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NoveltieR. New floods everv Aa.v this wplr
P-?1!.. nins mn afford to be liberal Ms year. Christmas
-1' Tt -. ...... oa Vi ti o t elmnot lilra finiliiKT ttiom
lot of autograph el-
,1 2 ct-nts.
. i i o in
nnvo vases, uaim&ium.- w, v
worth double the price.
fresh supply
25 cents, corner
clock brackets 62
19 "n'9'
juai rweived a
-Jus u' "
L .u I ...I ..,!
Sak'ni kilvired trays 8 cents eacn.
h,.r water sets and Silvered
. ... ,.
n'BJS.fel. omrre as
unci saucers, mush and milk
One lot of cups, saucer and
fliie, decoraliii, 25 cents for a set of 3
Bia lot of silk linen handkerchiefs
Btby dolls, full grown dolls, noisy
dolls, quiet dolls, funny dolls, sleepy
dolls, wide awake dolls, small dolls,
ni.-que dolls, wax dolls. Dolls that will
mtke the heart of any child glad.
Monday we will sell one lot of 8 inch
dolls, china heads aod limbs, cloth stuffed
bodies at 3 cents each. Gome early.
One lot bisque head wood bodies
and limbs, jointed, dressed dolls at 10
cents each.
Unusual bargains in 13 inch dolls,
kid bodies, bisque beads, real hair at 22
cems each, worth 50 cents.
MntjniBr.ent 16 inch, kid body dolls,
bitque head, real hair, movable limbs, 50
cents each.
Brown eyes, bisque heads, kid bod
ies, half dress. A handsome doll only
43 cents, worth double.
Lucy, bisque head, kid body dolls,
blue eyes, lace night cap and dress says
papa and mamma, 98 cents each.
tJrXi" foods in oar fancy work department.
, H,sejirs.
Stamped linens. Fancy bask-
1730 and 1723 Second Avkhite, Rook Island.
1714. 1716. 17IS
Christmas Bargains.
' A.lbtims marked down-
Pastel Pictures, all prices.
Elegant Frames very Keaeonaole
's X-Mas Cards 1 Booklets.
Portfolios of Etchings by Lotus K. Harlow.
Henneckey s
QtTinrv tqttalto
Old. Uiil , Roger's Goods. -
Call and exiroine.
Fine Stationery by the qairc or reira.
1705 Second avenue.
The Part that Daeaeatte Ajriaaale, F.
peeially the K. line Tribe, Take ia
Spreading- Hornaa Diaraae Loral
Physician' F.xpn leoee.
At the last meeting of the Iowa and
Illinois Central District Medical society,
while the subject of the prevalence and
fatality of diphtheria and scarlet fever
were being discussed, the subject of the
part domestic animals play in the spread
of these diseases was remarked by several
of the doctors present. One speaker
cited a case of scarlet fever that he was
ealled to treat in one of the trinities,
some years ago a little boy, some 5 or 6
years of age. The case terminated fatal
ly, after a few days. During the little
fellow's illness his bed was made the
stopping place of a cat that bad long been
a favorite with the boy. After the fun
eral the parents decided to go east, for a
few weeks, and the cat was sent to a
friend's bouse, some eighteen miles in the
country. This friend had a little boy,
about the same age as the one that had
just died. In a week after the arrival of
the cat in its new home, the only child
was taken down with scarlet fever, and,
in a few days, died. The parents had
not been away from home with the boy,
nor had there been a esse of the disease
in the neighborhood previous to this one.
Very evidently, the only way the disease
could have been carried into that house
was by the cat.
Another puysictan related a circum
stance that came under his knowledge
some years ago. Soon after he came
to his present location a friend in a
neighboring city sent for him to Bee a
sick child, a sister of the child having
died very suddenly and some doubt ex
isting in the minds of the parents as to
the cause of deth. The doctor pro
nounced the case one of scarlet fever
and approved of the treatment then be
ing made, and went home. His own
family constsiied of a boy of five and sev
eral girls some years older. In a few
and Co wines Yourselves
at jirice-i tlitt cannot be doplieatel elsewhere.
N"o. 1811 Second Avenue.
