuumday night for open
ing letters, rle confess aa tne crime, but said
he had not found any money in tbe letters
and that this was his first offense. He is only
L years of age. He attributed his downfall
to dancing. Most of his small sstary was
spent on dancing schools ana parties.
The Inaugural Parade.
Washiwgtoic Citv, Dec. 8. Governor
Beaver, of Pennsylvania, the grand marshal
of the inaugural parade, has appointed Gen.
D. H. Hastings, adjutant general ot the
Pennsylvania iNaUonai Guard, to be his chief
of staff.
Th Ds Moines River Ind BllL
Washxkgtoh City. Dec. 8 Senator
Plumb will .make an effort in tbe near future
to bring upm the senate tbe Des Moines river
land bill, which passed the bouse early this
wee, ne oopes to get it up before Christ-
Proceedinc In (he House.
Washinotov Citv, Dec 8. The state
ment in these dis;atcbes yesterday that the
hon-Je adjourned Thursday to Monday was
an error. It was decided to adjourn yester
day to Monday. At tho session yesterday tbe
invalid pension aporopriation bill was re
ported, and also tbe Smalls-Elliott contest
from South Carolina. The majority report
gives tbe seat to Elliott, the sitting member.
while that of the minority declares Smalls
entitled to it. Tbe bill to incorporate tbe
Nicaragua Canal company was then taken
up Au amendment was adopted provid
ing that the Luited IVatee shall not
be committed to any liability on
account of the company and that this pro
vision shall be printed upon every bond.
Holm.in offered the amendment. Another
amendment by Bland was adopted provid
ing thnt tbe L nited States reserves the right
to alter, amend or repeal tbe act and to reg
ulate the tolls, etc. Still another was adopt
ed regulating the is?ue of bonds and stocks,
etc., and one binding tbe company not to re
lease Nicaragua from any of its obligations
without the consent of the United States was
pending when recess wu takan to 7:30. at
wbicb faour the session was resumed, ten
pension bills passed and at 10 p. ra. an ad
journment was taken to Monday.
Whitney on a National 91 usenm.
Washington City, Dec. 8. Secretary
Whitney in answer to a house resolution in
regHrd to the establishment of a national
military and naval museum in the city of
ashing ton of a scope and character simi
lar to the museums now in existence in the
principal cities of Europe, yesterday sent a
letter to the bouse, in which be favors the
proposition, and says that a building of di
mensions and style oi architecture that will
make it an. ornament to the national capital
should lieerecLed. In it he thinks portraits
of military and naval officers, models, etc.
trophies of victory, and a large mass of col
lections now scattered in various public
building? throughout the country would con'
stitute a rtitlection that would tw very valu
The Aquednct Tunnel.
Wasbixotos City, Dec. 8 An investiga
tion into the mode of construction of the new
equeiluct tunnel has been in progress here
before a military court for sometime, the
work having been under charge of army of
ficers. The testimony was about concluded
yesterday. Briefly summed up the testimony
shows that tbe tunnel bas been most disgrace
fully botched by the contractor, and that it
will not serve its purpose. Tbe brick
put in dry, and the packing, wben it was
put in at all, was frequently thrown in loose.
Tbe contractor is undoubtedly guilty if tbe
witnesses swore to tbe truth. W bat respon
sibility rests on the array officers is not so
Insatiate Hattlel Would Hot One Snfflee?
Bcffalo, Y., Dec. & Hattte E. Elev,
aged , is shut up in Buffalo jail on a charge
of bigamy. Very good evidence goes to
show tQat she has four husbands living. She
was arrested on complaint of husband Na
llliam Murray, who discovered -that sbe
bad formerly married leter Boyee. M
ray stales tbat he lived with her after learn
ing of her former m image, and that ou bis
going to New Vork she refused to go and
soon married William Townend at Port
Dalhousie. Out. Subsequently returning to
Buffalo sbe married a man named Davis,
with whom she was living when arrested.
Rather Re Married Than Hie Unwed.
