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Rock Island Daily Argus.
all sizes, for Hard Coal.
A fine line of
Soft Coal Base Heaters.
WOOD STOVEB, all sizes and patterns,
The best sto'-k to select from in the city, at
DAVID DON'S, 1617 Second Ave.
No. iScS Second Ave.,
Mm e m
W mm
C" (k .r-V-rf
Steam Fitters.
A Graphic Dtwrtptlr.o of the Charge by
a Rum lan Officer of the Battery That
Sustained It Cunrera Silenced la Admiration.
Ptock of
A complete
Pipe, Brass Goods, Packing,
Hose, Fire Brick. Etc.
i ..Y Sole Apvnte Tor
Twtclv d.'t
trial. W reev-on-
1 will "rnd Cap,
iile panics.
Davis Block,
Mf'ine, Illinois.
Safety Heating Poilers. and Contrac
tors for tarnishing and laying
Water, Gas and Sewer Pipe.
1712 First Avk.,
R ck Is'.v-l. Illinois.
Telei'liuM 1145. lic:li.-ii Teicpbouc 100.
Is known by these marked pfcitl aniies:
1. A feeling nf wfiriir ami ;i;n ;n the limhs
2. Bsd breath, had iSMr in tfit- m-i'itb and furred
3. O n-'.ipation, with oecaUnl attack; of diar
rhoea. 4. Headache tn the frnf of rhf head; nsupea,
dizziness Hiui yeilrtwtn'f nf sk'.n.
5 Heartburn, lo? of aprifite.
. Distention uf i he -I'lnimS and hnw?l hy wind.
. IViir-: n of itp'Ht-anfi irr st mcisneholy,
with WMt'!df find a disrxwition tu leve ev-
t-ryiliiuif for tutnormw.
A natural flow rtf bile from tV liver is
e"vnt! tn Kood health. Wht-n thi- is
tfbrtruetfd ii nr-iils id
whih. if neglected, coon 'rn' o orionn
- infMw-i. Simmons L.ver Rvgnl ror exerts
a nvift felicitous influence rvt-r everv ki d
of Mlinu-Tie!i. It retort-i th liver to
proper working ordf r, regulates The e. cre
tion of bile t,il putf the (t etivc organs
in nch condition tf:al they can do their
rn-t w -rk. Af'er t".kntg ttiis niedicme no
one will ?ay, 'l am bilious 11
"I have been subject to -ever? spell of
r.in---n"!i .jf he livt-r, andhse Iwvii n
the nbti o taking: f.'um 15 griwrf
c-ilotoei wMch fiieraliy laid me up for
(nklii; S!'im"nVfjvef',en1s"'r. whirfi
HTe me relief wirh-vit any inte.rnpfimi to
i usiliemi '"- J. HiuriE, Middle ft. Ohio.
s y. -u.r.ipiu rtsd on front of wrapper.
. ZELIN & CO., Philadelphia, Pa.
Tl Rl I1 ill n
me moime wagon 10.,
The populir nnd relible Grocer,
Cor. Eightli St. and Third Ave.,
will sell you
as cheap as they ran he sold.
He paysthe highest market price for
Kannlacturers ol FARM, SPRING anil FREIGHT WAGONS
A fitni!rr line o)
ftern rA- -i
PLATFM7M and or her St'ririj wro-
I'P'-n-ir wfiri.i i)'t!kb- "i"' i"n'"h '-
''y ad-pted to Ik
-i free on
Tile Hearths,
Tile Facings,
In great variety at
Cor. Twentieth Street and Third Ave., Rock Island.
Woi's Hotel ni Restaurant,
w t Side Market Square,
H the largi
;cs Dinim; Room in the tri-clties seating capacity 250 persons.
25 cents buys eood wholesome meal
25 cents payB for a nigliis' lodging in clean beds.
City Hoarders at reasonable rates.
AH must come rjber. C. D. GORDON. Proprietor.
lumhing, Steam and Gas Fittin:
V Al wles' Steam I'umps, Inspirators and Ejectors.
JifSVJw Pipe Fitting and BmM Goodt of every itoecriptio
r ... . -a vr iirv:.ktu.i at urw'K iNi. AMU. 1 1.1.
Farm Produce
and always has a nice nttx-k on
J, E. LoGsley & Co.,
Insursjice Agents
EVowm pwmptly aojnstetl and pl at thl'
(Successor of Hayes & Cleave land. 1
Ammcj wubliibetl 1868.
Office in Benetton's Block.
