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I, o copies, a splendid 12mo edition
,, jiihrri kniere. only 44c. This is J.
; 'fliiWi' 's best edition, remember only
n'l iM" Monday, if they lat so long.
We mke tbe deepest and keenest
. on honks we have ever made.
ytny special books marked down
lVije hist dy's business.
vine books only a quarter of the
'j.!'8 printed lists.
iu'lioiira'i'b albums lc, 5 ?c; no
We liftve a little indiscrete in this
urtnien: and probably overbought
rd M ourselves overstocked, Monday
i we open hem t half price.
f.rI scrap Book aold on Monday at just one-hull what it is marked. The 4
ones 2 ; the IS cent ones at 9,', th se at 22c go at lie, and so on through the
y t4rnnd clearance of all Holiday J,,ods, the greatest cu:s, the best bargains,
..liest plice in 'be three cities is at
1714. 1716. 1718, 173it and 1733 Second Avente. Rock Island.
" I Albums marked down.
Pastel Pictures, all prices.
4 Elegant Frames very Reasonable
- Prang's X-Mas Cards ! Booklets.
Portfolios of Etchi"c,s by Lons K. Harlow.
Henneckey's Sta
Fin. Si-.nonery by tlit- unire or
We are the Western admits for the stove manufactuies
of Tapliv, Rice & Co., an 1 carry the largest stock of
stores west of Chicago. In buying of us you' virtually
hrty of the mannraccurers and at lower prices than any
retail dealer can afford to make. If will pay yon to see
usjbefnr.' yorbuy anything in the shape of a stove.
Opposite Harper House, Rock Island.
All Goods must
STTixtures for sale.
1 r , .
wo West Second street, Davenport, Iowa.
W carry the largest, and
House FurnishingGoods
U this vicinitv. and at all
Wooden ware,
assortment, quality and prices it always pays
to trade at
Call on gold and silver head silk urn
brellts. Almost a present at $1 57, $2 62.
and $ .00. We show 116 styles to select
from, never such a variety in Rock Isl
and county before. Also the special
4.(0 and 7.50 ones go at $8 00 and
$5.50 all day Monday and Christmas
Many lines in silk and linen only half
prices on Monday.
Albums quite an assortment still
left will go at almost any prices. One
lot especially large cabinet sizes, leather
covers will close at 25e. Come in the
morning or they may be gone
One big box of dolls comprising odds
and ends of everything; soma soiled,
some broken. 2c, 2c 2c.
All other dolls, big and little at a song,
auv pt ice; take them.
A lot of individual cups and saucers,
moustache cups, shaving mugs, etc.,
led need about one-third to close.
Water sets, trays, etc., share in the
general cut.
All toys must go at half what any one
else would ask you.
V 1
uary, r,.,Vs oood.-
re'tra. C.iil an I ex'imii.e.
SfcAnd avenue.
be Sold by Jan. 1
hest assorted stock of
tinipq sit( mnkp lownRf. T.ru'PS
Copper "Wash
Nick Nacks.
Louis Eckhart
The First Car Crosses The Bridge
An Important and Memorable Jour.
"eyma Street Car-Incident, or an
Historical Event.
At 8:30 o'clock Wednesdav evenlni? a
double carriasre rolled out of Snider's liv
ery stable on Third avenue, and proceeded
across the bridge and Island of Rock Isl
and to Davenport. It contained C. J.
Luck, superintendent of track ooerations
of tho Chicago City RiiKvay company's
system.Henry Sehniiger. general superin
tendent of the Holmes street car system
in the tri-cities, James Cozatt, superinten
dent of track building of the same lines an
an Argos representative. Uoon reaching
Davenport Ihe party was driven to the
telegraph office where Supts. Luck and
Sehnitger alighted, and soon re
turned to the carriage with
lengthy telegram. It was from
Mr. C. B. Holmes, president
of the eyudicale and dated Chi
cago. The message gave directions as
to the running of the first car over the
Mississippi river between the cities of
Rock Island and Davenport, and outlined
the route to be followed. The party was
then driven to ttie corner of Second and
Main Streets, where it was joined by oth
ers whom Mr. Sehnitger had invited, and
all were soon comfortably seated in car
No. 4, of the new Bridge, Second Street
& Northwest Davenport line, which is
part of the Holmes system. The car had
for motive power an old time and faitbtu!
street car team popularly known as
"Tom and Jeiry," a pair of mules which
for years preceding the introduction of
electricity on that road, pulled the Cen
tral railway cirs up Brady street hill, but
when mule power was abindoned Mr.
