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'lii J
Thursday, December 37. 1888.
According to bis uhual custom, riena
f tor Stanford presents each of the senate
Pg with a crisp new t5 bill as a
Christmas remembrance. There are few
wealthy men who do more substantial
good with their monny than the generous
California senator.
Gk.nkkal .Mahonk of Virginia, andex-Poslmaster-General
Frank Hatton are
reported to have bought the Washington
Pott. The South may as well prepare
for war, which will be inaugurated as
aoon as these fiery tren'leraen be
gin to pen their heavy editorials.
If it is true, as is charted, that a large
number of women yottd illegally at the
recent municipal election fn Boston by
casting the straight city ticket instead of
voting only for membera of tbe school
board, there will be a pretty how d'ye
do. Where is all the boasted purity that
woman suffrage waE expected to bring to
the ballot f
iWlt)ewD from the Philadelphia Timet
' that John Wanimtiker knows that a cab-
, V , -
I 'I r 'Bel Portto''0 oc tendered hm at the
i ) t proper time, and that Gen. Harrison
' k' know9 he will pec pi it. We have no
7t I
doubt of it. Mr. Wjioamsker knew when
he DiHile his subscription to the Harrison
' fund that he would be tendered
net po-ition if llurriaon whs elected,
se Matt Q:;ay toM him so. And
Harrison knows that W'MnamaKer
ept on the ssme authority. What
mains is merely b matter of form. Ac-
Collin fi to the Titnea, be ill tit tier ifet
Ui interior department or the uoioffi e.
4 1
The Philadelphia Time very properly
Vhifcks that the enod people who want
k'tiyress to pass StindnT laws should read
constitution of the United States lie-
passing resolutions or flooding the
twii houses of coniires with petitions on
tbe subject. That document, it Pays, ex
plicitly declares w hat conors may do,
and the regulation of the mmner of ob-
Berviuii the Sabbath is one of the things
that is conspicuously omitted from the
list. Al! legislation upon this subject
properly belong to the state lejjisl-nures.
Most of the states have iaw-4 forbidding
the performance of unnecessary work on
the Sabbath, and this seems to be about
as far as the law making power can go.
Thope who want the Sabbaih more re
ligiously observed than it is at present
should labor to convince the people to
observe it as a rvlisjious duly . If they
can succeed in this no more laws will be
necessary, and without this strict laws
will fail of enforcement.
Ait Iliin . a Menu ti .
It is boldly asserted by a traveling man
whose reputation for truth and veracity
has never been assailed, that an Ottawa
newspaper man recently bought $1,200
worth of diamonds. Such an act as this
is scarcely characteristic of newspaper
men. Not that the lavish expenditure of
money is at all out of the common, but it
is generally sent into other channels. It
Roes for coal, rent and baby clothes. It
goes for charity. Alas! it sometimes
goes for beer. But who is this wanton
Bohemian who squanders this amount?
They do say Mitt one 0:tawa journalist
lives in a marble palace with a furnace in
the cellar and a man to t hovel coal. That
his coachman is clad in regal robes and
ppr.ru a plug hit; that he sometimes
loans money.
We have heard of oeeasirns when this
Ottawa newspaper man clun fondly and
with much confidence to a lamp post at
midnight, apparently afraid to venture
beyond the circle of Ii;!it in account of
footpads. Howevi-r the individual is of
minor importance. The ilz7.'ing truth
goes out to the world ih tt an Illinois
journalist can buy dUnnmiis. This hut
adds lustre to a crown ot c'ory encircling
the proud brow of I!iir.i i-Mimalism.
What thr Farmer L.aMle Are llnc
An Illinois exch;ini;e says the g:rls
have been doin.; their hue m corn
bu-kine. The crop ins been so lari;e
that the tjirls had t drop tbe work in
doors and help out. Then the fine
weather and goo. n have offered
further inducements, and manv bright.
honest dollars have Wen earned hy rosy
cheeked, enterprising "iris on tbe farms.
Then the exchange remarks: "Some of
these will go towards buying a wedding
outfit, for such girls .rv alw-iyt in de
mand, and if they d.. n u ni.rry e :r!y, it
11 not for lack of cLamies. We hope
tht y will all be happv. HV h ne the
young men whotikp tise good practi
cal young girls in their keeping will try
o relieve them of some of the bird
ships that oppress their mothers. We
hope they will try to keep tbe bright
rost'Sin their cheeks, the vivacious ligb
their races, and the healthful glow m
their hearts. I hey fire tbe bvt part o'
the farm- -take care of tl.em.'
Senator Erwin, of New York, recent
ly visited Gen. Harrison to boom Tom
Piatt for a cabins position. ErTin re
ports Harrison as saying: 'I couldn't
help noticing, when, day after di.y, the
giest crowds of people called to see me,
how disturbed they were with the f.ar
tbtit the free trade movent nt would irr.s
poverish them. I have pfn men s'acd
before me with tear in their eyes, as if
th? were imploring me to save them
from rree trade and to maintain the Amer
ican system of protection to American
homes and indus'ries. The people were
in earnest against democratic free trade,
and to that I ascribe our victory." This
is very paibe'ic, indeed, says the Indian
apoliB iy-ntind, end no doubt Erwin was
very much moved by Ge-n. Harrison's
recital. The great crowds that stood be
fore Harrison during the campaign, with
tears in their eves, imploring him to save
them from a reduction of tuxs on their
salt and au.'ar, am! clothing, and lumber,
must have been very thrilling spectacles,
indeed, and the wonder is luta IKniaon
lived through it all.
Hampton, Dec 26
W. J. iiietnen. ot Minneapolis, was in
town Wednesday.
lion. Lhas Uunham, of Geneseo, was
in town Thursdav.
Fred Wendel, of Martinsburg, Neb
home on a short visit
A.M. Hay ward h-ft list wek for Tre
mont, 111 , for the winter.
Henry Pardee and M:s Marion Keeler
were married Christmas evening.
The Christmas tree at the M . E. church
Monday evening was well attended.
Wm. Deoison has removed his family
to Lhillicothe. Ills,, where he has located
MoBt of our local sports attended the
Cl'risimas shooting match at Rapids
supervisor H. J. Norton is runmns
his mill regularly, cutting hard wood
It has to be considerable colder thai
this when John Weaver misses Hampton
for the holidays
Miss Grace I Meader and Ellis D. AN
drich were married iNy at noon at the
residence of the bride's parents. Rev.
A. Harper, of Port Byron, performed the
ceremony, which wns wi'nessed by only
a few relatives and friends. The bride ib
one of Hampton's most popular young
Ndies and has been for two years a
teacher in the public schools. Mr. AN
ririch is a young farmer from Geneseo.
Tbe couple left on the 8 -3d train on a
short bridal trip. The Argus joins its
congratulations with thope of their many
The Wilv Westerner.
He Covets the Gavel of the
Lower House,
A Flmuk Movement Regno on Tom Reed
Aniiraliuii4 iln. l.iffao'i Body Trans
ferred to a l'nmh mt the Nation! Sol
dlffr' Hoine Icelin f h Riitorleitl
Am 'elation Wtrn HUtoty IVanted
Congressman Laird's Iilnevs.
Washingtos City. Dee. 27. Three new
candidate tor tbe 8pakorsliip of tbe Fifty -
first congress art beut placed in thenUd by
frienils, or uy the
fritnia of same
other candidate!
The new man who
seems o be the
leader of the trio
Henry t'aiKit
Lodtre, of Mmmh
ehus'tts. On 8.-v-eral
occasimia hj
has tHk-'D promi-
neut position
party counsel'"
tbe imprfs-son be
made has twen uni
versaliy favorable.
