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Fhidat, December 38. 1888.
Si .'KRXL of the le&cing democrats of
I'oamo. h have organized a stock com
pany and purchased the -Warren county
inSi'i iliA MAJOR.
How to Run Uie Thins.
Mhs. Cleveland has taken to wear
ing Hading veil, bat she has added to
that article a few clever improvements of
her own. The heavy cloud of gauze
which h&ngs around her face is gathered
in around the top of her hat and under
her chin . The thick screen thus made is
an effectual protection against the Im
pudent gaze of curious eves.
. - ... ... . .
iutneew lurk Wurldt question.
""J aid you not vote for UlevelandT
an employe of a carat factory which.
oivcr me election, eut down the wages or
hi men, replies, "Because l was a fool.
a kouu many other worsmgraen some
or them not a thoustnd miies from
Bprlngneld are already, and more will
he prepared to answer the Question in
the same way before many months have
passed Springfield Regiittr.
?' 0 wonder the Carnegies and other
ft rt oilllionairrs supported ihe republican
. 4 " . ticket at the recent presidential election
I A e" ?2 ,0 1 lon of 9t,','1 ril'8
: jj I $ Epgland. a difference of if 9. whicn docs
1 not K the Araericiu workiniinien, but
rf.lj, A to the American milliinaires. It, how
) If 7T f comes out of the pockets of the
f f it ' v ""W earners anfl tho producers
, I - .
x-Senator Maitonk, of Virginia.
scored another failure lam week. He
sent out invitations for a number of
southern republicans to meet in confer
ence, his object being to get himself in-
; lorsed for a portion in Harrison's cshi
"i. n lien tne conference met it was
n learned that about three-fourths of
'h ra were bitterly opposed to the little
"e'i-boss, and it was all that he and his
friends could do to prevent them from
endorsing some other fellow.
r ill
Mr Cleveland, it aeema, is going to
have anotber fight with tbe republican
majority in the senate. He has nomina
ted Mr. Levi 0. Builey, of Indianapolis,
to be United States attorney for the die
trict of Indiana, and the republican sena
tors say they intend to reject him. The
reason given for this is that Mr. Bailey
made himself obnoxious personally to
Mr. Harrison during the late campaign,
but the real reason is that Mr. Bailey as
assistant attorney has been in charge of
the judicial political investigation, which
many republicans fear may put striped
clothes upon some of their Indiana breth
ren, and if confirmed as attorney would
be prepared to pu&h the caws. The re1
publicaus figure that if they reject Bai
ley and "hang up" any other nomination
Mr. Cleveland may send in to fill the
vacancy, the place caD be kept open until
Harrison comes in, and that he can select
a man who will not be hard upon the
bribers who helped to carry Indiana for
Speaking of suicide and insanity, the
Boston Globe says whether the tendency
of what we call progress is to make life
less and less desirable, or whether
makes It so much more fascinating that
men live it too fast and too unwisely, is
an open question. But certain il is that
the prt valence of suicide is alarmingly on
the increase everywhere. In England the
proportion of suicides in 1973 was 73 out
of every million of population, being an
increase per year of 10 persons since
1840. In Frauee the suici ies increased
from 48 persons to the million in 1827 to
102 to the million in 1852, and they have
continued at the same rate of increase
since. The alarming incre;ise of suicide
in this country is a mutter of common
comment. We invariably account for it
by referring to the highly oxygenized
condition of our atmosphere, the break- I
neck pressure of business, and
the many tempting prizes of speedy
riches which plunge men into overwork
and excitement. But the singular ftct
confronts us, according to recent investi
gations, that in Snxnny, in the heart of
the continent of Europe, where the
methods of life are phlegmatic and slow,
the proportion of suicides is far greater
than in England, having increased from
149 to the million iu 1849 to 8!1 in 1877.
This seems to upset entirely thf American
over-work theory. For aught we know
suicide may be in the nature of diseased
tendency caused by planetary, atmos
pheric, geological, and othr conditions
t-Which the earth Is subject in the pres
ent century. Of all the valuable things
that science accomplishes, the most valua
ble Is that of constantly teaching H
self the number of things it does
not know. None the less is the reck
less pace at which American life is
kept up in the race for wealth and
power conducive to suicide, since pro-
ductive of insanity. It has been some
times doubted whether a perfectly sane
man ever committed suicide. Qrief and
despair undoubtedly produce insanity in
many instances before self-destruction
follows. None of the lower animals
ever resort to self-destruction, however
intense and hopeless the misery that is
loaded upon them, from the fact that
tbey live so closely up to nature that in
sanity can not be induced from natural
causes. Therefore, if people strive so to
condition their lives as to avoid the dan
ger of Insanity, the decrease of suicide
will take of itself. It is the rapid in
sanity in modern life that in the real
source of alarm, and is arousing the at
tention of scientists all over the world.
He Make tha Nerve of HU Safctjecta Hi
Playthings A Girl Who Smiled on On
Side of Her Face Am axing In trac
tion. Professor Charcot, the renewed specialist
of diseases of the cervons system, performed
some striking exiwriraems on hysterical sub
jects in the course of a lecture dlivered at
the Balpetriere asylum. About 300 students
were present
The attendants introduced the araohi
theatre two women stretched on cots and
perfectly unconscious. One was a pale faced
girl, with abundant Hack huir and a band-
some face. As she lav helnkta aeamst the
white pillow, her long lashes curving over
fast closed eyes, she suggesfc'd the sleeping
oeanty. tier companion was a large woman,
about fifty years of age, with coarse florid
features. The contrast between them was
The distinguished sjecialist began by ex
plaining that the two subjects before him
were in different stares of hysteria malor.
Tue elder worann was afflicted with paralysis
of the logs, which bad kept her in bed for
years. She was at present in a profound
hysterical sloop, which had already lasted
eignteen days, and from which human sci
ence knew no moans of rousing her. She
might remain in this condition fur walre or
months, during which time sha would only
receive in tho way of food certain nutritive
liquids, which she swallowed automatical! v.
Proft.w.eor Ciwreot here directed an attend
ant to administer somo milk to the patient
This she did, and holding tiie glass with one
hand wane sh;-raised i!ie woman' head with
the other, she wntrcd until the entire con
tents of t be goblet had been slowly tiwallowed.
Several times daring the seance tbo patent
beet slowly and heavily forward with
swaying motion, for no apparent reason.
if to saiut- the audience. ai:d always accom
panying the movement with a hoarse, inar
ticulate sound, somewhat like tho snarl of
dog. There was something ghastly in this to
one not hardened to dissecting room horrors.
v arious testa were made to demonstrate the
Impossibility of waking tho woma:;. A large
orass gong was sounded with almost deafen
ing din directly over her head. U)r nostrils
were tickled with a leather, and she was
made to inhale ammonia. Nothing had the
slightest effect, tier eyes remained closed.
and she cave no sign of sensibility.
i hen the professor coded attention to the
remarkable conq ition of her muscular system.
Her arms would remain ri-rid in any position
in which they were placed, nor would they
leave it until sneer physical fatigue over
came tbo automatic resistance. The joints
of her fingers, wrists, cibows and shoulders
were moved in a var.ety of way, and in
every case tne poor woman was powerli
change tiivir position. She was like a well
made, wooden jointed doll.
eit came tne turn ot the lethargic eiri,
who is one of Professor Charcot's pet sub
jects. Plie remains constantly in the hospital,
and on special occasions tbo savant demon
strates the wonderful power he has over her.
