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Rcck Island Daily Argus.
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FSltlslflii MEM
RIVERSIDE oi all sizes,
XJE&, S3 S S
all sizes. fHard Coal.
.line of
Soft Coal msE -Heaters.
WOOD STOVESaiil sizes and patterns.
JThe best stork to select from in jAty, at
DAVID DON' 1617 Second Ave.
No. iScS Sect
Kept at St by th. Sight of Caanlbala,
Feastfnc on Mowli and Sea Grata
Boiled A Party of Ten Etldentlj Swal
lowed Vp by th Breaker!.
IS & CO,
Steam S
A complete etottof
Pie. Brass Goods, Tacking,
-"o, frj, Brick. F.to.
-Sole ifreW ler
Davis Block,
Moiinp, Illinois.
Telephone -IBS.
JEASE steam pumps,
We gr.rr,Xf pvprv one pT ' will ptid Cope, ;
Twenty day's trial. It tcepoocibie parties.
jEsH Safety Heating Boilers, and ContrJC-
fcVj tors tor irirrjisning ana laymy
171 -2 First Avf-,
Rm-k Is';, ml. ISlnois..
TelepnODt 114a. Kuaidtaoc TclelWe 100-
I" known by ihi'e marked pvoalraniies:
1. A f4?linc "f w-"irii-t fvnl pairs in ihp I'mns
X. Bad brvalh. bad ate 10 Hie mouth and furred
3. V ti-tipation. wi:b occasional attacks of diar
rhoea 4. Hfsdtii'h' in the frm f tb" head; nausea,
d'ZxiTnw atid yrilnwiH's- of skin.
5 If.-arthnrn, -f sppvitn.
. list-nt!'i of !h" "toniarh and hnwt'lis hv wind.
. Ivpri.i c of fpirit-ami rr ai mclrtne'noly , ;
with hittadt and a digjtii:oii to leave t;v
ery thins f.r ttmorrow.
A finrnnl ft-iw of hi!'1 from the liver is
to -rood hcal'h. When thi? is
titwtrnct-'d H M"!Hil"s m
wh tli, if n-'clt'ctfd. cion '' tofcron
ifftcT-. N iiiTi!ori L vir H- ku! tor sert"
& m'i ft-iici'iHiB ii flm-nve ovi-r evr ki d
of biltoiiMii:- It rt-'ortf th 1 vr to
proper working nrdtT. r'kn"afi'1 fhe cre
tion of pn' the d-'-tive orL'an
in fin h Mndinoii f a: tn-T rnti do ititrir
twn w 'k, Afffr t-;kirir tr::s medKiue uo
one -ay, ' 1 am bilious "
't:Wt;7'l.,i;.l ftt ''"'rivTrVaria nave n.-?'rir.""
thf i;hi! o ttkng om 15 to So ij-a ii- of
calomel which iemraliy laid me np for
tti-i-' or four div-i. La'eK i b tve hrt-n
t;tktn Simmon. Liver -"nla'or, wbivb
int- rl:-f with i anv in?- ni prion to
! asiLt'f? "- J, HifSg. MidiiU (Hjrt. Ohio.
hao onr K ftamp in red on front of wrapper.
11. ZELIX & CO.. Fhil.1e!pbia, Pa.
The filoline Wagon Co.,
Manufacturers ol FARM, SPRING and FREIGHT WAGONS
' and rnmi-!irc lln of ffTFfRM ami other Striri; Wsfnn. ecinl'v adapted to thai
tVcHlern ird--. r.t np?n r workman-hip pdiI tin t-h 1 i rt : t'vt - L.m free on
!. hear ton Set- liie M-.j t; v AUiN !:of,T, .l(vl..n:;'.
Tile Hearths,
Tile Facings,
In great variety at
Cor. Twentieth Street and Third Ave., Kock Island.
The popular and reliable Grocer,
Cor. Eighth St. and Third Ave.,
will sell you
as cheap as they run be sold.
He pays'tbe highest market price for
Farm Produce,
and always lia a nice stock on
An extraordinary story of shipwreck and
suffering was brought to Liverpool by the
eayitain and officers of the iron bark Glen-
more, of Carrickfergis, which left Mary
port, Cumberland, for Buenos Ayres, with a
cargo of iron rail on the 4th of December,
lbo7, and which was wrecked on a sunken
reef off Cape Diego, on the South American
coast, on the 8th of April. Mr, James Mor
gan, the (second mate, has given the follow-
ig account of the experiences of the crew:
It wa blowing a gale and snowing at the
time. We got out the lifeboat, and the
whole crew, sixteen all told, embarked in
her, without being able to obtain any pro
visions or any clothing. At daybreak we
pullod seaward, for the frowning precipices
on every suie, towering thousands of feet
above the sett, seemed to render a landing
hopeless. Several of the crew were pros
trated, and lay helpless in the bottom of the
bout. At one point, where the cliffs were
somewhat lower, a party of ten or twelve
1- ueigeans, naked and all men over six feet
high, appeared on the cliffs. They gesticu
lated and shouted, but all the seamen could
distinguish were the words "knipe" (knife)
and "tMsuit." Not liking their appearance,
and knowing that they had a reputation for
cannibalism, the crew again put out to sea.