Some or the shre'
ones, bowev
per, J.-!;
think that Lodgf'. IV,''M
candidaey is in- fc
sniret iv one or
;piret hy one or "u
more of the bright "tom" rekd.
westerners, who think thr tt h.mor should
go to their s-etion of the United States, and
who feel sure that a:t active nnvaw bv the
young Nt?w E;)gl.mder would weaken Reed
in his ribt
Tbe protabi!ittes of a compmmiw candi
date b-nnR toe successful one am already un
der dicuaion, and in thnt connection the
name of John 11 Farquuar, of Butftilo, has
teen mentioned. K- is regard-.-.! iw b-tn;
an ecpf ciaily good man for uch a plat-e. is
crfd.ted with poawi-fiiiK apieat ileal of eood,
hnrd, common s-ufw, while hia knowledge of
the wor!;m!i of tbe houw is aiid to be thor
ough. Tiie third of tne new can lidatea is
liayne, of Pennsylvania, but his supporters
nre doiiu Very little in bis behalf n yit. It
is understond. however, that the Pennsylva
nia delegation will s-iiid for him
Members of tbe militia, armed and uni
formed, are patrolling the ruinsand firemen
are engaged in pulling down bifch chimneys j
and dangerous wails. During the fire houses '
over a mile away caught fire from sparks i
and were saved from destruction only by the :
promptness with which hand faos was used.
It is stated that at least 8, MX) persona will be
affected by the fire, and great distress must
The disastrous effect of the fire upon Mar-
blenead may prove to be lasting. The shoe
factories were about starting up with large
orders for the season, and in a short time
would have been in full operation in all de
partments. Some of the manufacturers may
find temporary accommodations in Lynn
workshops which are now unoccupied. It is
fenred that others, instead of rebuilding, may
accept tbe offers of free factories, no taxes
and low rates of wages in Maine and New
Hampshire towns, and that Marblehea l may
not succeed in retaining her principal in
dustry. It is, however, earnestly biiped
here that a regard for the town's welfare
may induce tbe manufacturers to rebuild.
Charged by a Young Forcer with Being
the Caue of His Downfall.
CisciNSATt, DtjG 27 Charles Tinkler,
the youthful forger, mmie a confession yes
terday ntternoou, implicating William Hop
kins, a son of ex-Bmker Hopkins recently
pardoned by President Cleveland. "We had
been friends tor a long time," said Tmkier,
Hand W illiam led me into bad company. He
suggeste-i the deed and is tbe cause of my
downfall. After the money was procured
from the banks, we arranged to go to
Kurope, and pot as far as New York when
Hopkins' brother persuaded him to return
home. William got a good share of tbe
money." A warrant was swor.i out charg-
itu; Hopkins with beins: an swswrj to tbe
tK,000 forgeries on the three banks He was
arrested last evening aud lodged in the
county jiiL
Not More Than Ihtrty Believed to Have
New Orleans, La., iec. y7. It is not be
lieved that more than thirty person per
ished on the ill-fated steamer John II. Km-
na. Of the eighty-three people known to
be on board suttv-two, including Givens and
the other injured men, are alive. This leaves
twenty-on missing. Of the missing, the
bodies of twelve have been recovered. In
this estimate no account is taken of tbe deck
pA-fe-envrtfj's, whose number is unknown, al
though it is sani to have been small.
bag-Law for Anarchj
Mrs. Parsons Can Not Speak
at All in Chicago.
Shocking Revelations in a Town
in Michigan.
1 I
I i
Ti:E M-a'l and Errrx of New York !
tbrrnte"! another civil wur if it should1
turn out that the democrats hnve the
ncxi house nf rcpr s -ntntiv s. Dudley,
it will be rememtM:r'd. threitcned that
thtTH would be a fiijhi if tut n publirHns
did roictrry New York at the Ute tW,
tion. And Boss Cuiy hs been raying
that the rt'puhlicnns wm;Id 'Miold with a
mailed hand all that thuy nun (bought)
on N.v. ft " If this sort of talk is it
teodfd to frighten anybody, it
is a waste ot brentli The lat ch'C
lion showed that there nr.' id'J.iJOO
m"rs democrats thn rt publicttiy in this
- country, and the f-rni-r tre ii t to be
frightened by fi!ly threats of wrif they
insist upon their riyhs It thi r htiva a
niHjority of so much as one vote in the
next hou?e of representatives they will
aure'y organize thai bndv, find there will
be no trouble about it either. This is
not a South American republic, but a
country of constitutional met nods and
popular inspect for law . t ne wouldn't
think it, however, from .rend in suvh in
cendiary sheets as the Mutt und
and listening to such braggarts and bul
lies as Quay and Dudley.
Coal Valley, Dee. 26.
James Murphv was here on Christmas.
The G'-rman Lutherans held services
on Christmas.
The Coaltown boys had a ball in Ma
sonic hall on Christmas niiht.
Joseph Bttter-by, of Cass county,
Iowa, is visiting his relatives.
The Rev. Russell of Milan will preach,
at 8 o'clock p m. on Sunday at the
Presbyterian church.
Frank Battersbv, of FuUon college
and Fred Mvers. of St. PauI, are here
calling on their friends. I
The Masonic ball will come off on New
Year3. It is to be sUeet and tickets of
invitation have been issued.
Mrs. Selma Wester'and, h-r hiater end
brother, Sophia an 1 Erril Nilsnrj. were
here to see their friends and relatives.
Dr. W. B. and brother T- R. Martin
were home to visit their folks this
week. The doctor returned yesterday.
Bleuer'a band was here on Christmas to
play for the Masonic ball. The Masons
were a week ahead in their engHtremenl.
Tbe Christmas tree at the PreBbyteri-in
church on Christmas eve came off wed .
The weather vra; inclement, but it did not
interfere with people from attending, for
the hotfl; was crowded. Tbe tree was
nicely decorated. Not raor than two
thirds of the presents could find a place
on the tree. The little folks aeeined well
pleased at the jreneroMty of the school
friends and parents. The exercises were
principally singing, which was mostly
done by classes.
I 3
t ll
1 1
pteve Hogn H lead.
The Chicago Inter (Mean anni-uuces
the death of Steve B. Hoimr, the captain
and manager of the Kock island base
ball club in the days wh-ri the city
sported the best club west of Chicago.
Hogan was an umpire in the service of
the Western Association lust, e-ar and
tbe paper quoted says:
Stephen B. (logan. well known as
"Steve," the umpire who served with
the Westetn Association, died last Satur
day at Marshalltown, Iowa. The cause
of his death was blood poison iiitr,
which was brought about by a ball
striking his foot lat fall. He thought
it was a Hprainrd ankle, but he got
worse, and finally his physician per
formed an operation, and in doing so
found three dead bones in his foot.
These were remov -i -nd hopes of his
recovery wete cuter' .hied, but blood
poisoning set in and death ensued.
The funeral will be at his home, Bel
mont avenue and Clark street. Lake
View, this morning at 9 30 o'clock, car
riages to Calvary Cemetery. The pall
bearers will be Umpires Edward F.
Hengle, Dave Sullivan, John McQuade.
and Ralph Johnson, W. H. Harrington,
Robert E. Carruthers. All ball players
and friends are invited to attend.
Steve Hogan was thirty years old, born
in this city. Hehasbeeu in the base
ball business for the past ten years. Ha
was a player up to 1H86. when he
served as an umpire in the Western As
sociation. He had lots of friends and
was considered a first class young man
Id every way.
