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Daily Argu
' -
v i4. XX XVII. NO- 64.
m m -VJW Wk
Possesses many Important AilvuMiigtts over all
other prepared Foods.
Mnkes Plump, Laughing, Healthy Babies.
Regulator the Stomach and bowel.
Sold by DrUL'Klxta. X.'ic., Sdc, 1.0I.
WELLS. RICHflBDSnH i CO., t'jfiUNarON, VT.
Baby Portraits.
A rortidlto of Lonuliiul baby portraits, pilntfd
on tliie plate i-apor by nteiit photo procu, writ
fnf lo .Mother of any Iluby born wlthiu u vnir.
Kverv M illu-r wa-.iu these jiletnies; teii'l a: ouee.
(five lluliy'a iiume and line
WtLLS, RICHARDSON tt CO., P opi., BLrlingtcn, Vt.
Davis Block,
Moiinp, Illinois.
Telephone kti&i.
x 9 c
Vl it
he Moline W
Manufacturers oi FARM, SPRING and FREIGHT WAGONS
A fall anil rnmplrtr line r,f I'l.AT Kol.'M .! nihir Sj riri; Warm, e- rrialiv ad pled to tba
WcsH-fu ir id I i'n t 1 rl. einii- hip ::ml f n r-ti I .!' ntr.! I'r'r l,it free on
ri; I... ,. i .; Al 1 i-f ji r. if.
Tile Hearths.
Tile Facings,
In great variety at
Cor. Twentieth Street and Third Ave., Rock Island.
No. 1808 Second Ave.,
rock island.
West Side Market Square, - ROCK ISLAND, ILLS.
Das the largcs Dinine, Room in tiV trinities seating capacity 250 persons.
25 cents buys P0(l wholesome meal
25 cents pays for a n lodging in clean beds.
City Boarder4 at reasonable rates.
P. 8. All must come rober. C. D. GOK HON. Proprietor.
PlumMnt Steam and Gas Fittini
Kn wles' Steam Pumps, Inspirators and Ejectors.
rVrotiKht, Ct and Lead Pipe, Pipe Fitting and Brass Goods of erery icscrlptios,
Rubber How and Packing of all k inds, Drain Tile and Sewer Pip.
Office and Shop No. 217 Eighteenth St.. ROCK ISLAND. ILL
(Successor to Guthrie Co'llns.)
Contractor and Builder,
PTPlan, and estimates furnished. A apcctaHy mde of line work All order attendid to
piomptlT and satisfaction guar tnteed. . .
Office and Shop No. 1818Third Avenue-
It's Easy to Dye
U'UITBIIWI tr Ulorf mnrUlhnti flnvnthn.
dyes ever limde, and to Rive more brllliHht and
(Hiroi.le colors. Ask lor the Diamond, and take
no other. 3b colors; locenta each.
WELLS. RICHAnOSON & CO.. Burlington. Vt.
Ki r Gilding or Bronzing Fancy Articles, USE
Cu!J. wilv.v .'.1 jni2. Copper. Only 10 Centa
Steam Fitters.
A complete stock of
Pipe, Brass Goods, Packing,
Ilose, Fire Brick. Etc.
1 Sole A cent? for
We guarantee eery pno perfect, an'l will sond Cape,
Twenty day's trial, to rvepouible parties.
Safety Heating Boilers, and Contrac
tors for furnishing and laying
Water, Gas and Sewer Pipe.
1712 First Avr.,
Its'ck la'-aiul, Illinois.
Telephone lUd. Heaidcuoc Tclephoue 100.
agon Co.,
'.Ilk1 .TC?
A Lion Tlmt Carried Off a Cow Weighing
500 Pound. Traps In Which the rteiuta
Are Taken Alive Saved by Imitating;
the Hark ol a IR.
We were oa camped in a grove on the
bank of a cre;k, our party numiiering over
tbirty peopla We bad horses, oxen, wagons
and dogs, and were spread out over two acres
of ground. It. was in the lion country, and
they might be expected to approach at night,
but on the second afternoon of our camp,
whilo all were engaged in cleaning up and
making rena;rs, an alarm was suddenly
raised. I aupaosud that some of the animals
had stampede 1, and ran around the wagon
to get a cloar view of the space between us
and the creek This creek was 200 feet away,
and was so i early dry that one could step
across it. The bank on the other side was
rocky ground, pretty thickly covered with
scrub, and right on tho brink stood one of
the largest li-ns I ever saw. He was out in
full view, he: d and tiil up, and stood so still
for a moment that I doubted if he was alive.