Between Eighteenth and Nineteenth Slreets,
ays the boy was taken down with the
disease and during his illneos a cat that
had been brought to the new home from
distance was the bov's constant com-
paiion. The boy died, and very soon
after bis deaih the cat with symptoms
very mucn use tnose tbe child had- -sore
throat, loss of appetite, etc. The chil
dren found an old cushion, and patting
it in a box. fitted up a comfortable bed
for the cat. After a few day's illness the
cat died and the doctor examined it and
satisfied himself that the cat had
really died of scarlet fever. The
box aD'l cushion lay in the back
yard for gome time, and finally, whn a
man was hiredlo chop some wood, the
box was broken up and the cushion
thrown on the top of an old wood bouse,
where it temaioed exposed to the sun and
rain for three or four mouths. In the
meantime the other children of the familv
bad the disense and all recovered. At the
end of the three or four months from the
time of the family pet'B death, a strange
cat enme that way and the children
adopted the new comer. By and by they
began to look about for a house for the
cat and her prospective family. A new
box was found and the old cushion
brought down. In a few dajs the old cat
and the whole family of kittens were tak
en with sore throat and in less than a
week all died of what tbe doctor found on
examination to be scarlet fever. That
the source of infection was in the old
cushion hardly admits of a doubt, and
that its vitality should remain so long is
only aootber proof of what doctors claim,
namely: That only by systematic infec
tion can these diseases be controlled.
There seemed to be a very generally
prevailing sentiment that domestic ani
mals spread contagious disease, and that
under such circumstances both cats end
dogs should be excluded from houses in
which people are sick, no matter whether
the illness be of a contagious nature or
Apropos of this very subject, there is
in Rock Island today a kitten which man
ifests unmistakable signs of chicken pox,
which it has doubtless contracted from
tbe children who own and who play
with it all having the disease.
Mr. W. C. Welch Called t Ma Laa
Home -Demise ar K. B. Barber.
The hand of death hat been laid upon
one of our well known and highly es
teemed citizen. Mr. William C. Welch
sank quietly to rest at bis residence 2505
8eventh avenue at a few minutes past I
o'clock yesterday morning, after a long
and painful illness. Though a great
sufferer, he was always cheerful and for
months he has been calmly waiting for
the end. To him the silent messenger
was quite welcome, and he has now
entered into his longed for rest
Mr, Welch was born February 10,
1837, at Bonesdale, Pa., where his aged
parents still reside. The family con
sisted of one daughter, the oldest, and
six sons, the oldest of whom was Wil
liam. His two brothers, John W. and
Frank P., of this city, were at his bed
side when he died. Having been in the
employ of Mr. Henry Dart at Honesdale,
he moved with him to Rock Island
in Hay, 1857, and continued with
the firm of Henry Dart & Sons in the
wholesale and retail grocery business un
til 1861, at which time he went to Idaho.
Returning to Rock Island in 1865, he en
gaged for a short time in the match busi
ness with the late Alvin Hull, but soon
atter went with his old employers, where
he continued till 1867, when he, in part
nership with Joseph Gregg, a fellow em
ploye, succeeded to the retail business of
Henry Dart & Sons, under the firm name
of Welch & Gregg. This firm was dis
solved in 1872, and after continuing the
business alone till 1875, he took his
brother Frank into partnership, which
laBted till 1886, when Mr. Welch's failing
health induced them to sell out to Messrs.
Truesdale & O'Connor.
Mr. Welch was married March 1, 1866,
to Miss Jane Armstrong, who has been to
him in his long sickness a most devoted
and attentive helpmeet. For months she
has not been away from calling distance.
and she has been untiring in her efforts to
make him comfortable aod happy.
He united with with the Pres
hvterian church in May, 1869, and he
and his wife were charter members of
the Broadway church of which he has
been either a deacon or elder since its or
ganizilion. Their aid in the church's
completion and growth can neyer be for
It I Aliatether Toa Amiable far
Home Llara of Baalneas, Yet J oat
The Tli In x far Stork Kalaev.
'SEUMisiK-tsa Building!)
All Goods must be Sold by Jan :
STTixtuvea for sale.
West . SecoDd street, Davenport, Iowa.
"Kanrh 10."
At the Tamer Grand opera house next
Wednesday evening, December 12, will
be given for the first time in Davenport,
the thrilling drama, "Ranch 10 " This is
not, as may be supposed from its title, a
blood and thunder drama, but a popular
and successful play by a good company,
and full of scenic effects. A recent issue
of the Quincy (III.) Whig, spetking of
the play, says:
"Ranch 10" was the attraction at tbe
opera bouse last night. Tbe play always
bits the public fancy, because it is forci
ble and natural, with rich bumorand just
notign romance to make it pleasant.
