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No. 1
Anmrican Bible Societies Bibles at
Pxforil Bibles at cost.
Hhm't Bible at cost.
Winilow Shade nt coat.
WV.I Papers very cheap.
Allmtni of City of Rock Island 5()c.
22x28 EDgravings 47c.
nt coat. A job lot of
Picture Frames
nt your own price.
17t'5 Second Avenue.
Muuulacturprs of
rCall and examine our Goods and prices.
N"o. 1811 Second Avenue,
Between Eighteenth and Nineteenth Streets,
.2 ISftrf
We have the largest stock in the city, and are bound to sell, and prices ere
!'ng to make it go.
OTalDting, Graining and Paper Hanging done on short notice. All work
pwanteed. Don't fail to note the place.
Cor. Second Ave., and 15th street. 8UTCLIPFE BROS.
Order and Measure
and get a first-class
Muslin 2100 Linen Bosom
Shirt for only
One Dollar.
The Best Inkstand
The air in not admitted into the Ink
Fount Hin, hence i.k is preserved in its
original purity no evaporation of ink
the pen pii'iije dip cup enables the writer
to regulate w ith accuracy the quautity of
ink to he taken on the pen.
Call and examine or se.nd for circular
nnd prices.
1705 Second Avenue.
and Dealers in-
A Branch of ill Perrec Society of
Terror Orftn i d lja.t .MgthtXow
Look Oat.
It comes from uood authority that a
band of the secret society terror strikers,
known as the "White Caps," was organs
iied in Moline last evening. As all the
movements of such an order are kept ab
solutely s ecret with its members, even to
the identity of those belonging,
it is not possible to learn de
tails of the organization. It is learned
however that an organizer came to Mo
line last night from Chicago and put the
Moline branch in working shape, en
listing seventy-five men. Today the
Abocs has been t.dvised through a num
ber of telephonic melanges of the forma
tion of the society, but upon asking the
name of the informant, the conversation
was either abrup ly broken or the answer
was "never mind about that."
The same has teen the case with one
of the newspaper offices at Moline
which has beec notified by telephone
from various sou -ces of the organization,
but nothing further, and when the editor
of one of the Moline journals returned
from dinner today, he found on his desk
a note without signature, which read:
"A White Cat society was formed in
Moline last night, with an enrollment of
75 members. Asi no q lestions."
The order is one that has become no
torious through taking the law into i's
own Lands and committing outrages in
Indiana, Missou i. Ne.br.iska, and of
course, Kansas. Keceully branches have
been instituted n Illinois. While the
Auocs condemns these lawless mi-tho ls,
it is frank to cou'ea that if there is one
spot on earth v-heie radical -reform is
necessary, it is ohnu.
There is such n tiling 'possible as the
whole affair beinj; a well executed, prac
ticui juke.
A PlriurrNii lii--tnrt.
An interesting euteriainmcut was af
forded those who attended Harper's
theatre last evening to Lear Prof: Geo.
II McDonald's picturesque lecture and
' Picturesque Ittlj." The lecture was
illustrated with fifty views of the princi
pal cities aud places of interest and
beauty, among which were Turin, the
nncieut city wliich existed before the
birth of Christ. Palazzo Carignano,
Church of Gran M .deri Ii Dio. Ca
puchin Monestar;,' and a charming view
of Turin; Milan-Cathedral, with its wild
erness of spires and thousands of statues.
Orta. a charming lake, the grand old city
of Venice, with i s gondolxs, palaces and
glorious works o" art, the Cathedral of
St. Marks in ail its splendor Porphcry
Knights Falace of the Doges. Foun
tain Bridge of Mghs. Grand canal by
day and by moonlight.
K'alto Bridge. !
The Golden llou .e. Boloi.a Church of
S. Giacomo Majniora, built in 1267.
Lake Masgioro. Florence, ihe Art City
of Tuscany, Called: al and Campanile.
Haluzzo, Vecchio the
Ullize wiih its
art. Loggia dt i
choicest collection of
D mtes
Church of Santa Croce and I
Monument. Triumr.hal Arch at I
Porto St. Gallo. Arrezt
."Naples, win
its charming views. The Harbor and
Ml. Vesuvius in Eruption two views,
day and evening.