So sensitive is her temperament that he can
at his will throv.- her iuto the profound
lethargy in which she lay on this occasion.
lie tirst statea that tins youn? woman was
in a stage of hysteria radically different from
that of her companion. She was like an in
ert mass; her muscles were ail relaxed and it
was impossible for any member of her bodv
to retain a fixed position without sunport
There was also a marked difference in the
enndition of the nervous systems cf the two
women. The one was keenly sensitive, the
other apparently dead In each case the pro
fessor pressed a pencil upon the facial nerve.
which lies directly in front of the ear. This
bad not the sJightetst effect upon the woman
in the hysterical sleep, whereas the face of the
young girl instantly lighted up in a smile.
Curiously enough, she only smiled on the
side where the pressure was applied.
Il was the same with other nerves. The
lethargic girl would raise her hand when the
operator pressed upon the radial nerve above
the eloow jouit. When the mesial nerve.
near the former, was touched, her arm would
soring up iu a pugilistic attitude, with the
fist tightly clenched, and on applying the
pencil to what is vulgarly knowu as the
"funny bone she would lift her arm
pronouncing a benediction, the first
second fingers of the hand being raised
heavenward. Nothing of this sort had any
effect upon the other subject.
An experiment with the gon, which bad
been vainly beaten above the first patient,
produced a startling effect in this case. The
Chef do Clinique had struck but a singh
blow on the sounding brass when the young
girl started up as by an electric shock. he
sat straight up, with her eyes wide open, and
but for their fixed, stony gaze one might
have fancied her awake. She had passed
an instant from the state of lethargy into
that of catalepsy. She neither moved nor
Professor Charcot proceeded, to show that
pressure upon the nerves no longer produced
muscular contraction. We were in the pres
ence of a new set of phenomena. The pro
fessor lifted the girl's right hand to her lips,
as if she were throwing a kiss. Instantly the
unconscious association of ideas caused the
right side of the face to smile. It was the
same when the left hand was raised, and
when both hands touched her lips the entire
race radiated the mind:s happy thought.
The young gentlemen present enjoyed this
A frown was produced with equal facility.
Clenching one of the fists caused a scowl to
puss over the corresponding side of the face,
and the professor succeeded by combining
the two processes In making her smile on one
side and frown on the other. No one who saw
this extraordinary contortion could for a
moment question the genuineness of the dem
onstration. StU more extraordinary was the facility
with which Professor Charootmade his pa
tient pass back from catalepsy to lethargy.
This he accomplished by simply closing the
lids and pressing gently on one or both of her
eyes, oy toueiijug tne rignt eye ne cnangea
the girl' right side into the lethargic con
dition while lea ving the left side under the In
fluence of catalepsy.
He demonstrated to the satisfaction of all
that such was really the case. The right eye
was closed, while the left remained staring
open. The nerve on the right side responded
to pressure, while those on the left remained
dead. One side of the body was rigid while the
other was inrt. Through ail this the patient
never uttered a sound. Having sufficiently
established the existence of this dual ctatetha
professor pressed simultaneously upon both
of the girl's eyes, when she fell back on the
pillow like a lump or lead.
The final experiment consisted in watting
the lethargic girl. This was easily done by
breathing sharply in her far. '. Sue started
up, glanced about her in a dazed way, and
then realizing luai suu a oi mul uiwwu
hnfnra a nrowd of lovial medicai students, sb
wized her scattered garments and disappeared
from the scene with astonishing rapidity.
The attendant wheeled out theotb?r patient.
who calmly continued her hysterical sleep.
Paris ISdition iew xorc oeraia.
Some West Virginians Inform
the President-Elect,
nd AUo Hnw to Change the Subject
Nathan Gnff freed for 'A Cabinet I'onl
tlon He Also Appear to Have lleen
Elected Governor uf Hi State A Bois
terous Time In l'ropct for the Indi
ana Slate Sea ate.
Indianapolis, Dec 38 W. S. .Sent t, of
Wheeling, member of the national R-puh'
lican committee for West Virginia; Editor
Hart, of The Wheeling Uegiaier, and J. E.
Dana and W. J. t'uwdn, extmsive coal
mine orat rs -f the same state, iaid a
visit to the presidont-elwt yesterday in the
interest of Congressman Ciofl's appointment
as the southern representative in the cabinet.
During the visit thegenUernwn also suygmited
that the policy to be pursued towsrd the
south should be a conciliatory one. Scott
acted as the spokesman for the party, and
dwelt at length upon the importance of se
lecting a southern man fur a cubinet posi
tion. He said the south a a see t ion whs the
representative o diversitied in tenets, and
proSierity there matit like pnsierity for
many of the industries of the north; that its
people had largely overcome the prejudices
engendered by the war, and were now ruady
to-concede that capital atid enterprise from
the north were not to be ignored as factors
u southern development. "Tim result," said
Mr. Scott in substance, "is tlist mituy of our
prominent Democrats and prominent Repub
licans are working hand in hin.i, combining
their capital and their energy, an.l eud-javor-ing
to bring oul of tiio hus-ue-is stHjjation
that followed tho war a new south, lots
change iu sentiment, bun during the latter
days of Republican nii, has txen continued
under the present administration, and we,
as Republicans, are specially anxious that it
shall be encouraged by your aiiiiiiniairation.
The men who nre here represent large inter
ests, and many Democrats are represented
with them. e want a Republican a iminis
tration and want Republicans to hold tbe
local otri;3, but at the same
time we desire the inauguration
of such a policy as will command
the respect of our political opponents and
make converts to our principle The ap
pointment of honest, capable and deserving
man to ofll -e will huil i up the party ant
make West Virginia a Republican state in
Harrison listened very attentively to
his vi-iitors, and wu evidently very much
impressed by what he hnd hardt but, be
yood answering them that he would bear in
mind what had been stid upon the subject
he made no reply. Mr. Scott then referred
to Congressman Goff in term of high
eulogy, saying that he represented toe state
in the national congress with great distinc
tion, and no appointment ot a cabinet
officer would give so much genuine satisfac
tion both to Republicans and to Democrats
as that of Goff. They were not here to
urge such an appointment, for they believed
that the president should ba left to
make such selections entirely from bis own
judgment, and in speaking of iioff they
wished to be understood as simply calling
Harrison's attention to certain facts connect
ed with him, hoping that m.tture reflection
would result in the selection of their favor
ite. Harrison made no reply to the appeal, but
turned the conversation upon Virginia in
dustry and products, and the conversation
became general.
Before leaving the city the visitors said
they would t satisfied if tbe administration
was conservative m its policy and firm in
appointing Republicans only to offl'To. "We
want no mongrels," said E titer Hart, "and
X think Harrison fully understands ua on
that point. "
It is stated that Airs. Harrison has formal
ly appointed a private secretary in the per
son of Mis Florence Miller, daughter of
Harrison's former law partner. Since the
electioo Mrs. Harrison's correspondence has
been increasing rapidly, an! her fetters now
average a score or more a day. Finding it
impossible to answer all of these herself, she
has appointed Miss Miller as private secre
tary. The yoting lady is abmt 1 years of
age, very attractive in manner and w-u ed
ucated. She will accompany the Harrison
family to Washington and be a member of
the Whits House family.
Nkw YtdtK, D -c ' On Nov. 23 lal the
steinship Hainan a eleiivd this fiort bound
for points in Haytiand San Domingo.
Three day after the eastern coast of the
United states was visited by a severe storm.
Nothing has been beard of the Samana since.