Sehnitger bought the team, and it was a
wise purchase.
The journey to the bridge was com
menced at 9:40. Supt. Sehnitger himself
manipulating the brake aud handling the
reins, while John Hvnlz-lruann acted as
conductor. Full fare for the round trio
ten cents was collected from each
p-ij-senger; none were exen.pt. The list
of those on board, which is appended,
wis carefully taken. and Supt. Luck took
it to Chicago with him Monday night where
it will be filL-d for court record:
C.) Luck. Henry Scbnitger. J.is Hebert,
Alex Anderson, John Henizelmann, John
McCarthy, Palrn k Doyle. Jims l)is;mn,
James Cozni. August Carson, John
Hemdorf, Ch Scnlwtz, W H Urkias.
John Silver, V F Coulter, Davenport
DtmoeratUazeite; F V Rinok. Rock
anrt L'iivii, H P Simpson, R.,ck Island
The car ascended the Davenport ap
proach to the Rock Island bridge without
incident, while the trip across the great
structure was most enjoyable, the car
runniDg as smoot:.y aud comfortably as
if on a cable or electric rond. At the
8rst curve on the island the first difficulty
was met. Titere the car left the track,
and all hands had to contribute to the
musc.jlar power of nghiing it. Ail went
well across Armstrong avenue until the
next curve turning into the causeway was
reached. There the car went off again,
and all aboard got out in the drivit.g rain
to 9traighten things out. This time
Supt. Sehnitger unhitched the mules and
permitted the gool nature,! animals to
view the exertions and sam that cotn-
VMtrctl hum n sircuietii v,.t,i orlox to
bear in a predicament such as this. The
muhs pricked up their ears and seemed
to enjoy the scene hug-!y. They were
soon attached again, however, aud the
other animal rcentt-ring the cr, the
journey was resumed. About haif way
down the causeway one of the
mules missed his footing and went down
into one of the uucovered tie ditches,
while the other was so full of joy over
the distinction that hnd been conferred
upon him and his companion,
that be was "for going right along.
This tangled things up consider
ably and Supt. Sehnitger putting on
brakes and turning the ribbons over
to Joe Herbert, alighted, and going up to
the head of Jerry, the enterprising mule,
whispered something confidentially in his
ear. The mule looked at his companion.
'lira, who braced up and the car moved
aL!a:a. The little bridge whs crossed in
safety. The car crossed the numerous
railroad tracks safely and then off she
went again. The former mode of putting
it back was again introduced and the car
glided up Twenty-fourth street and
around the curve into ThirJ avenue. The
passengers instinctively jumped from the
car at this curve, but the car fooled thsro
and stuck to the track and then the poor
mortals who had earned their ride already
were obliged to rare after the car, for
Supt. Sehnitger and his mules had im
proved an opportunity to give their
guests a chance to test the muscular
strength of the lower as well as the upper
limbs. All finally got aboard again, but
at the junction of the Upion line at Nine
teenth street the same old story was for
cibly impressed upon the minds of the
passengers. The car went along all
right to Fifteenth street and north to
Second avenue, running into the tracks
of the Moltne & Rock Island line. The
mules were detached, hitched to tho other
end and the journey btck to Davenport
was made much more easily.
All alongThird avenue between Twen
ty-fourth and Nineteenth streets, where
the new line is built, people rushed to
their doors and cheered the car aB it
passed. A new enterprise was welcomed
which by this altogether enjoyable act,
bad firmly and permanently established
the only street car line over the Missis
sippi, and those who had ridden in the
first car had taken a part in the enactment
of an historical event.
The Art orunnciiis.
A foreign correspondent notes the
differences between an English and an
American girl in dancing. The Ameri
can girl is a nervous creature. She is as
excitable as a thoroughbred mare. When
she dances her eye sparkles, her cheek
Bushes, her face is lighted up and every
nerve is at tension in the thrill of music
and motion. The English girl, on the
contrary, does not alter her amiable tor
pidity in the least. She does not smile.
Bbe is as grave as ever. She turns
solemnly around, without a vestige of
abandon . She does not dance but trots,
The "Arena" Weather Hixaal.
The Rock Iisland ARerjs exhibits good
judgement in displaying weather signals
trom its building. Today for the first
time it began this service, and it will
doubtless be appreciated by the citizens
on tne otner side. Observer Fitzgerald
of this oity, telephones the Argos office
as soon as changes in atmospheric condi
tions occur or are closely anticipated, and
in an instant a suitable pennant is hoisted
on the Argus building. Davenport
The Day of the Savior's Nativity
in Rock Island.