There was m 1 ght breeze blowing toward
us, and as s.n ns our animnls got the scent
it required tl e efforts or every native to pre
rent them fi-oin breaking away. My guns
were being cleaned and oiled, and my two
white compa lions wero looking after their
horses. No one hr.d the least idea that the
lion meant nisehief, and we were presently
dumfounded to see him spring across the
creek and cmie walking into camp. We
measured his leap and found it to be twenty
eight feet. .Ie neole it without an effort. I
was to tho riht of him, and the center of the
camp was hi t objective point. Tho lion ad
vanced at a -valk, uttering no sound, and the
shouts, sere ims" and whoops of the men,
backed by tl e le!lowiiig of tuseattle and the
snorts of th horses, had no effect on him.
We had a new milch cow tied to the wheel
of one of thi wagons, ami tho lion advanced
to within th rty feet of her, nnd then mado a
spring which landed him fairly upon her
back. Sho fell in a heap, and he seized her
by tho neck, gave her two or three shakes,
which broke the grass ropo around her head,
aud he then got his right shoulder under her
and started off. The cow weighed at least
500 pounds, but he carried her with perfect
ease, her hind feet dragging on the ground.
At the creel: he made u jump of eleven feet,
ascended a t loping bank without a halt, and
soon disappeared in the broken ground with
his prey. He was gone before we bad a gun
ready. Indeed, we wero lucky not to have
lost half ou animals. I was no greenhorn
in the animal business at that date, but this
was the first time I had ever witnessed such
cheek in a lion. Had 1 been told that he had
such couraje and coolness I should have
laughed th.- statement to scorn.
As soon as order had been restored the
three of us mounted our horsesnnd, preceded
by five or six natives and their dogs, crossed
the creek aid took up the trail. After going
about half t mile we discovered tho lion sit
ting beside the carcass in a little hollow. He
was sitting up like a dog, head turned to
ward us, but as soon as he saw us divide he
ran off v.ith his tail down, evidently
thoroughly alarmed, and such was his speed
that we soon lost him. We could count on
his returning to the body during the night,
and the natives were therefore set to work
to dig a pit and conceal it. They regarded
the lion as being as cunning as he was wise,
and the pit was not dug near the body, but
thirty feet away from it and in the direction
iu which it. was believed he would drag the
If a lion or tiger leave a body during the
day and rt turns to it at night the first act is
to drag it some distance, as if fearing an am
buscade. While the rule is not invariable, it
holds good iu most cases. During tho night
a dozen lions scented around our camp, but
without causing nny alarm, nnd soon nfter
daylight tiio natives went out. to investigate
tho trap. No hunter ever had such a wind
fall before or since. As night came several
lions must have scented the carcaft, and
gathered Tor a feast. The rightful owner ob
jected, of course, and there was a fight, the
result of which was that three full grown
males tumbled into our pit. This fact did
not prevent others from picking the carcass
clean. O:io of tho captives was the cheeky
old fellow who bad entered our camp, and
the other two wero fully ns largo. In the
course of tho forenoon wo had them out and
in the rages, and two of them are in the
United States today in zoological gardens.
There ore plenty. of instances where men
have lieer seized by lions and lived to relate
the partii ulars, though no two agreo as to
sensations. A week subsequent to our cap
ture of the throe lions I had been out with
some of t le natives to prepare a bait in a
rocky ratine. We had built a stout pen of
rocks and logs and placed a calf as a bait.
The sun v.-as nearly down as we started for
camp, an I no one had the least suspicion of
the presence of danger until a lion, which
bad been crouching tieside a bush, sprang out
and knocied me down. In springing upon
his prey the lion or the tiger strikes as he
seizes. 7 his blow of the paw, if it falls on
the right siiot, disables tho victim at once.