The thrilling frontier scenes were given
grand style, and the situations were
effective. Mr. J. Clinton Hall and Miss
Fay Chester played the leading roles ef
feclivelv, the judge "consulted the au
thorities as usual, and the play eave
good satisfaction.
Aod This la :onalatrnryir)
Messrs. Clemann & Salzmann have
just received an order from a party in
Davenport to turnisn ana carpet a nonse
of twentv rooms in that city. People
will go where tbey can buy the cheapest.
t nwn.
And we repeat the Union wants to pot
a barrier between those people and the
place where they can buy the cheapest. It
has fruitlessly aimed to deny tbem easy
convenience of getting to Rocs: Island to
get cheaper goods unless it be during the
season when the ferry can run. Cons
sistency certainly is a mockery when the
Union attempts to represent it.
"'Mhe Ian
irKvsi stock in the citv. and are bound to sell, and prices are
. P.:., aoinff to make it go.
"ert i. ' ."fining and Paper Hanging done on short notice. All work
" "on i f-ii , ., , - -
j - iu uuw me place.
Mr. Welch was a director in the Rock
Island National Bank since its organiza
tion. Of his character we might say it
was blameless. He was kind to the poor
aod courteous to all. Esteemed alike
for his integrity, generosity, modesty and
piety his loss to the church and tbe com
munity will be deeply mourned. Of few
could it be said more 6ttingly than of
him "Mark the perfect mao, and behold
the upright; for the end of that man is
The funeral took place from the
Broadway church at 3 o'clock to-day
Revs- W. 8. Marquis, pastor, and Prof.
Weidner, of Augastana College officiat
ing. The pail bearers were Messrs. C. A.
Rose, C. J. Dart, 3. F. Robinson, David
Thompson, Dr. S. C. Plummer. Jr., and
Dr. J. W. Stewart. The floral tributes
were abundant and beautiful.
Mr. K. H. Barker died a; his home
618 Eleventh street, at 8:80 this morning,
of gangrene and erysipelas, resulting
from tbe injuries he received in falling
from bis ice hona below the city lut
Wednesday morning. As heretofore
stated in the Arohs. Mr. Barker's right
wrist was fractured and dislocated by the
fall, while bis left wrist was dislocated
Dr. S. C. Plummer, Sr.. who first attend
ed the sufferer, had no apprehension as
to the outcome of the injuries until
erysipelas set in, followed by gangrene,
which spread to the shoulder and to the
upper portion of the body before it could
be controlled. Dr. Gait and Dr. S. U
Plummer, Jr., were called into consults
tion, and it was decided that amputation
was decidedly necessary, but tbe opera
tion was impossible until the spread of
the erysipelas could be staid. This the
doctors were unable to do and Mr. Bar
ker died.
Deceaseed was born in New York
state. May 14, 1831. He married Miss
Jeanette Jewell in Michigan, and came
to Illinois in IMS settling in Bureau
county In 1858 he came to Rock Isl
and being engaged for a number of
years as teamster but afterward embark
ed in tbe ice business, in which pursuit
he has been actively engaged for a great
many years.
Mrs. Barker survives her husband,
with three sons, George, Wilbur and
Walter all at home. Mr. Barker was
industrious and uprigpht in his habits
and was well liked by all who knew
He was a member of Noble Lodge No.
1. A. O. TJ. W under whose auspices
the funeral will be held, to-morrow
morning at 10 o'clock.
The weather for this season of the
year could not be more amiable. It is
dealing, as the Davenport Timet remarks
with more truth than poetry, too gently
with as. It is like autumn lingering at
the feet of January a sort of repentant
Magdalen, who, tirejj ofof her icy frail
ties, snow flirtations and blizzard aban
don, seeks to make amends by favoring
ns with weather more austral than hyper
borean. It has more of the touch ot
North Louisiana than of a priarie state
exposed to the exhalations of the Great
Lakes and in line with the western curs
rents of snow drift and low temperature.
