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Rock Island Daily Argus.
voi, mvu. NO- 57
RIVERSIDE OAKS, all sizes,
0I El ,
all sizes, lor Hard Coal.
A fine line of
Soft Coal Base Heaters.
WOOD STOVES, ail sizes and patterns,
;The best stock to nWi from in the citv, at
DAVID DON'S, 1617 Second Ave.
No. iScS Second Ave.,
HIM1 f
Jbsatl i---vV3
Davis Block,
M'inp. niinois.
Steam Fitters.
A compete f-'oci. of
Tipe, Brass Goods, Packing,
Hose, Fire Brirk. Etc.
pc tHr'tr rvt-rv rrf pf.pf.rt. .n ' .(Td Caps,
C Twvulj :r au lo risfOiiMt'le parlies.
fafety ITealinfr Boilers, and Contrac
tors for fnrnishing and laying
Water, Gas and 5-ewer t ipe.
1712 First Avk.,
ll.H-k Is'and. Illinois.
Telej.lj'jutf Ilf siiicucc Teieyaout 100.
li known by thfe marked pi'Ciil srrhe:
1. A tVelinc of Wf.iri f-w nr jisiiip ;n thc ''tubs
S. Bail bivath, bsi :-tp in rht niwitii ar.d fnrrvd
torttrnt .
S. C 'ii-tiimtion. witb occasions! attack- of titsr-r'lOt-n.
4. HcHtlscbt- in Id" front of iV h-vid; r.aiirU'S,
rt'fcirvw and yeUownfe of skin.
5 Htinrtluiru, f" 'if pp- itt?
. !ircnii,i!; of :he !! nt. at;' 1 .. Kv tiv.d.
. lVpr'-i n of epiriis- ttml a: tntriinehi
i'h N
erthiui; for truorrow.
A natural flow of bj. frovn tV 1
pr!itmi to h.-.i!iii. When
'brt-uett'ti i ntii"s 'n
which, if n. el' Ctfri.
ft f
8 Hit.-
of ttiiioii-rit-
proper workm:
tlOQ f hliv Hi '
lit p!lt"h ciml't
ri-t w k. Aff
t'lltf ill "Sly, '
vt-r K
.mv o;
t evi r- k1. il
th liver to
- th
--t- orBii
"7 hv
bco j
of ti
i sv mv rcl; f w
A Flatboatman with Keen Eye Takes
the Conceit Out of a Professional A
Game of "Old Sledge" Which Amused
the Sports of New Orleans.
In 1851. when New Orleans was reached by
flaiboats, tbe cargo of apples, hay, com or
meats was disposed of as fast as purchasers
could be found, after which the crews looked
up the local sights, particularly the "tiger."
Of all the curiosities then to be found there
they preferred, beyond all dispute, the tiger.
1 ins popular quadruped was to be seen no
where in more rigor and beauty of coat than
in the gilded rooms of the Gonzalo Brothers.
In their saloon he was invariably lavishly
habitt'd in a short jacket of green, closely
fitting his rotund body. Down the front was
a row of very large buttons made from Mexi
can dollars, the front faces of which were so
polished that they reflected light as mirrors.
Shortly after the noonday lunch had been
served in the front saloon on a cool Sunday
a tall, gaunt flatboatman sauntered in to
ward the tables, where little groups were
watching with intense anxiety the turning
up of the cards by one of the dealers. Tbe
game was Mexico's favorite monte, and
large sums were scattered about tbe table.
The newcomer was at once recognized by
many or those present, wuo saluted bun with,
"How are you. Bowers f
Bowers nodded pleasantlv to the right and
left and took a seat at one of the tables where
Gonzalo was presiding. The visitor was a
man wbo would be conspicuous in any crowd.
A quick eye, long, somewhat hooked nose, a
t'ac bronzed by exposure, and a thin, attenu
ated, black mustache gave him the appear
ance of either a frontiersman or a veteran
circu3 manager. hie watched the game
closely for some time, when his eye fell upon
the Iwi'ge silver buttons on Gonzalo's coat
These turned to boid bis gaze, for, without
removing his scrutiny, he moved his cbair !
directly opposite the little Mexican. In a1
tew minutes a smile overspread his features, I
and he got up and went to the bar for a drink.
Wiping his mustache on a big yellow ban- !
danna handkerchief, he stepped behind the 1
table ami whispered something in the Mexi
can's ear. The little proprietor bowed gra
ciously, saying loud enough for those around
to hear: "Si, senor, I play whatever game
yon like." They withdrew to a small ante
room in the rear, which was lighted by a
large "lass sky tight. Tbe smile of Bowers
did not leave hw face. It seemed to giow
even more radiantly when they sat down fac
ing each other, and when he took from his
pocket a lar'e buckskin pnrse filled with goid
it widened almost into a laugh. Ef you're
no t inject ions, pardner," said Bowers, with
somewhat of a drawl in bis enunciation,
"nt-'ll mke it old sledge."
At that time "old sledge," known later as
"seven up." was a favorite American game, I
and its popularity bed penetrated even the 1
wild woods of the extreme west. "Eet j
maker not dc slight difftrans for me what ai
gamer ect is," repled the dapper Gonzalo, as !
he took a new pack of cards from the hands J
of a servant.