8he has not reached any of her ports, nor
has she been se n by any in-coming steamer.
Mr. F. C. Elliott, the agent of the Samana
in this city, said yesterday morning that he
had grave fears as to tbe safety of the steam
ship. The ship and cargo are valued at
1 1 on, ooo.
Spanish OfHelals Fxerclne Their Authority
with Great Injustice.
Pfm.ADti.pmA, Dec 33 The brtgantine
Josefa, arrived from Montego bay, Jamaica,
r-ports that on her outward trip from New
York, while discharging cargo at Arroyo,
Porto Hico, she was seized by the Spanish
authorities because twenty packages of corn
starch, which were marked on her manifest,
i-O'dd not rw found, and the vessel held until
a fine of $4,0)0 hail been paid, although the
vs'ue of the missing goods did not exceed
$'Ji. The master atid crew suffered many
ifidignitins at the hands of tho governor of
the isUnd and hi! officials.
The Authorities offered to settle the matter
if t'ie whereabouts of the packages could be
explained. After the payment of the Ones
it was discovered that by mistake they had
been delivered on board the ship Joseph us.
Explanation was made to the Spanish au
thorities, and a return of tbe fine was re
quested, but was refused, and the Josefa
tuen left the port. The owner has filed a
com pin in t against the Spanish government
with Secretary Bayard.
ft I-mi.mI !KO,fl00 in Knnds It Don't Want
lo Rttdenin.
CiriCArto, Dec. 26 The suit of Dr. Down,
of Lowell, Miss., and others, against the
town of Ennwood, reori, county, IlU., was
on trial before United States Judges
tSrpsl am and Biodgett yesterday. The suit
is brought to recover the principal and 10
per cent, interest on $1i),0J0 worth of bonds
issued bv the town in aid of the construc
tion of the Dixon, Pooria Sc Hannibal rail
road in 1 871. The company's charter au
thcrizwd the i.-suo of t iS.OJU worth of bomK
hut the town voted and iued o,UIN) of the
bonds, which wre sold.
A curative act was at once passed by the
legislature legalizing the extra issue of $40,
UiH), but the defendant now claims that tbe
legislature had no right or power to pass the
curaiive act, and that tbe extra issue of
bonds is therefore invalid and void, even in
the hands of innoeeiit holders for value.
Jacobi's Remcdv
the Political Affliction
Known as Anarchy.
For Belter for Worse.
Governor Oglesby's Gift to
Missouri Man.
The PnsriUM Uidn't Want to Fight
Had to Sullivan' Friends.
Cleveland, 0 , Dec. 28 Charley Mitch
ell, tne pugilist, was assaulted by Hugh
Burns, a lix-al gambler and tonga, in tbe
Kennard house bar-room at an early hour
yesterday niorutn?. The quarrel was a per
sonal one, arising from derogatory state
ments made as to Burns' relatives in Eng
land by Mitchell. The pnsilist ws bit once
or twice, anil l-etreated. Finally he turned
on Burns and hit hiui a terrible blow, dis
h purine his face and knocking him down.
Mitcheli then ran up-stairs. A number of
local sports and pugilists were present, and
a row ensued, which was quieted by the call
ing of a patrol wagon. The Mitchell party
were booted and egged by Sullivan sympa
thizers while giving their exhibition in tbe
Important Brotherhood Meeting.
St. tons. D-c. !. B. W. Vedder, chair
man of the grievance committee of the
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers of
tin1 Gould system, passed through here yes
terday on his way to Chicago, where, he
said, a very important meeting of western
representatives of tbe order is to he held to
day and to-morrow. Tne olject of the meet
ing is to form a closer union between the
engineers operating on the lines west of the
Mississippi river. About 'i50 delegates, rep
resenting 10, K engineers, will be present
Chief Arthur will also attend the meeting.
Gen. Golf, the Bepnblican, Conceded To Be
Elected A Close L-egUialnre.
"Washington City, Dec, 28. A special
dispat?b to The Evening Star from Charles
ton, W. Va., says:
The concession by the Democrat of the elec
tlon of Hon. Nathan
Goff to the governor
ship Is virtually ad
mitted by iha an
nouncement here yes
terday that Juclge
Fleming has complet
ed bis notice of coo-
test and will serve it
In a few days. The
Republicans have
been expecting this.
and while not totally
unprep a red. have
done little toward
collecting mate r t 1
for a reply. The eon-
test will be made he-
r - lis;
l! (5
How'. Thlt.
We offer one hundred dollars reward
for any case of cninrrb that can not be
cured by taking Hull's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Cheney & (Jj., Props, Toledo, 0.
We, tbe undersigned, have known F.
J . Cheney for the last fifteen years, and
believe him perfectly honorable in all
business, transactions, and financially
able to carry out any obligations made by
their arm.
Went & Tmax, Wholesale DruBglsts,
Toledo, Ohio.
Walding, KiDnan & Marvin. Wholesale
Drugeists, Toledo, Ohio.
E. H. Van Hocsen, Cashier. Toledo,
National Bank, Toledo. Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucus
surfaces of the system. Price, 75c. per
bottle. Sold by all druiTKists.
Tne Homeliest Han u Bock Island
As well as the handsomest, and others
are invited to call on any druggist and
get tree a trial bottle of Kemp's Balsam
for the throat and lungs, a remedy that is
selling entirely upon its merits and
guaranteed to relieve and cure all chronic
miu acute cougns, astnma, nroncnuis anu
consumption. Large bottles 50 centB
d 1.
"Roomers' Hare a Hard Road to Travel.
PCRCEt.L, I. T., Dec. 2S. The Indian
scouts under Lieut. McC mib visited Okla
homa station Wednesday night and arrested
all the "boomers" in that vicinity. Tbe pris
oners were compelled to bitch up their wag.
ons and take everything with them, and go
with the scouts to camp. The scouts dis
nrm .. -t i. a, them lite so
many sheep. 1 he men are still prisoners.
and, it is said, will be kept iu confinement
for several weeks and then be driven out of
the territory.
Died While Singing oil the Stage.
London, Dec. 28. Alfred Vance, the
famous music hall singer, was seized Wednes
day nigbt with an attaok of heart disease on
the ?tage of the Sun Music hall, and died in
a few minutes. He was singing at the time
the latent popular concert hail song, entitled:
"Art- Y.-u (iuillyT
4ii .Ni) Will Not Viiit Rome.
I.umv v te It is snnound that
Mr. t . .- i iih dos not intend to vwit Rome
nu! i "v-'went (stay in Italv
an Oil faun Comparison Ilctnetn Paris and
Chic:t I'owderly and (iornpem the
:imiig It u I - Yaloe of the System
leftm1i-d by I'rol, Woodward An Im
portant Movpinriit for tlit- Went Inanij
urated Ity a Myelins of I.iimntors.
Chicago. Dit 28 At a meeting held re
cently in this c.ty by a number of prominent
educators it was decidedki eaii a meeting to
consider the bet means of advancing art and
industrial education, and to form an associa
tion to that end. The meeting was held yes
terday in the Art institute building.
About !5j people interested in ihe move
ment responded. Harold Smith, the chair
man of tbe committee, called the gathering
to orrier. Hrsnid that the changes thai had
been wrought in social conditions demanded
a ebaiige, end tbe main fta:ui'es of the new
educational movm-nt were to correspond
with or ht the auvaiice. The present trend,
he said, is toward a broader education. A
period of reconstruction was now upon fts,
and was advancing all alontj the lint. The
speaker said that organic ;tiou similar to the
one proposed bad been formed in New York,
Boston, and other eastern cities.