I was so near this fellow that be simply
reared up, seized me by the shoulder and
pulled mi down, and I was flat on the earth
before I realized what had happened. I was
on my buck, and be stood with both paws on
my middle, facing the natives and growling
savagely. The men ran off about 300 feet
and then halted, which was doubtless the
reason w hy I was not carried off at onco. I
can say without conceit that I was fairly
cooL It had come so suddenly that I had not
had titnit to get rattled. I had lieen told by
an old Boer hunter, if I ever found myself in
this fix, to appeal to tho lion's fears. ' Had I
mrtved riy arm to get my pistol, the beast
would h ve lowered his head and seized my
throat. So long as I lay quiet lie would
reason '.hat I was dead, and give his atten
tion to t he natives.
All of a sudden I barked out like a dog,
followed by a growl, and that beast jumped
twenty feet in his surprise. Ho camo down
between mo ami the natives, and I turned
enough to seo that his tail was down and
that he was scared. I uttered further barks
and growls, but without moving a band, and,
after m iking a circle clear around me, the
lion su ldenly bolted and went off with a
scare vhich would list him a week. If you
had picked up a stick and discovered it to be
a snako you would do just ns tho lion did.
He supposed he had pulled clown a man.
The man turned into a dog. It appealed to
his fears.
After the lion had gouo I grew so weak
that I had to be carried to camp. He had
inflict 1 a pretty bad bite on my shoulder,
and it was a fortnight before 1 could bold my
gun for an offhand shot. I had the presence
of a fourth captive during this time to con
sole mc, however. Ho animal went near the
calf on the first or the second night, but on
the third we captured a fine half grown
male, And got him cazed without trouble.
Curiously enough, he had offered the calf no
violent e, being overcome by the situation,
and when we found him tho two seemed on
the bettof terms. Cor. New York Hun.
Abiaraiy Stapid
To ull iw prejudice or ignorance to get
the belter of good judgement. It has been
conclusively proven that constipation
bad breatb, dyspepsia, kidney affections,
and all diseases of the livar. stomach and
bowel) bave bean cored by simply taking
Simm ma Liver Regulator. It is barm'
less, r ot unpleasant, and easily procured,
ao there is no reason to be ignorant of
this remedy we especially commend to
your notice for trial.
Before arithmetic was invented people
multl plied on me iace oi me eann.
Account f a Strange Thing Seen on tho
Tenueaaee River.
Af a small party of ladies and gentlemen
were returning home from attending a social
near this locality, they witnessed a very
strange spectacle. Ou arriving at the Ten
nessee river, and just before crossing, there
was heard a loud scream, accompanied by a
splash, as if some heavy object had been
thrown into the water. Each one of the
party noticed the strange occurrence and
watched carefully.
In a few moments more a mysterious skiff
was observed to put out from the shore, con
taining four persons, a woman and three
men. One of the strangers proved to be a
silent oarsman, and, though the oars we're
seen to dip regularly, yet not a single sound
could be detected es coming from them.
But the figure of a lady sitting upright in
tho bow of the boat and dressed like a bride
was quite conspicuous. One of the party
appeared to hold a lantern, which shone
dimly. All of a sudden the rays of a mag
nificent light, considerably brighter than the
moonlight and very similar in intensity to
that produced by electric currents, appeared
and shot its rays directly around the skiff so
that tho water and objects became remark
ably distinct
To the spectators the lady's face was dis
covered to bo of tho Grecian type and very
pretty ,and her hair was wreathed with orange
blossoms. The trousseau w.-i3 so extremely
eiegant that this modem Cleopatra seemed
almost entirely enveloped in a lovely soft
haze On this little vessel floated silently,
lio a pilgrim bark, until the spectators began
to quito lielicvo it could be none other than
a reality. Never did a boat glide more
smoothly, and the siglitseersdeclare that they
heard tho lieautiful tones of a well known
inspiring song coming from the occupants of
the skiff.
Tho ladies and their companions on shore
watched the little craft most eagerly, expect
iug that they would soon have an oppo'rtu
tuuity to solve the wonderful spiritual enigma
that has long lieon a great puzzle to many
individuals in this vicinity. But they were
doomed to disappointment, as just before the
spiritual skiff and passengers hud reached a
position opposite to where they stood on the
ban'i the light, lioat and all of its occupants
vanished in a twinkling, and, though the
party of lad:cs and gentlemen made diligent
search, yet not another trace of the fairy skiff
and its occtiiauts was visible.