The game commenced, and at first Bowers J
iosL This, however, did not disturb his;
equanimity in the least. He chewed at the
end of his cig-ir, as was bis habit, ran bis
hand through ins long, black hair, played i
with a large w?al ring that adorned his left
little finger, and still smiled. A few idlers
drilled back to where they were playing, but
the two antagonists were so quiet that they
lost interest and went back to more enliven
ing gam--. Bowers, after some time, began
to wit; ;:i first every second game, then two
bur ff every three. The Mexican sent for
We love but once. The greet gold orb of light
From dawn to eventide uoth cast his ray ;
But the full splendor of his perfect might
J reached but once throughout Lhe livelong
We love but once. A score of times, perchance,
We may be moved in fancy's fleeting faahjoo
May treasure tip a word, a tone, a glance.
But only once we feel the soul's great passion.
We love but once. Love walks with Death and
(The saddest, the unkindest of the three):
And only once while we sojourn on earth
Can that strange trio come to you or me. '
Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
ii. ;
Y.r onr Z -tsinpm red on f-o?.r o
H. ZEL1N fe CO . Phii-ic
ph;a, Ii
ine Wagon Co.,
hohsr n.u
Kanuractnrers of FARM, SPRUG anfl FREIGHT WAGONS
A To; com; !.
t -tcrit :
-f Pl.A""
v ml iptoft to I
Tile Hearths,
Tile Facings,
In great variety at
Cor. Twentieth Street and Third Ave., Rock Island.
The popular and reliable Grocer.
Cor. Eighth St. pnd Third Ave.
will sell you
as cheap as th'. v ran be soM.
He pays the highest market price for
Farm Produce,
and always has a nice stock on
IT? lUEATfCjo.
J, E. Loos'ey 6l Com
Insnnjace Agents
CPHmpr.,niptl;ftdJaiitedaid paid at thir
(Succeuor of Ruyte & ClcsrelKnd.)
Ancey estab'ilabed INK.
Office in Bengstos'i Block.
'1: T.hC rrc PT
i-- ih- ?cf rf fur
finmirii'liiiiu, frr nt:i!'ii!rs, f-lty
!illwt'vl. nn! nitiiilralOy fltlfiif-d
f fur liivallJt ua well na I'ttr p r.nii
r!n hPfllib.
Sold by Cron-rh ierynlnre.
W. EAIER & CO., Dai'diGSier, Ka
luck. After Bowers had examined them
tically he accepted them as "fair and
square pasteboards."
Ths fiatboatman did not move one inch in
his chair, lie st-emed as rigid as if carved
from stone. Facing his opionent, he kept
his eye tixed on the handme green coat of
the proprietor and the silver buttons. They
appeared to have some fascination for the
rough nverman. Gonzalo sat listlessly in
his scat, evidencing but Little interest in the
game. H is cards he held low, as his hands
rested on the table
At 'A o'clock in the afternoon Bowers was
tl.MJO ahead, and the Mexican had awakened
to a decided interest in tbe game. He pro-:
posed to increase tho bets to tlOO on each
game, which offer was promptly accepted.
Tbe other tables had become deserted now,
and there w as a crowd gathered around tbe
two players. Side bets were offered on each
game by spectators and the .excitement was
growing intense.
Bowers paid no heed to those around him.
He had come, he said, "to get all the honey
out of this gum tree, and he was a-goin1 to
do it."
At half -past 3 he had won $2,600, and at 4
o'clock, w hen be called for a drink, be had
44,000 in goid ahead.
Gonzalo was somewhat pale, but there was
not a tremor in his hand. He explained that
he had nearly reached the limit of his pile,
but would play two more hni for $500
each, and Bowers won both. The Mexican
rose from the table and shook hands with his
antagonist, and both adjourned to take a
glass of wine together. Bowers received tbe
admiring glances of tbe crowd as he strolled
leisurely out of the saloon, still chewing the
end of his cigar. The game was the talk of
the town for a number of days, and Goncalo
was teased considerably abont it by his com
rades. All tuis seemed as nothing, howevar,
when he received a note, written in a bold,
scraggy hand, saying: "Pardner, et't too
good to keep, so I'll tell et to yoa When
yoo play with a Gringo take off that ere
green coat and silver buttons. X seed every
hand yoa held rite in one of those buttons,
like lookiu? inter a looking glass. Much
bliged for the cash, all the same. Yours till
Ll3ih, Bowers.'
Cincinnati Enquirer.
The Romance of Lady Ellen borough's Life
Told by Mrs. Wallace.
Mrs. Lew Wallace in her famous book,
'The Repose in Egypt," now in press, gives
an exceedingly flowery account of Lady
Elleuborough, the eccentric wife of an Eng
lish nobleman, who, emulating the example
of Lady Hester Stanhope and Lady Mary
Wortlov Montague, not to mention a French
lady. Mine, da la Tour d'Auvergne, who built
bt-rself a temple on the top of Mount Olivet,
and lives there now, deserted her country
aud went to live iu the far east. Mrs. Wal
lace says of her: One day she fled to Italy,
and, after years of reckless living, thence to
Greece. Tiie house of lords as easily granted
a divorce to her husband, and the children
remained with him. By the terms of tbe di
vorce a large income was allotted her, and
she set up the standard of wit and beauty,
and to it flocked genius and valor.