R in Kf-malns fiemovwl to the CltMpel
Built ly Hi Wife.
Washington City, Dec. -7. The remiins
of Uvu. J jhn A. Loan were Wednesday re
moved from tbe Hutchinson vault in the
Rock Creek cemetery, w:iere they were
placed neil'lv two veers ago, to the new Lo
fran chapel in the National Soldiers Home
There were present ht the removal John
A. l-oran, Jr., ai:d his wife; Maj. and Mrs
William Tucker and their sn Lan; Mr.
and Mrs. Ianiel Shppard, and M;ss Mary
Brndy, ef Chicagc; Mr. and Mrs A. B. Mul
let; Mr. Hall, formerly secretary to Gen.
Logan; Rv. Cr G. U. Curry, of thisc;ty,
and the seven artillerymen wiit for nearly
iwo years have kept constant watch over tne
Tne transfer was msde without ceremony,
and as tbe little company were ready to
leave toe cemetery Joan A. Liati, Jr., !
thankad the guard for their watchfulness '
and tidelity, and piimetl on the. breast or
each a gold medal bearing Ga Logan's
bead in relief oi one side and an inscription
on the other, banging from a bar bearing the
word "Fidelity." The badges were given to
Sergt, Firdaud Privates Hamilton, Lesicski,
Bonora, Tinim, Car mod y, and Gibscn.
The new chapel is of MaiLie granite, built
in the Norman style of ari'hite'ture, and is
intended as a family sepulchre. A Kaxoa
cross surmounts the ap?x of the roof and a
large Hone L stauds out in bold relief over
the arch of the doorway. Tne inferior, a
space of lHx!5 feet, and probably 0 feet
high, is lined with pressed brick with orna
mental trimmings and several windows
gave plenty of bhL
Tbe coffin containing the general's remains
will be incased in a steel casket and rest on
the tiled tVwr in the center of the chapel,
vtaiblt to the public through a heavy grated
iron door.
American Historical assnciAtinn.
Washixgtos City, Dt. 'J7. The fKth
annual meeting of the Americin Historical
association opened at Colurabi m university
h-re last night, W. F. Poole, librarian of the
Newberry library, Chicago, j-rt-aiding.
About fifty members, embraon; many of
the most prominent educators of the coun
try, were present, and more are expected be
fore the close of tbe meeting, which will con
tinue for several days. Among those pres
ent were Hon. John Jav, of New
York; Gn. James Grant Wilson,
editor of Appleron's Cyclopedia; Juatin
Winsor, of Harvard university; Charles
K. Adams, president of Cornel university;
S. M. Gats, president of Rutser'n college;
Profeisor GsrnU, of tbe University ot Vir
ginia; Professor Jamieson, of Brown uni
versity, and Dr. Lonn?, ex-commi-sioner of
agriculture. Mr. Poole delivered his annual
address, and was folioweti by Gen. James
Grant Wilson, with a paper on the Cyclo
pedia of American Biography, after which
the session closed.
Ir. Poole said the desideratum of our time
in a history of the United States prepared on
the principles taught in the historical depart
ment of Johns Hopkins university, aucn a
history would recognise the fact that a large
and important portion of our common coun
try lies west of the Allegheny mountains.
Few of the eautern historians, he said, have
been tall enough to loot over the Appalachian
range. The ordinance of liS. for example,
has often been dispatched in ah tit fi ve lines
whenever any mention whatever his been
made of it. The northwest abounded in un
written historical material.
A Burglar's Horrible Fate.
Chicago, Dac. J7 It was not Tudy Lupe
who was cremated at the baruing of tbe
stun al i!S14 8tate street Tuesday nihc, as
reported in these dispatches yesterday, but is
now believed to have been a burglar. The
man who escaped dearh is at the hospit.il, and
his name is Pnillipo Pauho. When he got
out of the building he akwi where his "friend"
thing about a "trumd " It is believed that
the men wt-re throwing kerosene atout
preparatory to burning the plae, when it
exploded, catching one of them. His body
was recovered. O.her theories are that
Paulio was Itiri'd by Lupe to burn tbe store
and swindle tne insurance compauy.and that
it is a case of vendatta and Pauiio burned
the store for revenge.
At Which the Dead Anarchist's Wtf Was
fdlled to lecture A Couple l Vlgor
ooft Kickers Aalnnt the ".Suppreulon
of f ree Speech" Kreak Into the BatUn
Italhi-r llxriting TllMe mt the Hall.
Chicago, Dec. 27. Mrs. Lucv P.irsons is
sued an elatoraie handbill yesterday, which
was widely distributed through the city, an
nouncing that she woufd deliver a lecture in
VVavarly hall last night. On the reverse
side appeared what purported to be the
declaration and by-laws of Labor assembly
No. 1. The declaration is a follows:
Labor Assembly No. 1 has been orvantzed for
tbe purjKwe of affording the members and ttie
gt-nerai imhlie the nifanK of eilurauon in the so
cial, political and wimnmm .)ust'oiis of the day;
to agricaw and discus ll iminrtaot qui stioun
that rnnv com up. and to iirovide snitahle litera
ture T r distribution amoin; th people. As an
orRanization we owe our allegiance to no po'lttcal
jrty. but welcome to our uuJxt eameett reform
ers of every shade aud derto.
The objjcts of tiw organizition are then
slated to be tiie establishment of a library
and reading-nom, to povide a fund for tbe
publication and distribution of tracts, leaf
lets, etc., and to encourage and promote
pO'lic speaking among the members.
Upon receipt of a handbill the i bief of po
lice uotilied the pmpritor of Wavet iy hall
that be must not oppn the hall for ti e pro
posed meeting, and Inst night policemen were
stationed at the entrances, who denied ad
mittance to U who appeared.
Chi-M of Police. Hubbard said to a repre
st nta:ive of the United Prs list, night:
M ra. Pa ins can ad vert i w hrs If all she
plt-ases. hut we will not h-lp her do it. YVehai
irirat intrination that she ItUemU-d to tteiiver
a violent Anarelmt harangue. Thru we would
have U-eu tutnied to arr-st her, and von can
be a.urtd th.it it wotild lnve Nvn niatiilit'd in
every way in tii arcnm -'it of th-'lr in jiuictiun
suit. Ti-e atienipte i le -ture was simply for ef
few. It U well kDwii thnt Mrs. P-irs-ms can't re
frain from talking of Atun-hy, and we will nut
experiment with her further. She Simply cau't
8eaK in Chi.aKO.
W hen tiieci ond b;aa 10 assemble at the
hall to bear the lee uim I .-Vat. Wilson or
dered them to disper.-it. This tliey refused
to do, and there was a tren tral growdtig. In
the nudst of it a printer named Murtin
Lavher, who lives at 413 North Paid ma
street, addreswi tbe crowd. Ha ssid th-y
might as wll live in Sdjeri.i and le dono
with it. Hut thi diy would come and it was
not fur distant when tb-"y could be granted
free pei'h. He w:s proceeding with his
protest when Officer N rirum ordered bun
to go horn. Tins he reused to do and be
was threatened with anvst. II- deiiej the
ofiicer to take him and he was promptly
hustled orT to the Central staiion,foiow.d iy
a ea-ow.l of his frientls
Among these was K tUrt Iturns, a mo!d--r,
living in J rTer&"n. H-d.-sirud to bad oti'
iAi-h-jr. Tne poiice toid b.m ihatth ' nun
His Vlrtlms Girls from 10 to IS Years of
Aee and Their Number About Forty
Twelve Years of Crime Cnearthed at
lHt The Scoundrel, Arrested and
Balled, Jnmps His Bond.