There were present people from Missouri,
Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana,
and Oiito.
A committee uf five was appointed by '-ho
chair to nominate officers, the names to l)
reported at the next meeting.
Col, Augustus Jneobwn read a very inter
esting pnper on "Art and In i ta rial Educa
tion from a Citi''n' H aridpoinL."
H tnoii a very libera! view of thiiit He said
he duiker in our present ni'-liiod. The
world was fait of dinci.lot. and tin believed that
this country had its share of it. If the people
of the BlUf Island and Milwaukee avenues of
l3i ns would aitaeit thn Mit:hijran avenue of ibat
city what was It prevent the Very Kanv thinj;
happeiime in 'lnc K-i and the re of the cities
of the country A heady the cities were jammed
with people, and were continually draitiinj; Lhe
aountry of its population. All this tended to a
new awakening; the toiimg masses and the mii
die clasaet were securing a firm grip on the pov-
ernmenr. atid it was ciily a que-stiitn of time
when they wtv.il.i have full power, ami the
tieorg'K, th 1'uwderlys, and (iompers would
The speaker saw no dansrer hi t his. Th pwpl"
were receiving this education and ir c"u1d not he
Flopped, and he did nut w ant it stopped. The
awakening plea.se! him. and he wa-tM mure ed
ucation If the Anarchist's child werd property
educated and a hritrhter future by means of this
education, tlits aitatiiHi. pointed rnit to him. he
would htvotne a Koa citizen. Mmual training
should be taught, but a-ove all the condition nf
the laborer must be improved, aod agitation to I
that end was productive of nothing bm g.md.
With a prospiH-t of but a featureless, monotonous
life uf iinbmtiog toil b-Hore bun the laborer was
Sure to he discontented. Shown a briph er pain and
a higher life in vl-w he would draw away from
the dangerous iaths of Auatcliy, and tT-j-nne a
contei ted sovereign.
Miss Josenhme Locke, late f St. lVmH,
whs the net speafe-r, her subject bein
"Form Study, Drawicg and Clay Modeling
in Primary Schools," after winch Mrs. A
H. Putnam gave a practical and instructive
illustrative lecture up m "Kindergartens."
At the evening; session U. M. Woodward,
professor in Washington university and di
rector of the manual (raining; school in St
Louis, lectured on the lntelie.tu'il Value of
Manual training. It was in form of a rply
to an ai t icle published la-t August in a New
York edncitional journal bv Professor
Urooks, pnncip.nl of the Philadelphia Normal
school, in which it was argued that manual
training, while having considerable economic
or practical vaiu-, was not of spttcial
use in tba way of disciplining or im
proving perception, memoiy, . imagina
tion, j :idgment, pu war of general izat i on
or any other mental faculty. Professor
Woodward took issue with this position, and
declared that Professor Brook's must Ih
lamentably ignorant of the purpose, scope
and actual results of manun.1 training. Dr.
Brooks bad awertei that a boy would get
more mental discipline if turned loose alone
in a shop fitted with tools than if under a
skillful teacher. That statement. Professor
Woodward said, chall- ned all educational
methods, for if true it would be better to
simply turn a boy loose in a libmrv , labora
The l ucky firoom Being Mr. C. A. Sny
' der, of Kantta City An Acquaintance
' Formed on a Visit West Troves a Case
of Love at First Sight, the Course of
Which Rons Smoothly to Happy
Springfield, Ills., Dm. 28. A charmin?
little romance of a few months' duration ter
minated Inst night in a happy wed i ma at
Ht. PiuPs Episcopal church. Last summer
MisB Olive Ojlesby, eldest daughter of bov-
eruor Olosbv, visited the wast to attend
the wedding of a school-friend. In attend
ance on the joyous occasion was a man of
modest but distinguished bearing. It was a
case of love at first sight. The modent but
courteous gentleman was introduced to the
demure young lady from Hpringfleld as
Chester Allen bnyder, of Kaunas t.ity, and
sbe to him as the daughter of the governor
of Illinois. Mr. Allen was a widower and
father of a little daughter. Misw Olesby
returned to her home at the Illinois executive
mansion, but her heart was iu the keeping
of another. Cupid was not idle and the cor
rtispondenee that ensued drew the couple
closer and closer together.
The old proverb appears to have been set
at naught on this occasion. The course of
true love ran smooth, and lat night at 8
o'clock Chester A. Snyder, of Kansas City,
and Miss Olive Oglesby were married at St.
Paul's Episcopal church of this city. In ad
dition to those in attendance from Spring-H-'ld
there were present many guests from
Chicago, Lincoln, Elkhart. Decatur and va
rious parts of the state. The ceremony was
performed by the Rt Rev. George F. Sey
mour, bishop of the Spring flld Episcopal
diocese, assitd by the rector, the Rev.
Frederick W. Taylor.
The bvtt man on the occasion wis Alex
ander Fraser, of Kmsas City. Tne bride
maids were MinS Louise Fehclte -lesby,
B ster of the bride, and Mis It-die V-Mtoigi r
holz, of Decatur. Tbe maids m att-m Imce
were Miss Florence Glandin, of Louisville;
Miss Lulie Rolierta, of Oid Mission, Mich. ;
Mis Grae Keflocg, of Chicago, and Mis.
Alice Bunn, Miss Lou'se Bla-k ani Miss
Sophie Fowler, of Springfield The ushers
were Messrs. Robert Oglesby, brother of the
bride; Hiram tJ. Keays, of Eikhnrt ; Johu
W. Black, of .Springfield, and Williim 8.
Gaylord, W. 1). Gienry, and Marvin
Hughitt, of Chicago.
The bride was charmingly dresd in a gar
ment of sole gr.inite, en traine. over a petti
coat draped with mousswibie do sole and
Valenciennes. She was adorned with gar
lands of natural Roman hyacinthe and wore
a beautiful necklace and ornament of dia
monds, the gift of the bridegroom. The
maids in attendance wore gowns of moos-
seline de sole wi h corsages of different
materials and carried bunches of roses,
bound with streamers of ribbons to fans of
white gauze and pearl, the gifts of the bride.
The two maids of honor were both dressed in
gowns of white silk mull with sashes of moire
and tulle veils, and each carried bunches of
pinks and maiden-hair ferns. The presents
were costly and numerous.
Alter the wedding a reception wa ten
dered tbe happy couple at tbe executive
mansion, which was attended by the state
officers and their families, the governor's
stalf in uniform, and friends of the bride
and groom from all over the country.
Among the guests present from other cities
were: Governor -elect and Mrs. Fifer, of
Blnotningtm; Mr. and Mrs. Kiwin Wilson,
of Kansv City; Mi-. A. J. Snyder and wife
and daugb'er Ldiie, of Kansas Citv; Mr.
and Mrs. J. Feddicord, Mr. an i Mrs. V. P.
Brandon, Mr. and Mrs. L. B Hurrows, Mr.
and Miss Johns, Mr. Will Ennia, and Mr.
Harrv Hays of Decatur; Mr and Mrs. E. D.
BHim, Mr. and. Mrs. J. P. GillU, Mr. and
Mrs. J. E. Hdl, Mm Charlotte Gillett, Miss
Latham and Miss Beck, of Lincoln.