She married again a nobleman from
Greece, from whom she was searated by
tho command of King Otho. Determined to
rival Chatham's eccentric granddaughter,
she sailed away from Greece to see what the
gorgeous cast is made of. Her ample income
gave means of gratifying a taste exquisite af
it was luxurious servants, carriages, furni
turn, plate, linen, a French maid, the com
panion of her changeful moods, even her lit
tle lap dog went with her. There are old
citizens of Bevrout who remember the stir
anion the idle populace when the great En;
lish ladv ianc.'d at the seaport. Her Urn
guage gave her the broadest range of ac
quaintance, and she had a gemns for friend
ships. Oili.'ersoi rank crowded the snlon, a
throne room wLere she spoke in one evening
French., iL-.tian, Slav, (rerman, Spanish,
Arabic, Turkish auj Greek as readily as her
native tongue.
I'ae after page is devoted by Mrs. Wallace
ti) cl-:;err;ing the surroundings and life of the
woudfi'.'ul woman whogrew iirea of Damas
cus and sot out fiir the ha! is of thw fire wor
shipers Bagdad. For guidance and guard
ianship she traveled w i;h a squad of Anazehs
under a kheik.
Mi's. Wallace does not think it best to tell
names and tales together, and so i-he calls the
sheik Aular. Iu de.-enhing him she takes
occasion to t-ay that when you find the bes!
Oriental, the f-xt pi isite grace of his bearing,
the smooth, patient, courteous dignitv of h.
manner surpass the highest breeding
Christian courts. Then she quotes the re
mark of an acquaintance, wbo savs: "The
further east vou so tee liner the manner.
; First among t.ie sons of men for polish and
; urbamtv is the Arabian, next to him the
Turk, then conies the Italian, then comes toe
Spamara and Frenchman, then the cold, stiff :
Englishman, and lastly the ht-lter shelter
American, a:iu I presume California is worse
than Chicago, tdthougu I have never been
Lady EUcnborough married the sbeik iu
histiMitm the desert, with no witnesses but
Aral is, and according to tl:o laws of Islam.
The bnde louud to her horror when soe re
turned to Damascus tnat she had forfeited
her ntitiunalitv. and had ix-cume a Turkish
but luado over hr property to hr husband, 'Vtt t
3-.1 Itvo.) w ill h-m fi.y fl-fi.t voon H" '"" I- 'n --,-'( 7
icd. regretted by the tribe nd by all ArabsT ' -She
was devotedly attached to her husband i tU-. an-i
and he t her. The wife of the English con-! the Ou! ;
sul at Damascus wuo knew her, said she and sician.? iu
her husband were never apart; that she kept
his respect, and was the mother aud queen -f
his tribe. When she died a rare shrine was
erected to her memory at Damascus.
How many people who are suffering !
from blood poison the world knows not
but ie&d the following letters and you
may be interested:
Baltimore. Md., Jan. 80, 1887.
I have been a sufferer for six years with
catarrh, ulcerated sore throat and rheu
matism of the chest, from blood poison .
About four weeks ago I wan passing the
Botanic Blood Balm Btore No. 8, North
street, Baltimore. I went iu and con
salted your agent about my case. He
gave me one of your B. B. B. "Book of
Wonders," which I read. I called in a
few days afterward and got a bottle of
your Botanic Blood Bhlm-B. B. B. I
am now on my third bottle and will say
that I have felt a marked improvement
since the third day after commencing to
use your medicine. I now have no trouble
from my throat, and hare improred so
much in every way that I am satisfied
that by the use of your medicine I will
soon be all right.
I have taken many and some good
prescriptions and medicines for this
trouble, bull think your B. B. B. tbe
best remedy I have had, and I cheerfully
recommend your Botanic Blood Balm to
the public as tbe quickest and best blood
remedy I hare found, after six long years
of search for health. Very respectfully
yours. Joseph W. Flowehi.
10 Hie m mors alley.
S500 Kewartf.
We will pay the above reward for any I
case of liver complaint, dyspepsia, tick
headache, Indigestion, constipation or
costiveness we cannot cure with West's
Vegetable Liver Pills, when the directions
are strictly complied with, iney are
purely vegetable, and never fail to give
satisfaction. Large boxes containing 30
sugar coated pills, 25c. For sale by all
druseiats. Beware of counterfeits and
imitations. The genuine manufactured
onlv by John U. West (Jo., ooa w.
Madison St. Chicago, 111.
B. B. B Co., Ailanta, Ga:
Gents My sister was sffiicted for a
number of years witn boils scattered
about all over her person. They would
make their appearance every spring, and
ast through the pummer and until late
in the fall. Her health was sadly im
paired, losing flesh and strength every
day; in fact, they were sapping her lire.
I gave her one bottle of B B. B , and
the effect was like magic, producing a
complete cure and restoring her health.
Today she is perfectly sound and her
health fully restored. It is without
doubt the best and most valuable blood
put i tier now on the mrkt.