The following morning, the 9th, sighted
Staten island, and succeeded in landing.
about f o'clock, at Flinders bav. Here we
obtained the first drink of water we had had
since leaving the ship about forty hours.
The next morning we found a case of curry
on the beach, and this, with some berries.
which we found on stunted bushes, made us
a sorry brjakfast. We then launched our
boat and proceeded down the land, intending
to make St. John's, where there is a light-
bouse maintained bv the Argentine Republic.
Bv 4 p. m. we were all utter lv done up, and
we lau.led at Port Cook, wb re we "feasted"
on mussels and limpets, which was all we
got that niht.
The next day we proceeded, and landed at
St John's utterly exhausted. We were most
hospitably received Most of us were suffer
ing severely from frostbite, and all of us
from utter prostmtion, but we were carefully
tended, and in about a fortnight had ail re
coveml. On our arrival we were informed
that we had come at a good time, as the re
lief steamer from Buenos Ayres, which is
supposed to visit the lighthouse every three
months, was due in a few davs. She, how
ever, failed to arrive, and we afterward
ascertained that she had been wrecked on
the voyage out from Buenos Ayres. Pro
visions sKn began to tail, though we had fair
shelter and fire, for which abundant fuel was
found on the beach.
We at first had biscuit and tinned beef, but
gradually came dowu to seaweed, boded or
raw at choice, a f?w fish, caught with hook
and line in the bay, now and again a seal, an
unlimited supply of mussels, penguins and
'steam birds," in the capture of which two
dogs on the island were very expert. They
had, however, to be soaked in vinegar, or
whieh there was, fortunatety, a good supply,
for twentv-four hours before they could be
eaien, so strong was their fishy flavor.
When we had been on the island for two
months, and things were about at their
was sighted, and ten of our party put off to
uteroept her. She signaled their arrival.
and we supposed that Uiey pat back with
provisions to fetch us off; but we never saw
any more of them, and could only conclude
that the boat on her return was swamped
and ail her crew drowned. Shortly after
this our troubles were increased by the ar-1
rival of seven of the crew of the British bark
Cordova, which was lost close to the same
point as our own ship. Ultimately, on the
13th of September, the relief steamer arrived.
and on the 15th we bade farewell to our in
voluntary quarters.
Morgan added: During onr stay on the
island a story was told to us by the lighthouse
people, which I simply repeat About eigh
teen months before our arrival there the
crews of two vessels landed on Staten Island,
about twenty-five miles from the lighthouse,
and were apparently ignorant of its exist
ence indeed it has onlv been established
about five years. After an interval of some
weeks sixteen of the thirty-two arrived at the
lighthouse with a report that the others had
died. They were taken off by the relief
steamer. The sequel is that shortly before
our arrival the lighthouse people, exploring
the region of the reported landing of these
men. found a little above high water level
three or four beef barrels, which on exami
nation were found to contain human remains
salted down. I hesitate to say what the in
ference mu-st be. Boston Herald.
J, E. Loosley & Co.,
Insunjice Agents
moM prwaptlT dj "ted and pal at thl
(Sucoeasor of Hayes & Cleaveland.)
Unci astabUatud 1608.
Office in Bengston'i Block.
rock: island, ills.
Side Market Square,
M large Dining Room in the trl-cltins Mating capacity 250 persons.
25 eenU buya Rood wholesome meal
25 cents pars for a nights' lodging in clean beds.
. Cily Boarder at reasonable rates.
AH must come sober. C. D. GORDON. Proprietor.
tainf, Steal and Gas Fitting,
cream Pumps, Inspirators ana ejectors.
dfrPine, Pipe Fitting and Brass Goods of mrj deacriptloB.
f1 Nog of all kinds. Drum Tile and bewet ripe.
phop Ifo. 7 Bighleenth Bt. ROCK ISLAHD. HI
Corwi, tr"iE which ticfxer of
lias Imtx. n-oiovf fi. IUianiofV
than th-ee rrw the trnjth of
'oca miKFil villi Siatrh, Arrow
nnt or Siipar. oi'd U ilnTf-trc fur
nin economical. eottntj ie'sttmn
ttf cut a nip. It is delicious,
morishint. etrent'thMHtiH, easily
dijrpstert. and aiiniirsWy adapted
in health.
Sold by Crwera fTerrwhgre
W.BAKER & CO., Darter, Mass.
and Cur
ed. No
from liuiuess, and without
the injury the hard, cruel truss
es inflict, send tor circniar.
Air Cushion Rupture Cure Co
Bif fciCJii-fuii.4.-.
Ml saitbiartitin U Mm
cure of Oonorrliu'ft and
Glfn. IprMcrilieili'na
etil safeinrpcrineierit;
Inc It to ttl stftVrew.
4. J. STOSMt,
Decatur. I I
Stld by Vraguims-
Chicago Conservatory
MISIC Ji;iT- anrtcr dirti'n - t TMI.IW.
'i.""" '"IZMZVtSl'LZZ?- urre
There Are Those Who Are Beserred and
Other Who Show Their Love.