An Original Piau.
Rev. Mr. Gue uud the ladies of the
First M. E. churob have hit upon a novel
and original scht me for raising a portion
of the funds for tl.e erection of the pro
posed new churrh. The pln is to pur
chase a large latch of the finest silk
cloth, cutting it into several thousand
pieces, and stniing them by mail to
prominent people all over the world.
The small piece of silk is accompanied by
the request that the recipient write his
name upon the fabric and enclosing a
dollar return it 10 the aid society. The
autograph is then embroidered In the
silk just as the subscriber wrote it.
They have already received several re
sponses, Edwin Booth, Gen. W. T.
Sherman and Harriet Beecher Stowe
being among the most prominent, while
all members of congress and of the Illi
nois legislature have been provided with
bils of ribbon and the request for the
signatures of the recipients made in such
delicate form tint nearly all will be com
plied with. The signatures worked in
the silk ribbon w ill theu form an attrac
tive silk "crazy quilt" which will be sold
at the fair wl icb is to be held dur
ing the spring months.
The Ministerial M ar
During the si rvices at the First Bap
tist church last evening, Rev. Mr. Leland
stated that he tiixi i n iiareil himself to
make reply to ti e crniciiuis made by the
Argus of Lis erninn of last Sunday
moruing cm balb, card g-iiries ana church
ruffles, but thai s the ordinance of bap
lism was to be administered, he would
not take the time then, but would have
something to sny at Ihe opening of the
services tonight He look occasion to
express his surprise at the fact that the
first issue of a moruing paper following
the delivery of Ins sermon contained four
columns of puffery r.-lating to an unlaw
ful institution hat is vrry well known
and in the furtl ering f wbinh the devil
seems to have a good foothold.
The Fanners' Institute.
Secretary S. W. Heath, of the county
farmers' inslituti, to be held at Taylor
Ridge, Thursday, Feb. 5, writing to the
Abous, says "ettertainment will be pro
vided for all visitors from a distance.
The executive committee expect to ar
range at this meeting to hold another in
about two week;) at Milan. It will be to
the interest of every farmer to be pres
ent and relate Lis experience and hear
the experiences of others."
informal Tea.
Mrs. L. S. McC'abe gave a very delight
ful informal tea to ten of her intimate
young lady frietds yesterday afternoon,
in the ladies'ordiiary of the Harper house.
The commodious parlors of the hotel
were utilized lor reception purposes,
and the house generally was at the dis
posal of the fair guests. The table was
tastefully decorated with flowers, and
rosebuds were u led as favors. Steward
O'Connor prepaied a most dainty repast,
which waiter vel at 5 o'clock.
EnpftnraglnK Outlook In in Pineries
Work Bring Paahrd all Over the
Korth Kxcellent Prosprcta for a
Booy season.
For some weeks past there have been
discouraging reports received from the
pineries, to the effect that there would be
a scant supply of logs for the mills next
summer because of no snow. The Min
neapolia Iflimherman, the authority on
saw milling in the northwest, in the issue
of Jan. 25, contains the following:
The past two weeks have offered ideal
conditions for patting logs on the bank,
with the exception, perhaps, that a little
more snow might have been welcome in
some localities. But the general condi
tions have been above the average.
W. A. Remick, of the Shell Lake and
Barronnett Lumber Co., made a littl
trip recently to several points in Nebras
ka. He says: "I saw a good many of the
yards and saw men who run systems of
yards all over the state. From what I
saw and from what these parlies told
roe, I am convinced that the stocks are
very low. They are much lower than
the dealers themselves intended them
to be. The stocks were not very heavy
in the fall and the open winter has served
to lower them much more than would
naturally have been the case The dealers
have not bought any in the face of this
because they expected that every week
would see the end of the mild weather.
Collections in the country have been
rather slow, but there is a good de.l of
activity in the hoa; market just now and
the farmers are beginning to pay up
Taken all in all I think the prospects are
excellent for a heavy spring trade."