Escanaba, Mich., Dec it7. This town is
excited over a very sensational scandal. It
is charged that Dr. W. W. Mutlikeu has
been guilty of the horrible practice of lur
ing little girls to his office and assaulting
them. Twelve years ago Dr. Mulhken lo
cated here as a practicing physician. There
has been much talk about him for two years,
but it did not toke form until Thursday of
last week, when, as the result ot investiga
tion, be was arrested and placed under $1,000
bail. He forfeited bis bail and ran away.
Children were questioned before concealed
witnesses, and the horrifying facts were de
veloped that many little girls have been
ruined by bim at bis office. There seems to
be no limit to bis immoral conduct. It is
claimed that over forty girls, ri nging from
10 to 15 years of age, are his victims. Tfleir
names are withheld.
For more than a doten years, it is alleged,
this villain has practiced these criminal acta.
He bus by gifts, promises of money, and
other means induced little girls to visit his
offl -e, when be baa taken the basest advan
tage of them. How he succeeded in keep
ing his brutality from being known for so
vng a time is hard to undersianl. Iu the
stones toid by his victims promises of future
rewards, threats, aud every otbr means
were used by bim to close tbe hps of the
girls whom be lured to their ruin.
It is said that at times bis victims were
given aiirtHtbetics and their persons then vio
lated. In individual Instances he has been
discovered, and at several different times be
has been called to account by the parents of
c nldren whom he bad ruined, but uo public
exposure, of his villainy was ever before
made. Last February a clew to his practices
was obtained through a quarrel between two
little girls who were attend in? school, aud
the feet was mmie known that the horrible
vices practiced in the doctor' ofiKw were un
derstood by tbe children One ot these little
giris a'-ciLseil tiie other of being so wicked as
to visit Dr. Mulliken's office and to stay there
for hours. In June one of tbe doctors vic
tims communicated to ber playmates the in
iignities she suffered in the doctor's office,
whither she bad been coaxed by promises of
a reward. In neither of these cases could
suillcient corroborative evidence t secured
to warrant proceedings against tbe doctor.
Evidence nasobta.'ned against the brute by
accident. On tbe morning after Thanksgiv
ing writings of a scurrilous character were
found on the fences, giviug the names of
gins who, it was said, were in the habit of
going to Dr. Mulliken's oflvv. An investiga
tion i oilo wed this, and the horrible state of
How- This.
We offer one hundred dollars reward
for any case of catarrh that can not be
cured by taking Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Chesey &Co , Prop-, Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F.
J. Cheney for the last fifteen years, and
believe him perfectly honorable in all
business transactions, &nd financially
able to carry out any obligations made by
their firm.
West & Truax, Wholesale Druggists,
Toledo, Ohio.
W aiding. Kin nan & Marvin, Wholesale
Druggists, Toledo, Ohio.
E. II. Van Floesen, Cashier. Toledo,
National Bank, Toledo, Oliio.
tlall's Catarrh Cure le taken iutenially,
noting directly upon the Mod and mucus
surfaces of the system. Prire, 75c. per
bottle. Sold by all druggists.
Barth A Baboook, Dentists.
No, 1724 Second avenue. Special atten
tion paid to saving the natural teeth and
inserting teeth without plates.
Tbe delicious traijrance, refreshing
coolness, and soft beauty imparted to tbe
A. akin hv Wnwnnra fnariiur imnmpnH4
ht ayl ladies.
yourself in life insurance. You will find
the renewable terra policy of the Provi
dent Havings Life Assurance society of
New York to be the host, the cheapest
and the fairest. Avoids the unnecessa
rily biuh cost of level premiums and the
uncertainty and insecurity of assessment
insurance. JNet cost for f 10,000 for year
1887. Age 25. $107.00; age 35. $121.60;
age 40. $169.00; age 50. $190.80.
Local Agents.
No. 1712 Second ave., Kock Island.
The Dm Molne River l.aniw.
Washington City, Dc. 27. Two bills
designed to quiet tbe titles of the settlers
upon tbe Des Moines river land have been
passed, one by the senate and the other by
the hou3. Senator Wilson, of Iowa, is con
fi lent that t-je hoae bill will pAs tb senate
with an amendment providing that the in
terests of assignees as well as of tiie original
pre-emptors shal I be considered. He thinks
this wou'd be just, because many of the
original pre-emptors sold or assigned their
lands years before tbe title of tbu lind com
pany attached.
Fx port and Import Statistic).
Washington City. D?. S7. Merchandise
exports from the United Suites dnrint? No
vember pa-ft aggregated in value $.b,oin,r45,
or about $1,000,000 more than in November,
1887. Imports during Noveinoer p-nt aggre
gated in value $.ViA,l.il, or fully $ '.,000,000
less than in November, 187. For tbe eleven
months of the present year exports aggre
gated 005,590, against f&tt,071,493 for
the eleven mouths of 18K7; imports for tbe
eleven mouths of tbe present year wereffr'V
T;,3;4. aaniHtJkb',7O7,250during the eleven
month of 1HS7.
Campat-Hlivn Figures on tmmtjrratlon.
Washington City, Dec. y7. During No
vember past '45,410 immigrants came to this
country, airnmst 32, 10S in Novemlr, 187
During the eit-ven months of the year ended
Nov. i'O, 40s,fS3 immigrants arrived in this
country, or about 11,001 more than during
the eleven months of 1887. Of tbe immi
gration last month Germany furnished 1,456;
England and Wales, 4,034: Ireland, 2Jy;
Sweden and Norway, 2,'r'-J0; Russia, 2,t&i;
Italy, 1,23; Scotland, 1.0M.
Indtetfd for Hurglary and Keewlvlnjr Stolen
l'roperty Thoe Associations.
Chicago. Dec. 27 Tbe grand jury yes
terday found two true bills of burglary and
two of receiving stolfo property, knowing
the same to have been stolen, against each of
the following persons: VV. F. Shaw, Hnrv
P:e-wner, C. 1. Taylor, and Otis Corbet t.
The latter Shaw's father-in-law.
Sbaw sas, and Flesner corroborates him
after a fashion, that he receive1 the bonds
from Taylor, who professed to have taken
them from a friend who was distressed tiisau
cinlly. He also asa-rts that he did not at
tempt to negotiate for tneir return to the
mtn who owned them until be bame satis
fird that Taylor's mysterious friend did
not intend to redeem them. Tiien he
took the bonds to T. H. Tollman, the
banker, to got his views relative to
their value in tbe market. Tolman told him
that it would be unsafe ?o handle them, but
show nevertheless tore off a lut of coup ins and
snt thm to hisTather-indaw, Ot;s C rietf,
in Rock Island, by Pie'-sner, with instruc
tions to place them on ttie market a"spee'lily
a possible. C'orbett followed hi wn-in-la'R
instructions, and not only proved that
thi bomlsi uuiife, but pot tVunJwlf (-
a disagreeable mess. After tbe failure to
dispose of lie coupons Shaw says Taylor
opened the secret negotiations with Mr. Kei-
1'jg? which led to AlvtM- m Caancory Lut
ting becoming involved in the troub'e.
Ine Columbia Building and atvtugs asso
ciation and the Commercial Mutual Accident
association, which Shaw and Piessuer respec
tively managed, appear to have been two
famously rotten affairs. Ab-tut the only
unquestioned assets which the i,200 members
of tne C' lumbia Building and Savings asso
ciation have for the $o!,000 paid in are
$'5I.H-S df posited with the a.- K'lation'n bank.