On all sides are preparations for Christ
mas, usually mid winter with us, yet an
overcoat is not a necessity, and a seal
skin ssque, smelling of camphor and lav
endar, seems as much out of place and
time as would o sleigh ride on July the
This is all very pleasant for those
wbo can enjoy it, who reck not of the
old proverb that "a green Christmas
makes a fat grave yard;" all very "fine
and large," for those who look npon it
as Byron did on Waterloo "a splendid
sight, for him who bad no friend or
brother there," but with a certain class
of our merchants it is awfully discour
The clothing dealers, fur dealers, hat
and cap men and boot and shoe men who
have laid in large stocks are not in the
most amiable mood. They would prefer
a new weather clerk to the new president
who has been popping his shotgun at the
fat quail on the moorlands of Hoosier
dom. They bought many of their goodB
on sixty and ninety days' time, yet their
stock has scarcely been disturbed by tbe
quest of the purchaser. Winter proper
for this latitude ia almost half over and
their bills must be met. They are lucky
if they have an accrued capital to fall
back upon with which 10 meet these obli
gations. Certainlv their sales of the past
three months will not straighten them out
financially. And this is not the woist
feature. Even should tbe cold weather
begin in earnest and bring their goods
more in demand, few will feel like inveat-
oe in costly furs, overcoats or winter
clothing on account of the small remnant
f winter yet left in which to wear them.
Tbe result will be that our merchants will
be handicapped with heavy hold over
stocks, which they must sell at a heavy
sacrifice to the few who need lheir goods
or run the ri?k of carrying goods which
will prove to be unfashionable in the next
winter season. Certain it is that if peo
ple do actually require anything in these
lines thev can now be sure of buying them
very cheaply. But this is decidedly se
vere on the merchants and has a direct
tendencv to cripple all other kin is of
On the other hand the granger or the
stock grower comes up smiling and sur
veys the trade depression with feelings of
elation. He is supremely contented.
This weather is a friend of his. He
hopes it will continue so. His cattle are
not "eating their heads off' so far this
winter. They are still grazing in the
yellow and russet meadows, requiring
vcrv little other nourishment. Feed for
bis cattle costs him little or nothing
What is other men's poison is his meat,
and bis meat is growing on the ribs
of ft kioe. who ao far require
neither housing nor heavy rations of bay
and corn and stiff hot gruels of bran and
middlings. If this would reduce tbe
price of meat on our tables we might
feel like congratulating the farmer, but
it won't, and hence we cannot but s-ympa-
tbise with the overstocked merchant.
BaArd Foat Katertalnaaent.
John Buford post, No. 243, department
of Illinois, is arranging for a grand ens
tertaioment to be given at Harper's the
atre on Friday evening. Dec. 14. The
programme will consist of an address by
Rev. Comrade G. W. Gue, "Reminiscen
ces of the War," war songs, recitations.
camp scenes, tableaux, etc. Secure your
tickets of the comrades early and reserved
seats at Clemann &. Salzmann's on Thurs
day morning. Admittance twenty-five
cents,; children under twelve years, fifteen
cents. No extra charge for reserved
Masonic Hot lea.
There will be a special convocation of
Barrett Chapter, No. 18, R. A. M., on
Tuesday evening, December 11th, 1888
Work on the M. E. M. Degree. All
companions are invited to be present.
By order of the M. E H P.
Geo. F. Roth, Secretary.
MnrprUr tbe Ola Volkn.
Yesterday was made tneoccas!on of a
very pleasant surprise to the Grand Army
veteran Jacob Evans and his
wife at their home in Green
bush, their children and grand
children coming in npon them unexpect
edly and bringing provisions for a boun
tiful and pleasant family dinner. Etch
of tbe old people was presented with
reclining chair from the children, while
the grandchildren and nephew presented
a handsome dress, a pair of slippers and
a handkerchief' There were present
three daughters and their husbands, three
sons and their ' wives, and fourteen
grandchildren. It was the first family
reunion in sixteen years.
Manager Steel has booked Joe Murs
phy's "Kerry Gow" Company for Janu
ary 24. at Harper's Theatre.
Dancing school nt Armory hall Wed
nesday evening. Admission thirty-five
The Llrenae Qneation.
In the city council Saturday night. Aid.