At the close of the reception at the man
sinn tbe nuwly married pair left on the mid
night tram for New York, going by way of
Chicago. From Nw York they will go to
California to spend the winter, after which
their future uome will l.e in Kansas City,
where Mr. Snyder is largely engaged in the
knowledge of literature, chemistry or botany,
tiian to provide him with competent teach
ers. Professor Woodward exhibited sev
eral four-tine forks to illustrate the cbarac-
done Lv mmils in the St. L-iuis manual ! for divorce l,y bis
training school.
V a! oble cod fish-' have been discov
ered off the coast of British Columbia.
The foirth cie.su ptomce at Chilton,
Wis., mil be raised lo the presidential cuss
Jan. i.
Candy Bros., confectioners, of Columbus,
O., failed yesterday. Assets. I7,00U; liabil
ities. tr,Tt0fj.
errimac. Mass.. is afflicted with a measles
epidemic and l.Vt eases were reported Touri
day morning.
Henry O'Brien, of Milwaukee, is cbared
ith killing bis baby bfy by striking it with
his fist wldle drunk.
The lord mayor of London will give t
farewell banquet in honnr ot United State
Minister Phelps o i Jul :M.
An cciipe of the sun tabes place next 1 ues-
day (Jan. I) afternoon. It will be nearly to
tal in the region around Chicago.
The Richmond Whig announced its But-
pension Tnursday morning, mo cuucwm
has ten purcbaael by iue limes.
Tbe roads out into Pottawattomie oounty,
Iowa, from Council Binds, are infested with
high iyav men, who are reaping a small bar
vest olf farmer. Two arrest have been
Dr. Carvnr is shooting glass b-dls with a
rifle at Minneapol s. Mum., trying to hit
flO.OWj in six days. Thursday he had broken
Tbe Ohio penitentiary officials have abol
ished the ducking-tub and hanging by tht
wrists as m- des of punishment for refractory
Theodore T- W-jd. of Mason Ciy, Iowa,
Thuoday rt-reive-i l'l,$z li k i-nsion from
the giivermn- lit. He was a member of Ells
worth's 7. t'JUl i'S.
Th great -enl nf the Southern Confed
eracy was presented Tunrslay by CoL Win.
E. Erle, of Washintuti City, to the state
of S-uth Carolina.
It is said at Washington City that several
wir vov'f Is are being fitted out to go to
Samoa to h)k after tne ropers of tbo Ger
man authi.r'ti" there.
Wiliiim F KK of the firm of Crania) 1
& Co., Son ill Water Mreet, Chi'-ago, is re
trtftd missing with about t'M),iH) that
doesn't ail belong tu bim.
Domestic troubles caused Jam1 Green, of
Woh-ott, N. Y, to cut his wile's throit with
a hutcher k d;e, and then tieat himself the
same way. B tb will die.
The postmaster general has restored R. A,
D. Wiibanks to the position of superintend
ent of mails at Cincago, from which he was
removed several weeks ago.
The Illinois Slate Teachers association is
holding its annual meeting iu Springfield.
The st-ite tt' tcliTs associations of Indiana,
Iowa and Wtvo'isin are also in session this
The poft-dlicrt at Argos, Ind., was entered
by burglars on Sunday uigiit last aud robbed
of the money order fund, the amount ot
which is not itate 1. Tuere is no clue to the
rob tiers
Tne 1.00) Ivm 1 holders in France of the
Panama oinal have unanimously adopted a
resolution of conh ien'eiu the great engineer,
and volunteering lo n-k no inter -at until the
can;d is himm for tratlic.
Theex'ctitof the erniifration of Austrian
and Pi'pfin pe:- itils to Brazd is aiiracting
attention iu Loudon. One vsg.?l leaving
Tt teste Mond'iy had 740 eoiiants of this
class Ik mud i"i Nm I'.iuio.
A Pavana c:al says ttse Machine broth
ers, who, wlu it? und-r seuten-- of death tor
kid nut ling, i nide their e.scape from the Cas
tillo del 1'ri.n-ip" tort a tn-mt' ago, way
laid and min der -d the le:uv3 who
aller tiieni.
The wdi biUTii'3s done by Armour & Co.,
the pot k nnd i-vf p;ickjrs of Cnicago. in the
year eiidin IS v. 1, amounted to 'ij.Mi,iiW.
They empl'.y ri,om) mm. During the year
they di-p.-ed of .Vd.'.W head ot cattle,
I, !4 tn .i.-iir- mid lt4,.r..l sheep.
Th- rid.-itc-1 of Mayor Mason, of Bloom
ipgton. lils, was Iximbarded with rotten
egs i hui -1 -y n:ght, and the whole front
ruii'cl "i h-' finvor clTers $VK) for the names
of the wvrpeTrcitorj:, w bo are believed to have
been gambler- and loose women. t
Secretary Whitney's turkey bill for
Thauk-givuii was $.0J, and the money was
garnisheel in his hands by an alleged cred
nor of the s-her. Tbe case was 1"cid 1
against him on the ground that the seller
was acting as cl -rk, and therefore the gar
nishee could hot -tin id. Tbe secretary then
paid the bid.
if - Soar ZZZ-settsTi -3
The finest carriage- ,nj buggie? io
the city can be ba ..t any h0nr
of the dij c iglit.
L. G. ENH3R, Proptr,
Ro. 1816 Third Atvaui
Ttk r,ne H2T.
iron Fire Place.
Something Nuw and V:ilnable.
Thf Ahline i r--4i:rtir!"l nn sien
tific (irinciplffi L"r!;k- sut o'ber tjtate.
It Iihs a n 'orn dn.1'. this iusure flow
and perf ! r"n,hust!"n, ( conomv of tue1,
perttci veniihMon. i!i'tribti:i-m i.f U-n'
and eijunlir i'ic: f t tiij -raMife fr-'m
fl tor to rf.hu-j Hurnclij-rd ..r ffi
cos!, aftl ,s five t'tn-s t'e L-Ht:ng ra
pid y of unyctlifTLTt'i' oiihn niTk-t.
("all ot i xin.iw m si for rfiOir
civinij full inf'TCM'ion
DAVIS A CAM l. A' t-.
PaTft.p T', I wa
An Improved Watch Dial.
The Journal des Debats describe a novelty
Introduced in the watch by Armaud tichwab.
Udou the ordinary dial is another smaller.
entirely similar. Itn hands, however, can be
brought to xero i-y a pressure upon a smau
sorine In the atem. When, for instance, the
wearer takes a cab Dy tne nour ne Drings tne
bonds to zero, and is then enabled to read off
the time consumed. In a railway the train
stops twenty-five minutes for dinner; bring
tbe hands to zero, ana you enow exactly now
much time to dally over the dinner. The
wife boils eggs to be done in three minutes.
but after a while Bhe forget! the time when
shd began to count. It Is also serviceable for
the photographer and oth t like tradesmen.
Chicago Herald.
Why Deadwood Waa so Named.
Many people bare the Impression that
Deadwood, is Dakota, was bo called on ac
count of the lawlessness which prevailed in
the early days, but tne name originated rrom
th superabundance of dead timber caused
presumably by Indian campfires on tbe
mountains and along the stream above the
city, and was so called by the miners who
first discovered gold in 1875. Boston True
a a chamber is without a woolen carpet,
be sure to have a woolen mat or rug or b$
of carpeting near the bed on which to stand.