Mattoon, 111., Dec. 8. Tbe marriage of
Ritchey Campbell and Amanda Marsden, of
ladstone, was solemnised br yesterday.
heir ages, respectively, are 60 and 54 rears.
It is tbe groonVa third and tha bride's fourth
matrimonial venture.
Kotabte Deaths.
New York, Dec 8. Gen. William H.
Blair died at Bellefonte, Pa., yesterday, aged
in years. He was made brigadier general
for bravery at Antietam.
Lawrence Iv Kerr, proprietor of tbe Fut
nam bouse, New York, and president of the
Fat Men a association, died yesterday aged
a vears.
Olesjb Falls, N. Y., 8. Oeorge T.
Rockwell, said to be the oldest hotel proprie
tor In the country, died yesterday at the
Rockwell house, Luzerne, aged 81 years. He
bas a wide circle of friends.
Passengers Burned Out of a Trxln.
New Your:, Dec. The bi ferryboat
Maryland, whiru transports New England
trains from MottLaven to Jersey City, was
burned to the water s edge last night, on the
Harlem river. A train of cars was also de-
htroyej and the railioad station at Mitt
h iven is in, aii-s. The cars belonged to the
tt bite Mountain express for rbiladelphta
and Washington. There were twenty people
asleep in the cars at the time tho fire was
disrovered. When the alarm was given tbe
passengers were hurriedly awakenened and
placed in safety on tbe docks at tbe river
front The Maryland was valued at about
Crude Petroleum as a Fuel.
Findlay, Ohio, Dec. 8. Wednesday an
engine on the Tolt-do, Columbus & Southern
railroad drew a passenger train from Toledo
to tins city on fuel furnished by Ohio crude
petrol'-um. Tbe trial was such a success
tbat President Brown announces tbat he
wiil bave nil bis engines arranged for tbe
us! oi oil and doanav with coal. This ex
periment, which promises to be a permanent
s.uii'es?, will hklv revolutionize the fuel
pivUtMi ni railroading, and furnish a new
use tcr Ou;o petroleum.
.I.tnders Amonc Teiss Cattle.
ftciE.-"iEtt, N. Y., Dec 8 Thirty bead
of IVxis I'diile were brought from tba Buf
falo stock yanls to this city on Monday
ntgbt. Thursday niht a number of them
were found to b glaudered. Toe local meat
inspector vif itwd the yard whre they were.
and killed twenty-five head and established
a stri.-t quarantine over the remainder Tbe
buu-lnr-i and cattlemen are greatly alarmed
over the nutter.
Great Iistre In the Oreen Inle.
Dublin, Dec. 8. It is reported that m
various districts in Ireland, especially in
County Limerick, tbe ore vailing distress
among tbe agricultural population is of
enormous proportions. There is a large de
mand among tbe laborers in these districts
for assistance to emigrate, mostV of the ap
plicants asking for transportation to Buenos
Ay re in preference to tne United estates.
The Inter-State Commission la Chicago.
Chicago, Dec. 8. Chairman Thomas M.
Cooley, Hon. W. R Morrison, and Secretary
lavuey, ot tne inter-state commerce com'
"mission, arrived here yesterday. Tbe com
mission will enter upon, an investigation
tbe railroad troubles of tbe southwest and
northwest, and probably nmaiu in the city
tour or five days taking evidence.
The ancient custom of ringing1 the cur
few bell has been reaumed at Stratford
on-A von, tbe same bell being need as
that which wu tolled at Shakespeare'
Where 1 That Mnrvland Xvyt
Baltimoiib, Dec. 8. Ofliiwrs of steam
boats arriving here rort tbat large num-
Iwrs oi t';e oyster pirate are still dredging
on fta hi.ideu tt-miory all over the bay, and
tbat no upp sition is off-re i by any vessel
belonging to the state navy.
A Drug Clerk Hunted to Death.