Hampton offered the following rcsolu
tions and moved their adoption :
Raolved, That at the municipal elec
tion to be held in the city of Rock Island,
connty of Kock Island, state of Illinois, I
on the second Tuesday in April, 1889.
shall be submitted to the voters of said
city to be voted upon, the following ques
tion: "Shall the license for the sale of
spirituous malt, wines, feimentei and
mixed liquors be $1,000 per annum, or
shall it be (500 per annum; all permits to
expire as provided in Sec. 10, Article 5,
Chapter 13, an ordinance regulating
licenses for the sale of liquors?"
RaolvtdTb in the printing of the
city tickets there shall be set apart
sufficient space at tbe bottom ol said
tickets for the words
For one thousand dollar license;"
Against one thousand dollar license."
Tbe motion was seconded by Aid.
Williamson but a motion by Aid. Winter
ith second by Aid. Howard to lay on
the table, carried by this vote: Ayes
oward, Oray, Negus, Winter, Schnell,
vans, Edwards, McConichie.
No Schafer, Hampton, Simmons,
A motion to table is not debatable, so
the 'sentiment of the members of the
council was not obtained at this fleet
ing, other than their vote indicates.
Swe- t Mtale ror tbe Ecanaaaieal.
$3 boys' suits tl.50.
IS boys' suits $4 . ...
$7 boys' suits $5.50.
9 boys' suits $7.50.
From now until Wednesday at the M.
& K. rebate sale.
Aa a Omiaaare Take thla With Yaa,
Suits and overcoats from $3 to $4. re
bate 50 cents.
Suits and overcoats from $5 to $6 50,
rebate $1.
Suits and overcoats from $7 to $9, re
bate $1.50.
Suits and overcoats from $9 50 to $13,
rebate 92.
Suits and overcoats from H upwards,
rebate $3
All knee pants from 75 cents epwards.
rebate so cents.
All shirt waists from 75 cents upwards,
rebate 25 cents.
When yon consider that M. & K. mark
their goods 10 to 20 per cent less than
other dealers, this in addition to tbe re
bate, enables purchasers to buy boys'
wear fully 85 per cent less than they pay
elsewhere only three more days Wed'
nesday the last day.
75 cent knee pants 50 cents at M.
Scrap albums 4 cents each to-morrow
evening at 7 o'clock at McCabe Bros.
Children's decorated tea sets from 10
cents up at the Fair, in Postofflce block.
A car load of government troops went
west over the C, R. I. P. this morns
One thousand noveities in holiday
goods now being opened at McCabe
Make tbe boys a nice present of a tool
chest, all prices at the Fair, in Postofflce
Fine reed doll buggies at the price of
willow ones at the Fair, in Postofflce
Autograph albums 2 cents at McCabe
Bros'. Open evenings, beginning Tues
day bight.
The finest pocket books, diaries and
other leather goods in tbe market at
It will do you good just to see the ele
gant display of holiday handkerchiefs at
Mclnlire Bros.
Every purchaser of 60 cents gets a
ticket on the prizs doll at the Fair, in
Postofflce block.
Gent's large mufflers at 11 cents each
to-morrow evening at 7 o'clock, at Mc
Cabe Bros.
The largest stock of dolls in the three
cities and at the lowest prices just opened
at McCabe Bros'.
Dolls, china bead and limbs, stuffed
bodies, 8 inches long 2 cents while they
last at McCabe Bros'.
John Green, a corporal on the Island
died in an epileptic fit at 2 o'clock this
moming, aged forty years.
Fancy baskets, rose jars and fancy
IooJb in great variety just opened at
McCabe Bros'. Open evenings.
ChriBtmas, Graphic, London News,
Figaro and other beautifully illustrated
colored CbristmaSapublications at Cram
More handkerchiefs than can be found
in any two stores in this vicinity, will be
splayed at Mclnlire Bros , special holi
day sale-
Elegant embroidered handkerchiefs in
white and colors, in cambric, linen and
silk, afMdntire Bros., holidav handker
chief sale.
Call and see the new line of picture
mouldings st Crampton's. Framing done
by experienced workmen aod always sat
isfactory, as usual.
The funeral of Mrs. J. B. Everrett, "was
held from the residence of D. J. Sears
on the bluff yesterday afternoon. Rev. G.
W. Gue, conducing the ceremonies.
Lost A gold necklace and locket on
Second avenue between Seventeenth and
Twentieth streets. Finder will be suita
bly rewarded by leaving the same at this
The distinguished Imperial quartette
of Chicago, will give a concert at Har
per's Theatre to-morrow night for the
benefit of the high school piano fund.