1). M. MCHAK.
Waynesboro, Miss , July 14, 1887.
The sixteenth opera of "Faust" has
been successfully produced in Koeniea-
berg. l he author is named eger. ine
first operatic Faust was written by Spohr
in 1813.
The best on earth can truly be said of
Grtgg's Glycerine Salve, which is a sure,
safe and speedy cure for cuts, bruises.
scalds, burns wounds ana ail otner sores
Will positively cure piles, tetter and all
kin eniDtion . Trv this wonder healer.
Satisfaction euaranteed or money refund
ed. Only 25 cent. Sold bv druggisti
In the pursuit of the gooa things of
his world we anticipate too much; we
eat out the heart and sweetness of world
ly pleasures by delightful forethought of
them. The results obtained from the use
of Dr. Jones' Red Clover Tonic far exceed
all claims. It cures dvBpepsia, and all
stomach, liver, kidney and bladder
troubles. It is a perfect tonic, appetizer.
blood Dunner. a sure cure for ague ana
malarial diseases. Price. 50 cents, of
If You Are Sick
w ith Headache, Neuralpia. Ha matism dyspep
sia, Biliousness. Blood Humor. Kidney Disease,
Constipation, Female Troubles, Fev r and Ague.
Sleeplessness. Partial Paralysis, or Xer tjb Pros
tration, use Paine's Celerv Compound ainS be
cured. Is each of these the cause Is men id or
physical overwork, anxiety, exposure or malaria,
the eflbet of which is to weaken tbe nervous sys
tem, resulting in one of these dinesses. Remove
the cacti with that great Nerve Toaic, and the
kbsclt will disappear.
Paine's Celery Compound
3 km L. Dnvra PwtaiirfMd. Mass.. writes
Paine's Celery Coiri-ound cannot be excelled as
a Nerve Tonic. In my rase a single bottle
wrought a great chance My nervousness entirely
Warranted to color aore good than ary othei
dve ever made, and to rfve more brilliant and
duxaHe colon. Ask. lor the Dtamomi, and takd
no other.
wrought a great chance Mv nervousness entirely i . n j
disappeared, and whh ft lhe rantliinjE affection j Jf QreSS UyBu
h Loat LOioea
Garments Renewed
Will Cure You!
PoM bv druindsts. tl : ix f;r K. Prepared only
bj Wklls, Kh.ua kuj Co., Burling1 on, VL
For the Aged, Nervous, Debilitated.
A Child can use them !
Unequalled for a'l Fane ami Art Wort,
At urostfK, and Mrtchaara Vye Bsc free.
WELLS, RICHARDSON & CO, Propj, Buriiagti t
aA cures
AH who desire fuli informilinn about
the cause and cure of Biood IViieons,-
ScrofuW and Scrofulus Swelling, Ulcers,
Sores, Kheumntiem. Kidney Complaints,
Catarrh, e:c, cue secure by mail, free, a
copy of our 82 patfe illustrated book on
w.mdtre, filled with the most wonderful
and startling proof ever bet ere known.
Blood Balsam Co , Atlanta. Ga.
Headache, Toothache, Earache,
Catarrh. Crous. Frost Bum.
Sore Nipples, Cakad Breasts, Urns 6aek. j
Sprains, Bruises, Cuts, Burns, Old Sores. 4c
Jcrf by Druggists. 50c. Bird H.00.
Bjt in t-i World. Try Them. Esc
Atidrsss V'THHU O'L CO.,
Sash, Doors, Blinds,
Siding, Flooring, Wainscoating and all kinds of Wood
Work for Builders,
Eighteenth St., ' -'tween Third and Fourth avenue,
Rock Island.
A trading establishment in the Congo
rwent'y sent lo EugUod for a consign
ment of rum. An j very appropriately it
vif ad'ed ic a po-.tsc.ript; "Send more
Sure Cure
Au- u dleVuriKti Ht i:lM itil t-rokti.
of your :o.it by a sick cuud suffenr-.g Ktd
crvir-i. with pain of cuttmp: faetb? If so,
-no rii ini'V fjctl get a bottle of Mrp.
Wia!;va:'fc Sc-oiluag f)Tv fT cMldrep
i-fU.iaj-.'. It? "fihit iDcalcuIjble.
It will relieve- the poor littie suiYerer im-Ticii:t-.
Dc.iccd upon it mothers.
There 1 ao rJttaire arnm it. It etiref
-;yscnfrv, riiirrjiot-u. rttilalcs tr.e supi
ach ai:. l-ncii., ctiiet wind colic, eoft-
uid. rc:u.us 'nr.amrr.Hi:on. anc.
ani en-ry to 1l.c waoit s
V.'ir.s'.iiv's S.i4ii;irj Svnir
T'. thine if p!-?sant to the
i- the H.rec..ipi.tjL ot one of
ar-ii bcF.t fernaie nunsesanii phy
tbe LTntcCi Mated, ami is f.i
,ic by sii .iniis throuirhout the
orid. Vnru cni per Motile.