Kinging Hones
in tbe ears, sometimes a roaring, buniitg
sound, are caused by catarrh, that ex
ceedingly disagreeable and very common
disease. Lou of smell or bearing also
result from catarrh. Hood's Sarsap&rilla,
the great blood purifier, is a peculiarly
successful remedy for this disease, which
it cures by purifying tbe blood. If yon
suffer from catarrh, try Hood's Sarsapa
rilla, the perfect medicine.
fore the legislature, which is Democratic by one
,1orlty. Every Republican member ha been
urged to let nothing prevent his beinfr on bund at
the orgfmi7atioa of the legislature, as the absence
of one or more Democrat wnuifl throw the con
trol of th orffanlKatinn. settlement of tbe (ruber
natortal contest and the election of United States
Senator into Republican hands.
Senator henna is Lam loolrintT after affairs.
Ex-Senator Davis, who for a while loomed up as
possible aod dangerous opponent to Ketioa, has
lost his prestige in consequence of the Impor
tance bis name lias received In the aliened move
ment on the part of Gen. Harrison to hrealE up
theRolld south, and his personal intimacy with
Gen. Harrison. 3 B Ellcios, Mr Blame, aid other
prominent Republican leaders.
Chance for Another Monkey and Parrot
Time In the Senate.
Indianapolis, Iec. The conference
Of Democratic senators and representatives-
elect of tbe general assetnblr, mch was to
nave been held hete yesterday, was declared
off for some inexplicable reason, and only
balf a doz-n senators appeared, they having
failed to receive notice of the postponement.
Those in the city yesterday admitted that a
plan for organising the senate has been
practically agreed upon, and that Robert
son's right to pres.de over the body will not
be recognised under any circumstances. The
plan agreed upon is to ignore Robertson
when be is introduced as the presiding offi
cer by the auditor of state by electing a
Democratic member as president pro tern.
The Democrats, being in a majority, their
oGcer will be able to organize the body with
out Republican rotes, and the Democratic
mucus nominees will be elected an J metalled.
Tbe question of occupying the pre
siding officer's chair will be one
for Robertson and the president
pro tem. to settle, and this may
resolve itself Into one of muscle Tbe Repub- I
ucans are very inuinant at wnnt rney term
the contempt ated- outrage, and it is not im
probable that a Republican senate may be
organized. As tbe governor will be a Re
publican he could refuse to recognize the
Democratic senate thus organized, and there
is talk of the auditor of state refusing to
honor warrants for the members' pay unless
signed by Robertson. The prospects for a
row are first class, as both parties are be
coming very much interested in the situa
Five Shins That Mailed and Have Not
Since Been Heard uf.
Philadelphia, Dec. SS. Tbe Norwegian
bark Alf, Capt. Kacb. with a ranw of four
teen men and a cargo of 1,00(1 tons of bag
sugar, sailed from Demerara '17, liound
for Philadelphia. Vessels that left thirty
days after her have arrived, but the Alf has
never been seen or beard from since, and all
hope for her ha- ben given up.
Mershon & o consignees of the Phila
delphia schooner Ennie E. Hall, Capt. Qneen,
which is now out forty days, bound to
Moorehead City, have given up all hope of
her i&yar arriving.
The British ship Astracana, Capt. Rich
ards, front Philadelphia for Havre, with a
cargo of oil, bas doubtless foundartd at sea,
as a number at eaks of her cargo have
washed ashore on the Isle o' Wight.'
Tbe American brig Karab and Emma,
Capt. Hash, from g ngston, Jamaica, for the
Delaware breakwater for order, is now out
sixty days, and grave fears are entertained
fur her safety. Bhe had on board a oafk-o of
logwood, and is manned by a crew of eight
men. This vessel u owned by bwan at Bona,
of New Xork.
Another Interminable Tariff Debate Prom-i-cd
in the Honte.
Washington City, Dec. 28. Tbe Demo
crats of the house are preparing themselves
fur another discussion of the tar'ff before
this congress expires The clerk to the ways
and mean committer, Mr. Talbott, bas been
set to work to et up information relating to
tbe senute bill, part of which is for tbe use of
tbe senators in attacking tbe bill between the
2d and tbe 2Ht of January, and part for use
in the house a little Inter on. Preparations
are Bctive for a determined fight upon the
bill in tbe senate within the limited time
fixed for debate. H me Democratic senators
are sanguine enough to think that they can
defeat the measure in tbe senate by a square
vote. This bope is not, however, very gen
erally entertained, and tbe Democrats in the
house expect certainly to debate the bill
there. No meeting or conference of tbe ways
and means committee has been held to con
sider the poi icy to be followed, except that
informally the Democrats have come to the
understanding that when the bill comes to
tbe house they will have, to discuss it.
Tbe Miaw-Plemiier Indictments,
Chicago. leo. &. The statement that in
dictments bad been returned by the grand
jury against the four persons implicated in
the stolen bonds case appears to have been
premature. Although indictments cliareiug
the parties with burglary and receiving
stolen property have been agreed upon, the
papers were not filled out in time to present
to the criminal court, which was in session
for only a few minutes. The court will re
ceive the grand jury report on Monday,
when the indictments against Shaw, Picss
nerr, Taylor, and Corbett will be handed in.
A Chtrago Doctor In a Bad I5ox.
Chicago, Dec. 2S. The grand jury yes
terday returned a true bill charging Dr.
John B. CbafT'e with murder. It is alleged
that he performed a criminal operation on
a white girl nam.xi Katie S.nith for the pur
pose of killing an unborn child, of wbtch
Edward Pryor, a negro, was the father.
Tbe girl died from the etTeets of tbe opera
tioo, and the doctor and Pryor were arrest
ed. Anotber indictment charging Pryoi
with murder was returned later in the day.
Two Stateamen Who Can't Sleep.
Washington Citt. Dc. 28. Senator Pad
dock, of Nebraska,
said yesterday that
Congressman Laird,
of that state, who
was reported as dying
several days ago, is
'h now on the fair road
V; to recovery. He is
r- oxpected here in a
(,t few days, and will
t y then proceed to the
springs near ouikuk..
Vx ile will be ac-
con&kkksman laird cotupauied from here
bv Congressman Cutcbeoti, of Michigan,
who is BtiftVriiig from the same complaint as
Mr. Laird insomnia.
A telegram from Eureka Springs, Ark.,
states that Congressman Laird, is much
wors3 and that tie will be taken home at
The Persian Minister's Miwdrtn.
Washington City, Dec. 8S -The Persian
minister said yesterday that his mission to
thin country is to oiwn up mutual trade be
tween Persia and the Un ted States. His
country, he says, produce articles we must
have, while we produce those things tbe
Persians want, and they would rather buy or
ua than of their rivals, especially aa both
countries now pay two or three prices for each
other's productions. He sees no reason why
a large trade should not tie carried on be
tween the two countries in American ships.
Persia's products are shawls, rugs, carpets,
silks, velvets, and woolens, such as are pro
duced nowhere else, tiesides precious stoues.
gold, and silver. One tnwel, the turqoise, is
found only hi Persia.
Land List Cancelled Owing to Fraud.
Washington City, Dac. 2H The secre
tary of the interior has informed tbe general
land commissioner that list No. 5, in district
of lands subject to sale at Linkville, now
Lake View, Ore., is cancelled. This list em'
braced some 9i,837 acres which bad been ap
proved in IbftJ to the state of Oregon as
swamp and overflowed lands, while the fact
is that at least one-third is not swamp, the
approval of the list having bean false and
fraudulent All rights attaching under tbe
law will be recognized.
Their Defeat Was Too Maeb for Them.