There should, and will be a large audi
The Lovett & Johnson equine and
canine paradox closed its performances at
Harpei's theatre Saturday night. Tbe
entertainment is an excellent one and
the animals well drilled and disciplined
if not actuallv educated.
To thoroughly advenise that their
stores will be kept open evenings from
now until after Christmas, McCabe Bros.
will place on sale Tuesday evening at 7
o'clock one lot of gent's large mufflers at
11 cents, and a lot of scrap albums
4 cents each.
Mclotir Rroa. are pleased to announce
the beginning of their annual holiday
handkerchief sale. They will show the
handsomest and largest assortment to be
found in this section, comprising all the
latest and daintiest novelties each year
shows larger sales nothing more suita
ble for holiday gifts. You are cordially
invited to inspect Mclntire Bros'.
New juveni'.es at Crampton's "The
Boy Travelers in Australia," Thomas W.
Knox; "Marching to Victory," Coffin
"Sara Crewe," by the author of "Littla
Lord Fauntleroy;" "Two Little Confeder
ates; ' American Boys' Handiwork;"
"Children's Stories of Great Scientists;"
"Girls' Book of Queens;" "Boys' Book of
Rulers;" Miss Alcotl'a "Garland for
Girls," and many others.
Among the new books just received at
Crampton's are "Anna Karenia," by
Count Tolstoi, "On Horseback in Vir
ginia," by Charles Dudley Warner;
"Hearts Ease and Rue," Lowell: "Teut
ing on the Plains," Gen. CuBler's cam
paigns told by his wife; "Men and Rem
inescences of Half a Century," Hugh Mc
Colluch; "Maxmina:" "Poems by Helen
Jackson," (H. H ); "Fifty Years and Be
yond," gems for the aged; "Robert Eils-
more," in cloth, in cloth, and "Miss
Lou" E. P. Roe.
Stark 4 Ruser, watches, clocks, jewel
ry and silverware. No. 128 West Second
street, Davenport, are prominent among
the comparatively new enterprises in the
jewelry trade in Davenport, and one that
has come to the front by reason oi energy
and capability which has characterized its
management from the start. Tbey carry
a beautiful line of diamonds, watches in
gold and silver, jewelry in every descrip
tion, and silver p'ated ware. They are
also importers of garnets and amber
It is amusing to lee people with their
face drawn as if they bsd swallowed a
feather and it was tickling their lungs
and they w,ould he happy if tbey touia
only sneeze. Now, there is no need of
making faces." A Dottle oi nr. w
Cough Syrup willdraw jour face back
into a smile.
Tuesday, Dec. I Ith.
Imperial Quartet
W. C. COFFIN, First Tenor,
J. F. BIRD, Second Tenor,
C. A. BEW, First Bss,
J. D. 8HROCK, 2d Baas.
High School Piano Fund.
Tirktt Micetti. Rexerred tt mar be e-
cared, without extra charge. Saturday.
raoo ham.
1 Deep in the Leafy Forest Mangold
Tmrwrlnl Oil art tf.
J Trio "Sntze de Figaro Moeart
(Violin, Flnte and piano), Measn . Andersou
nrl Wnndvati and Mr. BlflhOD.
S Jack Hornet Arratgedby Bird
4 7Hhr Plnh of Davenoort.
6 Remember Now Thy Creator Goold
OldCanoo Arranged by Root
uu arret.
7 Cornet Solo The Lart Koae of Bummer.
A. C. WoodyatU iHartman
8 Warrior Bold Arranged by Bird
9 Flnte Polo Carnival of Ven'ce I. S. Co
John A. Andereon.
10 Walla Vogel
Wednesday, Dec 12th.
John Clinton Hall
Supoortt d by
In the Best American Melo Diaraa ever written.
a Beautiful Play, Superbly Mounted and mag
nificently acted. Its FeaWrea :
Tbe Explosion of rUncta 10.
Udow Storm in the Rtckies.
A Western Court Scene, and
Tbe Great Fire Kcene.
The Cerebrate St.OOOdog, "Duke of Welling
ton, win oe introanpca in me pia.
PHICES 75 and fl 00; teat aale at Hne-
bingera iew Art waiitry.