Since the rain of last week, Bbick
river h-gger have had everything their
own way. In most camps, hauling whs
not stopped even by the rain, while the
hard freeze which followed, made roads
just as good as they can be, in which con
dition they have remained up to this time.
All reports are that it is impossible to load
the banks too heavy for the teams, while
continuing mild weather keeps men and
animals in good condition for work.
Chippewa Falls. Jm. 21. The past
week has been excellent logging weather,
but it is uncertaiu how long it may last.
Logg rs are rushing operations and with
fair weather the rest of the season expect
to get in a good crop. Even if the break
ing up should come early, there will be
enough to keep the mills going Good
reports are brought in from every quar
Mcskkoon, Jan. 20. W. L Ducy re
turned yesterday from a 400-mile cutter
trip. He slates that reports of a dis
couraging nature are without foundation
in reason.
Wausau, Jan. 23 From present ap
pearances it looks as though the cut along
the Wisconsin and its tributaries would
equal, if not excel that of last year anil
that loggers will ingeneral make a good
fait profit from their winter's work.
Itasca, Minn. Logs are now being
backed at a lively rate, and loggers are
The Stalwarts: or. Who were to Blame,
is a political and historical novel, em-
bracin" nfty years of United States, his-
i vw,j, onnn mi; muse i;tuipiji;tiiiu!t Allien
have culminated in the assassination of
two good presidents, by the only sister
of Charles J. Guitcau. A book coramen-
ded lo the 'm''lic hv DrWWGddiog
superintendent of the government asylum
for the insane. Washington, D C; Senator
J R Doolittle; Judges TSoms A Moran
and Cuas B Waite; Fen ando Jones, Gen
ogietun, j l. nniocK. liisnop Samuel
Kl .ur. Uo. I-I 7 TK,.... r r 1
prof j w pOW(.r9i Cnicago fripn(s of Uie
lady; also Prof A A Woodbridire, of Bos
ton. the iotimile frieni of Jm's G
Blaine. The book is a 12 mo. in cioth;
with portrait of the author. Price $3.
Address Francis Marie Norton, author
and publisher, 12(H) Wabash avenue,
Mr. J. B. Smiley, author of "Medita
tions of Simwell Wilkins," was in the city
yesterday introducing his latest contribu
tion to the literary world, "A Basket of
Chips." The volume is what the title
represents it to be, a miscellaneous as
sortment of poetry and prose A per
ceptible vein of humor runs throucrh the
pages, and on the whole the work is very
creditable to the talented young author.
Mr. Smiley on the first of March, will
conduct a humorous department in the
Joliet Keto$.
The Mosrailne Bridge.
The Muscatine Journal says:
Mayor Gobble and D. Hayes arrived
borne this morning from Dubuque, where
they have been investigating the famous
high bridge erected at that point, which
was completed last year.' They are armed
with maps, diagrams, estimates, plans
and figures of the Dubuque bridge. They
talked with the merchants and business
men and learned manv interesting facts
such as the doubling of the over-river
traffic, the immense increase in the holi
day business, etc. The gentlemen are
also familiar with Dubuque's plan of
raising the money lor the bridge, as well
as other no less important details tnci
dent to its construction. Messrs. Haves
and Gobble found that Dubuque people
tnought a bridge at Muscatine would be.
proportionate to population, much more
profitable than Dubuque, as a much bet
ter section of country was opposite Mus
catioe. The gentlemen also learned that
the Dubuque bridge bad been b-.ult ia
Ihe face ot many "it can't be done" from
numerous less enthusiastic citizens.
female Minstrels.
Duncan Clark's female minstrels and
Arabian Nights troupe appears at liar-,
per's theatre on Saturday evening of this
week. The LoiiBVille Journal savs:
Duncan Clark's lady minstrels played
last night to perhaps the largest house
that any company of this kind has ever
drawn in this city. The law-makers
were well represented and considerable
merriment was had as they arrived and
took seats in the front row. The com
pany was very much as the audience ex
pected and to those who enjoy such, it
was a decided treat. The cleg dancing
and songs by the well known comedian.
Billy Lee, was one of its most pleasing
features, also the military drill by ten of
the young ladies in tights with Pearl
May as commander, was simply grand
The statuary scenes were beautiful and
had a striking effect.