Col. Nicholas Wnmpler, a Rnssian prflntle-
man, formerly in the car,9 army and diplo
matic service, hut now resident nf Bilti
more, was interviewel by a Chipo Times
renorter, and anion r the informing things
he said was the following description of the
famous "charg-e of the Lijrht Bricade:"
It whs a sublime autumn momintr, with
the sun breaking throntrb low mists, when
our armv hpan to move to the attack. I was
n the artillery service, commandinj; then, ns
younker or sub-Iieyt tenant, two puns of a six
piece battery. We were moving before day-
icht, and, penerrfttins a defile in a line of
hills, we dehou'-lied into the plain of Balak-
lava nnder a clorious "sunburst. We conld I
see the enemy's pickets and here and ihera ,
mounted vidett retreatinc before us, and
as the fop lifred we beheld the srmke of
the bivouacs that marked the hostile posi
tion alonp the heights. Thpn speedily came
the other smoke as their ordnance opo.ied, the
majestic preUnie of ttie battle. Our artiHerv,
clearing the psss, parted ripht and left to
form with its sti) nieces a hupe crescent with
extremities in advance. My battery found
position upon the extreme tip of the left
spnr. Between us the armv poured horse
and foot with a solidity and brilliancy that
seemetl the nrtribtitsof invincibility. Everv-
thinp moved with speed and precision, we
opened in concert alnnp the line a storm of
shell under w'.nch our hupe troos of cavalry
quickly formed and rode forwanl. The as
sault was well bepun, and it wns a prpeous
sipht to that, preat projectile of horse and
human flb. with arms and equipment that
flashed with the terror' of dea1- hearinp on
ward. The Turks in the outer trenches fled
almost without fire and the horsemen rode
over their abandoned works as though or
grand review.
The advance had been pushed with blvd
less success and was alKut to enter a thin
strin of timber at the very foot of the ridjre
when there appeared, breaking from this
cover, two scattered troops of horse. I was
attracted to the green jackets of the one and
the white herpes of the other, and have since
learned that I then saw for the first time the
redoubtable Ennik:ll-,tiirs and Scots Grevs.
How quickly they concentered and how well
they struck our victory seizinp columns his
tory tells. I saw them, as plfis in hand I
tood on a battery natron, vanish wi, h a puff
of smoke and a flash of cirelinp steel within
our ranks. I Ifheld a tremendous surpe in
our fortintions ai:d saw the whole mass rolled
back and driven off by the che-'rinc Gaels
like cattle before the herder. Great was our
rape anil dismav. An hour of artillery prac
tice succeeded, during which our command
ers were casting about for other plans, wbrn
we were attracted to a movement of cavalry
among the enemy. An advance was teinp
made by a red uniformed brigade number
ing, I judged, between five and eix hundred
men. We concluded that this was a division
to cover some serious enterprise and di
rected a close lookout to other quarters.
The cavalry had disappeared m a depres
sion in the ground.
I was studying the heights when I was sur
prised to see the troops presently reappear
over a swell and still directly advancing.
Our emotions were of pure amazement.
Were tho English, intoxicated by their suc
cess of the morning, going to capture the
HaHiin mntiT wtth a forage partyf Evt-
diintlv no. for ontl",v'nL,n" -
ered by a dtp In the plain. The cannonading
ceased on both sides and there was that hush
of a bated audience upon some moving scene.
They were still out of sight, but we could
hear the dull strokes of their hoofs upon the
turf. Cp they came at last, and as they
bove in viw, now within 5oann'str
range, their bugles sounded the charge
and they broke from a brisk trot into
a galop. They were a galiant com
pany, truly, and it was visible evenTJto me
that there was good blood in the set f;tces
and hoarts of oak under those scarlet jackets.
The order to fire ran along the lines and 1
personally jerked the lock string of one of
my pieces without sighting. Our whole ar
tillery flamed and roared like a volcano. As
my puns wero run back to a taut breeching
and more crane was rammed down their
smoking throats I leaped to a caisson to see
the havoc It was awful A third of the
bngade had fallen, some like stones, others
pluncing and wnthit g with horrible wounds.
The remainder bore on with gathering speed.
1 found tbem too close in upon my elevated
position to depress my guns. A second volley
struck them with the same frightful effect.
The course of the shot through then was
marked by a melting of horses and men and
spray of shredded flesh and clothing, while
amid the hissing of the iron gale there was
low, harsh sound that X can ascribe only to
the rending of bones and tissue. They
passed us like coursers at the finish.
horses reaching with lightning strides
and the men high in their stirrups
cheeriug and brand ifibiug tbiir satyrs.
They passed witlun snow ball range of
me and some of my men discharged their
pistols and small arms upon the red ranks.
Into the buiow oi smote tnat roiiea trom tne
heart of our position thev flew and there
came a sudden check to the firing as though
the cannon bad been throttled. The shock of
direct conflict ensued, but in a few minutes
tho broken remnant of the troops reappeared,
forced back bv the hopelessness of the at
tack. There was some firing upon the brave
fellows as they retraced their corpse strewn
path of giory, but my battery took no part
in it We fe.t great admiration for the troops,
but never understood, as no one e.se, 1 be
lieve, the purpose of the maneuver.
Murderers and Thieve Whp Sins "Nearer,
My God, to Thee."
Six hundred men in striped clothing lis
tened to the sermon of the Rev. Mr. Barn
will at the prison church in Jefferson ville
yesterday morning, says The Louisville
Times. Since breakfast the cells had been
open, and the men sat about in the corridors
amusing themselves by singing, telling
stories and in divers ways.
It was a curious, yet withal a sad sight.
Among them were great, powerful fellows,
with splendid muscles and intelligent faces
men who, had they stuck to the paths of
honesty, might have ranked hicb among
their fellows in social aud political hfo.