' M
1 Cent,
2 Cents,
3 Cents,
4 Cents,
5 Cents,
6 Cents,
7 Cents,
8 Cents,
9 Cents
10 Cents.
Announce the inangnratlon of their grand
and famous
-Holiday Handkerchief-
beglnirg Monday morning, and continuing, until Chriftmai.-'-In
tka purchaa for this sale thej have eclipsed all former efforti
as to the quantity, quality, and beautiful designs. Nothing
more acceptable or suitable than dainty and handsome hand
erchiefs fur a holiday gift.
Ladiea and children"! colored borders 1 c
Ladies and children's colored borders, hemmed. 8 c.
Ladies corored borders, hemmed 8 c.
Ladies colored borders, and hemmed for 4c, 6c, 8c, TC
ft, .t thj nnalttw inn will ha anrariaerl.
Twenty doien Ladies' Linen, colored bordered handaar-
chitfs, a rare bargin.
10 Cents Each. J
Twenty-fire dozen Ladies Sheer Lawn, Linen, INITIAL
handerchiefs, handsome letters, unlaundried,
25 Cents Each.
S S u o
rr a
2 e
pq l J
& i
h I
H s
Stacks of ladies plain and colored
stitched at 12c, and 13 and up to 50c each.
borders, hemmed
To attemDt to descibe tbe immense and elegant assortment
of white and colored embroided handkerchiefs is utterly useless,
jon must see them. Prices range from ;5c to 25c each.
Spendid assortment of Japintse plain and embroidered
corsage handkerchiefs at various prices.
We could nil a column ana tm-n not leu you wi me pro-
ly things. Come and see. Splendid line of gents handker
chiefs and mufflers.
$2.75 for $1.00.
For the benefit of Grant University.
Call at our establishment and vou will receive, on pay.
ment of only one dollar, tbe foliownig great offer.
The largest and most magnificently illus
trated work for children in tbe United 8tates.
Crowded with charming pictures and exquisite
stories for the little ones.
240 pages. 126 stories. 271 illustrations.
Beautifully bound in boards. Richly illuminated
Companion volume to "The Easy Book."
240 pages. 160 stories. 270 illustrations.
Total offer is worth (2 75
Will cost you only One Dollar.
See circulars explaining all about the above.
Hock Island, Illinois.
.; 'nf'vfi'"
Ledge Hoties-
The officers and members of Laurel
lodge. No. 4. A O. U. W., are requested
to meet at their ball al 9 a. m. Tues
day, Pec- 1 1. to attend the funeral of
Bro. . tt. Barker, to be Held at the fam
ilv rtsidence. No. 618 Eleventh street, at
10 a m. By order of C. of H.
F. a. Hemknwat, Kec.
1 cent at Hcntire Bros.
(2.75 for $1 l Mclntire Bros.
Tbe supervisors meet to-morrow .
1 cent, 2 cents, at Mclntire Bros.
Mclntire Bros, handkerchief sale.
Read Mclntire Bros. adv. Good news.
12.75 for $1 at Mclntire Bros'. Read
Tool chests 10 cents and up at the
Most extensive line of footwear at M
& K's.
2 cents, 3 cents, 4 cents at Mclntire
New lot of books just opened at Mc
Cabe Bros'.
A magnificent line of holiday slippers
at M. A K 's.
1 cent, t cents, 8 cents at Mclntire
Bros'. Read adv.
Editor McGlyna's condition remains
Hobby hones 80 cents and up at tbe
Fair, Postofflce block.
Qreat holiday handkerchief aale at Mc
lntire Bros. Read adv. j
Special cup, saucer and plate at 25
cents a set at McCabe Bros'.
The annual election of officers ot Bu
ford post occurs this evening.
Decorated cups and saucers from 10
cents at the Fair, in Postofflce block.
Found In the Opera house a child's
glova. Inquire at Argut office.
Open evening Mclntire Bros, will
be open evenings till Christmas.
Ex-Buperviaor Martin Schoonmacker,
of Reynolds, was in the city to-day.
Too. ought to see the beautiful button
hooks M. ft K. are selling at 25 cent.
The skating rink will be open next
Thursday evening. Admission 10 cents.
V. ft. K- P.
All members of tbe order who are b-
terested in tbe organisation of the Uni
form Division will please meet at tbe
Rock Island house parlors al 7:90 this
(Honda;) evening, rer order com.
10 0. W. Auaatloa.