Washingtoh City, Dec 28 The fact that
Congressman Moffatt, of Pennsylvania, is
confined in a private asylum, tbe result of
overwork and excitement incident to the re
cent campaigns, has called attention to the
fact that ovwr a half dozen congressmen
who were defeated for either renomination
or re-election have so far this session not
appeared , in tbe boute. In several in
stances they are reported as suffering from
melancholia incident to their defeat, ,
A Dakota Town Itadly Scorched.
Aubi'RN, I) T, D-c 2S. Nearly the en
tire business portion of this town was de
stroyed by fire early yestrd.iy morning.
Among the places burned were William
MaKenrit;') hotel and store, M. MacKenzie's
furniture store, and hlf a dozen other hnsi-
ness places, together with four or five dwell
ings. Scarcity of water and nre apparatus
made tho buddings an easy prey to the
Anarrltlat Injunction Case.
Chicago. Derr. 28 At the conclusion of
tbe argument in the Anarchist injunction
still yesterday afternoon, the court an
na need that decision would be reserved until
a future date, which he would make known
at tbe proper tima Tbe cast? is one in which
the Anarchists seek to enjom tho police au
thorities from interfering with their meet-
Democratic Senators at Work.
Washington City, Dec 28. Senators
Vance and Voorbees, of the senate finance
committee, Wednesday gave a hearing at
the c-ipi'tii to a number of manufacturers
to asccr'.H. i their views on the senate tariff
bill "1 be bearing was held with closed
Hifch-Toned Divnrcn Suit.
Couth wus, O., Dec 28 The news that
Col. S. R Church, prominent iy connected
with the Panhandle railroad, had been sued
fe, Margaret J. Church,
spread hk wildfire yester.iay morning, and
is the talk of the city. Mrs. Church alleges
in her petition that her husband has been
guilty of adultery with Theresa Schirzing
er, a domestic at the family mansion on
Broad streeL Site also charges cruelty and
neglect to proviie. Col. Church has tiled a
cross ppti non denying the charges in toto,
and asking for the custody of the children,
a son an 1 daughter. They were married iu
I'-M. The friends of the colonel say that
there n ver was a purer-minded man, and
when tho case comes to trial be will com
pletely exonerate himself. CoL Church is a
Protestant, while bis wife is a Roman Cath
olic Panlio Was Not Burglar.
Chicago. D.c. Psiilippn Piulio, the
alleged burglar who was so hidly burned
by the explosion at 2SU State street, died at
the hospital yest-cr-iny morning. Before be
died he made a 6 La lament to the effect that
he was on a spree the dny lieiore the fire,
and after visiting a number of saloons, in
compmy with a disreputable woman, re
membered nothing until the en plosion.
Other witnesses testified that ho was an hon
est man. Prank Lupe, the owner f the
store, was arrested yeslerdiy on a charge of
arson, and his lond fixed at ffi.iJOt), which
he could not furniih, and went to jail. He
bears a bad reputation. His story was con
flicting, and tne police say thpy have a
strong circumstantial case against him.
That Tim .lattice of the Pence.
Austin, Tex., Dec. 28 Sheriff White, who
refused to jail Gen. Stanley, U. S. A., on
the commitment made out by Justice Stu
art in the Arsenal block case, bas been ar
rested and brought before tbe justice, who
fined bim t-V for contempt of court. At
last accounts White was in charge of a dep
uty constabla Some of the ablest lawyers
in the city said Oen. Stanley had the right
and authority to eject Squatter Snyder from
the premises, but Snyder still hoKls the
An Artistic Job of Thievery.
Jkffersonviuj, Ind., Dec. 2b Mr. Sam
uel Hedge, a stock denier, living on Spring
street, W'.s robbed cf Su Wednesday night
by burglars. Mr. Hedge, upon retiring,
placed the money, which was all in bills,
under his left arm, inside bis night shirt.
When he awoke yesterday morning bis
money was gone, xiis shirt bad twen cut
with a sharp instrument and the wallet re
moved without disturbing either bis wife or
Nn Hetlons Trouble at timar, (-. Bat
Creat Show of f.nn.
Lamar, Mi&, Dec. The reports of
race trouble in this village have lieen grossly
exaggerated. There bas lieen considerable
excitement here, but ttarring one knock
down, no one has been injured. Thursday
drunken negro insulted a white man and
was promptly knocked down and severely
punished. Other negroes in the town be
came demonstrative, and several whites
becoming alarmed, telegraphed to Memphis
for Winchester rifles. The report that trouble
was expected here was circulated in neigb
boring towns, and white men bean flocking
into Lamar, until the little village look!
like an armed camp. If tbe negroes medi
tated an attack on the whites the show of
force awed them, and they made no demon
stration. There was great excitement here
all Thursday, but things have now quieted
down, and the armed men are leaving town
Ly every tram.
Concluded to Pool Their Issues.
Chicago, Dec, 28. The forty-three suits
instituted in the superior court of Cook
county three months ago against the indi
viduals composing tbe firm of Ho wed, Jew-
ett & Co., of Atchison, Kan., and others, by
E. L. Roberts and other creditors of the
defunct Chicago Lumber company, of Kan
sas, were rt is mi rseil yesterday at tbe plaint
iffs costs. A careful investigation led tbe
plaintiffs to the conclusion that the
suits werj brought under a misap
prehension of the facts, and to the
belief that their several interests are tdenti
eal with those of Howell, Jewett & Co. as
creditors, and can beat be subserved ty hni
monious action in euforcing tunir demands
against tbe lumber company.
Subscribe for the piily A.rgus.
Tamlerbilt Hallway dividends.
New York, Dac. 2K The Lake Shore di
rectors yesterday declared a dividend of 3
per cent, of which 2 per cent is the regular
semi-annual dividend and 1 per cent is an
extra dividend. Heretofore it has paid only
2 per cent A resolution was passed by the
ew ioru Central directors declaring that
it would le the policy of the company to re
turn to a 5 per cent, basis during tbe coming
year. The New York Central directors de
clared a quarterly dividend of 1 per cent ;
tbe Michigan Central a semi-annual dividend
of 2 per cent and the Canada Southern a
semi -annual dividend of IJtf.
The Omni present "Jack the Ripper.
London, Dec 28 Brussels has been
throw n iulo a ferment of excitement by the
reception by prominent people of cards and
telegrams announcing tbe advent in the
quaint old city of the faraoui "Jack the Rip
per.'' of Whil.ecbapel notoriety. King Leo
pold, the prefect of police and tbe court min
isters are among tbe recipients of luis mys
terious being's delicate attention
The IntiUiI Corpse at Philadelphia
says fhat tltc name of the nnn whoe oo3'f
was found in the water pipe at Philadelphia
is U-ury 11- tz-dl, and that up to a few
weeks ao h tunr-ted with Mrs. Bertha
Koobter, of No. 11 .r nd ftreM, Hoboken.
Tbe description of tne l"ly arrt-s in every
particutar with thit cf He'zi.
Tbe WcillM'r We lay Kxpe1!.
Washington City. I11" 3? The following are
the cai . ijt-r imlu ji1 i-mi' f-v thirtr-iT h-mrs from
H p. in, t-si-! : i'.tr lu.iiana ami lilmnis Fair
weather: continued low temperature; westerly
wiinls. bcc'tnine variable. For Lowr Michigan
Fair went her. pnviieii by hcht s. won the
laks; c--ti ; nine 1 low ten peraturr : eterly
winds. 1 ur Coper Mi.-hiean and Wisconsiu
Fair weather ;cini; limed low temperature. followed
in Wisconsin by shplitU warmer weather: winds
beconmn: -iiilnvesterly. For Iowa-Fair weath
er; ror'l-ttiiii-d l.'w temperature; winds becoming
CaiCAOo. IVc. IT.