How It was I'sheret In an tho Man
ner la Whlenlt wn Generally Spent
-,- ChrlatmuTreea, Turkey Dinners
nnttMerry Qreetlncn.
From the sounding of the first sweet
note of anthems of joy Christmas eve, un
til the last stroke of the bell in the clock
tower in the great building on tie point
of Rock Island announced that December
25th had passed, it was a joyous
Christmas all around. The historical,
fur-coated ol man, the ever welcome
visitor of childhood ideas, must have had
a bard time getting around, but as one
jubilant little youth remarked yesterday
morning bright and early, "Santy got
there just the same."
It was not Christmas weather. The pre
siding genius of that bureau at Washing
ton has been off bis proper equilibiium for
some time. He is evidently afraid Pres
ident Harrison's civil service ideas may
knock him out, and it has so rattled him
that he has been dealing out to us weather
that is due about three or four months
hence. There were no poems written
yesterday about the beautiful flittering,
fleecy, flakey, crystal-tinted, spotless
Bnow; on the contrary there was nothing
without to inspire such thoughts, even in
the poetic mind that usually crops out
about this season, and the person of such
natural gifts was obliged to harbor bis
burning thoughts until next spring when
they are sure to get loose on a much
afflicted public.
Spring garments were much more com
fortable yesterday, than winter clothing,
and tho man whose wife presented him
with a red flannel night robe Christmas
eve and who was obliged to don it or mor
tally wound her feelings must have found
yesterday morning that Turkish baths did
not come so high after all. One man's
wife sought to perpetrate a joke on
her leige lord by presenting him with a
new straw hat, and he turned the tables
upon her by wearing it upon the streets
and mortifying her terribly. Yes, the
poor weather was the subject of much
abuse and some compliment, but there
was "a merry Christmas" on every lip,
aud in doors Christmas festivities were
not marred in the least by any faulu that
could be found with "old probs."
commenced Christmas eve, when manv
presents were made and many were the
gatherings ab.,ut the Cnristmas tree.
Yesterd-y was devoted to feasting on
turkey, plum pudding, mince pie, candy,
oranges, nuts and pop corn. There were
a number of Sunday school festivals on
Christmas eve, while services were con
ducted in Trinity church by Rev. R. F.
Sweet at II o'clock and at midnight.
Yesterday was religiously observed in the
Catholic and Episcopal churches.
The Broadway Prcbyterian Sunday
school had its festival Christmas eve.
The children gathered in the Sunday
school room and marched down into the
church auditorium, where a platform had
been erected on which stood two small
Christmas trees. The exercises consisted
of carols, chants, dialogues by the little
folks, an address by Rev. Mr. Marquis,
an exercise ''The Blessing ot the Atfea'
by the oldPT nennle in fr,ml,.ma V.ml
child received a bag of candy, an orange
and some other remembrance.
The Sunday school of the First M. E.
church had very pretty exercises Christ
mas eve, including addresses, songs and
dialogues and the presentation of each
child with a bag of candy, nuts and
CHkes, an orange and an apple, and a
Christmas card from Supt. Robinson.
The United Presbyterian Snnday school
had for its celebration on Monday night
snow house, revealing a visit from
"Santa Claus" to two little boys and three
tableaux "I think I heard Santa Claus.'
Santa Claus Caught" and "Rock of
Ages." The children received packages
of candy, and oranges.
The Sabbath school of the Central
Presbyterian church held its Christmas
tree entertainment last evening and was
largely attended, the church being well
filled. Singing and Christmas recitations
were the order of the evening until Santa
Claus himself put in an appearance
Then the tree was lit up aid candy and
oranges in abundauce were distributed.
1 he occasion was a joyous one, and the
little fo ks, one and all, went home
The Sunday school of the First Baptist
church held its Christmas tree exercises
in the church Monday evening. There
was a large audience present Tableaux
and recitations made up a very interest'
ing programme, after which Supt. Welch
called each scholar by name and as each
one approached the tree a bag of candy
was presented .