Mudden Weather Chance.
A neighboring exchange says without
giving its authority, that fifty-two years
ago the 10th of fhis month occurred lbs
most sudden change of temperature ever
known in Illinois. The cold wave was
general throughout the state, having
velocity of seventy miles an boar. The
suffering was intense. Men caught out
on horseback were almost frozen to their
saddles, chickens, geese, bogs, cattle and
sheep were frozen fast in the slush, where
they happened to be caught, until re
lleved by having the ice chopped away.
o they could get out.
Subscribe for the Daily Argus.
Kev. Mr. Marqnt Make a Generou
Proposition Concerning St. liuke'n
Honpltal audits Maintenance.
Editor Annus :
Rock Island. 111., Jan. 31 The im
pression is being conveyed by editorials
and communications appearing in your
paper that because the clergy of ihis city
are opposed to a charity ball, they are
opposed to St. Luke's hospital. This
impression is to me, unfounded and un
fair. We preach a gospel of charity.
Our churches practice It to an extent the
general public knows nothing of. The
benevolent work of the .Broadway
church alone amounted last year, as the
published reports of the church show, to
1 254: most of which was expended
here at home
Other churches, I doubt not, have done
as well. But we cannot do the work
which the hospital does. We cannot
provide a home for the sick or injured
stranger. Therefore we need the bos
pilal . We cannot as a community afford
to let it go down or want for means. Ii
ought to be lifted above all oatcb-penny
and questionable methods. And in order
that It may be, and that I may for one,
prove that while opposed to a charity
ball, I am not opposed to the hospital, I
make the following propositions:
t irst. I will be one of two hundred
persons to give $2a toward an endow
ment fund for St Luke's hospital; or
I will be one of two hundred persona to
pay, until further notice, an annual su De
scription of $5 toward the support of St
Luke's hospital.
These offers are good for acceptance
for thirty days, and for completion in
lxty days from Feb. 1.
The conditions of the first offer are
that all subscriptions shall be cash or
note with seven per cent interest.
One who has already been a supporter
of the hospital. Wm. S. Vaho,i:i9
Progressive Games.
As this is a piogressive aye and there
s liable to be more progression as the
human race progresses, bow would a new
diversion called "progressive conversa
tion" do for those who have prejudices
against progressive euchre? A youn?
ady in Sterling entertained a number of
her friends in "progressive conversation"
the other evening. A number of subjects,
'cooking," '"nonsense," "pol tics,"
'newspapers," "society," "gossip,"
'latest novel," and a haif dozn others
were given, and it was arranged that
each person spend a few minutes in con
versation with each other person in the
room on one of the given topics. The
game is said to have been a delightfully
enieriaming one.
Police Point.
Officer Meenan ai rested a tough look-
ng individual at the Rock Island depot
this morning and examination of his
clothes revealed a bran new razor. He
gave his name as Chas. Smith, of New
York, but failed to account for himself
satisfactorily. He was tried for carrying
concealed weapons this afternoon anJ
was flood $25 and seuttojail in default.
Magistrate Bennett's report for the
munin of January shows police; Ues
2 40; fines 8.
Ieat h of Mr-. nruett.
Ponr I3yr n. Ju. 81 Mrs. J. F
Uarueit, wite ot roa'masttr uarnett, o
this town, oVd last nitlu at 9 o'clock
if (era lingering aud patient illness . She
had been ailing for over a year, and tor
three weekR bad "een al death's door and
suffering ihe most intense agonies trom a
complication f diseases She was a
laughter of Mr. John Muiholland, of
Port Bvron, was thirty three vears of age
and had been Mr. Garnett's wife ten
years. She leaves with her afflieted hus
band, a daughter tbre years of age S:ie
was greatly beloved all over the upper
end of the county, being po-sessed of all
the endearing qualities of a good woman.
the funerul will be held tomorrow
K. P. Dam e.
Riverside lodge, Na. 149. Knights of
Pyt' iae.of Cordova, will observe Washina
ton's birthday, Feb. 22, with a grand
ball. A special invitation is extended to
the order at large.
The Spring Cove toboggan slide is
fine condition now.