Then there were scores of luw browed con
victs, with tiie peculiar hang d"g look that
always characterises a sneak thief, who did
not seem ar ail out of their proper sphere.
There were large men and small men, fat
men and lean men and ugly men; in fact,
everv tvie of mankind could have bien se
lected from among them. There were many
present whom the reorter knew in happier
Towering high above all the rest was the
figure of a man w ho now owns one of the
finest farms in Clark county and who once
stool amug the foremost in his neighbor
hood. It was Jack Robinson, who is serving
a life sentence for killing his neighbor, Sam
uel Hay, in a quarrel about the boundary
lines of their farms.
He is over 70 years of age, his hair and
bear! are Ions and pray, and it is apparent
that his sentence will be a short one.
liOoklng about him the reporter saw
How many people who are suffering
from blood poison the world knows not
but read the following letters end you
may be interested:
Bai.tihore, Md., Jan. 30, 188T.
I have been a sufferer for six years with
catarrh, ulcerated sore throat and rheu
matism of the chest, from blood poison.
About four weeks ago 1 was passing toe
Botanic Blood Balm store No. 8, North
street, Baltimore. I went in and con
sulted your agent about my case. He
cave me one of your B. B. B. "Book of
Wonders," which I read. I called in a
few days afterward and got a bottle of
your Botanic Blood Bhim-B. B. B. I
am now on my third bottle and will say
that I have felt a marked improvement
since the third day after commencing to
use your medicine. I now have no trouble
from my throat, and have improved bo
much in every way that I am satisfied
that by the use of your medicine I will
soon be all right.
I have taken many and some good
prescriptions and medicines for this
trouble, but I think your B. B. B. the
best remedy I have had, and I cheerfully
recommend your Botanic Blood Balm to
the public as the quickest and best blood
remedy 1 have found, after six long years
of search for health. Very respectfully
yours, Joseph W. Flowers
210 Blemmor6 alley.
dark lienrdd man eveing him intently. It
was Edward MelVrmott, a man with whom
mnv years aso the writer plaved at schooL
Upon everv hand there were murderers.
forgers, sneak thieves, embezzlers and men
who previously obtained a livelihood by
"wavs that are dark and tricks that are
At 11 o'clock the big bell on the top of the
prison simudfd, and the men quickly formed
i;:to hue and marched up to the chapel in
single tiie. Each had his right hand on the
shoulder r'f the mm in front of him.
The rt rows were first filled, then the
soconi, end so on until every seat was
taken. A sthiV in the p-ar right hand cor
ner was n-rvd for the colored convicts.
:i tl 1? rirhtsideof the pulpit is a ipace
revrved l'-r visitors, and here the reporrer
sal, while on ti.e If ft is the little organ and!
the licnrhrs f'-r thechor A smooth faced.'
you Kill pri'oricr t-k his sat at the instru-1
ment wh.ie the choir, the memVrs of which
ali wore stript. t.Mik their seats.
Tiie 1iH osy. in responded to th touch of
the coiry.ct r-l:iver. and th choir sarg.
"Nearer. My God, to Th-"e." a- well as they
rendtT it moi'' chun-h where the mem
hers (ire fr Sfv(-7i! other so:i,rs weremng,
and 1 1 ton tiie chaplain preached an eloquent
serav n.
Every nnn !itr-ned attentively through
out, an t Vr- wfre tears ;n th" .ye of many
when the p-..-i man had concluded Th-n
ano'her sons: w.i sung, the beneatetion wa
pronojvoed and tiie men slowly filed on
to dinner.
In the &ferTvv-n thev were arain let ont
in theee'.l hotis-e i!itil 4 o'clock, when they
W(.r, l.v ked i;p for tho night. This is a fair
sample vi t he ay every Sunday in the year
B. B. B Co., Atlanta, Ga:
Gents My sister was afflicted for
number of years with boils scattered
about all over her person. Tbey would
make their appearance every spring, and
last thmunh the rummer and until late
in the fall. Her health was sadly im
paired, losing flesh and strength every
rtav; in fact, they were sipping her life
I gave her one bottle of B B. B , and
ihe effect was like maeic, producing
complete cure and restoring her health.
Todiy she is perfectly sound and her
health fully restored. It is without
doubt .1 beat and most valuable blood
purifier now on the market.
I. M. McIiAE
Wavneskoro, Mil's., July 14, I8b7.
9600 Reward.
We wiil pay the above reward for any
case of liver complaint, dyspepsia, tick
headache, indigestion, constipation or
costiveness we cannot cure with West's
Vegetable Liver Pills, when the directions
are strictly complied with. Tbey are
purely vegetable, and never fail to give
satisfaction. Large boxes containing 80
sugar coated pills, 25c For sale by all
druggists. Beware of counterfeits and
imitations. The genuine manufactured
only by John C. West & Co., 862 W.
Madison Sr.. Chicago. 111.
The roof seats of coaches of Fifth ays
enue, New York, are supplied with rugs
to wrap about the knees of passengers
who care to brave cold for the sake of
the view.