On the twiHid of trad- todiy quotation were
as follows: Whe.it No S Iiecetnber. opened
&'l4c, lo"il !"l4C, January, pened iCto,
ckmed i'J'v-V Mas. ijwtied J? 01. dosed $: llS.
Cora N.' ' .lntiu:iry oeiied :!4U- etiwjed 34e;
February, opt-cn-ii M's eloped 'JJ3t.c: May, ojned
37c, ciosetl :-:-:ie. tmtj No. 2 January, opened
SSc. cIomhI ,c, Vy, opened SHc, closed ZtAc.
Pork -.b ii iiui v. ojiened 1, close, 1 Jia.Wi;
February, ojwneti J ri 10. clo-ed $i3uT; May.
oteued clussi i:l3T!4. Iard-January,
opened and cl.vtd S?
Prices at the Vino i Stock yards: Hoijs
Market oj-ened moli-rntely active hut prices
weak and f (i I'h-Inwer: llcht eiades. jJ tf.-J6;
rough i.icKntff. S- 9:,h 0."; miveJ l"ts. $.'i.00(
fi ; heay pHekitiff aid shipping lots, J."'.I0.i
5.11 omle A-king higher; il'-s steady;
beeves. $:l mi -r. V.; cows, $i ri..( M; stockers
and f.-e-iers. JltJO. Sheep-Heavy; ,r
hwer: nain.s, SlO'MjlW; wclerus,
4 11: lambs. 4 )V,:
PrtKiucn Ifcitier Fanev Flcm creamery. 30 &
S2c Hr Hi; fancy Hairy. ITtfV-'lc; jwekin stock,
irJk- F.i;tr Strict I v fresh, avilc: per
di7 Pi will ry -l.ive ctiieketis, UsV per lb;
rooster 5 -i UK--, turkevn, lie; ducks. S-titte;
Reese. m)).; km per do.. Hutaines h isu,
4Hc m tut: swet (.itaties. Jl '.My r bUI.
Apples fltoi. e Michigan, $1 S.') Xi (ei bbl.
New York.
KW York. Tec. 2?.
Wheat Vnseti!e1; No 1 n-d Mate, Sl.oT;
No. i do, fltil; No re-.i wi"ir Jutinary,
9r; do IVoruary. 1.ei-4: do ViH-ch. $1
Com Vnit ; No ? rm'xett casJi, 17V. do l.e
ceml)cr, 4fi'4c. do Jaimary. 46c. Oats -Steady;
No. 1 wlnle stale, No. 2 do, rVc; No. 2
mixed Heeemlier. 3iBc; do .lannarv. W:. Rye
lull Bai iey Noiimial P'rk I'uil. uies (U Xi
.14 T. l-nd Vu"1'. fet-eni ber, fv Janu-
aiy. n. i?
Livestock CsttleN trodiuz; dressed beef.
dull; n -Hive Klts. GdiSc r lb. Sheep and
Lsmbs Slow, hut steady; common to very good
sheep, S'l '"' per lifci lbs; ordinarr to f Kd
lam -s. i-ot ihis Noauually casiT, $."&i
Oau New 9Kt
Hay T'plsud prairie. 46H.
tuy nraoui) new 9ti$.uu.
llav Wild, J5"WSiSti tJ.
Rve- SlV-
Corn-New. aSOWc.
Potatoes 25au5c.
Turnips lSe.
(xwi son no : nua w -
fiord Wood Oak, $4.25: Hickory, f.v
Straw- 6": baled SC.00.
An immense IIn ofarli'-les tnita'''
Please give ui u chII.
2-21 and 2-':J' WV-st Third k-
-nl ai d llave;iB Ar-n
Ayw") vis. ilW dealt V.IM
ff - TV V ship ro tier. wi!
Llslil !iw:.i- liar:
1 liYTliiSi; far2 AAKnT
zr"rf An one :li a can s-nte c:jz tmi-r a
P to l?-i Iu wane middi nun to
ordr fcrthfTn Wefive no t-nslit.acd
h,t- tt ViZ II K ftMA .
Pluforai. nnthinniion. 4 prtna
V. M T i. n-.niL' u otbrv mil M -a a.
Vie main a fnH liiw of
r.atfnm Wf-B. S55
Our Two Million Dollar Wamhlp.
Warhikototv Citt, Dec The plans
for the contemplated new coast defense ves
sel are now ready and awaiting at tbe navy
department the ftfrpeetiou ot prospective
bidders for tbe contract. This vessel will
cost the government about t 'J, 000, 000, of
which $1,700,000 will be paid to the contract
ors, the balance being expended by the gov
ernment itself is preparing tbe armor of the
The members of fanetioua jury at
LiivinBton, M. 1 ., were each fined So by
the judge for re turn ice a verdict that
"This jury do hereby agree to disagree. "
Beethoven was lately dug up io Vieu
na; then Schubert. Now the municipal
councilors propose to move Gluck.
On the 14th dy of Jannsrynert, comtncnclnf? t
the hour of twno'c'o'-li in the afternoon, tbe tin
dertijned. sselutieeof William Kamfkill. will offer
for t.le at No KiM Second avenue In th'f cltv, to
the hiirtiest bidder for csh in btd, the entire
tnrlc nf rhithen nd ptrntK'' farntshiiiZ eoode
which were acsifrned to me bv snid Kainkdl on
the 17ih Id!., to piy debts. The goods to be so d
can be inspected by snr psrty lnter-ted st tite
place named suy day, tiunday exceptel. before
tbe sale between tbe bears of two ani four o'clock
' Bock Inland, HI.. Dec SOth. 1W.
Real Estate-
Insurance Agent
ReprwntB. amoTijr other time-tried tod well
tiowa Fire IneuriuiceCompuiiee, Ihe (ollowtDf;:
Royal Insurance Company, of Entrland
Wescberter Fire lna. Co.. or H. i .
Bnffalo German lna Co., Bnffilo. N. Y,
Rocheiter German lna. Co. Roch'rN.Y
German Fire lna. Co., of Peoria, III.
Citizens In". Co , of Pittabnreb, Pt.
Exchange Fire lna. Co., of New York.
Office No. 1608 Second Ave.,
AifV ."b!p?.att, Secretin,!
Made Without Rubber.
Thf lsit1rrtypiTeobylcK.O PlatOd BrafiS Springs' thewe'U
known baidcl Ventilated OarUr fof il!es. wtikn u .vri pgi.h uu versa! s-tia
faction, t-bould be far by a i fir. KU'S dt-ler in notion aod O CI Ofe
t urawhlBfis. Sample pair aeni by regiU'red mail on rcceip of O J W I o.
Mannracturcd Ey
i. Armstrong Mfg Co. Bridgeport, Ct.
ONLY S2.50
f r a fine laree Portrit with frame, suitable for a HoliJ.iy Preant, made
CII and examine our work and jude for yourself. Secure a siltiuu early and
av.il yotiraelf of tliia oppoitunity.
IIAKEUER, Proprietor and Artist.
No. 1722, Second ave., Gay ford's old studio, over McCabe's.
Bread, Cakes, Pies and Pastry,
1109 Third Ave., liock Island,
HTOood, delivered to any part or Die dtj ft t of charge.
I. W. PETERSEN, 213 wt 2nd -SSsi
vakbt ana wall jtapip '"' T-
7 ;f

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