This is not the first time that thij wonder
ful boat nnd its human cargo have lieen seen
on their voyage down the Tennessee. An old
fisherman, who lives further up tho liver,
declares that he has many a time witnessed
the same phantoms stealthily gliding over the
surface of the water, anil on one occasion he
was accosted from the boat hy a sweet voice,
which spoke in an unknown tongue, and ap
parently beckoned for assistance.
There are many theories advanced regard
ing these strnngo sights. Some of the oldest
settlers coutend that the occupants of the
skiff represent Indians, and that the bride,
while on the way to meet her intended hus
band, a chief, was drowned, as well as the
balance of tho jiarty. In revenge tho chief
cursed the river for its treachery and bid its
waters to never again do an injury to the
red man, aud from that day to this not an
other Indian was ever known to die in its
Another story is that during tho early
pioneer days of Kentucky a prominent Ken
tuckian became greatly enamored of a cer
tain beautiful young lady, and tho placo aud
time were arranged for their marriage nup
tials. Her parents, however, objected, aud
did everything in their power to prevent the
wedding. But the lover sent three young
men to bring his bride, aud the young lady
stole from home by night and was being
taken down the river in a boat to meet her
affianced, when suddenly tho craft capsized
and all were drowned. The lover, greatly
aggrieved over his loss, immediately left that
section of the country and was never after
ward heard of.
To see this strange phantom is regarded as
an ill omen, and thoro are many persons who
cannot bo induced to go uear this river after
night for fear that they may unwillingly be
compelled to w itness tho bridal boat specter.
London (Tenn.) Cor. St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
Need of Onr "Society."
Not long since 1 went one afternoon to St.
Denis, which, as everybody knows, is a god
forsaken suburb of historic interest. It was
a bright, lieautiful afternoon, but the narrow
stn-et was dark and dirty, and especially de
pressing after our visit to tho tombs under
the famous church which is the last resting
place of the kings of Franco. Drawn up by
the gutter stood a huge dray filled with sacks
of charcoal, and a young, brawny man, hav
ing npiarently deposited some of his load,
was about to start up the horse as I reached
him. Ouo of those brindle bull pups that
provail in Paris was prancing on the side
walk in a mild state of Joy at seeing the mas
ter preparing to depart after having made a
long visit in the neighboring wine shop.
Expectation, excitement, anxiety, in fact
every canine emotion, animated that pup's
ugly little mug, and I was just thinking how
tho lowest of mankind is capable of inspiring
love in a dog's heart, and what faithfulness
wagged that stumpy tail, when the human
brute wantonly kicked him with such force
as to bowl him clotn across the sidewalk.
Then, having shown this amiable recogni
tion of the dog's eager welcome, the man
t-eized him by tho scuff of the neck aud tossed
him into the cart.
For a moment I not only longed for our
efficent society, but for a cowhide to apply
where it would do the most good. All sorts
and conditions of meu are known to mal
treat creatures weaker than themselves, but
I never witnessed a more gratuitous display
of cruelty to an animal than this, and it
fairly darkcued the whole day. I shall never
think of St. Denis and Marie Antoinette's
coffin without seeing that pathetic brindle
pup half killed simply because he had the
bad taste to love a savage master! There
are so many Americans living iu Paris it is
surprising no movement is made to introduce
our efficient system of prevention of cruelty
nnd so inspire the French society to bo not
merely an organization in name. The field
for work is, indeed, wide, but I am sure a
great deal more could be doue if some of our
influential people at home would agitate the
mutter. Though the task seems almost hope
less in a population as numerous as this, yet
ouee mato the laws sufficiently stringent aud
the Fcench government will be an able coad
jutor. For laws are not broken here with
impunity. Cor. Boston Herald.
First in the Blackfoot U ilia.