The best on earth can truly be said of
Gngg's Glycerine 8alve, which is a sure,
safe and speedy cure for cuts, bruises,
scalds, burns wonnds and all other sores
Will positively cure piles, tetter and all
skin eruption. Try this wonder healer.
Satisfaction guaranteed or money refund
ed. Only W cent. Bold bv druggists-
In the pursuit of the gool things of
his world we anticipate too much; we
eat out the heart and sweetness of world
ly pleasures by delightful forethought of
them. The results obtained trom tne use
of Dr. Jones' Red Clover Tonic far exceed
all claims. It cures dyspepsia, and all
stomach, liver, kidney and bladder
troubles. It is a perfect tonic, appetizer,
blood purifier, a sure cure for ague and
malarial diseases, f rice, 3i cents, 01
If You Are Sick '
lth Headache, Neuraieta, Bh nmtlsm Dyspep
sia, BlUousneBB. Blood Humors, Kfdiey Disease,
Constipation, Female IronMea, Fever awl Ague,
Sleep leatmeaa. Partial Paralysis, or Nervous itob
traUon, use Paine's Celery Compound ano be
cured. In each of these the cause Is mental or
physical overwork, anxiety, exposure or malaria,
the effect of which Is to tt taken the nervous sys
tem, resulttnir In one of these diseftuct Remove
the Gicsi with that great Nerve Toaic, and the
result will disappear.
Paine's Celery Compound
Js. L. Botw. Pprinpfleld, Mass., writes:
Paine's C-lerv 1 on: u:nd cannot be excelled as
a Nerve Ionic. Iu mv cw a single bnttie
wrought a en-at chaiifre My nerrousuwe entirely
disappeared, and with it the resulting aiferttrm
of the stomach, heart and liver, and the whole
tone of the tvstetn was wouderfuily invifrrnntea.
I tell my friends, if sick at I have been, Fame's
Celery Compound
Will Cure You!
Sold by dronrlrta. tl : sii for Prenared only
by YVeuj, KlCHAkDsnX Co., Burlinptoa, Vt
For the Aged, Nervous, debilitated.
Climbing Statrs and Hill.
The doctors t H us trnt a m'Mierate climb
ing of stairs an1 hi'h is lneficial. It stimu
lates the 8"t;-n of the heart, and where this
organ is ssusr'Ti-n m t movement it is well to
accelerate it 1 y walking slonly up any ordi
nary asce::t. It is, indeed, looming a notice-
bl haU? to av..;d even-thing in the wav of
second or third stories, and the conserva
ive persons who cling to their upper omces
n4 have no elvator are let alone by idle
THBit-.irs ctli'flKf rii Kv nniylv nil hn rwiri
sat iffy their demand's a well in more easily'
accessible places. Indolence, like appetite.
grows by indiii-nce, and it is only oocasion-
aiiy that the well protected garden wherein
our vanities atj'i f iioles are cultivated is in
vaded by a disturbing breeze When we
hear, f.r instance, of the old women who act
as general servants m the apartment boos
of I'aris and uf the eose with which thev
mount mx and sevt-a flights of stairs many
times daily, we are willing to confess to m
little of lotli compassion and envy.
But we ived not go so far away from home
Only last wwk a woman who had sat down
breathlessly Jit th? head of two long flights
of stairs, and sirnmoned her first words to
utter a complaint, received from the friend
who offered sympathy this unintentional re
proof: "W'f should aii here se:id more
inie in pivmp utterance to vexed words were
it not tliat Mr. Blank, wbo is Si! yearsof ape,
comes here everv day to attend to his busi
ness, ar.d nev-r says a word about the stairs,
or seems to think of fatigue." Perhaps the
elevator wi;l turn out to 1 not an undis
guised Mossing after all. Boston Fleraid.
Coenn . ft m w lm h Uic csces of
Oil ha brcn Tv.ntivrd. ft ),a more
than thrtt (ire fw tfrfjth of
Cocoa mixed with Sfercli. Arrow
root or Stipir. a:nl In tlwrfore far
Pfoti'imirnl, rotting iruffitn
me emt a nip. It t deliciotn,
iMHirtBhlnjf, nmmci letting, easily
JiiresUKl. and aIftiiriiltty aitanted
for lnvmlldfl as woU aa for person
In beftlta.
I Sold bj Arurers everrwhsra
W. EAKEB & CO., Dorctsster, Mass.
V f I I II 114
and Cur
ed- No
from business, and without
the injury tbe hard, cruel truss
es inflict. Send for circular.
Air Cushion Rupture Cure Co,
sal saiistaciion in ihtt
cure of (lonurrbn'ft and
fileet. I irecrlte it and
ieel tiiic iu reciminieml
inj H tn all suftcren.
A.J.RTOM- R. H.H..
Deeatur, III
TRICK. tcl.fH).
Bold hv Proprirlsl.
Chicago Csaservatory
REAPER BbUWakt wnriiRUU, -
a M fODEOIte OonfT HrnM.
Kl-Mtl, lrhirt Tberj ol Expwuion. -. fjr.
Mt SlCAL DKPT Onder dlrwtion Wl. L. TOILIIB,
r, ';Tt Vutu aim I U1 H1.1.RI II.U1M.