Fall T.iver, Mass., Dec. 8. Henry Mur
phy, a iiru 4 clerk, was burned to death
Thur-Niay afternoon owing to tbe explosion
of some rbcmicaU which he was minng.
Tbe store was set on fire and slightly dam
Tle Weather We May Kipeet.
Washixito Citv. Dec 8. The following are
the w eat Iter iixliraiions for thirtv-si hours from
H p. m. yesterday : F-h- Indiana Illinois and lower
Michigan Fair weather, followed Saturday by
rain; cooler: variable winda For upfier Michi
gan aud Wisconsin Fair, cooler weather; varia
ble wut'is. For lows Fair weather; cooler; winds
becoming northt-riy.
Women and Girls Go on Strike.
Philadelphia, Pa., Dec, 8. About one-
third of the women and girls in Oeorge Bran
son's merican Knitting mills went on strike
yesterday against a proposed chance iu the
wages on a certam class of stot -kmcs made
oa knitting-machines. The employes were
notified of a reduction of 3 cents on these
stockings, the former rate being llceuta
They would agree to this, aud between
130 and 140 people went out, leaving six
girls and tbe forewoman at work on that
kind of stockings.
' The Mrstery of a Suicide.
Sharon, Pa., Dec. 8. -Recently Frank
Thompson, a young hotel clerk here, com
mitted suicide from grief over his mother's
death, A special dispatch from Erie, Pa ,
says she is at tbat place alive and welL She
has written for particulars of her sons
death. An entry iu Thompson's diary gives
tbe date of his mother s death, aid says be
attended her funeral Oct. 1 L. EtT jrts are
being made to unravel tbe mystery.
Ike Weir to Fight Tommy Warreu.
Bostos, Dec, 8 Tommy Warren and Ike
Weir were matched yesterday for a feather
weight championship fight about Feb. 1 for a
purse of about f ,,U0u given by tbe Cali
fornia Athletic club.
Enormous Price for a Horse.
London, Dec. 8. The Derby winner.
Orraon baa be sold to an American for
Hli Name Wns Pat Molloy.
Loudon. Dec. 8. Pat Malloy was a wit
neat for The Times before tbe commission
yesterday; tbat is he was supposed to be,
but be proved a bad one, decidedly.
In the first place be had refused
to obey a subpoena, and had
be dragged into court by a warrant; when
he got there he swore he knew nothing about
what TheTimt wanted developed.&nd besides
told tbe Parnell lawyers that be had been
offered money by a government official to
swear to certain damaging statement
against Michael Davitt.
Brad laugh's Daughter's Novel Burial.
London, Dec 7. A daughter of Charles
Bradlaugb, who died recently, was buried
Wednesday in Woking cemetery in a wicker
coffin. Tbe interment waa unattended by
any ceremony aud with tbe exception of tbe
silent placing cf several wreaths on the
grave there was no display. Brad laugh de-
aired to bave his daughter's remains cre
mated, but tbe retort was being repaired,
and tbe great Radical had to content him
self with the old -established mode of dispos
ing of the dtad.
i i i r '
Messrs. PROCTER & GAMBLE, CiNmvATr, O.
Gentlemen : Although a stranger to you, and my testimonial entirely
unnecessary, as it certainly is unsolicited, yet I take great pleasure in
testifying to the excellence of your Ivory Soap, and thanking you for
putting it on the market at so low a price.
It has entirely supplanted the use of Castife and other fine t.o::ps in mv
household for several years past, being in no way inferior anl from fifty t
seventy-five per cent, more economical.
A good test I find for the purity of a soap is to try it v. ;,! 3 r .;, f,,r
cleansing the teeth, and the taste of the Ivory so used is j t . ,
and clean.
Very Respectfully Yours, V. S. IJAKTR. M h
There are many while soais, each represented to be "just as good as fr-e l.c, ',"
they ARE NOT, but like all counterfeits, lack the peculiar and rctrjallp txaf'm
of th genuine. Ask for "Ivory" Soap and insist upon getting if.
Copyright bj Procter & Gamble.