Will O. Whitehead left forChicsgo last
niyht on business.
The rink will be open Thursday night.
Admission 10 cents.
Mr. C. L. Walker has gone to Omaha
on a business trip.
Go to the rink Thursday eyeaing. Ad
mission only 10 cents.
Trainmaster Stanton, of the C, B. &
Q., was at the Rock Island house today.
Smart's west end "Fair" has just re
ceived all the latest novelties in valen
Candlemas wax candles at wholesale
and retail at A. Elotz's, 2205 Fourth
The industrial fair chart will be at the
Fair' in postofflce block at 9 o'clock to
morrow morning.
Mrs. J. M. Montgomery entertained
the Grill club yesterday afternoon from
one to five o'clock in a delightful man
Messrs. John P. Weyerhauser and H.
C. McConnell have gone to Washington,
and it is said on a mission of local polit
ical importance.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Yoas arrived from
Germany last night, to spend the re
mainder of their days with their daugh
ter. Mrs. Otto Sieb
A number of members of the Rodman
Rifle Military company went to Daven
port last evening and attended the com
plimentary ball of Company B.
Secretary John Gait, of the Illini club,
has called a meeting of that organization
for Monday evening, Feb. 11, for the
annual election of officers.
Circuit Clerk (feo. W. Gamble paid the
first visit to his office today in six weeks,
lie is recovering nicely and hopes to as
sume active charge again in a few days
The grand affair of the season will be
the invitation charity ball at the Harper
bouse, Feb. 7. It is hoped all those re
ceiving invitations will attend and help
make tne oau a pronounced success,
social'y and financially.
Mr. H. C Piatt, of Jersey City, N. J,
who served a faithful apprenticesnip and
became master of the printer's art on the
Abous, ia in the city visiting relatives
and old friends. Be is now engaged in
the lightning rod business.
Observer Fitzgerald received orders
last night to hoist the black flag, lnaicat-
ing a drop of twenty degrees by this
morning. It came, and this morning in
structions were to keep up the signal in
prospect of still further decline.
It is said that the mild weather so far
this winter has saved millions of dollars
to the railroads. There have been no
wrecks from broken rails, no wash outs
and cave-ins, the result of sudden thaws,
and freight has been bandied with the
speed and safety of summer time, with
no hardships to men; and in that line
must be counted the absence of many
painful and fatal accidents that happen
each winter to half frozen train em
ployes as they work about the ice cov
ered cars.
The Chicago, Burlington & Qulncy
company are taking additional precau
tions to prevent accidents. A chime
whistle is attached to the air tube at the
rear end of each train using the air brake.
In case the train is backing and there is
anything on the track, or the rear brake
man desires lo stop the train, be turns a
small cock conveniently located and the
chime whistle turns loose, making noise
enough to almost raise, the dead. The
engineer of course hears the whistle and
brings his train to a standstill as quickly as
possible. If the brakeman is only at his
post of duty there will be much less
danger of rear end accidents on the "Q."
hereafter, than on other roads not so
protected .
County Buildings.
28 M F Drury to Eli Drury, pt lot 4,
33 17. 6. 50.
80 C R Ellsworth to Gideon Reed, pt
set nej and w ej section 25 850.
Lucy Buford et al to A B Baltics, lot
0, Buford's second addition, Rock Island,
J D. Vanderburgh by roaster to W.
D Woodward, tij lots 8 and S, and lots
3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, block 13. Marshall's ad
dition to Cordova. $380.81.
29 Ira A White. Miss Sopnie Barnett,
Taylor Ridge; John Collins, Cleveland,
Mrs Josephine Buchholz, Colona.
29 Henry Beale, Miss Martha Filbert,
Hard foal Market.
Grate and gg sizes. $8 per ton; stove,
No. 4. and nut, $8 25 i.er ton; for best
quality of anthracite coal, screened and
delivered in any part of the city; 25 cents
per ton discount for cash. Cartsge will
be added on all orders cf less tnan a ton.
E Q Frazkr.
For Saie.
A good two story rrick house for sale
cheap, in good repair in lower part of the
city. Also vacant, lot in same locality.