IR ASIATIC TEPT underrtlrfftinn S.mrit KlTZSK.
FALL. TEH SB Oloe.r-' ' 1
Exterminatn Cockroahe.
A housekeeper, who was recommended to
try cucumlter peel as a remedy for cock
roaches, strewed the floor with pieces of tbe
peel, cut not very thin, and watched the 1
quel Tbe pest covered the peel within
short time so that it could not be seen, so vo
raciously were they engaged in sucking the
poisonous moisture from iu The second
night that this was tried the number of the
cockroaches was reduced to a quarter, aud
none were left alive on the third r.urbL Bal
timore American.
A Million Bushels of Wheat.
Discussing on the magnitude of a "million
bushels of w heat," a broker is quoted as say-
lugi "If 1,000,000 bushels were loaded on
freight cars, 500 bushels to a car. it would All
train over fifteen miles long. If trans
ported by wagon, forty-four bushels on a
wagon.it would make a row of teams 143
miles long. If made into bread, reckoning a
bushel to every sixty pounds or nour, it would
(rive each man, woman and child in the
United States a two poud loal." Chicago
Daily Kaswfw.
The Ghost of a thanes
"Materialize" and becomes a veritable
reality when health, a will o' tbe wisp
often chased in vaiu, is sought by the
nervous, dyspeptic bilious invalid
through the agency of Hostetter's Stom
ach Bitters. Looming in the distance at
hrst, it is surely drawn toward tbe suffer
er bv the Bitters potent influence.
incorporates itself with bis being. It h-
en reflected in the hue of the count
nance, the animation of the eye. it is
felt in a sense of renewed vigor, in the
restoration uf nerve tranquility and
dieeslion and undisturbed niehlly repose
What person, suffering from any of the
maladies to which the Bitters are adapt'
ed, will postpone tbe means of cure
knowing it can be relid upon? Byspep1
sit, constipation, malarial disorders,
rheumatism, biliousness, kidney inactivi
are certainly conquered by it.
Judin Hornblower, of San Francisco,
has got tired of sentencing wife beaters
to imprisonment while their families
starve, fie wants a whipping post.
All who desire full information about
the cause ami cure of Blood Poisons,
ScrotuU and rofulti" Swellings, Ulcers.
S'res, Kheumhtism, Kidney Complaints,
Ca'ttrrh, eic., esc secure by mail, free, a
0' pv of out 32 paire tltulrated hook on
wondtrs, rilled wi:h the most wonderful
acd sliming proof ever he fere known.
Blood Balsam Co . Atlanta, Gi.
Headache, Toothache,
Catarrh, Croup, Froit Bites,
Sore Mpp!et. UVid Breasts, Lime Back,
Sprains, Bruises. Cuts, Bums, 0!d Sores, &G.
Soltl by D'uogntt. Sue. w tl.00.
Best In I? World. TryTUm. 25c
Address wizano OIL CO.,
Warranted to color more goods than any othel
dye ever made, and tn give more brilliant and
duraMc colons- Ask lor the Puimond, and take ;
no uthe. '
A Dress Dyed ) FOj?
M Coat Colored Q
Garments Renewed ) cemts.
A Child can use them ! .
Unequalled for an Fane, a;nl Art WKk.k
At drucriPts aud Merchant. I've Bnok ftm V
WELLS, RICHARDSON 4 CO., Prapi. B.rlgt Vt .
Bash, '.Doors, Blirds,
Siding, Flooring, Wainscoating and all kiLtls of Wood
Work for Builders,
Eighteenth St., ,--tween Third and Fourth a' enue,
Bock Island.
A London aiuhor has written thirty
novels in three years. This beats the
record of any living man. but the writer's
enormous Uhor hah btousht him only $1,
Art you diBturlel at night and broken
"f your refit by a sick child suffering and
can-: with pa;n of cuttme teetnr It so,
-;end at once and ?tt a bottle of Mrs.
Window's Sootliing yrup for children
tct'-tiiiiij. Its value is incalculable.
It will relieve the poor little sufferer im
xed iat d y . Depend u pon it mothers,
'here is no misiake about it. Ii curefe
dy-enUry, diarrhoea, rctrulates the atoai
aoh and bowels, ci?.res wind colic, soit
ert? the tr.ir.is. reduces miinriiniAtiori. and
aivep tone and encrarv to the whole ava
wm. mrs. WinRh-w's toothing Pyrup
for Children Teethine is pleasant to the
rtste. and ts the prescription of one of
tie oldest and be?i female nurses and phv
ncians in the United States, and is for
aU ?y all dmti-istt! throughout the
world. Pr.r 25 cents per bottle.
Methful of Indian Snake Charmer,
Like the jujrs: er, the charmers, three in
number, poscss-a nctumg aistinctive
tiicir apponranee. Thoy invariably use the
crnra iii captiiio, or noiviea snaico. m tneir
perfor.ucnees. It is difTn-ult to understand
how the linrvli. rirwurdunt note of the
charmer's a st-.r.ts ran prod .iee any effect
on these dan' ivHis rept iles, aud yet that It
dessois uiny.i'MiOTinl.Ia. 1 have heard it
nred, by peo;!?lio never saw a cobra, that
that tho charmer pi'.ves them of their
fantr. This is hoily untrue. The charmer
I take s::al:es na m ver saw oelore in his
life, provided tliey are cobras, and subdue
them without diijfuity.