At the Ninth street M. E- church
Christmas eve, the following programme
was carried out under the supervision of
Supt. Bennett:
Anthem, "Peace on Earth," school;
prayer, by the superintendent; song,
"Christ, the Lord, is King," choir;
"Christmas Greeting," by Miss Blanche
Bromley; "Christmas Bells," by Miss
Anna Cronholm; "Two Little Old La
dies," by Roy Shaw; Christmas carol,
"Joyous Children Sing," school; a poem,
"On the Threshold," by Miss Lota Eunt
ley; "Ring out. Wild Bells." by Miss Ida
Hillier; "Santa Claus," by Miss Laella
Bennett; "Ten True Friends, by Miss
Rosa Mockwait; "Christmas Bells," by
Morris Wiltshire; "A Christmas Carol,"
by Miss Delia Cook; song, "Carol
Around the Christmas Tree," by fifteen
little ladies; "The Christmas Tree," by
Miss Nettie Brockman; song, "Bless the
Lord, Oh my Soul," school, after which
"Santa Claus and his wife" gave away
150 presents.
The Christinas entertainment of the
South Rock Island Sunday school will
he held this evening at 7 o'clock. A
good time is expected.
Mrs. Oeorgianna Bixby, the accomo
dating chief operator in the Central
Telephone office was made the recipient
of a handsome purse well filled with
coin, from the business men of the city.
Sheriff Silvis gave the prisoners nnder
his care the finest dinner of turkey that
has ever been served in tbe county jail.
The "Uncle Tom's Cabin" troupe had
a banquet at the Rock Island bouse after
the performance Monday night, when
over $400 worth of presents were ex
changed among the members.
Tbe annual Christmas festival of the
Sunday school of Ttinlty Parish will be
held tomorrow evening.
Numerous private Christmas tree fes
tivals were beld in tbe rooms of perma
nent guests in both the Harper and Rock
Island houses.
Sleds at cost at Taylor's.
New Year's cards at Taylor's.
Bnow shovels 25 cents at Taylor's.
Bargains in caps and gloves at ss
signee sale at Robinson & Taliaferro's.
Mr. C. P. Lyman came down from St.
Paul to Bpehd Christmas in bis old home.
Go to the assignee sale of Robinson &
Taliaferro for underwear. Everything
going at cost.
A. D. Huesing, real estate and insur
ance agent. Office No. 1608 Second ave
nue. Rock Island.
Mrs. M. H. Gorry has gone to Chicago
to spend tbe holidays with her sister,
Mrs. James Baggot.
Every one is invited to call at Cbas.
Hansgen's grocery and get a cup of de
licious coffee, free of charge.
County Clerk Donaldson is acting as
circuit clerk, in the absence of Circuit
Clerk Gamble wbo is still very ill.
Mr. C. H. Church has gone to Hills
dale. Mich., to attend the reunion of his
old regiment, the 11th Michigan cavalry.
There will be a meeting of St. Paul
Lodge, K. of P., at their ball this even
ing. Work in first, second and third de
gree. All members are requested to be
The raffle of the fine stallion, Tom
Kirkwood, takes place at Harper's theatre
next Monday afternoon, Dec. 31st. A
few more tickets left at tbe Harper
Call on Chas. McHugh, at tbe Harper
house, and secure a ticket on Tom Kirk
wood. On next Monday afternoon you
will know whether you are a horse ahead
or not.
The Royal Insurance company, of Eng
land, has the largest surplus of any fire
insurance company in the world. A. D.
Huesing, agent, office No. 1608 Second
avenue, Kock Island.
All those using fire grates should exam
ine the Aldine iron fire place before pur
chasing. Davis & Camp, of Davenport,
are agents for this county. Read their
advertisement in another part of this pa
Tne many friends of Misses Ella Bowcn
and Maggie McEniry will oe pleased to
hear of their safe journey across the wat
ers. Tbey parted at Qieenstown, the
former for Grange-over sand, Eugland,
and the latter for Bileogary, Ireland.
The weekly prayer meeting of the Cen
tral church will be held tomorrow even
ing instead of this evening. Aft-r ihe
prayer meetiug a meeting of the teachers
of the Sabbath school will be held for the
purpose of electing officers for tbe com
ing year. A large attendance is desired.
Eiilor McGiynn. of the Moline 'Dit-P-Ueh
was able to sit up yesterday and
eat bis Christmas dinner witn his family.
Tbis is cheering news to "Mac's" friends,
and be bas them by the scire. It is
now conceded that all that saved "Mac"
from dying was the prayers of his friends
and the fact.' that be is a newspaper man.
Albert Fude and Katharine Slrecker
celebrated Christmas by forming a matri
monial alliance and their friends ob
served the momentous occasion in a some
what boisterous manner last night, ser
enading tbe couple at the bride's home
on Fourth avenue between Tenth and
Eleventh streets, where the ceremony oc
curred. Theatrlenl.