Enquire of E E Parmester, lawyer,
Postoffice block.
CBA9. A Steil,
Saturday, February 2d.
Lady Minstrels !
New Arabian Nights
S4lc. iJ, CO ami 73 cots. Seats now on
Dancing School
Every Wednesday Evening.
Admission 3? Cents.
Good order maintained. Objectionable
character strictly prohibited.
Street cars for Molina after dance.
and a full line of
C. C. Taylor
Coder Rock liland Home.
Important Points are:
1st. Interest U T par cent nat to Leader. .
(A. W collect tut rest without charge.
Sd. Loam offered are complete aud Investor
gel hit paper at once.
4th. We examine the records aonaaUy for de
linquent i e on imnaa covered OJ oar mortgagee.
6th. Our agent inapecta each (arm before we
maae a loan on it .
Ota. We make specialty of Farm Loans.
Hb. No paloa or expense spared by at to make
oar oarines at sare lor our cusnu as experience.
gooa ititn ana skill can make It
8th. Investor can be supplied with loans for
auu ana upwarat.
Call or write tor circular.
H. U. HENLEY, Attorney,
Room 80, 81, 8a Maaonkj Temple,
Dayixpoet, Iowa.
Begin their inventory. They are still offering bargains all
through the house to decrease the stook before
beginning the above ordeal.
Dress Goods, Hosiery,
Gloves, Blankets, Yarns,
Underwear and Linens.
1 Cloaks Must Go !
Rock Island. Illinois.
Merchant Tailor,
No. 1810 Second avenue, is receiving daily his stock of
of the latest patterns. Call and examine them and remem
ber that he makes his suits up in the latest styles.
Wm. A damson.
fchops Corner Ninth St., and Seventy Avenue,
Rock Island, 111.
General Jobbing and Repairing t romptly done.
JSgPSecond Hand Mar hint-ry bought, so d and repaired.
New Eim Street Grccery
Family Groceries and Provisions,
They solicit a share of the trade and will make prices as low
as the lowest. Telephone connections.
No. 1707 Second avenue, Rock Island.
Gordon's Hotel ai Restaurant,
West Side Market Square, - ROCK. ISLAND, ILLS.
Has the larges Dining Room ia the tri-cllieg seating capacity ,250 persons.
25 rents buys a (rood wholesome meal
25 cents pays for a nights' lodging in clean beds.
City Boarders at reasonable rates.
P. 8. All must come sober. C. D. GORDON. Proprietor.
Pore Kentucky Bonrtion $1.75 per Gallon
fS"Send for Price List, P. O. Box 82
KidneT ani LiTer Pills
ch diseases. These celrbnted' d 11a are lutut.
tow ffeA mm m T Im "Mmm HWt a
In? the place of the more expensive remedies for
kidney and Uver complaint, and in far snpeaioc,
more eerily taken, and in fact are the best tr lng
ever introduced for all diaeeaee of the kidneje
sod liver, tick headache, pain ia the heck an4
tide, arantmm. guawlne end borninc paint at the
pit of the etomach, yellow tain, coated tongue,
coming tp of the food after eating, inflammation
of the kidneys travel, etc. and se a family pill
they have no o,aaL, and snomid be kept ia evnoy
L rectkmet For tiek headache, two or three at
bedtime; tor dytpepeia, one every day before
dinner: for disorder ot the aidaeys. twe, two or
three Umce week entil relieved; for disorders
of the liver, and. bnhintnree, three or tow aa re
The proprietor wm forward them to any addreaa
by mall, on receipt of price.
25 Cts a Bottle.
Hadaeoty by
Rollin Rtjick.
& Ruick,
-Cough Syrup-
Cures Coughs, Colds, tloarsenesa, Croup
Whooping Cough, Spitting of
Blood and all Diseases
of the Lungs.
Out trial Is al that is necessary to eon vines
you that il it the beet Cooko Kemedy made, eo
next time yon have a tough or cold, oall and get
a bottle.
Price 10. 83 and 50 cents.
Call for circular containing testimonials.
Manufactured by " '
T. H. Thomas.
M. B. Above roods shipped to any address on
rtoslpt of the price.

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