Tiie snaUes fire rarnetl around in wicker
baskets tiie tops of which are securely fast
ened v.h.'n nv'v-u:- fro:;i place to place, and
when eT'f.iKti:i tne sn.ikeu are not reieasci
uut:! the nuis -c i as pone on for a si:flicieiit
le.irih of t .n.e to tract their attpntion. The
charter seu:ns to know when it is safe to
handle the nakcs. and male no effort
touch them until perfectly satisfied. Whan
the proier moment has arrived he seize
them fcarlrs-ly and bandies them as care
Icsslv as if tlit-y were inanimate objerts, be
ing careful. It-trover, to replace them in the
lwketsat the rrper time. The fiilowinc
day a drunken Hindoo stumbled over one ot
tho baskets and Uisptacod tiie lid. vuict as
a flash one of the rein dt buried its fans iu
the ivvr fell'iw'f 1', and m three hours hi
was dead. Char it E. Uotnain in Cosmo
The sixteenth opera of "Faust" has
been successfully produced in Koenies-
nerff. Ihe foiibor is nnmed Zeser. The
first operatic Faust was written bySpohr
in 1813
Doctors' Bills.
Nearly all diseases originate from in
action of the liver, and this is especially
the ce with chills and fever, intermit
tent fevi-rs and malarial diseases. To
save doctors' bills and ward disease, take
Simmons' Liver rcjulaior, a medicine
that increases in popularity each year,
and has become the most popular and
wst endorsed medicine in the market for
the cure of liver or bowel diseases,
Tklkgkaph, DubuQue, Iowa.
Who of us are wituout trouble be tbuy
small or large? The blessings of health
are best Appreciated when we are sirh
and in pain. A hacking cough, a sevcrk
cold, or any throat or lung disease are
rerv troublesome; but all of these niav he
juicklv and permanently cured by Dr.
Bicciow's Cure. Safe and pleasant for
hrcren. rnce -to cents.
Tn Sharpen a Knife.
A tarn dealer iu cuikry expresses the
opinion that not or.e i;utu in Tiity Knows now
sua:i.ci) a pocket Luiio. A razor," says
he, "must le laid flat on the bone, being hoi
low ground and requiring afiwedc But
pocket knilo requires a still e ;e, and the
moment you lay it Hat on a stone, bo as to
touch the polished side, you ruin the edge.1
The blade must ie held at an angle of twenty
or twenty-live degrees and have an edge sim
ilar to a chisel. This is technically called
the 'cannel,' and is marked on all new knives
by a fine white line which does not remove
or touch the polished surface. Kjiivea im
properly whetted are often condemned as too
hard or too soft without reajo." New Vork
Abtaraiy stupid
To i11ow prejudice or ignorance to get
the better of good judgement. It has been
conclusively proven that constipation,
bad breath, dyspepsia, kidney affections,
and all diseases of tbe livdr, stomach and
bowels have bean cured by simply taking
Simmons Liver Regulator. It is harm
less, not unpleasant, and easily procured,
so there is no reason to be ignorant of
litis remedy we especially commend to
your notice for trial.
During the year 1887 1,228,759 were
contributed by BrilUu christians to for
eign missions.
It is that impurity in the blood, which, ac
cumulating In the glands of the neck, pro
duces unsiphtly lumps or sweliinps; which
causes painful running sores on the arms,
legs, or feet; which developes ulcers in the
eyes, ears, or nose, cfien causing blindness or
deafness; which Is the origin of pimples, can
cerous growths, or the many other manifest:,
tions usually ascribed to 4 humors;" which,
Listening upon the hangs, causes consumption
and death. Being the most ancient. It is the
most general of all diseases or affections, for
very few persons are entirely free from it,
How Can
It Be
Py taking Tlood's Sarsaparttla, which, by
the remarkable cures it has accomplished,
often when other medicines have failed, has
proven itself to be a potent and peculiar
mediciue for this disease. Some of these
cures are really wonderful. If you suffer from
scrofula, be sure to try Hood's Barsaparilla.
"My daughter Mary was afflicted with scrof
ulous sore neck from the time she was 22 months
old till she became six years of age. Lumps
formed In her neck, and one of tbem after
growing to the size of a pigeon's egg, became
a running sore for over three years. We gave
her Itood's Sarsaparilla, when the lump and
all Indications of scrofula entirely dis
appeared, and now she seems to be a healthy
child." J. P.CABiTLK.Naurlght,N. J.
N. B. Be sure to get only
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Sold b? all draggiita. 1 ; aii for f-V Prepared only
by C. L 1IOOU A CO., ApoUiecaiiea, Lowell. Maaa.
BOO Doses One Dollar
sure tureo.i chCBg0l m. 1 ciarksu
Tbe Regular Ola-Estatlisliea
Is sIlH Titatlng with the Gntwt
GkrcsiG, Kcttghs and Pri?ate Diseases.
hood. Failing Memory, Ex ha lifting Drain.