The pleasantest things that come to writers
are the letters from strangers, who know us
only through our published thoughts. They
are frequently letters full or appreciation
and sympathy, that cheer and warm oar
hears and set us to sharpening our pencils
to a finer point
Strangers, did I say! It would have been
belter to have written acquaintances instead,
for who knows us so well as a sympathetic
Writers are often shy about expressing
their thoughts by the tip of their tongues,
but cive them a pencil and a bit of paper and
they can no more help dropping a bit of
their heart's blood on it than a bird can fly
among flowers of spring and not sing a song
to them.
And that drop of heart blood! bow it
widens and spreads, and what magic and
magnetism there is in it! 'Just so my heart
has bled," writes some one from a little town
close by, and "just so my heart has bled,"
writes another from a distant city, and "just
so nay heart had bled " writes some poor,
desolate soul with a pen that is ignorant of
the rules of grammar and the art of spell
ing, nnd all the more pathetic for it
So the sympathetic letters come, proving
always that one touch of nature makes all
of us a little bit akin.
Pooh V sa.d a shallow woman to me one
day, "vou can't make me believe that you
writers feel what you write. "I shall not
try," I answered languidly, "life is too short
and your brain is too narrow."
bbe cut me dead the next time she met me
on the street, and I was glad of it She is a
cold, fishy sort of woman anyhow, and her
hand is as limp as an orster. I hank heaven
I shall never be obliged to shake it again, its
owner, asit were, having shaken me!
There is a ravine that "it is better to have
the good will than the ill will of even a dog,"
but it is not a saying of mine. It is a post
tive luxury to me to feel that certain people
dislike rue as heartilv as I disnke them.
There is a flavor about it, and I like a flavor
in dislike as well as in love.
Ii ail of us would come square out in our
likes and dislike i believe the world would
bo nanp''er fr it Such an honest arrange
ment would certainly save us from much
borodoiue and fromafpw b;g lies and many
little ones; and save us too from the pain of
misunderstanding and doubting the friend
ship of our friends. Give me an enemy with
a flaming torch in his hand and I will move
out of my straw house into a house of brick.
Give me an enemy with a shotgun in his
hand, and 1 will run around the corner; but
give me an enemy with a sharp LtUe asp that
stings under her kisses, or au enemy who
gives mf a g'as of wiue with poison in it or
a slice of breed raised by tho yeast of slander,
and I have no way to protect myself.
G.ve me a friend who says frankly, "I love
vou; whosuows it m her glad smile when
we meet, m ikes me feel it in the warm clasp
of her hand, and who d ies not leave me in
doubt of her sympathy when tho sunshine of
happiness bria,rhtons my pathway, or the j
thunders of trouble roll over my head. i
Such a friend, full of demonstrative ten
derness, is a dayspring of delight and not to
be swapped off for many Worth costumes or
much fine gold.
But the friend whose eyes never brighten
at my approach, whose bps never say "1 am
glad for your gladness, sad for your Badness f
whose hands are never stretched out to break
my fall into trouble, and who turns away bis
face lest I should discover that he sym
pathiao with me pshaw! such an undemon
strative friend as that (should be laid across
tc lap of neglect and spanked with a duty.
How many people who are suffering
from blood poison the world knows not
but read the following letters and you
may be Interested:
Baltimore. Md., Jan. 80, 1887.
I have been a sufferer for six years with
catarrh, ulcerated sore throat and rheu
matism of the chest, from blood poison.
About four weeks ago I wan passing the
Botanic Blood Balm store No. 8, North
street, Baltimore. I went in and con
sulted your agent about my case. He
gave me one of your B. B. B. "Book of
Wonders," which I read. 1 called m a
few-davs afterward and got a bottle of
your Botanic Blood Bhlm-B. B. B. I
am now on my third bottle and will say
that I nave felt a marked improvement
since the third day after commencing to
use your medicine. I now have no trouble
from my throat, and hare improved so
much in every way that I am satisfied
that by the use of your medicine I will
toon be all right.
I have taken many and some good
prescriptions and medicines for this
trouble, but I think your B. B. B. the
best remedy I have bad, and I cheerfully
recommend your Botanic Blood Balm to
the public as the quickest and best blood
remedy I have found, aftr six long years
of search for health. Very respectfully
yours, Joseph W . Flower.
21U til em mors alley.
f 500 Reward.
We will pay the above reward for any
case of liver complaint, dyspepsia, sick
headache, indigestion, constipation or
costiveness we cannot cure with West's
Vegetable Liver Pills, when the directions
are strictly complied with. They are
purely vegetable, and never fail to give
satisfaction. Large boxes containing 80
sugar coated pills, 25c. For sale by all
druggists. Beware of counterfeits and
imitations. The genuine manufactured
only by John C. West Co., 862 W.
Madison St.. Chicago, 111.
B. B B Co., Atltvnta, G:
Ob-nts My sister was afflicted for
number of years with boils scattered
about all over her person. They would
make tht-ir appearance every spring, and
last through the summer and until late
in the fail. Her health was sudly i
paired, losing flesh and strength every
dav; in fact, they were sapping her lire
I gav her one bottle of B B. B , and
the tfiVct was like mHeic, producing
complete cure and restoring her betlth.