Tbe finest carriages and buggies in
the city can be bad at any bonr
of the day or night.
L. G. SNIDER, Proptr,
No. 1918 Third Avenue.
Telephone W27.
Is consT'ic'p 1 on smuntiii.! prm :i,lr4. Un'ike aiy otlir irr.itts
it has a r-utrii tlra"t. This in'ir slow an I perfect c unlvistion.
economy of fuel, perfect ventilation, distribution of heat and
equalivalion of ternperatur trom Uoor to ceilm?;. Burns hard
or sou coal, cose or w o 1, an i n s nve lima ma neanac; cap ic
ily of any other on the mirke t.
Uall ana examine or semi i ir circular giving thi i iiisornin m
DAVIS & CAMP, Agents.
Pavehp.-rr. lou.i.
Chic ago. Dec. 7.
On the Ifcianl of trade today quotations were
an ftjlliws: Whtat No. 1 KvnibT. opened
. tjl.wrt.i Sl.HSj: January, r-fwned (1.044
cl.vs'd jf: W-kti May. okmkh1 $t.tH. cloned
$.tH. t'"m N. 4 January, opened S6V4C
i'liia"ri :.V; Fi'hmary, opened aAje. closed
May. feiil '7 7"-t ch-et HToc. Oats No. S Jan
uary, uifc-m-u aiiil closed 36c; May, opened
:. -lwsfd J't'o. Pork-Jtnuary. opened
SlSNi. .'toei Slit .0: February, opened and
cl.-s.ti. fiS.Slfc; Mav. opened $14.15 dotted
$1-1.07. Latxl Jauuarj, opened $t.!5, doM-d
"iiion Stock yard: Hops
Msrki-t o)-!'iii acJive and firm; prices Iwft 10c
Inrli'T: Iidit pra-U-s. f.Hiij;..3S: rough pacit-
"ji .V-1: iuix.Nl lots, J."i.nn(1-..:jo, heavy
packing ,itid Miipnmi; lots. -i. -i..i. Cattle
ltiill. Miiimi-iNo.ti; ueevp. ti.tdi'i.OH, mainly.
Sii-rdf'; co3 $1. 10 a 2.70; stockera And
feeders, Sl.75uiS.i8. Sheep-Slow. 10c lower;
natives. i.r.fitS.t: weslerm, t?.:iO(S4A; Tex
ana, (2.4):1 :W; lanitw, $.1.u..
Protimv: Butter Fancy Klein creamery. S3A
41c er lb; fancy dairy, iSiJr Slc: packing stock.
1aS)o. F.es Strictly fresh, th'iftaic; perdoc.
Poultry I,iv, chH'kens. TU(i$!c per lb; roosters.
Sa5'c; turkeys, HV(&9c; dty'k, lc; geese.
$tj.0it4t?.iW per doz. Potatoes Irish, S."Kti40c per
bit: sweet potatoes. f.UijtS.jU per bbL Apples-
Choice winter, SUol.Ta perbbl; fair to choice
do, 1 'W.
New Vork.
Niw York. IVc, 7.
Wheat Ouret; No. 1 red state.. $1.14; No. 3
dcfl.OM; No. i red winter Uecetxber. Si
do January, $1,057. Cora. Dull; o. 2 mixed
cadi, 4fv; do ltrcember, 46Uc. Oai Steady:
No. 1 white state, 43c: No. do, 81c; No.
mixed December, 31$c; January. Sc.
DnlL Barley-NomiuaL l.rk Dull; new
15.tW4t 15.- Lard-Dull; December,
January. $.43.
Live Stock: Cat tie -Common to prime natfra
ateers, $.1 100 Bh: l ulls and dry cow.
Ji.TS'tts io. Sheep ad Laraba Sbeep. j:.75a
52T. 9 100 Sm; lambs, l.,rl.;u. H-gs omi
Daily steady ; J.i..Hi it&.Ui y W .M.