Terrible Dreamt. Heed and Back Ache and all
the -fl'vi lead. tij: t.eany decay arc peihsp Con
sumption or lnanity, treated scientifically ty new
met'ind w'th TK-ver-fril'iig uxr.
ajjTSYPHILIS tvt all bad Blood and Skia
Disease perrraaer.tly cured.
Gleet, Gonorrhoea. Stricture, Varicocele and
all diseases of the Genito-Vr narv Ot!- i- cured
prrraptlv vithout injury to Stomacii, Kidneys or
other O'sans.
No experiments. Age and experience
important. Consultation free and sacred.
f- 4 rents pottage f-r Celebrated Works
on Chronic, Nervous anj Delicate D'e.rs.
s-Th-wec'-frterip'almi; MaTiasrc erd for Dr.
Clarke's celebrated guide Male and Female, each
is cents, both ai cnts (ump. Consult tbe old
Doctor. A fnetidly letter er call may sve future
uTT-ri and .h-me, a"d ad poWen mn to Irfc
-JfHoofc "Life's (Secretl Errors." so cents
(stamps). Merficme and mricngji sent everywhere,
secure from exposure. Hours, 8 to 6. Sundays
9 to ii. Aiidre
F. D. CLARKE. M. D..
186 So. Clark St.. CHICAGO, I
Health is Wealth!
Dr. f . C Wertt Nerre and Brain treatment, a
iniaTauteed sneciac tor n?tria. diutneso. een-
Tiliin, fltri, nervnna rearslgia, hesaarhe. ner
vnap prwtratton caused by the use of alcohol or
tobacco, wakt'fnlnet. mental depression, soften
ing of the brain resulting in Insanity and leading
to miser?, ue ar a.Dl netm. prematore oia age.
oam itneiis. or oowerin eitaer sex, tovoioji
tary lucres and f permatorrhoea cansed by over
exertion oi tne Drain, sen aouse or OTer idquj
eenre. Each bocontain one month treatment
$1 box. or -ix boxes for $5, sent by aiall prepaid
on receipt oi pnee.
To cure anr rane. With each order recofTed by
fornix boies. accorananied with f&. we will
send the rnrrhiwr our written iraarantee to re
fund tne. money ll me rrearmem aoei not hwi a
rare. Guarantees issued only by Marshall
n-her. Harper Douse drag store, so.s ageots,
hock isiaaa iu.
(Charted by th. LgtUtnr. of llllnolt.)
Open dairy from 9 A M. to S P. at., and ooToas-
uay ana saiarany sTtniaft irum iw
8 o'clock.
Interest allowed on Des posits at the rate
of 3 per Cent, per Annum.
Deposits received in amounts of
H and Upwards.
The priTate pro pen? of the Trustees it respon
sible to the deptH'ttors. The officers are prohibi
ted from horrowtrjg any of Its moneys. Minors
and Married women protectee oy special law.
Opncra-: H. W. Wnceutca. rTwitJTrt: Jon
Goon, Vice Ptmident;C. P. UcaBKWsT, Cashier.
TBrsTXEs: . . neeioca, roner xinner.
W. Lobdell. Selson Chester. H. W. Can dee. C.
T Grama, A. 8, Wright, C. F. Hemnwsy, John
ITTtif ooiy chartered Savitgi Bank la Reck
itisaa county.
The Pnsniauonof Beck Island-
Is about 20,000, and we should say at
least one half are troubled with some af
fection of the throat and lungs, as those
complaints are, according to statistics,
more numerous than others. We would
advise all our readers not to neglect the
opportunity to call on their druggist and
get a bottle of Kemp's balsam for the
throat and lungs Trial size free. Large
bottles 60c and f 1. Sold by all druggists.
In the Clrcait Ooort, January Term. I8.
Loin B. McCall vs. David H. McCall In Chin
eery. Amdavil of non-residence of David H. VeCall,
the above defendant, having been filed tn the
ciers e nmce ot me circuit coon ot saia eoanty.
notice is therefore herebv niven to the said nos
resident defetMsnt that the complainant filed her
btti of complaint ia said court, on theehanreir
side thereof, on the Twenty sTroty day of o
Tember. 188S. and that theresoon a snmmons
stued out of said conn, wherern said salt is now
pending, re tamable on the first Monday in the
month of January next, as Is bv law reo. aired.
Now. unless yon. the said non-resident defen
dant above named, shall personally be and appear
before said circuit coart, on the first day of tbe
urn leriu wsravi, w ve nuiucu at BVoCS lSiana ID
and Tor sata coaniy. on ue nrst Moedar in Jan
oarr next, and plead, answer or demar to the said
complamnnt's bill of complaint, the same and the
maversajHi im ninen aoa uungs t&ereui ensrg-
eu uiuiuLTBu win uv uiea mm coorcssea, ua i
decree entered ajrainst yoa accortUng to tae pray
Bock Island, Elf., November 17, A, D. 18.