A party of prosj)ectors, headed by McDon
ald, the half breed, who induced the Flat
head Iudians to divulge a long kept secret as
to the location of some remarkably rich
mines in the Blackfoot country, while clam
bering over the deep mountain sides were
horrified to dud the skeletons of two white
men. One bad a bullet bole throuch his
forehead, and both bad evidently been killed
by hostile Indians. Beside the skeletons lay
a small pile of quarts. It is supposed they
were the first prospectors and pioneers of the
Blackfoot II ills, and for years had lain on
the hills
In the pursuit of the gooa things of
'his world we anticipate too much; we
eat out toe beart and sweetness of world
ly pleasures by delightful forethought of
them. The results obtained from the use
of Dr. Jones' Red Clover Tonic far exceed
all claims. It cures dyspepsia, and all
stomach, liver, kidney and bladder
troubles. It is a perfect tonic, appetizer,
blood purifier, a sure cure for ague and
malarial diseases. Price, 60 centa, of
Thomas Wilkinson, of Vernon, N. T.,
has a beard five feet long, which he wears
tucked under his vest.
Its Use for Kidneys.
JE8CP. Ga., May 26. 1887.
I have been suffering from kidney dis
ease for a month past, and the pain in my
back was very severe. My occupation
requires a good deal of writing at night
and I suffered all the time. I saw one
man who said be was cured by using
Botanic Blood Balm (B. B. B.) and I
commenced using it, and the pain is a
great deal less. I bave only used two
bottles and believe it will effect a cure by
the use of a few more bottles.
Yours respectfully, J. E Coleman.
The Blood Balm Co., Atlanta, Ga.:
My Dear Sir: I have for some time
past used B. B. B. as purifier of the
blood and to build up the system gener
ally, and consider it without exception
the finest remedy of the kiud in the mar -ket.
Yours with best wisher,
Arthur G. Lewi,
Editor (SottAern Society.
Judg Hornblower, of San Francisco,
has got tired of sentencing wife beaters
to imprisonment while their families
starve. He wants a whipping post.
ADY1CK lo &THita
Are you disturbed at night and broiicn
of your rest by a sick child Buffering and
crying with pain of cutting teeth? If so,
send at once and get a bottle of Mrs.
Winslow's Soothing Syrup for children
teething. Its value is incalculable.
It will relieve the poor little sufferer im
mediately. Depend upon it mother's,
there is do mistake about it. It cures
dysentery, diarrhoea, regulates the stom
ach and bowels, cures wind colic, soft
ens the gums, reduces inflammation, and
gives tone and energy to the whole sys
tem. Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup
for Children Teething is pleasant, to the
taste, and is the prescription of out ol
the oldest and best female nurses and phy
sicians in the United States, and is foi
sale by all druggistf throughout li.c
world. Price 25 cents per bottle.
'ITeadquarlers for bathing suits,'" Buys
an advertisement. We always supposed
bathing suits wete intended fur other
Doctors' Bills.
Nearly all diseases originate from in
action of the liver, and this is especially
the case with chills and fever, intermit
tent fevers and malarial diseases To
save doctors' bills and ward disease, take
Simmons' Liver regulator, a medicine
that increases in popularity each year,
and hns become the most popular and
best endorsed medicine in the market for
the cure of liver or bowel diseases.
Telegraph, Dtibuaue. Iowa.
The 8lampp(i, ornamental leather so
popular for artistic bookbinding Is de
rived from old boots and shoes, steamed
to a pulp.
I have not used all of one bottle yet. I
suffered from catarrh for twelve yeare,
experiencing the nauseating dropping in
the throat peculiar to tbttt disease, and
nose bleed almost daily. I tried various
remedies without benefit until last April,
when I saw Ely's Cream Balm advertised
in the Boston Budget. I procured a bot
tle, and since the first day's use have had
no more bleeding the soreness is entire
ly gone. D. G. Davidson, with tJ'-e Bos
ton Budget, formerly with the Boston
A Chinese dealer in Fresno was sent to
jail for eight days for plucking a live
The BanCicmt Lad; in Rock Island.
Remarked to n friend the other day that
she knew Kemp's Balsam for the throat
and lungs was a superior remedy, as it
stopped her cough instantly when other
cough remedies nad o effect whatever.
So lo prove this and convince you of its
merit, any druegist will give you a sample
bottle free. Large size 5()c and $ 1.
The members of a facetious jury at
Livingston, M. T., were each fined $5 by
the judge fot returning a verdict that
"This jury do hereby agree to disagree."