Rusco & Swift's "Uncle Tom's Cabin'
company gave a clever performance of
theatre Christmas eve. The characters
were all strong, and tbe best part wbs the
way the company stuck to the original
Version, and avoided all "double busi
ness' which is so entirely foreign to the
real work. Tbe original Gi-o. Harris,
who furnished Mrs. Stowe tbe material
for her book, the "Eva" of little Mamie
Lewis, and Miss Kitty Edwards as "Top
sy," were ihe features, while tbe blood
hounds and the trick donkey were good.
A,l thinqs considered there was a fair
audience present.
On Saturday evening the great modern
comedy, 'One of the Finest." is to be
presented. Read what the Kansas City
Journal says of it:
A large aod enthusiastic audience
greeted the first performance of "One of
the FiueBt" last night at the Ninth street
theatre. Tbe play bas been materially
changed since its last appearance here,
having several new and novel features
added thereto. The text has been im
proved, giving others than the leading
man an opportunity to shine out promi
nently. The dock scene and New York
harbor with its numerous steamers sail -ing
to and fro illuminated this being a
night scene was realistic in the extreme
Prominent among the cast were the well
known artists Edwin M. Ryan. Harold
Lenson, Will J. Mack. Miss Margaret
Hatch and MisB Marion Gray. Ttt
speciallies were good and received hearty
; The Hixinz ttneratlon.
The boy, says an exchange, who
spends his evenings at home reading
newspapers, the local news of his own
town and county and general news of
the day, or reading some useful books,
will certainly make a better man, every
thing else being equal, than tbe boy who
spends his evenings on the streets, and
loafiing at places where tbe town gossip
Is dished out in tbe most vulgar and pro
fane manner. The tastes of our boys
should be so directed and cultivated as
to lead them by choice to engage their
evenings in this profitable way, and few
er criminals and drunkards would be tbe
natural result.
Heather "signal.
Tbe decline in temperature of twenty
degrees predicted in Monday evening's
Akous was fully realized yesterday
morning, though in place of the promised
snow, came rain. This morning tbe flag
had hardly been lowered than Observer
Fitzgerald telephoned to hoist it again
twenty degrees more decline by tomorrow
To the Creditor of William Ratna
klll. Notice is hereby given that William
Ramskill, of tbe city of Rock island,
county ot Kock Island, state of Illinois.
did on the 17th day of December, 1S88.
make an assignment to me or his estate,
to pay debts for the benefit of his credit
ors, tbat 1 have tbis day qualified as such
assignee. in tbe county court of said
county. The above named creditors will
therefore present their claims against
said Kamskill to roe under oath or a
mation, within three months from tbis
date as required by law.
Gkobob Foster, Assignee.
Rock Island, III., this 20lh day of Dec,
TIM F.rat Boom
of 1889 for our city is the great reduc
tion In the price of gas, thereby making it
lower than it bas ever been in any city of
the same population west of the Ohio
coal fields fa per thousand feet with a
rebate of twenty-five cents, and an addi
tional twenty-five cents oil, where 30,000
feet are consumed monthly.
W. H. Judge, Sec.
Rock Island Gas Co.
DECEMBU 26, 1888.
Probable Murder at Davenport
Christmas Eve.
Harxlaia In Bock Inland-Olio Vorbett
and the Stolen Bonds A aar'n Evil
On the night before Christmas, when
there should have been peace on earth,
good will toward all, Davenport came to
the front with one of its disgtaceful
bloody scrapes, and this time with very
fair prospects of a murder as the out
come. The affair occurred in Dick
Howard's saloon on east Fourth street,
between Rock Island and Iowa.
The Democrat Gazette says Thomas
Shaughnessy, a young man about twenty-one
years of age was the victim, and
Howard, tbe saloonkeeper, was the slay
er. He shot Shaughnessy in tbe abdo
men and 'ben hurried to the police sta
tion and surrendered himself to Capt.
Martens. The captain accompanied
Howard to the scene of the tragedy and
found Shaughnessy lying on tbe floor of
Howard's saloon in a dying condition,
breathing heavily. A physician was
summoned and the young man was taken
to his home on Seventh street between
Rock Island and Iowa. Capt. Mar
tens placed Howard under arrest and
took him to tbe station. Nothing defi
nite is known as to what
caused the shooting. Howard
was interviewed by a reporter
shortly after his arrest, and appeared to
be very much excited over the affair. He
claims that be did the shooting in self
defense. Shaughnessy entered his place
shortly after 11 o'clock, he says, and
asked for an oyster stew. He served him
with it, and when the time came to pay
for it, Shaughnessy refused to pay. How
ard states that Shaughnessy called bim
vile names and finally took a vinegar
bottle from the table castor, threw it at
him and left the siloon. A short time
after SbaughnesBy reentered the place
with a rock in his hand and threatened to
kill Howard. Howard then pulled his
revolver aud shot him.