Today she is perfectly sound and her
health fully restored. It is withou
doubt the bfst and most valuable blood
purifier now on the market.
1). M McRak.
Wayesboro, Miss., July 14, 1887.
A trading establishment in the Congo
recently sent to England for a consign
ment of rum. And very appropriately it
was added in a postscript; "Send more
The iest on earth can truly be said of
Gngg's Glycerine Salve, which is a sure,
safe and spewly cure for cuts, bruises,
Braids, hums wounds and all other sores
Will positively cure piles, tetter and all
skin eruption . Try this wonder healer.
Satisfaction guaranteed or money refuna-
ed. Onlv 2f cents. Hold bv druggists'
In the pursuit of the gooi things of
his world we anticipate too much; we
eat out the heart and sweetness of world
ly pleasures by delightful forethought of
luem. me results OUiainru irum iuo uw
of Dr. Jones' Hed Clover Tonic far exceed
all claims. It cures dyspepsia, and all
stomach, liver, kidney and bladder
troubles. It is a perfect tonic, appetizer,
blood purifier, a sure cure for ague and
malarial disease. Price, 50 cents, of
Will Cure You!
PoM bv drutnr)4ts. tl ; eix for 9, Pn-nwed only
li VVtLia, hicHAhDflos d. Co., BurliUKtun, VL
Far the Aged, Nervous, Debilitated.
If You Are Sick
With Headache, NenrU--ia, Rh- umntisin Dyspep
sia, Biliousness. Blood Humors, Kidney Disease,
Constipation. Female Troubles, Fever and Apue,
Sleeplessness, Partial Parakfte, or Nervous Frus
tration, use Pnine's Ceiery Compound and be
cured. In each of these the esuse Is men'al or
physical overwork, anxiety, exposure or malaria,
the effect of which is to weaken the nervous sys
tem, ret lilting in one of these ditt-nscs. Remove
the cacse with that great Nerve Tie, and the
rejclt will disappear.
Paine's Celery Compound
Jam L. Bowe. Prrlnriield. Mvs.. writes:
Paine's Celery roninu'ird rountH tw excelled as i .i;.-,,,)- ,i1ra '
arve "ionic. In ruy cae a sMKle bottle ! noult.r
wruujfUl great vunuire m ucirwuratiiun,, J n f J
disappeared, and wuh it the rejuituii( arleclion ! UFESS UVGQ
nf thf Mnniai'h. hr-iirt mrt Mvit. and the whole .
lone of th Hvrtem was wmderfuily invigorated,
l lell my friends, if sick as 1 have been, .'aloe's
Celery Compound
Wnrmntwl ui rvtlm- mniw md than MIT Mhflf
dye? ever made, and to give more brilliant and
A Coat Colored
n . ri I
tiarmems nenewea j CENTS.
A Child can use them !
Unequalled for all Fancy and Art Work.
At dniwrl-u and Mercaania. Dre Book baa.
WELLS, RICHARDSON i CO, Prop. Bdrflngtaa, W
vrvTTiT TfrvT xt a nfi
-I II H ft! VI II. ft At. I I..
U S JUL 1.1 t vuu. v v 3 S
fihKAL Uf.lHAllur.3
All who desire fuli infnrmstinn about
the cause and cure of Blood Poi.ods,
ScrotuU and Scrotuiu Swellings, Ulcers.
Sores, RheutriNtism, Kidney Complaints,
Catarrh, etc.. fnc HH'ure by mill, free, s
copy of our 32 pate illustrated book on
wonders, filled with the most wonderful
and stsrt'intr prooj ever befrre known.
Blood Balsam Co , Atlanta, Ga.
Headache, toothache, Earache,
Catarrh, Croup, Frost Bites.
Sore Nipples. Caked Breasts. Isne Back,
Sprains, Bruises. Cuts, Burns, Old Sores, &c
Said by DrunqtsU, SOc. and SC. 00.
Bsst in (ha World. Try Them. 23c.
.dares. w;zfl'J UfL CD.
Sfmeunesin a trade t man kicks when
thre is not hit g To boot.
Art- you disiurtei at nmht Rnd bntiitn
of vour rest bv a sick child pultcnnir ana
crying with pain of cutting teeth? If fo,
send at once and ect a bottie of Mi.
Wicslow's Soothing Syrup for chiMrcc
teethinir. Its value is incalculable.
It will relieve the poor little sufferer im
mediately. Depend upon it mothert,
there is no mistake about it. It cares
dysentery, diarrhoea, regulates the stom
ach and Ivowels, cures wind colic, soft
ens the gums, reduces inflammation, and
gives tone and energy to the whole sys
tem. Mrs. insiow s Soothing yrup
PHYSIGIA!! a:;d suecech
h still Treating ollli B Grntssl
Ft?tj the Btutle Is Soaotcd.