E. H. BOWMAN. Jr..
Clerk of said Clrcait Court
I. W. Boner, Conpt's SoL
(Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific and Chicago, Kansas & Nebraska Rys.)
ItP main lines, branchpf and ertensions west, northwest Rnrl soTithwert
Include Chicago, Joliet, Ottawa, Peoria, I ja Salle, Molin, Kock Island in
ILIjINOIS Davenport, Muscatine, Ottumwa, Okaloosa, Weet Liberty. Iowa
City, Dee Moines, Kn oxville, Winterset, Atlantic, Audubon, Harlan, Guthrie
Centre, and Council Bluffs in IOWA MinnpRpolis and St Paul in MINNE
SOTA Watertown and Pioux Palls in DAKOTA OtUlatin, Trenton. Cameron,
St. Joseph, and Kansas Citv in MISSOURI Beatrice, Fairb'irv, and Nelson
in NEBRASKA Horton, Topeka, Hutrhinpon, Wirhita, BnviUp, Norton,
Abilene, Caldwell, in KAWSAS-Colorado Sprintrs. Denver. PubM, in COLO
RADO. Traverses! new end vast areas of rich furminji' and ruzinar lane'";,
affordiniy the ttest facilities of intercommunication to older Statue and to all
towns and cities in Southern Nebraska, Kan?a, Cf'.cirn', Ctan, Ne-
Mexico, Indian Terr1tor, Texas, Arizona, IdWio, Ca ifcrca, and Pacific
coaat and trans-oceanic Seaports.
Of Palace Coaches lea din ir all competitors In splendor of equipment and
luxury of accommodationr run throutrh daily bi'twen Chimin and Colo
rado Sprinirs, Denver anci Pueblo. Similar MAGNIFICENT "VESTIBULE
TRAIN SERVICE daily between Chicago and Council Bluffs lOmahni, and
between Chicago and Kansas City. Elepant Dav Coaches, D'mnjr Cars,
Rectlninir Chair Cars 'FRKE, and Palace Sleeping Cars. California Excur
sions daily. Choice of routes to aud from Salt Lak Citv, Portland, Los
Angeles, San Dietro, San Francisco, and intervening localHlea. Quick time,
prompt connections and transfers In Union Depota.
Runs superbly equipped Express Trains dallv each way between Chirsyro,
Bock I eland, Atchison, St. Joseph, Leavenworth, Kanrna City and Minne
apolis and St. Paul. The Favorite Tourist Line to the scenic rorr, and
bunting- and Ashing1 grounds of the Northwest. Its Watertown Branch
courses tbroueh the most productive lands of Northern Iowa, Southwestern
Minnesota, and East Southern Dakota.
travel between Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Laf: vette, and Council Bluffs, St.
Joseph, Atchison, Leavenworth, Kansas City. Minneapolis, and St. PauL
For Tickets, Maps, Folders, or desired Information, apply to any Coupon
Ticket Office tn tbe United States or Canada, or au dress
Gen'l Ticket & Pass. Agent
General Hasager.
atal.i tneircoicplMion should seeore a
if the lstrst imported aud ntunioioualy acknrml
iiiantntMK in tw, nrfeotlr hsrtnlcss. Imperer'-I
e. .lural.e i-l invisible. For ! eTerywhere
pr. mwttt n-r riot. Ask J OCT
lrnist lor u "r wnut tor LKi.Jtio wmpiv w w
I. F. LLOYD it CO.. Sole Importers
T mmd 419 WhlnrOB Sltreet, C fllCAOO.
Fob Sale by the Following Dbtj&gibtb
Mirshall & Fisher,
ilartz & Bafanaca,
and Frank N&dler.
Or ! I.isr Habtt. Psslt'Telr Carea
by adminUterlac Dr. llalaea
luldrB KBVf-lflp.
It can he given lu a cup ol coffte or tea without
th knowledite of the person taking it ; Is absolutely
Dartnies. and will effect a permanent and speedy
-ure. whether the patient fs a moderate drinker or
an alcoholic wrf-'V . Thonsandsof drunkards bare
been made temporal men wbo bave taken Goldea
Hpeeidc in their roTea wit boat their knowledge
and lo-dsv hvhevp tlifv onit drinklna; of their own
freewill. IT NKVKR FAILS. The system once
tmprearnated with ttm HpenAcft becomes an Utter
UnpOSaiQlllty IW ui nauw iumS W r'i.
inr .le tr T. B. THOM AS. anil M KHHtl
ifiSUEB, DruuiiU, BsckTaUiid. Oi.
CARSE & C0.S'.
The finest line and Prices the Lowest in the
city. The Latest Styles in
Boots and Shoes.
1622 Second Avenue.
(Formerlr ot Coal Tallej,)
Dealer in Choice Wines, Liprs
No. 1717 Second Avenue, Rock Island.
Aod Dealer in Mens Fine Woolens.
1706 Second Avenue
And Dealers ia Floor, Fead, Baled Hay and Straw, Crockery
Glassware, Cutlery, Etc.
SJ-etmnuhip Ageac; and rcmiuaree to any part of Europe.
01 tad 603 Ninth Street, Rock Island, m..
I lir-VM..
i ft.

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