Jii'lg U'rnblower, of San Francisco,
The romance of Lady t.ienborou-h s lifej his got tired of sent.-ncing wife beaters
Mrs. Wallace heard under the palms, sung in
a low, slow song by an Auazea, wiio had no
thuubt when singing that the wife of th
American minister to Turtey was listening.
Mob's Hotel aM Restaiiraiit
Side Market Sqnare, - KOCR ISLAND, ILLS.
''' the Ur'i-s Dining Room in ttw tri-citisa sctin capicity 250 persons.
2.r rvnis buys conrt wholesome meal
25 wr.is payfi for a nighis' lorfuine in clean beds.
- City Ho&rden at reasonable rates.
s A" must come J)cr. C. D. GORDON. Proprietor.
Hum uirig, Steam and Gas Fittin:
Kn wles' Steam.Pumps, Inspirators and Ejectors.
"d Don't" r.nl.?iDe. Piiie Fittine nd Brass Goods of eroy description
Viing of all kinds, Urain xuo ina oewer np.
if Shop No. 17 Eighteenth BU, ROCK 1SL1HD. Hi.
f-ijaj ( nrnu.
t.a 1 l tE mil
and Cur
ed. No
and without
the injury the hard, rriif truss
es inflict.." Send for circular.
Air Cuskna Rupture Cure Co,
from bniupss.
Ctf arsMtrbrUM
Btinai Cknlal Oa
lliCI.lV.VI -I....V..
f&i Ratis.'iM'lwin iu Hi;
nireof (JouurriiO'H aud
i.et. J pr-!'tTTil? ii.'uxi
Ki'l safe iu rrroirnT.ei-
JiiC (t ( a'! "iiffrrc'tH.
KftM hv Pnicc-sw.
Tbe Death Watcta Beetle.
As most people know, the death watch is a
small beetle which frequents decayed or rot
ten wood, and is of lonely and retiring habits.
It is one of the smallest of the vagipennia, of
a dart brown with irregular bright brown
spots, the helmet turned up and the upper
lip hard and shininz. It produces the tick-
sound by pecking at the wood with a
small hard proboscis, when in the act of
securin;: food. Tbe writer once chased dawn
death ualcb through a pile of old papers in
a cigar box, and was fortunate enough at last
to see it at work. The ticking was quite as
loud as tliat of au old fashioned watch, bile
the insect was not much larger than the head
of a black pin. San Francisco Chromcle,
Soldiers Marked for IH-ath.
Gen. IV Tmbnanu, in his "Army Reminis
cences," says: A small number of men carry
the unmistakable mark of the near apnroacii
of the death awaiting teem. They are not
tuemseh es conscious of it and the number of
those who can read these mysterious signs is
very limited. Sometimes, in camp, 1 have
tried to describe the mark to omr-ers nround
I do not remember ever having con
vinced anv one of the truth of my theory.
One rainy day I was conversing in my tent
with Capt. Wilson, assistant adjutant gen
eral of my brigade. We were then marching
on iredericksburg. Lieut. Col. Lil.ulv, com
manding the Fifth Michigan, entered. He
came simp'y on some dotail of serv.ee, which
was arranged in five minutes. When he bad
gone out, ''Now," said I to my incredulous
captain, "here's a chance to make a trial of
mv theorv C'l. Gil Inly is marked."
The captain evidently thought nothing of
it. But in tbe first battle Col. Gilluly was
killed before Fredericksburg while bravely
leading his regiment in a charge.
Of all those on whom l have recognized tbe
mark and they ere many one only mav
have escaped death.
If yon ask me in what cons.sts this mark I
would find it difficult to reply. This fatal
seal is imprinted rather on the general man
ner than on the features. It appears some
time: in tbe looks, at the lottom of which
one divines the trembling oF tho soul soon
about to depirt; sometimes in tho smile, in
wlnca appear tbe fleeting shadows or a cloud
wbich does not belong to tho earth; some
times in certain movements as if worn out;
in certain languid acts in wbich is betrayed
the svstcras of a task which reaches its end
Sometimes, oa the contrary, the finger of
death is slion-n by a feverish energy without
rcasnn, forced laughter, jerky movements.
A Woman Oran lzat i on.
During the year 1SSS the Woman's Indus
trial association in the Seventh district dis
tributed y,(KM loaves of bread to the poor in
that ncigbbortiood. They maintain the Car-
rollton joor to a great extent, and are a
nhilanthro; -ic organization doing much good
jew Oi lcans Picayune.
The Ghost of a Chance
"Materializes" and becomes a veritable
reality when health, a will o' the wisp
often chased in vain, is sought by tbe
nervous, dyspeptic, bilious invalid
through the arncy of Hosteller's Stom
ach Bitters. Looming in tbe distance at
first, it is surely drawn toward the suffer
er by tbe Hitters potent id due nee.
incorporates itself with his being. It is
seen reflected in tbe hue of the counte
nance, the animation of the eye. it is
felt in a sense of renewed vigor, in tbe
restoration of nerve tranquility and
digestion and undisturbed nightly repose
What person, suffering from any of tbe
maladies to which the Bitters are adapt
ed, will postpone the means of cure
knowing it can be relied upon 7 Dyspepo
sia, constipation, malarial disorder.
rheumatism, biliousness, kidney inactivi
are certainly conquered by it
The members of a facetious jury at
Livingston, M. T., were each fined $5 by
the Judge foi returning a verdict that
"This jury do hereby agree to disagree,
to impnon men while their lamrne?
starve. He wants a whipping pott.