The average lengtn oi life is on the in
crease. The science of medicine has made
great progress; many diseases are now
controlled that were formerly thought in
curable The greatest discovery is Dr.
Bigelow's Cure which cures consump
tion in stages that other remedies are of
no benefit. Coughs, colds, croup, whoop
ing cough, bronchitis, and all throat and
lung diseases speedily and safely. Price
50 cents and tl. of druggists.
False friends are like our shadow,
keeping close to us while walking in the
sunshine, but leaving us the instant we
cross into the shadow.
The hest on earth can truly be said of
Gngg's Glycerine Salve, which is a sure,
safe and speedy cure for cuts, bruises,
scalds, burns wounds and all other sores
Will positively cure piles, tetter and ail
skin eruption. Try this wonder healer.
Satisfaction guaranteed or money refund
d. Only 25 cents. Sold bv druggists'
About forty petrified bodies were re
cently recovered from the Miike coal
mine in Japan. They were those of
workmen buried alive in the mines sevs
eral yearB ago.
Be Sure
If you have made up your mind to buy
Hood's Sarsaparilla do not be induced to take
any other. Hood'a Sarsaparilla Is a peculiar
medicine, possessing, by virtue of Its peculiar
combination, proportion, and preparation,
curative power snjierior to any other article.
A Boston lady who knew what she wanted,
and whose example is worthy Imitation, tells
her experience below:
To Get
- " In one store where I went to buy Hood's
- Sarsaparilla the clerk tried to induce me buy
their own Instead of Hood's; he told me their's
would last longer; that I might take it on ten
days' trial; that if I did not like it I need not
pay anything, etc. But lie could not prevail
on me to change. I told hiin I knew what
Hood's Sarsaparilla was. I had taken It, was
satisfied with it, and did not want any other.
When I began taking Hood's Sarsaparilla
I was feeling real miserable, suffering
a great deal with dyspepsia, and so weak
that at times I could hardly stand. I looked,
and had for some time, like a person In con
sumption. Hood's 8arsapariHa did me so
much good that I wonder at myself sometimes,
and my friends frequently speak of it." Mrs.
Ella A. Gofp, 61 Terrace Street, Boston.
Sold by an drnggirta. f 1 ; six f or fS. Prepared only
bj C. L HOOD CO., Apothecaries, Lowell, Has.
100 Doses One Dollar
It la z. well-known fact that Pond's
Extract is used and recommended by more
distinguished people than any preparation or
remedy extant.
It is used iu the honscho'd of the President
as weil as that of the humblest citizen; br
members of the army and the navy. t'io Ear
and the Bench, the pul;iit and the pre9 all
ranks aud classes of peo;l.!. To further
illustrate this fact we a2pe;:d a few of tho
more rerpm letters from Governors of dif
ferent Stales:
The Governor of Now Hampshire.
Gbstlkjikx: 1 have used Tosn's Extract
In my family for several years, and have
found it a nut desirable and valuable
remedy. Yours truiy, Moooir C'cukikr.
Dec. 3, 'ti7.
The Governor ot Peuiisjl vnnia.
Gents: Ton-d's Extract has been a
valued reliance in our family for several
years, eecially In rclicviug the ache,
sprains and bruises iucideut to cbilureu.
Very truly vours,
Nov. ao, '87. James A. Bkaveu.
Tke Governor of New Jersey.
Beau Pip.: I have for ma:iy years used
Posn's Extract, and have uVrivi-d ereat
benetit and reiief lliereirjm. V-mrs truly,
Dec. o, 't7. It. S. UlUiii.N.
The Lt. -Governor of Iliinoix.
Get!.t:mf!: Posn's Extract has Ion"
had a piaie in the medicine chest of my fam
ily. I assure yon that we have found it a
ready and valuable S!etit to relieve pain in
many case", and that very promptly. We
cauuot weil keep house without it.
I am, truly yours.
Oct. 10, '87. - J. C. Smith,
Pond's Extract is invaluable for all
kinds of l'aiu, ludarumauon aud Hemor
rhages. Excellence inrftet mitnttnn. Bwm of
wortUeet imitation of Pond's Extract.