The members of Noble Lodge, No. 1,
are requested to meet at A. O. TJ. W.
hall at a. m. tomorrow to attend tbe
funeral of Bto. E. H. Barker. Sister
lodges are invited to attend. By order I
ot R. H. Rocs. M. W.
Important Points are:
let. IntereM It 7 per cent net to Lender.
6d. We collect Interest with oat cnarge.
M. Loan? offered are complete and InTe -tor
.leu nit papers ai once.
4th. We examine the record! annually for de-
iinqneni taes on tanda covered Oj oor mortgagea.
6th. Oar street msnecta each farm before we
maae a loan on u .
(ftn. We make a specialty of Farm Loans.
fth. Xo palna or expenM spared bv as to make
oar bnrtness as ssfe tor our clients as experience.
good latin and skill can make it
wh. iDTesiorscan ba supplied with loans for
f 9V tna upwards.
Call or write for circular.
K. M. HENLEY, Attorney,
Rooms 30, 3L 32 Masonic Temple,
ilver. Silver, Solid and Plated.
has a large stock of Fine Goods. Prices alwava low; everything warrated
No. 1707 Second avenue, Rock Island.
Gold and Silver.
Sterling Silver and Plated Ware,
Jewelery, Clocks,
Gold-Headed Canea, Spectacles
Other Optical Goods
No. 1827 Second Avenue.
Navan Whisky $1.50 per Gallon
Berth 4 Babesek, Dentists.
No. 1724 Second avenue. Special alien
tion paid to saving the natural teeth and
inserting teeth without platea.
Starch grows sticky common powders I
have a vulgar glare, fozzonrs Is tbe only
complexion powder fit for use.
It has been out custom for jears to
make a
Special Holiday Oiler.
We litend this season to excel all for
mer eCoru bv including, oratts with
every order of a doaen Cabinet Photon, a
Porcelain Portrait!
(TSend for Price List. P. O. Box 82.
If you are looking for a Christ- j
mas present for a Lady
or Gent,
Fine Furs and
Furnishing Goods
make an eleganc as well as useful pres
ent. We have all the latest novel
ties ia these lines. Give as a call.
Eobinsoa & Taliaferro.
These delicate portraits are grnrral y
sold at f2.au each and we mats una ua
usual offer believing thai it will largely
inrease our Holiday trade, and thus make
it possible for us to present these artistic
We Tftpectfallr urge tbe tin port &dcc of
to er,y teUlDg to Told the atau Holt-
dtj ruib.
S. B. Oor. Sterol ., tAd llfhUtt&tfc itTMt,
ror the cure of liver. Kidfcrr. Btaortand 9
efc dieaea. ThsMe cei brtvld d lis r fart
In? tbt viae? of the more exptvnatr icnodte for
Kidiwv and nrer eocrtMaiiiu. ana arc rax swnsjooc.
Ron eii takra. turd tefactar Um bast titbit:
rer tntrvdarrd for ail dtaeaM of taa kidaj
and liver, rick headacbe. pais in Um hack ad
ride, anbarm. fi.mmnne aod bcrelisc patiu at Um
pil Of the albBiacfe. yrllowakiB. coalr urine,
nnavainsr mn ot Like fond after cat lor. iafi aiaimsw
of te kklaeka crave., etc., and aa ft faauiy fill
they have no vum and wuma be aval ia, tTvuj
lnreciknat For raft nendacne. rvo or two at
dtune: for drfwioia. one every day More
dinner: todteordei ot tbe kitteeTa, two, two or
Urea linx a week art!) relic fed ; for dteorden
of Um liver, and niiiaMUAscaa. Uvreeor foox aa re-
TW proprietor will fonrard then, to nay Ikddieoa
of nUkU.raaeipioi price.
25 Cts a Bottle
Made ear j
ttrcall and get a sample p
-Cough Syrup-
Cares Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Cronp
Whooping Cough, Spitting ot
Eood and all Diseases
of tbe Iinngt.
Oa. trial is all that Is eeessarr ta eaavhwa
Toe that It laths BeMOaoxh Hrmaay avU. aa
Price) 10, ta snd SO cents.
Can tot evtalsr wars taint; tsstlawlsls
Manufactured by
T. H. Thomas.
V.B. Above toeds salpsaatnaaf asanas as
staslptaf Uwarioa.

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