Datura' Bill.
Nearly n dwases originate from ir
ao.tion of the liver, and this is especially
the case with chills and fever, intermit
tent ftwrs and malarial diseases. T
save doctors' Dills an;! ward disease, take
Simmons' Liver regulator, a medicine
that increases in popularity each rear.
and has become the most popular and
lest endorsed medicine in the market for
the cure of liver or bowel diseases
Tei.koraph. lnbnoue. Iowa.
During the year 1SS7 IWiMJov were
contributed by Britia christians to fot-
eign missions.
Who of u are without trouble be thJ
small or lare? The blessings of health
are best appreciated when we are sich
and in pain. A hacking cough, a sevcrk
cold, or any throat or lung disease are
verv troublesome; bul all ot these mav be
mcklv and permanently cured by D.
Rieelow's Cure. !afe and pleasant for
?bi'r1ren Price riOr-m
Chicago, ilis. i Clark 3t,
i Z I. lll Tr,H a., tli tka firtutr
- r cyn i and cirrrrcd I
Nsrrsas anil FrirstB Giscssss.
N?vnr DEBILITY. Lost Msn-
,A Mf.rr.nrv. Rxhaustme Drains,
TerriV.e Drei-ni Hc-d cd Iitk clie arm all
t' e-fie- t- tn'f early ?ecay a:"- -.-rrh-P1 -On-
sumrticTT lr,T8.Ty. ut. c.rntiPca.!y byo
SYPHILIS al bad EJood atd Ekio
Dien lernner.tW currd.
.la-KiSiV )B I NABV -J
Oet. Goimrhsca, Stricture, anccccle ma
ai! cit-ar of u-.e jenio-l'nnar- Orjens CaimJ
primp'Jv w:tSojt injury to tuouca, Kicikj ot
o'Le "trear"i
-No enpriments. Ape -H enperience
Important. Consu;tation free en- sacred.
-c d 4 r--t pr-ie f - Celebrated V. orks
on Chronic. Nervous '-.n Uel.cste I.,-a
- Th iic " frriT- n-nr VaTriii;- -rr4 frr Dr.
Clarke" ct-:- rratcii ii.k Wale an.- Feir.S'e. each
is cfnts, Ivih a ceTii, (staniir.1. Consint t:.e ol
Doctor. A f, en leitT rr rr.ay save futm
su-T t-s a-i .h--m. ati a'd (! e-i vear l
MS-HvAt "Lifr'a iSrrl trrorm,' "
fujmis Mniicine aid whtb vnt evervhere.
t,rciire from exposure. Hours, ii to S. fcundaya
9 F. D. CLARKE, M. D.
I0S So. Clark St., CHICACO, ILL.
- c)n t. ijiiprv i
D a iT?iv-, v- '-: T-fi
Health is Wealth!
SnaLrs In Mexico.
They have an active little snake down in
tbe state of Vera Cruz, which, when he at
tacks ynu, roils itself up like a hoop, and
wheels along with great speed, and, wnen
close to you, uncoils tod begins lo whip you
soundly about the logs with its strong and
vicious little tail. Ho does not bite, but only
lashos his enemy. Uut there is another
snake, called tho "coraiito," which is slender
and sinai: nnd ml, and which inflicts a bail
and dauger.;u.H lute. A friend of mine stay-1
ing on a plantation, found two coiled up in a
high top shoe one morning, iu tae hot :
country cauuous people examine the beds at
night to see that uo snake or scorpion is there,
and, taking this prudent precaution, they
sleep soundly enough, for it is often chilly at
night in tho hot country. Cor. lioston Her
ald. -
Much sickness in farmers' families in win
ter is due to keeping large quantities of pota
toes and other vegetables stored under sleep
ing rooms.
Absaraiy Stupid
To ulow prejudice or ignorance to pet
tbe botter of good judgement. It has been
conclusively proven that constipation.
bad breath, dyspepsia, kidney affections,
and all diseases of tbe livar, stomach and
bowels have bean cured by simply taking
Simmons Liver Regulator. It is harm
less, not unpleasant, and easily procured.
so there is no reason to be ignorant of
this remedy we especially commend to
jour notice for trial.
- Beethoven was latelv dug up in Vien
na; then Schubert. Now tbe municipal
councilors propose to move Gluck.
The pnpmauoBOf Boek Island.
Is about 20.000, and we shonid say at
least one half are troubled with some af
fection of the throat and long, as those
complaints are, according to statistics,
more numerous than others. We would
advise all our readers not to neglect the
opportunity to call on their druggist and
get a bottle of Kemp's balsam for the
throat and lungs Trial size free. Large
bottles 50c and $1. Sold by all druggists.