Headache, Toothache, Earache.
Catarrh, Croup, Frost Giles.
Sore Nippies, Caked .Breasts, Lame Back,
R K E U SYS AT 8 S fV3
Sprains, Bruises, Cu!:, Burns, Old Sores, &c.
Sold by Drtijgista. SCc. -and $1.00.
Best in the World. Try Them. 25c.
Sure Cures!!-
ESTABLISHED 1851 I 180 So.
Chicago, i:is. (Clark St.
The Regular Oid-EstaWIskei
h sttM Treating with the Greatest
Ciircoic, Nerrous aM Private Diseases.
hood. Failing Memory, Exhausting Drains,
Terrible Dreams. Head and Back Ache and all
the effect 'C.nlmc to early decay and vrhaps Con
sumption or Insanity, ti cited scientifically by ucw
methoHs with ncver-failtng success.
77-SYPHlLIS and all bad Blood and Skin
Diseases permanently cured.
"KIDNEY and URINARY complaints
G'eet, Gonorrhoea, Stricture, Varicocele and
all diseases of the Genito-lrin.try Cleans cured
promptly without injury U Stomach, Kidneys or
other Orcans.
3 No experiments. Aire and experience
important. Consultation free and sacred.
B jr- Send 4 cents pwtase fnr Celebrated Works
on Chronic, Nervous and Delicate Diseases.
a i- Thise contemplating Marriace rnd for Dr.
Clarke's celebrated guide Male ana Female, each
is cents, both 35 cenu (stamps). Consult the old
Doctor. A friendly letter or call may save future
sutt.-rin!; and shame, and add golden years to life
SUook "Life 'a (Secret) Errors," 50 cents
(stamps). Medicine and writings sent everywhere,
secure from exposure. Hours, 8 to 8. Sundays
9 to 11. Address
F. D. CLARKE, (Vt. D.,
I8S So. Clark St.. CHICACO, ILL.
es, Allays
Pain and In-
Heals Sores.
Restores the
S e n s e 8 of
Taste & Smell
Try the CubeHAY-FEVER
A particle Is applied into each nontrll and fs
agreeable. Price 60 cents at Druevl'ts; bv mail,
registered. 60 cents. ELY BROTHERS. 56 War
ren street. New Vork.
valuing their rumrnexion Miould secure a
of the ltet Imix'ried and unauiiuoualy acknowl
edged as the hpst
Guaranteed to b perfectly harmless, imperceptl.
h!e. durante anl invisible. Krir al everywhere.
I'rlvf. stnd AOe per Rox. Ask your
druvgiat lor it or writ ipr posted sample box Ui
J. F. LLOYD & CO., Sole Importers.
tT nnd 6tt Wa.hlocton fttrvet. MICA GO.
For Sale by the Following Dbuggists
Marshall & F.sber,
Hartz & Babnsen,
and Frank Nadler.
Or th Lienor Habit. Positively Tared
by RdminiHierlnc Dr. Haloes'
Golaea rprriflr.
It can be irlven in a onp of coffee or tea without
the knowledge of tliejx'pMin takiUKit ; Is absolutely
liarnilesM. and will t-fleei a permanent anil speedy
cutv. wht-tiiiT the psteut is a utltrau drinker or
an alcoholic wreck. Thousand of drunkards have
been made tomnerntp men who bave taken Uolden
Specific in their con"e without their knowledge
and to-day Ix-lieve they quit drinking of their own
freewill. IT NKVKIt FAIL. The avsu-m once
impregnated with the Sueeiflf.lt becomes an alter
Imp msihility for the liquor apiietlie to exist.
For sale by- T. II. THOMAS, and MARSHALL
A F1SUER, Druggists, ltuck Island. Ills.
Big CS ha give-; univc.
sal satisfaction la lbs
cure of Uonorrbiea and
Cileet. I prescribe it and
feel safe in recommend
ing it to nil sufferers.
.J. STrtNEB. W.D..
Decatur. Ill
r Cstss t7v I
f ft tO DATS Al
til Vfiaal; by lbs
Bold by Druggists-
- AT
Shoe Store.