This is cn em of sachet powders. The so-
ciotv woman is literally stuffed with
Every dross sent home by the fashionable
modiste has a plentiful quantity scattered
between the lining and the padding. Small
wool cushions filled with favorite sachet art
covered with sill: and fastened into each arm-
bole. Even the bustle is covered with
scented, quilted cover. A fad just now very
popular is a bunch of scent bags tied to
gether with a narrow colored ribbon and
pinned to the left shoulder, bcented purses
and card cases are among the new perfumed
articles of this season, as well as the odorous
morning saoques and slippers, and the fine
toilet soaps are fragrant with miladyV favor
ite perfume. Detroit Tribune.
What We May Live to Sect
If history repeats itself accurately, and all
the directory and empire fashions are to ba
adopted, one after another, then will women
have wigs of many colors to wear at various
times of day; they wiu demand not only
breast knots and wreaths of flowers, but
flower garlands for the hems of their skirts,
and tbeu the wigs will be given up and dis
heveled hair will be fashionable, and every
garment, from the outermost to the inner
most, will be embroidered, and the costliest
cashmere shawls will be desired and ob
tained, if possible, and it will be necessary to
have many of them, adapted by their color
to various occasions. Boston Transcript
A Pretty Airanganient.
The latest fad for banquets and lunches is
the "triangular table." Three long tables
are arranged in the form of a triangle, and
in the center is a round table, bearing the
floral centerpiece, the open space being tiled
in with foliage plants. The host or hostess is
seated in the center of the base of the tri
angle, nnd to his or her right and left are the
favored guerta The others are seated upon
the other side of the triangle, and the beauty
of the arrangement is that all of them face
the host or hostess. The idea was introduced
at a ladies' lunch given in Chicago.
The Ghost of a Chanoe
"Materializes" and becomes a veritable
reality when health, a will o' the wisp
often chased in vain, is sought by the
nervous, dyspeptic, bilious invalid
through the agency of Hosteller's Sionv
ach Bitters. Looming in the distance at
orat, it is surely drawn toward the suffer
er by the Bitters' potent influence. It
incorporates itself with his being. It is
seen reflected in the.Aue of the counte
nance, the animation of the eye. it
felt in a sense of renewed vigor, in the
restoration of nerve tranquility and
dieestion and undisturbed nightly repose.
What person, suffering from any of the
maladies to which the Bitten are adapt
ed, will postpone the means of cure
knowing it can be relied upon? Dyspeps
sia, constipation, malarial disorders,
rheumatism, biliousness, kidney inaclivi-
are certainly conquered by it.
Judge Horn blower, of San Francisco,
has (rot tired of sentencing wife beaters
to imprisonment while their families
tie wanta a whipping poet.
If there is or.o law that sits hih up on
, v. -i.i .i w,(l,..i-i-it'm. Mrs. msiow s :
y&f. . w- tee
of a judge of the United States supreme tafte, and is the prescription of one of
court, the name of that law is "Love ye one the o!drt and Nst female nurses and phy--auotber,"
and I often wonder wby the iovmg sicians in the United States, and is for
Lord of love did not add and teil each I gale by all druggist throughout the
oer sn- f world. Pric as em per hnt'ne.
For what earthly good is a deaf and dumb
friendship to anybody! Love is nota starve-1 The Original V erion no Double
lie is represented as a weli nourished.
chubby, dimpled little boy with wings, and ',
be nies away from too heart that does not
feed him well with tender words and kisses,
and ijove is wise to do it.
The pusillanimous, knock kneed, pisreon
toed, humpbacked, deaf and dumb, idiotic
weakling that has not strength enough to
climb up out of the heart and peep through
tue eyes, spea k tnrough the li ps and
warm the very finger tips by the magnetism
of Lis presence is not Love, but a miserable
caricature on that divine little god, who has
but tbe ono infirmity of being biind.
fiuii waters run deep," you say. Thev
da So deep that the lilies of Love do not
float on them.
The longer I live the more do I bc-lieve that
"out of the abundance of the heart the mouth
FpeaketlT and the pen wrteth. Pearl Rivers
in New Orleans Picayune.
Doctors' Bills.
Nearly all diseases originate from in
action of tbe liver, and this is especially
tbe cane with chills and fever, intermit
lent fevers and malarial disease. To
save doctors' bills and ward disease, take
Simmons' Liver regulator, a medicine
that increases in popularity each year,
and has become the most popular and
best endorsed medicine in tbe market for
the cure of liver or bowel discaws.
Tki.rora.ph, DuhiiQue, Iowa.
Memory of "Santa Clans.
Tbev call him Father Christmas in Prance:
and this is the way George Sand, the famous
writer, d escnbos her memory of tbe benero
lent patron of the children :
I have not forgotten the absolute belief I
had in the descent down the chimney of Old
tatner Christmas, a good old man with a
snowy beard, who, during the night, as the
clock struck 1 J, was to come and place in my
little shoe a present, which I should find upon
Twelve o'clock at r.iht! that mvsterioos
hour unknown to children, and which is rep
resented to them as the impossible limit to
which they can koep awake. V, hat incredi
ble efforts did I not make to resist xnv ten
dency to sleep before the appearance of the
little old man !