Byond the deposit mentioned there are sev
eral thousand dollars' worth of hy pot he-
cared mortgages and bonds, ahou- $11,000
wnrth of expenses, a clear-cut defalcation of
tfi.00-1, and then there is Sbaw and Plessner
and Taylor and Corbet t .
4 esterday afternoon the Columbia Build
ing and Savinirs association went into the
hands of a receiver. At least the petition was
file 1, and uudr the circurnstauc-w there is
no question that it will be granted. John S.
Mwkly, it is probable, will baint rusted wittt
straightening ont a very bad concern. The
petition for a receiver was fl ed bv John N.
Eddy, of Watikon, la., president of the asso
ciation, and E. F. Shaffer and C. A. Leigh,
directors. These three men, with Attorney
J. S. Huey, spent two days in looking over
the boolcH, and state in then petition that tbe
thing is hopebIy insolvent.
Hnw much the menders of 'jbe Ruilding and
& Savings association may ba able to get out
of the wreck wil deprnid upon the worth of
Shaw's liO.uOd bond. Two men on it are
said to be worth more thsn that amount, but
there is a question as to its binding for.-e,
since it appears that it was not approved in
tbe regular manner.
would bebobed in the mornU, and in; j things, iitlie by littie, was disclosed. The girls
would then hava an rpport unity ot yoi nt; on 1 were questioned by their mothers in tbe
bis b"iid. Tlih inceuM B'iriis, and be ' prest nee oi concealed witnesses and full evi-
stercjK'd around the ball denouncing tiie ar- ' dence obtained. On this evidence a warrant
rest as an outrage at a fttnous rate. He ; was issued and Mulhken pla'-ed under arrest
wa told to d-s.st or wou:d Ite locked up. j a week ago. He was released on $1,000 bail
lie continued, and OiMvr McD.mald arrest- j In the meantime tbe investigation disclosed
ed him. Mrs. Parsons was pv-nt during frurb a terrible state of affairs that the town
tne trouide i:i front of the hU. S;ie wa nt grew toti hot for the doctor and he fld.
e-pe.'iai;v ynlnbl-- She said ti e av-iiou of
the officers was in every nay rpr. 'it-nsihle.
It whs an outrage npjn Amer cari citizens tc
tl.u curb free speech.
Dr. Muliiken is alout 40 years old, rather
heavy, and wears a full dark beard. He is
s ippo ed to have gone to Canada.
It Tm bio in for nn Entire I! look Fi
l-it Inxnntly Killed.
Dkxver, Cola, Dec., .7. Wh.Ie lOiem
ploye of tne D over Uas company were en
gaged in exi-avating a ditch by the side of
the cahie car track on Fifteenth street yes
terday the track and earth for an entire
Mock el! in, bury.ng many of the workmen
in the ditvh. Five men are known to have
Iteen kiliM, and one fatally and two others
badly injured.
The iifitiHS of the der.l are AVilliatn
Katey, agel oil, leaves a ianre family; X. M.
Wilson, inarnei, lar f imily ; To-ph Train
er, leaves widow; Mike H'-iton, mle; an
U' known man. aUut 4 . Jamt-s M;-
JC'Hui is fatallv t-rnth-d. 'Htm cxinvn'iin
is ilipv-i to be due to carelessness in noi
placing supports under tiie track.
; And lt 3lM People Dowi a Story Mirac
ulously IVw Sorlous Casualties.
I York, Pa., Dec, '27. During a Ctiristmas
i entriNiumeiit Tuesday evening in the hall
at Eisi Prwpect the building ccllapsed, and
; StX) ptM-'iifl fell from the second to the first
i floor. Tbe stove set fire to the ruins. A
; large number of persons were badly bruised
I and cut, but there were no fatal casualties,
i and r.uly a few were seriously injured,
j Among them were lUiss Beckie Barg. leg
j brok-n in two places; Mrs. Valentine Knise
i ly, leg broken; Miss Flora Wallace, leg
brokeu; John Hones, seriously burnpd. The
j work of releasing the unfortunates was
speedily ac.rompli.shed by thos? uninjured.
tkoto. ti MiiCMM'h to Lh
M(re Roe Tronli( In Mishi-t'.ippi.
Mkmp:ws, Tenn , !. -7. A priv.ile tele
gram was received iare lat evening from
Lamar, Mis., calling for twenty-five Win-
chest t i fl -s. It came from a tborouguty
responsible gentleman, living two miles
from that place, to his sou. Tne obj'-ct of
the telegram, as stated, was tii equip tbe
whites lor an impending coi:fl ct with tbe
blacks. The cause of the trouble was not
given, nor the extent to whiii it had gone,
Tiie giiiis wt-re shipr-i Limar is a feinall
town alout sixty miles fnnn this city in
Bay ton county, and cu the Illinois Central
railroa t .
Conimerri.il Tmveters Convention.
Chicago, LVc. U7. Aiout '-MM) commercial
travelers arrived here last Diktat to attend
the annual convention of tbe Northwestern
Iravenng Mn's assoi'iattin, which 'jeun
to-iiay. An iniKrtut ameii.Iment to the
constitution is to be considi redt wb'h pro
vides for the auuiUsiLm to the asiXMalion of
"all persons of go:d moral character, between
the atfs of 21 aud 4 ) years, who are now and
who haw Wen for the pagt year engagel in
tbe wholes-tie trade, or who represent a com
pany or corporation.1
The First Boom
of 1889 for our city is the ffreat reduc
tion In the price of gas, thereby making it
lower than it has ever been in any city of
the same population west of the Ohio
coal fields $2 per thousand feet with a
rebate of twentv-flve cents, and an adrh
tional twenty-flve cents off, where 20.000
feet are consumed monthly.
W. II. JunoK, Sec.
Rock Island Gas Co.
We have heard many of our old friends
sav that Salvation Oil cured them of
rheumatism. Those who have not tried
it should do so. Our druggists sell it for
25 cents a bottle.
Whenever twins are born in Hartford,
it is chronicled by a New England ex
change, a certain lady of that city visits
tne mother and gives each banya nana
some present.
Wnrth flaH a TVixftn Dead Men.
Washington City, Dec. ;i7. The news
paper rtort4 oi the condition of Represent
ative Laird, of Nebraska now at Eureka
Springs, Ark., are said by friends of the
congressman ulia very much exaggerated.
Laird i suff-ring from insomnia induced
by overwork, but he it not dying; neither is
bis condition dangerous. Since be arrived
at the springs hi health has improved very
much, and bU appetite, which was poor, is
inucb better.
The I,mf KohoIi 000,000, and the
KftVrt May He UuHinff
Makhi.ehkad, Muss , Il c 'J7. The num
ber of building burned ty the fire Tuesday
is now estimated as high as sixty, outside tbe
shoe factories. Nearly all the buildings
were light frame structures, and the area
burned over is between eight and nine acres
in extent. Among the shoe manufacturers
hunted out are Ballard Bros., John Barry,
B. E. Cole & Co., Jacob M. Croplov, Ed
ward Iefavour, Herbert La favour, William
C. Lefavour & Bm, F. W. & J. M. Mun
roe, J. H. Orue, John C. Teuuli. Frank
Stevens ft Bros., Edwin 8. Woodbury,
and Bridee ft Carroll. The total losa is put
at about $"00 000, with about (235,000 in
A Murder Committed and tlte. Victim's
ftody I'ttf-keri lu Two Rafr.