It is that Impurity in the blood, which, ac
cumulating in the glands of the neck, pro
duces unsightly lumps or swellings; which
causes painful running sores on the arms,
legs, or feet; which dcvclopes ulcers In the
eyes. ears, or nose, often causing blindness or
deafness; which is the origin of pimples, can
cerous growths, or the many oilier manifesta
tions usually ascribed to "humors;" which,
fastening upon the lungs, causes consumption
and deat h; Being the most ancient, it is the
most general of all diseases or affections, for
very few persons are entirely free from It,
How Can
It Bo
By taking Hood's SarsaparllU, which, by
the remarkable cures It has accomplished,
often when ether medicines have failed, has
pre v m itself to be a potent and peculiar
medicine for this disease. Some of these
cures are really wonderful. If you suffer from
scrofula, be sure to try Hood's Sarsaparilla.
My daughter Mary was afflicted with scrof
ctnus sore neck from the tin she was 22 months
old till she hecame six years of age. Lumps
formed in her nerk, and one of them after
growing to the size of a pigeon's egg. became
a running sore for over three years. We gave
her Hood's SarsaparUla, when the ramp and
all indications of scrofula entirely dis
appeared, and now she seems tn be a healthy
child. J. S. Cakxu.v. Kauright, N.J.
Ji. B. Be sure to get only
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Stoldljyalldnirvkts. fl; stxforl4. Prepared only
by C I. UOUD a CO., Apothecaries. LowelL Mass,
Doses One Dollar
T)r. B. C Wipf -"rve and Brain treatment, a I
(niiiT an tee.1 spathic ir nytpna. dliriTiei'. on-
vTiljIous. fit-, nervoos r-eoraltfa. hea-Jsrhe. Per- I
Tonf pn:rtln cauflt by the tieof alcohol or 1
tobacco, wakefnlrifx. mental depreaeion. soften-1
ingot the brain r9U.i!ig in tncanity and lending 1
in mi wrv. Hi1 a ana ot va. premature oiq mjre,
hnnii', nf pnwvr in either wx. trjvolua
tary le and venatorrhoea caused by over
exi-rtion of the brain, -eif abne or over indol ,
crnre. Each bo contain one month treatment
Si a box. nr tx boxe fur $5. sent bv mail prepaid I
or. receipt or price.
To core anv "ami. With each order received by j
nafttrau botec accompanied with $5, we will I
a-n.t th nurchawr our written marantee to re-
fnnd lhe mrn-y if the treatment eoe not afet a 1
rnra. Gomnt',i tanned only by MarahallAl
ricncr. Harper doum arog rune, so.e ageoia.
Kociv leiaaa in.
(Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific and Chicapo. Kansas & Nebraska Bye.)
Its main lines, branches and oxtns'ors ttpst, northwpet md eoutbwewt
Include Chlcatro. Jolint. Ottawa, Peoria, I-aSiiiic, Moii Pock I.dnd in
ILLINOIS Davenport. Muecntinp, Ottumwa. Opfciilnopa. West Librtv, Iowa
Citv, Des Moines, Knoxville, Winterset, Atlantic, Auuubon, Harlan, Guthrie
Centre, and Conncii Biufls in IOW A Minnnpolis and Ft Paul in MINNE
SOTA Watertown and Sioux Fnlle in DAKOTA Gallatin, Trenton. Cameron,
St. Joseph, and Kan.-tu Citv in MISSOURI Boaric-, r'u:rti.rr, and Nelson
in NEBRASKA-Hort'-n, Toplta, Hufhineon, Vi-hia, B'v:Hville, Nort-on,
Abilene, Caldwll, in KAVPAft-Colnrado Sprlncr?, Denvor, Pueblo, In COLO
RADO. Trarr?"1? new and vaft areas of rich fannire and erarinir land",
affordlnjrtbe best facilities of intercommunication to oldr Stateband to all
towns and citiee In Southern Nebraska, Kansae, Colr.rnco, Utah, New
Mexico, Indian Territnrv, Texas, Arizona, Idaho, California, aud Pacific
coast and trans-oceanic Seaports.
Of Palace Coaches le-adin all competitors 1n splendor nf equinmont and
luxury of accommodations mn tbroutrh daily b--itvi Chance and ""olr
rado Sprintr, Denver and Pueblo. Similar MAGNIFICENT VF;S1 iBTJLR
TRAIN SKRVICE daily between Chicago and Council P3irl. -Omaha , and
between Chtcaaro end Kansas City FJiejrant Day Coaches, Dininir Care,
Roclimnp Chair Care .FREE1, and Faiace Slepina- Cars. CuliTorria Excur
sion? dailv. Choice of routes to and from Salt Lake City, por-Sand, Los
Antrelee, San Dieco, San Francisco, and inteTVpnira locaiit:e5. Wick time,
prompt connections and transfers in Union Depota.
Runs ruperblr eorJpped Express Trains daily pach wp.v between Chicago,
Bock Island, Atcnlaon, St. Joseph, Leavenworth, Kansas Citv end Minne
apolis and St. Paul. The Favorite Tourist Line to the pcenio resor?. and
huntin(r and flehin(r (rrounds of the North w-rt. Itt Watr'own Branch
coarses throutrh th most productiv lands of Nonhern Iowa, Southwestern
Minnesota, and E;vu Soutnern DaktoUL.
travel between Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Lafnyette, and Council Plufls, 8t
Joseph, Atchioon, LeavenworUi, Kansas Citv, M'.nnapohs, and St. Paul.