I felt anxious vet afraid to see him: but I
could never keep awake long enough, and
the following morning my first anxiety was
to rr and examine my shoe in tbe fireplace.
u hat emotion did 1 not feel at sight of tbe
white paper parcel I for Father Christmas
was exceedingly dean In his ways, and never
failed to wrap bis offerings careful v.
1 used to jump out of bed, and run bare
footed to seize my treasure. It was never a
very magnificent affair, for we were not
eaithy. It used to be a little cake, an
orange, or simply a nice rosy apple; but
nevertheless it seemed so precious to me that
I scarcely dared eat it.
A Delightful Tetw
The jumping mouse, if one may believe a
writer in Forest and (Stream, can be made a
delightful pot. He is a great jumper, and in
leaping takes a course In rigxags, clearing
two or three yards at a time, springing with
its hind fit, but landing on its fore feet at
each bound. Audubon says that it is cer
tainly tho must agile of animals in the entire
world's fauna. Farmers sometimes plow It
np in their wheat fields, when it maie3 off in
niagmoent leaps. It feeds on grain and
various kinds of seeds, but rarely does much
damage. Strictly nocturnal in its habits, it
may be found haunting either the woods or
the openiitivated fields.
It Is that impurity In the blood, which, ac
cumulating in the glands of the neck, pro
duces unsightly lumps or swellinps; which
causes painful running sores on the arms,
legs, or feet; which devclopes ulcers In the
eyes, ears, or nose, often causing blindness or
deafness; which Is tbe origin of pimples, can
cerous growths, or the many other manifesta
tions usually ascribed to "humors:' whtth,
fastening urwm the lungs, causes consumption
and death. Beir.gthe most ancient. It Is the
most general of all diseases or affections, for
very few persons are entirely free from It,
How Can
It Be
By taking Hood's Sarsaparflla, which, by
the remarkable cures it has accomplished,
often when other medicines have failed, has
proven Itself to be a potent and peculiar
medicine for this disease. Some of these
cures are really wonderful. If you suffer from
scrofula, be sure to try Hood's SarsapariUa.
My daughter Mary was afflicted with scrof
ulous sore neck from the time she was 22 months
old till she became six years of age. Lumps
formed In her neck, and one of them after
growing to the size of a pigeon's egg, became
a running sore for over three years. We gave
her Hood's Sarsaparilla, when the lump and
all Indications of scrofula entirely dis
appeared, and now she seems to be a healthy
child." J. S. Carlile, Naurlght, 21. J.
K. B. Be sure to get only
Hood's Sarsaparilla
BoldbyalldrnpfUu. fl:stxforts. Pre parexl only
by C. L HOOD A CO., ApoUtscanM, Lowell, Mass.
IQO Doses One Dollar
Ciraic, Jisirens eM Private Eiscasss.
a-NERV0U5 DF.BTL1TY, Lost Man
hood. Fa-.lir.K M-tjiv. E'.i!usr.itig Drains,
TrrriMe Dreams Head ana Back Aihe : 11
.i . .1 - . . i ri. au a.i im h Cm.
-.V""1 " nt i'Y, tretr'. vienul.C ty new
SYPHILIS atd aK bad Blcod astj BkiO
Diseases rirrmanrttlv cureq.
-KTUr;,V un4 UklNARY cotr.r'ainrs
Gleet, Gonorrhoea, Stricture. Varicocele and
ai: tiav of ihe Lenio-lorr -p..r rural
ptvrnpi!v without iiijiirj in htOTii-H, Kidneys or
aiher llrva.
-No experiment. Act arid experience
important. Consultation irre ami secied
t B-rremi 4 rent pn.tie I r Ce e'rrttd Worts
on Chronic, Nervous .-nd Dtluate 1 :..
Jr I'hmf r..T,nmT.!j!i.itr Matrix- rrtH for Dr
Clarke's niebratedgutijc Male Female, each
cent, both tents (Tarri. Consult ll.e old
Doctor. A fnendlv Vrtti-r rr rail may jvt future
will niiff anr! hme. irwi arid eoi.--i wan w nw
iBxk "Life's (ScrrM. Errcrs," cocenu
fMamr.i. Medicine and wtitmM sent even where.
tecure frm exposure. Hour, 8 to 6. buudayt
9 to 13. AddreM
F. D. CLARKE, M. D.,
186 So. Clark St.. CHICAGO, ILL.
Health is Wealth
Dr. E . C Wwtl rre and Brmln treatment.
rcitanteetl .twelve for h..i.ria. diui..... onn-
vBl.ion. fits nervou, nroralaia. heajarkie. .r
one irorraltnn canted by ibe n of alcohol or
tobacco. waKeriilnr!?.. menT.l oppression. eoucB
iag of the br,m r-aHi!e in insaolly and leading
to mli.err, Qe ay am! Of am. premature Ola are.
bam-nne... lo.. of power n either .ex. tn.olon
tar? l-we and epermatorrhnw canseft by o.er-
elenion or toe Oram, .eir aooee or over inaal
ffiir.. Eaeh hoa contain, one month'. trMtmenL
Si a box. or six boxe for $6, earn br mail prepaid
on nce.pt or price.