Philadelphia., Dec. ?7. Two boys yes
terday morning, while playing in East park,
found in a hrge water pipe two bags, which
upon being opened disclosed the body of a
man, part In one bag and part in the other.
The body is that of a German or Italian
from 2 to 35 years old, 5 feet tt inches in
height, and weighing 1(15 pounds; head, big
and round shaped; bair, very black; mus
tache, thin and stubby and same color; eyes,
either blue ot grey. The bead was completely
crushed in, and there were a-veral gashes
along the lft side of the face, and three more
across the chin. The left teg had evi lently
been cut with a knife down to the bone,
which had been sawed oompletply through.
The right leg hid been cut with a knife and
then broken off. Tbe freshness of the cuts
and everything else indicates that tbe crime
wan not more than twentv-four hours old.
Tne chief of police favors the theory that
the murdered man wr a brewery emplove,
who bad been slain for bis money, and an
order was telegrapned to secure the foremen
of every brewery in the city and take tbera
to tbe station houe to viow the body.
Clown of the Immigrant Inquiry,
Detroit, Mich., Dec. 27 The taking of
testimony here by the Ford immigrant in
vestigation committee was closed yesterday
afternoon. Chairman Ford left for Wash
ington City last night and tbe committee
will at once go to work on the report It
will probably be accompanied by a bill in
which additional and stringent provisions
will be made, including instructions to
United Htates consuls in Europe to investi
gate toe character of immigrants and issue
certificates only to proper persona. Tbe tes
timony taken yesterday was only a continu
ation of tlte same sort of teetirnouy given
Monday, and nothing of a startling nature
watt brought out. The witnesses said that no
Inspection of immigrants was made now,
the practice having been discontinued by
order of the secretary of the treasury several
years ago. A large number of Canadian and
European jumpers were reported as oc
cupants of tbe Wayne county poor house,
many of whom said the Canadian officials
bad bolped them acrow the border.
Kxeem of Raiu In California
San Francisco, Dec. 27. The rainfall
throughout California up to tbe present time
has been considerably in excess of the
average rainfall for -the first two months of
the rainy season, and is Inrgely In excess of
tbe total rainfall of last year for tbe same
period, in tbe great wheat producing dis
tricbs of the Han Joaquin valley, where there
was not enough moisture last year to save
the crop, there has bees from three to five
inches of rain, as against incbea last
year. The increase extends over the whole
the !itche Was Not I'retwtnt.
London, Ip. Mt. H transpires that the
dueue-w of Elinburgti was not present in
tbe theatre at M:tlLa 00 the occasion of the
recent attempt to explode a bomb, in con
nection with which tiie Kujstan consul at
Ma La was urrested. The evidence against
tbe consul is very vaue, and he has been
set at liberty. It is now br-bved that the
shell was plarvd in the theatre through
wanton mischief, with which Nihilists bad
nothing to do
The Stanley Storied OiacrediU-d.
I.ittiDiOt, Dec, 7. Tiie Suiu:ey stories.
both lroui Ainzibar and the west coast, are
tteC'i't.'.iig very doubt l ut Tne only repoit
that now appears certain o" confirmation is
that Stanley reached :nin, but it is feared
that tbe particulars given of tne meeting,
etc , are not reliable. Tbe special corre
spondents at Zineilar are uuah e to confirm
the alleged details.
I Angr'-y A Hout t(t
( Dow. IW V7 Thn
sacred college on Christ mu eve h renewed
; the quarrel betwn tbe Vatican and the
j Italian government. The Liberals are high
I ly indignant at the pope's denunciation of
: tbe chamlKT. They declare tbe speech one
: of the btttere.-it that has been uttered from
1 the papO. chair for years; that tbe purpose
tstuarrnvalt tb Christians in the world
afiust Italv, and ure that the only course
for the government and parliament to pur
sue is to meet this attack upn its inde
pendence with measures of increased strin
gency against the clergy.
lust He "I'licn" to Milan.
Odessa, Iiee. 27. Ex-Vueen Natalie of
Servia has been received with royal honors
during her lour. Upon her arrival at the
Uusan frontier the imperial chamlwlain
welcomed her on behalf of the czvc and czar
ina. At the various towns at which sha
stopped tbe burgomasters ail expressed the
hope that she would reascend the throne. A
gunboat is held in readiness to convey the
ex-queen from Yalta in the event of a crista
in Servia. 3en. ignatieff has gone to lta
incognito to have an interview with N.italie.
The Went Virginia fimcvfuroen.
riTTSBVRO. Pa., Dec, 'J7 Tim Times'
Chari.ston Va.) special says: liovernor
WiUoa yesterday issuM commissions of elec
tion to John O. Feudist on (Dem.), congressman-elect
from th? First district, ant W. I.
Wilson (t-ic ), co"2rpsnmn-elect from the
Second district No protest a presented.
Commissions were not issued to th congress
men from the Third and Fourth district,
and Governor Wilson says he will nor. issue
commissions to them until be can do accord
ing to law.
A violent snow-storm was reported in cen
tral Iowa Wednesday.
Gen. MelikofT, tbe famous Russian soldier.
died at Nice, Italy, Wednesday. He was 64
years old.
C. M. Henderson ft Co.. the boot and shoe
manufacturers of Ch'cago, have increased
their capital stock from $yOO,X to f i.uw,-
John Bright, after bein? declared out of
danger a few days ago, had a relapse Mon
day, and Wednesday was again reported im
The comptroller of the currency has au
thorized the organization of the First Na-
tionul bank of Johnson City, Tenn., capital
stock $50,000
A siecial from Loup, Neh.t says the Sher
man County bank made an assignment
Wednesday morning, and is now in charge
of the sherff
A general strik, or lock out, is threatened
in the Bolton (Eig ) cot ton -mi I Is, the em
ployes deniandi'tg bitter wace, and the em
ployers requiring better work.
President Cleveland Wednesdiy pardoned
tbe Mormon bishop, A. A. Kimball, who was
sent to prison for violation of tbe Elmunds
law. Kimball is marked for deith.
Iron manufacturers of Pittsburg declare
there is no profit at this time in their pro
duct, and that some of the works will have
to shut down if prices do not advance.
Tbe New York MetropolitAn Museums of Art
and Natural Hi-tiory will hereafter be open
on Sunday between 12 m. and 6 p. m., or two
evenings during the week, one oi which shall
be Saturday.
John Coleman, a workman iu the Good
year Gossamer company's factory at Hud
son, Mas., wa burned to death and Daniel
Hawkins seriously injured by an explosion
of naptha Wednesday.
Representative Jehu Biker has served no
tice on W 8. Format), Democratic con
gres-man-el. c. in tne oi l Morrison district
of Illinois, that he will contest his election
on the ground of fraud.
The Indiana Wbru i 'p trial, which were
to have b-en begun at L-avenw irth Wednes
day, were pitstp Med mud next term of court,
the deiend mis a-king a change of venue,
winch was granted. Among the d -fendauts
are a postmaster an 1 a j:i-iti?iof tb-t peace.
S-ven months ag'i the 4 vear-old daughter
of John ILedmond, a Chicago blacksmith,
was stolen. He has spent a gre-tt part nf the
seven months in vainly following 'clues" to
ber wberealtonts, and his tntn anxietv has
finally driven him insane, and he was so ad
judged Wednesday.
Juke Hyams, th English lightweight
champion, wns knoi-k-1! out in the ninth
round by Jack McAutiiTeat BrooUyn, N.