Information from Davenport today is
that tbe victim is in a very critical con
dition, with chances for his recovery or
death about tqual.
Monday night's Arocs described Ihe
arrest of Mr. Otis CorOett, the former
Rock Island merchant, at What Cheer,
Iowa, and his implication with the dis
positi in of the stolen bonds, the detec
tion of w hich has created considerable of
a sensation in Chicago. Inquiry at
Mitchell & Lynde's bink, where Corbett
attempted to Bell the coupons on the
bonds, develops tbe facts that on Septem
ber 24 last, Mr. Corbett made his call
there on tbis mission. Mr. Corbett
stated that be had taken tbem from a
farmer in payment of goods bought at
his store. The amount they represented
was $87.87. Mr. Mitchell examined the
coupons, pronounced them good, but
told Mr. Corbett there was a question as
to whether or not they had been stolen.
He would take them for collection, but
w-ould pay nothing for tbem until he
learned that there were no crooked circum
stances connected with them. He there
fore sent part of them to the First Na
tional bank in Chicago, and some to New
v .-, Tk. . ,j j
number, were from the Standard Club, of
Chicago. Cook county bonds, Board of
Trade, C & W. railway, City of Chicago,
and C. & W. Indiana railway. Tbe bank
was afterward informed that the coupons
were from stolen bonds.
George Crowley was sent to j-.il for
wenty days for vagrancy.
Harry Brown and ft'm. Angus were
fined 5 and costs each for being drunk
and disorderly.
Tbe residences of ex-Aid. C. J. Larkin
nd ex-Aid. W. F. Scbroeder, on Elm
street above Moltne avenue, were burglar
ized Mondty night. The uninvited vis
itors got a wallet containing $110 at Mr.
Larkin's house, taking it from that gen
tleman's vest pocket, but at Mr. Schroe
der's house their search was fruitless.
William Marshion and Ada Hampton
were arrested in a disorderly house on
Fourth avenue by Deputy Marshal Kra
mer and Officer Uetter last night,and this
morning State's Attorney O'Mara was in
strumental in having a fine of flO and
costs imposed by Magistrate Benuett.
Wm. H. Young attempted to steal a
bottle of perfumery from Marshall
Fisher's drug store yesterday, but Officer
Sexton nipped bim and tbis morning Jus
tice Bennett sent the prisoner to jail in
default of $50 bonds. State's Attorney
O Mara prosecuted.
Wm. Dudley picked out a good tur
key from those displayed in front of
Scbrocder's market on Twentieth street
Christmas eve and was walking off with
it at a remarkably fast gait when Officer
Baker overhauled him, and Dulley ate
his Christmas turkey under Sheriff Sil
vis's roof, Magistrate Bennett having
upon tbe advice of State's Attorney
v .nam uico a oau ot 9iw for Dudley s
appearance at tne next term ot court.
Fine candies at Krell & Math's.
Home made candies at Krell & Math's.
Rooms for rent over J. T Diion'a ii
loring establishment.
Go to John Evans for your flour, feed
and groceries.
Christmas trees and tree ornaments at
Krell & Math's confectionery.
On 1 V . f,w mni. tilrs. Mn,.: .1
on the thoroughbred stallion, Tom Kirk
wood. Malaga grapes, Florida oranges, new
figs, new dales, mixed nuta, and a fine
assortment of candies, at Krell & Math's.
Dec 24, 21, 31 and Jan. 1, the C, R.
I. & P. R. R. will sell round trip tickets
to all lcal points for one and one-third
fare, limited for return passage to Janv
uary S. 18S9. Jxo. F. Cock, Ageot.
Insure in the'Tiovlston Insurance fn
of Boston, Mass.. o-gunizd 1872. As
sets nearlv 9l.UU0.0tK). E. W . Hurst,
acent. Office over Rock I-land National
Clergymen wishing C, R, I. 4 p.
railway one half permits for the ensuing
year please call at passenger station and
sign application for same.
Jno. F. Cook, Acnt.
Christmas trees from 25 cents up and
a whole car load to select from. Be sure
and make your selection now as the
prices they are offered at will soon sell
tbem, Krell & Math's confectionery .