Mens' A Calf Congress, - - - $1 49
" Bull Shoe, - ' - - - 1 75
" Lace Shoe - - - - 1 75
also'clearing sale of Misses and Children's
Shoes at prices that tell.
1622 Second Avenue.
Sasli, 'Doors, Blinds,
Siding, FlooriDg, Wainscoating and all kiods of Wood
Work for Builders,
Eighteenth St., 7' aween Third and Fourth aVenne,
Hock Island
(Formerly of Coal Valley,)
Dealer in Choice Wines, Lipors
No. 1717 Second Avenue, Rock Island.
And Dealer in Mens' Fine Woolens.
o "aid- vJS "Vw-aTO'
M 'mtVT JioZ)SS'l'' ' . .rVBr'uEi'
i "-3s? "cm irnttt slHa'F.OlTt E.
(Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific and Cliicag-o, Kansas & Nebraska Rys.)
t.,.,!1!111? llne8 branches and extensions west, northwest and southwest
IT nNdmn!S iie5v ott& Peoria, LaPalie, Moline, Kck Island In
ILLINOIS Davenport, Muscatine, Ottumwa, Oskaloosa West Libert v Iowa
City Dea Monies, CnoxvlUe. Wlnlerset, Atlantic, Audubon Harfan 3uthrt2
srST'T'&o? C,OUncU ff3 n IOWA Mjnnp fie anS'Ata toSw3?
SOTA-Watertown and Sioux Falls in DAKOTA Gallatin, Trenton, Cameron!
8.- kbEcS?1 xana8 9Jfy in MISSOURI-Bear.rice, Fairbury?and Nelson
Ah5ftA??AT,Hiort?VTlJk?;' Hutchinson, Wichita, Belleville, Norton,
cayfr?' CaldweU in KA-NSAS-Colorado Spnntra. Denver, PuebloHn COLO-D5.-
Traverses new and vast areas of rich farming- and irrazinir lands
?dln8r f 9t facHjttes of intercommunication to ofde? State! Ind tS alt
towns and cities in Southern Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Utah. New
Mexico, Indian Territory, Texas, Arizona, Idaho, California, and Pacific
coast and trans-oceanic Seaports.
Of Palace Coaches leading: all competitors in splendor of equipment and
lury of accommodations-run throueh daily between Chicago and Cok
?TSp$gl?l,gaJeZ Pueblo. Similar MAGNIFICENT VESTIBULE
TRAIN SEfiVlCE daily ftstween Chicago and Council Bluffs fOmahafnd
between Chicago and Kansas City. Eleg-ant Dav Coaches, Dinina- Cars
Reclining; Chair Cars 1FREE1, and Palace Sleeping Cars. Caiiforn Sxc
Bions dally. Choice of routes to and from Salt Lake City, Portland Loa
Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and intervening localities. Quick timV
prompt connections and transfers n Union Depote. w c ume
guns superbly equipped Express Trains daily each way between Chlcairo
Rock Island, Atchison, St. Joseph, Leavenworth, Kansas City and MlnSeZ
apolis and St. Paul. The Favorito Tourist Line to the scenic resorts and
hunting- and fishing- grounds of the Northwest. It Watertown Branch
courses through the most prodtictive lands of Northern Iowa, Southwestern
Minnesota, and East Southern Dakota.
travel between Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Ifayette, and Council Bluffs sc
Joseph, Atchison, Leavenworth, Kansas City, Minneapolis, and St. Paul.
2f Iketf Pr8-or desired Information, apply to any Coupon
Ticket Office in tha ITniLnri !t.n.ta r.ararta ' . . svi.)jvu
Oeneral Manager.
-to have your
Bound in first-class gtjle at low prices. We have juBt added a Marbling
Bath o we are enabled to doMarbling on books of all kinds.
All work warranted first-class.
KRAMER & BLEUER, Proprietors,
(Up stairs) No. 1612 Second Avenue, Rock Island, 111.
And Dealers in Flour, Feed, Baled Hay and Straw, Crockery
Glassware, Cutlery, Etc. ' .
0SteamshJp Agency and remittance to any part of Europe.
601 aad 60S Ninth Street, Rock Igl&ad, HI.
1706 Second Avenue
wu, w . uuuirno
Gen'l Ticket ft Paaa. Agent.
, Etc.,

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