To care anv cam. With earh order recired by
oa fornix boxes, accompanied with fa. we win
send the pnrcnaser our written rruareoiee to r
fnnd the money if the treatment does not affect
enre. Guarantees Issued only by Marshall
Fisher. Harper bona, drug etora, o e axenta.
kock laiana in.
One of tbe last mail 70a would suppose to
bare been in a waj educated at the case is
'William D. Qowella, and yet be bad vary Lit.
tie formal instruction.
AbsiTaiy (rapid
To llow prejudice or Ignorance to get
tbe better of good judgement. Ithss been
conclusively proven that constipation,
bad breath, dyspepsia, kidney affections,
and til diseases of tbe lirsr, stomach and
bowels bare bean cured by simply taking
Simmons Liver Regulator. It is harm
less, not unpleasant and easily procured.
so there is no reason to be ignorant of
this remedy we especially commend to
jour notice for trial.
A counter irritant tbe customer who
overhauls but never buys.
The Ponalatiaa of Beak Island.
Is about 20.0UU, and we should say at
least one half are troubled with some af
fection of the throat and lungs, as those
complaints ire, according to statistics,
more numerous than others. We would
advise all our readers not to neglect tbe
opportunity to call on their dmegist nnd
get a bottle of Kemp's balsam for the
throat and lungs- Trial six free. Large
bottles 60c and f 1. Sold by all drug'
I'eim fcjrv-- ,rw
Cleanses the
Nasal Passa
ges, Allays
ram and In-
Heals Sores.
Restores the
Senses ol
Taste & Smell
A particle la applied into earh tract rll and la
agreraMe. Price 6U cea-i at Drngctsta; bv mail,
wintered. fticMiu. ELY BKUTBKtta, 58 War
ren street, Vw tork.
gash, Doors, Blirds,
Siding, Flooring, Wainscoating an! all kii ds of Wood
Work for Builders,
Eighteenth St., " -tween Third and Fourth avenue,
Bock Island,
srr. .... ! JO A KOT TV A. "V?JV ' VVJ,, M fJt
(Cliicagt), Rock Island & Pncific dud Chicago, Hansaa & Nebraska Kym.)
Its TJiRin PnP3, branch1? and extersionf wtst, nonhTTfet end southwest
Include Chicaro, JoMt t, OttflTca, pwria. La SnllP, Moline, Rork Island in
ILLINOIS Davenport, Mu?catinf, Otturuu-a, Oekt.roea. West Liberty, Iowa
Cltv, Dea Moines, Knxvillt--, Wintnrset, Atlitniif, Atuiubon, Harlan, Guthrie
Centre, and Council Bi'irfe In IOWA Minn--apoliB and Ft Paul in MINNE
SOTA Watertown and Sioux Fall? in DAKOTA Gallatm, Trenton, Cameron,
St. Joseph, nnd KHnits Citv in IwIPSOl RI Bearic, Fairburv, and Nelson
tn NEBRASKA-HnrtJin, Topeka, Hi.trhirifOD, Wichita, Belleville. Norton,
Abilene, Caldwell, In KANSAS Colorado Spnnjre. Denver, Pueblo, In COLO
RADO. TrHver? nw and va?t areys of rich farminr and prajEini? lands,
affording the best facilit! of intercommunication to older 8ttep and to all
towns and cities in Southern Nebraska, Kansas, Colorp.do, Utah, New
Mexico, Indian Territorv, Texas, Arizona, Idaho, California, and Psvcllle
coast and trans-oceanic Sea porta.
Of Palace Coache leadintr all competitors in splendor of equipment and
luxurv of accommod'itions-run Throuc-h iailv bTwe(?n ChlcaVo and Colo
rado Sprines, Denver and Pubio. Similar MAGNIFICENT vESTIBULB
TRAIN SLRVICE daily between Chicae-o and Council Bluffs 'Omahai, and
between Chtcaa-o and Kansas C'.tv Kleant Dav Coaches, Dining Cars,
Reclinlner Chair Cart? FREE , and Palace Sleeping Cars. California Excur
sione dallr. Choice of routes to and from Salt Lake City, Portland, Los
Anp-eles, San Diesro, San Francisco, and intervening localities. Quick time,
prompt cocr.ecnons and transfers in Union Depots.
Runs superbly equioped Express Trains ria.lv each wav between Chicago,
Rock Island, Atchison, St. Joseph, Leavenworth, Kansas City and Minne
apolis and St. Paul. The Favorite Tourist Line to the scenic resorta, and
bunting and flehingr frrounds of the Northwest. Its Watertown Branch
courses throueh the most productive lands of Northern Iowa, Southwestern
Minnesota, and Eat Southern Dakota.
travel between Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Lafnve-te, and Council Bluffs, St.
Joseph, Atchison, Leavenworth, Kansas City, Minneapolis, and St. Paul.
For Tickets, Maps, Folders, or deslr -d information, apply to any Coupon
Ticket Office in the United States or Canaca, or address
General Manager. CHICAGO. ILL- Gen'l Ticket Psm Agent.