E. E. Parmentcr, attorney ai law.
Makes collections, loans money and will
attend to any legal business intrusted to
him. Office, postefflce block, Rock Isl
and. HI ds&wlj
Attention Co. A.
All members of this command are or
dered to report at headquarters for drill
tomorrow (Thursdav)evening. By order
ot W. T. Chakhok,
Hugh A. McDonald, Capt. Comd'g.
First Seargent.
The Citizen's Imprornent Associa
tion will hold a special meting this eve
ning to discuss matters rfative to the
proposed viaduct.
Fred Hass, Present.
After diphtheria, scarlet fever, orptwa
monia, Hood's Sarsaparilla will ei
strength to the system, and expel ill
poison from the blood.
B. A. Steel, - Manager.
Saturday, Dec. 29th.
The Great Police Play.
"A great play of a great city." W. T. He aid.
Monster Scenic Production,
One of the Finest
Produced at an ex"endltnre of over 910.000,
by a company or New York Artiiu.
New York Harbor by Moonlight!
Illuminated Models of the Fall River
Revels of the Wharf Rats, etc., etc.
Prices 25, 50 and 75c.
- P
o rn
s g
Q. O
.2 h
S "2
? 5
. t a fi
I 1
1 E -.
OD s
01 I
Important Points are:
1st. Interest is 7 pei cent net to Lender.
M. We collect Interest without charge.
M. Lon- offered re eomnlete and laTeitor
nets hi? paper? at once.
4ih. We examine the recordi annually-for de
linquent wee on lands covered by our mortgagee.
5th. Car aeent iDpectt each farm before we
make a join on it
6ih We make a specialty of Farm Loana.
Tth. Ko pains or ex pen spared by n to make
ftxiT bi"ine ac safe (or our client u experience,
good faith and skill can make it
sth. Invetrcan be snpplied with loana for
f2rti ;:nd upward-.
Call or write for circular.
It. M. HENLEY, Attorney,
Rooms 30, 81. 32 Masonic Temple,
Davenport, Iowa.
to snit the taste. A choice stock of
in Pound boxes, also in bulk.
A choice line of CIGARS.
in can, bulk or dish at lowest prices.
Corner Ninth Street and
Fonrtta Avenne.
It has been our custom for years to
make a
Special Holiday Oiler.
We intend this season to extiel all for
mer efforts by including, gratis with
every order of a doien Cabinet Photos, a
Porcelain Portrait!
Tbese delicate portraits are generally
sold at $2.50 each and we make ibis un
usual offer believing that it will largely
inrease our Holiday trade, and thus make
it possible for us to present these artistic
We respectfully urge the importance of
an eariy setting to avoid tne usual Holi
day rush.
X. K.On- Smmt avi..ui IttfitMath
On the l!b day of Janaarrnext. commencing at
tllf htitlT Of IWO O f O'k in Ifl Iflfrrun Ik. ....
dt-raiBtied. aa-tpnee of William Kamskill. will offer
for as lr at No. in3 Second avenue in tb!i cU. to
the higr.est bidder for cub in band, the entire
-lock of clothe aud seats' fnratahing eooda
which were awimiedtome by aid Ranifk.il on
tbe l7.b inou. to py debts. Tbe eoodo b be o d
can be In-wctea bv any party inirejtd at the
place niun'd any day. Sunday excepted, before
the sale between tbe hoora of two and four o'clock
r- m.
Pock Irland, TW h. itftt.
ttKOKGl. FOSTKR. Aefimoe.
Raster's sale.
In the Circuit Honrt in rtianM
.. n. rnnrr tp. Jennie crandtll, Mary Lord
Claus Allen and Walter CrandaU Forectoeore!
Notice berebv jriven that bTTirtneof a decme
on satoniay the Sod day of Fehroirjt.A. D
I ball.
. 1SB9
V , 1 ' " ...uv. id we surnKMm. I
t th
,ul.,,ionn.in me city or Kock
IsUno. in Mid connly of Bock Irland, to tattr
MM decree, sell at public vendue, to tbe bivken
I Rock
. - .uwvriwu un:c-i oi 1MM.
ait In the county of Rock Iilaad and tut. ol
Tba undivided one-half of tbe wm one-bslfof
Wood f second addition to tba lows (now c
Dated at Rock Wand, Illlnots thai seth day of
' - " unnni I.LJI11
Master in Cnaaeerv. Rock Island ro
wst. A, sLsaai, CumpU's Soi'tr. atnMn
Announce the inauguration of their grand
and famous
-Holiday Handkerchief-
1 Cent,
2 CentB,
3 Cents,
4 Cents,
5 Cents,
6 Cents,
7 Cents,
8 Cents,
9 Cents
10 Cents.
beginitg Monday morning, and continuing until Christmas.