For Tlcketts, Mapa, Folders, or desired information, snply to any Coupon
Ticket Office in the United States or Canada, or address
General Xanaer.
Gea'l Ticket ft Pass. Ageat
(Charted b? tbe LegirUtoraof lUinota.)
Open daily from 9 K.to JP.H , aoejwi Ta-
av ana mum-'i Min.nii iruin iw
8 o'clock.
Interest allowed on Desposits at tbe rate
of 3 per Cent, per Annum.
Deposits received in amounts of
$1 and Upwards.
The nrlvat nrnorrtv erf ttw Trnrtee Is reepoa-
aibit? to th deporttom. Tbe offlcers art Dmhlbt
ted from borrowins snvof It mmya. Mltort
and Karr.ed women protected by tpeciai law.
Orncri:-. W. WniituHit. Preiideot: Sam
Gon, Vice PrerndpntiC. V. HtairwT. Caahiar,
THrsTiics: S. . w heeioca. rorter simner,
r W ihdell. Se'oon Churter. H. W. Caodea. r.
T trn tr. A. S. WriirUt, C. F. Hemowsy, John
Oonfl- .1. M. Ctirinv. D. H. Stocdard.
OT The only chartered Savings liana m itaea
lMaod COQ&tr.
state or Illinois, i m
tn tbe CiiTQlt Court. January Term, 19SS
Loin B. McCall vi. DavM H. McCtU In Ch n
rerv. Amdavitof TKm-reflMenee of David H. Mr all.
the above defendant, having been Sled to tbe
clera s omceor tbetlrrnii coort oc sain onmy.
notice is ineTerore nererv stven m the said nam-1
recideat d' fcTKlaat tha' the eonplainant Sled her
bill or compiaint tn Raid ooar:. on Uiecbaacsry
side thereof . on 'be Twenty seventy day of No
vember, lKSS, and that tnerevoon a eammons
nwut-d out or said coon, wherets mm rait t bow
pending, returnable on the first Monday in the
month of January urxt. se Is by taw repaired.
Nw. anleas yoa, tbe said boo -resident defen
dant abnvr named, ahall personally he and appear
before aaid circa it coort, on the flrat day of the
next term toereof. to be boiden at Itoclt leland ia
and for said county, on the flrrt Hon lay is Jan
nary next, and plead, answer or demur to the eatd
complainant1 bill of complaint, the sane and the.
autier and the matter and tbinm thervin rhare-
e and stared will be taken as contested, aod a
cecree en.ei'ea acaum yon acooraiDg to le pra
rof sakibil1
SLc Island, III?.. Xovemberl?. A D. 1!
Clerk of said Circuit Court
b w. utraaT, jompt a tioL
i -.i,-:r c -luii.cxio-j -bmiiJ secnr a
fiaa reefed p""''rily harm .'ml. 'mp'",pi
'''. tlar1'1'-' sr.l ia'.-'ti rir aie averyw
I'xti.- r iAt.il JIM srr Wo it. Ak
viroipl tor U rr write (or ported aaapMi boa. U'
1. F. LLOYD & CO., Sole importers,
? nn Vi'aablaclna ilrfrt. I HICAGO,
adi a :
CARSE & C0.S'.
Shoe Store.
Mens' A Calf Congress, ... $1
" Bull Shoe, - ... i
" Lace Shoe .... l
also clearing sale of Misses and Cliil.lren's
Shoes at prices that tel!.
1622 Second Avenue.
(FormerlT of Cosl Vslley.)
Dealer in Choice Wines, Liprs
So. 1717 Second ATfoae, Rock Islint
Fas Kali bt n Followiko Dbcoouts
Mirebull & Fber.
Ham i B&hnsen,
sod Frank Nadier.
Or ih: Limner Habit. Poairlvely ('area
Uf aani.fiWtrriaa Dr. Ilaivea
It rn be clveo in a cup ut cuflee or taa wltboot
tbe ten" medce of tb prvn taking tt : t absolntely
hannta. and ill ef7rt a permanent and apedy
cur. whtntT the pattern is a moderate drinkar or
an leo!ifHc wrrk. Thoowndwot drunkards bav
i(n rnsiit tmwrtti' men who have taken Ooldrn
fcpeeifie hi th-tr r)fTe wttbont tbeir knowler
and to-dav hiipv iriy nutt drinkjnc of tbHr own
fn-ewill.' IT NFVKK FAll.l. The f vrtem one
imprvnated wilb th- Hpnfic.lt becm aa otter
(mn'Mi'itlliv f..r Mm lii.kKtr anrsottr tn zt.
For sale by T. H. THOMAS, and M aBa&AXI
ansa avu. iruggtBu, taooK laiaira. uia.
And Dealer in Mens Fine Woolens.
1706 Second Avenue
And Dialers in Flour, Feal, Baled Hiy aai Straw, Crockery
Glassware, Cutlery, Etc.
aTSleuubip Agencj And remittuce to toy part of Europe.
SOI tad 603 Ninth Street, Hock IsLad, El.

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