Y., Wf dntMiay msbr. Twenty people were
injured -luring tbe h?bt, one seriously, by the
giving way of ti e railing of the gallery in
the hall where the f.lit bk place.
F.y an explosion at the "Top mill,1 Wheel
ing, W. Vu., Wednesday, caused by top cin
der commg in contact with water, William
Mears and Henry Newbaus were badly
burned about the head and body, and VV ill
iam My I was terribly burned on the face
and b-iy mid both eye destroyed. He will
probably die.
Dr. Roviolds. of Chicago, began a llbet
suit in the circuit court in that city against
The Times, in connection with it infanticide
articles. The doctor wants $i.V00 dam
ages. The Tim3 says Dr. Key no ds was one
of the phvs'cians who refustni to be tempted.
but his ad treos whs given by mistake as that
of a doctor who not so conscientious.
Hence the su t.
It is asserted that the position of British
minister to Wahmgton. made vacant by
th di?misil of li; d Sekv:ile, has been
offeretl to Joseph t-uanib jrlain, and refused
hy that gentleman. It is stated that Cham
berlain intends living in high state next
summer at his bouse at Prince's gat, which,
it is expected t will become a Mecca for
wealthy Americans.
l?a-e Hull in Havana.
Havana, Dl it. S-veral thousand peo
ple assemliled yesterday at A (mend are f
grounds tn w itii;" a game of base ball be
tween a Havana club and an American team
which arrived on Sit unlay. The game was
very spirited ti rouguout, every inning be
ing stroualv r mteted. bnt the American
b-ittery M.-Mii.in, of Delaware, and t ol-
tins, of Hr"okl v;i. prnved too much f or tl
Cubans, ho were beaten by a score
to 5.
pKimmH i'atotl hsrw Looking t'p.
Paris, Dc. 7 There bas lwn a reac-
Hin in t-.r M Insm. cnnnl hfitw n 1
bon ii ttii under tb mliuenet of Count
de Lesfj.s suet-eviiui nppuai 10 iurego inter
est until tbe canal is finished. Tbe holders
by thousan Is are sending in their consent to
the prop'itinn, and there is reason to hope
a su -pension of the work at Panama will be
The Weather We May Kxpwt.
Wasrivotvv Citv. I.v -j? The following are
the weather indie&i i-ns f'r thirty -six hours from
6 p. in. yesterday: Kr Indiana and llhni Lipht
ram or snow, followed Thursday hy fair, colder
weather; wter!y win-:s For Michigan and
Witunnsin-Kitnitr snow: cId"'rweathr; north
westerly win.is For lowa-Light snow; cootin
uM l.-.w tiniperatnre, follow e.1 Thursday by
slightly warmer weather; w mds beeonitng uouiii-
w-tei ly .
7- m Soap C-teUiiiT
Santa lTh.seu4 ufT-Vfr. ,
StESSiH "Li Ituh.t t.siTi- fcd -
' ill m.
msm livery
; Boarding,
isv i.-rvi.pjis - Sim
The finest earriugs and buifs in
the city can he had at any honr
of the day or niht.
L. G. SNIDER. Proptr,
No. 1918 Third Avi-aw.
Tr-l. ;-,!!. m- II'-.';.
. fc. &
Aldino Iron Fire Place,
Is constructed on srw;itifio mn 'ipW Uti'i'te h iv othar er;tt,
it has a return lia"'t. This insurus slow rn prfept r.mih'isti'n.
economy of fuel, perfect ventilation, distribution of heat an l
equalivalion of temperature fnm Ho r to c 'iiin. Hums liar l
or soft coal, coke or wool, anl h s live time 4 th heating capac
ity of any other ;rate on the market.
Call and examine or sen 1 f ir circular jiviiuc f.i'l i:iror nati in
DAVIS & CAMP. Agents.
Davenport, Iowa
if1 : '-' fi
... .7
An immene of nrti 1 s ,-:iit.
Please give m,e a c ill,
2-.H and 22-1 West Third
f.) t'lsristma" iifi.
DAVENt'OllT. lOW .A.
1,eo fHkt'it C'iiiiiJon to 1'rna.
Lnsm s, D. it. The Standard's Rome
correspondent says the Russian m.sion to
the V tl Iran has b rn suceessfui in obtaining
various concessions from the rope, among
them bmng tbe tntroluntion of the Russian
lanftimpe into tbe Roman Calhoiic churches,
ext?epiing iu the liturgy and invocation.
A Transatlantic Excursion.
WAsniNUTOsi Crrr, Dec 7. Chairman
Britton, of the inaugural committee, bas re
ceived a letter from a man in Dublin, Ire
land, and also one from a man in tiie Isle of
Wight, stating that arrangement are being
made for un excursion from those points to
the inauguration. They state that a great
many American cithtens in the British isles
and other propose to take advantage of this
opporlumiy to attend tbe inauguration.
Ttie Kuian Plntlrn at Work.
Bccharkst, Dec. 147. Two Russian emis
saries have been arrested at Vashtileti, Rou
mania, for inciting an uprising against the
king. Conspiracies of this character are be
conuug livqueut.
Death of a Bad Kenturklan.
Louisviu.B, Ky., Dec 27. Johnson Hat
field, one ot tne worst ot the notorious Hat
field gan, d led last week in Li wrenoa
Winter Seem- to Ite t'omitip.
('hi"ai;0, j; A gle Irowing 4fl
miles an hour swept ow-r thi-i city yesterday,
pis v tug hrtvoe with trees that had wek
places m them, and carrying with it a de
cided drop in the tempera' uru. A fierce snow
storm covered Istwa to the deth of ab ut
a foot in many plAcm, nnd the same sort of
weather is reported from points in Illinois,
Minnesota. Wisconsin and Missouri. Da
kota is still having picnic weather, except at
iout rails, where a fluiry of snow is an
WnttiB for 200,000 llamaE. fB
Collmrcs, O., Dec 37. Juoge Stevenson
Burkj, btnl otliers who were defendants in
the great flocking Valley railroad suit re
cently decided by arbitration, have
turned tbe tables, and now bring suit
against. President John V, Shaw and Wal
ter Crafts, T. W. Huntington and E. L.
Hiiimau, his liondsmen, to collect f iUO.OtK)
damages. The patters were fild in Toledo.
service being made on the bondsmen here
yesterday morning.
ltiot Betwern Whlta and Blacks.
Wilmington, Del, Dec. 27 A street riot
between whitea aud blacks Tuesday after
noon caused Mime excitement bere. Tne
trouble began in a tight between a half-
drunken white man and a colored man, and
several of each color joined iu the fray.
Some twenty shots were exchanged, when
tbe polit e appeared and quelled the disturb
ance after locking up several men. One
white man was wuunded.
The Rocky Mountain Volcano.
Denver. Cola, Dec. 27 A loi-al paper
announces tbe disiovBi-y of a volca io in the
western part of this ntate, and attributes to
this volcand a recent explosion whien result
ed in the death of a half dncen persons.
Several other mysterious explosion tiave oo-
carred recently, and it is now believed that
tlia Rouky Mouutain volcano, as u is called,
is the cause oi mesa outureass.
l-'atallv Bejtten hv TnnRhs.
Clevehntj, O. , !. "7. Christmas eve.
as Leon hard t Gundell got off a street car on
Kinsman street, he was assaulted by two
unknown men, who got off the car at tbe
same tiniA. After pounding and kicking
bim they took $7 from his pocket and fled.
Gundell dragged himself home and thought
bis injuries notbiug serious, but Tuesday
night be suddenly staggered and fell dead.