Oat New 900.58
Hay I pland prairie. f4ffJ6.
nay noiH.nj new i-ouV
Har-Wild, S:UK2$6 J.
Rye flOc.
C-iro -JSAM9
Corn New. ffftaOc.
Tnrnipa ISc.
Cnal soft He: haul Ml OH-
Cord Wood- mk. f4 : Ilickory. $a.
Straw 500: baled J6 un.
Struck Acuta at tbe School 1 eartier.
JttFFERSOrTViLi.K, Ind., Dec Tbe child
ren of Koae Hill school are dissatisfied with
their present principal, and have secretly
prepared to strike against htm. They pro
pose to aoHent themselves from school on
Monday unless their old principal m re
6 track Oat far tba States, Probably.
Oshawa. Chit., Dee, 6. Dr. McBrien,
druggist, has absconded. His liabilities
amount to fully $ju0u0, and assets prat
tically nominal.
A diamond trust is tbe next and most
maguinoent combination to be formed by
a consolidation of tbe four great South
American diamond flelds.
Marriage Not a Failure
A New View of this great Question which
shows how Ladies may retain the
Lore of their Husbands.
No worn an who is unattractire la person, mind.
or deposition cso hope to interest or hold men.
Bad complexion, doll eyes, a listless nstsrs nerer
dtd or can attract mankind. Ob tbe otber band
bow amany women with clear rkia, beneath which
the blood can be seen tbrobbific with health.
brtht eyes and life and animation a ersry avore
meat, make the world a bles.ing to their has bancs
brothers, lovers or frienda. The secret of clear
kin, bright eyes and sai ma tlon Is food circula
tion of the ibood. When the blood Is slow the
person la stupid. Keep tbe hlood norlng. Bit
how? There it hnt oe wsy and that Is to help
Na are by a gentle stimulant.
Exercise is a splendid stlmnlant bat It is almost
IntTtoMible for ladies to take the hind oi exercise
that will proa nee health and beauty. Bat tbe
blood mailt be kept movitur, and tbe dircovery
which bas done more to add health and beauty
than any other know cQe Is Duffy's Pare Malt
Whin key. this (treat remeay sumuiaiea mrn tn-
lit. ft fa nnt. an Intitxte.ant. Thousands ol
women who were once tired, depressed and dis
coarsfed are now in nerfe t health aud beamy
entirely through its use. Many prominent tem
perance ladles have given it ineir neany okiow
mi sirv amm and fcnmmend it. Great OA re
should be sbuwn in buy in only tbe ronlne, for
no bottled whi-key has tbe wonderful qaaliUc
wMc-h are possessed by Ionya.
When ladles are kpt bright and attractrrs and
baa bands are considerate and kind, few marriages
will be "iauares." - -
Aldine Iron Fire Place.
-DLAt.El. IN"
An immense line of articles suitable for Christmas gifus
Please give me a call.
221 and 223 West Third St., DAVENPOKT, IOWA.
Made "Without Rubber.
TbeelasrtrttylspiTenbTCk0 Plated Brass Springs-" w"1-
iwaliuplei Ventilated tiartcr fur ladles, which tuen 9t h un er-i v.tis
ion. bbould be tor salehy al nr. t clans dealer in notions aua OC f"tc
farnisdinfs. dam pic pair sent by registered mall on tvci
Manufactured Ey
g Armstrong Mfg. Co. Bridgeport, Ct.
$1.50 for the Next 60 Days
No. 1722, Second are., Gayford's old studio, over McCabe's.
Call aty and secBra Itting. ta avoid tba rath befora th. Holiday..
HAKELIEK, Proprietor and Artist.
Bread, Cakes, Pies and Pastry,
1109 Third Ave., Kock Island,
nyOoods delivered to any part ot tbe city fr-w of charge.
G- oods.
Wall Paper, Table and Floor Oil Cloth,
Stove Patterns, Window Shades, Fixtures. Complete
Pxicer Lower than ever.
L. W. PETERSEN, 313 West 2nd St.,
jiiia" Tiin'm

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