(Charted bv the Lfrilattreof Illinm.)
Open daily from 9 A M. to 9 P. M.. and onTaes-
aj ana aluay &Ttrm.vi iroai i
8 o'clock.
Interest allowed oo DesposiU at tbe rate
of 3 per Cent, per Annum.
Deposits received in amounts of
l ana upwards.
The priTatsj property of the TrnJf fi rtrvm
slble 'o th derrttiiton. The officers an Dronibl-
ted from Mrrowioir anTof iu moneys. Mioorf
and narried women protected by epecial law,
Omrti' : 9. W. Whitoce, reldent ; ?ohh
Goot. ice PrvMdent : C. r. Ilr.iww.T, Caahiei
TacsTSi : S. W. 7hlock. Portw Pklnner,
C W. Lftbdall. Nelson ChvUr. U. . Candtw. t.
T (iranta, A S. WrLjht, C. F. H ranwtj, John
rtrH'hs? only chartered aariugs Bank In Rck
island Looniy.
Qhanckrt iroTicE.
Kocic Ilajtd Coitttt. f "
In the Ctrenlt Oonrt, Jan nary Term, 1$9.
Lnlo B. McCall ts. Darii H. MeCatl -In Chin-
AtUdBTttof non-reidene of Tiarid R. Miinall
the above defendant, hariof bees filed tn the
ciers s omce or ueurcait conn of saia eonnty,
notice is therefore berebT bIts? to the ss.d nna-
resident dr feodant tkat tbe eimpiainant flieti ber
bill of complaint In said cotru on Uiechanrsry
side thereof . on tbe Twenty seventy day of No
vember, lSw, and that tberevnoo a snmmovs
issued out of said court, wherein saM suit is now
pending, retarnable oa the first Mondav In the
montn ot sianuary next, aa la bv taw reonired
Now, nnlesw yon. the said noo resident defett-
aani aoove nmmea. staaw personally be and appet
before said eircait court, oo the first day of the
next term thereof, to be boklen at Kock Island is
and for said county, on the fltvt Mcraley in Jan
uary next, end plead, answer or demur to the said
eoauplalnants Mil of complaint, the same sad the
aat-ers and the matt! and thinm tkcMin rhsre.
ed and ata-ed will be taken as eonfesed. aod a
decree entered aaainst you scoortiliaf to tbe pray
er of said blh. r 1
Aoch Island, Hls 5ovember 17. A. D. tm.
K. fi BOWMAN. Jr..
. Clerk of said Orcait Coart.
X. W. Btrswr, Ooaipt i aol.
miauv hir cinunionnn titnhl "fCf a
-if the !ne; nnptitien ami ouaonaiuiulf a'kr
Uiu liie h-t
OBrsnted to rv- prrterUf barmM. trntwr'pi
i iits i r ar. i mvi-tnip mr tsi ewmofi
I'rlr. JW fastd ar BiK. A-K
lrufiftt fur it or wntc for potaio sample box u.-
J. F. LLOYD ft CO.. Sole Importers.
4? and A Vj-Mtirio nrU HK ABO.
For Sale bt rat Following Udu6gists
Marshall & P.starr,
HarU t Bshniwn,
and Frank Nadler.
Or IM lieatr llats.l. riltiTrlT CwrcM
toy aadaniasUtrri Or. liaiaca
(alatcai iMrrlSf.
It an h given in a cup of miTfe or tea without
tht knowltnixe of tu-trvjn takirj; it ; is absolutely
harm if s. and srtll eftt-ct a permanent and speedy
eure. hetbr the oat etit ia a moderate drinker or
ao alcoiiolkr wreck. Trvriinanri of drankarda have
twen made fmrvrsst' mrnwbo have taJt?n Golden
bprcifte In their ra.-foe wttbont tbrir kiiowlsCjre
and to-day tf.tv thv quit drlDatinsT of their o n
freewill. ITNKVKR FAILS. The svincin obosj
Imprvcnated w.th t be iciac. tt becomes aa auer
Impossibility fnr the Uuuor appetite to extsl.
For sale by T H. TQ"Ma4. aod MABhffAI.T.
r lauta, Dctisa-iau. oca laiaaa. iua.
CAUSE & C0.S'.
Shoe Store.
Mens' A Calf Congress, - il 49
" Bull Shoe, - - 1 75
Lace Shoe - - - - 1 75
also clearing sale of Misses and Children's
Shoes at prices that tell.
1622 Second Avenue.
JOHN" H. RlsrSON',
(Formerl, of Coal Vallej.)
Dealer in Choice Wines, Lipors
vNo. 1717 Second Arenue, Rock tslssd.
J. T. 33IXON,
And Dealer in Mens Fine Woolens.
1706 Second Avenue -
-. c-,
And Dealers La Flour, Peed, Baled Hay and Straw, Crockery
Glassware, Cutlery, Etc. . J
""Steamship Agf ncj and remiltanr to aa; part of Europe.
601 sad 603 Kinla Street, Bock Islaad, IP
v-- ;
Ti l "fi "' " 'T1" ' - --q - , mfmi -,,, Ml

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