The region about Kinsman street is teiror-
ized bv young toughs, and Gundeil was
probably killed by some of them.
Hint Kovat Railway IUnster.
St. Pktkrsbcrs. Dec. ?7. The second of
ficial inquiry into the circumstauces of the
late alleged accident t the cur's train at
Borki, which has just closed, has resulted in
ascribing the disaster U crims and not tc
accident. With a view of securing the pun
ishment of the perpetrators of the deed it is
tbe intention of tbe authorities to shortly
arrest all railway employes who were dis
charged just previous to tbe wrecking of the
A I'enrMylrania CaiigrtMMinan Insane.
Clarion, Fa , Dec ST. Hon. James T. MaX
fett, memlicr of the present congress from
the Twenty-eighth district, hss been ad
mitted to the aylT at North Warren as a
private patient. Tbe difficulty seems to be
excessive nervousness, which was brought on
by the arduous labors of tbe recent cam
CmcAOo. Dec. X.
On the h..r 1 or trade to diy qiota(ioiM wnre
r.0 Ml.-: Winvit -No. 2 IKwmber. 0ened
flft''k. rlo-vtl 9Tc: Jsnnary, ened 10J;
ctosearV: 1v. op-ned&l i7S l. eluded fl.ilB.
Oorn No. i January o;fned 34.-. eltwed
Fetiniary. o'in-d aot tltvl 'M'-gC Way, opened
:W. closed HTc. iaij!-Si). S Jamiarj. opened
and clo-e.1 S'Ae; May. 0vne-l &U(C. closnd e.
l'.irK -Jpniliry, npene,! $,:i.-r2V, Closed fli.UO;
February, opened rlo-ed $;S.00; May.
opened ;', close.! M0. Lard January,
o-ne.1 ST itti, elo-itl sr 7JV
rrice at (he foion M.wk yards: Market
opened qui -t and slow at Monday's prices. Light
grade, $."1 iV.s..)' rough packinu. toODjt&.iO: I
l-'ts, t' irt-.i. heavy (lacking and shliipiu. I
Isiln. l.V.e.Vft. I'Htll-Strong, owinic to am ill
receipts; t-eeve. A iS t cwws. 51 40ji.10;
st.vkers and ree-len. ? .rtl 10. Sheep Weak
lower; native mutton-. J;', SJH.i weteros
fc 50; Ismlw, f -.7Si&S ).
Iitui!: linttcr Fancy Klgin creamery,
38c per Hi; fancy dairv, lT.ti'.c; pai kine stock.
16ot'- Fctf Sirdiiy tresli, dic; per
d. Poultry -Live chickens, T'tnN; pr lb;
ro.xtep. 5 tS'c: t urkeys, 11c; d neks. ii9c;
geese, Jli t1,i.7.it fer doi. i'ota(tS In Hit, ;i.S(i
40i' per tin: teW i,it,itom. f I 73i 2.25 ter bbl.
Alu I'tKuce Md liman, 1 :i (ter bl4.
. -, V.irk.
Nkw Y.irk, !ec U6.
Wheat- Ijowersnd unset t lev! ; Nit. 1 red state,
$', U;; No .10. i iL, 2 re. I winir le-
ceinivr. ?liH'.j;di ,.'.v;.ry. il n, do Feb
nmry, Slf-. t''in- Puli: No. - mixed casli,
iT1-.-: tit i ;kfen;UT, i '4c; di .1autry. Vc;
do rebrimrv, -hf. Mea-ly; No. 1 while
state. 4 :c; N.. 2ii.i. .V: Nr. mited Iecem
ber. :t4c; do.iatuiiiiv. :fcc. K.ve-tuU Barley
-VU'"t- I'ork- new mes. Jll "i.l4..
Laid Fwi-ier; L.v. in:-er. .4S: January, is 46.
Live Slock- l.mtle- Market ieied about
steady: eiriy sales btiade higher, but closed
weak fur all gratles lplw prime. nuv steers,
.li'j,:..5 fi hw lbs; fair rantp-rs, H00A4 40.
American reingrator bef ijao'.etl Kt&idy Id Loa-
dt,m and Liverpool at ?c Ih Shtep anJ lJunba
Slow; Ktteep. fV) V ItW Vs; lambs. ! 7i
0 A. Mo -.Market firm; y.4t,$.s s.
Osie New SP"
Hv i planrt prairie. 7B.
Hay Ttm.rtn new $Tft.l
Hay-Wild, f 5 Utffi
Oora -t(W
Corn New.
Ooilftoflllcihaid W ft'
OrnlWoo-0k, $4.tS: Hickory, It.
Straw-300: baled Sti OX
Don'tl If ft dealer offers you a bottle
of Salvation Oil without labels, or wrap
pers, or in a mutilated or defaced pack
age, dm't touch il don't buy it al ant
price, you can rest assured that there is
pornethina: wrong it may be a dangerous
and worthless counterfeit. Insist upon
getting a perfect, unbroken, genuine
jMe-rS8 illX$yj':r;l'Z MffrH'r
a wis T''ri-'K.i!iV.Vn"iriiin.i i.pHn fctr
V,. tnn.Va fo!t lint? erf
ruffe. Tvason, S55
kt-O.V-- :i;i' I.-:.-.-. I
lwr tln-nc .v nil o. I 0.:k
Made Without Ivubber.
The elsstlrtty 1 riven by NCk.O Plater! Brtin Sprine.like the wel-
known buplox Wnl tinted dartrr f-; lH-!ie Mc!i i u m-n ou-fi un vcr. t
fiction, should he f r hy i fir. i-:iji tlcali-r in no'wimi kba O fc
fariatiHfi. Saroi'le pair wni Jty rosnU'rid na:l nr. r cei t.f OO lO.
Manufacturi' J Ey
Armstrong Mfe Cd. Bridgeport, Ct.
TC, Hcmelieit Mas In Bock Inscd
As well as Ihc handsomest, and others
are invited to call on snv drugeUt and
get free a trial bottle of Kemp's lUlsam
for the throat and uvg. a remedy 'hat is
selling entirely upon its merits and is
guaranteed to relieve and cure all chronic
and acute cough, asthma, bronchitis and
consumption. Large bottles 511 cents
and fl-
-Real Estate-
Insurance Agent
F.prrwnt. amonc othfr time-trid and welt
Down Fire loauruiceCompaoiea, tbe following:
Royal Insurance Uonpany, of England
Weacbester Fire Ins. Uo.. oT It. i .
Buffalo German Ine Co.. Bufftlo N. T.
Rochester German Ins. Co. Roch'r N Y
German Fire Ins. Co.. of Peoria, III.
Citizens Ins. Co.. of Pittsburgh. Pa.
Exchange Fire Ins. Co., of New York.
Office No. 1608 Second At.,
OTsILY S-2.50
for a fine laree Porlr iit with frnme, Kuitubln for a Holiil.iy Pr.' nl. mn.ti'
Cal! and examine our work an;l jufle for ynurslf. Secure a fining early ami
av.il yourself of thi oppoitumty.
HAKELIEK, Proprietor and Artist.
No. 1723, Sfcond ave., Gayford's old studio, over MeCabe's.
Bread, Cakes, Pies and Pastry,
1109 Third Ave., Rock Island,
. POLZIN & ST A AS SEN, Proots
FfrGood delivered to toy prt of ttie clt fr o uf charSB.
I. W. PETERSEN, 31S w "JV-s-iJ.
Caepet and Wall Papxb V nn t. bw

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