In the purcbas tor this sale tbey have eclipsed all former effort!
as to tbe quantity, quality, and beautiful designs. Nothing ll
more acceptable or suitable than dainty and handsome band
ercbiefs for a holiday gift.
Ladies and children's colored borders 1 c.
Ladies and children's colored borders, hemmed. 2 c.
Ladies corored borders, hemmed Sc.
Ladies colored borders, and hemmed for 4c, 5 8c, 7c
8c. at the quality you will be surprised.
Twenty dozen Ladies' Linen, colored bonlered handker
chiefs, a rare bargin.
handerchiefs, handsome letters, unlaundried, - "LXSr
25 Cents Each.
Stacks of ladies plain and colored borders, hemmed
stitched at 12c, and 15 and up to 50e each.
To attempt to
of white and colored
chiefs. Japanese
i yon must see tbem. Prices range f romi 15c to 25c each.
corsage nanaxerchiers at various prices.
We could fill a column and then not tdl you all the pret
ty things. Come and see. Splendid line of gents' handker
chiefs and mufflers.
$2.75 for $1.00.
For the benefit of Grnt University.
Call at our establishment and you will receive, on pay
ment of onlj one dollar, the follownig great offt-r.
The largest and mot magnificentlv illus
trated work for children in the United States.
Crowded with ehnrming pictures and exquisite
stories for tbe little oties.
2411 pages. 126 stories. 271 illustrations.
Beau'ilully bound in boatds. U;cb y illuminated
Companion volume to "The Fasy Book."
240 pages. 160 stories. 270 illustrations.
Total offer is worth $25
Will cost you only One Dollar.
See circulars explaining all about the above.
Rock Island, Illinois.
Gold and Sliver. S,,ver, Solid and" Plated.
has a large stock of Tine Goods. Prices always low; . vrything war rated
No. 1707kSecond avenue, Rock Island.
Pure Kentiicty Bonrtion $1.75 per Gallon
taTSend for Price List, P. O. Box S3.
ror tW enm of IJt-t. Kidarr. Blood aid
Mb diiwn, Tbeee ceW-bratxj p 11a m fast tafc-
tnf tb place of tbe mora xpeniv reavadlea for
kMMf and ItvfT complaint, ard are far amparvnr,
MncvU-lik(i,ud on fact are the be- U tn
wer tntrodaced for all dieoa-e of the kidaer
n4 Irrtr. tck fceadarbc, pain ta th back and
se. feanbvra. riwitw and bnnlmt pin a iba
pit of tbe l-tomacb, yelkiwra.n, coated tonne,
coming m of tbo food after eatins. inflammMso-i
of tbeftldaoya travel, etc.. and aa a family rill
tbeyimaAaqnal, and abomia t kepi tm cm;
Irlril IMs ' 1stW Sjasktsu'h tVMwkwaai at
erlTtma; for d-pepeLa, one mrj lay bWoro
diaaot tar dtaorocr ot the tktwra. two, two or
Ikm time tv week utU relieved; for d burden
u um,tu N I Mini mm. Uaeo or four aa
Tlkt prcprletoT win forward them to any add: can
by mail, oft receipt of pneo.
25 Cts a Bottle.
sWXananacnasaaaidaaastats tan.
10 Cents Each. :
Twentw-flv itntnn I.HIm QhAnvf.-vn T.inpn 1-JITT4. .?
descibe tbe immense and eleffant assort men'
embroided handkerchiefs is utterly uselestj
Spendid assortment of Japanese plain and embroider
Sterling Silver and Plated Ware,
Jewelery, Clocks,
Gold-Headed Canes, Spectacles
Other Optical Goods
No. 1827 Second Avenue.
-Colli Syrup-
Cares Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Cronp
Whooping Congb, Spitting ot
Blood and all Disease
of the-Longs.
One trial Is an Diss ti nttesmrv ta mh
yoa that It I the bestCoacD. Keniedj aui. aa
seat tiSMfM kava aiAogb. or cold, ca'l ana gas
a bonis.
Print 10, 24 and 60 cent.
Can or an&lar inislsbif titattiannlsis
Manufactured bv
T. H. Thomas.
.AboT. Wprfl ftny addrwja a
toaintaf it pricft.
a ,

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